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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Filament lamp
Identifying facial expressions in acquired digital images
Surgical access and nerve surveillance
Radiographic apparatus
Stacked flat panel x-ray detector assembly and method of making same
Device for neuronal therapies
Method and apparatus for identification of ischemic/infarcted regions and therapy optimization
System, apparatus and method for interacting with a targeted tissue of a patient
Key locking anchoring device for implanted lead
Transcutaneous energy transfer module with integrated conversion circuitry
Bio-medical unit with power harvesting module and RF communication
Performing Operations; Transporting
Optical scanning apparatus and color image forming apparatus using the same
Erasing apparatus, paper post-processing apparatus, image forming and erasing apparatus, and image erasing method in the erasing apparatus
Light source control circuit, image forming apparatus, and method of controlling the light source control circuit
Damping force control apparatus
Vibration control apparatus for automotive vehicle
Method and control device for the activation of a passenger safety arrangement of a vehicle
Control device and method for triggering personal protection means for a vehicle
Converter for signals between a safety device and a safety control device for a vehicle
Closed-loop control of brake pressure using a pressure-limiting valve
Powertrain control system and methods with ECM-to-TCM parameter transfer protocols for TCM based control
Method and apparatus for powered descent guidance
Propulsive guidance for atmospheric skip entry trajectories
Surface measurement instrument
Scale, displacement detection apparatus provided with the same, and imaging apparatus provided with the same
Optical tomography apparatus with timing detection element including optical resonator having variable resonator length
Methods and systems for calibrating vehicle vision systems
System and method for defining directions
Apparatus and method for automatically detecting movement paths
Course guidance system, course guidance method, and course guidance program
Car navigation system, program and method for updating map data
Device and method for automatically monitoring tire pressure in a vehicle and method for displaying information about vehicle tire inflation
Device and method for optical 3D measurement and for color measurement
Stimulation and intensification of interfacial processes
Method for estimating the concentration of a chemical element in the primary coolant of a nuclear reactor
Technique for determining performance characteristics of electronic devices and systems
Sensor assembly, trip unit including the same, and method of manufacturing a sensor assembly
Identifying a current drawn by a load
Parametric multi-cycle averaging in an intelligent electronic device
Internal node resistance testing for a tire
Electrical capacitance sensor
Global severe lightning storm locator
Substrate with test circuit
Adapter to connect a local coil in a magnetic resonance system
Sync feedback for time to first fix
Acquiring azimuth rich seismic data in the marine environment using a regular sparse pattern of continuously curved sail lines
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus/method counter-actively suppressing remnant eddy current magnetic fields generated from gradients applied before controlling contrast pre-pulses and MRI image data acquisition
Method for compensating for respiratory motion in magnetic resonance imaging
MR signal transmission in a local coil arrangement
Low field squid MRI devices, components and methods
Optical system for thermal image microscope
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the zoom lens
Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
Medical stand device, medical microscope, and external illuminating device
Optical apparatus
Head-tracking enhanced stereo glasses
Soft mirror structure
Fiber to the premise service disconnect via macro-bending loss
Packaged multicore fiber optical transceiver module
Optical component having a waveguide array heterostructure
Lens driving device
Interferometric display with interferometric reflector
Display device
Backlight unit and display apparatus employing the same
Method of and apparatus for producing liquid crystal display device
Active matrix substrate, display panel, display device, and electronic apparatus
Electro-optical device substrate, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Display medium
Actuator and camera module having same
Exposure method, exposure apparatus, and method for producing device
Apparatus and method for maintaining immersion fluid in the gap under the projection lens during wafer exchange in an immersion lithography machine
Immersion exposure apparatus and method that detects residual liquid on substrate held by substrate table on way from exposure position to unload position
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method involving a level sensor having multiple projection units and detection units
Focus adjusting apparatus and focus adjusting method
Paper handler
Method and device for processing a measured signal for recording a property of a toner mark
Housing unit and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus controlling standby positions of developing devices
Image forming apparatus, alignment pattern forming method, and computer-readable recording medium having toner image alignment program recorded therein
Developing apparatus for an image forming apparatus
Powder conveyance device and image forming apparatus using same
Externally heated fuser device with extended nip width
Controlling speed to reduce image quality artifacts
Fixing device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Printers and apparatus to reduce emissions from a print substrate exit port
Time adjustment device, timekeeping device with a time adjustment device, and a time adjustment method
Variable tape feeder
Directional control/transmission system with directional light projector
Method and apparatus for motor control
Automatic parafoil turn calculation method and apparatus
Agent-based chaotic control of wind turbines
Coordinated energy resource generation
Method and apparatus for neuropsychological modeling of human experience and purchasing behavior
System for maintaining power efficiency of power supply modules by selectively connecting and disconnecting power supply modules from a plurality of power supply modules based on the calculated power supply module output to input ratio of each module
Method for buffering clock skew by using a logical effort
Point-of-sale system bracket and a point-of-sale system
Automatic documentation of ticket execution
Discontinuous reception retransmission timer and method
Transparent checkpointing and process migration in a distributed system
Server system and crash dump collection method
Storage subsystem and method for controlling the same
Diagnostic data capture in a computing environment
Method and apparatus integrating navigation and saving the writable state of applications
Low-density parity check codes for holographic storage
System and method for measuring greenness of an information technology environment
Manufacturing station dynamically configuring a data storage device with a validated configuration data record
Efficient loading of data into memory of a computing system
Data communications between the computer memory of the logical partitions and the data storage devices through a host fibre channel adapter
Method of storing data, method of loading data and signal processor
Storage controller and storage subsystem with added configurable functions
Incremental class unloading in a region-based garbage collector
Managing cache data and metadata
Storage system comprising multiple storage control apparatus
Reduction of communication and efficient failover processing in distributed shared memory-based application
Restricting communication of selected processes to a set of specific network addresses
Image forming apparatus storage files with file attribution table having deletion date and flag
Printer gradation correction method and color patch image
Processor including age tracking of issue queue instructions
Determining playability of media files with minimal downloading
Method of transmitting data in a communication system
Report management system and computer readable medium
Communication device having VPN accommodation function
Transmission of input values using an unreliable communication link
Digital plaque for displaying certificates, associated documents and current status
Technique of detecting denial of service attacks
System and method for processing of image data in the medical field
Communication system and method
Video processing architecture having reduced memory requirement
Analysis of nodal affinity behavior
Distributed network construction method, system and task processing method
Method, computer system and management computer for managing performance of a storage network
Controlling access to managed objects in networked devices
Accelerated cable modem restart service
Torroidal backbone connections for network deployment
Method and system for adapting engine coolant temperature (ECT) warm-up trajectory based on heater core loading to adjust cabin temperature
Analysis preprocessing system, analysis preprocessing method and analysis preprocessing program
Arrangement for a distributed file system having data objects mapped independent of any data object attribute
Translation management system
Reusable data markup language
Information device for a vehicle
Segmenting sequential data with a finite state machine
Audio data transmission and reception methods and electronic apparatus using the same
Distributed file system logging
Sound mixing apparatus and method and multipoint conference server
Dock without a power source for digital devices
System and method for stochastically predicting the future states of a vehicle
Use of lexical translations for facilitating searches
Automatic translation method
Data acquisition apparatus and data acquisition method
Method and apparatus for recommending a short message recipient
Restoring data segments of rolled-back transactions in a clustered file system
System and method for employing social networks for information discovery
File access destination control device and method
Advanced directory services
Compiling information obtained by combinatorial searching
System and method for defined searching and web crawling
Dynamic integrated database index management
Method and apparatus for self optimizing data selection
Use-case based configuration of an object-relational mapping framework
Persistent data storage techniques
System of systems and method for software component system design and optimization through testing
System and method for automatic placement of contact cuts and similar structures in integrated circuit layouts
Automated integrated circuit clock insertion
Merging line and condition coverage data
Method of fabricating a device using low temperature anneal processes, a device and design structure
System and technique of pattern matching and pattern replacement
Equivalent circuit simulation system and method for HSPICE
Method, controller and system for controlling the slug flow of a multiphase fluid
Method and apparatus to control input speed profile during inertia speed phase for a hybrid powertrain system
Real-time traffic condition measurement and presentation of user-based route data
Cross-platform graphical system display
Variable indication estimator
Method for estimating oxygen concentration downstream a diesel oxidation catalyst
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine
Cooperative minimally invasive telesurgical system
Method and system for detecting operating errors in a variable valve timing engine
Device and method for digital processing management of content so as to enable an imposed work flow
Barter for rights
Privacy protection system and method
Supplying notifications related to supply and consumption of user context data
Apparatus and method for remote controlling
Printing control apparatus, printing control method, and computer-readable storage medium storing computer program
Terminal apparatus, backlight emission method and computer readable medium for terminal apparatus
Method and apparatus for single touch zoom using spiral rotation
User control
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Semiconductor device and driving method thereof, and electronic device
Capacitive load drive circuit and display device including the same
Information input device, information input method, information input/output device, and information input program
Front-end signal detector and method for improving noise immunity of a capacitive touch sensor
Placement for interactive display tables
Touch-panel display device and portable equipment
Selectable options for graphic objects displayed on a touch-screen interface
Capacitive sense touch device with hysteresis threshold
Area sensor, liquid crystal display unit, and position detection method
Capacitive-type touch panel and touch-point detecting method thereof
Method and apparatus for parallel scanning and data processing for touch sense arrays
Touch display panel and liquid crystal display
Task dialog and programming interface for same
User interface for navigating large scale hierarchical namespaces
Systems and methods for communicating
Printing system and method, and recording medium
Print control apparatus, print control method, and storage medium for configuring output device based on acquired information
Image forming system, groupware server, image forming apparatus and computer-readable storage medium
Systems and methods for instructing a printer to optimize a printed digital pattern
Computer readable medium including digital image print support program, digital image print support apparatus, and digital image print system
System and method for marking print media
Rendering system, method for optimizing data, and storage medium
System and method for correlating attempted rendering job with actual rendering job
Collapsible breadcrumbs for maximizing space in a user interface
Methods and apparatus for using information regarding actions performed using traceable objects
Techniques for estimating item frequencies in large data sets
Automated resource selection process evaluation
Method for selecting a processor for query execution
System and method for facilitating the management of keyword/universal resource locator (URL) data
Efficient document processing system and method
Digital media retrieval and display
Methods and systems for endorsing local search results
Cross-market model adaptation with pairwise preference data
Disk-resident streaming dictionary
Encoding semi-structured data for efficient search and browsing
System and method for managing virtual tree pages
Method and apparatus for segmenting and summarizing media content
Interconnected, universal search experience across multiple verticals
Ranking academic event related search results using event member metrics
Diagnostic system and diagnostic method for vehicle
Communication apparatus, method of checking received data size, multiple determining circuit, and multiple determination method
Aircraft black box
Systems and methods for handshaking with a memory module
Mobile electronic device having a host processor system capable of dynamically canging tasks performed by a coprocessor in the device
Graphical mashup
Automatic generation of user interfaces
Software and related software tracking during software modification
Method and system for simulating test instruments and instrument functions
Apparatus, system, and method for tool-based creation of a hub server/application interface
Method and apparatus for software-assisted data cache and prefetch control
Unified mobile platform
Partitioning operator flow graphs
Debugging extensible markup language
System and method for application management
Method and apparatus for installing software in mobile communication terminal
Method for validating a graphical workflow translation
On demand virtual machine image streaming
Multilevel support in a nested virtualization environment
Information processing apparatus having a plurality of control units receiving transactions at the current time such that when the current time coincides with most recent start-up time the control units update the start-up time with the current time and sum up the number of transactions being processed limited to a predetermined threshold
Concomitance scheduling commensal threads in a multi-threading computer system
Terminal and method for performing device management scheduled based on threshold
Apparatus for distributing resources to partitions in multi-processor system
Method and apparatus for identifying through traffic
Devices, methods, and programs that provide vehicle guidance for power reception
Image forming apparatus with print restriction levels
Printing variable data on a variety of different pre-printed stocks
Image forming apparatus, image formation controlling method, and computer readable medium storing instructions for performing the image formation controlling method
Communication apparatus using reconnection request, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
Gradual charge pump technique for optimizing phase locked loop (PLL) function in sub-pixel generation for high speed laser printers switching between different speeds
Electronic token and lock
Combinational pixel-by-pixel and object-level classifying, segmenting, and agglomerating in performing quantitative image analysis that distinguishes between healthy non-cancerous and cancerous cell nuclei and delineates nuclear, cytoplasm, and stromal material objects from stained biological tissue materials
Visual voting method
Method of inspecting mask pattern and mask pattern inspection apparatus
Image reconstruction using data ordering
Medical imaging system for segementing blood vessel
System for object recognition in colorized point clouds
Median plane determination apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging system
Sky detection system used in image extraction device and method using sky detection system
Method for fat fraction quantification in magnetic resonance imaging
Three-dimensional ultrasonic inspection apparatus
Method for making an assured image
Computer program and apparatus for motion-based object extraction and tracking in video
Characterization of source trajectory for radiotherapy
Image provision for registration
Displaying content associated with electronic mapping systems
Hybrid images for maps combining low frequency map data and high frequency satellite image data
Identifying and redressing shadows in connection with digital watermarking and fingerprinting
System and method of automatic estimation of arterial input function for evaluation of blood flow
System and method for facilitating applications for disability benefits
System for monitoring regulation of pharmaceuticals from data structure of medical and laboratory records
Method and device for storing and accessing data in a computer travel reservation system
Apparatus and methods for determining and processing medical outcomes
Wireless medical data communication system and method
Method and apparatus for collaborative selection of proposals
Product management system and product management method
Medical equipment management apparatus which predicts future status of medical equipment
Transportation mode determination in non-mass casualty triage
Forecasting discovery costs based on complex and incomplete facts
Methods and systems for distribution of a mobile wallet for a mobile device
Methods and apparatus for conducting electronic transactions
System and method for receiving and redeeming loyalty incentives
Systems and methods for facilitating customer acquisition by businesses
Automated encoding of increment operators
Systems, methods and computer program products for offering consumer loans having customized terms for each customer
Method for processing rights object in digital rights management system and method and system for processing rights object using the same
Portable electronic device and character display method for the same
Method and apparatus for generating 3D image using 2D photograph images
Game program, game apparatus, and game control method
Parking enforcement system and method using wireless in-ground sensors
Method and system for providing tracking services to locate an asset
Safety device for a motor vehicle service workplace
Crime prevention system using human body communication and crime prevention method using human body communication
System for monitoring caregivers and equipment
Method and apparatus for determining and analyzing a location of visual interest
Method and system for tracking, monitoring and/or charging tracking devices including wireless energy transfer features
EL display device and electronic device including the same
Driving circuit and gray insertion method of liquid crystal display
Multi-source LCD backlight for white balance adjustment
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device and driving method thereof
Display device, control device of display device, driving method of display device, liquid crystal display device, and television receiver
Screen synchronous control apparatus
Behavior recognition system and method by combining image and speech
Inputting apparatus, inputting method and fabrication method for inputting apparatus
Display device
Portable device and control method thereof
Devices and methods of user interfaces to generate a high current drain impact user notification relating to a wallpaper image
Character specification system and method that uses a limited number of selection keys
Augmented reality system for a dental laboratory
Mobile device incorporating projector and pen-location transcription system
Language-based color editing for mobile devices
Haptic feedback device
Display apparatus, method and computer readable medium that avoids failure in an automatic adjustment of an effective image area and dot clock
Submersible electro-dynamic acoustic projector
Method and device for providing speech-to-text encoding and telephony service
System and method for generating vocabulary from network data
Method for detecting audio signal transient and time-scale modification based on same
Script compliance using speech recognition
Disk drive having a sheet metal clamp with a stamped annular protruding disk contact feature
Magnetic sensor, magnetic detector, and magnetic head
Disk drive actuator latch including an integrally formed engagement portion that engages and limits rotation of a disk drive actuator
Slider with improved robustness to particle contact
Write strategy calibration for optical drives
Polymer compound, composition for alignment film, alignment film, optical element, and optical information writing/reading device
Modulated signal detecting apparatus and modulated signal detecting method
Information recording medium, address generation and detection method, and reproducing and recording apparatuses
Static random access memory
Method and system for introducing physical damage into an integrated circuit device for verifying testing program and its results
Semiconductor device and control method thereof
Semiconductor device
Sense-amplification with offset cancellation for static random access memories
X-ray measurement apparatus
Magnet assemblies and methods for making the same
Composite magnetic core assembly, magnetic element and fabricating method thereof
Magnetic field generating device
Dielectric ceramic and laminated ceramic capacitor
Ultracapacitor package design having slideably engagable bent tabs
X-ray generator, X-ray imaging apparatus, and control methods therefor
Wireless communication-improving sheet member, wireless IC tag, antenna, and wireless communication system using the same
Broadband antenna applied to multiple frequency band
Antenna unit including a shield cover having a ceiling portion with a mounter vacuumed portion
Signal decomposition methods and apparatus for multi-mode transmitters
Multi-band antenna for simultaneously communicating linear polarity and circular polarity signals
Communication device and system including the same
Zero degree grid antenna
Semiconductor laser
Battery pack burn-in test system and method
Power control system with power drop out immunity and uncompromised startup time
Method and device for determining the start of a charging process for an energy storage device in an electric vehicle
Offline AC-DC controller circuit and a converter comprising the same
Electrical power conversion apparatus including a control microprocessor for eliminating or curbing a beat phenomenon
Brushless three phase motor drive control based on a delta zero crossing error
Determination of the position of a component
Programmable high-speed interface
Divide-by-two injection-locked ring oscillator circuit
Inductive-element feedback-loop compensator
Pre-driver and digital transmitter using the same
Capacitor, resonator, filter apparatus, communication device, and electric circuit
Multiband matching circuit and multiband power amplifier
Nano electromechanical integrated-circuit bank and switch
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Compact and robust level shifter layout design
Multiple data rate memory interface architecture
System and method for driving a switch
Power-on-reset circuitry
Device for generating clock signals for asymmetric comparison of phase errors
Analog-digital converting apparatus and clock signal output apparatus
Successive approximation analog-to-digital converter
Calibration for RFDAC
Resistive digital-to-analog conversion
DOCSIS MAC-PHY downstream convergence layer
Shuffled LDPC decoding
Dynamic monitoring of ability to reassemble streaming data across multiple channels based on history
Data processing apparatus, data processing method and program
Transmitting system and method of processing digital broadcast signal in transmitting system, receiving system and method of receiving digital broadcast signal in receiving system
Sets of rate-compatible universal turbo codes nearly optimized over various rates and interleaver sizes
Synthesis method of sigma-delta modulator capable of relaxing circuit specification and reducing power
Method and apparatus for lossless encoding and decoding based on context
Apparatus and method for symbol error correctable modulation and demodulation using frequency selective baseband
Code converting apparatus, receiver, and code converting method
Pre-phase error correction
System and method to enable resource partitioning in wireless networks
Mobile phone for controlling diversity
Multi-element amplitude and phase compensated antenna array with adaptive pre-distortion for wireless network
Transmitter linearized using bias deviation gain adjustment and method therefor
Variable gain amplifier for low voltage applications
Method for tuning to a radio broadcast frequency in a portable terminal
Latency reduction in a low power mode
ME network parameters configuration by UICC
Power amplifying apparatus with bandwidth limitation processing on variable power supply
Latency rate distortion optimisation
Optical signal processor
Method of powering down an audio amplifier with timing circuit to power down bias control and amplifying circuits in sequence
Integrated and detachable wireless headset element for cellular/mobile/portable phones and audio playback devices
Arbitration between multiple wireless protocols in a wireless device based on predicted activites
Method and apparatus for communicating sound wave of human body
System and method of enhanced quality of service of wireless communication based on redundant signal reception on two or more antenna diversity inputs
Transmission circuit and transmission method
Method of transmitting channel information in multiple antenna system
Method and system for synchronising stations within communications networks and stations for use therein
Acquisition of timing information in wireless communication systems
Method of minimizing an unnecessary scheduling information reception in a wireless communication system
System and method for message sequencing in a broadband gateway
Mode selection for MIMO in wireless communication
Communication system, transmission device, reception device, and synchronization method
Network communication method and network device using preamble
Line control method in optical network and optical network itself
Jitter control apparatus
Mobile station and method of reconnection process
Method and apparatus for efficient data broadcast within beaconing network
Multi-communications-media network device
Minimal GAN RTP packet length via multi-level header compression
Specialized data transfer in a wireless communication system
Methods and devices to reduce outer code failure rate variability
MIMO-OFDM transmitter
Systems and methods for enhanced channel estimation in wireless communication systems
Method and apparatus for providing error detection in coordination with a radio link layer
Method and apparatus for fast other sector interference (OSI) adjustment
System and method for allocating processing bandwith in a residential gateway utilizing transmission rules and data mapping
Systems, methods, and apparatus for detecting a pattern within a data packet and detecting data packets related to a data packet including a detected pattern
Feed line monitor apparatus
Multi-interface communication device, terminal, and path switching method
Method and apparatus for providing protection against spam
Voice communication quality assessing system
Rules system versions
Group conference system, conference server, session switching control method and session switching control program
Communication device
Contention groups for hidden nodes
Railway-train communication apparatus
Dual-connect service box with router bypass
Anycast-based internet protocol redirection to alleviate partial routing tables
Methods and apparatus for indexing set bit values in a long vector associated with a switch fabric
Allocating interlace multiplex pairs for multicast services
Systems and methods for low complexity user scheduling
Method and apparatus for sharing a single data channel for multiple signaling flows destined to multiple core networks
Method and device using data objects and their replications for carrying out communications in a distributed system
Hierarchical modulating method and transmitter performing hierarchical modulation
Transmitting system and method of processing digital broadcast signal in transmitting system, receiving system and method of receiving digital broadcast signal in receiving system
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data
Geometry based efficient decoder for underdetermined MIMO systems and decoding method thereof
Adaptive loading for orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) communication systems
Weighting circuit for a multi-carrier signal receiver
Information terminal apparatus, information processing apparatus and information communication system
Spread spectrum communications using complex chip sequences
Communication receiver and a receiving method
Organic keyed encryption
Secure storage and retrieval of confidential information
Method for implementing symmetric key encryption algorithm against power analysis attacks
Virtual world embedded security watermarking
Apparatus, method, program, and system for information processing
Portable electronic apparatus
Handheld electronic device
Mobile communication device
Portable electronic apparatus
Electronic device with hinge mechanism
Method and system for silent trunk failure detection
System and method for recording voicemail
Methods and systems for a call log
System and method for completion of all calls using single call funding options
Systems and methods for conserving network resources
Remote vehicle start system with advance dynamic scheduling system
System for geographic agent routing
Use of powerlines for transmission of high frequency signals
Apparatus and method for providing an emergency service in a broadband wireless communication system
Direct dialing telephone calls by name
Measuring end user activity of software on a mobile or disconnected device
Methods and systems for multiuser selective notification
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and computer program product that performs skew correction
Image reading apparatus and optical module using the same
LED light source and image reading apparatus
Image reading apparatus
Facsimile to E-mail communication system with local interface
Device, system and method for portable data scanning and transmission
Methods and systems for no-touch scanning
Methods and apparatuses for printing three dimensional images
Image output inspection system, image inspection apparatus, and computer program product
Image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium for computer program
Method and system for color correction using both spatial correction and printer calibration techniques
Color mapping determination for an N-color marking device based upon image spatial noise defects
Image forming apparatus and method for forming image
Image processing apparatus, image processing apparatus control method, and storage medium storing program
Stereoplexing for film and video applications
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and photoelectric conversion system having the apparatus
Imaging apparatus, imaging method, integrated circuit, and storage medium
Electronic device including a biometric authentication function
Digital image processing apparatus capable of displaying color distribution chart and method of operating the same
Single-lens extended depth-of-field imaging systems
Image processing apparatus to transmit moving image data
Image blur correction unit, lens barrel device, and camera apparatus
Optical image stabilizer for camera module
Imaging apparatus capable of detecting motion amount of an object and control method thereof
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Image pickup apparatus, control method thereof, and program
Automatic image-capturing apparatus, automatic image-capturing control method, image display system, image display method, display control apparatus, and display control method
Image pickup apparatus for finding in-focus direction based on focus signal and control method for the image pickup apparatus
Image pickup apparatus and control method therefor
Image capture device
DTV receiver and method of processing a broadcast signal in DTV receiver
Image positioning method, POI tagging method and the apparatus
Electronic camera
Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method, data structure, recording medium, recording apparatus and recording method, and program
Electronic display with push buttons
Method of determining an image distribution for a light field data structure
System and method for extracting text captions from video and generating video summaries
DTV transmitter and method of coding data in DTV transmitter
Method and an apparatus for decoding/encoding a video signal
Image capturing apparatus, control method therefor, program, and storage medium
Moving picture encoding device, moving picture decoding device, moving picture encoding method, moving picture decoding method, program, and computer readable recording medium storing program
Method, device and system for positioning a first body and a part fixed to a second body with respect to each other
Fingerprint authentication apparatus and fingerprint authentication method
Image processing device and image processing method
Video information recording method and video information reproducing apparatus
Jump rope training apparatus, method, and system
Assistive listening system adapted for using DECT
Real-time location estimation of a mobile station in a wireless communication system
Mobile communication method, mobile management node, positioning calculation node, and mobile station
Method for handling radio line failure in multiple carrier system
Method for transmitting signals from a plurality of base stations to a mobile station
Portable transceiver device that operates as a gateway to a proprietary wireless network
Method of transmitting and processing data block of specific protocol layer in wireless communication system
Method of paging using header
Mobile radio communication system including radio resource sharing function
Packet priority control method and base station
Apparatus and method for providing group service in wireless communication system
Apparatus and method for facilitating radio resource dimensioning for communication services
Identifying a CDMA scrambling code
Base station, user device, transmission method, and reception method
Transmission of text/multimedia messages over bearer connections
Smart device configured to determine higher-order context data
Methods of locating, paging and routing calls to wireless users in femto system
Frame generation device, reception device, data transmission/reception system, frame generation method, and reception method
Adaptive modulation and coding
Method and apparatus for allocating downlink resources in a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communication system
Portable wireless device
Waveguide-based wireless distribution system and method of operation
Bi-level lamp ballast
Power supply for an LED illumination device
Lighting controlling method, lighting apparatus and lighting system
Illumination device comprising multiple LEDs
Power splitter circuit for electrodeless lamp
Electrodeless lamps and methods
Ultra-high vacuum photoelectron linear accelerator
Electronic power converter
Power module assemblies with staggered coolant channels
Container data center
Thin fastener of heat sink
Image pickup apparatus and electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Soybean variety 93M40
Disc cable and method for producing the same
Reel having protective coating
Fragrance emitting device
Compositions for the storage of platelets
Encapsulation compositions and process for preparing the same
Antimicrobial additives
Non-halogenated phenoxy and/or benzyloxy substituted phenols, antimicrobial compositions containing the same, and methods of using the same
Sterilizing composition and method for sterilizing using the same
Fungicidal compositions
Tetrazolinone derivatives
Processes for the preparation of aminophenylsulfonyl-ureas and intermediate products for the processes
Ready to bake dough with shaped, coextruded filling and method of making same
Method and apparatus for treating tubers with a powdered organic compound
Use of a class of enzymes and their encoding genes to increase the oil content in transgenic organisms
Food product comprising a solid mass base on chocolate or the like in contact with a humid mass
Edulcorating soluble composition containing alimentary fibers, its preparation and use for alimentary purpose
Herbal compositions for prostate conditions
Composition for clear gas barrier laminates
Insulating and footwear system
Cleaning sheets comprising additive and perfume
Biomedical signal cable and biomedical signal processor
Absorbent articles with improved leakage safety
Absorbent article with thermal cell actuator
Highly water absorbent sheet
Resveratrol analogs for prevention of disease
Tannate compositions and methods of treatment
Process for the preparation of gabapentin free from inorganic acids anions
Cytostatic agents
Uses of targeted oxidative therapeutic formulation in arteriosclerosis
Dihydroartemisinin and dihydroartemisitene dimers as anti-cancer and anti-infective agents
Reversing advanced glycosylation cross-links using heterocyclic-substituted thiazolium compounds
Quinoline, isoquinoline and phthalazine derivatives as antagonists of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone
Topical application of cetirizine and loratadine
Isoxazolone compounds useful in treating diseases associated with unwanted cytokine activity
Contraception method using competitive progesterone antagonists and novel compounds useful therein
Pharmaceutical administration of adenosine agonists
Bicyclic macrolide derivatives
Process for preparing indolopyrrolocarbazole derivatives, intermediates therefor, and preparation process of the intermediates
Cocoa extracts containing solvent-derived cocoa polyphenols from defatted cocoa beans
Calcium dietary supplement
Cell delivery system comprising a fibrous matrix and cells
Use of coxiella bacteria to treat autoimmune disease
Cyclic decapeptide antibiotics
Compositions and methods for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases
Combinations and methods for promoting in vivo liver cell proliferation and enhancing in vivo liver-directed gene transduction
Cytokines having neurotrophic activity
Thrombopoietin compositions
Method of using secretin and compositions made therefrom for the treatment of autism and other neurological, behavioral and immunological disorders
Pharmaceutical preparation for the treatment of inflammatory processes
Compositions and methods for reducing or preventing fertilization in fish and birds
Preservatives for vaccines
Antibodies active against a fusion polypeptide comprising a histidine portion
Methods and compositions for promoting the maturation of monocytes
Methods and compositions using optically pure (-) cetirizine in combination with leukotriene inhibitors or decongestants
Composition and method for treating snoring
Stabilized pharmaceutical compositions comprising acid donors
Topical anesthetic/opioid formulations and uses thereof
Compositions and method for treating infection in cattle and swine
Bioconjugates and delivery of bioactive agents
Anti-PSCA antibodies
Method of treating cancerous tumors with a dendritic-platinate drug delivery system
Biologically active conjugates having a detectable reporter moiety and method of identification of the derivative
Method of detecting ivermectin sensitivity in a canine subject by identifying a mutation in a mdr1-encoding sequence
Bonding compositions for dental use
Antiperspirant compositions comprising microemulsions
Dequalinium analogs
Cosmetic material
Pharmaceutical compositions using semi-solid delivery vehicle
Ribavirin syrup formulations
Methods for treating diabetes via administration of controlled release metformin
Biodegradable bioadhesive controlled release system of nano-particles for oral care products
Method for manufacturing a shape body containing a starch, a homogenised mass containing starch and a device for manufacturing a soft capsule
Dual adhesive transdermal drug delivery system
Method of disinfecting contact lens and disinfecting liquid for the method
High osmolyte cleaning and disinfection method and solution for contact lenses
Moisture-induced poly(ethylene oxide) gel, method of making same and articles using same
Hyaluronic acid gel, method of its production and medical material containing it
Use of a hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization method for the mild sterilization of temperature-sensitive products
Transmission meter, a method of measuring transmittance and a disinfection apparatus
Hydrogen peroxide indicator and method
Reversibly cross-linked hydrogels
Injectable and swellable microspheres for dermal augmentation
Processes for the preparation of novel collagen-based supports for tissue engineering, and biomaterials obtained
Cross-linked collagenic peptide for preventing post-surgical adhesions
Gel air freshener
Microneedle array module and method of fabricating the same
Topical cosmetic composition
Use of 3-position cyclosporin derivatives for hair growth
Method for manufacturing a bowling pin
Elastic doll and method for manufacturing same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Manually controlled skimming of industrial oil contaminants
Method and apparatus for separating and measuring solids from multi-phase well fluids
Apparatus and method for protecting toroidal conductivity sensors
Filter apparatus and methods
Air enhancement system
Control of mercury and other elemental metal emissions from combustion devices by oxidation
Biological filter apparatus with multiple filter units
Method for the catalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds
Speciated isotope dilution mass spectrometry of reactive species and related methods
Templated compositions of inorganic liquids and glasses
Process for producing chlorine dioxide
Hydrogen generation system
Method of preparing an oligonucleotide array
Monolith loop reactors
Process for coating detergent granules in a fluidized bed
Method for treating exhaust gas containing fluorine-containing compound
Zirconium/metal oxide fibers
Process for vapor phase nitration of benzene using nitric acid over molybdenum silica catalyst
Core/jacket catalyst molding
Process to obtain CFC 113a from CFC 113
Cyclic catalyst regeneration process using adsorption and desorption on vent stream
Catalytic system for hydroconversion of naphtha
Methods to improve heteroatom lattice substitution in large and extra-large pore borosilicate zeolites
Method for regenerating a zeolite catalyst
Phosphonium salts and processes for production of and uses for the same, and phosphines deriving the same and processes for production of the phosphines
Process for the in-situ preparation of single-site transition metal catalysts and polymerization process
Transition metal catalysts containing bidentate ligands and method of using and preparing same
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Process and reactor for treating a gas by means of a regenerable active packing
System and method for automated separation of blood components
Method and apparatus for cleaning electrostatic painting hooks
Coating apparatus
Method for producing patterned deposition from compressed fluid
Coating having macroscopic texture and process for making same
Method and apparatus for processing and reducing the amount of return to sender mailpieces
Arc welding wire of high feeding performance and wire drawing method
Electrode alloy powder and method of producing the same
Cad/cam device for electric discharge machine
Method and apparatus for electrodischarge machining
Electrode holding and dispensing assembly for electrical discharge machining apparatus
Method for metallurgically attaching a tube to a member
Method for resistance welding a tube to a member
Projection welding of an aluminum sheet
Method and device for machining workpieces using high-energy radiation
Beam shaping and projection imaging with solid state UV gaussian beam to form vias
Automatic laser weld machine for assembling photonic components
Optical machining device
Laser processing
Welding-type power supply with thermal management
Method for positioning a welding torch in the center-line of the desired course of a weld seam
Methods and apparatus for polishing substrates comprising conductive and dielectric materials with reduced topographical defects
Substrate processing method
Superhard material article of manufacture
Composition for polishing pad and polishing pad using the same
Method for manufacturing plastic-substitute goods by using natural materials
Ocular lens and process for its production
Solid surface material with a simulated burled wood effect and method
Low protein natural latex articles
Method and device for making a container provided with a label
Method of making illuminated covers
Method of injection molding an optical article out of thermoplastic synthetic material
Process of making microporous film
Biaxially-oriented ink receptive medium
Joined profile sections
Soluble material and process for three-dimensional modeling
Method of making complex shaped articles
Strengthening layer for use in composites to be formed by means of vacuum technique
Edge sealing of a laminated transparency
Multiple film sheet for containers with peel-off lids
Composite elements containing polyisocyanate-polyaddition products
Carbon fiber layer for acoustic diaphragm
Polyolefin film with embossed surface
Multi-layer label film
Biaxially oriented polypropylene metallized film for packaging
Insulation with depressions and method thereof
Materials for packing nicotine-containing products
Phase-change optical information recording medium and information recording and reading method using the recording medium
Greensheet carriers and processing thereof
Vibration dampening laminate
Fire blocking fabric
Thermosetting resin compositions containing maleimide and/or vinyl compounds
Releasing laminated film
Oxyhalopolymer protective multifunctional appliques and paint replacement films
Liquid-crystalline medium
Infrared absorbing compounds and their use in imageable elements
Imagable articles and compositions therefor
Processless lithographic printing plate
Differential infrared detector
Methods of patterning resists and structures including the patterned resists
Small volume chambers
Phase-change optical information recording medium
Multi-color image-forming material and multi-color image-forming process
Heat-responsive-discoloring coloring composition, heat-responsive-discoloring coloring element comprising same and method for detecting thermal history of article
High absorption donor substrate coatable with organic layer(s) transferrable in response to incident laser light
Label and method of making
Processability of silica-filled rubber stocks
Staged venting of fuel cell system during rapid shutdown
Automotive lever switch
Printing of reflective sheeting
Fitting device of wiring harness protector mounted in vehicle sliding door
Sheet metal profile support, in particular for automotive construction, and method for producing it
Patch bag and process of making same
Process for integrating dielectric optical coatings into micro-electromechanical devices
Protective fullerene (C60) packaging system for microelectromechanical systems applications
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Anisotropic dry etching technique for deep bulk silicon etching
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Modified redox couple fuel cell cathodes and fuel cells employing same
Catalytic treatment of gaseous effluents containing varying amounts of sulfur compounds
Suppression of methanation activity of platinum group metal water-gas shift catalysts
Process for reducing coke formation in hydrocarbon processing by application of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation utility
Reactor for temperature moderation
Macroscopic ordered assembly of carbon nanotubes
Carbonaceous nanotube, nanotube aggregate, method for manufacturing a carbonaceous nanotube
Process for the reduction or elimination of NH3/HF byproduct in the manufacture of nitrogen trifluoride
Purification of gaseous inorganic halide
Methods of synthesizing an oxidant and applications thereof
Glass composite including dispersed rare earth iron garnet nanoparticles
Machine elements consisting of a glass/plastic compound
Light absorbing pattern film coated article production method and light absorbing pattern film coated articles
Coating composition, based on organically modified inorganic condensates
Heat insulating and shielding glass panel
Glass panel for color cathode ray tube, and cathode ray tube
Fiber-treating agent, glass fiber and rubber product both made with the fiber treating agent
Method for producing a thermoplastic filler
Process for generation of precipitated calcium carbonate from calcium carbonate rich industrial by-product
Magnetic ferrite composition and process of production thereof
Microwave dielectric ceramic composition having high quality factor
Composite material comprising activated carbon and expanded graphite
Ceramic slurry composition and manufacturing method therefor
Method for protection of stone with fluorinated urethane
Multiple layer composite material consisting of cement-bound concrete and polymer-bound concrete and method for producing the same
Preparation of carbonyl compounds from alcohols
Combinatorial dihydrobenzopyran library
Process for the preparation of diphenyl ether compounds
Curcumin analogues and uses thereof
Supported cobalt catalysts for nitrile hydrogenations
Preparation of primary and secondary amines from nitriles
Methods for hydrogenating nitrile functions into amine functions
1,1-bis(4-aminophenyl)-3-alkylcyclohexanes and method of preparation thereof
Aminostyrylanthracene compound, synthetic intermediate thereof, and process for the production thereof
Bis(aminostyryl) naphthalene compound, synthesis intermediate thereof, and process for production thereof
Phenyl inden-1-one compounds
2-methylpropionic acid derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions comprising the same
Process for the preparation of 7-azabicyclo[4.1.0]hept-3-ene-3-carboxylic acid esters
Scyphostatin analogues as SMase inhibitors
Fluorescent quenching detection reagents and methods
Ir and/or Sm promoted multi-metal oxide catalyst
Process for producing aliphatic tricarbonitriles
Process for preparing 3,4-dihydroxy-benzonitrile
Process for the production of 3-buten-1-ol
Process for the preparation of acyloxybenzenesulfonates
Method for preparing fluorosulfonyl imide monomer
Process for producing a fluorine atom-containing sulfonyl fluoride compound
Drying agent
Ether compounds
Riser reactor system for hydrocarbon cracking
Process for the catalytic cleavage of lactones
Integrated process for the production of vinyl acetate
Process for purifying pravastatin sodium from a fermentation broth
4-piperazinylindole derivatives with 5-HT6 receptor affinity
Diphenylalkylamine derivatives useful as opioid receptor agonists
Thyromimetic organic compounds
Thermally stabilized polyvinyl chloride compositions
Method for producing pure melamine
Substance FKI-0076 and process for producing the same
Process for the preparation of vitamin E
Sulfonamide and carboxamide derivatives and drugs containing the same as the active ingredient
Fused heterocyclic inhibitors of factor Xa
Certain 1,3-disubstituted isoquinoline derivatives
Pyrrolidine derivatives
Compositions and methods to prevent toxicity induced by nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs
Fluorenecarboxylic acid esters, process for the manufacture thereof, and use thereof as medicaments
Benzoylecgonine compositions and methods for producing them
Process for preparing 1-substituted, 2-substituted 1H-imidazo[4,5-C]quinolin-4-amines
Purine inhibitors of cyclin dependent kinase 2 & IKBA
2-hydroxymethylcyclopropylidenemethylpurines and -pyrimidines as antiviral agents
Process for manufacturing thebaine
Bioactive compound
Thiazolo(4,5-d)pyrimidine compounds
Ruthenium complexes and process for preparing alcoholic compounds using these
E-isomeric fullerene derivatives
Triazole derivatives useful in therapy
Synthesis of oligonucleotides
Hybridization reaction apparatus and hybridization method
C-19-halogen-substituted steroids of the androst-9(11)-ene-series, methods for the production and use thereof
(Meth) acrylic acid ester compound
Method of inhibiting a farnesyl transferase enzyme
Methods for producing self-replicating infectious RSV particles comprising recombinant RSV genomes or antigenomes and the N, P, L, and M2 proteins
Reporter gene system for use in cell-based assessment of inhibitors of the hepatitis C virus protease
Expression system in microorganism and its use for expressing heterologous and homologous proteins
Campylobacter vaccine
Anti-bacterial vaccine compositions
Surface proteins from gram-positive bacteria having highly conserved motifs and antibodies that recognize them
Polynucleotide and its use for modulating a defence response in plants
Antifungal and antibacterial agents
Mammalian gene, BCL-W, belongs to the BCL-2 family of apoptosis-controlling genes
Methods and compositions for regulating cell cycle progression
DNA encoding IGA nephropathy indicating protein
Tumor suppressor gene p33ING2
Protein Rim2
Systemic carnitine deficiency gene and use thereof
Human kielin-like proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Mammalian osteoregulins
CAI resistance proteins and uses thereof
Alzheimer's disease, secretase, APP substrates therefor, and uses therefor
Tumor suppressor encoding nucleic acid, PTX1, and methods of use thereof
Megsin promoter
Human mitochondrial proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
DNA fragmentation factor involved in apoptosis
Human haemopoietic maturation factor
Extracellular matrix signaling molecules
Polynucleotides encoding macrophage derived chemokine
Genomic DNA encoding a polypeptide capable of inducing the production of interferon-.gamma.
G protein-coupled receptor up-regulated in prostate cancer and uses thereof
Nucleic acid sequences encoding capsaicin receptor and capsaicin receptor-related polypeptides and uses thereof
Human pyrimidine receptor
Selectable cell surface marker genes
DNA encoding galanin GALR2 receptors
Peptides for treatment of autoimmune diseases
Thrombomodulin analogs for pharmaceutical use
DNA and protein from Dirofilaria immitis
Method for screening analogs of G-CSF
Method of isolating CD8+ cells, and related hybridoma cells antibodies and polypeptides
Antibodies to placental protein 13
Recombinant scFV antibodies specific to Eimeria spp. responsible for coccidiosis
Method for treating symptoms of diabetes
Anti-GPIIb/IIIa recombinant antibodies
Method for selecting tumours expressing HLA-G, sensitive to anticancer treatment and uses
Anti-TNF antibodies and peptides of human necrosis factor
Inhibitors of the ICE/ced-3 family of cysteine proteases
Aspartame derivative crystal and process for producing the same
Cyclosporin derivatives and method for the production of said derivatives
Process for removal of silicon compounds from solvents by selective absorption
Magnesium-diketonate complex derived polyolefin catalysts, method of making same, method of polymerizing with same
Linear, isotactic polymers, process for preparing same, and use thereof
Process for producing vinyl compound polymer
Fluorinated polymers, photoresists and processes for microlithography
Transparent paramagnetic polymer
Functionalized elastomers
Preparation of fluorinated core-shell particles with water and oil repellency
Block copolymer
Graft copolymers, their preparation and their use
Thermoplastic elastomers having improved adhesive proterties
Catalyst system for controlled polymerization
Mechanically frothed and chemically blown polyurethane foam
Water vapor permeable thermoplastic polyurethane film
Highly repellent carpet protectants
Process for coating substrates
Paint composition for automotive weather strip and glass run, and process for producing automotive weather strip and glass run
Process for the preparation of soft, low-shrinkage, thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers which can be easily released from the mold
Radiation curable powder compositions
Epoxy curing agent emulsification for TTR application
Photoresist compositions comprising polycyclic polymers with acid labile pendant groups
Low dielectric constant polymers having good adhesion and toughness and articles made with such polymers
Polymerisation catalysts
Aromatic polycarbonate resin, electrophotographic photoconductor, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming method and apparatus
Method for making an aromatic polycarbonate
Process for producing polycarbonates
Optical polycarbonate and applications thereof
Aqueous compositions of perfluoropolyether phosphates and use thereof to confer oleo-repellence to paper
Method for purification of aromatic polyethers
In-situ preparation of polyaspartic ester mixtures
Process for producing polyimide resin
Environmentally safe paint stripper
Process for obtaining non thermoprocessable fine powders of homopolymer or modified PTFE
Process for producing elastic fluorocopolymer composition
Method for producing sulfonated aromatic polymers and use of the process products for producing membranes
Method for producing bridged polymer membrane and fuel cell
Process for the protection of flexible silicone membranes, particularly in the case of molding by resin transfer
Isocyanate-based polymer foam and process for production thereof
Methods of making foamed materials of blended thermoplastic polymers using carbon dioxide
Conductive polymeric composite material with a resistance which is self-regulated by the temperature
Compound of intumescent powder and thermoplastic material
Resin film and applications thereof
Latent mercaptans as multi-functional additives for halogen-containing polymer compositions
Thermoplastic resins in contact with metals or metal salts stabilized by blends of dithiocarbamates and metal deactivators
Method for making fire-retarded polycarbonate and related compositions
Aqueous crumb rubber composition
Polyester compositions of low residual aldehyde content
Radiation sensitive material and method for forming pattern
Composite materials with improved phyllosilicate dispersion
Use of hydrotalcite as filler in polymer compositions
Fire-retardant polyurethane systems
Rubber-based soundproofing material
Melt-processible, wear resistant polyethylene
Polyolefin materials having enhanced surface durability and methods of making the same by exposure to radiation
Extrudable fluoropolymer blends
Dye type polarizing plate
Unfinished rutile titanium dioxide slurry for paints and paper coatings
Slip-modified, electrically conductive polyoxymethylene
Flame-retardant resin composition
Aromatic polycarbonate resin composition
Reactive dye compounds
Dispersing agent for pigment, pigment-dispersion composition, toner, and toner production process
Warp-free pigment compositions comprising diaryldiketopyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrroles
Pigment dispersions and cosmetic products containing the same
Treatment agent for hydrophilicity and method for preparing thereof
Ink, ink set, ink cartridge, recording unit, image recording process and image recording apparatus
Jet printing ink and ink-jet recording method
Liquid pavement marking compositions
Photocurable aqueous resin composition, ink, recording unit, ink cartridge, ink-jet recording apparatus and photopolymerization initiator
Liquid coating of film-forming resin and particles chemically modified to lower surface tension
Method for forming capacitor of ferroelectric random access memory
CMP slurry and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Adhesive composition
Self-adhesive thermally crosslinkable 1-component silicone compositions
Dispersions of silyl-terminated polymers with a high solids content, their production and their use
Adhesive tape comprising a woven polyester support detachable by hand
Organic electroluminescent element material and organic electroluminescent element
Organic electroluminescence element
Liquid-crystalline medium
Compositions of hydrofluorocarbons and trans-1,2-dichloroethylene
Acid soluble, high fluid loss pill for lost circulation
Method of gasifying carbonaceous materials
Hydrogen production from carbonaceous material
Additive compositions
Oil compositions for improved fuel economy
Two part chemical concentrate
Delivery system having encapsulated porous carrier loaded with additives, particularly detergent additives such as perfumes
Amine reaction compounds comprising one or more active ingredient
Detergent compositions having an anionically modified cellulose polymer
Hand dishwashing composition
Fabric color care method
Removable splash guards for culture plates
Cell culture harvesting
Method for reducing the amount of nucleic acid adhering to a hydrophobic surface
Method of increasing conversion of a fatty acid to its corresponding dicarboxylic acid
Use of HPPD inhibitors as selection agents in plant transformation
Transgenic plants with enhanced chlorophyll content and salt tolerance
Salt-tolerant transgenic turfgrass
Fructan biosynthetic enzymes
Plant phosphomevalonate kinases
Protein complementation in transgenic plants
Nucleic acid molecule coding for beta-amylase, plants synthesizing a modified starch, method of production and applications
Lentivirus vector system
Lentiviral vector particles resistant to complement inactivation
Sertoli cells as biochambers
In vitro production of amoebocytes from tachypleus gigas in leibovitz culture medium
1,3-dicarbonyl-dioxygenase--a new c-c-bond cleaving enzyme
Mutants of monoamine oxidase B
LKB1 gene knockout mice
Coiled-coil mediated heterodimerization functional interaction trap
Polynucleotide encoding a polypeptide having heparanase activity and expression of same in genetically modified cells
Cacao endoproteinases and production of cocoa flavor from same
Composition, methods and reagents for the synthesis of a soluble form of human PHEX
Maize MIP synthase promoter
Granule containing enzyme, corn starch and sugar layered on an inert particle
Mutant N-acetylglutamate synthase and method for L-arginine production
Mutant Actinosynnema pretiosum strain with increased maytansinoid production
Adjustable sensitivity, genetic molecular interaction systems, including protein-protein interaction systems for detection and analysis
Method for restenosis following coronary vessel intervention
Zinc finger protein derivatives and methods therefor
Oxidation of a cyclohexanone derivative using a brevibacterium cyclohexanone monooxygenase
Methods for obtaining a desired bioactivity or biomolecule using DNA libraries from an environmental source
DNA detection by means of a strand reassociation complex
Method for determining the susceptibility of a NIDDM patent toward sulfonylurea therapy
Method for typing of HLA class I alleles
Quantitative epstein barr virus PCR rapid assay
Mechanical waves generator system in a converter or pyrometallurgical furnace
Materials and method for the biological production of sulfuric acid
High-strength alloy based on aluminium and a product made of said alloy
Shielded-type automotive relay controlling a magnet clutch load of a vehicle air-conditioner
Method of manufacturing decorative plate
Method of adhesion between an oxide layer and a metal layer
Hard layer-coated tool
Optically functional element and production method and application therefor
Arrangement for orienting the magnetization direction of magnetic layers
Lanthanide doped TiOx dielectric films
Vapor deposition process
Method of improving stability in low k barrier layers
Method of forming a ferroelectric film and fabrication process of a semiconductor device having a ferroelectric film
Ultralow dielectric constant material as an intralevel or interlevel dielectric in a semiconductor device and electronic device made
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Source gas delivery
Etching processes for integrated circuit manufacturing including methods of forming capacitors
Method and device for operating an electrolytic cell
Structure having narrow pores
Combined adhesion promotion and direct metallization process
Method of fabricating damascene structures in mechanically weak interlayer dielectrics
Process for filling polysilicon seam
Textiles; Paper
Application of a vaporous mist for spining systems with rectangular nozzles
Production of polymer fibres having nanoscale morphologies
Lyocell fiber from unbleached pulp
Multimode fiber having a refractive index profile
Nonwovens forming or conveying fabrics with enhanced surface roughness and texture
Fixed Constructions
Method and system for the recuperation of septic tank content
Ductile hybrid structural fabric
Decorative material
Oil based drilling fluid
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Multi-input, multi-output motion control for lithography system
Positioning method and positioning structure of inhibitor switch
Light curtain system for establishing a protective light curtain, tool and system for processing objects and method for loading/unloading a tool
Corrosion-resistant heat exchanger
Analysis of materials containing radioactive sources
Substrate processing apparatus and semiconductor device producing method
Infrared leak detector
Method for determining pore characteristics in porous materials
Method of high pass filtering a data set
Method of spectrum analysis in two-dimensional representation
Microspectrometer gas analyzer
Methods of controlling wet chemical processes in forming metal silicide regions, and system for performing same
Optically characterizing polymers
Encoded molecular sieve particle-based sensors
Method to ascertain whether soluble hardness is calcium or magnesium based
Fluorometric monitoring and control of soluble hardness of water used in industrial water systems
Method of quantifying hemoglobin and method of measuring glycation ratio of hemoglobin
Laser scanning wafer inspection using nonlinear optical phenomena
PINS chemical identification software
Method for chemical analysis of biological material
End of use and time duration indicator system and method based on volatile dye
Thin membrane for detecting thiol-containing compounds
Methods and compositions for the modulation of acid-sphingomyelinase-related apoptosis
Method and apparatus for high density format screening for bioactive molecules
Rapid fluorescent labeling of tissue for microdissection using fluorescent specific binding agents
Membrane receptor reagent and assay
System for detecting bacteria in blood, blood products, and fluids of tissues
Assay for directly detecting a RS virus related biological cell in a body fluid sample
Methods for identifying or diagnosing carcinoma cells with metastatic potential based on the measurement of lymphoid genes or their products in carcinoma cells
Methods of identifying and ADP-glucose receptor ligand, agonist or antagonist
Methods and compositions relating to phosphorylated myosin light chain 1
Monitoring patient compliance and bioavailability of drugs by deproteinizing body fluids
Sample presentation unit
Bulk vessel feeder
Semiconductor-package measuring method, measuring socket, and semiconductor package
Wide dynamic range digital imaging system and method
Compton deconvolution camera
Object detection using code-modulated light beam
Scanning apparatus
Complex lens for a tandem scanning optical system and a manufacturing method thereof
Unit cell architecture for electrical interconnects
Microlens, its forming method and optical module
Apparatus for applying glass elements to a substrate
Photosensitive transfer material and color filter
Optical module
Fusion welding apparatus for optical fiber
Opto-electronic device integration
Optical semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device, display device and method of fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing a display device
Method for developing a high contrast photographic material containing a polyhydrazide nucleating agent
Method of making a silver halide photographic material having enhanced light absorption and low fog
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Photoresist compositions
Method of color photographic processing for color photographic papers
Color photothermographic elements comprising phenolic thermal solvents
Microfluidic devices and manufacture thereof
Resist compositions and patterning process
Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Photoreactive resin composition and method of manufacturing circuit board and ceramic multilayer substrate using the resin composition
Hybrid compound, resist, and patterning process
Photomask and manufacturing method of an electronic device therewith
Method for electrochemical fabrication
Method of using scatterometry measurements to control stepper process parameters
Resist material and method for forming a resist pattern with the resist material
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Heater with improved heat conductivity
Electrophotographic photoreceptor
Multilayered imaging member having a copolyester-polycarbonate adhesive layer
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, and image forming method and apparatus using the photoreceptor
Coating system for substrates
Two-component developer, image forming apparatus, and image forming method
Toner for electrostatically charge image development
Finger SQUID qubit device
Process of producing diffraction gratings on the surface of articles
Light emitting device
Methods of making a guitar pick holder comprising a flexible magnetic material
Staff sheet printer
Guitar sling
System and method for filling content gaps
Bowed stringed musical instrument for generating electric tones close to acoustic tones
Automatic chord progression correction apparatus and automatic composition apparatus
Stringed musical instrument
Magnetic transfer master medium, magnetic transfer method, and magnetic transfer master medium forming method
Exchange coupling film and electroresistive sensor using the same
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording medium
Substrate for information recording medium, information recording medium, and method for controlling surface of substrate for information recording medium
Limited-play optical media with improved shelf-life and playability
Metal alloys for the reflective or the semi-reflective layer of an optical storage medium
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for designing the same
Silicon on insulator phase change memory
Memory semiconductor device with reduced sense amplifier area
Apparatus for measuring aperture size of near-field optical probe and method thereof
Supporting insulatedly separated conductors
Dielectric fluid
Electric part with click feeling
Chip electronic component
Coating composition having magnetic properties
Integrated inductor
High-voltage insulation system
Nonreducible dielectric ceramic composition
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same
Electrical switch
Set of movable contacts for a switch with a set of fixed contacts
Toggle switch cover apparatus and method
Multi-direction switch
Switch assembly
Multi-terminal electrical safety switch for simultaneously closing and opening electrical circuits connected thereto
IA switch
Locking assembly for an electrical switching apparatus
Method for filming CRT luminescent screen
Mass analyzer allowing parallel processing one or more analytes
Image compensation device for a scanning electron microscope
Method and system of using a scanning electron microscope in semiconductor wafer inspection with Z-stage focus
Method and scanning electron microscope for measuring dimension of material on sample
Process conditions change monitoring systems that use electron beams, and related monitoring methods
Process conditions change monitoring systems that use electron beams, and related monitoring methods
Adjustable conductance limiting aperture for ion implanters
Method and apparatus for determining beam parallelism and direction
Active control of electron temperature in an electrostatically shielded radio frequency plasma source
Mass spectrometer
Method and apparatus for efficient transfer of ions into a mass spectrometer
Mass spectrometer based on the use of quadrupole lenses with angular gradient of the electrostatic field
Process control based upon weight or mass measurements, and systems for accomplishing same
Die bonder for die-bonding a semiconductor chip to lead frame and method of producing a semiconductor device using the die bonder
Determining a possible cause of a fault in a semiconductor fabrication process
Double-sided capacitor structure for a semiconductor device and a method for forming the structure
Metal-assisted chemical etch porous silicon formation method
Plasma etch method for forming plasma etched silicon layer
High modulus filler for low k materials
Heterojunction bipolar transistor with zero conduction band discontinuity
Precision Zener diodes
[Method to relax alignment accuracy requirement in fabrication for integrated circuit]
Method of fabricating semiconductor device having low dielectric constant insulator film
Methods of controlling VSS implants on memory devices, and system for performing same
Fabrication method for mask read only memory device
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method for producing a semiconductor component comprising a t-shaped contact electrode
Method for fabricating thin metal layers from the liquid phase
Method and device for controlled cleaving process
Process for fabrication of a transistor gate including high-K gate dielectric with in-situ resist trim, gate etch, and high-K dielectric removal
Semiconductor fabrication apparatus
Capacitor constructions comprising a nitrogen-containing layer over a rugged polysilicon layer
Process for producing a semiconductor device
Method for producing a ferroelectric layer
Method of manufacturing a flash memory
Logic SOI structure, process and application for vertical bipolar transistor
Method for making an inlayed thyristor-based device
Semiconductor-on-insulator body-source contact and method
Method of forming source/drain regions in semiconductor devices
Self aligned channel implant, elevated S/D process by gate electrode damascene
Method for fabricating a MOSFET and reducing line width of gate structure
Process for forming barrier/seed structures for integrated circuits
Method for fabricating conductive bumps and substrate with metal bumps for flip chip packaging
Method of making semiconductor device
Stereolithographic methods for fabricating hermetic semiconductor device packages and semiconductor devices including stereolithographically fabricated hermetic packages
Semiconductor device with strain relieving bump design
Apparatus and method for leadless packaging of semiconductor devices
Metal local interconnect self-aligned source flash cell
Compliant semiconductor package with anisotropic conductive material interconnects and methods therefor
Semiconductor package with circuit side polymer layer and wafer level fabrication method
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Apparatus for aligning die to interconnect metal on flex substrate
Method and apparatus for integrating dispatch and process control actions
Dechucking method and apparatus for workpieces in vacuum processors
Semiconductor memory and method for fabricating the same
Plasma treatment of low dielectric constant dielectric material to form structures useful in formation of metal interconnects and/or filled vias for intergrated circuit structure
Fabrication of 3-D capacitor with dual damascene process
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of forming a wiring film by applying high temperature/high pressure
Diffusion barrier layer for semiconductor wafer fabrication
Self-aligned dual-gate transistor device and method of forming self-aligned dual-gate transistor device
Electro-optical device and manufacturing method thereof
Bitline structure for DRAM and method of forming the same
Manufacturing method for semiconductor apparatus
Method for forming contact
Thinning techniques for wafer-to-wafer vertical stacks
Dual depth trench isolation
Stress-relieved shallow trench isolation (STI) structure and method for forming the same
Dual damascene processing method using silicon rich oxide layer thereof and its structure
Method for capping over a copper layer
Method for reducing contamination, copper reduction, and depositing a dielectric layer on a semiconductor device
Method of making an electrical device including an interconnect structure
Method for preventing photoresist poisoning
Processing methods for providing metal-comprising materials within high aspect ratio openings
Method of forming a through-substrate interconnect
Process for forming dual metal gate structures
Method for tuning a work function for MOSFET gate electrodes
Preserving TEOS hard mask using COR for raised source-drain including removable/disposable spacer
Low leakage one transistor static random access memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing and structure of semiconductor device with polysilicon definition structure
Manufacturing method of CMOS thin film transistor
Method for manufacturing a thin film transistor array panel
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Backside metallization on microelectronic dice having beveled sides for effective thermal contact with heat dissipation devices
Memory device structure and method of fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing semiconductor memory device including one step of forming exposing the surface of the select transistors while not exposing the surface cell transistors
Method for forming a storage cell capacitor compatible with high dielectric constant materials
Semiconductor constructions comprising stacks with floating gates therein
Stacked-gate flash memory and the method of making the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing it
Semiconductor device formed by utilizing deformed pattern
Chemical mechanical polishing in forming semiconductor device
Fabrication of dielectrically isolated regions of silicon in a substrate
Semiconductor substrate for a one-chip electronic device and related manufacturing method
Structure and methods for process integration in vertical DRAM cell fabrication
Method for improvement of edge breakdown caused by edge electrical field at a tunnel oxide of a high-density flash memory by a shielded bird's beak
Barrier layer for electroplating processes
Semiconductor device with improved capacitive element and method of forming the same
Use of atomic oxygen process for improved barrier layer
Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for producing an integrated semiconductor memory configuration
Wafer on wafer packaging and method of fabrication for full-wafer burn-in and testing
Method of manufacturing an integrated circuit package
Encapsulation process using a partial slot cover and a package formed by the process
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing an integrated circuit package
Power converter, and photovoltaic element module and power generator using the same
Resin-molded device and manufacturing apparatus thereof
Monolithically integrated solid-state sige thermoelectric energy converter for high speed and low power circuits
Photoconductor-on-active-pixel (POAP) sensor utilizing a multi-layered radiation absorbing structure
High frequency semiconductor module, high frequency semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the same
Stackable lead frame package using exposed internal lead traces
Method for selectively coating ceramic surfaces
Semiconductor device having a condenser chip for reducing a noise
Circuit board and production method therefor
Method for capacitively coupling electronic devices
Three-dimensional multichip module
Circuit elements using z-axis interconnect
Systems for testing and packaging integrated circuits
Wire bonding method for copper interconnects in semiconductor devices
Power semiconductor device manufactured using a chip-size package
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Methods of contacting lines and methods of forming an electrical contact in a semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Method for formation of copper diffusion barrier film using aluminum
Device for shielding transmission lines from ground or power supply
Method of preparing a sample of a semiconductor structure for adhesion testing
Method of forming a test pattern, method of measuring an etching characteristic using the same and a circuit for measuring the etching characteristic
Integrated circuit package incorporating programmable elements
Silicon controlled rectifier electrostatic discharge protection device with external on-chip triggering and compact internal dimensions for fast triggering
Integrated semiconductor circuit device having Schottky barrier diode
Buried digit spacer separated capacitor array
Semiconductor device and process for fabrication thereof
Photo detector with passivation layer and antireflection layer made of the same material
Fused passive organic light emitting displays
Optoelectronic device having dual-structural nano dot and method for manufacturing the same
Field plated schottky diode and method of fabrication therefor
Power semiconductor devices having laterally extending base shielding regions that inhibit base reach-through
Semiconductor device structures which utilize metal sulfides
Semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Preparation of stack high-K gate dielectrics with nitrided layer
Method and composite for decreasing charge leakage
Ferroelectric transistor with enhanced data retention
Memory transistor structure
Method of manufacturing NAND flash memory device
Methods for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Integration of two memory types on the same integrated circuit
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Silicon controlled rectifier structure with guard ring controlled circuit
Thin film transistor and multilayer film structure and manufacturing method of same
Optical receiver having baffle including a plurality of apertures
Method and apparatus for forming curved image sensor module
Image sensor package
Sequential mesa avalanche photodiode capable of realizing high sensitization and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing a multi-wavelength semiconductor image sensor
Photodetector device and method for manufacturing the same
Light emitting diode
Nitride-based semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor light emitting element and manufacturing method thereof
Base of optoelectronic device
Light emitting diodes including modifications for light extraction
Semiconductor light emission device and manufacturing method thereof
Type II quantum well optoelectronic devices
Josephson device and fabrication process thereof
Phase change memory
Organic electroluminescent device and display apparatus
Light emitting device, display device and electronic instrument
Process for fabricating continuously coated electrodes on a porous current collector and cell designs incorporating said electrodes
Li-ion and/or Li-ion polymer battery with shielded leads
Battery holder with battery releasing mechanism
Separator for alkaline secondary battery, method for preparing the same alkaline secondary battery
Electrochemical energy storage device having improved enclosure arrangement
Alkaline cells having positive nickel hydroxide electrodes with fluoride salt additives
Positive electrode material for lithium secondary battery
Electrochemical cell having a controlled electrode surface
Electric cell
Fuel cells and fuel cell plates
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Fuel cell system with humidity determination
Method of heating and humidifying at least one of a fuel stream and an oxidant stream for a fuel cell
Fuel electrode of solid oxide fuel cell and process for the production of the same
Water control for a fuel cell system
Non-reversible circuit device having laminated substrate capable of being reduced in size
Method for fabricating a laser diode using a reflective layer including an air layer
Curved waveguide ring laser
Optical module and optical transceiver apparatus
Providing an organic vertical cavity laser array device with etched region in dielectric stack
Light-emitting gallium nitride-based compound semiconductor device
Component kit for a switch cabinet
Electrical conduit fitting and method
Rotating bracket for electrical receptacle
ESD protection element
Infrared radiation detection device
Roller heating system for a laminating machine and process for producing rolling shaft thereof
Eliminating hot spots at end portions of bus bars of a heatable transparency having an electrically conductive member
Simmering control method in microwave oven
Lead protective coating composition, process and structure thereof
Interposer to couple a microelectronic device package to a circuit board
Electronic appliance having housing-case made of biodegradable material, and container made of biodegradable material
Onboard semiconductor device
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