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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Dome cooling using compliant material
Multi-purpose exercise apparatus for improving sports coordination
Long-range drone remote-control equipment
Music dissection and puzzle
Performing Operations; Transporting
Pattern coating device and pattern coating method thereof
High-efficiency line-forming optical systems and methods for defect annealing and dopant activation
Bonding apparatus
Method for optimized execution of heating tasks in fuel cell vehicles
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fluidic components suitable for fuel cell systems including pressure regulators and valves
Corded lattice based floating photovoltaic solar field with independently floating solar modules
Blasting system protection
Ocular lens
Image display apparatus
Display apparatus
Display device and related manufacturing method
Display apparatus
Image display apparatus for displaying a 3D image
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
Dual-tap electro-optic modulator auto-bias control
Video projector employing ferroelectric liquid crystal display
Immersion photolithography system and method using microchannel nozzles
Lithographic apparatus and a method of operating the apparatus
Resist composition and patterning process
Exposure apparatus and device fabricating method
Developing device, image forming apparatus, and process cartridge
Sound absorbing device, electronic device, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having openings and ducts to permit flow of air
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
Toner, and image forming method, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus using the toner
Electrostatic ink compositions
Power supply device, adapter, power receiving device, and power supply method
Systems and methods for deactivating plant material outside of a growing region
Power mixing apparatus of multiple power supplies
Docking station with securing apparatus and stand for electronic device
Boundless projected interactive virtual desktop
Displaying relevant information on wearable computing devices
Managing shared cache by multi-core processor
Calculating expected maximum CPU power available for use
Power shifting in multicore platforms by varying SMT levels
Method for detecting false wake conditions of a portable electronic device
Web page and web browser protection against malicious injections
Dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs) supporting storage of a data indicator(s) in an error correcting code (ECC) storage unit dedicated to storing an ECC
Partial cloud data storage
Handling defective non-volatile memory
Independent hardware operating state transitions by a test unit
Managing backup relationships in a data storage system
Hierarchical translation structures providing separate translations for instruction fetches and data accesses
Single input unlock for computing devices
Computing system with partial data computing and method of operation thereof
Translation entry invalidation in a multithreaded data processing system
Tuning utilization and heap memory size for real-time garbage collection
Method and apparatus for memory aliasing detection in an out-of-order instruction execution platform
Method and apparatus for cache memory data processing
Hardware acceleration for inline caches in dynamic languages
Using unused portion of the storage space of physical storage devices configured as a RAID
Interchangeable wireless sensing apparatus for mobile or networked devices
Managing storage devices having a lifetime of a finite number of operations
Peripheral device access using synchronous input/output
Peripheral device access using synchronous input/output
Synchronous input/output commands writing to multiple targets
Synchronous input/output commands writing to multiple targets
Methods to send extra information in-band on inter-integrated circuit (I2C) bus
Associating a meeting room with a meeting
Data center intelligent control and optimization
User targeted medical imaging and information packaging, compression and distribution system
Retrospective management of previously sent electronic messages
Optimizing social information signaling
Quality of service for high network traffic events
Analytical device control system
Iterative method to successfully send large electronic messages
Automated check for simple mail transfer protocol email delays
Maintaining and communicating nodal neighboring information
Light-weight fork channels for clustering
Application peak load processing
Computer network system and method of determining necessity of transferring load in computer network system
Live partition mobility with shared persistent reservations
Method for calling up a media file in a telecommunication system, computer program product for executing the method, and telecommunication system for calling up the media file
Dynamic proximity based networked storage
Systems and methods for managing computing systems utilizing augmented reality
Intercepting and supervising, in a runtime environment, calls to one or more objects in a web page
Method and medium for implicit relationship discovery based on cumulative co-temporal activity
Method for improving mobile network performance via ad-hoc peer-to-peer request partitioning
Transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP) packet-centric wireless point to multi-point (PtMP) transmission system architecture
Customer support interface
Crowd-sourced project and transaction management system for human- and device-adaptive requester-provider networks
Method and apparatus for detection and prediction of events based on changes in behavior
Apparatus and methods for classifying senders of unsolicited bulk emails
Optimizing grouping of instructions
Process for the automated classification and analysis of raw data and its use in the optimization of processes
Method for detecting the playback of a data packet
Multiple-depth trench interconnect technology at advanced semiconductor nodes
Recombining incorrectly separated tokens in natural language processing
Natural-language processing based on DNA computing
Communication monitoring based on sentiment
Open microphone perpetual conversation analysis
System and method for automatically translating an imaged surface of an object
Active error detection and resolution for linguistic translation
Language translation of encoded voice packets during a cellular communication session
Providing record-level alternate-index upgrade locking
Method and apparatus for performing an incremental update of a recommendation model
Organization of data within a database
Content recommendation based on collections of entities
Normalization of confidence thresholds in federated environments
Handling information source ingestion in a question answering system
Customized content consumption interface
Accessing data and functionality in database systems
Entity normalization via name normalization
File deduplication in a file system
Performance checking component for an ETL job
Group tagging of documents
Systems and methods for enforcing security in mobile computing
Tunable hardware sort engine for performing composite sorting algorithms
Search engine analytics and optimization for media content in social networks
Providing targeted feedback
Method and system for file relocation
Method of transmitting data including a structured linear database
Access management method, device and system
Variation-aware timing analysis using waveform construction
Heat source integration for electromigration analysis
Information processing apparatus, state machine dividing method, and computer-readable recording medium
Physical aware technology mapping in synthesis
Voltage and current limits for electronic device based on temperature range
Automated state machine extraction for rapid-single flux-quantum circuits
Electric-substrate electrical design apparatus using three-dimensional space, electrical design method, program and computer-readable recording medium
Portable electronic therapy device and the method thereof
Sensor, weapon, actor, and registration monitoring, evaluating, and relationships
Medical equipment information management system and control method for medical equipment information management system
Information processor, image data optimization method and program
Digital identity card management
Field programmable smart card terminal and token device
Range based user identification and profile determination
Techniques for presenting and collecting end user license agreement acceptance
Implementing extent granularity authorization initialization processing in CAPI adapters
Security model for network information service
Anti-data theft structures and electronic devices with the same
Image forming apparatus having first sheet holding unit for which sheet type is registered and second sheet holding unit for which sheet type is not registered, method for controlling image forming apparatus, and storage medium
Managing product configuration
Mobile terminal having video playback and method for controlling of the same
Flexible scripting platform for troubleshooting
Adaptive analysis of diagnostic messages
Hybrid platform-dependent simulation interface
Electronic apparatus and method for controlling electronic apparatus to provide tactile sensation feedback
Method for controlling a terminal using a double touch gesture and terminal thereof
Input control assignment
Fast multi-touch sensor with user identification techniques
Portable electronic device including contact sensors, and method for controlling same
Liquid crystal display with integrated touch sensor
Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
Projector and rear projector
Evaluating user interface usability for task completion
Time-based device interfaces
Creation, sharing and embedding of interactive charts
System and method for image display control
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
Effectively limitless apparent free space on storage device
Systems and methods for predicting compressibility of data
Conveyor system for conveying objects and control process for such a system
Method and system for validating data
Meaning-based advertising and document relevance determination
Method and system for providing statistical data from a data warehouse
Determining the schema of a graph dataset
Methods and systems for discovery of linkage points between data sources
Formatting floating point numbers
Method, apparatus, and program for the discovery of resources in a computing environment
Server directed client originated search aggregator
Displaying user activity in real-time collaborative editing systems
Information processing system, management apparatus, and method of managing a plurality of boot-up programs
Early conditional selection of an operand
Collecting transactional execution characteristics during transactional execution
Verification of distributed symmetric multi-processing systems
Exception control method, system, and program
Extensible execution unit interface architecture with multiple decode logic and multiple execution units
Register comparison for operand store compare (OSC) prediction
Processor power management based on class and content of instructions
Overlapping atomic regions in a processor
Understanding computer code with human language assistance
Generating software code
Generating software code
Basic block profiling using grouping events
Smart programming playgrounds
Deployment and deployment planning as a service
Identifying cause of incidents in the DevOps environment automatically
Basic block profiling using grouping events
Screen oriented data flow analysis
System and method to map defect reduction data to organizational maturity profiles for defect projection modeling
System and/or method for computing interprocedural dominators
Memory reference metadata for compiler optimization
Just-in-time expensive compilation hints
Deploying a portion of a streaming application to one or more virtual machines according to cost
Processor-optimized library loading for virtual machines
Application switching in a graphical operating system
Dynamically configurable hardware queues for dispatching jobs to a plurality of hardware acceleration engines
Flow topology of computer transactions
Notification of blocking tasks
Creating mechanical stamps to produce machine-readable optical labels
Determination of a filtered map interaction descriptor
Image enhancement method and image processing apparatus thereof
Systems and method for activity monitoring
Method for inserting features into a three-dimensional object and method for obtaining features from a three dimensional object
Three dimensional recognition from unscripted sources technology (TRUST)
Image resolution modification
Detecting iris orientation
Method and system for image analysis and interpretation
Field of view determiner
Flexible control in resizing of visual displays
Flexible control in resizing of visual displays
Proving latency associated with references to a data store
Parallel tree based prediction
Building of computing system in accordance with predictive build based on marginal cost acceptablity
Pre and post purchase identification of counterfeit products
Systems and methods for mobile and online payment systems for purchases related to mobile and online promotions or offers provided using impressions tracking and analysis, location information, 2D and 3D mapping, mobile mapping, social media, and user behavior and
E-commerce purchase portal
System and method for displaying items for bid
System and method of advertising a plurality of varied multimedia content
System and method for arranging shipment and insurance for an item
Method and system for quantity entry
System and method for adapting market data and evaluating unequal offers
System and method for processing a multiple prescription order
Energy conservation analysis system
Biological information displaying apparatus and biological information displaying method
Image processing device, image processing method, and program for correcting depth image based on positional information
Primitive fitting apparatus and method using point cloud
Image processing apparatus and method
Vehicle door handle device
Biometric attendance tracking system and method using mobile devices
Pill bottle lid incorporating audible messaging device, and pairing thereof with external devices for dosage reminder and conflict checking purposes
Vehicle control apparatus
Automatic teller machine
Passive infra red detector
Acquiring and transmitting event related tasks and subtasks to interface devices
Lockdown apparatus for initiation of lockdown procedures at a facility during an emergency having an image sensor for capturing still or video images
Lockdown apparatus for initiation of lockdown procedures at a facility during an emergency with an override actuator to override lockdown communication to facility occupants
Lockdown apparatus for initiation of lockdown procedures at a facility during an emergency having a display for still or video images
Security system and method
Suggesting adjustments to a helmet based on analysis of play
Hazard detection assembly
Method and a module for controlling pieces of equipment by sound pulse
Recreating natural water movement in visual art
Warning sign
Display device
Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for grouping content in augmented reality
Identifying the positioning in a multiple display grid
Indicating the geographic origin of a digitally-mediated communication
Image drawing/displaying device
Low power high frequency digital pulse frequency modulator
Display device comprising grayscale conversion portion and display portion
Piano-type key actuator with supplemental actuation
Voice synthesis device, voice synthesis method, and recording medium having a voice synthesis program recorded thereon
Audio interface
Computerized information and display apparatus with remote environment control
Computerized information and display apparatus with automatic context determination
Real-time transcription system utilizing divided audio chunks
Noise cancellation method
Sensor array for reading data from a storage medium, storage device and method of reading data from a storage medium
Semiconductor storage device
Systems and methods for sub-zero threshold characterization in a memory cell
Method and apparatus for optimized memory test status detection and debug
Memory circuit
Regrouping and skipping cycles in non-volatile memory
Graphene-nano particle composite having nanoparticles crystallized therein at a high density
Fluorinated elastomer composition and method for its production, molded product, cross-linked product, and covered electric wire
Heat shield for cables
Method for controlling an electromagnetic contactor and electromagnetic contactor implementing such a method
Semiconductor device
Systems and methods for fabricating self-aligned resistive/magnetic memory cell
Fabrication of vertical field effect transistor structure with controlled gate length
Method of fabricating light emitting device through forming a template for growing semiconductor and separating growth substrate
Substrate holder and a device and a method for treating substrates
Semiconductor device manufacturing method using a multilayer resist
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Process for making semiconductor dies, chips, and wafers using in-line measurements obtained from DOEs of GATE-snake-open-configured, NCEM-enabled fill cells
Method of manufacturing a three dimensional integrated circuit by transfer of a mono-crystalline layer
Strained stacked nanosheet FETS and/or quantum well stacked nanosheet
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic device
Composite manganese nitride/low-K dielectric cap
Package arrangement including external block comprising semiconductor material and electrically conductive plastic material
Methods for direct measurement of pitch-walking in lithographic multiple patterning
Stacked semiconductor device
Oversized contacts and vias in layout defined by linearly constrained topology
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, electronic component, and electronic device
Integrated circuit containing first and second DOEs of standard cell compatible, NCEM-enabled fill cells, with the first DOE including side-to-side short configured fill cells, and the second DOE including tip-to-side short configured fill cells
Semiconductor device
Silicon on nothing devices and methods of formation thereof
Processing method of stacked-layer film and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Trench transistor having a doped semiconductor region
Display device and electronic appliance
Semiconductor device having oxide semiconductor layer
Dual isolation fin and method of making
Thin film transistor and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and an electronic device
Power semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device
Oxide semiconductor film and semiconductor device
Photovoltaic cell
Thin-film photoelectric converter
Lateral photovoltaic device for near field use
Lighting device with plural fluorescent materials
Nitride semiconductor
Terahertz modulator
Systems, methods and/or apparatus for thermoelectric energy generation
Vertical hall device comprising a slot in the hall effect region
Reconfigurable electronics using conducting metal-organic frameworks
Display and method of manufacturing the same, unit, transfer printing method, organic electroluminescence unit and method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Light emitting element and light emitting device
Organic light-emitting diode light source comprising a polyester film and a method of improving light extraction from said light source
Manufacturing method of display device
Electricity storage device
Positive electrode active material for secondary batteries and lithium ion secondary battery using the same
Non-aqueous organic electrolyte secondary cell
Lithium ion secondary battery
Fuel cell system and start up control method for the fuel cell system
Communication tower panel security device employing flexible banding assembly and connecting/tensioning assembly having first and second connector modules for safely securing radiation-transparent panels covering antenna service bays of a wireless telecommunication tower
Wireless device and wireless system
Unmanned vehicle, system and method for transmitting signals
Multi-band antenna
Antenna structure and electronic device using the same
Clamping spring
Connector with floating housing
Power connector having a strong contact
System and connector configured for macro motion
Cable connector assembly with improved insulative member
Electrical connector and programming method
Cable connector assembly having a stopping member for avoiding light scattering
ARJ45 to RJ45 adapter
Single crystals with internal doping with laser ions prepared by a hydrothermal method
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser and atomic oscillator
Optical signal processing with modelocked lasers
Fuse disconnect safety switch (FDSS)
Efficient installation electrical hardware system and method of use
Data acquisition apparatus and system
Wireless power transmission apparatus and wireless power transmission method
Vacuum cleaner and a battery pack therefor
Lead storage battery system
Mobile power supply, charging base and superimposed charging platform
Auxiliary receiver coil to adjust receiver voltage and reactance
High voltage generation method at battery system
Rotor axle of a high speed permanent magnet machine
Motor having a cage wave stator winding
Rotary electric machine having armature windings with reduced width portions
Shaft rotary type linear motor and shaft rotary type linear motor unit
Use of an involute shaped housing surrounding shaft(s) to promote shaft annulus fluid flow
Winding with a cooling channel for an electrical machine
Power converter utilizing a resonant half-bridge and charge pump circuit
Distributed-constant type transformer for voltage conversion
Method of controlling single-phase voltage source AC/DC converter and interconnection system
Automatically calibrating operational amplifier (op-amp) systems for mitigating effects of offset voltages
Reconfigurable power amplifier capable of selecting wide band frequency and method for selecting wide band frequency
Microphone bias circuit
Dynamic noise mitigation in integrated circuit devices using local clock buffers
Differential signal driving circuit
Semiconductor device and designing method of semiconductor device
Threshold voltage dependent power-gate driver
Level-shifting latch
Clock signal stop detection circuit
Fine delay structure with programmable delay ranges
Decoding data stored with three orthogonal codewords
Multi-functional mobile phone protection case and manufacturing method thereof
Distortion compensation device and compensation distortion method
Adaptive equalizer with coefficients determined using groups of symbols to compensate for nonlinear distortions in optical fiber communications
Eccentric rotating mass actuator optimization for haptic effects
Systems and methods for generating haptic effects associated with transitions in audio signals
Method and a computer program product for controlling the execution of at least one application on or for a mobile electronic device, and a computer
Power transmitting device, power receiving device, power supply system, and power supply method
Making subscriber data addressable as a device in a mobile data network
Route-less multi-hop transmission technique in a peer-to-peer infrastructure-less network
Method and apparatus for analyzing and verifying functionality of multiple network devices
Sensor network system, sensor network control method, sensor node, sensor node control method, and sensor node control program
SIP endpoint configuration in VoIP networks
Methods and systems for scheduling data transmission with a feedback mechanism
Preventing a user from missing unread documents
Method for configuring node devices of a mesh communications network, computer program, information storage means and system
Network congestion notification preservation and modification during transmission of network data between physical network and virtual network
High data rate multilevel clock recovery system
High power efficient amplifier through digital pre-distortion and machine learning in cable network environments
Telephone initiated protocol-improved media delivery platform
Method for generating a built symbol for PAPR reduction and a method for demodulating a received symbol
Providing session identifiers
Digital rights management based on formatting feature
Generating a stream of content for a channel
Identity management over multiple identity providers
Interoperable social services
Access control lists for private networks of system agnostic connected devices
Scalable network apparatus for content based switching or validation acceleration
User authentication using client-side browse history
Method and apparatus to encrypt plaintext data
Method and apparatus for cryptographic processing
Secure personal content server
Validating biometrics without special purpose readers
Method and apparatus for updating user interface
Systems and methods for performing conflict resolution and rule determination in a policy realization framework
Reference clocked retimer model
Reception apparatus, phase error estimation method, and phase error correction method
Unified broadcast encryption system
Controlling exposure of sensitive data and operation using process bound security tokens in cloud computing environment
Distributed computing utilizing homomorphic encryption
Network-enabled method for family members with shared interests or futures to mutually assist one another
Communications apparatus, communications method, and recording medium
Apparatus and method for image recognition
Systems and methods for reporting visibility to ground based imaging
Method of storing a real time stream of information signals on a disc like record carrier
Multiple service distributed-antenna system
GPS time-aiding and frequency correction
Channel quality indicator feedback method and apparatus, and user equipment
Radio base station, user terminal and radio communication method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Liquid applicator head
Handle for use with disposable cleaning head
Deck mop with scrubber
Tire sidewall protectant dispenser and applicator head
Lattice panel having opposed wavy pattern
Mouthguard tether with connectors
Button logo cap
Mesh basket
Double-winged radiator for central processing unit
Diaphragm for a switch
Holder, in particular for a microfluidic chip structure
Panel for an electrolyzer
Setup display for a screen
Computer icon for general status and functions of a microscope system on a portion of a display panel or microscope display
Display mount
Television receiver
Communication device
Two-tone magnetic tape cartridge
Tape spool support for tape cartridge
Combined electric washing machine and clothes drier
Shoe dryer
High pressure cleaner
Dryer control panel
Wallpaper stripper boiler
Portion of vacuum cleaner housing
Dryer door
Dryer shelf frame
Electrode for plasma arc torch
Machining center
Extruder plate for diamond shaped extruder insert
Gripping means for robots
Digital camera
Enclosure for a security identification system
Camera module
Developer unit for an image forming apparatus
Camera lens
Eyeglass and eyeglass components
Guitar body
Guitar tuner
Guitar headpiece
Overtone headstock
Guitar body
Guitar body
Guitar body
Type font
Type font
Type font
Type font
Pad holder
Notepad holder
Three-ring loose-leaf binder
Writing instrument
Slim click pen
Writing instrument
Educational grain-stuffed doll with wrist tag identifying type of grain visible through transparent chest window
Medical label sheet
Rooster with prop tail
Bird with prop tail
Duck with prop tail
Streamer toy
Toy truck
Flamingo with prop tail
Iron golf club head
Golf club head
Ice skating training aid
Golf club head
Volcano climber
Golf club head
Putter head
Putter head
Video slot machine cabinet
Knife handle
Fishing reel bridge portion
Fishing rod holder with alarm
Cover for an insect trap that utilizes propane gas
Shower control
Air treatment unit
Faucet handle
Water filter
Agricultural spraying gun
Sanitary shower
Faucet body
Water closet
Shower cabin
Shower unit
Shower enclosure
Shower fixture
Shower enclosure with door
Mounting rod for shower articles
Corner panel for shower enclosure
Wall bar
Replaceable splash guards for bath tub and shower
Bowl for water closet
Lavatory deck
Operating room ductwork and headwall
Support frame for a oval duct
Blood glucose meter
Medical examination table
Tick remover
Tick remover
Heart shaped tablet
Medical needle assembly
Electric condom ring
Cervical traction unit
Adjustable knee brace pivot assembly
Wrist brace with adjustable thumb closure
Surface ornamentation for the sole of a foot splint
Window frame extrusion
Threaded rod
Candle holder with spring-actuated holder
LED flashlight
Flashlight and recharging unit
Linkable fluorescent light
Combination light fixture and lens assembly
360 degree lamp
Tire candle
Rechargeable flashlight/nightlight
Solar powered light
House number light
Clip-on lamp
Rear combination lamp for an automobile
Automobile light
Candle snuffer
Ceiling fan light kit
Tiki shaped lighter
Surfboard shaped lighter
Hair clipper with curved handle
Toothpick attachment
Low frequency foot stimulating unit
Duck dental floss holder
Package for a tooth whitening system
Lipstick case
Actuator body for an inhalation device
Baseball glove with movable pad and wristband
Housing for a medicament dispenser
Domed cat litter box
Human Necessities
Apparatus and method for treating top soil
Method and assembly for supporting an agricultural implement
Bulk handling device operating coupling
Method and apparatus for underwater tree cutting and retrieval
Double gear hedge shears
Dispensing capsule for injecting plants with pesticides and nutrients
Planter having an integral water tray
Floribunda rose plant named `WEKpaltlez`
Clematis plant named `EVIpo017`
Compact floribunda rosa plant named `POULac015`
Clematis viticella plant named `EVIpo024`
Double Impatiens plant named `Balolerose`
Impatiens plant named `Balpixotse`
Cherry tree named `Glenoia`
Clematis plant named `EVIpo025`
Geranium plant named `Balshobrili`
Rose plant named `POULen008`
Clematis viticella variety denomination `EVIpo023`
Peach tree--named `White River` cultivar
Rose plant named `POULen011`
Lilac plant named `Baildust`
Photinia plant named `Cassini`
Impatiens plant named `Balfusglo`
Strawberry plant named `Plahuelfre`
Rose plant named `POULcs007`
Double Impatiens plant named `Balpixdobur`
Plum Tree named `HoneySweet`
Glory of the sun plant named `Gabriela`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Chaseize`
Replaceable liner and teat cup shell for a teat cup assembly and method
Hay saver insert
Animal restraining apparatus and animal experiment for using the same
Lariat with low-friction honda arm socks
Small animal and rodent exercise device
Oxygen flow control process for hatchery hatchers
Methods for growth stimulation
Bale feeder for horses
Automatic animal feeding device
Method for informing oviposition of crustacean and device thereof
Cultivation of dha-rich prey organisms for aquatic species
Hunting harpoon and associated methods
Dispensing fish lure
Vibrating fishing lure with frictionally fixed conductor pins
Fishing rod light
Tolling assembly with hydrodynamic planer board, strike indicator, night lighting, and novel fishing line release
Fish lure making system
Insect trap with elliptical or oblong inlet
Pest bait station
Covered dual concentric dome mold
Barbecue and smoker apparatus
Method of making a smoking composition
Carbon technology
Bib with side pockets
Pants with one or more zippers on the rear thereof
Combined surfing shorts and wet suit undergarment
Enhanced chest protector
Protective gear for a limb
Head gear system
Cap and back sunshade
Hat with rotatable brim
Sole for a shoe with spring and damping elements
Shoes sole structures
Midsole including cushioning structure
Punch-to-fix structure of steel-head shoes
Buckle assembly
Convertible pendant jewelry
No drip bedpan
Umbrella and article holder
Umbrella frame
Intelligent well system and method
Eyelash separating, curling and coloring apparatus
Apparatus for management of hair
Two-axis single-piece flexure and flexure apparatus
Self-fastening handle assembly
Leg pillow with single clasp
Articulated medical bed
Fluid filled support with a portable pressure adjusting device
Adjustable cup dispenser
Napkin dispenser
Method of containing a botanical item
Method for securing a cover about a flower pot
Cervical spine rehabilitation system
Multifunctional window covering system and corresponding methods for securing fabric material with respect to a window structure
Water level detecting device for a percolator
Foot operated grill cover lift
Grilling surface
Methods and systems for alerting a user to clean appliance
Device for loading slices of bread in a toaster
Device for forming fruit kabobs
Door handle disinfecting/cover dispensing system
Method of cleaning a toilet
Shower curtain closure device
Dual mode carpet cleaning device
Method and system for cryoablating fibroadenomas
Automatic poultry injection delivery apparatus
Modified penetrating keratoplasty method
Protective eyewear systems and methods
Eye protection
Inflatable support
Filters for preventing or reducing tobacco smoke-associated injury in the aerodigestive tract of a subject
Process for the temporary lightening or dyeing of the hair, and aerosol device for carrying out this process
Decorative valved tracheostomy device
Rescue device and kit and method of using same
Assisted breathing device and method of wearing same
Breathing assistance apparatus
IV prep kit
Anchor clamp
Escape mechanism for high-rise
Dilution regulation method and device for breathing apparatus
Safety contrivance for gas-using device
Portable billiard ball polishing device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Natural gas dehydration process and apparatus
Liquid dilution device
Apparatus and method for drying solutions containing macromolecules
Liquid dispenser and assembly methods therefor
Coatings removal head assembly and method of use
Process for producing aluminum sheet product having controlled recrystallization
Method for producing longitudinally welded helically corrugated metal tubing
Finned tube with vortex generators for a heat exchanger
Methods of forming angled orifices in an orifice plate
Self-piercing robotic rivet setting system
Fugitive patterns for investment casting
Golf clubhead and method of manufacturing the same
Casting apparatus for the production of metal castings by "lost-foam" technology
Injection molding method and apparatus with base mounted feeder
Quick change tooling system for machine tools
Structure of handle for mini-handsaw
Wood planing machine with a wood shaving collecting mechanism
System and method for spotting movable mold cores
Securing apparatus of adjustable wrench to prevent movable jaw from trembling
Ratchet wrench
Reversible ratchet head assembly
Power ratchet wrench
Manually operated strap wrench for turning generally cylindrical objects
Engine powered torque wrench
Piston pin lock ring insertion tool and method
Increased torque applying pliers
Electric hand tool
Remote controller of biped robot
Folding tool
Electric shaver
Fine-tunable paper stop for paper punching machine
Lost mould element for manufacturing reinforced concrete flat slabs
Apparatus and method for guiding the seam allowance in seam sealing
Apparatus for sealing, inflating, and repairing tires
Substrates laminating apparatus and method
Method and machine for manufacturing a string of bags provided with transverse closure strips, and articles obtained thereby
Method and machine for the manufacture of air pillows
Eye glass perspiration guard
Cooling device for cooling an engraving system
On-press exposure and on-press processing of a lithographic material
On-press coating and on-press processing of a lithographic material
Gear stage assembly with preload torque
Flexographic printing machine with alternately manually and automatically adjustable spiral rollers
Screen printing machines
Apparatus for handling sleeves on press cylinders
Water content sensing system for ink/water emulsion of lithographic printer
Device and method for controlling fluid delivery
Satellite printing machine for printing sheets
Method of manufacturing an ink jet print head
Stencil printing machine
Printing method, recording medium containing a program for applying the printing method, printer, printer driver, POS terminal, and POS system
Hole puncher and reinforcer
Envelope-filling station
Pneumatic tire
Method of manufacturing a tire including carcass ply terminal zones engaged with respective annular reinforcing structures, the tire, and wheel including the tire
Resilient leg
Oscillating middle axle for a utility vehicle
Dual zone vehicle air distribution apparatus
Air mix damper device and vehicle air conditioner
Method for operating an internal combustion engine, and motor vehicle
Thermally controlled window tinting
Front construction of motor vehicle body and heat exchanger support frame used therefor
Breakaway capless refueling assembly
Fluid flow control mechansim
Device for controlling distance
Carrier vehicle
Adjustable hook and chain
Device and method for testing the activation behavior of restraining means in a motor vehicle
Windscreen wiper comprising a wiper arm
Piston-cylinder mechanisms and pressure control units utilizing such piston-cylinder mechanisms
Brake device for vehicle brake systems
Method and apparatus for controlling an electric assist motor using a modified blending filter
Transmission between a motor member and a drive shaft and engine motor provided with such a transmission
Yaw control for a personal transporter
Motorcycle rear suspension swingarm assembly
Hull attachment for placement of drag reducing bubbles
Friction reducing ship and method for reducing frictional resistance
Self-supporting boat cover
Retractable ladder assembly
Fold out seat assembly
Method and arrangement for shipping reels; tweendeck and tweendeck arrangement in cargo space of ship
Sailboat with gimbaled mast and keel
Ship constructions for achieving stability at high speed through the use of multiple, low wave-making resistance, submerged hullform pods and control fins
Sponson tow plate-mounted helicopter armament apparatus and associated methods
Flexible over the wing passenger loading bridge
Cigarette packing machine
Method and apparatus for covering printed products with a packaging material
Bundling assembly for strapping machine
Spiral wrapper for conduit ducts
Tapeless seal bar assembly
Method of package formation utilizing photographic images
Container with pressure relief and lid and method of manufacture therefor
Two-liter cooler
Conveyor system with buffer arrangement
Metering valve
Rotary body for compensating fanout
Tape dispenser with a hidden blade
Yarn splicing device
Hose reel
Pneumatic control assembly with simplified direction control valve
Can opener
Device by means of which a supply container is connected in a sealed manner to a consumer element, and consumer element
Training device
Micro inertia sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Mold incorporating a heat source and apparatus and method for using such molds
Particle deposition system and method
Cap assembly and optical fiber cooling process
Method for measuring the twisting of an optical fiber, and a method and apparatus for manufacturing optical fibers
Method and system for feeding and burning a pulverized fuel in a glass melting furnace, and burner for use in the same
I.S. machine
Gas generator and method of assembly
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation using exposed metal heat sources
Removing toner from printed material
Apparatus to sputter silicon films
Elements having erosion resistance
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus for producing a spun yarn
Heald frame for a weaving machine
Method for knitting a cable pattern into a tubular knitted fabric
Welt-seaming method and welt-seamed knitted fabric, and CAD device for welt-seaming
Washing machine and controlling method therof
Pulp washing method and plant
Fixed Constructions
Tread plate flooring
Telerobotic nozzle positioning system for an automated roadway debris vacuum vehicle
Lift assist mechanism for lifting large enclosures
Bubba drag improvements
Laterally adjustable, low profile trench-digging machine
Screening apparatus
Oil pressure signal output device
System for recovering energy in hydraulic circuit
Delivery control device for the supply to hydraulic apparatuses
Compressed air drain opening device
Non-leaking flush toilet system
Garage/carport for manufactured homes
Side-welded anchors and reinforcements for masonry walls
Security room for information technology facilities
Sound-insulating sandwich element
Retractable roof system for stadium
Ceiling clip and method of assembly
Structural column and method of column assembly for use in combination with a building structure
Clamp apparatus
Portable device for generating a current in a vessel
Trolling motor anti-theft device
Hinge assembly
Dampened hinge system for appliance door
Door driving-mechanism torque transmission, motorized door driving mechanism provided therewith, and door provided therewith
Composite window frame structural member
Threshold assembly with unitary molded substrate and jamb boot subassembly
Weeped end plug for sill assembly
Curtain device
Electromagnetic clutch-controlled electric blind
Lift lock for blind
Screen door with child-accessible handle
Portable and collapsible sunshade apparatus for providing shade to a user having a universal clip to attach the sunshade to any type of beach chair or lounge chair
Self-lubricating elastomeric seal with polarized graphite
Rock drilling apparatus
Method and apparatus for open hole gravel packing
Control line cutting tool and method
Apparatus and method for detecting the launch of a device in oilfield applications
Apparatus and method for cleaning debris from wells
Apparatus for and a method of anchoring an expandable conduit
Apparatus and method for gravel packing an interval of a wellbore
Systems and methods for controlling flow and access in multilateral completions
Downhole sensing and flow control utilizing neural networks
Drill bit for directional drilling in cobble formations
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Establishing a throat area of a gas turbine nozzle, and a technique for modifying the nozzle vanes
Valve system for engine
Method for managing thermal load on an engine
Method and system for identifying valve clearances and position of valve opening cams
Rotary valve and valve seal assembly for rotary valve engine having hemispherical combustion chambers
Oil jet device for piston cooling
System for supplying secondary air in the exhaust system of an internal combustion engine
Engine muffler
Exhaust gas manifold
Double heat exchanger for vehicle air conditioner
Engine for aeronautical applications
Bazmi's six-stroke engine with intake-exhaust valves
Internal combustion engine
Method and device for modifying the compression rate to optimize operating conditions of reciprocating piston engines
Internal combustion engine with compression ignition
Multiple-cylinder internal combustion engine and a method for operating the same
Method for adaptively controlling knocking of a gasoline direct fuel injection internal combustion engine, and a corresponding device
Engine control system
Air-fuel ratio control system and method and engine control unit for internal combustion engine
Estimation apparatus of air intake flow for internal combustion engine and estimation method thereof
Failure diagnosis apparatus for throttle valve actuating device
Apparatus for controlling throttle valve and manufacturing method for the same and motor
Air intake system
Multipart cooled piston for a combustion engine
Method for manufacturing outlet nozzles for rocket engines
Methods and apparatus for estimating gas turbine engine governor dynamics
Mounting device for exhaust gas recirculation valve
Failure diagnosis apparatus for evaporative fuel processing system
Cold start system for high-speed direct-injection diesel engines
Pulsation damping device in fuel pump module
High pressure fuel supply device having plating layer and manufacturing method thereof
High-pressure fuel pump
Remote engine stop/start system with backup motor control
System for cranking internal combustion engine
Engine starting apparatus
High efficient valve assembly of compressor
Hydropneumatic pressure accumulator
System for controlling hydraulic actuator
Viscosity regulating valve
Gas pressure actuator capable of stably driving and controlling its slider, and method for controlling the gas pressure actuator
Self-threading fastener for connecting an article to a surface upon movement of the article towards the fastener
Combination wheel retainer and axle shaft cover
Sandwich panel, insert therefor, structure comprising sandwich panels and method of joining such panels
Method of producing a sintered oil retaining bearing
Apparatus and method for connecting shafts
Clutch cover assembly
Triple action damper for hydraulic clutch actuator
Multiple coupling fan drive
Driving apparatus equipped with motor and decelerating mechanism
Clutch system
Damper mechanism
Damping device
Chain for carrying hose or cable
Reciprocal force outputting mechanism
Torque converter
Pressure regulation of speed sensing electronic limited slip differential for axles
Shift lever device with locking mechanism
Devices for the sequential control of gearboxes with hand-operated selection and engagement of gears for motor vehicles
Pressure relief valve with a spring-loaded membrane closing body
Bi-directional constant flow device
Excess-flow valve
Shock actuated responsive mechanism with improved safety means to prevent over-rotation of the valve reset mechanism
Hydraulic valve with a position sensor
Pressure regulator
Fluid containment apparatus
Remotely operable closure device
Gas supply apparatus and gas supply method
Fluidized bed incinerator and combustion method in which generation of NOx, CO and dioxine are suppressed
Adjustable flow control elements for balancing pulverized coal flow at coal pipe splitter junctions
Sealing element for a regenerative heat exchanger
Energy recycling air handling system
Power interrupt system for a refrigerated appliance
Modular apparatus and method for shipping super frozen materials
Controlling the production of a liquefied natural gas product system
Collapsible drying apparatus and method for forming and collapsing said apparatus
Thermally exposed, centrally insulated geothermal heat exchange unit
Cylinder-type heat exchanger
Cooling device with waterproof structure
Bubble cycling heat exchanger
Heat exchanger for refrigerator
Heat sink assembly structure
Heat exchanger, in particular for swimming pools
Firearm safety device
Gun barrel for launching large projectiles
Automatic choke system
Braking system
Roller arrow rest
Drop away arrow rest system
Arm rest and support for aiming
Projectile or war-head
Multiple effect pyrotechnic shell
Detonator utilizing selection of logger mode or blaster mode based on sensed voltages
Hand held probe for measuring tire tread wear
Combination retractable tape measure/chalk line device
Touch probe with deflection measurement and inspection optics
Apparatus for precision slewing of flatform-mounted devices
Semiconductor load port alignment device
Fluid flowmeter having a hall effect sensor with an internal magnet
Purge gas sensor
Electromagnetic flowmeter for lines for conveying and distributing electrically conducting liquids
Oil flow sensing
Flow rate sensor
Plastics liquid meter body
Refrigerator and automated liquid dispenser therefor
Detector for a meter prover
Hermetically sealed load cell
Knock detection apparatus for internal combustion engine
Capacitive pressure sensor having encapsulated resonating components
Semiconductor pressure sensor with strain gauges formed on a silicon diaphragm
Diaphragm-type semiconductor pressure sensor
Method and system for balancing a rotating machinery operating at resonance
Method and apparatus for measuring effects of exhaust gas recirculation deposits
Detecting leaks in pipes
Method and apparatus for reduction of gas bubble formation due to gas diffusion through liquids contained in pores
Microfluidic channels with integrated ultrasonic transducers for temperature measurement and method
Method and apparatus for evaluating damage of metal material
Phased array ultrasonic inspection method for industrial applications
Density-based fuel indicator system for fuel cells
Highly sensitive accelerometer
Acceleration-sensing system
Method for sensing evaporation of a liquid
Device for printing on paper or plate-shaped materials
Dual effect compensating tool for fitting hands
Pneumatic exhaust controller
Control valve with integral solenoid and regulator for gas appliances
Digitally controlled direct drive valve and system and method for manufacturing the same
Method and system for on demand downloading of module to enable remote control of an application program over a network
Pipelined instruction dispatch unit in a superscalar processor
Multi-connected ampoules dispensing apparatus
Indicator for pill bottle
Equipment flagging device
Illuminated message display predominantly for automobiles
Display holder for mounting items on fabric or non-woven fibrous surfaces
Tunable sound absorbing and air filtering attenuating device
Rotation control apparatus operating with a sync signal having variable intervals
Magnetic sensing apparatus having a central core with wire therethrough
Method of manufacturing a lacquer coated wire
Method and arrangement for transporting and inspecting semiconductor substrates
High performance cooling device with vapor chamber
Methods for aligning an antenna with a satellite
Method of manufacturing flat antenna
Contact structure for cable reel
Method for producing a flat commutator and a commutator produced according to this method
Stator winding system and method with pallet on pallet arrangement
Linear motor coils assembly and manufacturing method thereof
Method of manufacturing a surface acoustic wave element
Adaptive transform coding system, adaptive transform decoding system and adaptive transform coding/decoding system
Methods for performing intelligent network services with an ISDN network terminator located at a subscriber's premise
Display enclosure having thin speaker
Butterfly damper
Finishing method for producing thin-laminate panels
Component mounting apparatus
Method of attaching an integrated circuit to a chip mounting receptacle in a PCB with a bolster plate
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