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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Second TC complex from xenorhabdus
Generation of plants with altered oil content
Calcareous organism growth accelerator
Insect collector and viewer
2-O-(.beta.-D-glucopyranosyl) ascorbic acid, process for its production, and foods and cosmetics containing compositions comprising it
Fused heterocyclic derivative, medicinal composition containing the same, and medicinal use thereof
Aptamers to von Willebrand Factor and their use as thrombotic disease therapeutics
Ethylene derivatives and pesticides containing said derivatives
Cosmetic composition to accelerate repair of functional wrinkles
Split carcass washer
Use of food and drink as a delivery system for phytase in humans
Personally adjustable footwear
Packaging and applicator device
Applicator, and packaging and applicator device including applicator
Movable divider for a refrigerated drawer
Seat rail structure of vehicle seat
Device for production of a beverage by infusion
Electronic endoscope apparatus
Surgical stapling apparatus
Method and apparatus for patella resection
Refraction measuring instrument
Skin condition indicator
Ultrasound diagnostic device
Dental method and device
Multiple lumen heat exchange catheters
Patient positioning support structure
Device for rehabilitation of individuals experiencing loss of skeletal joint motor control with passive range-of-motion pivoting mechanism and vibrator system
Method of treating mucositis
Combination of formoterol and mometasone furoate for asthma
Very high molecular weight .beta.-glucans
Heterocyclic compounds containing a nine-membered carbon-nitrogen ring
Use of calcitonin and calcitonin-like peptides to treat and prevent multiple sclerosis
Humanized anti-CCR2 antibodies and methods of use therefor
Medicinal aerosols and methods of delivery thereof
Apparatus for sterilizing, pasteurizing, and/or disinfecting a pumpable or free flowing medium
Traction balloon
Fluid injector system
Syringe plunger locking mechanism
Safety intravenous catheter
Injection device comprising a needle cover
UV light source
Method for coloring hair
Aquatic propulsion device for swimmers
Golf ball
Golf swing aid
Frictional joint for toys
Performing Operations; Transporting
Flow path switching valve and high performance liquid chromatograph using the same
Environmentally friendly demulsifiers for crude oil emulsions
Ultraviolet lamp with absorptive barrier
Exhaust gas purification catalyst
Method for the treatment of combustion flue gas
Water purifier
Cooling device for coke-oven gas
Platinum based nano-size catalysts
System for failsafe controlled dispensing of liquid material
Highly luminescent color-selective nanocrystalline materials
Wafer clamping apparatus and method for operating the same
Method for manufacturing power-metallurgy processed Nb.sub.3Sn superconducting wire, precursor to powder-metallurgy processed Nb.sub.3Sn superconducting wire
Methods of manufacturing a segmented brush seal for sealing between stationary and rotary components
Hand-held drive-in tool
Screw set for extruder
Flexible enrobed molding device for manufacturing a sunken groove in a tire tread
Nasal and oral cannula having two capabilities and method of producing same
Medical container
Heat absorbing temperature control devices that include hydroxide
Disposable and reusable pouf products
Foamed stone article and method for preparing the same
Antimicrobial composites, films, labelstocks, and labels
Plate inserting device
Image forming device comprising means for adjusting a position of a plurality of press rollers
Image forming apparatus
Ink jet head circuit board, method of manufacturing the same and ink jet head using the same
Inkjet recording head and inkjet recording device
Liquid ejecting apparatus and platen unit
Ink cartridge for use with recording apparatus and ink jet recording apparatus
Fluid ejection device utilizing a one-part epoxy adhesive
Refill unit for ink cartridge in printer with ink suitability verification
One-molding frame of image forming apparatus
Container with integrally formed recoil device
Rotary shock absorber
Centering device for a motor vehicle having a retractable or detachable top
Automotive fuel door assembly
Covering for a luggage compartment
Cushioning clip
Airbag apparatus for vehicle
Airbag system and motorcycle with airbag system
Steering wheel with airbag apparatus
Center console having hidden storage
Vehicle entertainment system with safety for attachment mechanism
Lid opening-closing mechanism of container device for vehicle
Shift device of transmission
Multiple engine locomotive configuration
Vehicle steering system comprising a device for altering the transmission ratio
Rough-terrain traveling vehicle provided with electrically-driven power steering apparatus
Vehicle counting counter-steer operation by driver in oversteer suppress control
Vehicular steering system
Bicycle cable installation aiding device
Jet pumping device
Distributed ground-based threat detection system
Banding machine
Method and device for removing a cover from a storage box
Method for creating mailpieces from a single continuous web of printed material
Fluid supply assembly
Closable folding serving covered tray with beverage holder
Medicine holding assembly
Device allowing for the individual distribution of small stick-shaped objects
Substrate inverter systems and methods
Apparatus for dispensing prescriptions
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of synthesizing zirconium phosphate particles
Process for manufacture of silver-based composite powders for electrical contact materials and composite powders so produced
Method of fabricating a thin film transistor
Glass substrate for an information recording medium and information recording medium employing it
System for and method of batch analysis and optimization for glass manufacturing
Methods of conducting catalytic combustion in a multizone reactor, and a method of making a thermally stable catalyst support
Process for separation of a mixture comprising at least one hydrofluoroalkane
Moving bed process for producing propylene, recycling a fraction of used catalyst
Xylene production processes employing rhenium-containing catalysts
Optically active quaternary ammonium salt, process for producing the same, and process for producing optically active .alpha.-amino acid derivative with the same
Glycine derivative and use thereof
Small molecule cyclin D1 ablative agents
Triazolopyrimidine derivatives as ADP P2Y.sub.12 receptor antagonists
Platinum complexes and methods of use
Genes encoding hormone and lytic peptides
Tumor necrosis factor related ligand
Promyostatin peptides and methods of using same
Non-aqueous coating formulation of low volatility
Olefin polymer and process for preparing the same
Defoamer compositions
Nano-powder-based coating and ink compositions
Colouring preparations
Shale inhibition additive for oil/gas down hole fluids and methods for making and using same
Cleaning method
Site-specific recombination in eukaryotes and constructs useful therefor
Method for generating highly active human dendritic cells from peripheral blood mononuclear cells
Alpha-amylase mutants
Microorganism of Escherichia Sp, or Corynebacterium Sp, comprising foreign NADP dependent glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase gene and method for producing L-lysine using the same
Sequencing by incorporation
Detection of analytes using reorganization energy
System and apparatus for real-time monitoring and control of sputter target erosion
Method and apparatus for an improved upper electrode plate in a plasma processing system
Apparatus for producing ozone by electrolysis
Methods and compositions for screening using diphtheria toxin constructs
Textiles; Paper
Frictional damper especially for cylinder washing machines
Method and arrangement for controlling short circulation in a paper machine or the like
Fixed Constructions
Lost motion mechanism for movable vehicle implements
Method and device for inserting a drainage wick
Knock-down portable partition system
Hazardous material storage building
Concealed outdoor enclosure having one-way visibility over a 360 degree visual field
Seismic isolation apparatus
Combined telemetry system and method
Non-aqueous foam composition for gas lift injection and methods for making and using same
Mine roof bolt with resin control surface
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Airfoil shape for a compressor
Turbine seal plate locking system
System to release a stuck lock-pin in a cam phaser
Valve timing control apparatus
Controlling lean NOx trap (LNT) catalyst performance
Exhaust components including high temperature divider plate assemblies
Fuel injection apparatus for and method of internal combustion engine, and fuel injection valve
Method and system for supplying an air separation unit by means of a gas turbine
EGR system for internal combustion engine
Method for controlling and adjusting a wind turbine
Actuating drive and emergency energy supply device
Dual pump transmission
Drive coupler for a blender
Clutch device for automatic transmission
Damper and vibration damping structure using the same
Power train of automatic transmission
Motor vehicle
Feed pressure valve
Braid reinforced flexible hose
System for assembling a high-pressure fluid tube and a fitting element, and fitting obtained by this system
Duct coupling
Pressure container manufacturing method
Circulation-type liquid helium reliquefaction apparatus with contaminant discharge function, method of discharging contaminant from the apparatus, and refiner and transfer tube both of which are used for the apparatus
Two stage regulator method and apparatus
Flashlight with protective housing
Aircraft LED dome light having rotatably releasable housing mounted within mounting flange
Vehicular lamp unit
Vehicular lighting assembly
Display device and backlight unit for the same
Display apparatus
Backlight unit including a first reflector and a second reflector and liquid crystal display using the same
Register grille and connector frame with releasable connection
Vent protector device for exhaust vents of buildings
Car wash dryer and method
Paintball marker conversion unit
Measuring device with fluorescent translucent material
Plumb probe assembly for a level measuring device
Driving circuit for backlight module
Reflection lithography using rotating platter
Packaged device adapter with torque indicating assembly
Particulate sampler and dilution gas flow device arrangement for an exhaust sampling system
Electron beam apparatus and method for production of its specimen chamber
Method and apparatus for pattern inspection
High-resolution, low-distortion and high-efficiency optical coupling in detection system of electron beam apparatus
System and method for a thermogravimetric analyzer having improved dynamic weight baseline
Method for measuring surface temperature
Immunoassay for LSD and 2-oxo-3-hydroxy-LSD
Anti-CCR2 antibodies and methods of use therefor
Monoclonal antibody which agglutinates E. coli having the CS4-CFA/I family protein
Modulators of angiogenesis and tumorigenesis
Low shrink telecommunications cable and methods for manufacturing the same
Ferrule for optical fiber connector
Network aggregation in a computing shelf/tray
Biomedical devices having improved surface characteristics
Lens barrel and camera with lens barrel
Protection type display device
Method for forming an anti-etching shielding layer of resist patterns in semiconductor fabrication
Method of exposure for lithography process and mask therefor
Automotive lamp comprising a LED lighting device
Human-body detecting device, image forming apparatus, human-body detecting method, and computer program product
Cooperative system, information processing apparatus, and computer program product
Performance of secure mobile applications
Method and apparatus for selecting an access method for delivery of media
Monitoring and controlling perception of an online profile of a user
Method for casino game
Information provision apparatus, information provision method, and non-transitory storage medium
Display system, flexible remote controller, flexible display apparatus, and control method thereof
Information processing apparatus and user detection method
Pre-printed document marking system and apparatus
Securities, chip mounting product, and manufacturing method thereof
IC card
Learning fare collection system for mass transit
Predictive light field compression
Game system and image generating method
Distributed wireless sensing system
Method, apparatus and kit for demonstrating the use of absorbent products
Board, especially an information board
Image display method and apparatus
Transportable flat x-ray detector
Scanning electron microscope
Device, method, and program for responding based on change in wavelength of light
Thermal transfer sheet for ion source
Organic light emitting device with anodized anode surface
Method and system for secure heat sink attachment on semiconductor devices with macroscopic uneven surface features
Manufacturing method of thin film transistor array substrate
Method of mask reduction for producing a LTPS-TFT array by use of photo-sensitive low-K dielectrics
Method of dicing a semiconductor device into plural chips
Method for manufacturing thin film integrated circuit device, noncontact thin film integrated circuit device and method for manufacturing the same, and idtag and coin including the noncontact thin film integrated circuit device
Laser irradiation apparatus and laser irradiation method
Arrangement of electronic semiconductor components on a carrier system for treating said semiconductor components with a liquid medium
Method and apparatus for an improved upper electrode plate with deposition shield in a plasma processing system
Method of scribing stuck mother substrate and method of dividing stuck mother substrate
Patterned metallization handle layer for controlled spalling
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device or semiconductor wafer using a chucking unit
Semiconductor device manufacturing method, heat treatment apparatus, and heat treatment method
Three dimensional programmable device and method for fabricating the same
Electroless treatment of noble metal barrier and adhesion layer
Process of manufacturing an N-type Schottky barrier tunnel transistor
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Compressible films surrounding solder connectors
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Buried silicon dioxide / silicon nitride bi-layer insulators and methods of fabricating the same
Epitaxial silicon germanium for reduced contact resistance in field-effect transistors
Method of fabricating capacitor in semiconductor device and semiconductor device using the same
Capacitor of semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
High-frequency chip packages
Semiconductor composite device and method of manufacturing the same
Stacked assembly of semiconductor packages with fastening lead-cut ends of leadframe
Semiconductor module
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and programming method
Stacked bump structure and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Doped polysilicon via connecting polysilicon layers
ESD structure without ballasting resistors
Gan-based and ZnO-based LED
High performance 3D FET structures, and methods for forming the same using preferential crystallographic etching
Integrated metrology tools for monitoring and controlling large area substrate processing chambers
Lattice platforms for performing quantum computations
Surface emitting type device having a resistance to damage by static electricity
Silicon germanium emitter
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Deposition of hafnium oxide and/or zirconium oxide and fabrication of passivated electronic structures
Electronic device and heterojunction FET
Electromechanical devices having overlying support structures
Semiconductor device to suppress leak current at an end of an isolation film
Buffer architecture formed on a semiconductor wafer
Light-emitting device and electronic device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Piezoelectric actuator and method of fabricating piezoelectric actuator
Catalyst for cathode in fuel cell
Console with two vertical support tubes
Electric distribution block and method of assembling the same
Card connector dampening assembly
Supporting a pluggable transceiver module
Expandable function data storage device
Connector apparatus with code means
Terminal applicator apparatus, system, and method
Selection line and serial control of remote operated devices in an integrated power distribution system
Method and apparatus for band separation for multiband communication systems
Creating a dynamic aggregate group profile of users in an online collaboration session for providing tailored content delivery
Optimization of computing resources through monitoring and manipulating availabilty
Anycast transport protocol for content distribution networks
Push notification via file sharing service synchronization
System, method and apparatus for call screening
Control device, communication apparatus, control system, control method and storage medium
Sustained service subscriptions
Mobile access point connection switching
Image processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
Remote adjustment of print settings
Receiving device and method for receiving multiview three-dimensional broadcast signal
Event pop-ups for video selection
Methods and systems for providing information about programs available for viewing
Method and apparatus for operating camera function in portable terminal
Electronic device having multiple sides
Method for embedding product information in video using radio frequencey information
Remote control device with programming guide information
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving ultra-high definition broadcasting signal for high dynamic range representation in digital broadcasting system
Video encoding system and method
System and method of delivering video content
Costume coordinated, motion activated sound generation system
User interface control of multiple parameters for a hearing assistance device
Microphone compatibility
Sound generator, vibration member for the sound generator, and sound generation system
Protocols for providing wireless communications connectivity maps
Apparatus and method of location based telecommunication authorization
LTE cell search and bluetooth eSCO coexistence using shared antenna
Transmission device, reception device, transmission method, and reception method
QoE optimization in wireless networks
Communication terminal and method for communicating data
Method and system for achieving device-to-device communications
Mobile terminated call performance during single radio long term evolution (LTE) mode
Asset monitoring and tracking with a distributed Bluetooth low energy (BTLE) sensor system of heterogeneous sensors over wireless networks
Wireless communication system, vehicle communication apparatus, and portable communication apparatus
Method, system, database, management node, and storage medium for interference distribution
Limiting services based on location
Facility mapping and interactive tracking
Client ID and multi-application support for reception reporting
Communication agent method
Provisioning emergency services information using mappings and emergency services types
Mobility-aware mesh construction algorithm for low data-overhead multicast ad hoc routing
Position estimation method, system, and position estimation apparatus
Line of sight initiated handshake
Cell positioning in cellular network
Overheat protection circuit for power supply devices and direct-current power supply device
Catalytic combustion type gas sensor
Lighting commissioning
Method for controlling a lamp having a plurality of sub-units
Wired circuit board and production method thereof
Interposing structure
Via adding method
Method and process of manufacturing robust high temperature solder joints
Fabrication process of stepped circuit board
Hinge device and display apparatus with a hinge device using a sliding position
Expired Patents Due To Time
Pet chew with 8 buttons
Snack food
Spaceman costume
Cap having embedded cooling system with convective/conductive coolant tubes and removable gel pack
Decorative hat
Footwear sole
Pair of sandals
Pair of shoe outsoles
Shoe liner
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Wearable tool holder
Sling case for a racquet
Mouthguard storage box
Storage container
Arm band carrier
Multipurpose round basket
Multipurpose oval basket
Kids seat
Seat back cup holder
Dinosaur rocker
Dinosaur chair
Picnic table with basketball table top
Floor cabinet
Display case for collectibles
Outdoor picnic table
Stand for video display device
Desk module
CD rack
Eyewear holder
Remote control console
Multipurpose desk
Display unit
Soap dispenser
Shelf tray
Computer table
Display unit
Compact disc player case with accessory jack
Wheeled support for holding articles of clothing on hangers
Display frame post
Table top
Table top
Wall hanger for a plant
Coat hanger
Pillow with two chambers filled with materials having different degrees of firmness to provide differential support for various limb and body contours
Window blind with fabric assembly
Cooler for bottled water
Cooler for bottled water
Beverage glass identifying device
Beverage brewer
Espresso maker
Dispensing container with storage compartment
Cocktail shaker
Plate or similar article
Cooler for bottled water
Handle for article of cookware
Support foot for a fowl roaster
Combined kitchen and cooking implement
Combined kitchen and cooking implement
Pasta tester
Handle for cooking containers
Garlic press
Dripless tongs
Straw base unit with cup adapter
Ergonomic frosting applicator device
Straw base unit with can adapter
Granulated condiment carrier
Expandable bread box
Container for bread
Opener for jars and cans and the like
Bottle opener
Can opener
Alloyed corkscrew with stand
Waistband for securing of trees and other plant structures
Cultivator device
Multipurpose hammer
Dragon shaped carabiner
Pneumatic impact wrench
Hook attachment device
Dog carabineer
Safety hook
Ratchet release button
Electrical cord reel
Robe hook
Cord winder
Robe hook
Glue gun handle
Cord reel with electrical outlets
Modified standard rail
Heavy-duty rail
Lever handle
Window lock handle
Safety lock for seat belt buckle
Locking strap with handle structure
Sink pump
Combined perfume bottle and cap
Enclosure for a container
Plastic container with multi-faceted dome
Non-dairy creamer jar
Pinched waist bottle
Tamper evident ice cream carton
Food product container
Package of brick packs
Candy dispenser
Food package
Pantiliner package
Catheter package
Lady's razor package
Blister pack
Packaging for pharmaceutical products
Packaging bag
Grandfather clock
Time piece
Watch case
Medical alert watch
Tape measure
Cartridge with a bottom left-handed thread for injecting a fluorescent dye or lubricant into an air-conditioning or refrigeration system
Magnetic detector with extendable wand
Watch face
Watch dial
Face for a timepiece
Face for a timepiece
Spatial heart jewelry
Cut stone
Bicycle basket supporting bracket
Surface configuration of a vehicle, toy and/or other replicas
Set of trailer steps
All terrain vehicle
Tire tread
Tread portion of an automobile tire
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Fire pedal cover set for vehicles
Wheel rim
Vehicle side mirror
Separable wheel having a double rim for two tires with a protective cover and mechanically operated retractable anti-skid devices
License plate camera holder
Wheel rim
Exhaust silencer
Fairing trim piece for an over the highway truck
Automotive protective pad
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Car top carrier
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Vibrator battery control box
Integral actuator with hollowed out force transfer member
Battery box
Battery pack for a camera
Electrical connector
Remote control
Vehicle audio player
Digital FM scan radio with alarm clock and pedometer
Speaker transducer
Recessed DIN/ISO auto stereo mounting device with rear support
Card reader
Notebook personal computer
Coreless inductor magnetic strip simulacrum for right angle transaction acceptance systems
Modular device
Mobile terminal short housing
Memory control equipment for computers
Liquid crystal display
Video monitor
Multi-panel computer display
Multi-panel computer display
Mobile phone
Wireless receiver
Housing for communication devices
Portion of a housing for a communication device
Multi-step oval rosette mounting bracket
Dispenser for liquid soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and other lotions and liquids
Human Necessities
Combined scoop and sheath
Method and apparatus for endoscopic measurement of myoelectrical activity from the stomach and other hollow intra-abdominal organs
Color-based neurofeedback
Electrode sensor package and application to the skin of a newborn or infant
Bidirectional catheter having mapping assembly
Methods and systems for automatically determining minute ventilation
Implantable medical device employing sonomicrometer output signals for detection and measurement of cardiac mechanical function
Devices and methods for promoting transcutaneous movement of substances
Techniques for positioning therapy delivery elements within a spinal cord or a brain
Apparatus and method for reducing subcutaneous fat deposits by electroporation
Anti-tachycardia pacing methods and devices
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
MRI-resistant implantable device
Method and apparatus for display of ventricular electrograms
Method and apparatus for recording fault history information
Implantable medical device having flat electrolytic capacitor with differing sized anode and cathode layers
Performing Operations; Transporting
System and method for facilitating welding system diagnostics
Industrial robot
Tracking of a target vehicle using adaptive cruise control
Method and device for inputting speed limiting values for a speed limiter of a vehicle
On-vehicle display device
Method for operating a load-dependent power-generating system in a vehicle
On-vehicle electronic controller
System for installing control program in electronic control unit mounted on automotive vehicle
Overall control algorithm for interactive vehicle control system
Expert-type vehicle steering control system and method
Steering apparatus controller for electric power steering apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Crystallographic structure of the androgen receptor ligand binding domain
Fixed Constructions
Well completion method, including integrated approach for fracture optimization
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of and apparatus for executing diagnostic testing of a ROM
Circuit configuration for the starter of an automotive internal combustion engine
Compressor control module
Portable navigation device with instant on configuration on navigational display
Handheld object selector
Navigation apparatus and storage medium therefor
Robotic sensor calibration system
Continuous flow method and system for placement of balancing fluid on a rotating device requiring dynamic balancing
System and method to accomplish high-accuracy mixing
High resolution torque measurement on a rotating shaft
System for testing of intelligent electronic devices with digital communications
Identifying molecules of a sample
Data integration and registration method and apparatus for non-destructive evaluation of materials
Method for analyzing a gas sample
Thermal convection accelerometer with closed-loop heater control
Testing linearity of methods of chemical analysis
Method of and apparatus for accurate resistance measurement with a programmable current source
Apparatus and method for calculating temporal deterioration margin amount of LSI, and LSI inspection method
Method and arrangement for testing digital circuits
Testing regularly structured logic circuits in integrated circuit devices
Weighted random pattern test using pre-stored weights
Method and apparatus for discovery of operational boundaries for shmoo tests
Battery test module
Interleaved phase encoding acquisition for MRI with controllable artifact suppression and flexible imaging parameter selection
Method and apparatus for correlating a satellite signal with a reference code
Method for asymptotic dipping correction
Priority coloring for VLSI designs
Method and apparatus for identifying an identical cell in an IC layout with an existing solution
Reducing asymmetrically deposited film induced registration error
Image forming method for handling tab pages
Image forming apparatus and sheet processing apparatus with a serial connection
Multi-function peripheral and method for controlling the same, and storage medium storing software for controlling the same
Image forming device with independent control panel
Discorotron charging device
Degraded toner discharging and new toner replenishing mechanism operable when fog is detected
Image device with control members for rollers
Process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus having an intermediate transfer belt
Image forming apparatus
Remanufacturing method for process cartridge
Probabilistic map for a building
Programmable controller
Method for organizing the execution of electronically controlled switching processes
Method for automatically generating part program for use in STEP-NC
Input method for programming industrial controllers
Diagnosis of faults in a complex system
Remote analysis of process control plant data
Remote diagnosis server
Computer readable storage medium for providing repeated contact with software end-user
Electronic rights management and authorization system
Clock switchover circuit
Method and apparatus for an adjustable delay circuit having arranged serially coarse stages received by a fine delay stage
Service level computer security
Method and apparatus for detecting the type of interface to which a peripheral device is connected
Power state resynchronization
Prevention of power state change in response to chassis intrusion when computer system is not in powered up power state
Data processing apparatus
Methods and apparatuses for reducing leakage power consumption in a processor
Bus bridge resource access controller
Memory access controller with response faking
Maintaining at least partial functionality of a device as defined by a hardware configuration at a USB bus enumeration while the device memory is programmed
Parallel processing of multiple data values within a data word
Method for updating microcode in a system wherein a keyboard BIOS expects an updated signal within a time period after microcode update commences
Apparatus, method, and storage medium for file management
Dual axis RAID systems for enhanced bandwidth and reliability
Multiple traps after faulty access to a resource
Storage subsystem and information processing system
Network interface with fail-over mechanism
Electronic device backplane interconnect method and apparatus
Vault controller secure depositor for managing secure communication
Method and apparatus for measuring CPU task occupancy rate in a real-time system
System and method for testing time-varying signals
Method for allowing verification of alterations to the cataloging structure on a computer storage device
System and method for improving performance of a data backup operation
Recordable disk recording controller with batch register controller
Method and apparatus for calibrating a sampling circuit
System and method of composing and decomposing a ROM image
Accurately determining an object's lifetime
Method and system for dividing configuration space
Computing device having instructions which access either a permanently fixed default memory bank or a memory bank specified by an immediately preceding bank selection instruction
Method and system for storing data at input/output (I/O) interfaces for a multiprocessor system
Fast disk cache writing system
System and method for sharing memory among multiple storage device controllers
Verifying cumulative ordering of memory instructions
Selective memory controller access path for directory caching
Processor resource access control with response faking
Relocation table for use in memory management
Shared memory interface with conventional access and synchronization support
High speed asynchronous bus for an integrated circuit
Interconnect switch method and apparatus
Dynamic controlling method for field authority and system thereof
Data storage method, and data processing device using an erasure block buffer and write buffer for writing and erasing data in memory
Appliance sensor and man machine interface bus
Memory controller, interface device and method using a mode selection signal to support different types of memories
Memory system with burst length shorter than prefetch length
Direct memory accessing
Arbitrating and servicing polychronous data requests in direct memory access
System and method for processing high speed data
Adaptive read pre-fetch
Method and apparatus for instruction execution in a data processing system
Configurable serial bus to couple baseband and application processors
Stack utilization management system and method for a two-stack arrangement
Web-based client/server communication channel with automated client-side channel endpoint feature detection and selection
System and method for event-driven data transformation
Paradigm for inter-networked storage
Rule based compatibility module
Method and system for generating sets of parameter values for test scenarios
Methods and apparatus for ManArray PE-PE switch control
Text communication method and text communication system
Database systems, methods and computer program products including primary key and super key indexes for use with partitioned tables
Techniques for providing off-host storage for a database application
Independent storage architecture
Method and system for improving response time of a query for a partitioned database object
Database querying system and method
Method of searching multimedia data
System and method for building and maintaining a database
Metasearch technique that ranks documents obtained from multiple collections
Migration of computer personalization information
Information terminal and broadcasting information service system
Method of managing knowledge information, method of generating knowledge information, method of using knowledge information, and apparatus for managing knowledge information
Centralized system and method for optimally routing and tracking articles
System and method of reading ahead of objects for delivery to an HTTP proxy server
Integrated delay discriminator for use with a field-programmable gate array and a method of determining a time delay thereof
Signal routing in programmable logic devices
Method of designing power vias in an IC layout
Method for avoiding false failures attributable to dummy interconnects during defect analysis of an integrated circuit design
Method and system for fault-tolerant static timing analysis
Method and apparatus for generating routes for groups of related node configurations
Method and apparatus for compiler assisted power management
Fluid energy pulse test system--transient, ramp, steady state tests
System for providing IC bonding diagram via network
Controlling accesses to isolated memory using a memory controller for isolated execution
Non-root users execution of root commands
Mechanism for embedding network based control systems in a local network interface device
Method and system for network processor scheduler
CD system utilizing a virtual CD-R
Changing user identities without closing applications
Apparatus and method for transforming mathematical expression, and storage medium
Apparatus for controlling optional functions of electronic equipment and method therefor
Apparatus and method for wait state analysis in a digital signal processing system
Method for building a peripheral information database
Method and system for controlling power distribution in a hybrid fuel cell vehicle
Navigation among conditional questions and answers in computer and network based questionnaires
Method and apparatus for comparing two binary numbers with a power-of-two threshold
Method for generating a sequence of random numbers of A 1/f-noise
Method and device for computing the number of bits set to one in an arbitrary length word
Method for managing power consumption of multiple computer servers
Microprocessor with selected partitions disabled during block repeat
Read-only memory based circuitry for sharing an interrupt between disk drive interfaces
Method and system to perform a thread switching operation within a multithreaded processor based on detection of a branch instruction
Edge profiling for executable program code having branches through stub code segments
Dynamic object behavior for object-oriented-computing environments
Method and system for optimizing systems with enhanced debugging information
Method and apparatus for virtual memory mapping and transaction management in an object-oriented database system
System and method for CMOS integration
Multi-source program module updater
System and method for selectively executing programs in response to a reboot in a computer system
Computer system and method for setting up information on an operating system thereof
Method for controlling computer, computer, and storage medium
Machine independent debugger
Apparatus and method for translating with decoding function
Mechanism for restoring, porting, replicating and checkpointing computer systems using state extraction
Operating system for structured information processing
Inter-domain data transfer
Method and apparatus for a scheduling driver to implement a protocol utilizing time estimates for use with a device that does not generate interrupts
Transfer of basic knowledge to agents
Low-distortion differential circuit
Apparatus and method for analyzing anisotropic particle scattering in three-dimensional geometries
Programmable random bit source
Method for determination of spatial target probability using a model of multisensory processing by the brain
Computer based knowledge system
Aircraft maintenance program manager
System, device and method for combining streaming video with e-mail
Method for investing working capital
Production management method in a plurality of production lines
Apparatus and method for electronically encoding an article with work-in-progress information
Web-enabled method and system for assisting a consumer to reach a purchasing decision regarding a product
Implementing a counter offer for an on line credit card application
Method and apparatus for logging system test data in a POS system
Method and apparatus for jewelry design
System and method for linking an indicium with address information of a mailpiece in a closed system postage meter
Secure logging of vehicle data
Method and apparatus for a customized automotive feature set
Radio communication system and method
Method and system for intelligent collision detection and warning
Method and apparatus for evaluating data and implementing training based on the evaluation of the data
Method and means for creating prosody in speech regeneration for laryngectomees
User interface/entertainment device that simulates personal interaction and charges external database with relevant data
Method for enhancing dictation and command discrimination
System and method for enhancing speech and pattern recognition using multiple transforms
Periodicity enhancement in decoding wideband signals
Disk loading apparatus with floatable clamp means
Parity check outer code and runlength constrained outer code usable with parity bits
System and method for searching for duplicate data
Adjustable positioning device for an optical pickup of an optical disc apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining a match address in an intra-row configurable cam device
Built-in redundancy analysis for memories with row and column repair
Semiconductor device with test mode
Method and apparatus for multi-path data storage and retrieval
Method of decreasing instantaneous current without affecting timing
Performance evaluation method for plasma processing apparatus for continuously maintaining a desired performance level
Simplified method for extracting model parameter sets and method for statistically simulating integrated circuit using the same
Methods of operating vacuum processing equipment and methods of processing wafers
System and method for product yield prediction using device and process neighborhood characterization vehicle
Semiconductor device, and method and program for designing the same
RF receiver switches
High temperature superconducting synchronous rotor coil having multi-piece rotor core
System for allowing a TDMA/CDMA portable transceiver to operate with closed loop power control
Rectifying overflow and underflow in equalized audio waveforms
Circuit configuration for filtering a radio-frequency signal
Multiband antenna switcher
Geolocation techniques for an airborne cellular system
Fast frame error checker for multiple byte digital data frames
Method for diagnosing a network
Fuzzy content network management and access
System and method for monitoring the internet access of a computer
Adaptively changing weights for fair scheduling in broadcast environments
Physical layer and data link interface with ethernet pre-negotiation
Method and apparatus for forwarding packet fragments
Adaptable radio link for wireless communication networks
Multimedia message content adaptation
Installable logging modules in network servers
Video signal processing method and apparatus for internet appliances or embedded systems
Method and apparatus for metric based server selection
Methods and apparatus for providing mobility of a node that does not support mobility
System for converting a version of SNMP entered by user into another version used by device and providing default values for attributes not being specified
Network configuration and management for dynamic networks and methods thereof
Scalable server architecture systems and methods
Hot standby protocol for wireless devices
System using lookup service proxy object having code and request rate for managing rate at which client can request for services from server are transmitted
Sat back channel security solution
System and method for selecting a service with dynamically changing information
Method and device for translating telecommunication network IP addresses by a leaky-controlled memory
Method for packet authentication in the presence of network address translations and protocol conversions
Automatic network connection
Load distribution in an internet telephony system using facility redirection of calls
Method and apparatus for dynamic IP address allocation for wireless cells
Unique digital signature
Communications device having retractable display means
Microphone assembly for a portable telephone with a foldable flap element
Headset communication device
Portable telephone with attenuation for surrounding noise
Identifying client patterns using online location-based derivative analysis
Method for restarting an apparatus if the integrity of data in a memory is lost during micro-outage of power supply
Method of creating incentives for establishing hotspot locations
System and method for upgrading mobile handset
Modular MFP/printer architectures
Enhanced television recorder and player
Portable communication device with camera interface for image transmission and reception
Subscriber television system user interface with a virtual reality media space
Customized on-line user guide
Convergent wireless communication system
Efficient direct call database management for mobile devices with limited non-volatile memory
Method and apparatus for embedding global positioning system (GPS) data in mobile telephone call data
Teleservice based capability report for radiotelephone networks
System and method of operating a wireless base station with quantized use of transmitter power
Methods and systems for correlating telecommunication antenna infrastructure placement information to provide telecommunication quality of service information
Printed circuit board design system
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