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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Method and apparatus for on-line value-bearing item system
Human Necessities
ECG signal power vector detection of ischemia or infarction
Method and apparatus for implantation between two vertebral bodies
Noise reduction scheme for a computer system
Lead condition assessment for an implantable medical device
Method for sensing cardiac contractile function using a lead insertable motion sensor
Housing providing an electrical stimulation lead contact in an implantable stimulation device
Enhanced rhythm identification in compression corrupted ECG
Performing Operations; Transporting
Image forming apparatus and abnormality detecting method
Car reversal radar that automatically modifies the sensor scanning range and method of the same
Device for reproducing information on a vehicle
Vehicle stability control device
Robot navigation
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for borehole sensing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Technique to prevent tin contamination of mirrors and electrodes in an EUV lithography system
Apparatus and method for measuring displacement, surface profile and inner radius
Nondestructive inspection method and apparatus for a surface processed by shot peening
Magnetic rotation-angle sensor and angle-information processing device
In-vehicle display apparatus
Guidance system
Circuit for driving a plant such as a mechanical beam scanner and related system and method
Apparatus and method for characterizing defects in a transparent substrate
Optical navigation device adapted for navigation on a transparent structure
Interface circuit and memory controller
Method for evaluating semiconductor device
Shared bandwidth reservation in PL, ATM, FR and IP/MPLS networks
Method to prevent firmware defects from disturbing logic clocks to improve system reliability
Boundary scan path method and system with functional and non-functional scan cell memories
Automated loading/unloading of devices for burn-in testing
Method and apparatus for body position monitor and fall detect ion using radar
Integrated circuit for measuring the distance and/or velocity of objects
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Magnetic resonance non-balanced-SSFP method for the detection and imaging of susceptibility related magnetic field distortions
Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
Hidden hinge MEMS device
System and method for micro-electromechanical operation of an interferometric modulator
Deformable mirrors
Micro-mirror device and array thereof
Method and apparatus for combining light paths of like-colored light sources
Phase offset integrated solid immersion mirror and lens for a general phase front
Anti-glare film, method for manufacturing the same, and display device using the same
Optical filter
Optical device wafer, and optical device chip and method for manufacturing the same
Waveguide type wavelength domain optical switch
Systems and methods for minimizing scattered light in multi-SLM maskless lithography
Method for fabricating liquid crystal display device
Flat panel display apparatus having fixing member to secure display module
Backlight module
Liquid crystal display
Liquid-crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display device
IPS mode liquid crystal display device having an alignment layer on a plurality of pixel electrodes
Array substrate having color filter on the film transistor structure for LCD device and method of fabricating the same
Electrochromic compounds
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus with gas bearing supply mechanism and device manufacturing method
Developer vessel
Charging apparatus and image forming apparatus
Booster circuit
Clock distribution circuit
Reduction of the time for executing an externally commanded transfer of data in an integrated device
Keyboard with integrated laptop stand
Automated hardware parity and parity error generation technique for high availability integrated circuits
Modeling protocol transactions as formal languages with applications for workflow analysis
Storage control device and storage control device path switching method
Data replication for redundant network components
Signal drive de-emphasis control for serial bus
Method for evaluating and optimizing performance of chiller system
Adaptive thresholding technique for power supplies during margining events
Cryptography accelerator interface decoupling from cryptography processing cores
Epoch-based MUD logging
Mechanisms and methods of cache coherence in network-based multiprocessor systems with ring-based snoop response collection
Information processing apparatus and file controller
Disk drive with cache having volatile and nonvolatile memory
Data-cache apparatus and a data-cache method used by a radio communications system
Method and system for data processing with data replication for the same
Business application entity subscriptions synch operation management
Method for controlling magnetic tape unit
Authenticating a data storage medium using predetermined inter-sector relationships
Snapshot storage and management system with indexing and user interface
Apparatus, system and method for making endurance of storage media
Method and apparatus for maintaining synchronization of audio in a computing system
Deterministic operation of an input/output interface
Sidebar engine, object model and schema
Method for connection acceptance control and optimal multi-media content delivery over networks
Publishing interface for publishing content from a content-authoring application to a content server
Methods for sending additional journaling e-mail messages subsequent to sending original journaling e-mail messages
On-demand data-providing system for transmitting stream of content in real time
Information system, mobile communication terminal, and information method
Queue rendezvous
Techniques for establishing subscriber sessions on an access network using DHCP
Method and apparatus for estimating periodic worst-case delay under actual and hypothetical conditions using a measurement based traffic profile
Multi-mode controller
Automated display of an information technology system configuration
Method and system for efficient link recovery for fibre channel over SONET/SDH transport path
Printing method and device for receiving data from a plurality of data source apparatus
Event suppression tool for temporarily suppressing actions on received events
Apparatus and method for using storage domains for controlling data in storage area networks
Sentence classification device and method
Scalable FPGA fabric architecture with protocol converting bus interface and reconfigurable communication path to SIMD processing elements
Expression-based web logger for usage and navigational behavior tracking
Methods and apparatus for clustering news content
System and method for adaptive document layout via manifold content
Language rendering
Screen book maker
Context based work environment
Speaker apparatus and a computer system incorporating same
Method and system for prioritizing communications based on sentence classifications
Method and system for establishing and using a social network to facilitate people in life issues
Distributed meta data management middleware
Method and system for limiting resource usage of a version store
System and method for clustering, categorizing and selecting documents
Document-classification system, method and software
Generating a labeled hierarchy of mutually disjoint categories from a set of query results
Method, system, and apparatus for configuring a data protection system
Fuel injection control device
System and method for using DRM to control conditional access to DVB content
Method and apparatus for implementing revocation in broadcast networks
Service providing system and service providing device that provides a specific service in response to user authority determination based on positional relationships of virtual objects
Apparatus for displaying a part of an object
Overcoming double-click constraints in a mark-up language environment
Detection of and compensation for stray capacitance in capacitive touch sensors
Method and apparatus for utilizing prescribed aspect(s) of feedback object select operation to indicate user feedback of hypermedia content unit
Image reader and copier preventing unauthorized reading and copying
Graphical user interface having sound effects for operating control elements and dragging objects
Multiparameter analysis for predictive medicine
Method and computer-readable medium for providing access to policy information associated with electronic mail message folders
Multiple index based information retrieval system
Vector SIMD processor
Method, data processing device and computer program product for processing data
Ontology-driven information system
Conversion of model components into references
Monitoring physical parameters in an emulation environment
Image processing method incorporating decompression
Authentication apparatus and authentication method
Single-camera tracking of an object
Outside-vehicle monitoring system
Robust detection of a reference image during major photometric transformations
Method and device for randomly accessing a region of an encoded image for the purpose of decoding it and a method and device for encoding an image
Detecting an orientation of characters in a document image
System and method for representing and encoding images
Resolution changing method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program of image processing method, and recording medium in which program of image processing method has been recorded
Method of identifying endmember spectral values from hyperspectral image data
Product design methodology
Method and system for providing commercial information and operating an electronic commerce system over a global communications network with company and constituency nodes
Click based trading with intuitive grid display of market depth and price consolidation
System and method for forming a financial instrument indexed to entertainment revenue
Credit card system and method
System and method for automatically effecting payment for a user of an electronic auction system
Method for managing risk in markets related to commodities delivered over a network
Mirror driver notification of device independent bitmap drawing calls
Visual boundaries for aggregate information in pixel-oriented graphs
Parallel texture synthesis having controllable jitter
Three-dimensional drawing model generation method, three-dimensional model drawing method, and program thereof
Data processing system and method
Audio alert system and method
Monitoring apparatus for housing
Methods, devices, and computer program products for providing ambient noise sensitive alerting
Electronic device and method of driving the same
Liquid crystal display device having a low-voltage driving circuit
Hardware-accelerated anti-aliased vector graphics
Partition-based undo of partitioned object graph
Merchandise management system and information storage medium
System and method for low power haptic feedback
In-vehicle display apparatus and display control method therefor
Programmable optical mouse
Generating speech recognition grammars from a large corpus of data
Low latency real-time vocal tract length normalization
Differential dynamic content delivery with text display in dependence upon simultaneous speech
Information recording medium, method and apparatus for recording and reproducing information
Adjacent Track Interference (ATI) identification methodology
Storage apparatus, in-vehicle navigation system, and method for controlling temperature of storage apparatus
Magnetoresistive sensor
Slicer bias loop
Apparatus and method for recording and reproducing hologram
Optical disc and method of producing the same
Optical pickup device capable of loosening assembly accuracy
Block redundancy implementation in heirarchical ram's
Thin film magnetic memory device capable of conducting stable data read and write operations
Nonvolatile memory array architecture
Sense amplifier circuit in multi-level non-volatile semiconductor memory comprising a boosting capacitor for boosting the potential at sense node
Content addressable memory cell having a single floating gate transistor
Non-volatile memory with redundancy data buffered in remote buffer circuits
Memory architecture
Integrated circuit device and electronic instrument
Coil component
Apparatus and method for winding an energy transfer element core
Superconducting magnet configuration with switch
Electrode material for electric double layer capacitor and process for producing the same
Organic light emitting element and light emitting device using the element
Organic electro-luminescence display device and fabricating method thereof
Varactor diode alternative circuit
Monomorph type piezoelectric/electrostrictive device and method for manufacturing the same
Antenna holder
Array structure for the application to wireless switch of WLAN and WMAN
Semiconductor device with a cooling element
Very narrow band, two chamber, high rep-rate gas discharge laser system
Optical pickup device, semiconductor laser device and housing usable for the optical pickup device, and method of manufacturing semiconductor laser device
Semiconductor laser device and method of fabricating the same
Nanotube ESD protective devices and corresponding nonvolatile and volatile nanotube switches
Method and apparatus for monitoring UPS power sources
Long stator motor
Cooling fan
Compact fan motor and electric device comprising a compact fan motor
Board mounted structure of vibration motor
Thermal isolating torque tube
Small-step, switchable capacitor
Power converter
Switch mode power supply controllers
Method of servo controlling the speed of an electric motor on start-up, and apparatus implementing the system
Controller for brushless motor
Method and arrangement for control of direct current motor
Motor control circuit
Voltage controlled oscillator, and PLL circuit and wireless communication apparatus using the same
Wireless communication system and method with frequency burst acquisition feature using autocorrelation and narrowband interference detection
Specific phase position detection circuit and method of the same
Phase-lock loop, method for frequency switching in a phase-lock loop, and use of said phase-lock loop
Variable gain amplifiers systems and methods
Dual-frequency matching circuit
Balanced-unbalanced transformation device and method for manufacturing balanced-unbalanced transformation device
Ring oscillator circuit
Potential fixing circuit for integrated circuit having multiple supply potentials
Input clock detection circuit for powering down a PLL-based system
Digital PLL circuit
Iterative decoder employing multiple external code error checks to lower the error floor
Method for controlling the power supply of a mobile data memory, use of said method in an identification system having at least one mobile data memory
Receiving device and integrated circuit for reception
Optical apparatus
Radio communications system and method for radio communications
Data exchange systems and methods employing RF data transmission
System and method for asynchronous wireless collision detection with acknowledgement for ad hoc wireless networks
Automatic change method of virtual concatenation bandwidth
Rate generator in a video on demand system having multiple constant bit rate data
Multiplex scheme conversion apparatus
Radio transmission device and radio transmission method
Above-transport layer message partial compression
Cryptographic communication system
Data application-triggered call volume management
Method of managing malfunctions at router level, and a router
RAID apparatus, and communication-connection monitoring method and program
Network load balancing with traffic routing
Method and system for providing delay bound and priortized packet dropping
System and method for securing a communication network
Remote testing and monitoring to a cell site in a cellular communications network
System and method for network topology discovery
Method and system for providing communication control functionality at a remotely located site using a distributed feature architecture
Point-to-point MAC protocol for high speed wireless bridging
Multiple current limits for power over ethernet controller
Method for automatic traffic interception
Link state advertisements specifying dynamic routing metrics and associated variation metrics and selective distribution thereof
Method and apparatus for throttling audio packets according to gateway processing capacity
2-rate scheduling based on search trees with configurable excess bandwidth sharing
Broadband communications
Computer telephony integration adapter
Method for completing internet telephony calls
System and method of communicating using combined signal parameter diversity
Data processing device including clock recovery from various sources
Method and apparatus for performing signal correlation using historical correlation data
Content delivery system
Steganographic method and device
Rendering digital content in a content protection system according to a plurality of chained digital licenses
Systems and methods for enhancing security of communication over a public network
Method and apparatus for avoiding IKE process conflict
Common key sharing method and wireless communication terminal in ad hoc network
Telecommunication apparatus provided with a stop member
Inmate telephones having inmate-movable telephone bodies
Proactive maintenance application
Changing presentation of items of information based on message reception frequency
System and method for accessing a messaging service using a short dialing sequence
Systems and methods for restricting the use of stolen devices on a wireless network
Daily diversion channel
Pull model network image scanning system
Solid-state imaging device, analogue-digital converting method in solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus
Method and system for detecting and performing automatic bank switching for a filter coefficient ram
Method and apparatus for creating and using search information
Apparatus and method for detecting NTSC co-channel interference
Operator control unit with tracking
Image pickup device and image pickup optical system
Method and apparatus for managing categorized images in a digital camera
Video system and processor for computer
Video deblocking
Video deblocking
Encryption method and apparatus for use in digital distribution system
Speaker diaphragm and speaker using the same
Microphone array method and system, and speech recognition method and system using the same
Method and system for delivering data based on context
Method and system for automatically providing handset operational status information to a wireless carrier
Handover method used in a wireless communication system
System and method for personal data backup for mobile customer premises equipment
Method and system for sending facsimile transmissions from mobile devices
Mobile host, paging agent, packet communication system, and movement detection method
Portable communications device coupled to first network by way of second network
System and method for inhibiting features for wireless terminals
Method and apparatus for cross layer resource allocation for wireless backhaul networks
Electronic equipment
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method and an apparatus for severing or damaging unwanted plants
X-ray diagnosis apparatus and control method thereof
Image processing apparatus
Automatic exposure control for a digital image acquisition system
Radiographic apparatus, radiographic method, and computer-readable storage medium
System and method for generating an image dataset
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fuel heater with cam removal feature
Heated fluid dispenser
Laser beam optics in a robot link
157 nm laser system and method for multi-layer semiconductor failure analysis
Camera with detachable printer
Elliptical satellite system emulating characteristics of geosynchronous satellites during the apogee portion of an elliptical orbit
Sensing device with processor
Optical switch
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fully automatic and energy-efficient deionizer
Method for manufacturing a substantially circular substrate by utilizing scribing
Waveguides having axially varying structure
Method and system for reducing a foam in a glass melting furnace
Radiation-transmissive films on glass articles
Light waveguide and an optical fiber isolator
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electromechanical valve assembly for an internal combustion engine
Hybrid hotair heater
Water heater
Device and method for measuring angle of slant surface of an optical component
Method of correcting physically-conditioned errors in measurement of microscopic objects
Differential fiber optical sensor with interference energy analyzer
Liquid-level sensor having multiple solid optical conductors with surface discontinuities
Light frequency locker
Inspection method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for sensing current and voltage in circuits with voltage across an LED
Jitter measuring device and method
Automation of call setup in IP telephony for tests and measurements
Collective monitor and control system for plural networks
Spread spectrum localizers
Slow hopping data transmitter
Radiation detecting apparatus and radiographing system using it
Permanent downhole resonant source
Optical fiber collimator and optical fiber collimator array
Camera having shared optics for optical viewfinding and for electronic capture and display
Overhead console active night vision system for an interior cabin of a vehicle
Display material for electric paper and applications thereof
Method and apparatus for driving light-modulating elements
Flexible, modular, compact fiber optic switch
Narrow band excimer laser with a prism-grating as line-narrowing optical element
Optical threshold devices and methods
Optical fiber and optical communication system using this optical fiber
Broadband optical fiber
Light -emitting device
Photonic integrated circuits
Waveguide comprising a connection of a photonic-crystal line-defect-waveguide to a total reflection confinement waveguide
Photonic crystals using a semiconductor-based fabrication process
Optical cavity resonating over a continuous range of frequencies
Fiber tail assembly with optical signal tap
Self-assembled molecular color switch
Optical device for generating pulsed light
Optical fiber coupling system
Variable optical delay line and use of the variable optical delay line
Tunable add-drop filters using two independent optical paths
Control of guided light in a waveguide
Apparatus and method for reducing the variance of grating spacing in an optical fiber
Optical waveguide apparatus and method of producing the same
Waveplate for optical integrated circuits and methods for manufacturing the same
Non-spherical whispering-gallery-mode microcavity
Tunable add/drop filter
Achromatic optical switching/routing systems
Optical switch
Micromechanical optical switch
Optical fiber block having holding sub-block
System for managing slack in fiber optic cables connected to a circuit board
Light coupling between a light source and an optical waveguide
Electro-optic interconnect circuit board
Method and apparatus for handling optical components
Spacer for optical fiber cable and optical fiber cable using the spacer
Optical modulator with programmable chirp
Electrode and core arrangements for polarization-independent waveguides
Chromogenic glazing
Electrophoretic display with sub relief structure for high contrast ratio and improved shear and/or compression resistance
Duobinary modulation scheme for a Mach-Zehnder optical modulator
Wavelength converter
Wavelength converting element and method of manufacture thereof
Cross-gain modulation type optical wavelength converter having high extinction ratio and wide input dynamic range
High resolution photographic system
Camera, lens apparatus, and camera system
Flash control device and flash control system
Method of making phase mask for machining optical fiber and optical fiber having bragg diffraction grating produced using the phase mask for machining optical fiber
Gas discharge laser with improved beam path
Image forming apparatus and trouble state notifying method thereof
Image forming apparatus featuring switchable, contact and spaced, clutch-operated developing units
Developing device for an image forming apparatus
Developer replenishment unit and image formation apparatus
Developing cartridge and image forming apparatus using the same
Developer regulating member and developing apparatus including the same
Developing-carrying member, and developing apparatus and image forming apparatus including the member
Sheet wrapping avoidable fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
High speed heat and pressure belt fuser
Image forming apparatus for fixing a toner image on a sheet or recording medium by use of a belt member
Fixing device and image forming device provided with the same
Fixing device controlling method, fixing device, and image forming apparatus for forming fixed images of desired glossiness
Image heating apparatus and heat generating rotary member for use in the same
Tandem type printing system
Image forming apparatus including a cleaning unit
Electronic device, electronically controlled mechanical timepiece, and control method therefor
Method for displaying an environmentally modulated expiration date
Programmable electronic timer based on linear or non-linear programmable functions
Personalized alarm clock
Device for aggregating, translating, and disseminating communications within a multiple device environment
Internal voltage converter scheme for controlling the power-up slope of internal supply voltage
Static excitation system having capability of eliminating shaft vibrations of a generator and overvoltage when underexited
Drive circuit
Battery pack for an information processing apparatus and the information processing apparatus
Mobile computer system, method for operating a mobile computer system and use of a mobile computer system
Method and apparatus for cooling portable computers
Keyboard sled with rotating screen
Multi-body multi-purpose information processing apparatus
Method of preventing LCD damage in an information handling system
Tool-less field replaceable peripheral mounting system
Tool-less latch mechanism for an enclosure panel
Cooling apparatus for electronic equipment
Cooling system
Enhanced space utilization for enclosures enclosing heat management components
Method and system to determine external power available and fault states
Image indexing and retrieval method using the rosette pattern for the improvement of retrieval efficiency and performance
Information processing system for holding number of times of record restarting
Fifo memory devices that support all four combinations of DDR or SDR write modes with DDR or SDR read modes
Method and apparatus for modular inversion for information security and recording medium with a program for implementing the method
Method and apparatus for halting a printing device at a predetermined instant
Fingerprint image compositing method and associated apparatus
Process and apparatus for the electronic recording of an image
Method and apparatus for recognizing handwritten chinese characters
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
SAR and FLIR image registration method
Architecture for processing fingerprint images
Method to detect watermark resistant to resizing and translation
Method of integrating a watermark into a compressed image
Backprojection method and X-ray CT apparatus
Optimizing image compositing
Image resizing using short asymmetric FIR filters
Digital signal analysis, with hierarchical segmentation
Method for processing a stream of pictures
Representing digital images in a plurality of image processing states
Noise cleaning and interpolating sparsely populated color digital image
Computer-aided diagnosis system for thoracic computer tomography images
Noise detector, noise detection method, signal processor and signal processing method
Method for efficiently tracking object models in video sequences via dynamic ordering of features
Image data compression employing embedded compression and decompression codes
Encoding method for the compression of a video sequence
Video coding method and apparatus that predicts macroblock code length
Variable bitrate video coding method and corresponding video coder
System and method for recording teacher notes during a learning session
Sound reproduction equipment and method for reducing the level of acoustical reflections in a room
Magneto-optical medium utilizing domain wall displacement and process of reproduction
Guided servo writing for data storage media
Flexible disk drive having a support plate coupled to a pedestal on the main plate by a plurality of projections and a screw
Recording or reproduction apparatus with a loading and removing device for disc-type recording media
Method and apparatus for recording data at accurate location on recording medium
LBA tracking for system data management
Method for reducing the sensitivity of a maximum likelihood detection trellis to channel variations
Recording medium cartridge
Apparatus and method to improve read/write speed of disk drive system
Encoding apparatus and method, and multiplexing apparatus and method
System and method for recording and preparing statistics concerning live performances
Recording medium for storing virtually deleted still picture information, recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus therefor
Optical disk and apparatus and method of recording and reproducing data thereof
Optical disk recording and reproducing apparatus and method for recording and controlling optical disk
Information recording method
Data recording device, data reproducing device and data recording medium for managing encoded data over a plurality of recording media
Video recorder housing whose pivoting gate permits backbone of videocassette fitted inside be seen from outside
Apparatus and method for producing a small spot of optical energy
Magnetic head and magnetic disk drive
Optically-assisted magnetic recording head and optically-assisted magnetic recording apparatus
Spin valve structures with specular reflection layers
Recording head, recording head manufacturing method, combined head and magnetic recording/reproduction apparatus
Thin film magnetic head and magnetic storage apparatus
Magnetic head
Tunneling magneto-resistive read head with two-piece free layer
Method of protecting read sensors from electrostatic discharge damage during the manufacture of magnetic heads
Method of modifying on-track declaration algorithm of a disk drive based upon detection of external vibration condition
Magnetic disc drive
Disk drive employing seek time vcm ir voltage calibration for velocity control of an actuator arm
Magnetic disk device and magnetic head slider
Optical disk playback apparatus, optical disk recording and playback apparatus, and laser noise canceling circuit
Dynamic speed control method for storage device
Optical information recording medium with substrate and multiple information
Magnetic random access memory
Magnetic random access memory
Thin film magnetic memory device for conducting data write operation by application of a magnetic field
Magneto-resistive device including soft synthetic ferrimagnet reference layer
Non-volatile magnetic memory
Memory integrated circuit
Ferroelectric memory wherein bit line capacitance can be maximized
Method of reading and restoring data stored in a ferroelectric memory cell
Refresh control method of semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory device comprising the same control method
Method and apparatus for lengthening the data-retention time of a DRAM device in standby mode
Power controlling method for semiconductor storage device and semiconductor storage device employing same
DRAM power bus control
Fast cycle RAM having improved data write operation
Low power consumption memory device having row-to-column short
Negative differential resistance (NDR) elements and memory device using the same
Semiconductor memory device with memory cells operated by boosted voltage
Semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory device storing ternary data signal
Memory having access devices using phase change material such as chalcogenide
Memory circuit
Method and system for efficiently reading and programming of dual cell memory elements
Non volatile memory and data processor
Method and apparatus for erasing flash memory
Floating gate memory architecture with program voltage stable circuit
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory having page mode with a plurality of banks
System for programming a non-volatile memory cell
Circuit arrangement for the storage of digital data
Memory having storage means
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with internal potential generating circuit allowing external tuning of internal power supply potential
Thin film magnetic memory device having communication function, and distribution management system and manufacturing step management system each using thereof
Band-gap voltage reference
Generating high voltages in nonvolatile memory devices and data processing systems
Method for reading a non-volatile memory cell
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Circuit and method for tuning a reference bit line loading to a sense amplifier by optionally cutting a capacitive reference bit line
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device having an increased access speed while maintaining the production yield
Bit line sense amplifier driving control circuits and methods for synchronous drams that selectively supply and suspend supply of operating voltages
Flash array implementation with local and global bit lines
Circuit for controlling an AC-timing parameter of a semiconductor memory device and method thereof
Wrong operation preventing circuit in semiconductor unit
Semiconductor memory device
Methods and apparatus for measuring current as in sensing a memory cell
Semiconductor storage method and device supporting multi-interface
Semiconductor memory apparatus of which data are accessible by different addressing type
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Layout technique for address signal lines in decoders including stitched blocks
Address buffer and semiconductor memory device using the same
Integral PWR with diverse emergency cooling and method of operating same
High ratio, high efficiency general radiography grid system
Apparatus and method for detection of radiation
Method and apparatus for controlling a rotatable multi-element beam shaping device
Surge arrestor
Superconducting device with inductive current limiter using a high-tc superconducting material
Magnetic recording head with high saturation magnetization write pole having alternating interface-defining Fe/Co layers
Capacitor device and method
Multi-layer capacitor and method for producing the same
Polymer-modified electrode for energy storage devices and electrochemical supercapacitor based on said polymer-modified electrode
Laminated capacitor, printed circuit board, decoupling circuit, and high-frequency circuit
Electrode sheet, method for manufacturing thereof, polarizable electrode and electric double-layer capacitor
Electrode for capacitor and capacitor using the same
Electricals package integrating run capacitor, motor protector and motor starter
Intrinsically safe portable programmer for enclosed electronic process control equipment
Apparatus for regulating temperature of a process kit in a semiconductor wafer-processing chamber
Semiconductor laser light source with photocurrent feedback control for single mode operation
Semiconductor laser device
Fastening device
Circuit for electro static discharge protection
Electric pumping of rare-earth-doped silicon for optical emission
Closed loop charge mode drive for piezo actuators using a DC restore amplifier
Method and apparatus for interference suppression in orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (OFDM) wireless communication systems
Dual sneak current protector
Gas laser
Optoelectric module
Laser device and an optical signal amplifier using thereof
Cascadable optical amplifier arrangement
Optical component driving device in laser apparatus
Solid-state laser apparatus excited by laser light from semiconductor laser unit having increased resonator length
Focusing device
Method for modulating an optically pumped, tunable vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL)
Optical transmission line, method of making optical transmission line, and optical transmission system
Dual layer color-center patterned light source
Temperature control of laser action in scattering media
Generation of optical pulse train having high repetition rate using mode-locked laser
Tuning a laser
VCSEL with antiguide current confinement layer
Laser with a resonant optical reflector
Distributed feedback type semiconductor laser device
Semiconductor laser element
Group III nitride compound semiconductor laser and manufacturing method thereof
Technique for measuring intersubband electroluminescence in a quantum cascade laser
Laser thermal tuning
Multiple wavelength surface-emitting laser device and method for its manufacture
Method and apparatus for supplying data and power to panel-supported components
Roof-top mounted wiring portal assembly
Protective electrical circuit
Device for stopping a single-phase asynchronous motor with phase-shifting capacitor
Power supply with uninterruptible function
Power converter
Three-level neutral point clamping pwn inverter and neutral point voltage controller
Automatic gain control system
High speed digital counters
Fractional divider
RC-timer circuit to reduce current leakage in future semiconductor processes
Integrated data clock extractor
Low power phase locked loop frequency synthesizer
Receiver having narrow bandwidth phase-locked loop demodulator
Reset circuit and pll frequency synthesizer
Method and apparatus for turbo decoding of trellis coded modulated signal transmissions
Impulse noise reducer detecting impulse noise from an audio signal
Circuit for a transceiver output port of a local area networking device
Method and apparatus for transmitting information by radio
Full-duplex transceiver with distributed duplexing function
Line driver with output impedance synthesis
Use of end to end compression devices in telecommunication networks
Integrated QPSK/FSK demodulator
Signal detection in a direct-sequence spread spectrum transmission system
Spread spectrum communication apparatus
Method of receiving spread-spectrum signal and radio communication terminal device
Method of providing hysteresis in detection of path timing by multiplying delay profile by weighting coefficient
Acquisition of a gated pilot
Base station transceiver in CDMA mobile communication system
System for continuous wave rejection
User equipment with multiuser detection
Method of tracking time intervals for a communication signal
Variable-length correlator for spread-spectrum communications
Virtual bidirectional connection system for unidirectional processing cards
Circuit and method for monitoring optical signal level
Free-space optical communication system with spatial multiplexing
Optical transmission circuit using a semiconductor laser
Laser diode control circuit and laser diode control method
Apparatus for reshaping optical pulses
Optical communication link
Method for controlling the transmitter part of a radio transceiver and a corresponding radio transceiver
Variable-power transceiving device
Realtime power control in OFDM systems
Method and apparatus for changing assignment of receiver fingers
Communication system
Cooperative polling in a wireless data communication system having smart antenna processing
Method and apparatus for obtaining transmit diversity using switched antennas
Networking system for mobile data communications
Method and system for increasing availability and proximity of base stations for cellular communications via mobile base stations
Method and apparatus for repeater priority resolution in a wireless communication system
Wireless telecommunications system using multislot channel allocation for multimedia broadcast/multicast service
Digital mixer and digital mixing method
Use of tunable laser for optical performance monitoring in WDM system
WDM add/drop multiplexer module
Programmable synchronization structure with auxiliary data link
Method and apparatus for errorless path protection and rearrangement
System for carrier phase tracking of coded symbols using reliability metrics for symbol estimates
Data network having enhanced availability of extra traffic
Method and apparatus for supporting physical layer link-suspend operation between network nodes
Multicast routing cache
Arrangements for controlling network elements
Packet network monitoring device
Band width measuring method and apparatus for a packet switching network
Method and apparatus for extending point-to-point/asynchronous transfer mode services to client computer systems
Link capacity computation methods and apparatus for designing IP networks with performance guarantees
Configurable exciter
Network system
System and method for scheduling message transmission and processing in a digital data network
Hierarchy tree-based quality of service classification for packet processing
Automatic discovery of switch devices in a network
Packet loss service-level guarantee monitoring and claim validation systems and methods
Method of staining target interphase chromosomal DNA
Wireless MAC protocol based on a hybrid combination of slot allocation, token passing, and polling for isochronous traffic
IP packet ready PBX expansion circuit for a conventional personal computer with expandable, distributed DSP architecture
Short-range RF access point design enabling services to master and slave mobile devices
Methods for controlling shared access to wireless transmission systems and increasing throughput of the same
Method and system for personal area network (PAN) degrees of mobility-based configuration
Fast notification access channel for realtime users in EGPRS networks
High performance self balancing low cost network switching architecture based on distributed hierarchical shared
Packet switch and method for relaying management cells and data cells in a form of IP packet
Methods and apparatus for efficient scheduling and multiplexing
Method for determining burstiness or a burstiness curve of a traffic source
System and method for associating notes with a portable information device on a network telephony call
Apparatus and method of providing internet protocol (IP) level connectivity between internet access terminals using service gateway
Channel estimation sequence and method of estimating a transmission channel which uses such a channel estimation sequence
Receiver architecture using mixed analog and digital signal processing and method of operation
Method for transmitting data transmission flows
Replicated server discovery in client-proxy servers
Clustered OFDM with channel estimation
Digital modem echo canceler enhancement
Apparatus and method for symbol timing recovery
Method and apparatus for locating sampling points in a synchronous data stream
Method of transmitting medical information over a network
Encryption key exchange protocol
Echo canceller
Portable modular electronic system
Full duplex speaker-phone providing increased loop stability
System and method for customized telephone greeting annoucements
Telephone annunciator
Method for updating a database using a telephone
Initialization and monitoring system and method for DLC device
Using concurrently operating routines in telephony applications
Local routing system and method
Premised based 3-way call detection device
Single telephone number access to multiple communication services
Method for public conversation indication in a telephony exchange
Intelligent routing to automate handling of operator-requested calls
Service-related signaling between voice over internet protocol servers
Data recording system for IP telephone communication
Intermediate voice and DTMF detector device for improved speech recognition utilization and penetration
Method, apparatus and system for completing a call when a called party has not answered the call
Automatic user preference selection for message playback based on caller line identification data
Smart transfer for answer positions
Method and system for data communication
Circuit for removing in-band FSK signals without muting of receiver
Image processing method and apparatus
Line-scan imaging in 3-D
Follow up correction to EPG for recording systems to reset requests for recording
Video recording apparatus and monitoring apparatus
Memory efficient 3-D wavelet transform for video coding without boundary effects
Multi-layer coder/decoder for producing quantization error signal samples
Picture quality measurement using blockiness
Context-based adaptive variable length coding for adaptive block transforms
Decoding apparatus, decoding method, encoding apparatus, encoding method, image processing system, and image processing method
All solid-state RGB and white light generator
Enhanced services network interface device
Optical ADD-DROP module which can be expanded modularly
WDM optical network with passive pass-through at each node
ATM buffer system
Method to generate data cells, data cell generating arrangement, and data cell receiving arrangement
Hierarchical bandwidth management in multiservice networks
Telecommunications tandem system for circuit-based traffic
ATM cell multiplexer
Arrangement for interconnecting communications networks
Method and system for assignment of numbers as addresses for stations on a switched network
Methods and systems for distributing signaling messages among multiple processors for stateful and/or sequenced processing of the messages on a per-sequence basis
Method for searching composite path for virtual container signals in CLOS switching network
Methods and apparatus for enhancing wireless data network telephony, including quality of service monitoring and control
System and method for providing wireless telephony over a packet-switched network
Estimation of transmission channels in communication systems for wireless telecommunication
Cell status messaging in a radio communications system
Radio communication system
Radio communications system in which traffic is transmitted on the broadcast channel
Method and apparatus which includes a start of message indicator (SMI) in a 3GPP Down link dedicated physical control channel (DL DPCCH)
Wireless communications methods and apparatus employing paging attribute descriptors
Bias control of electrostatic transducers
Ear wax guard for an in-the-ear hearing aid and a means for use at insertion and removal hereof
Microphone array apparatus
Panel drive
Energy converter with two coils and two magnetic gaps
Speaker for an electronic instrument
Method of modifying one or more original head related transfer functions
Device connecting card
Removable fan module and electronic device incorporating same
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