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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Dual grip angled handled shovel
Pivoting mower deck
Remotely operated mobile cutting apparatus
Watering device, method for manufacturing said device, and means therefor
Robotic tree trimmer
Milking parlour and method for the production thereof
Animal shelter structures
Fork-shaped fishing lure
Bait dispensing system
Article for smokers
Therapeutic smoking device
Insole with flexible, shock absorbing unit
Release mechanism
Portable storage and changing station
Oral care system, kit and method
Portable convertible ice cooled serving table
Height adjustable table
Refrigerator door pocket hinge assembly
Decorative light hanging system
Article securing apparatus
Christmas tree stand
Gusseted foot canopy for bed top sheets, blankets, quilts or beds and the like
Diaper bag having an integral changing pad
Fastening device
Programmable brewer
Automatic single cup brewing vender
Female urination assistance device
Wheelchair with toilet for use in a confined area with a sewage disposal means
Sanitary unit comprising a toilet and a wash basin both slidably mounted
Attachable debris guide for waste bin
Combination sticky roller and brush
Adapter device for a portable cleaning appliance and cleaning apparatus with an adapter device and a cleaning appliance
Energy stored in spring with controlled release
Surgical apparatus and structure for applying sprayable wound treatment material
Method and apparatus for determining ocular motor function
Retinal fundus surveillance method and apparatus
Patient interface with variable footprint
Closed suction catheter adapter with flush arrangement
Automatic card shuffler
Card reading shoe with card stop feature and systems utilizing the same
Autonomous wireless die
Performing Operations; Transporting
Horizontal shaft impact crusher
Thickness detecting safety shredder
Bathing apparatus and method of using same
Garden sprayer
Method and apparatus for material deposition
Ultrasonic cleaning device
Method for adjusting a state of a rolling stock, particularly a near-net strip
Retract mandrel mill and method for rolling tube blank
Method for producing seamless tubes
Machine for drawing metal sheets
Foil configuration device and method
Reaming apparatus
Draw die and method of manufacturing same
Method and device for producing hollow profiled elements
Method of manufacturing a porous catcher
Bent metal member and a method for its manufacture
Method for pressing and fixing rivets in component holes
Methods to fabricate fully enclosed hollow structures using friction stir welding
Fibre placement tool
Method of mounting a face plate on a female-die, and a positioning-jig used to mount the face plate on the female-die
Fixture for compressor stator chord restoration repair
Oil filter replacement device
Retaining clip installation and removal tool
Folding knife blade with dual locking mechanism
Power equipment with systems to mitigate or prevent injury
Method and device for breaking separation of bearing caps
Sheet processing apparatus, image forming system and sheet processing method
Pad printing machine
Page turning apparatus, booklet page turning method and booklet printer including the page turning apparatus
Pressure and transfix rollers for a solid ink jet printing apparatus
Piezoelectric ink jet module with seal
Ink jet recording apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling jetting performance in an inkjet printer
Printing device and printing method
Pneumatic tire
Motor insulation protecting device, and vehicle having the device
Gear box for hydraulic energy recovery
Operating device with gate shafts
Motorized hub for an electric traction automobile vehicle
Vehicle seat
Mobile pallet with locking mechanism for a container
Retractable tarp system with automated closing mechanism
Air cargo rollout stop
Advance cargo restraint
Device for reducing loads on latches and loads on cargo containers
Vehicular rear impact sensor mounting structure
Injection molded inflatable active bolster
Variable lateral thickness airbag, system comprising same, and method of deploying same
Tonneau cover device of vehicle
Anti-theft system for a camper
Wheel suspension for a motor vehicle
Lower structure of automotive vehicle
Extend and breakaway bracket for glove box
Aerodynamic drag reduction apparatus for a trailer
Hydraulic power steering unit
Adjustable supporter for fastening to a hub axle
Handlebar assembly having a dual-purpose actuator and vehicle including same
Shock-absorbing handlebar mount
Pedal-crank assembly for bicycles
Method and apparatus for attaching a ship rudder for rudder shaft, a rudder shaft, and a shiprudder
Watercraft steering and thrust control system
Line system arrangement in an aircraft or spacecraft having a fuselage
Lining for an aircraft
Portable onboard vehicular hoist systems
Turbine blade with cooling and sealing
Landing gear with noise reduction fairing
Kit, equipped with a control device, for repairing and inflating inflatable articles, and relative canister assembly
Container for holding a fluid and an assembly of a container and an outlet
Outdoor equipment
Fuel tank
Container sealing device
Cover piece and method for coffee cup lids
Carrier for containers
Tactical equipment carrier
Device for retaining a portable electronic component
Storage system and a method for storing container articles such as bottles or syringes
Arrangement and method for the transportation and synchronized distribution of packing units
Method and system for sealing products in a pneumatic tube carrier
Pump for powder coating materials with data structure for storing powder flow recipes
Vacuum conveying velocity control apparatus and method for particulate material
Process and equipment for the conveyance of powdered material
Creasing apparatus and image forming system
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system
Medium storing and advancing apparatus
Image forming apparatus, sheet feed control method, and storage medium
Simplified fiber tensioning for automated fiber placement machines
Elevator control device interfacing with a security gate system
Elevator control apparatus with speed control to alleviate passenger ear block discomfort
Circuit for resetting an elevator safety chain
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for making a glass sheet with controlled heating
Optical fiber end processing method and optical fiber end processing apparatus
Method for applying ultrasonic acoustic energy to a glass melt
Process for fusing glass
Textiles; Paper
Cotton towel with structural polyester reinforcement
Timing control and timed wash cycle for an automatic washer
Fixed Constructions
Pavement crack router
Mechanized asphalt comb
Apparatus, system, and method for constructing a wall using wall blocks
Apparatus and method for mounting a plumbing fixture
Self adhering window flashing tape with multi-directional drainage plane
Landscape edging block system
Methods and systems for composite structural truss
Fence end spacer apparatus and method for use
Electric door lock
Hinge for connecting a leaf to a frame so as to be hinged about a hinge axis
Button activated spring-loaded hinge assembly
Hinge plate for connecting a leaf or a sash to a frame so as to be hinged about a hinge axis
In-floor track assembly for sliding panels with built-in drainage system
Screened area water passageway
Rock drilling device and rock drilling rig or rock bolting rig comprising such device
Downhole apparatus and method
Hydraulic control system monitoring apparatus and method
Method and apparatus to enhance oil recovery in wells
Method for drilling and fracture treating multiple wellbores
Heterogeneous proppant placement in a fracture with removable channelant fill
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for manufacturing by molding a machine structural element having an abradable surface, and structural element
Nozzle vane and crank arm assembly and method
Turbine blade with trailing edge cooling
Exhaust system for internal combustion engine
Method for detecting abnormality in reducing agent
Catalyst deterioration diagnosis system and method for internal combustion engine
Turbine regulating valve system
Fastening system
Combustor assembly comprising a combustor device, a transition duct and a flow conditioner
Control device for internal combustion engine
Thermally isolated wall assembly
Internal continuous combustion engine system
Modulating flow through gas turbine engine cooling system
Automotive fuel system
Method for estimating the temperature of a gas pressure sensor attached to a wall of a diesel engine and use of one such method
Fuel injector
Split-type auxiliary power combustion and emergency starting system
Abnormality determination apparatus and abnormality determination method for internal combustion engine
Hydraulic machine including means for injecting a flow drawn from a main flow
Pelton hydraulic machine including means for injecting a flow drawn from a main flow
Configuration and tracking of 2-D "modular heliostat"
Securing structure with urged fastener
Multipurpose hook
Bearing upgrade and kit
Rolling bearing device
Multi-plate clutch system
Electro-hydraulic brake system and vehicle brake having the same
Electric parking brake apparatus having emergency release function for vehicle
Suspension device
Continuously variable natural frequency and damping vibration isolation system
Seal arrangement
Fluid pressure control device
Apparatus for flow control and shutoff
Modular apparatus for production testing
Light source module and illumination apparatus
Light emitting assembly
Oven range with gas filter
Heated field rations and assemblies
Solar receiver
In-ground solar trough
Thermoelectric personal environment appliance
Refrigerating device
Door basket for refrigerator
Interlocked jets cooling method and apparatus
Flat plate type micro heat transport device
Plate cooling fin with slotted projections
Condenser fin structures facilitating vapor condensation cooling of coolant
Accessory for weapon muzzle
Trainable launcher
System for protecting surfaces against explosions
Apparatus for driving gyroscope sensor
Angular velocity sensor
Precision apparatus using low thermal expansion component
Relative pressure sensor
Methods and systems for multiforce high throughput screening
Parallel plate system for collecting data used to determine viscosity
Production method of a sensor film
Method for the on-board functional diagnosis of a soot sensor in a motor vehicle and/or for the detection of further constituents in the soot
Currency fitness and wear detection using temperature modulated infrared detection
Assessment and calibration of a crimp tool equipped with ultrasonic analysis features
Edge-detect receiver for orthopedic parameter sensing
Motion detector for electronic devices
Camera stabilizing device
Shutter device
Shutter device
Flat-panel optical projection apparatus with reduced distortion
Projection display apparatus having plural light sources
Detent escapement for timepiece and mechanical timepiece
Latching pressure regulator
Evaporative air cooler with multi stages cooling and or heating with or without cooling coil
Malicious access-detecting apparatus, malicious access-detecting method, malicious access-detecting program, and distributed denial-of-service attack-detecting apparatus
Intrusion detection in data processing systems
System and method for analyzing protocol streams for a security-related event
Providing remote processing services over a distributed communications network
Systems and methods for providing security information about quick response codes
Method and apparatus for capturing and rendering text annotations for non-modifiable electronic content
Methods and systems of managing concurrent access to multiple resources
Ignition coil with ionization and digital feedback for an internal combustion engine
Method and system for controlling software to facilitate cross-version collaboration of files
System and method for runtime detection of program parameters
Determining a maximal set of dependent software updates valid for installation
Late binding of optimization information for just in time compilation
Uniform transfer of data independent of the transfer mechanism
Apparatuses and methods relating to radio frequency identification (RFID) tags
Method and system for product restocking using machine-readable codes
Payment card
Manual RFID antenna tuning system and method
Lighting device, display device and television receiver
High-pressure discharge lamp
Authentication of SIP and RTP traffic
Selective cross-realm authentication
System and method to implement business model for advertising revenue by detecting and tracking audience members who visit advertiser designated locations
Method and apparatus for locally targeting virtual objects within a terminal
High-resolution quasi-static setup for X-ray imaging with distributed sources
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for dispersion compensated reflected time-of-flight tomography
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for detecting a flow of powder particles
Container inspection machine
Metal scrap sorting system
Jig for heat treatment of work
Apparatus for cutting liquid crystal display panels and cutting method using the same
Thermal printer having shutter unit
Ultrasonically assisted optical media sensor system
Thermal transfer recording apparatus, thermal transfer recording process and ink sheet
Thermal printer having thermally activating apparatus for heat-sensitive adhesive sheet
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Printer controller and system having a DMA data transmission
Laser printing method and apparatus
Arrangement for transmitting signals from a device monitoring tire pressure on the wheels of a motor vehicle to an evaluation device arranged in a motor vehicle
Displaying device for vehicle having light sources of different directivities automobile video camera system
Rupture detector for windshield assembly
Forklift having a light source and lens combination that provides a shaped light beam
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Transmissive or reflective liquid crystal display and novel process for its manufacture
Fixed Constructions
Mast for a source of electromagnetic waves, provided with a stabilization device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Brake-transmission shift interlock device for an automatic transmission system
Illumination arrangement
Tracking systems
Method and system for dimensioning boxes or other cuboid objects
Method and device for measuring thin films and semiconductor substrates using reflection mode geometry
Film thickness measuring apparatus
Tank probe for measuring surface conductance
Interferometer system and litographic step-and-scan apparatus provided with such a system
Magnetic field sensor, method for detecting magnetic field and device for detecting magnetic field
Integratable-fluid flow and property microsensor assembly
Bottom reflector for a radar-based level gauge
Wavelength measurement apparatus
Spectrometer attachments and phosphorescence decay measurement
Multipass sampling system for Raman spectroscopy
High-accuracy wavemeter
Electronic patch thermometer
Method and system for evaluating core stack pressure
Optical filter measurement system
Method for preparing a cut surface in uncured rubber samples for measuring filter dispersion
Odd bounce image rotation system in ellipsometer systems
Absorption spectroscopy instrument with off-axis light insertion into cavity
System and method for tomographic imaging of dynamic properties of a scattering medium
Scatterometer including an internal calibration system
SPR sensor and SPR sensor array
Photo electric measuring device
System and method for imaging contamination on a surface
Universal microplate analyzer
Method and apparatus for analysis of gas compositions
Device for judging symmetry, brightness, and efficiency of light return in precious stones
Method of objectively evaluating a surface mark
Apparatus and method for analytical determinations
Device for inspecting hermetically sealed packages
Monitoring method
Measurement systems and methods for determining component particle concentrations in a liquid
Test socket, method of manufacturing the test socket, test method using the test socket, and member to be tested
Automatic multimeter
Transformer for a current sensor
Arrangement for measuring the root mean square of a power frequency voltage across a large dynamic range, especially for measuring electrical output
Receiving level measuring circuit
Electromagnetic compatibility testing device
Apparatus and method for detecting and calculating ground fault resistance
Method and system for monitoring winding insulation resistance
Test head including displaceable switch element
Unified apparatus and method to assure probe card-to-wafer parallelism in semiconductor automatic wafer test, probe card measurement systems, and probe card manufacturing
Probe device
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Adaptive tolerance reference inspection system
Method and device for estimating open circuit voltage of battery
Magnetic thin film sensor based on the extraordinary hall effect
Magnetic resonance magnet system and imaging apparatus with extendable patient support arms
Multiple tuning circuit and probe having multiple tuning circuit for NMR spectrometer
Radio-frequency antenna for a magnetic resonance system
Method for determining the position of a local antenna in an MR system
Magnetic field generating device for MRI
Gradient coil system for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Method of shim optimization
Determination of oil and water compositions of oil/water emulsions using low field NMR relaxometry
Isotropic imaging of vessels with fat suppression
Method for measuring the magnetic resonance (NMR) by driven equilibrium
Moving table MRI with frequency-encoding in the z-direction
Slow diffusion and flow of molecules measured by pulsed field gradient NMR using longitudinal magnetization of non-proton isotopes
Monitoring the health of a fluid system
Method and apparatus for socket calibration of integrated circuit testers
Object detection system and method of estimating object size
Method and apparatus for detecting vehicle distance
Radar for detecting a target based on a frequency component
Method and system for calibrating wireless location systems
Vehicle-mounted radio wave radar
Induction well logging apparatus and method
Projection objective
Imaging lens
Exposure apparatus, optical projection apparatus and a method for adjusting the optical projection apparatus
Transmitted light/lighting device for microscopes
Microscope system
Electronic camera for microscope
Optical instrument for observation
Hand-held electronic appliance with optional magnifying function
Micromirror unit with torsion connector having nonconstant width
Scanned display with switched feeds and distortion correction
Scanning optical system
Fixing structure for parts of optical element, image data input unit and image data input apparatus
Image display apparatus
Lenticular lens array
Mechanism for aligning lenticular material and image
Stereo panoramic camera arrangements for recording panoramic images useful in a stereo panoramic image pair
Dynamic scalable full-parallax three-dimensional electronic display
Aberration compensating optical element, optical system, optical pickup device, recorder and reproducer
Objective lens for optical pickup and optical pickup employing this objective lens
Compound liquid crystal microlens for a sensor
Polarizing light pipe
Diffractive fourier optics for optical communications
Optical unit and its use
Lens barrel
Lens drive mechanism
Lens barrel
Focus inspection device and focusing method
Miniature circulator devices and methods for making the same
Polarization independent magnetooptic switches
Liquid-crystal display device
Methods and apparatus for implementing transmissive display devices
Reflective liquid crystal display device with removable auxiliary light source
Optical film, polarizer and display device
Voltage reference with controllable temperature coefficients
Display apparatus and driving method of same
Orientation inspector for liquid crystal display (LCD) cell
Polarizing element, optical element, polarized light supply unit and liquid-crystal display device
Contrast enhancement for transmissive display systems
Liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus having color filter layer comprising cholesteric liquid crystal films and pigmented films
Transflective liquid crystal display device that controls disinclination caused by an electric field
Liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal reflective display
Image display device
Display panel, laminated substrate, liquid crystal cell and method of manufacturing laminated substrate
Liquid crystal display device and color filter substrate having spacers formed directly on black matrix
Liquid crystal display device with V-shaped electrodes having different widths between electrodes
Higher and lower definition patterning of an active plate
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Module for reflection type liquid crystal display device, method of manufacturing the same, and reflection type liquid crystal display device
Array substrate for in-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device having first color pixel with different Channel width/length ratio than second color pixel
Bistable device for reflection display with inverse contrast
Liquid crystal display apparatus and method for checking the joining accuracy thereof
Electric circuit
Liquid crystal driver circuit and liquid crystal display device
Real time answerprint timing system and method
Lithographic manufacturing process, lithographic projection apparatus, and device manufactured thereby
Method for exposing a peripheral area of a wafer and apparatus for performing the same
Exposure apparatus, method of manufacturing semiconductor devices and plant therefor
Illuminator, exposure apparatus, and method for fabricating device using the same
Method and apparatus for exposing a wafer using multiple masks during an integrated circuit manufacturing process
Projection exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using the same
Structure for attaching a pellicle to a photo-mask
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Direct imaging process with feed back control by measuring the amount of toner deposited
Image reading apparatus
Laser beam with controllable light quantity feature usable in an image forming apparatus
Method for determining bending order and disposition of dies
Low voltage constant current source
Loop-back clock phase generator
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program storage medium for controlling and displaying a menu
Data input/output system, data input/output method, and program recording medium
System and method for reducing power consumption in an optical screen pointing device
Cold spare circuit for CMOS output circuit
Parallel read with source-clear operation
Graphics system with real-time convolved pixel readback
Method and apparatus for processing an image, and storage
Method and apparatus for the interactive display of any portion of a spherical image
Method to refresh view of a collection of objects
Operating device for controlling electronic devices utilizing a touch panel
Devices, systems and methods for facilitating positioning of cursor on display device
Facile ergonomic computer pointing device
Small facile ergonomic computer mouse
Coordinate input apparatus, control method therefor and computer-readable memory
System and method for controlling print jobs in host based printers
Method and apparatus for bringing together separately created information blocks into a single information block for creating multiple hierarchies
Signal processing circuit integrating pulse widths of an input pulse signal according to polarities
Print system and print method
Printer with a tonality correction capability
Printing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling a light signal in electrophotographic developing type printer
Wireless tag, its manufacturing and its layout
Access control method and apparatus for members and guests
Method of managing workflow information
Color conversion device and color conversion method
White-balance adjusting apparatus
Method and system for rendering macropixels in a graphical image
Sample cache for supersample filtering
Two-dimensional buffer pages
Processing pixels of a digital image
Batch processing of primitives for use with a texture accumulation buffer
Character reading circuit
Graphic processor having multiple geometric operation units and method of processing data thereby
Dynamic, live surface and model elements for visualization and modeling
Method and system for more efficiently utilizing processors of a graphics system
Image generation system, program and image generation method
Method and system for panoramic image morphing
Free-form modeling of objects with variational implicit surfaces
Mixed reality realizing system
Image processor capable of edge enhancement in saturated region
Image processing apparatus
Prop input device and method for mapping an object from a two-dimensional camera image to a three-dimensional space for controlling action in a game program
Resolution enhancement of compressed image data
System for regulating the bit rate or quality of a digital data compressor, in particular an image compressor
Method for compressing and encoding three-dimensional meshed network
Control device for a motor vehicle
Counterfeit detection viewer apparatus for paper currency
Content supply system and information processing method
Sports signalling device for hearing impaired persons
Remote control help feature
Aerially deployable marking device
Clock generation circuit having PLL circuit
Driving circuit for flat panel display device
Image display device and image display method
Electro-optical material-based grey scale generating method
Liquid crystal display device
Active matrix substrate inspecting method, active matrix substrate, liquid crystal device, and electronic apparatus
Self-calibrating image display device
Screen driver with animation circuit
Driving circuit of liquid crystal display and liquid crystal display driven by the same circuit
Data processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Scripted text discussion system
Display apparatus and method for gamma correcting a video signal therein
Heuristic determination of color reproduction parameters
Contouring reduction in SLM-based display
Color enhancement of analog video for digital video systems
System for processing graphic patterns
Displaying characters on a dot-matrix display
Video processing system and video processing method
Method and apparatus for increasing process yields of data storage devices
Methods and apparatus for detecting terminal open circuits and short circuits to ground in inductive head write driver circuits
Actuator for optical pickup
Multidirectional input device and electronic apparatus comprising it
Low resistance value resistor
Current control device
Over-current protection apparatus and method for making the same
Accurate multi-ground inductors for high-speed integrated circuits
Planar transformers
Non-contact transformer
HF transformer assembly having a higher leakage inductance boost winding
Ignition coil core isolation
Low alternating current (AC) loss superconducting coils
Bi-stable microswitch including magnetic latch
Micro-magnetic latching switch with relaxed permanent magnet alignment requirements
System and method for removing noise from AC operated electro magnets
Low noise relay
Electromagnetic switch device
Magnetic latching contactor
Magnetic device for a magnetic trip unit
Fuse holder assembly
Deflection yoke for compensating mis-convergence
Wafer processing apparatus having wafer mapping function
High frequency circuit module
MOS-type solid-state imaging apparatus
Solid-state imaging apparatus and camera using the same
Curved waveguide element and transmission device comprising the said element
In-band-flat-group-delay type dielectric filter and linearized amplifier using the same
High efficiency low pass filter
Dielectric filter for filtering out unwanted higher order frequency harmonics and improving skirt response
Waveguide to microstrip transition
Radio frequency amplifying circuit
Microstrip coupler
Antenna alignment devices
Devices for remote communication
Smart antenna arrays
Interface connection cable antenna and antenna diversity device of mobile communication terminal using the same
Tunable multi-band antenna array
Antenna for satellite reception
Antenna system and method for manufacturing the same
System for antenna sidelobe modification
Gregorian antenna system for shaped beam and multiple frequency use
Antenna device
Voltage tunable laminated dielectric materials for microwave waveguide applications
Mechanically scanned parabolic reflector antenna
Dual-band FR4 chip antenna
Broadband suspended plate antenna with multi-point feed
Antenna arrangement
Dual band coplanar microstrip interlaced array
Wideband compact planar inverted-F antenna
Sliding-type electric component having carbon fiber contact
Modular charge pump architecture
Charge pump with current limiting circuit
Low ripple charge pump for charging parasitic capacitances
System and method for current handling in a digitally-controlled power converter
Active filter for reduction of common mode current
Method for adjusting oscillator frequencies
Switched amplifier
Equalizer system and method for predistortion
Method and apparatus for cancellation of third order intermodulation distortion and other nonlinearities
Signal predistortion using a combination of multiple predistortion techniques
Fast forward RF power amplifier with high efficiency main amplifier and highly linear error amplifier
High gain wideband driver amplifier
Signal quality
Delta-sigma modulation apparatus and signal amplification apparatus
Ultra linear high speed operational amplifier output stage
Electrical circuits
Operational amplifier circuit
Class D switching audio amplifier
Predistortion linearizer and method for linearizing a nonlinear device
Gain-controlled amplifier with fixed minimum gain
Power amplification circuit and method for supplying power at a plurality of desired power output levels
Solid state RF power switching network
Analog FIR-filter with .SIGMA. .DELTA. modulator and delay line
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device and an apparatus embodying the method
Method and apparatus for digital broadcast channel selection by frequency searching in a step-wise fashion
Television tuner capable of receiving FM broadcast
Apparatus and method for minimizing spurious harmonic noise in switched current steering architectures
Power saving termination technique for differential signaling
Programmable converter having an automatic channel sequencing mode
Double edge-triggered flip-flops
Oscillation circuit and electronics using the same
System and method for generating minimum on-time pulses
MOS latch with three stable operating points
Sampled analog DC offset correction for data bus structures
Clamp circuit
Pad circuit and method for automatically adjusting gain for the same
Devices and methods for automatically producing a clock signal that follows the master clock signal
Frequency generating device and method thereof
Frequency acquisition for data recovery loops
Lock detection circuit
PLL for clock recovery with initialization sequence
Hardware-efficient implementation of dynamic element matching in sigma-delta DAC's
Integrator reset mechanism
Techniques for pausing and resuming analog-to-digital signal conversion
System and method to substantially eliminate glitch in a digital to analog converter
Circuits and methods for a variable over sample ratio delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter
Gain scaling for higher signal-to-noise ratios in multistage, multi-bit delta sigma modulators
Data modulating/demodulating method and system and apparatus using the same
Extending non-volatile memory endurance using data encoding
Variable, adaptive quantization in sigma-delta modulators
Resilient parameterized prefix codes for adaptive coding
Integrated remote control unit for operating a television and a video game unit
Rule-based actions using tracking data
Third-party authorization for home-based printing
Method and system for bidirectional signal transmission
Controlling by means of a pc-fax link a telephone terminal connected to a fax machine
Film unit drive assembly for a detachable electronic photographic printer and camera
Image input/output apparatus
Method and apparatus for outputting picture image data
Image reading device and image forming apparatus equipped therewith
Multi-beam scanning optical system and image forming apparatus using it
Image reading apparatus and image reading method
Image processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for modifying a hard copy image digitally in accordance with instructions provided by consumer
Print engine/controller and printhead interface chip incorporating the engine/controller
Method for generating trapping contours in a print page
Image display system for displaying an adjustable widened virtual image
Testing of solid-state image sensors
External synchronization system using composite synchronization signal and camera system using the same
Focal-plane shutter for digital still cameras
Weatherproof and watertight digital electronic camera, including a solid or fluid-filled digital camera operating at great depths
Signal receiving apparatus, remote controller, signal receiving system, and apparatus to be controlled
Interpolation apparatus, and video signal processing apparatus including the same
Television signal reception apparatus
Display apparatus
Structure for fastening flat braun tube to cabinet
Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
CATV filter assembly with improved electrical grounding
Method and apparatus for controlling a video camera in a video conferencing system
Video conferencing apparatus and method therefor
Composite video multiplexing scheme
Solid-state image pickup apparatus for producing image signals with pixel signals mixed in a horizontal direction and a signal reading method for the same
CMOS image sensor with noise cancellation
Reflective time-division image projector having a transmission color wheel
Liquid crystal projection display
System and method for video conference service
Display apparatus and method for gamma correction
Method and system for adaptive three-dimensional color television Y/C separation comb filter design
Information reproducing apparatus, information reproducing method, information recording medium, information recording apparatus, information recording method, and information recording program
Circuit substrate having resistive films connecting external terminals in series with lands
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