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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Method and apparatus for testing transmitters in optical fiber networks
Human Necessities
Method of and system for improving sprinkler system efficiency
Treatment for herpes simplex virus and other infectious diseases
Use of 2,5-dihydroxybenzene compounds and derivatives for the treatment of rosacea
Use of difructose anhydride-containing composition
Use of purine derivatives for the production of medicaments for the treatment of mucoviscidosis and diseases related to protein addressing errors in cells
Therapeutic uses of adrenergic .alpha.-1 receptor antagonists
Golf balls with cores or intermediate layers prepared from highly-neutralized ethylene copolymers and organic acids
Cardiac diagnostics using time compensated stress test cardiac MRI imaging and systems for cardiac diagnostics
Intracardiac impedance and its applications
Systems and methods for the generation and display of fusion statistics
Method and apparatus for in-vivo physiological monitoring
X-ray imaging method and device with three-dimensional processing
Treatment skin disorders
Inhibitors of yeast filamentous growth and method of their manufacture
Composition for treating a dermal anomaly
Use of carvedilol for treatment of diabetes mellitus
Agent for fungal dermatitis
Pharmaceutical propylene glycol solvate compositions
Chemical compounds
Thiazolopyridine sirtuin modulating compounds
Benzimidazole derivatives and their use for modulating the GABA.sub.A receptor complex
Imidazolylalkylcarbonyl derivatives as calcium channel modulators and preparation method thereof
Method of treatment or prophylaxis
Decorative lighting with scent dispensers
Implantable leads with a conductor coil having two or more sections
Methods and apparatus for electrical stimulation of tissues using signals that minimize the effects of tissue impedance
Cervical spinal cord stimulation for the treatment and prevention of cerebral vasospasm
System and method for increasing relative intensity between cathodes and anodes of neurostimulation system
Paddle lead configurations for electrical stimulation systems and methods of making and using
Controlling effects caused by exposure of an implantable medical device to a disruptive energy field
Systems and methods for making and using paddle leads with adjustable spacing between adjacent electrodes
Resorbable anchor arrangements for implantable devices and methods of making and using
Medical electrical leads and conductor assemblies thereof
Automatic external defibrillator with active status indicator
Methods and apparatus for hardware based radiation dose calculation
Radiation therapy device
Method for separation of constituents from matrices
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of detecting pneumocandin compounds
Process for laser cutting a metal plate
Laser welding Al and Fe members with Zn filler
Reducing a generation of contaminants during a solder reflow process
Pixel clock generator and image forming apparatus
Rubber composition for tire comprising an organosiloxane coupling agent
Coupling between thermal engine and air conditioning compressor of automotive vehicle
Automated start-stop systems and methods for internal combustion engines
Method for detecting an environment of a vehicle
ACB following distance alert and warning adjustment as a function of forward vehicle size and host vehicle mass
Load sensing device
Motor vehicle having a parking assistance system
Motor vehicle braking system having a hydraulically actuated service braking system and an electromechanically actuated braking system
Method and device for stabilizing a single-track motor vehicle
Redundant hardware architecture for the control signals stage of system for braking a vehicle all of whose wheels are each linked to at least one rotary electric machine
Method for controlling rotation speed
Vehicle steering apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling active rear steering
Bicycle electronic signaling device that sounds like a car horn
Recording-medium positioning device and image forming apparatus employing the device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Catalyst composition and its use thereof in aromatics alkylation
Benzyloxy anilide derivatives useful as potassium channel modulators
Hydroxyl-terminated thiocarbonate containing compounds, polymers, and copolymers, and polyurethanes and urethane acrylics made therefrom
Method for producing astaxanthin dimethyldisuccinate
Amido-fluorophosphite compounds and catalysts
Process for preparation of formate salt
Process and apparatus for oxidizing organic compounds
Process for purification of aromatic carboxylic acids
Method for preparing linear alpha-olefins with removal of aromatic by-products and reactor system therefor
Catalysts, preparation of such catalysts, methods of using such catalysts, products obtained in such methods and uses of products obtained
Quinazoline derivatives as angiogenesis inhibitors
4-substituted phenoxyphenylacetic acid derivatives
Synthesis of azido heterocycles
(Poly)Aminoalkylaminoalkylamide, alkyl-urea, or alkyl-sulfonamide derivatives of epipodophyllotoxin, a process for preparing them, and application thereof in therapy as anticancer agents
4,5,6,7-tetrahydrobenzo[B]thiophene derivatives and their use as sigma receptor ligands
Salvinorin derivatives and uses thereof
N-heterocyclic carbene metallacycle catalysts and methods
Nucleosides for suppressing or reducing the development of resistance in cytostatic therapy
Method for modifying nucleic acid bases, and nucleic acid base-modified product
Protease-stable, cell wall-lysing enzymes
Method for extracting a protein from milk
IL-B30 antibodies
Zona pellucida binding peptides for species specific immunocontraception of animals
Copolymers, their use as thickeners, and methods for their preparation
Process for the preparation of crosslinked nitroxide polymers
ABA triblock copolymer and process for producing the same
Borohydride metallocene complex of a lanthanide, catalytic system including said complex, polymerization method using same and ethylene/butadiene copolymer obtained using said method
Sterically emcumbered bidentate and tridentate naphthoxy-imine metallic complexes
Polycarbonate recovery from polymer blends by liquid chromatography
Polyimide resin composition, polyimide precursor resin composition for the same, production method thereof, and polyimide film and production method thereof
Process for preparing a diene copolymer comprising a polyether block, diene copolymer comprising a polyether block, reinforced rubber composition and tire
Heat resistant and fire retardant materials and methods for preparing same
Methods of making polymer blend compositions
Automotive lamp peripheral parts
GNTIII expression in plants
Fixed Constructions
Fluorinated polymer blocks for PEM applications
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power generation systems
Method of operating an electronic engine control (EEC) to compensate for speed changes
Switching apparatus for starter
Engine automatic-stop/restart system
Electrical power generating system
Vehicle user distance measuring system
Structural element for a fuselage cell structure of an aircraft, comprising at least one positioning aid
Method of analysis of an object by neutron interrogation, by the associated particle technique, and device for implementing the method
Ultraviolet ray detection apparatus using nanocrystal quantum dot
Device for on-site measurement of concentration of uranium in high temperature molten salts
Optical position detection device and equipment with position detection function
Volatile organic compound sensor
Distributed Brillouin sensing systems and methods using few-mode sensing optical fiber
Distributed brillouin sensing systems and methods using few-mode sensing optical fiber
Automated sum-peak suppression in an X-ray fluorescence analyzer
Good checking for vehicle yaw rate sensor
Circuit arrangement for frequency determination
Semiconductor device with clock stop detection
Electrode system for proximity detection and hand-held device with electrode system
Seating sensing device and method of the same
Measuring device
Method for the reconfiguration of a communications network
Test apparatus, test method and computer readable medium
Shorted test structure
Method for avoiding collision using identifier in mobile network
Magnetic field detection using faraday effect
Electromagnetic wave measuring apparatus, measuring method, program, and recording medium
Nano-structure arrays for EMR imaging
Measurement apparatus and measurement method
Tow assembly for fixed wing aircraft for geophysical surveying
Radiation detector and method of using a radiation detector
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus with zoom lens
Lens apparatus and imaging apparatus
Zoom lens, imaging apparatus, and information device
Large-field unit-magnification catadioptric projection system
Objective changer and a microscope
Focusing and sensing apparatus, methods, and systems
Fiber optic enclosure with tear-away spool
Optical element and method for manufacturing the same
Apparatus for optical fiber management and cooling
Diode laser having a device for beam forming
Positioning unit and alignment device for an optical element
Camera lens assembly and producing method thereof
Piezoelectric actuator and camera module having same
Isolating light paths
Panel for controlling viewing angle and liquid crystal display having the same
Charge recovery scheme
Optical system and display that converts a flat image to a non-flat image
LCDS with integrated touch panels
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display with two sub-pixel regions and a storage capacitor
Compact pop-up camera flashes
Imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for prefiring cues during a digital cinema presentation
Cleanup method for optics in immersion lithography supplying cleaning liquid onto a surface of object below optical element, liquid supply port and liquid recovery port
Focus adjusting apparatus and focus adjusting method
Power supply unit, image forming apparatus and power supply control method
Image forming apparatus for transferring a toner image
Image forming apparatus having a job interruption control unit
Seamless intermediate transfer belt
Vacuum drive for web control at photoreceptor
Fixing device, single-sided image forming apparatus, and double-sided image forming apparatus
Fixing unit and image forming apparatus with built-in fixing unit
Lubricant applicator, process unit including the lubricant applicator, transfer unit including the lubricant applicator, and image forming apparatus including the process unit or the transfer unit
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Developing device with moveable flexible sheet for preventing toner deposition on developing device casing and image forming apparatus including the same
Method for generating video holograms for a holographic display device with random addressing
Electronic timepiece, time adjustment method for an electronic timepiece, and control program for an electronic timepiece
System for utilizing predictive energy consumption
Stabilization of a mast for vehicles and ships
Substation automatic control system
LED driving circuit and power converting circuit
Driving circuit of light-emitting element and method of generating driving signal therefor
Power supply equipment providing a data signal, identification information and power to an electronic device
Sliding module for electronic device
Memory device and memory control for controlling the same
Method of identifying user of scanning apparatus
Multiple media access control (MAC) addresses
Method and device for aiding the evaluation of a flight trajectory intended to be followed by an aircraft in a constrained environment
Method and device for vehicle driving assistance
Process and architecture of robotic system to mimic animal behavior in the natural environment
Engine control system
Control system and method based on estimated engine speed
Engine torque estimation systems and methods
Use of indirect data keys for encrypted tape cartridges
Handheld device with secondary screen for soft key descriptors
Apparatus and method generating interactive signal for a moving article
Inputting device for handwriting system
Codec control
Interactivity model for shared feedback on mobile devices
Capacitive sensing apparatus
Portable transmitter with push switch and touch sensor
Mobile terminal
Touch type display device
Dual sided transparent display module and portable electronic device incorporating the same
Dynamic projected user interface
Optical touch display apparatus
Systems and methods for assessing locations of multiple touch inputs
Noise cancellation technique for capacitive touchscreen controller using differential sensing
Apparatus and method for reducing average scan rate to detect a conductive object on a sensing device
Job-submission-request apparatus and method for making a request from a plurality of apparatuses
Image processing apparatus with a change processing section and a change requesting section for processing instructions of change
Printing apparatus printing method for controlling to stop executing print job and storage medium storing program thereof
Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
Techniques for performing actions based upon physical locations of paper documents
Method and driveline stability control system for a vehicle
On-vehicle communication device
Control apparatus of non-volatile memory and image forming apparatus
Generation of executables for a heterogeneous mix of multifunction printers
Determining composite color for dithered object and contone object
Information processing apparatus for performing printing and determining whether a conflict resolution of the setting values in a complex print setting is required
Predicting an expansion difficulty and an expansion time required to perform a rendering operation
Image processing method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable recording medium
Video hashing system and method
Method and system for screening of a to-be-analyzed candidate as a skin-whitening agent
Noise suppression in cone beam CT projection data
System and method for measuring image quality
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable medium
Navigation method and aparatus
Image processing device, image processing method, program, and imaging device
System and method for cardiac segmentation in MR-cine data using inverse consistent non-rigid registration
Adaptive optical character recognition on a document with distorted characters
Perspective improvement for image and video applications
Image processing device, image processing method, and computer readable medium for judging if images are matched
Image upscaling based upon directional interpolation
Image processor
Method and an apparatus for creating a combined image
Methods for digital image compression
Image processing apparatus
Blur estimation
Importance filtering for image retargeting
Method of determining PSF using multiple instances of a nominally similar scene
Method of notifying users regarding motion artifacts based on image analysis
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for adaptively processing an image using an enhanced image and pixel values of an original image
Method and system for constructing virtual space
3D manipulation using applied pressure
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer readable medium
Image correction method, image correction device, and program
Electric fuel pump tester and method
Location information sharing system and method for conveying location information based on user authorization
Search area reduction based on indoor detection for estimating the location of a wireless terminal
Method and apparatus for wireless management of articles
Battery charger loss prevention adaptor having a notification module
Geobroadcast hazard warning device via a server
Bowden cable wear detection in a tube clamp system for medical fluids
Impact detector and packaging container
Gas shut-off valve with feedback
Verbal warning systems and other audible warning systems for use with various types of devices, containers, products and other things
Elevator evacuation supporting system
Haptic feedback controller
Energy efficiency with rate adaptation
Optimization evaluation system, optimization evaluation device, optimization evaluation method, and optimization evaluation program
Device and method for detecting wheel axles
Apparatus for instantaneous translation of sign language
Display device and electronic apparatus
Light-emitting device
OLED driver, lighting apparatus equipped with the driver and an adjustment method of the apparatus
Image data processing device, liquid crystal display apparatus including same, display apparatus driving device, display apparatus driving method, program therefor, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for driving electrophoretic display
Adjusting backlight intensity based on a progress of a task
Display assembly and method for driving a display unit of a display assembly
Image transmission apparatus and control method therefor, and image display system
Head mounted display device and image display device
Hand-held electronic device
Image control device and image display system for generating an image to be displayed from received imaged data, generating display information based on the received image data and outputting the image and the display information to a display
Image processing apparatus, image displaying apparatus, and image processing method
Hardware-accelerated color data processing
Mitigation of artifacts in PWM illumination imaging
Dynamic data type aligned cache optimized for misaligned packed structures
Violin shoulder cradle
Musical instrument pick with replaceable strap
Automatic string musical instrument pick system
System and method for generating a musical compilation track from multiple takes
Music sound generation apparatus, music sound generation system, and music sound generation method
Adaptive filters to improve voice signals in communication systems
Near-field light generating element, near-field light head, and information recording and reproducing device
Low profile hard-disk drive enclosure cover which includes a flange recess for accommodating a SATA connector
Method and apparatus for recording
Portable information processing apparatus, information processing method for portable information processing apparatus, and program
Protective layer on gimbal for scratch mitigation
Media recording/reading device and media recording/reading method
Optical head and optical disc device
Memory based illumination device
Data flow control in multiple independent port
Semiconductor memory device using only single-channel transistor to apply voltage to selected word line
Shipping container for shipping channeled fuel bundles
Asymmetric differential inductor
Electric junction box and current detection device
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Emergency switch
Method for manufacturing light-emitting device
Multi charged particle beam writing apparatus and multi charged particle beam writing method
Fast time-of-flight mass spectrometer with improved data acquisition system
Multi-turn time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Lamp with heat sink and lamp cover mounted on the heat sink
Dual element switched electron gun
Micromechanical capacitive pressure transducer and production method
Variable resistive element, method for producing the same, and nonvolatile semiconductor memory device including the variable resistive element
Microstructure modification in copper interconnect structures
Post passivation interconnection schemes on top of IC chip
Film for flip chip type semiconductor back surface, dicing tape-integrated film for semiconductor back surface, process for producing semiconductor device, and flip chip type semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
3D integrated circuit with logic
Magnetic storage device
Electrical interface for a sensor array
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Semiconductor memory
Method for forming retrograded well for MOSFET
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Electrical fuse with sacrificial contact
Semiconductor package with interconnect layers
Information device
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Directionally recrystallized graphene growth substrates
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a SiC single crystal film
Heterojunction semiconductor device and method
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Integrated circuit and a method using integrated process steps to form deep trench isolation structures and deep trench capacitor structures for the integrated circuit
Enhanced capacitance trench capacitor
Organic solar cell and method for forming the same
Transportable solar power system
Non-linear element, display device including non-linear element, and electronic device including display device
Sputtering target and manufacturing method thereof, and transistor
Light emitting diode package, lighting device and light emitting diode package substrate
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same, and power supply
Light emitting diode and method for manufacturing the same
LED package with bounding dam surrounding LED chip and thermoset encapsulation enclosing LED chip and method for manufacturing the same
Insulating glass (IG) or vacuum insulating glass (VIG) unit including light source, and/or methods of making the same
Thermoelectric material, and thermoelectric element and thermoelectric module comprising same
Piezoelectric component comprising security layer and method for the production thereof
Beta voltaic semiconductor diode fabricated from a radioisotope
Bandpass filter, wireless communication module and wireless communication device
ADA compliant RF shielded door systems and related methods
Connector for establishing an electrical connection with conductive tape
Measuring station for measuring vehicles
Mode locked laser system
Raman converting laser systems
Photodarkening resistant optical fibers and fiber lasers incorporating the same
Spark plug with volume-stable electrode material
Spark plug and manufacturing method thereof
Audio processing apparatus
Inhibiting moisture intrusion in a very small form factor consumer electronic product
Tension balancer for overhead wire and tension balancer installation auxiliary device for overhead wire
Current limiting circuit
Lamp circuit with simplified circuitry complexity
Apparatus for pulse charging electric vehicles
System and method for ad-hoc energy exchange network
Apparatus and method for charging and discharging photovoltaic PCS integrated battery
Automotive vehicle electrical system diagnostic device
Charge apparatus and method using the same
Spindle motor
Crank-web mounted linearly segmented starter generator system
Electric motor
Device for mounting a resolver in an electric machine
Switching device and method for operating same
High efficiency power converter
Method and apparatus for generating current command value for tracking maximum power point in solar energy generating system
Electrical drive with switchable coil sections
Vehicle-use power generation control apparatus and vehicle-use power generation control system
Method for ascertaining measured values in a cyclically controlled system
Output driver circuit
Method and apparatus for detecting presence of signal in wireless communication system based on CR technology
Output coupling capacitor free audio power amplifier dynamically configured for speakers and headphones with excellent click and pop performance
Distortion compensation device, radio communication device, and distortion compensation method
Differential amplifier and source driver
Power amplifier
Device, system and method for directly generating alternating current electricity from photovoltaic cells
Scannable flip-flop with hold time improvements
Low power scannable latch
Level shift circuit
Semiconductor device and method for controlling flip-flop
Leakage tolerant delay locked loop circuit device
Hybrid analog-to-digital converter, an image sensor and a method for providing a plurality of digital signals
N-bit digital-to-analog converting device
Device and method for blocking-signal reduction
System and method for multiple signal carrier time domain channel estimation
System and method for optimizing power supplies in a wireless transceiver
Dual band diode mixer for RF data receiver
Secure, distributed hierarchical convergence network
Communication device and communication system
Communication device
Wireless communicator jacket with multiple operational stages
Method to control the effects of out-of-cell interference in a wireless cellular system using over-the-air feedback control
Random gap insertion in an optical ring network
High speed communication
Architecture of an optical refueling communication using glass fiber
Method and apparatus for transient frequency distortion compensation
Apparatus for monitoring optical signal quality specifically applicable to NRZ optical signals
Resource adaptive spectrum estimation of streaming data
Switching between two communication modes in a WLAN
Method for efficiently performing multi-BS MIMO operation in a broadband wireless access system
Method for transmitting data in wireless communication system
Wireless aircraft gateway with auxiliary battery power
Interference mitigation mechanism to enable spatial reuse in UWB networks
Serial bus transmission system
Method of setting up dynamic multicast and broadcast service zone for providing mobile internet protocol television service
Method and apparatus for transmitting uplink signals using optimized rank 3 codebook
Cyclical time-based communication system, user in such a system and transmission method
Multiple time accurate strobe (TAS) messaging
Slew rate-variation based driver equalization for far-end crosstalk cancellation
Ethernet backhaul for wireless base stations
Highly integrated media access control
Content-adaptive multimedia coding and physical layer modulation
Pilot transmission method in a wireless communication system
Node apparatus, route control method, route computation system, and route computation apparatus
Apparatus for accelerating failover of VPN traffic in an MPLS provider network
Multiple logical channels for use in network devices
Robust multicast broadcasting
Resource allocation method in wireless base station device, and wireless base station device
Connectivity architecture for service discovery
Method of and apparatus for transmitting digital broadcasting signal in advanced-VSB (A-VSB) system in which transport packet without adaptation field is provided at fixed location in data field slices
Multi-topology and multi-service routing system
System and method for distributed processing in an internet protocol network
Network device and data control program
Internet telephony system with automated call answering
Method and system for conditionally invoking an internet protocol multimedia subsystem service
Voice-over-Internet Protocol device load profiling
Redundant key server encryption environment
Frequency-domain adaptive feedback equalizer
Reception circuit
Method for controlling power saving mode of UE in the mobile communication system
Mobile communication device
Mobile communication device
Portable terminal device with light source
Mobile communication device
Method and system for routing calls placed to a telephony identifier associated with a group of identities
Systems and methods for processing audio using multiple speech technologies
Method, circuit, system and application for providing messaging services
System and method for gathering information at a crisis scene
Voice-messaging with attachments
Wireless user based notification system
Method for controlling a mobile terminal based on status response information received from an external terminal
Monitoring device, evaluation data selecting device, agent evaluation device, agent evaluation system, and program
System for embedding programming language content in XML
Method and system for managing a call request in a network
Mobile terminal and method of controlling mobile terminal
Mobile information terminal
System and method for achieving call back service
Profile management system including user interface for accessing and maintaining profile data of user subscribed telephony services
Methods and systems for telephony processing, including location based call transfers
Systems and arrangements for communicating with an automated interactive telecommunications service system
Mobile machine
Identity blocking service from a wireless service provider
Teleconference presentation retrieval management
Image forming apparatus with pivoting operation panel control method therefor, and operation apparatus of equipment
Media handling and uniformity calibration for an image scanner
Method for automatically identifying scan region boundary
Optimal patch code design via device characterization
Binarization-use-pattern generating method and printing apparatus
Method for the digital screening of halftone images
Method for identifying a media type and selecting a print mode based on the media type
Image forming apparatus, method and storage medium for selecting different mode to increase a degree of gloss of a print product, based on a predetermined threshold value
Image processing device, image processing method, and program for performing direct printing which considers color matching processing based on a profile describing the input color characteristics of an image input device and the output color characteristics of an image output device
Shuttering eyewear for use with stereoscopic liquid crystal display
Apparatus for displaying 3D image
Method of estimating video quality at any resolution
Camera, printer, print system, control method, memory medium and program therefor
Light-emitting module, illumination device, display device, and television receiver
Image pickup device, image pickup apparatus, control method, and program
Detecting red eye filter and apparatus using meta-data
Imaging device unit and imaging apparatus for removing dust from an optical device
Image processing apparatus, photographing apparatus and control method for compressing images
Moving imager camera for track and range capture
Image pickup apparatus, image pickup method, and storage medium storing program
Image capture apparatus and image capturing method
Imaging apparatus
Lens assembly alignment device for camera lens module
Color processing method, program therefor, and image pickup apparatus
Red-eye filter method and apparatus
Video still camera
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and imaging system using floating light shielding portions
Digital broadcast receiver apparatus and image display method
Imaging apparatus and control method thereof
Combining material and data
Video reproducing device and video reproducing method
Digital refocusing for wide-angle images using axial-cone cameras
Apparatus and method for coding picture data
Method and an apparatus for decoding/encoding a video signal by performing illumination compensation
Methods and devices for re-synchronizing a damaged video stream
Method and terminal for synchronously recording sounds and images of opposite ends based on circuit domain video telephone
Method of downloading software in digital broadcast receiver
Object location information
Apparatus for controlling color temperature
Recording apparatus, reproducing apparatus, recording/reproducing apparatus, recording program and storage medium thereof, and reproduction program and storage medium thereof
Recording and playback apparatus
Sensor tag, sensor tag device, power receiving circuit, and sensor tag device power supply method
Radio system for sensing applications
Electronic device
Inertial vibration exciter
Hearing aid
Electrical contacts using conductive silicone in hearing assistance devices
Energy saving PWM sound device
Neckloop for teleloop hearing aid system
Audio device comprising a microphone
Methods and apparatus for channel selection in a peer to peer network
Supporting communication among endpoints in a geographical area
Apparatus and methods for determining network access performance of a wireless device
Method for calibrating a propagation-time-based localization system
Communication system, base station and mobile station used in the communication system, and base station switching method
Methods for managing co-located macro and femto base station deployments and methods for initiating mobile station handoff
Method for transferring a communication session in a telecommunications network from a first connection to a second connection
Method and system for extended network access notification via a broadband access gateway
Preamble generation method for random access in a wireless communication system
Method of restricting scheduling request for effective data transmission
Communication system and method for discovering end-points that utilize a link layer connection in a wired/wireless local area network
Location determination using historical data
Method and apparatus for supporting frequency division multiplexing or time division multiplexing in wireless peer-to-peer networks
Terminal position managing server, access point, and call control server
Wireless system, for packet communication between base station and mobile stations
Control channel communications in a cellular communications network
Method for transmitting voice packets in wireless communication system
Spectrum-adaptive networking
Method and system for wireless coverage redundancy
VoIP service threshold determination by wireless router
Dynamic bandwidth allocation to transmit a wireless protocol across a code division multiple access (CDMA) radio link
Method for allocating control channels
Provisioning applications for a mobile device
Method for display of dual standby portable terminal and apparatus thereof
Fastening means for terminals for electrical resistance elements
Electronic appliance and light-emitting device
Dimmer switch with adjustable high-end trim
System and method to address and control serially connected LEDs
Lighting apparatus using PN junction light-emitting element
Control circuit and light emitting diode driver and method using thereof
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus
Switched-mode power supply, LED lighting system and driver comprising the same, and method for electrically driving a load
Method and circuit arrangement for making a lamp wattage available for operating at least one gas discharge lamp
System and method for transferring data in a computed tomography apparatus
Radiographic apparatus
Flex-rigid wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Handheld device
Quick mounting system and media with compatibility and access control
Additives for grain fragmentation in Pb-free Sn-based solder
Liquid cooling arrangement for electronic apparatus
Device for cooling integrated circuits
Lightweight audio system for automotive applications and method
Shielded heat-dissipating lap cushion
Mobile measurement device
Forced-air-cooled vehicle control device
Multi-case rack for industrial computer
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Water purification apparatus
Hybrid maize plant and seed 39W54
Soybean cultivar 0332143
Sealed filtration system
Hand held fishing line welder
Container and method for conditioning articles of hunting clothing and related gear
Preservation solution
Hyperbaric oxygen organ preservation system (HOOPS)
Preparation for veterinary use
Ectoparasite asphyxiator compositions and methods for their applications
Method of delivering active material within hydrogel microbeads
Cleaning towel having a color identifying label and sanitizer release polymer composition
Anti-microbial compositions
Herbicidal substituted pyridines, their preparation, and their use as herbicides and plant growth regulators
Synergistically active herbicidal mixtures
Microbicide compositions
Method of forming a butter/margarine blend
Aqueous compositions useful for stabilizing and texturizing dairy products and process for preparing the same
Packaged food articles with enriched headspace
Low-moisture, reduced fat, lipid-based fillings
Low viscosity structured lipid pan release compositions and methods
Soluble particles with encapsulated aroma and method of preparation thereof
Palatable arginine compounds and uses thereof for cardiovascular health
Food product and method of preparation
Frozen food product
Feed supplement and methods of making thereof
Strain of Eubacterium that detoxyfies trichothenes
Proteases from gram positive organisms
Nucleic acid module coding for .alpha.glucosidase, plants that synthesize modified starch, methods for the production and use of said plants, and modified starch
Process for production of aspartyl dipeptide ester derivative, novel production intermediate therefor, and process for production thereof
Emulsified food composition
Aqueous anti-apoptotic compositions
Health food products
High quality dried bouillon and methods for preparation thereof
Two scrim laminate
Device for monitoring fertility in women by observing physical changes in body fluids
Tear resistant gelatinous elastomer compositions and articles for use as fishing bait
Semen storage
Wound packing material
Disposable absorbent article employing an absorbent composite and method of making the same
Cosmetic composition comprising a particle dispersion
Mascara comprising a particle dispersion
Cosmetic composition comprising a particle dispersion
Herbal pharmaceutical compositions for prophylaxis and/or treatment of cardiovascular diseases and the method of preparing the same
Composition and method for lowering cholesterol
Preventive/remedies for liver diseases
Drinkable ibuprofen pharmaceutical suspension
4-substituted-1-(arylmethylidene)thiosemicarbazide, 4-substituted-1-(arylcarbonyl)thiosemicarbazide and analogs as activators of caspases and inducers of apoptosis and the use thereof
Methods, compositions and modes of delivery for the treatment of emphysema using 13-cis-retinoic acid
Use of (Z)-2-cyano-3-hydroxy-but-2-enoic acid-(4'-trifluoromethylphenyl)-amide for treating multiple sclerosis
Remedies for kidney diseases and method for screening the same
Substituted pyridines useful for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity
Substituted nicotinamides and analogs as activators of caspases and inducers of apoptosis and the use thereof
Method for treating cancer using camptothecin derivatives and 5-fluorouracil
Heart muscular cell apoptosis inhibitors and remedies/preventives for heart diseases
Compounds and related methods for inhibition of .gamma.-aminobutyric acid aminotransferase
Use of .DELTA.5-androstene-3.beta.-OL7,17-dione in the treatment of arthritis
Treatment of thrombosis by combined use of a factor Xa inhibitor and aspirin
Aminoalkylenephosphonates for treatment of bone disorders
Alicyclic imidazoles as H3 agents
Cool and dry soft solid antiperspirant
Composition and method for treating the effects of diseases and maladies
Biomaterial derived from vertebrate liver tissue
Composition and method for inducing apoptosis in prostate cancer cells
Composition comprising extensin and, optionally, pectic polysaccharides
Methods for treating rheumatoid arthritis using IL-17 antagonists
Treatment of allergic rhinitis
Compositions for inhalation
Treatment of cancers by inhalation of stable platinum-containing formulations
Antithrombin H-helix mutants
Construction of Pasteurella haemolytica vaccines
Vaccines with enhanced immune response and methods for their preparation
Methods and compositions for enhancing diffusion of therapeutic agents through tissue
Chlorins possessing fused ring systems useful as photoselective compounds for photodynamic therapy
Dietary supplements for enhancing the immune system
Methods for treating circadian rhythm phase disturbances
Use of ER.beta.-selective ligands for regulating fertility and compounds useful therefor
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Contraceptive methods using benzimidazolones
Vertebrate intestinal protein which absorbs cholesterol, its inhibitors and mehtod of identifying the same
Protein recognized by an antibody that specifically binds an epitope that is specifically bound by monoclonal antibody 5c8.
Hydroxylation activated drug release
Methods of selecting internalizing antibodies
Ionic molecular conjugates of N-acylated derivatives of poly(2-amino-2-deoxy-D-glucose) and polypeptides
Polyampholytes for delivering polyions to a cell
In vivo stimulation of angiogenic activity
Vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Radioactively coated devices
Ester based phosphobetaine compounds
Asparagine containing elastin peptide analogs
Liquid foaming shaving compositions
Cleaning wipe
Preparations of the w/o emulsion type with an increased water content, comprising moderately polar lipids and silicone emulsifiers and, if desired, cationic polymers
Solid oral dosage form
Biodegradable compositions for the controlled release of encapsulated substances
Method for preparation of disodium pamidronate
Mineral supplement
Membrane or matrix for controlling the permeation rate of drugs
Solid preparations for oral administration of drugs relating to genes
Multiparticulate modified release composition
Contact lens and opthalmic solutions
Polymer products comprising soft and elastic biodegradable polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer compositions and methods of preparing such polymer products
Styrenic block copolymer breathable elastomeric films
Absorbent article having a stable skin care composition
Antiseptic compress
Amorphous polymeric polyaxial initiators and compliant crystalline copolymers therefrom
Crystallizable polylactone copolymers prepared from mono- and di-functional polymerization initiators
Method and apparatus for reducing outbreaks of diffuse lamellar keratitis
Dynamic Ox biological burden reduction
Sterilization container
Apparatus and method for monitoring biofilm cleaning efficacy
Fracture-resistant, cross-linked ultra high molecular weight polyethylene shaped material and articles made therefrom
Single-dip process for achieving a layer-by-layer-like coating
Medical device having surface modification with superoxide dismutase mimic
Biological and chemical defense apparatus utilizing cold plasma generated pressurized activated oxygen
Method and device for preparing a medical fluid
Method for measuring hemoglobin concentration (HGB) in the blood in a circuit of a dialysis machine, measuring device and circuit for the application of the method
Methods, systems, and kits for intravascular nucleic acid delivery
Process for oxidising aromatic compounds
Golf ball compositions comprising metallized lipid-based nanotubules
Polyurethane material for two and three piece golf balls
Self healing polymers in sports equipment
Golf balls incorporating nanocomposite materials
Methods of manufacturing a golf ball
Method of manufacturing an alpine ski
Performing Operations; Transporting
Clarifying tank
Combination valve support and sealing element for filter cartridges
Fluid filtration assembly combining return-side and supply-side filters for use in a vehicle transmission
Operation of heads column
Pipe system for receiving and transporting lime sludge from a white liquor filter
Support and locking structure for a fuel filter
Low-boron glass fibers and glass compositions for making the same
Laminar structure
High temperature decomposition of hydrogen peroxide
Super water-repellent organic/inorganic composite membrane
Ethylene-vinyl alcohol hollow fiber membranes
Equipment for the leaching of solid matter from sludge
Plasmatron-catalyst system
Chromatographic packing materials and methods of making and using such packing materials
ZnO-based regenerable sulfur sorbents for fluid-bed/transport reactor applications
Process for producing bonded activated carbon structures and articles
Basic clay catalyst for the production of glycol monoester
Photocatalytic material and photocatalytic article
Method of forming photo-catalytic film made of titanium oxide on base material and laminated material thereof
Highly selective shell impregnated catalyst of improved space time yield for production of vinyl acetate
Method for producing multiple-phase multi-metal oxide materials
Raney copper
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Synthesis of molecular sieves having the CHA framework type
Optically active chiral diphosphine ligands
Diphosphine compound, production intermediate thereof, transition metal complex containing the compound as ligand and asymmetric hydrogenation catalyst containing the complex
Application of catalytic nanoparticles to high temperature water systems to reduce stress corrosion cracking
Method and device for producing a metallic honeycomb body
Capillary array-based sample screening
Microdevice and method for detecting a characteristic of a fluid
Pipettor and externally sealed pipette tip
Device and method for separating components of a fluid sample
Blood test container
Rapid tissue processor
Method of separating and collecting components from a fluid
Masking method and masking means
Combustion, HVOF spraying of liquid crystal polymer coating on composite, metallic and plastics
Tube target
Methods of chemical vapor deposition and powder formation
Electrochemical treating method such as electroplating and electrochemical reaction device therefor
Microlamination method for making devices
Process for material-removing machining of both sides of semiconductor wafers
Method and apparatuses for making and using bi-modal abrasive slurries for mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies
Method of polishing a film
Gage thickness measurement by use of inductive sensors
Method and apparatus for forming a flexible mat defined by interconnected concrete panels
Method for stabilizing fluorine-containing polymer
Polymer granules with anisotropic coloring, the manufacturing thereof and the use thereof to produce coatings and moulded articles
Optimization of in-mold coating injection molded thermoplastic substrates
Method and apparatus for making plastic film, and plastic film
Method of manufacturing a vehicle pull handle assembly
Method for linking two plastic components
Layered composite material with an intermediate layer made from a thermoplastic
Plastic molding and method and apparatus for producing the same by injection molding
Process for producing a spark plug boot resistor assembly
Method and device for producing a large-volume container
Method for making cargo liners and mats with channel edge
Covered roll having an under-layer formed of resin infused densely packed fibers that provides increased strength and adhesion properties
Substrate bonding apparatus for liquid crystal display device and method for driving the same
Disk bonding apparatus and disk bonding method
Method and apparatus for fabricating chopped fiberglass laminate for automotive headliners
Polyisocyanurate compositions and composites
Precision longitudinal registration of tire building drum to automated tire building system work station
Method of making slotted tubular dunnage
Mold-resistant corrugated carboard for void-forming structures and process
Radiating sheet and PDP panel
Metal plate coated with lubricating resin and drilling processing method of printed wiring board use thereof
Corrosion-resistant coated metal and method for making the same
Silane-modified polyvinyl acetals
Oxygen scavenging polymer compositions containing ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymers
Transparent, flame retardant, thermoformable oriented film made from cristallizble thermoplastics materials, production method and the utilization thereof
Fire resistant polymeric film and insulation assembly
Layered film and packaging product thereof
Multi-layer film structure for use with a high-speed pouch forming, filling and sealing machine
Multi-layer hermetically sealable film
Multilayer composite based on polyamide/polyolefin
Transparent polyester film with enhanced water vapor barrier, its production and use
Transparent polyester film with enhanced water vapor barrier, its production and use
Use of a structure based on poly(dimethylketene) and objects comprising this structure
Recyclable water-resistant corrugated fiberboard sheet
Composite preform structural panel having electrically conductive stitching
Bendable board material
Liquid absorbent
Moisture-permeable waterproof fabric and release sheet-attached moisture-permeable resin film used for production of moisture-permeable waterproof fabric
Plastic molding having two or more layers and antistatic properties
Protective cover system including a corrosion inhibitor
Reinforced foam backed carpet
Method for manufacturing packaging materials with a polyolefin foam layer
Portable ironing pad assembly
Heavy duty vehicle floor mat
Food package insert and decoder game
Four edge sealed sterilization wrap and method for sterilizing an article
Method for the production of thermally cross-linked laser engravable flexographic elements
Thermal generation of a mask for flexography
Negative photosensitive lithograhic printing plate
Thermo reversible recording medium, member having information memorizing part, thermo reversible recording label, method of and apparatus for image processing
Manufacturing method for print head
Customizable decal and kit for making the same
Heat transfer labelling system
Solvent inkjet ink receptive films
Methods for producing aqueous ink-jet recording media using hot-melt extrudable compositions and media produced therefrom
Liquid composition and ink set, and image-forming process and apparatus using the same
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Three dimensional pattern decorated article
Ink ribbon for image transcription
Vehicle structural beam and method of manufacture
Artificial turf airport marking safety system
Method and machine for placement of multiple labels
Gas permeation resistant synthetic cork closure
Packaging article
Tape applicator and methods of applying tape to a surface
Aperture in a semiconductor material, and the production and use thereof
Method for fabricating a structure for a microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) device
Methods of forming void regions, dielectric regions and capacitor constructions
Method for fabricating a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) device using a pre-patterned bridge
Bonding for a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) and MEMS based devices
Deposited thin films and their use in detection, attachment and bio-medical applications
Method for forming a microstructure from a monocrystalline substrate
Selecting a material for use as the expansive element
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Agglomerated hexagonal boron nitride powders, method of making, and uses thereof
Alkali metal hydrogen phosphates as precursors for phosphate-containing electrochemical active materials
Compact plasma-based fuel reformer
Process to accomplish autothermal or steam reforming via a reciprocating compression device
System and method for treatment of water and disposal of contaminants produced by converting lighter hydrocarbons into heavier hydrocarbon
Direct synthesis of catalyzed hydride compounds
Method and plant for production of oxygenated hydrocarbons
Carbonaceous complex structure and manufacturing method therefor
Graphitized carbon fiber powder and thermally conductive composition
Nanostructured carbide cermet powders by high energy ball milling
Clay/organic chemical compositions useful as additives to polymer, plastic and resin matrices to produce nanocomposites and nonocomposites containing such compositions
Nanocrystalline inorganic based zeolite and method for making same
Method for producing high-purity hydrochloric acid
Method for preparing ITO nanometer powders
Ammonium dodecamolybdomolybdate and method of making
Methods of making manganese sulfide
Metal oxide containing multiple dopants and method of preparing same
Active material of positive electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method for preparing the same and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery using the same
Method and apparatus for removing contaminants from conduits and fluid columns
Wastewater solids removal methods
Waste water treatment apparatus
Aerobic biomass granules for waste water treatment
Lamp assembly for point-of-use water treatment system
Multiple torch--multiple target method and apparatus for plasma outside chemical vapor deposition
Glass-ceramics for a light filter
Cooking device with a glass-ceramic panel providing a cooking surface in a variety of different colors and method of making same
Glass compositions for ultrafine fiber information
Direction in low-temperature paste development
Alkali development type photocurable composition and calcined pattern obtained by use of the same
Cathode targets of silicon and transition metal
Hydrophilic DLC on substrate with UV exposure
Borosilicate glass with high chemical resistance and use thereof
Process for manufacturing infrastructures based on vitrified blast-furnace slag and additive used
Synthesis of YBa2CU3O7 using sub-atmospheric processing
Low temperature sinterable and low loss dielectric ceramic compositions and method thereof
Piezoelectric ceramic
Melted-infiltrated fiber-reinforced composite ceramic
Polymer arrays from the combinatorial synthesis of novel materials
Hydrogenation of prochiral ketones
Process for making .gamma.-alkoxyamines
Biphenyl compounds and their use as oestrogenic agents
Process for the separation of organic substances from an aqueous mixture
Perfluoroalkyl compounds and their methods of use and manufacture
Synthesis of functionalized and unfunctionalized olefins via cross and ring-closing metathesis
Processes for the preparation of peripheral opioid antagonist compounds and intermediates thereto
Synthesis of clasto-lactacystin .beta.-lactone and analogs thereof
Cell differentiation inducer
Amide derivatives
Process for preparing a deuterated or tritiated compound
Sulfonyl aryl or heteroaryl hydroxamic acid compounds
Synthesis of 2-alkylcysteine via substituted thiazoline amide
Manufacturing processes for Se-methyl-L-selenocysteine
Process for the preparation of sorbic acid
Process for the preparation of ethers deriving from hydroxybenzoic acids
Method for separating and purifying an aqueous mixture that mainly consists of acetic acid and formic acid
Ester synthesis
Process for the production of sulfonic esters
1,4-dihydropyridine derivative with a guaiacoxypropanolamine and/or phenoxypropanolamine moiety
Preparation of 3,6-dichloro-2-trichloromethylpyridine by vapor phase chlorination of 6-chloro-2-trichloromethylpyridine
Compounds that inhibit factor Xa activity
Quinazoline derivatives and drugs
Succinoylamino lactams as inhibitors of a.beta. protein
Efficient synthesis of 5-heteroatom-containing -pyrazoles
Bis(trifluoromethyl)hydantoins as intermediates for pharmaceutically active ingredients
CXCR3 antagonists
Composition of polyepoxide and oxazolidine latent curing agent
Amino acid phenoxy ethers
Heterocyclic compounds and medical use thereof
Bicyclic cyclohexylamines and their use as NMDA receptor antagonists
Nitrate salts of antimicrobial agents
Drechsleranol derivatives, processes for their preparation and their use
Process for the preparation of 2-nitrothiophene selectively from thiophene using metal exchanged clay catalysts
Acrylic ester compound usage thereof
.beta.-amino acid compounds as integrin antagonists
Ortho, ortho-substituted nitrogen-containing bisaryl compounds, processes for their preparation, their use as medicaments, and pharmaceutical preparation comprising them
Substituted indolinones, their manufacture and their use as medicaments
Benzoxazine derivatives useful as integrin receptor antagonists
3-(heteroaryl) alanine derivatives-inhibitors of leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Indole derivatives
Substituted benzoxazoles as estrogenic agents
Viral polymerase inhibitors
Immunoassay for LSD and 2-oxo-3-hydroxy-LSD
Derivatives of pyrimido[6.1-a]isoquinolin-4-one
Succinic acid salts of 5,7,14-triazatetracyclo[,11.04,9] -hexadeca-1(11),3,5,7,9-pentaene and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Cucurbiturils and method for synthesis
Benzimidazole derivatives, preparation and therapeutic use thereof
Compounds for fluorescence labeling
Purine inhibitors of cyclin dependent kinase 2 & ikappabalpha
Pharmaceutically active compounds
Process for the preparation of manganese complexes of salen compounds
Substituted diboron compounds
Ethylene-styrene copolymers and phenol-triazole type complexes, catalysts, and processes for polymerizing
Taxanes having t-butoxycarbonyl substituted side-chains and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Hydrolyzable and polymerizable silanes based on methylene dithiepane
Hydrolyzable and polymerizable silanes
Phosphorus compound
Macrolide antiinfective agents
Oligonucleotide analogues
Method for cloning and expression of PpuMI restriction endonuclease and PpuMI methylase in E. coli
Isolation of nucleic acid
Methods for removing dimethoxytrityl groups from oligonucleotides
Methods of small sample amplification
Full-length infectious cDNA clones of tick borne flavivirus
Aminofuranose compounds
Process for the preparation of fluorosteroids
Methods to culture circovirus
Retrovirus vectors derived from avian sarcoma leukosis viruses permitting transfer of genes into mammalian cells and therapeutic uses thereof
Method of eliminating inhibitory/instability regions of mRNA
Method of purifying lantibiotics
Treponema pallidum fused antigen and assay for anti-treponema pallidum antibodies using the same fused antigen
Helicobacter pylori antigens in blood
Vaccines with an LTB adjuvant
Cultivar specificity gene from the rice pathogen Magnaporthe grisea, and methods of use
Nucleic acid encoding GAI gene of Arabidopsis thaliana
Identification and molecular characterization of proteins, expressed in the Ixodes ricinus salivary glands
Breast carcinoma-associated gene
Identification of the gene causing the mouse scurfy phenotype and its human ortholog
Isolated amyloid inhibitor protein (APIP) and compositions thereof
Colon cancer antigen panel
Assay for YKL-40 as a marker for degradation of mammalian connective tissue matrices
Mass1 gene, a target for anticonvulsant drug development
Iterative optimization in the design of binding proteins
RNA-binding protein
Type CC chemokine-like protein
Polypeptides, their production and use
Phage-dependent super-production of biologically active protein and peptides
Method of removing n-terminal alanine residues from polypeptides with aeromonas aminopeptidase
Compositions and methods for treatment of sexual dysfunction
Potassium channels and genes encoding these potassium channels
pCAR and its uses
GABA B receptors
Modifications of the VEGF receptor-2 protein and methods of use
Hormone receptor compositions and methods
fohy030 nucleic acid molecules
Antithrombotic agent and anti-von willebrand factor monoclonal antibody
Human antibodies
Cancerous disease modifying antibodies
Specific antibodies for use in preparation of pharmaceutical compositions useful in the prevention or treatment of gastritis, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers
Malonic acid derivatives, processes for their preparation their use and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Pseudomycin natural products
Peptide ligands of the urokinase receptor
Lipopeptides as antibacterial agents
Catalyst system for ethylene polymerizations
Catalyst activator
Process for producing a tetrafluoroethylene polymer
Shear thinning vinyl acetate based polymer latex composition, especially for adhesives
Resin particles and process for producing the same
Acrylic acid (salt) polymer, its production process and uses
Coagents for fluoroelastomer free radical-curable compositions
Fluorine-containing copolymer, composition for forming a film, anti-reflection film, and image display device
Method of preparing an acrylic copolymer
Polymerisable compositions for making transparent polymer substrates, resulting transparent polymer substrates and uses thereof in optics
Barrier coatings
Acrylic polymer composition
Olefin polymerization process
Process for the preparation of polymeric absorbents
Method for purification of vinyl polymers
Surface treatment of fluorinated contact lens materials
Production process and use for transparent heat-resistant resin
Process for removing a dithiocarbonyl group at the end of a polymer chain
Resin composition, molding material, and molded object
Aqueous polysiloxane-polyurethane dispersion, its preparation and use in coating compositions
Fast drying basecoat refinish composition
Toner compounds and compositions for black offset inks
Polymerizable solid aliphatic polyurethanes which contain olefinically unsaturated double bonds and which are based on linear diisocyanates, and their use
Polyisocyanate polyaddition products
Water-borne urethane resin composition for forming microporous layer, method of producing fibrous sheet-like composite, and artificial leather
Preparing epoxy resin by distilling two fractions to recover and reuse epihalohydrin without glycidol
Cationically polymerizable liquid composition and tacky polymer
Modified polycyclic polymers
Monomer containing electron-withdrawing group and electron-donative group, and copolymer and proton-conductive membrane comprising same
Fast-dry, high solids coating compositions based on acetoacetate-functionalized alkyd resins
Dicapped unsaturated polyester laminating polyester resins with reduced emission levels of VOC's
Adhesion promoter additive comprising an unsaturated, amorphous polyester
Block copolymer
High-molecular weight polymers and methods of manufacture
Bifunctional phenylene ether oligomer, its derivatives, its use and process for the production thereof
Thermoset polymers with dispersed fluorocarbon additives
Photoalignment materials and liquid crystal display fabricated with such photoalignment materials
Supramolecular structures and process for making the same
Method for recycling the resin mold
Melt spinable concentrate pellets having enhanced reversible thermal properties
Covulcanization of polymers
Molded product for cushioning material, and production process and recovery thereof
Methods of producing stable novel black polyurethane articles with polymeric colorants
Foam premixes having improved processability
Magneto-resistive CrO2 polymer composite blend
Fluoroalkylphosphate salt electrolytes
Flip-chip type semiconductor device
Near infrared electromagnetic radiation absorbing composition and method of use
Flame retardant resin coating
Die cuttable label adhesive formulation
Additives for low VOC aqueous coatings
Metal salts of hexahydrophthalic acid as nucleating additives for crystalline thermoplastics
Rubber composition for solid golf ball, method for producing the rubber composition, and solid golf ball
Azlactone-functional hydrophilic coatings and hydrogels
Carbon black coupler
Liquid crystal polyester resin composition, process for producing the same, and molded article thereof
High flow compositions of compatibilized poly(arylene ether) polyamide blends
Propylene homopolymer and propylene copolymer
Crosslinked, predominantly polypropylene-based compositions
Long-fiber reinforced polyolefin plastic structure and shaped bodies formed therefrom
Fluoropolymer curing system containing a nitrogen cure site monomer
Latent hardener, manufacturing method for latent hardener, and adhesive
Use of melamine resin fibers and insulating materials based on melamine resin fibers and polyalkylene terephthalate fibers
Bitumen coating of particulate material
Optical recording medium
Chlorinated copper phthalocyanine pigments
High chroma effect materials
Pigment printing composition
Thin coating film comprising fluorine-containing polymer and method of forming same
Solvent-free pigmented formulation
Alkyd-based free radical cured wood stains
Antistatic polymers, blends, and articles
Silicone emulsion composition adherent to plastic film substrates and release film
Low temperature curable organopolysiloxane coatings
Capacitor with plasma deposited dielectric
Use of surfactants as plasticizers to reduce volatile organic compounds in water-based polymer coating compositions
Slurry for CMP, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Hot melt adhesive composition
Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive composition for attaching roofing membranes
Flooring with a 2-part adhesive
Topcoated adhesive
Terbium or lutetium containing garnet scintillators having increased resistance to radiation damage
Sputter deposition process for electroluminescent phosphors
EL phosphor multilayer thin film and EL device
Polymerizable liquid crystals
Single-crystalline film and process for production thereof
Liquid crystal medium
Liquid crystalline medium and liquid crystal display
Fluorinated (dihydro)phenanthrene derivatives, and their use in liquid-crystalline media
Heat absorbing temperature control devices and method
Method for removing drill cuttings from wellbores and drilling fluids
Dewaxing process using zeolite SSZ-54
Integrated hydrotreating process for the dual production of FCC treated feed and an ultra low sulfur diesel stream
Process for capturing mercury and arsenic comprising evaporation then condensation of a hydrocarbon-containing cut
Grease composition and rolling bearing lubricated by the grease composition
Solvent and method for extraction of triglyceride rich oil
Fabric softening composition comprising a malodor controlling agent
Gemini surfactants
Detergent compositions
Reduction of malodor from laundry
Continuous process for making detergent composition
Soap bars exhibiting antibacterial effectiveness and method of producing same
Process of making gel detergent compositions
Hard surface cleaners containing chitosan and furanone
Gel laundry detergent and/or pre-treater composition
Fabric care composition having reduced fabric abrasion
Method for the preparation of sodium percarbonate granules having enhanced stability
Multi-purpose cleaning articles
Method for purifying a thermoplastic norbornene resin, a substrate using such a resin, and a magnetic recording medium using such a substrate
Method for recovering insoluble solids from a mixture
Process for the preparation of herbal wines from Himalayan berries
Culturing device and method for culturing cells or tissue components
Device for cultivating plant or animal tissue cultures
Morphological mutants of filamentous fungi
Nucleic acid fragment and vector comprising a halogenase, and a process for halogenating chemical compounds
Biological method for the production of adipic acid and intermediates
Promoters for gene expression in caryopses of plants
Method for producing a transformed plant with a high capacity binary shuttle vector
Plant protein kinases
Methods for production of a recombinant adeno-associated virus
Modified naphthalene dioxygenases and methods of use
Method and compositions for treating diseases mediated by transglutaminase activity
UDP-N-acetylglucosamine: galactose-.beta.1,3-N-acetylgalactosamine-.alpha.-R / (GlcNAc to GalNAc) .beta.1,6-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase, C2GnT3
Modified DNA-polymerase from carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans and its use for coupled reverse transcription and polymerase chain reaction
Kini-3 motor protein and methods for its use
Methods for preventing or inhibiting neuronal cell death
Dendritic cell transmembrane serine protease
D-pantolactone hydrolase and gene encoding the same
Process for the isolation of polyhydroxy cyclic carboxylic acids
Biosensors having improved sample application and measuring properties and uses thereof
Methods for fractional quatification of cholesterol in lipoproteins and quantification reagents
Lage-1 tumor associated nucleic acids
Method of making a microfabricated elastomeric valve
Electrode capture of nucleic acid
Amplification using modified primers
Method for detection of 5T4 RNA in plasma or serum
Biallelic markers derived from genomic regions carrying genes involved in arachidonic acid metabolism
Nucleic acid amplification
Broad range PCR amplification techniques
Gene markers useful for detecting skin damage in response to ultraviolet radiation
Method for measuring anti-protease resistance of HIV-2 in a patient
Cooling system for a metallurgical furnace
Preparation of bonded rare earth magnet-forming alloy and bonded rare earth magnet composition
Corrosion resistant Mg based alloy containing Al, Si, Mn and RE metals
Cobalt-based hard facing alloy
Production process for Fe-based sintered alloy valve seat
Stainless steel parts with suppressed release of sulfide gas and method of producing
Martenstic stainless steel having high mechanical strength and corrosion
Maraging type spring steel
Hard coating coated parts
Magnetic control oscillating-scanning sputter
Method for producing organic thin-film device by use of facing-targets-type sputtering apparatus
Method and device for coating at least one wiper-blade element
MOCVD selective deposition of c-axis oriented Pb5Ge3O11 thin films on high-k gate oxides
Method of chemical modification of structure topography
Process for growing metal or metal carbide thin films utilizing boron-containing reducing agents
Systems and methods for forming refractory metal nitride layers using disilazanes
Clog resistant injection valve
Semiconductor manufacturing method and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Method for reducing by-product deposition in wafer processing equipment
Chemical vapor deposition apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for determining temperature of a semiconductor wafer during fabrication thereof
Organic thin-film semiconductor element and manufacturing method for the same
Process for producing laminated film, and reflection reducing film
Method and apparatus for treating low k dielectric layers to reduce diffusion
Method for electroless deposition of phosphorus-containing metal films onto copper with palladium-free activation
Peak torque lowering composition, part with sliding part using the composition, and press-fitting method using the composition
Chemically passivated object made of magnesium or alloys thereof
Rare earth-containing oxide member
Multilayer thermal barrier coatings
Thermally protective salt material for thermal spraying of electrode materials
Method and device for coating a product
Dynamic feed forward temperature control to achieve CD etching uniformity
Puddle etching method of thin film by using spin-processor
Chemical milling process and solution for cast titanium alloys
Cathodic protection of steel within a covering material
Extrusion-free wet cleaning process for copper-dual damascene structures
Element for separating an electrolytic tank
Substrate plating apparatus and method
Electroplating methods including maintaining a determined electroplating voltage and related systems
Electroplating process for avoiding defects in metal features of integrated circuit devices
Method for integrating an electrodeposition and electro-mechanical polishing process
Seed crystal for production of silicon single crystal and method for production of silicon single crystal
N-type droping of nanocrystalline diamond films with nitrogen and electrodes made therefrom
Method for growing GaN compound semiconductor crystal and semiconductor substrate
Methods for fabricating a substrate
Layering nitrided oxide on a silicon substrate
Methods and materials for generating SH3 domains with tailored binding properties
Textiles; Paper
Low-shrink polypropylene tape fibers comprising high amounts of nucleating agents
Azeotrope mixtures with perfluorobutylethylene
Unbalanced twill weave fabric and airbag device
Decorative texturized fabric
Carpet, stainproofing agent for carpet and method for treating the carpet
Use-dependent indicator system for absorbent articles
Method and system in a paper machine or the like passing a web from the press section to the drying section
Arrangement of high-pressure water devices in a paper machine and a method for arranging it in a paper machine
Fixed Constructions
Liquid pollutant skimming system
Runoff drain filter with separately removable cartridges
Methods and devices for manufacturing insulating glass units
Method of manufacturing glass panel and glasspanel manufactured by the method
Decorative attachment for increasing visibility of screen doors
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Retaining piece structure
Method of manufacturing a display plate and display apparatus
Method of assembling a silicon carbide high temperature anemometer
Airtight waste solution sampling apparatus
Specimen-inspection preprocessing apparatus
Flow cytometry reagent and system
Reference electrode with a polymeric reference electrode membrane
Ion-selective electrode
Method and device for hydrogen and hydrocarbon sensing
Variable-volume disposable isoelectric focusing cell and method of isoelectric focusing
Sample collection system for gel electrophoresis
Devices for calibrating optical scanners and methods of using the same
Flow gap gas distribution adapter for an electrochemical gas sensor
High speed, automated, continuous flow, multi-dimensional molecular selection and analysis
Pumping arrangement
Wide-range TOC instrument using plasma oxidation
Process for forming polymer structures containing an oxygen sensor
Method for assessing fowl sperm quality
Fluorescence polarization assay
Cell growth, induction and lysis in an antibody-coated microplate for use in an ELISA
c-myc coding region determinant-binding protein (CRD-BP) and its nucleic acid sequence
Detection of analytes in aqueous environments
Methods for identifying contraceptive compounds
Method and system for sample aliquot storage
Method of assaying a specimen using a reagent
Method for producing a one- or multidimensional detector array
Single crystal silicon micromirror and array
Optical element with mirror coating and method for forming said coating
Cholesteric liquid crystal color filter substrate and method for fabricating the same
Transflective liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Method for manufacturing a liquid crystal display panel having a gate line with at least one opening
Methods of forming quantum dots of Group IV semiconductor materials
High contrast indicator element
Silver halide photographic material
Radiographic silver halide film for mammography with reduced dye stain
Method of making a silver halide photographic material having enhanced light absorption and low fog and containing a scavenger for oxidized developer
Aqueous dispersion comprising photosensitive silver halide and a substantially light-insensitive silver salt of an organic carboxylic acid
Radiographic imaging assembly for mammography
Method of fabricating a microstructure and photolithography trimming mask
Stamper forming method
Positive photoresist composition for far ultraviolet exposure
Low abosorbing resists for 157 nm lithography
Polymer blend and associated methods of preparation and use
Negative resist composition, method for the formation of resist patterns and process for the production of electronic devices
Negative resist composition, method for the formation of resist patterns and process for the production of electronic devices
Flowable compositions and use in filling vias and plated through-holes
Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process, novel tetrahydrofuran compounds and their preparation
Method for etching an antireflective coating and for fabricating a semiconductor device
Method for controlling radiation beam intensity directed to microlithographic substrates
Process for fabricating semiconductor integrated circuit device, and exposing system and mask inspecting method to be used in the process
Method of manufacturing integrated circuit
Method of processing light sensitive planographic printing plate precursor
Process to produce a custom-color overlay
Phase shifting mask topography effect correction based on near-field image properties
Naphthalene tetracarboxylic diimide dimers
Information type identification method and apparatus, e.g. for music file name content identification
Water distribution amount predicting system
Tamper evident label with transponder employing multiple propagation points
Acoustic instrument triggering device and method
Wind instrument
Support base for instrument components
Audio quality based culling in a peer-to-peer distribution model
Device for detecting musical gestures using collimated light
Method of fabricating slider pads for a transducer operating with moving magnetic media
Thin film magnetic head and method of fabricating the head
Laminated antiferromagnetically coupled media for data storage
Magnetic transfer master medium
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and a method of manufacturing the same
Optical recording medium, optical recording method and optical recording device
Information recording medium and method for producing the same, and method for recording/reproducing information thereon
Carburized silicon gate insulators for integrated circuits
Pyrochemical reprocessing method for spent nuclear fuel and induction heating system to be used in pyrochemical reprocessing method
Method of separating and recovering rare FP in spent nuclear fuels and cooperation system for nuclear power generation and fuel cell power generation utilizing the same
Single-crystal ferrite fine powder
Enhancement of magnetization switching speed in soft ferromagnetic films through control of edge stress anisotropy
Method for manufacturing laminated ceramic electronic component
Method of manufacturing solid-state electrolytic capacitor
Micro-electro-mechanical device and method of making
Apparatus for and method of processing an object to be processed
Pulsed plasma processing of semiconductor substrates
Etching method of organic insulating film
Method for determining a preceding wafer, method for determining a measuring wafer, and method for adjusting the number of wafers
Mechanically scanned wet chemical processing
Ferroelectric memory and method for fabricating the same
Methods of fabricating double-sided hemispherical silicon grain electrodes and capacitor modules
Reactor for processing a semiconductor wafer
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Two stage etching of silicon nitride to form a nitride spacer
Etch process that resists notching at electrode bottom
Oxidation process to improve polysilicon sidewall roughness
MIM capacitor structures and fabrication methods in dual-damascene structures
Passivating inorganic bottom anti-reflective coating (BARC) using rapid thermal anneal (RTA) with oxidizing gas
Method for fabricating a polycrystalline silicon film
Method of calculating the real added defect counts
Approach to improve line end shortening
High-performance MOS transistor of LDD structure having a gate insulating film with a nitride central portion and oxide end portions
Method of forming an oxidation-resistant TiSiN film
Method for galvanically forming conductor structures of high-purity copper in the production of integrated circuits
Various methods of controlling conformal film deposition processes, and a system for accomplishing same
Plasma etching method
Trench etch process for low-k dielectrics
Ultrathin oxide films on semiconductors
Method for fabricating capacitor in semiconductor device
Method of forming ultrathin oxide layer
Method for utilizing rough insulator to enhance metal-insulator-semiconductor reliability
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Methods of fabricating a MOSFET
Method of fabricating non-volatile memory
Surface treatment for microelectronic device substrate
Assemblies for temporarily connecting microelectronic elements for testing and methods therefor
Chip scale marker and method of calibrating marking position
Automated method of attaching flip-chip devices to a substrate
System level in-situ integrated dielectric etch process particularly useful for copper dual damascene
CF4+H2O plasma ashing for reduction of contact/via resistance
Method for cleaning residual debris from semiconductor surfaces
Semiconductor device incorporating elements formed of refractory metal-silicon-nitrogen and method for fabrication
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a localized halo implant
Method for creating a lateral overflow drain, anti-blooming structure in a charge coupled device
Dual work function CMOS gate technology based on metal interdiffusion
Process of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of producing an SOI wafer
Method to improve stability and reliability of CVD low K dielectric
Mask ROM structure and method of fabricating the same
Embedded dual-port DRAM process
Process for fabricating a metal wiring and metal contact in a semicondutor device
Method and apparatus for reducing microtrenching for borderless vias created in a dual damascene process
HDI module with integral conductive electromagnetic shield
Three layer aluminum deposition process for high aspect ratio CL contacts
Sputtering method for filling holes with copper
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method for asymmetric spacer formation
Method of making MOSFET gate electrodes with tuned work function
Dual metal gate transistors for CMOS process
Extendible process for improved top oxide layer for DRAM array and the gate interconnects while providing self-aligned gate contacts
Method for fabricating self-aligning mask layers
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Process for forming metallized contacts to periphery transistors
Method of fabricating a semiconductor memory device having resistor
Method for fabricating a memory cell
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method of placing elements into receptors in a substrate
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Wafer thinning using magnetic mirror plasma
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Method of fabricating semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory device driver
Eeprom device with improved capacitive coupling and fabrication process
Vertical split gate flash memory cell and method for fabricating the same
Lateral heterojunction bipolar transistor
Method and system for forming dual work function gate electrodes in a semiconductor device
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Process for forming a silicon-based film on a substrate using a temperature gradient across the substrate axis
Method for forming a trench isolation structure
Fabricating deeper and shallower trenches in semiconductor structures
Implantation process using substoichiometric, oxygen doses at different energies
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including alignment mark
Method for shallow trench isolation fabrication and partial oxide layer removal
Method for and structure formed from fabricating a relatively deep isolation structure
Method of fabrication of semiconductor structures by ion implantation
Structure and process for reducing die corner and edge stresses in microelectronic packages
Heat conductive sheet and method of producing the sheet
Method for manufacturing a ferroelectric capacitor
Method for forming programmable logic arrays using vertical gate transistors
Glass attachment over micro-lens arrays
Method for reducing dark current in image sensor
Lock in pinned photodiode photodetector
Method of making a power semiconductor device
Method of doping semiconductor layer, method of manufacturing thin film semiconductor device, and thin film semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having gate all around type transistor and method of forming the same
Light emitting diode and method of fabricating thereof
Article with thermochemically stable, amorphous layer comprising tantalum or tantalum-containing material
Superconducting colloids, superconducting thin layers produced therefrom, and processes for producing them
Organic electroluminescent device having an adhesion-promoting layer for use with a magnesium cathode
Nonaqueous electrolyte and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Method for preparing lithium ion polymer battery
Fuel cell support and electrical interconnector
Passive water management fuel cell
Air manager for metal-air cells
Fuel cell
Fuel cell stack design and method of operation
Selectable capacity fixed footprint lead-acid battery racking system with horizontal plates
Electrochemical energy conversion
Lithium battery having evenly coated negative electrode and method of manufacture thereof
Alkaline battery
Fuel cell, fuel cell separator, and method of manufacture thereof
Fuel cell with a device for storing water
Fuel cells
Fuel cell control and measurement apparatus and method, using dielectric constant measurements
Direct antifreeze cooled fuel cell
Fuel cell apparatus with compressor means for reducing fuel leakage danger and improving efficiency
Apparatus and method for rapidly increasing power output from a direct oxidation fuel cell
Fuel cell system
Method for the in-situ fabrication of DFB lasers
Method and apparatus for fabricating a thin film bulk acoustic resonator
Scavenging method
Cover-lay film and printed circuit board having the same
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