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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Systems, methods, and apparatus for neuro-robotic tracking point selection
N-time-gate data-type for TPSF-based optical imaging
Method and circuitry for measurement of stimulation current
Transcutaneous capacitive data link
Leads with high surface resistance
Neural stimulation system providing auto adjustment of stimulus output as a function of sensed impedance
Device, method, and system for neural modulation as vaccine adjuvant in a vertebrate subject
Multiplexer for selection of an MRI compatible bandstop filter placed in series with a particular therapy electrode of an active implantable medical device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Control method for the meniscus of a continuous casting mold
Shifting device for vehicle and shifting system using the same
Fuel saver speed control
Electromagnet-based rolling robot
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Engine speed based valvetrain control systems and methods
Pattern measurement apparatus
Data management system and method for updating data
Information communication system, data providing device and in-vehicle device
Navigation server and navigation system
System and method for obtaining map coordinates to fixed location
Monitoring method of vertical displacement and vertical deflection change of building construction elements, especially of the roof, and a system for realization of this method
Systems and methods for remote monitoring of vehicle inspections
Method for diagnosing an actuator for a boost pressure system of an internal combustion engine
Code connect information access
Detection of pipeline contaminants
Methods of associating an unknown biological specimen with a family
Methods and apparatus for hybrid outlier detection
Comprehensive method of electrical fluid heating system fault detection and handling
Method to estimate pore pressure uncertainty from trendline variations
Identifying a fan connected to a computing device
Backup and recovery of systems by restoring a backup boot configuration data (BCD) with installation files from an operating system install disk
Methods and systems for estimating a count of unique items
Computer readable medium storing information processing program, information processing apparatus, and information processing method
Systems, methods and architecture for facilitating software access to acceleration technology
Logical sector mapping in a flash storage array
Method, application, and article of manufacture for sending a correspondence with content that can be certified
Restoring spanned volumes of data
Data transmission system, storage medium and data transmission program
Interrupt control apparatus, interrupt control system, interrupt control method, and interrupt control program
Methods and structure for communicating between a SATA host and a SATA target device through a SAS domain
Messaging network for processing data using multiple processor cores
Method of calibrating interleaved digitizer channels
Decoding method and apparatus for an audio signal through high frequency compensation
System for and method of providing remote access to an email platform
Continuous cloud computing sessions using handheld mobile communication device interfaced to different kiosks
Systems and methods for providing content and services on a network system
Method and system for providing notifications for specific messages
File transmitting apparatus, file transmitting method, file receiving apparatus, file receiving method, and file transfer system
Dynamic and distributed queueing and processing system
Cache based enhancement to optimization protocol
Apparatus and method that provide data communication
System, method, and computer program product for receiving security content utilizing a serial over LAN connection
Network and interface selection on a computing device capable of establishing connections via multiple network communications media
Managing configurations of distributed devices
Multi-modal communication using a session specific proxy server
Interactive experience sharing and evaluation system and method having highly customizable individual security level settings
Method and apparatus for autonomously managing a computer resource using a security certificate
Method of providing service for user search, and apparatus, server, and system for the same
Communication device, and method, in an internet protocol network, of controlling a communication device
Communication system and communication device
System, method, and computer program product for media publishing request processing
Controlling access to web content
Computer system and management method
Managing content delivery network service providers by a content broker
Small form factor interface module
Method and system for optimizing a network by independently scaling control segments and data flow
Mitigations for potentially compromised electronic devices
Dispenser for product packages
Braking torque adjustments based on wheel slip
Identification of integrated circuits
Matrix computation framework
Method and system for analyzing text
Central repository for searches
Object access system based upon hierarchical extraction tree and related methods
Disaster recovery
Automated dereferencing of electronic communications for archival
Evaluation of web pages
System and method for finding top N pairs in a map-reduce setup
Flexible electronic records management
Methods and apparatus for providing haptic feedback in interacting with virtual pets
Delay analysis processing of semiconductor integrated circuit
Air conditioner
Utility grid power averaging and conditioning
Laser mediated sectioning and transfer of cell colonies
Systems and methods for controlling distribution, copying, and viewing of remote data
Method and apparatus for resolving write and read conflicts between memory modules accessing blocks of a memory
Executing a start operator message command
Transmission gear shift control
Data aggregation module supporting dynamic query responsive aggregation during the servicing of database query requests provided by one or more client machines
Filtering cached content based on embedded URLs
Method and apparatus for controlling a multi-mode powertrain system
Control system of transmission
Computer assisted benchmarking system and method using induction based artificial intelligence
Method and device for transform computation
Annotating articles
Web mining to build a landmark database and applications thereof
Method of addition with multiple operands, corresponding adder and computer program product
Large multiplier for programmable logic device
OS processing method, system and non-transitory computer readable storage medium thereof
Apparatus for executing programs for a first computer architecture on a computer of a second architecture
Multiple-speed interface
System and method for quantifying and detecting non-normative behavior
Call center integrated printing device consumable cabinet device service
Employee scheduling and schedule modification method and apparatus
Remote data management system with business intelligence in real-time
Method and apparatus for efficient handling of product return transactions
Apparatus with electronic information transfer function or the like, program for electronic information transfer, and method for electronic information transfer
Combination game controller and point of sale input device
Automated determination of applicability and value of discounts for a purchase order
Personalized search widgets for customized user interface
Method and apparatus for identifying international travelers and providing an incentive to purchase travel services
Intelligent feature expansion of online text ads
Medium and system for searching commercial messages
System and method for effectively providing software to client devices in an electronic network
Method and system for facility location optimization
System for configuration and implementation of an assignment auction or exchange
Preferred payment type
Affiliate site creation using automatically identified keywords
Seller-driven method for a bid set system
System, method and computer program product for an acquisition partner interface for integrating multiple partner channels into a transaction account issuer platform
Systems and methods for residential real estate risk transference via asset-backed contract
Healthcare system and method for right-time claims adjudication and payment
Programmed dispensing of consumable compositions
System and method for selection of payment systems from a payment system directory to process a transaction
Systems and methods for providing a safe driving and vehicle related electronic community
Methods and systems for monitoring and controlling order message traffic
Portable E-wallet and universal card
Methods and systems for providing a customer controlled account lock feature
Estimating values of assets
Systems and methods for trading a trade list in financial markets
Method and apparatus for automated trading of equity securities using a real time data analysis
System and method for estimation of missing data in a multivariate longitudinal setup
Speech synthesis from acoustic units with default values of concatenation cost
Systems and methods for editing telecom web applications through a voice interface
Language converter and transmitting system
Enhanced QoS solution for thin client or remote access sessions
Sending incoming calling ID to devices after initiation of a call
Secure network access
System and method for filtering network traffic
Virtual subscriber identity module
Methods, system, and computer-readable media for facility integrity testing
Stochastic dynamic atmosphere
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Environment adaptable measurement endoscope
Imaging device assembly for electronic stereoscopic endoscope system
Electronic endoscope system
Instruments and methods for minimally invasive tissue retraction and surgery
Method for making fast absorbing sutures by hydrolysis
Multiple loop tissue connector apparatus and methods
Surgical device having a handle adapted to impart tensile and compressive forces to elements at a distal end of the device
Method and apparatus for resecting bone from an ulna in preparation for prosthetic implantation
Solid solution perforator for drug delivery and other applications
Thrombectomy catheter and system
Systems and methods for clot disruption and retrieval
Micro surgical instrument
Finger operated switch for controlling a surgical handpiece
Trocar sleeve with a variable sealing opening
Surgical access device
Spinal stabilization implant and method of application
Bone fixation assembly and method of securement
Slidable bone plate system
Apparatus for connecting a bone fastener to a longitudinal rod
Intervertebral implant with deformable wedge
Device for biopsy and treatment of breast tumors
Sterile ophthalmic barrier device
System and method for determining a reference baseline record for use in automated patient care
Wireless sleep monitoring
Contact type pulse measurement device
Hemodynamic analysis
Volumetric physiological measuring system and method
Endoscope system for measuring the area of a missing portion
Skin prickers
Analyte concentration determination devices and methods of using the same
Ultrasound apparatus and method for augmented clot lysis
Systems and methods for evaluating objects with an ultrasound image
Absorbent breast pad
Absorbent product with improved fit
Fastening system for an absorbent product
Left ventricular conduits to coronary arteries and methods for coronary bypass
Intragastric stent for duodenum bypass
Stent overlap point markers
Composite tubular prostheses
Single-piece crown stent
Apparatus for delivering endoluminal prostheses and methods of making and using them
Double sheath deployment system
Combined balloon-expanding and self-expanding stent
Ureteral stent with small bladder tail(s)
Implants for connective tissue reconstruction
Heart valve catheter
Heart valves and suture rings therefor
Replacement mitral valve
Mobile bearing unicompartmental knee
Ankle-foot orthosis
Method and apparatus for the treatment of plantar ulcers and foot deformities
Flaccid upper extremity positioning apparatus
Remote controlled urinary leg/bed bag drain valve
Patient cooling system
Device for cooling shoulder joint and nearby muscles
Controlled ocular lens regeneration
Extended skull and posterior cervical adjusting device
Sexual aid
Therapeutic limb covering using hydrostatic pressure
Medicament cartridge
Method for making abrasive compositions and products thereof
Catheter incorporating a curable polymer layer to control flexibility and method of manufacture
Air cleaner
Corporal implantation device for assisting blood and heart ventricular circulation
Muscle energy converter
Extra-corporeal dual stage blood processing method and apparatus
Dispensing apparatus for delivering powdered product
Steerable catheter
Catheter for target specific drug delivery
Valve treatment catheter and methods
Sensor system including a port body
Drug delivery system with profiles
System for detecting air
Sequential syringe apparatus
Injection device
Combination safety needle assembly and medical apparatus
Hypodermic needle
Safety needle apparatus
Biosequestration and organic assimilation of greenhouse gases
Transmitting device for exercise appliances
Exercise resistance device with magnets
Balance-exercising semi-spherical apparatus
Exercise bar
Exercise treadmill with slope adjustment
Cushioned pivoting deck
Climbing training machine
Adjustable balancing board
Resistance exercise apparatus and trainer
System and method for prescribing a fitness program
Multi-layered balanced golf-ball
Golf ball with improved flight performance
Game ball with clock
Articulated football goal post
Baseball pitcher's training device
Tennis teaching aid
Basketball training and game device
Curved ball court
Performing Operations; Transporting
Purification of biological substances
Apparatus for removing metallic particles from effluent liquid waste
Centrifugal filtration method for separating fibrin monomer from blood
Ceramic exhaust filter
Filter and forming system
Method and apparatus for cleaning a gas
Scrubber and exhaust gas treatment apparatus
PSA sharing
Process for separating carbon dioxide and methane
Cross-linked polybenzimidazole membrane for gas separation
Meniscus membranes for separations
Desalination system
Intermittent mixer with low pressure drop
pH stable activated carbon
Composite matrices with interstitial polymer networks
Process for desulfurization of cracked naphtha
Installation for powder painting objects
Rod for a coating device, and process for producing the same
System for cutting a moving web in the cross direction to form sheets of a given length at high web speeds
Release agent for metallic mold
Bat with composite handle
Power transmission belt and method
Power transmission belt with tubular knit overcord
Composition and method for preparing chemically-resistant roughened copper surfaces for bonding to substrates
Method for producing a newspaper
Apparatus and method for demetallizing a metallized film
Auxiliary transmission with controllable clutch
Differential gear mechanism
Torque distribution control device for four-wheel drive vehicle
Hybrid powertrain system
Combined analog and digital derailleur position processing apparatus
Method for conveying folded sheet elements
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hydrogen purification module
Pyrochlore iridates having metallic conductivity and their production method
Removal of phosphate from water
Method for biological cleaning of wastewater
Method for treating wastewater in a membrane bioreactor to produce a low phosphorus effluent
Poultry processing water recovery and re-use process
Method for the production of a silica glass crucible with crystalline regions from a porous silica glass green body
Method for oxidizing treatment of steel plant slag to obtain cement-based materials
Process for preparing tetra-amide compounds
Pyrrolidinyl-substituted para-phenylenediamine derivatives substituted with a cationic radical, and use of these derivatives for dyeing keratin fibers
Use of grafted polyalkylene oxides as greying inhibitors when washing
Thermoplastic resin composition and moldings of the same
Black dye mixtures of fiber-reactive AZO dyes and use thereof for dyeing material containing hydroxy- and/or carboxamido groups
Surface-treated pigments
Smear-resistant ink compositions
Ink composition for inkjet recording, ink cartridge, and recording apparatus
Cerium-based abrasive material and abrasive material slurry, and method for producing cerium based abrasive material
Dust-reducing compositions for treating dry soil
Composition as an additive to create clear stable solutions and microemulsions with a combustible liquid fuel to improve combustion
Electron beam physical vapor deposition apparatus
Heated gas distribution plate for a processing chamber
Electrochemical method and apparatus for producing and separating ferrate (VI) compounds
Process for electroplating metal into microscopic recessed features
Multi step electrodeposition process for reducing defects and minimizing film thickness
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for washing a fibre suspension
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fuel feeding device and fuel filter used for the device
Scratch preventing metal push belt and oil specification
Two range electrically variable power transmission
Branched power transmission having a continuously variable transmission ratio
Differential mechanism for a vehicle
Vehicle trajectory control system
Hydraulic chain tensioner
Method of forming an electrical connection between an electrochemical cell and a meter
Roller for a printer, fax machine or copier
Electrochemical double layer capacitor having carbon powder electrodes
Sheet manufacturing method, sheet, sheet manufacturing apparatus, and solar cell
Implantable hearing aid transducer with actuator interface
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew