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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Lettuce variety carini (LS9499)
Soybean cultivar BY0811023
Maize variety hybrid 10076890
Polyion complex comprising PHD2 expression inhibiting substance
Compositions and methods for alleviating depression or improving cognition
Bioactive pre-tubulysins and use thereof
Prophylactic and/or therapeutic agent for anemia comprising tetrahydroquinoline compound as active ingredient
Brain machine interface
Quantitative motor function evaluation system
System for displaying quantities of bone, water and/or muscle of body
Magnetic resonance method and apparatus for automated analysis of joint inflammation, joint proteoglycan proportion, and joint osteoarthritis
Compounds and methods for treatment of hypertension
Stable pharmaceutical composition containing docetaxel and a method of manufacturing the same
5-substituted benzofurans as inhibitors of cytochrome P450 2D6
Acetanilide sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor antagonists
Vanilloid receptor ligands, pharmaceutical compositions containing them, process for making them, and use thereof for treating pain and other conditions
2-alkoxy-substituted dicyanopyridines and their use
Pyridopyrazines as highly selective ras-Raf-Mek-Erk signal transduction pathway inhibitors
Use of phosphordiesterase inhibitors in the treatment of prostatic diseases
Compositions containing micronized tanaproget prepared by wet granulation
Anti-arenaviral compounds
Treatment of prostate cancer
Steroidal CYP17 inhibitors/antiandrogens
Methods for treating heart failure by inhibiting the mitochondrial sodium-calcium exchanger (mNCE)
Pharmaceutical composition of nanoparticles
Mutated anthrax toxin protective antigen proteins that specifically target cells containing high amounts of cell-surface metalloproteinases or plasminogen activator receptors
Modulating neuromuscular junction density changes in botulinum-toxin treated tissue
Control of growth and repair of gastro-intestinal tissues by gastrokines and inhibitors
Method for treating malaria
Ultraviolet radiation system
Synchronization control system
Linear electrode array to treat mitral regurgitation
Treatment of the autonomic nervous system
Torsed sleeve lead anchor and systems and methods of manufacture and use thereof
Lead with inflatable fixation mechanism
Method and apparatus to modulate cellular regeneration post myocardial infarct
Apparatus and process for reducing the susceptability of active implantable medical devices to medical procedures such as magnetic resonance imaging
Device for shaping an electron beam of a machine for intraoperative radiation therapy
Method for identifying possible changes in the range of a planned irradiation field before the patient is irradiated with charged particles
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for cutting materials using a laser beam
Method for arc-welding with alternating current
Hexapod robot device
Proximity detection device for a motor vehicle
Bi-directional portable electronic device for interaction with vehicle systems
System and method of changing vehicle color according to risk
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Device and method for increasing the effectiveness processes of catalytic chemical processes
Synthesis of DME using a fluid pluralized bed reactor
Process for producing .alpha., .beta.-unsaturated ether
Process for preparing formic acid by reaction of carbon dioxide with hydrogen
Preparation method of copolymerizable photoinitiators
Biaryl PDE4 inhibitors for treating inflammatory, cardiovascular and CNS disorders
Cortistatin A analog and use thereof
Polyhedraltransition metal complex, transition metal complex containing ultrafine particles therein, and process for producing same
Non-ionic acid-labile surfactants and methods of use
Method for treating hyperuricemia employing an SGLT2 inhibitor and composition containing same
Activated inorganic metal oxides
TCD based hydrophilic polyurethane dispersions
Fluorinated block copolyesters
Polymeric dye for optical power limiting
Addition-curable metallosiloxane compound
Indication of improperly molded parts
Moldable polyester compositions, processes of manufacture, and articles thereof
Chimeric oligomeric compounds comprising alternating regions of northern and southern conformational geometry
Polypeptides having endoglucanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Expression regulatory elements
Fixed Constructions
Device locking systems, lock trees, and lockout methods
Magnetic position detecting device
System for analysis of a fluid
Use of an optical device for interferometric analysis of the surface condition of an object
Method and system for autonomous tracking of a mobile target by an unmanned aerial vehicle
Process for generating computer flight plans on the internet
Method and apparatus for creating a Spacer-Optimization (S-O) library
Systems for applying pigment to a substrate with a spectrophotometer integral to the system
Vehicle diagnostic tool with packet and voice over packet communications and systems incorporating such a tool
Fault diagnostic method and device
Scanning probe apparatus
Concentric coplanar capacitive sensor system with quantitative model
Building protection system and method
Method for predicting activation energy using atomic fingerprint descriptor or atomic descriptor
Allocating processing units to processing clusters to generate simulated diffraction signals
3-dimensional integrated circuit testing using MEMS switches with tungsten cone contacts
Method for testing semiconductor integrated circuit and method for verifying design rules
Selectively accessing test access ports in a multiple test access port environment
Computer programmed with GPS signal processing programs
Hybrid millimeter wave imaging system
System and method for indoor location tracking using pseudo GPS signal transmitter
Estimating anisotropic parameters
Method and magnetic resonance system for MR spectroscopy
Simultaneous ASL/bold functional MRI
Gamma-gamma density measurement system for high-pressure, high-temperature measurements
Programmable optical computing device employing LED array transducers, non-quadratic phase optical elements, and stacked light modulator elements
Production method of wafer lens, intermediate die, optical component, molding die, and production method of molding die
Light transmission path package, light transmission module, electronic device and method for manufacturing light transmission module
Optical fiber cable connection having resiliently deformable gripping section
Display module
Liquid crystal display device
Pixels having extra-planar fringe field amplifiers and sliced common electrodes for multi-domain vertical alignment liquid crystal displays
Sub-pixel display structure and liquid crystal display panel using the same
Method and system to predict lithography focus error using simulated or measured topography
Overlap positioning system
Fixing device, image forming apparatus, and heater control method
Image heating apparatus
User personalization with bezel-displayed identification
Linear actuator
LED lamp with remote control
Constant voltage constant current generation circuit
Charge pump circuit and operation control method thereof
Noise rejecting high-side power switch
System and method of self-properties for an autonomous and automatic computer environment
Control device for a power supply with zero power consumption in standby mode
Adjustment apparatus, adjustment method and test apparatus
Laptop with home office capabilities
Electronic apparatus
Bezel assembly for electronic device
System and method for injecting phase jitter into integrated circuit test signals
Systems and methods for controlling energy consumption
Preservation of error data on a diskless platform
Resource efficient software tracing for problem diagnosis
Method and apparatus for OS independent platform recovery
System performance profiling device integrated inside a system-on-chip
Multimedia transmitter, multimedia receiver, multimedia transmission system, and method for securely transmitting multimedia content over a wireless link
High bandwidth low-latency semaphore mapped protocol (SMP) for multi-core systems on chips
Storage controller and data management method
Memory management method, information processing apparatus, and memory management program
Memory micro-tiling
System and method of aggregating the knowledge base of antivirus software applications
Enforced transaction system recoverability on media without write-through
Detecting circuit for IEEE 1394 device
Apparatus and method for dynamically providing hub or host operations
Subscriber and communication controller of a communication system and method for implementing a gateway functionality in a subscriber of a communication system
Reducing core wake-up latency in a computer system
Direct memory access transfer completion notification
Image forming apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
System and method for secure information sharing with untrusted recipients
Methods and systems of effectively managing UV exposure
Method and system for dynamically assembling presentations of web pages
Rendering data processing apparatus, rendering data processing method, print apparatus, print method, and computer-readable medium
Hierarchical protocol classification engine
Link state routing techniques
Intermediate driver having a fail-over function
Integration of legacy applications
Presentation navigation over telephone infrastructure
Downloadable remotely stored device drivers for communication with set-top box peripherals
Business process management/workflow automation software
Dynamic resource allocation using known future benefits
Opaque cryptographic web application data protection
Method and system for controlling the logging of session transcripts to log files in an instant messaging system
Distributed call server supporting communication sessions in a communication system and method
Mail server, electronic mail transmission control method for the mail server, and electronic mail system
Methods and arrangements to detect a failure in a communication network
System for executing a multimedia resource
Autonomous semantic software agents and design method therefor, and online simulation apparatus using an inference engine
Methods and apparatus for providing bit-reversal and multicast functions utilizing DMA controller
Control of document disclosure according to affiliation or document type
System and method for internal processing of mail using sender and recipient networked mail processing systems
Multiple service vending machine with unitized pricing and proportionalized analog display
Method for document viewing
Electronic-document management system and method
List display with redundant text removal
Flexible workflow tool including multi-lingual support
System and method for providing a trustworthy inverted index to enable searching of records
Method for enhancing text by applying sets of folding and horizontal displacement rules
Enhanced electronic data interchange (EDI) reporting with hyperlinks to EDI source information
Information processing apparatus, natural language analysis method, program and recording medium
Database replication
Online data consistency checking in a network storage system with optional committal of remedial changes
Computer-aided extraction of semantics from keywords to confirm match of buyer offers to seller bids
Method and system for generating grammar rules
Avoiding duplicate and equivalent data objects in service registries
Data search method and apparatus for same
Indexing and retrieval of blogs
Reducing an amount of data transfer in data synchronization
ASIC functional specification parser
Method of searching for wiring route including vias in integrated circuit
Circuit network analysis using algebraic multigrid approach
Method, system, and computer product for forming a graph structure that describes free and occupied areas
Braking system
Graphical user interface for presenting multivariate fault contributions
Vibrator motor speed determination in a mobile communications device
Compositions and methods for therapeutic delivery with frozen particles
Vehicle fuel efficiency optimization based on vehicle usage patterns
System and method for power and data delivery on a machine
Sequence covariance networks, methods and uses therefor
Context sensitive searching front end
Changed file identification, software conflict resolution and unwanted file removal
System for consolidated associated buttons into easily accessible groups
System and method for improving the navigation of complex visualizations for the visually impaired
Method and system for software applications using a tiled user interface
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and a computer-readable storage medium containing a computer program for image processing recorded thereon
Filtering obscured data from a remote client display
Arrow logic system for creating and operating control systems
Universal serial bus device including a USB connector and a transmitter
Systems, methods, and computer program products for packing instructions into register files
Method and system for robust elastic FIFO (EFIFO) in a port bypass controller
Stylus having magnifying lens
Image display apparatus and image displaying method
Method for driving plasma display panel
Computing device notes
Touch sensing apparatus and method using different modulated driving signals
Display system and method
Multichannel controller
Touching device, laser source module, and laser source structure thereof
Resistive touch panel
Presenting notifications related to a medical study on a toolbar
User interface widget for selecting a point or range
Information processing apparatus, method for uninstalling printer driver, and recording medium
Printing control apparatus, image forming apparatus and printing system
Image forming apparatus, method for controlling image forming apparatus, and storage medium
System and method for accessing electronic data via an image search engine
Shift control method of automatic transmission
System and method for archiving a media collection
SQL query problem determination tool
Automatic document archiving for a computer system
Method for improving the effectiveness of hash-based data structures
Determining a term score for an animated graphics file
Drag reducing system
Remote control signaling using audio watermarks
Multiple user authentication for online console-based gaming
Data processor with internal memory structure for processing stream data
Five-term karatsuba-variant calculator
Continuous prediction of expected chip performance throughout the production lifecycle
System and a method of controlling the tilting of a loadcarrying implement of a movable work machine, and a movable work machine
Apparatus and method to write information to one or more information storage media
Fault recovery on a parallel computer system with a torus network
Universal register rename mechanism for targets of different instruction types in a microprocessor
System and method for providing an embedded complete controller specification through explicit controller overlays
Per thread buffering for storing profiling data
Compiler with cache utilization optimizations
Software development tool program
System and method for the distribution of a program among cooperating processors
Method and system for performance profiling of software
Conditional branching in an in-circuit emulation system
Simulation of network traffic using non-deterministic user behavior models
Method and system for regulating background tasks using performance measurements
Method for automatically imparting reserve resource to logical partition and logical partitioned computer system
Data generation method and data generation apparatus
Method for correcting color and apparatus using the same
Method and system for detecting contours in an image
Detecting anti-aliased text in digital images
Image encoding/decoding method for rate-distortion optimization and apparatus for performing same
Encoder optimization of adaptive loop filters in HEVC
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Deconvolution of digital images
Identifying common data objects representing solutions to a problem in different disciplines
Method and apparatus for remote health monitoring and providing health related information
Multiple patient monitoring system for proactive health management
Method and system for delivering substitute medical therapies with restricted access
Meta data model for managing work products and deliverables
Customer relevance scores and methods of use
Method and apparatus for indicating a timeframe modification in a packet-switched network
System and method for automatic access of a remote computer over a network
System and method for offering in-lane periodical subscriptions
Programmable ticketing system
Method, program storage device, and apparatus for offering a user a plurality of scenarios under which to conduct a primary transaction
System and method enabling children to shop on-line
Apparatus and methods for measuring multimedia demand and for maximizing broadcast channel utilization
System and method for managing healthcare costs
Account conversion of information technology systems
Reverse customized consumer loan search
Data flow management in generating different signal formats used in optical metrology
Electronic device and method for controlling display of electronic files
Medical imaging processing device, medical image processing method, and program
Tax refund system
Intercom exchange
Embedded RFID verifiable currency
Method for reading RFID tags using directional antennas
System including an indicator responsive to an electret for a power bus
Monitoring system for testing apparatus
Audio book editing method and apparatus providing the integration of images into the text
Method of compensating for capacitance of a programming line of an OLED display
Method and system for writing data to MEMS display elements
Image synthesis apparatus and method supporting measured materials properties
Medical image display device and method of medical image display
Light emitting device, driving support system, and helmet
Motion controllable dual display portable media device
Value adjustment methods, value adjustment signal processing apparatus, and image display systems using the same
Display apparatus
Adjustment assembly for snare wires
Method and apparatus for recovering line spectrum pair parameter and speech decoding apparatus using same
Generic spelling mnemonics
Voice signal conversation method and system
Voice activated cockpit management system for flight procedures and control of aircraft systems and flight management systems of single and multi-engine aircraft
Information processing device, information processing method, and program
Magnetic media tester and a method of magnetic media testing
Method for high density data storage and imaging
Apparatus for tracking and recording vital signs and task-related information of a vehicle to identify operating patterns
Method and data storage device for laser free heat-assisted magnetic recording
Disk drive adjusting rotation speed of disk to compensate for blind area when measuring frequency response of servo control system
Method and a demodulator for demodulating a position error signal from a readback servo signal
Recording medium
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
BWR jet pump inlet-mixer main wedge with inserts
Fuel rod assembly and method for mitigating the radiation-enhanced corrosion of a zirconium-based component
Keyboard preventable keycaps from breaking off
Short arc discharge lamp
Aberration correction device and charged particle beam device employing same
Drawing apparatus, and method of manufacturing article
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and method for manufacturing same
Stacked semiconductor package
Method of Manufacturing a semiconductor module and device for the same
Three dimensional structure memory
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Providing variable cell density and sizes in a radiation detector
Nano structured LEDs
Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device having lateral insulated gate bipolar transistor
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Photoelectrochemical cell
Solid-state imaging device
Surface-treated fluorescent material and process for producing surface-treated fluorescent material
Zinc oxide-containing transparent conductive electrode
Piezoelectric actuator and piezoelectric actuator array
Reconfigurable Wilkinson power divider and design structure thereof
Antenna device and wireless communication apparatus including the same
Antenna device and mobile terminal having the same
Ultra wide band antenna or antenna member
Mount for semiconductor devices using conformable conductive layers, and method
2 micron femtosecond fiber laser
Fluid-tight cable bushing for ribbon cable
Spring lock electrical fitting
Electrical protection circuitry for a docking station base of a hand held meter and method thereof
Server management system and method
Energy storage device security
Hobby servo motor linear actuator systems
Power conversion device
Systems and methods for adaptive torque adjustment and motor control
Force-mode distributed wave oscillator and amplifier systems
All in one computer
Audio equipment and a signal processing method thereof
Balancing amplitude and phase
Linear voltage stabilizing circuit
Multi-channel RX/TX calibration and local oscillator mismatch mitigation
Circuit with stacked structure and use thereof
High frequency CMOS programmable divider with large divide ratio
Controlled resonant power transfer
Method for operating a software radio receiver and software radio receiver
Non-linear-error correction in fractional-N digital PLL frequency synthesizer
Disk controller
Apparatus and method for calibrating offset voltage and continuous time delta-sigma modulation apparatus including the same
Approach for quality of service control on un-wanted services (e.g. voice over internet protocol or multimedia) over wireline and wireless IP network
Near field radio communication apparatus and mobile radio terminal
Multi-mode voltage supply circuit
Front end module with compensating duplexer
Optimized chromatic dispersion filter
Uplink scheduling for fairness in channel estimation performance
Home PLMN search method of mobile terminal
System and method for wirelessly testing integrated circuits
Tools for design and analysis of over-the-air test systems with channel model emulation capabilities
Echo canceller used for voice communication
Terminal apparatus and communication method, information processing apparatus and method, non-transitory storing medium storing program, and information processing system
Radio signal processing method and radio communication apparatus
Method and apparatus for medium access control in a wireless broadband system with multiple-input multiple-output or multiple-input single-output technology with multiuser capabilities
Satellite transceiver
Modular high-capacity switch
System and method for maintaining wireless channels over a reverse link of a CDMA wireless communication system
System and method for broadcasting overhead parameters in poor coverage regions
Radio-link reliability using multi-carrier capability in wireless broadband systems
Method of performing multicast admission control in a communications network, central admission controller and communications network
Method for determining a group owner in a wireless network
Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving a control format indicator channel for a relay backhaul link in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for wireless communication with low-overhead mobility management
Coding a control message with determined data code block repetition
Linearization in the presence of phase variations
Method and system for monitoring and switching between primary and back-up receiver decoder circuits in a communication system
Network packet latency measurement
Method for handling corrupted signals in a wireless network
Downlink control signalling for downlink MIMO
System and method for enhanced updating layer-2 bridge address table on asymmetric multiprocessing systems
Apparatus and method for scheduling on an optical ring network
Path selection method, information processor, network system, and path selection program
Multipath effectuation within singly contiguous network fabric via switching device routing logic programming
Digital communications system for residential and custodial-care environments, office and the like
Ranging and distance based wireless link spectrum selection
Method and device for rejecting redundantly retransmitted SIP messages
Packet switching system and method
Transmission circuit
Glyphword-based security
Security deployment system
Data authentication method and agent based system
Generating, migrating or exporting bound keys
System and method for delivery of data between a data provider and a mobile telephone network subscriber
Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing inter-carrier IP-based connections using a common telephone number mapping architecture
Apparatus and method for acquiring synchronization in wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for establishing processor as core root of trust for measurement
Storage on-demand system, and method for processing data in the same
Receive side scaling with cryptographically secure hashing
Modular BIOS update mechanism
System for controlling the distribution and use of rendered digital works through watermarking
Call server selection
Multi-tiered, usage-based pricing service plan
Notification of charging rate adjustments in regions of a mobile network to control bandwidth usage in the regions
Information processing apparatus, server apparatus, group creation system, group creation method, and program
Color/gray patch prevention for video coding
Eyewear with segmented look-through elements
Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method thereof, driving method of solid-state imaging device, and electronic equipment
Image sensor and image capture apparatus
Image pickup device and method for manufacturing the image pickup device
Image processing device, system, and method for correcting focal plane distortion using a motion vector
Method for determining the extent of a foreground object in an image
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
Exposure control for an imaging system
System and method for protecting transmissions of wireless microphones operating in television band white space
Method of selecting content reproducing apparatus and content reproducing apparatus selector
Digital security camera
Video enhancement using recursive bandlets
Moving image encoding apparatus and method for controlling the same
Methods and systems for resizing multimedia content
Decoder-derived geometric transformations for motion compensated inter prediction
Content reproducing apparatus, and television receiving apparatus
Changing communication mode in a CATV pathway using mute commands
Turbo coding for upstream and downstream transmission in cable systems
Systems and methods for display calibration
Stereo video microscope system
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and solid-state imaging apparatus
Heat dissipating system for an image pickup apparatus
Digital video managing and searching system
Wireless tag device, storage medium storing control program for wireless tag device, and control method for wireless tag device
Speaker device
Mobile wireless communications device with slidable configuration providing hearing aid compatibility features and related methods
Method and apparatus for determining position of a wireless device
Method and apparatus for wireless communication using location based information
Data rate matching method and apparatus for use in mobile communication systems
Concurrent association of a wireless mobile node with access points for increasing capacity of access points
Handover control method, apparatus and system
Communication device, control device, and method for adjusting transmission parameter
Method and system for provisioning a wireless device
Interworking function between an intelligent network and a home location register/home subscriber server
Retransmission grant handling in a wireless communications system
Synchronized use of a wireless channel by multiple applications
Personalized electronic address book
Method for transmitting a synchronous channel and an essential control information channel, and femto base station thereof
Mobile communication method and radio base station
AC LED lamp
Systems and methods for controlling light sources
Illuminating device
Apparatus for coupling power source to lamp
Carriage chassis with a tri-lobed torsion stop
Electronic device with support mechanism
Waterproofing structure of mobile terminal and mobile terminal including the same
Power module package and method for manufacturing the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Container with a discharge nozzle
Bag shaped inner layer in the form of a so-called liner intended for use together with a carrying outer structure when transporting and storing bulk goods
Dispensing device and method for separately storing components and mixing the components
Apparatus for dispensing of bulk product
Liquid sample collection and transport system
Liquid container with extensible dispensing tube
Valve with rolling sleeve
Methods and apparatus for metering material
High pressure valve
Dispenser for granular materials
Trigger type liquid spray container for operation in both upright and inverted positions
Timed aerosol spray dispenser
Foldable garment hanger for compactly storing garments when traveling
Clamp for holding in one hand and assisting in donning a bracelet
Belt pack
Pegged holsters and support means
Vehicle gun carrier system
Mountable locking knife scabbard
Handle-bar camera support and method therefor
Quick release mechanism for motorcycle saddlebag
Vehicle hitch mounted cargo carrier
Tape dispensing box holding paper sheets
Apparatus and method for controlling drag roller
Installation for positioning and welding body parts of different types of motor vehicles
Method for producing a reliable BGA solder joint interconnection
Methods for forming solder balls on substrates
Integrated method for etching of BLM titanium-tungsten alloys for CMOS devices with copper metallization
Disposable foil pan
Carton ventilation system
Carton with locking mechanism
Mailbox with automatic flags
Wallet consolidator
Electronic price label battery storage apparatus and replacement method
Card reader
CMOS imaging device with integrated identification circuitry
Bar code image processing apparatus
Multiple-interface selection system for computer peripherals
Pulsed barcode scanner
Transaction printer
Smartcard and method for its manufacture
Heater control device and method to save energy
Expansion valve
Railroad substructure
Delivery system for dispensing volatiles
Foldable boom for an agricultural sprayer
Spray gun nozzle assembly air cap
Method and apparatus for distribution and/or collection of fluids
Milling device with double milling passage, apparatus using the device, and method using the device
Feed control hydraulic circuit for wood chipper attachment
Structure of grinding medium controllable in shape and specific gravity
Attachment arrangement facilitating rapid replacement of strikers of a wood comminuting rotor
Method and apparatus for cutting strand
Braking device for dual-bearing reel
Bait casting reel having spool detaching mechanism
Two-stage retractable cord reel
Hands-free paper towel dispensers
Jumbo jet aircraft for mid-flight rescuing of another aircraft in distress
Coordinate transformation system
Lock for a trust reverser
Vertical take-off and landing aircraft
Coaxial twin-rotor type helicopter
Pressure stabilized gasbag for a partially buoyant vehicle
Aircraft air inlet with airflow guide to prevent flow separation
Pivoting door thrust reverser system for turbofan aircraft jet engine
Strain compatible attachment for metallic thermal protection system for a space vehicle
Airplane with unswept slotted cruise wing airfoil
Hybrid deicing system and method of operation
Modular, producible, testable and serviceable spacecraft design
Integrated translation tube assembly for a space module
Spacecraft momentum management system
System and method for enhanced solar array pointing in sun-nadir steering
Space Launch system with pressure reduction devices between stages
Tube holder
Wide opening leaves bagger
Table leg wire management apparatus
Adjustable shelf hanging clip
Keyboard support system
Support device with retaining bracket
Luminaire mounting bracket
Sheet music stand
Collapsible support frame
Servo-controlled magnetic valve
Flow regulation valve
Electric valve universal retrofit configuration having misalignment correction
Reduced-energy-consumption actuator
Ball valve having convex seat
Short lift valve
Luminous snake
Cable puller and method of installing cables
Systems for positioning and tensioning wires in trellis systems for vineyards
Safety latch for a tire carrier and improvements therefor
Angle adjustable retaining wall and fencing system
Carburetor with accelerating device
Economical apparatus for producing improved combustion and safety-enhanced fuel
Liquid distributor for packing columns
Splash bar for direct contact heat and mass transfer method and apparatus
Fractionation apparatus with low surface area grid above tray deck
Bubble generating apparatus
Compressible liquid vibration control system
Vibration-damping mount
Fluid and elastomer apparatus
Dashpot for wheel suspensions
Support device with floating pins
Device for individualizing blanks of paper, plastic, or similar materials
Paper feeder for a single sheet printer
Paper aligning apparatus
Magnetic sheet fanner
Rotating or pivoting apparatus and medium feeding apparatus
Currency dispenser service method
Sheet feed unit having guide with sheet guide surface placed at confluence of two transport paths
Automated sheet delivery to selected paths using active gate and drag clutch
Universal sheet receiver for stackers
Apparatus and method for registering and conveying a compiled set of sheets
Stripper blade assembly
Remote controller device for shuffling machine
Multi-dimensional puzzle
Method and system for conducting races
Game set beast-of-prey hunt
Magnetic tic-tac-toe assembly
Blackjack card game incorporating two-card 21 wagers
Granulate backstop assembly
Brush seal
Brush seal segment having bristle damping
Secondary seal for non-contacting face seals
Valve assembly with check valve for gas cylinder
Miniaturized valve mechanism
Control valve apparatus
Gas panel
Multilayer composite pipe fluid conduit system using multilayer composite pipe and method of making the composite
Thermoplastic tubing
Stainless steel shafts, assemblies and methods of making same
Pile yarn selection system for gripper axminster weaving machines
Process and device for positioning weaving loom warp yarns
Method of filling with powder a container that is closable by a lid, and associated apparatus for transferring said powder
Method and device for the application of a liquid substance
Emptying station for bulk bags, and process of emptying bulk bags in the station
Apparatus for detecting leaks in a pressurized air conditioning or refrigeration system
Multi-purpose machining apparatus
Wood planing machine with a sawdust-collecting mechanism
Sink basin positioning and mounting apparatus
Off-road tire
Treated wheel rim
Technique for reducing the cold flow of rubbers
Load range C and D tires including metallic cords of 2X or 3X construction
Pneumatic tire
Portable screen
Coil spring drive system and window cover
Universal head rail
Vibration and shock resistant heat sink assembly
Structure of a super-thin heat plate
Micro channel heat pipe having wire cloth wick and method of fabrication
Heat transfer assembly for a motor vehicle and method of assembling same
Method and apparatus for optimizing heat transfer in a tube and shell heat exchanger
Process and apparatus for use with copper containing components providing low copper concentrations portable water
Exhaust gas heat exchanger
Gas turbine engine recuperator
Vehicle air-conditioning system with independent left/right temperature control during maximum cooling
Gas-lift-ball control device and oil producing method using said device
Method of controlling a hydrocarbons production well activated by injection of gas
Bypass valve closing means
External tieback connector and method for tying back riser to subsea wellhead
Retainer valve
Apparatus for subsea wells including valve passageway in the wall of the wellhead housing for access to the annulus
Method and apparatus for relieving pressure
Sleeve and method of use for preventing polish rod scoring by a pump jack carrier structure
Low pressure actuator for dry sprinkler system
Trimmer/cutter attachment for landscaping trimmers
Rear mounted three point hitch adapter for motor vehicles
Telescoping hitch for planting implement
High mobility agricultural implement
Disc unit
Method of controlling rock drilling
Method of and system for optimizing rate of penetration in drilling operations
Hydraulic in-the-hole percussion rock drill
Machine operating according to the Moineau-Principle for the use in deep drilling
Pressure control of a drilling apparatus
Thread joint percussive drilling equipment
Process and system for braking a vehicle
Vehicle hood apparatus
Integrated electronic shift and parking brake system, including security interlock, for motor vehicles
Lower frame assembly
Mechanical linkage device with self-regulating stabilizer suitable for any rotating element
Vehicle electric power assist steering system and method using angle based torque estimation
Ladder leveling apparatus
Genetic procedure for multi-deck elevator call allocation
Shopping cart locking system
Vehicle brake having electric motor control of brake running clearance
Disc brake assembly
Friction disc with integral anti-rattle portion for electric motor brake
Retaining spring for a housing of a partially lined disc brake
Drum brake seal structure for all-terrain vehicle wheel
Permanent magnet brake mechanism
Apparatus including eddy current braking system
Variable-damping force shock absorber
Frame bracket for lightweight luggage
Hydrokinetic torque converter
Hydrokinetic coupling apparatus, in particular for motor vehicle
Hydraulic power transmission joint
Friction plate for wet clutch
Torsion vibration damper
Transporting roller for conveying paths in systems for transporting objects
Coin sorting device using data related to false coins themselves
Leadframe transport and method therefor
Carrier, carrier orientation and conveying structure, carrier line system assembly, and carrier process
Trolley retention abutment for overhead conveying system
En masse bulk material conveyor apparatus
Conveyor for continuous proofing and baking apparatus
Portable casing for a soap bar
Beverage container carrier
Apparatus and methods for packaging and distributing combinations of foods and beverages
Pouch-shaped form of packaging
Packaging for mixing a product containing several components
Container for disk
Ball-receiving member
Tie-down device for securing a durable good to a pallet
Fastener clip
Article transporting/storing apparatus and article transported by the apparatus
Liner with natural grass tuft
Sachet with increased content quantity
Vitamin organizing, storing and dispensing system
Non-nesting component carrier tape
Billboard partition panel
Multi-mass filter
System for debris elimination and item separation and method of use thereof
Inspection handler apparatus and method
Y-shaped garbage and recyclables separating disposal system
No-cure fuel filter and method for making same
Integral supported separation membranes
Skateboard rack
Cap holder
Side panel shelving system
Railborne mobile crane
Flat pack box
Collapsible container and method for the assembly of such a container
Collapsible container
Fuel tank cover assembly for fuel tank
Fuel tank
Beverage container with increased bottom strength
Container with combination convex/concave bottom
Dispenser for pull tab tickets and other articles and a pull tab ticket and article therefor
System for dispensing copperplates for imprinting captions on a film in a caption printer
Method for off-loading incoherent material from a container and apparatus for the implementation of the method
Beverage dispensing machine
Dropping control mechanism for soap feeding device
Variable-rate, digitally-controlled fluid metering device
Apparatus and method for recovering beverage syrup
Needle reciprocation
Method and apparatus for producing patterned tufted goods
Sewing machine with an embroidery stitching function
Gusset manufacturing machine with automated measuring and cutting station
Sewing machine frame drive device
Sailing harness
Surface effect ship (SES) hull configuration having improved high speed performance and handling characteristics
Flexible vessels for transporting fluent cargoes
Tunnel-hulled boat
Suspension system for inflatable boat
Vehicle trailer assembly
Apparatus for supporting a banner unfurled
Remote-plasma-CVD method for coating or for treating large-surface substrates and apparatus for performing same
Artificial diet and method using an artificial diet, for mass rearing of insects
Supplemental feed block holder
Automatic feeding device
Pet drinking device
Animal cage and method for making same
Wildlife homes
Cage flood prevention system
Water heaters with flame traps
Free-piston internal combustion engine
Multi-fuel engine
Printhead apparatus
Liquid ejecting head, head cartridge and liquid ejecting apparatus
Liquid ejecting method with movable member
Mid plot refill technique for large scale printers
Printhead ink supply system
Particulate source, circulation, and valving system for ballistic aerosol marking
Liquid container for ink jet head
Ink container
Ink tank coupling method, ink jet recording apparatus, and ink tank
Ink tank
Multicolor liquid ink jet print head
Dual capillarity ink accumulator for ink-jet
Ink-jet cartridge with pressure adjustment device
Process for producing an image on a substrate
Method and apparatus for treating recording media to enhance print quality in an ink jet printer
Ink jet recording apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus
Method for working an auxiliary spectacle lens
Clip-on glasses
Pull-down member for an eyeglass frame with improved coupling pin
Method and apparatus for diagnosing and monitoring eye disease
Macular stressmeter
Camera support including extendable post
Device for projecting flat articles on a working plane of a machine for automatic cutting such flat articles
System of visual retroreflective aircraft approach runway panels
Extended field of view mirror
Electromagnetically controlled deformable mirror
Image viewing apparatus
Reflecting panel adjusting mechanism
Spread illuminating apparatus
Wand light
Marker light assembly
Lighting device for vehicles
Circuit with light emitting diodes for a motor vehicle indicator light, and a motor vehicle indicator light having such a circuit
Tapered optical waveguide coupler
High volume portable concrete batching and mixing plant having compulsory mixer with overlying supported silo
Vented single stage barrier screw with a gas vent hole and axial bore in the screw for venting gases
Processing device for stirring or reducing foods, particularly a handheld blender
Multipurpose container structure
Method and apparatus for sanitary mixing of viscous materials
Flow promoting material handling conveyance construction
Triple point of water cell
System and process for calibrating pyrometers in thermal processing chambers
Housing for HVAC control unit
Method for precise temperature sensing and control of semiconductor structures
Method of continuously monitoring controlled temperature units
Calibrated isothermal assembly for a thermocouple thermometer
Resealable closure mechanism having slider device and methods
Rolling bearing
Bearing device for machine tool spindle
Shaft mounting with enhanced stability
Annular gimbal assembly suitable for disc drive spindle bearings and method of making same
Dual-mode socket connectors
Patch panel with pivoting bracket assembly
Optical connector, and using method and tool thereof
Optical connector
Optical connector having a one-piece housing
Optical transmission module
Method and apparatus for constructing a stack unwind data structure
Substrate processing apparatus
Print processing method and apparatus and storage medium storing program codes for executing its method therein
Self contained point of sale printing system and method
Media-activated transmission for modular autoduplex mechanism
Tape printing apparatus and tape printing method
Printer with a two roller, two motor paper delivery system
Cartridge type bar-shaped cosmetic material delivery container
Pencil having an axially-moveable core, particularly a soft-core pencil
Pronged carrier for holding and retaining a pomade
Binder Mechanism
Jack extension tube for a power seat adjuster mechanism for a vehicle
Adjustable mount for vehicular ball joints
Collet and method
Handle attachment device for cleaning implements
Energy absorbing system for fixed roadside hazards
Curb forming apparatus and method
Compactor for compacting soil
Apparatus for and method of constructing concrete block mat under water
Method for treatment of dredged materials to form a structural fill
Travelling table for J-Lay pipelaying system
Low-depth water bottom observing system
Apparatus for transporting and installing a deck of an offshore oil production platform
Seal for coupling and connecting means
Disposable seal system
Gasket for a rotating shaft and a device incorporating such a gasket
Removable chuck
Suspension arrangement for a wheeled conveyance
Controllable wheel suspension system for an active running gear of a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for controlling ride height of a wheeled vehicle
Chassis for a gliding sport element, such as a skate, and a gliding element including such chassis
In-line roller skate
Roller hockey goalie skate
Unitary strap for use in a soft boot snowboard binding
Snowboard with selectively added structural components
Storing and transporting flexible sheets
Trundle for making quick-assemble mobile shopping bag
Self-steering, caster-adjustable suspension system
Isolated support for a rear suspension component 1
Sliding connection
Bicycle frame
Foldable frame assembly for a bicycle
Downhill ski with traction device
Foot binding assembly
Snowboard boot and binding apparatus
Mobile rig on wheels with transverse motion
Air bag system and method of making the same
Occupant restraint device
Control system for air bags in different vehicle locations
Apparatus for activating passive safety device
Vehicle air bag minimum distance enforcement apparatus, method and system
Torsional sensing load cell
Mobile working machine with support legs and axle blocking system
Vehicle body and frame assembly including energy absorbing structure
Safety enhanced center unbuckling restraint equipment (secure)
Seat belt adjustable device and method of using the same
Mounting structure of a fuel tank for vehicle
Folder allowing conversion into an adjustable book-rest
Greeting card construction and methods of making and using same
Collar clamp assembly for repairing core spray piping
Joining a winding to a connector using a transition ring
Anti-rotation locking units, and apparatus equipped therewith
Quick connector with after incident indicator clip
Tubular lock with a backset adjustable by a follower plate
Push-pull door latch mechanism with lock override
Disposable lock and seal device
Articulated ring for lifting loads
Telescoping hook device
Sliding tailgate panel
Vehicular seat
Adjustable rear seat back support
Retractable top tonneau cover assembly and modular assembly
Adjustable motorcycle windshield
Light shielding apparatus for rear window of automobile
Self-adjusting tonneau cover assembly
Vehicular window assembly
Method and apparatus for a door system for golf cart-type street vehicle
Flush floor slide-out room support system
Recreational vehicles with expandable room
Air spoiler for automotive vehicle and method for manufacturing the same
Impact energy absorbing structure in upper vehicle body portion and impact energy absorbing member
Injection molded thermoplastic integrated front end reinforcement and method of making same
Modular rail for roof and windshield
Extruded material frame connection structure for vehicle
Pillar joint structure for automotive vehicle
Sliding roof
Horizontal latch
Gravity lift chair
Seat device
Juvenile seat assembly
Sling chair
Tongue for an inflatable belt and an inflatable belt device
All wheel drive power buggy
Hydraulic scroll auger mining system and method of using the same
Bicycle wheel rim
Wheel for a vehicle, particularly a spare wheel for a motor vehicle
Crawler sprocket drive guard
Vehicular brake-by-wire system
Braking force control apparatus
Spring bar solenoid in ABS brake system
Items changing magazine
Device retention assembly
Earthquake-resistant electronic equipment frame
Bar code printing on cartons with hot melt ink
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Printing apparatus and printing method
Recording apparatus for periodically emitting recording materials by material specific emission amount
Ink jet printer outputting high quality image and method of using same
Printing apparatus, printing method, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for preventing satellite induced banding in an ink jet printer using pre-pulse compensation
Method and a device for detecting clogged nozzles
Ink-jet look-ahead servicing
Liquid discharge apparatus
Liquid ink printer having a customer replaceable multiple function printhead capping assembly
Print cartridge latching mechanism for a displaceable print cartridge chute
In-line printer with manual positionable mechanically interlocked multiple print head assemblies
Multi-head printer
Apparatus for cleaning a duct
Plenum and cross block for a pneumatic conveyor
Cutting insert and the arrangement of its mounting in a cutting tool
Thread cutting bit
Coated cemented carbide cutting tool
Threading tool
Machining of MMC material
Machining center, contouring process, and tool supporting mechanism
Expansion anchor and method therefor
Fastener system including a fastener and a cap
Screw with an improved head structure and punch for forming same
Transfer robot
Straddle carrier with slab and coil tongs
Storable ramp assembly
Substrate transfer system for semiconductor processing equipment
Robotics for transporting containers and objects within an automated analytical instrument and service tool for servicing robotics
Water/solids extracting blower
Junction for shears sensitive biological fluid paths
Air moving apparatus and method of optimizing performance thereof
Method and apparatus for altering the physical properties of fluids
Electric fan adjustable support
Fluid pump control apparatus and method
Peristaltic pump provided with a pressure measurement device to monitor the condition of the hose
Die casting pump
Pump and motor unit and method for pumping fluids
Variable displacement swash plate type compressor having pivot pin
Methods for sealing a tire and for introducing liquid into a tire
Guide passage between the piston and housing of a compressor
Reciprocating compressor with dry lubricating system
Tandem fixed displacement pump with torque control
Process for operating a compressor with a downstream user, and unit operating according to this process
Scroll machine with asymmetrical bleed hole
Piston type compressor
Canned pump with dry rotor compartment
Automotive fuel pump and filter housing
Manually-powered apparatus for powering a portable electronic device
Containment member for a magnetic-drive centrifugal pump
Corrosion-resistant sleeve for magnetic rotors
Refrigerating agent compressor with improved valve
Small robust rotary internal combustion engine having high unit power and low manufacturing costs
Method of connecting an economizer tube
Hydraulic positive displacement machine
Automatically balancing a blower in a blown film extrusion line
Fishing lure mold and fishing lure
Vibrating device for processing a floor layer
Method of and apparatus for decreasing attack of detrimental components of solid particle suspensions on heat transfer surfaces
Safety device for gas burner
Lighter with a through-hole and reinforcing ribs
Pilot assembly
Flexible torch of adjustable length
Burner with venturi tube and flow distributing elements
Method of regulating the flue gas temperature and voltage supply in an electrostatic precipitator for a cement production plant
Thermal processing unit for the preparation of plastisol-based floor coverings
Semiconductor processing apparatuses
Heated orthodontic pliers
Z-bend orthodontic instrument and method
Dental syringe tip
Stackable reservoir and scaler system
Endodontic instrument having regressive conicity
Rotary handpiece for endodontic instrumentation
Dental matrix clamp for tooth restoration procedures
Process for producing artificial teeth imitating natural teeth and so-obtained teeth
System and method for an RC controller and software
Method of applying pigmented material to a screen to create an artistic image and the resulting pigmented screen
Educational and entertainment device
Adaptive motivation for computer-assisted training system
Hybrid lesson format
Zee electrical interconnect
Self-aligning LCD connector assembly
Board to board connector
Electrical connector with improved terminals for electrically connecting to a circuit board
Electrical connector assembly
Contact sheet
Socket for electrical parts
Socket for BGA packages
Connector and heating element assembly
Electrical connector contact bridge with wire clamp
Electrical connector with latching backplate assembly
Socket contact with kelvin contact for testing integrated circuit devices
Connector having self-sealing membrane
High arc resistant connector having a flexible wire-trap member
Extended length, high frequency contactor block
Electrical connector for connecting a flexible printed circuit to a rigid printed circuit board
Battery stage module
Catch for fastening to a support rail
Optional plug connector for a transfer switch having a terminal compartment
Electrical connector
Nut-prefixed connector
Connector element for mounting on a electric cable having a helically-corrugated outer conductor, and a method of mounting it
Electrical connector
Electrical connector with metal side members and method of producing same
Differential signal electrical connector
Methods and systems for a power supply housing
Electrical connector with wire management system
Terminal connecting device having a restraining structure
Electric connector
Female metal terminal
Low insertion force, high contact force terminal spring
Electrical contact having spring arms with displacements orthogonal to each other
System for providing wind propulsion of a marine vessel using a helical turbine assembly
Water jet propulsion unit with means for varying area of nozzle outlet
Trim-tilt device for marine propulsion unit
Marine propulsion system and method for controlling engine and/or transmission operation
Outboard engine system
Inflatable chamber for hydrostatic balancing jackets
Foldable under water viewing window
Cantilever jet drive package having mounting adapter with exhaust passage
Method for producing an electrochromic device
System and method for end-point detection in a multi-head CMP tool using real-time monitoring of motor current
Polishing apparatus
Apparatus for chemical mechanical polishing endpoint detection using a hydrogen sensor
Composition and method for planarizing surfaces
Polishing solution supply system
Chemical-mechanical polish machines and fabrication process using the same
Fixed abrasive finishing method using lubricants
Polishing pads and methods relating thereto
Conditioner apparatus for chemical mechanical polishing
Dresser for polishing cloth and manufacturing method therefor
Polishing apparatus
Disposable, multi-conduit particulate matter propelling apparatus
Blast nozzle
Polishing device
Electric power tool with rotatable handle
Brake system for vehicles
Limited slip differential clutch pack
Self-spotting apparatus for free-weights
Physical fitness accessory
Roll for round baler
Transfer roller
Methods of manufacturing reclosable package having a slider device
Delivery of cardiac constraint jacket
Endoscope cover having protrusions
Mouthpiece and insertion assisting device for endoscope
Device and method of using a surgical assembly with mesh sheath
Endoscope, method of manufacturing the same, and insertion member
Fluorescent endoscope system enabling simultaneous normal light observation and fluorescence observation in infrared spectrum
Ultrasound scanner with beam former
Doppler ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
Ultrasonic system and method for measurement of fluid flow
Pulse wave examination apparatus, blood pressure monitor, pulse waveform monitor, and pharmacological action monitor
Body biomechanics adjustment method
Wound treatment device for attachment to skin
Holographic memory
Transmutable radiotherapy device
Magnetic face mask
Magnetically suspended fluid pump and control system
Apparatus and method for mounting implantable hearing aid device
Management of physiological and psychological state of an individual using images personal image profiler
Human Necessities
Catheter for artificial insemination of birds, in particular turkey-hens, and method for producing such a catheter
Adjustable splint
Wristlet mounting means for infant care apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Thermoelastic bend actuator ink jet printing mechanism
Method for coupling liquid jet head units, a liquid jet head unit, and a liquid jet head cartridge
Securement of a pad to the inside of a bag
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