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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Tissue treatment device for an extremity
Sp110, a polypeptide component of the nuclear body
Method, system and recording medium for viewing/listening evaluation of musical performance
Performing Operations; Transporting
Laser beam machining system and laser beam machining method using the same
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the image forming apparatus
Algorithm for electric column lock
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for producing benzoxazine derivative and production intermediate thereof
Process for preparing a branched olefin, a method of using the branched olefin for making a surfactant, and a surfactant
Methods for nucleophilic fluoromethylation
Amino group containing phenol derivative
Catalysed acylation of alkylated benzene derivatives
Benzotropolone derivatives and modulation of inflammatory response
Naphthyltriazines as stabilizers for organic material
Partial oxidation using molecular sieve SSZ-71
Method for producing maleic anhydride
Method for preparation of organic chelate
Human ARL-related gene variants associated with cancers
Kits for use in detecting resistance to streptogramin A and related compounds
Nucleic acids encoding novel proteins in enteroaggregative escherichia coli (EAEC)
Tyrosine DNA phosphodiesterases (TDP) and related polypeptides nucleic acids vectors TDP producing host cells antibodies and methods of use
Nucleic acid encoding recombinant salmon calcitonin, expression vector thereof, and method for producing recombinant salmon calcitonin therewith
C-type lectin transmembrane antigen expressed in human prostate cancer and uses thereof
Carbohydrate crosslinked glycoprotein crystals
Mu-Opiod receptor splice variant polypeptides
Three-dimensional structures containing hyaluronic acid derivatives obtained by the supercritical antisolvent technique
Gas barrier(meth)acrylate resin cured product
Catalytic composition and its preparation and use for preparing polymers from ethylenically unsaturated monomers
Non-yellowing polyester coating composition
Synthesis of oligomeric cyanate esters
Monomer and polymerization process
Absorbents and process for producing the same, absorbable constructs and absorbable articles
Isolated nucleic acids encoding proteins with chitinase activity and uses thereof
Method for expressing multiple recombinant proteins in milk of transgenic non-human mammals
Carrier molecules
Scatterometry by phase sensitive reflectometer
Method and apparatus for measuring wavelength changes in a high-resolution measurement system
Solid-state infrared imager
Integrated optical time domain reflectometer and optical supervisory network
High speed analyzer using near infrared radiation transmitted through thick samples of optically dense materials
Dimension measurement approach for metal-material
Integrated occupant sensory system
Enhanced isolation level between sampling channels in a vector network analyzer
Modularized probe card for high frequency probing
Method and apparatus for measuring and evaluating local electrical characteristics of a sample having a nano-scale structure
Reducing overhead when using loopback cells for fault detection in bi-directional virtual circuits
Method for detecting an offset drift in a wheatstone measuring bridge
Non-contact method and apparatus for on-line interconnect characterization in VLSI circuits
Testing a multi-channel device
Test arrangement for testing semiconductor circuit chips
Antenna aligning apparatus for near-field measurement
System, method and apparatus for tuning an RF volume coil
Aqueous sample holder for EPR and MR spectroscopy
Rapid sample multiplexing
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens system
Lens body tube
Lens barrel having a lens barrier mechanism
Surgical microscope
Light modulating microdevice
Optical scanner and image formation apparatus
Modifiable assembly of microscopic apertures
Micro movable mechanism system and control method for the same
Autostereoscopic lens sheet with planar areas
Image stabilization apparatus and binocular equipped with image stabilization apparatus
Particle size variable reactor
Light polarizing film and method of making same
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display apparatus
In-plane field type liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystal molecules with more than two kinds of reorientation directions
Apparatus and method for high resolution in-situ illumination source measurement in projection imaging systems
Radiation image storage panel
Distortion-tolerant 3-D object recognition by using single exposure on-axis digital holography
Self reference type distance measuring method and distance measuring apparatus using an optical pulse
High frequency partial boost power factor correction control circuit and method
Active power factor correction
Memory command handler for use in an image signal processor having a data driven architecture
Print manager having a user interface for specifying how documents are directed to print devices
Density correction method and printing apparatus employing the same
System and method for providing information regarding mounting, dismounting and servicing a bearing or a seal
Printing more or less of a web page
Methods and system for general skinning via hardware accelerators
Collision detection method for deformable objects in a scene
Raycasting perspective views
Map display device and method for displaying map
Collective personal articles tracking
Remote-readable identification tag and method for operating the same
RFID tag and method for processing RFID data
Housing structure for RFID tag, installation structure for RFID tag, and communication using such RFID tag
Systems and apparatus for secure shipping
Systems and apparatus for personal security
Player with a remote controller, remote controller and player
Runway approach lighting system and method
Methods and apparatus for ultra-violet stimulated displays
Electron-emitting device and field emission display using the same
Plasma display and driving method of the same
Plasma display device having an improved contrast radio
Method for driving liquid crystal display device
Display device employing time-division-multiplexed driving of driver circuits
Dynamic device and method for dispensing machines
Display panel drive apparatus, display panel drive method and information recording medium for driving display panel
Information display device
Power circuit for display driver, display device, and camera
Input method and input device
Ergonomic pointing device
System and method for managing visual structure, timing, and animation in a graphics processing system
Display apparatus capable of indicating a picture-in-picture function in monitor
Coordinate input device detecting touch on board associated with liquid crystal display, and electronic device therefor
Image display apparatus, image display method and computer-readable recording medium storing image display program
Musical instrument system
Device for striking a percussion instrument
Method and apparatus for producing sounds that depend on the operation of an internal combustion engine in the interior space of a motor vehicle
Adaptively estimating a read access time to a second track based upon the binned radial position of the second track within a rotating media storage device
Mounting for disk drive unit and method of handling
Method and apparatus for detecting land pre-pit address information recorded on optical disc
Storage apparatus and control method therefor
Computer system and method to control noise of a hard disk drive
Method for controlling movement of head in data storage device and disk drive employing the method
Positioner for a disk drive that offsets the resultant force at the actuator hub to precisely position a data transducer
Head supporting device and disk drive unit using the same
Method of self-servo writing in a disk drive using a spiral pattern
Method of making a tunnel valve sensor with improved free layer sensitivity
Laminated suspension load beam design with dual primary metal layers sandwiching intermediate secondary layer
Integrated interconnect and method of manufacture therefor
Method to reject disk drive disturbance
Disk drive recursively estimating repeatable runout
Information recording method
Method and apparatus for establishing manufacturer-specific test writing parameters for writing of writable optical storage media
Optical disc recorder with recording modality switching for high quality recording
Information recording method
Optical recording apparatus
Apparatus of controlling tracking for a disk
Magnetic memory apparatus and method of manufacturing magnetic memory apparatus
Dynamic RAM storage techniques
Multi-state memory
DRAM CAM memory
System of multiplexed data lines in a dynamic random access memory
Method of evaluating characteristics of semiconductor memory element, and method of extracting model parameter of semiconductor memory element
Distributed write data drivers for burst access memories
Semiconductor memory circuit
Operating method implemented through a user interface for a computed tomography examination
Multilayer insulated wire and transformer using the same
Charge control of micro-electromechanical device
Electrodeless fluorescent lamp with stabilized operation at high and low ambient temperatures
Light source using emitting particles to provide visible light
Flat display device
Method for detecting and compensating for positional displacements in photolithographic mask units and apparatus for carrying out the method
Light barrier or light grid with alignment mechanism
Method for recycling gases used in a lithography tool
Predominantly <100> polycrystalline silicon thin film transistor
Microelectronic device packages and methods for controlling the disposition of non-conductive materials in such packages
Semiconductor device, electronic device, electronic apparatus, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Chip packaging compositions, packages and systems made therewith, and methods of making same
Microelectronic devices including underfill apertures
Etchant formulation for selectively removing thin films in the presence of copper, tin, and lead
Manufacturing methods of semiconductor devices and a solid state image pickup device
Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
Flip-chip device having conductive connectors
Direct alignment scheme between multiple lithography layers
Semiconductor light emitting element and method of making same
Area efficient stacking of antifuses in semiconductor device
Inductors for integrated circuits
Gallium-nitride based light emitting diode structure with enhanced light illuminance
Light-emitting semiconductor device and method of fabrication
Optical device, surface emitting type device and method for manufacturing the same
Flash memory cell, flash memory device and manufacturing method thereof
In service programmable logic arrays with low tunnel barrier interpoly insulators
Magnetoelectronic devices utilizing protective capping layers and methods of fabricating the same
Controlling the dynamic range of an avalanche photodiode
Photoelectric conversion device and method of production thereof
Nanostructure and nanocomposite based compositions and photovoltaic devices
Nanostructure and nanocomposite based compositions and photovoltaic devices
Active electronic device and electronic apparatus
Transmission line and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Controlling coupling strength in electromagnetic bus coupling
Slotted dielectric resonators and circuits with slotted dielectric resonators
Feedback and control system for radomes
Slot type planar antennas
Lens antenna
Dual range antenna
High gain antenna for wireless applications
Antenna system
Semiconductor optical amplifier and optical amplifying apparatus using the same
Optical communication systems including optical amplifiers and amplification methods
Laser apparatus
Laser module
Variable wavelength light source
Polarization maintaining dispersion controlled fiber laser source of ultrashort pulses
Cable sealing for a plug connector
Internal motor protector for hermetic compressor
Field assembly for a motor and method of making same
Rotating asynchronous converter and a generator device
Electromagnetic drive type actuator
Startup via FB pin regulation
High-aspect-ratio-microstructure (HARM)
Drive unit and vehicle equipped therewith
Electronic variable speed control of dual motor configuration
Methods and apparatus for providing privacy for a user of an audio electronic device
Oscillation circuit and electronic equipment comprising semiconductor integrated device with clock function including the oscillation circuit
Inverter oscillator circuit
Phase lock loop with cycle drop and add circuitry
Method and arrangement relating to multicarrier power amplifiers
High frequency amplifier in an integrated circuit
Antenna diversity structure for use in a radio frequency integrated circuit
High-frequency power amplifier module
High-gain, bulk-driven operational amplifiers for system-on-chip applications
Wavetable audio synthesizer with left offset, right offset and effects volume control
Duplex-system digital-data transmitting method and apparatus
Circuit module
High speed IO buffer using auxiliary power supply
Dynamic circuits having improved noise tolerance and method for designing same
Programmable logic device latch circuits
AC powered logic circuitry
Symmetric and non-stacked XOR circuit
Delay interpolation in a ring oscillator delay stage
Communication device and digital encoding method thereof
LVDS input circuit with extended common mode range
Clock generating circuit
Digital multi-phase clock generator
Apparatus and method for frequency and phase acquisition
Enhanced data converters using compression and decompression
Multiple input analog-to-digital conversion apparatus and radio receiver using the same
Method for determining signal quality of simultaneously received multiple channels of data
IFB system apparatus and method
Parametric ring emitter
Audio information transmitting apparatus and the method thereof, and a vibrator holding structure
Block level space time transmit diversity in wireless communications
Communication system and device under OFDM system
Methods and systems for fast restoration in a mesh network of optical cross connects
Device for receiving OFDM signal, and method for restoring signal by channel estimation
Dynamically-scalable system and method for multiple user access utilzing multi-bit and multi-code orthogonal multiplexing
Multiple access technique for downlink multibeam digital radio systems
Apparatus and method for randomly controlling time slot of sub-frame in an NB-TDD CDMA system
Single-photon-emission apparatus
Processing data packets in a multiple protocol system area network
Network selection for connectivity
Modular multi-media communication management system with an integrated service for wide area network wireless telephones
Apparatus and methods for storing and comparing PIDs
Processor with packet processing order maintenance based on packet flow identifiers
Method and system for controlling flow of multiplexed data
System and method for enhancing a voice channel in voice over internet protocol
Translator for IP networks, network system using the translator, and IP network coupling method therefor
System and method for remotely communicating with a broadband modem
Public wireless/cordless internet gateway
Method for setting a R-P link in mobile communication system
Digital subscriber line communicating system determining signal-to-noise ratios
System and method for customising call alerts
Single telephone number access to multiple communications services
Method and system for automatic call distribution based on network resource availability and agent skills
Call programming apparatus and method
Image reading device
Method, system, and apparatus for image forming and processing capable of appropriately adjusting input and output properties
System and method for effectively implementing a dither matrix for an electronic printer device
Method and apparatus for printing halftone recipe color images
Video transcoder with drift compensation
Method and apparatus for calibrating a sensor for highlights and for processing highlights
Signal processing apparatus signal processing method program and recording medium for detecting a position in a pattern corresponding to noise
Distributed scheduler for packet switches and passive optical networks
Apparatus, and associated method, for rewarding performance of a computer game at a mobile terminal
Packet voting in wireless mobile devices
Business process for disseminating pilot weather data by voice
Radio base station system permitting path division multiple connection, and synchronization window control method and synchronization window control program therefor
Communications equipment that carries out communication within network having plural pieces of communications equipment
Method for controlling a data stream in a wireless network
Methods and apparatus for transmitting data in a radio communication system including signaling allocation of a common channel
Speakerphone accessory assembly
Door with structural components configured to radiate acoustic Energy
High efficiency planar magnetic transducer with angled magnet structure
Real-time audio source separation by delay and attenuation compensation in the time domain
Programmable oven with broiler temperature interlock
Heating device
Heat warning safety device using fiber optic cables
Metal core multilayer printed wiring board
Coupling structure
Soldermask opening to prevent delamination
System for airflow management in electronic enclosures
Cooling system and method employing at least two modular cooling units for ensuring cooling of multiple electronics subsystems
Techniques for cooling a circuit board component within an environment with little or no forced convection airflow
Expired Patents Due To Time
Automatic speed dial updating
Ringing-tone control device for telephone set, using audio signal sent by caller
Telephone line interface architecture using ringer inputs for caller ID data
System for protecting telecommunications equipment from transient voltages
Method of preventing power analysis attacks on microelectronic assemblies
Cryptographic method and apparatus for non-linearly merging a data block and a key
Ring-based public key cryptosystem method
Optical disk, an optical disk barcode forming method, an optical disk reproduction apparatus, a marking forming apparatus, a method of forming a laser marking on an optical disk, and a method of manufacturing an optical disk
Apparatus and method for maintaining a constant speech envelope using variable coefficient automatic gain control
Electroacoustic transducer with improved tonal quality
Method and apparatus for audio bass enhancement in a electronic device
Image data encoding system and image inputting apparatus
Moving target detecting system and moving target detecting method
Device for and method of detecting motion in an image
Extracting image frames suitable for printing and visual presentation from the compressed image data
Instruction and/or identification input unit
Instruction and/or an identification input unit
Method of registering surfaces using curvature
Semiconductor device image inspection with contrast enhancement
Image processing device for detecting one-color marks of a number of colors and image processing method thereof
Method and apparatus for automatic image segmentation using template matching filters
Image recognition system using light-section method
Digital signature method and information communication system and apparatus using such method
Method for rendering improved personal handwriting
Apparatus and method for generating time-series data, apparatus and method for editing curves and recording medium having program recorded thereon
Image processing apparatus and method
Locating and aligning embedded images
Recognition and translation system and method
Method and device for forming/processing character string image
Apparatus and method for entropy coding
Apparatus and method for decoding digital image with function of suppressing blocking effect
Image compression/expansion using parallel decomposition/recomposition
Apparatus and method for encoding wavelet trees generated by a wavelet-based coding method using band dependent tables
PCL conversion of JETSEND images
Method for improving data encoding and decoding efficiency
Image transformations in the compressed domain
Vector wavelet organization
Image coding apparatus
Residual vector quantization for texture pattern compression and decompression
Image tracking apparatus for tracking an image within a local region to continuously track a moving object
System for reading data glyphs
Method for performing image-acquisition with preview of image to be transferred
Storage management system for document image database
Three-dimensional display of document set
Object sensor system comprising controlled light source
Symbol-controlled image data reading system
Phase modulator for semiconductor waveguide
Stray light absorption
Optical pumping field emission type light-to-current converter
Photon transistors
Optical fiber switching arrangement
Wavelength division multiplexing/demultiplexing devices using polymer lenses
Optical fiber grating and manufacturing method therefor
Method and apparatus for forming a tube-encased bragg grating
Distributed fiber grating sensing systems using birefringence fiber interferometers for detecting wavelength shifts
Planar waveguide grating device and method having a passband with a flat-top and sharp-transitions
High power fiber gain media system achieved through power scaling via multiplexing
Plenum rated high modulus buffered optical fiber
Radiation-curable optical glass fiber coating compositions, coated optical glass fibers, and optical glass fiber assemblies
Field repairable hermaphroditic connector tool
Splice mount having improved structural integrity and method of making
Optical waveguide device and method for fabricating the same
Device and method for applying light conductive fibers
Video signal reproducing apparatus connectable with printer
Object measuring and weighing apparatus and method for determining conveyance speed
Orientation aid for the blind and the visually disabled
Method for killing mosquito larvae
Doubly resonant push-pull flextensional
Device for monitoring the travel time of mail shipments
Time information management system
Magneto-optical reproducing method using a magnified magnetic domain
Recording media including auxiliary memory of different types
Locking method and apparatus for multi-disk cartridge
Optical recording and reproducing method optical recording and reproducing device, and optical recording medium
Optical disk apparatus
Focus search method and controller for digital disk
Optical disc and optical disc apparatus for forming wobbled tracks
Reproduction apparatus, recording and reproduction system, reproduction method, and recording and reproduction method
Method and apparatus for controlling the writing of information onto a storage medium
Device for identifying optical disc type based on density of radial information tracks thereon
Recording and playback of multi-channel digital audio having different resolutions for different channels
Magneto-optical head apparatus using evanescent light
Low-birefringence optical fiber for use in an optical data storage system
Optical head and information recording and reproducing apparatus using it
Information recording and reproducing apparatus and methods of recording and reproducing information using solid immersion lens having super resolution film deposited thereon
Memory control and reproducing and/or recording apparatus for storage and access of memory location
Disc player
Clamping device
Recording/reproducing optical disk with constant product of rotation number and number of sector areas and recording/reproducing apparatus using same
Disk-shaped information memorizing medium cartridge
Estimation of two propagation channels in OFDM
Multiplex transmission system wherein analog signal is transformed to base band, random-transformed and superimposed on dispersed signal points in vector signal space
Network data filtering
Transparent transport
High availability distributed call processing method and apparatus
Data link layer processor system for a local exchange system
Method for explicit data rate control in a packet communication environment without data rate supervision
Packet switching apparatus adapted to control allowed transmission rate in packet switching network, and method of controlling allowed transmission rate
Communication system architecture and a connection verification mechanism therefor
Method and apparatus for determining if overloaded collision domains can be split to enhance network
Systems and methods for multiple mode voice and data communications using intelligently bridged TDM and packet buses and methods for performing telephony and data functions using the same
Adjustable balancing circuit for an adaptive hybrid and method of adjusting the same
Method and apparatus for establishing a data link between a portable data communications device and an interface circuit
TDMA system timer for maintaining timing to multiple satellite simultaneously
Method and arrangement for upstream timeslot assignment, and communication system wherein the method is used
System and method for cancelling the extra interference created during position location in a CDMA cellular system
High-data-rate supplemental channel for CDMA telecommunications system
Communication method used in a shared resource transmission system
Method and apparatus for connection handoff between connected radios
Method and apparatus in a wireless messaging unit for acquiring transmitter or receiver synchronization
Early detection of in-band signals in a packet voice transmitter with reduced transmission delay
Credit based telephony service facilitation
System and method for reliability transporting aural information across a network
Methods for implementing a talkgroup call with competing sources in a multicast IP network
Multiple quality of service asynchronous transfer mode-frame relay interworking function and method
Layer 2 integrated access scheme
Port aggregation protocol
System providing integrated services over a computer network
System and method for providing backup machines for implementing multiple IP addresses on multiple ports
Broadband telecommunications system
Method for multi-mode operation of a subscriber line card in a telecommunications system
Single wire bus interface for multidrop applications
Distributed arbitration scheme for network device
Methods and apparatus for ISDN communications with dual mode access to interface apparatus on-board memory
System and method for implementing self-device control modules in an electronic network
Packet training with an adjustable optimum number of packets
Method and apparatus for processing variable bit rate information in an information distribution system
Real-time transaction synchronization among peer authentication systems in a telecommunications network environment
Method using elastic buffering for equalizing transmission delays in a non-earth-synchronous multiple satellite data transmission system
Mode-locked fiber laser and fiber amplifier using single pump laser
Optical apparatus and method for producing the same
High-power external-cavity optically-pumped semiconductor lasers
GaInAsP/AIGaInP laser diodes with AIGaAs type II carrier blocking layer in the waveguide
Laser diodes with composite material systems which decouple refractive index and band gap profiles
Gallium nitride type laser for emitting blue light
Narrow band excimer or molecular fluorine laser with adjustable bandwidth
Channel hopping in a radio communications system
Method and system for combining orthogonal transmit diversity and adaptive array techniques in a wireless communications system
Power savings technique for a positioning system receiver
Bad frame detector and turbo decoder
Source encoding using shuffling of data to provide robust error recovery in a burst error-environment
Motion vector detecting apparatus
System and method for decoding a variable length code digital signal
Method and apparatus for splicing compressed information signals
Method for seamless and near seamless audio and non-video splicing of a digital transport stream
System for detecting redundant images in a video sequence by comparing two predetermined threshold values
Method to play audio and video clips through MPEG decoders
Methods of controlling communication parameters of wireless systems
Apparatus and method for phase and frequency digital modulation
Method and apparatus for power control in a transmitter
Communicating signaling information in a cellular system that has a tight frequency reuse pattern
Method and apparatus for determination of predistortion parameters for a quadrature modulator
Amplifier with wideband digital predistortion
Burst demodulator for use in high speed bidirectional digital cable transmission system
Constant envelope modulation communication system
Phase error estimation method for a demodulator in an HDTV receiver
Method and apparatus for accurately aligning a series of detection windows with a synchronization pattern in a data storage device
Maximum likelihood sequence estimation in the presence of co-channel interference
Flexible clock and data recovery module for a DWDM optical communication system with multiple clock rates
Clock recovery circuit
Method and apparatus for a low skew, low standby power clock network
Frequency synthesiser
Narrowband digital cordless telephone with a logic high weak driver and a logic low strong driver for keypad interface
Nuclear fuel rod with upward-shifted pellet stack and a device to realize same
X-ray imaging system
Cone beam volume CT angiography imaging system and method
X-ray computed tomography apparatus
Methods and apparatus for helical multi-frame image reconstruction in a computed tomography fluoro system including data communications over a network
Self aligning inter-scintillator reflector x-ray damage shield and method of manufacture
Inverted confocal microscope
Portable screen assembly
Light fixture containing optical film
Devices based on surface plasmon interference filters
Directional light-diffusing film, a method of manufacturing same, and a display device that uses same
Focus detecting optical system
Laser-texturing data zone on a magnetic disk surface by using degenerative two wave mixing
Micro lens array, method of fabricating the same, and display device
Zoom lens having low-pass phase filter, lens system having low-pass phase filter, and camera having the same zoom lens or lens system
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens system
Image pickup lens
Imaging lens for interferometric device
Focusing device for an optical mechanism
Hybrid thermal-defocusing/nonlinear-scattering broadband optical limiter for the protection of eyes and sensors
Write head with switchable impedance and method for operating same
Information reproduction apparatus
Write driver circuit having programmable overshoot and undershoot
Magnetic recording control circuit with current reducers
Disk-cartridge detection system incorporating an angled light emitter/detector
System and method for cartridge detection and verification using signal comparison
Method for eliminating wiggle of magnetic head in hard disk drive
Device and method for compensating for interhead track position offset due to the offset of tracks on disk surfaces
Multiple tape cartridge and drive system wherein tapes are extracted from the cartridge
Mounting assembly for a disk drive
Magnetic storage apparatus
Magnetic head
Recording disk with round spindle hole in magnetic hub and prerecorded tracking servo information
Super-textured air bearing surface slider design for data transducers in rotating media random access computer mass storage devices
Disk drive suspension with encapsulated damping material
Disk drive actuator arm with differential mount plate support
Connecting device for use in a head drum assembly
Integral load beam push-pull microactuator
Suspension with adjustable preload
Magnetic head and method for producing the same
Zone selective interlock for a circuit breaker system
Protection system for devices in an electrical distribution network
Device for controlling an electromechanical actuator
Metal terminal and electronic component including same
Capacitor with thermosealed polymeric case for implantable medical device
Capacitor assembly having an aluminum electrolytic capacitor
Portable electronic terminal apparatus having a plurality of displays
Portable computer having a sealed hinge clutch
External hinge for a portable computer cover
Panel mounting system
Recessed bezel apparatus
Filter assembly for a memory storage device cooler
Hard diskdrive rack
Computer enclosure incorporating a drive bracket
Alignment mechanism for computer system having a portable computer and docking station
Peripheral mounting system for a computer system
Host assembly for an integrated computer module
Thermally efficient portable computer incorporating deploying CPU module
Apparatus for reducing electromagnetic emissions from a computer
System and method for housing telecommunications equipment
Radiation structure for heating element
Heat sink with alignment and retaining features
Semiconductor module and heat sink used in such module
Apparatus for providing displacement to a slide mounted chassis in a rack
Security docking cable for computer docking system
Semiconductor device, method of fabricating the same film carrier tape, circuit board, and electronic apparatus
Wiring arrangement including capacitors for suppressing electromagnetic wave radiation from a printed circuit board
Memory module having improved heat dissipation and shielding
Self-securing RF screened housing
Mounting structure for mounting flexible printed circuit board and recording/reproducing apparatus using same
Electromagnetic interference shielding enclosure
Multiple output synchronous rectifier circuit providing zero volt switch mode operation
Phase converter
Backup power stage associated with a dual input power supply and method of operating the same
Power converter for correcting power factor
Method and apparatus for reducing stress across capacitors used in integrated circuits
Generalized method of paralleling voltage amplifiers
Thin, cascade-connected direct current source circuit
Parallel operation of multiple generators
Bypass rectifier connection for alternator transition locomotives
In-rush current controller with continuous cycle-by-cycle control
Unified constant-frequency integration control of three-phase power corrected rectifiers, active power filters, and grid-connected inverters
Compact electrical device, especially a switched-mode power supply
Rectifying device outputting multiple power signals
Reference layer structure in a magnetic storage cell
Structure and method for protecting integrated circuits during plasma processing
Cell block structure of nonvolatile ferroelectric memory
Ferroelectric random access memory
Magnetoresistive spin-injection diode
Mode indicator for multi-level memory
Applications for non-volatile memory cells
Balanced reference sensing circuit
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
EPROM writing circuit
Acceleration voltage implementation for a high density flash memory device
Single electron MOSFET memory device and method
Circuit configuration with a temperature-dependent semiconductor component test and repair logic circuit
Test mode activation and data override
Semiconductor device capable of reducing cost of analysis for finding replacement address in memory array
Method and apparatus for programmable control signal generation for a semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device and method for setting stress voltage
Dynamic type semiconductor memory device operable in self refresh operation mode and self refresh method thereof
Semiconductor memory device enabling direct current voltage test in package status
Memory structures having selectively disabled portions for power conservation
Boost circuit of DRAM with variable loading
Semiconductor device, semiconductor system, and digital delay circuit
Configurable memory block
Method and apparatus to automatically determine the size of an external EEPROM
Method and apparatus for eliminating false data in a page mode memory device
Pulse-echo system for mediums having varying densities
Three-dimensional cursor for a real-time volume rendering system
Performing color adjustments on image data
Edge-adaptive chroma up-conversion
Wireless communication system having a plurality of transmitting parts one of which is selectively used
Apparatus and method for image display
Pointing apparatus
Multiple interacting computers interfaceable through a physical manipulatory grammar
Connecting device for inputting informational signals
Microphone sheath having pointing device and control buttons
Controller device including at least one finger hole, a trackball, and a display screen
Keyboard apparatus free from incorrect fitting of key-top in type and fitting direction thereof
Programmable switch array with tactical feel
Projective capacitive touchscreen
Information display system for electronically reading a book
Driving circuit for display device
Apparatus for and method of displaying image and computer-readable recording medium
Information storage medium, recording method used therefor and reproducing apparatus
Digital recording apparatus and copyright protection method thereof
Automatic photobooth with electronic imaging camera
Motion verifying camera and motion verifying photography method
Electric circuits for camera
Exposure count indicator for camera
Exposure count indicator
Image forming apparatus having a sensor for determining whether a replacement unit is new/old and mounted/non-mounted
Developing apparatus featuring suppressed deviation of a positional relationship between a developer bearing member and a developer regulator member and method for assembling the apparatus
Corona Charger with integral latch member for locating the charger relative to a roller
Charging apparatus which stores electrically conductive particles in granule form
Electrophotographic developing apparatus
Replenisher mechanism for a development station of a reproduction apparatus
Toner container for an image forming apparatus
Electrostatic powder coated wire for hybrid scavengeless development applications
Device for creating a uniform toner layer by electrically charging toner particles
Jump monocomponent development arrangement
Apparatus providing improved image transfer to an intermediate transfer belt
Image forming apparatus with image fixing means of low heat capacity
Fixing apparatus having sheet guide
Image heating apparatus
Image transfer device incorporating a fuser roller having a thick wearable silicone rubber surface
Cleaning apparatus and process cartridge
Combined advertising and entertainment system network
Determination of neighbour cells in a base station
Power control system for communications channels
Adaptive receiver linearity techniques for a radio transceiver
Communication system, device and method
Detector circuit and method of detecting antenna mismatch
Multiple frequency band receiver
Radio telephones and method of operation
Receiver for RF signals
Method and apparatus for frequency conversion for a receiver with a limited-accuracy oscillator
Lazy updates of profiles in a system of communication devices
GPS receiver for emergency location reporting during intermittent shadowing
Radio-operated communications terminal with navigation key
Retina implant
Medical system having improved telemetry
High impedance electrode tip with internal drug delivery capability
Control device for a solar protection means
Conveyance system in a semiconductor manufacturing process and method for processing semiconductor wafer therein
Non-intrusive part identification system for parts cut from a sheet material
Embroidery data processing apparatus
System for making an optical glass from a blank
System for monitoring workpiece and tool carriages movement using a two-axis scale attached to a carriage cooperating with a reading head attached to the other carriage
CAD/CAM apparatus and machining apparatus for processing position/force information
Method for in-cassette wafer center determination
Voice mail service notification between mobile systems
Method and apparatus in a two-way wireless communication system for detection and deferred reporting of a communication difficulty
System and method for providing access to the internet via a radio telecommunications network
Powered down selection of a preferable wireless communications service provider in a multi-service provider environment
Method of use of a control channel in a cellular communications system
Radio switching equipment permitting a plurality of mobile terminals to use one trunk circuit and a circuit control method for radio switching equipment
Fast user terminal position determination in a satellite communications system
Information transmission control apparatus for transmitting same information to a plurality of destinations, and information reception apparatus for receiving information from information transmission control apparatus
Terminating extension groups controlled by wireless terminals
Method of performing power control in mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for reducing frame error rate through signal power adjustment
Dual-band, dual-mode power amplifier
IC card-type radio communication device
Subscriber terminal and method for passing control signals between a first and second signal processing units
Method and apparatus for automatic volume control
Base station apparatus and frame synchronization acquisition method
X-ray mammography apparatus
Method for calibrating a detector means
X-ray examination apparatus
Variable aperture z-axis tracking collimator for a computed tomograph system
System and method for processing of communication line test signals, such as enhancement processing
System and method for digital telephone trouble reporting
Intelligent processing for establishing communication over the internet
Method and apparatus for making a voice and/or data call over a single analog phone line using a multi-modal DCE
Caller ID system
Interconnect traffic tracking
Method for transmitting data signals on analog subscriber lines
Frequency-based discount system for host-system within a communication network
Method and apparatus for controlling rating of calls to pay services
Call transfer and conference with separate billing records per leg
Unified directory for caller ID and electronic mail addresses
Teleconference recording and playback system and associated method
Robot crash sensor system
Industrial robot
Apparatus and method with improved field of view for determining vehicle wheel alignment measurements from three dimensional wheel positions and orientations
Irrigation accumulation controller
Method of preventing potentially hazardously misleading attitude data
System and method of compensating for pressure sensor errors and noise in inertial vertical loop data
Performing Operations; Transporting
Assembly line for mounted units
Integrated spacecraft control system and method
Autonomous gyro scale factor and misalignment calibration
Combined GPS and cellular band mobile antenna
Metadata-based network routing
Methods, systems, and devices for transmitting messages to wireless devices
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