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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Anthracenedione compounds
3-Heterocyclyl substituted benzoic acid derivatives
Carboxanilides as microbiocides
Heat treatment apparatus
Methods and formulations for hydrating dry skin, employing a low-energy beverage
Apparatus for trapping emboli
Surgical device and method
Spinal disc replacement surgical instrument and methods for use in spinal disc replacement
Dynamic fixation assemblies with inner core and outer coil-like member
Spinal support, stabilization
Device for securing spinal rods
Occlusion apparatus
High-frequency treating instrument for endoscope
Multiple patient monitoring system for proactive health management
Earphone sensor system for measuring electrocardiogram signals
Method and apparatus for determining changes in heart failure status
Intercerebral current source estimation method intercerebral current source estimation program recording medium containing the intercerebral current source estimation program and intercerebral current source estimation apparatus
Magnetic resonance device and method
Apparatus and method for catheter guidance control and imaging
Computed tomography system
Method for the continuous production and coating of self-adhesive compounds on the basis of SBC that includes at least one pharmaceutically active substance
Disposable absorbent article having a visibly highlighted wetness sensation member
Wetness indicator for alerting a wearer to urination
Liquid-absorbing core
Delivery catheter that controls foreshortening of ribbon-type prostheses and methods of making and use
Pain relief implant pellet and method using same
Multi-phased, biodegradable and osteointegrative composite scaffold for biological fixation of musculoskeletal soft tissue to bone
Extendible stent apparatus
Prosthetic foot with a processor to manage energy return of adjustable heel and keel springs
Localized drug delivery using drug-loaded nanocapsules
Analogs of benzoquinone-containing ansamycins and methods of use thereof
Fused pyrazolyl compounds having an aminoalkylcarbonyl group
Combination of pyrimidylaminobenzamide compounds and imatinib for treating gastrointestinal stromal tumours
Micronized tanaproget, compositions, and methods of preparing the same
Kinase inhibitors
SH2 domain binding inhibitors
Therapeutic peptides for the treatment of metastatic cancer
S.aureus polypeptides
RNA virus vaccines and methods
Methods of screening agents for activity using teleosts
Medical devices having crosslinked polymeric surfaces
Storage stable powder compositions of interleukin-4 receptor
Pharmaceutical composition for oral application and method for preparing thereof
Partial-length, indwelling prostatic catheter using coiled inflation tube as an anchor and methods of draining urine and flushing clots
Vessel filter
Power supply monitoring for an implantable device
Class-E radio frequency amplifier for use with an implantable medical device
Implantable cable having securely attached ring contacts and methods of manufacturing the same
Analogs of benzoquinone-containing ansamycins and methods of use thereof
Polymer thickened hair colouring and bleaching compositions
Method for dehalogenation detoxication of halogenated aromatic and/or cyclic compounds
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for the separation of liquid from a fluid flow loaded with liquid droplets
Ultrasonic solution separating method and ultrasonic separating apparatus used in this method
Regenerable hydrogen chloride removal sorbent and regenerable multi-functional hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen chloride removal sorbent for high temperature gas streams
Concentric hopper and burn chamber for sulphorous acid generator
Esterification catalyst, polyester process and polyester article
Method for recovering reforming catalyst, catalyst and adsorbent
Aerosol collection apparatus and methods
Microreactor apparatus having integral connectors
Tunnel fan electrostatic filter
Method for producing a metallized image on a sheet material and device for carrying out said method
Method of producing compound nanorods and thin films
Method for producing resin substrate coated with titanic acid film
Bioceramic coating of a metal-containing substrate
Methods for forming passivated semiconductor nanoparticles
Information storage medium with laterally magnetised dot array, and process for producing said medium
Nozzle array configuration to facilitate deflux process improvement in chip attach process
AlRu sputtering target and manufacturing method thereof
Method and system for dry development of a multi-layer mask using sidewall passivation and mask passivation
Ultrashort-pulse laser generated nanoparticles of energetic materials
Method for production of moulded bodies, in particular optical structures and use thereof
Method for manufacturing perforated and/or two-color components, particularly for shoes in general
Method of manufacturing optical element, and optical element
Detachable, domed three-dimensional design or image for industrial wash
Cleaning article containing hydrophilic polymers
Optical recording medium, and, method for manufacturing the same, and method and apparatus for optical recording and reproducing thereof
Fired, fire-resistant ceramic product
Method in production of packaging laminate
Multicolor thermal imaging method and thermal printer
Inkjet recording element
Method of manufacturing a mould part
Method of dry etching oxide semiconductor film
Tractive force map
Vehicular collision detection apparatus
Vehicle brake lighting system
Systems and methods for segregating undesired mail
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing adsorbent, adsorbent, and adsorption apparatus
Methods for preparation from carbonate precursors the compounds of lithium transition metals oxide
Ultraviolet water treatment device
Process for producing aluminum electrode foil for capacitor and aluminum foil for etching
Process for preparing high purity TNT
System and method for producing arylamine compounds
Preparation of 2,4,6,-trichloroaniline from aniline using N-chloro reagents
Crosslinked amine polymers
Substituted amino alcohols
Method for manufacturing diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid derivative
N-substituted phenylacetamide derivative and pharmaceutical composition containing the same
Antioxidants and methods of making and using the same
Acyl hydrazines as kinase inhibitors, in particular for SGK
Precursors to fluoroalkanol-containing olefin monomers, and associated methods of synthesis and use
S-[2-[(1-iminoethy)amino]ethyl]-2-methyl-L-cysteine maleate hydrochloride crystalline salt
Method for the esterification of alcohols with olefinically unsaturated carboxylic acids
Process for producing optically active 2-hydroxybutyric ester
1,3-benzothiazinone derivatives and use thereof
Kinetic resolutions of chiral 2- and 3-substituted carboxylic acids
Azaindoles useful as inhibitors of janus kinases
Crystal of intermediate for carbapenem
Method for separating of optically pure thiophene compounds using simulated moving bed chromatography
Heterocyclic compounds and cerebral function improvers containing the same as the active ingredient
Gold complexes for catalysIS and preparation thereof
Method for producing trivalent organophosphorus compounds
Loganin analogues and a process for the preparation thereof
Macrocyclic compounds and methods of use thereof
Methods and compositions for sequencing a nucleic acid
Substance for obtaining highly effective tumor medications as well as a process
Antibodies to SIGIRR
High processing temperature foaming polymer composition
Curable compositions for optical articles
Light-diffusing polycarbonate resin composition and light diffuser plate comprising the resin composition
Conjugated polymers, their preparation and use thereof
Metal complexes
Rubber composition for bead apex and tire using same
Clutch linings comprising fiber-reinforced ceramic materials
Methods of making a mixture for a PTFE membrane with metal oxides, and compositions related thereto
Flame-retardant biodegradable polyester resin composition, production method therefor, and product molded/formed therefrom
Cyanato group-containing cyclic phosphazene compound and method for producing the same
Flame retardant polymer composition
Silane functionalized fluoropolymers
Binder resin composition, paste and green sheet
Silicone composition and process of making same
Recording liquid, liquid cartridge, liquid discharge device, and liquid discharge method
Aqueous gel ink compositions and method of printing same
Multi-phasic nanoparticles
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Drilling fluid containing microspheres and use thereof
Process and apparatus for treating heavy oil with supercritical water and power generation system equipped with heavy oil treating apparatus
PAP smear sampling device and system
Device and method for detecting cellular processes by means of luminescence measurements
Real-time PCR monitoring apparatus and method
Cell analysis using laser with external cavity
Bifidobacteria preventing diarrhea caused by pathogenic bacteria
Non-viral gene delivery system
Protein involved in restoration of cytoplasmic male sterility to fertility and gene encoding the protein
Cultured hematopoietic stem cells and method for expansion and analysis thereof
Tissue treatments with adipocyte cells
Salutaridinol 7-O-acetyltransferase and derivatives thereof
Enzymatic synthesis of sugar acrylates
Detection of 5T4 RNA in plasma and serum
Method enabling use of extracellular RNA extracted from plasma or serum to detect, monitor or evaluate cancer
Compositions and methods for modifying blood cell carbohydrates
Method and device for biochemical detection and analysis of subcellular compartments from a single cell
Paired-end reads in sequencing by synthesis
Sealing apparatus for a slag door of a metallurgical furnace
Device for containing catastrophic failure of a turbomolecular pump
Method of producing a coated valve retainer
Organic salts and their use as reagents in electrochemical reactions
Method of forming yttrium-modified platinum aluminide diffusion coating
Method for fabricating probe for use in scanning probe microscope
Method of annealing a sublimation grown crystal
Combinatorial synthesis of inorganic or composite materials
Textiles; Paper
Aliphatic polyester multi-filament crimp yarn for a carpet, and production method thereof
Method of producing a carbon nanotube and a carbon nanotube structure
Wet/dry crepe swing paper machinery
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Variable valve timing apparatus and control method thereof
Flow generator for use in connection with a utility conduit
Miniature hydro-power generation system
Power generator and turbine unit
Movement and power generation apparatus
Charge particle beam accelerator
Method for controlling shift during shift of automatic transmission
Method and system for wavefront measurements of an optical system
On-chip phase microscope/beam profiler based on differential interference contrast and/or surface plasmon assisted interference
Determining copper concentration in spectra
Bearing calculator and error correction method
Device and process for optical distance measurement
Semiconductor light source with optical feedback
Spatial image modulation to improve performance of computed tomography imaging spectrometer
Method and apparatus for detecting organic materials and objects from multispectral reflected light
Capturing motion using quantum nanodot sensors
Methods and apparatus for remote temperature measurement of a specular surface
Optical imaging of molecular characteristics of biological specimen
Methods and systems for detecting and/or determining the concentration of a fluid
Method and apparatus for the evaluation of polarization mode dispersion in optical fibers
Belt inspecting apparatus
Substrate for transporting liquid, a system for analysis and a method for analysis
Method for aberration evaluation in a projection system
Methods for detecting and correcting inaccurate results in inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry
Method of use of taggants
Superconducting coil testing
Method for controlling the contact angle of a droplet in electrowetting and an apparatus using the droplet formed thereby
Compositions and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of tumor
Apparatus and method for single-step immunosorbent assay for single and multiple analytes
Method for diagnosing tumors
Reagent, medium, and method for detection of alicyclobacilus acidoterrestris
Electrostatic discharge protection of a capacitive type fingerprint sensing array
Method of super super decoupled loadflow computation for electrical power system
Control method and control program for prober
Probe card for semiconductor IC test and method of manufacturing the same
System and method for providing topology and reliability constrained low cost routing in a network
Program and method for controlling communication
Platform-based method and apparatus for containing worms using multi-timescale heuristics
Verification of a ground connection fabrication process for ESD resistors in magnetic heads
Non-invasive power supply tester
Weapon detection and elimination system
High light yield fast scintillator
Single photon emission computed tomography system
Method for adjusting a seismic wave velocity model according to information recorded in wells
Method of seismic processing of the type comprising depth migration before addition
Continuous wave nuclear quadrupole resonance spectrometer
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
Liquid lens and lens module having same
Image pickup device
Zoom lens
Three-dimensional medical imaging apparatus
Backlight displays
Photo detector and optically interconnected LSI
Converging substrate, electro-optic device, substrate for electro-optic device, projector, and electronic apparatus
Long time aperture optical tapped delay line
Hologram optical element and surface light source device using the hologram optical element
Optical waveguide with position recognition mark and method for producing the same
Fiber optic distribution cable
Lens barrel
Optical lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
Photoelastic modulator
Liquid crystal display
Display device
Substrate having pattern, color filter, liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing color filter
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display apparatus forming assembly, liquid crystal cell, and liquid crystal display apparatus, and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display having wide viewing angle
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
THZ wave generator
Image capturing apparatus, control method thereof, image processing apparatus, image processing method, image capturing system, and program
Exposure apparatus
Illumination of a patterning device based on interference for use in a maskless lithography system
Ex-situ removal of deposition on an optical element
Methods for photo-processing photo-imageable material
Method for correcting mask pattern, photomask, method for fabricating photomask, electron beam writing method for fabricating photomask, exposure method, semiconductor device, and method for fabricating semiconductor device
Methods for forming and cleaning photolithography reticles
Method and apparatus for optimum black component determination for gray component replacement
Method of patterning an organic planarization layer
Image reading apparatus
Image forming apparatus, drive mechanism of image forming apparatus and manufacturing method of a worm gear set
Image forming apparatus including one or more transfer members for transferring color toner and transparent toner images
Two-component developer, replenishing developer, and image-forming method
Developing device, process cartridge, image forming device and developer container
Developer conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Pressurizing unit, fixing device, and image forming apparatus
Fixing unit and image forming apparatus including the same
Photoconductor containing fluoroalkyl ester charge transport layers
Hologram recording material, process for producing the same and hologram recording medium
Vehicle control apparatus having event management unit
System, apparatus and methods for augmenting a filter with an adaptive element for tracking targets
Worker management system, worker management apparatus and worker management method
System and method for controlling flow characteristics
Output ripple control circuit and method for a PWM system
Method and system for controlling transient current signals in an electronic ballast
Semiconductor charge pump using MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) transistor for current rectifier device
DC/DC boost converter with resistorless current sensing
Device for adjusting the impedance of a high voltage line supplying an alternating current
Hard disk drive and display unit
Disk drive enclosure with a sliding door having tabs with adjacent through-slots
Method and system for obtaining a combination of faulty parts from a dispersed parts tree
Fax accounts
Enabling multiple instruction stream/multiple data stream extensions on microprocessors
Method and device for operating a drive unit, and test device for testing a drive unit
Method and device for damping control of oscillating modes of a continuously variable transmission provided with an electric variator
Method and system for intra-row, inter-row compression and decompression of data items in a database using a page-based structure where allocating a page-buffer based on a stored value indicating the page size
Secure postage payment system and method
Method for designing tire noise pitch sequence
Robust sensor correlation analysis for machine condition monitoring
Machine translation system, method and program
Data diameter privacy policies
Method, system, and apparatus for creating an archive routine for protecting data in a data protection system
Adaptive direct transaction for networked client group
System and method for estimating the value of athlete using game achievement evaluation model
Learning facts from semi-structured text
Method and system for designing a structural level description of an electronic circuit
Method and system for estimating an air-intake amount of an internal combustion engine, and internal combustion engine
Method for correcting measuring errors caused by the lens distortion of an objective
Method and system for the supply of data, transactions and electronic voting
Method and system for touch screen keyboard and display space sharing
Indicated position recognizing apparatus and information input apparatus having same
Automatic gear control device
System and method for providing S/MIME-based document distribution via electronic mail mechanisms
Aircraft engine management for fuel conservation
Computer-implemented method, system and program product for quoting a business service
Automated business machine management
System and method for controlling access
Image processing device and method of image processing
Nonvolatile memory apparatus
Surface defect inspector and method of inspecting surface defect
Object detector
Method for analyzing multi-layer materials from one-sided pulsed thermal imaging
System and method for collection, storage, and analysis of biometric data
Apparatus for predicting bone fracture risk
Pattern inspection method and apparatus
Image combining apparatus and control method for the same
Method and apparatus for image inspection
Ruled line extracting program, ruled line extracting apparatus and ruled line extracting method
Text recognition method using a trainable classifier
Automatic digital film and video restoration
Assessing survey presentations
Patient communication method and system
System and method for purchase benefits at a point of sale
Business systems with price guarantee and display
Commission management system
Data transformation and display software
System and method for facilitating trading of financial instruments
Hedging risk in an investment vehicle
Computer system and method for networkd interchange of data and information for members of the real estate financial and related transactional services industry
Financial transaction analysis using directed graphs
Determining strategies for increasing loyalty of a population to an entity
System and method for automating travel agent operations
Hierarchical tiling of data for efficient data access in high performance video applications
Method for transmitting sensor data in sensor network including pair node
Cable assembly for securing hinged products
Place-status management system, radio tag reader, and managing apparatus
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Advertising apparatus
Safety warning device using a visual tape with an optional laser component
Musical guide for guitars
Music notation system
Small-gap plasma display panel with elongate coplanar discharges
Control device in a plasma display panel
Plasma display apparatus
Electronic apparatus and method for manufacturing electro-optical device
Amoled panel
Liquid crystal display device
Plasma display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device and driving method of the liquid crystal display device
Capacitive touchpad integrated with a graphical input function
Systems and methods for providing image rendering using variable rate source sampling
Stringed instrument having components made from glass and methods of manufacturing and assembling the same
String array signal processing for electronic musical instruments
Display equipment and display program for electronic musical instruments
System and method of voice activity detection in noisy environments
Optical disc recording and reproduction apparatus having automatic gate signal generation modes
Electrical contacts connecting storage magazine to docking station in a data storage library having non male/female-type pin-engaging-pad cooperation
Information recording/reproducing apparatus and updating method of management information for optical disk medium
Servo information writing method, magnetic head tester and magnetic disk tester using the servo information writing method
Shock improvement ramp for load/unload mechanism and magnetic disk drive
Low friction turntable slip mat and method of using same
Manufacturing method of a flexible optical disk
Method for erasing data from magnetic tape storage media
Method and apparatus for providing a truncated profile probe for perpendicular recording
Magnetoresistive sensor with overlaid combined leads and shields
Mitigating the effects of disturbances of a disk drive
Magnetic recording medium
Medium, apparatus, and method of recording optical-information
Method for detecting a utilization status of an optical disc and apparatus thereof
Holographic storage medium
Optical pickup device and optical disk drive
Focal control adjusting method and optical disk apparatus
Multi-layer information storage medium and information apparatus
Information storage medium, information recording method, and information reproducing method
Variable sized soft memory macros in structured cell arrays, and related methods
Non-volatile SRAM memory cell equipped with mobile gate transistors and piezoelectric operation
Individual I/O modulation in memory devices
Semiconductor memory device and sense amplifier
Integrated circuit memory elements
Method of refreshing data in a storage location based on heat dissipation level and system thereof
Stacked semiconductor device
Inspection, maintenance, and repair apparatuses and methods for nuclear reactors
Spacer grid for nuclear reactor fuel assemblies
Electron beam irradiation method, electron beam irradiation apparatus, and electron beam irradiation apparatus for open-mouthed container
Method for inducing or enhancing the threshold voltage of an electrophoretic display
Conductive ceramic material and production method thereof
Stack of metallic laminations and process for forming a lamination stack
Inductance comprising turns on several metallization levels
Method and apparatus for providing flexible partially etched capacitor electrode interconnect
Electrode stack for capacitive device
Nanoparticles and corona enhanced MEMS switch apparatus
Switch device
Plasma display device including a chassis member having a plurality of divided base metal plates
Electrodeless light source from conducting inorganic carbide
Plasma display panel
Plasma display-panel comprising a reduced-section discharge expansion zone
Flat display apparatus
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing a micro-electro-mechanical device with a folded substrate
Auto routing for optimal uniformity control
Process for fabricating semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Manufacturing method of SOI substrate
Method for avoiding die cracking
Nanowire electronic devices and method for producing the same
Method of forming a semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory device
Method for producing a vertical transistor component
Semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof
Methods of forming a multilayer capping film to minimize differential heating in anneal processes
Three dimensional strained quantum wells and three dimensional strained surface channels by Ge confinement method
Method of implanting using a shadow effect
Methods of forming a barrier layer in an interconnect structure
Layout for high density conductive interconnects
Manufacturing method of SOI substrate
Semiconductor device with spacer having batch and non-batch layers
One transistor/one capacitor dynamic random access memory (1T/1C DRAM) cell
Method for manufacturing a structure in a semiconductor device and a structure in a semiconductor device
Semiconductor package substrate having different thicknesses between wire bonding pad and ball pad and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Dicing die attachment film and method for packaging semiconductor using same
Semiconductor memory devices including a damascene wiring line
Stabilizing breakdown voltages by forming tunnels for ultra-high voltage devices
Memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Thin-film transistor array substrate for x-ray detector and x-ray detector having the same
Information device
Display device and manufacturing method of the same
Formation of p-n homogeneous junctions
Light emitting element array and image forming apparatus
Carbon diode array for resistivity changing memories
Single-chip common-drain JFET device and its applications
Transistors with high-k dielectric spacer liner to mitigate lateral oxide encroachement
Metal capacitor stacked with a MOS capacitor to provide increased capacitance density
Isolated-nitride-region non-volatile memory cell and fabrication method
Compositions including controlled segregated phase domain structures
CMOS image device with polysilicon contact studs
Light-emitting diode package and method for fabricating the same
High-volume on-wafer heterogeneous packaging of optical interconnects
Light emitting device and method of producing a light emitting device
Method for forming a stacked structure of an insulating layer and an organic semiconductor layer, organic field effect transistor and method for making same
Lithium-air battery
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and battery pack using the same
Alkali/transition metal phosphates and related electrode active materials
Lithium secondary battery
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method of producing coating for negative electrode active material thereof
Negative electrode for lithium ion secondary battery and method for producing the negative electrode
Conductive matrices for fuel cell electrodes
High-voltage battery switch
Direct methanol fuel cell electrode catalyst
Fuel cell with cartridge and colorant
Fuel cell optimum operation point tracking system in power supply device using fuel cell and power supply device provided with this fuel cell optimum operation point tracking system
Unobstrusive placement of wireless antenna for CE devices
Antenna assembly, printed wiring board and device
Null-fill antenna, omni antenna, and radio communication equipment
Electronic circuit device, electronic device using the same, and method for manufacturing the same
Spectrally resolved fast monitor
Laser phase difference detecting device and laser phase control device
Laser diode control method, laser diode control device, and information recording/playback apparatus
Semiconductor optical device
Silica sol gel micro-laser on a substrate
Optical fiber laser
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser device
Electrical apparatus having quick connect components
System and method for ground fault detection and interruption
Arrangement for energy conditioning
Inverter bus structures and associated methods
Automatic sensing power systems and methods
Dual input power supply
Pressure relief valve for a battery charger
Method of fixing a stator core and an electric compressor
Rotor of permanent magnet rotating electric machine
Power storage system with low voltage and high voltage windings for a vehicle driving system
Electric machine comprising a permanent magnet
Compact high power alternator
Brushless motor
Electromagnetic motor to create a desired low frequency vibration or to cancel an undesired low frequency vibration
Clean input UPS with fast rectifier control and improved battery life
Mixed-code DC/AC inverter
Low phase noise differential crystal oscillator circuit
Method and system for generating wavelets
Timing recovery circuit
Systems and methods for switching mode power amplifier control
Multi-drop bus system
Authentication for information provided to an integrated circuit
Semiconductor device
State-retentive master-slave flip flop to reduce standby leakage current
Reconfigurable pulse detector in wireless communications system
Low power analog to digital converter
Data transmission system
Systems and methods for reducing the effects of ADC mismatch
Method and apparatus for digital to analog conversion
Multi-antenna communication system
Method and apparatus for channel estimation using time-frequency localized pilots and de-noising techniques
Diversity transmitter-receiver in CDMA system using space-time code, and method thereof
Method and apparatus for controlling gain level of a communication channel in a CDMA communication system
Method and apparatus for equalizing received signals based on independent component analysis
Adapter for the RF front end processor chip
High-speed digital signal processing in a coherent optical receiver
Signal light processing apparatus
Optical communication network and component therefore
Light source in optical transmission system, waveform shaper, optical pulse train generator and optical reproduction system
Chromatic dispersion monitoring method and chromatic dispersion monitoring apparatus, and optical transmission system
Method and apparatus for cancellation of cross-talk signals using multi-dimensional coordination and vectored transmission
Electronic device, video camera apparatus, and control method therefor
System and method facilitating acoustic echo cancellation convergence detection
Wireless electrical connectivity system for use in a vehicle
Wireless communication system
Ad-hoc connectivity system and method
Apparatus and method for requesting or allocating a push-to-talk right to talk and/or for requesting or communicating queuing information
Guaranteed talk permit with forced audio in a dispatch communication network
Hierarchical data collection network supporting packetized voice communications among wireless terminals and telephones
Multi-channel receiver with improved AGC
Regulation control system, radio communication terminal unit, regulation control method, and radio communication terminal control method
Semi-blind analog beamforming for multiple-antenna systems
Method for the optimization of the payload of a multispot telecommunication satellite
Apparatus and method for operating frequency resources in a mobile communication system
Establishing a communication link by selectively powering a transceiver based on a communication request received by another transceiver
Method and apparatus for receiving plurality of data signals
Broadcasting system and method for providing broadcasting service in a weak electric field area
Data multiplexing device, program distribution system, program transmission system, pay broadcast system, program transmission method, conditional access system, and data reception device
Method for altering link weights in a communication network to provide traffic information for improved forecasting
Communicating non-coherent detectable signal in broadband wireless access system
Apparatus and method for label transmission in optical packet data switching network
Optical transmission network
Method and apparatus to perform network medium reservation in a wireless network
Link and lane level packetization scheme of encoding in serial links
Wireless communication method and apparatus for reliably transmitting data
Maintaining communication continuity
Semi-public white-box cipher
No-sight routing for ad-hoc networks
Establishing two or more simultaneous channels of communication with a user
Systems and methods for providing multiple communication services over existing twisted pair access lines
Main apparatus and control signal distribution regulation method
Congestion control in an IP network
Technique for defining and dynamically enabling service level requirements in a service oriented architecture
Multicast packet routing arrangements for group-membership handling
State-based traffic management for classifier-equipped silicon switches
Method for the establishment of a communication link, and communication system
Systems and methods for automatic public switched telephone network backup of voice over internet protocol services
Method and system for interworking half duplex and full duplex conferencing
Amplifier system employing analog polynomial predistortion with sub-nyquist digital adaptation
Method and apparatus to perform modulation using integer timing relationships between intra symbol modulation components
Dynamically adjusting sync windows
Dual mode AES implementation to support single and multiple AES operations
Mobile radio terminal having speaker port selection and method
Asynchronous discrete manageable instant voice messages
Method and system for generating and presenting conversation threads having email, voicemail and chat messages
Voice messaging system with enhanced customizability
On demand voice mail recording system
Mobile communication system and method for providing phone number maintaining service
Image reading apparatus
Method and system for processing and rendering object oriented neutral image data
Color image gamut enhancement preserving spatial variation
Dual-mode camera
Photographing apparatus, display control method, and program
Electronic device with simplified operation input/output module
multiband camera control apparatus and multiband camera control method
Multi-screen synthesis apparatus, method of controlling the apparatus, and program for controlling the apparatus
Tuner module
Video and audio system capable of saving electric power
Panoramic image management system and method
Image data processing device and method
Constrained dynamic path selection among multiple communication interfaces
Flat panel audio output apparatus and video/audio output apparatus
Electrostatic ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic speaker, audio signal reproduction method, electrode manufacturing method for use in ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic transducer manufacturing method, superdirective acoustic system, and display device
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Recovery techniques in mobile networks
Cooperative global positioning system (GPS) processing by mobile terminals that communicate via an ad hoc wireless network
Apparatus and method for taking measurements in universal mobile telecommunications systems user equipment
Method and system for signaling the state of supplementary services
Mobile broadband wireless access system for transferring service information during handover
System and method for communication utilizing time division duplexing
Method for providing a tone replacing sound chosen by a subscriber in call waiting service
Method for reducing the rate of registration in CDMA-based mobile networks
Flexible architecture for wireless communication networks
Separating pilot signatures in a frequency hopping OFDM system by selecting pilot symbols at least hop away from an edge of a hop region
Method and device for incorporating different PHY mode wireless communications
Proportional fair scheduler for OFDMA wireless systems with QOS constraints
Wireless, ground link-based aircraft data communication system with roaming feature
Central frequency modification without communication disruption
Display device incorporating an electrode protection layer exposing the electrode element to an atmosphere
High-efficiency single-ended forward-flyback electronic driver for barrier discharge lamps
Device and method for drying electrode coating
Selective functionalization of carbon nanotubes based upon distance traveled
Method for synthesizing self-aligned carbon nanomaterials on large area
Multilayer printed wiring board, method for manufacturing buildup printed wiring board, and electronic apparatus
Hard drive with metal casing and ground pin standoff to reduce ESD damage to stacked PCBA's
Multilayer printed wiring board, method of manufacturing multilayer printed wiring board and electronic apparatus
Automatically detecting a computer chassis type
Heat dissipation assembly
Memory module assembly including heat-sink plates with heat-exchange fins attached to integrated circuits by adhesive
Expired Patents Due To Time
Stress management of barrier metal for resolving CU line corrosion
Method and apparatus for chemical polishing using field responsive materials
Application of pure aluminum to prevent pad corrosion
Method for forming TFT array bus
Method to reduce silicon oxynitride etch rate in a silicon oxide dry etch
Method of plasma etching dielectric materials
Method for producing contact structures
Etching and cleaning methods
Method for modifying nested to isolated offsets
In-situ etch of multiple layers during formation of local interconnects
Edge defect inhibited trench etch plasma etch method
Method for forming a semiconductor device using a mask having a self-assembled monolayer
Sacrificial multilayer anti-reflective coating for mos gate formation
Semiconductor processing method of promoting photoresist adhesion to an outer substrate layer predominately comprising silicon nitride
Method of forming oxide film
Process for forming a semiconductor device
Method for the formation of a planarizing coating film on substrate surface
Method for improving thickness uniformity of deposited ozone-TEOS silicate glass layers
Non-fiberglass sound absorbing moldable thermoplastic structure
Drumhead construction
Flameproof fabrics based on melamine resin fibres
Transition-metal, glass-ceramic gain media
Microporous amorphous mixed metal oxides for shape selective catalysis
Barium-free, X-ray-opaque dental glass and dental glass/polymer composite, and the use thereof
Glass for a substrate
Aging resistant porous silicon carbide ceramic igniter
Sintered product of silicon nitride
Osmium oxide composition
Catalyst for improving the performance of liquid hydrocarbon fuel
Magnesium ethoxide having a high coarse particle content, process for its preparation and its use
Sulfide catalysts for reducing SO2 to elemental sulfur
ZnS photocatalyst, preparation therefor and method for producing hydrogen by use of the same
Metal complexing
Selective herbicides based on N-aryl-triazoline(thi)ons and N-arlysulfonylamino(thio)carbonyl-triazoline(thi)ons
Algal growth or microbial proliferation inhibitors and use thereof
Production of phosphonopyrazoles
Substituted triazoloazine sulphonamides
Benzoyl derivatives, process for their preparation and their use as herbicides and plant growth regulators
4-aminopicolinates and their use as herbicides
Isoxazole derivatives and their use as herbicides
Resin impregnated oxide superconductor and process for producing same
High-frequency substrate material for thin-film layered perovskite superconductors
Hydrocarbon gelling compositions useful in fracturing formation
Defoaming compositions and methods
Styling shampoo compositions containing cationic styling polymers and cationic deposition polymers
Two-phase cosmetic and/or dermatologic composition which is useful in particular for removing make-up from the eyes
Monohydric alcohol-free transparent moisturizing bar soap
Combination surfactant systems for use in carbon dioxide-based cleaning formulations
Photochemical singlet oxygen generations having enhanced singlet oxygen yields
Rust stain removal formula
Sequesterants as hypochlorite bleach enhancers
Process to control the lateral doping profile of an implanted channel region
Method of fabricating well
Deposition of titanium oxide film containing droping element on Si substrate
Method for forming silicide regions on an integrated device
Method for fabricating an embedded semiconductor device
Method for forming gate electrode in semiconductor device capable of preventing distortion of oxidation profile thereof
Method of depositing a metal film onto MOS sensors
Method of forming a contact hole in a semiconductor wafer
Method to plate C4 to copper stud
Mounting assembly of integrated circuit device and method for production thereof
Method for bonding a semiconductor chip to a lead-patterning substrate using a gold/tin alloy
Process for forming a bit-line in a MONOS device
Damascene local interconnect process
Method of forming a wiring layer having an air bridge construction
Low resistivity semiconductor barrier layer manufacturing method
Plasma treatment for ex-situ contact fill
Method of forming a silicon bottom anti-reflective coating with reduced junction leakage during salicidation
Methods for forming metal interconnects
Methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device with pores formed between and over wiring patterns of an interlevel insulating layer
Method and structure for manufacturing contact windows in semiconductor process
CVD process for DCS-based tungsten silicide
Method of manufacturing barrier metal film of semiconductor device and method of manufacturing metal interconnection film of semiconductor device using the same
Process for semiconductor device fabrication having copper interconnects
Method for forming a copper layer over a semiconductor wafer
Method for enhanced filling of high aspect ratio dual damascene structures
Time ramped method for plating of high aspect ratio semiconductor vias and channels
Self-aligned deep trench isolation to shallow trench isolation
Process for manufacturing shallow trenches filled with dielectric material having low mechanical stress
Methods of forming integrated circuitry, and methods of forming dynamic random access memory circuitry
Recessed, sidewall-sealed and sandwiched poly-buffered LOCOS isolation methods
Semiconductor device manufacturing method for grinding and dicing a wafer from a back side of the wafer
Subbing layers for use with thermographic materials
Thermographic recording element
Photothermographic material
Photothermographic material
Methods for the detection of a novel hepatitis C virus (HCV) terminal 3'' noncoding region
Recombinant viruses displaying a nonviral polypeptide on their external surface
De novo priming activity of hepatitis C virus replicase
Methods for sequencing repetitive sequences and for determining the order of sequence subfragments
Method for isolation of biosynthesis genes for bioactive molecules
Process for detecting target nucleic acid, process for quantifying the same, and pyrylium compound for chemiluminescence analysis
Method and silicate composition for conditioning silica surfaces
Method for detecting and identifying mutations
Mammalian tolloid-like gene and protein
Cytoplasmic male sterility DNA factor and utilization thereof
Compositions and methods for determining the activity of DNA-binding proteins and of initiation of transcription
Genetic test to determine non-responsiveness to statin drug treatment
Crohn''s disease diagnostic and treatment methods and compositions
Template-dependent ligation with PNA-DNA chimeric probes
Categorising nucleic acids
Methods and apparatus for detecting nucleic acid polymorphisms
Recombinant polynucleotides encoding CYP7 promoter-binding factors
Device for carrying out lateral-flow assays involving more than one analyte
Ligand screening and design by X-ray crystallography
Method of identifying agonists and antagonists for tumor necrosis related receptor TR1
Assay for plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 and tissue plasminogen activator activity
Methods for assessing complement activation
Measurement of complete electrical waveforms of tissue or cells
Nucleic acids encoding the C140 receptor
Bovine leptin protein, nucleic acid sequences coding therefor and uses thereof
IL-2R-associated polypeptide and DNA molecules coding therefor
Mammalian artificial chromosomes
Human Wnt-7a polynucleotides
Escherichia coli strain and method for producing L-threonine
Recombinant cephalosporin C amidohydrolase in cephalosporin biosynthesis
Means and process for nitrate removal
N-end rule pathway enzymes
ERK1 MAP2 protein kinase
YAK-1 related serine/threonine protein kinase-HTLAR33
Oxidatively stable alpha-amylase
Amylase variants
Amps from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Chitin deacetylase preparations
MN gene and protein
Cheese making with bacteriophage resistant bacteria
Mumbaistatin, a process for it''s production and its use as a pharmaceutical
Minimally invasive apparatus for testing lesions of the oral cavity and similar epithelium
Mastitis diagnosing apparatus
Multilayer gas-permeable container for the culture of adherent and non-adherent cells
Ultraviolet sterilization of CO2 cell-culture incubator internal environments
Hepatitis therapeutics
Methods and compositions for ameliorating the symptoms of sepsis
Methods for treating subject with DAGE derived peptides
MN gene and protein
B cell culture system comprising high density membrane bound CD40 ligand
Methods for generating polynucleotides having desired characteristics by iterative selection and recombination
Editing-based selectable plastid marker genes
Amino acid decarboxylases
Brassica transformation via microprojectile bombardment
Method of measuring concentration of specific constituent
Process for determining impurities in refractory materials
Triggered optical biosensor
Assay devices comprising a porous capture membrane in fluid-withdrawing contact with a nonabsorbent capillary network
Simultaneous particle separation and chemical reaction
Separation by magnetic particles
In-situ nano-interconnected circuit devices and method for making the same
End point detecting method for semiconductor plasma processing
Method to rework device with faulty metal stack layer
Coating process and apparatus
Manufacture of field emission elements
Method for highly compact vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Method for supporting during fabrication mechanical members of semi-conductive dies, wafers, and devices and an associated intermediate device assembly
Active pixel sensor integrated with a pinned photodiode
Method of making planar image sensor color filter arrays
Method of fabrication of a microstructure having an internal cavity
Semiconductor device
Film carrier tape and laminated multi-chip semiconductor device incorporating the same and method thereof
Method and apparatus for separating semiconductor elements, and mounting method of semiconductor elements
Process for preparing a semiconductor wafer
Process for manufacturing chip cards, device for the implementation of this process and chip card
Integrated circuit package with bond wires at the corners of an integrated circuit
Method of electrically connecting IGBT transistor chips mounted on an integrated-circuit wafer
Method of crystallizing a silicon film and a method of manufacturing a liquid crystal display apparatus
Method of fabricating a MOS transistor with local channel ion implantation regions
Method of forming four transistor SRAM cell having a resistor
Method for fabricating semiconductor memory
Method for manufacturing ferroelectric capacitor and method for manufacturing ferroelectric memory
Application of excimer laser anneal to DRAM processing
Process for DRAM cell production
Method for forming a deep trench capacitor of a dram cell
Method of forming buried straps in DRAMs
Method for fabricating a high-density semiconductor memory device
Method for fabricating contact pad for semiconductor device
Method and structure for an oxide layer overlaying an oxidation-resistant layer
Method of making an electrically programmable memory cell
Semiconductor device with salicide structure and fabrication method thereof
Memory device that includes passivated nanoclusters and method for manufacture
NROM fabrication method
Method for forming a semiconductor memory device with increased coupling ratio
Tilt-angle ion implant to improve junction breakdown in flash memory application
Method to free control tunneling oxide thickness on poly tip of flash
Method of manufacturing silicon carbide semiconductor device using active and inactive ion species
Method for producing an MOS transistor structure with elevated body conductivity
Method of forming a surface implant region on a ROM cell using a PLDD implant
Structure and method for dual gate oxide thicknesses
Methods to produce asymmetric MOSFET devices
Method for obtaining the chromatic variation of objects, in response to external stimuli, and a product obtained thereby
Roofing material with fibrous mat
Three dimensional, detailed, sculptured item
Flushable release liners and methods of making the same
Optical recording medium
Photopolymerizable composition and optical disk having cured coating thereof
Magnetic disk and magnetic recording/reproduction apparatus
Moisture absorbent sheet material having an integral reflective member
Cushioned carpeted floor mat with at least one cushioning integrated rubber protrusion
Reversible thermotropic plastics molding compound, method for its manufacture and its utilization
Composite fabric
Assembly having a system for preventing mechanical vibrations
Perforated polymeric film with limited oxygen and water permeability
System perforated cell confinement
Aperture for charged beam drawing machine and method for forming the same
Embossed sound track
Optical film
Hard coating coated member having excellent wear resistance
Absorbent member exhibiting exceptional expansion properties when wetted
Aromatic liquid crystalline polyester resin and resin composition thereof
High clarity image bearing sheet
Microsphere adhesive coated article for use with coated papers
Hydrophilic fiber
Glitter containing filaments for use in brushes
Multilayer insulated wire and transformer using the same
Coform material having improved fluid handling and method for producing
Silica adsorbent on magnetic substrate
Reinforcing compounding material
Heat-sensitive material coated with powder paint
Laminate comprising a flame-retardant resin composition
Silicon based substrate with yttrium silicate environmental/thermal barrier layer
Silicon based substrate with calcium aluminosilicate environmental/thermal barrier layer
Method for producing composite sol, coating composition, and optical element
Curable silicone adhesive compositions
In-situ formation of multiphase electron beam physical vapor deposited barrier coatings for turbine components
Plastic substrate and method of manufacturing the same, and ink jet printer head and method of manufacturing the same
High modulus film
Amorphous metal alloy strip and method of making such strip
Copper coated polyimide with metallic protective layer
Method of producing thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester, thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester composition obtained by the same method, and molding made of the same composition
Laminated chromium plating layers having superior wear resistance and fatigue strength
Sliding bearing material based on aluminum with 10-25 wt % tin alloyed with manganese and silicon
Steel alloy for compound tubes
Organic electroluminescent device
High moment and high permeability transducer structures and formation
Bulk single crystals of aluminum nitride
Energy supply unit on board an aircraft
Refuelable electrochemical power source capable of being maintained in a substantially constant full condition and method of using the same
Air supply device for fuel cell
System and method for producing electrical power using metal-air fuel cell battery technology
Composite carbon sheet, and electrochemical cells made therewith
Design for solid oxide fuel cell stacks
Solid oxide electrolyte fuel cell
Enhanced methanol utilization in direct methanol fuel cell
Cell electrical path breaking mechanism
One-piece battery containing a device for measuring the internal temperature
Lithium battery structure incorporating lithium pouch cells
One-piece battery incorporating a circulating fluid type heat exchanger
Separator for battery having a function of avoiding dangers caused by overheat, and method for producing the same
Connector assembly for connecting battery cells
Non-aqueous electrolyte cell
Method for preparing LICOO2-coated NiO cathodes for molten carbon fuel cell
Solvents and novel electrolytic compositions having a large range of stability and high conductivity
Method of forming a multi-layer photo mask
Photo mask of semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Compensation of within-subfield linewidth variation in e-beam projection lithography
Method for the measurement of aberration of optical projection system
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, a process-cartridge inclusive thereof, and an image forming apparatus
Sound deadening member for electrophotographic photoreceptor and electrophotographic photoreceptor using the same
Toner for developing electrostatic image and image forming method
Use of fluorocarbons as a fusing agent for toners in laser printers
Imaging articles
Imaging element with improved twist warp
Energy-sensitive resist material and a process for device fabrication using an energy-sensitive resist material
Positive photoresist composition comprising a polysiloxane
Method for forming different patterns using one mask
Method for forming a mental wiring pattern on a semiconductor device
Silylation of epoxy-containing photoresist films
Gas bearing and lithographic apparatus including such a bearing
Bi-focus exposure process
Positive photoresist composition and process for forming contact hole
Photographic elements for colorimetrically accurate recording intended for scanning
Digital photographic element with biaxially oriented polymer base
Transparent magnetic recording medium
Photographic element and compound and process useful therewith
Photographic element containing bis Au(I) complexes and sulfiding agent
Protection of semiconductor fabrication and similar sensitive processes
Kits for the detection of human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2) antigens
Method and apparatus for protecting building personnel during chemical or biological attack
Automated molecular pathology apparatus having independent slide heaters
Apparatus for DNA sequencing
Fluid dispenser and dispensing methods
Stripping and separating apparatus and its use in fluidised bed catalytic cracking
Exhaust emission control catalyst apparatus in internal combustion engine
Hydrocarbon fuel gas reformer assembly for a fuel cell power plant
Apparatus for exsitu thermal remediation
Process for treating an aqueous solution of titanyle sulfate
Process for recycling waste aluminum dross
Method for processing bauxite rich in alumina monohydrate
Process for the manufacture of coarse aluminium hydroxide
Method for the reduction of NOX emissions
Complex shaped fiber for particle and molecular filtration
Process for manufacturing nox traps with improved sulfur tolerance
Method and installation for eliminating gaseous organic substances in the air
Method for producing rare earth oxysulfide powder
Inorganic polymer based on aluminum and silicon
Method for the preparation of vitrified silica particles
Method and apparatus for plasma-chemical production of nitrogen monoxide
Process of making alkali metal tetrathiocarbonates
Process for the aqueous purification of hydrogen peroxide containing impurities
Layered structure manganese dioxide for cathode material in lithium rechargeable cell and process for producing the same
Stimulus sensitive gel with radioisotope and methods of making
Molecules that home to a selected organ in vivo
Human calcium-sensing receptor in the detection and treatment of cancer
Oral care composition
Photoprotective/cosmetic compositions comprising bis-hydroxyphenylbenzotriazole and benzazolyl/benzodiazolyl sunscreens
Decorated nails
Fragrant fingernail polish
Anti-fungal herbal formulation for treatment of human nails fungus and process thereof
Nail varnish with a chased effect
Odor control composition and process
Process for the preparation of polymer-based sustained release compositions
Mutagenized IL 13-based chimeric molecules
Asialocytokines and treatment of liver disease
Selective killing and diagnosis of p53+ neoplastic cells
Induced tolerance to xenografts
Composition for treating benign prostatic hypertrophy
GRB2 associating polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding therefor
Methods and compositions including a 13kDa B. burgdorferi protein
Apoptosis-related compounds and their use
Integral membrane proteins of Staphylococcus aureus
Recombinant avian adenovirus vector
E6 binding proteins
Live attenuated Venezuelan Equire encephalitis vaccine
17-KDA Brucella abortus antigen, recombinant polypeptides, nucleic acids coding for the same and use thereof in diagnostic and prophylactic methods and kits
Polyholoside compositions for beneficially treating the skin
Cosmetic or dermatological preparations comprising oligopeptides for lightening the skin of age marks and/or for preventing tanning of the skin, in particular tanning of the skin caused by UV radiation
Cosmetic composition comprising an aqueous dispersion of film-forming polymer particles containing 1,2-pentanediol
Synergistic composition comprising a compound of lipoamino acid structure and a water lily extract
Coated pigments and extender pigments, and cosmetics containing the same
Treatment of skin damage using conjugated linoleic acid and ascorbyl fatty acid esters
Absorbent article which maintains or improves skin health
Antimicrobial fabric and medical graft of the fabric
Pesticidal composition
Insecticide compositions made from polymers
Insect combatant controlled/prolonged delivery device
Therapeutic contact lens comprising living cells within a matrix
Chewable tablets containing mannitol and aspartame
Adhesive cosmetic patch containing alpha or beta hydroxy acids
Liposomes containing active agents
Stable solid pharmaceutical compositions containing enalapril maleate
Tablet composition of N-(trans-4-isopropylcyclohexanecarbonyl)-D-phenylalanine
Zero-order sustained release delivery system for carbamazephine derivatives
Core formulation comprising troglitazone and abiguanide
Method for producing a granule
Pharmaceutical formulations for acid labile substances
Stable, aqueous dispersions and stable, water-dispersible dry xanthophyll powder, their production and use
Tortoise oil, turtle oil, compositions containing them, their preparation processes and uses
Ruminal fluid inoculation of calves
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for managing skin conditions
Bactericide containing iron ions
Non-toxic mucosal disinfectant containing isopropyl alcohol, sesame oil, and lemon oil
Use of laccase in baking
Pre-packaged s''more kit
Process for preparing and using a layered food preparation product
Method of film crease elimination and patch bag without crease within lay-flat bag side
Process for producing tea concentrates
Method for the extraction of vegetable juices from vegetable residue and/or from vegetable remnants residue
Use of 1-nonen-3-one for aroma/flavor enhancement
Heavily foaming coffee fraction and process for its manufacture
Process for manufacture of reduced fat chocolate
Beverages for enhanced physical performance
Pharmaceutical packing device comprising a hollow plastic body having an improved internal lubricant layer and method of making same
Evaporation source, apparatus and method for the preparation of organic El device
Process for the application of a transparent metal oxide layer on a film
Manufacturing method for electron-emitting device, electron source, and image-forming apparatus
Process for reducing extraneous metal plating
Method and system for manufacturing magnetic recording medium
Repair coating process of multilayer coating
Method of making hidden image game piece
Method for producing a multi-layer ink transfer sheet
Sealing process for surface pores of construction parts
Aqueous coating powder dispersion, method for the production and use of said dispersion
Painter''s masking tape and its use
Method for protecting and consolidating calcareous materials
Annealing process for low-k dielectric film
Coating for silicone gaskets to reduce coefficient of friction
Stable adhesive composite material made of polyurethane and of another thermoplastic material, a process for its production and a method for its use in motor vehicles
Method for thermally spraying crack-free mullite coatings on ceramic-based substrates
Film or coating deposition on a substrate
Method of depositing an electrically conductive oxide film on a textured metallic substrate and articles formed therefrom
Apparatus and method for spotting a substrate
Pneumatic actuator, especially for controlling a basis weight profile of a web actuator
Dip coating apparatus
Masking fixture and method
Method and apparatus for dynamically coating a substrate
Apparatus for coating a surface of one or more lenses
Systems for setting automatic gun triggering parameters in automated spray coating systems
Temperature ramp for vertical diffusion furnace
Multi-port gas injector for a vertical furnace used in semiconductor processing
Film processing system
Chemical vapor deposition hardware and process
Erasing method
Washing solution of semiconductor substrate and washing method using the same
Surface treatment of semiconductor substrates
Process for cleaning ceramic articles
Regeneration of chemical mechanical polishing pads in-situ
Environmentally friendly method of paint stripping reject painted parts, with no base metal attack
Process for the production of grain oriented electrical steel strip having high magnetic characteristics, starting from thin slabs
Rare earth/iron/boron-based permanent magnet alloy composition
Hardened wheel
Lead-free solder alloy
Near net-shape VPS formed multilayered combustion system components and method of forming the same
Gas generating composition for an inflatable vehicle occupant protection device
High frequency ribbon cable for twist capsule cable applications
Method and apparatus for spin welding container closures
Method for ultrasonically sealing a plastic film composed of polypropylene
Brassiere and manufacturing process thereof
Method of manufacturing pipe liner bag
Adhesive and coating composition for use in an aqueous environment
Method for producing a decorative sheet and apparatus for producing the same
Extrusion process for protective coatings for outdoor siding panels and the like
Floor mats and method of making same
Concentrated UV light curing of adhesive for pivot applications
Plasma treatment apparatus and method for operation same
Process for modifying pulp from recycled newspapers
Method of making readily debonded pulp products
Shoe press belt
Operation of heads column
Pretreatment process for a surface texturing process
Method of making oxide barrier layer for a spin tunnel junction
Method and apparatus for magnetically enhanced sputtering
Apparatus for DC reactive plasma vapor deposition of an electrically insulating material using a shielded secondary anode
Apparatus for the electrochemical treatment of a liquid medium
Method of operating chlor-alkali electrolytic cells
Bipolar electrode for electrochemical redox reactions
Baffled perforated shield in a plasma sputtering reactor
Gas sensor
System and method for chromatography and electrophoresis using circular optical scanning
Composition including black matrix material
Electrodeionization apparatus with scaling control
Apparatus for separating molecules
Apparatus and method for plating wafers, substrates and other articles
Method of reducing nitrous oxide gas and electrolytic cell
Electrochemical process for olefin recovery using transition metal dithiolene complexes
Hand portable water purification system
Synthetic diesel fuel and process for its production
Hydrocracking process
Process for hydrogenation, hydroisomerization and/or hydrodesulfurization of a sulfur containment containing feedstock
Device for the removal and concentration of ionic metal species from water
Water treatment process
Apparatus for disinfecting a device for the central preparation and distribution of salt concentrates
Double receptacle filtration system
Apparatus for mixing and separating particulate matter from a fluid
Centrifuge housing for receiving centrifuge cartridge and method for removing soot from engine oil
Anaerobic digester system
Method and apparatus for diffusive transfer between immiscible fluids
Separating materials for chromatography and electrophoresis applications comprising regiodefined functionalised cyclodextrins chemically bonded to a support via urethane functionalities
Multi-chambered supercritical fluid extraction cartridge and processes using it
Constant concentration at the UF membrane wall UF process control and apparatus
Parallel high-performance liquid chromatography with serial injection
Split ion exchange system and method of operating
Removal of boron and fluoride from water
Centrifuge load control for automatic infeed gate adjustment
Apparatus and method for UV wastewater purification in septic tank systems
Method of manufacturing a combination type thin film magnetic head
Structuring process
Method and apparatus for simulating standard test wafers
Method of fabricating a sensor
System and method for etching organic anti-reflective coating from a substrate
Fire retardant and fire extinguishing material
Polyol ester lubricants for refrigerator compressors operating at high temperatures
Gel-form solid polymer electrolyte
Cesium-lithium-borate crystal and its application to frequency conversion of laser light
Indeno-fused photochromic naphthopyrans
Treated waste, method for making the same and apparatus for making the same
Compounds, compositions and methods for generating chemiluminescence with phosphatase enzymes
Process for the preparation of Grignard reagents and novel Grignard reagents
Optical module and a method of fabricating the same
Method of producing magnesium chloride granules
Process for producing Mn-Zn ferrite
Multiaxis rotational molding method, apparatus and structure
Composition for preparing water-repellent coatings on optical substrates
Pressed porous filter bodies
Non-woven fibrous batts, shaped articles, fiber binders and related processes
Method for molding a two-material part using a rotatable mold insert member
Method for producing composite bodies
Process for compression molding a composite rotor with scalloped bottom
Plate-like composite material and method of producing the same
Method for the manufacture of breast prostheses
Process of making an endotracheal tube
Method and apparatus of making air bag cover having a visually perceptible tear seam
Method for making a multi-layer blow molded container
Biaxial stretching of plastic tubes
Coated hot- and cold-rolled steel sheet comprising a very high resistance after thermal treatment
Exercise machine for exercising the lower limbs
Exercise device with parallelogram structure having movable longitudinal bars
Abdominal and arms muscles exercise device
Composite container having foamed adhesive
Vacuum assisted roll apparatus and method
Method for collecting platelets and other blood components from whole blood
Radioactive intraluminal endovascular prosthesis and method for the treatment of aneurysms
Methods of and compositions for treating vascular defects
High-pressure drive system
Patient thermal support device
In situ bulking device
Diagnosing and performing interventional procedures on tissue in vivo
Surgical retractor and related surgical approach to access the anterior lumbar region
Ultrasonic biometric imaging and identity verification system
Measuring arrangement
Method and apparatus for adaptive wall filtering in spectral Doppler ultrasound imaging
3D ultrasound recording device
Needle guide for attachment to ultrasound transducer probe
Catheter with physiological sensor
Guidewire with shaped intermediate portion
Gradient sequential compression system for preventing deep vein thrombosis
Pre/post- compression rehabilitation garment
Therapeutic ultrasonic catheter for delivering a uniform energy dose
Polymer blends for ultrasonic catheters
Receptacle for passive drug delivery
Endoluminal device delivery system using axially recovering shape memory material
Disposable needle and anesthetic carrier assembly
Body access system
Finger brace for hypodermic syringe
Eye wash station
Urine collection system
Sanitary napkin
Absorbent article having an improved fastening system
Device and method to slow or stop the heart temporarily
Flow directed catheter
Ball-shaped fiber implant, and method and device for inserting the implant
Medical device tubing assembly and method of making the same
Ophthalmological surgery technique with active patient data card
Endoscopic robotic surgical tools and methods
Power supply and methods for limiting power in electrosurgery
Electrosurgical electrode and methods for its use
Systems for tissue ablation and aspiration
Apparatuses and methods for interstitial tissue removal
RF bipolar end effector for use in electrosurgical instruments
Anatomical fixation implant
Reverse angle thread for preventing splaying in medical devices
Device for the correction of spinal deformities through vertebral body tethering without fusion
Spinal instrumentation system with articulated modules
Intramedullary nail with non-metal spacers
Instruments and methods for use in performing knee surgery
Instrument for the positioning of an implant in the human spine
Suturing aid
Automatic surgical device for cutting a cornea
Method of using neovascularization catheter
Drug-withdrawal-syndrome auricle-therapeutic device
Cardiac resuscitation device for percutaneous direct cardiac massage
Non-invasive aortic impingement
Catheter balloon with biased multiple wings
Surgical helical fastener with applicator
Vascular sealing device and method
Vascular sealing apparatus
Single-tailed suturing method and apparatus
Controlled deployment of a medical device
Self-expanding stent-graft
Bioprosthetic heart valve with balanced stent post deflection
Bileaflet heart valve having open channel and swivel pivots
Artificial intervertebral disc
Method and apparatus for spinal fixation
Mobile bearing knee with center post
Bone substitutes
Artificial implant intended to replace the human urinary and excretory organs
Prosthetic suspension insert
Chelating agents for improved color fidelity
Enzymatic treatment method
Enzymatic method for textile dyeing
Methods and apparatus for performing array microcrystallizations
Candle wax stabilized with red-shift benzotriazoles
Alternative fuel for use in a diesel engine-powered emergency generator for intermittent use in fixed installations
Water/oil emulsion fuel
Liquid polyfunctional additives for improved fuel lubricity
Long duration infrared-emitting material
Method for hydrocarbon steam reforming
Bag dump apparatus
Sinter and casting comprising Fe-based high-hardness glassy alloy
Iron-based powder blend for use in powder metallurgy
Dryer for compressed air
Polymer blend membranes with improved mechanical properties
Device and method for sampling in liquid phases using a diffusion body and an analyte-binding phase
Ceramic membrane for endothermic reactions
Hydrogen permeation through mixed protonic-electronic conducting materials
Vacuum swing adsorption process for separating propylene from propane
Filter for chemical oxygen generators
Compression-pumping system comprising an alternating compression section and its process
Multi-functional molded filter for removing contaminants from an enclosure
Air purifier
Life cell
Transparent anti-fog anti-splash coating compositions
Method and mixture for chemically tinting glass
One-pass method for preparing paper size emulsions
Thermally insulating building material
Cement admixture and cement composition
Inorganic binders employing waste glass
Method of producing a structured layer
Card edge connector incorporating hot plug switch
Receptacle for coaxial plug connector
Method for electrically connecting two sets of electrode terminals in array on electronic board units
Printed-circuit module having a printed-circuit board mounted to a printing wiring board
Land grid package connector
Electrical connector and method for attaching the same to a printed circuit board
Three-phase electrical cable plug-type connector
Busbar connector for plug-in busways
Contact for error resistant coupling of electrical signals
Electrical card connector having a switch device
Electric cable grounding piercer
Socket for an electric part
Socket for electrical parts
Socket for electrical parts
Socket for a pin grid-array package
Electrical socket
Electrical connector having positioning device and guide
Interconnect engagement and removal using a torque-limiting screw
Electrical connector with lever type latch means
Electrical connector
Press-connecting terminal
Electrical terminal for terminating at least two wires therein
High speed interface converter module
Connector having a latching mechanism
Cable connector having device for anchoring a cable at an angled position
Terminal protective cap
Stacked electrical connector assembly
Shielded connector
Modified structure for preventing electromagnetic interference of central processing unit
Electrical connector with power contacts positioned at lateral ends without increasing dimension thereof
Electrical socket
Male and female connector pair and set of mating connectors
Electrical connector
Electrical plug and jack connectors
Device for sampling substances using alternating polarity of iontophoretic current
Smart electrophysiological sensor system with automatic authentication and validation and an interface for a smart electrophysiological sensor system
Device and method for the location and catheterization of the surroundings of a nerve
Cardiac methods and system
Method and apparatus for spatially resolved measurement of the electrical activity of nerve cells using magnetic resonance
Combined magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic stereotaxis surgical apparatus and processes
Respiration responsive gating means and apparatus and methods using the same
Catheter tracking system
Instrument guidance for stereotactic surgery
Odor evaluation
Apparatus and method for macromolecule delivery into living cells
Electrode design and stimulator for antler-bearing animals
Methods and apparatus for treating fibrillation and creating defibrillation waveforms
Method and apparatus for treatment of cardiac electromechanical dissociation
Cardiac output controller
Cardiac rhythm management system with ultrasound for autocapture or other applications
Video display method and apparatus with synchronized video playback and weighted frame creation
Apparatus and method for detecting, identifying and incorporating advertisements in a video image
Contour emphasizing circuit
Signal conversion apparatus and method
Apparatus and system for reading data from a dynamic image data file
Method for accessing banks of DRAM
Method and apparatus for detecting video transmissions
Opto sensor signal detector
Partial color-corrected projection lens system
Images adjusting circuit of display monitor
Light shielding structure of a substrate for a liquid crystal device, liquid crystal device and projection type display device
Reflective liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal element having polarization moderating properties
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device
Wide view angle LCD operable in IPS mode which uses a pixel electrode as a shield to prevent disturbances in the electric field of a display pixel portion of the LCD
Liquid crystal display device
Substrate and a liquid crystal display panel capable of being cut by using a laser and a method for manufacturing the same
Photographing apparatus, method for recording an image by the photographing apparatus, and method for reproducing an image by the photographing apparatus
Exposure apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image recording apparatus for recording an image according to characteristics of the image recording medium
Film image reading device and a storage medium which stores a control procedure for the film image reading device
Photograph printing device having a light irradiation control mechanism that generates beams of light having different optic axes
Lithographic projection apparatus with an alignment system for aligning substrate on mask
Methods for compensating for lens heating resulting from wafer reflectance in micro-photolithography equipment
Non-scanning, three-axis, self-referenced heterodyne laser air data sensing system
Inspection method and apparatus for detecting defects on photomasks
Apparatus for analyzing multi-layer thin film stacks on semiconductors
Three-dimensional measurement method and three-dimensional measurement device
Method and apparatus for measuring paper color
Ring laser gas gyro with beat signal detection from current, voltage, or impedance of the ring laser
Interferometric instrument provided with an arrangement for producing a frequency shift between two interfering beam components
Image input-output apparatus
Tandem printer printing apparatus
Printing apparatus, method for controlling the same, and memory medium
Automatic alignment of print heads
Logic-based image processing method
Coded data output apparatus
Method & system for electronic document certification
Device for protecting data transmitted by a facsimile machine
Facsimile machine provided with a telephonic handset
Optical scheme for holographic imaging of complex diffractive elements in materials
Wavelength division multiplexing system, wavelength division multiplexing transmission system and optical path cross connection system
Optical switch and optical communication system using the same
Method and arrangement for optical information transmission via satellites
Optical deflection device
Discrete element light modulating microstructure devices
Electrophotochromic smart windows and methods
Optical attenuating isolator
Light amplification medium control method, light amplification apparatus and system using the same
Multiple stage optical fiber amplifier and signal generator
Method of converting color data
Wave-form observation apparatus
Line drawing using graphics processing
Image processing apparatus, image output device, image processing method and record medium on which image processing program is recorded
Apparatus and method for storing a move within a movie
Image generator using display memory
Method and apparatus for memory access scheduling in a video graphics system
Bump mapping in a computer graphics pipeline
Direction-dependent texture maps in a graphics system
Method and apparatus for processing data as different sizes
Image display device having shift commands and automatic scroll process
Method of maintaining characteristics information about a system component either modified by an application program or a user initiated change
Spinning as a morpheme for a physical manipulatory grammar
Light beam scanner unit and image forming apparatus with adjustment for contamination
Thermosensitive color printing method and thermosensitive color printer
Thermosensitive recording method and apparatus
Organic electroluminescent light-emitting array and optical head assembly
System providing video compression/encoding for communications across a network
Video safety curtain
System and method of in-service testing of compressed digital broadcast video
Display control system for videoconference terminals
Removal of interpolation artifacts in a non-interlaced video stream
Low-delay conversion of 3:2 pulldown video to progressive format with field averaging
Output timebase corrector
Sync signal generating apparatus and method for a video signal processor
Analog video frame capture and preview
Duty cycle alteration circuit
Video signal display system
Computer system with multiple monitor control signal synchronization apparatus and method
Graphical user interface having sound effects for operating control elements and dragging objects
Parallel web sites
Method and system for designing a graphical user interface for an electronic consumer product
Mailing machine including an embedded control system having a screen control architecture
Results-oriented help displays for computer software programs
Method and apparatus providing insertion of inlays in an application user interface
Interactive interface for viewing retrieval results
Temporal smoothing of scene analysis data for image sequence generation
Organic photosensitive optoelectronic devices with a top transparent electrode
Photodetectors with passive thermal radiation control
Method and device for determining the direction in which an object is located
Modular articulated light curtain
Method of providing digitized photographic image
Method and apparatus for electrospray ionization
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