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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Insect resistant and herbicide tolerant breeding stack of soybean event pDAB9582.814.19.1 and pDAB4468.04.16.1
Chemical compounds, compositions and methods for kinase modulation
Compositions, method, and kits for treating pulmonary conditions
Delivery vehicle for probiotic bacteria comprising a dry matrix of polysaccharides, saccharides and polyols in a glass form and methods of making same
Low ignition propensity cigarette and wrapping paper therefor
Fastening apparatus
Arched window covering capable of adjusting size
Covering cap and measuring device
Method and apparatus for making improved surgical incisions in corrective eye surgery
Analyte sensor incorporating negatively charged moieties
Implant, and method and system for producing such an implant
Medical assembly for delivering an implant
Blood-flow tubing
Ostial stenting system
Brake system for architectural arm
Sexual appliances providing improved stimulation of Grafenberg area
Lens holder method
Baby bottle assembly including a diaphragm that augments a baby's ability to remove liquid from a receptacle
Small molecule activators of NRF2 pathway
Berberine-ursodeoxycholic acid conjugate for treating the liver
Pharmaceutical formulation containing opioid agonist, opioid antagonist and irritant agent
Method of treating ischemia/reperfusion injury
Preventive and/or ameliorative agent for diseases, stamina enhancement agent, anti-fatigue agent, and pharmaceutical and food and drink using them
Composition for prevention or treatment of acute renal failure including herbal extract or fraction thereof as active ingredient
Composition for the treatment of burns, diabetic wounds, other types of wounds and subsequently greatly reduced scarring
Antibodies to TIP-1
Antagonistic DR3 ligands
Therapeutic agent for epithelial and endothelial injury
Inhibition of collagen synthesis
Method of stimulating an immune response
Methods of preventing or treating pain using anti-NGF antibodies
Method of treating a patient for pain by administering an anti-ion channel antibody
Combination of Fc.gamma.RIIB-specific antibodies and CD20-specific antibodies and methods of use thereof
Polyester amide copolymers having free carboxylic acid pendant groups
Humidifier for respiratory apparatus
Control system for arterial catheter
Stopper arrangement for a drug delivery device
Medical hub and method of using same
Intradermal injector
Trocar assemblies
Infusion speed measurement instrument
System and method for selective neural activation using high-frequency electrical stimulation
Apparatuses and methods for laser light therapy of hair
Electrostimulator and control device of same
Enhancement of biological functioning by the use of electromagnetic and magnetic fields
Telescopic mast
Painting tool holder for all types of extension ladders
Towel stretching assembly for stretching exercises
Free weight organization system
System and method for fitness testing, tracking and training
Golf putter with constrainded lie angle adjustability
Adjustable golf tee
Random launching and adjustable aperture catching game
Sweetspot trainer
Ceiling mounted striking bag with flexible foam tube and optional tether system
Synthetic putting green
Binding strap assist mechanism
Dual wheel assemblies for skateboards and related methods
Modern dominoes
System and method for gaming utilizing a mobile device
Method and apparatus for simulating a gaming event
Spin speed measuring device for spinning toy device
Toy top
Input device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for purification of produced water
Bio-filter for waste water digestion
Filter element
Air cleaner
Air purification system
Water absorption using an insulated housing
Modified activated carbon preparation and methods thereof
Adsorbent materials and methods of use
Cleaning stack gas
Process for the purification of a liquid-crystal mixture
Harmonic balancer for spray dryer absorber atomizer
Method and system for producing calibrated microcapsules
Pyrolytic reactor
Process for synthesizing a metal-doped aluminogallate nanocomposite and methods of use thereof
Method for methanol conversion to propylene over a monolithic catalyst system
Cover for centrifugal filter
Apparatus for in-situ pipe coating and related methods
Machine for the plasma treatment of containers, comprising offset depressurization/pressurization circuits
Systems and methods for cutting concrete piles
Interface between knife and knife holder
Electrical discharge machining apparatus
Pipeline and manufacturing method thereof
Universal joint dismantling tool
Fastening tool for dynamically fastening parts for machining
Chemical mechanical polishing pad, polishing layer analyzer and method
Clamping tool
Robotic appendages
Anvil roll and external adjustment mechanisms therefor
Anvil roll and internal adjustment mechanisms therefor
Flail assembly with vanes
Method and system of making digital image transfer thermoformed objects
Mold component
Method for manufacturing thermoplastic synthetic resin products
Molding device and molding method using the molding device
Platen reinforcing tension directed pressure materials mobile multi manufacturing press
Heat transfer device and method of making the same
Patterning methods and products
Joining method and joining appliance
Method and apparatus for manufacturing welded resin article
Antiballistic fabric
Ink composition
Targeted mass mailing system and method
Mechanical pencil
Flexible markers
System, and apparatus for wheel decoration
Mechanical coupling (hitch) device for use in vehicles for towing trailers
Suspension arm
Vehicle air conditioner with a refrigerant circuit
Vehicle mounting assembly for a fuel supply
Shifter-supporting base and shifter assembly and vehicle employing the same
Battery pack thermal management
Electric vehicle
System and method for providing a substantially horizontal resting area in passenger vehicles
Lift system with removable cart
Cargo dunnage device
Audible vehicular warning system
In-vehicle device covering structure
Storage assembly for vehicle center console
Automated setting of cruising speeds
Cart and track assembly
Motor-assisted joint system for articulated bus
Fifth wheel locking mechanism
Electric motorcycle equipped with suitable design features for making its maintenance simpler
Rotation sensor for an electrical bike pedal
Floating wind turbine
Surfboard with an improved stringer
Enhanced system and method for deploying boat fenders safely and conveniently
Hull-mountable retractable thruster apparatus and method
Drone immersion-piloting system
Packing method and unit for producing a rigid package with a hollow rib
Paper pallet having a plurality of leg beams, and packaging case including paper pallet
Containment device for intermediate bulk containers, and related methods
Storage combination basket assembly
Device for emptying containers
Vented trash receptacle
Matchbox-type packaging
Composite pack having a pouring element, and blank for producing such pack
Bottle cap with built-in light
Support assembly for suspension of cargo during transport
Pouch container for food product
Insulated storage case for electronic equipment
Commercial grade wheeled refuse receptacle with lid
Container supply unit and automated analyzer
Sheet-transporting drum and printing machine having the sheet-transporting drum
Mobile hose reel
Hydraulic-boosted rail brake
Articulated funiculator
Perforation device to perforate closed receptacles containing coloring products
Micromechanical component having a diaphragm structure
Mold for forming complex 3D MEMS components
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for the preparation of silanes
Field water purification system filter
Combined device for sewage deep treatment and treatment method
In line mixer
Method for sludge ozonation in a wastewater treatment system
Electroless nickel plating of a high temperature power feedthrough for corrosion inhabitance
Controlling fragmentation of chemically strengthened glass
Process for the production of a product based on faecals produced by animals as well as a plant for the production of the product, especially a fertilizer product
Carboxamide compounds
Modularized system and method for urea production using a bio-mass feedstock
Renewably derived aldehydes and methods of making and using the same
Methods for preparing acetic acid via ethane oxidation
Process for preparing acrylic acid
Process for continuously preparing di-C.sub.1-3-alkyl succinates
Method for synthesizing 2,6-bis[3'-(N-carbazolyl)phenyl]pyridine compound
Oxazoline and isoxazoline derivatives as CRAC modulators
2,5-furan dicarboxylic acid production method
Programmed degradation of polymers derived from biomass
Antagonists of prostaglandin EP3 receptor
Compounds, compositions, and methods for the treatment of cancers
Selected macrolides with PDE4-inhibiting activity
Method for removing endotoxin from proteins
ZCYTOR17 heterodimeric cytokine receptor
Antibodies that bind activatable antibodies and methods of use thereof
Xyloglucan extraction process
Malienated derivatives
One component isocyanate prepolymer mixture for polyurethane product formulation in a single step process
Method of melt polymerizing polycarbonate and the polycarbonate made therefrom
Flame retardant block copolymers from renewable feeds
Resin composition, resin sheet, and production method for semiconductor device
Graphene/polymer nanocomposites containing surface modified graphene
Flame-retardant and fire-resistant polymer compositions made from lime
Metallic LEP inks and associated methods
Defoaming systems and methods in hydrocarbon processes
Process and system for treating oil sands produced gases and liquids
Process for performing a fischer tropsch reaction
Generation ebullated-bed reactor system
Process for converting low and high free fatty acid containing oils into no free fatty acid containing oils and associated systems and devices
Silica-based structurants and processes for making thereof
Device for the study of living cells
Method of enhancing miR-185 expression to reduce low density lipoprotein/cholesterol accumulation in a cell
Transgenic plants expressing a pH-sensitive nitrate transporter
Polypeptides having laccase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Solventless extraction process
Methods and articles for detecting deoxyribonuclease activity
Universal methylation profiling methods
Polyoma virus JC peptides and proteins in vaccination and diagnostic applications
Process for producing forged product
Ultrahigh-strength steel sheet with excellent workability, and manufacturing method thereof
Reliable point of use membrane modification
Electrochemical etching apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Microwave drying of seed cotton and other crops
Forming shapes with an embroidery machine
Treatment of filaments or yarn
Fixed Constructions
High friction surface coating and method of making thereof
Non-calcium geopolymer stabilizer
Self cleaning collection apparatus and method
Work vehicle
Telescopic boom extension device
Strap for securing a zipper slider
Linear rotating link switch actuation
Hidden hinge for a display case
Device for opening and closing sliding door
Hinge assembly for a refrigerator appliance
Spacer for triple-insulated glazing units
Riser deflection mitigation
Method for a drill support arrangement, drill support arrangement, vehicle comprising a drill support arrangement and computer program product
Seal delivery system
Mitigating the effects of subsurface shunts during bulk heating of a subsurface formation
Downhole temperature calculation
Frequency modulated mud pulse telemetry apparatus and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vane pump assembly
Bearing housing of an exhaust-gas turbocharger
Panel connection system and a method of using the same
Attaching the blades of an axial turbocompressor to the compressor drum
Blade, integrally bladed rotor base body and turbomachine
Gas turbinen rotor blade
Adjustable blade root spring for turbine blade fixation in turbomachinery
Working fluid for a device, device and method for converting heat into mechanical energy
Channeling fluidic waveguide surfaces and tubes
Turbocharger-equipped internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus to control reductant injection into an exhaust gas feedstream
Display device
Ignition system for low grade synthesis gas at high compression
Stud assembly
Igniter for a gas turbine
Control apparatus of internal combustion engine
Method for regulating a generator set
Engine block
Method of operating a fuel injector
Systems and methods for injecting gaseous fuel during an exhaust stroke to reduce turbo lag
EGR device in intake manifold
Methods and systems for fuel vapor control
Method for detecting air filter degradation
Mist forming method using fluid injection valve, fluid injection valve, and mist forming apparatus
Automatic engine stopping/restarting device, and automatic engine stopping/restarting method
Driving structure for power generator along coastal land using kinetic energy of wave
Lubrication reservoir and recirculation arrangement for scroll compressor bearing
Power generation device
System, pump and method of vacuum generation for applications to motor vehicles
Two piece impeller centrifugal pump
Fluid end with protected flow passages
Connecting member of structure
Bearing mechanism, spindle motor including the bearing mechanism and electronic equipment including the spindle motor
Clutch for continuously variable transmission and method of operating clutch
Clutch piston assembly
Apparatus for mounting an object to a structure in a vibration-free manner
Isolating torque coupler
Dual clutch transmission with continuously variable final drive assembly
Manual transmission
Multi-speed transmission
Vehicle steering column assembly and method of assembling
Cylinder head
Faucet for switching between multiple water sources
Self-cleaning disc valve for piston pump
Valve controller with flapper nozzle pilot valve
Multi-fuel service station
Light tube and power supply circuit
Light apparatus
Systems, methods and/or devices for providing LED lighting
LED lamp bulb
Transformable lighting appartus
Vehicle headlamp with light passage
Stethoscope flashlight
Embedded LED lamp
Light fixture with curved frame
Vehicle lamp
Electronic device with light-emitting diode array
Light-source optical system, fiber light source, microscope, and automotive headlight
Evaporator apparatus and method of operating the same
Premixing-less porous hydrogen burner
Method for combustion of a low-grade fuel
Battery-powered high-voltage converter circuit with electrical isolation and mechanism for charging the battery
Glow plug
Radiant heat reflector wing
Air purification apparatus
Solar energy harvesting
Apparatus and method for utilizing thermal energy
Flow-synchronous field motion refrigeration
Dispenser for refrigerator and method for manufacturing dispenser assembly
Device for lifting condensates, implementing a bactericidal metal
Heat exchanger
Heat sink
Sound suppressor
System, method and apparatus for attaching an accessory to a firearm
Electrical discharge system and method for neutralizing explosive devices and electronics
Portable target game with collecting unit
Retro reflective tracer ammunition, and related systems and methods
Device for launching fireworks
Movable body drive method and movable body drive system, pattern formation method and apparatus, exposure method and apparatus, device manufacturing method, and calibration method
Arrangement in a thermal process, and a method for measuring the thickness of a contamination layer
Method and apparatus for determining safety of a working environment
Book alignment device and method
Robust one-shot interferometer
Method of authenticating a polymer film by thickness measurement with a white light interferometer
Method and apparatus for coupling wavelength-swept light by controlling on/off timings of current applied to the gain mediums
System and method for selecting path according to selection conditions
Intersection guide system, method, and program
Apparatus for detecting distances in two directions
Dial structure
Drinking water reminding system and reminding method thereof
Model based lamp background filtration of stray radiation for pyrometry
Temperature sensor peripheral having independent temperature coefficient and offset adjustment programmability
Torque sensor unit
Integrated, predictive vibration analysis of rotational machine within electronics rack
Fuel system leak detection using passive valves
Flow-valve diagnostic microfluidic system
Apparatus for inspection of external corrosion of pipes
Method for characterizing the catalyst structure in a fuel cell and fuel cell design suitable therefor
Automatic defect detection and classification for high throughput electron channeling contrast imaging
HF alkylation process
Carbon nanotube sensor
Oil removal from a stream of oil-separated sample droplets
Devices for trapping and controlling microparticles with radiation
Non destructive testing apparatus and method using ultrasound imaging
Flexural testing apparatus for materials and method of testing materials
Microfluidic apparatus
Method for determining risk of diabetes
Apparatus for biological sensing and alerting of pharmaco-genomic mutation
Methods for predicting and treating myocardial damage
Methods of using chimeric receptors to identify autoimmune disease
Pathway specific markers for diagnosing irritable bowel syndrome
Anti-phospho-Akt antibodies
Methods of screening for Janus kinase 3 interacting compounds
Integrated sample preparation systems and stabilized enzyme mixtures
Method of analyzing binding aspect of membrane protein in a living cell
Cardiovascular disease risk assessment
Sensor device
Closure for measuring voltage on power-carrying conductors
Cable joint integrity detection systems and methods
Optical inspection device and optical inspection fixture thereof
Scan chain for memory sequential test
Battery management system having a data interface for a battery module, battery module having a data memory, battery system having a battery management system and a battery module, and motor vehicle having a battery system
Method and control device to control a magnetic resonance system
Sensing device and method of calibration
Systems and methods for ultrasonic velocity and acceleration detection
Method of dividing satellite signal into eight frequency points for processing
Identification method and identification system for an object's passing route direction
Fast, high-rate, position-sensitive absolute dosimeter for ion beam therapy
Coatings for digital detectors
Method and system for augmenting frequency range of conventional marine seismic source with low-frequency
Three-phase flow identification and rate detection
Method and system for perforated reflective film display device
Electrowetting display device with shaped colour filter
Pupil-expanded biocular volumetric display
Lens assembly for portable devices
Polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device
Method for producing fibers having optical effect-producing nanostructures
Optical connector
Optical transmission apparatus
Device for positioning a member for transmitting solar energy relative to an optical concentrator
Enhanced organic electro-optic poling through nanoparticle doping
Optically isotropic liquid crystal composition and optical device
Liquid crystal display device, electronic apparatus, and illumination device
Curved liquid crystal display device
Display panel, display apparatus having the same and method of manufacturing the same
Reflective type liquid crystal display device
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device
Display device and method for producing same
Liquid crystal display device
Complex display device
Substrate placement in immersion lithography
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Power supply unit and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having alternating current bias control
Toner case and image forming apparatus including the same
Liquid electrophotographic inks
Monitoring control system and control device
Automatic automated installation
Limiting a current
Power supply device, image forming apparatus and method of controlling power supply device
Dynamic biasing for regulator circuits
Voltage-adjusting device and related voltage-adjusting method
Dynamically reconfiguring time zones in real-time using plural time zone libraries
Method performed by an associated power management controller of a zone based on node power consumption and priority data for each of the plurality of zones
Wireless communication system and network attached storage device thereof
Adjusting power management controls of a memory based on traffic
Method for managing software application computing resources
Error source identification on time-of-day network
Flexible configuration and control of a testing system
System design method, system design apparatus, and storage medium storing system design program, for analyzing failure restoration procedure
Method and system for error correction utilized with a system for distribution of media
Failure recovery scheme for a cloud system
Application performance using package and catalog cache prefetching during database recovery
Object-based storage management
Method and device for testing a computer core in a processor having at least two computer cores
Performance enhancement mode selection tool
Determining importance of an artifact in a software development environment
Supporting debugging of program and graphical user interface for supporting debugging
Live testing of applications based upon a debug keystore
Copying data in virtual sequential access volumes
Memory controllers employing memory capacity and/or bandwidth compression with next read address prefetching, and related processor-based systems and methods
Tracking memory accesses when invalidating effective address to real address translations
Page table entry consolidation
Information processing device and information processing system
Electronic device and method for memory allocation in electronic device
Garbage collection and other management of memory heaps
Memory nest efficiency with cache demand generation
Reducing page invalidation broadcasts in virtual storage management
Zero copy support by the virtual memory manager
Updatable address lookup application program interface
Garbage collection techniques for a data storage system
Migrating DMA mappings from a source I/O adapter of a computing system to a destination I/O adapter of the computing system
Bus serialization for devices without multi-device support
Register files for storing data operated on by instructions of multiple widths
Mobile device sharing facilitation methods and systems featuring exclusive data presentation
Subscriber driven media agnostic content delivery across networks
Peer-to-peer redundant file server system and methods
Optimizing stream-mode content cache
Minimizing overhead over-provisioning costs in machine configurations
Merging and sorting arrays on an SIMD processor
Wireless entertainment device, system, and method
Communications between a customer relationship management (CRM) application and an electronic worksheet to automatically generate a pivot table object
Contextualization of entity relationships
Processing device and method for performing a stage of a Fast Fourier Transform
Plotting webpage loading speeds and altering webpages and a service based on latency and pixel density
Method for classifying pieces of text on basis of evaluation polarity, computer program product, and computer
Generation of textual documents with reduced de Bruijn graphs
Disambiguation in concept identification
Globalization testing management service configuration
Method for enriching a multimedia content, and corresponding device
Application search results based on a current search query and a previous search query
Similarity and ranking of databases based on database metadata
Generating and accessing a data table
Ontology decomposer
Counting bloom filter
Data partitioning for high-efficiency data retrieval
Context labels for data clusters
Methods, systems, and computer program products for consolidating web pages displayed in multiple browsers
Information handling system and computer program product for deducing entity relationships across corpora using cluster based dictionary vocabulary lexicon
Data retrieval from datastores with different data storage formats
Navigating a website using visual analytics and a dynamic data source
Event based document sorter and method
Search engine analytics and optimization for media content in social networks
Secure and lossless data compression
Multilevel filters for cache-efficient access
Computing device chording authentication and control
Apparatus and method for managing gaming engine file in a mobile platform
Collaboration content sharing
Haptic feedback for touchpads and other touch controls
Detection of user gestures
Information processing system, management apparatus, and management method
Freely rotatable physical object with multiple faces communicating rotation information to a data handling system
Polarizing touch screen panel and display apparatus comprising the same
Display device including a touch screen panel formed at an entire window
Method and device for replacing stylus tip
System and methods for providing a three-dimensional touch screen
Capacitive touch panel with multi-layer electrode including a silver-inclusive transparent conducting layer(s)
Electronic apparatus and operating method of electronic apparatus
Touch sensor including nanowire array and method of fabricating the same
Touch sensor
Exposing fragment identifiers
Routing web rendering to secondary display at gateway
Force feedback system including multi-tasking graphical host environment and interface device
Moving an object displayed on a display screen
Dynamic clip analysis
Detecting input based on multiple gestures
Maximize IO throughput in hybrid storage solution
Managing content in persistent memory modules when organization of the persistent memory modules changes
Preventing loss of print job information in a restart operation of a print engine
Facilitating transaction completion subsequent to repeated aborts of the transaction
Representing dynamic trees in a database
User authentication using voice and image data
Protection of state data in computer system code
Instruction group formation techniques for decode-time instruction optimization based on feedback
Information processing apparatus and method of collecting performance analysis data
Processor with memory-embedded pipeline for table-driven computation
Processor with memory-embedded pipeline for table-driven computation
Implementing out of order processor instruction issue queue
Automated generation of bridging code to augment a legacy application using an object-oriented language
Apparatus and methodologies for code refactoring
Method and apparatus for producing a benchmark application for performance testing
Optimizing parallel build of application
Identifying cause of incidents in the DevOps environment automatically
Method and apparatus for displaying timeline of software development data
Controlling software processes that are subject to communications restrictions by freezing and thawing a computational process in a virtual machine from writing data
Multi-dimension scheduling among multiple consumers
Alerting a user of an indicated impact of a command
Visualization-centric performance-based volume allocation in a data storage system
Authorizing distributed task processing in a distributed storage network
Mapping data-flows in a workflow
All-to-all message exchange in parallel computing systems
Visual cards for describing and loading operational modes to motorized interface element
Electronic device with a fingerprint reader and method for operating the same
Detecting objects in multiple images using integral images
Detecting objects in multiple images using integral images
Method and system for detecting hotspots for photolithographically-defined devices
Capacitive fingerprint sensor and package method thereof
System and method of using an electric field device
Client side filtering of card OCR images
Feature-based pose detection
Image processing device, electronic apparatus, and glasses characteristic determination method
Character string recognition device and character string recognition method
Cluster based photo navigation
Complexity reduction of user tasks
Controlling which users from an organization are to be part of a community space in an easy and error-free manner
Multiple location electronic device communication
Method, device and storage medium for controlling presentation of media content based on attentiveness
Selectively pairing an application presented in virtual space with a physical display
Mobile Terminal
Three dimensional terrain modeling
Systems with interactive management of environmental objects relative to human appendages
Device for inspecting canister for vehicle
Lens for backlight of display device and backlight of display device including the same
Image display device
Waterproof virtual reality goggle and sensor system
Tape library apparatus and information management method
Component placement within a solid state drive
Autonomous data evacuation
Method for improving single-wall carbon nanotube dispersion
Display device
Control system for thermoelectric devices
Keyboard and mobile device with radio frequency antenna
Method for preventing interference of contactless card reader and touch functions when they are physically and logically bound together for improved authentication security
Electrostatic carrier for handling substrates for processing
Power generation device for vehicle and power generation control method
Power supply detecting circuit
Dynamic position control for electronic components
Systems and methods for creating and sharing protected content
Systems and methods for preventing data remanence in memory
Calibration device, calibration method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
Automatic astronomical observation system and observation method
Dynamically assigning lanes over which signals are transmitted to mitigate electromagnetic interference (EMI)
Expired Patents Due To Time
Towable light tower and power plant
Method for producing solid-state image pickup device
Presentation imaging system
Method of forming rubber-metal composites
Erasable graphic panel
Apparatus for analyzing a sectional image of an anterior eye segment and a program for the same
Resin encapsulating apparatus used in a manufacture of a semiconductor device
Print engine/controller with color mask
Method and apparatus for flat surface treatment
Keyboard and computer system allowing for simple keyboard removal
Apparatus for pulling communication cable
Self-operatable inflation device
Concealed safety lighting device
Human Necessities
Device and method for treating the soil by aeration
Track drive for a mobile irrigation system
Cylinder rapid engagement device in an electrical spray gun
Advanced dog collar flashlight
Ultrasound quality inspection of avian eggs
Drive mechanism for a fishing reel
Directionally adjustable turkey pan call
Mobile chemical sprayer
Spinal cord removal tool with adjustable blades
Method for adhesively bonding laminates and composite structures
Method and apparatus for the removal of harmful substances from various objects or materials
Nozzle arrangement, nozzle carrier and device for extruding doughy substances
Taping socks
Brassiere with visual enhancement features
Multi panel molded brassiere cup
Convertible shoe
Blueprint caddy
Protector for keyless entry device
Combination travel and laundry bag
Catalytic gas combustion device for an appliance for personal use
Cosmetic powder applicator and method for making and using the same
Fluid product dispenser
Packable cart
Fisherman's utility rod holster
Brush device
Tool box drawing table
Friction drawer slide
Combination foot member
Security cover
Stackable chair with flexible back
Chair equipped with lumbar support unit
Articulated bench
Seat for a wheeled carriage or chair
Sushi serving system containing a premium message
Display seat for glass and crystal articles of display
Divider apparatus for separating product rows on shelves
CD display rack
Safety device for a liquid-containing vessel
Food preparation appliance
Kitchen-cooking caddy
Single hand, paper towel sheet dispenser
Mouthwash dispenser
Image pick-up device for endoscopes
Pivotal and illuminated saphenous vein retractor with tapered design
Surgical stapling instrument
Method and system for attaching a graft to a blood vessel
Materials and methods for improved bone tendon bone transplantation
Method and system for fusing a spinal region
Thrombectomy catheter and system
Aspiration method
Laparoscopic specimen retrieval shoehorn
Devices and methods for annular repair of intervertebral discs
Clutch for stabilizing and adjusting a probe in laparoscopic surgery
Medical instrument arrangement with drape
Ophthalmic apparatus
Information remote monitor (IRM) medical device
Microdialysis probe
Monitoring mayer wave effects based on a photoplethysmographic signal
Electronic blood pressure monitor
Method and device for measuring systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate in an environment with extreme levels of noise and vibrations
Blood flow monitor for shock and resuscitation
Safety blood collector device
Viscosity measuring apparatus and method of use
System and method for processing patient polysomnograph data utilizing multiple neural network processing
Method and device for marking skin during an ultrasound examination
Silicone rubber resin composite, method for making dentures, and denture comprising the composite material
Hygiene product
Urinary incontinence control device and method of use
Hybrid sleeve material and structure
Protective membrane for reconfiguring a workpiece
Hybrid stent
Stent-graft with rails
Stent with improved ring and link pattern
Intraluminal stents
Stent having discontinuous coating in the form of coating islands
Mitral valve annuloplasty ring for molding left ventricle geometry
Expandable medical implant and percutaneous delivery
Anchorable vertebral implant
Orthopedic device set for reorienting vertebral bones for the treatment of scoliosis
Method and device for treating intervertebral disc herniations
Energy-storing prosthetic foot with elongated forefoot
Wheel-less walking support and rehabilitation device
Male external catheters
Microkeratome blade
Laser system for corneal grafting
Two-speed wheel assembly for manual wheelchairs, with a quick-release mounting capability
Wheelchair motorizing apparatus
Percussive therapeutic device
Apparatus for foot therapy
Hydrocussion massager
Medication dispenser
Process for the production of polysiloxane-based polymeric compositions for use in medical devices
Automotive aromatherapy diffuser
Manoeuverable guide wire and method of using same
Method and device for use in micro-invasive surgical procedures, and guide catheter and valve unit for a device for use in micro-invasive surgical procedures
Fluid applicator
Infusion pump with access regulator
In-line IV drug delivery pack with controllable dilution
Infusion device and driving mechanism for same
Autoinjector with extendable needle protector shroud
Method and apparatus for deflecting a screw-in lead
Method of enhancing immune response
Safety system to prevent falls
Cover plate for concealed sprinkler
Golf swing training aid
Skateboard simulator
Training machine, image output processing device and method, and recording medium which stores image outputting programs
Three-piece solid golf ball
Composite golf club head
Cover for the rear bag compartment of a golf cart
Target for a rolled ball
Hybrid golf club shaft
Adjustable golf putting practice device
Golf swing training apparatus, and method of using same
Body-connected bike
Game system, game apparatus and computer-readable storage medium therefor
Method for downloading data to gaming devices
Method of playing a casino card game
Lawsuit board game
Baccarat gaming assembly and method of playing baccarat
Baseball board game
Craps game with progressive jackpot
Ball with a jigsaw cover
Free fall and game simulator
Spring powered car with lockout mechanism
Inflatable expanding doll
Scented doll with the appearance of an aged person
Electrically conductive block toy
Toy driving simulator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Pump intake flow control
System and method for handling fluid using a manifold
Apparatus and process for purifying a liquid by thermoelectric peltier means
Method for filtering pernicious non-gaseous contaminants from air and benign gases
Method and apparatus for the abatement of toxic gas components from a semiconductor manufacturing process effluent stream
High intensity blending tool with optimized risers for increased intensity when blending toners
Flotation machine rotor and method of operation
Fuel processor thermal management system
Method for producing a powder
Method of reducing phosphate ore losses in a desliming process
Liquid product dispenser
Spraying device, system and methods of dispersing and disseminating materials
Fountain aerator with flow straightener
Liquid droplet spray device
Fluid product dispenser
Liquid crystal dispensing apparatus having controlling function of dropping amount caused by controlling tension of spring
Object sorting system
Substrate processing apparatus
Method of in situ soil remediation for volatile organic contaminants
Drag board assembly and method of applying a contact pad to a drag board
Device and method for producing a blade for a turbine and blade produced according to this method
Method and arrangement for heat treatment before the execution of sprayform techniques
Reduction casting method, reduction casting apparatus and molding die using same
Die casting
Method and apparatus for casting metal
Chuck with additional cutting elements
Side-milling cutter
Process for the fine machining of the toothed gears of a gearbox
Method of melting material between telescopingly engaged elements
Process for soldering electric connector onto circuit board
Fluxless bumping process using ions
Flow soldering process and apparatus
Deposit metal welding method
Device for fastening barrel of gas operated soldering gun
Solder ball attracting mask and its manufacturing method
Linear guide rail holding device
Holder driving unit
Sandwich board for erecting clamping devices for workpieces
Ski sharpening arrangement
Knife sharpening system
Multiprobe detection system for chemical-mechanical planarization tool
Planarizing solutions, planarizing machines and methods for mechanical or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies
Multilayered CMP stop for flat planarization
Water jet abrasive recycling apparatus and method
Grindstone having resinoid abrasive structure including abrasive agglomerates each provided by vitrified abrasive structure
Apparatus and method for forming a spiral wound abrasive article, and the resulting article
Wafer planarization apparatus and planarization method thereof
Housing with functional overmold
Pneumatic nail driver
Apparatus for severing, carrying or winding a web
Network type automation concrete plant
Blow-molding machine comprising a closing and locking mechanism
Mold assembly for forming a wax pattern in the shape of a golf club head
Vacuum assisted molding apparatus
Set of split bodies for forming blower fan through hollow-article injection molding process
Tool for forming a multiple foam substrate for impact energy absorption
Nozzle for injection moulding tool and nozzle arrangement
Extrusion system comprising a screw changing device
Cylinder for a twin-screw extruder with a helical channel of varying depth
Pressure laminator apparatus and non woven fabric formed thereby
Flap ventlid installing assembly, flap ventlid installing structure and installing method, and mold for molding a tire
Molding and packaging apparatus
Method and installation for folding a textile strip length, in particular a strip length for a label
Three-ply absorbent paper product and method of making
Liquid ejecting apparatus
Printing up to print medium edges without platen soiling
Image forming device
Motor control method and apparatus
Drive unit for liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus provided with such unit
Integrated side shooter inkjet architecture with round nozzles
Heater chip with doped diamond-like carbon layer and overlying cavitation layer
Printhead assembly with an ink distribution arrangement
Apparatus for alignment of multiple page-wide array print heads
Fluid ejecting device with fluid feed slot
Ink jet printer
Ink storing device
Liquid supply system, ink jet recording head, ink jet recording apparatus and liquid filling method
Inkjet apparatus and method of preventing misplacing inkjet cartridge therein
Printing with cartridge exchange
Liquid supplying system, liquid supply container, capillary force generating member container, ink jet cartridge and ink jet recording apparatus
Wire dot printer head and wire dot printer
System and method for controlling gradation
Method and device for aligning print heads
Self-illuminating book
Ball point pen
E.X.O. rimwear
Independently-suspended rear corner module for motor vehicle chassis featuring shackled leaf spring
Spring beam suspension with compressed axle mounting
Stabilizer arrangement for a motor vehicle
Vehicle lean and alignment control system
Suspension travel-limiting arrangement
Apparatus for providing air flow within a vehicle
Heat radiating structure of an interior member and related method
Air outlet nozzle and method of making and using same
Vehicle door
Cabin with link type door
Structure of tail gate
Double pivoting rear closure
Motor vehicle roof with two covers
Tarpaulin rod securing device
Vehicle access port cover
Fuel refilling assembly
Power transmission mechanism of four-wheel drive vehicle
Vehicle transmission systems
Engine half-trolley for industrial vehicles
On-demand transfer case with controllable bi-directional overrunning clutch assembly
Method for regulating the distance between a vehicle and another vehicle traveling ahead and a distance-regulating system
Parallel hybrid vehicle
Electrodynamic drive train
Hybrid electric vehicle auxiliary oil pump
Park pawl for electric vehicle transmissions
Motorized vehicle
Continuously installable/removable collector trolley
Vehicular seats including occupant protection apparatus
Locking mechanism for a seat frame
Fitting for a vehicle seat
Fitting for a vehicle seat
Multiple-position seat
Planocentric disc recliner
Two way cushion floor latch
Mechanism for regulating collapsible elements
Neck rest for the seats of automobiles
Facilitate sleeping of a person in sitting position by supporting the head and/or body
Method for providing a massage on seats, and a device for implementing this method
Hose connector template apparatus
Synchronized slide-out mechanism
Vehicle light apparatus
Led-type vehicular lamp having uniform brightness
Signaling wiring assembly for a vehicle
Vehicle lamp assembly with heat sink
Wireless remote controlled mirror with integral lighting
Motor vehicle radiator shield
Rollover protection system for motor vehicles
Vehicular passive safety device
Inflatable curtain cushion
Inflator with shock wave generator
Magnetorheological seat belt actuator
Cleaning device for vehicles, preferably motor vehicles
Clamp assembly and method
Automated brake torque monitoring system
Brake device
Auto rack railroad car panel bumper guard
Device for horizontal resetting to center for a central buffer coupling arranged pivotably by means of a coupling shaft on a rail-borne vehicle
Device and method for saving traction energy in rail vehicles
Portable shopping cart apparatus
Wagon vehicle with interchangeable integral side panels
Shopping cart constructed of resin and metal channel members
Sub-frame device for supporting a pick-up box
Fender support system
Vehicle floor structure
Vehicle cargo bed extender
Vehicle momentum force actuated braking aerostabilizer
Core bar for rubber crawler and rubber crawler
Bicycle locking stand that prevents damage to urban trees
Motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle mounted tie down bracket
Bicycle light
Bicycle frame
Bicycle fork and pivot for same
Hand steerable sports scooter
Breather system and straddle-type four wheeled all terrain vehicle comprising breather system
Tooth contour structure for large sprocket set of bicycle
Garment integrated multi-chambered personal flotation device or life jacket
Emergency laser array signal light
Variable-lift dirigeable balloon
Surface plasma discharge for controlling leading edge contamination and crossflow instabilities for laminar flow
Aircraft landing gear with highly offset strut pivot axis
Alternate methods of parachute construction
Pneumatic parachute riser control
Device for mooring an aircraft
Apparatus for replacing rejected articles, in particular blister packs, in a feeding line of a packaging machine
Collapsible container
Hygienic solution dispenser
Process for manufacturing a flat-bottom bag and bag formed thereby
Closure system
Gusseted reclosable package with slider-operated zipper
Pump dispenser plug
Container and linerless closure combination
Method of making one-piece lidded container and containers made by the same
Fluid dispenser
Can for paint white base
Flexible tube and method of manufacture
Protective packaging device having multiple deflection elements
Capsule dispenser
Support for large rolls of material
End cap support for jumbo rolls of material
Liquid natural gas transfer station
Versatile lid system
Automatic store
Roller conveyor
Telescoping tube conveyor
Conveyor slat of a fiber reinforced thermoplastic material
Palletizer for articles manipulated by suspension
Apparatus and method for directing and cushioning items during piling
Bill handling machine for determining amount of bills in storage boxes
Sheet size detecting device
Automatic bank note pushing device for a storing device
Method and apparatus for the preparation of a paper reel for flying reel change
Adhesive dispenser in a reel-up in a paper machine
Device for guiding a metal strip on a gas cushion
Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
Bottom stacking apparatus for stacking mailpieces
Film transfer tool and method for producing a small diameter roller for use for a transfer head of a film transfer
Device for producing bound printed products
Device and method for feeding sheets to a sheet-processing machine, especially a printing press
Skew-correcting media delivery system and method
Printer-control method and printer-control apparatus
Tool support
Deskew mechanism and method
Device for blocking a safety brake for lift equipment
Method and apparatus for adjusting steering angle for elevator sheave
Fork lift truck
Nanotweezers and nanomanipulator
MEMS structure with mechanical overdeflection limiter
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Catalytic burner for a fuel gas generating stack system
Method of operating a furnace
Movable electrode flow through capacitor
Plant and method for the production of cement clinker
Active energy beam-curable composition, ink containing the same, and printer accommodating the same ink
Method of manufacturing white light source
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to produce hydrocarbon fluids and synthesis gas
Organic acid system for high temperature acidizing
Method of protecting a surface in a gasifier
Device for creating a self-extinguishing and relightable candle and a candle including such a device
Method for particulate introduction for metal furnaces
Composite curtain assembly for continuous furnace entrance and exit
Method and reactor for production of aluminum by carbothermic reduction of alumina
Oxidation resistant and low coefficient of thermal expansion Nia1-CoCrAly alloy
Mechanical attachment of electrical current conductor to inert anodes
Textiles; Paper
Ironing device for application to machines for ironing trousers by blowing hot air therethrough
Enzymatic method for textile dyeing
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a fibrous material web
Fixed Constructions
Rail grinding machine
Roadway paving system and method including roadway paving vehicle and supply truck
Assembly with a removable bollard
Vehicle, especially for beach cleaning
Freeze protection device for wall hydrants/faucets
Night light for plumbing fixtures
Flush-mount retrofit fluid control switch
Gutterless drainage system
Rail mounting systems and methods
Method of shared erotic experience and facilities for same
Door lock having a closing aid
Door handle pin retainer
Window blind assembly having a detachable control system
Ladder positioning system
Internal beam buoyancy system for offshore platforms
Hydraulic wireline cutter
Horizontal spool tree wellhead system and method
Process and system for effective and accurate foam cement generation and placement
Well screen cover
Gas and oil production
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Center-located cutter teeth on shrouded turbine blades
Heat dissipation fan
Curved bucket aft shank walls for stress reduction
Tolerant internally-cooled fluid guide component
Engine cover
Electromagnetically energized actuator
Injector for controlling fluids
Fuel injection device having magnetic circuit to drive movable core
Valve for controlling fluids
Fuel injector and method of manufacturing the same
Fuel tank mounted, motorized high pressure gasoline pump
Pump with detachable pressure gauge
Plant building for an installation and method for operating a plant building
Assembly of complex mechanical seal for vertical multiple stage pump
Micro lock valve
Hydraulic valve system
Drive pin for fastening to a sheet-metal framing member
Screw grommet
Shaft assembly with recirculating ball roller joint unit
Dynamic pressure bearing device
Clutch lever with variable lever ratio
Joint yoke and universal joint comprising the same
Retainer for universal joint bearing cups
Electromotive servo drive
Apparatus for isolation of payloads with low transmissibility
Double-sided meshing type silent chain
Flexible hanger for chandeliers and the like
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Torque converter reactor
Selectively controlled limited slip differential
Hydraulic control system for automatic transmission
Oil pressure control mechanism for automatic transmission
Brush seal and brush seal device
Magnetic seal
Bellows face seal assembly
Inflatable seat valve
Self-sealing dispensing valve for humidifier water bottles
Cartridge relief valve with improved stability
Erosion reducing valve plug and seat ring
Structure for fixing check valve
Shut-off valve apparatus
Apparatus for visually checking the operational status of a stop valve, and a manual opening apparatus for a normally-closed valve
Non-detachable press fit arrangement between a fitting and an end portion of a metal pipe
Sealing mechanism
Fluid quick connector with secure electrical contact
One stroke soft-land flowline connector
Expansion ring assembly
Assembled lamp with detachable lamp rod and lamp seat
Shunt element contacting structure for decorative lamp holder
Light fixture including an improved latch mechanism
Planar light source unit
Surface light source device and liquid crystal display device using it
Flat-surface fluorescent lamp
System for determining gas turbine firing and combustion reference temperature having correction for water content in combustion air
Modular cementitous thermal panels for radiant heating
Security cover for ventilation duct
Device for continuously operated belt sintering
Fin louver design for heat exchanger
Electronic dart golf game
Method of controlling carrying of recording paper, recording apparatus, and recording method
Measuring dispensing top for an aquarium fish food container
Electrochemical biosensor test strip, fabrication method thereof and electrochemical biosensor
Bar code generating apparatus
Data collection system
Projector comprising an optical component having a rock crystal member
Method and system for beam expansion in a display device
Optical transmission line
Stub having an optical fiber
Optical communication module, manufacturing method thereof and wavelength selective filter
Shared electrical and optical transmission equipment of plug-and-jack type, and electronic device equipped therewith
Optical communication module
Ferrule product, method of making the same, and optical module
Optical connector assembly using partial large diameter alignment features
Rimless eyewear
Direct-type back light device
Projection display using a wire grid polarization beamsplitter with compensator
Image capture device door mechanism
Universal surveillance camera holder and adaptor
Rear projector
Rear projection display device and projecting method used for the same
Projector display comprising light source units
Focal-plane shutter for cameras
System and method for digital film development using visible light
Lithography rework analysis method and system
Paper sensing apparatus of image forming machine
Operation level indicator device
Regulator with segmented body
Constant flow valve and constant flow mixing method
Keyboard with multiple indicia sets
Method for determining optimal batch sizes for processing print jobs in a printing environment
Dual magazine recirculating transport
Ink jet recording method, recording apparatus and data processing method
Method for field programmable radio frequency document identification devices
External storage apparatus and control apparatus thereof, and data transmission/reception apparatus
High speed laser scan module with folded beam path
System and method for converting a stored value card to a credit card
Process and product for enforcing purchase agreements
Prepaid card payment system and method for electronic commerce
Method for doing business with collision centers
Self-service terminal having a reconfigurable media entry slot
Gaming device and method
Gaming machine with automatic sound level adjustment and method therefor
System and apparatus for placing and controlling a wager on a gaming device
Gaming device with wild activation symbols and wild termination symbols
Video slot gaming machine
Method for use of transaction media encoded with write-and-destroy entries
Processing method and system of data management for IC card
Method for generating customer secure card numbers subject to use restrictions by an electronic card
Device for wireless transmission of a trigger signal
Magnetic disc cartridge, method of manufacturing the same and method of cleaning liners of the same
Apparatus for holding a media storage disk
Protective casing
Stacked ceramic body and production method thereof
Switch lock-off mechanism for power tools
Keyboard device
Method for producing plasma display panel and the plasma display panel
Handle for digital radiography panel
Plasma generation using multi-step ionization
Technique for improving uniformity of magnetic fields that rotate or oscillate about an axis
Electrode, manufacturing method thereof, and metal vapor discharge lamp
Lamphead for a rapid thermal processing chamber
Contact assembly for supplying power to workpieces during electrochemical processing
Semiconductor wafer chuck assembly for a semiconductor processing device
Method of manufacturing flat panel display device
Electrode and gel electrolyte cell production method
Balanced anode electrode
Compression formed connector for a composite conductor assembly used in transmission line installations and method of constructing the same
Quick connect battery terminal
Apparatus interconnecting circuit board and mezzanine card or cards
High-density connector assembly with isolation spacer
Contact retention system for power contacts
Zipper connector
Mini-coax cable connector and method of installation
Wire connecting connector
Electrical contacts and methods of manufacture
Electrical socket having terminals with elongated mating beams
Electrical outlet safety cover
Electrical outlet and cord cover
Split-type connector and connector assembly
Memory card socket with drawer-type cartridge seat
Electrical wiring device
Electrical connector assembly having locking device
Connector module with lever actuated release mechanism
Tool for attaching integrated circuit package to electrical connector
Socket structure
Structure for the connection between a hub and its transceivers
Subscriber identity module connector with cover board grounding structure
Stacked electrical card connector assembly with multi-function grounding members
Low profile electrical connector assembly
High density connector for balanced transmission lines
Multipolar connector
Cable connector
Electrical power cord with multiple low-voltage terminal
Power distribution system
Memory card connector
Box adaptor with a revolvable socket dome
Contact for PGA and PGA socket
Device for electrically connecting contact points on neighboring circuit boards
Self-centering connector with hold down
Guide system for contact plugs
Signal adaptor
Optical module and optical device
Trunking connecting device
Cable lasher
Unit consisting of a proximity switch and a cable terminal part and a process for its manufacture
Horizontal/vertical dual-mode LCD projector
Display apparatus
Z interconnect structure and method
Housing ventilation system, housing and housing portion, use of said system, and mold for manufacturing
Socket for electrical parts
Electrical equipment rack and cable management arm assembly
Computer enclosure incorporating fixing structures for fans
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