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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Pet drying device
Method and apparatus for using pressurized exhaust gases to control rodents
Machines used for peeling and coring melons and pineapples
Water resistant protective garment for fire fighters
Boot mounted shifting and breaking device
Crutch-like mobility assist device with rotatable footer assembly
Applicator and a device for applying a cosmetic
Fastening device
Device for applying a substance
Paint brush for use in corner applications
Method of using a side sleeping pillow
Vehicle seat frame structure and method of assembling a portion of a vehicle seat frame
Disposable nonwoven cleansing mitt
Anatomical measurement tool
Subject information acquiring device and subject information acquiring method
Tooth bleaching process
Method for creating consistent large scale blade deflections
Apportionment of pay out of casino game with escrow
Slot machine game and system with improved jackpot feature
Wearable haptic feedback devices and methods of fabricating wearable haptic feedback devices
Illuminatable aerodynamic disc or saucer
Performing Operations; Transporting
Drive unit for dish washing machines
Method of cleaning reaction chamber using substrate having catalyst layer thereon
Connecting rod assembly for an internal combustion engine and method of manufacturing same
Method and device for reflow soldering with volume flow control
Tool for diffusion bonding of multi sheet metal, method of manufacturing structural part using the same, and structural part manufactured using the method
Method for the attachment of a functional element
Method for attaching a non-metal component to a metal component
Coolant nozzle
Over torque proof socket
Method for connecting component delivery tapes, structure of the connection, and scissors for component delivery tape, used for the connection method
Apparatus for slicing and arranging food products
Stretch rod for a stretch blow molding machine
Al2O3 ceramic tools with diffusion bonding enhanced layer
Inkjet printhead and image forming apparatus including the same
Inkjet printhead with low voltage ink vaporizing heaters
Ink channel extrusion module for a pagewidth printhead
Fluid ejection cartridge utilizing a two-part epoxy adhesive
Apparatus and method for printing according to the type of print media using a printer having wide printhead
Liquid jet apparatus, printing apparatus, and method of adjusting phase of drive pulse
Printing device, program for controlling printing device, method of controlling printing device, printing data creating device, program for controlling printing data and method of creating printing data
Printer and detachable printer tray
Liquid container
Safety knock-type writing instrument
Electric pencil sharpener
Vehicle tire with tread having at least three annular regions each provided with axial grooves
Cab for construction machinery
Convertible top having over center linkage
Header latch assembly for convertible tops
Saddle-ride type vehicle
Planing boat with airbag system
Vehicle seat
Fuel tank of motorcycle
Overhead cargo rack apparatus and method for pickup trucks
Display device for exterior rearview mirror
Bumper absorber and manufacturing method for the same
Support structure for a motor vehicle having longitudinal members and a crossmember
Airbag apparatus and method of manufacturing airbag
Air bag device
Driving authorisation system comprising an electronic immobiliser function
Center console assembly having a ramped locating tab
Device connecting a wiper arm to a wiper blade, a wiper blade and a wiper arm
Skateboard ski with spring suspension
Vehicle steering apparatus
Control system for a steer-by-wire vehicle
Vehicle extension device
Omni-directional aircraft and ordinance handling vehicle
Front structure for vehicle
Two-wheel vehicle with a tilt mechanism and stability mechanism
Method for caulking the deck of ships
Distributed ground-based threat detection system
System and method of supporting fuel nozzles in a fueling position
Portable storage container
Multipurpose tooth paste dispenser
Tamper-indicating package, and a closure and container for such a package
Toothbrush sanitizing container
Multi-compartment spray dispenser with common pressurizer
Roller device for a conveyer
Transfer system and material-handling system and method using such transfer system
Sheet processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling advance opening of doors in an elevator
Retractable column and method of forming
Jack and safety stand
Self-assembled peptide nucleic acids
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ink-jet recording method and ink composition set
Textiles; Paper
Screen for a vibratory separator having wear reduction feature
Method for producing fiber composite semi-finished products by means of a round braiding technique
Door for washing machine and dryer and washing machine and dryer having the same
Fixed Constructions
Dynamic percent grade measurement device
Plug for temporarily but securely covering holes in floor- or deck-type building structures
Toilet flush water opening device provided with an electrohydraulic actuator
Aircraft floor panels using edge coated honeycomb
Concrete slab form system
Plastic expandable utility shed
Method of using lockable storage container
Door closing device
Modular panel gate assembly for a cantilever slide gate system
Pre-hung door assembly installation kit
Glass run and structure of fixing the same
Downhole hammer drill
Method for in-situ combustion of in-place oils
Heterogeneous proppant placement in a fracture with removable channelant fill
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
High lift transonic turbine blade
Twin cylinder motorcycle engine
Method and apparatus for monitoring ash accumulation in a particulate filter of an emission abatement assembly
Water/alcohol injection flow switch safety device
Three mode cooler for exhaust gas recirculation
Methods and apparatus for cooling gas turbine engine components
Turbine engine combustor with bolted swirlers
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Device and method to increase fuel burn efficiency in internal combustion engines
Anti-icing apparatus and method for aero-engine nose cone
Method for recirculating a partial exhaust gas flow to an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Resin intake manifold
Electromagnetic fuel injection valve
Fuel injector
Support element
Plastic impact driven fasteners
Seal nut assembly and method of manufacture
Electromagnetic clutch
Hydrodynamic torque transmitting device
Viscous clutch with controlled drain back
Drive force transmission device
Vibration isolation system and method for engine, and control system and method for active vibration isolation support system
Connector device for pipes
Seal assembly for materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion
Apparatus for carrying medical equipment
Switch cover plate with lighting mechanism
Device for closing off the opening in a lighting device housing for a motor vehicle
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Backlight assembly and display device having the same
Ignition control with integral carbon monoxide sensor
System, method, and article of manufacture for adjusting CO emission levels at predetermined locations in a boiler system
Baffle-type grease filters for kitchen ventilators
Method of using dry cryogenic shipping container
Equipment and process for liquefaction of LNG boiloff gas
Substrate drying processing apparatus, method, and program recording medium
Apparatus for blast suppression
Optically monitoring fullness of fluid container
Temperature sensor
Pencil-type glow plug having an integrated combustion chamber pressure sensor
Microfluidic device and method of operation
Method and apparatus for thin metal film thickness measurement
Method and apparatus for flexure testing to discover inconsistencies in composite structures
System and method for soil strength measurement
Cell culture evaluation system for measuring suspension cells, cell culture evaluation method for measuring suspension cells, and cell culture evaluation program for measuring suspension cells
Workspace analyte sensing system and method using a fan to move samples from the workspace to the sensor
Verification of connection of meters to network
High-voltage reset MEMS microphone network and method of detecting defects thereof
Device packaging facility and method, and device processing apparatus utilizing phthalate
Method for producing optoelectronic semiconductor components, leadframe assembly and optoelectronic semiconductor component
Laser light source adapted for LCD back-lit displays
Method, apparatus, and system for using an optical link with electrical link receiver detection
Optical connector module and electric connector module
Laser adjustment in integrated optoelectronic modules/fiber optic cables
Luminance correcting apparatus, luminance correcting method, and projector
Image display device and projector
Focus regulator and projection apparatus having same
Image forming apparatus
Handheld terminal with integrated wireless appliance control
Switching power voltage regulator for regulating electric energy to load
Lighting device, smart terminal, lighting-device network-forming system, and methods thereof
Thumb throttle vehicle controller
Methods, systems, and product for twisted tabulation
Systems and methods for preventing the execution of online malvertising
Modular and scalable digital multimedia mixer
System and method for managing gratuities
Data-type definition driven dynamic business component instantiation and execution framework
Management of bandwidth efficiency and fairness in cloud computing
Security with respect to managing a shared pool of configurable computing resources
Control device, and method for transfer control
Message routing
Client-side fault tolerance in a publish-subscribe system
Aliasing of named data objects and named graphs for named data networks
System and method for implementing cloud mitigation and operations controllers
Method and system for providing centralized notifications to an administrator
Intelligent network resource discovery and monitoring
System and method for exchanging information among exchange applications
Multimedia personal historical information system and method
Control device made of impact resistant material
Compressing encrypted data without the encryption key
Homomorphic evaluation including key switching, modulus switching, and dynamic noise management
Method, apparatus, and system for providing electronic program guide changes during outages in a media stream
Input device
Intelligently sharing messages across groups
System and method for deducing user interaction patterns based on limited activities
Digital automatic power control
Virtual machine migration in a cloud fabric
Method and apparatus for purchasing and dispensing products
Vote by mail envelope that protects privacy of voter's signature
RFID tag and manufacturing method thereof
Exception notification system and method
Image-recording device, method for recording an image that is visualized on a display unit, arrangement of an image-recording device and a display unit, use of said image-recording device, and use of said arrangement
Optimization of plenoptic imaging systems
Apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium for quad reconstruction using hybrid filter convolution and high dynamic range tone-mapping
Method and system for processing image content for enabling high dynamic range (UHD) output thereof and computer-readable program product comprising UHD content created using same
Method and apparatus for detecting object
Paper currency number recognition apparatus and recognition method
System and method of encoding content and an image
Non-uniform curve sampling method for object tracking
Guided image upsampling using bitmap tracing
Performing sub-system attribute modification
Performing sub-system attribute modification
Data warehouse system
Detecting anomalies in field failure data
Position-based item identification in a materials handling facility
System and method for transaction payments using a mobile device
Management of reportings for item listings
Automated guidance for selecting components of an it solution
Tool for selling and purchasing vehicle history reports
Internet radio and broadcast apparatus and system with music information and purchasing
Click modeling for ecommerce
Systems and methods for risk triggering values
Graphics display processing device, graphics display processing method, and vehicle equipped with graphics display processing device
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium storing program
Image-based color palette generation
Node cluster relationships in a graph database
Mobile interactive comparison chart
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program
Method of activating a supplemental visual warning signal based on frequency emitted from a generator of a primary audible warning signal
Digital real security system, method and program
Blister package with integrated sensor and electronic tag
Personal safety tracking using an apparatus comprising multiple sensors
Method and system for broadcasting a panic alert notification
Apparatus and method for finding and reporting lost items
Methods, smart objects, and systems for naming and interacting with smart objects
Parking monitoring system
Distributed air traffic flow management
Identification for performing tasks in open social media
Methods, apparatuses, and control systems for adaptive wind-driven outdoor all-surrounding information display
Mobile terminal and method of driving same
Electro-optical device, method of measuring characteristics of electro-optical device, and semiconductor chip
Driving method of a display device, and a display device
Image display apparatus and method for controlling the same
Liquid crystal display device
Method for driving display device including first to fourth switches
Display device
Adjusting a transparent display with an image capturing device
Arrangements, features, techniques and methods for securing strings of stringed instruments
Capturing device
Steerable acoustic resonating transducer systems and methods
Write driver DC resistance calibration
Fabrication of a tape head with a monobloc closure
Methods of reading six-transistor cross-coupled thyristor-based SRAM memory cells
Methods and apparatus for synchronizing communication with a memory controller
Three-dimensional offset-printed memory with multiple bits-per-cell
Three-dimensional 3D-oP-based package
Memory controller
Semiconductor device, memory device, electronic device, and method for operating the semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing MgB.sub.2 superconductor, and MgB.sub.2 superconductor
Conductive layer of a large surface for distribution of power using capacitive power transfer
Stacked-type solid electrolytic capacitor package structure and method of manufacturing the same
Molded case circuit breaker
Panel assembly and button tree therefor
Switchgear system, and electrical switching apparatus assembly and maintaining method therefor
Structures for representation of an operational state
Acclimation sensing and control of electronic equipment
Multi-beam electron microscope for electron channeling contrast imaging of semiconductor material
Method of forming noble metal contacts
Stress memorization techniques for transistor devices
Method for producing self-aligned line end vias and related device
FinFETs with controllable and adjustable channel doping
Vertical transistor with uniform bottom spacer formed by selective oxidation
Semiconductor die with backside protection
Structures to enable a full intermetallic interconnect
High-frequency integrated device with an enhanced inductance and a process thereof
Vertical memory structure with array interconnects and method for producing the same
Immunity to inline charging damage in circuit designs
Immunity to inline charging damage in circuit designs
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Two-terminal electronic devices and their methods of fabrication
Integrated circuit containing standard logic cells and library-compatible, NCEM-enabled fill cells, including at least via-open-configured, AACNT-short-configured, GATE-short-configured, and GATECNT-short-configured, NCEM-enables fill cells
Integrated circuit containing standard logic cells and ilbrary-compatible, NCEM-enabled fill cells, including at least via-open-configured, gate-short-configured, TS-short-configured, and AA-short-conigured, NCEM-enabled fill cells
Oxide semiconductor device
Gate structure of thyristor
Light-emitting element containing organic iridium exhibits blue-green to blue light emission
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Sacrificial amorphous silicon hard mask for BEOL
Simplified gate stack process to improve dual channel CMOS performance
Semiconductor device
Bidirectional insulated gate bipolar transistor
Thin-film transistor and method for manufacturing same
Method of forming semiconductor device including oxide semiconductor stack with different ratio of indium and gallium
Display device and method for manufacturing the same
Approach for an area-efficient and scalable CMOS performance based on advanced Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI), Silicon-On-Sapphire (SOS) and Silicon-On-Nothing (SON) technologies
Photovoltaic module including integrated photovoltaic cells
Solar cell and method of fabricating the same
Eva sheet comprising microparticles for solar cell and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
LED module having LED element connected to metal layer exposed by opening in multi-layer resist
Light-emitting diode and method of manufacturing same
Implantable micro power generator (IMPG)
Memory cell having magnetic tunnel junction and thermal stability enhancement layer
Light-emitting element, light-emitting device, and method for manufacturing the same
Organometallic complex and organic light-emitting device including the same
Current collector, electrode, secondary battery and capacitor
Pulse laser welding aluminum alloy material, and battery case
Anode for sodium-ion and potassium-ion batteries
Aluminum foil for a current collector and method of manufacturing the same
Fuel gas feeding device and control method therefor
Method for forming a nanoporous grain boundary structure
Electrical component holder
Space efficient multi-band antenna
Open end antenna, antenna array, and related system and method
Small switchable directional control antenna
Flat circuit device
Electrical connector
Unit with built-in control circuit
Protective structures for connector contacts
Outlet faceplate extension
Micro USB socket connector
Electrical junction box fitting device
Electric connector
Vehicle electric current connector assembly with electric current sensors
Power adapter
Mounting structure
Method for automated splicing and terminating low, medium, high, and extra high voltage cables
Plug connector assembly with shielding shell
Method and assembly for establishing an electrical interface between parts
Spark plug for a gas-powered internal combustion engine and method for the manufacture thereof
Laser spark plug having an improved seal between the combustion chamber window and the casing
Gas-insulated medium-voltage switchgear assembly
Apparatus and system for scheduling mobile device operations on a power transmission system
Waterproof structure for stopping water between bare wires of multiple circuits
Power cable terminal connection device
Systems and methods for grounding power line sections to clear faults
Smart plug having plug blade detection
Controlling a fault-tolerant array of converters
Electrical charging case for wireless headsets
System which intelligently and optimally controls power utilization from hybrid energy sources
Vibrating compact motor with attached flexible circuit board for a mobile device
Method of making an electric machine having an electronics mount secured by an interference fit
Reduction of electrolytic corrosion in a brushless direct-current motor
Pole shoe of a generator, preferably a generator of a wind turbine generator system
Waveform shape discriminator
Voltage control circuit for a field device coupler
Variable voltage converter with direct output voltage clamping for inverter system controller
AC motor drive system
Regenerative braking controlling system and method
Phase control circuit for brushless motor, brushless motor and method for controlling the phase of brushless motor
Apparatus and method for collecting state information of solar module
Voltage-controlled oscillator
Oscillator circuit and semiconductor device including the same
Method and system for I/Q mismatch calibration and compensation for wideband communication receivers
Semiconductor device and operation method thereof
Fast automatic gain control (AGC) for packet based systems
Crossover and amplifier based canalphone system
Method of manufacturing a temperature-compensated micromechanical resonator
Filter and duplexer
Dynamic decode circuit with active glitch control
Analog-to-digital converter
Electronic device privacy case
Reconstructing light-based communication signals captured with a rolling shutter image capture device
Survivable hybrid optical/electrical data center networks using loss of light detection
Method and solution of data transmission from the transponder to the reader, especially in payment solutions with a mobile communication device
Positioning guidance for increasing reliability of near-field communications
Proximity beacon
Communications system and a method of determining an optimal duty cycle to minimise overall energy consumption
Data transmission method for multi-antenna system, and device
Systems and methods for shared analog-to-digital conversion in a communication system
Modular, expandable system for data reception and distribution
Method, device and system for increasing a person's ability to suppress non-wanted auditory percepts
Apparatus and method for managing OTN traffic in packet-circuit integrated transport system based on multilayer-integrated fabric switch
Flexible interconnection of scalable systems integrated using optical networks for datacenters
Method, apparatus, and system for generating timestamp
Transmission apparatus and clock regeneration method
Cooperation between MoCA service provider and consumer networks
Method for testing a wireless communications network including a station and an access point
System and method for reliable communications over multiple packet RF networks
Method and system for storing real-time communications in an email inbox
Method for real-time viral event prediction from social data
Techniques for realizing service chaining
Communication network control system, control method thereof, and non-transitory computer readable medium of control program
Switch and setting method
Access system
Method and apparatus for authenticating a communication device
Configuration management for virtual machine environment
Account registration and login method, and network attached storage system using the same
Securing multimedia content via certificate-issuing cloud service
System for optimising wireless data downloads
Bi-temporal key value cache system
Peer-to-peer data migration
Multi-service cloud storage decision optimization process
Direct transmission of data between applications in a multi-tenant environment
Resilient routing based on a multi-channel model for emergency management
Method and a system for performing virtualization of a radio access technology over orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA) wireless networks and computer program products thereof
Clock signal generating apparatus, clock signal generating method, and medium
Transmission apparatus and plug-in unit
Techniques for network site validation
Asymmetrical chaotic encryption
Mobile terminal with terminal case and operating method thereof
Protective cover for a tablet computer
Shroud assembly for communication site
Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
System and method for providing individualized tsunami notifications with the aid of a digital computer
System and method for shifting electric power modes in an image forming system
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing system utilizing correspondence information indicating time information or frequency information
Image forming apparatus using recording sheet folded in half
Image forming apparatus to store activation application specifying information that specifies an application to be activated on the operating system of the operation unit in response to the image forming apparatus entering a given state, image forming system, and image forming method
U-cover camera phone
Identifying problematic printers by applying Markov chain model
Document management system, document management method, an image forming apparatus, an analysis server and storage medium
Mechanism for color management cache reinitialization optimization
To calibrate a printer
Image processing system and method for transferring a parameter by different transfer modes
Method and device for retargeting a 3D content
Image display method and apparatus
Method of fast encoder decision in 3D video coding
Optical systems with compact back focal lengths
Multiple camera apparatus and method for synchronized auto white balance
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for the collective transfer of prediction parameters between storage units
Apparatus for video processing and method for the same
Video coding with helper data for spatial intra-prediction
Gaming machine and method employing video compression
Methods and apparatus to conditionally authorize content delivery at broadcast headends in pay delivery systems
Media service user interface systems and methods
Imaging apparatus
Image acquisition system and method for the manufacture thereof
Camera module and assembling method thereof
Dual camera system zoom notification
Peer to peer camera communication
AskMe now system and method
Systems and methods for facilitating eye contact during video conferences
Apparatus for the efficient transmission of multimedia streams for teleconferencing
System and method to modify avatar characteristics based on inferred conditions
Video on demand platform
Network camera using hierarchical event detection and data determination
Second screen dilemma function
Method of flat membrane speaker installation
Control device, connector, and audio interface system for electronic devices
System for control and operation of electronic devices
Earset using ear-insertion-type microphone
Signal processing device, signal processing method, and computer program
Speaker and vibration control unit
Audio control using auditory event detection
Background noise measurement from a repeated stimulus measurement system
Directional sound recording module
Digital audio processing systems and methods
Microphone and microphone housing
Enhanced auditory experience in shared acoustic space
Enhancements to enable fast security setup
Protection mechanisms for multi-tiered spectrum access systems
Data sending and receiving method and device
Method and apparatus for a hybrid node in a cellular wireless communication system
System and method for recording waypoint images along a route
Determination of a location of a communication device
Network performance testing in non-homogeneous networks
Method and apparatus to separate coverage limited and co-channel limited interferences
Communication apparatus, storage apparatus, and control method
Anchor node selection in a distributed mobility management environment
Methods and apparatus for managing communications network loading
Method of automatically adjusting mobility parameter
Handset agent calibration for timing based locating systems
Method of data retransmission in collaborative service transmission and access network gateway thereof
Device pairing via device to device contact
Control method and device based on multiple priorities in wireless communication system
Lighting device and lighting fixture for current control with a solid-state lighting element
Lighting control circuit, illuminating lamp using the lighting control circuit, and lighting device using the illuminating lamp
System and method utilizing bio-algorithms for light fixture networks
Visual perception and acuity disruption techniques and systems
Camera module and assembling process thereof
Component mounting method and mounter
Electronic device enclosure with rear cover
Housing for at least one electronic card
Liquid-cooled heat sink configured to facilitate drainage
Mobile terminal
Expired Patents Due To Time
Die cushion apparatus
Open-end rotor spinning machine
Liquid dispensing mop
Nursing bottle
Nursing bottle
Grease fitting cleaner
Digital alarm clock
Mounting apparatus
Watch case
Tactical hand-held metal detector
Digital rate calculating postage scale
Open reed game call apparatus
Resin bracelet
Christmas ornament
Profile for a lift truck mast
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Ear muff
Pair of speakers
Personal monitor loudspeaker
Pair of speakers
Wireless headset
MP3 player
Computer main unit
Pen-shaped portable storing device
Graphical information interface for a display
Television set
LED radio
Communication device
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Media device
Mobile phone
Cellular phone
Cordless telephone
Function key region of a handset
Combined air intake hose and filter
Linear actuator body
Lint collector for a laundry dryer
Spraying nozzle support
Stain removing appliance
Mechanical sweeper
Lint filter for a laundry dryer
Support column for machining center
Drill press
Device combined functionable telescope with microscope
Television receiver
Ink cartridge
Ink cartridge
Ink cartridge
Ink cartridge
Printer ink cartridge
Type font
Enclosure for an ink pad
Memo holder with display
Light pen
Scissor holder with built in pencil sharpener
Pen with tape measure
Highlighter pen with cap and body
Ballpoint pen
Correction marker
Teaching toy
Payment device
Gumball dispenser and display
LCD display box with removable plexiglas overlay panels for vehicle window
Toy for forming molded confectionary products
Toy boat
Song bird
Chain cover for an exercise bike
Ball retriever
Golf club cover
Gaming device display
Fishing reel
Self-contained water fountain
Module for construction of a rotary disc filter
Paint spray gun
Slide bar
Air purifying unit
Air freshener device
Unit for retaining and labeling test tubes
Testing device
Instrument handle
Safety trocar with progressive cutting tip guards and gas jet tissue deflector
Bariatric garment
Acrylic window insert for a garage door
Safety hand rail
Stylized window insert for a garage door
Stylized window insert for a garage door
Jar candle stand
Cap mounted headlight with remote battery pack
Night light
Solar powered outdoor light
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle front light
Holder for hair dryer and accessories
Retainer for a hair clip
Handle sheath
Hair treatment apparatus
Vapor outlet for supersonic aromatic hydro-oxygen vaporizer
Litter tray frame
Human Necessities
Articulated mower for mowing around fenceposts and other upright obstructions
Automatic water supply system
Method, device and warehouse for cultivating crop plants and grafts thereof
Peach tree, `Burpeachnineteen`
Pentas plant named `Lava Cerise`
Aster plant named `Victoria Gaby`
Pentas plant named `Lava Pink`
Mini Impatiens plant named `Bodlizros`
Petunia plant named `Wespecawhite`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsasweet`
Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Cecil`
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis plant named `Nova`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsambia`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsasenan`
Calla lily plant named `Picasso`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsamay`
Aster plant named `Victoria Ilona`
Hibiscus plant named `Santa Fe`
Argyranthemum plant named `OHAR01241`
Apple tree named `Brak`
Hibiscus plant named `Dallas`
Loropetalum plant named `Bill Wallace`
Aster plant named `Dynaster`
Pentas plant named `Lava White`
Mini Impatiens plant named `Bodlizchbut`
Livestock weighing and sorting apparatus
Pet blanket
Collapsible dog toy
Cattle management method and system
Apparatus for harvesting bait
Adjustable-depth crankbait fishing lure
Vibrating fishing lure with water dynamics
Convection oven having multiple airflow patterns
System and method of customizing an animal feed based on heat increment
Juice extractor with enhanced quality and yield performance and methods of making same
Method of measuring flow rate of flowable material under continuous flow conditions, and an in-line continuous flow meter
Tobacco processing
Apparatus for stabilizing air permeability characteristic of filter cigarettes
Disposable garment of the "single use" type
Hockey pants having an interchangeable protective unit
Sheet with grommet to provide fluid-impervious seal around object penetrating sheet
Face mask that has a filtered exhalation valve
Advanced combat helmet system
Magnetic closure with mutual interlocking system for bags, rucksacks, items of clothing
Suspender set
Collapsible headgear
Method and apparatus for measuring the maximum speed of a runner over a prescribed distance including a transmitter and receiver
Pull of slider for slide fastener
Necklace and bracelet pendant-clasp
Swivel locking clasp
Protective cover for umbrellas and umbrella with the protective cover fixed thereto
Pull cord mechanism for self-opening foldable umbrella
Wide angled hinge for container
Hair relaxer
Structure for pieces of furniture with variable configuration
High-profile mattress having an upper low-profile module with an air posturizing sleep surface
Adjustable body support cushions
Mattress sheet
Quilted mattress cover with inverted seam
Pocketed spring core
Tea maker
Apparatus for brewing a beverage
Methods and apparatus for brewing beverages
Support frame barbecue grill assembly
Combination toilet brush/plunger apparatus
Waterproof portable bathing chair
Cleaning of surfaces
Cleaning device
Passageway structure of dishwasher
Package winding machine
Apparatus and method for ablating tissue
Methods for electrosurgical tendon vascularization
Medical device with three dimensional collapsible basket structure
Self contained fingerprint ink/inkless reagent applicator and recording substrate
Performing ultrasound ranging in the presence of ultrasound interference
Adjustable arch support orthosis including variably tensioned arch curve and method of utilizing orthosis
Shoulder arthroscopy chair
Stagelessly adjustable telescopic walking stick with a position retaining device
Method and device for detecting a leakage in a fluid system of a blood treatment apparatus
Inhalation device
Pulmonary dosing system and method
Breathing assistance apparatus
Intubation protection device
Respiratory suction catherer apparatus
Oxygen delivery and gas sensing nasal cannula system
Universal fitting headgear
Device for controlling a breathing gas flow
Cannula clip and associated method of use
Apparatus and method for ablating tissue
Compact multipurpose dustproof mask
Full body harness for fall arrest
Oxygen conserving device utilizing a radial multi-stage compressor for high-pressure mobile storage
Anti-g pressure regulator for supplying breathable gas to a pilot's face mask and method
Lens/frame assembly for swimming goggles
Golf ball COR testing machine
Device for increasing and measuring the speed of a golf, tennis or batting swing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for reclaiming useful oil products from waste oil including hydrogen injection
Solar energy desalination system
Water recovery from combustion turbine exhaust
Method for drying microstructure member
Method for loading a chamber with solid particles
Calibration apparatus for multi-channel pipettes, including a transport device for receptacles
Dual resolution syringe
Method for aligning clutch assembly
Means for generating oscillating fluid jets having specified flow patterns
Hose-end chemical delivery system
Method of mounting elastic wave generator
Holder for semiconductor wafers in a brush-cleaning installation
Semiconductor device production method and semiconductor device production apparatus
Method for removing contamination particles from substrates
Apparatus and method for cleaning airfoil internal cavities
Metal stock bender twister adaptor
Apparatus for sealing an end portion of a tubular workpiece in a mold for internal high-pressure forming
Flanging device for pre-flanging and flanging of components
Device for the extraction of forged details, extraction unit comprising this device and the machine for the production of forged details
Press production series with offset drive
Method for the production of an assembled camshaft and device for implementing said method
Assembly apparatus
Lithographic printing plate support and method of manufacturing the same
Pawl selection mechanism for ratchet tools
Reversible ratchet wrench
Extensible speed wrench crowfoot wrench head
Multi-purpose tool
Tape rule marking implement
System appliance and cartridge for personal body care
Safety razors
Foldable knife having a double blade
Finger shield for slicing vegetables
Vegetable cutting utensil
Cutting device for fruits and vegetables, preferably onion
Potato-strip cutting deceleration system
Method for laying and interlocking panels
Rotary cutting and/or sealing mechanisms
Apparatus and method for forming inflated containers
Multilayer hose
Article laminating apparatus with operation-adjusting cartridge detection and/or improved heating and/or improved cutting
Integral composite building material and uses therefor
Printing system with a negative working thermal plate for onpress development
Method and device for suppressing vibrations in a printing press
Printing unit having a device for removing particles, and a machine for processing flat printing materials having such a printing unit
Drying of an image on print media in a commercial printer
Golf ball stamping device and method for stamping golf balls
Method, system and holder for transferring templates during imprint lithography processes
Method of marking a substrate using an electret stencil
Pattern carrier for use in transfer pattern printing and the use of a non-crystalline saccharide syrup in a dispersion for coating a paper web so as to obtain such a pattern carrier
Scribe device
Scribe and a method of using same to mark a curved surface
Parallel rule
Tire/wheel assembly and run-flat support member
Pressure detector adapted to be mounted in a tire
Tire condition monitoring apparatus
High performance tire with tread band having an anisotropic underlayer stable with temperature variation
Vehicle air conditioner with front and rear air-conditioning units
Direct drive multi-temperature special evaporators
Method of controlling refrigeration cycle
Portable multi-speed, multi-input, multi-output drive for power take-off's and the like
Accelerator pedal module
Seating unit in a combat vehicle that is protected against mines
Positive pressure waste transfer system
Windshield wiper including variable pressure tension arm
Windshield wiper device mounting washer nozzle and hose
Hydrostatic transmission bypass latch
Master cylinder lever for a hydraulic disk brake having on the fly dead-band adjustment
Fuse device for pneumatic brake booster
Brake booster sensor
Apparatus and method for mounting a tire condition sensor capsule to a wheel rim
Motor-driven power steering device
Hydraulic steering system
Integrated rider control system for handlebar steered vehicles
Contour stern flap
Hydrofoil system for lifting a boat partially out of water an amount sufficient to reduce drag
Finger pinch guard for handrails
Modular floating swim platform
Personal water craft
System and method for reducing or eliminating sailboat heeling
Method and apparatus for determining a calibrated value for the yaw angle of a satellite
Powder transfer method and apparatus
Dual station applicator wheels for filling cavities with metered amounts of particulate material
Method for filling a vial
Carton filling devices
Sheet sets packaging system
Method for presterilizing a tubular pouch packing machine
Method for manufacturing containers and apparatus
Envelope sealing device for a mailing machine
Method of assembling a modular turret cage for a capping machine
Rotary capping apparatus and feedback control system for regulating applied torque
Form, fill and seal packaging method utilizing zipper with slider
Radiator fluid exchanger cabinet
Stripping apparatus for label separable paper
Bottle labeling machine
Label assembly and apparatus
Two-piece pallet
Packaging device and method for shipping furniture
Waste disposal devices including cartridge of flexible tubing
Method for packaging disposable articles for parties, apparatus for carrying out this method and final package obtained
Loading dock with lip protecting bumpers
Vapor space pressure control system for underground gasoline storage tank
Apparatus for inserting tuft assemblies in a mattress
Unilateral thermal buckle-beam actuator
Method for producing a pressure sensor
Accelerometer with folded beams
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Plasma reforming and partial oxidation of hydrocarbon fuel vapor to produce synthesis gas and/or hydrogen gas
Silicon carbide armor bodies, and methods for making same
Mixtures of gemini surfactants and fatty alcohol alkoxylates in rinse agents
Composition comprising a mixture of alkoxylated mono-, di- and triglycerides and glycerine
Cleaning fluid and cleaning method for component of semiconductor-treating apparatus
Water sources for automotive devices
Multilayer circuit board manufacturing process
Textiles; Paper
Mounting for a combing cylinder
Ring traveler and method for producing the same
Spinning machine traveler
Knitted mesh fabric
Method of pulling the free end of a needle thread from the top to the bottom side of a work piece and sewing machine for putting the method into practice
Metallic cord and carcass ply of pneumatic tire including same
Fixed Constructions
Tamping machine
Method of reinforcing the holding strength of an anchoring element in a concrete slab
Lattice panel structures
Dynamic loading system, dynamic loading method and dynamic loading test method for piles
Excavator with trenching attachment
Hydraulic cylinder pivot pin
Flush tank capable of receiving waste water
Flexible diaphragm for clearing obstruction in a plumbing fixture
Odor transporter system for a toilet bowl
Composite building material and panels made therefrom
Cover panel attachment system for partitions
Tube-lock curtain wall system
Prefabricated modular deck system
Backer for tabbed composite shingles
Roof window assembly comprising a window component and an external screening accessory
Door and drawer pull jig
Cap for tubular construction components and connector
Array of water jets for in-ground spas
Storage structure for sailplanes and small aircraft
Door gasket at a refrigerator or freezer
Rotation shaft mechanism of display portion of portable computer
Opening and closing mechanism of hinged pair of bodies
Window structure
Hinge system
Window and door sealing system and process
Repair of insulating glass units
Door safety guard
Method and apparatus for removing abandoned tubular members
Downhole equipment, tools and assembly procedures for the drilling, tie-in and completion of vertical oil wells connected to liner-equipped multiple drainholes
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Combustion system with shutdown fuel purge
Thermoreactor with linear to rotational motion conversion
Connectable bucket tappet
Hydraulic system for an internal combustion engine
Valve timing control device for internal combustion engine
Valve timing adjustment device
Cam cover gasket
Method to control electromechanical valves
Dual motorcycle exhaust system
Variable air intake mechanism of engine
Motorcycle exhaust system
Heat exchanger for a supercharger
Adjustable intake device for an internal combustion engine
Method of forming a roll pin compression limiter
Air intake system of engine
On-vehicle engine control apparatus
Method and apparatus for combining exhaust gas recirculation and engine exhaust braking using single valve actuation
System and method for feeding LPG by injection for an internal combustion engine
Dual fuel source carburetor method
System and method for estimating and controlling cylinder air charge in a direct injection internal combustion engine
Method for determining the fuel content of the regeneration gas in an internal combustion engine comprising direct fuel-injection with shift operation
Catalyst warm up control for diesel engine
Charge control system for a vehicle battery
Cylinder judgment apparatus and cylinder judgment method of engine
Combustion control apparatus and combustion control method for in-cylinder injection internal combustion engine
Wavelet-based artificial neural net combustion sensing
Air-fuel ratio control system for multi-cylinder engine
On-board diagnostic catalyst monitoring system
Engine timing control with intake air pressure sensor
Lobe mixer for jet engine
Device for cooling the common nozzle of a turbojet pod
Plasma firing mechanism and method for firing ammunition
Fuel vapor treatment system with failure diagnosis apparatus
Intake device
Fuel-injection system
Method of injecting fuel into the combustion chambers of an internal combustion engine, and fuel injection system for said engine
Fuel supply system for alternative fuel
Fuel injection device
Cylinder-injection fuel injection valve
Apparatus and a method for controlling an engine
Ignition coil apparatus for engine
Igniter circuit with an air gap
Method for regulating knocking
Ignition control method and apparatus of an engine
Relief-valve jet
Composite auxiliary machine for a vechile and a control unit thereof
Apparatus for dampening the noise of a vacuum cleaner
Mobile handling device
Fastener for pre-assembling work pieces
Ball screw device and linear motion device
End play restriction wedge
Oil pressure cylinder with prolonged adjusting ring
Automatic transmission
Harmonic drive and internal geared wheel for a drive of this type
Bywire system shift lever device for vehicles
Electronic-hydraulic transmission control module and manufacturing method
Supply device for snow gun
Valve seats and a ceramic control valve of a faucet
Poppet valve with heater
Composite tubular assembly and method of forming same
Fluid conduit
Bellows-type hydraulic accumulator
Catalytic embers for use with a gas fired log set
Attachment for gas grill for automatic burner ignition and method
Adjustable air stream introducing device
Air conditioning apparatus
Heat exchanger for high purity and corrosive fluids
Thermal dissipation assembly employing thermoelectric module with multiple arrays of thermoelectric elements of different densities
High reliability multi-tube thermal exchange structure
Apparatus and method for controlling compressors of air conditioner
High frequency thermoacoustic refrigerator
Cryostat configuration with improved properties
Refrigerator unit with lighted ice dispenser cavity
Lockable firearm safety device
Anatomical hand grip for a firearm and method of size determination
Shotgun sight attachment
Method and device for judging the aiming error of a weapon system and use of the device
Bullet for optimal penetration and expansion
Sabot for fin-stabilized ammunition
Blast attenuation device and method
Apparatus and method for use in assembling drive train of a race car
Rule assembly with protective film
Electronic measuring device
Angle measurement tool
Alignment device with multiple spring systems
Laser leveling system
Vibratory sensor operating as a rate gyro about two axes and as a rate integrating gyro about the third one
Rotational angle detector and rotational angle detecting method
Mass flow sensor and mass flowmeter comprising the same
Air flow rate measuring apparatus
Linear actuator
Coriolis mass flow meter having a thin-walled measuring tube
Fluid container with level indicator, and fluid level indicator assembly for a fluid container
Sensor arrangements and methods of determining a characteristic of a sample fluid using such sensor arrangements
Pressure sensor module
Sensor for recording extension and stress in solid material
Balancing machine for rotating bodies, in particular for motor vehicle wheels
Head gasket testing apparatus and method
Sensing assembly removably securable to a bearing mechanism
System and method for processing ultrasonic signals
Method and device for maintaining a fluid pressure in a defined volume
Method and apparatus for detecting leaks
Method and apparatus for measuring ultralow water permeation
Resonant sensor
Method of wear testing a tire
Enhanced/proactive CO2/O2 gas control
Sheath liquid supplying apparatus, sheath liquid supplying method, and evaluating method of sheath liquid supplying condition
Process control terminal
Manual input device enabling control of various electric apparatus with single knob
Securing device for a laptop computer hinge to avoid damping of a screen when the screen is away from mainframe of the laptop computer
Isochronous channel having a linked list of buffers
Data collection system
Man overboard locator device
Container time indicator
Portable sign
Cotton collection trailer mobile sign
Methods for attaching a spring mechanism to a media storage device
Apparatus and method for air-contamination detection in disc drive hydrodynamic bearings
Method of improving the reliability of magnetic head sensors by ion milling smoothing
Method of fabricating a magnetic transducer with a write head having a multi-layer coil
Method for manufacturing a coil device
Method of producing chip inductor
Systems and methods for photoresist strip and residue treatment in integrated circuit manufacturing
Method and apparatus for wire splicing
Method of manufacturing yoke of rotary electric machine
Optical disk having a particular format to store user-selected data, such as video data or computer files, including a dedicated TOC region
Method for manufacturing printer device
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