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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Genetic loci associated with iron deficiency tolerance in soybean
Sorghum aluminum tolerance gene, SbMATE
Kinase inhibitors
Wood preservative composition and wood treatment method
Apparatus and method for producing sandwich cookie having dissimilarly-sized base cakes
Dairy product that does not contain emulsification salts and process for making same
Endoscope treatment tool insertion-extraction system
Endoscopic system using an extremely fine composite optical fiber
Mechanical advantage tourniquet
Suture welding system and method
Tissue opening occluder
Daisy design for occlusion device
Attachment for an epilator
Catheter placement detection system and operator interface
Vessel sealing instrument
Method and apparatus for morphology-based arrhythmia classification using cardiac and other physiological signals
Open-type disposable wearing article
Nonwoven-film composite with latent elasticity
Prepared medication applicator including a swab and a pharmacological active agent
Control of urge incontinence
Tubular implant
Thermal transition methods and devices
Method of surface oxidizing zirconium and zirconium alloys and resulting product
Intervertebral prosthesis
Osteotomy guide
Systems and methods for corneal surface ablation to correct hyperopia
Methods and compositions for treating mammalian spinal cord injuries
Compositions containing solid ibuprofen concentrates and methods of making solid ibuprofen concentrates
Lignan formulations
Nutraceutical compositions and use thereof
Flavonoid compound and process for producing the same
Therapeutic use of N-(1H-indolyl)-1H-indole-2-carboxamide derivatives
Imidazoyl-benzamide anti-cancer agents
Mercaptophenyl naphthyl methane compounds and synthesis thereof
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Myocardial perfusion imaging method
Adjuvant compositions and methods for enhancing immune responses to polynucleotide-based vaccines
Motilide compounds
Use of mannan from saccharomyces cerevisiae for the treatment of asthma
Use of tryptophan rich peptides
Method for treating or inhibiting intestinal inflammation
Phosphorus-containing hepatitis C serine protease inhibitors
Template-fixed peptidomimetics with antibacterial activity
Muteins of fibroblast growth factor 21
Methods of targeting multiple cytokines
Medicament for treating prostate diseases
Ethylenedicysteine (EC)-drug conjugates compositions and methods for tissue specific disease imaging
Hydrolysis-stable monomers with acid groups
Use of unsaturated ketones as a perfume
Injection vehicle for polymer-based formulations
Introducer seal assembly
Safety shield system for prefilled syringe
Multi-frequency electromagnetic field generator
Dermatological composition
Hair dyeing composition
Coloring composition comprising at least one azomethine compound with a pyrazolinone unit
Basketball training glove
Thermoplastic core having a negative hardness gradient formed from a plasticizer-based gradient-initiating solution
Golf ball
Negative hardness gradient inner core for dual core golf ball
Golf ball with lobed dimples
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process and device for simulated moving bed separation with a reduced number of valves
Process and device for simulated moving bed separation with a reduced number of large diameter valves
Process and device for simulated moving bed separation with a reduced number of valves and lines
Graded particle-size retention filter medium for fluid filtration unit with improved edge seal
Carrier-board system for the production of oxygen-enriched gas streams and method for supplying the airways of the occupants of an aircraft
Coating compositions
Highly active photocatalyst particles, method of production therefor, and use thereof
Shaped body containing a microporous material and at least one silicon-containing binder, method for the production thereof and its use as a catalyst, particularly in a method for producing triethylenediamine (TEDA).
Thermally autogenous subsurface chemical reactor and method
Dispenser for flattened articles
Universal interface for a micro-fluidic chip
Pattern forming method, pattern forming apparatus, method of manufacturing device, conductive film wiring, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Method to accelerate wetting of an ion exchange membrane in a semi-fuel cell
Method for making metallic nanostructures
Particles having charge-controlling group on outer surface for electronic-paper display device and method for preparing the same
Warm molding raw material powder and warm molding method
Microwave plasma processing device and plasma processing gas supply member
Energy-efficient, laser-based method and system for processing target material
Elastomeric article with fine colloidal silica surface treatment, and its preparation
Filler reinforced thermoplastic compositions and process for manufacture
Method of forming an aerosol valve actuator
Method of manufacturing thermoplastic resin container
Glazing provided with stacked thin layers which reflect infrared rays and/or solar radiation
Elastomer and polyolefin resin based films and associated methods
Optical unit using plastic lenses
Process and apparatus for forming tubular labels of heat shrinkable film and inserting containers therein
Composition and method for enhancing the weld strength of polyphenylene ether compositions
Apparatus and method of monitoring operating parameters of a gas turbine
Actuated braking and distance sensing system for operational regulation of belt loader equipment
Video mirror system suitable for use in a vehicle
Morphing cellular structure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Composition for gray silica-sodium calcic glass for producing glazing
Controlled low strength flowable fill composition with iron chelating compounds
Synthesis of triethylenetetramines
Trihydroxy polyunsaturated eicosanoid derivatives
Dicycloalkyl urea glucokinase activators
5,6-dihydro-1H-pyridin-2-one compounds
Asymmetric carbon-carbon-bond-forming reactions catalyzed by bifunctional cinchona alkaloids
Pyrro[1,2-b]pyridazinone compounds
Process for preparation of alkoxysilanes
Diagnostic assay for Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome and genetically related disorders
siRNA targeting complement component 3 (C3)
siRNA targeting inner centromere protein antigens (INCENP)
DNA encoding a testicular carnitine transporter
Ly6h polypeptide
Fluorinated polymers, method for producing the fluorinated compounds and polymers
Process and apparatus for manufacturing ethylene polymers and copolymers
Polymers substantially free of long chain branching
Two step preparation of random polyoxadiazole copolymer and articles resulting therefrom
Multi-functional linear siloxane compound, a siloxane polymer prepared from the compound, and a process for forming a dielectric film by using the polymer
Block copolymer compositons
Composite powder particles
Transition metal-doped oxide semiconductor exhibiting room-temperature ferromagnetism
Barium thioaluminate phosphor materials with novel crystal structures
Method of producing optical element and apparatus for producing optical element
Liquid-crystalline medium
Hydraulic system and a method of operating a hydraulic pump
Biosensor for the detection of protein kinase A, and kit comprising the same
Non-reducing saccharide-forming enzyme, trehalose-releasing enzyme, and process for producing saccharides using the enzymes
Beta secretase genes
Fermentation processes and compositions
BGL6 beta-glucosidase and nucleic acids encoding the same
Polypeptides and biosynthetic pathways for the production of stereoisomers of monatin and their precursors
Method to control the distribution of the starch sugar's molecular weight in oligosaccharides production
In vitro sorting method
Prostate cancer specific internalizing human antibodies
Messenger RNA profiling: body fluid identification using multiplex reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)
Enhanced sequencing by hybridization using pools of probes
Devices for generating detectable polymers
Modified carbon and germanium surfaces
Method for expression of proteins on spore surface
Dark quenchers for donor-acceptor energy transfer
Detection of analytes using reorganization energy
Mud gun cap
Method and apparatus for forming fluoride thin film
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device production system
Textiles; Paper
Control button of drum type washing machine
Process for producing loudspeaker diaphragm, loudspeaker diaphragm produced by the process, and loudspeaker with the diaphragm
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Boot for universal joint
Security coupling in particular for main drivetrains on rolling stands
Automatic transmission for automotive vehicles
Multi-speed gearbox
Compact differential assembly
Liquid crystal display and colour filter with improved transparency for green light
Image pickup apparatus and a switching-over method for the same
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Method and device for laminar flow on a sensing surface
Fluorescence spectrophotometer
Reflection type optical sensor and method for detecting surface roughness
Method of detecting viable cells
EphB receptor-binding peptides
Method and device for detecting ammonia odors and helicobacter pylori urease infection
Methods and compositions for treating and diagnosing disease
Test head for testing electrical components
Sense amplifier circuit for low voltage applications
Low cost millimeter wave imager
Measurement system of specific absorption rate
Printed circuit board, and backplane data transmission method
Electromagnetic apparatus for measuring angular position
Method for fabricating light-emitting device through inspection
Automated probe card planarization and alignment methods and tools
Reducing overhead when using loopback cells for fault detection in bi-directional virtual circuits
Facilitating communications with clustered servers
In-situ monitor of process and device parameters in integrated circuits
Method and system of evaluating survivability of ATM switches over SONET networks
System and methods for detecting network failure
Device structures for reducing device mismatch due to shallow trench isolation induced oxides stresses
Radio-frequency acquisition device for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus
Zoom lens
Head mount display apparatus
Electronic adjustable color filter device
Process for making microlens arrays and masterforms
Photographic lens system and image pickup apparatus
Lens for an optical module of a lighting apparatus for a motor vehicle
Wide-angle and broadband polarization converter
Focus detection apparatus for detecting a relative positional relationship between a pair of object images
Process for the production of LCDs
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Anisotropic optical element
Light guide plate and liquid crystal display having the same
Liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display
Wavelength conversion optical device, laser light source, and image display optical device
Method and system for preserving the creative intent within a motion picture production chain
Projection screen with virtual compound curvature
Stray light feedback for dose control in semiconductor lithography systems
Method for photolithography using multiple illuminations and a single fine feature mask
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Image processing method and apparatus
Imageable elements with low pH developer solubility
Laser-decomposable resin composition and pattern-forming material using the same
Hologram-recording material, hologram-recording medium, and hologram-recording method
Holographic recording medium and holographic recording and reproducing method
Servo system for a two-dimensional micro-electromechanical system (MEMS)-based scanner and method therefor
Method for allocating an identification code to nodes in a network, for communication in a network as well as for controlling a network
Overheat preventing apparatus for electric motor
Variable power output regulator
Method for driving voltage-controlled devices or current-controlled devices
Method of operating a DC/DC up/down converter
Portable device docking station
Computing repair path information
System and method of dynamically optimizing a transmission mode of wirelessly transmitted information
Dynamic flow-based multi-path load balancing with quality of service assurances
Image processing apparatus
Printing system, printing method, and computer program
Image forming apparatus, control method, memory medium, and program
Multiple font management system and method
System and method for creating patterned encoded halftones
Optimization of time-critical software components for real-time interactive applications
System and method for interactive grouping of pie chart slices
Method and apparatus for detecting water leaks
Programmable communicator
Method of idle mode control in OFDM system
Wireless communication system in a vehicle
Semiconductor device
Pixel circuit, method of driving the same, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor device
Display driver, electro-optical device and drive method
Method for modulating and driving backlight sources for flat panel displays
Display drive method, display, and program therefor
Method and apparatus for driving memory of liquid crystal display device
Three dimensional volumetric display input and output configurations
Signal line driving circuit and light emitting device
Optical tracker with tilt angle detection
Modeling and video projection for augmented virtual environments
Electronic musical instrument keyboard apparatus
Violin thumb pad
Method and apparatus for keyboard instrument learning
Motor assembly for a small sized data storage system
Information retrieval device
Information recording medium, method and apparatus for recording and reproducing information
Channel optimization metrics
Magnetic recording head with a point writer pole
Magnetoresistive element and magnetoresistive device having a free layer stabilized by an in-stack bias
Magnetoresistance effect element with nano-junction between free and pinned layers
Rotating disk storage device and integrated wire head suspension assembly
Disk drive writing wedge RRO data along a sinusoidal path to compensate for reader/writer offset
Air bearing with both low altitude and speed sensitivities
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium with an exchange-spring recording structure and a lateral coupling layer for increasing intergranular exchange coupling
Write based power adaptive control system
Focus control device and method of adjusting focus gain prior to focus-servo operation
Information recording medium, and recording method and reproducing method thereof
Random access memory including nanotube switching elements
Semiconductor memory device including write selectors
Semiconductor memory and refresh cycle control method
Low temperature route to uranium nitride
Monolithic semiconductor ceramic capacitor having varistor function and method for manufacturing monolithic semiconductor ceramic capacitor
Electrical double layer capacitor and production method therefor
User control interface
Light source apparatus and display apparatus
Semiconductor light-emitting device with wavelength change material
Ion trap mass spectrometry
Mercury free arc tube for a discharge lamp
Electronic device and method for producing electronic devices
Inkjet head, method for producing inkjet head, inkjet recorder and inkjet coater
Method for manufacturing magnetic sensor apparatus
Thin film transistor panel and manufacturing method thereof
Zener diode and methods for fabricating and packaging same
Etching method
Method for forming CMOS device with self-aligned contacts and region formed using salicide process
Method for forming insulation film
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for producing a buried semiconductor layer
Method of forming MOS transistor having fully silicided metal gate electrode
Device with damaged breakdown layer
Method for fabricating fully silicided gate
Electronic apparatus with busbar assembly and electronic component mounted thereon by soldering
Method and apparatus for semiconductor wafer planarization
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having voids in a polysilicon layer
Distinguishing between dopant and line width variation components
Method of overlay measurement for alignment of patterns in semiconductor manufacturing
Method of fabricating semiconductor device having conducting portion of upper and lower conductive layers on a peripheral surface of the semiconductor device
Micro-embossing fabrication of electronic devices
Flip-chip type assembly
Heat dissipation device
Package structure with leadframe on offset chip-stacked structure
Semiconductor device, electronic module, and method of manufacturing electronic module
Flip chip in leaded molded package and method of manufacture thereof
Semiconductor package
Methods and apparatus for improved thermal performance and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding in leadframe integrated circuit (IC) packages
Method for providing and removing discharging interconnect for chip-on-glass output leads and structures thereof
ESD protection circuit
Portable x-ray detector plate with shock absorption
Semiconductor device and method for patterning
Isolation spacer for thin SOI devices
Semiconductor light emitting device
Mounting and adhesive layer for semiconductor components
High efficiency light emitting diode (LED) with optimized photonic crystal extractor
Magnetic tunnel junction structures having bended tips at both ends thereof, magnetic random access memory cells employing the same and photomasks used in formation thereof
Semiconductor device using MEMS technology
Integrated transistor, particularly for voltages and method for the production thereof
Semiconductor storage device, its manufacturing method and operating method, and portable electronic apparatus
Optical apparatus and optical module using the same
Semiconductor device, display device and method for manufacturing thereof, and television device
Optically controlled switching methods based upon the polarization of electromagnetic radiation incident upon carbon nanotubes and electrical-switch systems using such switch devices
Piezoelectric vibrator
Organic semiconductor composition, organic semiconductor element, and their manufacturing method
Method for manufacturing an organic semiconductor device that utilizes ionic salt
Light-emitting device, film-forming method and manufacturing apparatus thereof, and cleaning method of the manufacturing apparatus
Portable power supply and recharging apparatus
Non-sintered electrode of nickel hydroxide in a binder of cellulose compound and styrene-acrylate co-polymer for an electrochemical generator
Fuel cell system
Method for producing a layer system comprising a metallic carrier and an anode functional layer
MEMS switches having non-metallic crossbeams
Dielectric resonators with axial gaps and circuits with such dielectric resonators
Wireless communications device
Antenna device
Short-circuiting member, commutator, and method of manufacturing short-circuiting member
Bond and method for bonding two contact surfaces
Semiconductor conductive layers
Unipolar quantum cascade laser
Method of determining the correct average bias compensation voltage during a plasma process
Electrical junction box with a built-in fitting insert
Method and system for protecting voltage regulator driver circuitry during field coil short circuit condition
Circuit and method for ESD protection
Semiconductor device having protection diode
Vehicle AC ground fault detection system
Power control device
Brushless DC electrical generator
Direct-current converter
Quenching device for a converter bridge with line regeneration
Brushless DC motor control method and brushless DC motor controller
Stepping motor control apparatus, stepping motor control method and stepping motor control program product
Systems and methods for multiplexing multiphase clocks
Power supply compensation
Piezoelectric device and method for manufacturing the piezoelectric device
Integrated circuit and method for operating the integrated circuit
Configurable time borrowing flip-flops
Receiver of digital signals having a variable hysteresis, in particular for audio digital application
Active filter for reduction of common mode current
Voltage controlled oscillator
Method of manufacturing a temperature compensated oscillator
VCO amplitude control
Compact encoding of non-repeating sequences
Wireless communication method and apparatus for assigning multi-paths to rake receiver fingers
Method and apparatus providing an advanced MIMO receiver that includes a signal-plus-residual interference (SPRI) detector
Method and apparatus for suppressing echo cancelling in a packet switched network
Communicating method, transmitting apparatus, and receiving apparatus
Device and method for processing a digital data signal in a CDMA radio transmitter
System and method for power injection and out of band communications on shared medium
Method of transmitting paging indicator and notification indicator and corresponding modulation and demodulation devices
M-ary orthogonal keying system
Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication system for adjusting the transmission interval in an AD-HOC wireless network
Methods and apparatus for network joining using a multiple message per TDMA control slot methodology
Flexible tributary interface with serial control line
Synchronizing separated upstream and downstream channels of cable modem termination systems
System, method and apparatus for controlling a network post-demultiplexing function
Synchronizing call feature data between an IMS network and a legacy network
Priority scheduling using per-priority memory structures
Multicast communication method
Data definition apparatus, systems, and methods
Allocation of station addresses to communication users in a bus system
Method and apparatus for designating and implementing support level agreements
Scalable and fault-tolerant link state routing protocol for packet-switched networks
Method and apparatus for forwarding packets
Method and system for managing network traffic based on matching criteria
Method and apparatus for establishing metazones across dissimilar networks
Delay variation buffer control technique
Techniques to support asymmetrical static/dynamic adjacency in routers
Apparatus and method for voice multiplexing in an asynchronous transfer mode network supporting voice and data service
Method for building virtual private networks using routers
Operating mode for a communication system
Network for data transfer
Network unit for forwarding an ethernet packet
Systems and methods for converting a P packet/cycle datapath to a Q packet/cycle datapath
Virtual output queuing controlling device, input buffering switch, controlling method thereof, and computer program and recording medium embodying same
Methods and apparatus for scheduling entities using a primary scheduling mechanism such as calendar scheduling filled in with entities from a secondary scheduling mechanism
Multi-modal auto complete function for a connection
Switch and method for supporting internet protocol (IP) network tunnels
Signal processing allocation using credit prediction
Gamut mapping apparatus and method thereof
Image input system
Image processing apparatus for converting color data by referring to a reconstructed color conversion table and an image processing method for the same
Solid state imaging device with reduced cell pitch and driving method thereof
Imaging device having chromatic aberration suppression
Imaging device package camera module and camera module producing method
Photography system
Monitoring camera
Automatic focusing device and focusing method
Imaging device element
Taking apparatus
Electronic camera having image file management, and shooting method and replaying method for managing image files
Moving image recording apparatus with a stream recording function of a moving image
Cash dispensing automated banking machine with improved fraud detection capabilities
Projection systems and processes for generating images with increased brightness uniformity
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and computer program used therewith
Security system for network address translation systems
Implantable hearing aid actuator positioning
Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer program
Referencing of downlink channels in wireless communication system
Managing latency and jitter on wireless LANs
Method and system for providing mobile station control of data transmission rates in a wireless network
Hard handoff target generation in a multi-frequency CDMA mobile network
Establishing network address of mobile terminal in mobile communication system
Quality packet radio service for a general packet radio system
Microwave intensification system for rapid, uniform processing of food items
Band-shaped input device and electronic device
Transparent substrate provided with electroconductive strips
Apparatus for providing an integrated printed circuit board registration coupon
Method and apparatus for coupling a card to an information handling system chassis
Method and apparatus for increasing heat dissipation of high performance integrated circuits (IC)
Thermal module allowing adjustment in the height of heat sink relative to fixing rack
Transceiver cage assembly with grounding device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Confectionery bar
Portion of a shoe sole
Slider body for slide fastener
Shoe insert
Insole anatomical centering design
Rear section of an anatomical footwear insole
Shoe upper
Footwear upper
Turf insole for footwear
Umbrella canopy
Retractable suspensory umbrella
Decorative fan
Upright handle assembly for luggage
Combined brush and scraper
Toothbrush with sports handle
Toothbrush with sports handle
Nonwoven fabric
Beauty steaming-bed
Lumbar support
Sofa trim
Desk with chair
Adjustable kids chair
Display case with cards and kiosk
Media console
Display for plastic cups
Linen tower
Wall cabinet
Wine rack
Table leg
Surface configuration of a display wall
Modular box frame
Table base
Back sleeper pillow
Cover plate of head rail of vertical blind
Cooling box
Espresso machine
Tea kettle
Handle portion of cookware
Handle for a mug or cup
Set of handles for an article of cookware
Electric knife
Handle for knives
Knife holder
Coaster holder
Straw with angled output
Carrier for containers
Utensil holder
Transparent photograph display
Kitchen appliance stand
Corkscrew with integral intelligent thermometer
Auxiliary handle with laser level
Controller for soldering iron
Rubber vibration insulator
Impact wrench
Tilt mounting system
Support and coupling for plasma screens
Decoration head for venetian blind rod
Folded multipurpose hand tool
Cabinet hinge
Belt loop of a lock
Cord stopper
Container and cap
Fuel cell for liquid candle lamp
Perfume bottle with cap
Container for dry batteries
Beverage container
Pill crusher pouch
Side gusseted flexible beverage pouch with shaped body
Gift bag with napped filamentary exterior surface
Gift wrapping envelope
Leak-resistant polymeric foam container
Artificial Christmas tree trunk
Golf cart folded canopy cover
Railcar beam
Automobile body
Bicycle frame
Tire tread
Automobile tire
Tire tread
Tire sidewall
Motorcycle handle bar
Vehicle-wheel front face
Dual-diameter, automotive hitch pin
Exterior of vehicle front bumper
Vehicle front bumper
Bumper lower valance
Front bumper for an automobile
Luggage carrier for a motor vehicle trunk
Truck hood
Vehicle tubular side rail
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
CD case
Human Necessities
Agricultural vehicle dispenser regulator and method
Obstruction management system for robots
Method, apparatus and system for removing motion artifacts from measurements of bodily parameters
System for calculating analytical data and making calculation results available as an output
Medical mapping system
Method and apparatus for dynamically selecting an electrocardiogram compression process based on computerized analysis of cardiac rhythm and contour
Seizure sensing and detection using an implantable device
System and method for determining a measure of the physical activity of an object
Method and apparatus for detecting the three-dimensional position of an examination instrument inserted into a body region
Method and system for creating three-dimensional images using tomosynthetic computed tomography
System and methods for synchronizing data between multiple datasets
Stimulation for delivery of molecular therapy
Implantable cardiac disease management device with trigger-stored polysomnogram and phonocardiogram
Implantable cardiac stimulation system and method for monitoring diastolic function
Multiple templates for filtering of far field R-waves
Ambulatory medical apparatus with hand held communication device
Device and method for wound healing and infection control
Gaming machine that is usable with different game cartridge types
System and method for providing an on-line gaming experience through a CATV broadband network
Performing Operations; Transporting
Monitoring waste liquid to determine membrane cleansing performance
Method, system, storage medium, and data signal for supplying a multi-component composition
Integrated control system for vehicle
Drive torque transfer scheme
Vehicle to vehicle distance controller and vehicle
Method and device for determining offset values by a histogram method
Combined occupant characteristic and acoustic crash sensor arrangement
Vehicle personalization via biometric identification
Brake device for vehicle
System and method for controlling and/or regulating the handling characteristics of a motor vehicle
Anti-terrorist aircraft pilot sensor system and method
Determination of pharmaceutical expiration date
System and methods for imaging employing a levitating conveyor
Multistage ordering system for a fueling and retail environment
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of recycling batches of mixed color cullet into amber, green, or flint glass with selected properties
Fixed Constructions
Construction machine managing method and system, and arithmetic processing device
Method for computing complexity, confidence and technical maturity indices for reservoir evaluations
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus and method of combustion diagnosis/control in internal combustion engine
Non-directional magnet field based proximity receiver with multiple warning and machine shutdown capability
Method to synchronize data when used for input/loss performance monitoring of a power plant
Image reconstruction method
Compact integrated self contained surveillance unit
Substitution of high quality position measurements with upgraded low quality position measurements
Navigation apparatus, map information storage medium, and method of providing information about area lying beyond intersection
Navigation apparatus
Navigation method and system for indicating area-specific traffic information
Navigation guide device and navigation guide system, method thereof, program therefor, and medium for storing the program
Apparatus and method for mass flow controller with network access to diagnostics
Gas flow meter
Method for the noise-free evaluation of radar signals
Balance and a method for operating a balance
Time varying harmonic analysis including determination of order components
Hyperspectral imaging calibration device
Torque sensor having a magnet and a magnetic sensor
Systems and methods for tracking the age of air pressure and flow alarm conditions within a pressurized cable network
Composite eye diagrams
Robust power-on meter and method
Semiconductor testing method and semiconductor testing apparatus for semiconductor devices, and program for executing semiconductor testing method
Multimodal optimization technique in test generation
Monitoring circuit
Multisource target correlation
Apparatus for and method of detecting object on road
Method for simulation characteristic of a physical system
Fixed-depth of investigation log for multi-spacing multi-frequency LWD resistivity tools
Optical module and optical transceiver
Optical boolean logic devices for data encryption
Method to establish sensitometry curve for a photographic medium
Temperature adjustment apparatus, exposure apparatus having the temperature adjustment apparatus, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Estimation of toner usage
Process cartridge
Scalable, hierarchical control for complex processes
Peripheral device for programmable controller
Method for nonvolatile storage of at least one operating data value of an electrical motor, and electrical motor for said method
Peripheral unit for a programmable controller
Programmable controller including instruction decoder for judging execution/non-execution based on the state of contact points after execution of a preceding sequence program
Machine tool performance evaluation apparatus and performance evaluation system equipped with the same
Maintenance and management method of equipment for production operations and support system therefor
AMBA bus off-chip bridge
Method and apparatus for de-skewing a clock using a first and second phase locked loop and a clock tree
Personal digital assistant system
Electronic device, control method therefor, and storage medium providing power supply control function
Graceful recovery from and avoidance of crashes due to notification of third party applications
System and method for troubleshooting a network
Method and apparatus for the takeover of primary volume in multiple volume mirroring
CORBA partial restart system in built-in device
Checkpoint computer system utilizing a FIFO buffer to re-synchronize and recover the system on the detection of an error
Apparatus and system for recovery of useful areas of partially defective direct rambus RIMM components
Storage device, data processing system and data writing and readout method
Method and system for software rejuvenation via flexible resource exhaustion prediction
Hierarchical approach to identifying changing device characteristics
Estimating utilization of an electronic system component
Software system and methods for testing transactional servers
Automated testing of computer system components
Bus arbitration system and method for carrying out a centralized arbitration with independent bus request and grant lines
Asynchronous FIFO circuit and method of reading and writing data through asynchronous FIFO circuit
Method for mapping a two-dimensional data array in a memory
Multiprocessor computer system for processing communal locks employing mid-level caches
Method and apparatus for centralized snoop filtering
Replacement algorithm for a replicated fully associative translation look-aside buffer
Memory protection method and circuit specifying attributes on access
Memory request interlock
Method and circuit for hot swap protection
System and methods for easy-to-use periodic network data capture engine with automatic target data location, extraction and storage
System and method for probabilistic quality of communication service determination
Limiting the number of dirty entries in a computer cache
Storage system and method for data transfer between storage systems
Method for enabling value-added feature on hardware devices using a confidential mechanism to access hardware registers in a batch manner
System and method to monitor connections to a device
Communication network system and method for controlling services in a communication network system
Method and apparatus for automatically transferring I/O blocks between a host system and a host adapter
Storage system and method using interface control devices of different types
Method for guaranteeing a device minimun bandwidth on a usb bus
Protocol for communication with dynamic memory
Optical storage transfer performance
Memory system allowing fast operation of processor while using flash memory incapable of random access
Arbiter and bus system therefor
Method and apparatus for processing chain messages (SGL chaining)
Information processing apparatus having a bus using the protocol of the acknowledge type in the source clock synchronous system
Bus system for use with information processing apparatus
Reduced complexity computer system architecture
Device and method for clock synchronization through extraction of data at frequency distinct from data rate of USB interface
Methods, apparatus, and program products for analyzing context in a networked computing environment
Method and apparatus for responding to threshold events from heterogeneous measurement sources
Systems and methods for mining model accuracy display for multiple state prediction
Router table manager
Method for increasing network bandwidth across multiple network interfaces with single internet protocol address
System for remote booting of muntliple operating systems using chained bootstrap mechanism in a network
Image display device and method and image communication apparatus and method
Customizing a client application using an options page stored on a server computer
Parallel processing system in which use efficiency of CPU is improved and parallel processing method for the same
Multimedia interface having a processor and reconfigurable logic
Mechanism for constructing predictive models that allow inputs to have missing values
System and methods for determining semantic similarity of sentences
Method for segmentation of text
Korean romanization system
Method and apparatus for controlling the timing of the invocation of events within a computer runtime environment
Graphical user interface for providing and facilitating user for searching and accessing information with options of selecting one of carrier circuit, facility reroute, customer and cable
Enterprise integration system
Method and computer program product for color coding search results
Managed access of a backup storage system coupled to a network
Collecting event data and describing events
Property extensions
Methods and apparatus for searching for and identifying information of interest to users
Method and apparatus for query-specific bookmarking and data collection
Information processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Computer-based document management system
Centralized broadcast channel real-time search system
System, method, and computer program product for aiding optimization of die assembly shape for plasticity manufacturing
System and method for estimating power consumption of a circuit thourgh the use of an energy macro table
Memory mapping system and method
Method and apparatus for isolating the root of indeterminate logic values in an HDL simulation
Method and apparatus of programmable interconnect array with configurable multiplexer
Method for automatically-remapping an HDL netlist to provide compatibility with pre-synthesis behavioral test benches
Method and apparatus for modeling using a hardware-software co-verification environment
Method of evaluating semiconductor integrated circuit to be designed in consideration of standby DC leakage current
Methodology for stitching reduced-order models of interconnects together
Process of restructuring logics in ICs for setup and hold time optimization
Method for eliminating false failures saved by redundant paths during circuit area analysis on an integrated circuit layout
Controller arrangement for partial reconfiguration of a programmable logic device
Integrated circuit design flow with capacitive margin
Method of simulating indoor behavior of pesticidal compound
Method and apparatus for simplified generation and displaying of cutout features of computer aided design (CAD) model
Method of designing a product worn on a body in a virtual environment
Process and methodology for selecting cutting parameters for titanium
Electromagnetic disturbance analysis method and apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing method using the method
Method and apparatus for automating a microelectronic manufacturing process
Personal injury claim management system
Method for inspecting wafer defects of a semiconductor device
Verification of identity and continued presence of computer users
Representing database permissions as associations in computer schema
Digital contents copying inhibition apparatus, digital contents copying inhibition method, and computer products
System and method for navigating and deleting descriptors
System and method for implementing a user interface for use with Japanese characters
Programmable identification in a communications controller
Wireless receiving device and method jointly used by computer peripherals
Position detector
Input device and portable electronic device using same
System and method for unorchestrated determination of data sequences using sticky byte factoring to determine breakpoints in digital sequences
Variable state save formats based on operand size of state save instruction
Processor with pipeline conflict resolution using distributed arbitration and shadow registers
Information processor
Microprocessor and method for performing selective prefetch based on bus activity level
Page handling efficiency in a multithreaded processor
Synchronizing data and function opcodes between an application layer having a first clock speed and a circuit having a slower clock speed
Efficient thread programming using a single callback function
Method and system for associating parameters of containers and contained objects
Mechanism allowing separation of graphical display of object status from underlying data
Achieving tight binding for dynamically loaded software modules via intermodule copying
Program-interface converter for multiple-platform computer systems
Intelligent remote software loading method for wireless portable communication device
Migration of different source languages to an execution medium
Protocol for internal exchange of data between applications of a portable multi-application object and corresponding portable multi-application object
Analog multiplier
Vehicle traffic monitoring using cellular telephone location and velocity data
Method and apparatus for estimating computer software development effort
Method for identifying a loss of utilization of mobile assets
Automated task management and evaluation
Method and apparatus for sales volume and share decomposition
Impulse pay per use method and system for data and multimedia services
Method and system for monitoring service quality in a restaurant
Automated configuration system and method
System and method for flexible packaging of software application licenses
Method and apparatus using consumer idle time for productive activities
Company information disclosure system and memory medium
Method for the computer-assisted production of a machine with geometrically-predetermined spherical components
System and method for verifying digital postal marks
Method and system for servicing a selected piece of equipment having unique system configurations and servicing requirements
System and method for configuring and managing resources on a multi-purpose integrated circuit card using a personal computer
Position locating system, server, position locating method, and program
System and method for storing and using information associated with geographic locations of interest to a mobile user
Client/server architecture for text-to-speech synthesis
Method and apparatus for controlling a speech synthesis system to provide multiple styles of speech
Personal safety enhancement for communication devices
Lost frame recovery techniques for parametric, LPC-based speech coding systems
Audio coding and decoding methods and apparatuses and recording medium having recorded thereon programs for implementing them
Noise suppression
Data storage library status monitoring
Disk changer
Determining the timing of a data signal
Card-shaped electronic apparatus
RAM functional test facilitation circuit with reduced scale
Apparatus, method and system for reading/writing data, and medium for providing data read/write program
Semiconductor integrated circuit compensating variations of delay time
Electric discharge tube, method of manufacturing the tube, stroboscopic device using the tube and camera
Method of designing active region pattern with shift dummy pattern
Correlating an inline parameter to a device operation parameter
Integrated circuit with layout matched high speed lines
Method to reduce magnetization in high current density superconductors formed by reaction of multi-component elements in filamentary composite superconductors
Hand-held communication device with vertically oriented antenna
Combination lanyard and external antenna for wireless communication device
Anti-islanding method and apparatus for distributed power generation
Subharmonic mixer
Microwave diode mixer
Method and apparatus for filtering a signal using a deadband
Single cycle cyclic redundancy checker/generator
Iteractive decoder employing multiple external code error checks to lower the error floor
Product code based forward error correction system
Thermostat having a temperature stabilized superregenerative RF receiver
Digitally controlled radio back-end
Automated transmitter combiner monitoring system and method of using same
Communication path impairment detection for duplex optic communication link
Fast infrared transceiver with reduced power consumption
Method and system for reducing degradation of optical signal to noise ratio
Power controlling apparatus and method in mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for controlling transmission power while in soft handoff
Power control apparatus and method in a wireless communication system using scheduled packet data service channel
Method for detecting a hand-off target frequency in a cellular mobile telecommunication system
Method and apparatus for detecting communication network delays
Method and system of efficient spectrum utilization by communications satellites
Optical repeater converting wavelength and bit rate between networks
Preferred WDM packet-switched router architecture and method for generating same
Providing reference signal to radio heads
Traffic estimation
Device for operating a network management system
Programmably configurable computer network
Data transfer control device and electronic equipment
Methods and systems providing fair queuing and priority scheduling to enhance quality of service in a network
Method of operation of a multi-station network
Signal power detection device and frequency analysis apparatus using the same
Method and system for quarantine during bus topology configuration
Location update protocol
Method and apparatus for controlling cascading e-mail distribution
Adaptive selective retransmission of packets
Link layer device and method of translating packets between transport protocols
Method and device for accessing service agents on non-subnet manager hosts in an infiniband subnet
Optical network termination system, apparatus, and optical network termination method
Visual database system for storing data with time codes
Programmable multi-standard MAC architecture
Communications network
System and method for providing internet content using hybrid wireless and wire technologies at the end user site
Network communications coupler
Communication system
Distributed transport communications manager with messaging subsystem for high-speed communications between heterogeneous computer systems
Content delivery network system and method for network configuring
Allocation of IP address by proxy to device in a local area network
Method and system for selecting a host in a communications network
Battery pack and wireless telephone apparatus
Keypads for electrical devices
Data entry by string of possible candidate information in a hand-portable communication terminal
Radio communication system, private branch exchange and radio terminal for place of business
Method for synthesizing mobile identification numbers
Method and apparatus for automated call-back subscriber service
Copy prevention apparatus and method in digital broadcasting receiving system
System and method for distribution and delivery of media context and other data to aircraft passengers
Information transmitting apparatus and method, information receiving apparatus and method, and information transmitting/receiving apparatus and method
Recovery in a wireless environment
Method for transferring data using expanded permanent identifier
Packet data reconnection timing control in mobile communication systems
Method of transmitting and receiving graphic short message service messages in a portable radio terminal
Base station apparatus, ID control apparatus and ID assignment method
Method and system for analyzing digital wireless network performance
Cell relation manager
Contention resolution method in channel allocation
Dynamic channel quality measurement procedure for adaptive modulation and coding techniques
Method and apparatus for performing mobile assisted hard handoff between communication systems
Surrogate service attendant
Method of global roaming services using gateway location register in third generation mobile telecommunication networks
Method and apparatus for providing partitioned telecommunication services
Method and system for handling the transcoding of connections handed off between mobile switching centers
Triggered hyperband scanning
Transcutaneous power optimization circuit for cochlear implant
Extension module for a portable device
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