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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Edging and trimming apparatus for attachment to lawn mowers
Line tension measuring device
Cufflink technology
Over garment protective shorts
Mobile base for luggage case
Permanent reshaping process using a heating mechanical tensioning device
Hairstyling tool
Mattress structure able to adjust elastic support forces
Comfort quilt and pillowcase
Liquid flow control and beverage preparation apparatuses, methods and systems
Dusting cloth structure for use with duster
Cleaning appliance
Cleaner handle and cleaner handle housing sections
Surgical drape and method of use
Magnetic resonance angiography with automated vessel segmentation
Fluorescence image display apparatus
Curved-head electric toothbrush
Stiffening procedure for sleep apnea
Reversible vessel seal
Minimally invasive nasal cannula
Carbon dioxide mist pressure bath system
Aggregation of data from external data sources within an implantable medical device
Temporary disablement feature for implantable device with anti-tachyarrhythmia functions
Vascularly stabilized peripheral nerve cuff assembly
Method and system for energy conservation in implantable stimulation devices
Electrical epidermal stimulation device
Multi-channel connector for brain stimulation system
Oxygen supply system for an aircraft
Vacuum demand valve
Range hood fire suppression system with visible status indication
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fluid regulator
Silk-screen printing machine and associated printing method
Method for forming an extruded hollow section
Crimping pliers
Pillar for motor vehicle and tool for making the same
Fine particles and method for producing the same
Method of manufacturing suspension support devices
Apparatus and methods for repairing control arms of automotive suspension
Methods for adjusting a shock absorber and strut assembly
Socket wrench with an energy-saving function
Extendable multi-tool including interchangable light bulb changer and accessories
Fuel rail clip tool
Foldable chain saw workbench
Hand held implement
Skin-heating shaving apparatus and method
Printing cylinder cleaning system
Unmanned tactical platform
Drive unit for movable member
Vehicle suspension system having adjustable track width
Method for driving head light of vehicles
Battery mounting assembly
Method for monitoring the performance reliability of a control unit and diagnostic device
Device for activating personal protection means
Crawler vehicle drive control system
Motor powered kayak system
Floating vessel for supporting well head surface equipment
Filling apparatus
Flat tire sealant storage container and flat tire repair device
Automated solid pharmaceutical product packaging machine
Heat-sealable inner seal for sealing a container
Tamper-indicating closure and package
Cooler/ice chest ventilation method and apparatus
Cable tie
Plastics container
Spring for a vibratory conveyor
Syringe with a piston
Fixed Constructions
Flow control apparatus and method
Expansion joint system of concrete slab arrangement
Joint for panels
Assembly of a fixed pane on a car body flange and fastening clip for mounting of the fixed pane
Fire-prevention structure for buildings
Bearing frame for an electrically active panel such as photovoltaic panel
Methods for constructing a base structure for a support tower
Insulated sport/utility shelter
Regulator device for vehicle door window pane
Door edge protection device
Transmission assembly for a roller blind
Milling cap for a polycrystalline diamond compact cutter
Apparatus and methods for tubular makeup interlock
System and method for transporting fluids in a pipeline
Perforation tool with switch
Process for increasing the transport flow rate of oil from producing wells
Method for increasing fluid recovery from multiple lateral wellbores drilled through a subsurface formation
Ram tensioner system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Compressed air energy storage system utilizing two-phase flow to facilitate heat exchange
Rod seal assembly for a stirling engine
Combined-cycle power plant having a once-through cooler
Exhaust gas purifying apparatus for internal combustion engine
Avoidance of coolant overheating in exhaust-to-coolant heat exchangers
Method for operating a vehicle with a fuel reformer
Propane injection control for gasoline and gaseous fuel internal combustion engines
Multi-fuel internal combustion engine
Hybrid rotary engine
Gas turbine with welded combustor liners
Pulse detonation engine operating with an air-fuel mixture
Bleed air distribution supply system and method to supply bleed air to an aircraft
Integral flow sleeve and fuel injector assembly
Method for reducing the NOx emissions from a burner arrangement comprising a plurality of burners, and burner arrangement for carrying out the method
Aeroengine bleed valve
Camshaft phaser position control system
Resynchronization of temporally acquired engine signals
Pressure regulating device
Gas ejection cone for an aircraft turbojet equipped with a device for generating turbulence in a primary flow limiting jet noise
Gas turbine engine with aft core driven fan section
System for managing the heat fluxes of an aircraft
Intake manifold having runners with variable cross sectional area
Approach for controlling fuel flow with alternative fuels
Direct fuel injection system for internal combustion engine with conical ring injector isolator
Method of controlling the combustion of a spark-ignition engine using combustion timing control
Piston-cylinder unit
Clutch actuating apparatus for transmission
Compressed air energy storage system utilizing two-phase flow to facilitate heat exchange
Disk brake and brake pad arrangement therefor
Suspension damping valve
Suspension actuator
Pressure relief device assemblies
Injection element
Indoor unit of air conditioner
Modular solar receiver panels and solar boilers with modular receiver panels
Refrigeration system and associated method
Ice cube tray and method for releasing a single cube from tray
Ice maker for refrigerator and refrigerator having the same
Defrosting a freezing unit and liquid purification
Platform insert for portable cooler
Heat recovery unit
Method and device for manufacturing a heat exchanger
Composite heat exchanger end structure
Ball throwing device and display package therefor
Rifle/shot gun recoil reduction system
Electromagnetic restraint release device, system and method
Adjustment mechanism for firearm scope zoom
Blast treatment method and blast treatment device
Sub-wavelength ultrasound characterization of composite material
Apparatus for testing the accuracy of machine tools and measuring devices
Micromachined piezoelectric X-Axis gyroscope
Electrically stimulated fingerprint sensor test method
Ultrasonic sensor module attaching device and attaching method
Method and device to control a computer system utilizing a fluid flow
Retrofit ultrasonic insertion type flow meter
Method of adjusting an apparatus comprising a flexible tube pre-tensioned with a liquid and connected to a pressure sensor
Multi-axis electronic module mounting adjustment assembly
Torque measurement
Pressure sensor module and electronic component
In-cylinder pressure sensor diagnostic systems and methods
Test method for bogies as well as test stand and assembly stand
Detecting apparatus and method for detecting an object by means of a projection through the object by means of x-rays, and a contrast--and noise-optimized quantum counting detector
Seismic acquisition and filtering
Fiber optic connector holder
Waveguides for ultra-long range surface plasmon-polariton propagation
Electroabsorption duplexer
Fabrication method of optical module, optical module, and platform for optical module
Imaging apparatus
Recording medium conveying unit and image forming apparatus having recording medium reversing unit
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and transfer unit
Electrographic printing or copying device, and method for operating one such printing or copying device
Image forming apparatus
Bearing structure and fusing device for image forming apparatus employing the bearing structure
Aircraft navigation aid method and corresponding device
In-vehicle device, computer readable medium for controlling the same, and method for controlling navigation device
Energy efficient CRAC unit operation using heat transfer levels
Apparatus and methods for power management and spin-up in a storage system
Driver/variable cache and batch reading system and method for fast resume
Circuits, switch assemblies, and methods for power management in an interface that maintains respective voltage differences between terminals of semiconductor devices in open and close switch states and over a range of voltages
Active state link power management
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, debug system, microcomputer, and electronic apparatus
Method and system for extending the functionality of an environmental monitor for an industrial personal computer
Turbo decoding apparatus and method
Frequency error detector and combiner in receiving end of mobile communication system
System, machine, and method for maintenance of mirrored datasets through surrogate writes during storage-area networks transients
Overlapped code obfuscation
Methods, systems and computer program products for detecting tampering of electronic equipment based on constrained time to obtain computational result
Systems and methods for providing data modification operations in memory subsystems
Apparatus, system, and method for providing a RAID storage system in a processor blade enclosure
Method and system for proximity caching in a multiple-core system
Field weighting in text searching
Volume configuration data administration
Multi-processor data coherency
Data processing system and method for selectively updating an invalid coherency state in response to snooping a castout
Method and system for maximum residency replacement of cache memory
Apparatus for coordinating interoperability between devices of varying capabilities in a network
Packet manager interrupt mapper
Printing control apparatus, system and method
Configuration of VPNs
System, method and apparatus for communicating via instant messaging
Scalable specification of page flows
Information-processing device, information-processing method, recording medium, and program
System and method for limiting dead air time in internet streaming media delivery
SMS messaging with speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversion
System architecture for wide-area workstation management
Hierarchical system configuration method and integrated scheduling method to provide multimedia streaming service on two-level double cluster system
Method to synchronize and upload an offloaded network stack connection with a network stack
System and method for multi-modal context-sensitive applications in home network environment
Techniques for configuring an embedded processor operating system
Representing non-structured features in a well formed document
Systems and methods for generating reports
Dispensing device having a storage chamber, a dispensing chamber and a feed regulator there between
Fuzzy lookup table maintenance
Inspected secure communication protocol
Variable passband autoregressive moving average filter
Method and apparatus for managing calendar information from a shared database and managing calendar information from multiple users
Unsupervised learning of paraphrase/translation alternations and selective application thereof
Process and device for devising an abridged form of any term that is used in an alarm message intended to be displayed on a screen of the cockpit of an aircraft
Method of encoding and decoding for multi-language applications
Method and apparatus for attaching metadata
Data files systems with hierarchical ranking for different activity groups
Decomposing installation of distributed services
Network-based database communication system
System and method for containerized data storage and tracking
Determination of a desired repository
System and method for duplication of virtual private server files
Method, systems and computer program products for monitoring files
Determining cardinality of a parameter using hash values
Method for node classification and scoring by combining parallel iterative scoring calculation
Method and apparatus for creation and maintenance of database structure
Inhibiting software tampering
System and method for authenticating transactions
Clock domain conflict analysis for timing graphs
PLD architecture for flexible placement of IP function blocks
Control unit for yarn-braking devices in weft feeders for looms, and tuning method therefor
Vehicle running control device
Elasticity buffer restarting
Operating method and device, and image processing apparatus using the same
Apparatus and method for detecting highlights of media stream
Interactive display system
Data processing apparatus having improved buffer management
Method and apparatus for binding user interface objects to application objects
Method and device for operating a user-input area on an electronic display device
Sentence classification device and method
Converting numeric values to strings for optimized database storage
Wheel slippage detection for drivetrain control
Graphical database navigator with relation level control
Methods and systems for managing offers and requests in a network
Edit distance string search
Implicit links search enhancement system and method for search engines using implicit links generated by mining user access patterns
Constructing a statistical shape model from two-dimensional or three-dimensional data
Distributing and synchronizing objects
Management tree management in a mobile handset
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for installing device drivers for peripheral devices
Method and apparatus for debugging embedded systems having read only memory
System for optimizing application start-up
Synchronization and data review system
Method and apparatus for simulating multiple ground station ranging for spacecraft
Method of manufacturing fluttering robot using a fluid-structure interactive numerical model for developing controls for wing driving apparatus
Method for assisting low altitude navigation of an aircraft
Tamper resistant module certification authority
Method and system for wavelength-dependent imaging and detection using a hybrid filter
Object determining apparatus
X-Ray image processing apparatus for decreasing noise of an X-ray image, X-ray image processing method, program and storage medium
Assessment of lesions in an image
Method and mechanism for analyzing the texture of a digital image
Enhanced approach of m-array decoding and error correction
Method for correcting image artifacts due to detector overexposure in computed tomography
Device for detecting a road traveling lane using an edge histogram
Method and system for clustering using generalized sentence patterns
Method, computer readable medium and apparatus for converting color image resolution
Method for producing enhanced-resolution image by use of a plurality of low-resolution images
Image-processing apparatus and method
Signal source data input for radio frequency planning
Parsing a JPM file into another JPM file
Lossless image compression with tree coding of magnitude levels
User interface method and apparatus
Method, device and computer program product for learning correlation matrix
Manufacture data analysis method and manufacture data analyzer apparatus
Network media access control system for encouraging patient compliance with a treatment plan
Electronic purchasing method and apparatus for performing the same
Automatic authorization of programmatic transactions
System and method for fitting clothing
System and method for displaying profit related information in an electronic trading environment
User interface for semi-fungible trading
Consumer credit data storage system
Method and apparatus for defining data of interest
Method, system and business model for a buyer's auction with near perfect information using the internet
System and method for risk management using average expiration times
System and method for creating a market map in an electronic trading environment
Method and apparatus for estimating the refresh strategy or other refresh-influenced parameters of a system over its life cycle
System and method for securing data through a PDA portal
Method for controlling note throughput
Currency discrimination and evaluation
Edge incremental redundancy memory structure and memory management
Flexible display apparatus
Method and system for aligning natural and synthetic video to speech synthesis
Vocabulary-independent search of spontaneous speech
Language model for use in speech recognition
Automated extraction of semantic content and generation of a structured document from speech
Method and apparatus for reducing access delay in discontinuous transmission packet telephony systems
Smart verify for multi-state memories
X-ray tube target assembly and method of manufacturing same
Method for forming a circuit board via structure for high speed signaling
Methods of making a radio frequency identification (RFID) tags
DC offset detection and cancellation in a receiver
Joint symbol, amplitude, and rate estimator
Frequency synthesizing device with automatic calibration
Sound signal processing device and sound signal processing method
Radio communication apparatus for feeding back radio link quality information
Set volume control device for on-vehicle audio system
Mobile station and weighting control method
Demodulation and regulation concept for IR receivers
Amplifier with improved noise performance and extended gain control range
Transceiver apparatus for use in a multi-frequency communication system, base station of a multi-frequency communication system, method for use of the transceiver apparatus, method of transceiving a multi-frequency signal in a multi-frequency communication system
Adaptive array wireless communication apparatus, reception level display method, reception level adjusting method, reception level display program, and reception level adjusting program
Digital interface and related event manager for integrated circuits
Methods and apparatus for facilitating network splicing
Optical network system and method for supporting upstream signals propagated according to a cable modem protocol
Polarization scrambler, optical add/drop multiplexer, optical route switching apparatus and wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission system
Illuminative light communication device
Modular optical transceiver
Single ended DMT test method for determining ADSL capability of cables
Technology for controlling wireless communication
Signaling connection admission control in a wireless network
Frequency-domain method for joint equalization and decoding of space-time block codes
Information providing method
Method and system for broadband predistortion linearization
Channel estimation device, channel estimation method, and wireless receiver
Multi-band DMT receiver
Radio transmission device, radio reception device, and method for selecting transmission cancellation subcarriers
System and method for decoding a signal using compressed sensor measurements
Carrier detection applicable for SISO, MIMO, MISO, and SIMO communications
Secure media peripheral association in a media exchange network
Implementing portable content protection to secure secrets
System and method for establishing communications between mobile stations
Method for sending message that recommends viewing digital multimedia broadcast and mobile terminal using the method
Method and apparatus for computing soft decision input metrics to a turbo decoder
Two-wire type data communication method and system, controller and data recording apparatus
Policy engine and methods and systems for protecting data
Network service processing method and system
Systems and methods for providing signatures
Encoding and detecting apparatus
Single ended analog front end
Method and device for subdividing data service charges in a network
Switched-access network optimization methodology
One button access to network services from a remote control device
Configuring a mobile device
Drifting reduction and macroblock-based control in progressive fine granularity scalable video coding
Method for using a synchronous sampling design in a fixed-rate sampling mode
Strategies for scheduling bandwidth-consuming media events
Receiver card technology for a broadcast subscription video service
Loud speaker manufacturing method
Music information encoding/decoding device and method
Mobile communications system, radio network controller, and active set control method
Method and apparatus to manage a resource
System and method for using an embedded mobility algorithm
Dynamic bandwidth allocation to transmit a wireless protocol across a code division multiple access (CDMA) radio link
Solder layer, substrate for device joining utilizing the same and method of manufacturing the substrate
Method of making a multi-layer interconnecting structure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Low profile vaporizer
Three dimensional real-time image apparatus of ocular retina
System and method for positioning an electronic portal imaging device
Gantry for combined tomography scanner
Methods and apparatus for truncation compensation
System and method for measuring beam quality and dosimetry using electronic portal imaging
X-ray emitting system and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for treating power plant heater drain water
Electromagnetic induction actuator and portable telecommunications equipment
Optical element equipped with lanthanum fluoride film
Image forming apparatus capable of forming images on recording materials of various types and sizes
Image interpolation device
Process and device for generating test patterns when applying solder paste by a screen printing process on printed circuit boards
Optimized human presence detection through elimination of background interference
Occupant sensing system and method via imaging
Method for transmitting data via a traction control which carries an electrical driving current for vehicles
MEMS device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Isotopically altered optical fiber
Device and method to scatter optical fiber output
Electric glass melting furnace, with pivoting wall elements
Optical waveguide thermoplastic elastomer coating
Coated optical fiber
Radiation curable resin composition for fresnel lens and fresnel lens sheet
Storage medium storing catalog information and apparatus and method for recording and/or playing back catalog information
Field addressable rewritable media
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Disk drive rocking mode vibration damper
Shock absorbing member capable of absorbing larger impact applied to electronic apparatus
Hollow surface illuminator
Space heater and light source
Drain plug heater
Electrical motor vehicle air heater with grounded housing
Heat exchanger tube support structure
X-ray fluorescence thickness measurement device
Method and apparatus for detecting hidden features disposed in an opaque environment
Angular, azimuthal and displacement insensitive spectrophotometer for color printer color control systems
Integrating cavity for optical measurements
Pixel based machine for patterned wafers
Methods and apparatus for dishing and erosion characterization
Redundant LAN system, active line/stand-by line switching method, and recording medium
System for acquiring spread spectrum signals
Method for manufacturing silicon wafer and silicon wafer
Apparatus and method for acquiring uniform-resolution panoramic images
Zoom lens and projection display device using the same
Zoom lens, and electronic imaging system using the same
Zoom lens system
Zoom optical system
Wide-angle zoom lens
Zoom lens
Eyepiece optical system
Optical switch
MEMS driver
Scanner with synchronously switched optics
Head-up display with an adjusting device for a mirror
Image display device
Color illumination system for spatial light modulators using multiple double telecentric relays
Pathlength matched beam splitter and method and apparatus for assembly
Method for manufacturing a combined solid immersion lens (SIL) and submicron aperture, and device thereof
Higher order mode stripping optical fiber and modules and systems utilizing the same
Optical transmission line
Optical waveguide and method for preparing the same
Shock-wave modulation and control of electromagnetic radiation
Integrated transparent substrate and diffractive optical element
Compact three-dimensional mode size converters for fiber-waveguide coupling
Optical wiring substrate, method of manufacturing optical wiring substrate and multilayer optical wiring
Off-axis mode scrambler
Optical signal processor
Tunable add/drop node
Wavelength switch with independent channel equalization
Array waveguide grating, optical transmitter and optical communication system with monitoring function
Arrayed waveguide grating, arrayed waveguide grating module, arrayed waveguide grating module waveguide compensation method, optical communication system
Variable dispersion compensator
Wavelength division demultiplexing apparatus
Large diameter optical waveguide having blazed grating therein
Dispersion-compensated optical wavelength router
Optical waveguide switch
Optical switch and optical waveguide apparatus
Optical cross connect utilizing free space optics and an array of micro mirrors
Optical switch assembly with flex plate and method for making
Securing optical elements and optical devices
Tray for a coiled optical fiber
Variable attenuator for optical fiber applications
Method and device for passive alignment of optical fibers and components, using cross-shaped notches
Cassette for receiving optical waveguides with overlengths and fiber splices
Connecting optical fibers
Cable trough cover
Lens and bonded body of optical component
Zoom lens barrel assembly
Microsystem package structure
Autofocus system
Method and an apparatus for modulating light
Control apparatus and control method for an optical method
Electrode structure
Electrode plate for color display unit and production method therefor
Optical beam steering system
Optical tunable grid-assisted add/drop filter in codirectional mode of operation
Apparatus and methods for thermal reduction of optical distortion
Image display medium and image forming device
Sheet transfer apparatus and image reading apparatus
Apparatus and method for discharging an electrophotography component
Electrophotographic toner containment apparatus and methods
Foamed elastic member for use in image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus and method in image forming apparatus
Conductive member and electrophotographic apparatus incorporating the conductive member
Non-contact fusing roller/media separation apparatus and method for its use
Control for a fixing device in an image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and fixing apparatus
Electromagnetic induction image heating device and image forming apparatus
Driving apparatus and method for a double-side printable machine
Analog clock with a twenty four hour display
Electronic timepiece including a time related data item based on a decimal system
Adaptive resonance canceller apparatus
Mechanism for attaching a detachable panel to a housing of a PDA
Expansion card mounting apparatus
Sealed and pressurized liquid cooling system for microprocessor
Dual-purpose computer having gravity-actuated fan speed control
Liquid circulation cooling system for electronic apparatus
Connection setting method in ATM network
Protection switching within an OP-n layer
Method and device for processing data packets which have been received or are to be transmitted on a data channel
Method and system for segmenting and identifying events in images using spoken annotations
Method and system for cataloging images
Method and apparatus for assigning color management actions within a computing system
Semiconductor integrated circuit, radio frequency identification transponder, and non-contact IC card
Method for processing spatial-phase characteristics of electromagnetic energy and information conveyed therein
Methods of and system for detecting a cartoon in a video data stream
System and method for automatic preparation of data repositories from microfilm-type materials
Dynamic templates for specifying values for parameters of an operation in a video editing system
Device and method for reading image, and recording medium for image reading program
Method and apparatus for scaling an image with locally selected interpolation functions
Image communication method and apparatus
Test processing workflow tracking system
Mobile telephone network access
Information processing method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus, method of processing images, and storage medium
Apparatus for assisting makeup and an assembly constituted by such apparatus and apparatus for delivering makeup having a predetermined BRDF as selected by the apparatus for assisting makeup
Method for orthocorrecting satellite-acquired image
Method of performing lens effect using transform mask
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium storing thereon program for executing image processing
Traffic monitoring apparatus
Method, system and apparatus for choosing an optimal candidate value for block matching
Process for detecting a change of shot in a succession of video images
Chroma based adaptive signal peaking
Method and apparatus for automatic spatial resolution setting for moving images
Automated document processing system and method
Method for controlling radiation power of domain expansion type magneto-optical recording medium
Information storing medium with guide tracks and information tracks
Optical disk drive and method for processing data using the same
Direct threading helical tape path for single-reel tape cartridge
Tray structure for loading in and unloading disk from disk drive
Method and apparatus for handling end of data processing in a data storage device
Clock generator having a crosstalk removing circuit for use in a recording information reproduction apparatus
Remote-operated integrated microactuator, in particular for a read/write transducer of hard disks
Power-efficient seek operations in hard disk drive
Disc cartridge
Low profile cartridge for data storage disk
Hard disk drive having a plurality of head disk assemblies
Recording medium and audio-signal processing apparatus
Information refresh method, storage system and storage medium thereof
Electronic device having panel body
Magnetic heads for perpendicular recording with trapezoidal pole tips
Light induction type thin film magnetic head
Low moment material for magnetic recording head write pole
Write head with magnetization controlled by spin-polarized electron current
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Giant magnetoresistive sensor with high-resistivity magnetic layers
Electrical interconnect scheme
Actuator molding and baking process parameters for polyphenylene sulfide 40% glass fill for high temperature overmold carriage operation in hard disk drives
Disc head slider designs with particle flushing channels
Digital focus and tracking servo system
Apparatus and method for detecting wobble signal read from optical disc
Device and method for reducing crosstalk and intersymbol interference
Optical recording medium, recorder for optical recording medium, method for recording the same, reproducing device and reproducing method therefor
Optical head, optical recording/reproducing apparatus and laser module
Optical pickup apparatus and optical pickup method adapted for selectively using laser light of different wavelengths
Laser driver, optical disk apparatus using the same, and laser control method
Wordline driven method for sensing data in a resistive memory array
Hybrid semiconductor--magnetic spin based memory with low transmission barrier
MRAM parallel conductor orientation for improved write performance
Circuit and method for reducing access transistor gate oxide stress
Ferroelectric memory
Ferroelectric semiconductor memory
Multi-level semiconductor memory architecture and method of forming the same
Complete refresh scheme for 3T dynamic random access memory cells
Limiter for refresh signal period in DRAM
Semiconductor memory device and method of controlling the same
Memory cells enhanced for resistance to single event upset
Storing data in-non-volatile memory devices
Mask programmable read-only memory (ROM) cell
Addressable and electrically reversible memory switch
CAM with automatic next free address pointer
Content addressable memory match line sensing techniques
DRAM technology compatible processor/memory chips
Regulation method for the drain, body and source terminals voltages in a non-volatile memory cell during a program phase and corresponding program circuit
Data writing method for semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory device
Flash memory device capable of repairing a word line
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device capable of transferring data internally without using an external bus
High speed low voltage driver
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device capable of rapid operation
Semiconductor memory with address input selection circuits
Input stage apparatus and method having a variable reference voltage
Implementation of a temperature sensor to control internal chip voltages
SRAM array with temperature-compensated threshold voltage
Circuit technique for column redundancy fuse latches
Multiport memory circuit composed of 1Tr-1C memory cells
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device conducting read operation using a reference cell
Clock generator for pseudo dual port memory
Controller for delay locked loop circuits
Use of DQ pins on a ram memory chip for a temperature sensing protocol
Delay locked loop control circuit
Method for reading and writing memory cells of spatial light modulators used in display systems
Diffusion replica delay circuit method
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of actuating the same
Semiconductor memory device having test mode and memory system using the same
System and method for negative word line driver circuit
Control circuitry for a non-volatile memory
Memory system, method and predecoding circuit operable in different modes for selectively accessing multiple blocks of memory cells for simultaneous writing or erasure
Semiconductor storage device
Boiling water reactor nuclear power plant and its construction method
X-ray mask and method for making
Inductor operable under various supply voltages
Safety device monitoring heat in electric connection installations
Safety switching device for safely switching off an electrical load
Low-voltage circuit breaker comprising a data memory
X-ray tube for operating in a magnetic field
Method for improved processing and etchback of a container capacitor
Heat sink assembly with retaining device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and fabricating method thereof
Integrated circuit component carrier with angled supporting and retaining surfaces
Heat sink apparatus that provides electrical isolation for integrally shielded circuit
Thermally compliant PCB substrate for the application of chip scale packages
Cooling a microchip on a circuit board
Heat sink assembly with embedded fan
Defective cell remedy method capable of automatically cutting capacitor fuses within the fabrication process
Gate-equivalent-potential circuit and method for I/O ESD protection
Method and apparatus to trigger superconductors in current limiting devices
Reception apparatus and replica signal generating method
Discharge electrode and discharge electrode manufacturing method
High-average power active mirror solid-state laser with multiple subapertures
Heat spreading layers for vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Single mode, single lobe surface emitting distributed feedback semiconductor laser
Eyesafe Q-switched laser
Semiconductor device and optical pickup device
Passive optical resonator with mirror structure suppressing higher order transverse spatial modes
Semiconductor laser device
Low electrical resistance n-type mirror for optoelectronic devices
Single mode vertical cavity surface emitting laser using photonic crystals with a central defect
Single mode grating-outcoupled surface emitting laser with broadband and narrow-band DBR reflectors
Semiconductor laser device and semiconductor laser module
Apparatus and method for laser driver operation
Semiconductor laser with gain waveguide layer providing transversal and longitudinal mode stability
Wavelength tunable external resonator laser using optical deflector
Fiber-coupled tunable single-mode long-wavelength vertical-cavity laser
Semiconductor laser device and manufacturing method thereof
Mode-limiting diode laser structure
Semiconductor laser and method of manufacturing the same
Submarine branching unit
Electrical arc furnace protection system
Potential generating circuit, potential generating device and semiconductor device using the same, and driving method thereof
Programmable power supply
Synchronous rectifying control circuit of flyback switching power supply
Power system having a power factor correction circuit
System interconnection electric power generator and control method therefor
Apparatus for controlling rotational speed of motor
Direct digital vestigial sideband (VSB) modulator
Multi-carrier transmitting apparatus and method
Virtual coherent signal controlled oscillator
Digital data deinterleaver
Viterbi decoder with pipelined parallel architecture
Viterbi decoder with reduced number of bits in branch metric calculation processing
System for providing signals from an auxiliary audio source to a radio receiver using a wireless link
Efficient echo canceller for ADSL applications
Ultra-wideband communications system
Code division multiple access (CDMA) code timing tracking apparatus
Method and system for interference cancellation using multiple filter sets and normalized filter adaptation
Apparatus and method for detecting a received on-off keying signal in a CDMA mobile communication system
CDMA receiver and CDMA receiving method
Pump power monitor system and method for gain control of optical amplifier
Optical preamplifier with one amplification unit
Optical filter and optical filtering method
DTMF transmission structure of W-CDMA WLL system
Method and radio communications system for transmitting information between a base station and other radio stations
Open loop timing control for synchronous CDA systems
Full duplex communication slot assignment
Optical switch and optical network
Trunking alarm aggregation method and apparatus
Method of communicating data in communication systems
Order broadcast management (IOBMAN) scheme
Auto-detection system and method for a network transceiver
OFDM transmission/receiving system and block encoding method therefor
Apparatus and method for measuring bit error rate in an OFDM communication system
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and recording medium
Graphical user interface system and method for organized network analysis
ATM multiplex apparatus and congestion reporting method
Method and apparatus for load balancing in CDMA/HDR networks
Network control apparatus for controlling devices composing comunication network including the apparatus
Frame relay apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for configuring network devices
Switch, scheduler thereof, and switch scheduling method
Method of queuing traffic to many destinations covering a wide range of transmission speeds while minimizing buffer size
Queue service interval based cell schedular with hierarchical queuing configurations
Immediate rerouting in data networks
Scheduling circuitry and methods
Method of reducing radio channel access delay in GPRS system, and packet radio system
Transmission system using packet switched network
Blind rate determination
Block detection method for a channel subjected to fading
Sequence detection
Method and circuitry for demodulating a digital frequency modulated signal
Apparatus and method for sorted table binary search acceleration
Caller IP address
Automatic conversion of telephone number to internet protocol address
Selective multi-carrier direct sequence spread spectrum communication systems and methods
Dynamic and smart spreading for wideband CDMA
OFDM signal organized so as to simplify reception
FIFO read interface protocol
Carrier reproduction circuit, receiver, loop filter circuit, and oscillator circuit
Secret sharing system and storage medium
Rolling code security system
Printed circuit board holding structure
Expandable and contractible keyboard with adjustable key sizes
Method and apparatus for testing an information notification service
Multi-channel telephone data collection, collaboration and conferencing system and method of using the same
System and method for providing informative communication
Method of determining answer supervision at a line appearance of a public switch telephone network
System and method for measuring interactive voice response application efficiency
Methods and systems to make spoken name data available
System for updating a voicemail network
Apparatus and method for optimizing the use of multiple gateway in ToL systems
Stereo image measuring device
MPEG video elementary stream extruction device and elementary stream extruction method used for the same
System and method of filtering noise
Digital data processing device that restricts usage of data present on a recording medium
Method and system for estimating objective quality of compressed video data
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processing apparatus and video processing method
Method and apparatus for decoding video data
Method for improving accuracy of block based motion compensation
MPEG data frame and transmit and receive system using same
Record and playback device
Method and device for distributing bandwidth
Method and circuit for simultaneously establishing communication links between a subscriber station and further subscriber stations
Service creation in an intelligent network
Integrated access device
Common package
Caller identification method for a telephone system and telephone system with a caller identifying function using the method
Method for using a subscriber unit to selectively utilize B and D channels to support a plurality of communications
Method and arrangement for the parallel utilization of data transmission channels
Path optimization in packet-based telecommunication network
Reducing interference in inter-frequency measurement
Clear sound side fill center fill
Microphone emulation
Planar magnetic transducer
Waterproof speaker for use in an automobile
Circuit synchronization apparatus and method
Inverter controller
Method and apparatus for shock and vibration isolation of a circuit component
Power supply unit
Cover apparatus for dissipating heat and shielding electromagnetic interference
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