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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Odor control composition
Dihydrospiro[dibenzo[a,d][7]annulene-5,4'-imidazol] compounds for the inhibition of beta-secretase
3-carbonylaminothiophenes and their use as fungicides
Modulation of gamma delta T cells to regulate airway hyperresponsiveness
Adipose tissue derived stromal cells for the treatment of neurological disorders
Method of deflavoring whey protein using membrane electrodialysis
Air cushion control system
Surgical ligation clip and method for use thereof
Multi-use linkage device
Screw extraction and insertion device
Compression screw apparatuses, systems and methods
Methods of neural centre location and electrode placement in the central nervous system
Apparatus for localizing a focal lesion in a biological tissue section
Method for calculating computed tomography pictures from detector data of a CT having at least two radiation sources
Wearing article
Metal stent with surface layer of noble metal oxide and method of fabrication
Intervertebral stabilizer, methods of use, and instrumentation therefor
Synthetic catalytic free radical scavengers useful as antioxidants for prevention and therapy of disease
Bissulfonamide compounds as agonists of GalR1, compositions, and methods of use
Biaromatic compounds which activate PPAR.gamma. type receptors and cosmetic/pharmaceutical compositions comprised thereof
Compounds exhibiting thrombopoietin receptor agonism
Tri(cyclo) substituted amide compounds
Pyrazole-isoquinoline urea derivatives as p38 kinase inhibitors
Pyrrolo-pyridine kinase modulators
Gyrase inhibitors and uses thereof
Ketone-steroid extracts from the Cissus Quadrangularis plant and methods thereof
Natural composition based on Chilean monofloral honey extract from native vegetable species for bacterial infection control in vegetables at all
Hirulog-like peptide and gene therapy
Nadph oxidase cytosolic cofactor mutant
Melanocortin receptor templates, peptides and use thereof
Method for treating cervical cancer
Groups of Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia afzelii that cause Lyme Disease in humans
Avian hepatitis E virus, vaccines and methods of protecting against avian hepatitis-splenomegaly syndrome and mammalian hepatitis E
Feline immunoglobulin E molecules and related methods
Blood-pool carrier for lipophilic imaging agents
Method for the treatment of skin fibrosis and suitable compositions for such treatment
Implantable, tissue conforming drug delivery device
Spiral shaped filter
Heated mechanical detachment for delivery of therapeutic devices
Carboxylic acid derivatives, their preparation and use
Performing Operations; Transporting
Methods for forming macroporous monolithic methylsilsesquioxanes
Production of a fermentation product
Proton-conducting membrane and use thereof
Multi-cyclone dust separating apparatus
Biogas fuel conditioning system
Diesel particulate filter pulse cleaner flow director system and method
Uniform aerosol deposit sampling device
Honeycomb body, exhaust system having the honeycomb body and method for muffling sound in the exhaust system of an internal combustion engine
Moisture exchange module having bundle of moisture permeable hollow fibre membranes
Multi-functional substantially fibrous mullite filtration substrates and devices
Emission control system
Elastomer composites, method and apparatus
Reactor system with interstage product removal
Nanoscale rutile or anatase oxide and method for producing same
Supramolecular complexes as photocatalysts for the production of hydrogen from water
Apparatus for processing surface of substrate
Photoreceptor plug to enable universal chuck capability
Systems and methods for processing microfeature workpieces
Device and method for cleaning a powder coating booth
Aerosol method and apparatus, particulate products, and electronic devices made therefrom
Edge band and edge banding process
Method of fabricating reflective mirror by wet-etch using improved mask pattern and reflective mirror fabricated using the same
Producing method of polymer optical waveguide
Heat roller
Film stretching apparatus and solution film-forming method
Container for retort pouch food
Fibrous structure comprising an oil system
Layered product olefin foam and use
Inorganic optical recording medium comprising a heat dissipation layer
Hinge apparatus
Method of inlaying stone in wood
Lightweight structural members
Organic-inorganic composite forming material, organic-inorganic composite, production method thereof and optical element
Exposure apparatus, image forming apparatus and heat adjustment method
Metal compositions, thermal imaging donors and patterned multilayer compositions derived therefrom
Static electricity dissipation device for vehicles
Feed detecting system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Preparation of carbon nanoparticles and carbon nitride from high nitrogen compound
Wafer manufacturing method, polishing apparatus, and wafer
Alkali-free glass
Methods and intermediates for the synthesis of porphyrins
Analgesics, anaesthetics, antifoulants, aversants, irritants, incapacitants and compositions containing the same
Synthesis of [1-.sup.13C]pyruvic acid], [2-.sup.13C]pyruvic acid], [3-.sup.13C]pyruvic acid] and combinations thereof
Process for producing optically active ester
Methods to produce lung surfactant formulations via lyophilization and formulations and uses thereof
Enantioselective process
Diastereomeric purification of rosuvastatin
Pyrimidyl sulphone amide derivatives as chemokine receptor modulators
Benzodiazepine derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Cyanopyrrole-containing cyclic carbamate and thiocarbamate biaryls and methods for preparing the same
Process for preparing arylaminopropanols
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Azacycloalkane derivatives as inhibitors of stearoyl-coenzyme a delta-9 desaturase
3-(4-amidopyrrol-2-ylmethylidene)-2-indolinone derivatives as protein kinase inhibitors
3-aminoquinazolin-2,4-dione antibacterial agents
Covalently linked organic frameworks and polyhedra
84P2A9: a prostate and testis specific protein highly expressed in prostate cancer
Methods and kits for detecting SARS-associated coronavirus
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and therapeutics
Cross-linkable compounds comprising a perfluoropolyether moiety
Biomedical devices
Degassing process
Recovering ethylene and vinyl acetate from the residual gas stream of vinyl ester-ethylene copolymer preparation
Low chlorine content epoxy resin
Carboxylic-acid-terminated hyperbranched poly(benzoxazole) and the star block copolymers therefrom
Light-scattering shaped articles of high light transmission and the use thereof in flat screens
Phenylethynylbenzophenone-endcapped hyperbranched poly(arylene-ether-ketone-imides)
Multi-photon polymerizable pre-ceramic polymeric compositions
Macroporous ion exchange resins
Anion-conducting polymer, composition, and membrane
Use of polymer powders that are redispersible in water as a binding agent for jointing sand
Stabilized unsaturated polyester resin mixtures
Method of processing filamentary nanocarbon
Phase change inks
Monoazo colorants from pyrazolobenzodiazinedioxides
Pigment dispersions with polymeric dispersants having pending chromophore groups
Pigment dispersion with polymeric dispersants having pending chromophore groups
Pigment dispersions with polymeric dispersants having pending chromophore groups
Liquid crystal medium
Ester-containing fluid compositions
Fatty ester compositions with improved oxidative stability
Gear lubricant with low Brookfield ratio
Compositions and methods for use in unclogging drains and pipes
Hypochlorous acid/alkali metal hydoxide-containing products, methods and equipment for removing stains from fabrics
Products, methods and equipment for removing stains from fabrics using an alkali metal hydroxide/hypochlorite salt mixture
Products, methods and equipment for removing stains from fabrics
Apparatus and method for analyzing bacteria
Primate embryonic stem cell line
Cellulose synthase encoding nucleic acids and uses thereof
Alteration of plant embryo/endosperm size during development
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and therapeutics
Cleaved serum response factor in cardiac diagnosis and therapy
Method of isolating and culturing mesenchymal stem cell derived from cryopreserved umbilical cord blood
Artificial cell comprising mutant estrogen receptor
Use of flocculating agents for separating the solid residue in hydrolysed fermentation substrates
5-substituted hydantoin racemase, DNA coding for the racemase, and processes for producing optically active amino acids
Sequential reporter enzyme luminescence (SRL) methods and compositions for practicing the same
Method for the detection and measurement of Hapten-conjugated biological binding entities by western and dot-blot using anti-hapten antibodies
Accessory cholera enterotoxin and analogs thereof as activators of calcium dependent chloride channel
3' end tagged oligonucleotides
Methods for determination of single nucleic acid polymorphisms using a bioelectronic microchip
Vectors and methods for high throughput co-expression
Population of polynucleotide sequence variants
Methods and compositions for identifying anti-HCV agents
Methods for reducing carbon contamination when melting highly reactive alloys
Method for producing multilayer film perpendicular magnetic recording medium
Method and system for controlling a velocity field of a supercritical fluid in a processing system
Method and apparatus for an improved focus ring in a plasma processing system
Apparatus for reducing entrapment of foreign matter along a moveable shaft of a substrate support
Plasma-processing apparatus
Cathodic protection system for non-isolated structures including a microprocessor control
Plating method
Silicone single crystal production process
Textiles; Paper
Resin compositions, monofilaments, process for producing the same and fishing lines
Method for optimizing production of paper or board
Shaped pulp article and resulting surface covering and method of making same
Loading device for a shoe press
Process and apparatus for producing a tissue web
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas conduit for plasma gasification reactors
Extendable rotor blades for power generating wind and ocean current turbines within a module mounted atop a main blade
Auxiliary power unit for a motor vehicle
Seismic exploration
Position measurement system
Surface profile measuring apparatus
Optical tomography system
Accelerometer comprising an optically resonant cavity
Device and method for correcting the aging effects of a measurement sensor
Range finder system and electronic system having same
Infrared sensor calibration system and method
Imaging apparatus for IR four-wave mixing polarization microscopy
Testing/adjusting method and test control apparatus for rotating disk storage devices
Wireless automotive data link connector
Electricity supplying device, electricity supplying apparatus, sample detection device, and sample detection apparatus
Optical measurement apparatus
Zwitterionic dyes for labeling in proteomic and other biological analyses
Sampler carrier for a confocal microscope and method for fabricating a sample carrier
Miniaturized fluorescence analysis system
Biological property check device using light
Combined bragg grating wavelength interrogator and brillouin backscattering measuring instrument
Ultrasonic sensor
Adaptor protein that binds to mammalian toll-like receptor 3, and gene thereof
Gel-shell beads with adsorbed or bound biomolecules
Imaging, diagnosis and treatment of disease
Blood analysis device and blood analysis method
Method of multiple reaction in microreactor, and microreactor
Potential sensor
Probing apparatus and probing method
Transporting stream client signals via packet interface using GFP mapping
Test tray and handler using the test tray
Method of doping impurities, and electronic element using the same
Core-less current sensor
Magnetostrictive multi-layer sensor for detecting a deformation
Current sensor for measuring current flowing through bus bar
Monolithic active pixel dosimeter
Neutron detector using lithiated glass-scintillating particle composite
Downhole sensor assembly
Zoom optical system and electronic system incorporating IT
Zoom optical system and electronic system incorporating it
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Method of sealing an array of cell microstructures using microencapsulated adhesive
Essentially water-free polymerized crystalline colloidal array composites having tunable radiation diffracting properties
Multi mirror system for an illumination system
Diffusely-reflecting polarizer having nearly isotropic continuous phase
Switchable polymer-dispersed liquid crystal optical elements
Refractive index matching tape adhering device
Optical fiber, optical fiber connection structure and optical connector
3R recovery system
Method of manufacturing directional coupler
Controlling optical resonances via optically induced potentials
Optical element holding structure, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Focus adjustment module
Barrel for promoting alignment of optical axes of lenses
Ornamental display device
Liquid crystal display device
Phase difference compensating device and liquid crystal apparatus using the same
Driver module structure with flexible circuit board
Finder device and camera
Digital camera system with interchangeable lens assembly
Lock mechanism for stage apparatus
Anti-shake apparatus
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Integrated circuit comprising an organic semiconductor, and method for the production of an integrated circuit
Transfer mask blank, transfer mask, and transfer method using the transfer mask
Photomask, and method and apparatus for producing the same
Substrate, method of exposing a substrate, machine readable medium
Color forming compositions with a fluoran leuco dye having a latent developer
Image forming apparatus and image forming apparatus manufacturing method
Color image forming apparatus capable of effectively matching registration between elementary color images
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method for producing charging roll
Image forming apparatus with a pressing member and transfer fixing member
Imaging member having nano polymeric gel particles in various layers
Tempo detection apparatus, chord-name detection apparatus, and programs therefor
Electronic device with an electroluminescence lens mask
Metronome and system for maintaining a common tempo among a plurality of musicians
Device and method for driving a single phase motor
Booster circuit
Hybrid filter for high slew rate output current application
Holder for electronic apparatus
Method for communication of multiple sensor nodes in a sensor network
Diagnostic method and system
Print controlling method and apparatus that prevents transmission of print data from clients until a predetermined time that is scheduled based on when the client registers with the managing section
Image-forming apparatus and control method thereof
Printing method and system
Method for generating a display list
Digital signal processing method, learning method, apparatuses for them, and program storage medium
Creating, designing, managing, scheduling, developing and producing products
Apparatus for measuring average power consumption of computer system
Method for designing mold, mold and molded product
Method of CVT control in a vehicle for adapting its noise characteristics with permanent and transient modes
Image forming device and image forming system
Characterizing connectivity in reservoir models using paths of least resistance
System and method for integrating projects events with personal calendar and scheduling clients
High Q linear controlled variable capacitor using translinear amplifier
Method and apparatus for determining virtual visibility
Portal for distributing business and product information
Signal output and image forming apparatus with method of judging sheet type by impact detection
Method for localizing irises in images using gradients and textures
Image reading apparatus and its driving method
Method and apparatus for embolism analysis
Process for gripping an object by means of a robot arm equipped with a camera
Apparatus for classifying a material by analyzing the material's surface, and related systems and method
Method and system for preparing grayscale image files for highlight printing on a four color printer
Associative vector storage system supporting fast similarity search based on self-similarity feature extractions across multiple transformed domains
Texture image compressing device and method, texture image decompressing device and method, data structures and storage medium
Image processing method and system for microfluidic devices
Apparatus and method for processing an image
Time polynomial Arrow-Debreu market equilibrium
Restaurant system
Object subject to processing, which judges need for predetermined processing thereof based on usage and specification thereof
System and method for transparency rendering
Method and apparatus for providing data communication in data monitoring and management systems
Radio frequency identification device and method
Method and system for tracking containers having metallic portions, covers for containers having metallic portions, tags for use with container having metallic portions and methods of calibrating such tags
Security tag adapter for containers
Method for supporting an antenna wiring, and a system
External computer hard-drive enclosure
Navigation system and program for the same
Plasma display panel driving circuit and plasma display apparatus
Method of driving plasma display panel
Plasma display apparatus and driving method of the same
Dielectrophoretic displays
Apparatus for automatically adjusting display parameters relying on visual performance and method for the same
Method and apparatus for data processing recognizing an object represented as two-dimensional image
Input device including power generating device
Adjustable strap for a guitar
Automated digital voice recorder to personal information manager synchronization
Apparatus and method compensating mechanical tolerance of brushless direct current motor and related disk drive
Disk drive adaptive resonance compensation method and apparatus
Hard disk drive apparatus, method to control flying on demand of hard disk drive apparatus using thermal asperity signal, and recording media for computer program thereof
Method and apparatus to limit DC-level in coded data
Edge controlled fast data pattern generator
Defect registration method of magnetic disk, and magnetic disk drive
Method for merging sensor field-mill and electronic lapping guide material placement for a partial mill process and sensor formed according to the method
Suspension and limiter mechanism for a data storage device
Method and apparatus of dual stage servo control with dual control paths and decoupling feedback for track following in a hard disk drive
Up-sampled filtering for servo demodulation
Disk drive determining operating fly height by detecting head disk contact from disk rotation time
Apparatus and method for calibrating laser power in an optical disk apparatus
Semiconductor device with high-breakdown-voltage transistors
Charge loss restoration method and semiconductor memory device
Recording device and HDD built-in recording device
Switching circuit for CMOS circuit
Power management control and controlling memory refresh operations
Apparatus and method of operating an integrated circuit
Semiconductor memory device
Two transistor wordline decoder output driver
Concentrated irradiation type radiotherapy apparatus
X-ray imaging systems employing point-focusing, curved monochromating optics
Charged particle beam exposure method and charged particle beam exposure device
Photopolymerization electrode paste composition
Switching device with switch latch
Charged particle beam apparatus
Electron-emitting device, electron-emitting apparatus, electron source, image display device and information display/reproduction apparatus
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device having the same
High temperature operation type electrodeless bulb of plasma lighting systems and plasma lighting system having the same
Plasma display panel having a protective layer preventing an increase in firing voltage
Plasma display apparatus
Method of manufacturing micro-optic device
Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing said solid-state imaging device
Method for wafer level chip scale packaging with passive components integrated into packaging structure
Die attaching method
Holder for supporting wafers during semiconductor manufacture
Resonant cavity light emitting devices and associated method
LED package using Si substrate and fabricating method thereof
Distributor and distributing method, plasma processing system and method, and process for fabricating LCD
Compositions for removal of processing byproducts and method for using same
Spin-on glass composition and method of forming silicon oxide layer in semiconductor manufacturing process using the same
Method of manufacturing insulating film, method of manufacturing transistor, and method of manufacturing electronic device
Method for redirecting void diffusion away from vias in an integrated circuit design
Electronic device with reduced interface charge between epitaxially grown layers and a method for making the same
Chemical doping of nano-components
ALD film forming method
Substrate processing method and recording medium
Monolithically integrated light-activated thyristor and method
Electronic packaging materials for use with low-k dielectric-containing semiconductor devices
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Carbon containing silicon oxide film having high ashing tolerance and adhesion
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus
Method, apparatus, and system of electric-signal detection by asynchronous demultiplexing
Flash EEPROM cell and method of fabricating the same
Materials and optical devices based on group IV quantum wells grown on Si-Ge-Sn buffered silicon
Semiconductor device comprising metal insulator metal (MIM) capacitor
Semiconductor diode, electronic component and voltage source inverter
I/O and power ESD protection circuits by enhancing substrate-bias in deep-submicron CMOS process
Magnetic memory device and method of fabricating the same
LED luminaire
Vibration wave driven apparatus and vibrator
Organic electroluminescent device
Lithium-ion cell with a wide operating temperature range
Intelligent equalizing battery charger having equalization charging circuitry
Fuel cell and method of assembling the same
Complex oxide materials and cathode materials for lithium ion battery
Production of tetrabasic lead sulfate from solid state reactions for the preparation of active plates to be used in lead-acid batteries
Zinc air battery with acid electrolyte
Proton conductive polymer and fuel cell using the same
Fuel cell system having fuel and water controlling means
Pressure regulator for fuel cell
Electrolyte film and fuel cell
Fuel cell system in the form of a printed circuit board
High frequency magnetic thin film filter
System and method for tuning a monopole antenna
Antenna module having a multilayered substrate with built-in components which are connected to mounted components
Chip antenna body and method of manufacturing the same
Method for detection of faulty antenna array elements
Apparatus and method for stabilizing the frequency of lasers
Core for a cable entry device
Voltage balance circuit, voltage detecting circuit, voltage balancing method, and voltage detecting method
Double power sources switching circuit
Protective circuit for a secondary battery pack and method of operating the same
Starting system for salient-poled-rotor electric motor
Linear motor
Stepping motor, lens device using the same, and imaging device using the same
Motor having reverse rotation preventing unit
Electric actuator
Arrangement for conveying fluids
Switch mode power supply systems
Electrical assemblies using molecular-scale electrically conductive and mechanically flexible beams and methods for application of same
Motor-driving circuit and recording apparatus including the same
Controller for motor
Reduced-complexity multiple-input, multiple-output detection
Power-efficient automatic gain control
Power efficient programmable amplifier
Output circuit of vacuum-tube amplifier
Output circuit of vacuum-tube amplifier
Combination of linear and adaptive non-linear control for fast transient response
PWM signal generating circuit
Supply voltage sensing circuit
High output resistance, wide swing charge pump
Reduced noise radio frequency integrated circuit
Differential offset correction circuit
Switched capacitor type D/A converter, and drive circuit for liquid crystal display
Device for inputting text by actuating keys of a numeric keypad for electronic devices and method for processing input impulses during text input
System and method for signaling on a bus using forbidden pattern free codes
Time constant automatic adjusting circuit, filter circuit system, and method of automatically adjusting time constant
Wireless communication system and method using clock swapping during image rejection calibration
Transducer circuit coupled to a control unit through a cable
Method and system for single sideband mixing receiver architecture for improving signal quality
High linearity tunable bandpass filter
Tuning device and radio-wave corrected timepiece
Mobile communication device having speaker unit
Portable terminal
Scaling using gain factors for use in data detection
Transimpedance (TIA) circuit usable for burst mode communications
Space optical transmission apparatus and space optical transmission system
Amplified optical ring transmission system
Dynamic frequency selection in a wireless communication network
High power bipolar pulse generators with impedance transformation
Animal identification and entry control system
Baseband controller in a wireless local area network
Wireless access communications network
Multiplex switching scheme for communications network
System and method for determining data rate
Multicast transfer route setting method, and multicast label switching method for implementing former method
Apparatus and method for providing notification of allocation of communication resources in a radio communication system
System and method for digital broadcast protocol conversion
Method and apparatus for increasing packet throughput in crossbar
Method for downlink transmission synchronization and data buffer sizing in a radio access network
Sub-frame synchronized multiplexing
Synchronizing clocks across a communication link
Data slot allocation method in distributed wireless personal area networks
Encryption apparatus and method in a wireless communications system
OFDM signal receiver device and OFDM signal receiving method
Interferometric operation of electroabsorption modulators
Apparatus for canceling intersymbol interference in semiconductor memory device and method thereof
System and method for maintaining a layer 2 modification buffer
Efficient handoffs between cellular and wireless local area networks
ATM communication system and ATM communication method
Protocol information processing system and method information processing device and method recording medium and program
Dynamic multicast group management and service wavelength allocation method for communication-broadcasting convergence service in WDM-PON
Media gateway and automatic telephone call redirecting service system
Method of data burst transmission
Adaptive pilot filter for a wireless communication system
Multiplex signal error correction method and device
System for shifting data bits multiple times per clock cycle
Internet protocol telephone mounting apparatus
Method and apparatus to improve channel quality for use in wireless communications systems with multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antennas
Actuator module of wireless communication terminals
Probe for measuring quality-of-service parameters in a telecommunication network
System for and method of reproducing multimedia contents in mobile communication terminal
Apparatus and method for generating a data distribution route
Image processing apparatus
Image processing device
Image pickup apparatus, camera module and image pickup method having a transmission member which is selectively engageable with a shutter gear or a gear formed on the outer periphery of the lens frame
Foldable electronic image pickup apparatus
Imaging apparatus
Imaging apparatus
Image signal processing unit
Exposure control of image input apparatus
Displaying data on lower resolution displays
Information processor
Recording medium having data structure for managing main data additional content data thereof and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
Mobile communication terminal
Data relay device, data relay method and data transmission system
Television and adjustment method for the same
Locating and tracking acoustic sources with microphone arrays
Telephone handset
Communication system providing hybrid optical/wireless communications and related methods
Controller for controlling number of requests served by a server
Adaptive MAC architecture for wireless networks
Thermal head, driving method and thermal head drive circuit
Household electrical appliance comprising two heating sub-assemblies articulated on each other
Printed circuit board including embedded passive component
Printed circuit board assembly with shock absorbing structure
SIM card holder
Semiconductor die package with internal bypass capacitors
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Soybean cultivar 931213954588
Inbred corn line SM4603
Inbred maize line PH2VK
Soybean cultivar 61658236
Inbred maize line PH1MD
Audio signal for spring-loaded rodent traps
Antifungal agents
Pesticidal sulfur compounds
Class of proteins for the control of plant pests
High efficiency alkaline protein extraction
Bag with sound emitting device
Heating element
Method and apparatus for recording three-dimensional distribution of light backscattering potential in transparent and semi-transparent structures
Cerebral function improving agents
Use of L-lysine in the treatment of hair loss
Rotary-linear actuator
Fibrous assembly of peptide lipid and method for the preparation thereof
Vinylcyclopropane-(meth)acrylates and their use
Glass ionomer cement
Dental elastic restorative material and method for production of dental prosthetic material using the same
Photocuring resin composition for orthodontics
CLA esters and uses thereof
Process for making substantially homogeneous polymers
Hair care compositions
Denaturants for sympathomimetic amine salts
Microporous polymeric foams made with silicon or germanium based monomers
Water-absorbing, expanded, crosslinked polymers, the production and use thereof
Preparation for reducing the bond strength of adhesive tapes
Method for reduction of the infectiousness of potentially infectious material
Method of controlling centrifugal pump
Irradiation apparatus
Solid waste treatment agent and treatment method of solid waste
Zeros bio-dynamics a zero-emission non-thermal process for cleaning hydrocarbon from soils zeros bio-dynamics
Solid golf ball
Performing Operations; Transporting
Stable dispersible silicone compositions
142b/124 blowing agent blends
Composite particles including an organic polymer and an oxide and/or hydroxide
Hydroxyl group-containing covalently bound polymer separating materials and processes for their preparation
Retention of activity of molybdenum-containing metallic oxide catalyst
Preparation of high activity catalysts; the catalysts and their use
Process for converting a geminally substituted cyclopentadiene
High power ultrasonic transducer
Optical glass sorting machine and method
Sash sensor and method of sensing a sash using an array of multiplexed elements
Multifilament drawn radiopaque highly elastic cables and methods of making the same
External inductor for magnetic-pulse welding and forming
Binder system on the basis of polyurethane for molding material mixtures for use in the production of casting molds and cores
Inverter resistance welding control apparatus
Laser irradiating apparatus and laser irradiating method
Electrode and method of making same
Automated welding device for the buildup of material
TIG welding torch permitting improving striking the welding arc
Self-supporting battery tray
Sinterable semi-crystalline powder and near-fully dense article formed therewith
Method for manufacturing a housing part with a screening effect for radio communication equipment
Electronic device encapsulated directly on a substrate
Elastic substantially linear ethylene polymers
High efficiency heating agents
Resin for an oriented-reinforcement prepreg that can be shaped and molded products that are obtained
Vehicle window with heated wiper rest
Oil-based ink for preparing printing plate by ink jet process and method for preparing printing plate by ink jet process
Recording apparatus
Method for adjusting drive roller linefeed distance
Full bleed ink-jet photographic quality printing
Addressing circuitry for microfluidic printing apparatus
Recording sheets containing mildew preventing agents
Ink jet head
Recording apparatus having a substrate for a recording head and method of producing the same
Dual droplet size printhead
Ink jet recording head with a plurality of orifice plates
Ink jet recording head having an ink reservoir comprising a plurality of grooves with increased strength and volume capacity and ink jet recording apparatus having the same
Single-side fabrication process for forming inkjet monolithic printing element array on a substrate
Wiping and recovery of an ink jet head with inclined discharge port surface
Ink container
Printer using print cartridge with internal pressure regulator
Ink jet printing system which ejects both ink and an insolubilizing or coagulating liquid
Ink jet recording device having staggered recording element arrays
Thermal head
Reducing pixel footprint in a light emitter array using organic light emitting diodes
Raster output scanner exposure control for bias and run levels in a multiple diode system
Program controlled beam focus to compensate for thermal changes
Image forming apparatus having an LED array head for forming image dots based on a pitch of the LEDs
Ink jet recording apparatus
Printhead de-multiplexing and interconnect on carriage mounted flex circuit
Information recording apparatus and information recording method
Anionic polymerization initiators for preparing macro-branched diene rubbers
Apparatus and method for detecting decrease in tire air-pressure
Drive arrangement for a motor vehicle closure panel
Method and apparatus for preventing entrapment by a vehicle closure
Detecting device for road monitoring
Controller for electric vehicle and electric vehicle using the same
Method and device for checking battery charge
Pickup truck tailgate monitor
Engine brake indicator light
Miniature battery powered beacon
Wire-circuit sheet and electric junction box thereof
Corrugated tube and an automatic wire-loading device therefor
Remotely controlled intrusion alarm and detection system
Heating element for heated windshield wiper
Multiple piece propeller deicing system brush block housings
Device for heating an aerofoil
Lightweight miniaturized integrated microsatellite employing advanced semiconductor processing and packaging technology
Cap with integrated eas marker
Food packaging for microwave cooking having a corrugated susceptor with fold lines
Microwave popcorn bag with continuous susceptor arrangement
Device for a materials handling vehicle
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Method and device for positioning and retaining micro-building-blocks
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Aqueous suspension of silica and of aluminium sulphate or of alum, processes for the preparation and uses of the said suspension
Process for preparing aromatic carboxylic acids with efficient treatments of gaseous effluent
Radiation-curable liquid resin composition for coating optical fibers
Highly efficient cement dispersants
Method for control of fluid loss and gas migration in well cementing
Laminated electronic part, method for the production thereof, and dielectric ceramic composition
Ceramic composition for immobilization of actinides
Method for evaluation of the ratio of amounts of biomolecules or their sub-populations in a mixture
Process for increasing the selectivity of a reaction to convert oxygenates to olefins
Process for the production of high purity isobutene combining reactive distillation with hydroisomerisation and skeletal isomerisation
Process for separating meta-xylene
Alkylation process with reduced heavy residue
Conversion of an HF alkylation unit
Method of manufacturing flumetralin
Method for preparing 4-nitrodiphenylamine and 4-nitrosodiphenylamine from carbanilide
Process for the preparation of bistrifluoromethylbenzylamines
Flexible diamine compound for preparation of polyamide and polyimide
Bicyclo[2.2.1]heptanes and related compounds
Bis (haloethyl) aminobenzene derivatives
Preparation of tri-iodo benzene compounds
Enantiomer compositions of (1R,4S)-1-butyrylamino-4-(hydroxymethyl)-2-cyclopentene
C-2 hydroxyl protected-n-acyl (2R,3S)-3-phenylisoserine substituted phenyl activated esters and method for production thereof
Method for producing trifluoroacetoacetic acid anilides
Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa antagonists
Process and equipment for the production of ethylene glycols
Catalytic hydrolysis of alkylene oxides
Process for the purification of butane-1,4-diol
Methanol process for natural gas conversion
Chemical refining method and reuse system for semiconductor device manufacturing
Use of arylguanidinium xanthogenates as vulcanization accelerators and process for the production thereof
Method of stabilizing aldehydes
Method for carbonylation of lower aliphatic alcohols using a supported iridium and lanthanide series catalyst
Method for manufacture of products containing disalts of formic acid
Processes for recovering citric acid
Depolymerization process for recycling polyesters
Resins containing phenylethynl-terminated compounds
Preparation of 4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridines
Synthesis of 3-amino-2-chloro-4-methylpyridine from acetone and ethyl cyanoacetate
Process for producing perylene-3, 4-dicarboxylic acid imides
Method of preparing norbenzomorphane as an intermediate in the preparation of pharmaceutically useful benzomorphane derivatives, in particular (-)-(1R,5S,2"R)-3'-hydroxy-2-(2-methoxypropyl)-5,9,9-trimethyl-6,7-benzo morphane
Preparation of sulfonamides
Processes for producing phenoxy propionic acid derivatives
Glycidyl ester adducts having increased glass transition temperatures
7-hexanoyltaxol and methods for preparing the same
Method for high yield and large scale extraction of paclitaxel from paclitaxel-containing material
Taxoid compound and method for producing the same
Process for preparing substituted chroman derivatives
Solid phase and combinatorial synthesis of substituted thiophenes and of arrays of substituted thiophenes
Pyrrolo[3,4-D]Pyrimidinone derivatives and their use as medicaments
Phthalocyanine radical anions and process for producing the same
Homoazaadamantane spirooxazines and their use in the field of ophthalmic optics
Process for the purification of a 3-cephem-4-carboxylic acid derivative
Process for preparing a morphinan derivative
Camptothecin analogs and methods of preparation thereof
Integrated process for preparation of diene complexes
Process for producing aminosilane compounds
Phosphole and diphosphole ligands for catalysis
Process for the formation of hydrocarbyl BIS(hydrocarbyl phosphate)
Biocatalytic methods for synthesizing and identifying biologically active compounds
Deoxynucleic alkyl and alkoxy thiourea compounds
2-alkoxy estradiols and derivatives thereof
Tetracycline-inducible transcriptional activator fusion proteins
Pap mutants that exhibit anti-viral and/or anti-fungal activity in plants
DNA binding proteins that interact with NPR1
Xylanase obtained from an anaerobic fungus
Parasitic helminth DiAg2 nucleic acid molecules, and uses thereof
Human SMT3-like protein
Smooth muscle cell LIM protein
PEPCK-insulin gene construct and transgenic mouse
Human jagged polypeptide, encoding nucleic acids and methods of use
Antibodies to vertebrate smoothened proteins
Antibodies which bind granulocyte-macrophane colony-stimulating factor receptor
Coupled polymers and process for preparing the same
Catalysts and processes for the polymerization of olefins
Polymerization catalysts, their production and use
Test method for evaluating insoluble polymer growth
Process for preparing polybutadiene using catalyst with high activity
Process for polymerizing tetrafluoroethylene
Ethylene copolymers, process for the preparation of ethylene-based polymers and catalyst system used therein
Silicoacrylic compositions, preparation process and use for obtaining coatings which are hardenable thermally or by radiation
Cross-linkable, olefinic polymers and methods for their synthesis
Repulpable, pressure-sensitive adhesive compositions
Phosphatized amine chain-extended epoxy polymeric compounds
Graft copolymers containing polydiorganosiloxane and polybutylene grafts
Rubber composition and tire having tread thereof
Method for concentrating aqueous dispersion of fluorine-containing polymer
Curable aqueous composition
Very fine cell polyurethane foams and processes for producing the same
Ink jet ink containing polyurethane dispersant
Soft polyurethane foam, method of producing the same and vehicle interior member using the same
Aqueous polyurethane dispersions containing dimer/trimer
Composition of carboxyl-containing poly(meth)acrylate, carboxyl-terminated polyester and epoxy resin
Method for quenching of polycarbonate and compositions prepared thereby
Process for producing high-molecular-weight polycarbonate and electrophotographic photoreceptor using polycarbonate obtained by the process
Polyarylene ether for optical communication
Process and device for the standardized continuous production of polyamides
Silicone terpolymers containing dimethyl higher alkyl and repeating units
Curable compositions based on functional polysiloxanes
Organosilane oligomers
Catalysts for polycondensation and redistribution of organosiloxane polymers
Silacyclobutane compounds, methods of preparing same, and polymers formed therefrom
Process for producing a vulcanizable rubber composition with silica-based reinforcing filler
Process for producing dispersion of functional compound
Thermoplastic compositions of interpolymers of ethylene with styrene blended with poly vinyl chloride
High productivity, low fugitive emission foams and foam processes
Process for the preparation of polyolefinic particle foam
Freeze-dried polystyrene-polysiloxane foams
Modified rebond polyurethane foam structure and method of making such structure
Unblown ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer treated asphalt and its method of preparation
Polyacetal resin compositions comprising boric acid
Stabilized polyvinyl chloride
Rubber processing additive
L-lactic acid polymer composition, molded product and film
Weak bronsted acid derivatives for improving dimensional stability of polyurethane flexible foams
Near infrared absorbent polycarbonate resin composition and shaped article thereof
Flame-retardant thermoplastic resin composition
Melamine-melam-melem salt of a polyphosphoric acid and process for its production
Preparation of thermoplastic nanocomposite
Multi-branched compounds and curable composition
Preparation of conductive polymeric nanocomposite
Rubber latexes, graft copolymers, and thermoplastic resin compositions
Process for the preparation of a composition containing ethylene polymers, and use thereof
Flame retardant resin composition
Aqueous epoxy resin system with curing agent from reacting acid-terminated polyalkylene glycol with epoxy-amine adduct
Multiphase thermoplastic compositions
Aromatic polyamide resin compositions
Asymmetric dioxazine compounds and method for dyeing or printing fiber materials using the same
Method for preparing hydrophobic clay
Ink jet printing method
Non-hazing UV curable powder coatings containing crystalline resins
Cationic electrocoating composition
Adhesive of epoxy resin, amine-terminated polyamide and polyamine
Latent amino groups and isocyanate groups comprising polyurethane prepolymers, method for their production and their use
SBR for asphalt cement modification
Multi-color electroluminescent display panel
Fluorescent lamp with improved phosphor blend
Luminescent phosphor composition and display
Active-matrix liquid crystal display
Method and device for determining predetermined properties of target particles of a sample medium
Mammalian lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase
Covalent attachment of unmodified nucleic acids to silanized solid phase surfaces
Textiles; Paper
Fibers flash-spun from partially fluorinated polymers
Resistance heating element, in particular for clothes dryers
Fixed Constructions
Passive road sensor for automatic monitoring and method thereof
Desiccant matrix for an insulating glass unit
Method for the disposal of oil field wastes contaminated with naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM)
Acoustic logging system using fiber optics
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device for determining measured values, especially the concentration of an aerosol in a closed space of a working machine
Device and method for driving a capacitive actuator
Variable speed wind turbine generator
Microelectromechanical rotary structures
Axial flow fan motor with circuit board and housing interlocking structure
Spindle motor with fluid dynamic bearing having a journal bearing in combination with a conical bearing
Active vibra-acoustic damper
Halogen lamp with a heat insulating washer interposed between a lamp housing and a reflector
Electric cooker
Method and apparatus for measuring dimensions of objects on a conveyor
Apparatus for position data acquisition and an apparatus for coil position recognition
Film thickness measuring method and apparatus
Planar alignment system and method
I/O pin array
Magnetic rotational position sensor
Magnetic back-to-back locator
Systems and methods for characterizing and correcting cyclic errors in distance measuring and dispersion interferometry
Survey instrument
Laser survey instrument
Optical axis compensator
Physical parameter sensor having a self-testing circuit which recognizes an abnormal sensor state
Bragg grating temperature/strain fiber sensor having combination interferometer/spectrometer output arrangement
Sensor system
Weighing device
Level weighing device
Instrument and method for spectroscopic analysis by reflectance and transmittance
Microlens array
Thermal detector with inter-digitated thin film electrodes and method
Microwave active solid state cold/warm noise source
Method and apparatus for electronically evaluating the internal temperature of an electrochemical cell or battery
Pressure monitor and alarm for compression mounting with compressed gas storage tank
High sensitivity optical fluid-borne particle detection
Optical instrument
Fast automated spectral fitting method
Measurement apparatus for measuring internal quality of object
Optical transducers based on liquid crystalline phases
Optical probe for scanning surfaces within constricted spaces
Method of measuring the degree of alloying of a galvanized steel sheet using laser beams
Integrating multi-waveguide sensor
System and method for analyzing topological features on a surface
Prediction of bulk density of particulates with a correlation based on moisture content
High performance tachometer having a shift indicator system with "short-shift" protection
Semiconductor physical-quantity sensor having a locos oxide film, for sensing a physical quantity such as acceleration, yaw rate, or the like
Method and apparatus for clamping land grid array integrated circuit devices
Test probe device for a display panel and test probe positioning method
Low-current probe card with reduced triboelectric current generating cables
Method and apparatus for testing integrated circuit chips
Electronic test probe interface assembly and method of manufacture
Probe card for testing semiconductor devices
Method and apparatus for detecting supply voltage
Process and machine for signal waveform analysis
Measuring method for equivalent circuitry
Test handler
Electrical voltage tester
Time-domain reflectometry user input device
Integrated testing method and apparatus for semiconductor test operations processing
EPROM used as a voltage monitor for semiconductor burn-in
Method of detecting defect of integrated circuit and apparatus thereof
Serial switch driver architecture for automatic test equipment
Method and device of testing semiconductor integrated circuit chip capable of preventing electron-hole pairs
Circuit and method for triggering an over-voltage protection unit
Self-adjusting battery diagnostic method for continuously providing best prediction of battery reserve time
Rechargeable battery maintenance and testing system
Magnetoresistive sensor with pinned SAL
Telescoping coil array for magnetic resonance imaging of extremities
Magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging having reduced chemical shift error
MR imaging method and apparatus
Precision short-range pulse-echo systems with automatic pulse detectors
Alarm sensor, in particular for a target tracking apparatus
Onboard radar apparatus
Multibeam radar system
Continuous wave doppler system with suppression of ground clutter
Modulatable reflectors and methods for using same
Spaceborne scatterometer
Scatterometer with adaptable spatial resolution
Distance measuring device
Method and apparatus for signal processing in a laser radar receiver
Accurate range and range rate determination in a satellite communications system
Double superheterodyne type microwave detector capable of detecting leaked microwaves
Autonomous tangential motion control in a multi-detector gamma camera
Article surveillance system
Marker for use in an electronic article surveillance system
Controller for plural area sensors
Thin-film multilayer systems for use in a head-up display
Projection zoom lens system and projector apparatus
Optical system having polarization compensating optical system
Stereomicroscope having a specimen changer
Fine focusing table
Efficient ocular with spatially modulating, reflective device at intermediate image plane
Magnifying device
Optically sensitive electric paper
Multi-channel plane grating monochromator
Kinematic actuator deformable mirror
Multiple parallel source scanning device
Optical scanner
Multi-beam optical scanning device
Optical scanner, and image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Image display system
Projector apparatus
Compact digital camera with segmented fields of view
Method for imaging a sphere disposition, method and apparatus for measuring the same, and method and apparatus for manufacturing a planer lens
Compact, high extinction coefficient combination brewster angle and other than brewster angle polarizing system, and method of use
Optical system for observation of virtual image
Opto-mechanical components
Leadframe and leadframe assembly for parallel optical computer link
Electrochromic media with concentration-enhanced stability, process for the preparation thereof and use in electrochromic devices
High-speed electro-optic modulator
Liquid crystal display device
Structure for a PALC display panel having a helium filling doped with hydrogen
Liquid crystal panel with uniform adhesive layer and method of manufacturing
Active matrix type liquid crystal display apparatus with light source color compensation
Method of manufacturing a liquid crystal display device using an airtight seal pattern
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal panel having a high aperture ratio and light-shielded channels
Liquid crystal display, thin film transistor array, and method of fabricating same with storage capacitor providing high aspect ratio
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display device
Optical wavelength router
Nonlinear optical wavelength converting device
Projection screen system with circuitry for multi-stage installation
Apparatus for recording images
Segmented bar-in-bar target
Substrate adjuster, substrate holder and substrate holding method
Baking of photoresist on wafers
Exposure apparatus for aligning photosensitive substrate with image plane of a projection optical system
Semiconductor wafer, wafer alignment patterns and method of forming wafer alignment patterns
Thermal roller for thermal fixing device
Incoherent erasure joint transform correlator
Controller of a stepping motor, control method for the motor and timing device
Pushbutton hand dryer timer
Apparatus and method of controlling a linear motor door operator
Static voltage regulator
Semiconductor device for generating two or more different internal voltages
Temperature tracking voltage to current converter
Onhook telecom power supply regulator mode
Power supply protection and control circuit
Oscillator receiving variable supply voltage depending on substrate voltage detection
High efficiency semiconductor substrate bias pump
Mid supply reference generator
Clamping circuit
Circuit for supplying a high precision current to an external element
Temperature sensor to run from power supply, 0.9 to 12 volts
Pointing stick having an interposer connecting layer
Circuit and method for generating multiphase clock
Delay lock loop
Integrated circuit with improved off chip drivers
Clock signal generator and data signal generator
Supportive belt system integrating computers, interfaces, and other devices
Portable electronic information device
Programmable computer pointing device
Collapsible keyboard mechanism with integrated LCD display
Ergonomic controls for a personal computer CPU
Method and apparatus for altering a display in response to changes in attitude relative to a plane
Interchangeable modular arrangement of computer and accessory devices
Multi-bus mobile hard disk drive rack
Configuring a computer system
Apparatus for retrofit mounting a VLSI chip to a computer chassis for current supply
Integral EMI shielding for computer enclosures
Heat-dissipating device for an electronic component
Thermal module
Air-cooled electronic apparatus
System for providing a regulated voltage during abrupt variations in current
Method and system for providing coordinated turn on of paralleled power supplies
System and method for switching control between a host computer and a remote interface device
Portable computer having power saving provisions
Integrated computer and image reproduction system
Multimedia editing method using templates describing common logic structure, layout, and physical operation
System for creating structured fields on electronic forms
Multidimensional data management method, multidimensional data management apparatus and medium onto which is stored a multidimensional data management program
Significant scene detection and frame filtering for a visual indexing system
Computer system using a portable card for managing security and power-saving features
Data mouse
Computer anti-theft system
Utilizing of brush stroking techniques in the generation of computer images
Method and apparatus for cursor positioning
Method and apparatus for manipulating graphical objects in a data processing system
Multiple input proximity detector and touchpad system
Method and apparatus for identifying user-selectable regions within multiple display frames
Encoder wheel assembly
Coordinate and switching input apparatus without additional elements for detecting a switching operation
Position sensible liquid crystal display device
Image output apparatus, image output system and information processing apparatus
Computer system for operating plural applications and display devices
Digital reproduction control method and apparatus having autonomous and command control modes
System and method for reducing striations in electrostatic printing
Image forming apparatus and image forming system
Color conversion processing method for color matching and a processor readable medium storing a program for implementing the color conversion processing method
Method of compensating horizontal and vertical alignment errors in display systems
Illumination system and method for spatial modulators
Communications system and method with D/A converter
Antenna for reader/writer
Communication apparatus for associating multimedia files with electronic mail
Electronic graphic system
Method for storing, accessing, transforming, and displaying multi-variable digital data
Digital composition of a mosaic image
Method, system, and computer program product for visualizing data using partial hierarchies
Post transformation clipping in a geometry accelerator
Method and system for adaptive refinement of progressive meshes
Method and means for evaluating a tetrahedral linear interpolation function
System and method for enhancing dynamic range in images
Method and apparatus for reconstructing geometry using geometrically constrained structure from motion with points on planes
Data compression method and apparatus with embedded run-length encoding using mathematical run processing
Efficient storage of dithered raster image data in a printer or the like
Asset security tag
Humanoid detector and method that senses infrared radiation and subject size
Method for arming a security system
Selective call radio receiver and a data transmission method
System for communication with a remote meter interface
Method and apparatus for storing a data encoded signal
Waiting time prediction system
Music score reading method and computer-readable recording medium storing music score reading program
Visual display for music generated via electric apparatus
Low voltage electric motor for motivational teaching
Display element having retroreflective surface
Circuit for generating control grid voltage for cathode ray tube
Sampling clock signal generation circuit of liquid crystal display device
Digital correction of linear approximation of gamma
Display device
Field emission display
Liquid crystal device and method of addressing a liquid crystal device
Display control circuit including hardware elements for preventing undesired display within the display space of the display unit
Liquid crystal display driving circuit
LCD driver module and method thereof
Drive circuit for a LCD device
Computer keyboard, mouse and VGA monitor signal transmission arrangement
Computer-TV video converting apparatus
High speed graphics fill of liquid crystal display
Spring structure for a drum pedal
Electronic apparatus with online reconfiguration of PLD components
Stringed instrument having slidable saddles
Method and apparatus for compressed chaotic music synthesis
Tone generator device using waveform data memory provided separately therefrom
Sound synthesizer system for producing a series of electrical samples
Digital sampling instrument employing cache memory
Buzzer driving device
Magnetic recording/reproduction apparatus in which one of a reel base pair is rotated to wind a magnetic tape by a predetermined amount when an abnormality is detected
Actuator assembly for servo-controlled tape
Motor for driving magnetic disk
Method for adaptive formatting and track traversal in data storage devices
Clock signal producing device
Automatic gain control circuit for use in detecting servo pulses for controlling the position of a read head in a hard disk drive
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding digital data blocks with improved error correction
Thermal asperity detection with long magnet rejection for direct access storage device (DASD)
Flexured mounting system for friction reduction and friction linearization in linear actuator for disk drive
Disk apparatus using coincidence detection to generate variable sector pulses
Apparatus for guiding and locking a rotary actuator
Device having a diskette-like housing and a wireless transceiver and methods therefor
Release mechanism for a reel brake member for a tape cassette
Recording apparatus capable of realizing easy dubbing operation
Magnetic tape and a method for recording and reproducing a plurality of different information signals on and from the magnetic tape
Cassette adaptor with adjustable magnetic head
Compliant motor rotor retainer
Magnetic head and method for magnetic recording and playback
Thin film magnetic head with separated yoke and pole tips
Method for reducing ESD and imaging damage during focused ion beam definition of magnetoresistive head write track width
System for providing a magnetoresistive head having higher efficiency
Optoelectronic sensor module
Suspension flexure with load-unload efficient motion limiting feature
Air bearing slider
Autofocus system
Method and apparatus for lossless beam shaping to obtain high-contrast imaging in photon tunneling methods
Prism-type objective lens for the pickup head of an optical disc drive capable of driving two types of optical discs
Semiconductor integrated circuit including a boosted potential generating circuit
Drive circuit for a non-volatile semiconductor storage configuration
Linear sampling switch
Semiconductor memory array having shared column redundancy programming
Semiconductor memory device equipped with voltage generator circuit
Apparatus for isolating a conductive region from a substrate during manufacture of an integrated circuit and connecting the conductive region to the substrate after manufacture
Reference-free single ended clocked sense amplifier circuit
Device and methods in a delay locked loop for generating quadrature and other off-phase clocks with improved resolution
Input receiver circuit
Film inspecting apparatus
Enrichment method for radioactive isotopes
Charge-exchange device
Coaxial cable
Ground plane cable
Inductor element for noise suppression
Transformer for switched mode power supplies and similar applications
Inductors with minimized EMI effect and the method of manufacturing the same
Power cord provided with a power cord transformer
Insulated coil and coiled frame and method for making same
Flux-controlled type variable transformer
Ground insulation for coils
Resistive superconducting current limiter
Low-consumption frequency translator
Electric double-layar capacitor
Electric double-layer capacitor housing
Control panel
Multiple-width keyswitch capable of inhibiting noise thereof induced during operation
Controller for relay
Circuit breaker handle interlock
Circuit breaker with side wall opening for a separate auxiliary device actuation lever
Circuit breaker with trip unit mounted tripping plunger and latch therefore
Magnetically-retained armature retainer for electrical switches
Combined handle-guard and grip for plug-in circuit breakers
Circuit breaker assembly with inhibitor assembly
Image forming apparatus and a method for manufacturing the same
Field emission cathode supporting structure
Plasma display panel
Plasma display panel
Focused ion beam source method and apparatus
Linear response field emission device
Display device with silicon-containing adhesion layer
Field emission flat panel display with improved spacer architecture
Field emission device having a vacuum bridge focusing structure and method
Charged particle-beam exposure device and charged-particle-beam exposure method
Electron beam exposure method and apparatus
Constricted glow discharge plasma source
Time of flight energy measurement apparatus for an ion beam implanter
Metal halide lamp
Metal halide lamp with specific dimension of the discharge tube
Metal halide lamps with tungsten coils having varying pitches and inner diameters
Low-pressure discharge lamp with filament having protective coating
Low-pressure discharge lamp and method of manufacturing a low-pressure discharge lamp
High frequency inductive lamp and power oscillator
Electrical interconnections
Dram cell with a multiple mushroom-shaped capacitor
Semiconductor device having raised source-drains and method of fabricating the same
Low voltage dual-well MOS device having high ruggedness, low on-resistance, and improved body diode reverse recovery
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Bipolar transistor and semiconductor integrated circuit device
MOS device and fabrication method
CMOS semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with multi-layer wiring
Flip-chip type semiconductor device having recessed-protruded electrodes in press-fit contact
Flip chip mounting method and semiconductor apparatus manufactured by the method
CMOS semiconductor device comprising graded N-LDD junctions with increased HCI lifetime
Planarized deep-shallow trench isolation for CMOS/bipolar devices
Semiconductor topography including integrated circuit gate conductors incorporating dual layers of polysilicon
Method for fabricating capacitor-over-bit line (COB) dynamic random access memory (DRAM) using tungsten landing plug contacts and TI/TIN bit lines
Capacitor over bit line structure using a straight bit line shape
Bipolar transistor and method of forming BiCMOS circuitry
High performance direct coupled FET memory cell
NMOS transistor
Self-isolated and self-aligned 4F-square vertical fet-trench dram cells
Semiconductor memory device
MOS device structure and method for reducing PN junction leakage
Low cost DRAM metallization
Method of reducing via and contact dimensions beyond photolithography equipment limits
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor metalization system and method
Method to reduce gate-to-local interconnect capacitance using a low dielectric constant material for LDD spacer
High-frequency electronic package with arbitrarily-shaped interconnects and integral shielding
Mount for semiconductor device
Semiconductor substrate and stackable semiconductor package and fabrication method thereof
Two layer hermetic-like coating for on-wafer encapsulatuon of GaAs MMIC's having flip-chip bonding capabilities
Electrode structure of a wiring substrate of semiconductor device having expanded pitch
Electronic component cooling apparatus
Hybrid ASIC/memory module package
Method for locating active support circuitry on an integrated circuit fabrication die
Semiconductor device
Lead frame for semiconductor devices
Lead on chip semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Chip stack package
Semiconductor package with traces routed underneath a die
Printed circuit board, IC card, and manufacturing method thereof
Ball grid array with recessed solder balls
Planar guard ring
Interposer array module for capacitive decoupling and filtering
Preventing backside analysis of an integrated circuit
Thin stacked integrated circuit device
Multichip module with built in repeaters and method
Heat reduction system for transistor assemblies
Semiconductor device employing silicon nitride layers with varied hydrogen concentration
Diode and transistor design for high speed I/O
On-chip ESD protection in dual voltage CMOS
Well resistor for ESD protection of CMOS circuits
Low resistance input protection circuit
Embedded energy storage device
High density buried bit line flash EEPROM memory cell with a shallow trench floating gate
Programmable non-volatile memory cell and method of forming a non-volatile memory cell
Amorphous silicon sensor array with reduced number of address lines
Low leakage active pixel using spacer protective mask compatible with CMOS process
Preparation of a mannich base intermediate for 2-[(4-heterocyclic-phenoxymethyl)-phenoxy]-alkanoates
Organic electroluminescent display with protective film and trapezoidal walls
Organic electroluminescent device with full color characteristics
MOSFET power transistor having offset gate and drain pads to reduce capacitance
Power semiconductor device
Latch-up controllable insulated gate bipolar transistor
Integrated vertical semiconductor component
Floating gate capacitor for use in voltage regulators
Bipolar transistor with increased early voltage
Integrated SCR-LDMOS power device
Process for fabricating polycrystalline semiconductor thin-film solar cells, and cells produced thereby
High gain GaN/AlGaN heterojunction phototransistor
Integrated semiconductor light generating and detecting device
Magnetoresistor with ordered double perovskite structure and method for the production thereof
Electron-injecting layer formed from a dopant layer for organic light-emitting structure
Vapochromic photodiode
Battery pack with water leakage detecting seal
Aperture having first and second slots for coupling split-ring resonators
Multilayer dielectric evanescent mode waveguide filter utilizing via holes
Dielectric duplexer and a communication device including such dielectric duplexer
Dielectric resonator dielectric filter dielectric duplexer and communication device
Method and apparatus for modulating voltage to an antenna reflector heater
Broadband miniaturized slow-wave antenna
Double shot antenna
Circuit arrangement for protection of HF-input-circuit on telecommunications devices
Method of producing an antenna element assembly
Dual-linearly polarized multi-mode rectangular horn for array antennas
Center FED traveling wave antenna capable of high beam tilt and null free stable elevation pattern
Unfurlable sparse array reflector system
Reflector antenna with a self-supported feed
Multiple beam by shaped reflector antenna
Antenna apparatus for mobile terminal
Chirped fiber grating beamformer for phased array antennas
Four stage selectable phase shifter with each stage floated to a common voltage
Shielded mounting rack for electrical printed circuit board assemblies provided with a spring conductive strip
Reduction of parasitic through hole via capacitance in multilayer printed circuit boards
Electrical ground connector assembly
Method and apparatus for producing an electrical bond between conductors and electrical connector contacts
Construction for processing a shield layer of a shielded cable
Method and apparatus for testing laser bars
Semiconductor optical amplifier and integrated laser source information
Spark plug and producing method thereof
Replaceable electrical ionizer module
Electrical raceway assembly
Automatic polarity exchange circuit with current detection feedback capabilities
Single channel apparatus for on-line monitoring of three-phase AC motor stator electrical faults
High speed, selective protective relays
Selective electronic trip unit, a circuit breaker comprising such a trip unit and a selective tripping process
Switching DC-to-DC converter and conversion method with current sharing between paralleled channels
Source-transfer switching system and method
Method for shared voltage regulation with multiple devices
Adjustable power control module and applications thereof
Multifunction connector for hand-held terminal docks
Process and arrangement for monitoring and/or controlling charging of a modular battery, particularly in a battery powered vehicle
Adaptive fast charging of lithium-ion batteries
Recharging circuit and method for recharging a battery having a reference electrode
System with limited long-time-averaged battery charging rate
Battery pack
Universal power manager with variable buck/boost converter
Reverse current protection/current overshoot control for two quadrant battery chargers
Electric power generation control for vehicles using a plurality of control signals
Ballast circuit with independent lamp control
Embedded backup energy storage unit
Electric motor with active hysteresis-based control of winding currents and/or having an efficient stator winding arrangement and/or adjustable air gap
VR-type resolver
AC generator for vehicles
Alternator with permanent magnet rotor having primary magnets and blocking-pole magnets
Stator for a magneto generator
Spindle structure of a motor rotor
Method of operating an AC-DC converter
High and low voltage D. C. power supply
Converter with a high power factor using a DC center point voltage
Universal switched power converter with demagnetising
High speed charge pump circuit having field effect transistors possessing an improved charge transfer efficiency
Circuit and method of activating and de-activating a switching regulator at any point in a regulation cycle
Switching regulator for power converter with dual mode feedback input and method thereof
Switching power supply and method of controlling voltage induced across secondary winding of transformer
Self-oscillation type switching power supply and method
Clamped bidirectional power switches
System for speed-sensorless control of an induction machine
Sensing load and/or speed changes in a switched reluctance motor through current chopping
Soft turn-off controller for switched reluctance machines
Method for monitoring the position of a switched reluctance motor
Method of PWM driving a brushless motor with digitally stored voltage profiles with reduced losses
Brushless DC motor controller with speed control from zero to above based speed
Loss control loop circuit for controlling the output voltage of a voltage-controlled oscillator
Oscillator having loop including transconductor bandpass filter
Linearized integrated FM demodulator using a plurality of cascaded all-pass filters or a bessel filter
Reception mode control in radio receivers for receiving both VSB and QAM digital television signals
Method and apparatus for providing coarse and fine tuning control for synthesizing high-frequency signals for wireless communications
Low power class A amplifier circuit
Class S radio frequency power amplifier
Dual-mode amplifier with high efficiency and high linearity
Bypassable amplifier
Operational amplifier with means for changing a resistance value of an active feedback element
Low noise and high input dynamic range differential amplifier stage
High VSWR mismatch output stage
Low-distortion high-frequency amplifier
Low voltage drop integrated analog amplifier without external compensation network
Operational amplifier
Differential amplifier and voltage follower circuit
High power high impedance microwave devices for power applications
Differential amplifier circuit
Variable-gain amplifier circuit and attenuator circuit
Universal noise controller
Filter combination for sampling rate conversion
Electrical signal phase compensator having three parallel conductors of differing lengths
Printed BALUN circuits
Surface acoustic wave device containing an interdigital electrode on a single crystal substrate
Surface acoustic wave filter utilizing a particularly placed spurious component of a parallel resonator
Power switch with overload protection
Hybrid package including a power MOSFET die and a control and protection circuit die with a smaller sense MOSFET
Dynamic output control circuit
Load voltage slew-rate controller
Precision power-on reset circuit with improved accuracy
Low voltage, high speed multiplexer
High voltage integrated CMOS driver circuit
Logic circuit having dummy MOS transistor
Resistive pull-up device for I/O pin
CMOS driver
Failsafe interface circuit
Voltage level translator
Input circuit for an integrated circuit
Structure and method for loading wide frames of data from a narrow input bus
Programmable interconnect matrix architecture for complex programmable logic device
Exclusive-or logic gate with four two-by-two complementary inputs and two complementary outputs, and frequency multiplier incorporating said gate
Synchronous oscillation circuit operable in self-advancing oscillation during absence of synchronizing pulses
Ring oscillator clock generator network
Low power clock oscillator
Voltage controlled oscillator including ring-shaped inverter circuits having voltage control circuits
Electronic circuit with dual edge triggered flip-flop
Integrated circuit including functional blocks controlled by common synchronizing control transistors
Low-resistance bipolar bridge circuit
Input buffer having adjustment function for suppressing skew
Clock phase correction circuit
Logic circuit delay stage and delay line utilizing same
Optimal delay controller
Frequency synthesizer with constant loop characteristics
Low-power column parallel ADC in CMOS image sensors
Oversampled pipeline A/D converter with mismatch shaping
Mismatch noise shaper for DAC-SUBDAC structures
Circuit and method for attenuating noise in a data converter
Method and system for channelization and down conversion of wideband subscriber information signals
Over-the-horizon optical communications transceiver
Optical transmission apparatus in which light signal with selected wavelength is modulated with selected data signal
Light receiving amplifying device
Chromatic dispersion compensation in wavelength division multiplexed optical transmission systems
Optical network, optical division and insertion node and recovery system from network failure
Suppression of coherent rayleigh noise in bidirectional communication systems
Method for adjusting power of transmitter, and control arrangement
Broadband communications method and apparatus for reducing optical beat interference
Output power control system for optical amplification repeater
Universal current source and current sink interface
Transmitter and receiver circuits for transmission of voice, data and video signals for extended distances
Method of controlling network facsimile apparatus
Optical synchronization arrangement
Keypad and method for arranging keys of the keypad in a clockwise orientation
Line circuit apparatus for supplying power to a telephone set in telecommunication systems
Contact image sensor module having spring mountings
Optical scanner with adjustable resolution
Image registration adjustment system and method for dynamically compensating for photoreceptor belt skew
Image recording apparatus and transmission method using the same
Transmission device capable of automatically erasing unnecessary data from memory
Method of administering a work group fax device
System, method and program for converting an externally defined colorant CMYK into an equivalent colorant (C'M'Y'K') associated with a given printer
System, method, and program for converting three dimensional colorants to more than three dimensional colorants
Electronic display device for simultaneously displaying 2D and 3D images
Horizontal deviation correction circuit and method for a television set
Correction of corrupted data in capacitor switching control to maintain horizontal linearity in video monitors
Combination continuous motion and stationary pin registration film gate for telecine
Synchronizing signal generator
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing live view and instant review in an image capture device
Digital television status display
Television receiver for receiving multi-standards
Auto program feature for a television receiver
Mounting structure of protecting panel for an image device and mounting method thereof
Projection type displaying apparatus having screen
Personal data communication apparatus
Two-way interactive system, terminal equipment and image pickup apparatus having mechanism for matching lines of sight between interlocutors through transmission means
Image transmission method and apparatus, and image transmission system including the apparatus
Program guide data distribution system with configurable queues
Image display control device for restricting display of video data viewed on a television in accordance with a restrict level of the video data
System and method for prompt-radiology image screening service via satellite
Bus system for a television signal processing device
CMOS image sensor with different pixel sizes for different colors
Method and device for displaying a video image and method for the production of said device
Gamma-correction circuit for blue color video signal in projection television
Color image filtering apparatus and method for use in a digital camera
Method and apparatus for correcting color difference signals
Optical network switching system
Task manager and task support windows
Heat conductor for a cooking plate
Arrangement of heating strips of defogger on vehicle window glass
Image display device having a planarized array of reduced surface roughness
Circuit for regulating output power source according to the different open-circuit time of input AC power source and the method thereof
Starting switch circuit for a fluorescent lamp
High-efficiency self-regulated electronic ballast with a single characteristic curve for operating high-pressure sodium vapor lamps
Universal ballast control circuit
Electronic ballast with selective load control
Circuit arrangement
Cooking device with system for controlling cooking of foods
Door latching mechanism with opening delay
Resizable microwave oven liner apparatus and method
High-voltage power supply unit particularly for x-ray sources
Nozzle for use in a torch head of a plasma torch apparatus
Three dimensional composite circuit board
Electronic assembly
Split via surface mount connector and related techniques
Protective enclosure apparatus and method
Camming mechanism for joining modular electronic enclosures
Electromagnetic shielding screen and circuit support having such a screen
EMI shield/ gasket enclosure
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