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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Apparatus for aeroponically growing and developing plants
Environmentally-friendly animal litter
Biome in a box system
Can the barking dog systems
Bird repeller
Recirculating birdbath
Musical headwear
Zipper hole punch treatment
Handbag, a system a method for interchanging storage containers
Method and kit for the multiple treatment of a head of hair
Cosmetic compact
Suction cup
Carrying device
Laptop computer storage assembly for a work surface
Support arm positioning tab
Mounting apparatus for data storage device
Adjustable container holder and method
Cam holder system
Tool hanger
Select serving and flavored sparkling beverage maker
Apparatus for the preparation and dispensing of infusions, particularly coffee, in variable volumetric doses
Powerhead of a power injection system
Methods for treating airways
Stress-at-work judging apparatus, stress-at-work judging program, and stress-at-work judging method
System and method for controlling the recording of diagnostic medical data in an implantable medical device
Combination bite block, tongue depressor/retractor and airway
Swim goggle
Hyperbaric chamber control and/or monitoring system and methods for using the same
Circulation assisting wheelchair
Medical aerosol non-diluting holding chamber
Portable sedation apparatus and related method
Methods and systems for control of gas therapy
Implantation of medical device with measurement of body surface potential
System and method for preventing recurrence of atrial tachyarrhythmia
Four-sided dustproof mask
Game system
Roller skate and wheel trucks therefor
Gliding boards and methods of modifying gliding boards
Cylindrical puzzle mechanism
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process and apparatus for adsorptive bubble separation
Shadow frame having alignment inserts
Cylindrical module handler with panels
3D fabrication of needle tip geometry and knife blade
Adjustable knurling tool
Press-die and press-working method
Method of manufacturing metal member with plurality of projections
Strip casting apparatus with independent delivery nozzle and side dam actuators
Compensation grooves to absorb dilatation during infiltration of a matrix drill bit
Continuous casting tundish
Electric saw device
Joining polymer workpieces to other components
Rotor hub maintenance system
Roller burnishing apparatus with pressing-force detecting device
Multiple-bit hand tool with locking axial post
Tool assembly with coaxial/universal coupling
Continuous feed cap mechanism
Tool system with replaceable heads and offset handle
Band saw and method of spatially positioning a band saw blade
Method and apparatus for removing a film from a surface
Printing press with replaceable sleeve shell segments for a cylinder
Multifunctional ruler and protractor set with ability to form and scale a near infinite number of geometric shapes
Truck bed handle assembly
Intake structure of vehicle
Seat frame for a vehicle seat
Collapsible seat construction for a vehicle
Vehicle seating arrangement including a collapsible seat
Instrument panel energy absorption systems
Dynamic airbag venting
Striker webbing guide assembly
Door knob assembly
Folding step-on for a vehicle
Carrier for vehicle
Spare tire carrier for all-terrain vehicles
Tow hook cover having tether hook
Pneumatic brake device
Apparatus for transport of objects
Opening and closing device for automobile trunk lid
Axle and suspension
Bicycle with auxiliary power system
Cargo receiving arrangement for an aircraft hold
Controlling the boundary layer of an airfoil
Airborne manipulator system
Conformal airlock assembly and method
Filling adapter
Filling system for unpressurized hot filling of beverage bottles or containers in a bottle or container filling plant
Apparatus for applying drinking straws
Partitioned container with system for selectively providing access to a selected compartment
Package for medicine
Enhanced structure for packing, transportation and display of diverse products
Plastic closure comprising a slide opening for a bottle neck or container neck
Closure with lifting mechanism
Two-piece closure device
Mounting components within an elevator
Systems and methods of selecting and dispensing products
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Wort copper with an external boiler
Textiles; Paper
Linen processing apparatus including a device for controlling the water flow supplied to a steam generator
Fixed Constructions
Method for post removal including concrete footing removal
Articulated mast for a thick-matter delivery installation
Plunger apparatus
Anchor with cement contour
Hingeable derrick
Self-centering energy dissipative brace apparatus with tensioning elements
Rotating mechanism for an electronic device and an electronic device with the same
Slider window assembly
Hinge device having a plurality of axes for a portable terminal and a connection member having the plurality of axes
Low permeability cement systems for steam injection application
Securing layers in a well screen assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Automatic transmission servo
Swithchable finger lever for a valve train of an internal combustion engine
Rocker shaft support structure in four-cycle engine
Variable valve actuator
Valve operating apparatus for internal combustion engine
Cylinder head for improved fluid flow performance
Procedure for operating a reducing agent metering valve of a SCR-exhaust gas purifying system
Cooling arrangement at a vehicle
Cooling system expansion tank
Accelerated compression ignition engine for HCCI
EGR extraction immediately downstream pre-turbo catalyst
Using compressed intake air to clean engine exhaust gas recirculation cooler
System and method for storage and delivery of a fuel additive on-board a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
Transition duct with integral guide vanes
Engine using hydrogen as a fuel
Self-starting turbineless jet engine
Hybrid expander cycle rocket engine
Evaporated fuel controlling apparatus for all terrain vehicle
Flexible seal and molded rigid chamber
Sliding valve
Energy storage system including pressurized reservoir
Wet brake cooling fluid system
Torque transmission device
System and method for controlling contact between members in operable communication
Actuating device for motor vehicle transmissions
Slide valve
Water tap
Solenoid valve
Refrigerant piping unit and method of manufacturing pipe for the same
Mounting apparatus for storage device
Collapsible material, placement rack, incineration method, lost-wax mold, and mold collapsing method
Device for collecting solar energy to produce heat
Modular cooling system
Process to obtain liquefied natural gas
Automatic system of storage, dehumidification and reuptake of petcoke in a covered yard
Fixing device for an expansion valve of a motor vehicle air-conditioning system
Method and apparatus for trigger assemblies for firearms
Frangible kinetic energy projectile for air defense
Mine-defeating submunition
Multiple bay ejection device system
Flexible, stretchable, and distributed strain sensors
Physical quantity sensor
Aerosol spray texture apparatus for a particulate containing material
Detection frame for a lifting device
Apparatuses, methods and systems for parking brake tensioning fixture
Biological particle collector and method for collecting biological particles
System and method for determining atomization characteristics of spray liquids
Load device for SOFC stack and a high-temperature furnace using the same
Identifying oligonucleotides for in vitro recombination
Systems and methods for reducing an effect of a disturbance
Automated circuit board test actuator system
Integrated circuit device having a test circuit to measure AC characteristics of internal memory macro
Method and apparatus for disassembling display device
Generating test input for a circuit
Image forming apparatus with surface potential detection
Image forming device, post-processing device and color calibration method
Image forming apparatus with fixing control based on recording material type
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Cleaning apparatus for removing toner adhered onto endless belt
Relief system for process fluids under pressure
High performance counter for realistic measurement of computer system load
Device and method for managing a standby state of a microprocessor
Method and apparatus for generating a random bit stream
Computing system with operational low power states
Data synchronization of multiple remote storage after remote copy suspension
Replicated state machine
Application integration testing
Recording medium for storing start position information for each zone and method of managing data using the information
Method of recording/reproducing digital data and apparatus for same
Method of recording/reproducing digital data and apparatus for same
Migrating data between storage volumes
Coordinated storage management operations in replication environment
Apparatus and method for a synchronous multi-port memory
Incrementing successive write operations to a plurality of memory devices
Method and system for providing rich media content over a computer network
Reconfigurable virtual backplane architecture
System, method and apparatus for supporting a kernel mode driver
Method and apparatus for migrating data between heterogeneous data storage devices
Automating interaction with a host computing device
Noise attenuating bus structure and method for a mobile communication
Method for monitoring the operating readiness of at least one memory element assigned to an electronic unit
Technique for data cache synchronization
Transmission of AV/C transactions over multiple transports method and apparatus
Method and system for communications network
Method and system for identifying lossy links in a computer network
Queued sessions for communicating correlated messages over a network
Verification scheme for email message containing information about remotely monitored devices
Load balancer for multiprocessor platforms
Network protocols for distributing functions within a network
Communication system and method therefor
Method and system for load balancing of computer resources among computers
Method and system for diagnosis and control of machines using connectionless modes having delivery monitoring and an alternate communication mode
System and method for monitoring network devices
Context translation methods and systems
Mobile terminal with ergonomic housing
System and method for schemaless data mapping
Gesture-based reporting method and system
Document segmentation based on visual gaps
Variable data barcode
Method and system for providing electronic commerce actions based on semantically labeled strings
Power signature diagnosing
Method and system of processing data that contain asian language characters
Full-form lexicon with tagged data and methods of constructing and using the same
System and method for data capture and reporting
Database search information output method
Filestream data storage attribute
Maintaining authentication states for resources accessed in a stateless environment
Information providing method and information providing system
Method and apparatus for allowing host application data to be accessed via standard database access techniques
Padding management for content files
Method and apparatus for predicting future behavior of data streams
Querying, versioning, and dynamic deployment of database objects
Generate blog context ranking using track-back weight, context weight and, cumulative comment weight
Method for extracting and modeling semiconductor device series resistance and for simulating a semiconductor device with use thereof
System and method for enabling a vendor mode on an integrated circuit
System and method for phase shift assignment
Gradient learning for probabilistic ARMA time-series models
System and method for implementing healthcare fraud countermeasures
Operating method and apparatus for controlling a machine tool
System and method for implementing healthcare fraud countermeasures
Inspection data analysis program, inspection tools, review apparatus and yield analysis apparatus
Methods and systems for predicting events associated with renderable media content samples
System and method utilizing drawing handlers for selected properties
Integrated circuit having multiple modes of operation
System, method and device for real time control of processor
Interprocess buffer management using a buffer delay time
Systems and methods for displaying information regions in an interactive electronic program guide
Presenting information indicating input modalities
Techniques for transmitting and receiving SPI4.2 status signals using a hard intellectual property block
Method and system for a second order input intercept point (IIP2) correction
Handling open browser requests in a single window environment
Metadata editing control
Method and system for importing data
System and method for relational representation of hierarchical data
Global metadata embedding and decoding
Transparent authentication using an authentication server
Random sequence generating apparatus, encryption/decryption apparatus, random sequence generating method, encryption/decryption method and program
Apparatus and method for updating firmware
Method for the use of information in an auxiliary data system in relation to automated testing of graphical user interface based applications
Using constraints in design verification
Program code conversion
System and method for identifying and generating business events
Systems and methods for enhancing performance of a coprocessor
Logic for synchronizing multiple tasks at multiple locations in an instruction stream
Automated adjustment of IP address lease time based on usage
System and method of creating virtual data paths using a multiple-path driver
Data protecting electronic device
Method and system for publishing electronic media to a document management system in various publishing formats independent of the media creation application
Methods and apparatus for developing investments
System and method for producing unique account names
Self-service cash handling machine and method with configurable coin storage
Emergency information sign
Compressed domain voice activity detector
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and recording medium, and program
Optical disk device
Disk conveying means for a disc drive using retractable rollers and guide plates
Transmission apparatus and mobile communication terminal apparatus
Device and method for reducing vibration effects on position measurement
RF mixer with high local oscillator linearity using multiple local oscillator phases
Power supply subsystem for powering a node over communication cabling
Blind detection
Transmission power control method and apparatus for mobile communication system
Mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for electing a leader node in a computer network
Securing digital content system and method
Multiplexing a secure counter to implement second level secure counters
System and method for monitoring and ensuring data integrity in an enterprise security system
Method for selective power management for a hand held host
Method of and system for recommending programs
Interactive television receiver unit browser that waits to send requests
Mobile electronic appliance with a radio interface
Method and apparatus for time-aware and location-aware marketing
Electrical device manufacturing method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Ion emitting hot air blower
Apparatus and method for heat treatment of tissue
Thermal therapy with tissue protection
Instrument and service unit for a surgical operating area
Methods and apparatus for cardiac imaging with conventional computed tomography
Device and method for forming a computed X-ray tomogram with scatter correction
Method for checking the presentation quality of imaging systems for medical diagnostics with respect to ring artifacts
Method for producing a dental first attachment part for an implant or a second attachment part, and a holder for a model of the first attachment part
Thermal treatment apparatus radiating low and high temperature
Fluid vaporizing device having controlled temperature profile heater/capillary tube
Biothermal power source for implantable devices
Apparatus and method for spatially and temporally distributing cardiac electrical stimulation
Implantable cardiac stimulation device with automatic electrode selection for avoiding cross-chamber stimulation
Electron gun heating control to reduce the effect of back heating in medical linear accelerators
Golf handicapping and scoring system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Dual temperature water dispensing device
System and method of developing a can bottom profile and a can with a domed bottom structure
Optical system for homogenization of light beams, with variable cross-section output
Coolant feeding device of machine tool
Optical lens and optical system having inclined columnar optical members
Thin walled core band-gap waveguides
Integrated optics beam deflectors and systems
Process for estimating drive torque in vehicle
Restraint and fuel system cutoff control module
Vehicle velocity control apparatus and method with preceding vehicle following control function
Weight based occupant classification system for controlling enablement of a protection device
Method for deploying a restraint system
EMI reduction for isolated bus systems
Antiskid brake control system
Apparatus for facilitating jam clearance in a printer
Device having a barrier layer located therein and a method of manufacture therefor
Silicon micromachined optical device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Modified oxygen reduced valve metal oxides
Generation of diversity in combinatorial libraries
Preventive maintenance method and apparatus of a structural member in a reactor pressure vessel
Library design in combinatorial chemistry by Monte Carlo methods
Textiles; Paper
Device for determining adjustment values for the pre-draft of a sliver
Embroidery machine technical-support system and method and storage medium to implement the method
Modeling and control of sheet weight and moisture for paper machine transition
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for determining a transmission ratio for an automatic transmission arranged in a drive train of a motor vehicle
Vehicle drive force control
Computer provided with display of indifferent equilibrium
Projector lens holder
Light optical system, especially for information, advertising illumination or decorative purposes
Protective, diffusive film and process for producing the same
Instant water heater
Hybrid water heater with electrical heating unit and combustor
Measuring method for determining the position and the orientation of a moving assembly, and apparatus for implementing said method
X-ray reflectometer
Method of improving satellite reacquisition performance for integrated GP/IG navigational systems
Method for the evaluation of road classification in navigation systems
Car navigation apparatus capable of determining entry into parking area
Method for obtaining information for a geographic database
Method and system for generating a list of maneuvers for navigation of a vehicle
Display method and apparatus for navigation system
Wavelength locker and optical system using the same
Laser capture microdissection translation stage joystick
Method for detecting defect of optical fiber
Apparatus for assessing overall quality of hardcopy images
Sample inspection system
Method for marking at least one point on an object
Electromagnetic dent remover power supply
Technique for imaging electrical contacts
Magnetic transducer and thin film magnetic head
Magnetoresistive element and magnetoresistive device using the same
Spin valve thin-film magnetic device having free magnetic layer in ferrimagnetic state and manufacturing method therefor
Spin-valve magnetoresistive thin film element
Current transformer and method for correcting asymmetries therein
Method and apparatus for correcting a curve radius
Distance measuring apparatus
Marine seismic source
Seismic processing methods
Estimating subsurface subsidence and compaction
Optical fiber and optical communication system using this optical fiber
Imaging lens
Double telecentric objective lens
Zoom lens system and optical apparatus using the same
High efficiency non-imaging optics
Multi-frequency telescope apparatus for celestial observations using reflecting telescope
Projection exposure apparatus and method
Catadioptric lens barrel structure having a plurality of split lens barrels and a support structure supporting the split lens barrels
Automatic on-the-fly focusing for continuous image acquisition in high-resolution microscopy
Telescope mount
Optic for an endoscope/borescope having high resolution and narrow field of view
Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) with cavity compensated gain
Method and apparatus for configuring and tuning crystals to control electromagnetic radiation
Stress tuned blazed grating light valve
Packaged micromirror assembly with in-package mirror position passive component feedback
Method and apparatus for the correction of optical signal wave front distortion using adaptive optics
Optical scanning unit with rotatable hologram disc
System and method for using multiple beams to respectively scan multiple regions of an image
Scanning optical apparatus, and image forming apparatus using the same
Optical path switch and method of using thereof
Variable optical attenuator with polarization compensation
Microlenses with spacing elements to increase an effective use of substrate
Large scale polarizer and polarizer system employing it
Optical waveguide array and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing an optical device
Compact cladding-pumped planar waveguide amplifier and fabrication method
Fabrication of a hybrid integrated circuit device including an optoelectronic chip
Fiber fuse protection
Bend-type fiber optic light injector
Optical photonic band gap devices and methods of fabrication thereof
Dispersion managed fibers having reduced sensitivity to manufacturing variabilities
Add-drop wavelength filter using mode discrimination couplers and tilted bragg gratings
Optical multiplexer and demultiplexer
Optical module for access networks to wide band communication systems and relevant production method
Dispersion compensating module and mode converter, coupler and dispersion compensating optical waveguide therein
Optical apparatus for optical communication terminal and optical communication system
Tandem interleaver
Low angular alignment sensitivity optical switch
Single chip optical cross connect
Bonding structures for optical members
Device for winding optical fiber cable
Dual-layer fire retardant structure with air gap
Optical fiber holder
Observation window of a hyperbaric chamber
Apparatus and methods for mounting an optical element in an optical system
Zoom lens barrel assembly of camera
Lens barrel
Focus detecting device
Method and apparatus for electro-optic delay generation of optical signals
Gain flattening tunable filter
Integrated circuit with opposed spatial light modulator and processor
Liquid crystal display panel and method for fabricating the same
Cooling mechanism of optical modulator, optical modulator attachment unit and projector
Electrochromic safety glazing
Matrix addressable electrochromic display device
System and method for providing collimated electromagnetic energy in the 8--12 micron range
Camera having a built-in and self-contained flash lighting sub-assembly
Camera for driving lens unit removably attached thereto and method for controlling drive therebetween
Imaging using silver halide films with inverse mounted micro-lens and spacer
Camera having a miniaturized exterior shape
Camera front seal assembly
Zoom lens system and projection apparatus using the same
Base plate, lens sheet, and projection screen
Optical film
Photosensitive material magazine
Catadioptric imaging system and a projection exposure apparatus provided with said imaging system
Wafer stage carrier and removal assembly
Intermediate transparent document holder cover for photocopying machine platen
System for handling long photoreceptor belts
Image forming apparatus including an image bearing member and a charging member featuring a controlled peripheral velocity difference therebetween during charging
Image forming apparatus featuring first and second peak-to-peak charging voltages, respectively, corresponding to first and second image bearing member speeds and voltage frequencies
Electrostatic charging device
Image forming device with a support for a photosensitive body
Image forming apparatus with developer density and remaining amount detection
Electrophotographic development system with toner purging
Developing roller having developing sleeve including portions with different transportation capacities
Liquid image formation apparatus and liquid developing device
Developing system of liquid electrophotographic image forming device
Image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic apparatus having a paper holding member
Toner image fixing device provided with a sheet separating portion
Image forming apparatus including elastic cleaning blade with resin film formed only at ends thereof and process cartridge including same
Cleaner-less type image forming machine
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus including a conductive film attached to a cleaning blade
Engage/disengage apparatus and photosensitive medium cleaning device of liquid printer using the same
Sensing system for detecting a full condition within a waste developer system
End member, developer-containing portion, and process cartridge
Optical system for recording or replicating hologram
Hologram recording medium, hologram recording/reconstructing apparatus, and hologram recording/reconstructing method
Pointer electronic timepiece, operating method and control program thereof
Time piece with changable color face
System and method for controlling workspace environment
Automation system and method for the programming thereof
Media recording device with packet data interface
PLC executive with integrated web server
Programmable controller
Method and apparatus for scheduled controller execution based upon impending lot arrival at a processing tool in an APC framework
Protecting circuit of the semiconductor factory automation
Method for parity analysis and remedy calculation
Image heating apparatus and controller
Fuse protected shunt regulator having improved control characteristics
Functional separation of internal and external controls in network devices
Portable external hard drive
Power supply module in a portable computer
Video/audio module for a flat-panel display
Inner rack of a mobile rack in a computer
Motherboard and expansion board for providing such motherboard with slots
Card retention mechanism
Computer having cooling device
Method and apparatus for characterizing and improving optical drive performance
Method and system for multi-level iterative filtering of multi-dimensional data structures
Word segmentation in chinese text
Electronic writing implement and method of electronic writing
Remote energy supply process and system for an electronic information carrier
Method of detecting a specific object in an image signal
Method and apparatus for analyzing images
Method and apparatus for adaptively sharpening an image
Identification, separation and compression of multiple forms with mutants
Word-to-word selection on images
Rotation and scale invariant pattern matching method
Interactive billing control system
Method for inconspicuously adding tracking data in coded images
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer readable memory medium
Apparatus for and method of embedding and extracting digital information and medium having program for carrying out the method recorded thereon
Image sensing and image processing apparatuses
Method for rotating image records with non-isotropic topical resolution
Pixel level segmentation tag cleanup
Image processing apparatus
Surface inspection system for work boards
Method and apparatus for fast detection of lesions
Image processing apparatus capable of decoding, raster scan converting, and varying data at high speed, and method and computer readable storage medium for the same
Method, apparatus and recording medium for image processing
Image compression system and method of determining quantization parameters therefor
Signal-editing device and signal-editing method
Image decoding using a shape map
Method and apparatus for estimating and controlling the number of bits
System and method for creating a controlling device
Housing structure of tape recorder
Apparatus for recording and/or reproducing disc-shaped recording medium including driving source for driving carrying mechanism and elevating mechanism
Disc reproduction device
Data cartridge library
Library performance scaling with incremental height gradient robotics
Information recording and reproducing apparatus, and control method thereof
Apparatus and method utilized in personal computer for control of disk drive rate to reduce its noise and vibration
Method and apparatus for controlling high-speed rotation of optical disc
Method and apparatus for late buffer processing
Method and apparatus for recording/reproducing multi-channel data
Head loading/unloading control method and storage device
Heat dissipation structures for integrated lead disk drive head suspensions
Dual center pad air bearing for improved flyability and alumina sensitivity
Magnetic head having raised element and magnetic head apparatus using the same
Supplying power from a spindle motor in a disc drive system
Disk drive apparatus including a load/unload ramp with different angles for standard and depopulated versions
Disk drive that discerns the polarity of a head signal from a sync mark to enhance data detection
System of sharing objects having a plurality of contents
Apparatus and method for recording/reproducing moving picture and recording medium
Editing of recorded material using a virtual file representing an edited clip sequence
Disk recording/reproduction device, and information processing system incorporating a disk recording/reproduction device thereof
Thermal management system in single or multiplayer disk system
Micro-actuator damping and humidity protection
Perpendicular magnetic recording head and perpendicular magnetic recording apparatus
Method of forming a head assembly, a head assembly, and a linear tape drive
Magneto-resistance effect type composite head and production method thereof
Compliant worm gear and worm gear bracket
Electromagnetic linear actuator comprising a fixed portion, a movable portion, a single guide shaft and a position sensor, and a tape drive using the electromagnetic linear actuator
Signal recording and reproducing method and signal recording and reproducing unit
Optical disk drive for precisely adjusting the intensity of laser light irradiated onto an optical disk
Pre-pit detecting apparatus
Data recording/reproduction apparatus having tilt angle adjustment mechanism
Objective lens actuating device
Control system for compact disc phonograph
Optical apparatus with laser light receiver and focus error generator in the same layer
Recording/reproducing apparatus including an optical pickup having an objective lens compatible with a plurality of optical disk formats
Information reading and recording device for optical disk
Optical data recording medium excellent in recording sensitivity and recording property
Magnetic memory device
Localized MRAM data line and method of operation
Data register and access method thereof
Configuration and method for the low-loss writing of an MRAM
Memory architecture
Defect avoidance in an integrated circuit
Semiconductor memory with refresh and method for operating the semiconductor memory
Data memory
Method and circuit configuration for a memory for reducing parasitic coupling capacitances
Static memory cell having independent data holding voltage
Memory cell operation using ramped wordlines
Ferroelectric memory device and method of driving the same
Quantum magnetic memory
Low standby power using shadow storage
Associative memory apparatus and routing apparatus
Differential non-volatile content addressable memory cell and array
Non-volatile memory architecture and integrated circuit comprising a corresponding memory
Double-bit non-volatile memory unit and corresponding data read/write method
Method for reading flash memory with silicon-oxide/nitride/oxide-silicon (SONOS) structure
Static NVRAM with ultra thin tunnel oxides
Non-volatile latch circuit that has minimal control circuitry
Semiconductor memory device with block-unit erase type nonvolatile memory
Method and apparatus for programming non-volatile memory cells
Elimination of address-sensitivity by synchronous reference for sense amplifier
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Overerase correction method
Sensing method for EEPROM refresh scheme
Sensing apparatus for a ROM memory device
Semiconductor memory device having defective memory block
Semiconductor device having a defect relief function of relieving a failure
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having link element
Integrated memory and method for testing an integrated memory
Method of screening non-volatile memory devices
Memory chip having a test mode and method for checking memory cells of a repaired memory chip
Redundancy circuit of semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device and method for testing the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit having latching means capable of scanning
Test array and method for testing memory arrays
Memory buffer arrangement
Flash device operating from a power-supply-in-package (PSIP) or from a power supply on chip
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device programming second dynamic reference cell according to threshold value of first dynamic reference cell
Method and circuit for dynamic reading of a memory cell at low supply voltage and with low output dynamics
SDRAM having data latch circuit for outputting input data in synchronization with a plurality of control signals
Data holding circuit having backup function
Clock-synchronous semiconductor memory device
Decoder circuit in a semiconductor memory device
Memory device, method of accessing the memory device, and reed-solomon decoder including the memory device
Address transition detecting circuit
Dynamic ram-and semiconductor device
Memory circuit with memory elements overlying driver cells
Very small swing high performance asynchronous CMOS static memory (multi-port register file) with power reducing column multiplexing scheme
Method of retrofitting a reactor pressure vessel head assembly
Guide tube camera inspection fixture and method of use
Nuclear fuel pellet loading method and machine for same
Cylindrical electric double-layer capacitor
Electric circuit breaker having a data store
Low angle high speed image tube
Multi-tool control system, method and medium
Wedge-shaped high density capacitor and method of making the capacitor
Adjustable device for heat sink retention module
Integrated vapor chamber heat sink and spreader and an embedded direct heat pipe attachment
Heat sink with interlocked fins
Heat sink subassembly
Compliant heat sink device/mounting system interconnect and a method of implementing same
Complete outdoor radio unit for LMDS
Dispersion compensation fiber
Pulse oscillating gas laser device
Raman amplifier and optical transmission system using the amplifier
Semiconductor laser device for optical communication
Driving module of laser diode
Multi-level closed loop resonators and method for fabricating same
Surface emitting semiconductor laser, and its fabrication method
Laser devices
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Optical information processing equipment and semiconductor light emitting device suitable therefor
Optic device comprising a plurality of resonant cavities of different lengths associated with different wavelengths
Arc fault detector with circuit interrupter
Arc fault detector immune to dimmer transients and a circuit breaker incorporating the same
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit for protecting input and output buffer
Internet ESD-shunt diode protected by delayed external MOSFET switch
Electronic timer switch
Current limiter
Frequency selective transient voltage protector
Power supply system with AC redundant power sources and safety device
Semiconductor switching devices
Precision switching power amplifier comprising instantaneously interruptible power source
Supply circuit for an electronic circuit connected to an SMPS converter operating at low output voltage
Power supply control circuit that adjusts output power based on variable input power
Constant voltage reset circuit for forward converter
Switching power supply unit
Zero-voltage-switching power supply
Inverter apparatus for controlling a generator output to sign-wave voltage
Multi-layer ceramic electrostatic chuck with integrated channel
Receiver having functions for cancelling DC offset and measuring carrier detection threshold value, and control method thereof
Method and arrangement for correcting phase error in linearization loop of power amplifier
Communication device with active equalization and method therefor
Fractional delay digital filter
Up/down gray code counter and solid-state image sensor provided with such a counter
Data resynchronization circuit
Phase-locked loop circuit and radio communication apparatus using the same
Circuit configuration for the interference-free initialization of delay locked loop circuits with fast lock
Sigma delta modulator with SAW filter
Method for dynamically routing frequency hopping signals in a multiple carrier communications system
Method and apparatus for producing spread-coded signals
Direct sequence spread spectrum method computer-based product apparatus and system tolerant to frequency reference offset
Multichannel demodulator
Wavelength division multiplexing optical communication system and optical amplifying device
Fiber optic transmission with fiber amplifiers and supervisory signals
Receiver transponder for protected networks
Generator for complex fading signals
Power control in a CDMA mobile communication system
Pre-data power control common packet channel
Method of facilitating transmission level measurement, and base station
Method and system for code division multiple access communication with increased capacity through self-noise reduction
Method and system for calibrating an oscillator circuit using a network based time reference
Data communications system with splitterless operation
Out of channel cyclic redundancy code method for a discrete multitone spread spectrum communications system
Communication network system including ring network that performs communication through multiple switching devices
Communications interconnect with make-before-break signal routing
Use of generic classifiers to determine physical topology in heterogeneous networking environments
Method for performance measurement and analysis of local exchange carrier interconnections
Damping circuit for a two-wire bus system
Converged service for interconnected local area networks
Fault tolerant network switch
Wide area mobile communication networks with multiple routing mode options
Communication network of linked nodes for selecting the shortest available route
Apparatus for and method for supporting 802.1Q VLAN tagging with independent VLAN learning in LAN emulation networks
Method and apparatus for providing integral cell payload integrity verification in ATM Telecommunication devices
Distributed type switching system
Method and apparatus for border node behavior on a full-duplex bus
Mobile communication terminal and transmission-bit-rate detection method
Method and apparatus for pulse overlap pre-compensation in digitally modulated signals
Apparatus and method for efficient binary phase shift key data demodulation
Demodulator synchronization loop lock-in detection circuit
Digital demodulator
Analog translator for IEEE 1394 and translating method thereof
Asynchronous serial interface (ASI) ring network for digital information distribution
Fax routing system and method using standard fax machine and personal computer
Bit-level control for dynamic bandwidth allocation
Phone with ear hanger assembly capable of being hung on a user's ear without help from a hand for certain period of time
Adaptable line driver interface for digital telephone systems
Automatic dialing method using caller identification
Mobile originator call control
System and method for communicating voice and data over a local packet network
Method for determining an entity responsible for billing a called party
System and method for reverse billing of a telephone call
Feeder circuit
Method and apparatus for agent forcing and call distribution for large team call servicing
Method for screening active voice mail messages
Method and apparatus for transmission of voice data in a network structure
Data communication apparatus and method therefor
Image reading apparatus
Imaging apparatus with divers resolution
Image reading device
Automatic slide feeder for use with reflective optical scanner device
Image reading apparatus
Sub-pixel accurate motion vector estimation and motion-compensated interpolation
Reflecting type of zoom lens
Hybrid temporal-SNR fine granular scalability video coding
Method and apparatus for implementing motion detection in video compression
Transmission system between base station and switching center of mobile communications using fixed length cell
AAL receiving circuit and method of processing ATM cells
Number portability in a communications system
Methods and systems for routing signaling messages associated with ported subscribers in a communications network
Adaptive rule-based mechanism and method for feature interaction resolution
Radio-signal transceiver
Communication network
Method and apparatus for providing location information
Method and system for adapting a channel assignment plan to include shared frequency channels
Method and apparatus for processing paging indicator bits transmitted on a quick paging channel
Low power full duplex wireless link
Built-in microphone device
Loudspeaker having adjustable motor strength
Piezo integrated flat speakers for automotive interior panels
Electroacoustic transducer
Multifunction acoustic device
Loudspeaker with low distortion and high output power
Concentric magnetic configuration for loudspeakers
Method for loudness calibration of a multichannel sound systems and a multichannel sound system
Open type X-ray generating apparatus
Photodiode/laser mounting bracket
Capacitor component
Casing for a PC cartridge
Card guide system
Chassis with adaptive fan control
Fastenerless clip for quick installation and removal of system components in a computer system
Automotive electronics heat exchanger
Mechanical packaging architecture for heat dissipation
Flow through butterfly backpane
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