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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Waterproof breathable fabric and method of making the same
Block-shaped scaffold for tissue engineering and production method thereof
Use of bamboo vinegar for treating inflammation
Stretch mark prevention undergarment
Collapsible garment hanger
Illuminated walking cane
Cosmetic cap sealing system
Handle for a household appliance
Enclosure with removable panel
Ice/liquid dispensing bay
Clamp mechanism for clamping a heat sink
Ergonomic clipboard
Easel stand mountable display board
Configurable seating device and method of use thereof
Lid holder apparatus
Portable commode, shower and bath wheelchair apparatus
Endoscopic instrument having reduced diameter flexible shaft
Eyelid lifting device
System and method for attaching soft tissue to bone
Self suturing trocar
System and method for moving and stretching plastic tissue
Method of treating vaginal prolapse
Driving device for a device for the local puncturing of a skin and a method for operating the driving device
Saw capture device
Semi-constrained anchoring system
Method for treating a sphincter
Programmable device for treating over drainage due to siphonic effects in hydrocephalus shunt systems
Optical coherence tomographic imaging method and optical coherence tomographic imaging apparatus
System for marking a location for treatment within the gastrointestinal tract
Ear tag for marking an animal and for sampling tissue from said animal
Process and a device for determining conditions of hypovolemia
Devices and methods for cervix measurement
Transdermal integrated actuator device, methods of making and using same
Method and system for three-dimensional (3D) imaging of biological structures
Segmentation of lesions in ultrasound images
Tooth extraction tool
Removable tooth cap and method of attachment therefor
Comfortable removable tooth cap
Oral mouthpiece and method for the use thereof
Reusable diapers
Stem cell capture and immobilization coatings for medical devices and implants
Remotely adjustable gastric banding system
Pyloric valve
Drug eluting stent for the treatment of dialysis graft stenoses
Bifurcated delivery system and method
Contoured heart valve suture rings
Method of treating an osteochondral defect
Modulus plating system
Bone fixation surfaces for intervertebral implants
Methods and apparatuses for facilitating percutaneous fusion
Screw nail correcting apparatus
Antiseptic spermicidal composition and means for its application
Teething assembly
Use of inhaled gaseous nitric oxide as a mucolytic agent or expectorant
Method for treating or preventing renal or liver disease
Serine protease derivatives and uses in the prevention or the treatment of blood coagulation disorders
Composition for regulating lipid metabolism
Engineered type IV pilin of Clostridium difficile
Treating inflammatory diseases with antibodies that inhibit fractalkine-CXCR1 interaction
Personal care products with visual indicator of vaginitis
Hypoxia-selective, weakly basic 2-nitroimidazole delivery agents and methods of use thereof
Flashmelt oral dosage formulation
Solid dispersions or solid dispersion pharmaceutical preparations of phenylalanine derivatives
Highly concentrated liquid acetaminophen solutions
Oral compositions for absorption of phosphorous compounds
Steam autoclave having condensate bleed system, and condensate drainage system for a steam autoclave
Apparatus and process for oxidizing a vapor-phase substrate with low dose zone
Retractable safety syringe with non-loaded seal
Surgical suction instrument
Guide wire for medical treatment
Coupling device and use thereof
Valve assembly including a dissolvable valve member
Illuminated intravascular blood filter
Sheath for use in peripheral interventions
Carriers for hemostatic tract treatment
Device for packaging and delivering active principles in a hydroalcoholic solution
Drive system for use with an insulin delivery device
Method and device for tissue removal and for delivery of a therapeutic agent or bulking agent
Cannula for dispensing fluid products, particularly for vaginal and rectal applications
Precisely guided phototherapy apparatus
Hair dyeing process using a chromene or chromane dye
Child restraint for vehicle
Chilled powder fire extinguisher
Portable hurdle
Metal wood club
Training bat
Training system and method of using the same
Sound steps
Game of chance ensuring a single winner
Interactive game board system incorporating capacitive sensing and identification of game pieces
Multiwinning opportunities in pick and select gaming platform
Transforming and spinning toy vehicle and game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Treatment of water for use in hydraulic fracture stimulation
Treatment of surfactant laden wastewater
Strainer device
Method for producing a ceramic filter element and filter element
Air filtering system capable of enhancing inspection convenience
Integrated flue gas dehumidification and wet cooling tower system
Device and method for purifying a process gas in a reflow soldering system
Honeycomb structured body and exhaust gas purifying device
Image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for adjustably treating a sour gas
Porous hollow fiber supported dense membrane for hydrogen production, separation, or purification
Membrane module
Ventilation device and controlling method of the same
Coking apparatus and process for oil-containing solids
Installation and process for the milling-drying and storage of brown coal
Particle separator
Grinding mill with dual articulation actuation cylinder
Water saving shower nozzle
Superhydrophilic coatings for improved sonobuoy performance
Conductive fibers and a method of manufacturing the same
Water-based adhesive composition and a process to foam it
Large-area transparent conductive coatings including doped carbon nanotubes and nanowire composites, and methods of making the same
Vapor clean for haze and particle removal from lithographic photomasks
Immersion nozzle
Tool mounted stud finder
Method and device for centering and clamping a workpiece in a balancing machine
Attachment particularly useful for milling machines to enable cutting sharp interior corners and a cutter member for use therein
Method and apparatus for forming by electrochemical material removal
Roller assembly and rolling apparatus of cooker comprising the same
Methods and systems for installing screen protectors for electronic devices
Pressing device for cutting means and apparatus and method for finishing circumferential surfaces on cylindrical parts of a workpiece
Surface treatment method for vacuum member
Quick release bench vise system
Disk holder with replaceable inserts to retain springs
Apparatus for pushing a fastener from a host material
Apparatus for manufacturing set cellular cement
Process for producing pneumatic tyres
Methods, compositions and blends for forming articles having improved environmental stress crack resistance
Measuring device and measuring method for an injection molding machine for ascertaining a batch-specific characteristic number
Polyester film, method for manufacturing the same, and solar cell module
Machine for the manufacture of containers, comprising a module for controlling the devices of a moulding unit so as to effect a change of mould
Plastic film stretching apparatus
Method and apparatus for manufacturing coated profile members
Method of fabricating and transferring a micro device and an array of micro devices utilizing an intermediate electrically conductive bonding layer
Method for making self-assembling, collagen-based material for corneal replacement
Biodegradable inflatable device
Precision resistive elements and related manufacturing process
Method for making coated article and coated article
Glass for chemical tempering and glass plate for display device
Production method for an ultra-low-dielectric-constant film, and an ultra-low-dielectric-constant film produced thereby
Composite molded article
Friction pad on portable handheld electronic device
Method for connecting a plastic workpiece to a further workpiece
Crystal volume having a decorative dichroic visual effect
Coating, article coated with coating, and method for manufacturing article
DLC-coated sliding member and method for producing the same
Coating, article coated with coating, and method for manufacturing article
Inkjet recording inkset and inkjet recording method
Flow-through liquid ejection using compliant membrane transducer
Liquid droplet ejection head and liquid droplet ejection apparatus
Recording apparatus and liquid ejection head
Printhead assembly and fluidic connection of die
Ink jet printer cartridge refilling method and apparatus
Printing apparatus
Inkjet printing head and inkjet printing apparatus
Printing apparatus and printing method for determining a driving order in accordance with a displacement of print nozzles
Ink jet printing apparatus and print head recovery method
Thermal transfer sheet and ink ribbon
Cover applier and method of aligning a book image to a cover image
Mounting system for an air handling unit
Binder apparatus
Molded soap bar for storing and dispensing liquid soap
Railway car independent axles with axle locking mechanism
Double tread
Surface vehicle vertical trajectory planning
Safeguard for the sliding door of a motor vehicle
Vehicle front structure
Seat assembly having a moveable head restraint
Headlight for a motor vehicle having a masking apparatus
Loaded LED bulbs for incandescent/fluorescent/neon/xenon/halogen bulbs replacement in load sensitive applications and more
Vehicle body structure
Vehicle safety anti-collision device
Discharge orifice for airbag inflator
Comfortable seat belt extender that is easy to install and use
Vehicle storage compartment assembly
Brake apparatus
Transmission scheduling for multi-stroke engine
Vehicle detection system
Foldable stroller frame having three sections joined to and foldable around a common hub structure
Steering wheel alignment system
Decklid damper for a vehicle
Body structure of a motor vehicle, motor vehicle and method of manufacturing a body structure
Motorcycle cowl structure
Adjustable floatability device
Aircraft engine attachment pylon comprising a box with a circular or elliptical shaped section
Launch and recovery system for unmanned aerial vehicles
Foldable bag with expandable opening
Corner chamber with heater
Printing apparatus, control method for the same, and storage medium
Stapler eject with alternating offset and position controlled grip
Detachable ears rope thimble
Shipboard winch with guide vanes
System and method for installing fiber optic cable
Tap with integral air vent for delivering liquids from vessels
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for the production of hydrogen from ammonia borane
Method and device for the entrained-flow gasification of solid fuels under pressure
Method of preparing highly ordered mesoporous silica nanoparticles using the addition of transition metal salts
High purity and free flowing metal oxides powder
Titanium oxide and method of producing the same
Phosphorus recovery
All-electric coagulant generation system
Integrated electrode-current collector sheet for capacitive deionization, capacitive deionization device and electric double layer capacitor having the same
Bio-denitrification apparatus and method for making and using same
Materials and methods for the production of green concrete
High temperature piezoelectric ceramics
System and process for starch production
Use of co-grinding agents in a process to manufacture co-ground natural and precipitated calcium carbonates, suspensions and dry pigments obtained and their uses
Titania-metal composite and method for preparation thereof, and film forming method using dispersion comprising the composite
Aqueous inorganic zinc-rich coating composition
Inkjet inks containing a silver salt having increased optical density
Liquid crystal blue phase
Eutectic mixtures based upon multivalent metal ions
Adsorbing polynuclear aromatics from a reforming process at reaction temperatures
Hydrotreating process with improved hydrogen management
Fibrous substrate-based hydroprocessing catalysts and associated methods
Relating to fuels
Low density be-bearing bulk glassy alloys excluding late transition metals
Method of making ITO-coated article for use with electronic device
Diptube apparatus and method for delivering vapor phase reagent to a deposition chamber
Bubbler apparatus and delivery method
Bubbler apparatus and method for delivering vapor phase reagent to a deposition chamber
Film forming apparatus and film forming method
Process for production of diaryl carbonate
Silicon carbide nanofiber and fabrication method of silicon carbide nanofiber using emulsion spinning
Textiles; Paper
Process of making fibers by electric-field-driven spinning using low-conductivity fluid formulations
Fixed Constructions
Pothole repair system
Method of placing visible advertising
Systems and methods for collecting crude oil from leaking underwater oil wells
Apparatus/method for temperature controlled methanol injection in oil and gas production streams
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Multistage vacuum pump
Low noise turbine for geared turbofan engine
Lamellar seal for a turbomachine
Turbine blade with platform cooling
Blower fan for low profile environment
Turbine vane with counter flow cooling passages
Turbine blade with multiple impingement cooled passages
Rotary compressor with enhanced sealing between mode switching device and chamber thereof
Welded rotor of a gas turbine engine compressor
Dual-action disposable clamp
Interference fit assembly, a thermal compensation arrangement of an injection valve and method for producing an interference fit assembly
Bearing apparatus, spindle motor, and disk drive apparatus
Torque transmitting device
Gas spring for sliding refractory gate valve
Compressor with transmission
Human powered vehicle with two reciprocal pedals
Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
Clutch device
Mechanical power transmission system and method
Hydraulic control apparatus for automatic transmission
Transmission assembly for variable torque distribution
Two-speed transaxle gearbox for electric vehicles
Transmission having planetary gear drive with variable speed reduction
Method for actuating a clutch of a hydrodynamic torque converter
Apparatus for mounting for multiple lasers
Portable multi-purpose illumination device
Fan light apparatus
Helmet mounted lighting apparatus and method of manufacture
Illumination device
Illumination device
Lamp with air channel
Light source assembly and touch screen device having the same
Light source device and display unit equipped with light source device
Integrally illuminated panel apparatus and methods
Phosphor-centric control of color of light
Detonation safety in microchannels
Process and reactor for removing the volatile components of the fine fraction coming from the crushing of vehicles and iron-containing scraps
Edge lighting dial structure
Halogen and heavy metal-free humidity indicating composition and humidity indicator card containing the same
Optoelectronic module having an adapter for use in extracting the module from a cage
Fiber optic connector system with projected alignment pins
Eyewear with removeable secured adjustable strap
Substrate connection structure and projector
Error free method for wireless display tag (WDT)
Checkout terminal and control method for the same
Apparatus for prevention of reading of magnetic cards
Semiconductor device
System and method for verifying an individual's authorization to cross borders using an electronic card with biometric controls
Smart cards and user terminals including the same
Coin hopper with an upward coin passage
Computerized game with cascading strategy and full information
Skull mounting and casting system
Reading level assessment method, system, and computer program product for high-stakes testing applications
Frame for light source device, light source device, and display device
Multilayer optical recording medium
Multilayer optical recording medium
Multilayer optical recording medium
Adhesive composition, circuit connecting material, connection structure of circuit member, and semiconductor device
Fabrication of functional device mounting board making use of inkjet technique
Arylamine compounds and electronic devices
Graphite/DSA assembled electrode for redox flow battery, method of manufacturing the same and redox flow battery including the same
Dichalcogenide thermoelectric material
Cable terminal having a fixing element with a locking teeth engaging a locking edge to prevent a release of the fixing element
Operating fuse deflector and method of use
Universal serial bus connector
Power supply cord storage mechanism
Cable having adaptor assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Optical-reflectance-based mass-flow sensor
Telemetered characteristic monitor system and method of using the same
Health monitoring system for car seat
Pacifier locator system
Circumferential antenna for an implantable medical device
Method of generating three-dimensional fire and smoke plume for graphical display
Method for simulating flow of an extinguishing agent
Performing Operations; Transporting
Detection cell
Buzzer-driving apparatus
1:1 projection system and method for laser irradiating semiconductor films
Signal transmission and receiving methods optimized for integrated circuit implementation
Laser lens system and process for illustrating a printing form
Printing apparatus with paper feed control
Card printing system and method
Optical microswitch printer heads
Optical head and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Monitoring a condition of a pneumatic tire
Apparatus with receiver having selectable threshold time constant
Determination of wheel sensor position using radio frequency detectors in an automotive remote tire monitor system
Reduction of blind spots by using display screens
Harness safety alarm
Anti-theft protection system for a motor vehicle, and a method for operating an anti-theft protection system
Vehicle immobiliser/alarm
Vehicle tracker with test features and related methods
Protective beacon
Contactless electronic tag for three-dimensional object
Method and device for determining the state of a rail stretch
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Phosphor blends and backlight sources for liquid crystal displays
In-situ microscope device reactors
Textiles; Paper
System for monitoring a process
Fixed Constructions
Message board with work lights for vehicles
Motor vehicle door lock system
Surface topology inspection
Alignment process for integrated circuit structures on semiconductor substrate using scatterometry measurements of latent images in spaced apart test fields on substrate
Method for the calibration and alignment of multiple multi-axis motion stages for optical alignment to a planar waveguide device and system
Apparatus and method for verifying the beam axis of front-looking land vehicle transceiver antenna
Course deviation indicator with unique display
Spectral analysis system with moving objective lens
Spectroscopic probe
Method and apparatus for in situ determination of molten polycarbonate composition using electronic absorption spectroscopy
Optical arrangement for selection and detection of the spectral region of a light beam and confocal scanning microscope
Optical filter and fluorescence spectroscopy system incorporating the same
Method of multiplexing column amplifiers in a resistive bolometer array
Visual display testing, optimization, and harmonization method and system
Method and apparatus for evaluating aberrations of optical element and method and apparatus for adjusting optical unit and lens
Residual stress measuring device for optical fiber
Aerial sampler system
System and method for providing improved event reading and data processing capabilities in a flow cytometer
Liquid photometer using surface tension to contain sample
Gas permeable probe for use in an optical analyzer for an exhaust gas stream flowing through a duct or chimney
Protective shield for an instrument probe
Body fluid analyte measurement
Satellite and retroreflector atmospheric spectroscopy system
Universal detector for biological and chemical separations or assays using plastic microfluidic devices
Optical imaging apparatus
System and method for epi-detected coherent anti-stokes raman scattering microscopy
Measurement of fluorescence decay times
Small particle analysis by laser induced incandescence
Apparatus and method for automated game ball inspection
Wafer defect detection system with traveling lens multi-beam scanner
Optical method and apparatus for inspecting large area planar objects
Wafer resistance measurement apparatus and method using capacitively coupled AC excitation signal
Dynamic gain control in a digital eddy current signal processor
Methods for determining oil in seeds
Notched electrical test probe tip
Probe card for testing an integrated circuit
Interleaving A/D conversion type waveform digitizer module and a test apparatus
Active cooling to reduce leakage power
Abrupt power change method of preventing an integrated circuit chip from being thermally destroyed, in a tester, due to a defective pressed joint
Testing apparatus embedded in scribe line and a method thereof
Interconnect device for electrically coupling a test system to a circuit board adapted for use with a ball-grid array connector
System and method for adjusting magnetic center field for permanent MRI magnetic field generator
Apparatus for measuring properties of probe card and probing method
Signal deformation monitor
Obstacle detecting apparatus of vehicle
Method and device for the detection and track of targets in high clutter
Random-modulation radar signal-induced interference cancellation method and apparatus
Portable tester for LAAS ground facility
Zoomable beamspreader for non-imaging illumination applications
Optical apparatus
Night vision system utilizing an illumination module and a method related thereto
Illuminating optical system and projection display device including it
Geometric beamsplitter and method for its fabrication
Rod lens array and a process for producing the same
Low dispersion filters
Conductive polarizer of liquid crystal display device
ITU frequency/wavelength reference
Informative data identifying device for spectacles
Diffusing polarizing member and liquid crystal display
Color filter for a reflective type LCD and method for manufacturing the same
Transflective liquid crystal display device having a color filter and method for fabricating thereof
Reflective liquid crystal display device having cholesteric liquid crystal color filter
Semipermeable liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display element with different ratios of polydomain and monodomain states
Matrix substrate, liquid crystal display device using it, and method for producing the matrix substrate
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device
Wrist-carried camera and watch-type information equipment
Spectral watermarking for motion picture image data
Image reading apparatus and control program
Exposure device for exposing a transparent photographic original
Compositing two-dimensional and 3-dimensional images
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Stage control method, exposure method, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Immersion photolithography system and method using inverted wafer-projection optics interface
Apparatus for patterning a semiconductor wafer
System and method to monitor reticle heating
Self referencing mark independent alignment sensor
Substrate attracting and holding system for use in exposure apparatus
Pattern writing apparatus, pattern writing method and substrate
Image editing device permitting user to register desired patterns
Phase imaging using multi-wavelength digital holography
Small-sized electronic equipment
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having two types of internal power supply circuits
Increasing power supply noise rejection using linear voltage regulators in an on-chip temperature sensor
Low voltage large swing/high linearity analog buffer with servo amplifier and feedback loop
Stable voltage generating circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit having internal power supply voltage down conversion circuit
Temperature-compensated current reference circuit
Selective noise generator
Self-compensating glitch free clock switch
Hand-held mobile mouse
"Mini-stick" module--new mobiles joystick input device
Method of providing power to field programmable gate array modules
Method and apparatus for supporting multiple monitor orientations
Method and system for enabling a printing program to communicate with a printer
Resource dedication system and method for a computer architecture for broadband networks
Method and apparatus for setting a limitation of copy to generated data in a system having a plurality of information processing apparatuses connected to a network
Roller with tactile feedback
Touchscreen display calibration using results history
Pushbutton optical screen pointing device
Information cursors
Print controller, print system, print controlling method, and record medium
Late binding of device settings in a host raster image processor
Display apparatus and portable information processing apparatus
Swap buffer synchronization in a distributed rendering system
Semiconductor device including a differential transistor pair
Marking print documents for visible ownership
Print control apparatus with decompression, and method and storage medium
Image processing method for adaptively sub-sampling an image
Thin implantable RFID transponder suitable for use in an identification badge
Method and apparatus for conducting an interactive design conference over the internet
System and method for rendering printing traps with application of color transformations
Virtualization of graphics resources
Method and apparatus for generation of programmable shader configuration information from state-based control information and program instructions
Virtualization of graphics resources
Pixel calculating device
Automatic color contrast adjuster
System and method for rendering high-resolution critical items
Depth based blending for 3D graphics systems
Computer graphics
Performing memory management operations to provide displays of complex virtual environments
Three dimensional modeling apparatus
Demosaicing for digital imaging device using perceptually uniform color space
Data transmitting and receiving method and portable communication terminal apparatus
Multiple photograph service method and apparatus
Image processing system
Personal or personalizable device for the conditional use of electric or electronic appliances, method of use
System and method for updating a product database based on surveillance tag detection at a self-checkout station
Electronic fish counter apparatus
Evacuation warning system for computer local area networks
Violation alert speed display
Multi-mode signal
Surveillance system and method for aircraft approach and landing
Aluminum-extruded LCD frame
Testing device
Image display apparatus and method for protecting a screen of an image display apparatus
Displaying interlaced video on a matrix display
Method of driving a plasma display apparatus
Drive circuit for display device
Gray scale pixel driver for electronic display and method of operation therefor
Display driver and method for driving an emissive video display
TFT-LCD capable of adjusting its light source
Driving method of display device
Simultaneous scan line driving method for a TFT LCD display
Drive circuit of liquid crystal display, having clip circuit before polarity inversion circuit
On screen chinese keyboard
System, method, and computer program product for blending textures during rendering of a computer generated image using a single texture as a mask
Color image processing method, color image processing apparatus, and liquid-crystal display
Dithered quantization using neighborhood mask array to approximate interpolate
Display apparatus, liquid crystal display apparatus and driving method for display apparatus
Digital signal modulation method
Multi-layer structure with variable bandpass for monochromatization and spectroscopy
Over-current protection device
High Q on-chip inductor
Transformer core
Integrated bobbin transformer assembly
Coil Device
Keypad device
Fuse indicator label
Processing system and device manufacturing method using the same
Integrated circuit test structure
Designs of digital pixel sensors
Low-noise CMOS active pixel sensor for imaging arrays with high speed global or row reset
Organic electro-luminescence device
Band-pass filter and communication apparatus
Microwave components
Dielectric block signal filters with cost-effective conductive coatings
Composite filter, antenna duplexer, and communication apparatus
Edge plated transmission line and switch integrally formed therewith
Transmission line structure with an air dielectric
Balancing network
Relay antenna masts for cellular radio-telecommunication system
Notebook computer with an embedded antenna
Calibration apparatus and method for use with antenna array
Radio communication device with integrated antenna, transmitter, and receiver
Advanced multilevel antenna for motor vehicles
Tag housing and assembly method for annular apparatus
Secondary reflector for SHF antennae of the Cassegrain type
Directivity controllable antenna and antenna unit using the same
Compact antennas having directed beams and potentially more than one degree of freedom per concentration region
Adjustable beamwidth and azimuth scanning antenna with dipole elements
Multi-frequency antenna for a portable electronic apparatus
Monopole antenna that can easily be reduced in height dimension
Multi-band antenna
Dual-frequency broadband antennas
Broadband dual-frequency tablet antennas
Dipole antenna array
Integrated connector and positive thermal coefficient switch
Internal combustion engine ignition coil, and method of producing the same
Blocking mechanism to reduce leakage current
Method and apparatus for communication between an electronic device and a connected battery
Push-pull output neuron circuit
Data processor controlled DC to DC converter system and method of operation
Frequency modulation system and method
Circuit and method for compensating for non-linear distortion
Active predistorting linearizer with agile bypass circuit for safe mode operation
Distortion compensation circuit
Ultra broadband low noise amplifier with matched reactive input impedance
DC offset cancellation circuit, system and method
Integrated circuit low noise amplifier and applications thereof
Power amplifier device and method thereof
Digital switching power amplifier
Output stage using positive feedback to provide large current sourcing capability
High-frequency circuit
AGC circuit providing control of output signal amplitude and of output signal DC level
Device for preventing mixing of extrinsic noise and protector
Inductor equivalent circuit and application thereof
Switched capacitor filter circuit and method of fabricating the same
Low-reflection transmission-line filters with gaussian characteristics
Voltage control oscillator having a ferroelectric thin film perovskite single crystal resonator
Surface acoustic wave device having balanced and unbalanced terminals and a delay line
Method of forming a power device and structure therefor
Switching device for superconducting technology
Programmable power adjust for microelectronic devices
Multi-function interface and applications thereof
FPGA lookup table with transmission gate structure for reliable low-voltage operation
Method of optimizing routing in a programmable logic device
Programmable logic device structures in standard cell devices
High speed zero DC power programmable logic device (PLD) architecture
Ring oscillator having a stable output signal without influence of MOS devices
Oscillator circuit, semiconductor device and semiconductor memory device provided with the oscillator circuit, and control method of the oscillator circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit having a voltage conversion circuit
Digital level shifter with reduced power dissipation and false transmission blocking
Multi-mode VCO
Hybrid of predictive and closed-loop phase-domain digital PLL architecture
Glitch-free digital phase detector circuits and methods with optional offset and lock window extension
Phase comparison method, phase comparison circuit, and phase locked loop (PLL) type circuit
Phase detector for a delay locked loop and delay locked loop with the phase detector
Dual loop phase lock loops using dual voltage supply regulators
Voltage ID based frequency control for clock generating circuit
Phase locked loop circuit having automatic adjustment for free-running frequency of voltage controlled oscillator
Current-steering/reproducing digital-to-analog current converter
Analog to digital converter
Multi-channel circuit with current steering digital to analogue converters with minimized crosstalk
Analog-to-digital converters
Redundant analog to digital state machine employed to multiple states on a single line
Analog to digital converter selecting reference voltages in accordance with feedback from prior stages
Method and system for VCO-based analog-to-digital conversion (ADC)
Low power, high SNR, high order delta sigma modulator stage having integrators with pipelined cross coupled input circuits
Modulation code system and methods of encoding and decoding a signal by multiple integration
Double width data bus, single rate to single width data bus, double rate converter circuit
Apparatus and method for decoding variable length code
System and method for automatically configuring remote control device using removable storage media
Coupling broadband modems to power lines
Method for transmitting adaptive multi-channel packet in power line communication system
Transmitting and receiving a signal of a picture including related information
Optical transmission systems and optical amplifiers for use therein
On-chip termination apparatus in semiconductor integrated circuit, and method for controlling the same
Keypad and electronic device
Method for disabling alarm temporarily in mobile communication terminal
Virtual whiteboard
Image communication apparatus and its control method
Apparatus for scanning document
Scanner which adjusts the image induced voltage by controlling the exposure time of the sensors
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Transforms for display or printing digital images
On-line model prediction and calibration system for a dynamically varying color reproduction device
Data input apparatus having multiple lens unit
Double slope pixel sensor and array
Solid-state electronic image sensing device with high subsampling efficiency and method of reading a video signal out of the same
Image data forming apparatus and image data processing method capable of recording with a wide dynamic range
Shutterless digital camera and method of using same
Remote control unit with previewing device for an image-capturing device
Look ahead rolling shutter system in CMOS sensors
Circuit and method for gray code to binary conversion
Image pickup apparatus and method of correcting deteriorated pixel signal thereof
TV receiver apparatus and related method
Control of video level by region and content of information displayed
Projector with fan controller
Camera control apparatus for controlling a plurality of cameras for tracking an object
Automated stabilization method for digital image sequences
Imaging device and a digital camera having same
Apparatus and method for YC separation and three-line correlation detection
Mobile terminal using a vibration motor as a loudspeaker and method of use thereof
Xenon light fixture with integral ballast and remote control
Electronic device for supplying DC power and having noise filter mounted with excellent noise reduction
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew