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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean cultivar NE0912636
Soybean variety XB42R11
Lingual vestibular dosage-form and delivery system for transmucosal administration of pharmaceutical agents
C20-C21 substituted glucocorticoid receptor agonists
Anti-angiogenic therapeutics efficacy enhanced by nanoformulation
Compounds for inflammation and immune-related uses
Anti-obesity product and its method of preparation
Oven, especially domestic oven and method for operating such an oven
Processed tea leaf product obtained by extrusion
Cross-linked gelatin composition coated with a wetting agent
Organosulfur compounds, a method of making organosulfur compounds and their use for inhibiting the growth of tumour cells
Use of a specific cyclic amine derivative or the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof for the treatment or prevention of heart failure
Wound and skin care compositions
Heteroaromatic derivatives and their use as positive allosteric modulators of metabotropic glutamate receptors
Heteroalkyl biphenyl antagonists of prostaglandin D.sub.2 receptors
(Pyrazol-3-yl)-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-amine and (pyrazol-3-yl)-1,3,4-thiazol-2-amine compounds
Cinnamoyl derivatives and use thereof
Tetrahydrothiazolopyridine inhibitors of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase
Pharmaceutical compositions
6-substituted indole-3-carboxylic acid amide compounds having sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) receptor antagonist biological activity
Quinolinones and quinoxalinones as antibacterial composition
Phenoxyacetic acid derivatives useful for treating respiratory diseases
Prophylactic and/or therapeutic drug for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
Non-occluding nasal moisturizer and methods of use
Method for producing a red grape tea-like composition
Cosmeceutical formulation containing palm oils
Peptidic compounds
Pharmaceutical formulation
Method for inhibiting BAFF-R activity
Use of IL-23 and IL-17 antagonists to treat autoimmune ocular inflammatory disease
Radiolabelled MMP selective compounds
Materials and apparatus for in-situ bone repair
Toothpaste composition
Tooth whitening compositions and methods
Non-cytotoxic chlorine dioxide fluids
Chewable antiplaque confectionery dental composition
Emulsion dyeing composition containing at least one fatty quaternary amine, at least one nonionic surfactant and at least one silicone, and method of using same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Beer filter
Portable air filter
Removal of acid gases by means of an absorbent comprising a stripping aid
Sensor-integrated device
Liquid adhesive dispensing system
Transportable integrated wash unit
Cleaning sheet, transfer member provided with cleaning function, and method for cleaning substrate processing apparatus
Metal powder
Powder green compact, sintered compact and processes for producing them
Process for producing fine silver particle colloidal dispersion, fine silver particle colloidal dispersion, and conductive silver film
Plasma torch with swirl-inducing nozzle and method of using same
Abrasive article with improved packing density and mechanical properties and method of making
Method of fabricating an intraluminal scaffold with an enlarged portion
Method of manufacturing a panel with occluded microholes
Method for forming optical film
Container-enclosed fullerene, method of manufacturing the same, and method of storing fullerene
Pipe module
Exterior heat insulation panel
System for mounting objects to polymeric membranes
Lining method and lining installation for the production of multi-layer products
Method of manufacturing a structure
Oxide substrate and manufacturing method therefor
Process to make PMR writer with leading edge shield (LES) and leading edge taper (LET)
Vehicle control system
Vehicular LED lamp monitoring/controlling system
Anti-theft system for wheels and rims
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the selective oxidation of hydrogen sulphide
Silicon-germanium hydrides and methods for making and using same
Fluid purification unit and fluid purification assembly including the same
Sewage composting method
Methods and intermediates for the synthesis of porphyrins
Production of trans-4-aminocyclopent-2-ene-1-carboxylic acid derivatives
Process for production of hydroxyadamantaneamine
Manufacturing process for sitagliptin from L-aspartic acid
Hydrogenation of ethanoic acid to produce ethanol
Catalyst for higher production rates in hydrocarbon dehydrogenation
Amido derivatives and their use as positive allosteric modulators of metabotropic glutamate receptors
Process for manufacturing 5-(2-{[6-(2,2-difluoro-2-phenylethoxy)hexyl]amino}-1-hydroxyethyl)-8-hydr- oxyquinolin-2(1H)-one
Method for preparing rosuvastatin, intermediate compounds useful for preparing same, and method for preparing same
Chemical compounds
Epoxidation of an olefin
Process for the preparation of temsirolimus and its intermediates
Process for the preparation of [1-hydroxy-2-(1H-imidazol-1-yl)- ethylidene]bisphosphonic acid
Sugar donor
Method for producing conjugate of thyroxine and albumin
Nucleic acids and corresponding proteins entitled 158P3D2 useful in treatment and detection of cancer
MCP1-Ig fusion variants
Antibodies to the alpha-7 nicotinic receptors and methods of treating inflammatory disorders with the same
Humanized antibodies against LIGHT and uses thereof
Peptides with capacity to bind to scurfin and applications
Heat-curing powder-lacquer compositions yielding a matte surface after curing of the coating, as well as a simple method for production of same
Peroxide-crosslinkable fluoroelastomer
Acrylated natural oil compositions
Curable resin composition, optical material, and method for controlling optical material
Activating supports with controlled distribution of OH groups
Segmented polyarylene ether block copolymers
Flame-retarded compositions of styrene-containing polymers
Surface-treated fiber, resin composition, and molded article of the composition
Organic insulating material, varnish for resin film using the same, resin film and semiconductor device
Polymeric compositions
Water-soluble phthalocyanine dye
Silicon-based antireflective coating compositions
Extraction with fractionation of lipids and proteins from oleaginous material
Nitride phosphor, method of preparing the same, and white light-emitting device using the same
Adsorptive composite barriers for packaging applications
Surfactant mixtures for tertiary oil recovery
Catalyst and method for alkli-free purification of oil raw materials from mercaptans
Method for treating enterovirus or rhinovirus infection using antisense antiviral compounds
Compounds for eliciting or enhancing immune reactivity to HER-2/neu protein for prevention or treatment of malignancies in which the HER-2/neu oncogene is associated
Polypeptides having colanic acid-degrading activity
URA5 gene and methods for stable genetic integration in yeast
Anti-platelet membrane glycoprotein VI monoclonal antibody
Diagnostic and therapeutic targets for leukemia
Method and device for introducing dust into a metal melt of a pyrometallurgical installation
Loaded film cassette for gaseous vapor deposition
Loading device and sputtering device using same
Method and apparatus for conformable polishing
Target bodies and uses thereof in the production of radioisotope materials
Low-rate electrochemical etch of thin film metals and alloys
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device for generating electric energy from a renewable source
Apparatus for converting wave energy
System and method for optical coherence tomography and method for calibrating said type of system
Apparatus and method for measuring displacement
Apparatus for measuring rotationally symmetric aspheric surface
Photoelectric conversion circuit
Standoff explosives detection
Portable radiometric imaging device and a corresponding imaging method
Two-step gram staining method
System and method for pseudo-continuous measurement of metabolite concentrations in a mammalian body
Systems and methods for enhancing rates of in situ carbonation of peridotite
Light emitting component measuring system and the method thereof
Refractive index distribution measuring method and refractive index distribution measuring apparatus
Lectin complement pathway assays and related compositions and methods
Methods and compositions related to TR4 ligand
Multiple antigenic peptide assay for detection of HIV or SIV type retroviruses
Test body, test arrangement, method for manufacturing of a test body, and method for determining a moisture content of the insulation of a power transformer during drying thereof
Method and system for monitoring external excitation on a surface using nanocomposite paint
Method and apparatus for probe contacting
Short circuit detection device
Optical delay combining for multiplexing in radiation imaging systems
Zoom lens and image capturing apparatus
Method for manufacturing microcapsules, and microcapsule, electrophoretic device and electric apparatus
Plasma ion assisted deposition of Mo/Si multilayer EUV coatings
Lens system
Light guide panel, backlight unit and display apparatus
Electrically programmable reticle and system
Hologram recording medium
Inverter device and control method thereof
Power factor correction device simultaneously applying two trigger schemes
Method and apparatus to increase efficiency in a power factor correction circuit
Power supply controller with an input voltage compensation circuit
Clock generation circuit
All-in-one computing device with an adjustable screen height
Mounting apparatus for disk drives with different size
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, program, program recording medium, data recording medium, and data structure
Error notification method and information processing apparatus
System and method for pseudo-random test pattern memory allocation for processor design verification and validation
Reconfigurable FC-AL storage loops in a data storage system
Mobile terminal and software update method
Method and system for debugging flow control based designs
System for integrating a plurality of modules using a power/data backbone network
Method and system for troubleshooting a misconfiguration of a computer system based on configurations of other computer systems
Storage system
Data processing system and method for efficient communication utilizing an Ig coherency state
Method of generating TCAM entry and method and apparatus for searching for TCAM entry
System and method for providing service technicians access to dispatch information
Method, apparatus, and a system for efficient context switch
Method for defragmenting of virtual volumes in a storage area network (SAN)
Interface and related methods for dynamically generating a filter graph in a development system
System for supporting partial cache line write operations to a memory module to reduce write data traffic on a memory channel
Automated biological sample archive for storage, retrieval and analysis of large numbers of samples for remote clients
Data processing device in vehicle control system
Signal processing device
Protocol conversion circuit
Document processing apparatus, document processing method, and program for preventing the printing of multiple unauthorized copies
Expert knowledge combination process based medical risk stratifying method and system
Method and apparatus for detecting a misaligned page
Multifunctional network device and a network system
Server construction support technique
Object collaboration apparatus using message type
System and method for providing services access through a family home page
Instant messaging session invite for arranging peer-to-peer communication between applications
Method for providing kiosk service offerings in a personal area network
Centralized selection of peers as media data sources in a dispersed peer network
Session mobility using digital items
DSL communication apparatus, and download method of DSL communication program
Asynchronous network stack operation in an operating system independent environment
Information processing method and apparatus maintaining consistency of shared data
Printing service providing method and printing service providing system
Path-token-based web service caching method
Host-level policies for global server load balancing
Information processing system, mobile phone and information processing server
Log on personal computer
Method and apparatus for fully automated iSCSI target configuration
Electronic document binder builder
Graphical authoring and editing of mark-up language sequences
Electronic document request/supply method based on XML
Method, proxy and system to support full-page web browsing on hand-held devices
User-specific personalization of information services
Real estate disclosure reporting method
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, archive information management method, storage medium which stores information-processing-apparatus-readable program that implements the method, and program
Assuring correct data entry to generate shells for a semiconductor platform
Cell modeling for integrated circuit design with characterization of upstream driver strength
Method and apparatus for generating memory models and timing database
Logic synthesis of multi-level domino asynchronous pipelines
System and method for external-memory graph search utilizing edge partitioning
Method of monitoring multiple computer system calls using one routine and non-executable configuration file
Serial peripheral interface circuit
Cross repository copier
Method and apparatus for processing call signaling messages
Device and technique for assigning different inputs to keys on a keypad
Handheld portable pointing apparatus
Method and apparatus for inputting three-dimensional location
Liquid crystal display device
Digital capacitive touch panel structure
Information processing apparatus and information processing apparatus control method to provide recovery processes
Network file processing system for sending multicast acceptance requests for transmission of image data via a network
Data output device and data output method
Image editing apparatus, image editing method, and printing apparatus
File recording method and file recording apparatus
Parts list system for managing parts used for unit and a method of preparing a parts list
Data recording device
Method and device for the generation of a classification tree to unify the supervised and unsupervised approaches, corresponding computer package and storage means
Method and apparatus for identifying programming object attributes
System and method of counting leading zeros and counting leading ones in a digital signal processor
Method of document searching
Method for sharing source code over a network
Process and apparatus for abstracting IC design files
System and method for controlling the visibility and use of data in a programming environment
Automatic software production system
Method for providing computing-environment control of a resource to be accessed by program code
Analog circuit system for generating elliptic functions
Image forming apparatus, power supplying method, and recording medium
Financial activity based on tropical weather events
Graphical user interface for financial activity concerning tropical weather events
Financial exchange system and method
Dynamic biplane roentgen stereophotogrammetric analysis
System for iterative interactive ray tracing in a multiprocessor environment
Mesh formation for multi-element volumes
Sick signal, embedded intelligent continuous pulse monitor and monitoring method thereof
Tracking device for hospitals, nursing homes, and private use
Security device
Personal emergency response (PER) system
LED tail lamp system for vehicle using pattern indication
Security gates device
Remote shut-off gas meter
Control system and a method for information display systems for vehicles on cross roads
Display driver circuit and display device that outputs symmetrical grayscale voltages
System and method for automatically adjusting electronic display settings
System and method for automatically adjusting electronic display settings
Method and device selective presentation of two images individually or combined as a fusion image
Portable drum
Information recording method and apparatus, information recording medium, and information recording medium manufacturing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for mounting a disc
Data compression/decompression method, data decompression method, and optical disc drive utilizing the method
Method for replicating media using unique identifiers
Tandem magnetic writer with independently addressable coils
Method and system for determining access sequence of data stored on a tape medium
Method and apparatus for detecting wobble defects in optical recording system
Optical information reproducing apparatus and optical information reproducing method
Optical information recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
Enhanced static random access memory stability using asymmetric access transistors and design structure for same
Methods and apparatus for write-side intercell interference mitigation in flash memories
Semiconductor device with OTP memory cell
Time-interleaved sample-and-hold
Quiescent testing of non-volatile memory array
Majority dominant power scheme for repeated structures and structures thereof
Single-ended sense amplifier with read-assist
Device for decreased risk of dielectric breakdown in high voltage apparatuses
Lithium ion capacitor
Self-pressurized arc diverter
Semiconductor device having plural optical fuses and manufacturing method thereof
Charging-free electron beam cure of dielectric material
Electron emission element including diamond doped with phosphorus
Efficient lamp with envelope having elliptical portions
Method for manufacturing magnetic memory chip device
Flexible electronic devices and related methods
GaN epitaxy with migration enhancement and surface energy modification
Method for growing semipolar nitride
Post deposition treatments for CVD cobalt films
Plasma treatment of silicon nitride and silicon oxynitride
Memory device and method for manufacturing memory devices
Integrated circuit modification using well implants
Method and apparatus for inline deposition of materials on a non-planar surface
Methods of forming an isolation layer and methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices having an isolation layer
Method for repairing copper diffusion barrier layers on a semiconductor solid substrate and repair kit for implementing this method
Conductive chip disposed on lead semiconductor package
Semiconductor device having semiconductor substrate, and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device, substrate for producing semiconductor device and method of producing them
Semiconductor device, lead frame assembly, and method for fabricating the same
Solid-state image capturing device, method for manufacturing the same and electronic information device
Image sensor with raised photosensitive elements
Process for forming a planar diode using one mask
Programmable via devices
Formation of solar cells with conductive barrier layers and foil substrates
Nitride semiconductor device, nitride semiconductor wafer and method for manufacturing nitride semiconductor layer
Semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
Nonvolatile programmable logic switch
Photovoltaic cell with non-miscible electrolytes
Solid-state image pickup device and driving method of solid-state image pickup device
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing same
Measuring floating body voltage in silicon-on-insulator (SOI) metal-oxide-semiconductor-field-effect-transistor (MOSFET)
Semiconductor chip assembly with post/base heat spreader with thermal via
Mesa-type AT-cut quartz-crystal vibrating piece and quartz-crystal device
Fluid power generation system having a generator with an electrical-charge-producing material
High curie temperature ternary piezoelectric ceramics
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Joined nanostructures and methods therefor
Plate for a bipolar battery and a bipolar battery
Moveable magnet and panel assembly useful in a vehicle
Control of battery charging power
Rechargeable battery pack
Negative electrode and negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery, and rechargeable lithium battery including same
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Flow regulator for fuel cell
Manifold and solid oxide fuel cell module having the same
Mobile terminal
Small antenna using SRR structure in wireless communication system and method for manufacturing the same
Antenna device
Heat-resistant Sn-plated Cu-Zn alloy strip with suppressed whiskering
Cooled current leads for cooled equipment
Surge protector having a thermal separating device
Semiconductor device, DC-DC converter, and protective element
Charger and portable device having the same
System and method using capacitors to power a camera having a motion sensor
Device for measuring battery voltage
Power converter
Axial gap electrical machine
Power module and electronic device using the same
Dynamoelectric machine coil spaceblock having flow deflecting structure in coil facing surface thereof
Piezoelectric power apparatus
Pedal power generating device
Method and system for frequency tuning based on characterization of an oscillator
Pop sound reduction circuit and audio circuit having such pop reduction circuit for use in audio amplifier
Vramp limiting using resistors
Reference buffer amplifier
Vacuum electronic device
Bootstrap switch circuit with over-voltage prevention
Physical unclonable function cell and array
Phase lock loop having high frequency CMOS programmable divider with large divide ratio
Voltage amplitude limiting circuit of full differential circuit
Voltage converter
A/D conversion apparatus and DC-DC conversion apparatus
LDPC concatenation rules for IEEE 802.11n system with packets length specific in octets
Acoustic multifunctional standard calibration method
Apparatus and method for detecting defects in solid rocket motor propellant
Methods and apparatus for adaptive resource multiplexing in a peer-to-peer network
Operation frequency setting method, network device and radio base station
System and method of doppler and local oscillator compensation in a TDMA system
Content-exhibition control apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for communication in a TDD-based wireless communication system
Method and apparatus in relaying system
Apparatus and method for reporting measurement result in wireless communication system
Method for migrating financial and indicative plan data between computerized record keeping systems without a blackout period
Method and apparatus for carrier identity determination in multi-carrier communication systems
Reporting of channel quality indicators for a non-linear detector
Hierarchical communication system providing intelligent data, program and processing migration
Method and apparatus of detecting resource assignment information in wireless communication system
Spread-spectrum communication unit
Automatic-switchable network extension apparatus and a switching method
Preventing unauthorized distribution of media content within a global network
Data sending/receiving device and digital certificate issuing method
Wi-Fi access point characteristics database
Fair blind signature process
Contact-type image reading apparatus
Image scanning device and image scanning method
Image reading apparatus with reading chamber having common insertion/ejection port for original
Systems and methods for metering audio and video delays
Systems and methods for metering audio and video delays
Method for processing film images deviated from a film recording optical path of a moving picture camera
Moving image processing apparatus and method, and computer readable memory
Image processing device, image processing method, and capturing device
Digital camera which detects a connection to an external device
Imaging apparatus and control method therefor
Apparatus and method for producing video signals
Solid-state image sensing device
Electronic billboard
Video display device
Signal transmission system
Method for video telephony communication and a terminal using the same
Solid-state imaging device, color filter arrangement method therefor and image recording apparatus
Measurement system, measurement method and new use of antenna
Dynamic transmission mode selection based on wireless communication device data rate capabilities
Method of transmitting and receiving channel state information feedback in a wireless communication system
Network based location of mobile transmitters
Reverse buffering a stream of media content
Using code channel overrides to suppress CDMA wireless devices
Mobile communication system and method of data dispersion in said system
Method and device for controlling the light functions of headlights of a vehicle
Light-emitting diode lamp
Method for controlling gas discharge lamps
Load driver with integrated power factor correction
LED lighting fixture
Lighting apparatus and controlling method thereof
Anti-ultraviolet memory device and fabrication method thereof
Connecting film, and joined structure and method for producing the same
Bucket-style fire resistant enclosure and a method for making the same
Assembly apparatus and electronic device using the same
Coupling member and electronic device having the same
Electrical connection terminal
Faraday cage and device having same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Comminuted cheese blend product
Shirt collar
Shirt collar
Football hat
Sports shoe
Portion of a shoe outsole
Combined shoe bottom and periphery
Seat belt lap pillow and positioner for use by pregnant women
Side element of a shoe upper
Shoe heel and heel plate
Ghillie shoe key ring
Deep bandolier
Crescent shaped bandolier
Asymmetric bandolier
Tool box with illumination lamp
Kit box
Carrying case for a compact disc player and accessory items
Military award storage chest
Hood extension for a bag
Craft tray with funnel
Beauty case
Lunch box
Removable inner bag for a hand bag
Lap top computer carrying case
Bristle head for a toothbrush
Three-dimensional net fabric
Embossment pattern for a paper product
Storage bench
Rocking chair
Collapsible chair
Drawing desk
Office desk
Rectangular table
Table base
Digital video disc and graphics carrying sleeve
Compact disk case
Display rack for goods
Chair pad
Chair control mechanism
Portion of a crib
Portion of a crib
Picture holder
Robe hook
Garment hanger
Garment hanger
Belt hanger
Play structure
Surface for non-slip tray
Meal equipment holding device
Drinking cup
Handle for a kitchen utensil
Support ring for cooking utensil
Baking plate frame
Bread producing machine
Microwave oven
Deep fryer
Covered high pressure electric cooker
Cheese melter
In sink colander
Beverage bottle holder
Beverage container holder/insulator
Thermal container
Cooler for golf carts
Picnic/party cooler
Can opener
Bottle opener
Champagne opener
Flip top can opener
Food preparation and storage device
Handle for a mug
Plant support
Hammer head
Hand tool handle
Folding knife
Handle of precision screwdriver
Sandpaper tool
Apparatus for sharpening dental instruments
Modular building system eave connector
Wire spool
Handle of pneumatic tool
Transparent plastic hinge
Steering wheel lock
Window lock
Ribbed sleeve for lock
Boat cleat
Magnetic clasp for handbag
Element of a clip structure
Draw-down strap
Gripping arrangement
Plastic moulding clamp
Wire routing device with a keyslot locking base
Bed leg cushion
Combined bottle and cap
Combined bottle and cap
Plastic container
Combined bottle and cap
Sidewall for a bottle
Food package tray
Clam shell packaging
Battery package
Packaging for shirts
Carton for elongated lawn appliance
Microwave tray and paperboard sleeve
Packaged food carton
Watch box
Disposable food tray
Figurine attached to a dip tube of a container
Figurine attached to a dip tube of a container
Plastic paint strainer
Air filter clock
Watch casing and bezel
Combined watch and bracelet
Combined watch and bracelet
Combination jack-in-the-box and timer
Dispenser for plate gums or the like
Hand-held electric mixer
Human Necessities
Utility vehicle with work-performing attachment
Portable self-contained x-ray cassette maintenance system and method
Operating procedures for automated needle sorting, swaging and packaging machine
Mapping and ablation catheter system
Method and device for sensing bioelectrical signals
Radiation tomography method and apparatus
Scalable detector for computed tomograph system
Dosimetry probe
Performing Operations; Transporting
Single point contact acoustic transmitter
Method and device for detecting liquid containers
Product forming apparatus having computer-based device for non-contact gauging of a product size
Digital radiographic weld inspection system
Method for gauging a mold cavity for injection molding
Vehicle for automatically adjusting window and sunroof positions after it being left unattended by its operator
Cruising control apparatus
Adaptive pressure based weight estimation system for a vehicle occupant
Device for safe use of a portable cellular telephone while driving
Method of automatically controlling traveling of vehicle
Method of determining quantities describing vehicle driving behavior
Recording device having a sheet loading system
Image forming apparatus
Sensor array and method to correct top edge misregistration
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for determining a condition of aging for optical fiber grating
Method, apparatus and computer program product for determining a set of non-hybridizing oligonucleotides
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System and method for monitoring a performance characteristic using temperature and lubrication level of vehicle components
Controlled machining of combustion chambers, gears and other surfaces
Power transmission apparatus with built-in phase control
Controller for a continuously variable transmission
Optical fiber light distribution system and method of manufacture and illumination
Electric water heater with improved heating element
Direct current arc furnace and a method for melting or heating raw material or molten material
Bi-metal panel for electric arc furnace
Onboard orbit propagation using quaternions
Radius of curvature detecting apparatus and the method thereof
Navigation device
Method of navigating using position-information-codes which include information regarding the latitude and longitude of a desired location
Terrain awareness system
Data acquisition system and method for monitoring gas turbine engine testing
Surface contaminant probe
Apparatus for the identification of free-lying cells
On-line method for determining the wood-bark ratio from a flow of material
Standardizing between analytical instruments
Method for forming multi-chip sensing device and device formed
Method and system for node side analysis of computer network link
Circuit and method to prevent inadvertent test mode entry
IC testing apparatus and method
Machine monitor with tethered sensors
Method and apparatus for locating a wireless communication device
System and method for determining the time difference of arrival of a frequency shift keyed signal at two separate receivers
Monitoring station location determination for a satellite navigation system
Method for manufacturing detector system for a computed tomography apparatus
Automatic non-artificially extended fault surface based horizon modeling system
Methods and apparatus for analyzing seismic data
Photo printing system and camera for the same
Hybrid optical multi-axis beam steering apparatus
Audio-visual projector control apparatus allowing selection among multiple input devices
Shake detecting/correcting device for use in an optical apparatus and a shake detecting/correcting method
Autostereoscopic image apparatus
Flat top, double-angled, wedge-shaped fiber endface
Method and apparatus for aligning optical fibers
Variable optical attenuator
Integrated bi-directional dual axial gradient refractive index/diffraction grating wavelength division multiplexer
Article comprising a dispersion compensating grating with low polarization mode dispersion
Method and apparatus for reducing temperature-related spectrum shifts in optical devices
N-port reconfigurable DWDM multiplexer and demultiplexer
System and method for interfacing optical fibers with optical communications devices via an optical fiber faceplate
Reel of optical fiber
Optical fiber cable with single strength member in cable outer jacket
Method for fabricating an optical cable
Multi-wavelength polarization scrambling device
Camera or apparatus adapted to use film cartridge or device applicable to such camera or apparatus
Reduced height camera with contoured battery chamber disposed above exposure aperture
Camera having a film strip protection system
View finder device
Apparatus for controlling a light source used in conjunction with the operation of an imaging device
Container for developing equipment
Durable etalon based output coupler
Photoreceptor belt tensioner system
Apparatus for forming multiple toner images in register with each other on a substrate
Document verification and tracking system for printed material
Developing device for preventing an overflow of a developer from a developing unit
Image formation apparatus using a liquid developing agent
Imaging material dispensing system
Toner transport using superimposed traveling electric potential waves
Toner replenishing apparatus having a plurality of scraping members of differing capacities
Developing machine
Fixing belt, fixing apparatus equipped with fixing belt, and method of manufacturing fixing belt
Toner image fixing apparatus
Fixing device with an air layer between a magnetic field generating unit and a heating belt
Fixing roller for improving voltage resistance and fixing apparatus having such fixing roller
Thermal fixing device, method of energizing a heating member in the thermal fixing device and image forming apparatus
Fuser stripper apparatus
Image input apparatus outputting information in accordance with degree of matching with a specific original
End member and process cartridge
Image forming apparatus
Cartridge detachably detachable to a main body of an image forming apparatus and an image forming apparatus detecting whether a seal member of the cartridge is removed therefrom
Cleaning apparatus and process cartridge having such cleaning apparatus
Image forming method and image forming apparatus using specific developer composition
Safety valve for a timepiece
Electronic timepiece equipped with calendar function
Apparatus and method for measuring time intervals with very high resolution
Low frequency PWM generation method for a microprocessor-based controller
System and method for maintenance and repair of CNC machines
Method for electronically tracking containers to avoid misprocessing of contents
System and methods for generating and distributing alarm and event notifications
Neural network diagnostic classification of complex binary systems
Automatic travel controlling device
Autonomous vehicle always facing target direction at end of run and control method thereof
Method and system for authenticating and utilizing secure resources in a computer system
Techniques for defining, using and manipulating rights management data structures
Dual clock signal generating circuit
System and method for automatic device synchronization
Method and system for keeping time across a multiprocessor platform
Power adapter for powering a remote device through a computer data port
System and method of pin programming and configuration
CPU mode switching circuit changing operation mode responsive to a power on reset signal and an external reset signal
Microprocessor with rate of instruction operation dependent upon interrupt source for power consumption control
Memory address generator in convolutional interleaver/deinterleaver
System for reading system log
Method and apparatus for reporting errors in a computer system
Block coding method and system for failure recovery in disk arrays
Processor bridge with dissimilar data registers which is operable to disregard data differences for dissimilar data write accesses
Method for switching between multiple system processors
Common disk unit multi-computer system
System for data transfer in a ring topology comprising selectors to selectively bypass external devices or a downstream device based upon presence indications
Method and apparatus for monitoring computer systems during manufacturing, testing and in the field
Method for remotely controlling computer resources via the internet with a web browser
Graphical test progress monitor
Modeling of internet services
Method and apparatus for tracking client interaction with a network resource and creating client profiles and resource database
Object space manager circuit for obtaining addresses of object headers
Apparatus and method for recycling an object
Method and system for reliable remote object reference management
Stack-based access control using code and executor identifiers
Cache including a prefetch way for storing prefetch cache lines and configured to move a prefetched cache line to a non-prefetch way upon access to the prefetched cache line
Multiple level cache memory with overlapped L1 and L2 memory access
Microprocessor cache consistency
Method and apparatus for cache coherency in an interconnecting network
Forward progress on retried snoop hits by altering the coherency state of a local cache
Data register for multicycle data cache read
Apparatus and method for generating a stride used to derive a prefetch address
Method for absolute address history table synonym resolution
Address translation system having first and second translation look aside buffers
Logical cache memory storing logical and physical address information for resolving synonym problems
Data processing system and multi-way set associative cache utilizing class predict data structure and method thereof
High-performance LRU memory capable of supporting multiple ports
Method and apparatus for testing web sites
Adaptive computer peripheral for selecting a communications protocol by cycling through a plurality of given protocols
Controlled device storing multiple drivers that judges and downloads a particular driver corresponding to a controller's operating system having an identical or greater version number
Disk array controller with automated processor which routes I/O data according to addresses and commands received from disk drive controllers
Transparent direct memory access
System for parallel port with direct memory access controller for developing signal to indicate packet available and receiving signal that packet has been accepted
Apparatus and method for limit-based arbitration scheme
System for allocating bus bandwidth by assigning priority for each bus duration time slot to application using bus frame and bus duration
I/O Expansion circuit having a plurality of selectable input/output ports
Analog front end and digital signal processing device and method
High performance crossbar switch
Delivering a request to write or read data before delivering an earlier write request
System for reducing noise in bus having plurality of first and second set of signals and a delay device for delaying propagation of second signals
Apparatus for sensing movement of a bus card and automatically removing power from the bus card
Method and apparatus for hot-plugging circuit boards having low voltage logic parts into a higher voltage backplane
Peripheral identification using bypassable impedances connected in series
Protocol and bus link system between components of a micro-controller
Device for calculating fluid loss from a body during exercise
Interconnection subsystem for interconnecting a predetermined number of nodes to form a Moebius strip topology
Interconnection subsystem for interconnecting a predetermined number of nodes to form an elongated brick-like non-square rectangular topology
Signal processor
Customizable instruction set processor with non-configurable/configurable decoding units and non-configurable/configurable execution units
Cardinality-based join ordering
Method and system for improved digital video data processing using 8-point discrete cosine transforms
Method and apparatus for process control by using natural language processing (NLP) technology
System and method for processing data in an electronic spreadsheet in accordance with a data type
Inferring semantic relations
Command parsing and rewrite system
Encoding of language, country and character formats for multiple language display and transmission
Field level replication method
Server to client cache protocol for improved web performance
Method and apparatus for asynchronous transaction processing
Sharing and organizing world wide web references using distinctive characters
Technique for effectively serving information objects through a communication network
Network navigation method for printed articles by using embedded codes for article-associated links
Method for providing customized Web information based on attributes of the requester
Memory system for storing and retrieving experience and knowledge with natural language utilizing state representation data, word sense numbers, function codes and/or directed graphs
Method for allocating files in a file system integrated with a raid disk sub-system
Method for creating and using parallel data structures
Test generator for database management systems
Method for identifying near duplicate pages in a hyperlinked database
Method and system for generating a decision-tree classifier in parallel in a multi-processor system
Method and apparatus for retrieving data
Method and system for mining long patterns from databases
Method and apparatus for providing automated searching and linking of electronic documents
Sort system for merging database entries
Image filing system
Load direction mechanism
Functional verification of integrated circuit designs
Reliability verification device for detecting portion of design that may cause malfunction of semiconductor integrated circuit and its verifying method
Secure general purpose input/output pins for protecting computer system resources
Apparatuses, methods, and media for authoring, distributing, and using software resources with purposely restricted use
Controlling access to services between modular applications
Antenna system and apparatus for radio-frequency wireless keyboard
Method and system for increasing spatial reuse in a serial storage architecture subsystem
Accessing high capacity storage devices
Burst transfer management system utilizing pointers to ensure that there is enough space in a buffer to receive burst transfers without corrupting data
Redundant array of inexpensive tape drives using data compression and data allocation ratios
System for minimizing screen refresh time using selectable compression speeds
Method for outputting user feedback audio messages and telecommunications equipment employing said method
Buffer management device and method for improving buffer usage and access performance in data processing system
Methods and apparatus for performing fast division operations in bit-serial processors
High speed multiple determination apparatus
Propagating NaNs during high precision calculations using lesser precision hardware
Circuit for calculating the inverse of an arbitrary element of a finite field
Computational method and apparatus for finite field multiplication
Method and apparatus for firmware authentication
Absolute address history table index generation for predicting instruction and operand cache accesses
Processor with multiple execution pipelines using pipe stage state information to control independent movement of instructions between pipe stages of an execution pipeline
System and method for register renaming
Multi-stack memory architecture
Industrial control system providing remote execution of graphical utility programs
Method and system for integrating external functions into an application environment
Generic software state machine
Software production method, processing apparatus and recording medium
Determining the actual class of an object at run time
System, method and memory medium for detecting differences between graphical programs
Method of electronic dialog between computers, computer for electronic dialog with counterpart computer, and storage medium storing electronic dialog program executable by computer
Node booting method in high-speed parallel computer
Method and apparatus for updating an online computer program
Operating system for embedded computers
Method of updating a BIOS ROM
System for automatically partitioning and formatting a primary hard disk for installing software in which selection of extended partition size is not related to size of hard disk
Method and apparatus to remotely configure a data processing system
System for software distribution in a digital computer network
System and method for customizing wireless communication units
Programmable interpretive virtual machine
GDMO translator, method of GDMO translation, and recording medium containing program for GDMO translator
Support for application programs in a distributed environment
System and method for creating an object oriented transaction service that achieves interoperability with encina procedural transactions
Method and system for reconciling concurrent streams of transactions in a database
Data processing method and device
Arc-tangent circuit for continuous linear output
Memory efficient method and apparatus to enable tagging of thin antialiased lines
Bar code matrix television calendar
Smart card reader with a clock switch
Method of recognizing faces using range images
Handwriting recognition system simultaneously considering shape and context information
System for discriminating document orientation
Image processing method and apparatus
Test classification system and method
System and method for feature set reduction
Multiresolutional critical point filter and image matching using the same
Corrugated sheet counter
Product development system and method using integrated process and data management
Method for production planning in an uncertain demand environment
Electronic mail forwarding system and method
Method and apparatus for supporting diverse interaction paths within a multimedia communication center
Dynamically changing system for fulfilling concealed value gift certificate obligations
Method and apparatus for providing electronic accounts over a public network
System and method for dynamic assembly of packages in retail environments
Simultaneous electronic transactions with visible trusted parties
Apparatus for improving the signal to noise ratio in wireless communication systems through message pooling and method of using the same
System for preventing cash flow losses
High speed ROM-based nyquist fir filter
Generic architectures for backprojection algorithm
Method and system for generating image frame sequences using morphing transformations
Image processing apparatus and method for performing image inclination
Method and system for the segmentation and classification of lesions
Apparatus and methods for feathering a composite image
Method and apparatus for assessing the visibility of differences between two signal sequences
Machine vision calibration targets and methods of determining their location and orientation in an image
Photomask pattern correcting method and photomask corrected by the same and photomask pattern correcting device
Linear estimation method for three-dimensional position with affine camera correction
Gabor filtering for improved microcalcification detection in digital mammograms
Method for segmenting moving picture objects by contour tracking
Method and format for storing and selectively retrieving image data
Method of multichannel data compression
Communication of pictorial data by encoded primitive component pictures
Picture coding apparatus using orthogonal transforms
Method for verifying the identity of a passenger
Data hiding based on neighborhood attributes
Connecting apparatus, and information processing apparatus
Apparatus for selectively operating a plurality of computers
Apparatus and method for degrading the quality of unauthorized copies of color images and video sequences
Method for paging software wavetable synthesis samples
Interpolation looping of audio samples in cache connected to system bus with prioritization and modification of bus transfers in accordance with loop ends and minimum block sizes
Active vibration control method and apparatus
Method of learning in a speech recognition system
Speech recognition method and system in which said method is implemented
Speech recognition
Statistical database correction of alphanumeric account numbers for speech recognition and touch-tone recognition
Interface for a voice-activated connection system
Automatically updating language models
Method and apparatus for evaluating an audio decoder
Apparatus system and method for speech compression and decompression
Encoded-sound-code decoding methods and sound-data coding/decoding systems
CELP speech synthesizer with epoch-adaptive harmonic generator for pitch harmonics below voicing cutoff frequency
High resolution post processing method for a speech decoder
Disk device with improved movement mechanism
Disc loading and unloading apparatus of an optical disc player
Information recording and reproducing apparatus
Optical disc discriminating apparatus
Disc reproducing method and apparatus for reproducing data from a disc using a CAV system and a CLV system
Methods and devices for controlling a disk drive
Apparatus and method for transmitting variable rate data according to multiple storage state indicators
Optical recording medium and method of information recording/reading an optical recording medium
Multi-layer disc reproducing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for buffering data in a multi-beam optical disk reader
Information recording using technique for detecting erroneous recording
Error correcting method and apparatus for information data having error correcting product code block
Runout calibration for disc drive system
Optical disc drive apparatus with inclination angle correcting mechanism
Shutterless data recording cartridge and drive for using same
Disk cartridge which has a recess whose height indicates the type of disk contained by the cartridge
Removable disk drive system having a driving mechanism and removably housing a disc cartridge
Apparatus and method for editing recorded material
Image recording/reproducing apparatus
Picture editing apparatus and method using virtual buffer estimation
Information processing apparatus and method enabling a write-once recording medium to be utilized as a rewriteable recording medium
Information record medium, apparatus for recording the same and apparatus for reproducing the same
Simultaneous video recording and reproducing system with backup feature
Method and apparatus for implementing seamless playback of continuous media feeds
System for dynamically optimizing DVD navigational commands by combining a first and a second navigational commands retrieved from a medium for playback
Optical disc having oscillating lands and grooves
Optical disk memory content display apparatus, system and display control method
Optical disc recording/reproducing apparatus recording/reproducing information to/from optical discs according to different standards
Method for controlling moving time of sled depending on deviation between decks during initialization of optical disk reproducing apparatus
Deriving a tracking error signal from a time difference between detector signals
Search method for information record medium
Optical pickup device
Ferroelectric random access memory device including shared bit lines and fragmented plate lines
Ferroelectric memory configuration
Dynamic memory cell for a programmable logic device
Semiconductor storage device
Semiconductor memory device having self-refresh control circuit
High performance random access memory with multiple local I/O lines
Method and circuit for rapidly equilibrating paired digit lines of a memory device during testing
Multilevel sensing circuit and method thereof
Semiconductor memory device configured with I/O separation
Static random access memory with rewriting circuit
Memory system using multiple storage mechanisms to enable storage and retrieval of more than two states in a memory cell
Multi-level memory devices having memory cell referenced word line voltage generations
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device storing multi-bit data
Method for operating a non-volatile memory cell arrangement
Method and apparatus for simultaneously performing a plurality of compare operations in content addressable memory device
Nonvolatile reprogrammable interconnect cell with programmable buried source/drain in sense transistor
Semiconductor reference voltage generator having a non-volatile memory structure
Row decoding circuit for a semiconductor non-volatile electrically programmable memory and corresponding method
Memory device having erasable frohmann-bentchkowsky EPROM cells that use a plate-to-floating gate coupled voltage during erasure
Memory array having Frohmann-Bentchkowsky EPROM cells with a reduced number of access transistors
Memory device having erasable Frohmann-Bentchkowsky EPROM cells that use a well-to-floating gate coupled voltage during erasure
Memory device that utilizes single-poly EPROM cells with CMOS compatible programming voltages
Nonvolatile memory and writing circuit for same
Method for in-system programming of serially configured EEPROMS using a JTAG interface of a field programmable gate array
Vehicle control system and unit for preventing power supply cutoff during re-programming mode
Method for erasing memory cells in a flash memory device
Reduction of oxide stress through the use of forward biased body voltage
Column redundancy circuit with reduced signal path delay
Semiconductor memory device
Method and apparatus for redundant location addressing using data compression
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for monitoring its internal signal
Computer memory interface having a memory controller that automatically adjusts the timing of memory interface signals
Semiconductor memory testing apparatus
Intelligent binning for electrically repairable semiconductor chips
Small outline memory module
Semiconductor memory including an intermediate potential circuit capable of providing reduced current flow
Boosting circuit using 2-step boosting operation
Sense amplifier with cascode output
Synchronous dynamic random access memory architecture for sequential burst mode
Burst mode type semiconductor memory device
Multi bus access memory
Semiconductor memory device with reduced consumption of standby current in refresh mode
Buffered bit-line for faster sensing and higher data rate in memory devices
Memory device with reduced power consumption
Method and device for the predictive reading of a memory
Device for the jump-like addressing of specific lines of a serially operating digital memory
Semiconductor memory device having voltage boosting circuit
Embedded memory control circuit for control of access operations to a memory module
Method and apparatus for remote ultrasonic inspection of nozzles in vessel bottom head
Reactor control rod and method of manufacturing the same
Control system employing fiber optic communication link for semiconductor processing apparatus
Optoelectronic semiconductor device
Apparatus and method for overcoming the effects of signal loss due to a multipath environment in a mobile wireless telephony system
Shielding for radiotelephones with retractable antennas
Methods and apparatus for canceling adjacent channel signals in digital communications systems
Wireless mobile station receiver structure with smart antenna
Multiple cavity fiber fabry-perot lasers
Yb-doped fiber laser operating near EDFA absorption band
System for conditioning an electron beam for improved free-electron laser operation
Optically pumped laser
Excitation of gas slab lasers
Apparatus for controlling gain of an optical fiber amplifier and method thereof
Power source control apparatus for laser diode
Semiconductor laser
Light emitting device having an integrated component including at least one laser section and at least one modulation section
Quantum cascade laser
Apparatus for and method of inhibiting and overriding an electrical control device
Switching station
Dual-input, automatic-switching power supply
Power conversion apparatus utilizing zero-phase power supply device that provides zero-phase sequence components
Drive control and protection circuit for a car power inverter
Circuit and method of generating a phase locked loop signal having an offset reference
Dual-mode modulation systems and methods including oversampling of narrow bandwidth signals
Low voltage temperature and compensated RF mixer
Image reject transceiver and method of rejecting an image
Phase detector circuit and method of phase detecting
Method, device, phone, and base station for providing an efficient tracking power converter for variable signals
Adaptive equalizer
Method and apparatus for reducing receiver imposed distortion
AFC circuit for a frequency scanning FSK receiver
Quantization noise compensator apparatus and method
Digital bit synchronizer for low transition densities
Concatenated coding system for satellite communications
Decoding trellis coded modulated data with a conventional Viterbi decoder
Syndrome calculation circuit
Circuit for receiving and transmitting signals and method
Multimode communication device and method for operating a multimode communication device
Optical cable with tubular metal core and method of making same
Method of encoding digital data
CDMA communication system and method
Method for estimating signal and noise quality, and a receiver
Method and apparatus for CDMA code domain parameter estimation
CDMA demodulating apparatus
Communication system, transmitter and receiver
Vehicle audio distortion measurement system
Measuring bit error rate performance of a receiver by the receiver and conveying measurement acoustically
Adaptive echo cancellation method
Radio communication system and method for setting an output power of a base site therein
Radio communication apparatus and radio communication system
Method and apparatus for performing fast power control in a mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for estimating path loss in a radio communications system
Method and apparatus for wireless communication employing control for confidence metric bandwidth reduction
Method and apparatus for providing deterministic hand-offs in a cellular communication system
Method and apparatus for reducing signal blocking in a satellite communication system
System and method for optimization of multi-party calls in a satellite network
Method for location based intercept in a communication system
Method for enabling direct encrypted communication between two terminals of a mobile radio network, and corresponding station and terminal facilities
System and method for reduced network information handovers
Receiver for receiving text-based multiplex broadcasts
Reverse path multiplexer for use in high speed data transmissions
System and method for synchronizing a signal with respect to another signal
Telecommunication method and system
Clock information transfer system for AAL type 1 transmission
Scheme for intermittent reception of paging signals in mobile communication system
Method of determining an encoding rate in a communication system
Mobile station employing selective discontinuous transmission for high speed data services in CDMA multi-channel reverse link configuration
Demodulating digital video broadcast signals
Variable scaling of 16-bit fixed point fast fourier forward and inverse transforms to improve precision for implementation of discrete multitone for asymmetric digital subscriber loops
Control tool for bandwidth management
Retransmission packet capture system within a wireless multiservice communications environment with turbo decoding
System with wake up server and wake up monitor for facilitating dial up connection between two application partners via internet
Method of management information communication in communication network and memory device for storing a conversion program of management information between network center and switching nodes
Automatic network traffic analysis
Network management event storage and manipulation using relational database technology in a data warehouse
Apparatus and method to monitor communication system status
Method and system for pushing and pulling data using wideband and narrowband transport systems
Method and apparatus for enabling transmission of data packets over a bypass circuit-switched public telephone connection
System and method for automatic retry of transmit, independent of a host processor, after an underrun occurs in a LAN
Communication system
Data output control device with a plurality of queues and queues number lists
Method of and operating architectural enhancement for multi-port internally cached dynamic random access memory (AMPIC DRAM) systems, eliminating external control paths and random memory addressing, while providing zero bus contention for DRAM access
Network interface having adaptive transmit start point for each packet to avoid transmit underflow
Address setting method and communication system employing the address setting method in a multiple ring network utilizing variably set addresses and address write enable/disable states
Process definition for source route switching
Cell switching method and cell exchange system
System and method for connecting a call
Packet non-replicating comparator device for digital simulcast packet distribution
Cellular system hand-off protocol
Communication network system
Dual bank queue memory and queue control system
System for tracking information copied from a web page and sent via electronic mail
Method and system for joint timing recovery and channel estimation for DMT modems
Programmable transmitter baseband equalizer
System and method for communicating data over a high-speed bus
Digital filter for noise and error removal in transmitted analog signals
Signal power adjustment for QAM communication systems
System and method for transmitting special marker symbols
Transmission and reception of data over a home network implemented upon a phone line system
Method and apparatus for configuring a client to redirect requests to a caching proxy server based on a category ID with the request
System for sharing server sessions across multiple clients
Selecting and applying content-reducing filters based on dynamic environmental factors
Network session management
Mediate server and real time delivery method between different networks
Client intermediation of server applications
Method and system for maintaining reserve command relationships in a fibre channel network
Method for managing multicast addresses for transmitting and receiving multimedia conferencing information on an internet protocol (IP) network implemented over an ATM network
Timing recovery with minimum jitter movement
Radio remote interface for modulating/demodulating data in a digital communication system
Telephone set having a microphone for receiving an acoustic signal via keypad
System for establishing an outgoing connection from terminal equipment to a data transmission system
Communication terminal apparatus and control method thereof
Telecommunication device with caller identification
Computer telephony headset amplifier
Specifiable delete times for voice messaging
Method and arrangement for simultaneous recording of incoming and outgoing voice signals with compression of silence periods
Apparatus for speech-based generation, audio translation, and manipulation of text messages over voice lines
Wireless intercommunicating system
Alphanumeric message composing method using telephone keypad
Outage notification device
Isolation system with digital communication across a capacitive barrier
Passive splitter filter for digital subscriber line voice communication for complex impedance terminations
Method and apparatus for routing a dialed telephone number
System and method of delivering collect calls in a radio telecommunications network
Combination pre-paid and calling card
Network call trace
Automatic electronic telecommunications order translation and processing
Communications system for providing multiple services and hold capability of at least one service, and method therefor
Wireless telephone menu system
Method of using carrier information for enhanced call data processing by a telecommunications provider
Failover mechanism for computer/telephony integration monitoring server
Adaptive filtering method and apparatus employing modified fast affine projection algorithm
Method for suppressing speaker activation in a portable communication device operated in a speakerphone mode
Closest word algorithm
Method and apparatus for pixel-level override of halftone detection within classification blocks to reduce rectangular artifacts
Color transformation system based on target color image
Impulse noise reduction apparatus and method
Frame construction apparatus for slow-speed reproduction of a moving picture signal
Method and apparatus for reproducing a video signal
Image processing apparatus having plural modes dependent upon signal quality
Method and system for supplying streams of data having identical maximum consumption rate in a storage medium
Communication system for providing digital data transfer, electronic equipment for transferring data using the communication system, and an interface control device
Motion estimation for digital video with reduced number of search window pixels
Method and apparatus for compressing and expanding digital data
Video encoding apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for splicing compressed information streams
Apparatus and method for error concealment for hierarchical subband coding and decoding
Video recording medium for stop-motion playback
Video signal recording apparatus in which non-active digital video data may be recorded in an auxiliary data region
Indoor XDSL splitter assembly
Process for transferring data packets between emulated LANs
Transmission rate calculation scheme using table-lookup
System and method for dispatching commands to switching elements within a communications network
Connectionless network for routing cells with connectionless address, VPI and packet-identifying VCI
Spare capacity planning tool
Method and system for provisioning telecommunications services in an advanced intelligent network
Intelligent network with alternate routing of signalling messages, and method of operating such network
Telecommunication switching system administrative and management tools
System and method to minimize glare in interoffice trunk allocation
System for providing caller information to called party via call standard data field
Control architecture for a homogeneous routing structure
Method and apparatus for dynamically adjusting a battery saving interval in a messaging system
Wireless telephone with voice data interface mode
System and method for providing services based on broadcasted system information
Communicating packet data with a mobile station roaming within an incompatible mobile network
Method and radio station for the transmission of data by way of a GSM mobile radio network
Multi-cell radio system with PBX periphery assemblies
Call establishment in a mobile communication system
Implementation of signalling in a telecommunications network
Cellular communication network with vocoder sharing feature
Method for verifying personalization in mobile radio terminal
Secure interlink receiver for remote programming of wireless telephones
Automatic media switching apparatus and method
Mobile communication system having cordless handy phone unit as mobile station
Estimating downlink interference in a cellular communications system
Method and apparatus for resource assignment in a wireless communication system
Dynamic channel selection in a cellular communication system
Quality-based handover
System and method for authorization of location services
Method of updating a list of digital control channels (DCCH) in a mobile station in a radio telecommunications network
Distributing location tracking functionality in wireless telephone systems
Method for distributing paging load in a cellular wireless communication system and system within which such method is implemented
Method for controlling a cell-registration feature of a mobile in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for providing dispatch service to an existing telephone network
Method for porting a directory number from one wireless service provider to another
Cellular communications system
Methods and systems for late call forwarding when roaming from GSM system to IS41 system
Method for transmitting a quick paging channel at different power levels
EM interference canceller in an audio amplifier
Direct tympanic membrane excitation via vibrationally conductive assembly
Directional microphone system
Lumped parameter resonator of a piezoelectric speaker
Variable geometry electromagnetic transducer
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