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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Use of WF10 for treating allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis
Process for the production of a long hollow cellulose body
Method for the preparation of refreshing drink and use thereof
Gaming chairs
Adjustable armrest support of chair
Custom food product preparation apparatus
Totally wireless electronically embedded action-ended endoscope utilizing differential directional illumination with digitally controlled mirrors and/or prisms
Treatment delivery system
Bone plate with complex, adjacent holes joined by a relief-space
Accommodation compensation systems and methods
System and procedure for the analysis of the swallowing process in humans
Neural translator
Acoustic imaging probe incorporating photoacoustic excitation
Copolymers and their use in personal care compositions
Method of topically applying glycopyrrolate solution using absorbent pad to reduce sweating
Vibration dampening device and method
Absorptive article
Absorbing disposable incontinence diaper
Absorbent article with a checking function for elastic elongation
Method for treating and/or preventing retinal diseases with sustained release corticosteroids
Drug delivery from electroactive molecularly imprinted polymer
Biocompatible osteogenic band for repair of spinal disorders
Orthosis and method for cervical mobilization
Providing relative translation without rotation
Sanitary device and method
Methods for modulating eicosanoid metabolism
Cosmetic preparation comprising hyaluronic acid
In vitro control of protein synthesis in mammalian cells by IP3 receptor-binding protein
Nuclear telomerase reverse transcriptase variant
N protein of a virus of the paramyxoviridae family-protein of interest fusion proteins
Aqueous polymer dispersion and use thereof in cosmetics
Drug delivery nanocarriers targeted by landscape phage
Methods and compositions to treat hemorrhagic conditions of the brain
Escitalopram and solid pharmaceutical composition comprising the same
Self-microemulsifying dosage forms of low solubility active ingredients such as co-enzyme Q10
Oral controlled release dosage form
Transdermal delivery system for sufentanil
Transdermal delivery system for sufentanil
Methods for sterilizing carriers for treatment of a kidney
Implantable medical devices for local and regional treatment
Airless intravenous bag
Catheter with associated extension lumen
Protective coatings for medical devices
System and method for providing embolic protection
Filter retrieval catheter system, and methods
Fluid transportation system and method of setting fluid ejection amount
Vapor assisted fluid cutting device and method
Balloon catheter with radiopaque marker
System and method for drug preparation and delivery
Applications of alternating magnetic fields on magnetic nanoparticles
Safety needle assembly and method for making the same
Needle guard clip with heel
Catheter securement device
Phototherapy apparatus for skin treatment
Air purification system and method for cleaning air
Breathing exercise apparatus
Dumbbell having adjustable inertial resistance load characteristic
Basketball shooting training glove
Floating golf ball
Multilayer golf ball containing at least three core layers, at least one intermediate barrier layer, and at least one cover layer
Putter head with maximal moment of inertia
Automated table chip-change screen feature
Performing Operations; Transporting
Solid-liquid separator
Method of cleaning and recycling glycol-tainted water from de-icing operations at airports
Horizontal ore filter with replaceable filter elements
Apparatus for separating fish from debris and allowing water passage
Water dissipation device and method
Particulate matter purifying device and manufacturing method thereof
Process and apparatus for providing an inert gas to a large volume atmosphere
Analyzer and its abnormality coping method
Apparatus for releasing a cup from the cup holder of a food mixing machine
Cleaning and/or filtering apparatus
Apparatus for producing a pharmaceutical product
Continuous high-speed coating of finely ground particulates
False inlay decoration and method for producing the same
Method of thinning a block transferred to a substrate
Hole machining method for circuit board
Single-walled carbon nanotubes and methods of preparation thereof
Polishing slurry for aluminum and aluminum alloys
Structured abrasive article, method of making the same, and use in wafer planarization
Mechanism and method for detecting the motion of a shaft
Control system for a fluid/abrasive jet cutting arrangement
Buffing composition and method of finishing a surface of a material
Fastener and assembly utilizing the same
Joint tong apparatus for radiation shielding facility
System for transporting planar SOFC stack
Compacting techniques for forming lightweight concrete building blocks
Denture flask mould press and method of use
Reticulation system for composite component production
Adhesive vinylidene fluoride resin sheet
Method for fabricating a stent with nucleating agent
Method for the production of railway ties
Composite articles made by process for joining stainless steel part and zirconia ceramic part
Metallic particles for electrokinetic or electrostatic deposition
Carrier foil
Modification of wood with hydrophilic prepolymers
Laminate and use thereof
Adhesive for bonding circuit members, circuit board and process for its production
Optically detectable adhesive tape with reduced gloss properties
Liquid discharge head having resin supply and support members
Recording apparatus
Injection molded mounting substrate
Method of manufacturing piezoelectric element and method of manufacturing liquid ejection head
Method for servicing an inkjet print head on a hand held printer
Low energy solid ink jet imaging apparatus
Device for use with a carriage carrying a printhead and a sensor
Printing apparatus and method of acquiring correction value of conveying error
Position detection with two-dimensional sensor in printer
Signal processing of recording medium indicia
Printing apparatus
Inkjet printing apparatus
Ink jet printing apparatus
Surface-modified inorganic pigment, colored surface-modified inorganic pigment, recording medium and production processes thereof, and image forming method and recorded image
Nano structure fabrication
Method for manufacturing a magnetic write head having a hard mask defined write pole trailing edge step
Device for mounting bearings and a cycle wheel and hub including such device
Spoke wheel protector
Fastener cover extension providing buckling path during side impact
Multi-segmented headliner having longitudinal joint
Vehicle occupant support
Method of operating a shiplift
Method of operating a shiplift
Load mitigation device for wind turbine blades
Beverage machine and piercing member for an opening device of a beverage machine
Method to manufacture fastening assemblies comprising lumens, method to form bags, corresponding strip of assemblies, and corresponding bags
Container inverting device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Coated calcium hypochlorite composition
Process for the preparation of finely divided precipitated silica
Synthesis of zinc-oxide nanoparticles and their use for photo catalytic degradation of cyanide
F.O.G. separator control
Making and using porous acrylonitrile-based hydrogel particles to treat water
Heavy concrete
Epoxy compound, alkali-developable resin composition, and alkali-developable photosensitive resin composition
Bone delivery device
Microfluidic device and method for concentration and lysis of cells or viruses
Use of islet glucose-6-phosphatase related protein as a diagnostic tool and therapeutic target for autoimmune diabetes
Methods and constructs for producing transgenic plants and methods of recovering expressed proteins
2-micron family plasmid and use thereof
Ethanol production from citrus waste through limonene reduction
Method of screening pharmaceutical compositions that promote nuclear transfer of Cdc42 protein
MicroRNA expression signature for predicting survival and metastases in hepatocellular carcinoma
Methods, compositions, and kits for collecting and detecting oligonucleotides
RNA interference tags
Regulators of the non-genomic action of progesterone and methods of use
Species detection methods and systems
Process for continuous production of bacteriophage
Extraction of metals from sulphide minerals
High energy treatment of cutter substrates having a wear resistant layer
Method for producing a workpiece and a workpiece
Aluminum alloy and extrusion
Layout method of bridging electrode
Automatic feed system and related process for introducing source material to a thin film vapor deposition system
Perimeter partition-valve with protected seals and associated small size process chambers and multiple chamber systems
Molecular coating on metal surfaces
Textiles; Paper
Method for production of carbon nanostructures
Method for recovering a low sodium content lignin fuel from black liquor
Press felt for papermaking
Fixed Constructions
Drainage element and apparatus and method for making same
System and method for releasing a barge from a topside during a float-over installation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotating unit for an axial-flow compressor
Turbine airfoil with near wall vortex cooling
Casing treatment for axial compressors in a hub area
Gas turbine with at least one multi-stage compressor unit including several compressor modules
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Vacuum pump unit
Electrokinetic pump with fixed stroke volume
Blade and fan having the same
Tip cap for turbine rotor blade
Centrifugal fan
Fan and frame with sensor-supporting structure thereof
Engine blower
Cement anchor of lightweight construction panels
Linear roller bearing with bonded rolling surface parts
Multi-speed transmission having four planetary gear sets for producing at least eight gear speeds
Multi step transmission
Power split dual input shaft transmission for vehicle
Pipeline laying vessel and method of laying a pipeline
Lamp tube coupler
Projector type vehicle light
Interior corner mounting module for rope light system
Lighting apparatus for motorcycle
Key holder
Light guide plate and backlight source having same
Lighting device and display device including the same
Method for in-furnace reduction flue gas acidity
Protection device for ventilation ducts
Arrowhead with laser
Biochemical chip and production method thereof
Microfluidic device for controlled movement of liquid
Light duct bend
Male optical connector and female optical connector and related optical fiber coupling assembly
Projector having a projection angle adjusting mechanism
Device manufacturing method and mask for use therein
Color filter and solid state imaging device having a colored pattern formed from a curable composition
Method for on-press developing laser sensitive lithographic printing plate
Method of forming a marker, substrate having a marker and device manufacturing method
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Toner, toner production method, and image forming device using the same
Toner for printing method and method for electrophoretic printing process
Toner, and method for producing the same
Electrophotographic toner and manufacturing method thereof
Method for producing toner and resulting toner
Apparatus and method for protecting overheated hard drive
Interactive language apparatus
Methods and apparatus for online auctions and market-places utilizing program terms
Instrumentation and schematization of learning application programs in a computerized learning environment
Supporting unit, illuminating unit and display device
Video game that generates characters from other characters
Manufacturing a narrow track read head
Methods and apparatus to fabricate soft magnetic film with preferred uniaxial anisotropy for perpendicular recording
Ink for inkjet recording, ink set for inkjet recording, ink media set for inkjet recording, ink cartridge, inkjet recording method, and inkjet recording apparatus
Compound wherein substituted bipyridyl group is connected with pyridoindole ring structure through phenylene group, and organic electroluminescent device
Battery cover latching mechanism
Electrolyte-absoring, non-permeable sealing materials
Battery cover latch mechanism and portable electronic device using same
Electrocatalyst compositions and processes for making and using same
Cyclooctatetraene-based cathode for electrochemical cells
Method of making a battery grid
Portable power source and portable power source system
Solid oxide fuel cell
Separator comprising a metal sheet and a resin
Terminal block for a cable connector
Apparatus for and method of magnetically coupling standard electrical plugs
Contact terminal having insulative cap
Socket assembly having clip and articulated leaf selectively interlocked with stiffener
Electrical connector having latching members maneuvered by lever
Electrically conductive plug arranged in a gap between two adjacent circuit boards to connect the circuit boards to an electromagnetic shield
Printed circuit board module
Nut holding means within a busbar housing
Connector with a laterally moving contact
Electrical connector having a metal frame with locking portions movable in transverse direction for locking/unlocking a card
Card edge connector with floating pad
Locking device for power feeding plug
Electrical connector integrally formed with screw holes
Power connector with improved locking member exposed to the exterior
Patch panel assembly for use with data networks
HDMI plug and cable assembly
Lamp socket and display device having the same
Universal frame for testing semiconductor device
Electrical connection system and method for implantable medical devices
Method for operating a drive train of a vehicle
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Controls for a surgical theater system
Methods and apparatus for polarized reflectance spectroscopy
Asynchronous fluorescence scan
Defibrillator with replaceable and rechargeable power packs
Entertainment apparatus, storage medium, and method of deciding weather
Performing Operations; Transporting
Small antenna and manufacturing method thereof
Imaging drum with automatic balance correction
Thermal transfer printer
Inkjet printing system with an intermediate transfer member between the print engine and print medium
Process and temperature compensation circuit for integrated RF switching
Thermal transfer line printer properly used for forming intermediate transfer type image
Vehicular rearview mirror system
Anti-theft system for vehicles having remote-controlled engine starting function
Microturbine/capacitor power distribution system
Electric power steering control system and control method thereof
System and method of automatically triggering events shown on aircraft displays
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Electric lamp
Method and apparatus for rapid particle identification utilizing scattered light histograms
Method and apparatus for analysis of chemical constituents in an electrolysis cell
Suspensions and methods for deposition of luminescent materials and articles produced thereby
Fixed Constructions
Inductive sensor and method of use
Bistable long-stroke electro-magnetic mechanical actuator
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Spindle motor and manufacturing method thereof
Illumination arrangement
System of fabricating plane parallel substrates with uniform optical paths
Surface coating measurement instrument and apparatus for determination of coating thickness
Image processing method using phase-shifted fringe patterns and curve fitting
Digitizer using intensity gradient to image features of three-dimensional objects
Interferometric sensor and method to detect optical fields
Ring laser gyro and driving method therefor with improved driving current
Fault detection and exclusion for global position systems
Passive/ranging/tracking processing method for collision avoidance guidance
Vehicle information system
Magnetic sensor that concentrates magnetic flux in an air gap
Non-contact type potentiometer, actuator, vehicle mounted radar device, and automobile drive control system
System and method for delay calibration in position encoders
Device for reading spectral lines contained in an optical spectrum
Electromagnetic actuator for intrinsically safe devices
Method and apparatus for sensing and measuring plural physical properties, including temperature
Device for measuring flow rate
Capacitive ultrasound transducer
System and method for optical spectrum fast peak reporting
Diagnostics for color printer on-line spectrophotometer control system
Integrated wavelength monitor
Temperature sensor
Calibration tool for laser particle counters
Wide-range particle counter
Apparatus and method for nondestructive monitoring of gases in sealed containers
Multispectral imaging system for contaminant detection
Method and apparatus for detecting processing faults using scatterometry measurements
Method and apparatus for aligning a mirror of a carbon in fly ash sensor
Contactless, transformer-based measurement of the resistivity of materials
Temperature, stress, and corrosive sensing apparatus utilizing harmonic response of magnetically soft sensor element (s)
Target wheel sensor assembly for determining position and direction of motion of a rotating target wheel
Probe station having multiple enclosures
Method and apparatus for testing semiconductor dice
Automated alarm setpoint learning in an electrical meter
Supply voltage level detector
Current sensor with input/output isolation
Methods and apparatus for time-domain measurement with a high frequency circuit analyzer
Insulation resistance measuring apparatus for capacitive electronic parts
Tunable ferro-electric multiplexer
Microelectronic fabrication die electrical probe apparatus electrical test method providing enhanced microelectronic fabrication die electrical test accuracy and efficiency
Circuit for measuring changes in capacitor gap using a switched capacitor technique
Coaxial cable voltage test indicator
Measuring apparatus and method for measuring characteristic of solar cell
Common probe card for flip-chip devices
Semiconductor parametric testing apparatus
Integrated circuit comprising at least two clock systems
Automatic test equipment for testing a device under test
Detecting structure formed on a PCB to detect unavailability of the lines
Battery voltage measurement device
Battery voltage measurement device
State of charge method and apparatus
Battery pack and inspection device therefor
System and method for sensing magnetic fields based on movement
Method and apparatus for decoupling quadrature phased array coils
NMR spectroscopy data recovery method and apparatus
Device and method for detecting, measuring, and reporting low-level interference at a receiver
Apparatus and method for tracking location of mobile station
Sensor front-end for vehicle closing velocity sensor
Radar system in which range ambiguity and range eclipsing are reduced by frequency diversity and alternation of pulse periodicity
System for functional testing in a continuous-wave radar
Method of and apparatus for deriving a signal for enabling a radio wave source location to be derived
Detector with pivotal display
Methods and apparatus to determine a target location in body coordinates
Method for creation of planar or complex wavefronts in close proximity to a transmitter array
Charged particle measuring device and measuring method thereof
Real-time transient pulse monitoring system and method
Endoscope for inspection of an observation cavity
Paper white direct view display
Integrated heads-up display and cluster projection panel assembly for motor vehicles
Retinal display scanning of image with plurality of image sectors
Projection television using a holographic screen
Optical wavelength tuning method and Fabry-Perot type optical tuner
Liquid crystal display device
Flexible displays
Warp resistant liquid crystal display device
Manufacturing process of liquid crystal cells for small sized liquid crystal display devices
Field spreading layer for dispersed liquid crystal coatings
LCD cover optical structure and method
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device
Color liquid crystal display having data line overlapping orientation control windows or slope faces within regions of associated pixel electrodes
Backlight module of liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display of direct lighting type
Display device having diffraction grating
Method of constructing and sealing tiled, flat-panel displays
Liquid crystal display and manufacture thereof with electrostatic control of sprayed spacer particle deposition
Manufacturing method of liquid crystal display element and manufacturing device for use with the same
Reflective and transflective liquid crystal display devices having black resin
Repairable LCD and its manufacture
Liquid crystal display device having a storage capacitor
Method and apparatus for providing a high-performance active matrix pixel using organic thin-film transistors
Tape carrier package and a liquid crystal display panel having the same
Electrophoretic display device and method for addressing display device
Fabrication method for correcting member, fabrication method for projection optical system, and exposure apparatus
Reticle for creating resist-filled vias in a dual damascene process
Method for determining rotational error portion of total misalignment error in a stepper
Illumination system for use in exposure apparatus
Light exposure method, light exposure apparatus, pellicle and method for relieving warpage of pellicle membrane
Position measuring method and position measuring system using the same
Linear motor stage system for use in exposure apparatus
Image forming apparatus having a control unit that controls exposure energy and related image forming method
Control device and method for controlling a control element
Method and device for controlling DC servomotor for driving rotating load
Frequency characteristic identifying method and drive controlling apparatus
Protection circuit for miller compensated voltage regulators
Active bias circuit having Wilson and Widlar configurations
Active bias circuit having wilson and widlar configurations
Current reference circuit for low supply voltages
Flexure mechanism for interface device
Portable information display device with ergonomic bezel
Multi-clock integrated circuit with clock generator and bi-directional clock pin arrangement
Asynchronous glitch-free clock multiplexer
Conditional clock buffer circuit
Multiple circuit blocks with interblock control and power conservation
Variable switching frequency voltage regulator to optimize power loss
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor integrated circuit with function to start and stop supply of clock signal
Graphical user interface for a logic analyzer which allows trigger construction for data communications packets and protocols
Hardware portrait mode support
System and method for efficient layout of a display table
Generic method for programmatically locating any document in a computer network system
Method and apparatus for assigning URLs to graphical objects in a web page
User interface utilizing a computer pointing device with infrared bridge
Efficient entry of characters from a large character set into a portable information appliance
Method and apparatus for a scaleable touch panel controller
Ad hoc check box selection
Coordinate reading device
Display screen split method for a computer system
Methods and apparatus for controlling a portable electronic device using a touchpad
Image display apparatus
Alternate display content controller
Progress indicator for multiple actions
Light beam scanning apparatus
System and method for communicating with an RFID transponder with reduced noise and interference
Method for selecting and writing into RFID-transponders
Information processing apparatus, method therefor, and computer program
System for displaying two independent images received from network
Image drawing method, image drawing apparatus, recording medium, and program
Method and apparatus for colormapping
Multi-variate data presentation method using ecologically valid stimuli
Stereo reconstruction from multiperspective panoramas
Converting bitmap objects to polygons
Method and system for dynamically generating view dependent rendering elements from a static adaptively sampled distance field
Method and apparatus for effective level of detail selection
Visibility splatting and image reconstruction for surface elements
View-dependent image synthesis
Achromatic lighting in a graphics system and method
Curve network modeling
Block-matching algorithm for color interpolation
Value-sheet issuing device for selectively assigning common images from a local storage
Anti-pilferage system
Environmental warning system
Leak detection mat and system
Personal tracking device
Surveillance system for adverse events during drug development studies
Transmission system and coding communication method for a transmission system
Tactile reading system for data coming from a computer and associated communication device
Magnetophoresis type display device and process of production of same
Rotating display with design of surrounding a column
Matrix addressable display having pulse number modulation
Method of and unit for displaying an image in sub-fields
Light-emitting diode display
Liquid crystal display
Display device
Method for controlling liquid crystal display device, device for driving liquid crystal display device, liquid crystal display device, and electronic apparatus
System for combining haptic sensory-motor effects from two separate input devices into resultant sensory-motor effects and for feedback of such resultant effects between the input devices
Image display apparatus and image display method
Method and apparatus for coding information, method and apparatus for decoding coded information, method of fabricating a recording medium, the recording medium and modulated signal
Method and apparatus for measuring magnetic head
Driver circuit for a voice coil motor in a disk drive system
Microactuated suspension motor failure detection system
High-voltage switching device and application to a non-volatile memory
Plated precision potentiometer
Electrical switch device and process for manufacturing same
Stationary induction apparatus
Inductance component in which a permanent magnet for applying a magnetic bias is arranged outside an excitation coil
Ignition coil for use in internal combustion engine
Low voltage bobbin of a flyback transformer
Foot controller with ophthalmic surgery interlock circuit and method
Thermal switching device
Methods and apparatus for mounting a bimetal coil in a thermostat
Micro machined RF switches and methods of operating the same
Microelectromechanical RF switch
Microelectromechanic relay and method for the production thereof
MEMS RF switch with low actuation voltage
Overload protector with control element
Indicator reset tool, and circuit breaker and method employing the same
Multidirectional electroluminescent lamp structures
Heat dissipating light emitting diode
Planar fluorescent lamp with flat electrodes and method for fabricating
Plasma display panel
Cathode ray tube having a focus mask and support frame assembly with an improved border
Color cathode ray tube
CRT having an improved internal conductive coating and making the same
Color cathode ray tube
CRT panel and a method for manufacturing the same
Metal halide lamp
Mercury-free metal halide lamp
High pressure discharge lamp
Flat lamp for emitting lights to a surface area and liquid crystal using the same
Metal halide discharge lamp
Dual-mode LCD backlight
Halogen incandescent capsule having filament leg clamped in press seal
Semiconductor member, semiconductor device and manufacturing methods thereof
Balanced coefficient of thermal expansion for flip chip ball grid array
Semiconductor device and semiconductor chip using SOI substrate
Semiconductor device with a particular conductor arrangement
Semiconductor device with vertical MOSFET
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Integrated circuit device and its manufacturing method
Conductive structure in an integrated circuit
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
High power radiation emitter device and heat dissipating package for electronic components
Flip chip package module and method of forming the same
Flip-chip transition interface structure
Compensated-well electrostatic discharge protection structure
Semiconductor device with substrate-triggered ESD protection
Method and apparatus for reducing process-induced charge buildup
Full CMOS SRAM cell
Organic electroluminescent device with buried lower elecrodes and method for manufacturing the same
Organic EL display device higher brightness and a method for manufacturing the same
High-voltage transistor with multi-layer conduction region
Silicon carbide n channel MOS semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Charge compensation semiconductor configuration
Power MOSFET with ultra-deep base and reduced on resistance
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor transistor having interface layer between semiconductor and insulating layers
Semiconductor device on silicon-on-insulator and method for manufacturing the semiconductor device
Light emitting device, production method thereof, and light emitting apparatus and display unit using the same
Method for manufacturing piezoelectric element, and piezoelectric element, ink-jet recording head and printer
High efficiency transparent organic light emitting devices
Mobile phone charger with automatic light
Planar mode converter used in printed microwave integrated circuits
Nonreciprocal circuit device and communication apparatus
Nonreciprocal circuit device and communication device using same
Wideband impedance coupler
Transition from microstrip to waveguide
Antenna structure for network card
Method for adjusting parabolic antennae
Antenna connector
GSM/DCS stubby antenna
Single feed tri-band PIFA with parasitic element
Antenna unit, communication system and digital television receiver
Antenna element
Device and method of use for reducing hearing aid RF interference
Low radar cross section radome
Dual-polarized shaped-reflector antenna
Plane patch antenna through which desired resonance frequency can be obtained with stability
Multi frequency stacked patch antenna with improved frequency band isolation
Method of interference cancellation based on smart antenna
System and method for calibration of data in an electric power monitoring system
Isolated power input architecture
Speed control for a flywheel energy storage system
Charging/discharging electrical energy indication apparatus and electrical energy calculation method for use in the apparatus
Rechargeable battery device equipped with life determination function
Vehicular power supply device
Transfer relay for computer based equipment
Multiple energy storage device controller
Motor/generator with multiple rotors
Electric-motor drive device
Jet impingement cooling of electric motor end-windings
Free wheeling buck regulator with floating body zone switch
Alternating current derived from direct current
Method and system of sensorless field orientation control for an AC motor
Controlled reluctance AC induction motor
Current chopping in switched reluctance drive systems
Method and system for controlling start of a permanent magnet machine
Driving device for synchronous motor
Motor and disk drive apparatus
Arrangement and method for protecting multiple voltage supply systems against voltage arc-over between different voltage planes and against pole reversal from the outside
Parallel generator power system
Oscillator, transmitter provided with such an oscillator, and use of such a transmitter
Apparatus and method for reducing phase noise in oscillator circuits
Crystal oscillator
Demodulator using digital circuitry
FM demodulator capable of providing demodulated data with high determination accuracy
High linearity, high gain mixer circuit
High linearity Gilbert I Q dual mixer
Power amplifier circuit, control method for power amplifier circuit, and portable terminal apparatus for mobile communication
Composite amplifier
Constant current biasing circuit for linear power amplifiers
Amplifier bias adjustment circuit to maintain high-output third-order intermodulation distortion performance
Residual offset correction method and circuit for chopper stabilized amplifiers
Digital AM transmitter having tracking power supply compensation
Dynamic bias for a power amplifier
Method and/or apparatus for controlling a common-base amplifier
High bandwidth, low power, single stage cascode transimpedance amplifier for short haul optical links
CMOS transconductor circuit with high linearity
Low-noise amplifier, in particular for a cellular mobile telephone
Current mirror and method for operating a current mirror
Ultra-wideband power amplifier module apparatus and method for optical and electronic communications
Adaptive power amplifier system and method
Variable-gain amplifier circuit
Ninety degree coupler for radio frequency degraded circuits
TV-signal receiving tuner with reduced extraneous emission
Protection circuit
Self-configuring output circuit and method
Method and system for dynamically clocking digital systems based on power usage
Enhanced conductivity body biased PMOS driver
Current mode driver with variable termination
Combined dynamic logic gate and level shifter and method employing same
Method for clock control of half-rail differential logic
Adjustable frequency divider
High speed latch comparators
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Self calibrating, zero power precision input threshold circuit
Clock signal correction circuit and semiconductor device implementing the same
Differential input comparator
Pulse width modulation integrated circuit chip
Highly stable integrated time reference
Transformer coupled quadrature tuned oscillator
Reducing voltage variation in a phase locked loop
Correlator stabilized digitally tuned oscillator synthesizer
PLL circuit
Adjustable oscillator
Apparatus for multi-channel signal processing and communication terminal using the same
Digital-to-analog converter switching circuitry
Highly linear analog-to-digital conversion system and method thereof
A/D converter with noise elimination function
System and method for extending the dynamic range of an analog-to-digital converter
Digital to analog converter using B spline function
Digital-analog converter
Digital to analog converter having low power consumption
Resistive keyboard with status keys
Nested chopper delta-sigma modulator
Circuits and methods for a variable oversample ratio delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter
Modulation of an analog signal into a digital representation thereof
Cascaded noise shaping circuits with low out-of-band noise and methods and systems using the same
Composite high-frequency switch, high-frequency module, and communication apparatus
Method for regulating the working point of a modulator and associated drive unit
Apparatus for testing simultaneous bi-directional I/O circuits
Apparatus and method for communication link having parallel signal detect with hysteresis
Low voltage differential signaling systems and methods
Method and apparatus for data sampling
Print system
Image sensing device
Image forming apparatus and image forming method featuring image formation in two, different-speed modes
Scanner unit having an optical element supporting plate
Facsimile apparatus
Camera having photographing elements for photoelectrically converting optical image into image signals
Imaging apparatus in which reduced resolution image data is generated, and when supplied over an image data bus, the resolution is increased and outputted
Synchronization of music and images in a camera with audio capabilities
Machine vision methods for inspection of leaded components
Image data demodulation apparatus and method thereof
Photographing apparatus with two image sensors of different size
Apparatus and method for processing color images
Control circuit employing preconditioned feedback amplifier for initializing VCO operating frequency
Ultra-compact arc discharge lamp system with an additional electrode
Electronic dimmable ballast for high intensity discharge lamp
Power supply circuit for a cold-cathode fluorescent lamp
Programmable PWM module for controlling a ballast
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