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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Compositions and methods to reduce hangover and reduce blood alcohol levels after alcohol consumption
Multipath nutritional supplement for memory, cognition, and coordination
Topical compositions and methods for influencing electromagnetic radiation on cutaneous extracellular matrix protein production
Processing biomass
Kitchen appliance especially a food printer
Foldable, disposable, urine receptacle
Garment steamer and method for the same
Mesh for hiatal hernia repair and deployment device
Devices and methods for preventing distal embolization using flow reversal and perfusion augmentation within the cerebral vasculature
Cranial implant
Method to determine contrast media injection parameters to control signal intensity during magnetic resonance angiography
Warming device for perioperative use
Method of making absorbent foam composites
Wearable article with outwardmost layer of multicomponent fiber nonwoven providing enhanced mechanical features
Tensor pulley for gluteus
Vaginal vault suspension device and method
Method of preventing capsular opacification and fibrosis utilizing an accommodative intraocular lens implant
Snoring prevention device
Face massaging device
Self-propelled walker
Multi-lobed cooled teething device
Method of reducing facial flushing associated with systemic use of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors
Use of a virucidal preparation on an area of the face for prevention of transmission or contraction of viral illnesses, or to shorten the duration of, or lessen the severity of viral illnesses
Compounds and methods for treating cancer by inhibiting the urokinase receptor
2-acylaminopropoanol-type glucosylceramide synthase inhibitors
Combinations of solifenacin and salivary stimulants for the treatment of overactive bladder
2-acylaminopropoanol-type glucosylceramide synthase inhibitors
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising sulbactam and beta-lactamase inhibitor
Tubulysins and processes for preparing
Method for treating hypertension
Compositions of combinations of non-covalent DNA binding agents and anti-cancer and/or anti-inflammatory agents and their use in disease treatment
Substituted gemcitabine aryl amide analogs
Methods of treating chronic rhinosinusitis
Personal care composition containing yeast/polyphenol ferment extract
Alimentary protein-based scaffolds (APS) for wound healing, regenerative medicine and drug discovery
Alcohol extract of dehulled adlay seeds for treating breast cancer
Galectin-3C combination therapy for human cancer
Immunological compositions as cancer therapeutics
Peptide for vaccine
Peptides used for treating cancers and, in particular, chronic lymphoid leukaemia
Undercarboxylated/uncarboxylated osteocalcin increases beta-cell proliferation, insulin secretion, insulin sensitivity, glucose tolerance and decreases fat mass
Method for generating a parvovirus B19 virus-like particle
Compositions and methods for the prevention of microbial infections
Targeting microRNA miR-409-3P to treat prostate cancer
Methods of treating and diagnosing diseases using agents that regulate the alternative splicing pathway
Characterization of microbial deposition and immune response at the basement membrane and methods relating thereto
Diaper lining for treatment of diaper rash
Method for nucleic acid delivery using hyaluronic acid
Nanoparticulate compositions and formulations of piperazine compounds
Anti-bacterial light delivery system and method for disinfecting a surface
Vascular casted prostheses and methods of forming same for treating biological tissue
Timing controlled in-situ cross-linking of halyuronic acid during injection
Biocompatible and biodegradable composite material for use in surgery and process for production thereof
Controlled drug delivery
Aerosols for sinunasal drug delivery
Medical spraying device with nozzle, and method for producing a spray cone
Embolic debris deflector
Device for gravity-driven control of the filling pressure of a catheter balloon
Treatment of cardiovascular disorders with targeted nanoparticles
External infusion device with remote programming, bolus estimator and/or vibration alarm capabilities
System and methods for motorized injection and aspiration
Automatic determination of the threshold of an evoked neural response
Implantable leads with topographic features for cellular modulation and related methods
Leads with proximal stiffening and related methods of use and manufacture
Detection of presence and alignment of a therapeutic agent in an iontophoretic drug delivery device
Feed through interconnect assembly for an implantable stimulation system and methods of making and using
Therapeutic applications of cold plasma
Multi-layer golf ball
Golf shaft flex connection
Metal wood club
Ball, particularly for basketball practice, and corresponding manufacture method
Playing card shuffler
Word forming game and methods to play the game
Systems and methods for immersive backgrounds
Game item management
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for recovering solids from water-based effluent
Ligands for antibody and Fc-fusion protein purification by affinity chromotography IV
Selective dehydrohalogenation of tertiary halogenated hydrocarbons and removal of tertiary halogenated hydrocarbon impurities from a halogenated hydrocarbon product
Multi-stage bubble column humidifier apparatus
Hood of a multi cyclone block of an air cleaner and air cleaner
Trapped vortex particle-to-vapor converter
Devices and methods for removing nano-particulates from gases
Loading apparatus for dust collection containers
Encapsulation microfluidic device
Hydrogen production from water by tuning the photonic band gap with the electronic band gap of a photoactive material
Multi-directional microfluidic devices comprising a pan-capture binding region and methods of using the same
Lid-pump assembly
Protective shield for painting and the like, and method of use
Method for forming a film of particles on a carrier liquid, with movement of an inclined ramp for compressing the particles
Cladding having an architectural surface appearance
Method for cleaning piping and cleaning system for piping
Workpiece cleaning
Treatment of waste
Press-formed article and method for manufacturing same
Silver powder and method for producing same
Tool head for a machine tool
Electrophotographic endless belt, method for producing the same, and electrophotographic apparatus
Assembly unit with an assembly piece and a welding element, and method of producing the assembly unit
Positioning clamp having pivotal arms and a cam with movement regulation
Method and apparatus for repair of vehicle door handles
Work piece chuck of a manipulator
Method for decoating a glass panel
Thin wheel reinforced by discontinuous fibers
Movable spanner structure
Drive assembly for use with the handle grip of a clamping device
Apparatus having an adjustable locking plier body and a split jaw
Tool box
Gripper and process for manufacturing a gripper
Multifunctional tool
Trigonometric universal centering jig assembly
Metered pump system for hydrocapsule encapsulation
Three-dimensional shaping device and three-dimensional shaping method
Method of producing solid material and compression molding machine
Method of manufacture insulating electrical plugs
Holster with heat shrinkable sleeve and method of making same
Process for manufacturing tyres for vehicle wheels
Press roller
Inflatable panel and method of manufacturing same
Passivated metal nanoparticles having an epoxide-based oligomer coating
Hexagonal boron nitride nanosheet/ceramic nanocomposite powder and producing method of the same, and hexagonal boron nitride nanosheet/ceramic nanocomposite materials and producing method of the same
Cleaning pads
Single-detent binder
Retractable writing instrument
Pneumatically erasable slate
Vehicle HVAC system with cabin ventilation while parked
Adjustable vehicle cover
Actuating method and actuating apparatus for a vehicle part
Wheel loader
Motor drive unit
Electric power supply system, vehicle and method of operating a vehicle
Wirelessly charging vehicles moving in vehicle convoy
Distributed motor torque generation system and method of control
Vehicle seat having an elevation mechanism and a cushion frame with rigid portions
Apparatus for unloading material from a truck bed
Truck bed extender integrated to end gate
Propane tank support apparatus equipped with trunk opening device
System and method of tracking with associated sensory feedback
Vehicle headlight control
Light source assembly, and headlamp and vehicle having the same
Systems and methods for selective contextual illumination of digital information display devices and other information indication devices
Light conductor device and meter device including the same
ATV and four-wheeler rack extension
Device for a vehicle having a camera unit located in a protective housing
Vehicle decoration structure
Front passenger knee bolster deployment control
Concentrator strap for seat-mounted airbag
Bracelet with clock and remote key fob
Windscreen wiper
Method for setting a parking brake in a vehicle
Control system for a plug-in hybrid vehicle
Adaptive torque operating system and electric motor control apparatus
Vehicle transmission apparatus
Vehicle front portion structure
Vehicle front structure
Motor vehicle and floor module
Worm shaft subassembly
Self-balancing electric vehicle with strain-based controls
Handlebar fixing structure
Wheel hub motor and motor housing of wheel hub motor
Battery container and bicycle using the same
Fin stabilizer and watercraft
Shallow water anchor for a fishing boat
Recessed barge design
Deployment of high-pressure iron from marine vessel to offshore rig
Watersport signaling devices, systems, and methods
In-water boat-washing system
Stern transom and seating of a collapsible boat hull
Airship including aerodynamic, floatation, and deployable structures
Morphing aerofoil
Rapid slew and settle systems for small satellites
Apparatus for supplying multiple foam machines with foam precursors
Puck wear detection
Method and apparatus for automated opening and dispensing of seed from a container
Container, in particular for food use
Multi-compartment, portable beverage container
Method of stabilizing a plastic aerosol container
Hydrogen storage tank comprising metal hydrides produced through simplified manufacture and storage device comprising at least such a tank
Ingredient capsule for beverage preparation
Oxygen tank flotation device
Trash container
Device for the fast transport of objects
System, apparatus, and method of handling, storing and managing garments
Material delivery system
Winding glass ribbon by tensioning interleaving material
Banknote cassette and banknote size adjustment device thereof
Sheet feed cassette monitor that highly accurately detects open/close state of sheet feed cassette and presence/absence state of paper sheet, image forming apparatus, and sheet feed cassette monitoring method
Handrail drive for an escalator or a moving walkway
Method for controlling port loading and unloading apparatus and port loading and unloading apparatus
E-liquid dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Simultaneous pyrolysis and communition for fuel flexible gasification and pyrolysis
Mesoporous silicon
Method for applying discriminating layer onto porous ceramic filters
Urea granulation process with scrubbing system
Method for hydrogenation of CO.sub.2 in adiabatic metal reactors
Supported metal catalyst and use thereof for selective oxidation of glycerol
Catalytic process for synthesizing ester compounds and amide compounds
Metal-organic frameworks
Supercritical fluid extraction of bis-benzyl isoquinolines
Phenazine derivatives as anti-neoplastic agents and anti-infective agents
Uracil derivatives as AXL and c-MET kinase inhibitors
Heteroaryl substituted pyrazoles
2-((4-amino-3-(3-fluoro-5-hydroxyphenyl)-1H-pyrazolo[3,4-D]pyrimidin-1-yl)- methyl)-3-(2-(trifluoromethyl)benzyl) quinazolin-4(3H)-one derivatives and their use as phosphoinositide 3-kinase inhibitors
Amidoimidazopyridazines as MKNK-1 kinase inhibitors
Synthesis and intermediates of pyrrolobenzodiazepine derivatives for conjugation
2-amino 6-methyl-4,4a,5,6-tetrahydropyrano[3,4-d][1,3]thiazin-8a(8H)-yl-1,- 3-thiazol-4-yl amides
Catalysts and processes for the hydrogenation of amides
Flap modulators
Therapeutic bisphosphonates
N-substituted second generation derivatives of antifungal antibiotic amphotericin B and methods of their preparation and application
Anti-influenza B virus hemagglutinin antibodies and methods of use
Fusion proteins containing recombinant cytotoxic RNAses
Cyclic peptide and pharmaceutical product containing same
Antagonists of bacterial sequences
Butyl rubber with increased impermeability
Composition and method of making shape memory polymer for biomedical applications
Polymerisation process and polymerisation unit comprising a degassing section
Resin composition, resin sheet, cured resin sheet, resin sheet structure, cured resin sheet structure, method for producing cured resin sheet structure, semiconductor device, and LED device
Insoluble and branched polyphosphonates and methods related thereto
Method of covalently bonding a polymer/surface modified graphene nanocomposite
Spray freeze-dried nanoparticles and method of use thereof
Matt weather-resistant molding masses for extrusion methods
Redispersible polymer powder
Use of a polymeric emulsion for the surface treatment of particles of mineral matter
Molded articles having a swirl-like or marble-like appearance and compositions for producing same
Process for production of thermoplastic cured epoxy resin with transparency to visible light, and thermoplastic epoxy resin composition
Asphalt recycling method
Stretchable ink composition
Translucent glazing comprising at least one pattern that is preferably transparent
Method for producing drilling fluid from biomass-derived oils
Synthetic proppants and monodispersed proppants and methods of making the same
High pressure feeding system for a liquid-based biomass to liquid reactor
Processing hydrocarbon-containing materials
Methods and apparatuses for hydrotreating
Identification and use of KRP mutants in wheat
Compositions and methods for preparing oligonucleotide solutions
Treatment of RNASE H1 related diseases by inhibition of natural antisense transcript to RNASE H1
Mammalian-type glycosylation in plants by expression of a zebrafish glycosyltransferase
Synthetic surfaces for culturing stem cell derived cardiomyocytes
Variants of glycerol dehydrogenase having D-lactate dehydrogenase activity and uses thereof
Processing biomass
Method of improving cell proliferation of pancreatic progenitor cells in a pancreatic cell culture
Modified microorganisms and use thereof for terpene production
Methods for diagnosing and treating oncogenic kras-associated cancer
SWI5 gene as a diagnostic target for the identification of fungal and yeast species
Mitochondrial mutations and rearrangements as a diagnostic tool for the detection of sun exposure, prostate cancer and other cancers
Method of preparing silver nanoparticles and silver nanorings
Sputtering device and maintenance method for sputtering device
Textiles; Paper
Composite nanofiber membrane for adsorbing lithium, method of manufacturing the same and apparatus and method for recovering lithium using the same
Filamentous polymer particles and method for preparing same by means of controlled radical polymerisation in emulsion
Heating system for a machine with a light heat source
Flame resistant fabric for aviation airbags
Treatment of fibers for improved dyeability
Copolymers of starch and cellulose
Fixed Constructions
Positionable warning sign device
Marine floating docking system and method of use
Prefabricated wall system and method
Earth moving implement
Dredge with water-jet cutterhead
Work vehicle and method of controlling work vehicle
Toilet tank structure
Toilet odor control device
Insulated building structure
Wall construction method using injected urethane foam between the wall and autoclaved concrete (AAC) blocks
Reinforced structural column system
Multi-function bull float with modified edge or edges
Back-type expanding and opening foldable sunshade apparatus
Double latch assembly for a motor vehicle
Lock cylinder
Replacement shackle for portable lock
Dryer comprising a dismountable member
Strut retention device
Door device for a household appliance, household appliance comprising such a door device and method for actuating a door device for a household appliance
Movable barrier seal assembly
Cylinder assembly for snubbing and drilling applications
Method and apparatus for programmable robotic rotary mill cutting of multiple nested tubulars
Downhole isolation methods and apparatus therefor
Valve seat assembly, downhole tool and methods
Mud motor assembly
Tool for creating impressions of downhole objects
Optical computing devices comprising rotatable broadband angle-selective filters
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Moisture separator unit for steam turbine and steam-turbine stationary blade
Axial rotor portion and turbine rotor blade for a gas turbine
Integrated circuit cooled turbine blade
Compound energy co-generation system
Multiple variable valve lift apparatus
Variable valve gear for internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine
Cooling element for injection valve
System and method for controlling coolant flow through an engine using a feedforward approach and a feedback approach
Vehicle control apparatus and vehicle control method
Method of storing and using natural gas in a vehicle
Compressor air provided to combustion chamber plenum and turbine guide vane
Circumferential biasing and profiling of fuel injection in distribution ring
Process for operating a dual-mode combustor
Exhaust gas purification apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Injector system
Tunable starter resistor
Equipment stabilizer for a pull cord start
Housing for a rotary vane pump
Radiator configuration for a flying wind turbine that passively controls airflow
Generating electricity from air resistance caused by a moving vehicle
Linear piezoelectric compressor
Drive train of a vehicle
Hermetic compressor
Method for rotary positive displacement pump protection
Turbocharger having a bearing housing
Velocity control for hydraulic control system
Secure attachment
Jam nut lock for rod ends and the like
Bearing cage with active lubrication
Sealing arrangement for axial roller bearings
Machine arrangement
Adjusting device for a disk brake, corresponding disk brake and method for operating a wear adjustment device for a disk brake
Impact buffer
Drive mechanism for OPTO-mechanical inspection system
Oil pressure control device
Valve operator assembly with compensating actuator
Fluid dispensing apparatus with pre-heated valve
Pipe laying machine and pipe laying method
Bladder and coupled pneumatic coupling system
Adjustable multi-monitor support assembly
Light emitting diode bulb
Easy use hook system for suspending light strands
Light with a film for altering the radiation characteristics
Light emitting diode module with improved light characteristics
Backlight assembly with a reflective member covering interface between substrate units
Optical fiber light-guide device and backlight module
Light pipe and housing assembly using the same
Solid state disk
Light guide plate and assembly module using the same and backlight module
Directional projection display
System and method for low load operation of coal mill
Multijet burner with charge interaction
Oven with increased cooking efficiency
Control device for gas taps
Building ventilator
Tracking modules including tip/tilt adjustability and construction features
Method for controlling a compressor of a refrigeration system, and refrigeration system
Heat powered reciprocating piston engine
Cooled hot melt adhesive storage systems, and related methods
Method for heat treating a metal tube or pipe, metal tube or pipe, and heat treatment furnace
Plate heat exchanger plate and a plate heat exchanger
Plate heat exchanger in a sealed design
Heat pump heat exchanger having a low pressure drop distribution tube
Portable resonance induction cleaning system
Secure smartphone-operated gun lock with means for overriding release of the lock
Drive mechanism and system for remotely operating a turret
Projectile firing apparatus
Split cams for a compound archery bow
Linear clutch for use with a bow and an arrow rest
Protective scope cover design
Stealth window
Multipurpose shooting platform target and stand
Combination tape measure and marker
Device for adjusting the light source of an electronic alignment device, operation being simplified by motorized adjustment of the light source, and a method in which this device is used
Automotive recharge scheduling systems and methods
Intelligent sensor system
Flow sensor
Nonintrusive performance measurement of a gas turbine engine in real time
Flowmeter having pressure difference sensor in parallel with displacement meter
Spectrophotometer and spectrophotometric measurement method
Sensor and a method of making the same
Headspace sampling device and method for sampling
Nondestructive inspection apparatus and inspection system of structure
Terahertz time domain and frequency domain spectroscopy
Portable reflectometer and method for characterising the mirrors of solar thermal power plants
Method and system for determining flow distribution through a component
Detecting device, detecting circuit, sensor module and image forming device
Switched-capacitor biosensor device
System and method for monitoring battery status
Multi-axis universal material testing system
Chemical model of a neurodegenerative disease, method for preparation and uses of same
Wind sensor
Physical quantity sensor with multiple masses and displacement conversion mechanism
Specimen support and scanning probe microscope
Electrical current sensing apparatus
Method for adjusting a current sensor
Method of measuring the aging of electrical cables
Circuit testing method and circuit testing system
Apparatus and method for accurate measurement and mapping of forward and reverse-bias current-voltage characteristics of large area lateral p-n junctions
Collecting diagnostic data from chips
Systems and methods mitigating temperature dependence of circuitry in electronic devices
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
Virtual marine seismic spread acquisition
Stationary marine vibratory source for seismic surveys
Surgical microscope system
Sample holder, detector mask, and scope system
Electrowetting pixel with two electrowetting elements
Registered reflective element for a brightness enhanced TIR display
Method of manufacturing microlens array substrate, microlens array substrate, electro-optic device, and electronic
Light guide apparatus and fabrication method thereof
Optical module
Light-synthesizing laser device
Optical coupling with a rewritable photorefractive polymer layer
Eyeglass rear mirror system and method of use
Liquid-crystalline medium
Fluorescent blackboard
Display device
Liquid crystal display
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display
Camera mount system
Exposure apparatus and method for producing device
Maskless exposure device, maskless exposure method and display substrate manufactured by the maskless exposure device and the maskless exposure method
Sheet discharging apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
Power supply unit and image forming apparatus
Edge detection apparatus, image forming apparatus, and edge detecting method for dividing and sending out edge detection data
Optical writing control device, image forming apparatus, and optical writing control method for controlling light emission of a light source
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having fixing unit with suction part
Image forming apparatus and image forming method for forming a transparent toner image and a color image
Image forming apparatus
Electrostatic inks and method for their production
Activity tracking racquet attachment device
Regulating body for a wristwatch
Remote controller
Sequence program creation device
Computer program product and a node implementing power management by associated power management controllers based on distributed node power consumption and priority data
Display device
Apparatus for port expansion
Power conservation in always-on displays
Two stage log normalization
Error source identification on time-of-day network
Self-recovering application
Data storage with virtual appliances
Data block based backup
Firmware dump collection from primary system dump device adapter
System, method and program for estimating risk of disaster in infrastructure
Secure switch between modes
Analysis system, analysis method, and computer program product
Determining importance of an artifact in a software development environment
Processing a point-in-time copy establish command to copy data
Statistic-based isolation of lethargic drives
Orchestrating management operations among a plurality of intelligent storage elements
Low power storage array with metadata access
Multi-section garbage collection system including multi-use source register
Multi-section garbage collection system including shared performance monitor register
System and method for improved memory performance using cache level hashing
Virtual unifed instruction and data caches including storing program instructions and memory address in CAM indicated by store instruction containing bit directly indicating self modifying code
Forecast modeling cache prefetch system and method
Zero copy support by the virtual memory manager
Key encryption and decryption
Dynamic partitioning for tape medium
Bus access arbiter and method of bus arbitration
Recording medium that stores printing program for instructing image forming apparatus of print job based on variable print data
Effective memory management for host objects in a runtime environment with embedded garbage-collected based dynamic language
Facilitating routing by selectively aggregating contiguous data units
Using mute/non-mute transitions to output an alert indicating a functional state of a back-up audio-broadcast system
Energy and effort efficient reading sessions
Date and time processing
System, apparatus, and method for transferring updates between storage devices
Limiting scans of loosely ordered and/or grouped relations in a database
Measuring page value
Runtime optimization for multi-index access
Optimized autocompletion of search field
Method and system for storage and retrieval of information
Synchronization of shared folders and files
Personality-relevant search services
Configuration information management method and configuration information management apparatus
Optimizing update operations in hierarchically structured documents
Retrieving data in a storage system using thin provisioning
System and method for distributing queries to a group of databases and expediting data access
Algorithmic changing in a streaming environment
User specific feed recommendations
Handling masquerading elements
Controlling privacy in a face recognition application
Method and apparatus for managing register port
Function processing apparatus and function processing method dynamically process network function using commands
Method for centralizing events for a multilevel hierarchical computer management system
Multi platform based event processing
Changing a controlling device interface based on device orientation
Determining errors in forms using eye movement
Modifying key size on a touch screen based on fingertip location
Optical touch pen
Display apparatus and image representation method using the same
Mobile terminal and control method thereof
Touch screen display with tactile feedback using transparent actuator assemblies
Capacitive touch panel having single-layer touch sensor
Icon display of file history recorded in storage as additional data
System and method for detecting, collecting, analyzing, and communicating event-related information
Widgetized avatar and a method and system of creating and using same
Mobile device remotely controlled by other mobile device through a network
Systems and methods for a hybrid parallel-serial memory access
Distributed history buffer flush and restore handling in a parallel slice design
Railway track geometry defect modeling for predicting deterioration, derailment risk, and optimal repair
Method and apparatus for content management
Geolocation systems and methods for searching for entertainment events
Fast snapshots
Wearable electronic device and method for securing same
Auxiliary branch prediction with usefulness tracking
Allocating multiple operand data areas of a computer instruction within a program buffer
Information processing apparatus, boot up method, and computer-readable storage medium storing boot up program
Undo/redo in JavaScript object notation
Breakpoint for predicted tuple processing time in a streaming environment
Systematic method of coding wave-pipelined circuits in HDL
Verifying source code in disparate source control systems
Method and apparatus for associating information
Automatic conversion of sequential array-based programs to parallel map-reduce programs
Optimizing program performance with assertion management
Home device application programming interface
Tool to replicate actions across devices in real time for improved efficiency during manual application testing
Multi-dimension scheduling among multiple consumers
Methods and systems for starting computerized system modules
Multi-core processor using former-stage pipeline portions and latter-stage pipeline portions assigned based on decode results in former-stage pipeline portions
Performance-based multi-mode task dispatching in a multi-processor core system for high temperature avoidance
Card reader device and method of use
Mobile virtual environment
RFID and robots for multichannel shopping
Device and method for calibrating tracking systems in imaging systems
Image processing device, method for processing image
Keypoint detection with trackability measurements
Frequency domain interest point descriptor
Acceleration benefit estimator
Multi-factor brain analysis via medical imaging decision support systems and methods
Generation of depth data based on spatial light pattern
Fastener including a wireless module and a wireless device attachable to the same
Safety protection apparatus for personnel on oil drilling derricks
Systems and methods of providing visual guidance to assist in positioning a boat and trailer in low light conditions
Light source device and adjusting method thereof using adjusting mechanism
Systems and methods for natural motion interaction with a virtual environment
Managing sensory information of a user device
Electronic device, method for controlling electronic device, and recording medium
Predicting individual or crowd behavior based on graphical text analysis of point recordings of audible expressions
Error monitoring of a memory device containing embedded error correction
Reducing memory overhead associated with memory protected by a fault protection scheme
Methods for perforating multi-layer graphene through ion bombardment
Method for uniform dispersion of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Graphene composition and graphene molded article
Automatic current switching of current leads for superconducting magnets
Symmetrical inductively coupled plasma source with symmetrical flow chamber
Light-emitting device with non-successive placement of light-emitting elements of one color, illumination light source having the same, and illumination device having the same
Metal cyanometallate synthesis method
Vehicular fuel cell cooling system
Theftproof lamp
Self-recharging electronic watch
Electric circuit for charging at least one electrical energy storage unit by means of an electrical network
Method for operating a motorized shade
Engine starter unit
Current-to-voltage conversion circuit, reception apparatus, and imaging system
Electro-optic modulator with distributed gain
Optical frequency shifter, single sideband modulator, and light insertion and branch apparatus
Efficient storage of encrypted data in a dispersed storage network
Notification of potentially problematic textual messages
Light tube and power supply circuit
Rigid circuit board with flexibly attached module
Fabricating formed hose with different fiber-reinforced regions
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Lawn mower fluid dispenser
Two-stage spring loaded bale ramp
Fishing spinning reel
Fastener mechanism
Method and apparatus for positioning the front legs of a carcass of a slaughtered animal suspended from the hind legs
Method and device for detecting/removing crustacean with untorn shell
Method for processing reconstituted tobacco
Apparatus for removing rod-like articles
Mirror device for a cap
Training shoe for soccer
Pouch for heated appliances
Convertible handbag
Eyelash profiler
Sternum strap attachment
Golf accessory holder and clip therefor
Portable device for dental hygiene
Method for producing brushes and apparatus for performing said method
Collapsible music stand with light
Shiftable keyboard tray and method of use
Showcase system and method
Connecting system for modular furniture structures
Hanger assembly
Wireway enclosures for lighting systems
Spiral tie and accessory rack with stacked pole segments
Portable tool organizer and apparatus
Method and device for merchandising a product
Self-contained portable display
Apparatus to aid placement of boots on user's foot
Drive for a coffee-making device
Electric cooking appliance having a tank associated with a pouring device
Automatic machine for cooking food in a liquid
Clamping device for stainless steel sinks
Hands-free wall mounted bottle holder
Fluid squeegee
Body harness
Blower motor
Diagnostic needle arthroscopy and lavage system
Adjustable ratchet retractor support apparatus
External stress reduction device and method
Medical device for treatment of a gap or defect in the central nerve system
Methods and apparatus for on-endoscope instruments having end effectors and combinations of on-endoscope and through-endoscope instruments
Apparatus and method for securing a graft ligament in a bone tunnel
Device and method for delivering or withdrawing a substance through the skin
In-stent ablative tool
Endoscopic cannula fixation system
Percutaneous gastrostomy device and method
Dual valve, flexible expandable sheath and method
Intramedullary nail with snap-in window insert
Osteosynthesis screw, especially for application by a translaminar vertebral screw
Bipolar electrosurgical hook probe for cutting and coagulating tissue
Method and system for treatment of atrial tachyarrhythmias
Laser treatment for reducing wrinkles
Objective manifest refraction
Pupil center determination recorder
Blood-pressure measuring apparatus and inferior-and-superior-limb blood-pressure-index measuring apparatus
Oscillometric automatic blood-pressure measuring apparatus
Ultrasonic cellular tissue screening tool
Fluid-dispensing and refilling system for a power toothbrush
Custom molded wrist area impression kit and method
Compressible resilient incontinence insert
Surgical instrument for treating female urinary stress incontinence
Implant for holding the female bladder
Collapsible jacket guard
Multi-lumen implant
Placing a guide member into a heart chamber through a coronary vessel and delivering devices for placing the coronary vessel in communication with the heart chamber
Covered stent and method of covering a stent
Apparatus and methods for delivery of intraluminal prostheses
Presbyopic vision improvement
Penile prosthesis with improved rear tip extender
Penile prosthesis with improved tubing junction
Leaflike shaft of a hip-joint prosthesis for anchoring in the femur
Expandable implant with interlocking walls
Vertebral body spacer having variable wedged endplates
Device at a knee joint prosthesis
Combination finger and wrist splint
Laser therapeutic apparatus
Urine bag cleaning machine
Roller massager having rocking or kneading massaging motions
Therapeutic and diagnostic needling device and method
Enteral feeding adapter
Microchip devices for delivery of molecules and methods of fabrication thereof
Stent for keeping open tubular structures
Stent containing rapamycin or its analogs using a modified stent
Suction sequences for a breastpump
Implantable heart assist devices and methods
Blood pump device and method of producing
Heart assist devices, systems and methods
Automated system and method for pre-surgical blood donation and fluid replacement
Apparatus and method for providing a conscious patient relief from pain and anxiety associated with medical or surgical procedures
Oxygen delivery system and method of using same
Ventilation interface for sleep apnea therapy
Cold weather breathing device
Methods and devices for treating diseased blood vessels
System for regulating fluid pump pressures
Balloon alignment and collapsing system
Escape device
Fire-fighting system having improved flow
Retractable telescoping fire sprinkler
Swing control weight
Method and apparatus for remote interactive exercise and health equipment
Laptop rope pulling exerciser
Exercise apparatus
Ergonomic computer workstation and treadmill combination
Golf ball compositions with microencapsulated healing agent
Football bola game
Soccer goal assembly
Entrapment device having a net
Exercise promotion device, and exercise promotion method employing the same
Martial arts dummy supporting arrangement
Sporting apparatus for horse riding
Device using a pneumatically-actuated carrier to eject projectiles along a trajectory
Element forming an inclined wedge used in a snowboard binding
Binding mounting method and apparatus
Board game
Blackjack game with side wager on displayed cards
Card game
Bingo card marker implement
Sitting toy with water jets
Amusement ride with cable-launched carrier
Aerial toy apparatus
Extendible link soft or plush toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Self-cleaning drum filter
Fuel tank and fuel flow control device
Fuel feeder
Method and apparatus for mixing additives with sludge in a powered line blender
Expanded porous thermoplastic polymer membranes and device for the production thereof
Gas distribution system for venturi scrubbers and absorbers
Furnace exhaust filter assembly
Method for mixing liquid samples using a linear oscillation stroke
Apparatus for mixing and introducing gas into a large body of liquid
Fine media mill with improved disc
Mixing vessel apparatus and method
Structure of the self-mixing system of hydraulic giant
Concentric tubular centrifuge
Spraying device for lawn sprinkler
Spray head kitchen faucet
Spray gun with improved pre-atomization fluid mixing and breakup
Media dispenser
Sprinkler head assembly for underground sprinkler system
Fluid-filled weight, particularly suited for use in irrigation systems
Fluid pump
Internal vibration device with variable vibration amplitude
Method and apparatus for sorting particles
Cleaner for molding apparatus of semiconductor chip packages
Gutter and splash-guard for protecting a wafer during transfer from a single wafer cleaning chamber
Coextruded products of aluminum foam and skin material
Method and apparatus for automatically feeding metal profiles in bar form in systems for machining said profiles
Method for treating ceramic cores
System for providing consistent flow through multiple permeable perimeter walls in a casting mold
Semi-solid molding method
Die casting machine
Die-casting systems and machines and methods for withdrawing cores in die-casting systems and machines
Die opening/closing apparatus for die-casting systems and machines and methods for opening dies using such die opening/closing apparatus
Method and apparatus for extracting castings produced in a mould foundry plant
Tool apparatus
Reversible cutter bit
Quick release or connect chuck device
Method for continuous high-speed welding of double-ply metal tubes and welding furnace for performing the same
Wire-bonding apparatus with improved XY-table orientation
Multi-axis cartesian guided parallel kinematic machine
Pneumatic edge trimming machine
Tool, tool holder, and machine tool
Constant spindle power grinding method
Method of grinding cutting blades
Device for loading and unloading optical workpieces
Polishing fixture for fiber optic connectors
Optical fiber end face polishing machine
Apparatus for removal/remaining thickness profile manipulation
Dental tool sharpener and method of use
Tool, in particular diamond sector for machines for polishing surfaces such as agglomerates, tiles or the like
Tensioning nut to secure a disk-shaped tool
Projected gimbal point drive
Vibratory finisher with blasting nozzle
Abrasive flap disc
Tool for dressing pulpstones
Methods and apparatus for handling workpieces
Determinant wing assembly
Portable, combustion-engined setting tool for fastening elements
Framing tool with automatic fastener-size adjustment
Pneumatic percussive tool with a short working drive piston
Socket wrench organizer
Garden tool caddy and dolly combination
Suspension system and product holder for products
Blanking platen in a shaping press
Wood planing machine with a foldable workpiece-supporting table
Ready mix batch hauler system
Granite and marble nipping tool
Device for conveying and checking containers, in particular preforms
Vulcanization mold for the manufacture of technical rubber products and a blocking member for use therein
Apparatus for preparing an eyeglass lens having a controller
Mold and molding process
Device for forming vessel body
Hardness taper tube and production method and device therefor
Reinforced-layer metal composite bat
Device for the production of moldings of plastic reinforced with long fibers
Lay-up mold
Segmented tire mold
Outsert-forming apparatus with glue verification
Method and apparatus for printing
Controlling media curl in print-zone
Removable printer unit
Position measurement system and method
Thermal inkjet print head with blended enable trains
Print head drive unit
Start-up and shut down of continuous inkjet print head
Ink jet printer head
Fluid ejection device
Operating a page width ink jet printhead
Ink jet recording head and manufacturing method therefor
Production method of ink-jet head
Nozzle plate for ink-jet printer and method for manufacturing the same
Reduced number of nonbuttable full-width array printbars required in a color printer
Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method
Sealing member, connecting structure using sealing member, and liquid discharge recording head
Cartridge and cartridge detecting device
Storage of printing device usage data on a printing device replaceable component
Keyboard with an internal printer
Recording method
Ink-jet image forming method
Universal pen with sampler
Security code verification for identification cards
Food/drink tab/check holder
Subfolder insert for file folders
Wheel rim and assembly of such a rim with a bearing support
Vehicle wheel bearing
Bearing device and method of manufacturing the bearing device
Wheel structure for a golf bag
Pneumatic tire having a rubber component containing a rubber gel and syndiotatic 1,2-polybutadiene
Glow-in-the-dark tire sidewalls
Tire bead with textile plies
Pneumatic tire
Hitch ball engaging assembly and apparatus usable to interconnect fifth wheel trailer coupling to a gooseneck tractor coupling
Multi-hitch flag mast support system
Amphibious vehicle
Vehicle suspension system
Axle suspension for rigid axles of vehicles
Wheel suspension
Wheel suspension of a motor vehicle
Tandem rear axle suspensions for trucks and truck-tractors
Trailing arm suspension
Solar powered heating and ventilation system for vehicle
Dashboard in particular for motor vehicle
Air flow arrangement
Retaining device for utility vehicles
Double door construction for vehicle
Two way hinge for motor vehicle doors
Control apparatus for fuel lid and slide door
Tonneau cover adjustment mechanism
Tonneau cover system with adjustment limit
Convertible vehicle
Attachment to be attached to fuel tank
Torque transfer device with double ball screw clutch actuator
Torque transfer device having an electric motor/brake actuator and friction clutch
On-demand transfer case
Vehicle-pedal-backward-displacement preventing device for preventing displacement of depressable portion of operating pedal toward operator's seat
Electronic anti-skid device and method for motor vehicle with hydrostatic transmission
Motor vehicle drive
Composite power transmission mechanism and vehicle
Adjustment mechanism for a motor vehicle seat, and a seat equipped with such a mechanism
Method and apparatus for adjusting automotive seat mechanisms
Child seat
Pivot down container holder and tray combination
Seat module for a vehicle seat which can be actively ventilated and method of making same
Adjustable folding travel tray
Pivot linkage for truck recovery unit
Over-head camper tie-downs
Brake light
Safety/warning device
Inner mirror with built-in antenna
Protecting apparatus for use with telescoping support member
Floating mount for plasma screen
Bumper apparatus for vehicle
Occupant sensor
Method for occupant classification in a motor vehicle
Door trim structure for automobiles
Impact absorbing member
Airbag module having variable tether system
Pillar-mounted frontal airbag
Shrink wrap for inflatable curtain package
Air bag system
Preweakened automotive interior trim piece for covering an air bag installation in an automotive vehicle
Hybrid gas generator unit for inflating an airbag used in motor vehicle safety
Hybrid inflator
Boot and seat belt device employing the same
Loading floor for a vehicle with spacing element and loading apparatus
Seat assembly
Vehicle wash apparatus with an adjustable boom
Method and device for controlling the supply of a pressure medium on rail vehicles (compressor management)
Solenoid valve
Operating unit for an electrohydraulic braking system
Method and system for providing secondary vehicle directional control through braking
Cargo snugger strap and hook mechanism
Adjustment device for a stacker trolley
Shopping cart with rigid frame and flexible, expandable walls
Drive-by-wire lawn mower
Front end of a motor vehicle
Damper stiffener extension and box-beam parcel shelf
Front vehicle frame structure
Electric power steering device
Electric power steering apparatus for a vehicle
Steer axle assembly with inverted steering knuckle
Vehicular windshield bag mounting assembly and mounted windshield bag
Detachable windshield for a motorcycle
Motorcycle and automobile gas tank paint protector
Lighting system
Steerable scooter
Tandem scooter
Snowmobile exhaust system
Vessel with vertically elevational support legs
Watercraft shroud
Buoyant chair and table ensemble
Personal watercraft having adjustable angle sponsons
Subsea intervention system
Underwater vehicles
Trolling motor mount tool
Marine propulsion device with cooling system cover
Mastless kayak sail
Aircraft with a plurality of upper and lower cabins functioning as cargo compartments or passenger cabins and method of loading cargos for aircraft
Autonomous payload recovery system
Vertical take-off and landing vehicles
Propeller-driven aircraft with engine power scheduling with indicated airspeed
Truck-mounted escalator
Dual-mode airbreathing propulsion system
Powder filling method and powder filling apparatus
Apparatus and method for stacking food portions
Rewind control for label printer applicator
Mailbox security device
Container and container support
Apparatus for cleansing hands
Economical, stackable container for retail goods
Hopper box
Restricted port air breathable bulk materials container
Box for transportation
Tandem harness for tub-like containers
Rack packaging for hairbrushes
Container lid having an indicator
Hanger accessory sleeve
Bag assembly
Refuse or recycling pail
Container latching method and apparatus
Device for carrying article into and from container, method for introducing and discharging article into and from container, and pallet for carrying article
Roller device and a method of making same
Container inspection machine
Plant and method for orderly aligning products in rows along a packaging line
Chain store and process for unloading it
Article joining control method
Process and apparatus for depositing products in a defined manner from a compartment-containing chain
Tank having multiple screw-type transfer augers
Device for coupling two storage and/or transport means with a cleaning device
Imaging media supply tray
Inverter having a slow speed drive mode for improved reliability
Paper ejection apparatus in a print apparatus
Thick media folding method
System and method for producing folded articles
Conveyor system having inclined structure utilizing vacuum and air bearing means for facilitating edgewise product transportation
Hose tub
Wire-winding box structure with increased use area
Optimal parking of free cars in elevator group control
Jacket-assembly and method for protecting hydraulic elevator jacks
Apparatus and method for lifting and rotating pipes
Rope tensioning device
Method and system for lifting of the massive constructions
Nozzle for juice dispenser
Paste ejection apparatus
Spigot device for a liquid container
Fuel dispensing system having a selectable pump controller
Mirror assembly with elevator lifter
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for carbonizing wood residues and producing activated carbon
Biomass gasification system and method
Photoluminescent markers and methods for detection of such markers
Heat treatment apparatus and cleaning method of the same
Hydraulic piston and process for its surface treatment
Textiles; Paper
Rotary shuttle device for sewing machine
Yarn feed system for tufting machines
Fixed Constructions
Rail anchoring spike
Oscillation detecting device for compacting soil
Method of reconstructing existing bridges and highways with minimal disruption of traffic
Removable and retractable pathway visual barrier
Audible warning signal for roadway work zones
Plantable geosynthetic reinforced retaining wall
Pull-out kitchen sprayer
Mixing faucet having multiple discharges
Valve assembly with swivel escutcheon
Method and apparatus for molding concrete into a bridge or other structure
Closing device
Reversible security gate latch
Locking apparatus and storage apparatus for vehicle
Portable wireless terminal with a ground connecting device using a hinge module and method for using the same
Vertically movable security partition
Balanced tilt mechanism for a covering for an architectural opening
Covering for a simulated divided light architectural opening and systems for mounting same
Drill bit having large diameter PDC cutters
Drill pipe with upset ends having constant wall thickness and method for making same
Downhole seal assembly and method for use of same
Torsional shock absorber for a drill string
Drill rig assembly
Disconnect check valve mechanism for coiled tubing
Latch profile installation in existing casing
Debris-free valve apparatus and method of use
Wellbore directional steering tool
Enlargement drilling system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Shroud segment and assembly with circumferential seal at a planar segment surface
Turbomachinery seal
Methods and apparatus for sealing gas turbine engine variable vane assemblies
Rotor for a gas turbine
Airfoil shape for a turbine bucket
Cooling system for a turbine blade having a double outer wall
Rocker arm
Control method for transitions between open and closed loop operation in electronic VCT controls
Actuating drives for valve drives having a variably adjustable stroke, for valves of internal combustion engines
Engine valve actuation system and method
Hydraulic outlet-valve actuation and method of making and using same
Oil pressure control valve by sliding camshaft for an internal combustion engine
Valve assembly and method for controlling flow of gases from an engine crankcase to an engine intake manifold
Exhaust system located on one side of the hull of a personal watercraft
Portable power working machine
Multi-cylinder diesel engine with variably actuated valves
Piston engine with counterrotating crankshafts
Method for a cylinder-charge control in the case of an internal combustion engine
Methods and apparatus for providing security for electronically-controlled cylinder activation and deactivation
Stop and start control apparatus of internal combustion engine
Control system for protecting an internal combustion engine from overloading
Control system for internal combustion engine
Temperature protection method for motor vehicle engine exhaust pipe
Method and device for controlling fuel metering into an internal combustion engine
Post-retard fuel limiting strategy for an engine
Control device for a control motor of an internal combustion engine
Engine blow-by gas distribution system
Exhaust gas cooler with bypass tube and exhaust gas recirculation valve
Magnetized device for an automobile fueling system
Intake pipe for an internal combustion engine comprising at least two welded shells
Cover assembly for fuel delivery module
Fuel injection valve
Fuel injection system for an internal combustion engine
High-pressure fuel pump with integrated blocking-vane prefeed pump
Motor vehicle fuel injection system with a high flow control valve
Compensation element for a fuel injection valve
Fuel injection valve
Injection valve for injecting fuel into the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine
Common rail injector
Method and apparatus for attenuating pressure pulsation in opposed engines
Fuel injection device for internal combustion engine
Fuel supply device for internal combustion engine
Fuel injection and ignition system for internal combustion engine
Fluid flow powered dynamo with lobed rotors
High pressure supply pump with lifter guide and method of manufacturing the lifter guide
Sanitary design gear pump
Scroll fluid machine having projections on a wrap peripheral surface
Compressor with built-in motor, and mobile structure using the same
Ultra-thin pump and cooling system including the pump
Heat circulation apparatus
Control method for outside control type fan coupling apparatus
Fan holder with electrical connector socket
3-position stopping cylinder
Contraction unit with position sensor device
Pneumatic actuator with elastomeric membrane and low-power electrostatic flap valve arrangement
Lock nut member
Anchor bolt cap and method of use
Pivot pin assembly
Linear rolling bearing
Rolling bearing
Torque transfer device
Constant velocity joint
Friction clutch with installation device
Brake disk for a disk brake
Vibration isolating device
Fluid-filled active vibration damping device
System and method for active vibration isolation and active vibration cancellation
Planetary gear type multiple-step transmission for vehicle
Chain tensioner
Blade tensioner and system for a chain
V-belt type transmission
Brush seal
Non-refillable valve
High flow high control valve and assembly
Manifold for electromagnetic valve
Gas pressure driven tank fluid pump having float and snap-acting rotary valve
Hollow piston restrictor
Stop apparatus and method for gear actuators
High rangeability control valve
Noise reduction device for fluid flow systems
Rotary 2-way servovalve
Modified blades for process chamber throttle valve
Location marker
Flexible cord-like hollow object
Thermoplastic reinforced hose construction
Bushing and sealing ring assembly
Coupling for connecting two components conveying a medium
Fluid addition apparatus
Method and device for monitoring the flow of oil pertaining to a device for the oil and air lubrication of components
Modular lubricating system and injector
Sucker rod guide and paraffin scraper for oil wells
Faraday flashlight
LED flashlight assembly
Decorative candle lamp
Collapsible lampshade
Vehicular lamp having a vibration-dampening lamp-attachment ring
Light modifier mounting assembly
Method and apparatus for flexible led lamp
Sensitive lighting fixture for construction junction box
Novelty candleholder
Backlight module having concave struture
Lighting device with linear light sources
Backlight device
Light guide plate having anti-reflection layer and a method of manufacturing the same
Line-illuminating device
Dual-action piezoelectric lighter
Furnace sound shield
Gas lighter with a locking device
Apparatus for igniting combustible fuel
Portable exhaust fan
Device and method for exhaust air processing, in particular, for clean room devices
Explosion-proof hot water heater with unsealed fuel combustion chamber
Solar collector for heating air
Heat pipe system for cooling flywheel energy storage systems
Heat pump air conditioning system comprising additional heater and method for operating the same
Baking apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Boiling cooler for cooling heating element by heat transfer with boiling
Evaporative heat exchanger of streamline cross section tube coil with less even without cooling fins
Heat exchanger
Heat dissipation device with working liquid received in circulatory route
Guidance for missle systems with target tracker and additional manual track point correction
Flexible impact-resistant materials
Collapsible ballistic shield
Clearing trap
Target system
Time-interleaved sampling of voltages for improving accuracy of temperature remote sensors
Transmit circuit for imaging with ultrasound
Method and apparatus utilizing NMR measurements to gather information on a property of the earth formation surrounding a wellbore
Suspended high reflectivity coating on release structure and fabrication process therefor
Method and system for deploying a mirror assembly from a recessed position
Projection system for aerial display of three-dimensional video images
Devices and method of mounting
Adhesion free optical fiber connector
Optical connector integrally formed so as to limit the bend radius of an optical fiber cord
Parallel fiber optics communications module
Parallel fiber optics communications module
Parallel fiber optics communications module
Parallel fiber optics communications module
Optical communication module
Passive alignment packaging structure for opto-electrical devices and optic fiber connectors
Rimless eyewear system and method
Eyeglasses provided with light sources, screw drivers, and writing instruments
Asymmetrical sun-lens with added sun block protection
Progressive spectacle lens producing only slight dynamic distortion
Multifocal contact lens with aspheric surface
Projector and method for assembly thereof
Image stabilization and balancing system
Projection type display apparatus
Cooling apparatus for optical engine assembly
Cooling device of electronic apparatus
Keyboard with a supporting device
Fiber jumpers with data storage method and apparatus
Connection of a user identity module to a compact card case
Clock frequency control method and device, and IC card reading/writing apparatus using the same
Memory card installer
Quasi-coaxial optical bar code reader
Apparatus and method for acquiring and reading optical codes with result indication
System and method for verifying the authenticity of a check and authorizing payment thereof
Cashless payment by means of a mobile radio apparatus
Vending machine and operation control method thereof
Gaming device having an offer and acceptance game with a termination limit wherein the offer is picked by a player
Coin collecting tray for a casino machine
Gaming device having a destination pursuit bonus scheme with advance and setback conditions
Automated self service hotel/motel front desk attendant system
Terminal software architecture for use with smart cards
Hot and cold vending apparatus
System and method of developing a curriculum for stimulating cognitive processing
System for demonstrating effects of polarized lens
Method for automated mass screening for visual dysfunction in children
Interactive assessment tool
Merchandise display
Anti-fouling flag and windsock display assembly
Secondary acoustic attenuator for vehicle
Disc storage box having a disc positioning device
Method of non-disruptive capacity scaling for a data storage library
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of making the same
Paint for forming insulating film, and plasma display panel using the paint and method of manufacturing the same
Removable shielding for use during neurological examinations on a whole body pet scanner
Single wafer type substrate cleaning method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for calibrating marking position in chip scale marker
Method for transporting boards, load port apparatus, and board transport system
Non-volatile memory with crown electrode to increase capacitance between control gate and floating gate
CPU radiator holding mechanism
LED lamp with prismatic cover lens
Electrical connector with spacer
Electrical connector having enhanced electrical performance
Mounting structure of connector for use with circuit board
Cable connector
Structure of a signal adapter
Coaxial connector and communication device
Coaxial cable termination connector for connecting to a printed circuit board
Dummy plug for wiring harness
USB connector structure with protection means
Connector apparatus
Connector and a connector assembly
Flexible medium voltage interconnection and method to obtain same
Lamp holder
Locking precision male BNC connector with latch mechanism allowing cable rotation
Quick release electrical connector
Expansion module and personal digital assistant equipped therewith
Electrical connector having guide and centering aid
Cable connector assembly having pulling mechanism
Ejector for electrical connector
Electrical connector with anti-mismating device
Electrical connector with keying means
Electrical connector with guiding structure for positioning circuit board
High speed electrical connector
Modular shielded connector
Jack assembly with contact switching system
Filter insert for an electrical connector assembly
Connection-converting device for an expansion card in a portable electronic product
Lamp socket
Electrical connector with wafers having split ground planes
Coaxial cable connector
Coaxial connector
Clamping and sealing mechanism with multiple rings for cable connector
Optical communication module
Multiple sparking ignition device
Switch cabinet frame structure
Electrical outlet box
Method and apparatus for a pulsed L.E.D. illumination source
Method for optimizing an image processing and printing process
Projection apparatus using spatial light modulator
Closed loop three color alignment for digital projection
Lightweight loudspeaker enclosure
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