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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Recording and processing utility commodity usage
Apparatus and method for positioning and delivering a therapeutic tool to the inside of a heart
X-ray image diagnostic device, and x-ray image data correcting method
Beam hardening post-processing method and X-ray CT apparatus
X-ray computed tomography apparatus
System and method of treating stuttering by neuromodulation
Method and apparatus for shunting induced currents in an electrical lead
Stylet feature for resisting perforation of an implantable lead
Performing Operations; Transporting
Navigation apparatus, navigation system and navigation method providing guidance for lane changes
Method for the transmission of a sensor data signal and an additional data signal from a sensor component to at least one receiver
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical fiber for transmitting ultraviolet ray, optical fiber probe, and method of manufacturing the optical fiber probe
Textiles; Paper
Expert system and method for creating an embroidered fabric
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Air flow sensor failure determination apparatus and method
Spindle motor and hard disk drive
On-line compositional allocation
Method and apparatus of estimating pure spectra and a concentration of a mixture
Method and apparatus for detecting radiation
Method and apparatus for the analysis of scratches on semiconductor wafers
Inspecting method and apparatus for repeated micro-miniature patterns
Method and apparatus for transmitting information about a target object between a prescanner and a CT scanner
Method and device for measuring cavitation
Method in an integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing process for identifying and redirecting ICs mis-processed during their manufacture
Method for detecting fault on transmission lines by using harmonics and state transition diagram
Ferroelectric memory and method of testing the same
Method of evaluating core based system-on-a-chip
Method of accurately determining positions of deployed seismic geophones
High resolution determination of seismic polar anisotropy
MEMS based over-the-air optical data transmission system
Methods for controlling positions of the guided modes of the photonic crystal waveguides
Planar optical waveguide and method of manufacturing the same
Lens-integrated optical fiber and production method thereof, optical module, and optical transmission apparatus
Connector housing having a sliding tray with a hingeable portion
Lens barrel and image taking apparatus
Method, device, system and recording medium for detecting improper cartridge, and cartridge
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method of sensing amount of remaining developer in image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Rezeroing a robot accessor of an automated data storage library
Monitoring and automatic notification of irregular activity in a network-based transaction facility
System for controlling the distribution and use of digital works using digital tickets
Cellular phone allowing a hand-written character to be entered on the back
Portable USB device built with rechargeable functional apparatus
Method and system for tracing
Method for verifying user memory validity in operating system
Method and system to implement a system event log for system manageability
System for selectively using different communication paths to transfer data between controllers in a disk array in accordance with data transfer size
Network node failover using multicast address or port
Microcontroller with debug support unit
Multiple category CAM
Interleaving memory access
Maintaining time-date information for syncing low fidelity devices
Compressed file system for non-volatile RAM
Method for performing compressed I/O with memory expansion technology
Storage subsystem, information processing system and method of controlling I/O interface
Memory system for multiple data types
Apparatus and method for generating memory access signals, and memory accessed using said signals
Cache management method for storage device
Apparatus and a method for security authorization using a security key installed on removable media
Storage apparatus and access control method
Data storage using wireless communication
Reciprocally adjustable dual queue mechanism
Scalable cache coherent distributed shared memory processing system
Methods and apparatus for providing data transfer control
Routability for memory devices
Probing algorithm for foundation fieldbus protocol
System and method for directly indicating to first direct memory controller (DMA) in halt state to resume DMA transfer via resume instruction from second DMA controller
Data processing processor
Method and apparatus for extracting data from an oversampled bit stream
Exception handling for single instructions with multiple data
Method and apparatus for extracting a portion of data in a source register and arranging it on one side of a destination register
Systems and methods for detecting and resolving resource conflicts
System operable to identify and access information about a user
Automatic network synchronization of the network configuration with the management information database
Spectral kernels for learning machines
File system creator
Structured contextual clustering method and system in a federated search engine
Method, computer program product, and system for unloading a hierarchical database utilizing segment specific selection criteria
System and method for organizing data
Method for data synchronization in web-based communications management system
Method and apparatus for organizing data pertaining to audiovisual content
Search results using editor feedback
Method and apparatus for digital media management, retrieval, and collaboration
Method and system for searching for images based on color and shape of a selected image
Method for detection of manufacture defects
Method and system for multi-sensor data fusion using a modified dempster-shafer theory
Device and method for carrying out the decentralized production of desired products from different starting materials, and an automated process system
Information processing apparatus
Ultrasonic length measuring apparatus and method for coordinate input
Fixed point unit pipeline allowing partial instruction execution during the instruction dispatch cycle
Pre-steering register renamed instructions to execution unit associated locations in instruction cache
Data processing device for switching between terminal mode and RF mode with a digital circuit
Method and apparatus for efficient determination of recognition parameters
Interactive computer-aided diagnosis method and system for assisting diagnosis of lung nodules in digital volumetric medical images
Method for electronically addressing of a person or organization
Binary trees for detecting inventory problems in an enterprise model
Steganographic encoding and decoding of auxiliary codes in media signals
Method and device for inserting and decoding a watermark in digital data
Versatile cone-beam imaging apparatus and method
Image processing system
Preventing green non-uniformity in image sensors
Machine vision-based singulation verification system and method
Device and method for transforming digital signal
Apparatus and method of encoding/decoding a coded block pattern
Map display terminal and map display method
Method of iterative noise estimation in a recursive framework
Method of controlling laser diode in optical disk player and circuit therefor
Clamp retention apparatus for rotational disk drive components
Servo writing a disk drive by synchronizing a servo write clock to a high frequency signal in a spiral track
Electrostatic track following using patterned media
Method and circuit for transmitting a data-modulated high-frequency data signal from a transmitter to a receiver having a simplified receiver architecture
Method and apparatus for reproducing ciphered data
Recording pole for delivering coincident heat and magnetic field
Sensor with improved stabilization and track definition
Inverted write head for vertical recording
Magnetic biasing layer for GMR sensor of a magnetic head for a hard disk drive
Method and apparatus for written-in tracking error composition for linear tape drives
Methods for improving servo-demodulation robustness
Method and apparatus for providing optical network interface using optical memory storage
Optical information recording medium
Data restore in thryistor based memory devices
Magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) cell having a diode with asymmetrical characteristics
Method of self-refresh in large memory arrays
Semiconductor storage and its refreshing method
Semiconductor memory device and method of operating the same
Semiconductor memory device and electronic device for activation control of word lines in a semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device having column select line driving scheme for reducing skew between column select lines and column select line driving method thereof
Variable-persistence molecular memory devices and methods of operation thereof
Semiconductor memory device with reduced chip area and improved redundancy efficency
Method and apparatus to data log at-speed March C+ memory BIST
Mode entry circuit and method
Active termination circuit and method for controlling the impedance of external integrated circuit terminals
Method and apparatus for off boundary memory access
Capacitor structure
Charge storage device
Automatic transfer switch and protection device
Portable terminal device
Portable telephone apparatus that can attain directivity of antenna which optimizes reception state from base station
Optical pump device with several output channels and use of same in an amplifier device
Laser oscillator
Multimode light generating module, semiconductor laser apparatus, and optical fiber amplifier
DC/DC converter with voltage clamp circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit with voltage-detecting circuit and signal transmitting and receiving system
Power factor corrected UPS with improved connection of battery to neutral
Multi-phase interleaving isolated DC/DC converter
Method and voltage converter for converting DC input voltage to AC voltage in a system frequency range
Audio dynamics processing control system
Unconditionally stable on-chip filter and applications thereof
Phase error cancellation circuit and method for fractional frequency dividers and circuits incorporating same
Method of determining an acquisition indicator bit in a communication system
Processing for improved performance and reduced pilot
Method and system for deriving dynamic data clocks from PN codes
Optical source generator for wavelength division multiplexing optical communication systems
Echo cancellation through auxiliary-vector filtering
Adaptive hybrid for a digital subscriber line analog front end
Method and apparatus for providing wireless diagnostics, authentication, and redundancy of wired circuitry
Apparatus and method for controlling transmission power in a mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for providing power control for CDMA dispatch services
Method and apparatus for automotive radio time shifting personalized to multiple drivers
Structure for preventing intermodulation interference in satellite transmission
OFDM receiving apparatus, OFDM transmission apparatus and OFDM communication method
Network transceiver for extending the bandwidth of optical fiber-based network infrastructure
Synchronizing clocks across a communication link
Time slot interchanger (TSI) and method for a telecommunications node
System and method for maximizing capacity in a telecommunications system
Method of multiple-antenna wireless communication using space-time codes
System and method for time-based scheduling
Data storage access through switched fabric
Method for connecting a first user-terminal to a second using-terminal, related devices and related software modules
Method and apparatus for transmitting data in a linear-type or ring-type network
Ethernet adapting apparatus
QoS-based shortest path routing for hierarchical communication network
State information and routing table updates in large scale data networks
Method and apparatus for scheduling forward link data transmissions in CDMA/HDR networks
Label request packet transmission method, packet transfer network and method thereof, and packet transfer device
Tuple-based lookup scheme for packet switching node
Method and apparatus for providing differentiated services using a multi-level queuing mechanism
Method for controlling service levels over packet based networks
Method and device for assigning cell data units to sequential storage positions of data frames using a pointer position estimation
Method of selecting length of time of inactivity on a channel dedicated to a user terminal to be detected for the channel to be released, and a corresponding network for radio telecommunications
Method and apparatus for suppressing co-channel interference in a receiver
Receiving apparatus and method for digital multi-carrier transmission
Communication node for enabling internetworking of network using request/response based data transfer and network using non-request/response based data transfer
System and method for covert management of passive network devices
Method and system for profiling network flows at a measurement point within a computer network
System for accessing an object using a "web" browser co-operating with a smart card
Internet domain names with regional associations
Method and system for delivering accessibility using a distributed environment
Method for centrally setting data rate in a data transmission facility and a device for centrally setting data rates
Circuit and software for generating a stream cipher
Operation method of portable phone to change mode using dial key and apparatus for the same
System and method to detect privacy screening
Portable radio terminal with infrared communication function and communication method for portable radio terminal
Communication terminal device, holds melody sensing method, incoming melody playing and information storing medium
Method and system for sending an emergency call from a mobile terminal to the nearby emergency institution
Enhanced directory assistance service providing individual or group directories
Homezone call forwarding service method
Apparatus and methods for automatically adjusting images on edge-disturbed output media
Systems and methods for selecting a macroblock mode in a video encoder
Video bit scrambling
System and method for remultiplexing of a filtered transport stream with new content in real-time
Buffer management in variable bit-rate compression systems
Method and apparatus for regenerating optical signals in an all-optical cross-connect switch
Bit-rate-independent optical cross-connect device in optical transmission system
Apparatus for a mobile communication system for providing an ATM-based switching and routing connecting scheme
Bypass control system based upon NMS control in ATM exchanger
Method for measuring network performance parity
Message access for radio telecommunications system
Method and a mobile station for configuring a base station
Mobile telecommunications systems
Method for soft and softer handover in time division duplex code division multiple access (TDD-CDMA) networks
Control node handover in radio access network
Method and system for controlling access of a subscriber station to a wireless system
Speaker for vehicle
Harmonic amplifier and corresponding electro-acoustic transducer
X-ray imaging apparatus
Method of providing board packaging line program
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Video camera system and related method
Method and apparatus for measuring a flicker level
Implantable medical device having flat electrolytic capacitor with consolidated electrode tabs and corresponding feedthroughs
Method and apparatus for determination and visualization of player field coverage in a sporting event
Performing Operations; Transporting
Optical unit for image projection and tool incorporating same
Printer and control method therefor
Method and thermal printing apparatus for identifying an end of an inking ribbon
Ink droplet ejection drive method and apparatus using ink-nonemission pulse after ink-emission pulse
Image recording method for recording a high quality image with an aqueous dye solution and accompanying apparatus
Optical color printer assembly
Optical scanning device
Printing apparatus and printing method
Device for protecting a braking resistor for locomotives
Aircraft fuel tank protective barrier and method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Refractive index distribution type optical element and refractive index distribution type rod lens array
Spatial light modulators constructed from ferroelectric liquid crystal devices with twisted structure
Photochromic composition
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of regulating the armature impact speed in an electromagnetic actuator by estimating the required energy by extrapolation
Monitoring method of an ion implantation process
Measuring device for scanning dimensions, especially diameters
Three-dimensional measuring device and three-dimensional measuring method
Fiber optic temperature sensor
Compact, variable length interferometer delay stage
Monolithic optical assembly
Apparatus and method for measuring characteristics of light
Video signal processing and apparatus therefor
Surveying apparatus
Bird's-eye view forming method, map display apparatus and navigation system
Illuminated combination meter
System for determination of a location in three dimensional space
Single trianglular shaped optical retarder element for use in spectroscopic ellipsometer and polarimeter systems
Optical time domain reflectometer for measurements in optical networks with currently applied traffic signals
System and method for measuring engine rotor thrust using Fabry-Perot fiber sensor
Optical measurement of marine conditions
Method and apparatus for locating power plane shorts using polarized light microscopy
Imaging ATR spectrometer
Method and apparatus for detection of fluorescently labeled materials
Apparatus for measuring and applying instrumentation correction to produce a standard Raman spectrum
Sensitive laser spectroscopic detection based on three-dimensional nonlinear four-wave mixing
Alignment correction prior to image sampling in inspection systems
Measurement and inspection of leads on integrated circuit packages
Method and device for characterizing a modification in time of the state of condensation of droplets on a target
Laser doppler velocimeter
Spin valves with enhanced GMR and thermal stability
Jamming suppression of spread spectrum antenna/receiver systems
Distance measuring apparatus
Data acquisition system including data transmission controller for octavely nested acoustic line arrays
Method and apparatus for adding a graphic indication of a first down to a live video of a football game
Ultrasonic positioning and tracking system
Focusable, color corrected, high performance projection lens systems
Night vision goggle with improved optical system
Imaging lens for copying and copying apparatus
Zoom lens
Antivibration zoom lens
Multiple-resolution optical device
Vision assist assembly for a single eye vision device
Method of making a bistable micromagnetic light modulator
Optical scanning device and a scanning lens therefor
Viewfinder optical system
Image recording and reproducing apparatus
Dichroic prism, prism unit, and projection display apparatus
Immersive imaging method and apparatus
Optical axis correcting system
Color filter and color picture display device using the same
Wavelength selective filter
Active phase-shift control in optical-hybrid etalons
Multilayer film having a continuous and disperse phase
Birefringent plate arrangement with stress birefringence
Optical semiconductor light guide device having a low divergence emergent beam, application to fabry-perot and distributed feedback lasers
Multiplexer/demutiplexer with flattened spectral response
Pitch-converting substrate used in semiconductor lasermodule and semiconductor lasermodule
Photo-taking lens and optical apparatus
Optical modulator using isolator and optical transmitter including the same
Switchable achromatic polarization rotator
Electrochromic media for producing a preselected color
Visual display device with changeable decorator plate
Liquid crystal display including pixel electrode(s) designed to improve viewing characteristics
Reflective type liquid crystal display
Display devices, electronic apparatus using the same, and polarized light separator
Normally black liquid crystal display with twisted compensator and . .DELTAnd of 1500-1800 nm
Four domain pixel for liquid crystalline light modulating device
System and method for efficient manufacturing of liquid crystal displays
IPS type liquid crystal display apparatus having in-plane retardation value of less than zero and not more than 20
Liquid crystal display device with active matrix substrate using source/drain electrode as capacitor conductor
Liquid crystal display device operating in a vertically aligned mode
Liquid crystal phase modulator using a ferroelectric liquid crystal with a rotatable axis and cholesteric circular polarizers
Modelocking laser including self-tuning intensity-dependent reflector for self-starting and stable operation
Reduction of B-integral accumulation in lasers
Single sideband modulators
Camera system
Control negative for use in setting up exposure condition of photo-printer
Stereo panoramic viewing system
Stepper or scanner having two energy monitors for a laser
Apparatus for detecting a position of an optical mark
Alignment method, exposure method, and exposure apparatus
Position control method in exposure apparatus
Liquid ink development control
Hologram and process for producing hologram
Display setting arrangement for a timepiece
Time-of-day clock assembly
Shunt regulator with shutdown protection to prevent excessive power dissipation
Hinge device for a portable computer
Portable personal computer and electronic camera
Screwless technique for attaching a peripheral electronic component to an electronic system
Quick-release hinge joint for heat pipe
Hybrid cooling heat exchanger fin geometry and orientation
Heat sink conduction between disk drive carrier and information storage enclosure
Computer with high airflow and low acoustic noise
Quick-release computer chassis
Cooling apparatus for electronic systems and computer systems with such apparatus
Method and apparatus for dynamically placing portions of a memory in a reduced power consumption state
Stacked cache memory system and method
Method and apparatus for connecting peripherals having various size plugs and functions
Method and system for displaying hypertext documents with visual effects
Newsroom user interface including multiple panel workspaces
User interface methodology supporting light data entry for microprocessor device having limited user input
Method and system for providing size adjustment for a maximized window in a computer system graphical user interface
Screen remote control
Method and apparatus for eliminating contention on an accelerated graphics port
Single chip communication device that implements multiple simultaneous communication channels
Method for inputting and acquiring requirement
Magnetic card recording/reproducing apparatus and method
External storage device
Electronic camera having an illuminator with dispersing ring lens
Interface for model definition
Combined display of locale-sensitive calendars in a distributed computer enterprise environment
Methods for executing commercial transactions in a network system using visual link objects
Computer interface method and apparatus with targeted advertising
Image generating apparatus with FIFO memory and cache memory
Method and apparatus for color halftoning
Opposing directional fill calculators in a graphics processor
Image processing code generation based on structured image (SI) techniques
Rapid computation of local eye vectors in a fixed point lighting unit
Creature animation and simulation technique
Method and apparatus for determining collision between virtual objects in a virtual space
Method and apparatus for scaling an array of digital data using fractal transform
Electronic image resolution enhancement by frequency-domain extrapolation
Image reduction and enlargement processing
Method and apparatus for processing previously encoded video data involving data re-encoding.
Data compressing method, image data memory, and method and device for expanding compressed data
Using estimated distortion values
Frame-level rate control for video compression
Method for controlling timing between video decoding and displaying and apparatus therefor
Apparatus and method of coding/decoding moving picture and storage medium storing moving picture
MPEG coded picture decoding apparatus
Data and/or energy transmission device with a disconnecting unit
Efficient display flip
Generating color text
Magneto-optical recording medium
Optical recording/reproducing apparatus including a mask device for masking marginal rays, in a direction perpendicular to a recording medium track, of a light beam returned from the recording medium
Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus arranged to save electric power consumed in detecting tape end and reduce load on microprocessor
Recording head arrangement for a magnetic recording device having a multichannel recording mode
Head switching sequence in a disc drive employing head bias currents
Signal processing with frequency component detection in two modes
Tape drive data storage device having perpendicularly adjusted tape guides
Accessor hand mechanism having grooves for opening and closing fingers
Programmable self-operating compact disk duplication system
Disc playing apparatus
Optical disc changer apparatus with method of exchanging a disc
Apparatus and method for reproducing information data of different formats from a multi-layer optical disc
Quadrature signal generator using an adaptive length dual arm correlator for optical storage devices
System and method for control of low frequency input levels to an amplifier and compensation of input offsets of the amplifier
Data recording/reproducing apparatus employing read-after-write system
Data storage disk with information encoded in the position error signal fields
Head mechanism control apparatus, disk drive unit, and method of controlling head unload
Magnetic head assembly with contact-type head chip mounting and electrically connecting arrangements
Magnetic disk apparatus with floating sliders having obliquely mounted rails
Method and apparatus for a digital linear tape lockout system
Anti-rattle mechanism for cartridge
Cassette adaptor
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus capable of using cassettes having different sizes including a device for adjusting tension on a supply reel base based on the cassette size
Data transmitter, data receiver, data communication system, data transmitting method, data receiving method, and data communicating method
Cue signal detection circuit of magnetic recording and reproducing device
Method for playing menu in digital video disc player
Optical disc drive and methods of examining the optical disc drive
Anti-dust cover driving device for a CD player
Magnetic recording device
Automatic calibration method, read apparatus and storage apparatus
Compensating circuit, equalizer and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus using the same
Phase-locked loop circuit having loop performing feedback control to make reproduction clock phase-lock with reproduction data and recording/reproducing apparatus
Process for producing a pole-trimmed writer in a magnetoresistive read/write head and a data transducer made thereby
Magnetoresistive effect head
Suspension with reticulated spring portion and pattern etched beam portion
Secondary actuator
Laminated steel return path with actuator support features
Method of reading recorded information from a magnetic tape that compensates for track pitch changes
Signal reproducing device and method with tracking error formation
Repeatable runout cancellation in sectored servo disk drive positioning system
Optical tape drive that performs direct read after write operations
Apparatus and method for dynamic tracking and focus in an optical tape system
Optical disk discriminating apparatus
Zero crossing level matching apparatus and method
Optical actuator including lens assembly with optical axis having symmetric suspensory forces acting thereon and optical disc system including same
Optical disk recording and reproducing apparatus and method and tracking servo apparatus and method
Optical memory apparatus having a supporting base with an integral, fixed optical part mounting portion
Optical pickup
Optical scanning device and optical apparatus for reading and/or writing information in an information plane provided with such a device
Optical disk for high speed data recording and playback
Phase change optical recording medium containing oxygen and process for manufacturing the same
Dynamic random access memory (DRAM) cells with repressed ferroelectric memory methods of reading same, and apparatuses including same
Low cost mixed memory integration with substantially coplanar gate surfaces
Ferroelectric non-volatile latch circuits
Single electron resistor memory device and method for use thereof
Refresh period automatic detecting device for semiconductor memory device, method of automatically detecting refresh period, and refresh period output device
Method and apparatus for controlling the operation of an integrated circuit responsive to out-of-synchronism control signals
Method and apparatus for an improved reset and power-on arrangement for DRAM generator controller
Interleaved stitch using segmented word lines
Column redundancy in semiconductor memories
Semiconductor memory device allowing change of refresh mode and address switching method therewith
DRAM that stores multiple bits per storage cell
Embedded DRAM architecture with local data drivers and programmable number of data read and data write lines
Dynamic random access memory having reduced array voltage
Power down scheme for regulated sense amplifier power in dram
Method for cell margin testing a dynamic cell plate sensing memory architecture
Floating isolation gate for DRAM sensing
Memory architecture with multilevel hierarchy
Apparatus and method for static random access memory array
Semiconductor integrated circuit device using BiCMOS technology
Multi level sensing of NAND memory cells by external bias current
Differential flash memory cell and method for programming same
Non-volatile data storage unit and method of controlling same
DRAM and SRAM memory cells with repressed memory
Universal memory element with systems employing same and apparatus and method for reading, writing and programming same
Voltage regulation for integrated circuit memory
Non-volatile memory array having an index used in programming and erasing
Boosting circuit with boosted voltage limited
Electrically programmable semiconductor device with concurrent program and verification operations
Memory device with sense amplifier that sets the voltage drop across the cells of the device
Organization of blocks within a nonvolatile memory unit to effectively decrease sector write operation time
Method for programming an EPROM-flash type memory
1 transistor cell for EEPROM application
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Impedance control using fuses
Sensor element
Technique for reducing element disable fuse pitch requirements in an integrated circuit device incorporating replaceable circuit elements
Circuits for testing memory devices having direct access test mode and methods for testing the same
Defect management engine for semiconductor memories and memory systems
Semiconductor integrated circuit having a pre-charged operation and a data latch function
Method of and apparatus for precharging and equalizing local input/output signal lines within a memory circuit
Circuit and method for a high data transfer rate output driver
Device for the configuration of options in an integrated circuit and implementation method
Programmable impedance output buffer drivers, semiconductor devices and static random access memories provided with a progammable impedance output port
Refresh control circuit
Circuit for designating an operating mode of a semiconductor memory device
Circuit for setting width of input/output data in semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory preventing sense amplifier malfunctions due to effects of noise generated in output buffer
Apparatus and method for increasing test flexibility of a memory device
Clock generating circuits that utilize analog pump signals to provide fast synchronization and reduced delay skew
Method and apparatus for generating a signal with a voltage insensitive or controlled delay
Method and apparatus for programmable control signal generation for a semiconductor device
Clock synchronous memory
Semiconductor memory device
Structure of random access memory formed of multibit cells
Semiconductor memory device allowing fast successive selection of word lines in a test mode operation
Arcing fault protection system for a switchgear enclosure
Method and apparatus for triggering a fuse
Exposure system and method of forming fluorescent surface using same
Capacitor constructions and semiconductor processing method of forming capacitor constructions
Electrostatic chuck
CPU heat sink mounting arrangement
Modular power electronics die having integrated cooling apparatus
Static memory cell
MOS image sensor
Image generating device having adjustable sensitivity
Battery assembly for supplying power to an integrated circuit
Radio communication system
Semiconductor laser device and optical disk apparatus using the same
CW laser amplifier
Article comprising an L-Band optical fiber amplifier
Tunable wavelength laser light source apparatus using a compound cavity such as a compound cavity semiconductor laser
Method of controlling lasing wavelength(s)
Low-noise frequency-multiplied laser
Solid state dye laser
Superimposed grating WDM tunable lasers
Semiconductor laser with kink suppression layer
Switchgear assembly with novel arrangement for connecting a tie or main circuit breaker
Method and apparatus for compensation of phasor estimations
Smart residential circuit breaker
Solid state overload relay
Board mountable power supply module with current sharing circuit and a method of current sharing between parallel power supplies
HVDC transmission system with bidirectionally controlled thyristors
Power supply with battery charger for emergency sign
Valley-fill power factor correction circuit
Voltage boosting circuit and method thereof
Fixed frequency flyback converter
Single ended forward DC-to-DC converter providing enhanced resetting for synchronous rectification
Auto-synchronized DC/DC converter and method of operating same
Rectifier circuit device and DC/Dc converter provided with the circuit device
Parallel resonant DC linked inverter arrangement and method utilizing antiferroelectric dielectric material
Power supply with reduced second harmonic
Predistortion in a linear transmitter using orthogonal kernels
Asymmetric filter combination for a digital transmission system
Stacked PFET off-chip driver with a latch bias generator for overvoltage protection
Integrated circuit with two phase-locked loops and circuit for preventing locking owing to injection
Decoder for trellis encoded interleaved data stream and HDTV receiver including such a decoder
Digital downconverter/despreader for direct sequence spread spectrum CDMA communications system
Receiver for pilot-aided code-division multiple access
Spread spectrum communication system
Preamble code structure and detection method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for generating multiple matched-filter PN vectors in a CDMA demodulator
Methods and apparatuses for high-speed control of lamp intensities and/or wavelengths and for high-speed optical data transmission
Buffered laser communication link
Method and apparatus for controlling mobile receivers
Method of modulating a coherent light source with an electronic digital data stream
Method and apparatus for all-optical data regeneration
Fiber optic cable having a specified path average dispersion
Spectral equalizer for multiplexed channels
Intra-node diagnostic signal
Receive antenna selection method and diversity receiver
Selective call receiver with automatic re-registration capability
Tiered satellite internet delivery system
Orthogonal code synchronization system and method for spread spectrum CDMA communications
High capacity chirped-pulse wavelength-division multiplexed communication method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for aligning sub-stream splice points in an information stream
Auto-negotiation using negative link pulses
Method and apparatus for nested automatic protection switching
System and method for low latency communication
Signal processing resource allocation for internet-based telephony
Received signal quality determination method and systems for convolutionally encoded communication channels
Subsequent frame variable data rate indication method for various variable data rate systems
System for improving the performance at low signal-to-noise ratios of receivers with Viterbi decoders
Network design method
Traffic scheduling method, system and article of manufacture for a wireless access to an asynchronous transfer mode network
System for and method of exchanging server data in packet unit
Multiple ISDN and pots carrier system
Arrangement for regulating packet flow rate in half-duplex networks
Method and apparatus for transmitting 10BASE-T signals across a 100BASE-X physical layer device service interface
Network system
Paradigm for enabling interoperability between different subnetworks
Exchange having function for detecting fault in internal unit
Coherence mechanism for distributed address cache in a network switch
Method and apparatus for precedence and preemption in ATM connection admission control
Closed loop congestion control using a queue measurement system
Link based alternative routing scheme for network restoration under failure
Time-synchronized multi-layer network switch for providing quality of service guarantees in computer networks
Telecommunications system
Method and device for channel estimation, equalization, and interference suppression
Digital tuner
Apparatus and method for bandwidth management in a multi-point OFDM/DMT digital communications system
Digital QAM modulator using post filtering carrier recombination
Fractionally-spaced adaptively-equalized self-recovering digital receiver for amplitude-phase modulated signals
Dual-channel real-time communication
Method for multi-media transactions
Point-to-multipoint transmission using subqueues
System and method for secured transmission of data over telephone communications system
System and method for distributing voice and data information over wireless and wireline networks
Voice over internet protocol telephone system and method
Television receiver having a user-editable telephone system caller-ID feature
Method and apparatus for voice frequency noise reduction in splitterless ADSL
Scanner having remote control system
Aerial color registration
Image forming apparatus and method for controlling multi-phase stepping motor for use in image forming apparatus
Image printing system and image printing method
Shared memory image forming system
Image processing apparatus and method
Data communication apparatus and method including control of sorter to change print discharge bin according to received address signal or number of pages
Edge enhanced error diffusion with artifact correction in areas of highlights and shadows
Laser exposure unit including plural laser beam sources differing in wavelength
Color calibration method and system having independent color scanner profiles
Method and apparatus for measuring quality of a video transmission
Line sequential scanner using even and odd pixel shift registers
Method for detecting defective photosensor circuits in a photosensor array
Compact image capture device
Still photographic camera and image generation process
Image signal processing apparatus and image pickup device
System for conversion of interlaced video to progressive video using horizontal displacement
Method and system for coherent image group maintenance in memory
Method and apparatus for reducing video data memory in converting VGA signals to TV signals
Method and apparatus for encoding, transmitting, storing and decoding of data
Bandwidth reduction of multichannel images for machine vision
Motion compensation encoding apparatus and motion compensation encoding method for high-efficiency encoding of video information through selective use of previously derived motion vectors in place of motion vectors derived from motion estimation
Method of optimizing bandwidth for transmitting compressed video data streams
Projection-display apparatus
Apparatus and method for maintaining synchronization of multiple delayed signals of differing types
Luminance signal generation circuit with single clamp in closed loop configuration
Chroma key method and arrangement
Method and apparatus for combining video streams
Wave division multiplexing based optical switch
Method and apparatus for the efficient processing of ABR cells in an ATM switch
Radio frequency bus for broadband microprocessor communications
Constant-time programmable field extraction system and method
Apparatus and method for completing inter-switch calls using large trunk groups
Channel division control equipment of the ISDN primary rate interface circuit
Method and system for two-way negotiated call hold
Wireless communication system incorporating multicast addressing and method for use
Plural synthesizer controlling system for personal handyphone system and plural synthesizer controlling method
Imaging cartridge for a computer system
Universal serial bus docking station
Enclosed control device
Cooling device for electronic apparatus
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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E = MC2