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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Transgenic non-human animal model of lung tumorigenesis
Position dependent recognition of GNN nucleotide triplets by zinc fingers
Aminophenyl derivatives as selective androgen receptor modulators
Compositions of fructose and glucose containing inulin
Pressure formed pet food and method
Apparatus and method of assembling an artificial tree and table surface decoration assembly
Wireless determination of endoscope orientation
Endoscope system and operation method for endoscope
Single-handed biopsy system
Modular hip inserter/positioner
Method to treat gastric reflux via the detection and ablation of gastro-esophageal nerves and receptors
Signal processing apparatus for an ultrasound transducer, ultrasound receiver and method for operating an ultrasound receiver
Transscleral delivery
Implantable devices and methods for treating urinary incontinence
Crosslinkable polymeric materials and their applications
Stent range transducers
Medical devices and methods of making the same
Energetically-controlled delivery of biologically active material from an implanted medical device
Extended articular surface resurfacing head
Ankle stress relief device
Body rubbing device
Internal 1,15-lactones of fluprostenol and related prostaglandin F.sub.2.alpha. analogs and their use in the treatment of glaucoma and intraocular hypertension
4-[(E)-2-(5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-5,5,8,8-tetramethyl-2-napthalenyl)-1-propenyl- ]benzoic acid analogs and method of manufacture and use thereof
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising flavonoids and menthol
Guanidinyl-substituted hydroxy-6-phenylphenanthridines as effective phosphodiesterase (PDE) 4 inhibitors
Protein kinase C zeta inhibition to treat vascular permeability
Therapeutic amides
Substituted oxazolidinones and their use in the field of blood coagulation
Method for treating endometriosis
Oral immunology using plant product containing a non-enteric pathogen antigen
Methods of treating fibromyalgia caused by small intestinal bacterial overgrowth
Human kunitz-type inhibitor with enhanced antifibrinolytic activity
Fusion proteins comprising CD4 and the malaria parasite merozoite glycophorin binding protein 130 (GBP-130)
Apolipoprotein L-I and/or derivated polypeptide for the treatment of and/or the prevention of diseases induced by trypanosoma
Nucleic acid molecules and polypeptides for immune modulation
Method for detecting multi-drug resistance
Stable pharmaceutical composition granulocyte-colony stimulating factor
Polymerizable bicyclic cyclopropane derivatives and their use for the preparation of dental materials
Administration of agents mimicking DOPAchrome tautomerase (TRP-2) activity for protecting hair follicle melanocytes
Compositions containing both sedative and non-sedative antihistamines and sleep aids
Controlled release ceramic particles, compositions thereof, processes of preparation and methods of use
Aortic filter
Device and method for insertion of a cannula of an infusion device
Eye coloring systems
Resistance band exercise machine
Bicycle simulation apparatus
Power sensing eddy current resistance unit for an exercise device
Golf club head
Golf club head
Baseball or softball bat
Convex push-up handles
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for controlling the moisture concentration of a combustion flue gas
Methods for preparing catalysts
Purification catalyst for exhaust gas, production method therefor, and purification catalyst equipment for exhaust gas
ZSM-5 additive
Hydrogen generating apparatus
Specimen holder for microscopic examinations
Pipette tip
Integrated compound nano probe card and method of making same
Combined substrate and dielectric layer component for use in an electroluminescent laminate
Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Method for cleaning water-bearing domestic cleaning appliances
Manufacturing process for thin films made of metal/ceramic composite
Method of controlled remelting of or laser metal forming on the surface of an article
Lithography mask substrate labeling system
Hardware based configurable motion control apparatus and method
Latent elastic nonwoven composite
Method for reducing camber in coiled plastic ribbon or tape
Tool with closing mechanism and method of manufacturing preferably plastic parts with hinges
Chopper table
Ball stud
Plasticised polyvinyl chloride
Polymer derived from monomers with long-chain aliphatic, poly(oxyalkylene) and substrate-reactive groups
Multilayered film made of (meth)acrylate copolymer and polycarbonate
Foam barrier heat shield
Post-deposition encapsulation of nanostructures: compositions, devices and systems incorporating same
Solar selective coating having higher thermal stability useful for harnessing solar energy and a process for the preparation thereof
Foam core imaging element with gradient density core
Method for making fluid emitter orifice
Image forming apparatus and image deviation correcting method
Inkjet media coating with improved lightfastness, scratch resistance, and image quality
Apparatus and method to control transmission torque output during a gear-to-gear shift
Method and apparatus for producing carbon nanotubes
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Highly pure ultra-fine SiOx powder and method for production thereof
Synthesis and use of nanocrystalline zeolites
Ternary oxide nanostructures and methods of making same
Photocatalytic material
Lubricating compositions containing ashless catalytic antioxidant additives
Catalyst structure and method of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Emulsifier blends for lubricating oils
Process for the liquid phase selective hydroxylation of benzene
Process for recovering an adduct of a bis(4-hydroxyaryl)alkane and a phenolic compound
Bis-(hydroxybenzaldehyde) compound and novel polynuclear polyphenol compound derived therefrom and method for production thereof
Pyrrolidine derivative or salt thereof
Derivatives of 5-(pyridin-3-yl)-1-azabicyclo[3.2.1]octane, their preparation and their therapeutic application
Protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Benzamide derivative or salt thereof
Perdeuterated polyimides, their process of preparation and their use as materials which are transparent within the region from 2500 to 3500 cm.sup.-1
(Pentafluorophenyl) group 11 and 12 metal compounds, processes for preparing (pentafluorophenyl) group 11 and 12 metal compounds, and uses thereof
Organosilane-modified polysiloxanes and their use for surface modification
Chicken ovalbumin nucleotide sequence
Use of recombinant heat shock protein complexed to kidney cancer antigen
Toxin complex proteins and genes from Xenorhabdus bovienii
Active lymphotoxin-.beta. receptor immunoglobulin chimeric protein compositions
Soluble interleukin-20 receptor
Polymerization monitoring and method of selecting leading indicators
Multifunctional monomers containing bound mesogenic poragen forming moieties and polyarylene compositions therefrom
Preparation and uses for polyarylates
Purified polymeric materials and methods of purifying polymeric materials
Process for producing polyether polymer composition, polyether polymer composition, and solid electrolyte film
Rubber composition and tire using the same
Curing accelerator, curable resin composition and electronic parts device
Polishing material comprising diamond clusters
Compositions and methods for improving the productivity of hydrocarbon producing wells using a non-ionic fluorinated polymeric surfactant
Decomposition of waste products formed in slurry catalyst synthesis
Dispersant of saline deposits in hydrocarbon process plants
Modified detergents and lubricating oil compositions containing same
Lubricating fluids with enhanced energy efficiency and durability
Windshield washer fluid composition, additive concentrate for use therein, and methods of using the same
Container for an analysis chip
Grass endophytes
Compositions and methods for treating or preventing pneumococcal infection
Regulation of adenovirus DNA packaging by IPTG
Method for cultivating transgenic plants with high virus resistance and the use thereof
Negative strand RNA virus replicon
Alleles of the zwf gene from coryneform bacteria
Methods for evaluating the quality of a heparin sample
Method for obtaining purified RNA from viable oocysts
Compositions and methods for the detection of a nucleic acid using a cleavage reaction
Metallic object with a nucleic acid coating and derivatives thereof and method for producing said object
Method of predicting risk of lung cancer recurrence, and a composition, kit and microarray for the same
Methods for nucleic acid amplification
Polymorphism in tryptophan hydroxylase-2 controls brain serotonin synthesis
High purity tantalum, products containing the same, and methods of making the same
Hydrogen sulfide injection method for phosphor deposition
Surface treatment method for carbon steel screws embedded within anticorrosive wood, the associated surface structure and baking finishing formula
Apparatus and method to confine plasma and reduce flow resistance in a plasma reactor
Automatic potential control cathodic protection system for storage tanks
Textiles; Paper
Methods for the manufacture of mixed polyamide yarns
Prestressing strand having corrosion protection double coatings
Processing agents and methods for synthetic fibers
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Joint boot
Torsional vibration damping disk and method for the production thereof
Bicycle sprocket assembly
Bicycle component with axle fixing structure
Method for analyzing overlay errors
Apparatus and method for detecting error of transfer system
Methods and systems for temperature related frequency drift compensation
Fiber optically coupled, multiplexed, and chopped laser rangefinder
Imaging system with high-spectrum resolution and imaging method for the same
Low power glare sensor
Output impedance varying circuit
Near-field polarized-light measurement apparatus
Method of scanning and scanning apparatus
Method and apparatus for analysis of semiconductor materials using photoacoustic spectroscopy techniques
Optical apparatus
Optical cavity system having an orthogonal input
Photosensor-chip, laser-microscope comprising a photosensor-chip and method for reading a photosensor-chip
Pharmaceutical product release rate testing device
Methods for modulating ATP-binding cassette transmembrane reporter protein expression
System and method for testing voltage endurance
Differential measurement probe having a ground clip system for the probing tips
System and method for protecting against failure of a TE-LSP tail-end node
Apparatus and method for monitoring load driving circuit for abnormality
Semiconductor device, driving method and inspection method thereof
GPS for communications facility records
Optical detectors for infrared, sub-millimeter and high energy radiation
X-ray detector and detector module
Interface assembly for thermally coupling a data acquisition system to a sensor array
While-drilling apparatus for measuring streaming potentials and determining earth formation characteristics and other useful information
Locating arrangement and method using boring tool and cable locating signals
Telephoto lens
Lens assembly
Projection type zoom lens and projection type display apparatus
Variable-power imaging optical system and imaging device
Optical device with increased depth of field
Optical device with increased depth of field
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Microlens sheeting with floating image using a shape memory material
Solute characterization by optoelectronkinetic potentiometry in an inclined array of optical traps
Zoom lens, still image camera comprising the zoom lens, and video camera comprising the zoom lens
Sequential colour illumination system, method for producing a colour wheel for said system and a colour segment device
Nanolithography system
Correlation operation method, correlation operation device, focus detection device and imaging device
Backlight module with illuminator holding member having buffering portion and liquid crystal display with same
Portable display device
Color filter substrate and liquid crystal display device
Brightness enhancing film and display device having the same
Liquid crystal display device having a substrate with patterned recesses
Display using light guide and refractive index control
Liquid crystal display of OCB or VA mode
Display unit
Substrate for a liquid crystal display device and liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
Display, method of manufacturing display and apparatus for manufacturing display
Interior rearview mirror system for a vehicle
Coating compositions for use with an overcoated photoresist
Color processing method
Resist pattern thickening material and process for forming resist pattern, and semiconductor device and process for manufacturing the same
Composite photoresist for modifying die-side bumps
Antireflection film composition, substrate, and patterning process
Curable resin composition, electrophotographic photoreceptor, process cartridge, and image-forming apparatus
Method of manufacturing toner, the toner produced thereby, developer containing the toner and an image forming apparatus using the toner
Electrostatic latent image developer
LED light output linearization
Voltage up-conversion circuit
Low voltage charge pump with regulation
Power supply apparatus
Glitch free clock multiplexer that uses a delay element to detect a transition-free period in a clock signal
Display and portable device
Method and apparatus for secure printing using facial recognition of a print job sent by the user over a distributed printing network that employs a server containing registration, facial data, and user identification information
Printer resource sharing in a media exchange network
Printing system for allocating a plurality of image processing items between an image input device and an image output device
Method of and system for receiving orders for prints, and computer program for use in the method and system
Method and system for rendering Unicode complex text data in a printer
Print preview apparatus and method
Method and system for optimizing print-scan simulations
Image forming system and finishing apparatus
Print control apparatus and printing system
Method and device for compressing image data
Multi-chart geometry images
Method of setting a time alarm in a mobile communication terminal and an apparatus for implementing the same
Container monitoring system
Radio tag
RFID tag and ceramic patch antenna
RFID insert with disable feature and container that includes such an insert
System and method for vehicle theft-prevention
Network device providing multi-function status indicators
Using receive diversity to extend standby time in QPCH mode
Traffic signal devices and methods of using the same
Load drive circuit, integrated circuit, and plasma display
Subtractive display
Active matrix array device, electronic device and operating method for an active matrix array device
Active matrix liquid crystal display
Display device and driving method thereof
Amplifier circuit, driving circuit of display apparatus, portable telephone and portable electronic apparatus
Solid state imaging apparatus and method for driving the same
Simultaneous projection of multi-branched vessels and their context on a single image
Light emitting device and electronic apparatus using the same
Small and large particle recirculation filter
Method and apparatus for improving threshold detection of servo data in the presence of signal asymmetry
Compatible optical pickup
Optical storage medium, optical read/write apparatus, and optical read/write method
Methods of operating a bistable resistance random access memory with multiple memory layers and multilevel memory states
Tree-style and-type match circuit device applied to content addressable memory
Semiconductor memory device
Memory, bit-line pre-charge circuit and bit-line pre-charge method
Memory timing apparatus and associated methods
Polyaniline/carbon composite and electric double-layer capacitor using same
Method of producing a sheet comprising through pores and the application thereof in the production of micronic and submicronic filters
Substrate structure and the fabrication method thereof
Non-halogenous insulated wire and a wiring harness
Electronic component and lead unit therefor
Electrolyte with enhanced leakage detection for electrolytic capacitors and method for detecting leakage
Electromechanical switching device
Flat fluorescent lamp and liquid crystal display
Rare gas fluorescent lamp
Collector cooling arrangement
Ion stripper device made of carbon nanotubes or fullerenes
Optical element for a document illuminator
Method and device for non-contact sampling and detection
Cell structure, device and method for gas analysis
Lamp having an arc tube protected from breakage
Discharge lamp having a cathode and emitter assembly composed of tungsten and thorium oxide and joined through a carbide interface region
Semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) strained active area transistor
Thin film layer, heating electrode, phase change memory including thin film layer and methods for forming the same
Manufacturing method of solid-state imaging device
Method for manufacturing a thin-film transistor
Gas-purged vacuum valve
Laser irradiation method, laser irradiation apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for exposing photo-sensitive SAM film and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, semiconductor device, and laser irradiation apparatus
Pattern reversal process for self aligned imprint lithography and device
Low temperature hermetic bonding at water level and method of bonding for micro display application
Drop discharge apparatus, method for forming pattern and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Sacrificial benzocyclobutene copolymers for making air gap semiconductor devices
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, semiconductor device and electronic apparatus therefore
Use of dilute steam ambient for improvement of flash devices
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and its manufacturing method
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Method of fabricating multi-gate transistor and multi-gate transistor fabricated thereby
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device with element isolation structure
Structure and assembly procedure for low stress thin die flip chip packages designed for low-K Si and thin core substrate
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
VIA bottom contact and method of manufacturing same
Formation of oxidation-resistant seed layer for interconnect applications
Method of forming a seal for a semiconductor device
Routing configuration for high frequency signals in an integrated circuit package
Light emitting diode chip with reflective layer thereon
Semiconductor wafer having embedded electroplating current paths to provide uniform plating over wafer surface
Semiconductor-on-insulator silicon wafer
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Apparatus and method for improving drive-strength and leakage of deep submicron MOS transistors
Distributed memory circuitry on structured application-specific integrated circuit devices
Power FET with low on-resistance using merged metal layers
Semiconductor device
Light emitting diode
Vertical field effect transistor using linear structure as a channel region and method for fabricating the same
Transistor array and active-matrix substrate
Piezoelectric stress liner for bulk and SOI
EEPROM flash memory device with jagged edge floating gate
High-value integrated resistor and method of making
Light-emitting apparatus
Control and testing of a micro electromechanical switch having a piezo element
Piezoelectric vibrator, intrinsic frequency adjusting method of piezoelectric vibrator, piezoelectric actuator and electronic device
Dual path acoustic data coupling system and method
Thin-film transistor, method of producing thin-film transistor, electronic circuit, display, and electronic device
Metal stack for fuel cells or electrolysers
Electrolyte for metal-oxygen battery and method for its preparation
Carbon nanotubes for fuel cells, method for manufacturing the same, and fuel cell using the same
Direct reacting anolyte-catholyte fuel cell for hybrid energy sources
Transmission line transition from a coplanar strip line to a conductor pair using a semi-loop shape conductor
Reconfigurable cavity resonator with movable micro-electromechanical elements as tuning elements
Wireless device, antenna switch, and method of receiving signal
Optical gain waveguide and method of controlling the same
Electrostatic chuck
Multiple component wall plate
Adaptive current limiter for wireless modem
Electrical device for current conditioning
Conditioner with coplanar conductors
Power delivery control and balancing between multiple loads
Voltage controller for alternator of vehicle
Magneto generator
Moving apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Hybrid transmission motor module with integral wire connections
Rotating rectifier assembly
Snubber capacitor resetting in a DC-to-DC converter
Power supply circuit for LCD backlight and method thereof
Interconnection inverter device
Method and apparatus for motor control
Ground fault detection device for motor driving circuit
Electric power steering device
Programmable high-speed interface
Programmable amplitude compensation circuit
Output drive circuit that accommodates variable supply voltages
Class D amplifier
Converter having a time-delay circuit for PWM signals
Switchable filter with resonators
Increasing the availability and redundancy of analog current outputs
Pre-emphasis apparatus, low voltage differential signaling transmitter including the same and pre-emphasis method
Diode connected regulation of charge pumps
Low skew clock distribution tree
Clock generator with self-bias bandwidth control
Method and system for using a frequency locked loop logen in oscillator systems
Image coding apparatus and method thereof
Optical transmission system
Allocating power when simultaneously sending multiple messages
Wireless terminal turbo decoding module supporting packet splitting and decoding
Higher layer packet framing using RLP
Acquisition of a gated pilot signal
Radio communication system, radio communication control method, radio communication apparatus, control method for radio communication apparatus, and computer readable medium utilizing a divided transmission frame
System for maintaining synchronization between multiple asynchronous communication links
System and method for measurement-based adaptive caching of virtual connections
Computer method and apparatus for periodic scheduling with jitter-approximation tradeoff
Communication system capable of selecting optimum gateway for terminals
Elastic traffic marking for multi-priority packet streams in a communications network
Prevention of head of line blocking in a multi-rate switched Fibre Channel loop attached system
Dedicated bandwidth data communication switch backplane
Link fragment interleaving with fragmentation preceding queuing
Method for controlling routing operations in a network, related network and computer program product thereof
Apparatus and method for hardware creation of a DOCSIS header
Dynamic data path component configuration apparatus and methods
Device for performing IP forwarding and ATM switching
System and method to detect non-native storage components to manage configuration in a communications network
Techniques for exchanging DHCP information among DHCP relay agents and DHCP servers
Technique for coupling entities via virtual ports
Systems and methods for re-ordering data in distributed data forwarding
Process and device for deterministic transmission of asynchronous data in packets
Bandwidth allocation for VoIP traffic in network having interface between frame relay and ATM
Method of device service activation using a discovery mechanism
Hybrid type telephony system
Systems and methods for multiple mode voice and data communications using intelligenty bridged TDM and packet buses and methods for performing telephony and data functions using the same
Methods, apparatus and computer program products for associating local telephone numbers with emergency phone calls in a packet switched telephone system
Method and system for a gigabit Ethernet IP telephone chip with no DSP core, which uses a RISC core with instruction extensions to support voice processing
Acquiring and using three-dimensional information in a document scanning system
System and method of adding messages to a scanned image
Method and system for enhancing an image using luminance scaling
Solid-state imaging device
Noise reduction apparatus, method and program
Customizing a digital camera using firmware components provided by a service provider over a network
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and storage medium
Dome type camera
Image pickup apparatus
Image pickup apparatus, method of controlling the image pickup apparatus, and external device
Video signal switching apparatus and control method therefor
Image sensing apparatus with at least two transfer speeds and its control method
Striping algorithm for switching fabric
Interactive radio frequency tags
System and method for setting up a universal remote control
Transmission frame and radio unit with transmission frame
Handoff system and method between a wireless LAN and mobile communication network
Vertical handoff method and system in WLAN/3G integrated networks
Method and system for single weight antenna system for HSDPA
Method and apparatus for tracking costs associated with propagating a data packet
Electric cooker
Inverter system and detecting device thereof
Driver circuit for an HID lamp and method for operating an HID lamp
Apparatus and method for controlling the filament voltage in an electronic dimming ballast
Hair styling device and method
Disposable microwave food shield
Wired circuit board
Tubular telecom cabinets
Electronic circuit component
Protecting casing for transducer
Portable electronic device with single printed circuit board
Printed wiring board and process for manufacturing the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Braided circlet chew
Wave chip snack having particulates
Outsole of a shoe
Shoe sole
Sole construction for footwear
Footwear sole
Outsole of a shoe
Side element of a shoe upper
Insole design
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Holster for a communication device
Remote control transmitter holster
Waist mounted pouch
Rectangular handbag
Seat back
Cloverleaf table component
TV tray table
Cloverleaf table
Headboard and/or footboard
Bed headboard
End cap for a table leg
Bath accessory post
Bath accessory post
Towel hanger base
Human Necessities
Method and system for controlling a vehicle having multiple control modes
Method and apparatus for spatially variable rate application of agricultural chemicals based on remotely sensed vegetation data
Method for ablating and/or coagulating tissue using moisture transport
Low-noise optical probes for reducing ambient noise
System and method for emulating a surface EKG using an implantable cardiac stimulation device
Method and system for examining tissue according to the dielectric properties thereof
Method and apparatus for intravascular localization and imaging without X-rays
Medical electrical lead
Ambulatory medical apparatus and method using a robust communication protocol
Method and system for terminating atrial fibrillation by inducing a ventricular extra-systole with combipolar pacing
Method and arrangement for using atrial pacing to prevent early recurrence of atrial fibrillation
Configuring defibrillator energy dosing
Performing Operations; Transporting
System and process for microfluidics-based automated chemistry
Method for sorting postal articles on automatic sorting devices
Welding system
Parts supplying system of assembling production line and supplying method of the same
Method and device for computer numerical control of machining of spectacle lenses
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Connection error detection and response
Method and device for cooling and calibrating a section
Automatic determination and selection of build parameters for solid freeform fabrication techniques based on automatic part feature recognition
Double-sided printing device and method, image forming apparatus and control method therefor, and storage medium
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and a computer program product
Method for sharing information between electronic reading devices
Method and system for route planning
Steganographic decoding with transform to spatial domain
Wheelspeed estimation system and method
Coordinated brake control system
Method and apparatus for vehicle stability enhancement system
Method of providing protection against the effects of solar originating protons, so as to make it possible for a star sensor to be reconfigured, and an attitude control system implementing the method
Modules for use in an integrated intelligent assist system
Loyalty rewards for cash customers at a fuel dispensing system
Mems element having perpendicular portion formed from substrate
Textiles; Paper
Embroidering device connected to network and the network system thereof
Appliance control system with auxiliary inputs
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fuel-efficient vehicle and control method thereof
Control apparatus for continuously variable transmission
Portable computer control for cooking appliances and method of using
Electro-optical, out-door battle-field simulator based on image processing
Method and device for measuring length, area or volume
Topographically aligned layers and method for adjusting the relative alignment of layers and apparatus therefor
Fabrication of fabry-perot polymer film sensing interferometers
Method for monitoring seafloor subsidence and for gravity monitoring an underground hydrocarbon reservoir
Micro azimuth-level detector based on micro electro-mechanical systems and a method for determination of attitude
Traffic information notification system
Navigation device for personnel on foot
Relative positioning for vehicles using GPS enhanced with bluetooth range finding
Monitoring of large structures using brillouin spectrum analysis
Atmospheric data measurement system
Optimized convection based mass airflow sensor circuit
Method of determining hyperspectral line pairs for target detection
Statistical and trend analysis of railroad bearing temperatures
Fluorescence based liquid core waveguide
Assembly and method for a correlator structure
System and method for detecting defects on a structure-bearing surface using optical inspection
System, method, and product for dynamic noise reduction in scanning of biological materials
Method for crack propagation simulation
Apparatus and methods for managing reliability of semiconductor devices
Apparatus and method for seamlessly upgrading the firmware of an intelligent electronic device
Process for measuring CMOS device performance from hot carrier luminescence
Method and apparatus for determining system response characteristics
Controlling electronics across an RF barrier using a serial interface bus
Apparatus and method for test mode control
IC test cell with memory output connected to input multiplexer
Short circuited capacitor detection in AC coupled links using boundary scan test methodology
Method for the testing of electronic components
Scan interface chip (SIC) system and method for scan testing electronic systems
Method for measurement of magnetic fields, method for production of gradient coils, gradient coil, and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging
Method and apparatus for locating mobile receivers using a wide area reference network for propagating ephemeris
Cellular telephone using pseudolites for determining location
On-vehicle camera calibration device
Lane marker recognizing apparatus
Threat assessment algorithm for forward collision warning
Method of producing continuous, orthogonal signals and method of their use for examining and for detecting changes in a body
Method for gradually deforming sequential simulations of a heterogeneous environment such as an underground zone
Event and sport performance methods and systems
Photonic switching apparatus for optical communication network
Dispersion-compensating optical fiber and hybrid transmission line
Fiber optical pigtail geometry for improved extinction ratio of polarization maintaining fibers
Optical device
Tapered waveguide interconnection structure and method of fabricating the same
Compact apparatus and method for integrated photonic devices having folded directional couplers
Method for producing vertical tapers in optical waveguides by over polishing
Optical transmission module and optical communication system using the same
Optical communications link
Fiber, probe and optical head of multiple optical path array type and methods for manufacturing the same
Optical isolator
Tunable electrooptic add-drop filter apparatus and method
Micro-optic polarization beam multiplexing/de-multiplexing system
Wavelength multiplexing/demultiplexing apparatus
Process and system for tunable filter optical train alignment
Miniature fiberoptic filter and method of manufacture therefor
Optical switch for compensating for degradation of optical-coupling characteristic
Optical switch
Method for manufacturing optical waveguide and optical waveguide device, optical waveguide device and optical waveguide, and optical communication apparatus using optical waveguide device
Optoelectronic assembly, components for same and method for making same
Integrated photodevice and waveguide
Integrated optical module
Fiber optic cable having a ripcord
Flexible fiber optic cable
Lens drive system
Free-space non-blocking switch
Broadband optical spectrum generating apparatus and pulsed light generating apparatus
Camera having an openable lens cover
Face image photographing apparatus and face image photographing method
Body scanner
Autofocus system and camera system
Square wave modulated charging-control circuit for a flash unit of a camera
Hybrid optical proximity correction for alternating aperture phase shifting designs
Image forming apparatus
Method and image forming apparatus having a picture element counter
Image forming apparatus, image transferring device and recording medium conveying method
Method and apparatus for forming an image
Process and apparatus for forming an image using non-aqueous liquid ink
Rotary developing device
Toner container and image forming apparatus using the same
Toner scatter preventing device and image forming apparatus including the same
High density foam roll
Toner cartridge assembly and printing apparatus
Electro-photographic developing unit
Method of determining time to replace developing solution of printer
Belt device and image forming device using the same
Fixing device with a peeler and biasing devices and image forming apparatus including the same
Flash fixing device and a printing device using the flash fixing device
Fixing device
Duplex image registration
Cleaning blade system for electrophotography
Image forming apparatus
Image forming device with a cleaning unit
Toner, method for manufacturing the toner, and image forming method and apparatus using the toner
Creation and display of indices within a process plant
Remotely monitoring/diagnosing distributed components of a supervisory process control and manufacturing information application from a central location
Distributed process control
Fleet maintenance method
Control unit having a main microprocessor and having a processor interface to a bus transceiver unit
System transmitting data in equidistance cycles using successive synchronization signals for detecting and signaling access violations
High integrity control system architecture using digital computing platforms with rapid recovery
Self-traveling vehicle
Orbiting a waypoint
Remote bidding supplement for traditional live auctions
Write protection for computer long-term memory devices
Method for securing software to reduce unauthorized use
Computer readable storage medium for securing software to reduce unauthorized use
Programmable timing module for adjusting clock in bus system
Methods and apparatus for generating high-frequency clocks deterministically from a low-frequency system reference clock
Method of automatic layout design for LSI, mask set and semiconductor integrated circuit manufactured by automatic layout design method, and recording medium storing automatic layout design program
Multi-functional electronic card capable of detecting removable cards
Controller for hot swapping of extended I/O device to computer body
Method and apparatus for increasing the operating frequency of an electronic circuit
Data processing apparatus capable of dealing with illegal external input in an operative state and preventing useless power consumption in a stopped state
Dual-edge fifo interface
Programmable bi-directional MII testing methodology and device including same
Diagnostic system
Method for restoring an operating system utilizing a storage device on a USB bus
Viral replication detection using a counter virus
Restarting a coupling facility command using a token from another coupling facility command
Method and apparatus for copying data from a main site to a remote site
System and method for efficient data mirroring in a pair of storage devices
Method and a device for checking the functioning of a computer
Methods and apparatus for accessing trace data
Prioritizing transaction requests with a delayed transaction reservation buffer
Communications architecture for a high throughput storage processor employing extensive I/O parallelization
Reduction of bus switching activity using an encoder and decoder
Raid volume for sequential use that needs no redundancy pre-initialization
Data processor and data processing system
Caching media data using content-sensitive identifiers
Receiver apparatus and method
Computer performance improvement by adjusting a count used for preemptive eviction of cache entries
Dynamic multi-level cache manager
Method and apparatus for identifying logical volumes in multiple element computer storage domains
Local invalidation buses for a highly scalable shared cache memory hierarchy
Method and circuit for increasing the memory access speed of an enhanced synchronous SDRAM
Speculative address translation for processor using segmentation and optional paging
Method of sharing memory in a multi-processor system including a cloning of code and data
Disk drive system and method for controlling a cache memory
System and method for the discovery and use of repetitively accessed data
System for storing data and method of controlling the writing of redundant data
Host interface bypass on a fabric based array controller
Concurrent configuration of drives of a data storage library
Method and apparatus for supporting and presenting multiple serial bus nodes using distinct configuration ROM images
Chipset with LPC interface and data accessing time adapting function
Disk control apparatus
System and method for distributing load among redundant independent stateful world wide web server sites
Method and apparatus for sharing viewing preferences
Teamware server working over HTTP/HTTPS connections
Automatic server-side plug-and-play without user intervention
Wireless portable electronic device capable of receiving
Onboard user manual for a printing capable device
EMC enhancement for differential devices
Memory drive having multi-connector and method of controlling the same
Microcomputer system reading data from secondary storage medium when receiving upper address from outside and writing data to primary storage medium
Scaleable arbitration and prioritization of multiple interrupts
Method and apparatus for implementing PCI DMA speculative prefetching in a message passing queue oriented bus system
Reduced-overhead DMA
Interrupt method, system and medium
Agent provided by USB device for executing USB device dependent program in USB host
Bus arbitrator supporting multiple isochronous streams in a split transactional unidirectional bus architecture and method of operation
Bus extender and formatter apparatus and methods
Data processing apparatus having a flow control function for multi-cast transfer
Phase-controlled source synchronous interface circuit
Control system and method for detecting plugging in differential pressure cells
Method and apparatus for transferring vector data between memory and a register file
Method and apparatus for facilitating object communication across a network
Multimedia system with selectable protocol module including MPEG logic and docsis logic sharing a single tuner
Method and apparatus for routing a transaction within a network environment
Emulation system for data-driven processor
Apparatus and method for outputting audio signal of laptop computer coupled with docking station
System and method for output of multipart documents
Hierarchical master pages
System and method for building a semantic network capable of identifying word patterns in text
Media system
System and method for acquisition of related graphical material in a digital graphics album
Binary search engine and method
Processing graphic images having various file formats
Method and apparatus for chunk based transaction logging with asynchronous input/output for a database management system
Method and apparatus for archival and retrieval of multiple data streams
Dynamic generation of optimizer hints
Image storage method and apparatus
Method for evaluating a mask pattern on a substrate
Logic circuit design equipment and method for designing logic circuit for reducing leakage current
Creating standard VHDL test environments
Method of determining library parameters using timing surface planarity
Mixed signal synthesis
Placement processing for programmable logic devices
Logic simulation method and logic simulation apparatus
Active region management techniques and associated methods of designing and manufacturing VLSI circuits
Efficient memory structure simulation for sequential circuit design verification
Method for providing convex piecewise-linear expression for multiple variable system
Method, system and computer program product for multidisciplinary design analysis of structural components
Method for simulation of laser material deposition
Substrate handling system for aligning and orienting substrates during a transfer operation
Optical proximity correction driven hierarchy
Method and system for interpreting and validating experimental data with automated reasoning
Method and apparatus for recorded digital data protection via media volume
Memory access method and circuit configuration
Method for establishing channel-based internet access network
Interface device for ethernet transceiver and 1394 controller
Method and apparatus for post boot-up domain validation
Integrated dynamic multipathing filter
Multimode non-standard universal serial bus computer input device
System and method for communicating information content between a client and a host
Audio console with motorized joystick panning system
Flash memory system
Systems and methods for device degradation determination and resolution by event occurrence recordation and timing analysis
Method and apparatus for performing equality comparison in redundant form arithmetic
Method and apparatus for performing fused instructions by determining exponent differences
Method and apparatus for performing integer multiply operations using primitive multi-media operations that operate on smaller operands
Method and device for self-clock controlled pseudo random noise (PN) sequence generation
System and method for searching a BIOS for a type of computer network drive to boot and an operating system for migrating an operating system to a computer
Abstract syntax notation to interface definition language converter framework for network management
Server application components with control over state duration
Enhancing instruction execution using built-in macros
Memory disambiguation scheme for partially redundant load removal
Changing instruction order by reassigning only tags in order tag field in instruction queue
Data processing system and multiprocessor system
Program conversion device for increasing hit rate of branch prediction and method therefor
Method and a tool for estimating probability of data contention in a multi-processor shared-memory system
Method and system for automatic task focus swapping during browser wait time
Binding using absolute memory references
System and method for controlling the editing by user action of digital objects created in a document server application
Method, computer program product, and system for detecting a peripheral device in a computer system
Method and system for downloading and managing the enablement of a list of code objects
Methods and apparatus for generating effective test code for out of order super scalar microprocessors
Methods for enhancing flow analysis
Method for processing program files in a programming language capable of dynamic loading
Compiler generation of instruction sequences for unresolved storage references
Method and apparatus for scheduling processes based upon virtual server identifiers
Method and apparatus for adding commercial value to traffic control systems
Image segmentation of embedded shapes using constrained morphing
Method and apparatus for automatic image quality assessment
Methods and apparatuses for generating a model of an object from an image of the object
Method and apparatus for identification of documents, and computer product
Indexing wavelet compressed video for efficient data handling
System and method for exposure compensation
Method of and apparatus for calculating binary-coding threshold value
Tile boundary artifact removal for arbitrary wavelet filters
Image searching method and image processing method
Invisible electronic signature
System and method for supplying material
Controlling, configuring, storing, monitoring and maintaining accounting of bookkeeping information employing trees with nodes having embedded information
Custom design and manufacturing program for interior designs
Method for providing wireless communication services and network and system for delivering same
Methods and systems for selling voice data
System and method for enhancing user experience in a wide-area facility having a distributed, bounded environment
Method, system, and article of manufacture for product configuration
System and method for determining optimal wireless communication service plans based on spectrum licenses
Information processing apparatus and method as well as providing medium
Method and apparatus for site selection for data embedding
Methods and apparatus for watermarking maps and other structured data
Image data processing apparatus and method for embedding additional information into image data, data processing apparatus and method, and image forming apparatus
Method for designing matrix paintings and determination of paint distribution
Image storing method and image output system
Image outline determination method, image outline determination apparatus, image outline determination program storage medium, image input apparatus and image input program storage medium
Automated method and system for the delineation of the chest wall in computed tomography scans for the assessment of pleural disease
Image segmentation apparatus
Digital image processing method and system including noise reduction and tone scale adjustments
Image confirming method
Linear mark detecting method and device
Method and apparatus for aligning multiple scans of the same area of a medium using mathematical correlation
Image coding method, image coding apparatus and data storage medium
Method for monitoring the condition of traffic for a traffic network comprising effective narrow points
Scalable expandable system and method for optimizing a random system of algorithms for image quality
Image decoding device for decoding a hierarchically coded image
System for printing on a local printer coupled to a meter server postage requested from a remote computer
Method for re-keying postage metering devices
Secure calling card and authentication process
Automatic traffic sign recognition
Vehicle service status tracking system and method
System and method for creating, processing and managing educational content within and between schools
Remote laboratory
Method for generating a high fidelity simulation of an orbiting satellite telemetry stream
Portable flight simulator
Methods and apparatus for speaker specific durational adaptation
Highly compressed voice and data transmission system and method for mobile communications
System and method for user controlled insertion of standardized text in user selected fields while dictating text entries for completing a form
Client-server speech processing system, apparatus, method, and storage medium
Methods and systems for searching a low complexity random codebook structure
Preclassification of audio material in digital audio compression applications
Apparatus for processing a bit stream
Translingual visual speech synthesis
Recording apparatus, recording method and recording medium for preventing illegal duplication
Pickup guide rail tilt adjust mechanism with screw disposed through a pre-compressed spring for an optical disc drive
Optical disk drive
Digital video recording system and its recording medium
Method for recording information for fast accessing an area on an optical recording medium
Media storage and retrieval system
Information editing apparatus and information reproducing apparatus
Portable audio system
Portable entertainment media display and demo stand
Information recording method and apparatus, information reproducing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for loading comparand data into a content addressable memory system
I/O based column redundancy for virtual ground with 2-bit cell flash memory
Method of determining charge loss activation energy of a memory array
Semiconductor memory device and method of controlling the same
System and method for enabling a vendor mode on an integrated circuit
Memory decoder and method of operation
Address counter test mode for memory device
Endpoint detection in substrate fabrication processes
Mobile radio machine
Photonic crystal fiber with a large effective surface area
Sources of, and methods for generating, optical pulses
Method and system for down-converting and up-converting an electromagnetic signal, and transforms for same
System for automatically adjusting receive path gain
RF circuit
Method and apparatus for detecting dual tone alerting signal in telephone systems
ACS unit for a viterbi decoder
Sliding window technique for map decoders
High speed turbo codes decoder for 3G using pipelined SISO log-map decoders architecture
Non-contact audio fader control system and method
Voltage controlled attenuator for multi-band and multi-mode transmitter and method thereof
Apparatus and method for minimizing multipath interference
Voltage controlled band-pass filter
Radio communication apparatus and method
Motion estimation using multiple search windows
Method and apparatus for searching a gated pilot
Trace circuit
System for acquiring and maintaining reliable optical wireless links
Optical crossconnect apparatus and optical transmission system
Fiber with continuously changing chromatic dispersion
Suppression of stimulated brillouin scattering in optical transmissions
Fiber optic cable for increased transmission capacity and wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission system using the same
Spurious-response interference tester
Quadrature filter augmentation of echo canceler basis functions
Array for the transmission of electrical energy or signals
Method of controlling power in a telecommunication system
Interference attenuating remote audience survey system and method
Method and system for compensating for atmospheric fading in a communications system
Cellular mobile telephone system that can be used on board a vehicle
Satellite beam pattern for non-uniform population distribution
Method and a system for protecting data transmitted on an optical ring formed of a single optical fiber
Method and apparatus for data alignment
Blind transport format detection for communication
Method for coding and transmitting transport format combination indicator
Network fault alerting system and method
Method and system of automatic bandwidth detection
Dynamic data queuing mechanism for packet networks
Distribution of reachability information in data virtual private networks
Method for accessing home-network using home-gateway and home-portal server and apparatus thereof
Distributed file system using scatter-gather
Downloading files from approved web site
Wireless communication terminal for accessing location information from a server
Method and arrangement for preparing for the transmission of multimedia-related information in a packet-switched cellular radio network
Data transmission control apparatus and data transmission method
Communication process by connecting server end in series with system under verification in a network
System and method for automatically partitioning an application between a web server and an application server
Multicast conference security architecture
Method and system for timed-release cryptosystems
Providing location data about a mobile entity
System and method for determining a customer associated with a range of IP addresses by employing a configurable rule engine with IP address range matching
Automatic self configuration of client-supervisory nodes
Multicarrier transmitting method and multicarrier transmitter circuit
Method and system for improving noise margin in a receiver circuit
Recovery of clock pulses of wavelength division multiplexed optical signals
Method of compensating for delay between clock signals
Method and arrangement for ciphering information transfer
Exclusive key sharing method
Mixing in small batches
Dialing using indirect addressing methods
Method and system for providing information for identifying callers based on a partial number
Method and apparatus for adapting settings of wireless communication devices in accordance with user proximity
Efficient and flexible communication device and system with base-to-base communication
System and method for mobile electronic messaging
Redundant operation of ring voltage generators utilizing voltage bus segmentation for fault isolation
Method and system in a telephone exchange system
Special situation in intelligent network during which service provisioning fails but switching point operates successfully
Selective call waiting
System and method for enhanced wireless communication features
Communication of user data to an automatic call distributor agent
Method and system of call origination using a service circuit node in an advanced intelligent network
Method and apparatus for echo cancellation that suppresses echo leak through
Apparatus and method for calibration of scan position for a peripheral device with document feeder
Program guide display apparatus and program guide display method
Storing and using personal profile from the remote
Method to customize the playback of compact and digital versatile disks
Motion and audio detection based webcamming and bandwidth control
Transaction dispatcher for a passenger entertainment system, method and article of manufacture
Method for automatic and semi-automatic event scheduling based on information embedded in multimedia content
Method and apparatus for signal frequency decoding without an analog bandpass filter
Method and apparatus for bridging optical signals in an optical network
Methods for performing in-service upgrades of optical wavelength cross connects
System and method for selecting a destination number upon receiving a dialed number from a calling party
Mobile station with audio signal adaptation to hearing characteristics of the user
Unified messaging system having short message service command processor
Location dependent services
Method and apparatus for securing data stored in a remote electronic device
Apparatus and method for mobile communication
Apparatus, method and system for detection and recovery of missing wireless devices in communication systems
Methods and systems for implementation of the calling name delivery service through use of a location register in a network element in a wireless network
Network access control
Method of hand-over processing
Procedure for setting a hearing aid, and hearing aid
Electric/acoustic transducer module, in-ear hearing aid and method for manufacturing an in-ear hearing aid
Audio conferencing with three-dimensional audio encoding
Speaker detecting device
Loudspeaker and method of making same
Energy management system
Method of and device for supplying electrical power to a load using a power modulation system including at least one controlled switch and overvoltage counting apparatus
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