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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Walk-behind electric working machine
Portable toilet
Growing marine fish in fresh water
Dispensing device for active gels
Heel stabilizer
Shoelace reel operated easily and conveniently
Convertible traction shoes
Combination logo pin holder and eyeglasses holder
Cooler door shelf device
Overmolded thin-profile lumbar support
Sunshade apparatus
Construction prop
Adjustable lift support apparatus
Portable wall-partition
Knee pillow
Snuggle pockets
Attachment mechanism to removably and securely retain a cleaning implement attachment on a butterfly sponge mop
Vertical cyclonic vacuum assembly
Phalloplasty technique
Corneal onlays and wavefront aberration correction to enhance vision
Adapter for protective mask testing apparatus
Golf club protection system
Golf swing plane training device and method
Casino game with card pick player choice (U-PIK)
Money counting/money fact board game apparatus and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ampoules for producing a reaction gas and systems for depositing materials onto microfeature workpieces in reaction chambers
Rotary processor
Compacting device
Shredding apparatus and method of clearing land
Precision release aerosol device
Fluid dampening mechanism incorporated into a water delivery system for modifying a flow pattern
Agricultural produce separator
Wafer edge surface treatment with liquid meniscus
Method of constructing formwork and an element for casting concrete components
Twin roll casting machine
Cutting tool and insert with serrated contact surfaces between holder and insert
Method of forming a turbine blade with cooling channels
Method and apparatus for compressing scrap metal strip
Tool and holder for thermoforming machine
Computer-implemented method for process control in chemical mechanical polishing
Rotary electric shaver
Wood-splitting tool
Ink supply unit with a baffle arrangement
Liquid ejection head
Ink jet head and production method therefor
Ejection head and image forming apparatus
Thermal inkjet printhead
Integrated printhead with polymer structures
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
Method of making an inkjet printhead
Inkjet printing method and inkjet printing apparatus
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Probe-operated trailer guide with lights
Adjustable vehicle roof
Leg covering structure for folding seat
Seat of child-care instrument
Airbag module
Driving device and motor vehicle equipped with driving device
Golf bag
Multilevel tool tree
Foldable baby stroller
Subframe for vehicle, and bush installation structure
Electric power steering apparatus equipped with steering angle sensor
Articulated dozer with suspension and suspension lockout
Powered retractable motorcycle stand
Vehicle frame assembly with coupling device for coupling two frame members
Crew overboard self rescue device and method for unassisted crew overboard watercraft reentry
Drogue parachute drag force actuated programmable controller to generate an event trigger signal
Paper wiper bracket used in an automobile
Holding device for holding and positioning a portable object
Home medicine station
Shipping and display assembly for complementary products
Dispensing container for carbonated beverages
Wrench rack
Bottle shipper, shipping protector, shipping system and method
Container for disk drives
Fluid dispensing or feeding device
Strip belt conveyor
Portable articulating conveyor device and method of operating a portable articulating conveyor
Adjustable V-plow apparatus for deflecting material carried on a belt
Device for cycling blast or suction air in a sheet processing machine
Sheet feeding assembly
Panel transfer apparatus
Vending machine for an aircraft
Sheet processing apparatus and control method therefor
Conveyance control device, recording apparatus including the same, and convenyance control method
Apparatus for adjusting the length of a thread loop in a tag fastener
Registration device and image forming apparatus having the same
Method and apparatus for operating an implement for a machine
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for the insertion of a weft thread
Storage device
Fixed Constructions
Marsh and wetland rehabilitation system and associated methods
Reinforced-concrete column in the soil pit and method of its construction
Seismic energy damping apparatus
Scaffold plank with end connector and method of making same
Bracket for installation of ceiling panels
Household appliance, namely a machine for washing and/or drying laundry, with a door block/release device that can be actuated electrically
Storm panel attachment system of plastic composition
Panel assemblies for variable shading and ventilation
Reaming and stabilization tool and method for its use in a borehole
Drill string flow control valves and methods
Reciprocating pump drive apparatus
Groundwater sampling device
Method for treating subterranean formation
Mechanical and fluid jet horizontal drilling method and apparatus
Methods of cracking a crude product to produce additional crude products
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Linear free piston Stirling machine
Immanuel system to produce electricity through geothermal energy
Method and apparatus for operating an oil flow control valve
Camshaft adjuster for an internal combustion engine
System for assisting the regeneration of depollution means integrated in an exhaust line of a vehicle diesel engine
Internal combustion engine with rotary valve
Fuel combustion catalyst microburst aerosol delivery device and continuous and consistent aerosol delivery device
Carburetor electronic fuel injection plenum
Internal-combustion and burnt gas scavenging supercharged engine with at least two intake means
Fuel rail radiated noise reduction
Engine starter assembly
Piston engine comprising a pulsation-reducing device
Apparatus for the adjustment capability of two frictional shifting components
Hydrodynamic clutch
Active vibrational damper
Gear stage
Multipurpose linear guide
Power transmission method and device having load sensing thrust augmentation mechanism
Multi-speed, forward-reverse transmission
Trailer jack lock
Water-closet compound gasket
Stand for a machine
Light-emitting-diode lamp
Thermoplastic light enclosure having upper and lower sealed parts
Solar light sign post
Optical plate with light diffusion layer and backlight module using the same
Negative air supplied (NAS) crawlspace system
Liquid-cooling device
Collapsible firearm support
Gun holster
Apparatus and method for measuring waviness of sheet materials
Gravity gradiometer
Grease output device for an electrical grease gun
Method and apparatus for sensing seat occupant weight
Roller brake testing dynamometer
Procedure to diagnose a leak in the fuel tank in a fuel tank ventilation system
Device for measuring coefficient of friction
Gas sensor containing a protective tube
System, apparatus and method for testing under applied and reduced loads
Procedure to calibrate a signal supplied by a lambda sensor and device to implement the procedure
Electrostatic-capacity-type acceleration sensor and acceleration measuring device therewith
Mirror and angle detection device
Multifunctional glasses
Tan thru glasses
Camera module and electronic device incorporating the same
Delay model circuit for use in delay locked loop
Technique using persistent foci for finite state machine based software test generation
"V-chip" preset criteria
Copy/paste mechanism and paste buffer that includes source information for copied data
Virtualization of input/output devices in a logically partitioned data processing system
Method and apparatus for the viewing and exploration of the content of hierarchical information
Method and apparatus for local generation of Web pages
Configurable user-interface component management system
System and method for retrieving and editing the data structure of an HTML UI Control
System and method of data transmission for computer networks utilizing HTTP
Checking layout accuracy in integrated circuit designs
Method and apparatus for proportionate costing of vias
Method of operating a system of co-located computers and remote human interfaces
Real-time multimedia visual programming system
Hop method for stepping parallel hardware threads
Installation of application software through a network from a source computer system on to a target computer system
Predicated execution of instructions in processors
Housing mechanism for receiving memory card
Black fluorescent optical codes and process for printing and reading
Method and apparatus for saving a definition for automated data processing
Light box display
Item tag with liquid crystal display and image
Disk recording or playback device and process for assembling the device in which a holding mechanism pivotally supports the frame during an oblique insertion operation
Electrical connector
Conductor pin
Disposable surgical connector
Cable connection
Connector arrangement of multiple independently operable electrical connectors
Discharge lamp socket
Plug connector with improved cable arrangement
Arm linkage system for a radiographic device
Process for precise alignment of packaging caps on a substrate
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Homologous recombination for allogeneic donor cells
Controlled release fertilizer compositions and processes for the preparation thereof
Methods and compositions for topical treatment of ectoparasites
Composition useful for providing one-step surgical preparation and drape
Termite-controlling agent
Method of repelling rodents and vermin
Deodorant composition
Photoinitiators and oxygen scavenging compositions
Method of producing a vitamin product
Process of manufacturing a water-based adhesive bonded, solvent resistant protective laminate
Use of microporous polyolefin for absorbing sweat and other bodily exhalations
Anti-microbial shoe linings, sock liners and socks and process for manufacture of same
Box seat
Waste treatment device and method employing the same
Device and method for suturing blood vessels and the like
Minimally occlusive flow disruptor stent for bridging aneurysm necks
Surgical device with malleable shaft
Grasping clip applier
Anterior spinal instrumentation and method for implantation and revision
Proximal femoral sleeve for a revision hip prosthesis
Skeletal plating system
Oral hygiene appliance
Apparatus for making wire with radial expansible guide section and methods of manufacturing the same
Ultrasonic medical instrument
Apparatus and method for incising
Multipurpose tissue resurfacing handpiece
Facial treatment implement and method
Sliding shaft variable length cross-link device for use with dual rod apparatus
Bone jointer and a bone jointer fixing tool
Suture anchor assembly
Spinal fixing device
Computer guided cryosurgery
Disposable bladder for intrauterine use
Linear power control with digital phase lock
Systems and methods for ablating discrete motor nerve regions
Partially coated electrodes, manufacture and use
Interspersed heating/cooling to shrink tissues for incontinence
Flow apparatus for the disruption of occlusions
Distributed excimer laser surgery system
Electrode with improved signal to noise ratio
Medical adhesive sheet
Vascularized tissue regeneration matrices formed by solid free form fabrication techniques
Delivery system for intraluminal vascular grafts
Conformal laminate stent device
Dilating ocular prosthesis
Hybrid mechanical heart valve prosthesis
Preparation of cell seeded ceramic compositions
Acetabular cup with bi-directional steps
Joint endoprosthesis
Femoral prosthesis
Posterior compensation tibial tray
Spinal disc
Prosthesis brake joint
Heated fluid surgical instrument
Surgical blade
Cutting device and method for making controlled surgical incisions
Pacifier for introducing liquids orally to an infant
Compositions for dyeing keratin fibers containing pyrazolo[3, 4-d]thiazoles as couplers and dyeing methods
Delivery system for dental agents
Combined pharmaceutical estrogen-androgen-progestin
Intraoral topical anti-inflammatory treatment for relief of migraine, tension-type headache, post-traumatic headache facial pain, and cervical-muscle spasm
Structured water in cosmetic compositions
Formulations and methods for reducing skin irritation
Compositions for common colds
Method for treating or eliminating a parasitic disease
Replication-competent Herpes simplex virus mediates destruction of neplastic cells
Method of stimulating cilia
Pharmaceutical dipeptide compositions and methods of use thereof
Method for treating cancer with a neurotoxin
Tissue plasminogen activator medicinal composition
Compositions and methods using complexes of heat shock protein 70 and antigenic molecules for the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases
Peptide compositions for the treatment of HIV
Combined use of angiotensin inhibitors and nitric oxide stimulators to treat fibrosis
Tape formulation for percutaneous administration containing fentanyi
Method of making ultrasonic contrast agent
Targeted contrast agents for diagnostic and therapeutic use
Thermochromic ink formulations and methods of use
Hair care formulations
Transfer resistant cosmetic compositions
Extract composition as hair growth phase extender
Skin lightening compositions
Hair colorants and an application mixture for coloring human hair
Materials and methods utilizing a temporary visual indicator
Cosmetic composition for fixing and sheen
Skin wrinkle treatment with ionic polymers
Nail enamel compositions having decorative appearance
Wear cosmetic composition
Hair cosmetics
Use of extracts from sage for producing a deodorizing preparation
Personal lubricant compositions
Gel with increased oxygen content
Deodorant composition
Liposome compositions and methods for the treatment of atherosclerosis
Human monoclonal antibody specifically binding to surface antigen of cancer cell membrane
Aqueous enteric coating composition and low gastric permeability enteric coating
Method of encapsulating biologically active agents within erythrocytes, and apparatus therefor
Taste-masked microcapsule compositions and methods of manufacture
Stabilized nanoparticles which are filterable under sterile conditions
Transdermal therapeutic system, its use and production process
Waste treatment control system
Methods of sterilizing polymers
Alkyl trypsin compositions and methods of use in contact lens cleaning and disinfecting systems
Intraocular lenses and methods for producing same
Bioactive ceramic coating and method
Photocatalytic air treatment process under room light
Hemodialysis conductivity servo-proportioning system and method
Method and device for monitoring an infusion pump
Tanning bed
Compositions and methods for treating hydrocarbon materials
Performing Operations; Transporting
Module and method for introducing a sample into a chromatography column
Chromatography column
Method and apparatus for purification of biological substances
Multichamber gravity operated oil-water separator
Method and apparatus for pumping a medium
Oil reclamation device with vaporization chamber
Apparatus for collecting and removing solid particles from a flowing fluid
Transmission fluid filter having a ferrite-filled nylon magnetic body
Parallel-flow filter head
Cartridge filter with integrated threading having anti-rotation feature
Self-cleaning water filter
Process for producing meltblown polyolefin fibers for mechanical filtration
Exhaust line of chemical-mechanical polisher
Air/oil coalescer with centrifugally assisted drainage
Venturi reactor and scrubber with suckback prevention
Thermally powered oxygen/nitrogen plant incorporating an oxygen selective ion transport membrane
Composite filter element
Gas absorption
Container of a drying system containing adsorption medium
Method and apparatus utilizing ethanol in non-thermal plasma treatment of effluent gas
Apparatus for removing SO.sub.2 from flue gases and for producing ammonium sulfate solution
Apparatus for improving efficiency of a reverse osmosis system
Procedure and device for filtration of fluids using MF modules
Water desalination
Method of separating cells from blood using a filter having a changeable porosity
Structure forming method, apparatus and product
Carboxylated polymers, process for the production of the same, and gels thereof
Apparatus and method for immobilizing molecules onto a substrate
Process for production of polyoxymethylene
Membrane-based sorbent for heavy metal sequestration
Immobilization of membrane receptor on HPLC
NOx trapping by metal-zirconia materials during lean-burn automotive engine operation
Catalyst for exhaust gas purification and system for exhaust gas purification
Iron-based ionic liquid catalysts for hydroprocessing carbonaceous feeds
Fluid bed catalytic cracking process characterized by a high selectivity to olefins
Composition and method for selectively removing metal ions from an aqueous solution
Tube and shell reactor with oxygen selective ion transport ceramic reaction tubes
Ball and socket closure for specimen collection container incorporating a resilient elastomeric seal
Method and apparatus for decontaminating liquid suspensions
Device for magnetically agglomerating and treating impurities in liquid
Spray coating device
Backing bar for coat weight control system
Coating device
Coating machine having a timer for continuously forming a coating of uniform thickness on a substrate
Dip surface-treatment system and method of dip surface-treatment using same
Binders for cores and molds
Method of making iron-based powder composition for powder metallurgy excellent in flow ability and compactibility
Powdered metal valve seat insert
Process for producing friction material
Electrochemical deburring or radiusing
Polishing apparatus
Abrasive article with tie coat and method
Wafer separating and cleaning apparatus and process
Crystallizing machine
Equipment for moulding products of thermoplastics material, and the use of such equipment in blow-moulding apparatus
Method for applying molded silicone design elements onto substrates
Process for a seamless belt containing a polyimide resin for use in a copying machine
Method for fabricating heat insulating paper cups
Method of molding a thermally conductive article
Method for manufacturing a ball joint
Compact post-mold cooling device and method for thermally conditioning molded articles
Method of making golf clubs of thermoplastic composite material
Method and apparatus for simultaneously assembling a plurality of tires
Method of recycling simultaneously a plurality of oil filters
Methods of making resealable packages, method and apparatus
Method for manufacturing pencils having a paper-made cylinder
Method for producing ceramic surfaces with easily removable contact sheets
Apparatus and method for removing semiconductor chips from a diced semiconductor wafer
Manufacturing method of ink jet head
Method of making an ink jet printhead filter by laser ablation
Image-transfer medium for ink-jet recording and image-transfer printing process
Method of forming a flexible mold and resulting article
Multilayer pigments and their manufacture
Method of forming a side intrusion beam
Method for sterilizing flowable product packages
Method of manufacturing a micromachined thermal flowmeter
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for recovering oxygen
Injected flow ozone generator
Thermally stable, high-surface-area metal oxides made by organic templating
Process for the preparation of ultra-fine powders of metal oxides
Hydrogen lithium titanate and manufacturing method therefor
Rust-preventive pigment composition and rust-preventive paints containing the same
Oxidation method, nozzle system and sewage treatment plant
Process for treating water and apparatus therefor
Apparatus for electrocoagulation of liquids
Method and apparatus for adjusting the pH of a liquid
Methods for reducing deposit formation on surfaces
Method for treating acidic waste water
Method of treating swimming pool water
Iodinated water treatment process
Wastewater treatment apparatus for removing nitrogen and phosphorus and method therefor
Treated water dispensing system
Process for cleaning up wastewaters from the preparation of alcohols
Purification apparatus
Goniochromatic luster pigments based on titanium dioxide-coated silicatic platelets which have been heated in a reducing atmosphere
Process for the production of integrally waterproofed concrete
Oxide magnetic material, ferrite particle, sintered magnet, bonded magnet, magnetic recording medium and motor
Dynamic random access memories with dielectric compositions stable to reduction
Method of making in-situ toughened alpha prime SiAlon-based ceramics
Calcium silicate board and method of manufacturing same
Emulsified comb polymer and defoaming agent composition and method of making same
Application of refractory borides to protect carbon-containing components of aluminum production cells
Process for producing sulfate cement or sulfate cement aggregates
Mesogenic materials with anomalous birefringence dispersion and high second order susceptibility (X.sup.(2)).
Method for obtaining hexamethylene diamine from mixtures containing hexamethylene diamine
Cyclohexane derivatives, and liquid-crystalline medium
Nitrification inhibitors and the use of polyacids to treat mineral fertilizers containing a nitrification inhibitor
Chemiluminescent electron-rich aryl-substituted 1,2-dioxetanes
Compounds, compositions and methods for generating chemiluminescence with phosphatase enzymes
Method for determining gene essentiality in a pathogen
Leukocyte adhesion inhibitor-1 (LAI-1) Polypeptides
Protein D- an IGD-binding protein of haemophilus influenzae
Control of infectious microorganisms by modulation of chorionic gonadotropin-related protein activity
Methods of eliciting an antibody response using flea protease proteins and homologs thereof
Biodegradable complexing agents for heavy metals
Membranes and optical sensors made therewith having improved barrier properties
Personal care compositions containing a copolymer having hydrophobic, carbon-based grafts
Vibrational methods of deaggregation of electrically conductive polymers and precursors thereof
Anti-static and anti-acid scaled additive for polymers
Cellulose ester composition
Asphalt paving mix formed of recycled asphalt concrete for paving at ambient temperatures and a process for making the same
Pearlescent pigments containing ferrites
Fine yellow composite iron oxide hydroxide pigment, and paint or resin composition using the same
Titanium dioxide pigments
Ink jet ink composition
Two step SMT method using masked cure
Fluorescent substance
Liquid crystal composition, cured product, and manufacturing method thereof
Polishing composition and polishing method employing it
Method of controlling the operating temperature and pressure of a coke oven
Process and apparatus for converting oil shale or tar sands to oil
FCC process with carbon monoxide management and hot stripping
Long-reticulate-distance pillared dioctahedral phyllosilicate 2:1, catalyst and conversion process
Diffusion method for coating high temperature nickel chromium alloy products
Wet cleaning of delicate, non-structured garments with minimized wrinkling, shrinkage and color damage
Bleaching-active metal complexes
Targeted gene discovery
ATP-dependent RNA helicase protein
Exchange of an oxygen lance for liquid steel conversion
Carbon catalyzed leaching of metal-containing ores
Metal matrix alloys
Strontium master alloy composition having a reduced solidus temperature and method of manufacturing the same
High corrosion resisting alloy for diesel engine valve and method for producing the valve
Aluminum-magnesium-scandium alloys with zinc and copper
Magnesium alloy for high temperature applications
Non-oriented electromagnetic steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same
Abrasion resistant iron base sintered alloy material for valve seat and valve seat made of iron base sintered alloy
Tarnish-resistant hardenable fine silver alloys
Titanium alloy made brake rotor and its manufacturing method
Electrochemical hardness modification of non-allotropic metal surfaces
Copper target for sputter deposition
Seasoning process for etcher
Sputtering methods for depositing stress tunable tantalum and tantalum nitride films
Method and apparatus for forming a layer on a substrate
Modular deposition system having batch processing and serial thin film deposition
Method of and apparatus for forming a metal interconnection in the contact hole of a semiconductor device
Chemical vapor deposition system and method employing a mass flow controller
Substrate processing apparatus and method
Plasma assisted process vessel cleaner
Substrate processing apparatus having a gas heating tube
Processing apparatus for manufacturing semiconductors
Plasma processing methods and apparatus
Formation of a zirconium-beryllium eutectic layer on a zirconium alloy substrate or a titanium-beryllium eutectic on a titanium alloy substrate
Hybrid pigment grade corrosion inhibitor compositions and procedures
Lead electrode
Method of manufacturing porous anodized alumina film
Hydrodynamically controlled hull cell and method of use
Cathode current control system for a wafer electroplating apparatus
Method of depositing metal layer
Method of manufacturing silicided silicon microtips for scanning probe microscopy
Submicron patterned metal hole etching
Transparent multi-zone crystal growth furnace and method for controlling the same
Suspender for polycrystalline material rods
Single crystal pulling apparatus
Seed crystals, seed crystal holders, and a method for pulling a single crystal
EFG crystal growth apparatus
Crystal growth method and apparatus
Group III-nitride thin films grown using MBE and bismuth
Effusion cell for Si and molecular beam epitaxy system
Method of forming gallium nitride crystal
Method for producing a silicon single crystal wafer and a silicon single crystal wafer
Three-dimensionally patterned materials and methods for manufacturing same using nanocrystals
Textiles; Paper
Biodegradable coating compositions
Processing textile structures
Post-dye screen color printing
Wood pulping with acetic acid with the addition of formic acid
Apparatus for digesting pulp in a displacement batch digester that uses displacement liquor having a sufficient hydrostatic head
Method and device for treating a pulp suspension
Cross-machine direction stiffened dividers for a papermaking headbox
Former with a floating upper lip
Process and apparatus for making foreshortened cellulsic structure
Shoe press
Fluid assisted doctor
Chitosan-coated pulp a paper using the pulp, and a process for making them
Fixed Constructions
Gray water reclamation apparatus
Variable length truss and method for producing the same
Method and equipment for launching pigs into undersea pipes
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Air cleaner assembly; and method
Fluidized-bed reactor
Gas collecting apparatus
Interlaced lasers for multiple fluorescence measurement
Immunoassay apparatus
pH electrode arrangement
Apparatus for producing electrophoresis gels
Method for radioactive species analysis using a self-scintillating sheet material
Sensor membrane of an optical sensor
Apparatus for manufacturing electronic devices
Process for producing plastic cards
Prestress imposing treatment of magnetostrictive material
Magnetic powder, permanent magnet produced therefrom and process for producing them
Process and apparatus for producing organic solid electrolyte capacitor
Manufacturing method of anode body of solid electrolytic capacitor
Sputter cathode
Coil and coil feedthrough
Apparatus for structural characterization of biological moieties through HPLC separation
Nitrogenated evaporable getter devices with high fritting resistance and process for their production
Short-wavelength optoelectronic device including field emission device and its fabricating method
Method and arrangement for drying substrates after treatment in a liquid
Process for producing an electrical contact on a SIC surface
Selective removal of vertical portions of a film
Low temperature integrated via and trench fill process and apparatus
Method and apparatus for reducing the first wafer effect
Methods for manufacture of electronic devices
Conductive paste for filling via-hole, double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards using the same, and method for producing the same
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