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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Compounds having selective inhibiting effect at GSK3
Pyrrolidine derivatives useful as BACE inhibitors
Protein separation from a protein mixture
Electronic endoscope, and method for transferring programs
Surgical instruments and procedures for stabilizing the beating heart during coronary artery bypass graft surgery
Anastomosis device, tools and methods of using
Enhanced products and processes for removing cavity tissue
RF electrode array for low-rate collagen shrinkage in capsular shift procedures and methods of use
Coatings for drug delivery devices
Self-aggregating protein compositions and use as sealants
In vitro mechanical loading of musculoskeletal tissues
Cervical intervertebral stabilizer
Composition for the prevention and treatment of kidney dysfunctions and diseases
Cytotoxic agents comprising taxanes and their therapeutic use
Aryl-isoxazol-4-yl-imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine derivatives
Phenylpropanoic acid derivatives
N-sulfonylcarboximidamide apoptosis promoters
Methods and compositions useful for modulation of angiogenesis using tyrosine kinase Src
Compounds for delivering amino acids or peptides with antioxidant activity into mitochondria and use thereof
Transporters comprising spaced arginine moieties
Diphtheria toxin variant
Myosin light chain kinase inhibitors and methods of use
Gamma-secretase inhibitors
Medical uses of intercellular communication facilitating compounds
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Composition and method of using tumor cells
Mammalian CX.sub.3C chemokine antibodies
High affinity antibodies against HMGB1 and methods of use thereof
Erb-2 receptor targeting peptide
Method for identifying shampoo-resistant hair-binding peptides and hair benefit agents therefrom
Esters of L-carnitine or alkanoyl L-carnitines useful as cationic lipids for the intracellular delivery of pharmacologically active compounds
Trocar and cannula assembly having conical valve and related methods
Formulations used for the treatment of substrate surfaces
Weightlifting spotting machine
Folding treadmill with a positioning structure
Load variance system and method for exercise machine
Performing Operations; Transporting
Highly-conductive copper extractant formulations
Wet scrubbing apparatus and method
Method of deacidizing a gas by partly neutralized multiamines
.beta.-crystalline polypropylenes
Catalyst powder, exhaust gas purifying catalyst, and method of producing the catalyst powder
Paint-spraying platform
Apparatus for coating medical devices
Glassy metal disk
Magnetic materials and metallic particles and methods of making same
Method and equipment for producing polymer-film
Process of and apparatus for making an insulation product
Device and method for thermoforming an object having a back draft portion
Fan-folding mechanism for a case erector
Methods for producing and using containers for housing product
Resin impregnated substrate materials
Vapor retarder with shielding against electromagnetic fields
Studded plate with fold line
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for partial oxidation of hydrocarbons, catalyst member therefor and method of manufacture
Method for producing amorphous silica ash
Production of high-purity niobium monoxide and capacitor production therefrom
Multi-stage water purification device
Apparatus and method for reducing removal forces for CMP pads
Silica glass and optical material
Method for producing trimer of indole derivative, and trimer of indole derivative and laminated structure thereof
Selective estrogen receptor modulators containing a phenylsulfonyl group
Hemiasterlin derivatives and uses thereof
Process for preparing N-hydroxy-4-{5-[4-(5-isopropyl-2-methyl-1,3-thiazol-4-yl)-phenoxy]-pentox- y}-benzamidine
Method of polynucleotide synthesis using modified support
Inhibitory polynucleotides directed against the RNA component of telomerase
Multimerized enhancer domains for cell-specific expression
Mu opioid receptor splice variant polypeptides, polynucleotides and methods of screening compositions
Plant Myb transcription factor homologs
GAG binding proteins
IL-1 zeta splice variant polypeptide
Antibodies specific for TAT285-1
Hedgehog interacting proteins and uses related thereto
Chromatin peptides blocking human HIF-1.alpha. gene and modulating the downstream related genes
Water-resistant adhesives, their preparation and use
Method of decomposing a polycarbonate
Dendritic polymer and electronic device element employing the polymer
Polymer compositions and processes for making and using same
Process for modifying polymeric surfaces using deep UV irradiation
Flame-retardant polystyrenes
Inorganic powder-containing resin composition, a film-forming material layer, a transfer sheet, method of producing a substrate having a dielectric layer formed thereon, and a substrate having a dielectric layer formed thereon
Ink composition, ink set including the composition, cartridge including the ink set, and inkjet recording apparatus including the cartridge
High pressure superabrasive particle synthesis
Nonnatural galactomannans and methods of use
Methods for producing a guar gum comprising undehusked guar and for using the guar gum in treating a subterranean formation
Fuel for fuel cell
Fuel additive compositions for diesel engine equipped with a particulate trap
Method for the alkoxylation of alkyl and/or alkenyl polyglycosides
Products, methods and equipment for removing stains from fabrics
Scented solid substances comprising a non-ionic surfactant-impregnated carrier
Integrated circuit optical detector for biological detection
Apparatus for ultrafinely shattering organic granular substances
Staphylococcus aureus antigenic polypeptides and compositions
Host microorganisms
Method for detecting and analyzing protein interactions in vivo
Crystallographic structure of TcPRACA and uses therefor
Thioredoxin and thioredoxin reductase containing oil body based products
Human GIL-19/AE289 polynucleotides and methods of producing the encoded polypeptides
Human mini-antibody cytotoxic for tumor cells which express the ErbB2 receptor
Process for producing arachidonic acid-containing lipids
Treatment of diabetes with milk protein hydrolysate
Method for detecting kinase activity with thiol reactive fluorescent reagents
Method and apparatus for analyzing nucleic acid amplification
Method and device for thermal conditioning of a cell
Increasing the proliferative capacity of cells using telomerase reverse transcriptase
Compact micro-porous media degasser
Separation process
Plasma processing apparatus, control method thereof and program for performing same
Substrate susceptors for receiving semiconductor substrates to be deposited upon
Method of fabricating a diaphragm of a capacitive microphone device
Method for inhibiting the biological acidification of water in contact with materials containing sulfur
High throughput protein production screening
Textiles; Paper
Compositions and methods for imparting stain resistance, liquid repellency, and enhanced antimicrobial activity to an article and articles thereof
Chemical oxidation for cellulose separation with a hypochlorite and peroxide mixture
Structured forming fabric
Multiple use septum for injection ports for gas chromatography or the like
Method of evaluating corrosion resistance of material under ammonium bisulfide environment
Biochip with microchannels
Automatic genotype determination
Method for evaluating binder distribution on a surface
Micro-sculpting using phase masks for projection lithography
Photomask, and method and apparatus for producing the same
Bilayer film including an underlayer having vertical acid transport properties
Method to optimize grating test pattern for lithography monitoring and control
Electrographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
Developer carrying member and developing method by using thereof
Resin for toner binder and toner composition
Method of preparing toner and toner prepared using the method
Magnetic recording medium with dual magnetic layers including specific resins
Carbon nanotube substrates and catalyzed hot stamp for polishing and patterning the substrates
Plate-shaped pressed bodies
Manufacturing method for molecular rulers
Method for applying a high temperature heat treatment to a semiconductor wafer
Method for manufacturing semiconductor optical device
Method of forming a microelectronic package using control of die and substrate differential expansions and microelectronic package formed according to the method
Method of manufacturing a non-volatile memory device
Methods of forming capacitors
Methods of forming semiconductor constructions, and methods of selectively removing metal-containing materials relative to oxide
Dry etching method of insulating film
Method of etching an organic low-k dielectric material
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Methods of forming spin-on-glass insulating layers in semiconductor devices and associated semiconductor device
Rare earth element-doped oxide precursor with silicon nanocrystals
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with regard to film thickness of gate oxide film
Method for fabricating semiconductor device having bulb-shaped recess gate
Method of manufacturing a carbon nano-tube transistor
Semiconductor device and process for fabricating the same
Method for fabricating capacitor
High-k/metal gate MOSFET with reduced parasitic capacitance
Dual stress liner device and method
Method for forming planarizing copper in a low-k dielectric
Pixel control element selection transfer method, pixel control device mounting device used for pixel control element selection transfer method, wiring formation method after pixel control element transfer, and planar display substrate
Method of producing highly strained PECVD silicon nitride thin films at low temperature
Integrated circuit with multi-length output transistor segments
Methods of forming electronic devices having partially elevated source/drain structures
Separator for non-aqueous electrolyte cell
Rechargeable lithium-ion cell with triphenylamine redox shuttle
Electrolyte with indicator
Monopolar fuel cell stack coupled together without use of top or bottom cover plates or tie rods
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method for conditioning and cryopreserving cells
Methods and compositions to improve germ cell and embryo survival and function
Fungicidal and bactericidal compositions for plants containing compounds in the form of heavy metal chelates
Method for manufacturing raised-brim products
Preparation of toasted bread product having a topping for microwave heating
Protein with phospholipase activity
Enzyme with endo-1,3(4)-.beta.-glucanase activity
Method of extending the shelf life and/or reducing level of bacterial contamination on fruits and vegetables
Method of reducing the content of phytate and high degree of phytase in cereals and cereal products having a reduced content of phytate
Soybean milk
Reduced-fat fluid lactic cream which avoids phase separation during storage
Membrane filtered milk proteins varying in composition and functional attributes
Oil or fat composition containing phytosterol
Method of forming whey protein products
Enzyme-producing strain of Bacillus subtilis
Method of producing iron-whey-proteolysate complex
Chromium-carboxylic acid feed supplement
Phytase and gene encoding said phytase
Flour blends for deep fried foods, steamed Chinese manju, dough sheets, okonomi-yaki, and takoyaki
Viscosity stable acidic edible liquid compositions and method of making
High energy snack food product and process of manufacture
Full moisture shelf stable rice product
Organometallic-metabolizing yeast
Powder- and tablet-form salt- and fat-containing food products
R-T-E cereals with calcium containing pre-sweetener coating and method of preparation
Brewer timer adjustment control
Nonwoven web laminate having relatively hydrophilic zone and related method for its manufacture
Method for intermittent application of particulate material
Method of delaying fetal membrane rupture by inhibiting matrix metalloproteinase-9 activity
In vitro screening assay for identification of compounds that inhibit cytopathicity of viral infection
Method for preparing a diafiltered stabilized blood product
Three-dimensional filamentous tissue having tendon or ligament function
Isolated and modified porcine cerebral cortical cells
Retroviral gene therapy vectors and therapeutic methods based thereon
Pharmaceutical compositions for competitively inhibiting the binding of a retrovirus to the IFN-receptor and means for diagnosis of an HIV infection
Method of detecting or identifying ligands, inhibitors or promoters of CXC chemokine receptor 3
Regulated transcription of targeted genes and other biological events
Cell-targeting molecule comprising a mutant human carboxypeptidase A
Gel cosmetic compositions
Spheroids containing tiagabine, preparation process and pharmaceutical compositions
Functional recombinantly prepared synthetic protein polymer
Chitosan core matrix containing cells encapsulated in a thermoplastic semipermeable membrane
Method of coating an intravascular stent with an endothelial cell adhesive five amino acid peptide
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of mechanically separating microparticles suspended in fluids using particulate media
Device and process for synthesizing macromolecules
Multifunctional surfaces
Sample collecting method and apparatus
Apparatus for multi-zone polymerase chain reaction
Method and apparatus for packaging a probe array
Kinetic spray coating method and apparatus
Forming a composite panel
Sheet metal member, method of manufacturing same, and heat radiation plate
Solder paste containment device
Lead-free solder and soldered article
Integral membrane layer formed from a photosensitive layer in an imageable photoresist laminate
Molding material and method for producing the same
Resin composition, a fiber reinforced material having a partially impregnated resin and composites made therefrom
Bottle closure
Biaxially oriented polyester film for a membrane switch
High flute density, printable, corrugated paperboard
Coated fiber strands reinforced composites and geosynthetic materials
Black thermal control film and thermally controlled microwave device containing porous carbon pigments
High barrier closure liner for carbonated beverage containers and the like
Porous web material
Three-dimensional applique
Oxygen-absorbing label
Polymeric foam substrate and its use as in combination with decorative surfaces
Radiation sensitive imaging element and a method for producing lithographic plates therewith
Microcapsules used in image-forming substrate and process of producing same
Thermal transfer element for forming multilayer devices
Metallic luster thermal transfer recording medium
Infrared laser imageable, peel developable, single sheet color proofing system having a crosslinked thermal transfer layer
Inkjet recording sheet
Lithographic printing plate
Cross-grained veneer and manufacturing method of the same
Method for packaging microsensors
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Metallic nanoscale fibers from stable iodine-doped carbon nanotubes
Modified graphite particles derived from scaly natural ones, production thereof and secondary battery
Iron oxide microparticles and a process for producing them
Polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel and process for producing the same
Reactive sputtering of silicon and transition metal
Composition for coating glass sheets
Chemically treated glass fibers for reinforcing thermosetting polymer matrices
Method of making a mineral filler from fly ash
Process for coating oxidic fibrous materials with metal aluminates for the production of failure-tolerant, high-temperature resistant, oxidation-resistant composite materials
Corrosion-resistant member, wafer-supporting member, and method of manufacturing the same
Photosensitive diazonaphthoquinone esters based on selected cyclic alkyl ether-containing phenolics and their use in radiation sensitive mixtures
Liquid-crystal composition, method of adjusting the resistance, and substituted phenols
Conjugates and specific immunoassays for the methadone metabolite 2-ethylidene-1,5-dimethyl-3,3-diphenylpyrrolidine
Chiral liquid crystal compounds having a fluorinated terminal portion
Fluorescent dibenzazole derivatives and methods related thereto
Electrochemiluminescent metal chelates and means for detection
Antisense inhibition of bcl-6 expression
DNA sequencing by mass spectrometry via exonuclease degradation
Regulated protein expression in stably transfected mammalian cells
Detection and differentiation of specific strains of citrus tristeza virus
Methods for the obtention of human immunodeficiency virsus Type 1 envelope glycoproteins in native and oligomeric form employing recombinant chimeric antigens containing collagenase recognition sites.
Defective viral vaccine particles obtained in vivo or ex vivo
Leptospiral outer membrane protein, LipL46
Expression of gene products from genetically manipulated strains of bordetella
Response regulator
Salt-inducible promoter derivable from a lactic acid bacterium, and its use in a lactic acid bacterium for production of a desired protein
Methods of cancer diagnosis using a chimeric toxin
Activation of p53 protein
Method for producing antibodies and protein toxins in plant cells
Genetic control of flowering
Human thyroid protein zsig45
TAB1 protein and DNA coding therefore
cMYC is regulated by Tcf-4
Zinc finger binding domains for GNN
Methods for determining breast cancer and melanoma by assaying for a plurality of antigens associated therewith
Vascular endothelial cell growth factor C subunit
Ig superfamily `dlair` receptors expressed in monocytes
Cloned lysophosphatidic acid receptors
Polynucleotides encoding molecular complexes which modify immune responses
Protease resistant compositions for wound healing
Fluorescent protein sensors for measuring the pH of a biological sample
Proteins with mutations to decrease N-terminal methylation
Methods and compositions for cloning nucleic acid molecules
Anti-idiotype vaccines to elicit catalytic antibodies
Cellulose fibers of liquid-crystal origin having a high elongation at break and processes for obtaining such fibers
Hollow sphere organic pigment for paper or paper coatings
Process for preparing physically drying coatings from aqueous dispersions
Carboxylic acid functional polyurethane polymers and blends thereof used in magnetic recording media
Polyesters containing neopentyl glycol and fibers formed therefrom
Polyimide photo alignment film from 3,3,4,4-benzophenone tetracarboxylic dianhydride and ortho-substituted aromatic diamines for liquid crystal displays
Coated aliphatic polyester film
Surface-modified platelet-shaped substrates
Photoresist compositions
Fluorescent dye
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
Photographic element
Magnetic recording media incorporating a quaternary ammonium functional binder and magnetic pigment surface treated with compound having acidic and electron withdrawing functionalities
Clinging sheet
Adhesive tape, base material for adhesive tape and their manufacturing methods
Linerless label web roll
Liquid crystal device
Using hydrocarbon streams to prepare a metallic protective layer
Release agent for rolls and method for improving release properties of rolls
Biological substance for the physico-chemical stabilization of wines
Wine yeast cultures
Antisense modulation of P38 mitogen activated protein kinase expression
Pharmaceutical compositions and their use, namely for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Chromosomal targeting in bacteria using FLP recombinase
Nucleotide sequences for the control of the expression of DNA sequences in a cell host
Adenovirus vectors for gene therapy
Preparation of calcium phosphate transfectacons
Process for preparing macrophages, kits, and compositions for the use of this process
Avian blastodermal cell lines
Expression of estrogen receptors in type I and type II human breast epithelial cells
Laccase mutants
High specificity homocysteinases and genes therefor
MSP-18 protein and nucleic acid molecules and uses therefor
Polynucleotides encoding paraoxonase
Mesophilic xylanases
Canine .beta.-galactosidase gene and GM1-gangliosidosis
Nucleic acids encoding mammalian proteinases; related reagents
SH3 protein, gene, chimeric cells, vectors and expression method for producing the novel protein, and uses
Polypeptides having L-asparaginase activity
Cellulose-producing bacteria
Method for producing phytase
Stereoselective reductive amination of ketones
Method for determining antibiotic sensitivity of bacteria
Method of determining the heparin content
Antisense modulation of Y-box binding protein 1 expression
Promoter elements conferring root-preferred gene expression
Multiplex genotyping using fluorescent hybridization probes
Detection and early diagnosis of prostate cancer
Method for detecting a pericentric inversion in a chromosome
Zymogenic nucleic acid detection methods and related kits
Method and kit for predicting susceptibility to asthma
System for distinguishing fluorescent molecule groups by time resolved fluorescence measurement
Indicators of altered mitochondrial function in predictive methods for determining risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus
Article having a superalloy substrate and an enrichment layer placed thereon, and methods of its manufacturing
Sliding member
Discrete track media produced by underlayer laser ablation
Multilayer ion plated coatings comprising titanium oxide
Plasma enhancement apparatus and method for physical vapor deposition
Tantalum and tantalum-based films formed using fluorine-containing source precursors and methods of making the same
Method for depositing fine-grained alumina coatings on cutting tools
Method and apparatus for reducing particle contamination in a substrate processing chamber
Palladium surface coating suitable for wirebonding and process for forming palladium surface coatings
Method for forming wear-resistant layer and iron-based material, on which wear-resistant layer is applied
Textiles; Paper
Method for enzymatic treatment of wool
Ink-jet printing cloth, textile printing method of the same and print resulting therefrom
Alkalitolerant xylanases
Method of producing a buried boss diaphragm structure in silicon
Detection and removal of copper from wastewater streams from semiconductor and printed circuit board processing
Multi-array, multi-specific electrochemiluminescence testing
Method and apparatus for detecting heavy metals in silicon wafer bulk with high sensitivity
Apparatus and method for the quantification of the stretchability of cheese
Method for the labeling of molecules
Analytical test device and method of use
Analyte detection with a gradient lateral flow device
Methods for diagnosing benign prostatic diseases and prostatic adenocarcinoma using an algorithm
Method for cooling backside optically probed integrated circuits
Magnetoresistance device and production method thereof
Radiation sensitive composition
Fabrication process of lithium niobate TE/TM polarization splitters using zinc and nickel diffusions
Liquid crystal aligning agent
Method of manufacturing thin film transistor-liquid crystal display
Photographic element comprising a mixture of sensitizing dyes
Photographic material having improved color reproduction
Photothermographic material and method for making
Heat-developable image-recording material
Photographic element containing two electrically-conductive agents
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material containing a novel yellow coupler
Color photographic element containing elemental silver and nitrogen heterocycle in a non-light sensitive layer
Photographic element containing a cyclic azole coupler and an anti-fading agent containing a combination of functionalities
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material and method of forming color images
Imaging element and a method for producing a lithographic plate therewith
Photomask defect repair method
Photomask used in fabrication of mask read only memory
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor wafer using a mask that has several regions with different scattering ability
Use of intersecting subresolution features for microlithography
Photosensitive colored composition for color filter
Color filter solution for a cathode ray tube and method for patterning a color filter
Negative type photoresist composition used for light beam with short wavelength and method of forming pattern using the same
Photosensitive compositions and pattern formation method
Water-developable photosensitive resin composition
Photosensitive resin and composition thereof derived from saponified poly(vinyl acetate) and pattern formation method
Negative type photosensitive resin composition and method for forming resist pattern
Photoresist compositions with pendant polar-functionalized aromatic groups and acid-labile branching
Photoresist layer supporting film and photoresist film laminate
Method for transferring patterns created by lithography
Photoresist remover composition
Method of manufacturing schottky gate transistor utilizing alignment techniques with multiple photoresist layers
Imaging member with partially conductive overcoating
Organophotoreceptors for electrophotography featuring novel charge transport compounds
Transparent substrate for an electrophotographic photoreceptor and an electrophotographic photoreceptor using the same
Binder resin for toners and toners
Toner compositions with charge enhancing resins
Toner for electrophotography and manufacturing method thereof
Method of compensating for non-linear characteristics in dispensing a coating material
Automated RFID transponder manufacturing on flexible tape substrates
Magneto optical recording medium
Methods of depositing multilayer thin films
Magnetic recording medium containing a Cr(HfO.sub.2) or Cr(ZrO.sub.2)
Reading method of reading information from a recording medium and medium used therefor
Magnetic recording medium having a binder system including a polyurethane polymer having both phosphonate and quaternary ammonium pendant groups
Magnetic thin film medium with adhesion enhancement layer
Magnetic recording medium with low temperature seedlayer for high signal-to-noise ratio
High coercivity longitudinal recording media and method for its preparation
Magnetic recording medium
Optical recording and reproduction apparatus
Bacteriorhodopsin preparations having increased information storage times
Optical information recording medium
Optical recording medium comprising a cross-linked buffer layer
Hall effect ferromagnetic random access memory device and its method of manufacture
Memory device using movement of protons
Conductor insulated with foamed fluoropolymer and method of making same
Charged particle beam transfer method
Device and method for stacking wire-bonded integrated circuit dice on flip-chip bonded integrated circuit dice
Method of making a contact to a diamond
Fabrication method of isolation structure photodiode
Lead frame, the manufacturing method, semiconductor device and the manufacturing method
Method for detecting process sensitivity to integrated circuit layout by compound processing
Cross-section sample staining method
Semiconductor wafer processing method
Method for activating an ohmic layer for a thin film transistor
Reduction of masking and doping steps in a method of fabricating a liquid crystal display
Method for fabricating a simplified CMOS polysilicon thin film transistor and resulting structure
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for making the same
Integrated CVD/PVD Al planarization using ultra-thin nucleation layers
Remote plasma nitridation for contact etch stop
Semiconductor encapsulating epoxy resin compositions, and semiconductor devices encapsulated therewith
Electronic device having a sheathed body and a method of producing the same
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device using dry photoresist film
Multi-part lead frame with dissimilar materials and method of manufacturing
Plastic encapsulation for integrated circuits having plated copper top surface level interconnect
Power module with lowered inductance and reduced voltage overshoots
Stratified structure with a ferroelectric layer and process for producing the same
Integrated infrared detection system
Method for driving solid-state imaging device
Electrolyte solution for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery using the same
Bipolar battery
Lithium secondary battery
Hydrogen absorbing alloy electrode and method of producing the same
Cathode formed of graphite/carbon composite for lithium ion secondary battery
Electrode electrolyte interlayers containing cerium oxide for electrochemical fuel cells
Semiconductor laser and a method for producing the same
Method of making a printed board
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