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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Nucleic acid construct, metabolic disordered non-human animal and use thereof
Applicator and a packaging and applicator device including such an applicator
Drawer glide assembly for a drawer-type dishwasher
Support construction for at least one furniture drive
Shelf assembly for a refrigerator
Surgical cutting tool
Tissue puncture closure device
Surgical clip removal apparatus
Instrument set for fixing an implant in a bone
Distal femoral cutting guide
Self-contouring spinal rod
Hair treatment system
Blood analysis device and blood analysis system using the same
Method and apparatus for computer modified magnetic resonance imaging
Disposable wearing article
Element that can be fixed in a blood vessel and is provided with biomarkers
Cotyloid implant for a hip prosthesis
Head centering jig for femoral resurfacing
Appendage covering system
Adjustable thermal cap
Facial muscle toner system
Acoustically controlled substance delivery device
Placental blood extractor
Sinusal guide cannula and kit for irrigation, suction and washing
Transfer system for forming a drug solution from a lyophilized drug
Cannula protector and single-use syringe system
Fluid transfer device having removable needle cartridge
Cannula with removable sleeve
Drug delivery device with cap functions for needle assembly
Electronic neural resonator
Ionizing-radiation-responsive compositions, methods, and systems
Emulsion dyeing composition containing at least one phospholipid, at least one nonionic surfactant and at least one silicone, and method of using same
Balance therapy system
Swim harness for instruction
Putting aid
Self-attaching golf putter aid
Pushup exercise device
Dynamic user testing and collective intelligence in a wagering game environment
Method and system for increased realism in video games
Networked gaming system communication protocols and methods
Method for monitoring computer programs
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for fluid separation
Ceramic honeycomb body and method for producing the same
Safe gas sorbents with high sorption capacity on the basis of lithium alloys
Method and apparatus to sequester CO.sub.2 gas
Mixing apparatus for gases
Centrifuge with normal and pulsed operation modes
Sponge type make-up brush
Method and apparatus for cleaning a mouthguard
Vacuum processing apparatus and operating method for vacuum processing apparatus
Method to align characteristic frequency of material removal tool and rotation speed of spindle of machine tool and material removal tool so aligned
Apparatus facilitating removal of broken fasteners from an engine
Drilling tool with dust collector
Edge milling device
Protective sheet for laser processing and manufacturing method of laser processed parts
Abrasive cleaning agent, method for manufacturing the same, and method for polishing using abrasive cleaning agent
Mold having adjustable cavity depth
Soap remnant molding assembly
Injection mold
Method for manufacturing a modified optical fiber
Method of making a pattern on a building on site
Apparatus for attaching substrates and gap control unit thereof
Printing apparatus
Printing apparatus and control method of printing apparatus
Printing device and cassette
Ink jet cartridge and manufacturing method of ink jet cartridge
Frequency modulation apparatus and frequency modulation method
Image forming apparatus and image density controlling method
Image forming apparatus and method for correcting landing positions of liquid droplets
Microstructure manufacturing method
Process and device for avoiding collision while opening vehicle doors
Method for coupling an internal combustion engine of a parallel-hybrid drive train
Device for pedal powering a watercraft
Electric outboard drive
Transport apparatus and library apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Mixing and feeding aqueous solution of alkali metal salt and particles of sulfur-containing carbonaceous fuel for gasification
Process for the purification of crude gas from solids gasification
Acidic sludge adsorption of DNT wastewaters
Non-heating type fluid sterilizing apparatus
Self-contained UV-C purification system
Portable device for regulating hardness of drinking water
Ensiling biomass for biofuels production and multiple phase apparatus for hydrolyzation of ensiled biomass
High lateral to vertical ratio etch process for device manufacturing
Cementitious compositions and related systems and methods
High strength, fine grained spinel for window applications, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
Oxygenate conversion to olefins with dimerization and metathesis
Nateglinide crystals
Production process for carboxylic amide and derivatives thereof
Asymmetric synthesis of (S)-(+)-3-(aminomethyl)-5-methylhexanoic acid
Acyloxyalkyl carbamate prodrugs, methods of synthesis and use
Method for producing 1,2-propylene glycol using bio-based glycerol
Process for the preparation of compounds containing perfluoroalkanesulfonic acid groups
Derivatives of seleno-amino acids
Phosphonite-containing catalysts for hydroformylation processes
Process for the synthesis of 2, 5-dihydroxyterephthalic acid
Compounds and compositions for treating dysproliferative diseases, and methods of use thereof
Continuous wasteless ecologically safe technology of propylenecarbonate production in presence of phthalocyanine catalysts
Methods for producing isoindole derivatives
Process for producing olefin oxide
Salt of (2S, 3S) -3- [[(1S) -1- isobutoxymethyl-3-methylbutyl] carbamoly] oxirane-2-carboxylic acid
Semi-synthesis of taxane intermediates and aziridine analogues and their conversion to paclitaxel and docetaxel
Substituted benzopyrans as selective estrogen receptor-beta agonists
Oxidation of asphaltenes
Perovskite semiconductor thin film and method of making thereof
Carrier solvent for fingerprint formulations
Azaphthalocyanines and their use in ink-jet printing
Pearlescent composition
Hydrogasification reactor and method of operating same
Methods of conferring ppo-inhibiting herbicide resistance to plants by gene manipulation
Apparatus for gaseous vapor deposition
Method for making micro-electro-mechanical system device
Indium oxide-cerium oxide based sputtering target, transparent electroconductive film, and process for producing a transparent electroconductive film
Electrophoretic fabricated freestanding all-nanoparticle thin film materials
In situ plating and etching of materials covered with a surface film
Growth of nitride semiconductor crystals
Method for producing hexagonal boron nitride single crystals
Textiles; Paper
Method for preparing single walled carbon nanotubes from a metal layer
Liquid dye formulations in non-petroleum based solvent systems
Method for producing paper, card and board with high dry strength
Fixed Constructions
Oil recovery system
Wallboard support system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Diagnosis of the operability of fuel vapour intermediate stores
Vehicle-use generator
Water wave power system
Displacement machine with improved support
Dual diaphragm pump assembly for a sanitation system
Jet pump retention and seal method with living hinge
Submersible pump capable of providing low voltage power supply
Method for operating a compressor device and associated compressor device
Variable displacement compressor
Retaining mechanisms for threaded bodies in reciprocating pumps
Surface pump assembly having a thrust chamber with a telescoping shaft
Sealing and purging arrangement for a main bearing region
Bladeless air fan
Super spike
Internal rocker arm type epicycle wheel system with bidirectional input and unidirectional output
T-bar lamp
Assembled type lamp wall
LED lamp
Light emitting diode device with effective heat dissipation
Mist lamp
Multipurpose lighting device with electronic glow stick
Outdoor LED lamp
Illumination system for spot illumination
Notebook computer having dual display screens
Thin edge-lit LED backlight panel and light guide
Method and arrangement for controlling the draft effect of a flue duct upon an upstream exhaust gas cleaning system
Flameless lighter
Displacement-measuring optical scale and optical encoder using same
Position verifying apparatus and method, position measuring apparatus and method, and computer program for position verification or position measurement
Measurement method, exposure method, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
Optical metrology of single features
Route searching device, route searching method and program
Vehicle navigation control system and method
Method and apparatus for improved signal to noise ratio in Raman signal detection for MEMS based spectrometers
Method and apparatus for improved signal to noise ratio in Raman signal detection for MEMS based spectrometers
Focusing of broadband acoustic signals using time-reversed acoustics
System and method for detecting specific binding reactions using magnetic labels
Inspection method and inspection apparatus
Controlling a dynamic signal range in an optical time domain reflectometry
Measuring unit
X-ray analysis apparatus and X-ray analysis method
Systems and methods for determining a packing fraction of a substance
Gene synthesis software
Automated system for formulating radiopharmaceuticals
Stand-alone speedometer using two spaced laser beams
Inspection apparatus, probe card and inspection method
Methods of retaining semiconductor component configurations within sockets
Isolation buffers with controlled equal time delays
Power cycle test method for testing an electronic equipment
Test structure and method for measuring mismatch and well proximity effects
System and method of integrated circuit testing
Radar device
Efficient methods for wideband circular and linear array processing
Dual port memory trigger system for a ground penetrating radar
Subsalt velocity model building
Underwater sensor and data sensing and recording apparatus
Simultaneously cycled NMR spectroscopy
Phase shifted locating signal as compensation for a coupling configuration phase shift in discriminating a false locating signal
Image-pickup apparatus, lens apparatus and image-pickup system
Three-dimensional light ray input apparatus
Method of manufacturing composite optical component and the composite optical component
Directional display
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Optical waveguide
Hybrid fiber coupled artificial compound eye
Multicore optical fiber with integral diffractive elements machined by ultrafast laser direct writing
Optical fiber probe, optical detection device, and optical detection method
Apparatus for assembling lenses
Lens device and lens holding method
Lens module with focusing function
Method for adjusting optical axis of imaging optical system and lens system
Actuator for mobile device
Camera module
Laser sensor apparatus and method for detecting transmission shaft torque
Light-sensitive composition, light-sensitive transfer material, light shielding layer for display device, color filter, liquid crystal display element, and substrate having light shielding layer for display device and producing method thereof
Gel polymer electrolytes
Metal ferrocyanide-polymer composite layer within a flexible electrochromic device
MEMS device fabricated on a pre-patterned substrate
Camera having barrier
Projector apparatus and image synthesizing device for the same
Developing method of photoresist and developing device
Exposure apparatus
Method and apparatus for removing color noise in image signal
Image forming apparatus and method for controlling the same
Multi-tap series ceramic heater cold spot compensation
Image forming apparatus which excutes check mode prior to ordinary image formation
Magnetic encoder device and actuator
Synchronization control system
Temperature averaging thermal sensor apparatus and method
Power supply voltage controlling circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Optimization method and optimization apparatus
Clock pin setting and clock driving circuit
Housing of foldable electronic device
Systems and methods for recovering a trading system
Method for testing analog and mixed-signal circuits using dynamic element matching for source linearization
Dynamic update adaptive idle timer
Virtual path storage system and control method for the same
Systems and methods for memory module power management
Data duplication system, data duplication method and program
Apparatus, method and computer program product for dynamic arbitration control
Disk array apparatus and method for controlling the same
Parameter storing method, parameter storage device, multi-body problem processing apparatus, and address generator circuit
Device, method, and program product for controlling a tape data storage drive
Functional test method and functional test apparatus for data storage devices
Computer system and performance tuning method
Control of information units in fibre channel communications
Master-slave device communication circuit
System and computer program product for shrinking a file system
Disk controller, channel interface and methods for use therewith
Image processing apparatus, and method of and system for managing image processing apparatus
Data processing apparatus for generating reduced images of transmission images or reduced data of transmission data in list form and control method thereof
Information processing apparatus, print processing method, and computer program
System for certifying whether printed material corresponds to original
HTTP publish/subscribe communication protocol
Delta code messaging
Computer system and data backup method in computer system
Information exchange between a handheld device and another computer system using an exchange manager and uniform resource locator (URL) strings
Distributed selection of a content server
Transfer device, distributed processing system, transfer device control method, program, and recording medium
Method and computer system for information notification
Peripheral device with a centralized management server, and system, computer program product and method for managing peripheral devices connected to a network
Method and computer program product for measuring quality of network services
Method and system for enroll-thru operations and reprioritization operations in a federated environment
Image storage system and image accumulation apparatus
Interception method and system for compensating disadvantageous characteristics of a communication protocol
Method and system for restrictive caching of user-specific fragments limited to a fragment cache closest to a user
Data clustering method for bayesian data reduction
Systems and methods for weighted overlap and add processing
Method and device for a source language to be understood by a listener mastering a target language
Method and system for executing directory-basis migration in a global name space
Information input apparatus, information input method, control program, and storage medium
System and method for effecting information governance
Question answering system, data search method, and computer program
Backup and restore for heterogeneous file server environment
Clock gating in a structured ASIC
System and method for incremental synthesis
Operational time extension
Statistical methods for analyzing biological sequences
Power output apparatus, control method of power output apparatus, and vehicle equipped with power output apparatus
Image processing device and method therefor and program codes, storing medium
Biometric identification or authentication system
Structured task naming
Mechanism for assembling memory access requests while speculatively returning data
Hybrid pointing device
Touch panel
Image quality correction method, image data processing device, data storing/reproducing method, data batch-processing system, data processing method, and data processing system
Mobile communication terminal and method therefore
System of management of information for emergency situations
System and method for creation, representation, and delivery of document corpus entity co-occurrence information
Video metadata data structure
System, method and computer program product for managing data versions
Method for determining the processing sequence of function blocks of an automated system and corresponding automated system
Transaction adjusting device
Asymmetrical multiprocessor system, image processing apparatus and image forming apparatus using same, and unit job processing method using asymmetrical multiprocessor
Dynamic master/slave configuration for multiple expansion modules
Complex multiplex feedback filter
Printing press simulator
Method and apparatus for a medical image processing system
Method and system for identifying optimal image within a series of images that depict a moving organ
Phase measurement system
Method and apparatus for image processing
Max entropy optimized retinal camera
Method and apparatus for image processing
Method and apparatus for image processing
Light wedge for illuminating a platen in a print scanner
Sheet recognizing device and method
Trusted and secure techniques, systems and methods for item delivery and execution
Method and apparatus for vending products
Method of insuring against satellite launch failure
Matching program and system for corporate meeting planners and hospitality providers
Charging method and imaging apparatus for equitable and simple charging
Systems and methods for three-dimensional sketching
Image display method and image display apparatus
Repeaters for RFID systems
Vibroacoustic emulator
Coplanar discharge faceplates for plasma display panel providing adapted surface potential distribution
OLED device capable of adjusting luminance
Controller and driver features for bi-stable display
Dynamic render algorithm selection
Light emitting display device and method of driving the same
Guitar and strap for playing in a standing configuration
Method and apparatus for pitch modulation and gender identification of a voice signal
Pickup device
Data storage apparatus that either certifies a recording medium in the background or verifies data written in the recording medium
Magnetic performance of a magnetic transducer operating within a hard disk drive
Recording media data structure and method of reading data recorded in recording media
Display with disc player
Method for checking the quality of servo gray codes
Magnetic disk drive with increased storage capacity
Magnetic head with a narrow spacing between magnetic shields at air bearing surface
Method of and apparatus for detecting actuator vibration in hard disc drive, and hard disc drive write control method of avoiding effect due to read/write head vibration
Optical pickup device
Magnetic recording medium and manufacturing method therefor
Optical drive controller providing calibrated laser diode driver
Amplitude modulated addressing in disk pregroove
Magnetic data storage system
Nonvolatile memory devices having multi-filament variable resistivity memory cells therein
Magneto-resistance effect element and magnetic memory device
Stacked ferroelectric memory devices, methods of manufacturing the same, ferroelectric memory circuits and methods of driving the same
Delay circuit for controlling a pre-charging time of bit lines of a memory cell array
Memory core, memory device including a memory core, and method thereof testing a memory core
Memory device for use in high-speed block pipelined reed-solomon decoder, method of accessing the memory device, and reed-solomon decoder having the memory device
Process for improving the emission of electron field emitters
Method for fabricating electrode of external electrode fluorescent lamp and external electrode fluorescent lamp having electrode fabricated by the method
Cable including a plurality of insulated conductors enclosed in the same sheath and method of fabricating this kind of cable
Superconducting resistive current limiter with a shunt
Key module
Electrical insulation system and method for electrical power storage component separation
Resin molded body, receiving jig and method for manufacturing push button switch member
Switch assembly
Ergonomic snow plow control system
Selection member coupling apparatus for clothing handler and coupling method thereof
Phosphor screen and imaging assembly
Photo-detection device and method
Semiconductor device having exposed heat dissipating metal plate
Method for producing a component, in particular a micromechanical and/or microfluidic and/or microelectronic component, and component
Interconnect structure with stress buffering ability and the manufacturing method thereof
Heat dissipation structure accommodated in electronic control device
Integrated circuit apparatus with heat spreader
Mm-wave antenna using conventional IC packaging
Innerlayer panels and printed wiring boards with embedded fiducials
Alternative flip chip in leaded molded package design and method for manufacture
Method for analyzing output data of array subelements of an imaging segmented array
Light emitting diode package structure and fabricating method thereof
Thin film transistor substrate and manufacturing method thereof
Light emission from semiconductor integrated circuits
Semiconductor device having an electrode containing boron and manufacturing method thereof
Solid state imaging apparatus and driving method of solid state imaging apparatus
Power semiconductor device having a voltage sustaining region that includes doped columns formed by terraced trenches
Non-volatile memory and method of fabricating same
Display device integrated with solar cells and method of fabricating the same
Micro device and manufacturing method thereof
Ferroelastic ceramic-reinforced metal matrix composites
Tri-axial hybrid vibration isolator
Methods and systems for improving optical flatness in a path length control driver
Methods for producing textured electrode based energy storage device
IC tag-bearing wiring board and method of fabricating the same
Beam-tilted cross-dipole dielectric antenna
Leakage loss line type circularly-polarized wave antenna and high-frequency module
Broadband leaky wave antenna
Balanced dipole antenna
Electrical coupler
Wall bushing plug connector and fastening element for it
Surface mount multi-connector and electronic apparatus having the same
Network connector structure
Connector apparatus having a detachable module
Female terminal and charging connector
Laser drive device and image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Integrated diamond carrier for laser bar arrays
Forced wavelength chirping in semiconductor lasers
Semiconductor laser diode formed with window at cleavage facet and fabricating method thereof
Semiconductor laser and method of manufacturing the same
Wire basket pathway system
Method of providing a secondary means of overload protection and leakage current protection in applications using solid state power controllers
Continuous rotary motor
Converter having a plurality of channels
Electric power converter circuit
Control apparatus for electric vehicles
Programmable gain-frequency profile amplifier
Bulk acoustic wave resonator, bulk acoustic wave filter, RF module including bulk acoustic wave resonator and/or filter, and bulk acoustic wave oscillator
Method for forming a photoelectric switch
Self-adaptive output buffer based on charge sharing
Integrated circuit apparatus
Configuration and controlling method of fractional-N PLL having fractional frequency divider
Electronic pulse-generating device
Method and circuit for squelch detection in serial communications
Real time clock
Non-linear processing of signals
Integrated circuit comprising a mixed signal single-wire interface and method for operating the same
Method and system for a control scheme on power and common-mode voltage reduction for a transmitter
Synchronization and estimation of a transmission channel
Automatic broadcast channel tuning apparatus and method
Method for the radio transmission of traffic messages and radio receiver
Mode switching in transceiver of a mobile terminal
Apparatus for coherent combining type demodulation in communication system and method thereof
System and method for improved coherent pulsed communication system having spectrally shaped pulses
Antenna unit and radio base station therewith
Determination and processing for fractional-N programming values
Apparatus and a method for controlling a priority access and channel assignment call in a mobile telecommunication system
Hierarchical data collection network supporting packetized voice communications among wireless terminals and telephones
Sensor network management system
Receiving apparatus
Multicast data communication method and network
Conditional access method and DMB system for regionally limiting DMB reception
Methods and apparatus to monitor reception of programs and content by broadcast receivers
Communication network having wireless access to a service center
Communication apparatus, command transmission method, and program for networked devices using different protocols
Method for monitoring a communication media access schedule of a communication controller of a communication system
Label switching type of packet forwarding apparatus
Method and system for content-oriented routing in a storage-embedded network
Network comprising an interconnecting network and several network nodes that are coupled to said interconnecting network
Host Ethernet adapter for networking offload in server environment
Third party content for internet caller-ID messages
Internet protocol-private branch exchange for providing internet messenger function and internet terminal for use therewith
Hierarchical data collection network supporting packetized voice communications among wireless terminals and telephones
Interface apparatus and method for data recovery and synchronization
Electronic device and method for updating authentication reference information
Digital frequency/phase recovery circuit
Digital-data receiver synchronization method and apparatus
Carrier phase synchronization system for improved amplitude modulation and television broadcast reception
Method and apparatus for generating keystream
Method and apparatus for updating information stored in multiple information handling systems
Baseband / RFIC interface for high throughput MIMO communications
Folding cellular phone
Method and system for maintaining anonymity of a mobile radio terminal
Information apparatus and control method of the same
Use of modem on hold for network management and telephone access
Forced hold call handling in a VoP environment
Method, system and storage medium for providing automated call acknowledgement services
Telephony apparatus
Systems and methods for magnetic and color ink printing
Halftone detection and removal
System for processing and classifying image data using halftone noise energy distribution
Process for producing optimised printing forms
Color processing device and method for an output device that adjusts the quantity of total ink based on the quantity of black ink in an input signal
Method and apparatus for testing lip-sync of digital television receiver
Amplification type solid-state image pickup device
Digital video recorder to be connected to a digital video camcorder via IEEE 1394 serial bus
Multi-eye image pickup device, adjusting method and device therefor, and image-area adjusting system and method
Image sensor unit and image taking apparatus
Portable electronic device with camera module
Apparatus for locking camera of mobile terminal
Imaging technique performing focusing on plurality of images
Apparatus and methods for controlling an on-screen display
Method of processing data, system of the same and video recording system
System decoder of digital TV
Telepresence method and apparatus for simultaneous use by multiple active/passive users
Compact remote tactical imagery relay system
Wireless communication method and apparatus for providing multimedia broadcast services
Method of detection of signals using an adaptive antenna in a peer-to-peer network
Antenna steering for an access point based upon spatial diversity
Providing overload control in relatively high-speed wireless data networks
Circuit and method for the operation of miniature high pressure short-arc lamps using alternating current
Cold cathode fluorescent lamp, cold cathode fluorescent lamp driving apparatus, cold cathode fluorescent lamp apparatus, liquid crystal display apparatus, control method for cold cathode fluorescent lamp, and control method for liquid crystal display apparatus
Device for driving light source module
Modular powerline adapters and methods of use
Frame of optical display
Mounting apparatus for expansion cards
Unique airflow path using fungible chassis components
Heat dissipating device with air duct
Scalable subsystem architecture having integrated cooling channels
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Stabilized alkyd based compositions containing halopropynl compounds
Herbicidal composition
Substituted phenyl keto enols as pesticides and herbicides
Dihalopropene compounds, their use as insecticides/acaricides and intermediates for their production
Substituted 2-benzoylcyclohexane-1,3-diones
1-alkyl-4-benzoyl-5-hydroxypyrazole compounds and their use as herbicides
Method of and nutritional and pharmaceutical compositions for reduction of hyperinsulinemia
Use of rosmarinic acid and derivatives thereof as an immunosuppressant or an inhibitor of SH2-mediated processes
Treating/preventing heart failure via inhibition of mast cell degranulation
Vasopeptidase inhibitors to treat angina pectoris
Opthalmic pharmaceutical compositions comprising a nitrone compound and methods for treating ocular inflammation using such compositions
Therapeutic uses of known ester and amide compounds
GABA and L-glutamic acid analogs for antiseizure treatment
Use of ethylene diamine disuccinate for preparing a medicament with antiviral properties
Method for inhibiting the growth of mammalian cells
Method for controlling ectoparasites
Carbazolyl-substituted ethanolamines as selective .beta.-.sub.3 agonists
Small molecule inhibitors of rotamase enzyme activity
Methods for the treatment of mental disorders
Monomeric and dimeric arylisoquinoline alkaloids and derivatives thereof
Use of cGMP-phosphodiesterase inhibitors in methods and compositions to treat impotence
Use of mizolastine for treating inflammatory diseases associated with 5-lipoxygenase
Morpholino-n-ethyl ester derivative of an indole sPLA.sub.2 inhibitor
Dosing method of administering medicaments via inhalation administration or skin administration
Therapy by intrathecal administration of antitumor agent FUDR
Pharmaceutical composition
Formulations containing hyaluronic acid
Treatment of cancer with thalidomide alone or in combination with other anti-cancer agents
Preparation of microorganisms comprising omega-3-fatty acid for use as a prophylactic or therapeutic agent against parasitic diseases of animals
Therapeutic uses of goserelin acetate
Method of treating gram-negative bacterial infection by administration of bactericidal/permeability-increasing (BPI) protein product and antibiotic
Vasoactive effects and free radical generation by .beta.-amyloid peptides
Hereditary hemochromatosis gene products
Arachidonic acid metabolite, 16-HETE
Selective and non-invasive visualization or treatment of vasculature
Use of a tachykinin antagonist and a muscarinic antagonist and/or an antihistamine to treat motion sickness
Injectable composition
Pharmaceutical compositions containing rifaximin for treatment of vaginal infections
Propofol composition
Propofol composition
Composite fibres, wound dressings incorporating such fibres and a method for making same
Fragrance-containing preparation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Dispersed aqueous suspensions
Ethoxylate and propoxylated higher alcohol surfactant in high concentrations in an aqueous composition
Method for producing anionic surfactant granulates
Process for the production of supported zeolite membranes, and zeolite membranes so produced
Catalyst for cross-coupling reactions
Bleach and oxidation catalyst
Compact and light weight catalyst bed for use in a fuel cell power plant and method for forming the same
Method of producing hydrophilic resin
Lubricated ferrous powder compositions for cold and warm pressing applications
Method of recovering photographic film
Formed sheet of thermalconductive silicone gel and method for producing the same
Process for manufacturing rigid polyisocyanurate foam products
Laminate, glass fiber non-woven fabric therefor and a method of producing glass fiber non-woven fabric
Laser printing method and substrate
Thermal transfer image receiving sheet
High solids interactive coating composition, ink jet recording medium, and method
Melt-fusible inkjet recording elements and inks with improved durability
Rubber composition for tire casings based on silicas containing a reinforcing additive based on a functionalized polyorganosiloxane and on an organosilane compound
Pneumatic tire provided with electrically conductive coating
Methods of forming void regions dielectric regions and capacitor constructions
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for preparing organically modified aerogels using alcohols
Ceramic substrate for bi-cuprate superconductors and a process for preparing the same
Polycrystalline cubic boron nitride cutting tool
Use of 2-deoxystreptamine as a molecular scaffold for the preparation of functionally and spatially diverse molecules and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Morpholinones as light stabilizers
Acyl derivatives of melatonin and of melatoninergic analogues and their use as medicinal products
Benzamides for neurodegenerative disorder treatment
Process for the preparation of isocyanates or isocyanate mixtures useful for the preparation of polyurethane foams
Naphthols useful in antiviral methods
N-substituted aminotetralins as ligands for the neuropeptide Y Y5 receptor useful in the treatment of obesity and other disorders
N-(4-carb-amimidophenyl)glycineamide derivatives
1-(aryloxyalkyl)-4-(heteroaryl)piperidines and related compounds useful as antipsychotics and analgesics
Photoactive compounds for use with narrow wavelength band ultraviolet (UV) curing systems
Antifungal agent
Pyrrolopyrimidines and processes for the preparation thereof
Polymorphs of donepezil hydrochloride and process for production
4-aroylpiperidine derivatives-CCR-3 receptor antagonists
Cyclic amine modulators of chemokine receptor activity
N-acyl cyclic amine derivatives
Aminoalkyl and acylaminoalkyl ethers, process for their preparation, and their use as bradykinin receptor antagonists
Oxy substituted 4-carboxyamino-2-methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinolines
Derivatives of 2-[3-phenyl-2-propenyl]-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro isoquinoline, their process and their use as fungicides
4-amino substituted-2-substituted-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinolines
Heterocyclic cytotoxic agents
Process for the preparation of 6-(perfluoroalkyl) uracil compounds from 2-(N,N-disubstituted) amino-4-(perfluoroalkyl)-1,3-oxazin-6-one compounds
5,5-disubstituted-1,5-dihydro-4,1-benzoxazepin-2 (3H)-ones useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Thiazole derivative
Fused benzo compounds for the treatment of central nervous system disorders
Polymorphic form of doxazosin mesylate (form III)
Substituted 4-benzoyl-pyrazoles
Chemokine receptor antagonists
Ortho-anthranilamide derivatives as anti-coagulants
Amidine and isothiourea derivatives as inhibitors of nitric oxide synthase
Pyrrolopyrimidines and processes for their preparation
Carbapenem antibacterial compounds, compositions containing such compounds and methods of treatment
Spiro[2H-1-benzopyran-2,4'-piperidine]-4(3H)-one derivatives, acid addition salts thereof and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Thienopyrimidine derivatives, their production and use
Azetidine, pyrrolidine and piperidine derivatives as 5-HT receptor agonists
Salicylic acid diphosphates for use as flame retardant materials
Phosphorous prodrugs
Estrene steroids as neurochemical initiators of change in human hypothalamic function and related pharmaceutical compositions
Colon or ileum-specific glucocorticosteroid derivatives
Butyric esters with antiproliferative activity and the pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Split aluminum addition process for making catalyst
Method and apparatus of suspension polymerization
Photopolymerizable composition containing a sensitizing dye with cyano or substituted carbonyl groups
Room temperature coalescable aqueous fluoropolymer dispersions and method for their manufacture
Gels with thermotropic properties
Succinimide compound and method for producing it, lubricating oil additive comprising the compound and lubricating oil composition comprising the compound for diesel engine
Delayed action catalysts for carpet backing and air frothed foam
Thermosetting binder prepared with mono(hydroxyalkyl)urea and oxazolidone crosslinking agents
Wax deposit inhibitors
Use of a stabilizer combination in the production of films of polyvinyl chloride by the calendering process
Chemically embossed metallocene polyethylene foam
Blowing agent and method for producing foamed polymers and related compositions
Non-linear optical material and process for the preparation thereof
Salt-modified electrostatic dissipative polymers
Stabilizers and anti-ozonants for elastomers
Thermosetting resin composition and producing process thereof
Polymer compositions
Halogenated polymer compositions containing a metal compound stabilizer and a coated acid absorber costabilizer
Reactive jet ink composition
Oil-based ink for printing plate by ink jet process and method for preparing printing plate by ink jet process
Aqueous coating compositions, methods for making same and uses thereof
Printing inks
Redispersible tackifier powders
Polymeric adhesive paste
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices, etching compositions for manufacturing semiconductor devices, and semiconductor devices thereby
Fluids and techniques for hydrocarbon well completion
Long life lubricating oil composition using particular detergent mixture
Long life lubricating oil using detergent mixture
Concentrates with high molecular weight dispersants and their preparation
Lubricant oil composition for internal combustion engines
General purpose aqueous cleaner
Ethoxylate and propoxylated higher alcohol surfactant in high concentrations in an aqueous composition
Botanical oils as blooming agents in hard surface cleaning compositions
All purpose liquid cleaning compositions
Low-foaming cleaning compositions comprising a hypochlorite bleaching component
High foaming nonionic surfactant based liquid detergent
Antimicrobial cleaning composition containing a cationic surfactant
Use of dioctyl sulfosuccinate salts for cleaning petroleum contaminated surfaces
Process for producing granular detergent components or compositions
Bleaching compositions based on air, uncomplexed transition metal ions and aromatic aldehydes
Laundry detergent compositions with polyamide-polyamines
Detergent compositions comprising a specific amylase and a protease
Perfumed laundry detergents containing lipase
Cleaning agent
Cleaning compositions for removing etching residue and method of using
Defluxing agent cleaning method and cleaning apparatus
High throughput A1-Cu thin film sputtering process on small contact via for manufacturable beol wiring
Method for depositing silicon nitride using low temperatures
Process for producing a semiconductor device having hemispherical grains (HSG)
Method and apparatus for low temperature deposition of CVD and PECVD films
Method and device for treating semiconductor with treating gas while substrate is heated
Textiles; Paper
Procedure for the manufacture of elastic textile fabrics
Papermaking felt having hydrophobic layer
Semiconductor device and method therefor
Memory using insulator traps
High pressure copper fill at low temperature
Semiconductor processing methods, and methods of forming capacitor constructions
Process of forming a semiconductor capacitor including forming a hemispherical grain statistical mask with silicon and germanium
Method for eliminating CMP induced microscratches
Capacitor constructions and semiconductor processing method of forming capacitor constructions
Method for forming a spacer
Edge bead removal for nanoporous dielectric silica coatings
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method for forming oxide film of semiconductor device, and oxide film forming apparatus capable of shortening pre-processing time for concentration measurement
Chemically removable Cu CMP slurry abrasive
Low temperature process for post-etch defluoridation of metals
Method of fabricating high power bipolar junction transistor
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method of fabricating self-aligned contact window
Method to manufacture a capacitor with crown-shape using edge contact exposure
Method for fabricating a cylinder capacitor
Method of fabricating double-cylinder capacitor
Method of making spiral-type RF inductors having a high quality factor (Q)
Method of forming a crown capacitor for a DRAM cell
Method of fabricating storage capacitor for dynamic random-access memory
Method for forming a high-voltage semiconductor device with trench structure
Method for fabricating a T-shaped hard mask/conductor profile to improve self-aligned contact isolation
Method relating to the manufacture of a semiconductor component
Semiconductor wafer and method of manufacturing same
Method of forming asymmetrically doped source/drain regions
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
High performance MOSFET and method of forming the same using silicidation and junction implantation prior to gate formation
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for reducing silicide resistance
In-situ P doped amorphous silicon by NH3 to form oxidation resistant and finer grain floating gates
Method of processing a substrate
Post etch silicide formation using dielectric etchback after global planarization
Semiconductor processing methods, semiconductor processing methods of forming diodes, and semiconductor processing methods of forming schottky diodes
Method for recycling wafers used for quality assurance testing of integrated circuit fabrication equipment
Porous dielectric material with improved pore surface properties for electronics applications
Spin coating bowl
Method for manufacturing semiconductor and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device forming method
Method of making high performance MOSFET with integrated simultaneous formation of source/drain and gate regions
Process for forming an SOI substrate
Method of fabricating an SOI wafer and SOI wafer fabricated thereby
Method to form shallow trench isolation structures
Method of isolating semiconductor devices
Shallow trench isolation (STI) with bilayer of oxide-nitride for VLSI applications
Method of forming an isolation trench in a semiconductor device including annealing at an increased temperature
Method of forming retrograde well in bonded waffers
Method and apparatus for upper level substrate isolation integrated with bulk silicon
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Process for forming metal oxide semiconductors including an in situ furnace gate stack with varying silicon nitride deposition rate
Self-aligned deep trench DRAM array device
Method and fabricating a self-aligned node contact window
Methods of forming wiring layers on integrated circuits including regions of high and low topography
Conductive electrical contacts, capacitors, DRAMs, and integrated circuitry, and methods of forming conductive electrical contacts, capacitors, DRAMs and integrated circuitry
Manufacture of complementary MOS and bipolar integrated circuits
Method of fabricating load resistor
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having multilayer wiring
Methods of forming metal nitride and silicide structures
Low temperature metallization process
Multi-step electrochemical copper deposition process with improved filling capability
Robust diffusion barrier for Cu metallization
Method to selectively fill recesses with conductive metal
Dual damascene processing for semiconductor chip interconnects
Method of fabricating a glue layer of contact/via
Methods of forming contacts for integrated circuits using chemical vapor deposition and physical vapor deposition
Dual damascene process and structure with dielectric barrier layer
Method of forming a tungsten plug
Self-aligned copper interconnect structure and method of manufacturing same
Low dielectric constant dielectric films and process for making the same
Method for forming vias through porous dielectric material and devices formed thereby
FET device containing a conducting sidewall spacer for local interconnect and method for its fabrication
Damascene process for forming coplanar top surface of copper connector isolated by barrier layers in an insulating layer
Technique for extending the limits of photolithography
Method of forming contact openings
Semiconductor apparatus and method of producing same
Integrated circuit dielectric formation
Method for fabricating a LOCOS MOS device for ESD protection
Method of changing the power dissipation across an array of transistors
Semiconductor device having load device with trench isolation region and fabrication thereof
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising a ferroelectric memory element
Nonvolatile memory with self-aligned floating gate and fabrication process
Process for producing a semiconductor device with a roughened semiconductor surface
Method for fabricating a lateral collector structure on a buried oxide layer
Method and structure for elevated source/drain with polished gate electrode insulated gate field effect transistors
Method and arrangement of a buried capacitor, and a buried capacitor arranged according to said method
Method for manufacturing field effect transistor
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