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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Kit for dispensing viscous fluid from a container
Application substance reservoir for toothbrushes and electric toothbrush
Clothing and textile system
Portable chair
Travel bowl assembly for people
Tongs with basting apparatus
Quick secure shelving
Flexible tube for endoscope and method of manufacturing the same
Laryngoscope and method of use
Posterior cervical and lumbar interarticulating joint staples, stapling guns, and devices for spinal fusion
Surgical stapling apparatus
Closure device and methods for making and using them
Methods and devices for treating obesity and GERD by intussuscepting a portion of stomach tissue
Adjustabable disposable/single-use lancet device and method
Catheter and medical apparatus as well as method for assisting an intervention to remove plaque
Device, a kit and a method for treatment of disorders in the heart rhythm regulation system
Hip fracture nail system
Bottom mounted pedical screw assembly
Bone plate and bone screw locking system
Ablation catheter assembly with radially decreasing helix and method of use
Unified systems and methods for controlling use and operation of a family of different treatment devices
Metal composite guide wire
Device for determining cardiopulmonary volumes and flows of a living being
Devices and systems for the prevention of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
Integrated lancet and blood glucose meter system
Bone-compatible implant and method of producing the same
Set of artificial teeth of anterior teeth linearly contacting with each other
Orthodontic corrective appliance, especially for correcting malpositioned molars
Orthodontic appliance
Diaper having hip stretch panels
Metal implant coated under reduced oxygen concentration with osteoinductive protein
Stent with protruding branch portion for bifurcated vessels
End surface mounted plugs incorporated into an artificial joint and including cushioned soft plastic between outer hardened plastic layers
Residual limb model
Stent/graft assembly
Temporary splint assembly with semi-rigid wrap around supports in combination with intermediately positioned joint cast
Neck cast with multi-position adjustability of height and diameter and including downwardly configured shoulder supports for immobilizing a patient's head
System and method to regulate temperature
Sippy cup assembly
Process for the extraction, purification and enzymatic modification of soy 7S globulin alpha' subunit for use as hypocholesterolemizing agent
Compositions and methods for immunotherapy of cancer and infectious diseases
Compositions with hematopoietic and immune activity
Method for the treatment of pain with humanized anti-nerve growth factor antibodies
Single-domain antigen-binding antibody fragments derived from llama antibodies
Multicomponent assemblies having enhanced binding properties for diagnosis and therapy
Photostabilization of coenzyme Q compounds with alkoxycrylene compounds
Apparatus and method for manufacture of cosmetic applicator
Method of increasing the bioavailability of recombinant human insulin isophane in a patient
PQS and its conjugates as adjuvants and their uses in pharmaceutical compositions
Pharmaceutical composition of nanoparticles
Encapsulation compositions and process for preparing the same
Pharmaceutical forms for the release of active compounds
Solid pharmaceutical dispersions with enhanced bioavailability
Use of synthetic inorganic nanoparticles as carriers for ophthalmic and otic drugs
Multitube catheter
Dual lumen gastrointestinal feeding and aspirating device
Interventional catheter for retrograde use having embolic protection capability and methods of use
Deflectable catheter
Reservoir connector
Inferior alveolar nerve block guide
Dual lumen gastrointestinal feeding and aspirating device
Brachytherapy device having an alignment and seal adaptor
Injection device having a rotatable scale drum
Surgical portal apparatus with variable adjustment
Use of weak stressors to enhance the effectiveness of ionizing radiation and other treatments of disease
Stabilized cationic ammonium compounds and compositions comprising the same
Method and device for facilitating use of an exercise ball
Ball game racket with variable vibration length
Baseball bat having artificially fiber-fused core and method of manufacturing the same
Golf strap
Combination putter and chipper golf club
Advanced golf monitoring system, method and components
Wrap for bundling objects
Gliding board with improved response to rider input
Reconfigurable gaming display and system
Gaming system for playing common game in groups and control method thereof
Conjurer's kit
Performing Operations; Transporting
Hydrogen purification membranes, components and fuel processing systems containing the same
Method for preventing re-emission of mercury from a flue gas desulfurization system
Systems and methods of microfluidic membraneless exchange using filtration of extraction outlet streams
Hollow fiber membrane module, process for manufacturing the same, hollow fiber membrane module assembly and method of purifying suspended water with use thereof
Method for concentration and separation of biological organisms by ultrafiltration and dielectrophoresis
Land based or floating wastewater evaporator
Device and method for injecting fluid into a rotating fluidized bed
Process and composition for froth flotation
Nozzle module for an injection valve and injection valve
Crystalline noble metal nanostructures and methods for their preparation
Clamping fixture including a chuck for releasably locating a workpiece pallet
Method for machining workpieces on a cutting machine tool
Tool system
Enclosure with integral wire reel support
Pad dresser, polishing device, and pad dressing method
High-density fixture vise
Felt body manufacturing method
Method for removing resin layer from resin-coated metal tube
Optical film cutting method, and apparatus using the same
Method for reforming a portion of a plastic container to include a transferable element, and the resulting container
Transparent polymer film and method for producing it, and retardation film, polarizer and liquid crystal display device comprising the film
In-line method for securing a closure system onto a discrete pouch
Bookbinding system, bookbinding method, and bookbinding control program
System for bifolding an absorbent article
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal device
Printing system, control method for printing system, and storage medium
Cassette for a printer
Substrate for ink ejection heads, ink ejection head, method of manufacturing substrate, and method of manufacturing ink ejection head
Ink passageways connecting inlet ports and chambers
Formation of image by image forming apparatus with overlapping area
Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method
Recording apparatus
Ink ribbon cartridge and printing apparatus
Trim and core thereof, and method and apparatus for manufacturing trim and core
Roof module for a motor vehicle
Variable speed drivetrain for electronic throttle body
Vehicle seat reclining device
Vehicle lamp
Puck type light fixture
Passenger restraint system
Shopping cart organizer
Guide unit for a height-adjustable cargo floor and motor vehicle with such a guide unit and a height-adjustable cargo floor
Stroller with fold-down tray for receiving a car seat
Dashboard support
Tonneau cover
Motor car, in particular, a racing car
Shopping cart adapted to receive elongated items
Adjustable bicycle suspension system
Tricycle with front and rear steering
Smart vortex generator, and aircraft, vessel, and rotary machine being equipped with the same
Vertical/short take-off and landing aircraft
Live trim tabs
Ground impact cargo parachute release mechanism
Packaging container
Tamper-evident opening device, screw cap for use in such an opening device and method of forming such an opening device
Combined transport and exhibition device
Protective frame for portable electronic devices
Camera cover allowing concealed use of lens and camera
Conveyor belt with articulating members
Holding means, device and method for transporting substrates, in particular printed circuit boards
Process and equipment for the conveyance of powdered material
Paper feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Sheet aligning mechanism, stacker, image forming apparatus, and image forming system
Sheet folding apparatus with skew correction mechanism and image formation system provided with the sheet folding apparatus
Sheet post-processing apparatus with protection cover
Module to module skew alignment
Warehouse loader
Valve assembly for dispensing flowable materials
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Stirrers for minimizing erosion of refractory metal vessels in a glass making system
Apparatus and method for removing coating film
Slurries and methods of making light weight gypsum board
Blue/violet diphenylanthracene chemiluminescent fluorescers
Plants with reduced activity of a starch phosphorylating enzyme
Bituminous cold glue
Temperature maintenance and/or possible heating apparatus for long metal products and relative method
Iron core annealing furnace
Patterned media and method of manufacturing the same, and magnetic recording apparatus
Surface activation device
Wettability switch
Method for electrochemical plating and marking of metals
Photonic crystal, conjugated polymers suitable for photonic crystal, and a method for synthesizing conjugated polymers
Crucible holding member and method for producing the same
Crucible weight measurement system for controlling feedstock introduction in Czochralski crystal growth
Fixed Constructions
Drainage unit with external covering and method for manufacture
Water-storage and water-purification system
Hurricane taming apparatus and method of use
Dimples lifting pipe for mining deep-sea mineral resources
Plasterboard jointing system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine blade with triple spiral serpentine flow cooling circuits
Gas-turbine engine with variable stator vanes
Combustion turbine including a diffuser section with cooling fluid passageways and associated methods
Nozzle guide vane arrangement
Cooling system for gerotor motor
System and method for wind condition estimation
Wind turbine system for buildings
Hermetic compressor with internal thermal insulation
System and process for pumping multiphase fluids
Electric thrust piston pump device
Electric ventilator with unit for controlling speed located in a container surrounding the motor
Tubing misload detection mechanism for an infusion pump
Method of installing and removing a cassette from a pump body having a mounting pin
Gas turbine with a compressor with self-healing abradable coating
Metal injection joining
Production method of stator blade and turbo-molecular pump with the stator blade
Method and device for cooling a component of a turbine
Externally mounted vortex generators for flow duct passage
Thread clamping device and methods of use
Bearing arrangement of a wheel hub of a motor vehicle drivable by a rotating joint
Thrust sliding bearing and combination mechanism of the thrust sliding bearing and a piston rod
Fluid dynamic bearing device
Wet clutch
Sliding-type tripod-shaped constant-velocity universal joint
Freewheel cage
Friction clutch and vehicle equipped with the same
Driving force transmitting device
Vibration suppressing device and vibration suppressing method for machine tool
Spring strut with control sleeve
Thimble with element retaining feature
Clutch type reversible transmission bicycle with bidirectional input and one-way output
Multi-speed transmission having three planetary gear sets
Hybrid driving apparatus, and control method thereof
Infinitely variable transmission with offset output shaft
Infinitely variable transmission
Chain tensioner
Versatile variable gear ratio transmission
Guiding device and guiding assembly for guiding cables and/or hoses, and a lithographic apparatus
Apparatus and method for supporting a pipe coupling
Leverage device and system using same
Light device
Vehicle light
Lighting device
Illumination device
Neon-tube substitute using light-emitting diodes
Straddle-type vehicle
Simulated electronic flame apparatus and method
Vehicle headlamp
Vehicle light
Light emitting diode display device and portable terminal device
Radiant heating and cooling panel
Spin nock
Anomaly diagnosing apparatus and anomaly diagnosing method for gas sensor
Dielectrophoresis device and method having nonuniform arrays for manipulating particles
Heater coil for gas sensor, detecting element for gas sensor, catalytic combustion gas sensor, and manufacturing method of catalytic combustion gas sensor
Central server system for collecting patient health condition management data
System for asynchronous remote steering of reflectors
Interior lining components for motor vehicles
Fiber optic connector and fiber optic assembly having same
High positioning reproducible low torque mirror-actuator interface
System and method for supporting a camera that enables complex camera movements to be accurately repeated
Image projection apparatus and method of cooling an image projection apparatus
Method and apparatus for projecting image patterns and colors for planning an interior improvement project
Methods and systems for interacting with physical objects
Antenna apparatus
Financial and similar identification cards read by magnetic swipe card readers and methods relating thereto
Method of coding information in a dual fashion on physical media and in DOTEM computerised form
Security document and verification method
Time-varying barcode in an active display
Enabling holographic media backwards compatibility with dual-use media card connector
Use of barcode menus to configure and set-up vital signs monitors
Child's name writing educational practice and learning tool and keepsake
Auscultation training device and related methods
Matching learning objects with a user profile using top-level concept complexity
Electrolyte composition and photoelectric conversion element incorporating the same
Functional paste
Dispersion method
Method for manufacturing niobium solid electrolytic capacitor
Device connector
Sealed electrical splice assembly
Submersible pothead system for use in a well application
Method and apparatus for interconnecting distributed power sources
Shielding connector apparatus
Electrical connector having a first group of terminals taller than that of a second group or located in a non-parallel plane
Method for manufacturing ignition plug
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Personal defense device
Controller system for pool and/or spa
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multiple microchannels chip for biomolecule imaging
Interface apparatus for dynamic positioning and orientation of a robot through real-time parameter modifications
Method of utilizing absorbing means in coupling substrate
Methods of determining gravure cylinder parameters
Thermal transfer printing method and printer system
Vapor handling in printing
Optical scanning device used in a tandem system color image forming apparatus
Compact imaging head and high speed multi-head laser imaging assembly and method
Optical printer head and driving method thereof
Transfer apparatus
Laser drive method and laser drive system
Patterned platelets
Holding and heat dissipation structure for heat generation part
Method of inspecting a wrap-fitted state of a cap wrap-fitted to a neck of a bottle and apparatus therefor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Aluminum reflecting mirror and method of making the same
System for analyzing images produced by bacterial reactions
Niobium powder for capacitor, sintered body using the powder and capacitor using the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Glass substrate and liquid-crystal display device
Microinterferometer for distance measurements
Process for reading fractioin of an interval between contiguous photo-sensitive
Optical measurement system and method for determining height differential between two surfaces
Apparatus and method(s) for reducing the effects of coherent artifacts in an interferometer
Optical system for oblique incidence interferometer and apparatus using the same
Versatile transmitter and receiver for position measurement
Laser alignment device
Method of reducing polarization fluctuation inducing drift in resonator fiber optic gyro
Measuring device
Electronic transducer device
SNR calculation method and optical spectrum measurement apparatus
Variable spacing diffraction grating
Multiple pathlength spectrophotometer
Optical scattering monitor
Method for controlling optical property measurement system
Optical analysis method for inhomogeneous turbid media
Glow discharge emission spectroscopic analysis apparatus
Method and a system for identifying gaseous effluents, and a facility provided with such a system
Attachment device
Apertureless near-field scanning raman microscopy using reflection scattering geometry
Method and device for determining fibre orientation in a paper sample
Method and system for reviewing a semiconductor wafer using at least one defect sampling condition
Apparatus for optical inspection of a working surface having a dynamic reflective spatial attenuator
Method of detecting degradation in photolithography processes based upon scatterometric measurements of grating structures, and a device comprising such structures
System, method, and product for symmetrical filtering in scanning of biological materials
Line sensing device for ultrafast laser acoustic inspection using adaptive optics
Method and device for analyzing flows
Test and measurement instrument having telecommunications mask testing capability with a mask zoom feature
Receiver for DS-CDMA signals
Efficient system and method for measuring target characteristics via a beam of electromagnetic energy
System and method for locating and positioning an ultrasonic signal generator for testing purposes
Codifference correlator for impulsive signals and noise
Structures and methods for damping tool waves particularly for acoustic logging tools
Finder optical system and image pickup apparatus using the same
Graded-index lens microscopes
Collimators and collimator arrays employing ellipsoidal solid immersion lenses
Microscope transmitted-illumination apparatus
Viewing tube for an optical device
Light modulation element, exposure unit, and flat-panel display unit
Piecewise linear spatial phase modulator using dual-mode micromirror arrays for temporal and diffractive fourier optics
Optical scanner
SLM-base color projection display having multiple SLM's and multiple projection lenses
Scanning optical system
Scanning optical device and image forming apparatus
Mask-to-wafer alignment system
Methods and apparatus for positioning optical prisms
Holographic reflector and reflectiver liquid crystal display using it
Tunable phase mask assembly
Apparatus comprising a micro-mechanical optical modulator
Deinterleaver with high isolation and dispersion compensation and 50/200GHz interleaver and deinterleaver
Optical signal interleaver
Optical array amplifier
Reentrant-walled optical system template and process for optical system fabrication using same
System and method for retaining a first part against a second part
Electronic picture taking apparatus having a zoom lens system
Device for driving object lens
Color wheel for a falling raster scan
Lens barrel
Method and apparatus for generating and controlling spin propagation using one or more coherent light beams
Low-loss electrode structures using resistive connections for optical modulation applications
Method and system for generating return-to-zero signals
Beam deflector, switching system comprising beam deflectors as well as method for selectively coupling terminals for optical signals
Liquid crystal display panel and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display apparatus having wide transparent electrode and stripe electrodes
Multi-domain liquid crystal display having concave virtual bump structures
Method and apparatus for improving the viewing angle of an LCD screen by twisting the polarizers and compensating structures
Assembly of backlight mask
Liquid crystal display device with orientation film having projecting edge portions and manufacturing method of the same
Liquid crystal display element with thresholdless voltage transmittance characteristic
Liquid crystal display device with columnar spacer
Built-in spacers for liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) devices
Liquid crystal display panel and method of manufacturing the same
Fringe field mode LCD shielded from electrostatic disturbances
Liquid crystal display (LCD) having improved isocontrast performance and method for producing same
Timepiece including multiple liquid crystal displays
Repair structure and method for fabricating the same
Array substrate for a liquid crystal display and method for fabricating thereof with insulating stack made from TFT layers between crossed conductors
Liquid crystal display device operating in a vertically aligned mode including at least one retardation film
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal displays with repositionable front polarizers
Liquid crystal display device having uniform integrated spacers
Transflective LCD device and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display device having particular constructed sapphire substrate
Colored electrochromic transparent window assemblies
Optical signal converter from RZ format to NRZ format
Image processing device and method for controlling the same
Method and system for controlling the photolithography process
Optical exposure apparatus and photo-cleaning method
Exposure apparatus
Substrate conveying system in exposure apparatus
Time keeping apparatus and control method therefor
In-monitor docking station to integrate a laptop computer into a desktop computer system
Integrated electrical controls and graphics display screens
Module carrier of computer
Multiple display portable computing devices
Printed circuit board retaining device for monitors
Automatic temperature display and fan rotary speed adjusting device
Cooling unit including fan and plurality of air paths and electronic apparatus including the cooling unit
Chassis-level thermal interface component for transfer of heat from an electronic component of a computer system
Apparatus for using volatile memory for long-term storage
Packet command driving type memory device
Data processing apparatus and access control method
Method and system for configuring among call processing applications in a call processing system
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and storage medium storing computer-readable program
Management of properties for hyperlinked video
Method and system for optimizing a visual display for handheld computer systems
Image search method, based on an invariant indexation of the images
Image pickup system and picked-up image signal processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for dynamic cursor configuration
Displaying optimum screens on various types of output terminals using a common application
Sign perception system, game system, and computer-readable recording medium having game program recorded thereon
Control of digital projection system
Touch zoom in/out for a graphics display
Computer system with graphical user interface including drawer-like windows
Key input device and portable telephone incorporating same
Device and method for buffer protection
Image forming with synchronized control
Module having a lead frame equipped with components on both sides
Livestock inventory and materials system with interactive graphical user interface
Altering the shape of an artwork
Color mapped and direct color OSD region processor with support for 4:2:2 profile decode function
Multi-processor graphics accelerator
Method and system for obtaining visual information from an image sequence using visual tunnel analysis
Digital tape drawing system
Vector-based geographic data
Method and system for interpolation in color images
Merged pipeline for color interpolation and edge enhancement of digital images
Surveillance camera system with infrared and visible light bandpass control circuit
Radio frequency (RF) security element, coil and capacitor for an RF-security element and method for production thereof
Plasma display panel driving method
Method of driving ac-discharge plasma display panel
Plasma display device
Display panel
Liquid-crystal display driving circuit and method
Personal electronic book providing keypad and readable and writable CD drives
Image processing apparatus, method and computer-readable memory
Dynamically-generated color look-up table
Image display apparatus, method of displaying images, image processing apparatus, and method of processing images
System and method for frame rate matching
Image displaying apparatus and method thereof
Screen display system
Wave flextensional shell configuration
Write strategy for optical record carrier
Tape driving apparatus
Chucking apparatus for a disk player
Disc ejecting apparatus
Optical disk reproducing apparatus
Mail slot data cartridge exchange system for use with a data storage system
Disc recording and/or reproducing apparatus and disc exchanging mechanism
Magnetic disk drive and method of controlling a movement of carriage in an unload operation of head
Disk drive with improved retract circuit and method
Adaptive off-track recovery
Method of adjusting the drive speed of a CD drive
Recording medium for storing defect management information for recording real time data, defect managing method therefor, and real time data recording method
Resonance identification by commanding a spindle speed change
Optical disc apparatus and method
Magnetic head having a chamfer thereof oriented toward medium and method for manufacturing the same
Disk cartridge shutter door opener
Disk drive unit with part of feed motor coinciding in height with loaded disk cartridge
Magnetic tape cassette having improved positioning
Method and apparatus for the authentication of encoded data
Disc cartridge and disc recording and reproducing apparatus
Method and device for recording real-time information including playback parameters
Optical disc recording and reproducing apparatus having automatic gate signal generation modes
Video data formatting and storage employing data allocation to control transcoding to intermediate video signal
Multimedia schedule presentation system
Thermally compensated data handling system using aperiodic temperature readings
Magnetic tape device
Disk playback device
Automated data cartridge import/export drawer
Magnetic recording device with improved reliability
Disc drive apparatus
Transducer formed on a sacrificial metal substrate
Magnetic head device including a guide recess for guiding lead wires
Very high linear resolution CPP differential dual spin valve magnetoresistive head
Magnetoresistive effect thin-film magnetic head
Magnetic head having magnetic shield layers
Method of shunting and deshunting a magnetic read element during assembly
Base, drum, and drum mounting unit for magnetic recording apparatus
Magnetic disk system with selection of sector access mode based on access state
Heat transfer plate for an actuator assembly
Multi-mode servo position error signal demodulator circuit
Servo sector format for a patterned media
Head slider having a terminal group of lubricant of lubrication layer different from that of a medium
Method and apparatus for magnetic transfer
Method of discriminating disk type and reproducing apparatus thereof
Method of elimination of interference created by CDR/W run-out motor on sledge servers
Optical disk recording technique capable of forming pits accurately centered on track and servo-balance adjusting technique for optical disk recording
Optical disk device
Optical pickup apparatus of tilt control type
Optical pickup apparatus
Method for recording information in optical information medium and reproducing information therefrom
Optical information reproducing apparatus
Liquid-crystal panel, optical pickup, and information reproducing system
Optical element, light source apparatus, optical head apparatus, and optical information processing apparatus
Data storage device
Nonvolatile magnetic storage device
Ferroelectric memory having a device responsive to current lowering
Apparatus and method for refresh and data input device in SRAM having storage capacitor cell
Write data masking for higher speed drams
Asynchronous queuing circuit for DRAM external RAS accesses
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Method and circuit for determining sense amplifier sensitivity
Semiconductor memory device having write column select gate
Memory with reduced sub-threshold leakage current in dynamic bit lines of read ports
Semiconductor memory device operating in low power supply voltage and low power consumption
Semiconductor memory
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device adapted to store a multi-valued data in a single memory cell
Variable level memory
Memory device
Write-once polymer memory with e-beam writing and reading
Method for operating a multi-level memory cell
Compressed event counting technique and application to a flash memory system
EEPROM cells and array with reduced write disturbance
Method for erasing a memory cell
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and test method therefor
Method of erasing a flash memory
Channel-erase nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method for improving read margin in a flash memory device
Method for repairing over-erasure of fast bits on floating gate memory devices
Write pulse circuit for a magnetic memory
High dynamic range recording and playback for multilevel storage using differential sampling
RAM circuit with redundant word lines
Semiconductor memory device and redundant output switch thereof
Self-healing MRAM
Timing fuse method for delaying signals in a memory device
Low power SRAM redundancy repair scheme
Semiconductor memory device permitting early detection of defective test data
Semiconductor memory device with test mode
Cubic memory array
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having hierarchical power source arrangement
High-voltage detection circuit for a semiconductor memory
Semiconductor device, microcomputer and flash memory
Redundant memory circuit for analog semiconductor memory
Method and circuit for dynamic reading of a memory cell, in particular a multi-level nonvolatile memory cell
Semiconductor memory device including clock-independent sense amplifier
System for source side sensing
Synchronous memory devices with synchronized latency control circuits and methods of operating same
Sense amplifier having integrated y multiplexor and method therefor
Memory device having read charge control, write charge control and floating or precharge circuits
Data bus architecture for integrated circuit devices having embedded dynamic random access memory (DRAM) with a large aspect ratio providing reduced capacitance and power requirements
Synchronous mirror delay with reduced delay line taps
Simultaneous function dynamic random access memory device technique
Precharge control signal generator, and semiconductor memory device using the same
Voltage and temperature compensated pulse generator
Self-time scheme to reduce cycle time for memories
Bit line decoding scheme and circuit for dual bit memory with a dual bit selection
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of controlling the same
Semiconductor device having chip selection circuit and method of generating chip selection signal
Reference current generation circuit for multiple bit flash memory
Integrated memory having a plurality of memory cell arrays
Spin valve thin film magnetic element and method of manufacturing the same
Thin-film magnetic head having a thin-film coil and method of manufacturing same
Method for making barium titanate powder, barium titanate powder prepared by the method, dielectric ceramic compact, and monolithic ceramic capacitor
Solid state capacitors and methods of manufacturing them
Electrochemical double layer capacitor having carbon powder electrodes
Semiconductor switch-assisted electromechanical relay
Ferro-electric capacitor and method of fabrication of the ferro-electric capacitor
Electrostatic chuck
Electromechanical memory having cell selection circuitry constructed with nanotube technology
Nonvolatile memory structures and fabrication methods
Wind guide device for CPU cooler
Multi-chip package with embedded cooling element
Buckling device of a heat dissipating module
Heat-dissipating device with grounding capability
Fully synthesisable and highly area efficient very large scale integration (VLSI) electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuit
Power semiconductor device, power arm and inverter circuit
Circuit board with low profile switch assembly
Laser irradiation optical system
Microoptoelectromechanical system (MOEMS) based laser
Optical passive components and bi-directional amplifier
Optical amplifier with reduced non-linear signal impairments by optimum pumping configuration and method for using same
Multi-wavelength light source utilizing acousto-optic tunable filter
Pumping method and unit for optical amplifiers
ArF excimer laser device and a fluoride laser device
Phase locked free electron laser with rational mode locking
Bi-metal and other passive thermal compensators for fiber-based devices
Diode-pumped alkali laser
Distributed feedback semiconductor laser device and multi-wavelength laser array
High power surface-emitting distributed feedback laser
Low voltage modular room ionization system
Battery servicing system with bridging protection
Switchgear cabinet with at least one cabinet door and a fan-assisted air circulation on an interior
Control of extinction angle for a line-commutated converter
DC power supply device
High resolution digital diode emulator for DC-DC converters
Multiple output dynamically regulated charge pump power converter
Method and apparatus providing a multi-function terminal for a power supply controller
Circuit configuration for applying a supply voltage to a load and method for such application
Audio band conducted emissions suppression on power feeders
Modulation technique for flyback converter
Dual input AC/DC to programmable DC output converter
Switching system
Control device for power converter
Transformerless two-phase inverter
Resonant inverter circuit
Pad cell circuit-integrated, differential-signal equalization receiver for integrated circuit and method of boosting and equalizing high frequency differential signals
Digital filtering method
Bandpass tracker for DTV receiver, with VSB I-F signal filtered for more symmetrical AFPC Loop response
Stress-follower circuit configuration
Replica compensated heterogeneous DACs and methods
Data converter with background auto-zeroing via active interpolation
Piecewise linear calibration method and circuit to correct transfer function errors of digital to analog converters
Apparatus and method for the correction of DC offset in data bus structures at the receiver
Scalable interface and method of transmitting data thereon
Wireless network circuits, systems, and methods for frequency hopping with reduced packet interference
Method and apparatus for generation of CDMA long codes
Apparatus and method for optical modulation
Optical amplifier control
Optical communication network node
Receiver and receiving method
Digital spread spectrum circuit
Adjustable gain transmit cancellation in a full-duplex modem data access arrangement (DAA)
Power level arbitration between base station and mobile station in mobile communication system
Hybrid DSMA/CDMA (digital sense multiple access/code division multiple access) method with collision resolution for packet communications
Space time block coded transmit antenna diversity for WCDMA
Satellite communication system
Method for re-routing signals in a switch network
Random access in a mobile telecommunications system
Optical network
Coding method and apparatus
Dynamic wireless link adaptation
Verifying performance of a buffering and selection network device
Method and apparatus for tracing a virtual connection
System for controlling frame collision
Method of MPOA status change notification
Apparatus and method for forwarding encapsulated data packets on a network having multiple links between nodes
ATM exchange
Method and apparatus for implementing a quality of service policy in a data communications network
Distributed control merged buffer ATM switch
Method for optimizing data transfer in a data network
Method, system and apparatus for telecommunications control
Virtual connection shaping with hierarchial arbitration
Modular switches interconnected across a communication network to achieve minimal address mapping or translation between termination devices
Message based packet switch based on a common, generic bus medium for transport
Packet switch and packet switching method using priority control based on congestion status within packet switch
System and method for establishing SPVx connections
Apparatus for and method of releasing stuck virtual circuits in an asynchronous transfer mode network
Communication resource management method and node device using priority control and admission control
Rerouting method for a PVC route on an ATM network and a network management system using the rerouting method
Wireless computer network communication system and method which determines an available spreading code
Communication scheme with operations to supplement limitations of portable terminal device
Data gateway and method for conveying data to a base site in a communication system
High performance self balancing low cost network switching architecture based on distributed hierarchical shared memory
Efficient packet data transport mechanism and an interface therefor
Routing switch automatically identifying network topology
Routing IP packets to an aircraft
DC offset and bit timing system and method for use with a wireless transceiver
System and method for dynamic sharing of connection resources
Method and apparatus for providing virtual facility communication service
Network service provider architecture in communications network
Communication network
Method of compensating for systemic impairments in a telecommunications network
Method for rapid synchronization of a point to multipoint communication system
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding N-bit data into 2N-bit codewords
Method and apparatus for multi-level coding of digital signals
Signal point arrangement dispersion calculation circuit
Method and transmitting device for transmitting data symbols from subscriber signals via a radio interface of a mobile communications system
Carrier phase derived symbol timing
Node of a point-to-multipoint network
Synchronization preamble method for OFDM waveforms in a communications system
Method for qualifying a loop for DSL service
Method for storing image of original and image processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring scanner registration
Apparatus and method for detecting the presence of a page in an image scanner
Electronic camera having picture data output function
Installation for increasing usable range along axial direction of light source
Marking engine and method to optimize tone levels in a digital output system
Image processing apparatus
Facsimile telecommunications system and method
Contact type color image sensor
Quantization method for color document reproduction in a color printing system
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and computer readable memory
Method and system for retrieving blocks of data from a storage medium
Method of defective pixel address detection for image sensors having windowing function
Image pickup apparatus
Solid-state image sensing device with light-shielding member having openings spaced at an equal pitch
Real time personal channel
Data communication system and method with improved system efficiency
Controllable still frame video transmission system
Subliminally embedded keys in video for synchronization
Data processing method and apparatus for a data stream including object streams
Image encoder, image encoding method, image decoder, image decoding method, and distribution media
Video signal processing
Picture decoding apparatus modifying received temporal references
Method and apparatus for dynamic pipelining
Statistical multiplexer and remultiplexer that accommodates changes in structure of group of pictures
Method and apparatus for MPEG-2 program ID re-mapping for multiplexing several programs into a single transport stream
Silylation layer for optical devices
Geometric configurations for photosites for reducing moire patterns
Digital image processor for a digital camera
Color signal processing circuit, method of the same and a camera apparatus
Single panel color projector
Transmission apparatus, subrack and connector unit
Method for controlling accesses to resources of a communication network
Handoff control for point to multipoint connections in mobile ATM networks
Multimedia information communication system
Frequency re-use for point to multipoint applications
On board mounting electronic apparatus and on board mounting electric power supply
Card-shaped storage medium and information processing apparatus having guide portion for the same
Method and system for controlling a cooling fan within a computer system
Wash down filtered fan apparatus
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