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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Sensing techniques for on-farm analysis of milk components
Dermal micro-organs, methods and apparatuses for producing and using the same
Method of preparing water-soluble and biodegradable antimicrobial agent
Cyclopentadione derived herbicides
Crystalline forms of bosentan
Thrombopoietin receptor agonist (TpoRA) kills acute human myeloid leukemia cells
Ester compound and use thereof
Active compound combinations
Laser self-mixing sensors for biological sensing
Apparatus and a method for quantifying properties of skin
Fingerprint detection
Moldable ear sensor
Devices useful in imaging
Process and device for detection of precancer tissues with infrared spectroscopy
Wound care dressing
Drug delivery system
(R)-(-)-1,2-propanediol compositions and methods
Retinoid derivatives endowed with cytotoxic and/or antiangiogenic properties
Process for production of biphenyl derivative
Indole modulators of S1P receptors
Pyrazolothiazole compound
Glucokinase activators
Stable pharmaceutical omeprazole formulation for oral administration
Quinazolines and related heterocyclic compounds, and their therapeutic use
Dietary fiber formulation and method of administration
Decontaminating composition having simultaneously bactericidal, fungicidal and virocidal properties, methods for obtaining and using said composition
TTK peptides and vaccines including the same
Peptidomimetic protease inhibitors
Methods to produce keratin elastomer
Variants of pigment epithelium derived factor and uses thereof
Ejection liquid, ejection method, method of making droplets from liquid, cartridge and ejection device
Methods and compositions related to the modulation of intercellular junctions
Enterococcus antigens
Small Streptococcus pyogenes antigens and their use
Anti-BST2 antibody
Modified CEA nucleic acid and expression vectors
Transgene delivering retrovirus targeting collagen exposed at site of tissue injury
Epithelium-improving agent
Alkaloid formulations
Method and system for coating insertable medical devices
Resuscitation device and method for resuscitation
Medical pacing wires
Maximum pacing rate limiter system
Lead condition assessment for an implantable medical device
Method for strengthening keratinous fibers
Performing Operations; Transporting
Low volatility polymers for two-stage deposition processes
Corrosion resisting joining area and method between materials of copper and stainless steel or titanium, which are the constituents of permanent cathodes for electrolytic processes and cathodes obtained
Method for extracting non-metallic weld metal inclusions
Fuel hose
Packaging articles, films and methods that promote or preserve the desirable color of meat
Adhesive sheet for protecting coating film
Component surface with three-dimensional surface texture and method for the creation of a component surface with three-dimensional surface texture
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus including same
Thermosensitive recording material and production method thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Aluminum-alkali hydroxide recyclable hydrogen generator
Crystalline molecular sieve EMM-7, its synthesis and use
Composition for improving the stability and operational performance and reducing the environmental impact of asphalt mixes
Method for the dehydroaromatisation of mixtures containing methane by regenerating the corresponding catalysts that are devoid of precious metal
Multihydric compound dehydration systems, catalyst compositions, and methods
Recovery of acetophenone during the production of phenol
Method for the reactive vaporization of glycerol
Process for the industrial isolation of propene
Enzyme inhibiting compounds
Oxazolidinone derivative having 7-membered hetero ring
Process for producing vinylene carbonate
Trioxane production method wherein a side aqueous flow is deducted at a first distillation stage
Tetrathiafulvalene derivative, and organic film and organic transistor using the same
Pyrrolopyrazoles, potent kinase inhibitors
Catalysts, methods of making catalysts, and methods of use
Method for preparing exo-tricyclo[,5]non-7-ene-3-spiro-1'-(3'-ethyl-3'-alumina)cy- clopentane
Osteoprotegerin variant proteins
Group B Streptococcus polypeptides, nucleic acids and therapeutic compositions and vaccines thereof
Identification of the hepcidin binding site on ferroportin
Immunotherapeutic methods using epitopes of WT-1 and GATA-1
Curable resin composition for nanoimprint
Thermo- and/or photo-sensitive material and insulator film made thereof
Catalyst compounds and use thereof
Catalyst components based on fulvene complexes
Silicon-containing particle, process for producing the same, organic-polymer composition, ceramic, and process for producing the same
Process for recovering a polymer from a solution
Production of metathesis products by high melting polymer segment interchange
Crosslinker, crosslinked polymer material, and production method of the crosslinked polymer material
Use of 2-isopropyl-2-alkyl-1,3-propanediols for preparing polymers
Water-blown rigid foams for the insulation of liquefied natural gas tanks
Process for preparing a polymer polyol
Preparation of meso-porous polymer based nano-polymerized composite material
Method for the recycling of polyvinyl butyral
Rubber crawler
Polyether polyol composition and use thereof
Water stable compositions and articles comprising starch and methods of making the same
Flowable polyamides with hyperbranched polyesters/polycarbonates
Polymer for forming insulating film, composition for forming insulating film, insulating film, and electronic device having same
Optical device and display
Antifoam compositions comprising a mixture of organopolysiloxanes
Methods and devices for microencapsulation of cells
Marker of Streptococcus anginosus/ Streptococcus constellatus (Moac) and uses thereof
Method for preventing formation of trisulfide derivatives of polypeptides
Polypeptides having alpha-amylase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Processing of peptides and proteins
Compositions and methods comprising a subtilisin variant
Beta-1,3-glucan manufacturing method
Detection of nucleic acids and proteins
High speed, high fidelity, high sensitivity nucleic acid detection
Oligonucleotides as temperature-sensitive inhibitors for DNA polymerases
Production of a polypeptide in a serum-free cell culture liquid containing plant protein hydrolysate
Method for producing probiotically derived compounds
Hydrolase detection system with caged substrates
Electrochemical methods of detecting cancer with 4-aminophenyl phosphate
Lentiviral transduced dendritic cells for RNAi
Methods for diagnosis of common acute lymphoblastic leukemia by determining the level of gene expression
Integrated versatile and systems preparation of specimens
Localization of human cytomegalovirus nucleic acids and proteins in human cancer cells
High-temperature attachment of organic molecules to substrates
Method for fabrication of localized plasmon transducers
Test agent for visceral obesity and use thereof
Textiles; Paper
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Fixed Constructions
Spacer having a desiccant for an insulating glass pane
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Procedure and control unit for operating a self-igniting Otto engine
Start-up control system for internal combustion engine
Control system for internal combustion engine
Systems and methods for the inspection of structures having unknown properties
Control system and method for providing position measurement with redundancy for safety checking
Device for weighing articles moving continuously along a conveying line
Particle diameter distribution measurement device
Methods and materials for amplification of a signal in an immunoassay
Air-driven shutter device and optical analyzer
X-ray imaging apparatus and X-ray imaging method
X-ray shield grating, manufacturing method therefor, and X-ray imaging apparatus
Method for determining the projection geometry of an x-ray apparatus
Method and apparatus for the automated assay and valuation of precious metal objects
Rapid and comprehensive identification of prokaryotic organisms by metagenomic analysis
Methods for determining oligosaccharide binding
SOGA polynucleotides and polypeptides and uses thereof
Network system, management computer, and bandwidth management method
Semiconductor device for performing test operation and method thereof
Probe card test apparatus and method
Mask alignment, rotation and bias monitor utilizing threshold voltage dependence
Delay test circuitry
Magnetic shield body and magnetic shielded room
Direction of arrival estimation apparatus and method thereof
Method of imaging a target area of the subsoil from walkaway type data
Liquid lens and image pickup apparatus
Zoom lens system
Color filter array panel, liquid crystal display having the same, and manufacturing method thereof
Multiphoton curing to provide encapsulated optical elements
Lens device
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Image display device and projection device
Active matrix liquid crystal display device with overlapping conductive film and pixel electrode
Electronic appliance and camera device
Method of manufacturing screen and partial screen
Process for producing photoresist polymeric compounds
Fluoroalcohol containing molecular photoresist materials and processes of use
Method for calibrating a printing machine using semi-transparent sheets
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Developer supply device and image forming apparatus having the same
Image forming apparatus featuring supply of developers having different toner ratios
Image forming apparatus
Developer supplying cartridge, developer receiving cartridge, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus
Polymerized toner and method for manufacturing same
Developer, developer container, and image forming apparatus
Process for preparing polymerized toner
Lens system for common aperture holographic storage system
Protective apparatus for electronic unit on unmanned space exploration vehicle
Family of current/power-efficient high voltage linear regulator circuit architectures
Notebook computer
Notebook computer
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
Processing image data
Image processing apparatus having context memory controller
Information signal reproducing apparatus
Vibration suppressing device for spacecraft
Method of estimating the non-measurable characteristics of an electrochemical system
Selectively isolating processor elements into subsets of processor elements
Processor, memory device, computer system, and method for transferring data
Method and apparatus for predicting video traffic
Display assembly and a fuel dispensing unit
Handwriting input system
Method of calibrating position offset of cursor
Producing capacitive images comprising non-connection values
Image forming apparatus, image forming method and medium for storing an image forming program thereof with changing of output setting data
Print server, control method thereof, client terminal, printing system, and computer-readable medium
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and storage medium thereof for generating print data for form data
Information processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, and information processing method thereof
Calculating sample size for clinical trial
Consistent signal selection by signal segment selection techniques
Tire pressure adjustment
Vacuum chamber
Truck restraint for loading dock
Numerical simulation method for characterizing fluid channelling along large-aperture fractures of reservoirs
Appending restriction information to a job before transmission
Printing device, and control method of printing device
Device, method and computer program product
Iterative processing
Imaging based symptomatic classification using a combination of trace transform, fuzzy technique and multitude of features
Information processor, information processing method, and program for content delivery
Entropy encoding/decoding method and apparatus for hierarchical image processing and symbol encoding/decoding apparatus for the same
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding an image by using rotational transform
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer readable medium
Pattern inspection method and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method and system for optimizing utilization of a donor
Content management
Team shopping
DAS predictive modeling and reporting function
Stereoscopic image display apparatus, text data processing apparatus, program, and storing medium
Flexible RFID label
Warning device and method for indicating that a part of the body is sticking out of a window of a vehicle
Methods and systems for displaying a message in a wide-spectrum display
Electric function module assembly
Systems, devices, and methods of managing power consumption in wireless sensor networks
Notification systems and methods enabling selection of arrival or departure times of tracked mobile things in relation to locations
Method of driving a plasma display panel to compensate for the increase in the discharge delay time as the number of sustain pulses increases
Method of driving a plasma display panel to compensate for the increase in the discharge delay time as the number of sustain pulses increases
Organic light emitting display device having improved brightness
Transmissive liquid crystal display device having color saturation conversion section
Keyboard for use in computer system
Dual display module and display apparatus having the same
Multi plasma display device
Display drive apparatus and display apparatus
Control circuit for an organic light emitting diode panel
System for displaying and scrolling musical notes
Audible post-it system
Spindle motor
Apparatus for tracking and recording vital signs and task-related information of a vehicle to identify operating patterns
Apparatus and method for inspecting thermally assisted magnetic head
Disk drive adjusting servo burst signals to compensate for radial velocity of the head
Method for manufacturing magnetic recording layer having two or more layers
Plant gain calibration for an optical storage servo system
Optical disc apparatus, tilt correction method, and program
Sync mark correction for holographic data pages
Optical pickup device and optical disc apparatus
Optical pickup device and optical pickup supporting device including partially overlapping mirrors
Optical information recording medium and sputtering target for forming reflective film for optical information recording medium
Recording layer for optical information recording medium, optical information recording medium, and sputtering target
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit and manufacturing method thereof
NAND-based 2T2b NOR flash array with a diode connection to cell's source node for size reduction using the least number of metal layers
Polyimides and fluoropolymer bonding layer with improved internal adhesive strength
Water drain structure for wire harness
Multi-site spare 3-phase transformer
Information processing apparatus and switch device
Pole part of a medium-voltage switching device
Thin illuminated keyboard
Imaging energy filter for electrically charged particles and spectroscope having same
Control system for fluorescent light fixture
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Method and structure for forming a gyroscope and accelerometer
Roll-to-roll non-vacuum deposition of transparent conductive electrodes
Method for manufacturing a microelectronic device and a microelectronic device thus manufactured
Method of manufacturing organic electroluminescence device
Method and apparatus for MEMS oscillator
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
High-nitrogen content metal resistor and method of forming same
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Electrical contact alignment posts
Semiconductor device including a pillar MOS transistor
Component packaging and assembly
Diamond particle mololayer heat spreaders and associated methods
Semiconductor chip assembly with post/base heat spreader and multilevel conductive trace
Contact plug structure, semiconductor device, and method for forming contact plug
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Semiconductor memory device
Conductive filament based memory elements and methods with improved data retention and/or endurance
Semiconductor device having plural insulated gate switching cells and method for designing the same
Semiconductor device with common contact coupling gate wiring integrated with gate electrode of antifuse to diffusion layer
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
Non-volatile memory device and method for fabricating the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Nanowire multijunction solar cell
Method for producing solid state imaging device and solid-state imaging device
Dye-sensitized solar cell
Arrangement for securing elongated solar cells
Packaging structure for plural bare chips
Method and device for cold gas spraying
Crystal microbalance holder
Apparatus for holding piezoelectric vibrator
Devices having a tunable acoustic path length and methods for making same
Organic photoelectric device
Battery charger with retractable contacts
Electronic apparatus
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery including positive electrode active material layers having parallel grooves
Anode exhaust recycle system
Electrode structure for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery, method for producing the same, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Secondary lithium battery
Solid oxide fuel cell manifold and corresponding stack
Antenna device and radio communication terminal
Surge arrester with a varistor element and method for producing a surge arrester
Plug device for controlling connection with power source
Surge protector
Gated diode having at least one lightly-doped drain (LDD) implant blocked and circuits and methods employing same
Faraday electrical energy sink for a power bus
System and a method for controlling at least one voltage converter having a plurality of cells in series
Network based energy preference service for managing electric vehicle charging preferences
Interspersed multi-layer concentric wound stator
Linear vibrator
Variable frequency timing circuit for a power supply control circuit
Power conversion with current sensing coupled through saturating element
Vibration actuator, lens barrel, and camera
Control apparatus and control method for AC electric motor
Collector boost
Switching device and switching arrangements for switching at high operating voltage
Compensation circuit and test apparatus
Multifunction word recognizer element
Method and apparatus that facilitates estimating Doppler spread for uplink transmissions
System, method and apparatus for inter-vehicle communication
Method for controlling communication, communication system, and communication apparatus
Optimized power amplifier and switching power supply topology
Input device and display input device using the same
Waterproof radio
Access type setting apparatus, mobile communication system, and access type setting method
Underwater communications
Mobile communication system, base station and interference removal method
Multi-channel RX/TX calibration and local oscillator mismatch mitigation
Wireless communication device and wireless communication system
MIMO detection method and system based on channel correlation
Method for transmitting data, particularly having multimedia contents, in a mobile radio telephone network
Method of communication supporting half-duplex frequency division duplex
Transmit processing using receiver functions
Optical multiplexing terminating device, passive optical network system and method for allocating wavelength
Multi-fiber ten gigabit passive optical network optical line terminal for optical distribution network coexistence with gigabit passive optical network
Method for allocating dynamic transmit time interval
Methods and apparatus for operating a wireless communications system
System reliability evaluation method for routing policy
Near soft-output maximum likelihood detection for multiple-input multiple-output systems using reduced list detection
Frame transmission method in a wireless communication system
Communication systems and methods using blind channel estimation based on cumulants
Grid connected power storage system and integration controller thereof
Wireless link quality monitoring in network-enabled TVs
Method and apparatus for controlling uplink power in a wireless communication system
Assigning work from multiple sources to multiple sinks given assignment constraints
System and method for storing and retrieving multimedia messages on low-cost tags in order to facilitate contextual communications
Optical network, optical edge router, program thereof, cut through method, and edge router
Hard iterative decoder for multilevel codes
Fast computation of a single coefficient in an inverse polynomial
Methods, apparatus, and systems for coding with constrained interleaving
Identifying caller preferences based on voice print analysis
Method and system for providing an emergency location service using interoperability between IMS core and access network
System and method for providing limited unique telephone numbers to access multiple long distance destinations
Methods and systems for dynamic treatment of callers
Universal scanning stand for devices equipped with a digital camera
Reading apparatus
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image production device, image production method, and program for driving computer to execute image production method
Camera apparatus and electronic device provided with the same
Power-supply-noise cancelling circuit and solid-state imaging device
Image processing apparatus that corrects for chromatic aberration for taken image, image pickup apparatus, method of correcting for chromatic aberration of magnification therefor, and storage medium
Display control apparatus, image capturing apparatus, display control method, and program
Method of operating an image sensor having a digital exposure circuit
CCD-type solid-state imaging device, driving method for CCD-type solid-state imaging device, and imaging system
Television start speed enhancement
Picture search method and apparatus for digital reproduction
Moving image recording apparatus, moving image recording method and program
IV monitoring by video and image processing
Decoding device, recording medium, and decoding method for coded data
Copy control method
Wearable video recorder and monitor system and associated method
RFID carrier sensing method and RFID system using this RFID carrier sensing method
Fastener structure and reversed sounding structure using the same
Earphone assembly with moisture resistance
Hearing aid device
Signal correction apparatus and signal correction method
Encryption key distribution method in mobile broadcasting system, and system for the same
System and methods for monitoring the geospatial context associated with a mobile communication device
Mobile communication system, network apparatus, and mobile communication method
Method of rejecting radio links based on timing information regarding a detected cell
Method for resource partitioning with predefined pattern and adaptive resource partitioning method
Method for feedback to uplink allocation request
Wireless communication system and method for assuring communication quality of packet flow
Mobile station and mobile communication method
Mobile control device that performs handover control
Methods and apparatus for implementing short message systems (SMS) in WiMAX systems
Method for random access based on priority
Multi-hop communication setup subject to boundary values
Apparatus and method for bypassing failed LEDs in lighting arrays
Light emitting diode tube and light emitting diode lamp using the same
Lighting apparatus using PN junction light-emitting element
Backlight unit, driving method thereof, and error detection method thereof
Integrated on-time extension for non-dissipative bleeding in a power supply
LED tube system
DC/DC converter with multiple outputs
High pressure discharge lamp lighting device and illumination instrument
Driver circuit particularly suited for lighting devices
Multilayer wiring substrate
Coulomb island and Faraday shield used to create adjustable Coulomb forces
Portable electronic device case with battery
Display module
Mounting apparatus for expansion cards
Electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Soybean cultivar 9331755017381
Soybean variety 94B22
Inbred maize line PH04G
Soybean cultivar CX414cRR
Soybean cultivar 61675413
Soybean cultivar 61647479
Inbred maize line NP2151
Heater apparatus for an aquarium
Intermediates to herbicidal isoxazole and 2-cyano-1,3-dione compounds
Continuous crystallization system with controlled nucleation for milk fat fractionation
Protein isolate having an increased level of isoflavone compounds and process for producing the same
Process for producing deoiled phosphatides
Controlled dissolution crosslinked protein crystals
Process for supplying heat to an object and container for keeping dishes hot and reheating dishes
Low profile carpet seaming iron with replaceable handle and sole plate of varying thickness
Electric drinking cup for vehicles
Biomaterial for in situ tissue repair
Tab member
Absorbent article with visually and tactilely distinctive outer cover
Water-absorbent article and method
Bandage handy strips
Process for producing desulfated polysaccharide, and desulfated heparin
Use of chimeric vaccinia virus complement control proteins to inhibit complement
Steroid bisphosphonates
Cross-linked acrylic copolymers in aqueous emulsion with improved thickening and suspending properties
Soft intraocular lens material
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for preparing acetaldehyde from ethylene and oxygen
Method for altering the ratio of isotopes of the metal of a metal alkyl
Simultaneous production of dicarboxylic acids and diamines by splitting polyamides into their monomeric constituents
Method of synthesizing diverse collections of oligomers
Hydrogenation of aromatic amines to produce their ring hydrogenated counterparts
Catalyst composition
Preparation of amines
PCR method for amplifying a gene using metallic sample container having inner surface coated with a resin or metal oxide
Method for separating polymer-salt mixtures
Laser-welded steel pipe and method therefor
Method and device for treating the surfaces of component bores
Electric discharge machining apparatus
Micro-cleavage method for specimen preparation
Laser drilling breakthrough detector
Marking of fabrics and other materials using a laser
Laser cutting system
Gas shielded arc-welding flux cored wire
Preparation process of polyester
Water soluble thermoplastic printed wiring board spacer
Elastic fibers, fabrics and articles fabricated therefrom
Color forming dye precursor, composition containing the same and color forming heat-sensitive recording material
Aqueous silicone emulsion and base cloth for air bags treated therewith
Heated automotive running board
Drive housing cover
Heated windshield wiper with removable heating element
Position detecting apparatus for forklifts
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Cement dispersants
Process for preparing 4-aminodiphenylamines
Process for preparing polyalkene amines
Synthesis of optically active cyclohexylphenylglycolate esters
Quinidine conjugates and their use in immunoassays
Polymers of cyclopentene
Process for producing butyric ester derivatives
Method of preparing N-1-alkenyl carbonylamino compounds
Preparation of alcohols
Process for obtaining 2-hydroxy-4-methylthiobutyric acid (MHA)
O-carbamoyl-phenylalaninol having substituent at benzene ring, its pharmaceutically useful salts and method for preparing the same
Process for preparing ionones
Process for the production of 1,3-propanediol
Isomerization of hydrocarbons
Hydrocarbon dehydrocyclization process
Iridium-catalyzed carbonylation process for the production of acetic acid
Method for purifying isophthalic acid prepared from metaxylene
Process for producing sec-butyl acrylate
Optically active 3-(1-(carbamoyl))alkyl-2-oxo-pyrrolidines and optically active 3-(1-(alkylamido))alkyl-2-oxo-pyrrolidines
Substituted intermediate compounds for the preparation of n-[(aminoiminomethyl or aminomethyl)phenyl]propyl amides
Heat-based process for the re-racemisation of a (-)-2-phenylmethyl-3,3-dimethyl-piperidin-4-on derivative
Process for making 1,5-disubstituted imidazoles
Oxazolidinone compounds and process for the preparation thereof
4,4-disubstituted-1,4-dihydro-2H-3,1-benzoxazin-2-ones useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors and intermediates and processes for making the same
Red-emitting [8,9]benzophenoxazine nucleic acid dyes and methods for their use
Vulcanization accelerators suitable for the introduction of polar substituents
Substituted [2-(1-piperazinyl)ethoxy]methyl compounds
Process for the preparation of trans-3-alkyloxy-4-hydroxytetrahydrofuran
Process of making 3-aryloxy, 4-aryl furan-2-ones useful as inhibitors of COX-2
Synthesis of benzo fused heterocyclic sulfonyl chlorides
Process for the preparation of macrocyclic esters or lactones
Chemiluminescent 1,2-dioxetanes
Process for the production of lipoic acid
Non-endogenous, constitutively activated human serotonin receptors and small molecule modulators thereof
Method for debenzylation of dibenzylbiotin
Organometallic compounds
Ansa group 4 metal bis (.mu.-substituted) aluminum complexes
Process for producing boron compounds
Fungicidal compositions and methods of making thereof
Hyperbranched polymers and methods for the preparation thereof
Method for preparing a short-chain polysulfide silane mixture
Organosilicon compounds and making method
Method for obtaining organosilanes implementing a redistribution reaction
Erythromycin a derivatives
Primary phosphoramidate internucleoside linkages and oligonucleotides containing the same
Compositions for sorting polynucleotides
Squarate dyes and their use in fluorescent sequencing method
Precursors for deoxyribonucleotides containing non-standard nucleosides
Process for the continuous production of high purity L-ribose
Nucleoside analogs with polycyclic aromatic groups attached, methods of synthesis and uses therefor
Ligand for herpes simplex virus entry mediator and methods of use
Production of polyunsaturated fatty acids by expression of polyketide-like synthesis genes in plants
Human polyhomeotic 2 (hph2) acts as a tumor suppressor
Bax .omega. protein and methods
Rep-max protein having anti-oncogenic activity and uses thereof
High affinity nucleic acid ligands of complement system proteins
Nonapeptides that bind a HLA-A2.1 molecule
Nucleic acid encoding human neuronal calcium channel subunits
Ras-binding protein (PRE1)
Zinc finger protein derivatives and methods therefor
Bau, a BIN1 interacting protein, and uses therefor
Antisense transcript expressed in B lymphocytes and synthetic oligonucleotides useful to inhibit the activity thereof
Monoclonal antibody reactive with human-origin CETP and method of quantifying human-origin CETP
Human monoclonal anti-tumor antibodies
Antibodies specific for MTS2 Polypeptide
Methods for producing members of specific binding pairs
Process for preparing a spinnable, isotropic cellulose solution
Ethylenic polymers and process for the production thereof
Polymerization catalyst systems, their production and use
Process for preparing continuously variable-composition copolymers
Ethylenic random copolymer, process for preparing the same, and rubber composition
Fluorine-containing elastic copolymers, curable composition containing the same and sealant made therefrom
Vinyl chloride resin composition
Silane functional oligomer
Thermoplastic elastomeric block copolymers and process for the preparation thereof
Synthesis of high vinyl rubber
Process for making polypropylene graft copolymers containing anhydride groups
Fluorinated ionomers and their uses
Phenol-novolacs with improved optical properties
Waterproofing agent for ink jet printing paper
Powder coating of non-crystalline and crystalline epoxy resins
Powder coating composition including an epoxy-functionalized silane resin
Oxidative/reductive methods of deaggregation of electrically conductive polymers and precursors thereof and methods of fabricating articles therewith
Chemicals and processes for making fluorinated poly(para-xylylenes)
Polyurethane thermoplastic material and production process
Static-resistant polycarbonates having DI-t-alkylphenyl end groups
Method for preparing solid state polycarbonates in a unitary series of operations
Polyether amine modification of polypropylene
Semi-crystalline, semi-aromatic copolymers with superior post-molding shrinkage and balance of mechanical performance
Functionalized polyorganosiloxanes and one of the processes for the preparation thereof
Process for preparing polysilane by catalytic dehydrogenative condensation of organosilane and metal complex catalyst therefor
Crosslinkable silicon polymer compositions
Catalyst system, process, and silicone compositions
Process for recycling and recovery of purified nylon polymer
Liquid crystalline polyester resin for extrusion molding
Hydrosilylation catalysts and silicone compositions using the same
Impact-modified thermoplastic polyolefins and articles fabricated therefrom
Modified polysiloxanes, rubber compositions and tire tread rubber compositions containing the same, and reactive plasticizer
Thermoplastic polymer composition
Multiple component thermoplastic elastomer compositions
Antidrip agents for thermoplastic molding compounds
Graft polymer moulding compositions with reduced deposit formation
Fluoropolymer composition
Chlorinated vinyl chloride resin composition
Adhesive resin composition and sealing resin composition
Polyesters including isosorbide as a comonomer blended with other thermoplastic polymers
Injection moldable polyimide resin composition and a method of producing its molded articles
Extrudable halogen-free mixture
Anthraquinone polysulfonamide colorants
Near-infrared ray absorbing polyazo compound
Basic azo compounds, their production and use
Surface treating compositions
Methods for maize transformation coupled with adventitious regeneration utilizing nodal section explants and mature zygotic embryos
Specificity of gene expression
Transformation method for plants
Production of recombinant polypeptides by bovine species and transgenic methods
Recombinant human prostate specific antigen
DNA encoding kojibiose phosphorylase obtainable from thermoanaerobium, ' its preparation and uses
Textiles; Paper
Silicone softener viscosity reducer
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cooking appliance
Temperature control apparatus, method and memory medium for an oven
Electric appliance housing, especially for a consumption meter
Heat-generating element cooling device
Guitar pic retainer clip
Method of visualizing music system by combination of scenery picture and player icons
Music tone generating method by waveform synthesis with advance parameter computation
System and method for automatically detecting a set of fundamental frequencies simultaneously present in an audio signal
Memory reduction method and apparatus for variable frequency dividers
Twin axial electrical cable
Multi-wire SZ and helical stranded conductor and method of forming same
Hollow core composite bushings
Seal for hermetic terminal assemblies
Transformer tank with detachable cabinet interface
Arrangement at a conductor on high voltage potential
Tact switch
Switch array
Breaker device having an incomplete-connection prevention function
Key switch arrangement
Contact configuration for vacuum switches
Controlling the temperature of a wafer by varying the pressure of gas between the underside of the wafer and the chuck
Wafer level burn-in and test thermal chuck and method
Grounded packaged semiconductor structure and manufacturing method therefor
Lead member with multiple conductive layers and specific grain size
Photovoltaic element having a back side transparent and electrically conductive layer with a light incident side surface region having a specific cross section and a module comprising said photovolatic element
Method and apparatus for plated EMI housing with integrated positive contact
Rectangular housing for accommodating electric or electronic components with plate seal
System and method for cable bundle packaging and dressing
Flexible cable-run for the containment of electrical cables and the like
Safety lock conduit connector
Stator winding insulation
Wire telecommunication equipment with protection against electromagnetic interference
Cooktop control and monitoring system including detecting properties of a utensil through a solid-surface cooktop
Plunger stand-off assembly
Shielded electronic circuit assembly
Protective shield tent and method of using same
Electronic chassis electro-magnetic interference seal and sealing device
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew