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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Multi drill cultivator
Straw walker for a combine harvester
Thermoformed grow tube
Automatic watering device for plants
Hand held device for injecting pressurized products into soil
Modular vertical farm cell
Hands-free pet leash
Aquaculture net with high-tensile steel wires
Method of dispensing volatile and soluble substances and a device for use therein
Method of testing moisture retention of tobacco
Pipe and smoking kit
Energy absorbing helmet underwear
Antiglare system for a crash helmet
Ring binder clip
Instrument case assemblies
Method of implant flossing
Patient trolley
Bezel assembly for computer
Rack apparatus
Trailer jack support block
Mounting apparatus and mounting apparatus assembly
Computer enclosure
Bedside pistol supporting device
Entertainment chair system
Support for portable electrical device
Support mechanism
Tea kettle
Method and apparatus for brewing hot beverages
Incinerating commode
Shower fixing seat with LCD
Overflow drain for toilet
Steam mop
Apparatus for disinfecting handheld instruments
Shoe cleaning doormat device
Dirt cup assembly with a pre-filter having a plurality of ribs
Dental release agent and methods for its use
Method and kit for producing dental implant drilling guides
Dental bite block
Apparatus and method for safely lowering user from structure
Roof mounted remotely controlled fire fighting tower
Network gaming system
Systems and methods for fixed-odds based gaming activities
Networked gaming system communication protocols and methods
Network system for coordinating bonus games
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for recovering valuable metals from slag and manufacturing multifunctional aggregate
Collecting agent and method for floatation of insoluble components of raw salts
Sprinkler having adjustable sprinkling pattern
Carrier for reducing entrance and/or exit marks left by a substrate-processing meniscus
Pipe conduit vehicle
Calibrating hydro-formed tubular parts
Universal adjustable bracket apparatus for supporting air conditioners and other devices
Process for producing conductive rubber roller, and roller for electrophotographic apparatus
Method of forming a turbine engine component
Ultra-precision machining system
Percussive mechanism with an electrodynamic linear drive
Electric soldering iron
Machining unit for a program-controlled milling and drilling machine
Substrate carrier and applications thereof
Methods, systems, and products for welding grounding rods
Electric power tool with a holding device
Grasping apparatus
Device with multiple engagement members
Robot arm assembly
Connecting assembly and clamp replacing apparatus using same
Robot arm assembly
Electrical devices, particularly electrical shavers, having magnetically coupled drives, and adapters therefor
Method for calibrating surfaces of stone material
Method of making a motor vehicle wheel arch, and a wheel arch obtained by implementing the method
Method of producing a molded article using a deformable cavity insert and deformable cavity insert for a molding system
Hot-runner system having non-structurally supportive heat insulator including visible material
Cable manufacturing process
Fine-structure transfer apparatus
Cleaning apparatus for printer
Non-aqueous ink-jet ink and ink-jet recording method
Inkjet recording apparatus
Fire timing control in printing devices
Recording apparatus and recording method
Disposable fluid applicator
Shipping chocks and methods for loading cylindrical-shaped objects for transport
Apparatus for configuring the interior space of a vehicle
Shopping cart tray apparatus
Positioning device of vehicle rack
Protective roof rack system
Vehicle wiper device and vehicle
Direct drive windshield wiper assembly
Combinational structure of flat blade wiper for vehicle
Windshield wiper assembly
Device for keeping optical elements clean, in particular covers for sensors or cameras, in motor vehicles
Method and apparatus for removing ice and snow deposits from a vehicle
Locomotive engine enclosure and method for servicing locomotive engine
Fold latch for a foldable stroller
Tandem bar guide pin assembly
Movable handguard assembly
Roller assembly for traveling over surfaces
Flexible bicycle derailleur mount
Bicycle chain guide assembly
Gateway plate device for a slotted mast or spar having a channel
Traction kite with high projected leading edge
Propulsion assembly for aircraft
Adapters for use with an anesthetic vaporizer
Gas charging apparatus and gas charging method
Waste collection system and a method for assembling a waste collection system
Cup holder
Trash container liner bag
Refill pack for a personal use device
Battery cover assembly for portable electronic device
Sealing cover assembly for an underground utility box
Microplate handling systems and related computer program products and methods
Apparatus for stacking and reclaiming material
Component feeding device
Reversible pet spiral staircase
Input tray capable of aligning paper
Apparatus and method for loading a film cassette for gaseous vapor deposition
Image forming apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable medium
Image forming apparatus and feed mechanism
Automatic document feeder
Receptacle for coiled wire
Automatic positioning winder
Flush unit for a fountain dispenser
Closure for a container
Device for preparing drinks and method for cleaning such a device
Textiles; Paper
Modified worker operation in textile carding
Shirt press
Laundry treating appliance with controlled oscillating movement
Fixed Constructions
Piling device
Safety nosing components and manufacturing methods
Baseboard support devices
Tower reinforcement apparatus and methods
Method and apparatus for securing door mechanisms
Portable wireless key
Hinge assembly for a folding fabric top
Adjustable and reversible pillar
Window and door frame assembly apparatus and method
Shutter drive apparatus
Hydrocarbon recovery drill string apparatus, subterranean hydrocarbon recovery drilling methods, and subterranean hydrocarbon recovery methods
Drill string flow control valve and methods of use
Compact cable suspended pumping system for lubricator deployment
Hydraulic actuated pump system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll type compressor having reinforced fixed scroll
Four-wall turbine airfoil with thermal strain control for reduced cycle fatigue
Arrangement for axially securing blades in a rotor of a gas turbine
Valve lash adjustment system for a split-cycle engine
After-treatment de-contamination system
Four-cycle engine
Fuel injection method for diesel engine and diesel engine
Control system of internal combustion engine
CAM plate bearings for barrel engine
Fuel supply system
Remote starting device and remote starting method
Two-stroke engine
Electrical generator for waterway
Control system to manage and optimize a geothermal electric generation system from one or more wells that individually produce heat
Reciprocating pump having a pressure compensated piston
Centrifugal pump for slurries
Balancing liquid pumping system
Waterproof screw bolt and a waterproof screw bolt combination
Method for measuring tension in an anchored rod at an accessible end
Linear bearing assembly and method
Marine drive shaft-bearing structure
Wheel rolling bearing unit
Clutch release bearing
Pressure reducing gas storage device, air-jet system, and motor vehicle
Disc brake for a commercial vehicle
Elastic connection element with variable rigidity
Dual clutch multi-speed transmission
Unitized radial fluid seal
Pressure control and relief system
Toilet fill valve auxiliary shutoff mechanism
Cold assisted pipe splitting and bursting
CPAP tube delivery device
Support stand for electronic device
Backlight apparatus, light source for backlight apparatus, and display apparatus using the same
System of collimated array of light emitters
Assembling structure for vehicle room illumination lamp
Light emitting diode bulb
Rotatable light source device
Light projector
LED illumination device
LED unit
LED lamp with hermetical end holders
Luminaire optical systems
Optical waveguide device
Compositions comprising iodotrifluoromethane and uses thereof
Freezer with liquid cryogen refrigerant and method
Device and method for cooling drinks
Controlling method of ice maker
Method and apparatus for incineration of combustible waste
Self-loading firearm
Vertical orientation indicator for use after an avalanche
Key and portable electronic device using the same and manufacturing method thereof
Storage dispenser apparatus for aids, consumables and utensils
Photoacoustic multipass cell with concentrating reflection means
Power steering device
Binding force testing device
Method for measuring back pressure in open ended chemical reactor tubes
Apparatus for determining and/or monitoring a measured variable
Mirror for improved visibility of danger zone area on right side of school buses
Light pipe assembly having optical concentrator
Interleaved lighting system for 2D-3D display having orthogonally arranged light extraction features
Optical fiber connector
Reading lenses combined with advertising medium for use in venues that serve food and/ or drinks or that require reading printed matter
Spring hinge for spectacles
Camera stabilization device and method of use
3D optical projection device
Projector and control method therefor to suppress flickering
Regulating member for a wristwatch, and timepiece comprising such a regulating member
Sanitary fitting with a joystick controller
Electronic throttle control pedal assembly with hysteresis
Power supply circuit for video card chipset
Electronic device, method for controlling electronic device, and recording medium
Low power radio controlled clock incorporating independent timing corrections
Support apparatus for device
Power control system of a baseboard management controller and method thereof
Power management of iterative data processing systems
Apparatus and method for reducing the standby power consumption of a display, and display with low standby power consumption
Low delay and area efficient soft error correction in arbitration logic
Data recovery in a cross domain environment
Method and system for trusted/untrusted digital signal processor debugging operations
Error identification and recovery in variable print jobs
Method for interleaving continuous length sequence
Detecting and defending against man-in-the-middle attacks
Source identification of compliance errors in a web page with custom widgets
Electronic device, key generation program, recording medium, and key generation method
Storage system to which removable encryption/decryption module is connected
Synchronization of replicated sequential access storage components
Memory allocation with identification of requesting loadable kernel module
Systems and methods for performing parallel multi-level data computations
Mapping locations of logical volume records on a physical stacked volume
Method for controlling data write to virtual logical volume conforming to thin provisioning, and storage apparatus
Controlling simulation of a microprocessor instruction fetch unit through manipulation of instruction addresses
Application migration and power consumption optimization in partitioned computer system
Computer system, data migration monitoring method and data migration monitoring program
Computer system, method of managing PCI switch, and management server
Multiple backup processes
Data processing method, data processing apparatus and robot
Buffering device and buffering method
System and method for modeling, monitoring and managing telecommunications networks and infrastructure
Distributed object-oriented appliance control system
Distribution of XML documents/messages to XML appliances/routers
Method and system for reconstructing transactions in a communication network
Terminal device and content data processing method
Storage device, controller, and address management method
Methods and apparatus for fragmenting system information messages in wireless networks
Processing and presenting multi-dimensioned transaction tracking data
Temperature retention and weatherization blanket system
Method and system for design check knowledge construction
Temporal and geographic presentation and navigation of linked cultural, artistic, and historic content
Method and system for synthetic backup and restore
System for generating a keyword ranking report
NAS system and remote copy method
Method for detecting object
Method and device for coding and decoding information
System and method for data provenance management
Data object linking and browsing tool
Write behind cache with M-to-N referential integrity
Rule-based root cause and alias analysis for semiconductor manufacturing
Method and apparatus for performing template-based classification of a circuit design
Reducing narrow gate width effects in an integrated circuit design
Sorted data outlier identification
Reserved write positions on install media
Distribution device, distribution method, and computer program
Signal transmission system, interface device, and signal transmission method for superimposing a data signal on an electric power line
System and method for adding local resources for use by a mobile agent object
Integrating digital book and zoom interface displays
Visualization and information display for shapes in displayed graphical images based on user zone of focus
User interface for emergency alert system
Method and computer system for displaying a weighted tree based on hyperbolic geometry
Debugging system for multidimensional database query expressions on a processing server
Apparatus and method for organizing, storing and retrieving data using a universal variable-length data structure
Method and tool to overcome VIOS configuration validation and restoration failure due to DRC name mismatch
Representation converting apparatus, arithmetic apparatus, representation converting method, and computer program product
Snapshot management apparatus and method, and storage system
Intelligent bookmarks and information management system based on the same
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing program, and computer-readable medium
Secure and usable authentication for health care information access
Method and apparatus for managing a network, network management program, and storage medium including a network management program stored thereon
System and method for binding a subscription-based computing system to an internet service
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
User login with redirect to home network
Computer system and control method thereof
Method and device for modular configuration deployment at run time
Workstation uptime, maintenance, and reboot service
Method, system and apparatus for providing pay-per-use distributed computing resources
Single development test environment
Usage period management system for applications
Call wizard for information management system (IMS) applications
Virtual machine stage detection
Virtual machine management
Dynamic virtual machine domain configuration and virtual machine relocation management
Batch job assignment apparatus, program, and method that balances processing across execution servers based on execution times
Application programming interface for managing time sharing option address space
System for execution context isolation in response to invoking a BIOS kernel function during a driver execution environment (DXE) phase of boot-up of a computer
Stream data processing method, stream data processing program and stream data processing apparatus for runtime query group data stagnation detection and load balancing
System and method of analyzing business process events
Two-dimensional optical identification device with same gray level for quick decoding and decoding method therefor
Method and device for reading information optically
Internet business transaction processor
Method for aggregating and valuing intellectual property in an exchange
Automated trading system and methodology for realtime identification of statistical arbitrage market opportunities
Methods and apparatus for verifying employment via online data
System and method for detecting a specific cognitive-emotional state in a subject
Method to attend in the distant future a prescheduled appointment
Display light box with programmably separately-lit compartments
License plate holder
Readerboard system
Auxiliary tool for assembling voice coil motor
Method of forming a fully wrapped-around shielded PMR writer pole
Method of forming a magnetoresistive device
Mounting structure of magnetic member, method of bonding magnetic member and magnetic coupling member, pickup unit, and disc apparatus
LDPC encoding methods and apparatus
Magnetic recording apparatus
Cache controller and cache controlling method
Method of manufacturing resistance change element
Light guide and electronic drive having same
Cable connector for connecting motherboard and hard disk drive
Electronic device and infrared receiving device thereof
Electrical connector
Connector for electrified ceiling grid
Apparatus for providing a secure connection between different devices
Locking mechanism for connector
Solar cell panel connector and panel coupling body
Electronic devices connector
Card connector
Electrical connector with inductance and contact module used in the electrical connector
Fixing apparatus for connector
Method for making a self-locking knot in a stator lacing machine
Method for manufacturing and transport of a generator stator core
Method and apparatus for implementing a HARQ in a multi-carrier system
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Traitor tracing in a content protection system
Segmented mapping
Method and apparatus for providing multiple management interfaces to a network device
Translating information between computing devices having different security management
On demand system and method using dynamic broadcast scheduling
In-flight entertainment system
Surface mounter for mounting components
Server cabinet
Supporting device for fixing electronic elements on computer housing
Mounting apparatus for motherboard
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Toaster oven with timer display
Piezoelectric transducer
Vibration generating device and oral hygiene device using same
Sterilization by low energy electron beam
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device containing sample preparation sites for transmission electron microscopic analysis and processes of formation and use
Wafer cleaning system
Method and system for controlling robot
Portable injection gate control for plastic molding
Sensing system and method
Piezoelectric thin film, method for producing the same, and ink jet recording head using the thin film
Control system for hybrid vehicle
System for detecting the state of a switch device
Windshield wiper device
Electric motor and electric power steering apparatus employing the electric motor
Device for thermally protecting elastomeric components, system of such devices for the protection of a rotorcraft rotor in cold weather, and rotorcraft rotor equipped with such a system
Bonding pad structure and method for manufacturing the bonding pad structure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Embossed plasma display back panel
Color cathode-ray tube (CRT) and method of producing the same
Gallium nitride doped with rare earth ions and method and structure for achieving visible light emission
Device for rotating and simultaneous hardening by electric induction
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for controlling a work implement
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and device for switching an inductor
Wave energy converter
Wet-running submersible motor for driving a centrifugal pump
Active electromagnetic damping system for spindle motors
Combustion heated honeycomb mantle infrared radiation
Appliance timer
Defrost heater end cap
High voltage sensitivity coriolis force driven peizoelectric transformer-gryoscope system, and method of use
Parallel plate type oscillatory gyroscope
Inclination detecting optical sensor and a process for producing the same
Single track encoder for providing absolute position information
Direct view infrared MEMS structure
Micromechanical sensor
Gasoline RFG analysis by a spectrometer
Large-field fluorescence imaging apparatus
Inspection apparatus and method using a particle beam
Method for identification of unknown substances
Pulse signal generator
Sensor for measuring electrical current strength and/or voltage
Imaging attenuation correction employing simultaneous transmission/emission scanning
Calibration of PET cameras
Optically stimulated, fast neutron sensor and dosimeter and fiber-optic coupled fast neutron remote sensor and dosimeter
Method and apparatus for fluorescence logging
Compound-eye crime prevention sensor system
Method for producing a spatially stratified optical system for use in the micron and sub-micron wavelength regime
Fast power supply for image intensifying tube
Method and apparatus for accelerated removal of energy and residual images from phosphor screen employed in filmless radiography
Optical synthetic aperture array
Method for controlling a temperature of an electric motor
Photosensor for use in electrophotography
Method of detecting, diagnosing and automatically correcting abnormalities in servo control system
Method and apparatus for controlling the acceleration trajectory of positioning a high-velocity transducer and for reducing the harmonic content thereof
Motor drive control apparatus and method, and image forming apparatus using the method
Method for driving AC discharge memory-type plasma display panel
Planar type plasma discharge display device and drive method
Controlling method of disk driving motor and its controlling device
Power off velocity control for disk drives
Loader with a matching finger that loads a head gimbal assembly onto a disk
Integrated circuit memory devices with improved twisted bit-line structures
Actinic radiation source and uses thereofor
Electrical cammed switch
Electric switching device and a method for performing electric disconnection of a load
Cathode for an electron gun
Plasma display panel having reflective plate with light shielding walls
Electron generation using a fluorescent element and image forming using such electron generation
Cathode ray tube comprising a semiconductor cathode
Structure of shadow mask for flat cathode ray tube
Cathode ray tube with color filter
Panel for color cathode ray tube
Cathode device having smaller opening
Transmission electron microscope having energy filter
Ion implantation apparatus, ion implantation method and semiconductor device
Charged beam lithography apparatus and method thereof
Automated control of linear constricted plasma source array
Electrospray device
System and method for on-line coupling of liquid capillary separations with matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry
Ion-trap mass analyzing apparatus and ion trap mass analyzing method
Bandpass reactive collision cell
Imaging energy filter equipped with distortion corrector
Wall assembly and method for attaching walls for flat panel displays
Electrolytic capacitor heat sink
Plasma display having specific substrate and barrier ribs
Electric incandescent lamp with sintered body glass plate
Method for making metal capacitors for deep submicrometer processes for semiconductor integrated circuits
Semiconductor memory device having capacitive storage therefor
Method for water vapor enhanced charged-particle-beam machining
Zero thermal budget manufacturing process for MOS-technology power devices
Trench-gated power MOSFET with protective diode
Semiconductor topography for a high speed MOSFET having an ultra narrow gate
Semiconductor device with self-aligned metal-containing gate
Method and apparatus for removing residual dirt adhered on dies
Chip scale package and method for manufacture thereof
Semiconductor thin film in semiconductor device having grain boundaries
Buried trench capacitor
Semiconductor device
Trench isolation structure having a low K dielectric material isolated from a silicon-based substrate
Field isolated integrated injection logic gate
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor memory device and fabricating method
Silicon structures having an absorption layer
SRAM cell structure with dielectric sidewall spacers and drain and channel regions defined along sidewall spacers
Static memory cell and method of manufacturing a static memory cell
Suppression of hillock formation in thin aluminum films
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing without damaging HSQ layer and metal pattern utilizing multiple dielectric layers
Ferroelectric field effect transistor having a gate electrode being electrically connected to the bottom electrode of a ferroelectric capacitor
Semiconductor chip package and method for fabricating the same
Molding for holding heat sinks in a clamped stack
Semiconductor device
Laminated integrated circuit package
Self-aligned contact through a conducting layer
Semiconductor metallization structure
Compression layer on the leadframe to reduce stress defects
Power and ground and signal layout for higher density integrated circuit connections with flip-chip bonding
Plastic encapsulation for integrated circuits having plated copper top surface level interconnect
Isolated anti-fuse structure and method for fabricating same
Alignment marks of semiconductor substrate and manufacturing method thereof
Integrated circuit probe pad metal level
Package for microwave and mm-wave integrated circuits
Vertically mountable semiconductor device and methods
Self protected stacked NMOS with non-silicided region to protect mixed-voltage I/O pad from ESD damage
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Efficient NPN turn-on in a high voltage DENMOS transistor for ESD protection
Integrated power semiconductor transistor with current sensing
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Vcc pump for CMOS imagers
Organic electroluminescent display panel having a plurality of ramparts formed on the first and second bus electrodes
Organic EL device
High frequency ring gate MOSFET
Semiconductor non-volatile memory device having an improved write speed
Thin film semiconductor device with a semiconductor large including crystals of an average grain size with a range of 50-350-.ANG.
Photodiode structure having mask to reduce leakage current
Motor mounting for piezoelectric transducer
Monolithic piezoelectric body and piezoelectric actuator
Vibration type actuator
High authority actuator
Actuator using electromechanical transducer and apparatus employing the actuator
Piezoelectric transformer element and method of manufacturing the same
Piezoelectric actuator and method for manufacturing the same
Interfacial electron-injecting layer formed from a doped cathode for organic light-emitting structure
Organic electroluminescent apparatus with mircrocavity
Battery jump-start safety system and process
Armature coil conductor and method of manufacture therefor
Power control apparatus for a battery-powered communication system
Energy storage device having a plurality of single charged particles and a charge neutralizer
Switched battery-bank assembly for providing incremental voltage control
Compact improved autonomous auxiliary engine starting apparatus
Docking station for a portable electrical power source
Radial gap cylindrical motor having an increased number of slots
Anti-loosening outer rotor means for high-torque outer-rotor type electric motor
High efficiency electric generator for mechanically powered electronic equipment
Self-starting brushless electric motor
Control method and apparatus for driving a head drum assembly of a video cassette recorder
Rotary electric machine and method of manufacturing the same
Conductor winding configuration for a large electrical machine
Armature with regular windings and having a high conductor density
Alternator system
High temperature superconducting rotor for a synchronous machine
Vibration motor
Slender-type cylindrical coreless motor and battery driven equipment using the same
Apparatus and method for charge neutral micro-machine control
Variable speed control for AC induction motors
Electrical machines
Energization controller for a phase coil of an electric motor
Brushless DC fan driver with overshoot voltage prevention and enhanced operational efficiency
Stepper motor controller for microstepping a stepper motor and a method for microstepping a stepper motor
Surface acoustic wave device
Complimentary driver circuit with shared voltage breakdown protection
Multi-optical-path photoelectric switch
Image reading method and image reading apparatus
Pyrolytic boron nitride radiation heater
Preconditioner having a digital power factor controller
Incrementally preheating and lighting system for a discharge lamp
Method and device for detecting the rectification effect that occurs in a gas discharge lamp
Method and apparatus for control of fluorescent lamps
Low pressure xenon lamp and driver circuitry for use in theatrical productions and the like
Ballast for a gas-discharge lamp, particularly for motor vehicles
Control panel assembly of a microwave oven
System for rapid air temperature modification in a recycling oven
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew