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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Aeration tine device
Biosequestration and organic assimilation of greenhouse gases
Shredder head with protective elements, and mobile sylvicultural apparatus including the same
Self-compensating drip irrigation emitter
Bait clipper
Scooper having ice cream removing device
Oxygen scavenging polymers as active barrier tie layers in multilayered structures
Knitted glove
Water-vapor-permeable, water-resistant composite material, clothing produced from the same, and method of making the same
Protective and/or decorative shoe cover
Identification bracelet
Carrying bag for a brass instrument
Emergency storage container for glucose tablets
Tubular electro-luminescent light incorporated with device(s)
Coating tool and storage container
Paint bucket
Guide rails for pull-out drawer/equipment
Apparatus and method for double clutch actuator
Portable pool stick rack
Rack mountable beverage bottle
Tray assembly for microwave oven incorporating toaster
Imaging device assembly for electronic stereoscopic endoscope system
Method for making fast absorbing sutures by hydrolysis
Multiple loop tissue connector apparatus and methods
Alignment system for hand-held ophthalmic device
Contact type pulse measurement device
Skin prickers
Composite tubular prostheses
Ureteral stent with small bladder tail(s)
Implants for connective tissue reconstruction
Replacement mitral valve
Rubbery products that shrink due to the application of energy and hypo-allergic rubbery products
Extended skull and posterior cervical adjusting device
Therapeutic limb covering using hydrostatic pressure
Medicine dispensing system
Unfermented gel fraction from psyllium seed husks
Methods of treating West Nile virus infection
Method of treating cardio pulmonary diseases with no group compounds
Temperature-sensitive and cold-adapted human parainfluenza virus type 2 (HPIV-2) and vaccines based on such virus
Method for making abrasive compositions and products thereof
Dilatant composition
Substrate with super-absorbent material, method for manufacture thereof and use
Steerable catheter
Catheter for target specific drug delivery
Sensor system including a port body
System for detecting air
Sequential syringe apparatus
Termination arrangement for a horizontal lifeline cable
Removable height safety apparatus
Transmitting device for exercise appliances
Cushioned pivoting deck
Climbing training machine
Resistance exercise apparatus and trainer
System and method for prescribing a fitness program
Perimeter weighted multi-layer golf ball
Ball retrieval and storage device
Golf club
Tennis teaching aid
Apparatus and method for video based shooting game
Recording medium storing volume control program, volume control method, video game machine, and volume control program
Hydrogen powered toy rocket utilizing hydrogen from the electrolysis of water
Customizable doll with interchangeable faces having likeness of a person
Performing Operations; Transporting
Purification of biological substances
Poultry processing water recovery and re-use process
Ceramic exhaust filter
Apparatus and method for harvesting atmospheric moisture
Cross-linked polybenzimidazole membrane for gas separation
Intermittent mixer with low pressure drop
System for holding paint container
Air purifier with electrode assembly insertion lock
Composite matrices with interstitial polymer networks
Flotation of sulphide minerals
Installation for powder painting objects
Disposable paint cup attachment system for gravity-feed paint sprayer
Apparatus and method for a silkscreen
Powder coating
Use of collapsible microspheres to create texture in surface coverings
Methods for cleaning utilizing multi-stage filtered carbon dioxide
System for cleaning tubes of heat exchangers and cleaning bodies therefor
Machine for treating objects
In-situ thermochemical solidification of dense non-aqueous phase liquids
Method of making metal containers
Method for manufacturing a golf club head
Method for the vertical continuous casting of a steel strip
Method and apparatus for manufacturing metallic parts by die casting
Power take off assembly, drive assembly and saw using power take off assembly
Clamping arrangement for receiving a saw blade in multiple orientations
Friction stir welding method and structure body
Optical waveguide in the interior of silica glass and method of forming optical waveguide
Fuel injector having an orifice plate with offset coining angled orifices
Polishing pad conditioner and methods of manufacture and recycling
Method of lapping medium-opposing surface in thin-film magnetic head
Lens shape data processing apparatus and lens grinding machine having the same apparatus
Method for manufacturing non-seamed stone corners for veneer stone surfaces
Self-adjustable universal spanner
Reversible ratchet type wrench
Automatic screwfeeder
Shaving system
Chain saw with a tensioning arrangement
Filled article
Method for producing foam
Method for manufacturing zipper without shift in injection molding
Process for making a corrugation-free foam
Multilayer polyolefin substrate with low density core and stiff outer layers
Motor driven link press
Lamination and delamination technique for thin film processing
Inkjet printing apparatus
Substrate for ink jet head, ink jet head, and ink jet recording apparatus having ink jet head
Liquid discharge method, liquid discharge head, liquid discharge apparatus, and method for manufacturing liquid discharge head
Ink jet head storing structure and liquid filling method
Correction table generation method and method of controlling correction table generation apparatus
Ink jet printing apparatus
Housing assembly for a self-inking stamp
Recording medium
Tissue paper used for heat-sensitive stencil sheet, heat-sensitive stencil sheet, and method of making the same
Post card with foldable flap on multi-label mailing form for non-impact printer
Tire status monitoring system
Method and system for calibrating a tire pressure sensing system for an automotive vehicle
Attachment mechanism for a tire monitoring system
Vehicle suspension
Air spring and air spring mounting assembly
Sealing connection element, sealing end piece and a seal
Hybrid powertrain system
Vehicle seat attachment latch assembly
Walk in apparatus for vehicle seat
Square bale feeder attachment for flat-bed vehicles
Pedestrian safety system having lower leg impact
Hidden filament assisted opening system for an airbag cover
Inflator press fit housing for inflatable curtains
Mechanical brakes with pads for bicycles
Braking system for vehicle provided with ABS or an anti-skid protection system
Motor-pump assembly, in particular an anti-lock braking system for a motor vehicle
Intercommunicating passageways in double-decker railway coaches
Device for switching and locking moving points components
Power steering apparatus
Motorcycle crash bar lift
Mounting structure for a fuel injection apparatus for an engine of a small size vehicle
Lift gate latch
Water sport tower and top combination for watercraft and method
Steering arrangement for ships with water jet unit
Flushing system and process
Fluid thrust assembly with self-aligning thrust bearings
Externally adjustable latch
Satellite stand-off tether system
Commercial experiment system in orbit
Packaging system with improved flow of articles
Device and a method of storing items
Customer customizable interactive packaging and method for using same
Newspaper recycling container
Single piece organizer
Instride inflatable autonomous fuel depot
Device for conveying stacks of sheets of paper
Bottom surface drive for an endless belt in a conveyor system
Gate assembly
Device for re-reeling and forming a roll of paper in a re-reeling machine
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method of picking a sheet from a stack
Card singularization gate
Device for dispensing two sided adhesive tape pieces and a refill roll for the device
Reel arrangement
Traveling yarn tension compensating system
Industrial truck with a device for moving a lifting frame
Opener for pull top-type cans
Closed loop fluid transfer system for liquid supply and vapor recovery
Dispenser for limiting material extruded after actuation
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for reversible storage of hydrogen and materials for hydrogen storage
Method for recovering an organic solvent from a waste stream containing supercritical CO2
Device for parting laminated substrate and liquid crystal cell
Method for oxidizing treatment of steel plant slag to obtain cement-based materials
Process for preparing tetra-amide compounds
Recombinant IL-5 antagonists useful in treatment of IL-5 mediated disorders
Heparanase activity neutralizing anti-heparanase monoclonal antibody
Polyamic acid composition, liquid crystal aligning film, and liquid crystal display element
Use of grafted polyalkylene oxides as greying inhibitors when washing
Electroconductive device, organic electroluminescence device using the device and process for producing the electroconductive device
CMP formulations
Methods and compositions for placing particulate materials in subterranean zones
Bearing having anodic nanoparticle lubricant
Apparatus for the remediation of particulate material and toxic pollutants in transit in flue gas
Replicating adenovirus vectors
Prostate specific antigen oligo-epitope peptide
Heated gas distribution plate for a processing chamber
Deposited film forming apparatus and deposited film forming method
Chromium (VI)-free conversion layer and method for producing it
Electrochemical method and apparatus for producing and separating ferrate (VI) compounds
Textiles; Paper
Method and device for forming a shed in a weaving machine
Method and apparatus for washing a fibre suspension
Fixed Constructions
Drum for an excavator that can be used in particular for the production of vertical trenches in hard or very hard soils
Building using external facing material for construction
Rain gutter cleaning tool
Modular ladder assembly
Suspended scaffolding system
Ladder sleeve
Hurricane resistant structure
Fence caps for a fencing system
Enhanced durability hammer union
Non-rotating cement wiper plugs
Method and apparatus for safety protection of temporary roof support
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary machine
Lobe-less cam for use in a springless poppet valve system
Exhaust pressure restriction device with bypass passageway
Low pollution power generation system with ion transfer membrane air separation
Method for operating an internal combustion engine having a compressor
Method and device for operating a drive unit having an internal combustion engine
Failure diagnostic apparatus for intake air stream control device and control method of failure diagnostic apparatus
Cylinder head of an internal combustion engine
In-tank fuel line quick connector assembly
Fuel feeding device and fuel filter used for the device
Dual mode fuel injection system and fuel injector for same
Electromagnetic control valve
Variable fuel and fluid delivery system
System for engine knock control
Fluid controlled pumping system and method
Centrifugal compressor with channel ring defined inlet recirculation channel
Power system and work machine using same
Airbag valve with adjustable dead band
Structure for fastening by screw
Hydrodynamic thrust bearing
Branched power transmission having a continuously variable transmission ratio
Planetary gear stage
Oil seal
Particle build-up prevention in flowing systems
Valve with unilaterally constrained piezoelectric bending element as actuating device
Self restraining gasket and pipe joint
Control valve having moveable outlet
Gas socket
Muffler arrangement for a flow duct
Multidirectional transparent panel lighting system
Light irradiating unit
Light signal by inverting
Gas-fired water heater
Water heater
Method for combusting an organic waste concentrate containing alkali metal compounds under oxidative conditions
Cooling/heating system of air conditioner
Solar radiation reflector and solar energy system comprising the solar radiation reflector
Ice maker
Air dryer system and method employing a jet engine
Method and apparatus for heating nonwoven webs
Heat exchanger
Heat exchangers
Water cut meter for measurement of water in crude oil-magnetic
Apparatus and methods for heat loss pressure measurement
Integrated capacitive microfluidic sensors method and apparatus
System and method for identifying incompletely cured adhesive
Apparatus and method for collecting fluid fractions
Chemical compositions comprising crystalline colloidal arrays
Illumination device with removable power pack
Optical unit and projection type projector apparatus using the same
Optocapsule unit for an optohybrid assembly, a lower casing part of such an optocapsule unit, and an optoelectronic module comprising said optocapsule unit and an optohybrid assembly
Three-dimensional mounted assembly and optical transmission device
Display module
Method and apparatus for recording content containing watermark
Data collection and maintenance database method and apparatus
IC card, and method and program for preventing illegal use of IC card
PC adapter cards and method of manufacturing the same
Automated transaction machine
Imaged coded data source transducer product
Optical information reading apparatus
Multi-channel scanning system with common decoder
Method of issuing tickets to events
Arrangement of banknote handling machines for the infeed and outfeed of banknotes
Coin sorting apparatus
Automated banking machine including temperature controlled housing
Interactive breast examination training model
Subterranean utility marker
Sign representation device
Magnetic tape drive apparatus
Magnetic recording medium
Modified transfer function deposition baffles and high density plasma ignition therewith in semiconductor processing
Manufacturing method for electron-emitting device, electron source, and image-forming apparatus
Thermal interface material and methods for assembling and operating devices using such material
Sheet manufacturing method, sheet, sheet manufacturing apparatus, and solar cell
Battery cell having edge support and method of making the same
Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Integrated circuit redistribution package
Electrical connector assembly with readily removable pick up cap
Cable end connector having integral latch means
Connector in which a locking mechanism is protected
Package with lock mechanism
Pair of irreversible complementary connectors
Floating panel mount connector assembly
Sacrificial circuit connector for connect/disconnect applications that exceed the rated cycle limits of circuit connector terminals
Connecting structure for electric wire to shield case of apparatus
Coaxial cable displacement contact
Modular enclosure system for electronic equipment
Implantable hearing aid transducer with actuator interface
Screen printing apparatus and screen printing method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Purse alarm
Pictorially adorned drinking container having integral audio playback
Automatic power adjustment system for introductory use of a vibrating device on a human body
Self-testing grounding device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for evaluating quality of resistance welds
High stability spin stand platform
Spindle state detector of air bearing machine tool
Heat-generating resistor and use thereof
Battery failure indicator for a single battery
Light bar having multiple levels and multiple rows of lights and having end extensions
Auxiliary signal light system
Motor vehicle display apparatus
Rearview mirror assembly with internally mounted compass sensor
Method and system for the recognition of insulation defects
Remote control system suitable for a vehicle and having remote transmitter verification
Biometric characteristic vehicle control system having verification and reset features
Audio device security system
Vehicle security system
Aircraft surface contamination sensing system using control surface hinge moment measurements
Crane safety devices and methods
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Inhibitor switch having magnetic contact portion
Circuit arrangement for the metrological determination of diameters of metal bodies
Electronic wireless navigation system
Instrument display
Carbon fiber contacting position sensor
Apparatus and method for position encoding
Magnetically actuated float switch
Resistive temperature sensor and manufacturing method therefor
Method of determining the permeability of sedimentary strata
Rotating magnetic object motion sensor with unbalanced bias
Method and apparatus for testing bumped die
Adapter system for component assembly circuit boards, for use in a test device
Electronic instrument with multiple position spring detented handle
Hand-held measurement device combining two logic level indicators
Fiber-optic voltage sensor for outdoor high-voltage installations
Method and apparatus for measuring a transfer impedance of shielded devices and common mode currents in shieldings
Apparatus and methods selectively deriving a boosted voltage exceeding an internal voltage
Spectrum analyzer
System for signal path characterization with a reference signal using stepped-frequency increments
Modular design for an integrated circuit testing apparatus
Prober and probe method
Method of utilizing IDDQ tests to screen out defective parts
Method and apparatus for conducting failure analysis on IC chip package
Measuring cell voltages of a fuel cell stack
Remaining battery capacity measuring device
Assymetric superconducting magnets for magnetic resonance imaging
Radar device
Continuous-depth-indicating underground pipe and cable locator
NMR logging tool and method for fast logging
Magnetic resonance well logging method and apparatus
Circuit for generating pulses of high voltage current delivered into a load circuit and implementing method
Power-generation detection circuit for use in an electronic device and power-generation detection method and power consumption control method for use in connection therewith
Electronic device and associated method for charging an energy storage circuit with a DC-DC converter
Semiconductor circuit device having internal power supply circuit
Source follower NMOS voltage regulator with PMOS switching element
Converter for a DC power supply having a input resistance in series with a DC regulatory circuit
Power supply control unit and power supply control method
System with DLL
Thermal sensing circuit
Circuit for controlling leakage current in large scale integrated circuits
Self-timed pipelined datapath system and asynchronous signal control circuit
Serial bus speed-up circuit
Personal electronic storage device container and labeling
Conditional invert functions in precharged circuits
System for indicating locations of sales items, method thereof, and apparatus thereof
Coding apparatus, decoding apparatus, coding-decoding apparatus and methods applied thereto
Rectifying antenna circuit
Redundant status indicators for fault tolerance
Seat occupancy indicator and seating area display system
Modular pager unit removably incorporated with a personal electronic device
Assembly for signal transfer between a transmitter location and a receiver location
Open road cashless toll collection system and method using transponders and cameras to track vehicles
Apparatus and method of assisting visually impaired persons to generate graphical data in a computer
Display apparatus with a circuit for controlling the input voltage of PLL according to display mode and method
Disk glide testing with zone detection
High density and high speed magneto-electronic logic family
Dynamic-latch-receiver with self-reset pointer
Focus volume coupling device of FBT
Thin magnetic element and transformer
Magnetic coupler and associated method for coupling conductors
Thermal switch
Thermal disconnect for high-temperature batteries
Electrically conductive contact pin having a temperature fuse function
Electro-mechanical reversing contactor with a single, common base
Electromagnetic relay
Circuit breaker with externally lockable secondary cover latch
Electrical circuit breakers
Stabilized polysilicon resistor and a method of manufacturing it
In-situ measurement method and apparatus for semiconductor processing
Charge pumps of antifuse programming circuitry powered from high voltage compatibility terminal
Waveguide interconnection system
Distributed constant circuit
Dielectric laminated filter
Wideband balun for wireless and RF application
Method and structure for tuning the summing network of a base station
Coil device
Filtering device comprising a control circuit and an electrical apparatus comprising such a device
Apparatus and method for synchronizing a synchronous condenser with a power generation system
Circuit and method for charging a battery based on an allowable dissipation of a housing
Autonomous battery equalization circuit
Alarm apparatus for vehicle-onboard AC generator
Bias pump arrangement including a signal-transition-detection circuit
DC-to-DC converter with transient suppression
Power amplifier with soft switching and multilevel switching cells
Integrated circuits for voltage controlled oscillators
Active double-balanced mixer with embedded linearization amplifiers
Cascode amplifier with positive feedback for high frequency performance and method for operating and optimizing such amplifier
Offset-compensated amplifier input stage and method
Amplification system having mask detection and bias compensation
Predistortion circuit for an analog signal in a video communication network
Switched capacitor amplifier circuit having bus precharge capability and method
Transimpedance-type amplifier circuit with interchangeable resistance
Device for amplifying digital signals
Hybrid thermionic valve and solid state audio amplifier
Differential amplifier with MOS transistor
Low power supply CMOS differential amplifier topology
Master tuning circuit for adjusting a slave transistor to follow a master resistor
Transconductance control circuit, particularly for continuous-time circuits
Double sampled switched capacitor low pass multirate filter for a .SIGMA..DELTA. D/A converter
High-frequency signal splitter
Wide band directional coupler
Saw filter with multiple reflector pairs
Analog switch comprising connected bipolar junction transistors
Electronic driver circuit that utilizes resonance with load circuitry in combination with timed switching to reduce power consumption
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with a stable operating internal circuit
Driver circuit configured for use with receiver
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Differential, high speed, ECL to CMOS converter
Parametric tuning of an intergrated circuit after fabrication
Macro cell signal selector and semiconductor integrated circuit including these parts
Computational field programmable architecture
Pseudo-dynamic differential flip-flop
Input buffer circuit
Method and apparatus for reducing baseline wander
Digital phase detector and charge pump system reset and balanced current source matching
Digital phase-locked loop with pulse controlled charge pump
PLL synthesizer having a voltage controlled oscillator with tuning offset and output tuning controlled
Tunable, energy efficient clocking scheme
Circuits, architectures and methods for detecting and correcting excess oscillator frequencies
Phase lock loop enabling smooth loop bandwidth switching
Trimming algorithm for pipeline A/D converter using integrated non-linearity measurement
Analog-to-digital converter system with amplifier gain calibration
D/A converting apparatus with independent D/A converter controlled reference signals
Delta-sigma modulator with improved full-scale accuracy
Delta sigma circuit with pulse width modulated offset
Variable-length coding device and method using table that holds information on presence/absence of code correspondingly to region represented by combination of run data and level data
Encoding with economical codebook memory utilization
Asynchronous serialization/deserialization system and method
Optical transmission system element test
Power transfer apparatus for concurrently transmitting data and power over data wires
On-chip automatic system for impedance matching in very high speed input-output chip interfacing
High speed interface apparatus
Device for demodulating a binary phase-shift keyed signal
Method and a device for telecommunication
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew