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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plants having stress related traits and methods for making the same
Method for promoting synthesis of tissue collagen
Virus-like particles for treatment of viral infections
Graphene hydrogel and method for using the same
Pomegranate based skin protectant and topical application
Computer program products for systems with cooperating reruckers for producing encased products
Apparel fastener assembly
Wearable device for hiding keepsakes and valuables
Universal wheeled bag system
Heated hair curler with hinged hair grip and applicator handle
Cosmetic container
Molded lip brush
Eyebrow sculpting template and method
Carrier apparatus for a portable computer
Finger scrubber
Rocker brush assembly
Cabinetry system having removable cabinet faces
Wall bench
Fire resistant composite material and fabrics made therefrom
Modular mattress system
Crib baby bottle holder for self feeding
Solar powered signs including solar panels and light-emitting diodes
Sleeve system for beverage containers
Flexible mailbox support with detachable swing arm and replacable outer sleeve
Pivotable support system and apparatus for a mailbox
Landscape safety apparatus, associated combinations, methods, and kits
Capsule storage
Hot beverage brewer for multiple volumes
Air-activated sequenced valve split foam pump
Damp mop tool with hand activated liquid dispenser
Surgical device for the collection of soft tissue
Insertion needle
Clot retrieval devices
Surgical cutting instrument
Wireless tattoo applicator system
Polyaxial screw assembly
Instrumentation for spinal fixation using minimally invasive surgical techniques
Deposit ablation within and external to circulatory systems
Method and apparatus for producing a central pressure waveform in an oscillometric blood pressure system
Adjustable finger cuff assembly for a blood pressure measurement device
Concentration measuring device and a method of controlling the concentration measuring device
Optical measuring device
Method and apparatus for monitoring a subject for atrial fibrillation
Patient positioning system and methods for diagnostic radiology and radiotherapy
System for decontaminating medical equipment items and tracking decontamination process
Implantable replica of natural tooth
Cutaneous proprioreceptive activation garment system
Ointment-containing foot wrap
Absorbent article and production method thereof
Vascular shield and delivery system
Medical device
Method, device and system for modulating an activity of brown adipose tissue in a vertebrate subject
Traction bed
Medicament dispensing machine
Loading system for an encapsulation device
Multi-vial dispensing
Methods of treating diabetes
Delivery of submicrometer and nanometer aerosols to the lungs using hygroscopic excipients or dual stream nasal delivery
Materials and methods for improving alcohol metabolism and alleviating the effects of hangovers
Pharmaceutical or veterinary antiviral compositions
Methods for treating hyperuricemia in patients with gout using halofenate or halofenic acid and a second urate-lowering agent
Sulfonamides as TRPM8 modulators
Benzimidazole-imidazole derivatives
Compositions and methods for treating bacterial infections
Methods and compositions for decreasing saliva production
5,6-disubstituted oxindole-derivatives and use thereof for treating vasopressin-dependent diseases
Pyrimidine imidazole amines as modulators of kinase activity
Imidazo-, pyrazolopyrazines and imidazotriazines and their use
Pyrido[4,3-B]indole and pyrido[3,4-B]indole derivatives and methods of use
Method for inhibiting influenza virus infection
Methods of inhibiting growth of a neoplastic cell
Factor II and fibrinogen for treatment of haemostatic disorders
HPMA--docetaxel conjugates and uses therefore
Renewable diesel and jet fuel from microbial sources
Probes and methods of imaging non-Hodgkins lymphoma
Anti-settling and thickening compositions and methods for using same
Growth factor sensitive vesicle
Topical pharmaceutical composition comprising nanonized silver sulfadiazine
Dry coated tablet
Gastric retentive extended release pharmaceutical compositions
Pharmaceutical compositions of lurasidone
Non-thermal electromagnetic sterilization
Toothbrush sterilization cabinet
Positionable elongated members with multi-axis joints
Twist-in spring-skirt-like sphincterotome
Medical tubing stabilizer
Device and methods for nerve modulation using a novel ablation catheter with polymeric ablative elements
Valveless pharmaceutical infusion system
Systems and methods for treating dyspnea, including via electrical afferent signal blocking
Integrated resuscitation
Apparatus and method for electromagnetic treatment of neurodegenerative conditions
Method for dermal regeneration by administering an ether cross-linked glucomannan/hyaluronic acid composition
Fire enclosure and safety system for an inkjet printer using a radiant dryer unit
Bike roller systems
Athlete training and monitoring system
Golf club grip extension and chipping training aid
Shoe holder arranged for attachment to a golf bag
Practigoal expandable goal net
Billiard table for rebound training
Interactive greeting card
Access control of user based photograph bundles
Building block construction system
Rotating dual equestrian jump cup
Performing Operations; Transporting
Divalent cation removal from rich monoethylene glycol (MEG) feed streams by ion exchange
Toxic gas condensation and retreatment system
Personal dehumidification system
Wet chemical and plasma methods of forming stable PTPD catalysts
Methods for selecting and applying a layer of Cu--Mn spinel phase to ZPGM catalyst systems for TWC application
Mixed metal oxide catalysts
Process for preparing vinylidenecarboxylic acid (ester)s by reaction of formaldehyde with alkylcarboxylic acid (ester)s
Solid/heat-transfer gas reactor comprising gas diffusers with reduced risks of blocking
Gyratory crusher bearing
Saver bottle
Apparatus and related methods for dispensation of a liquid
Single-shaft track-changeable vibration exciter
Apparatus for insertion in a tank and method thereof
Method and device for lubricating the cylinders of a roll stand
Rolling mill roll-cleaning device and cleaning method
Feed roll assembly
Cushion pin device for press
Pipe bender
Self-raking fence panel and rail, kit of parts, and method of assembly and installation
Drill and boring device using same
Cutting-off machine
Apparatus for broaching repair of turbine rotor steeples
Hollow component, a method of manufacturing the same, and an apparatus for manufacturing the same
Laser cutting method and laser cutting device
Braze methods and components with heat resistant materials
Method of manufacturing cemented carbide cutting tool and cutting tool manufactured by the method
Bottle cap removing cutlery
Restart protection device and method thereof
Flag-maneuvering tool
Shaving device with razor and applicator heads
Fully automated optical fiber cutter
Apparatus and method for distressing an edge of a material
Method, system, and computer program for controlling a hydraulic press
Enhanced separation of injection molded microlenses for high volume manufacturing
Combination container and bag
Barrier layers comprising Ni-inclusive alloys and/or other metallic alloys, double barrier layers, coated articles including double barrier layers, and methods of making the same
Using imprinted particle structure
System for assembling optical films for displays
Elastic laminate sheet
Thermal spray masking tape
Microcapsules adapted to rupture in a magnetic field to enable easy removal of one substrate from another for enhanced reworkability
Method and apparatus for a carbon fiber printing press roller with a nylon or chrome outer surface
Print substrate edge holder
Ink tank and printing apparatus
Wheel rim design
Pneumatic tire with tread having center sipes and middle sipes
Tire machine clamping system
Suspension system
Heat exchanger pivotable for clean-out
Rear window roller blind system
Straddle-type electric vehicle
Actuator arrangement for a motor vehicle train
Wall rail platform and release system
Receiving device for at least one container in a vehicle interior
Oil sands truck body
Tray system for a truck
Illuminated vehicle compartment
Cable device to restrict headlamp motion in frontal low speed impacts
Photoluminescent vehicle badge
Photoluminescent vehicle graphics
Hidden photoluminescent vehicle user interface
Photoluminescent bin lamp
Method for unfolding external air bag
Security battery apparatus and its method
Flat wiper blade
Wiper adapter and wiper assembly incorporating the same
Windshield wiper and radiator fluid refill device
Debris removal device for dual wheels on a vehicle
Brake control apparatus
System and method to control regenerative braking
Vehicle control device and vehicle control method
Actuating device for an automated dual clutch transmission of a motor vehicle, and method for controlling an actuating device of said type
Collision energy absorption column and railroad vehicle provided with the collision energy absorption column
Saucer sled with a seat
Vehicle underbody structure
Vehicle steering device
Electric power steering device and shaft coupler used therefor
Safety motorcycle stand
Centralized unlocking operation apparatus for vehicle locking mechanism
Cable operating mechanism
Master cylinder-mounted display for a motorcycle
Bicycle with electric motor assist
Personal watercraft having a unitary seat and hood assembly
Aircraft tire and runway interface friction map consolidation
Apparatus and method for launch and retrieval of a hovering aircraft
Device for receiving a workpiece for a workpiece carrier circulation system of a production machine
Mixing container for different contents
Handle for use with a flexible package
Containers with reclosable lids
Dispensing cap
Packaging of objects located in one or more layers
Plastic beer keg
Retention tank storage cover
Accurate dry bulk handling system and method of use
Booklet processing unit
Card media processing system including track assembly and cars for carrying cards, and related methods
Apparatus and method for removing broken corks
Paint can lip remover
Medicine transfusion apparatus and medicine transfusion method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Systems and methods for producing hydrogen gas
Graphene nanoribbon precursors and monomers suitable for preparation thereof
Perovskite-type strontium titanate
Water treatment device and method
Low energy system and method of desalinating seawater
Repositionable heater assemblies for glass production lines and methods of managing temperature of glass in production lines
Method for protecting glass surface using long-chain organic material
Method of making heat treated coated article with carbon based coating and protective film
Method for avoiding fungal growth in mineral construction materials
Method for producing isononanoic acids from 2-ethyl hexanol
Method for producing isononanoic acid esters, starting from 2-ethyl hexanol
Hydroesterification process for producing biodiesel from wet microalgae biomass
Reactive mesogen compound having superior thermostability and high birefringence and method of preparing the same
Process for preparing antiviral compounds
Method for preparation of medetomidine with chloroacetone
Process for carrying out a reaction involving a liquid reaction mixture
Method for converting aloeresin A to aloesin
Processes for the preparation of pesticidal compounds
Triazolopyridine JAK inhibitor compounds and methods
5-azaindazole compounds and methods of use
Nitrogen containing compounds and their use
Amorphous form of 4-((4-(cyclopentyloxy)-5-(2-methylbenzo[d]oxazol-6-yl)-7h-pyrrolo[2,3-d]p- yrimidin-2-yl)amino)-3-methoxy-n-methylbenzamide, compositions thereof and methods of their use
Substituted pyrazoloquinazolinones and pyrroloquinazolinones as allosteric modulators of group II metabotropic glutamate receptors
Process for producing optically active succinimide derivatives and intermediates thereof
Systemic insecticide
Indazole derivatives
7-oxo-thiazolopyridine carbonic acid derivatives and their use in the treatment, amelioration or prevention of a viral disease
Modified creatine compounds
Gene overexpressed in cancer
Complex disease resistant monocot having optimized agronomic characteristics
Antigen binding proteins
CCR2 antagonist peptides
Continuous adiabatic inverse emulsion polymerization process
Catalyst composition with alkoxyalkyl ester internal electron donor and polymer from same
Nonflammable solvent compositions for dissolving polymers and resulting solvent systems
Inflation media for implants
Adhesives comprising epoxy-acid crosslinked groups and methods
Ceramic proppants
Methods and systems for producing reduced resid and bottomless products from heavy hydrocarbon feedstocks
Method for producing jet fuel composition, and jet fuel composition
Liquid fuel compositions
Wort boiling method and apparatus
Transgenic plants with enhanced growth characteristics
Modulators of miR-323-3p for the prevention or treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
Modulation of KCNH2 isoform expression by oligonucleotides as a therapeutic approach for long QT syndrome
Methods and compositions for modified ethanol inducible promoter systems
Defined media for expansion and maintenance of pluripotent stem cells
Continuous process for the production of ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass
Process for butanol production
Production method for organic acid using CoA-transferase
Microbial culture medium and cultural method
System and method of assessing a wellbore servicing fluid or a component thereof
All mini-STR multiplex with increased C.E. through-put by STR prolongation template fusion
Diagnosis marker, diagnosis method and therapeutic agent for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and animal model and cell model developing amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Breast cancer biomarker signatures for invasiveness and prognosis
Primate T-lymphotropic viruses
Continuous processes for hydrolyzing hemicelluloses from ligocellulosic materials with cleaning system
Titanium metal production apparatus and production method for titanium metal
Radical reactor with inverted orientation
Method for forming patterned conductive film
Apparatus for manufacturing ingot
Fixed Constructions
Traction jack
Special coatings and infill for artificial turf
Apparatus for capturing oil and gas below the surface of the sea
Method for joining plastic parts and foundation mat product therefor
Pre-stress corrosion-resistant tubular pile used in special coastal geological conditions and manufacturing method
System, method and apparatus for attic rafter extension for storage
Floor slab and floor comprising such a slab
Apparatus for semi-automatically opening/closing door of construction equipment
Use of tungsten carbide tube rod to hard-face PDC matrix
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary positive displacement machine
Gas turbine inlet system and method
Layer system having a two-ply metal layer
Turbine airfoil with laterally extending snubber having internal cooling system
Method for improving the sealing on rotor arrangements
Internal combustion engine and control apparatus of the internal combustion engine
Engine oil supply system and a method of controlling an engine oil supply system
Systems, methods, and apparatuses related to vehicles with reduced emissions
Exhaust gas purification system for an internal combustion engine
Control system for internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas purification apparatus for internal combustion engine
Gas combustor installed and detachable ignition module thereof
Turbocharger control linkage with reduced heat flow
Method for controlling the movement of a component or machine element inhibited by friction
Vehicle and intake amount control device
Methods and systems for controlling airflow through a throttle turbine generator
Valve assembly for an injection valve and injection valve
Diagnostic system and method for vehicle starter
System and method for renewable electrical power production using wave energy
Mitigating wind turbine blade noise generation in view of a minimum power generation requirement
Compensated barrier and lubrication fluids pressure regulation system for a subsea motor and pump module
Variable stroke control structure for high pressure fuel pump
Blade comprising pre-wired sections
Drive lever arrangement
Bolt and nut assembly with plastic cover for controlled sealing compression
Device for securing a panel to a mounting stud
High-capacity bearing
Bearing device
Methods and systems for an engine
Compressed fluid motor, and compressed fluid powered vehicle
Torsional vibration damping device
Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
Valve for controlling a gas flow, liquid separator, ventilation system and internal combustion engine comprising such a valve
Relief valve
Charging cable support arm
Coupler including clamp for connection to a corrugated tube
Telescopic supporting device and telescopic supporting post
Hand-held refillable gas container and filling nozzle thereof
Modular segmented electronics assembly
Thermal venting apparatus and method for LED modules
Lighting apparatus
Apparatus for radiating light from a virtual source
Light guide plate, method of manufacturing same, and backlight module having same
Burner of a gas turbine
Fuel nozzle having an inner tube and an outer tube engaged with the inner tube
Method and apparatus for burning solid fuels by radiative combustion
Dehumidifier dryer using ambient heat enhancement
Misting fan system and method
Storage apparatuses and related methods for storing temperature-sensitive items
Protective HVAC cover
Method and apparatus for liquefying a gas or cooling a feed gas at supercritical pressure
Microwave dryer and microwave drying method
Tactical takedown assist tool
Training rifle and magazine
Spearing system
Armor plate with shock wave absorbing properties
Light weight rocket propelled grenade net protection system and manufacturing process
Arrowhead assembly structure
Route planning to reduce exposure to radiation
Multi-modality dosimeter for use with arc-based radiotherapy quality assurance phantom
Methods for detecting film formation potential in food products
Method of interrogating a sensor of surface acoustic wave type
Apparatuses and methods for fuel level sensing
Method to remove the spectral components of illumination energy from a sample spectrum without the use of optical barrier filters, and apparatus for the same
Monitoring systems and methods
Temperature sensor for hygienic applications with clampable process connector
Outside air temperature measurement device and method
Temperature detecting circuit
Method for characterizing the behaviour of a vehicle and use in the selection of the tyres of the vehicle
Lining tube and method for checking the curing through of a lining tube of resin-impregnated fiber material
Device and method for collecting airborne microorganisms
Automated pelletized sample decanting apparatus and methods
In situ heat induced antigen recovery and staining method
Detection of contaminated areas
Cell separation technique
Ultrasensitive detection of beta hemolytic Streptococcus
Circuit to extend frequency response of accelerometer
Method of reconstructing electrical probes
Variable spacing four-point probe pin device and method
Magneto-resistive angle sensor and sensor system using the same
Radar system and target detection method
Jig and calibration method
Pulse transponder countermeasure
Systems and methods for improving the quality of images in a PET scan
Manipulation of topography of large-format glass slides
Light beam scanner
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Integrated cluster and head-up display device for vehicle
Liquid crystal shutter eyeglass
Zoom lens and electronic device including the same
Blazed grating spectral purity filter and methods of making such a filter
Optical guide with superimposed guidance elements and manufacturing method
Spectroscopic imaging probes, devices, and methods
Optical fiber coupling connector
Indicating communications components via illumination
Systems and methods for customizing adjustable intraocular lenses
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Display device having a first polarization layer comprising an isotropic macromolecular material and a second polarizer layer comprising a macromolecular material having a positive birefringence, the first and second polarizers layers stacked on each other
Liquid-crystal lens
Methods and apparatus to construct an ultrathin display panel
Display device
Imaging device and mounting apparatus
Illumination optical system for beam projector
Methods of modifying masking reticles to remove forbidden pitch regions thereof
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Semiconductor device having voltage generation circuit
Damper and operation unit
Gear shift lever apparatus of electronic manual transmission for vehicle
Semiconductor integrated circuit and control method of semiconductor integrated circuit
Control.sub.--mechanism for selectively shorting clock grid by electrically connecting and disconnecting clock branches once per clock cycle
Foldable computing apparatus and method of erecting display unit
Method and system for ensuring a residual battery capacity reaching a predetermined value before transitioning apparatus to power-saving mode
Second failure data capture in co-operating multi-image systems
Memory dump method, information processing apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
Determining code coverage on Z/OS.RTM. server
Automated diagnosis of software crashes
Increasing disaster resiliency by having a pod backed up to other peer pods in a site or beyond
Information processing apparatus and data repairing method
Enhanced restart of a core dumping application
Method and system to detect a cached web page
TCP/IP stack-based operating system
Positioning using audio recognition
Method for operating interface with external device and electronic device implementing the same
Efficient scalable I/O scheduling
Multimedia data processing method
System and method for producing computer control signals from breath attributes
Contactor-based haptic feedback generation
Modulated back plate for capacitive sensing
Touch sensor and touch sensitive display including the same
Liquid crystal display device integrated with touch screen panel
Time-reversal tactile stimulation interface
Route stabilization scrolling mode
Coordinate detecting apparatus, method of detecting coordinate, and electronic information board system
Touch panel substrate with floating electrode pattern
System and method for communicating through a capacitive touch sensor
Operating device
Method, apparatus, and computer program for scrolling a document on a touch panel
Mobile terminal and corresponding method for controlling divided items in list
Radial menus with variable selectable item areas
Migration decision window selection based on hotspot characteristics
Computer memory data security
Mobile printer controller with high fidelity preview and print job manipulation
Method and system for remote diagnostic, control and information collection based on various communication modes for sending messages to users
Method and system for initializing optional components after self-booting of a customized product
Multi-processor command management in electronic components with multiple microcontrollers
Minimally disruptive debugging in a production environment
SaaS platform for geo-location simulation
Image patching in an integrated development environment
System, method, and computer program for validating web service interface design
Generating and applying patches to computer program code concurrently with its execution
Refining composition instrumentation for services
Regression alerts
Scalable systems and methods for providing ordered update delivery
Synchronization of data between an electronic computing mobile device and an electronic computing dockstation
Synchronization of data between an electronic computing mobile device and an electronic computing dockstation
System for automating calculation of a comprehensibility score for a software program
Optimization of meta-template instantiations
Calculating an immediate parent assertion statement for program verification
Virtual machines management apparatus, virtual machines management method, and computer readable storage medium
User interface to display status of threads based on runtime analysis and control of folded thread
Full exploitation of parallel processors for data processing
Runtime analysis and control to monitor the status of the threads during execution of folded thread
Providing input from input device to corresponding application program
System method and model for social synchronization interoperability among intermittently connected interoperating devices
Time-dependent identification systems, methods, and uses thereof
Seat cushion with a prayer reminder system
Light source with hybrid coating, device including light source with hybrid coating, and/or methods of making the same
CMOS MOEMS sensor device
Phosphor, preparing method for phosphor, and light emitting device
Nursing bottle using transparent flexible display
Stand module and mobile terminal including the stand module
Integrated circuit protection during high-current ESD testing
Support apparatus and method for a sliding frame
Electronic accessory system for a vehicle
Portable terminal device and program
Liquid crystal display cap of air conditioning control panel for vehicle
Motion-based content navigation
Volume holographic imaging system (VHIS) endoscope
Microscope for widefield microscopy
Autonomous muting indication to enable improved time difference of arrival measurements
Redundant power supply motherboard assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Sling system for treating incontinence
Cross-flow tank system for aquatic life
Aquarium filtering system
System for exsanguinous metabolic support of an organ or tissue
Development of normal offspring from oocytes injected with freeze-dried spermatozoa
Aqueous solution for preserving tissues and organs
Insecticide obtained from plants for use on termites
Herbicide compositions based on glyphosates and isoxazoles
Topical application of solid antimicrobials to carpet pile fibers during carpet manufacture
Germicidal blooming type compositions containing biphenyl solvents
Biphenyl-substituted cyclic ketoenols as pesticides
Inhibition of vegetative growth
Methods for microbiological control in aqueous systems
Acrylonitrile compounds
Isothiazole carboxylic acid amides and the application thereof in order to protect plants
Sarcoslnates as glufosinate adjuvants
Adjuvant blend for enhancing efficacy of pesticides
Deer repellent
System for disinfection and method
Method and means for rapid loading of casing-bearing sleeves on a sausage making machine
Inhibitory agent for protein denaturation, kneaded meat with suppressed freezing-denaturation, process thereof, and process of fish and meat paste products
Method of producing vegetarian lactic acid and non-alcoholic beverages with koji-saccharified high-sugar syrup
Noodles containing tofu puree
Cranberry seed oil extract and compositions containing components thereof
Chocolate-based fat system having improved organoleptic properties
Process for enhancing immune response in canines using a dietary composition including garlic
Method for treating fur or hair pigmentation of domestic carnivores
Beverage containing a kayu-like fermentation product
Methods of using pomegranate extracts for causing regression in lesions due to arteriosclerosis in humans
Method and apparatus for external tissue distraction with frame having membrane applied with surface tension
Acrylic glove with internal coating
Loop material of hook-and-loop fastener and manufacturing process thereof
Method and apparatus for biophilically promoting personal relaxation, for reducing physical and/or psychological personal stress and for expediting personal recovery
Use of a piece of adhesive film for a bond which can be separated without damage and without leaving a residue
Single handed container for mixing foods
Stack of folded sheets
Endoscope with objective lens drive mechanism
Device for positioning at least one optical component within an endoscopic system
Bending part of endoscope
Endoscope apparatus and method of controlling same
System for cleaning, disinfecting and/or drying endoscropes
Surgical vacuum instrument for retracting, extracting, and manipulating tissue
Devices and method for manipulation of organ tissue
Tissue connector apparatus and methods
Interference fit knotless suture anchor fixation
System for wound closure
Method and apparatus for closing a body lumen
Double dowel spinal fusion implant
Endosseous implant drill
Apparatus and method for ablating cardiac tissue
Devices and methods for delivering a drug
Laparoscopic forceps handle
Stylet-free epidural catheter and thread assist device
Safety introducer apparatus and method therefor
Instruments and techniques for controlled removal of epidermal layers
Bone connecting tool and connecting member thereof
Closure system for spinal fixation instrumentation
Apparatus for retaining bone portions in a desired spatial relationship
Hook cable for fixing atlantoaxial joint and system for fixing the same
Acetabulum spacing device
Surgical tool for tensioning a cranial-flap clamp
Variable angle cervical excision electrode
Infusion array ablation apparatus
Laser treatment apparatus
Ultrasonic probe for operation under microscope
Handheld personal data assistant (PDA) with a medical device and method of using the same
Computerized medical diagnostic system utilizing list-based processing
Method and apparatus to detect and treat sleep respiratory events
Modified copolyesters and improved multilayer reflective films
Fluid collection device with captured retractable needle
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and method of controlling a ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Multi-zone transmitter for quantitative ultrasound and image measurement
System for intraluminal imaging
Method and device for preparing the hard structures of teeth for the application of dental restorative materials
Fluid material delivery devices and methods
Dental tray and mixing tip assembly
Custom-moldable support for patellar tendinitis
Disposable diaper
Dry formed composite with cut and place layers
Incontinence diaper and receptacle apparatus
Method of making an absorbent article having leg cuffs combined with containment flaps
Disposable absorbent garment having improved appearance and sustained fit
Sling assembly with secure and convenient attachment
Devices for creating vascular grafts by vessel distension using rotatable elements
Method for reconstructing body lumens
Delivery system and method for deploying an endovascular prosthesis
Medical stents, apparatus and method for making same
Double tube stent
Implant with deflector for intravascular dilation
Valve designs for left ventricular conduits
Knotless bioabsorbable suture anchor system and method
Ophthalmic surgical lens
Radiation and melt treated ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic device and method
Hollow endoprosthesis
Multi-variable-height fusion device
Bone preparation instruments and methods
Systems and methods for treating vertebral bodies
Orthopedic support for the treatment of heel pain
Tissue treatment apparatus with a heater, a heat conductive bandage, and a heat-spreading means acting between the heater and bandage
Heat exchange catheter having helically wound reinforcement
Method and device including a colo-rectal heat exchanger
Device for surgery of the cornea
Apparatus and method for creating a corneal flap
Adaptive motor speed control in an infant incubator
Water driven vibrating massager
Systems of therapeutic treatment
Instruments for diagnosing and treating fibrotic soft tissues
Hair-conditioning agents
Method of treating migraine headaches with a highly selective noreoinephrine reuptake inhibitor
Migraine medicine and method for treating same
Isolated ductal fluid sample
Composition for the prevention and/or treatment of circulatory disorders, comprising derivatives of L-carnitine and extracts of ginkgo biloba
Methods of using geldanamycin and FK506 to treat peripheral nerve damage
.alpha.1b-adrenergic receptor antagonists
Treating emesis in a mammal
Methods for prophylactic treatment of cardiovascular disease with inhibitor of cortisol synthesis
Identifying, monitoring, and treating women for breast precancer or cancer
Herbal laxative preparation
Thermoplastic articles exhibiting high surface-available silver
Flavored vegetable starch capsule
Composition for treatment of obesity
Use of angiotensin II inhibitors to prevent malignancies associated with immunosuppression
Platelet-derived growth factor receptors
Transforming growth factor alpha hii
Use of poxviruses as enhancer of specific immunity
Uses of avian interferon gamma (IFN-.gamma.)
Tumor-targeted optical contrast agents
Reduction of postoperative complications of cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) surgery
Proteoglycan compositions for treating arthritic inflammatory conditions
Therapeutic coating for an intravascular implant
Gamma-hydroxy-2-(fluoroalkylaminocarbonyl)-1-piperazinepentanamides and uses thereof
Pressurized aerosol compositions comprising powdered medicament dispersed in hydrofluoroalkane
Pharmaceutical compositions
Compositions containing alpha-2-adrenergic agonist components
Heat shock protein-based vaccines and immunotherapies
Probing method for identifying antibodies specific for selected antigens
Clostridial toxin derivatives and methods to treat pain
Method of forming a dental coping from laminated metallic layers in a single heat treatment
Cotton buds and swabs for medical use
Dental materials containing a tear-off material
Method of delivering a benefit agent
Composition containing humidity regulators for preparing tissue products
Amino acid compounds and photoprotecting compositions comprised thereof
Carboxylated surfactants in personal care applications
Amphoteric surfactants based upon epoxy succinic acid in personal care applications
Wipe with improved cleansing
Cosmetic composition comprising a film-forming polymer, a poly-alpha-olefin and a liquid fatty phase
Clear cleansing detergent systems
Hair treatment and method of treating hair using compounded resin containing urethane resin
Make-up composition for the skin
Clear conditioning detersive compositions and methods for making the same
Nasal spray for decongesting nasal passages
Sustained release formulations for growth hormone secretagogues
Modified carrier particles for use in dry powder inhalers
Methods for treating ovarian cancer, poly (phosphoester) compositions, and biodegradable articles for same
Tablet composition
Effervescent drug delivery system for oral administration
Increasing blood flow to tissue with angiogenic material containing polymer and vascularizing compound
Pharmaceutical formulations for preventing drug tolerance
Disposable human waste management device with improved adhesive for skin attachment
Process of forming an oxidizing agent in liquid by use of ringing magnetic flux
Preparation of enzymatically active sponges or foams for detoxification of hazardous compounds
Medical products with sustained pharmacological activity and process for producing them
Method for preparing radiopaque surgical implement
Ambulatory blood pump
Method and apparatus for preventing air embolisms
Blood collection and separation system
Method and apparatus for reducing stress
Angioplasty balloon with thin-walled taper and method of making the same
Device and method of guide wire balloon inflation and deflation to prevent cerebral embolization during carotid stenting
Interstitial space saturation
Connecting devices for catheters, perfusion equipment and systems for perfusing or draining liquids in the human body
Buret with foot valve for medical infusion equipment
Apparatus and method of intravenous fluid infusion
Reusable medication delivery device
Injecting device
Drug delivery device
drug delivery systems and methods
Disposable needle-free injection apparatus and method
Intravenous fluid heating system
Magnetic field generator for therapeutic applications
Process and apparatus for the cosmetic treatment of acne vulgaris
Wire drive in a medical device
Multicomponent vaginal cylinder system for low dose rate brachytherapy or gynecological cancers
Pharmaceutical composition against type I allergy and the preparation thereof
Ready-to-use aqueous composition for bleaching keratin fibers, comprising a combination of a water-soluble solvent and a nonionic and/or anionic amphiphilic polymer comprising at least one fatty chain
Gargle method to reduce the duration of common cold symptoms
Skin whitening composition comprising bearberry and tetrahydrocurcumin
Saponin or sapogenol compositions for increasing collagen IV synthesis
Skin treatment using a new retinoid
Multifunctional exercise device
Spring assisted spotter pins for a weight lifting power rack
Free wheel clutch mechanism for bicyclic drive train
Walking machine having two footboards capable of swiveling laterally
Jump rope
Golf club shaft with suppressed vibration modes
Golf sand wedge head
Golf club head with dynamically movable center of mass
Adjustably weighted golf club putter head with removable faceplates
Lacrosse stick lace system
Billiard table having a foldable base structure
Portable game apparatus with acceleration sensor and information storage medium storing a game program
Control unit and system utilizing the control unit
Force feedback mechanism for gamepad device
Simplified matchmaking
Multi-disciplinary educational tool
Space ride simulator
VR motion base control apparatus and it's supporting structure
Chassis of remotely controllable car
Interactive talking dolls
Construction set for building structures
Building block
Heat staked magnet in multi-piece housing
Interactive toy play set
Confetti blaster
Performing Operations; Transporting
Permanently radially compressed column
Water/oil separator and use thereof
Filter device, and filtration and cleaning method
Vertical filter
Integrated debris management system
Additional flow filter
Water purifier
Purifying apparatus possessing vapor dispersing device
Apparatus and methods for separating solids from flowing liquids or gases
Filter faucet
Device for filtering a liquid, particularly for filtering a polymer plastic melt
Liquid filter with separate and calibrated vapor release
Filter-cleaning device and method, and fluid pulse generator particularly useful therein
Filter structure
Liquid based air filtration system
Passive filtration system
Pressure swing adsorption gas separation method and apparatus
Vacuum swing adsorption process with controlled waste gas withdrawal
Ceramic deoxygenation hybrid systems for the production of oxygen and nitrogen gases
Gas/liquid separator for a pneumatic line
Device and method for decomposing nitrogen oxides
Process for nitrogen oxide waste conversion to fertilizer
Method for sequencing reaction cleanup by constant pressure differential ultrafiltration
Process and apparatus for treating wastewater
Filter device
Apparatus and method for cleaning membrane filtration modules
Hydrogen-permeable structure and method of manufacturing the same
Chemical dispenser
Acetylenic diol surfactant solutions and methods of using same
Reformer and method for operation thereof
Reactor for processing gaseous media
Use of immiscible fluids in droplet ejection through application of focused acoustic energy
Absorbent for a hydrocarbon, and exhaust gas-purifying catalyst
Separatory material with the use of stimulus-responsive polymer and separation method by using the separatory material
Method for metal loading of a multi-bed adsorbent system
Method for removing nitrogen oxides using natural manganese ores
Mixed-metal oxide catalysts and processes for preparing the same
Catalytic converter and method for cleaning exhaust gas
Double metal cyanide catalysts containing polyglycol ether complexing agents
Extruded catalyst based on silica/alumina gel
Solid oxidation catalysts, in particular for epoxidation of prochiral compounds
Method and apparatus for making density gradients
Aspirating and mixing of liquids within a probe tip
Microarray spotting instruments incorporating sensors and methods of using sensors for improving performance of microarray spotting instruments
Method and apparatus for performing biological reactions on a substrate surface
Apparatus for the magnetic treatment of fluids
Method and apparatus for fractionation using conventional dielectrophoresis and field flow fractionation
Tangential separating device for solid matter
Painting stand and method for painting
Robot-mounted two-package-mixing coating device and internal pressure explosion-proof robot
Method and apparatus for coating a substrate
Paint pad
Device for processing a metal surface
Apparatus for applying an improved adhesive to sheet insulation having drainage channels
Automated priming station
Coating apparatus for applying coating material intermittently to substrate
Method of forming thin film of inorganic solid electrolyte
Methods and devices for ultrasound scanning by moving sub-apertures of cylindrical ultrasound transducer arrays in two dimensions
Miniature ultrasound transducer
Substrate cleaning method and method for producing an electronic device
Methods for cleaning microelectronic structures with aqueous carbon dioxide systems
Method for avoiding unetched polymer residue in anisotropically etched semiconductor features
Fluid powered-scouring whip for cleaning remote areas
Method of producing fine coated tungsten carbide particles
Device and method for regulating flow of particulate material, especially small flows of fine powder
Method of producing a body for electric heating, as well as a body produced by the method
Power tool
Wafer dicing blade consisting of multiple layers
Method for manufacturing diode subassemblies used in rectifier assemblies of engine driven generators
Weldable coating compositions having improved intercoat adhesion
Flux for soldering and solder composition
Hand-held tool with dust extraction
Movable arm activated tool changer for machine tool system
Polishing pad assembly for fiber optic cable connector polishing apparatus
Method and apparatus for polishing the edge of a bonded wafer
Lens grinding apparatus
Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus having edge, center and annular zone control of material removal
Method and apparatus for distributing fluid to a polishing surface during chemical mechanical polishing
Slurry distributor
Polishing method, polishing device, glass substrate for magnetic recording medium, and magnetic recording medium
Apparatus for securing and clamping optical lenses requiring edge-machining, in particular spectacle lenses
Plastic abrasive for sandblasting, method for sandblast processing plasma display panel substrate using the same and method for treating sandblasting waste matters
Sanding block having contoured grip
Polishing pad having an advantageous micro-texture and methods relating thereto
Abrasive articles
Grinding wheel with abrasive segment chips including at least two abrasive segment chips whose circumferential lengths are different from each other
Finishing components and elements
Apparatus for accurate endpoint detection in supported polishing pads
Soybean oil impregnation wood preservative process and products
Hemp hurd composite panels and method of making
Method of and apparatus for producing injection-molded parts
Method for manufacturing an air passage switching door
Method for manufacturing golf ball
Method for producing a toothbrush
Method of forming composite ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene material
Servo-driven type mold clamping unit mold protection method
High temperature clip cushion
Positive displacement extrusion of viscous material
Multilayer preform and container with co-extruded liner
In-mold container having label with integral peelable coupon, label having integral peelable coupon for in-mold container, and method of making same
Apparatus for repairing a pipeline and method for using same
Packaging bag
Method of forming objects from thermosensitive composition
Impact resistant rigid composite and method for manufacture
Process for producing structural parts, structural part produced by the process, thermal insulation cylinder, protective tube, heating element, stay pipe, hot-press die and thermal insulation element
Power transmission belt and process for production of the same
Apparatus with a combination of movements for manufacturing a tire reinforcement from a single cord
Method of and apparatus for producing labels
Device for the manufacture of self-sustaining cups of thin paper
Three dimensional object
Corrugated hose assembly
Complex laminated bamboo board
Liquid resistant laminate with strong backer
Profiled bar and use and method for its production
HDPE label film
Heat-sealable films
Thermoformable composite film and process to make
White, biaxially oriented polyester film with cycloolefin copolymer (COC), process for producing the film, and its use
Ultraviolet protected multi-layer structures of copolyester/polycarbonate blends
Method and apparatus for laminating ceramic tile
Silicone and ionically modified isocyanate adduct
All-weather shock absorbing grip for golf clubs and the like
Fibrous aggregate forming method
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Method of making a negative-working heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor
Method and apparatus for improving stencil/screen print quality
Screen printing apparatus and method of screen printing
Method of forming pillars in a fully integrated thermal inkjet printhead
Method of forming a manifold in a substrate and printhead substructure having the same
Heat-sensitive recording material
Photographic day/night displays utilizing inorganic particles
Ink jet recording element
Metallized film and decorative articles made therewith
Method of making a succession of irreversible thin film displays
Battery cell tray assembly and sytem
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
System of devices for signal transmission between two terminals
Polysiloxane coated fabrics for use in air-holding vehicle restraint systems
Method of manufacturing, packing and transporting computers
Epicyclic transmission for zero turning radius vehicles
Front lifting equipment for crawler tractor, and crawler tractor equipped therewith
Dual discharge hydraulic pump and system therefor
Independent wheel arrangement for toy vehicle
Bicycle hub transmission with a power control mechanism for a shift assist mechanism
Automatic servo-mechanism for sequential gearbox and clutch
Front bicycle derailleur fork and derailleur comprising said fork
Bicycle front derailleur fork and derailleur comprising this fork
Rescue sled
Optimum speed tilt rotor
Deployment arrangement for inflatable structures
Use of selected adhesive mixtures for overlap adhesion of round labels when applied to plastic bottles
Liner and preform
Idler roll bearing assembly
Web-handling roller
Web stacker and separator apparatus and method
Bias tape maker
Buckle folding unit and method for controlling the register of a buckle folding unit
Transportable lift truck with telescopic lifting arm
Laterally adjustable load carrying forks
Oxygenated water dispensing system and method
Method of trimming micro-machined electromechanical sensors (MEMS) devices
Method and apparatus for fabricating structures using chemically selective endpoint detection
Process for manufacturing a semiconductor wafer with passivation layer mask for etching with mechanical removal
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for manufacturing granular coated sodium percarbonate for detergent
Integrated hydrocarbon reforming system and controls
Method of solubilizing single-walled carbon nanotubes in organic solutions
Generation of boron-trifluoride and sulphuric acid from boron trifluoride hydrate
Silica foam compositions
Method for making zeolites and zeolite mixtures having enchanced cation exchange properties
Process for preparing phase-stabilized ammonium nitrate
Mixed ionic and electronic conducting ceramic membranes for hydrocarbon processing
Method for producing barium titanate based powders by oxalate process
Water purifier for use with bottle container
Mobile water purifying device
Removal and recovery of chloride from phosphonomethyliminodiacetic acid process brine
System for removing silicone oil from waste water treatment plant sludge
Method for combating hard water and scale by using algins
Silica crucible with inner layer crystallizer and method
Vacuum IG window unit with peripheral seal at least partially diffused at temper
High pressure lamp bulb and method of induction sealing
Lightweight heat-insulating building material having frost resistance
Leaf coater for producing leaf type coated substrates
Water-repellent glass pane and method for producing same
Glass composition for crystallized glass
Glass composition for crystallized glass
CRT funnel of a non beam-index type
High early strength cement and additives and methods for making the same
Stable well cementing methods and compositions
Rapid setting cementitious composition
Reducing manufacturing and raw material costs for device manufacture with nanostructured powders
Transition metal oxide doped alumina and methods of making and using
Dielectric ceramic composition, monolithic ceramic substrate, ceramic electronic component, and monolithic ceramic electronic component
Low loss dielectric materials for microwave applications
Wear resistant member for electronic equipment, and bearing and spindle motor therewith
Metal oxide coated diatomite substrates
High temperature erosion resistant coating and material containing compacted hollow geometric shapes
Additive for stabilizing and petrifying rocks
Ink, paint, pollutant, bioorganism, oil, water and/or dirt repellent coating
Functionally-graded materials and the engineering of tribological resistance at surfaces
Plasticized, wax-based binder system for melt castable explosives
Process for purifying an organic acid
1-Phenacyl-3-phenyl-3-(piperidylethyl)piperidine derivatives, process for the preparation thereof and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Optical data storage medium containing a triazacyanine dye as the light-absorbing compound in the information layer
Oxazolidinone thioamides with piperazine amide substituents
Substituted phenyl-piperidine methanone compounds
Dipeptide nitrile cathepsin K inhibitors
Quinoline and quinazoline compounds useful in therapy
3-[4-Substituted heterocyclyl)-pyrrol-2-ylmethylidene]-2- indolinone derivatives as kinase inhibitors
Optically active isocyanurate and optical resolver comprising derivative of the same
Inhibitors of c-Jun N-terminal kinases (JNK) and other protein kinases
Imidazopyrimidines and imidazopyridines for the treatment of neurological disorders
6,9-disubstituted 2-[trans-(4-aminocyclohexyl)amino] purines
Alkylamino-substituted bicyclic nitrogen heterocycles
Process for preparing cephalosporin derivatives
3-Phenyl-imidazo-pyrimidine derivatives as ligands for GABA receptors
Perfluoroalkyl-containing complexes with sugar radicals, process for their production and their use
Method of diagnosing pulmonary hypertension
Cellular proteins which mediate herpesvirus entry
Assays and therapies for latent viral infection
Methods and reagents for diagnosis of autoantibodies
Chlamydia antigens and corresponding DNA fragments and uses thereof
Chlamydia protein, gene sequence and uses thereof
Nucleic acid compositions encoding modified Bacillus thuringiensis coleopteran-toxic crystal proteins
Nucleic acids fragments and polypeptide fragments derived from M. tuberculosis
Assays for screening compounds which interact with cation channel proteins, mutant prokaryotic cation channel proteins, and uses thereof
Adenoviral vectors encoding erythropoietin and their use in gene therapy
Methods for identifying cell cycle regulators
Hybrid DNA synthesis of mature insulin-like growth factors
Method of regulating cellular processes mediated by B7 and CD28
Assays for measurement of type II collagen fragments in urine
Human cGMP-stimulated cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase
Polymerisation catalysts
Method for controlling scale formation and deposition in aqueous systems
Resist composition and patterning process
Copolymer for cosmetic preparation
Mixed PMDI/solid novolac resin binders for the production of wood composite products
Mixed PMDI/resole resin binders for the production of wood composite products
Hydrophilic polymeric material for coating biosensors
Method of producing endless-belt-shaped film
Method for manufacturing a foamed moulded body from a mass comprising natural polymers and water
Azeotrope-like compositions containing fluoroethane
Optical pickup device holding container
Organosilicon composition
Process for producing a paraffin-based object and a paraffin-based object
Fluidizing agents
Ink-jet ink, ink cartridge and recording unit, and ink-jet recording process and ink-jet recording apparatus using the same
Ink composition for inkjet recording and inkjet recording process
Dispersions comprising modified pigments
Ink compositions comprising modified colored pigments and methods for preparing the same
Gelled printing ink compositions
Multilayer reflective film or pigment with viewing angle dependent reflection characteristics
Biodegradation-resistant electrodepositable coating compositions and methods related thereto
Electrodeposition coating composition having electrodeposition potentiality and process for electrodeposition coating
CMP compositions containing iodine and an iodine vapor-trapping agent
Polishing compositions and use thereof
Polishing of semiconductor substrates
Adhesives and electric devices
Photocurable pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and its sheet
Stretch releasing adhesive tape with segmented release liner
Fluorescence conversion medium and display device comprising it
Method for preparing zinc sulfide based phosphor having effective emission at low voltages
Liquid-crystal compound, liquid-crystal medium comprising same, and electro-optical liquid-crystal display
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display element
Method of forming a display using cholesteric material
Treatment for improving cellulose insulation
Treatment for improving cellulose insulation
Anti-icing and deicing compositions and method
More controllable acoustic spray patch compositions
Lubricating method for silicate drilling fluids
Borate crosslinked fracturing fluid viscosity reduction breaker mechanism and products
Electrochemical pixel device
Method for isolating enriched source of conducting polymers precursors using monohydroxyl alcohol treating agent
Hydrocarbon upgrading process
Method and device for catalytic cracking comprising reactors with descending and ascending flows
Method of preparing a synthetic fuel from coal
Lubricating oil additive system particularly useful for natural gas fueled engines
Lubricating compositions, concentrates, and greases containing the combination of an organic polysulfide and an overbased composition or a phosphorus or boron compound
Overbased detergent additives
Additive for lubricants
Lubricating oil composition for outboard engines
Engine oil compositions
Skin cleansing gel having a heating effect
Fabric maintenance compositions comprising certain cationically charged fabric maintenance polymers
.alpha.-amylase mutants
Method of treating a textile
Exothermic chemistry and method for generating an anaerobic environment
Vessel, preferably spherical or oblate spherical for growing or culturing cells, cellular aggregates, tissues and organoids and methods for using same
Conditioned media for propagating human pluripotent stem cells
Double mutants of dihydrofolate reductase and methods of using same
Vectors and genes exhibiting increased expression
Method of producing biologically active human acidic fibroblast growth factor and its use in promoting angiogenesis
Methods and kits to enrich for desired nucleic acid sequences
Genetic engineering of plant chloroplasts
Herpes virus vectors for dendritic cells
Three-dimensional cell culture material having sugar polymer containing cell recognition sugar chain
Human brain endothelial cells and growth medium and method for expansion of primitive CD34+CD38-bone marrow stem cells
Producing viruses utilizing immortal avian cells
Human glucose-dependent insulin-secreting cell line
Method for inducing a response in one or more targeted cells
Efficient generation of adenovirus-based libraries by positive selection of adenoviral recombinants through ectopic expression of the adenovirus protease
Amplifiable adeno-associated virus(AAV) packaging cassettes for the production of recombinant AAV vectors
Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome vaccine, based on isolate JA-142
GlcNAc phosphotransferase of the lysosomal targeting pathway
Microbial .beta.-glucuronidase genes, gene products and uses thereof
Polynucleotides encoding a novel metalloprotease, MP-1
Human protease and use of such protease for pharmaceutical applications and for reducing the allergenicity of non-human proteins
Extracellular serine protease
25312, a novel human agmatinase-like homolog
Methods of producing carotenoids by the expression of plant .epsilon.-cyclase genes
Modulating production of pneumococcal capsular polysaccharide
Production of secreted polypeptides
Synthesis of B-keto esters
Microorganisms with ability to degrade indole and enzymes therefrom
Sinapoylglucose:malate sinapoyltransferase form malate conjugates from benozic acid glucosides
Enzyme activity screen with direct substrate replacement
Biosensor and its use to indicate the status of a product
Methods of identifying anti-viral agents
Multiple displacement amplification
PCR amplification on microarrays of gel immobilized oligonucleotides
Generic SBE-FRET protocol
Nucleic acids for detecting parvovirus and methods of using same
Method for the manufacture of a composite cooling element for the melt zone of a metallurgical reactor and a composite cooling element manufactured by said method
High temperature pressure oxidation of ores and ore concentrates containing silver using controlled precipitation of sulfate species
Method for producing metal or metal compound comprising process of treating with fluorine and adjusted raw material used therein
Composition for stripping nickel from substrates and process
Hard material sintered compact with a nickel- and cobalt-free, nitrogenous steel as binder of the hard phase
Fe-based sintered valve seat having high strength and method for producing the same
Method of production of cold-rolled metal coated steel products, and the products obtained, having a low yield ratio
Ferritic stainless steel having high temperature creep resistance
Steel material and its manufacture
Method for manufacturing an aperture grill material for color picture tube
Electrically conductive metal tape and plug connector
Transparent conductive film and process for producing the film
Movable evaporation device
High density information recording medium, and manufacturing method of the same medium
Magnetic multi-layer film manufacturing apparatus
Sputtering device
Methods for replication, replicated articles, and replication tools
Replaceable shielding apparatus
Methods for chemical vapor deposition of tungsten on silicon or dielectric
Film forming method and semiconductor device
Fluid injector for and method of prolonged delivery and distribution of reagents into plasma
Integrated process for depositing layer of high-K dielectric with in-situ control of K value and thickness of high-K dielectric layer
Thin-film semiconductor device and apparatus for fabricating thin-film semiconductor device
Article having a superalloy protective coating, and its fabrication
Spray powder and method for its production
Film of yttria-alumina complex oxide, a method of producing the same, a sprayed film, a corrosion resistant member, and a member effective for reducing particle generation
Process for producing inner race for constant velocity joint having improved workability and strength
Integrated circuit fabrication dual plasma process with separate introduction of different gases into gas flow
Process for the recovery of tin, tin alloys or lead alloys from printed circuit boards
Apparatus and system for refining sodium
Mist trap mechanism and method for plating apparatus
Metal plating method
Silicon single crystal, silicon wafer, and epitaxial wafer.
Silicon carbide epitaxial layers grown on substrates offcut towards <1100>
Methods for forming waveguides in optical materials
Method for fabricating ultra thin single-crystal metal oxide wave retarder plates and waveguide polarization mode converter using the same
Method of fabricating a silicon wafer including steps of different temperature ramp-up rates and cool-down rates
Textiles; Paper
Electro spinning of submicron diameter polymer filaments
Poly(trimethylene terephthalate) bicomponent fibers
Hollow carbon fiber and production method
Acrylonitrile-based fiber bundle for carbon fiber precursor and method for preparation thereof
Polyester multifilament yarn
Nonwoven fabric and process for making the same
Sewing cartridge
Oil tone artificial leather sheet
Water resistant fire retardant roof underlayment sheet material
Disperse dye mixtures
Chemical wood pulping process with reduced pitch and VOC emissions
Fire resistant compositions
Article and method for retarding the deterioration rate of acidic paper
Abrasion resistant coatings
Fixed Constructions
Transparent plastic pane of acrylic glass, process for making the same and use of the same
Wired pipe joint with current-loop inductive couplers
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas compressor with variably biased vanes
Vane pump having a pressure plate and a shaft seal
Vacuum pump apparatus having improved sealing structure
Gas turbine structure
Component that can be subjected to hot gas, especially in a turbine blade
Device and method for cooling a platform of a turbine blade
Wind energy conversion apparatus
Wind power generating system with an obstruction lighting or night marking device
Linear compressor with a plurality of support springs and a dual compression unit
Cylinder head cover structure of hermetic motor-driving type compressor
Device for continuous regulation of the gas flow rate processed by a reciprocating compressor
Pneumatically operated oil pump
Load bearing ribs for fixed scroll
Liquid ring compressor with thin distribution plate
Compressor utilizing low volt power tapped from high volt power
Pump with electrodynamically supported impeller
Friction vacuum pump
Apparatus for minimizing noise in a fan unit
Fuel pump impeller for high flow applications
Currency unit dispensing apparatus
Method and system for establishing an engine speed target for use by a centrifugal clutch control system to launch a vehicle
Method of preventing engine stall using automated clutch control
Apparatus for controlling a motor vehicle transmission
Apparatus for controlling temperature of fluid in power-transmission system and method of controlling temperature of fluid in power-transmission system
Blade tensioner
Method for sealing an annular space
Lamp socket
Method of fletching arrows with a reflective wrap
Flavored thermometer
Body temperature monitoring device
Methods for the detection of harmful substances or traces thereof
Methods of generating and screening for high free energy forms in capillaries
Spectroscopic determination of characteristic of biological material
Analysis method using dry chemical analysis element
Apparatus for performing diagnostic testing
Apparatus for characterization of microelectronic feature quality
Method for testing for blind hole formed in wafer layer
Ultrasonic probe, in particular for manual inspections
Chromatographic systems with pre-detector eluent switching
Process for determining the stability of asphaltenes in live oil
Method for measuring nucleotides
Multihued labels
Method for the prediction of preeclampsia and other diseases
Method for the comparative quantitative analysis of proteins and other biological material by isotopic labeling and mass spectroscopy
Biological sampling method
Contact structure and production method thereof and probe contact assembly using same
Medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging methods for extended field of view
Method for making element
Method for manufacturing an optical filter having laminate film
Colored photosensitive composition and method for producing a color filter
High efficiency optical devices
Techniques for plasma etching silicon-germanium
Method for producing a fiber optic switch
Process for manufacturing an active matrix LCD array
Method for manufacturing thin film transistor array panel for LCD having a quadruple layer by a second photolithography process
Silver halide emulsion, and color photographic light-sensitive material and image forming method using the same
Silver salt photothermographic imaging material
Method of preparing co-precipitated microcrystalline dye dispersions and layers coated therewith in materials
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Photographic element and silver halide photographic light sensitive material
Photographic element, compound, and process
Phase shift mask blank, phase shift mask, and methods of manufacture
Absorberless phase-shifting mask for EUV
Resist compositions comprising silyl ketals and methods of use thereof
Apparatus and method for reducing differential sputter rates
Methodology to introduce metal and via openings
Photosensitive solution for forming picture cell
Dry multilayer inorganic alloy thermal resist for lithographic processing and image creation
Positive photoresist composition for the formation of thick films, photoresist film and method of forming bumps using the same
Chemically amplified resist composition containing low molecular weight additives
Nonlithographic method to produce masks by selective reaction, articles produced, and composition for same
Exposure method, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Parallel, individually addressable probes for nanolithography
Technique of exposing a resist using electron beams having different accelerating voltages
Developer for photopolymerizable presensitized plate for use in making lithographic printing plate and method for preparing lithographic printing plate
System and method for in situ control of post exposure bake time and temperature
Method of frame plating and method of forming magnetic pole of thin-film magnetic head
UV-sensitive imaging element for making lithographic printing plates comprising an aryldiazosulfonate polymer and a compound sensitive to UV light
Micro devices manufacturing method utilizing concave and convex alignment mark patterns
Electrophotosensitive material, production method of the same and method for inspecting an intermediary of the same
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, method for manufacturing the photoreceptor, and image forming method and apparatus using the photoreceptor
Directory read inhibitor for optical storage media
Toner composition
Carrier for electrophotography, two component type developer, and image forming method
Magnetic toner with negative polarity for developing latent electrostatic images, and image forming apparatus using the same
Card connector apparatus capable of receiving plural kinds of cards
Electronic card connector having improved assembly
Gaming machine including security data collection device
Lockable security cabinet for casino game controllers
Electronic second spin slot machine
Design reel for gaming machine
Interactive apparatus with templates
Child shoe-lacing and dressing learning kit
Method and apparatus for training memory
Signage having films to reduce power consumption and improve luminance uniformity and method for using same
Cartridge-contained recording medium
Magnetic media with high Cr content, non-magnetic CoCrPt intermediate layers
Perpendicular-magnetic recording media and magnetic recording apparatus
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic thin film media with chromium capping layer
Perpendicular recording media with soft magnetic superlattice underlayer
Optical recording medium
Methods for forming aligned fuses disposed in an integrated circuit
DRAM cell having a capacitor structure fabricated partially in a cavity and method for operating same
Phosphor layer for radiation image conversion panel
Resin-bonded magnet
Magnetic garnet single crystal and faraday rotator using the same
Method of making a cathode for an electron tube
Method and apparatus for determining an etch endpoint
Control of semiconductor processing
Substrate processing using a member comprising an oxide of a group IIIB metal
Cooling system for magnetron sputtering apparatus
High intensity discharge lamp and a method of interconnecting a high intensity discharge lamp
Manufacturing method for white light source
Method of manufacturing a display device
Method and apparatus for immersion treatment of semiconductor and other devices
Method for conserving a resource by flow interruption
Method for applying a fluid to a rotating silicon wafer surface
Method of reducing water spotting and oxide growth on a semiconductor structure
Method for fabricating thin film transistor array substrate for liquid crystal display
Method for fabricating highly integrated transistor
Barrier material encapsulation of programmable material
Electrically pumped long-wavelength VCSEL and methods of fabrication
Control of amount and uniformity of oxidation at the interface of an emitter region of a monocrystalline silicon wafer and a polysilicon layer formed by chemical vapor deposition
Photo-thermal induced diffusion
Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices with barrier layers
Non-volatile memory capable of preventing antenna effect and fabrication thereof
Method for fabricating a split gate flash memory cell
Fabrication processes for semiconductor non-volatile memory device
Method for forming heavy nitrogen-doped ultra thin oxynitride gate dielectrics
Method for forming composite dielectric layer
Semiconductor processing employing a semiconductor spacer
Dual laser anneal for graded halo profile
Method for ultra thin resist linewidth reduction using implantation
Plasma processing method
Semiconductor device with capacitor structure having hydrogen barrier layer and method for the manufacture thereof
Bipolar transistor manufacturing
Method for manufacturing a package structure of integrated circuits
Process of fabricating flip chip interconnection structure
Method for dicing a semiconductor wafer
Method of manufacturing compound semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
RELACS shrink method applied for single print resist mask for LDD or buried bitline implants using chemically amplified DUV type photoresist
Method for high temperature oxidations to prevent oxide edge peeling
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Integrated circuits having adjacent P-type doped regions having shallow trench isolation structures without liner layers therein therebetween and methods of forming same
Method of depositing copper seed on semiconductor substrates
Method for forming interconnection structure in an integration circuit
Method of making thermally stable planarizing films
Method of producing semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device and method of producing same
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing an integrated circuit with a dielectric diffusion barrier layer formed between interconnects and interlayer dielectric layers
Process of making dual damascene structures using a sacrificial polymer
Cmos of semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Complementary transistors having respective gates formed from a metal and a corresponding metal-silicide
Non-oxidizing spacer densification method for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Structure for capacitor-top-plate to bit-line-contact overlay margin
Memory device structure and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device having multi-gate insulating layers and methods of fabricating the same
Method of forming floating gate of flash memory
Method of manufacturing a flash memory cell
Semiconductor circuit and method of fabricating the same
Method of forming memory device having capacitor including layer of high dielectric constant
Silicide MOSFET architecture and method of manufacture
In-situ silicon nitride and silicon based oxide deposition with graded interface for damascene application
System for filling openings in semiconductor products
Interlocking conductor method for bonding wafers to produce stacked integrated circuits
Method for eliminating polysilicon residue by fully converting the polysilicon into silicon dioxide
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Non-volatile memory device having self-aligned gate structure and method of manufacturing same
Method for manufacturing a resin-sealed semiconductor device
Heatsink and fabrication method thereof
Method of making a low fabrication cost, high performance, high reliability chip scale package
Chip-on-chip interconnections of varied characterstics
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Low cost high speed connector
Method for forming semiconductor memory device having a fuse
Method of making a high density programmable logic device in a multichip module package
Asymmetrical reset transistor with double-diffused source for CMOS image sensor
Silicon-controlled rectifier structures on silicon-on insulator with shallow trench isolation
Solid state imaging device having a photodiode and a MOSFET and method of manufacturing the same
Method for increasing core gain in flash memory device using strained silicon
Thin-film transistors formed on a metal foil substrate
Flash memory cell and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor circuit
Fin FET devices from bulk semiconductor and method for forming
Double-gate FET with planarized surfaces and self-aligned silicides
Thin film transistors on plastic substrates with reflective coatings for radiation protection
Silicon-on-insulator structure and method of reducing backside drain-induced barrier lowering
Method for manufacturing and assembling photovoltaic cells
Light-emitting element, semiconductor light-emitting device, and manufacturing methods therefor
Method of manufacturing superconducting wire
Light-emitting EL display device
Method of making an emissive layer for an organic light-emitting device
Secondary cell with high rate pulse capability
Non-aqueous electrolyte cell
Metal-air fuel cell battery system having means for recording and reading operating parameters during discharging and recharging modes of operation
Air manager system for metal air battery
Battery arrangement for reducing battery terminal contact resistance stemming from insulating contaminant layer on same
Solid-state energy storage module employing integrated interconnect board
Battery pack
Battery vent and method of assembly
Battery separator with mud rest protectors
Anode material for lithium secondary battery, an electrode for lithium secondary battery and a lithium secondary battery
Method for producing electrode for alkali batteries
Polymer secondary cell electrode production method
Electrode plate with a rounded corner and edge for storage battery
Fuel cells having silicon substrates and/or sol-gel derived support structures
Preparation of fuel cell electrode assemblies
Fuel cell drive system
Fuel dissipater for pressurized fuel cell generators
Fuel cell
Connecting structure and connecting method of terminal fitting and electric wire
Compliant contacts for conductive devices
Grounding structure for network card
Connector for flat cables
Vertically mated micro coaxial cable connector assembly
Press-contacting terminal for a flat cable
Angled coaxial electrical connector device
Device for contacting an electric line, especially a flat conductor cable
Electrical connector jack
Universal wire harness for detectors
Terminal fitting
Waterproof cell cabinet
High-voltage electrical connector and related method
Electrical cable assembly
Electrical connector having a latch mechanism
Anchoring system for box of connectors mounted in service boxes
Floatable connector assembly with a staggered overlapping contact pattern
Squib connector
High speed, high density backplane connector
D-subconnector provided with ferrite cores
Air bag initiator coaxial connector
Vehicular power plug with adjustable length
Lighting circuit, lighting system method and apparatus, socket assembly, lamp insulator assembly and components thereof
Cable reel having inner cases
Rotary connector using plurality of flexible cables
AC adapter that can narrow the blade distance when the plug is stored in the case
Method for manufacturing semiconductor laser device
Method and apparatus for a morphology-preserving smoothing filter
Flexible connector for high density circuit applications
Electrical connector with power module
Method of manufacturing printed circuit boards
Method for forming exposed portion of circuit pattern in printed circuit board
Electrical solder ball contact
Method for selectively applying solder mask
Printed wiring board and method of manufacturing a printed wiring board
Mounting holder
Conductor interconnect structure connecting circuit boards
Guanylate-binding protein
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