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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Process for ex vitro sowing and germination of plant somatic embryos
Oligonucleotides and methods for detecting hepatitis C viral nucleic acids
Raceway system for office furniture
Method and apparatus for providing force feedback using multiple grounded actuators
Surgical microscope
Method and device for diagnosing in a motor vehicle a driver's fitness drive
Regulation of intracellular glucocorticoid concentrations
Process for the preparation of 9-deazaguanine derivatives
Treatment of post-angioplasty restenosis and atherosclerosis with Ras antagonists
Use of N-acetyl-D-glucosamine in the manufacture of pharmaceutical useful for treating motion sickness
Formulations and methods of using nitric oxide mimetics against a malignant cell phenotype
Inhibition of histone deacetylase as a treatment for cardiac hypertrophy
Compositions and methods for treating cells having double minute DNA
Bioresorbable hydrogel compositions for implantable prostheses
Electron beam lithography device and drawing method using electron beams
Performing Operations; Transporting
Asymmetric catalysis based on chiral phospholanes and hydroxyl phospholanes
Method for pretreating a substrate prior to application of a polymeric coat
Cleaning system method and apparatus for the manufacture of integrated cicuits
Plasma treatment for copper oxide reduction
Laser processing method and laser processing apparatus
Chemical mechanical polishing process with reduced defects in a copper process
Method and apparatus for forming high surface area material films and membranes
Low cost antennas and electromagnetic (EMF) absorption in electronic circuit packages or transceivers using conductive loaded resin-based materials
Simple mechanism for profile selection
Thermal activating device of thermal activation sheet and printer using the thermal activating device
Automotive safety device for melting snow and ice from roadways
Combined toaster and microwave oven and control method thereof
Anti-theft protection system for a motor vehicle, and a method for operating an anti-theft protection system
Moisture sensor and windshield fog detector
Optical window assembly for use in a supersonic platform
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Cement dispersant, its production process, and cement composition using the cement dispersant
Formulations containing polyvinyl alcohol and sulphonated melamine polycondensate for use in gypsum slurries
Method for preparing nitrogen-containing compounds
Amino amides, peptides and peptidomimetics
4-dedimethylaminotracycline derivatives
Drying of adipic acid
Crystallization of adipic acid from its solution in aqueous nitric acid
Heterobifunctional monomers and uses therefor
Refined routes to chlorin building blocks
Thio-oxindole derivatives
Bipyridinyl derivatives as a highly selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor
Methods of treating and preventing a convulsive state
Imidazolophthalazine derivatives as ligands for GABAA receptors
Process for the isolation and purification of epothilones
Methods and compositions for polypeptide engineering
Patched genes and uses related thereto
Isolated nucleic acid molecules coding for tumor rejection antigen precursor MAGE-6 and uses thereof
Monoclonal antibody reacting specifically reacting with Fas ligand and production process thereof
Metalloproteinase inhibitor
Process for decreasing the reducing sugars content of light steepwater
Organic-inorganic hybrid film, its manufacturing method, optical film, and polarizing film
Stabilizer mixtures
Siloxane oligomers, a process for their production and their use
Polyethylene pipe resins and production thereof
Method of measuring extent of curing of compacted poly(arylene sulfide)
Acrylate-functional alkyd resins having improved dry time
Enzyme multimer and process of producing same
Compositions and methods for altering amino acid content of proteins
Ginkgo biloba levopimaradiene synthase
Nucleic acid encoding a modified threonine deaminase and methods of use
Nucleotide sequences which code for the menE gene
Process for producing HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
Process for the separation of double-stranded/single-stranded nucleic acid structures
Method for detecting Staphylococcus aureus
Method and apparatus for depositing dielectric films
Devices containing zirconium-platinum-containing materials and methods for preparing such materials and devices
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having nitride film with improved insulating properties
Apparatus for and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, and cleaning method for use in the apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing gallium nitride based semiconductor light emitting device
Method of manufacturing III-V group compound semiconductor
Textiles; Paper
Fibers comprising starch and biodegradable polymers
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Motor driving system
Conical hybrid FDB motor
Method of assisting sample inclination error adjustment
Noncontact rotary position sensor and electric control throttle valve apparatus having noncontact rotary position
Self alignment system for complement clocks
Control circuit with cascaded sensor boards
Ramp arrangement and method for measuring the position of an actuator in a rotating media data storage device
CMOS image sensor device and method
Thermo-electrically cooled surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy sensor system to detect volatile organic compounds
Simultaneous optical isolation and channel monitoring system
Measuring system with sweeping comb filter and multiplexer
Alternative detector configuration and mode of operation of a time delay integration particle analyzer
Color detection in random array of microspheres
Method and apparatus for determining out-of-plane defects in a paper sample
Measuring apparatus
Circuit board testing jig
Methods for fabricating protective structures for bond wires
Method of operating an oscilloscope
Circuit for measuring on-chip power supply integrity
Circuit and method for measuring and forcing an internal voltage of an integrated circuit
Semiconductor device tester
Measurement of package interconnect impedance using tester and supporting tester
CPP mode magnetic sensing element including a multilayer free layer biased by an antiferromagnetic layer
Packaging plate for magnetic circuit, method for packaging magnetic circuit using the same, and magnetic circuit package
Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus with spatial coding using readout segmentation
Calibration configuration
Integrated and independently controlled transmit only and receive only coil arrays for magnetic resonance systems
Spatially resolved spin resonance detection
Optical pickup device
Antireflection film and optical element having the same
Projection optical system, a projection exposure apparatus provided with the same, as well as a device manufacturing method
Method for increasing the spectral and spatial resolution of detectors
Compact wavelength selective switching and/or routing system
Apparatus and method for optical raster-scanning in a micromechanical system
Optical apparatus which uses a virtually imaged phased array to produce chromatic dispersion
Etalon positioning using solder balls
Optical element, optical functional device, polarization conversion device, image display apparatus, and image display system
Fluorinated polyethers having perfluorinated aliphatic group and optical waveguide using the same
Personalized, private eyewear-based display system
Composition for a wiring, a wiring using the composition, manufacturing method thereof, a display using the wiring and a manufacturing method thereof
Organic electroluminescent device, polarizing surface light source, and liquid-crystal display
LCD element including regions where helical axes of LC molecules of neighboring domains in focalconic state extend in same direction
Rotary encoder and position adjuster therefor
Transmissive screen and rear projector
Lithographic apparatus and method of manufacturing a device
Imaging material with improved scratch resistance
Method and system for adjusting color mixing due to substrate characteristics
Bearing arrangement for reaction mass in a controlled environment
Exposure device with laser device
Illumination system particularly for microlithography
Illumination system particularly for microlithography
Negative resist process with simultaneous development and aromatization of resist structures
Induction heating type fixing device for an image forming apparatus and induction heating coil therefor
Imaging members
Photoconductive imaging members
Current output circuit
Active keyboard for handheld electronic gadgets
Power delivery system having a plurality of stages and method for setting power delivery system parameters
Battery powered electrical equipment with power saving operation
Disk array unit
Network device manager
Method of implementing an accelerated graphics/port for a multiple memory controller computer system
Photographic apparatus having display for display of a network and network system
Data output circuit and data output method
Communication terminal device
Systems and methods for converting the format of information
Image input-output apparatus and method therefor
Anisotropic filtering
Method and apparatus for optimized image processing
De-screening halftones using sigma filters
Active tamper detection system for electronic modules
Personal rescue system
Systems and methods for wirelessly transmitting data from a utility meter
Web-based systems and methods for internet communication of substantially real-time parking data
Image display apparatus, driving circuit for image display apparatus, and image display method
Electron emitter, method of driving electron emitter, display and method of driving display
Apparatus and driving lamp and liquid crystal display device having the same
Texture engine state variable synchronizer
Plectrum for a string instrument, a transmitter/receiver arrangement and a signal processing apparatus
Method for reproducing the sound of an accordion electronically
User data wedge media certification apparatus and method
System and method of damping vibration on coil supports in high performance disk drives with rotary actuators
Secure storage disc and disc surveillance system
Magnetic reading head
Large protrusion recording head for controlled magnetic spacing recording/reading
Embedded wire planar write head system and method
Disk drive having electrically parallel actuator coils for selectively boosting actuator torque
Method and system for time-shift based rotational vibration sensing in disk drives
Method and apparatus for automatically determining an embedded runout correction threshold
Incorporating repeatable run-out during self-writing of servo patterns in a rotatable media data storage device
Optical disc apparatus and method for controlling focus of the same
Percent-of-clock delay circuits with enhanced phase jitter immunity
Current sense amplifier
Ball grid array package having testing capability after mounting
Method and apparatus for coil-less magnetoelectric magnetic flux switching for permanent magnets
Electromagnetic actuator
Data processing apparatus with replacement keyboard
Circuit breakers
Pyromechanical battery pole disconnect element
Organic electroluminescence device
Plasma display apparatus
Electron beam device with spacer
Light source device and image reader
Reduction of native oxide at germanium interface using hydrogen-based plasma
Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Conductive container structures having a dielectric cap
Low voltage high performance semiconductor devices and methods
Method of making a nanoscale electronic device
SONOS memory device having side gate stacks and method of manufacturing the same
Method of making an aligned electrode on a semiconductor structure
Small grain size, conformal aluminum interconnects and method for their formation
Method for forming dual damascenes
Method of making a MEMS electrostatic chuck
Integrated circuit having a device wafer with a diffused doped backside layer
Method of manufacturing improved double-diffused metal-oxide-semiconductor device with self-aligned channel
Multiple thickness gate dielectric layers
Method of forming buried conductors
Flexibility enhanced integrated circuit carrier
Multi-part lead frame with dissimilar materials
Leadframe of a conductive material and component with a leadframe of a conductive material
Robust interlocking via
Apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor device incorporating fuse elements
Semiconductor apparatus with improved ESD withstanding voltage
System for improving the dynamic range of solid-state imaging devices
Transmission line and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Image sensing device using MOS type image sensing elements
Solid-state imaging device with dynamic range control
Semiconductor device
Gate oxide film structure for a solid state image pick-up device
Non-volatile memory structure
Photovoltaic devices fabricated by growth from porous template
Semiconductor light emitting device and its manufacture
Low-dimensional plasmon light emitting device
Battery mounting and testing method
Negative electrode for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery
Dielectric loaded cavity for high frequency filters
Low cost electrical cable connector housings and cable heads manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Shortened dipole and monopole loops
Optical semiconductor device with low reflectance coating
Distributed Bragg reflector and method of fabrication
Matrix current limiter with transformer configurations
Polyphase claw pole structures for an electrical machine
Dynamoelectric machine having encapsulated coil structure with one or more of phase change additives, insert molded features and insulated pinion
Linear motor
Rotor unit for an electromotor and an internal rotor electromotor
Electric motor
Building block for series connection in high power converter
Delta-sigma DC-to-DC converter and method thereof
Multiple output DC-DC converter for providing controlled voltages
Filtering variable offset amplifier
Non-contact proximity sensor
Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus
Multiple data rate interface architecture
Phase frequency detector with programmable minimum pulse width
Fractional-N baseband frequency synthesizer in bluetooth applications
Common operational amplifier and gain circuit and A/D converter using thereof
All-optical, tunable regenerator, reshaper and wavelength converter
Facsimile mail box service subscriber apparatus and operating method thereof
Line reflection reduction with energy-recovery driver
Method for reducing analog facsimile call duration over CDMA
Method for determining the information capacity of a paper channel and for designing or selecting a set of bitmaps representative of symbols to be printed on said channel
Image transmitter
Color correction apparatus, color correction method, and recording medium having color correction control program recorded
CMOS sensor with data flow control
Solid state image device and defective pixel recording method thereof
Optical device
Image signal processing apparatus and method
Video telecommunication system
Method and apparatus for connecting fiber optic lines to an information transmission line carrying two way signals
Automatic chroma control circuit with controlled saturation reduction
Device for image processing, method of adjusting white-balance, and computer products
Heated tray for razor
Method and apparatus for controlling minimum brightness of a fluorescent lamp
Arrangement for the generation of EUV radiation with high repetition rates
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Head-mounted display system
Protocol driven image reconstruction, display, and processing in a multislice imaging system
Methods and apparatus for dose verification in an imaging system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Optical identification
Holder for mobile telephone
Vehicle tracking and security system incorporating simultaneous voice and data communication
Disparity measurement with variably sized interrogation regions
Method and apparatus for navigation guidance
Reinforcement of fiber optic gyroscope coils
Wavelength-variable light source and OTDR apparatus
Image processing method, image processing device, and image processing system
Hologram observation method for three-dimensional wave source distribution, and stereoscopic directivity estimation method of antenna and wave distribution observation method based on hologram observation
Wireless communication system and method and system for detection of position of radio mobile station
Method of identifying a target as a friend of foe, and arrangement for executing the method
Antenna system
Ambiguity removal and angles-of-arrival estimation for radially polarized conformal arrays
System and method for segmenting image regions from a scene likely to represent particular objects in the scene
Remote position sensing system for use with an unmanned apparatus
Self-calibrating GPS reference station and method
Ruler algorithm for PPI rectangular radar scan converter with staircase line drawing
Scanned display with pinch, timing, and distortion correction
Hollow waveguide for ultraviolet light and making the same
Multi-band-pass filter
Wavelength-division-multiplexing programmable add/drop using interleave-chirped waveguide grating router
Optical transmission module and its manufacturing method
Optical cable and optical cable chamber element
Optical fiber composite ground wire
Magnetically reconfigurable optical grating devices and communication systems
Display architecture with waveguide routing and out-plane emission
Color filter and liquid crystal display apparatus
Display system having multiple memory elements per pixel with improved layout design
Method of making cushion for keyboard cursor control stick
Body-mountable display system
Compression and decompression system with reversible wavelets and lossy reconstruction
Method of synchronizing the presentation of static and dynamic components of an interactive multimedia document
Method for preventing inadvertent betrayal by a trustee of escrowed digital secrets
Secure cryptographic multi-exponentiation method and coprocessor subsystem
Coordinate input device and a program-recording medium for use in such a device
Projection display system with touch sensing on screen, computer assisted alignment correction and network conferencing
Display control system which prevents transmission of the horizontal synchronizing signal for a predetermined period when the display state has changed
Elliptic curve encryption systems
Technique for processing images
Portable communication device having a fingerprint identification system
Method for deleting ruled lines and a recording medium storing programs for performing the method
Character extraction apparatus, dictionary production apparatus, and character recognition apparatus using both apparatuses
Robust method for finding registration marker positions
Decoding data from patterned color modulated image regions in a color image
Image processing using adjoining relationships between image parts
Graphics controller for forming a composite image
Method of generating a scaled replica of a digital input image by distorting the spacing of the pixels in the input image
Method and apparatus for processing image pyramid borders
Method for detecting edges in an image signal
High-pass filtering process for focusing image
CAD method, computer and storage medium for automated detection of lung nodules in digital chest images
Image processing apparatus
Method and system for estimating jointed-figure configurations
Apparatus for image measurement
Image processing apparatus
Color feature extracting apparatus and method therefor capable of easily transforming a RGB color space into a color space close to human sense
Coding mode determination system
Image coding method and apparatus
Method, device and digital camera for error control and region of interest localization of a wavelet based image compression system
Apparatus for compressing and restoring image data using wavelet transform
Methods and apparatus for combining downsampling and inverse discrete cosine transform operations
Image compression system using halftoning and inverse halftoning to produce base and difference layers while minimizing mean square errors
Method and apparatus for processing a high definition image to provide a relatively lower definition image using both discrete cosine transforms and wavelet transforms
Multiresolution lossless/lossy compression and storage of data for efficient processing thereof
Image encoding apparatus employing analog processing system
Compressed video transcoder
Methods for data compression and decompression using digitized topology data
Method and control device for document authentication
Combined monochrome and color display
Image display apparatus
Method of operating a plasma display panel and a plasma display device using such a method
Circuit for transferring high voltage video signal without signal loss
Active matrix liquid crystal display incorporating pixel inversion with reduced drive pulse amplitudes
Liquid crystal driving method and driving apparatus
Display control apparatus
Image signal control circuit which controls image signal for displaying image on multi-gradation liquid crystal display and control method therefor
Optical disk, an optical disk barcode forming method, an optical disk reproduction apparatus, a marking forming apparatus, a method of forming a laser marking on an optical disk, and a method of manufacturing an optical disk
Boiling water reactor core, boiling water reactor, and method of operating boiling water reactor
Initial loading core
User interface for home automation system
Drive device for a rotary anode of an X-ray tube, and method of controlling the drive device
X-ray source which emits fluorescent X-rays
Antenna device having feeding spring escape prevention ribs
Radio antenna arrangement with a patch antenna
Fractal antenna ground counterpoise, ground planes, and loading elements
Simple dual-frequency antenna
Electronically variable power control in microstrip line fed antenna systems
Dual band hybrid solid/dichroic antenna reflector
Multiport antenna
Radio antenna
Method and apparatus for mitigating array antenna performance degradation caused by element failure
Directivity control circuitry for an adaptive antenna
Surface mount type circularly polarized wave antenna and communication apparatus using the same
Double resonance antenna structure for several frequency ranges
Broad band patch antenna
Antenna arrangement
Method for attaching an antenna to a circuit board and article produced thereby
Optical waveguide with dissimilar core and cladding materials, and light emitting device employing the same
Semiconductor optical amplification element
Sound quality adjustment circuit
Fractional-N frequency synthesizer with jitter compensation
Method and apparatus for increasing the speed of a full code book search in a quartizer encoder
Method of apparatus for remotely pumping a rare-earth doped optical fiber amplifier and a communication system employing same
Voice operated switch for use in high noise environments
Modem protocol
Method and apparatus for generating hash value
Ergonomic telephone headset amplifier unit
Telephone addressing system
Method and apparatus for detecting a secondary destination of a telephone call based on changes in the telephone signal path
Data access arrangement having combined remote hang-up/ring detection circuitry
Voice and data communication
Method and system for detecting fraudulent collect calls
Analog telephone subscriber terminal apparatus
Telephone number/Web page look-up apparatus and method
Unscheduled event task processing system
System and method for downloading and rendering glyphs in a set top box
Channel bar user interface for an entertainment system
Low-complexity error-resilient coder using a block-based standard
Method and apparatus for coding segmented regions which may be transparent in video sequences for content-based scalability
Method of operating a virtual private network
Method and arrangement for resolving performance feature interactions in a communication system
Routing traffic in a node of a telecommunication network
Least cost router
Audio speaker system
Electroacoustic transducer
Bone-conduction speaker
Method and apparatus for detecting speech at a near-end of a communications system, a speaker-phone system, or the like
Headphone capable of directly converting digital audio signal into analog audio signal
Sealed neutron tube
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew