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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Mower deck with relative blade speed control for uniform discharge of mown grass
Parthenocarpic genetic elements derived from S. habrochaites
Method for maturing and synchronizing conifer somatic embryos
Portable petting device for petting or scratching of pets, such as dogs or cats
Method of providing alarm service upon movement out of safety zone
Evaporative gel delivery of catnip aroma
Burrowing rodent stick
Apparatus and method for bird deterrence for a marine vessel
Agent for suppressing the formation of abnormal skin cells caused by exposure to light
Methods for treating cancers using oral formulations of cytidine analogs
Pyridine derivatives compounds for controlling invertebrate pests
Pesticide composition comprising fosetyl-aluminium, propamocarb-HCl and an insecticide active substance
Coffee machine with system for producing cold coffee
Combined baby bib and supporting bottle holder
Independent harness system for a soft boot
Invisible zipper head assembly structure for increasing positioning effect and sliding member thereof
Low profile wallet
Business card holder and dispenser
Cosmetic container
Clip assembly and electronic device including the same
Electronic device holder
Cabinetry system having removable cabinet faces
Ready to assemble modular upholstery
Combined multiple beverage brewing apparatus and brewing basket for use in same
Cooking vessel with lid and handle device
Multi-purpose cooking appliance
Storing and dispensing container for wipes
Upright vacuum cleaner
Ankle fusion nail apparatus and method
Method for treating fecal incontinence
Sampling device for vaginal specimen
Electrochemical sensor
Light measurement device
Oral screening device
Dental floss dispenser business card
Absorbent article
Method of correcting vision using corneal onlays
Methods of implanting extra-articular implantable mechanical energy absorbing systems
Stent crimping tool insert, system, and method
Intragastric balloon retrieval mechanisms
Electronically enhanced access port for a fluid filled implant
Artificial anterior chamber system
Contact lens solution with a tertiary amine oxide
Pharmaceutical composition
Biphenyl imidazoles and related compounds useful for treating HCV infections
Compositions comprising avermectin/azelaic acid compounds useful for treating, e.g., rosacea
Immunomodulatory methods and systems for treatment and/or prevention of atherosclerosis
Freeze-dried molded article containing magnesium ascorbyl phosphate
Nematicide composition comprising CED-4 peptide
A-.beta. immunogenic peptide carrier conjugates and methods of producing same
PAR2 agonists for use in the treatment or prevention of influenza virus type A infections
Polymer conjugates of interferon-beta with enhanced biological potency
Use of botulinum neurotoxin to treat substance addictions
Synergistic immunogenic fusion protein-polysaccharide conjugate
Direct utilization of plasma proteins for the in vivo assembly of protein-drug/imaging agent conjugates, nanocarriers and coatings for biomaterials
Prevention of Salmonella recrudescense
Cancer treatment with endothelin receptor antagonists
EGFR-binding molecules and immunoconjugates thereof
Aqueous method for making magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles
Labelled analogues of halobenzamides as multimodal radiopharmaceuticals and their precursors
Whipped composition for the treatment of keratin fibers
Biocompatible crosslinked hydrogels, drug-loaded hydrogels and methods of using the same
Particle for medical use and process for producing the same
Wound dressing
Back needle
Acne treatment powder foundation
Agent for dyeing and/or bleaching keratinous fibres in two or more parts, comprising an alkaline composition in an inverse emulsion
Performing Operations; Transporting
Biocidal composition for wood, method for wood treatment, and wood produced thereby
Printer and recording method
Device and method for printing information on glass surfaces
System for scribing a visible label
Tire-pressure control apparatus
Tire pressure monitoring device
Cup sleeve holder apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
EGFR aptamer inhibitor for use in therapy and diagnosis
Compounds suitable for treatment of haemophilia
Process for producing silylated pullulan and cosmetic preparation
Use of MiR-26 family as a predictive marker for hepatocellular carcinoma and responsiveness to therapy
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Human power generation using dual pulls
System and method for determining oxygen sensor heater resistance
Method and apparatus for controlling noise levels of a turbine with minimal loss in energy yield
Energy recovery system and method for exhaust energy capture and electrical generation
Contour sensor incorporating MEMS mirrors
Slide operation device
Remote destination programming for vehicle navigation
System and method of wireless downloads of map and geographic based data to portable computing devices
Method of assisting in the navigation of an aircraft with an updating of the flight plan
Methods of fabricating surface enhanced raman scattering substrates
System and insole for measuring information from the foot of a user and related method of providing same
Method and apparatus for determining size and composition of a particulate matter in a fume flow
Defects inspecting apparatus and defects inspecting method
Beam characterization monitor for sensing pointing or angle of an optical beam
Method and devices for assessing the threat status of an article at a security check point
Vehicle battery product and battery monitoring system
Methods and apparatus for testing a component
Methods for characterizing agonists and partial agonists of target molecules
Digital multimeter having hinged shield arrangement
Electrical power and energy measurement method and apparatus
Test apparatus and driver circuit
Network test apparatus, network test method and network test program
Method and system for decoding tokenized session initiated protocol packets
Double sided probing structures
Control and features for satellite positioning system receivers
Assistance to a mobile SPS receiver
Method, use of said method and arrangements in an electronic support measures system
Method and apparatus for radar surveillance and detection of sea targets
Temperature-controlled magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
Variable power optical system and imaging device
Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
Optical projection tomography
Finder optical system and image pickup apparatus using the same
System and method for charge control in a MEMS device
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Method for driving optical deflecting device array, optical deflecting device array, optical deflecting device, and image projection displaying apparatus
Thin film coated optical hybrid
Optics for an extended depth of field
Light selective transmission filter
Wire grid polarizer and method of manufacturing the same
Polarization converter, optical system, method and applications
Signal transmission device
Photonic crystal waveguide inlet structure
Lens driving unit and lens driving device
Lens device
Lens apparatus and image pickup apparatus
Vacuum lens holder
Lens group positioning method and image capturing apparatus
Chromatic aberration compensating image optics
Imaging lens
Display device and method of fabricating the same
Organic light emitting display device with a bezel and rib and a secure interconnection there between
Display device for reducing cross-talk between displayed images
Polarizer and liquid crystal display device using same
Liquid crystal device
Display device and manufacturing method of the same
Liquid crystal display
Display substrate and display apparatus having the same
Display medium
Method for fabrication liquid crystal display device and diffraction mask therefor
Transflective liquid crystal device and method of manufacturing the same
Display element and method of driving the same
Image stabilizer and camera module having same
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Illumination system with low telecentricity error and dynamic telecentricity correction
Exposure apparatus equipped with interferometer and exposure apparatus using the same
Method of measuring and adjusting density of liquid developer by detecting movement of moving member in light path
Image forming apparatus that determines when a life of a replacement unit has expired
Belt member, transfer unit incorporating same, image forming apparatus incorporating same, and method of evaluating same
Contacting and separating mechanism and image forming apparatus
Development device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Developing device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Liquid developer collection apparatus and image forming apparatus
Fixing unit having enhanced temperature control and image forming apparatus using the same
Conveyor-belt apparatus and image heating apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Fixing apparatus using fixing solution and image forming apparatus including the fixing apparatus
Drug delivery management system
Timing system and device and method for making the same
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Mobile body
Voltage generating circuit for electrostatic MEMS actuator
Bias current compensation device and method
Raster-to-swath image data conversion printing system and related method
Clock and data recovery (CDR) method and apparatus
Protective cover mechanism
Disk drive with nonvolatile memory for storage of failure-related data
Data writing method
Memory circuit
Method for handling more than a maximum number of supported drives in a raid configuration
Anomaly notification control in disk array
Network fault manager for maintaining alarm conditions
Systems and methods for limiting the rates of data to/from a buffer
Method and apparatus for improved information transactions
FTIR and EDX spectrum library of contaminants found on a HDD and their potential sources
Information processor, virtual disk managing method, and computer-readable recording medium that records device driver
Memory-centric page table walker
Reducing back invalidation transactions from a snoop filter
Processor extensions for accelerating spectral band replication
Method and apparatus for filtering snoop requests using a scoreboard
Computer system, data migration monitoring method and data migration monitoring program
Memory device, memory controller and memory system
Accessing memory and processor caches of nodes in multi-node configurations
Information sharing between a backup storage device and a management appliance
Methods and systems for management of copies of a mapped storage volume
Storage router and method for providing virtual local storage
System for designing and performing Web application
Power-on signal transmitting system and power-on signal transmitting method
Information storage device, information processing system, and setting method of data transfer mode of information processing device
Communications device and method for configuring a communication port depending on a direction condition of a remote device communicatively coupled to the communications port
Image processing device and image processing method
Method and system to reduce false positives within an automated software-testing environment
Communication method and apparatus, server and client on network, and program codes realizing communication thereof
Virtual system and method in a virtual system
Method and apparatus for ordering goods, services and content over an internetwork
High data rate stateful protocol processing
Telecommunications chassis and card
Method for configuring a network element having an unknown protocol address
Node device, shared information update processing program, shared information update method, and information sharing system
Method and system to enable contact with unknown internet account holders
Group driver
Method and system for simulating latency between layers of multi-tier applications
Automating alarm handling in a communications network using network-generated tickets and customer-generated tickets
Network analysis
Scheduler for transmit system interfaces
Scalable feature selection for multi-class problems
Method for determining near duplicate data objects
System, method, and computer-accessible medium for providing a multi-objective evolutionary optimization of agent-based models
Document analysis and retrieval
System and method for media stream indexing and synchronization
Method for generating source code in a procedural, re-entrant-compatible programming language using a spreadsheet representation
Method of and apparatus for displaying messages on a mobile terminal
Computerized medical self-diagnostic and treatment advice system
Multi-step non-linear time-discrete processing
Method for simulating deviations in surface appearance of plastics parts
Methods and apparatus for performing reduced complexity discrete fourier transforms using interpolation
Electronic device
Systems and methods for processing regular expressions
Methods, systems, and computer program products for product randomization and analysis in a manufacturing environment
Performing a collaborative search in a computing network
Method of encapsulating information in a database and an encapsulated database
System and method for the translation of telecommunications trouble tickets
Method for automatically indexing documents
System and method for real-time media searching and alerting
Scoped access control metadata element
Computer system storage device and date updating method
Electric power system training simulation software and process for electric power system training
Static timing slacks analysis and modification
Routing of wires of an electronic circuit
Interconnection modeling for semiconductor fabrication process effects
Method for matching timing on high fanout signal paths using routing guides
Random personalization of chips during fabrication
Method and apparatus for estimating core size in designing semiconductor integrated circuit
Display designing system and method for designing a display
Design structure with a deep sub-collector, a reach-through structure and trench isolation
Structures for electrostatic discharge protection for bipolar semiconductor circuitry
System and method for using first-principles simulation to characterize a semiconductor manufacturing process
Numerical analysis model data generating method for filling holes in a mesh
Methods and systems for customizing lighting control panels
Ultrasonic sensor-based side impact sensing system
Method of machining workpiece with offset tool
Methods for authentication
Centrifugal communication and collaboration method
Melded user interfaces
Channels and services display
Generating position information using a video camera
Method for gesture detection on a capacitive touchpad
Method for providing human input to a computer
Optical touch pad with multilayer waveguide
Image processing apparatus for transferring image data in a compressed form
Data processing method in network system connected with image processing apparatus
MicroRNA precursors
Method in creating a symbol pattern, symbol pattern obtained thereby, method and system for finding a position in such symbol pattern and computer program product for performing the method
Fast modular zero sum and ones sum determination
Method for editing related data in a database
Methods and systems for assisting information processing by using storage system
Cliprank: ranking media content using their relationships with end users
Refining based on log content
Document recognizing apparatus and method
Shared credential store
Information security device
Disseminating additional data used for controlling access
System and method to determine a single SQL BOM solve
Controller for event-based statistical covert channels
Software operation modeling device, software operation monitoring device, software operation modeling method, and software operation monitoring method
Business process technology for the enterprise
Techniques for monitoring application calls
Transportable volume, local environment repository
Apparatus and method for managing application in incorporated equipment
System and method for creating a logical representation of a functional logic system from a physical representation
System and method for creating a graphical program which invokes methods and properties of objects
Systems and methods for hazards analysis
System and method for accommodating non-gaussian and non-linear sources of variation in statistical static timing analysis
Updating instructions to free core in multi-core processor with core sequence table indicating linking of thread sequences for processing queued packets
Method and system for analyzing service outsourcing
Disk drive/CPU architecture for distributed computing
Finite difference algorithm for solving lubrication equations with solute diffusion
Method for obtaining resistivity from controlled source electromagnetic data
Field-based similarity search system and method
Aircraft engine management for fuel conservation method and apparatus
Information processing apparatus, substitute print job management method, information processing program, and recording medium
Control apparatus, control method therefor, and printing system
Retrieving system and retrieving method
Image color discriminating apparatus, image color discriminating method and program
Image discrimination apparatus
Method and apparatus for creating and editing node-link diagrams in pen computing systems
3D segmentation of the colon in MR colonography
Image plotting data obtaining method and apparatus, and image plotting method and apparatus
Edge based CMY automatic picture registration
Virtual fly over of complex tubular anatomical structures
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer readable medium for generating a reduced image
Super-resolution device and method
System and method for characterizing handwritten or typed words in a document
Image processing apparatus and method for attribute data encoding
Methods and systems for inter-layer image parameter prediction
Decoding apparatus, dequantizing method, distribution determining method, and program thereof
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding an image
Transmitting apparatus and method, receiving apparatus and method, program and recording medium, and transmitting/receiving system
Image processing apparatus and method
Image processing system, image compression system, image editing system, computer readable medium, computer data signal and image processing apparatus
Image processing device and method for compressing and decompressing images
System and method for efficiently enhancing videos and images
Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, image processing method, and computer program product
Rule-based programming languages for entities in environments
Decision support systems and methods
Methods for long-range contact center staff planning utilizing discrete event simulation
System and method for determining a promise date for a demand in a business environment
System and method for matching human resources to human resource needs
Method for recommending disposable absorbent incontinence articles
Health management system for people and pets
User-maintained contact information data system
Interactive internet shopping and data integration method and system
Randomized trading apparatus and method
E-commerce transaction facilitation system and method
Method and system for multi-enterprise optimization using flexible trade contracts
Methods and systems for providing structured loan commitment transactions
System and method of aggregating multiple transactions over network-based electronic payment transaction processing system
Method and apparatus for remote health monitoring and providing health related information
Treatment regimen compliance and efficacy with feedback
System and method for biometric signature authorization
System and method for lightweight polygonal topology representation
System and method for securing and displaying items for merchandising
Evidence tracking
Driving safety warning method and device for a drowsy or distracted driver
Device for detecting haematoma or subcutaneous haemorrhage after percutaneous coronary intervention
Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling remote devices
Towing monitor system
Filtering road traffic condition data obtained from mobile data sources
Information management server and information distribution system
Display device and driving method of the same, and electronic apparatus
Scan driving circuit, electroluminescent display having the same
Light emitting display
Display apparatus and mobile communication terminal having the same
Liquid crystal display device, method of driving the same, and method of fabricating the same
Method of driving active matrix displays having nonlinear elements in pixel elements
Liquid crystal display apparatus, method of controlling the same, and liquid crystal projector system
Liquid crystal display
Methods and devices for lighting displays
Double sided video monitor
Image display device, image data transmitting device, image display system, image display method, storage medium storing an image display program, image data transmission program, and storage medium storing the image data transmission program
Image display system, image display apparatus, image providing apparatus and method thereof
Depth perception
Apparatus and method for driving a display device
Process and apparatus for providing a one-dimensional computer input interface allowing movement in one or two directions to conduct pointer operations usually performed with a mouse and character input usually performed with a keyboard
Color signal adjustment module in image display apparatus
Method and device of rapidly generating a gray-level versus brightness curve of a display
Image display apparatus and image display method
Data-driven global boundary optimization
Denoising acoustic signals using constrained non-negative matrix factorization
Disk device
Disk chucking apparatus and disk drive having the same
Disk chucking apparatus and disk drive having the same
Optically-readable disk with copy protection device
Optical information recording medium
Disk device with insertion slot capable of preventing double loading of disks
Combined bulk thermal-assister and bulk eraser
Mixed format disk drive
Current-perpendicular-to-the-plane (CPP) magnetoresistive sensor with antiparallel-pinned layer containing silicon
Method and apparatus for modifying a dynamic pitch of a slider to increase head to disk interface reliability for contact recording systems
Method and apparatus for modifying the air bearing force of the trailing edge of a slider to increase head to disk interface reliability for contact recording systems
Information recording method and apparatus
Holographic recording apparatus, holographic reproducing apparatus, holographic recording method and holographic reproducing method
Recording medium with a linking area including dummy data thereon and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, and reproducing the recording medium
Information recording/reproducing device
Reduced-power programming of multi-level cell (MLC) memory
Symbol rate hardware accelerator
Semiconductor device and control method thereof
Ion generating unit and electric device
Field element
Magnetic element module
Permanent-magnet magnetic actuator of reduced volume
Electronic overload relay
Flat panel display incorporating a control frame
Cold cathode fluorescent lamp with phosphor layer formed of phosphor particles and a bonding agent including boron oxide, formed on an inner surface of a glass tube thereof
Flexible active matrix circuits for interfacing with biological tissue
Battery pack that provides precise voltage measurements of batteries when safety switch is present
Dielectric waveguide device, phase shifter, high frequency switch, and attenuator provided with dielectric waveguide device, high frequency transmitter, high frequency receiver, high frequency transceiver, radar device, array antenna, and method of manufacturing dielectric waveguide device
Multi-band antenna
Surface mount antenna and antenna module
Power control system for a wireless communication unit
Communication system having a communication device
Electromagnetic wave absorber using resistive material
Phased array system using baseband phase shifting
Dual-band monopole antenna with antenna signal fed through short-circuit terminal of transmission line
Line imaging systems and methods for laser annealing
Cable management device and method of cable management
Motor protection device and method
Detector based combination regulator
Method and device for optimizing signal power on a wired communications network
Converter station
Systems and methods for supplying power to an electronic device
Battery exchange station
Detection and delimitation of maximum stator currents
Power supply device of controlling feedback synchronization
Multi output voltage regulation of a synchronous generator in a power system
Power converter with a feedback controller
Stator and piezo ultrasonic motor including the same
Model train remote control system having realistic speed and special effects control
Drive system for a tap changer
Frequency synthesizer including a digital lock detector
Integer frequency offset estimation in wireless systems
Generating a frequency switching local oscillator signal
Power amplification device and communication device
Device and connecting method for connecting power-supply terminals to a power-supply bus based on noise intensities
Non-linear distortion detection method and distortion compensation amplifying device
Clock signal selection circuit
Circuit for controlling time sequence
Temperature compensated integrator
Frequency synthesizer and method for controlling same
DLL circuit adapted to semiconductor device
Integrated upstream amplifier for cable modems and cable set-top boxes
Switching matrix for an input device
Channel estimation and fixed thresholds for multi-threshold decoding of low-density parity check codes
Decoder and reproducing device
Method and apparatus for a data-dependent noise predictive viterbi
Amplitude detecting device
Mobile electronic device
Communications system, intermediate element for a communications system, and method for establishing a communications link
Communication channel establishing method, communication system, and communication apparatus
Passive optical network communication method and system
Optical space transmission device including rotatable member
Free-space optical communication system
Transmitter for an optical communication signal
Modulation light signal generating device and FSK modulation signal generating device
Method and apparatus for testing and monitoring data communications in the presence of a coupler in an optical communications network
Radio frequency noise and interference suppression in an integrated circuit
Reservation multiple access
Mobile communication system, mobile station, base station, and control channel allocation method
Method of translating protocol at translator, method of providing protocol translation information at translation server, and address translation server
Scalable system to adaptively transmit and receive including adaptive antenna signal and back-end processors
Base station which communicates according to a retransmission control
Wireless communication system and lift system having the same
Joint carrier allocation and time sharing for OFDMA/TDMA networks
Method and apparatus for using a MAC protocol for broadcast
Apparatus and method for selecting, releasing, and changing MCBCS channel of mobile station in broadband wireless access system
Media content distribution system and method
Stereo/monaural switching circuit and integrated circuit having the same
Method and system for utilizing a single PLL to clock an array of DDFS for multi-protocol applications
Restricting time slots for mesh networks
Method and apparatus for using an unique index set for PSC sequence in a wireless communication system
OFDM transmission method, which is intended both for sporadic and for continuous data communication, for a WLAN
Multiple access techniques for a wireless communiation medium
System for application server autonomous access across different types of access technology networks
Label switching type of packet forwarding apparatus
Apparatus and a method for allocating upstream bandwidth of a shared upstream channel of an optical network
Apparatus and method for reusing pair of public and private keys
Communication system, communication apparatus and communication method
Serial interface amplitude selection for a disk drive in an unknown interconnect environment
Hardware architecture for cloud services
Parallel packet processor with session active checker
Wireless LAN using transmission monitoring
System, method and computer-readable storage medium for calculating addressing and bandwidth requirements of a network
Frame relay switched data service
Method to set setting information in device and device to set setting information
Integration of remote microcell with CDMA infrastructure
Correlating packets in a data-communications environment
Shared input-output device
Distributing personalized content
Allocating burst data units to available time-slots
Mobile telephone apparatus with remote access function for external network and remote access method for mobile communication system
Communication system
Stream data recording device, stream data editing device, stream data reproducing device, stream data recording method, and stream data reproducing method
Transmitter pre-distortion across wide transmit power dynamic range
Delay diversity and spatial rotation systems and methods
Digital modulator, digital modulating method, digital transceiver system, and testing apparatus
Wide-band direct conversion transmission apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting messages with unknown signaling characteristic
Wireless device with a non-compensated crystal oscillator
DTV television transmitter/receiver and method of processing data in DTV transmitter/receiver
Remote access system, gateway, client device, program, and storage medium
Worm infection detecting device
Filtered antenna assembly
Method and system for communicating sub-synchronization signals using a phase rotator
Upstream data recovery and data rate detection
Optical storage media and the corresponding cryptography for data encryption thereof
Optical disk, an optical disk barcode forming method, an optical disk reproduction apparatus, a marking forming apparatus, a method of forming a laser marking on an optical disk, and a method of manufacturing an optical disk
Method and apparatus for authenticated, recoverable key distribution with no database secrets
Active watermarks and watermark agents
Mobile terminal
Sliding type mobile terminal
Managing power consumption in a wireless device
Wireless communication terminal and antenna switching control method
Method and apparatus of transmitting preferred control channel cycle attribute in wireless communication systems
Communication device
Time and location-based non-intrusive advertisements and informational messages
Method and apparatus for echo cancellation
Method and apparatus for enhanced convergence of the normalized LMS algorithm
Cross-correlation based echo canceller controllers
Facsimile apparatus having large display panel, operation panel, and document insert
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image reading apparatus
Image scanning device
Image scanner with image scanning device positioning
Sheet media stack imaging system
Image forming device
Intent preservation when constructing measurement-based color transforms from transform-based profiles
Method and system for user interaction within a queue
Imaging system for creating an image of an object
Imaging-device cleaning apparatus
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for recognizing an object with color
Information processing apparatus, data storage device, data transfer system and data transfer method, program and recording medium
Optical motion sensing
Imaging apparatus and a camera for vehicles
External storage device for image pickup apparatus, control method therefor, image pickup apparatus and control method therefor
Method of processing images captured by digital camera to reduce distortion
Solid-state imaging device and image capture apparatus with anti-blooming pre-shutter operation
Apparatus for providing multiple screens and method of dynamically configuring multiple screens
MPEG-2 decoder, method and buffer scheme for providing enhanced trick mode playback of a video stream
Picture processing circuit and picture processing method
De-interlacing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for store and replay functions in a digital radio broadcasting receiver
Video signal transceiver
Scaling independent technique for watermarking images with recorder shut-off
Image display method, image display device, and image display program
Method of managing auxiliary programs and a corresponding receiver and system
Speaker system for head protective gear
Implantable interferometer microphone
Audio output driver for reducing electromagnetic interference and improving audio channel performance
Multichannel spectral vector mapping audio apparatus and method
GPSS-based system and method for enabling or disabling cellphones in predefined zones
Scanning neighboring base stations in wireless access system
System and method for discriminating radar transmissions from wireless network transmissions and wireless network having radar-avoidance capability
Charging of numbers triggered premium SMS
Establishment of radio resource control connection in wireless communication system
Mixed mobile communication system of asynchronous communication network and synchronous communication network having handover function of mobile communication terminal, and handover method in the same
High-capacity paging method, and associated apparatus, with further reduced probability of false page match
Fast setup of physical communication channels
Base station device for setting up the access rights for user terminals in response to user actuation of switches or buttons
Devices including, methods using, and compositions of reflowable getters
Electronic ballast for a low-pressure discharge lamp with a micro-controller
Housing structure and electronic apparatus having the same
Circuit board mounting system
Wire form rail adapter
Electronic apparatus having movable parts
Electronic substrate device
Shield structure for electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Transmission for a self-propelled machine and wheeled self-propelled machine, in particular a lawn mower
Methods for raising pre-adult anadromous fish
Method for preserving mammalian organs
Pest repellent compositions and articles and a method for preparing the same
Biocide-polyester concentrates and biocidal compositions prepared therefrom
Composition and method for treating plants with exogenous chemicals
Antiviral compositions for tissue paper
Electronic component material containing pest repellent, electronic component using the same, and its manufacturing method
Hot fomentations
Terpenes for reducing the effect of pheromone on lepidoptera
Pyridazinone derivatives
Solid glyphosphate-formulation and manufacturing process
Antimicrobial agent, antimicrobial resin composition and antimicrobial artificial marble
Methods of using worm castings for insect repellency
Strain of Trichoderma harzianum useful as nematode inhibitor, fungicide and plant growth promoter and a process for the isolation thereof
Calcium channel antagonist possessing an inhibitory action against secretion of parathyroid hormones and a use thereof
Coating agent and coated particulate fertilizers
Extended shelf life ricotta cheese blends and process for preparing
Process for mozzarella cheese
Process for the purification of nutrients from food process streams
Dietary supplement combining colostrum and lactoferrin in a mucosal delivery format
Anti-deterioration agent for food flavors, method for preventing deterioration of food flavors, and foods containing anti-deterioration agent for food flavors
Immunoglobulin-rich milk, production and use thereof
Preparation of a blend of triglycerides
Process for improving glucose metabolism, satiety, and nutrient absorption in companion animals
Substance containing proteins and insoluble dietary fibers derived from the germinated seed of a grass family plant and uses thereof
Process for producing enzyme-containing granules
Use of chlorate ion or preparations thereof for reduction of food borne pathogens
Batter-coated food products
Edible microcapsule and food containing the same
RTE cereals and other foods presweetened with D tagatose
Caesar salad dressing
Athletic patch
Infusion preparation
Nutritionally complete low pH enteral formula
Process for preparing foamed meat processed foods
Enhanced precooked egg product and process for formulation of precooked egg products
Hops acid antibacterial compositions
Self-cleaning spray chamber for livestock and poultry feed pellet processing system
Smoke-modifying agents and smoking material rods comprising smoke-modifying agents
Disposable underwear
Method for creating a design using multiple pieces of material
Knife-stab-resistant ballistic article
Method of manufacturing a textured toothbrush bristle
Compositions for oral cavity
Collectible item with relic and method of making the same
Physician's collector
Cervical specimen self-sampling device
Kit for use in detecting gastric damage
Direct dual filling device for sealing agents
Hemostatic agent inserting device
Method and apparatus for securing a suture
Moldable crimpable suture thread and method for making same
System and method of controlling pressure in a surgical tourniquet
Micro-strand cable with enhanced radiopacity
Vaso-occlusion apparatus having a mechanically expandable detachment joint and a method for using the apparatus
Occlusion device
Connector for domed cutting tool
Arthroplasty joint assembly
Skin testing device
Ablation assembly with elastomeric driveshaft connection
Minimally invasive revascularization apparatus and methods
Instrument for cleaning tonsils
Biopsy needle guide for attachment to an ultrasound transducer
Needle assembly including a retractable sheath
Spinal cable system
Spinal implant for an osteosynthesis device
Anterior vertebral protection method and device
Quantum energy surgical device and method
Articulating ionizable gas coagulator
Cryosurgical probe with sheath
Fluid-assisted electrocautery method
Catheter with enhanced ablation electrode
Tissue folding device for tissue ablation, and method thereof
Method of ablating body tissue
Method and apparatus for temperature control of biologic tissue with simultaneous irradiation
Light treatment of vulnerable atherosclerosis plaque
Method and apparatus for magnetically controlling motion direction of a mechanically pushed catheter
Method of detecting vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque
Guide wire tip
Glucose biosensor
Intra-serum and intra-gel for modeling human skin tissue
Method and system for using personal digital assistants with diagnostic medical ultrasound systems
Method for obtaining blood pressure data from optical sensor
Method and apparatus for non-invasive blood-pressure measurement
Calorimetry systems and methods
Pulse-wave-propagation-relating information obtaining apparatus and arterial-bifurcate-portion determining apparatus
Acoustic biosensor for monitoring physiological conditions in a body implantation site
Ultrasonic apparatus and technique to measure changes in intracranial pressure
System and method for vision examination using interrupt signals for synchronizing visual evoked potential sampling rate with visual stimulus
Hearing evaluation device with patient connection evaluation capabilities
Seal for use in a volume displacement plethysmograph
Methods for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia
Medical diagnostic ultrasound-aided drug delivery system and method
Border detection method and system
System and method for ultrasonic tomography
Oral irrigator housing
Absorbent article
Feminine hygiene pad
Diaper construction
Pull-on disposable diaper
Method of individually packaging a three dimensionally-shaped absorbent article
Flexible and breathable absorbent articles and their fixation to undergarments
Methods for making a thermoplastic composition and fibers including same
High strength through-bonding technique for elastomeric laminates
Guidewire placement system for delivery of an aneurysm graft limb
Bifurcated aortic prosthesis
Non-foreshortening intraluminal prosthesis
Intravascular hinge stent
Encapsulated stent preform
Stent with reduced thrombogenicity
Bifurcated catheter assembly
Stent having tapered struts
Ionic polymer sensors and actuators
Anterior chamber intraocular lens and methods for reducing pupil ovalling
Method for making polymer heart valves with leaflets having uncut free edges
Acetabular cup assembly with selected bearing
Posterior stabilized knee replacement with bearing translation for knees with retained collateral ligaments
Dorsal compartment brace
Feminine urinary device
Method and device for applications of selective organ cooling
Massage device having groups of plural massage elements independently movable in recurrent motion
Liquid container
Hair dye composition
System and method for applying oral fluid absorbing material to dental arches, with application in treatment of periodontal gum disease
Oral bleaching composition
Ginkgo biloba composition, method to prepare the same and uses thereof
Opioid agonist/antagonist combinations
Zinc containing compositions for anti-viral use
Pharmaceutical composition with low toxicity for anti-inflammation and anti-exudation
Safe botanical drug for treatment and prevention of influenza and increasing immune function
Use of hyaluronan in gene therapy
Methods and pharmaceutical compositions for the closure of retinal breaks
Methods and compositions for producing weight loss
Method and apparatus for producing electrolytic reduced water
Preparation for regenerating collagen
Bicarbonate-based solution in two parts for peritoneal dialysis or substitution in continuous renal replacement therapy
Sustained release compositions and the process for their preparation
Compositions and methods for promoting tissue repair using heat shock proteins
Adenoviral vectors for mutants of human interleukin 6 (hIL-6) with hIL-6 antagonist activity, pharmaceutical compositions therewith and their uses
Treatment of HIV and other viral infections using combinatorial therapy
Methods of inhibiting angiogenesis and ameliorating cancer by using superfibronectin
Two novel human cathepsin proteins
Recombinant antibacterial group IIA phospholipase A2 and methods of use thereof
Method for in vitro proliferation of dendritic cell precursors and their use to produce immunogens for treating autoimmune diseases
Genetically modified tumor-targeted bacteria with reduce virulence
Processes for preparation of Marek's Disease using continuous mammalian cell lines
Methods and compositions for treatment of disorders associated with chlamydia and similar bacterial infection
Medicinal aerosol formulations
Composition of matter
Modulated release particles for aerosol delivery
Glycosyl-etoposide prodrugs, a process for preparation thereof and the use thereof in combination with functionalized tumor-specific enzyme conjugates
P element derived vector and methods for its use
Process for increasing the stability of liposome suspensions that contain hydrophilic active ingredients
Identification of agents that protect against inflammatory injury to neurons
Identification of agents that protect against inflammatory injury to neurons
Method to inhibit tartar and stain using denture adhesive compositions
Tartar control denture adhesive compositions
Gelled cosmetic remover composition
Naphthalene cationic coupler for oxidation dyeing of keratin fiber
Subtilisin DY variants having decreased adsorption and increased hydrolysis
Herbal hair treatments and method of making the same
Compositions for removing tooth stains
Use in cosmetic compositions of amphoteric surface-active agents for precipitating cationic polymers in the diluted state
Perfume compositions
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations with antimicrobial activity
Anhydrous cosmetic compositions
Hyperbranched polymers or dendrimers containing a particular group, preparation process, use and compositions comprising them
Polymer ingredient combinations for hair treatment compositions
Block, non-(AB)n silicone polyalkyleneoxide copolymers with tertiary amino links
Skin-care pouch
Process for manufacturing bite-dispersion tablets
Method for preparing closed vesicles
Polymeric gene delivery
Powders comprising anti-adherant materials for use in dry powder inhalers
Oral preparations containing forskolin derivatives and process for producing pharmaceutical preparations
Biphasic controlled release delivery system for high solubility pharmaceuticals and method
Oil-free pharmaceutical compositions containing cyclosporin A
Controlled release pellet formulation
Kits containing cyanoacrylate compositions comprising an antimicrobial agent
Absorbent articles having skin health benefits
Carrier and support for work pieces
Method and apparatus for verifying ultraviolet sterilization
Methods for treating endoleaks during endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms
Drug delivery via therapeutic hydrogels
Composition and methods for preventing and removing biofilm embedded microorganisms from the surface of medical devices
Subcutaneous infusion cannula
Balloon expandable covered stents
Combined device comprising a venous blood reservoir and a cardiotomy reservoir in an extracorporeal circuit
Method and apparatus for sequestering platelet rich plasma
Cardiopulmonary bypass system
Apparatus for the diagnosis or treatment of respiratory sleep disorders and operating process
Catheter drive shaft spring clutch
Angioplasty guide catheter
Catheter shaft
Convertible catheter incorporating distal force transfer mechanism
Catheter with spiral cut transition member
Radioactive coating solutions methods, and substrates
Tunneling device
Retractable catheter systems and associated methods
Fluidic media introduction apparatus
Apparatus and method for a self-blunting safety catheter
Percutaneous bypass apparatus and method
Drug pump systems and methods
Autopriming a micro-cassette while minimizing the formation of air bubbles in a pumping chamber
System and method for providing information from a syringe to an injector
Bilateral microinjector pump for freely moving animals in an operant chamber
Indwelling needle assembly
Continuous injecting apparatus
Drug particle delivery
Safety syringe
Guide wire having x-ray transparent window for x-ray catheter
Composition for washing keratin materials, based on weakly ethoxylated sorbitan ester
Microbiological method for eliminating a nitroaromatic compound
Gymnastics bar and method of making the same
Computer exercise system
Progressive depth oblong dimples
Golf ball with grooved dimples
Golf ball
Impregnated wound golf ball and methods of forming same
Golf club with multiple material weighting member
Structure of tubular product of fiber composite material
Golf tee height set apparatus
Soccer kicking training device
Adjustable grid
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and system for RNA analysis by matched ion polynucleotide chromatography
Multistage liquid-solid fractional extraction apparatus
Rotating chemical distribution cleaning system for weirs
Media vacuum filter
Method and means for filter back flushing
Distillation column and method for promoting a uniform vapor flow
High boiling inhibitors for distillable, polymerizable monomers
Hydraulic oil reservoir
Cartridge filter
Method and apparatus for removing pernicious contaminants from bilgewater discharge
Recharge and filter cartridge
System and method for removing gas from a stream of a mixture of gas and particulate solids
Cyclone type gas-liquid separator
Serviceable air filter/oil separator assembly
Pressure swing adsorption method for production of an oxygen-enriched gas
Exhaust gas recovery method and apparatus
Ceramic membrane which is in an oxide ion conductor based on yttrium-stabilized zirconia
Nested diffusional filter
Desalination and concomitant carbon dioxide capture yielding liquid carbon dioxide
Mercury removal from gaseous process streams
Zeolite SSZ-55
Vanadia catalyst impregnated on titania-pillared clay for the removal of nitrogen oxide
Method for removing NOx and other pollutants from gas streams using a plasma assisted catalyst
Composition based on manganese and use for trapping NOx for treating exhaust gases
Thermally limited selective oxidation methods and apparatus
Configuration for decomposing nitrogen oxides in a gas stream and method for using the configuration
Resin trap device for use in ultrapure water systems and method of purifying water using same
Supported membrane for hydrogen separation
Process for aerating dispersions
Liquid treatment process with in-plant pressure monitoring of submerged diffusers
Apparatus and method for performing microfluidic manipulations for chemical analysis and synthesis
AC waveforms biasing for bead manipulating chucks
Rapid characterization of polymers for combinatorial, analytical and process control applications
Apparatus and method for applying an oxidant in a hydrothermal oxidation process
Process for preparing a zeolite with structure type MTT using zeolitic material seeds
Solid phase extraction membrane
Adsorbent, adsorbing and removing process and adsorber for endogenous cannabinoid
Catalytic dehydrogenation processes and chromium catalysts for use therein
Sb-Re composite oxide catalyst ammoxidation
Production of lubricating oils by a combination catalyst system
Promoter for purifying internal engine exhaust and method for preparing the same
Catalyst material
Catalyst activation process
Olefin polymerization catalysis with aryl substituted carbenium cationic complexes
Carrier body for exhaust gas catalysts
Calcium sulfide oxidation method and apparatus
Process for manufacturing potassium nitrate fertilizer and other metal nitrates
Process and apparatus for treating particulate matter
Method and device for removing consumable analytic products from a storage container
Method for in situ concentration and/or dilution of materials in microfluidic systems
Reaction plate sealing means
Surface treatments for DNA processing devices
Applicator for use in deposition of fluid samples onto a substrate surface
Device for storing and/or treating chemicals
Flotation reactor and method for flotation
Method of producing thin resin films
Device for applying formatted adhesive applications on a transfer roller
Coating machine for applying and drying photosensitive emulsion on a plastic film
Electrostatically assisted coating method with focused web-borne charges
Deposition apparatus
Intelligent control system for extrusion head dispensement
Applicator for direct or indirect application of a liquid or pasty coating medium onto a traveling material web
Method for producing fast drying multi-component waterborne coating compositions
Method for coating faying surfaces of aluminum-alloy components and faying surfaces coated thereby
Diluent assisted lubrication of micromechanical devices
Method of depositing DLC inclusive coating on substrate
Multi-layered, ceramic-based hardwood finish
Multi-layer plastic container having a carbon-treated internal surface and method for making the same
Aerogel backed ultrasound transducer
Rotating belt wafer edge cleaning apparatus
Rinsing tray system
Cleaning of internal passages of airfoils
Subsea pig reloader
Resin-bonded liner
Sliding material made of copper alloy, method of producing same, and sliding bearing
Method of producing titanium powder
Liquid interface diffusion bonded composition and method
Method of making clad materials using lead alloys and composite strips made by such method
Conversion coatings on aluminum from KF solutions
Interlocking chemical mechanical polishing system
Functionally graded coatings for abrasive particles and use thereof in vitreous matrix composites
Abrasive article and method of making
Processing for improving the impregnability of wood by pretreatment with fungi
Process for making gypsum board having improved through-penetration strength
Process for making polyurethaneurea powder
Preform post-mold cooling method and apparatus
Preform post-mold cooling method and apparatus
Method and device for producing contact lens elements and injection mold used therefor
Method of making improved gas storage carbon with enhanced thermal conductivity
Method for manufacturing plastic-substitute goods by using natural materials
Textile-lastomer composite preferable for transfer on film coating and method of making said composite
Multi-process molding method and article produced by same
Hybrid injection molding process for enhancing exterior appearance of molded articles by molding fabric thereto
Process and device for co-injection molding multilayer products
Method of making a plastic container with integral channel
Method of extracting a melt strand
Process of making a glossy film
Recombinant lead-acid cell and long life battery
Method of fabricating composite material wing
Manufacture of elongate articles
Method for manufacturing optical filter
Manufacturing system for pneumatic tires
Method and apparatus for packing material including air tapping
Apparatus to clamp at least one non-woven or paper sheet, methods implementing such apparatus, and article made by such methods
Co-extruded, multi-layer tubing made from polyamide and olefin polymer materials
Alloy materials
Lead frame and method of manufacturing the lead frame
Plated electrical leads
Low-E matchable coated articles and methods of making same
Dielectric ceramic composition and multilayered ceramic substrate
Method for manufacturing electronic component of laminated ceramics
Colored optical discs and methods for making the same
Flexible packaging peelable seal system
Microporous laminate with pin-hole free areas
Sorbent mat assembly
Active vehicle coating
Multi-layer iridescent films
Floor mat
Sheet lamination with transverse sheet bias to eliminate trailing edge coating debris
Composite material having stretch and recovery including a layer of an elastic material and a transversely extensible and retractable necked laminate of non-elastic sheet layers
Core-crush resistant fabric and prepreg for fiber reinforced composite sandwich structures
Reinforced interior trim panel assembly and method
Carpet backing that provides dimensional stability
Color shifting film glitter
Imaging member with polyester adhesive between polymer sheets
Adhesive lamination useful in making circuit board structures
Polymeric compounds
Ink feed channels and heater supports for thermal ink-jet printhead
Method for thermal recording
Printing paper, and ink-jet printing process using the same
Process for applying a topcoat to a porous basecoat
Ink jet recording element
Ink jet recording element
Intermediate image receiving sheet for a thermal transfer recording method
Planographic printing plate, non-woven cloth roller, and method and apparatus for preliminarily polishing a metal plate for printing plate
Plate mounting tape
Self-adhesive decorative devices
Unidirectionally visible printing member
Lightweight, thermoplastic, vehicle headliner having at least one integrally-formed, energy-absorbing, head-impact mechanism and injection molding method for making same
Reinforcing member with intersecting support legs
Bicycle front chainwheel assembly
Thermoplastic resin-coated aluminum alloy plate and method and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Clay coatings for thermoplastic polymeric resins or films
Tape tab applicator
Apparatus and method for providing sterilization zones in an aseptic packaging sterilization tunnel
Method for fabricating a stencil mask
Ferromagnetic material and magnetic apparatus employing the ferromagnetic material
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of manufacturing synthesis gas
Alkali rechargeable batteries and process for the production of said rechargeable batteries
Porous carbonaceous material, manufacturing method therefor and use thereof
Method of producing silicon tetrachloride-based and organically modified aerogels
Titanium-silicalite molecular sieve and the method for its preparation
Apparatus and method for treating sesquisulfate waste streams
Method for formulating food grade sodium bicarbonate
Process for preparing calcium carbonate particles
Manufacturing method of spinel lithium manganese oxide for lithium secondary cell
Lithium manganese oxide, and process for its production and secondary cell employing it
Method for the separation of ruthenium from noble metal solutions
Method for extracting osmium and ruthenium from noble metal concentrates
Filter for purifying domestic drinking water
Treatment unit for treating a fluid and method thereof
Device of three-chamber type for purifying liquid
Method and apparatus for monitoring an ozone generator in a household water purifier
Pellicle and method for manufacture thereof
Method of forming a glass ceramic material
Low-melting glass for covering substrate
Method for depositing a coating layer on an optical fiber while it is being drawn and device for its implementation
Anodic bonding of a stack of conductive and glass layers
Photolithography method, photolithography mask blanks, and method of making
Glass-ceramic composite electrolyte and lithium secondary cell
Porcelain enamel for aluminized steel
Cement composition
Method for producing porcelain, porcelain and ceramic isolator formed from porcelain
Conversion of polycrystalline alumina to single crystal sapphire using molybdenum doping
Process for producing lithium titanate and lithium ion battery and negative electrode therein
Wear resistant member for electronic equipment and bearing and spindle motor therewith
Dispersions for producing paint for concrete roof tiles, paint for concrete roof tiles and concrete roof tiles coated with such paint
Method for providing a protective coating for carbonaceous components of an electrolysis cell
Substrate and process for producing the same
Ceramic board for apparatuses for semiconductor manufacture and inspection
Etching method and apparatus
Foliar fertilizer and method for using the same
Method of improving plant growth
Method of formulating a gas generant composition
Mass-based encoding and qualitative analysis of combinatorial libraries
Mixture of substances containing compounds with vinyl groups and stabilizers
Fluorocyclohexene derivatives, and liquid-crystalline medium
Aminium salt or diimonium salt compounds and use thereof
Direactive mesogenic compounds and intermediates
Covalent conjugates of sodium channel blockers and active compounds
Oligomeric metallocenes and their use
Methods for identifying genomic deletions
Anchor libraries and identification of peptide binding sequences
Synthesis of human virus antigens by yeast
Use of adenoviral E4 reading frames to improve expression of a gene of interest
Alphavirus vectors for paramyxovirus vaccines
Development of viruses resistant to inactivation by the human complement system
Peptides and assays for the diagnosis of lyme disease
Antimicrobial polypeptides and methods of use
Genomic sequence of Rhizobium sp. NGR 234 symbiotic plasmid
Polynucleotides encoding Bordatella bronchiseptica fimbrial proteins (FimN), vectors, and expression systems therefor
Single-chain polypeptides comprising troponin I N-terminal fragments and troponin C
Differentiation enhancing factors and uses therefor
Method for identifying a .delta.-eklf
Uses for DNA structure-specific recognition protein
Pathogenic tau mutations
Nucleic acids, kits, and methods for the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of glaucoma and related disorders
Methods for identifying compounds which modulate circadian rhythm
Composition and method for diagnosing auto-immune hepatitis
Isolated nucleic acid molecule coding for tumor rejection antigen precursors MAGE-C1 and MAGE-C2 and uses thereof
PARG, a GTPase activating protein which interacts with PTPL1
94 Human Secreted Proteins
Trans-dominant suppressor genes for oligomeric proteins
Human BMP-2 promoter and method for exploring bone-related substance by using the same
Vascular endothelial growth factor variants
Neutrophil chemotactic factor cloned cDNA and monoclonal antibodies thereto
Method of obtaining a composition comprising a 5-HT1D selective compound
Mammalian imidazoline receptor
Human platelet-derived growth factor receptor
Methods and compositions for modulating the interaction between the APJ receptor and the HIV virus
Marker useful for detection and measurement of free radical damage and method
Anti-bacterial antibodies and methods of use
Method for producing monoclonal antibodies
Polymerization of mono and disaccharides using low levels of polycarboxylic acids
Cyclodextrin derivatives and measurement of water contamination degree using the same
Functionalized catalyst supports and supported catalyst systems
Active energy beam curable composition and printed wiring board
Coextrusion binder based on a mixture of cografted polyolefins
Cationically electrodepositable coating composition
Connecting material and connection structure
Radio-opaque polymer biomaterials
Toner processes
Plastic parts joining structure
Methods of enhancing adhesion
Highly conductive elastomeric sheet
Polyimide/fluororesin laminates, producing method thereof, and insulating tape for wire-winding using the same
Friction material
Synthetic polymer compositions containing antibiotics as antidegradants
Thermoweldable fibers obtained from polyolefin composition
Yellow pigmented food package
Resin composition, method of making it and electrical wire covered with it
Compositions for enhanced thermal bonding
Adhesive film formed of a siloxane-modified polyamideimide resin composition, adhesive sheet and semiconductor device
Color effect materials and production thereof
Process for modifying particle size distribution
Ink jet ink compositions and printing processes
Non-chromate metallic surface-treating agent, method for surface treatment, and treated steel material
Water based primer compositions
Paint replacement appliques
Weatherable coating and stain system for thermoset or thermoplastic composite surfaces
Composition for polishing metal on semiconductor wafer and method of using same
Cyanoacrylate compositions
Primer for silicone compositions
Releasable adhesive element having image reception layer and method of producing the same
Refrigerant composition containing PTFE
Lubricating oil for refrigerator with compressor
Regenerator and regenerative material used therein
Process for producing synthetic naphtha fuel and synthetic naphtha fuel produced by that process
Mild hydrotreating/extraction process for low sulfur fuel for use in fuel cells
Stabilizing additive for the prevention of oxidation and peroxide formation
Multifunctional additive for fuel oils
Method for controlling engine deposits in a direct injection spark ignition gasoline engine
Shear-stable mist-suppressing compositions
Soapstock hydrolysis and acidulation by acidogenic bacteria
Degreasing composition and methods using same
Method for cleaning the paint feeding parts of a painting installation, especially the paint lines
Wet cloth for cleaning, water repellent finish and polishing of automobile paint film
Cleaning solution to remove hydrocarbons from a substrate
Dry cleaning additive, bath, and method
Cell and tissue culture unit with variable configuration
Method for intracellular manipulation of a biological cell
Antisense modulation of SR-CYP expression
Human telomerase catalytic subunit: diagnostic and therapeutic methods
Methods and kits for obtaining DNA end sequence information for large cloned inserts and uses thereof
Plasmids for construction of eukaryotic viral vectors
Polyhydroxyalkanoate synthase genes
Recombinant cell clones having increased stability and methods of making and using the same
Purging of stem cell products
Recombinant collagenase type I from clostridium histolyticum and its use for isolating cells and groups of cells
Methods and cell line useful for production of recombinant adeno-associated viruses
Amphotropic retrovirus packaging cell line, process for its production and use thereof
Genetically modified cells and methods for expressing recombinant heparanase and methods of purifying same
Treatment of a patient by administering an antibody that inhibits cathepsin O
Human osteoclast-derived cathepsin
Inhibition of angiogenesis by delivery of nucleic acids encoding anti-angiogenic polypeptides
Process for producing L-methionine .gamma.-lyase crystals
Xylose isomerase with improved properties
Glycosyltransferase and DNA encoding the same
Method for preparing chiral esters
Phytase enzymes nucleic acids encoding phytase enzymes and vectors and host cells incorporating same
Low PH lactic acid fermentation
Method for identifying validated target and assay combinations for drug development
Method for detecting Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts
Scintillation proximity assay for type II fatty acid biosynthetic enzymes
Cell surface receptors for the detection and identification of compounds
Determination of factors affecting gene regulation and/or gene replication
Converting diploidy to haploidy for genetic diagnosis
Primers and methods for the detection of disseminated tumor cells
Genetic alterations associated with cancer
Chromosome-specific staining to detect genetic rearrangements associated with chromosome 3 and/or chromosome 17
Detecting nucleic acids
Methods for genetic analysis of DNA using biased amplification of polymorphic sites
Sequence specific detection of nucleic acids using a solid carrier bound with nucleic acid analog probes
Nucleic acid amplification and detection methods using rapid polymerase chain reaction cycle
Methods for detecting mutations using primer extension for detecting disease
Method for identifying and/or analyzing biological substances, present in a conductive liquid, device and affinity sensor used for implementing said method
Electrochemical analysis system
Rolling bearing steel having a surface with a lower bainitic structure and a method for the production thereof
Method of leaching zinc concentrate
Direct smelting process
Carbothermic aluminum production using scrap aluminum as a coolant
Heat sink substrate consisting essentially of copper and molybdenum and method of manufacturing the same
Oxidation-resistant coatings, and related articles and processes
Silicon aluminum alloy of prealloyed powder and method of manufacture
Method of forming a component by sintering an iron-based powder mixture
Grain-oriented silicon steel sheet and process for production thereof
Machine structural steel product
Hot rolled steel wire rod or bar for machine structural use and method for producing the same
Process for the production of a strip of hot rolled steel of very high strength, usable for shaping and particularly for stamping
Method for fabricating vehicle components and new use of a precipitation hardenable martensitic stainless steel
Magnetic glassy alloys for electronic article surveillance
NiMnGa alloy with a controlled finish point of the reverse transformation and shape memory effect
Method for forming corrosion resistant coating on an alloy surface
Process for forming silicon oxide coating on plastic material
Alignment device which facilitates deposition of organic material through a deposition mask
Method and apparatus for improving sidewall coverage during sputtering in a chamber having an inductively coupled plasma
Apparatus and method for sputter depositing dielectric films on a substrate
Deposited film producing process, photovoltaic device producing process, and deposited film producing system
Process for depositing a Ta2O5 dielectric layer
Thin-film processing electromagnet with modified core for producing low-skew magnetic orientation
Production of elemental thin films using a boron-containing reducing agent
Method for forming a thin film using a gas
Chemical vapor deposition of niobium barriers for copper metallization
MOCVD and annealing processes for C-axis oriented ferroelectric thin films
Deposition of a siloxane containing polymer
Radical-assisted sequential CVD
Seal means for separable closing elements, such as separable elements of chemical vapor deposition chamber and deposition reactor apparatus
Gas dispersion head
Electrostatically clamped edge ring for plasma processing
UV cure process and tool for low k film formation
Chemical solution for Cu-Ca-O thin film formations on Cu surfaces
Conversion coating composition based on nitrogen and silicon compounds and conversion coating method using the same
Method of fabricating metal wiring on a semiconductor substrate using ammonia-containing plating and etching solutions
Protective coating system for high temperature stainless steel
Post-metal etch treatment to prevent corrosion
Oxidation resistant alloys, method for producing oxidation resistant alloys
Method of controlling NOx gas emission by hydrogen peroxide
Corrosion inhibitors with low environmental toxicity
Process for the production of 2-hydroxy-4-methylmercaptobutyric acid
Automatic reactant dispenser for an electrolysis cell
Electrodeposited copper foil with its surface prepared, process for producing the same and use thereof
Method of aqueous anodizing aluminum substrates of solid capacitors
Car body coating process
Surface treatment of steel
Method for electrochemical fabrication
Coated metal wire wire-reinforced elastomeric article containing the same and method of manufacture
Method of manufacturing electrode substrate
Inflatable compliant bladder assembly
Electrodeposition method
Molecular beam source and molecular beam epitaxy apparatus
Method for growing semiconductor layer and method for fabricating semiconductor light emitting elements
Group III-V nitride semiconductor growth method and vapor phase growth apparatus
Silicon carbide film and method for manufacturing the same
Textiles; Paper
Auxiliary agent for the production of cellulose fibers
Process for producing a clothing wire for open-end spinning
Method for making nonwoven fibrous product
Stiffener material with self adhesive properties
Steel cord for protection plies of pneumatic tires
Method of minimizing transition metal ions during chemical pulping in a digester by adding chelating agent to the digester
Method for rapidly determining a pulp kappa number using spectrophotometry
Method of mixing jets of paper fiber stock
Device for feeding a pulp suspension with eccentric shaft adjustment
Process and device for dewatering a fibrous material web
Method of and arrangement for treating a fiber web
Electrophotographic transfer paper
Process for making paper
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Toroidal continuously variable transmission
Gear-mesh type automatic transmission system
Hydraulic control system of automatic transmission
Engine torque control system based on the dynamic behavior of a driven automatic transmission
Circuit substrate, detector, and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for decomposition of silicon oxide layers for impurity analysis of silicon wafers
Pseudo-fouling detector and use thereof to control an industrial water process
Heated electrochemical cell
Compositions suitable for electrochemical cells
Capillary electrophoresis apparatus having filling/refilling system and methods for use thereof
Method and apparatus for compression of DNA samples for DNA sequencing
Methods, devices and systems for characterizing proteins
Method and system for preparing samples for gas chromatography
Field test apparatus for analysis of coolants and heat-exchange fluids
Sealed replaceable sensor
Apparatus for and method of collecting gaseous mercury and differentiating between different mercury components
Electrochemical methods and devices for use in the determination of hematocrit corrected analyte concentrations
Assay for screening agents that alter angiogenesis
Anticoagulant and hemanalysis method
Method for detection of an analyte
Arrays of proteins and methods of use thereof
Protein arrays for high-throughput screening
Method for differentiating human peripheral blood granulocytes
Method for detection of prostate specific membrane antigen in serum
Method for detecting and determining mediators
Rh hybrid antibody
Incubator, and method for making atmosphere uniform in incubator storage box
Method for fabricating multi-channel array optical device
Magnetic head
Method for forming fine structure
Color filter, process for producing it, and liquid crystal panel
Electro-optical device
Method for manufacturing a multidomain liquid crystal display panel
Photothermographic material
Photothermographic material and image forming method
Photothermographic dry imaging material easy to separate emulsion layer from support and method for separation
Photographic element having improved surface protective layer containing composite wax particles
Imaging elements with nanocomposite containing supports
Image forming material
Photographic element and digital film processing method using same
Phase shift mask and phase shift mask blank
Method of correcting line width variation due to loading effect caused during etching of a photomask and recording medium formed according to the method
Positively photosensitive resin composition
Radiation-sensitive compositions for printing plates for improving their chemical and developer resistance and printing plates comprising such compositions
Positive photoresist composition comprising a phenolic compound having both an acid-decomposable group and a naphthoquinonediazide sulfonyl group
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Photosensitive resin composition and photoresist ink for manufacturing printed wiring boards
Chemically amplified positive resist composition
Pattern formation method
Cassette invertor method
Photoresist stripping method
Method of reworking photoresist layer
Alternative photoresist stripping solutions
Fixing method
Method of manufacturing a regulating blade featuring a curved supporting layer
Semi-conductive roll whose outermost layer is formed by using fluorine-modified acrylate resin as base resin material
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image
Magnetic composite particles for black magnetic toner and black magnetic toner using the same
Electrostatically charged image developing toner, production method of the same, and an image forming method
Toner for developing an electrostatic image
Electrophotographic toner, and image forming apparatus and image forming method using the same
Method of automatically selecting oligonucleotide hybridization probes
Method and apparatus for hybrid coding of speech at 4KBPS having phase alignment between mode-switched frames
Disk drive recirculation filter assembly
Si-containing seedlayer design for multilayer media
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording medium
Substrate for information recording media
Colored digital versatile disks
Method for fabricating cladding layer in top conductor
Method for production of a memory cell arrangement
Organic electroluminescent devices with improved stability and efficiency
Thin film thermistor element and method for the fabrication of thin film thermistor element
Method for controlling the sheet resistance of thin film resistors
Permanent magnet
Instant magnetorheological fluid mix
Binders for porous electrodes and porous electrodes using the same binders
Process for coating amorphous carbon coating on to an x-ray target
Discharge plasma processing device
RF plasma reactor with hybrid conductor and multi-radius dome ceiling
Method for improved low pressure inductively coupled high density plasma reactor
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
System for and method of using bacteria to aid in contact hole printing
Method of staining semiconductor wafer samples with a semiconductor treatment chemical
Method of making a scalable two transistor memory device
Semiconductor wafer and vapor growth apparatus
Method of forming metal electrodes
Method of forming integrated circuit features by oxidation of titanium hard mask
Method for producing GaN-based compound semiconductor and GaN-based compound semiconductor device
Group III nitride compound semiconductor thin film and deposition method thereof, and semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Process for preparing zinc oxide films containing p-type dopant
Gate contact etch sequence and plasma doping method for sub-150 NM DT-based DRAM devices
Plasma doping for DRAM with deep trenches and hemispherical grains
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for fabricating self-aligned gate of flash memory cell
Semiconductor device having gate insulating layers different in thickness and material and process for fabrication thereof
Method for singulation of integrated circuit devices
Dry etching device and dry etching method
Method for improved fabrication of salicide structures
Method for forming a barrier layer
Reduced water adsorption for interlayer dielectric
Simplified method of patterning polysilicon gate in a semiconductor device
Process for fabricating a semiconductor component
Manufacturing of TFT device by backside laser irradiation
Method for forming ultra-shallow junctions using laser annealing
Process for gate oxide side-wall protection from plasma damage to form highly reliable gate dielectrics
Oxygen implantation for reduction of junction capacitance in MOS transistors
Damascene NiSi metal gate high-k transistor
Devices and methods for addressing optical edge effects in connection with etched trenches
Method of forming field effect transistors and related field effect transistor constructions
Method of manufacturing a super-junction semiconductor device with an conductivity type layer
Methods for forming decoupling capacitors
Method of forming a double gate transistor having an epitaxial silicon/germanium channel region
Fabrication of a field effect transistor with an upside down T-shaped semiconductor pillar in SOI technology
Polysilicon thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Polysilicon thin film transistor with a self-aligned LDD structure
Method for forming thin film transistor
Source/drain formation with sub-amorphizing implantation
Fabrication method of nanocrystals using a focused-ion beam
Method of making microelectronic contact structures
Low capacitance wiring layout and method for making same
Process for screening features on an electronic substrate with a low viscosity paste
Method of using both a non-filled flux underfill and a filled flux underfill to manufacture a flip-chip
Bumpless flip chip assembly with strips and via-fill
Method for forming a semiconductor device with self-aligned contacts using a liner oxide layer
Method for aligning die to interconnect metal on flex substrate
Method of forming vias in silicon carbide and resulting devices and circuits
Transistor with shaped gate electrode and method therefor
Method of manufacturing embedded organic stop layer for dual damascene patterning
Method of forming a pattern for a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing a ferroelectric random access memory device
Method of forming noble metal pattern
Dual metal gate process: metals and their silicides
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device having a multi-layer interconnection
Method of forming laser trimmable thin-film resistors in a fully planarized integrated circuit technology
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for reducing base resistance in a bipolar transistor
Semiconductor device and method of forming semiconductor device
Polysilicon-edge, low-power, high-frequency bipolar transistor and method of forming the transistor
Substrate for high frequency integrated circuits
Method of forming a semiconductor device
Process for fabricating a floating gate of a flash memory in a self-aligned manner
Field effect transistor and method of manufacturing same
Capacitors and capacitor forming methods
Interconnect structure with silicon containing alicyclic polymers and low-k dielectric materials and method of making same with single and dual damascene techniques
Method for measuring source and drain junction depth in silicon on insulator technology
Method of measuring temperature, method of taking samples for temperature measurement and method for fabricating semiconductor device
Flip chip and packaged memory module
Method and apparatus for separating composite member using fluid
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for manufacturing a metal interconnection having enhanced filling capability
Semiconductor device having a passivation layer and method for its fabrication
Semiconductor device and method and apparatus for fabricating the same while minimizing operating failures and optimizing yield
Method of forming interconnectings in semiconductor devices
Copper reflow process
Optimization of organic bottom anti-reflective coating (BARC) thickness for dual damascene process
Semiconductor device having a barrier metal layer and method for manufacturing the same
Stacked semiconductor integrated circuit device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of making floating-gate memory-cell array with digital logic transistors
Bipolar-CMOS (BiCMOS) process for fabricating integrated circuits
Method for formation and production of matrices of high density light emitting diodes
Shallow trench isolation elevation uniformity via insertion of a polysilicon etch layer
Semiconductor wafer, method for processing the same and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Circuit for providing isolation of integrated circuit active areas
Fabrication process of a semiconductor device including a dicing process of a semiconductor wafer
Open-cavity semiconductor die package
Attachment of a stiff heat spreader for fabricating a cavity down plastic chip carrier
Method for making a semiconductor package having improved defect testing and increased production yield
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor component and semiconductor component thereof
Electronic component and semiconductor device, method of making the same and method of mounting the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor structure with treatment to sacrificial stop layer producing diffusion to an adjacent low-k dielectric layer lowering the constant
Passive multiplexor test structure for integrated circuit manufacturing
Method of fabricating integrated circuits, providing improved so-called saw bows
Methods for a low profile multi-IC chip package connector
Method of forming integrated circuitry, method of forming a capacitor and method of forming DRAM integrated circuitry
Semiconductor device incorporating hemispherical solid immersion lens, apparatus and method for manufacturing same
Electro-optical device
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
P-type LDMOS device with buried layer to solve punch-through problems and process for its manufacture
X-ray detector and method of fabricating the same
Lithium secondary battery, its electrolyte, and electric apparatus using the same
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Air manager systems for batteries utilizing a diaphragm or bellows
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery sealed in a film case
Header insulator for a battery
Lead acid storage battery
Selectable capacity fixed footprint lead-acid battery racking system with horizontal plates
Electrode plate unit for rechargeable battery and manufacturing method thereof
Redox flow battery system and cell stack
Li-ion and/or Li-ion polymer battery with shielded leads
Method of producing electrode of non-aqueous electrolyte battery
Hydrogen absorbing alloy electrode and nickel-metal hydride battery
Thermal battery
Lead acid battery
Non diffusion fuel cell and a process of using the fuel cell
Thermal protection separator for alkali metal batteries
Fine pore enthalpy exchange barrier for a fuel cell power plant
Method and apparatus for detecting transfer leaks in fuel cells
Fuel cell system with hydrogen gas separation
Method for manufacturing membrane electrode assembly of fuel cell
Membrane-electrode unit with an integrated wear ring, and method of making the same
Vehicle electrical ground and process
Method for producing devices having piezoelectric films
Piezoelectric device with sealed vibration space and manufacturing method thereof
Method and system for detection of integrated circuit package orientation in a tape and reel system
Process for the manufacture of substrates with textured metalizations and holding and fastening elements for use in this process
Method for constructing multilayer circuit boards having air bridges
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