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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Camera system for canines, felines, or other animals
High speed cooking device and method
Hospital gown with enhanced privacy features
Body-supporting device
Display apparatus
Brush with locking and detaching structure for disposable head
Cover for a bell or a diaphragm of a stethoscope
Apparatus and method for generating a graphical transformation of a lottery input number
Gaming device method and apparatus employing modified payouts
Rotor-based gaming device having a secondary award system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Separation method and separation device
Methods for fabricating and treating doped conjugated polymer film
Roller cleaning system
Method of working recessed portion in headrest stay and press apparatus for working recessed portion in headrest stay
Pneumatically static balancer for machine tool
Finger cutter
Imaging system with media carrier storage position
Universal warning stripe slitting machine
Device for cutting sanitary containers, in particular sacks, bags, and/or pouches for stomas
Seal structure
Cabriolet vehicle comprising a retractable top
Vehicle vision system
Vehicle interior panel and production process
Dropped deck center beam rail road car
Steering wheel suspension system
Front fork apparatus in two-wheeled vehicle or the like
Marine transport system and processing structures
Filling and using reclosable bags
Inserter for inserting postal items into envelopes
Water-soluble containers
Packing case and packing method for packing image forming apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Portable low profile drive-over truck dump conveyor system
Financial self-service equipment and banknote separation apparatus and separation method thereof
Sheet handling apparatus and image reading apparatus
Method for vibration damping at an elevator car
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Reinforcing material for solid polymer fuel cell, and cohesive/adhesive composition for use in same
Sputtering target
Production and distribution of dilute species in semiconducting materials
Textiles; Paper
Washing machine with melody generating assembly
Fixed Constructions
Monitor and a monitor supporting apparatus
Reprogrammable lock
Dead bolt lock system having multiple security features
Strap lock with both functions of combination code setting and key operation
Latch mechanism for battery retention
Universal cable window regulator assembly for vehicles
Ladder assemblies
Rotary valve for a jack hammer
Drillable bridge plug
Methods of using substantially hydrated cement particulates in subterranean applications
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Steam engine
Pushrod engine with multiple independent lash adjusters for each pushrod
Variable valve mechanism
Engine with intake valves operated by camshaft
Muffler for a motorcycle
Internal combustion engine and method
Portable gas powered internal combustion engine arrangement
Integrated vapor control valve with full range hydrocarbon sensor
Ultrasonic fuel injector
Transmission device
Rotary damper
Bicycle disc brake rotor
Adjustment device for producing a two-sided rotational movement
Vibratory energy dissipation and isolation with magnetically biased rolling members
Telescopically moving structure
Slide arrangement
Profiled clamp
Panel type radiator
Photovoltaic thermal hybrid systems and method of operation thereof
Method for auto-regulating fan speed
Supercritical pressure regulation of economized refrigeration system by use of an interstage accumulator
Media drying system and method
Entryway based authentication system
Bipolar output torque sensor
Torque sensor
Differential current measurements to determine ION current in the presence of leakage current
Inspecting method of elastic body, inspecting apparatus thereof, and dimension predicting program thereof
Gas sensor
Test apparatus of display, method and computer readable medium
Light activated test connections
Radio communication system, radio base station apparatus, user terminal and radio communication method
Radio communication system, radio base station apparatus, user terminal, and radio communication method
Apparatus, system and method for flexibly coupling sensors to a downhole tool
Display apparatus
Photography studio arrangement
Exposure apparatus, method of controlling the same, and alignment method for exposure
Automatic detection of infrared extender or blaster
Anteroposterior position variable pedal apparatus
Environmental-based location monitoring
Sensitive information leakage prevention system, sensitive information leakage prevention method, and computer-readable recording medium
Method and industrial automation component for indirect memory addressing
System and method for integrity assurance of partial data
Relay apparatus, information processing apparatus, information processing system, and recording medium storing information processing program
Automatic population of a network accessible content collection
Gesture-based content sharing
System and method for updating an electronic calendar
Controlling expiration of electronic mail single store attachments
Collaborative arbitration of polling results in a collaborative computing environment
Linking selected messages in electronic message threads
System and method for servers to send alerts to connectionless devices
Tiered content streaming
Connection model-based control of concurrent connection count and properties
Appliance interconnection architecture
Methods of obtaining application media packages
Content control device, terminal device, content control method, and computer-readable recording medium
Remotely cacheable variable web content
Shared-bandwidth multiple target remote copy
Apparatus and methods for optimizing network data transmission
Method and system for distributing art
Building and maintaining information extraction rules
Content discovery in a topical community
Method and apparatus for modifying gaming machines to provide supplemental or modified functionality
Wide screen gaming apparatus
Method and apparatus for modifying gaming machines to provide supplemental or modified functionality
Managing streams of tuples
Linguistic based determination of text creation date
Representing and manipulating hierarchical data
Webpage based form entry aid
Manual creation for a program product
Data management apparatus and data management method
Generating a graph for a user profile
Optimization of mixed database workload scheduling and concurrency control by mining data dependency relationships via lock tracking
Methods and systems for partitioning documents having customer feedback and support content
Method for providing an integrated macro module
Clustering of documents for providing content
Web browsing system and method for rendering dynamic resource URIs using script
Access path optimization through system statistics
Content validation for documentation topics using provider information
Relative performance prediction of a replacement database management system (DBMS)
Providing task-based information
Transmission device and temperature control method
System for the centralized storage of wireless customer information
Query interface to policy server
Generating and merging keys for grouping and differentiating volumes of files
Optimizing placement of circuit resources using a globally accessible placement memory
Layout verification method and verification apparatus
Structure, method and system for complementary strain fill for integrated circuit chips
Multi-tenancy support for a product that does not support multi-tenancy
Attesting a component of a system during a boot process
Fail-safe licensing for software applications
Security testing of web applications with specialized payloads
Information-processing device, service-providing system, service-providing method, and computer program
System and method for securely storing information
Authenticating access to confidential information by unregistered requestor
Shared security utility appliance for secure application and data processing
Information processing device
Methodology for detecting problematic connections with peripheral devices
Chip including memory element storing higher level memory data on a page by page basis
Generating a context for translating strings based on associated application source code and markup
Program guide application interface system
Data fragmentation tuning and candidacy persistence
Method and system for autocompletion for languages having ideographs and phonetic characters
Communication and message-efficient protocol for computing the intersection between different sets of data
Communication and message-efficient protocol for computing the intersection between different sets of data
Intelligent service management and process control using policy-based automation and predefined task templates
Geophysical virtual machine policy allocation using a GPS, atomic clock source or regional peering host
Simple and precise radio frequency locating system and method
Electronic apparatus with segmented guiding function and small-width biometrics sensor, and guiding method thereof
Discriminating synonymous expressions using images
Systems and methods for non-linear processing of image frames
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image processing apparatus for processing a tomogram of an eye to be examined, image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
Systems and methods for a dual modality sensor system
Method and device for generating a motion field for a video sequence
Fingerprinting apparatus, system, and method
System and method for automatic color matching in a multi display system using sensor feedback control
Method of converting 2D video to 3D video using 3D object models
Estimating rainfall precipitation amounts by applying computer vision in cameras
Increased dynamic range artificial neuron network apparatus and methods
Techniques for visual integration of meeting space in calendar systems
Automatic prescription drug dispenser
Modified queue list generation
Method and system for collecting and disseminating data produced by medical devices, particularly those used in intensive care units
Display co-processing
Dynamic visualization for optimization processes
Image display device, method and program
Modular architecture for fare collection systems
Ticket dispenser
Cash replenishment method for financial self-service equipment
Gaming device and method having purchasable enhanced paytables
Non-radioactive ionizing smoke detectors and methods for use thereof
Safety system for vehicle ball hitch
Method for fabricating simulated tissue structures by means of multi material 3D printing
Display device, and method for driving display device
Image processing device for correcting an image to be displayed on a display by detecting dark sub-pixels between two bright sub-pixels
Magnetic guitar slide holder
Reverberation suppression device
Metamaterial based acoustic lenses for structural health monitoring
Speech recognition apparatus for recognizing user's utterance
Voice control system with dialect recognition
Method and device for separating signals by minimum variance spatial filtering under linear constraint
Systems and methods for suppressing noise in an audio signal for subbands in a frequency domain based on a closed-form solution
Voice signal enhancement
Electronic system for the protection and control of license transactions associated with the disablement of replicated read only media and its bound licensed content
Encoding data
And method of operation of micro-milliactuators and micro-microactuators
Resistive switching memory device architecture for reduced cell damage during processing
Dispersed storage with variable slice length and methods for use therewith
Combined rank and linear address incrementing utility for computer memory test operations
Write address synchronization in 2 read/1write SRAM arrays
Leaf assembly for a multi-leaf collimator and multi-leaf collimator
Leaf module for a multi-leaf collimator and multi-leaf collimator
Soft magnetic exchange-coupled composite structure, and high-frequency device component, antenna module, and magnetoresistive device including the soft magnetic exchange-coupled composite structure
High resistivity soft magnetic material for miniaturized power converter
Method of manufacturing a winding-type solid electrolytic capacitor package structure without using a lead frame
Key plate and illuminated keyboard having the same
Keyswitch device
On-off transmission device for high voltage electric switch
Switching unit or switching gear
High intensity discharge lamps with dosing aid
X-ray tube device
Mass spectrometry for multiplexed quantitation using multiple frequency notches
Ultraviolet lamp system and method for controlling emitted ultraviolet light
Donor substrate and method for forming transfer pattern using the same
Methods for wet chemistry polishing for improved low viscosity printing in solar cell fabrication
Controlled confined lateral III-V epitaxy
Low-temperature sidewall image transfer process using ALD metals, metal oxides and metal nitrides
Method of forming a fine pattern by using block copolymers
Non-volatile memory device including charge trapping layer and method for fabricating the same
Thin film transistor and manufacturing method thereof
Stacked nanowire device width adjustment by gas cluster ion beam (GCIB)
Opto-electrical device and method for manufacturing thereof
Coolant-cooled heat sink configured for accelerating coolant flow
Wireless module and production method for wireless module
Dielectric region in a bulk silicon substrate providing a high-Q passive resonator
Electronic device
Multiple V.sub.T in III-V FETs
Epitaxially forming a set of fins in a semiconductor device
Barrier trench structure and methods of manufacture
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor device
Replacement metal gate FinFET
eDRAM for planar III-V semiconductor devices
Methods for integrating lead and graphene growth and devices formed therefrom
Semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) lateral heterojunction bipolar transistor having a wide band gap emitter/collector which are epitaxially grown
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device comprising a graphene wire
Methods of forming gate structures for semiconductor devices using a replacement gate technique and the resulting devices
Devices and methods of forming higher tunability FinFET varactor
Semiconductor device
Silicon-on-insulator substrates having selectively formed strained and relaxed device regions
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having features to prevent reverse engineering
LED module
Light generating device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of producing a piezocomposite
Method and device for operating a piezoelectric actuator
Piezoelectric thin film, method of manufacturing the same, piezoelectric thin film manufacturing apparatus and liquid ejection head
Method for manufacturing electronic device and electronic device manufactured thereby
Lithium ion secondary battery
Battery damage indicator
Battery assembly
Iron (III) orthophosphate-carbon composite
Holding apparatus for fuel cell gasket
Multi-mode filter
Antenna mounting bracket with adjustable azimuth settings
Electrical connector with improved terminal
Connecting structure for earphone
Strain reliever having two different portions encircling two different portions of a connector of a cable
Connector for preventing release of an object received therein in an ejecting direction
Electric connector
Electrical connection box
Cable connector assembly
Electrical connector
Managed electrical connectivity systems
Lamp socket
Transmitting device, communication system, and method for transmission level control
Modular device for protecting cables and conduits
Circuit breaker panel with wireless communications capability
Wireless electric power receiver for wirelessly regulating electric power using switch
System and method for energy distribution
Control circuit and method for a portable charging carrying case for providing uninterruptible power to charge electronic cigarette batteries
Mobile device holder-charger
Method for charging a power device of a portable device using a current-adaptive process
Motor stator and motor
Permanent magnet machine with two stators
Electric motor and magnetic gear
Electric push bar assembly
Level shifter, DC-DC converter, and level shift method
AC-DC converter
Harmonic displacement reduction
Hysteretic current mode controller for a bidirectional converter with lossless inductor current sensing
Power supply system
High voltage power supply filter for a mass spectrometer
Receiver, transmitter and radio communication method
Cascode amplifier
Data sampling method and system, and application method and system thereof in parameter identification
Apparatus for simplification of input signal
Controllable opto-electronic time stretcher, an electro-optical analog to digital converter having non-uniform sampling using the same, and related methods of operation
LLR computation device and error correction decoding device
Transmission apparatus and transmission method
Accelerating codeset conversion in a computing environment
Audio mixing device, method thereof, and electronic device
PLL circuit, calibration method, and wireless communication apparatus
Non-linear interference cancellation for multiple receiver antennas
Providing various functions to a mobile device using a cover having an opening formed therein
Mobile phone case having detachable cable
Phone call amplification assembly
Voice communication device with foreign language translation
Electronic apparatus
Reference picture lists modification
Optical communication system
Communication method for a cluster of network hosts
Optical media converter with edge-coupled filtering
Systems, methods, and apparatuses for modem coordination
Echo cancellation with quantization compensation
Wireless audio transmission method and device
Inherently safe passive gas monitoring system
Method and system for providing an external optical data packet to a destination node of a packet optical network
Communication device, communication system, and synchronous control method
Distortion-compensation device and distortion-compensation method
Providing multiple retransmission policies for a single data stream by mapping differentiated services code point (DSCP) bit fields to media access control protocol data unit (MPDU) bit fields
Apparatus and method for efficiently multicasting data to a plurality of destination devices
Distributed subnet manager for infiniband networks
Monitoring link quality between network devices
Allocating operators of a streaming application to virtual machines based on monitored performance
Multi-blade network traffic management apparatus with improved failure handling and methods thereof
Estimating available bandwidth in cellular networks
Method for transmitting a terminal group zone identifier in machine-to-machine communication
Method and apparatus for directed adaptive control of dynamic channel selection in wireless networks
Method for synchronizing distributed clocks by the precision time protocol, in a telecommunication network
Media access control protocol for multi-hop network systems and method therefor
Preventing a user from missing unread documents
Wireless local area network access device and method of controlling wireless signals
Alignment of multiple editions of a signal collected from multiple sensors
Approaches for deployment approval
Managing pooled VPN proxy servers by a central server
Detection of side channel attacks between virtual machines
Certificate generation method, certificate generation apparatus, information processing apparatus, and communication device
Managing user authentication in association with application access
Secured embedded data encryption systems
Communicating with a distribution system via an uplink access point
Radio communication system, mobile terminal apparatus, radio base station apparatus and radio communication method
Data stream division to increase data transmission rates
Homomorphic encryption in computing systems and environments
Floating base charger
Protective case with electronic function for electronic device
Enterprise phone that can provide professional services during a communication set up on a private cellular phone
Registration notification for SMS over LTE
Method for the conditional transmission of a cellular frame over a network and device for implementing the same
Controlling mobile device calls, text messages and data usage while operating a motor vehicle
Selective prioritization of voice over data
Telephone number grouping service for telephone service providers
Affine motion prediction in video coding
Apparatus and method for capturing panoramic images and motion
Receiving apparatus, transmitting apparatus, communication system, control method of the receiving apparatus and program
Apparatus and method for motion estimation for variable block sizes
Method for continuously playing video clips without regeneration
Video server that provides a user tailored video stream consistent with user input using content of a primary stream and an enhanced stream
Device for picture taking in low light and connectable to a mobile telephone type device
Enabling image stabilization for a panoramic camera with multiple fixed lenses
Video recording assembly
Reproduction control apparatus, reproduction control method, and storage medium
Display apparatus and method for preventing divulgence of image information thereof
Video feed layout in video conferences
Surveillance camera arrangement
Adaptable bone conducting headsets
Management system with acoustical measurement for monitoring noise levels
Method and apparatus for audio testing
System for tuning audio processing features and method thereof
Methods and apparatus for mobile station location estimation
Monitoring probe for identifying a user plane identifier of a user device
Device and antenna pictogram display method
Selective signaling information sharing for CoMP enhancement
Transmitting apparatus, transmission method, and transmission system
Method for managing the state of micro base stations by following the variations of traffic requirements, and associated controller device
Method for managing at least one dynamic virtual connection between a mobile terminal and a communication network, the associated computer program products and communication network
Value acquiring method, sensor control apparatus, sensor control method, sensor control medium, and acquisition interval control medium
Method of assigning precoding vectors in a mobile cellular network
Wireless access point allocation and transfer
Mobile communication system
Scheduling for signaling and information transfer
Method and apparatus for performing pairing between coordinator and device in network, method and apparatus for performing pairing between devices, network system including the coordinator and the devices
Personal safety glove
Method for data transmission and local network entity
Power saving for low latency deterministic networks in wireless personal area networks
Radio base station, radio communication system and radio communication method
Resource allocation in wireless communication
Systems and methods for identifying a radio access technology
Method and apparatus for statistical handling of connections
Systems and methods for managing operating modes of an electronic device
Method and apparatus for providing power to light strings
AC-direct drive-type LED driving device
Discharge lamp driving device, projector, and discharge lamp driving method
Lighting circuit for light emitting element and illumination apparatus including same
3D IC computer system
Cost-effective cooling method for computer system
Laminated punched sheet metal electronic enclosure/shield with integrated gaskets
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Dual tungsten carbide boot
Disc opener assembly for a seed planter
Inclinometer-controlled apparatus for varying the rate of seed population
Round baler bale chamber having simplified discharge arrangement
Shaft assembly for stump cutter
Tree harvesting apparatus
Flushing apparatus and method thereof
Teat rubber
Electric feline play center
Animal support apparatus
Squirrel/raccoon deterrent for bird feeder
Bird feeder
Bird bath
Method and device for packaging, transporting and acclimatization of exotic fish or aquatic plants
Ventilation of a water reservoir of a drinking fountain for a pet
Fish protective water extraction method and apparatus
Spincast fishing reel having multipiece rear cover assembly
Drag washer of reel for fishing and reel for washing using the same
Fishing reel with a unidirectional control device
Horse owner's and farrier's stand
Method and apparatus for the production of shells of fat-containing chocolate-like masses under pressure build-up
Device and method for continuous high-pressure treatment
Refrigerated automatic fruit and vegetable washer
Clip-on guard
Remedy for dry eye syndrome
Portable accessory bag
Wallet card package with pouch
Rigid and collapsible divider for portable receptacle
Golf club carrier
Collapsible bag arrangement and method
Mascara application shield and hand-held shield holder
Cleaning device for a shaving apparatus
Filing tool for pedicure and the like
Portable nail care device
Shoulder strap harness lifting device
Reinforced article holder
Hand-held tool holder
Tooth cleaning assembly
Thin walled shelf fixture
Cabinet with drawer retainer/locking system
Refrigerating unit
Modular cabinets with portable stand mount
Methods and apparatus for mechanically controlling adjustment of a chair
Head supporting device
Child's safety seat pillow
Locking bracket and cupholder for seat frame
Apparatus for sexual intercourse
Seat attachment for desks
Packaging for support pillows
Plush bottle holder
Contact lens dispensing system
Environmentally controlled cabinet with sliding door within hinged door
Suspension type product merchandising display unit
Force distribution multi-piece hinged hanger
Tool-free hanging device
Anchor device for a wall panel
Device for distributing liquid to a number of consumers, and drinks machine provided with a device of this type
Grill assembly
Adjustable searing grate
Multiple fuel cooking apparatus
Pizza insert for barbeque grill
Food chafer with releasably lockable rolltop
Container stopper
Electrical household appliance
Food processor
Processing container for foodstuffs
Food processor
Kitchen machine with a stirrer vessel
Food processor
Tissue case holder
Battery bottle
Dishwasher spray arm hub and conduit assembly
Adjustable plastic bag drying rack
Endoscope cleaning apparatus
Male clean intermittent catheter system
Surgical procedure identification system
Winged wristband
Droplet counter for low flow rates
Apparatus and method for machining a prosthetic tooth restoration
Consumer usable popcorn kernel and/or husk removing dental instrument
Method for mixing alginate using a rotatable elliptical bowl
Foot protector
Computer user posture device
Sunglasses with removable sealing member
Mid-wheel drive power wheelchair
Wheelchair lifting apparatus
Milling process for the production of finely milled medicinal substances
Metering valve for a metered dose inhaler having improved flow
Liquid dispensing apparatus and methods
Automatic slope adjustment for bi-levelpressure support system
High frequency oscillation ventilator
Method and device for filling needle-free injectors
Horizontal lifeline traversing device
Fire extinguisher mount/locator
Sprinkler head cover
Storage cabinet for use in a golf cart
Game enclosure
Securable hanger for personal transportation vehicles and accessories
Motorized device for pulling a skater
Glide board for skiing
Interface element used on a snowboard
Sports pinball amusement device
Original Jake and the pancake game
Slot-type gaming machine with variable drop zone symbols
Hanging rack for toys
Hand-holdable toy light tube
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fluid draining system and method
Retrievable module and operating method suitable for a seabed processing system
Intake system for an internal combustion engine with a membrane preferentially permeable to oxygen molecules
Hazardous waste transportation and disposal
Method for removing concrete from interior surfaces of a concrete mixing drum
Complete drying method for hydrogels
Rapid thermal cycling device
Modular test tube rack
Jaw for a jaw crusher
Filter system for environmentally-safe portable apparatus for disposing of cylindrical light bulbs
Wood processing systems and methods of constructing and using them
Aerosol spray texture apparatus for a particulate containing material
Spray assembly for use in a kitchen
Flow control structure of a gardening pistol nozzle
Modular kitchen deck side spray
Fixing device for fixing a dispensing member to the neck of a receptacle
Low cost trigger sprayer with double valve element
Dose dispensing pump for dispensing two or more materials
Shower head assembly
Miniature fountain
Method for post chemical-mechanical planarization cleaning of semiconductor wafers
Device for conveying massive objects, in particular metal reels
Coil and coil head formation dies for coils with non-conventional terminal convolutions
Sealing riser sleeve
Investment casting with improved melt filling
Semi-solid casting apparatus and method
Injection molding method of metal material
Automated spray form cell
Method and apparatus for manufacturing copper and/or copper alloy ingot having no shrinkage cavity and having smooth surface without wrinkles
Continuous casting ladle lift bearing system
Cutting insert and tool having a cutting insert
Lathe with two-opposed spindles
Miniature drill chuck
Collet adapter chuck assembly with axially fixed collet head
Rotatable cylinder
Plug ejecting hole saw with interchangeable saw cups having different size attachment bores
Clamp for a key duplicating machine
Wood-milling cutter
Device for fracture-splitting a workpiece
Apparatus for clamping a workpiece-blocking plate of a table saw
Method for separating slices from a hard brittle workpiece, and wire saw for carrying out the method
Threading tool and method for bond wire capillary tubes
Indirect imaging system for a bonding tool
Method of connecting electric leads to battery tabs
Friction filler welding
Exothermic weld mold assembly
Method and apparatus for placing solder balls on a substrate
Guide assembly for cutting torch
Pick-up and placement apparatus
Machining assembly including a rotating tool and exhaust hood
Machine tool
Clamping apparatus with a clamping chuck and a work piece carrier releasably connectable thereto
Machine tool
Clamping apparatus
Wood lathe with a tracing unit
Interlocking transfer system
Dresser, polishing apparatus and method for producing an article
Vise stop
Integral U-shape clamping block structure
Vise system with article engaging jaw accessories
Ratchet wrench
Tool for engine crank shaft
Spark plug tube remover
Device for connecting a tool to a drive
Two-way socket drive adapter
Tool kit for bicycles
Screwdriver having a variable torque-limiting in-line drive
Pipe aligning device
Lever clamp
Article sensor assembly
Clamp apparatus
Tool for extending the reach of a person
Nail box device for a nailing gun
Nailing machine
Nail gun with safety portion mechanism for preventing misfires
Magazine rail system for fastener-driving tool
Magnetic staple remover
Fastener driving tool with multi-size fastener magazine
Locking-collapsible saw horse
Mobile heavy tool lift and support with lockable storage
Bait rigging tool holder system
Creeper with an elevated platform
Apparatus for continuously cutting away pieces from a continuously moving endless material
Automatic paper feeder for paper hole punch
Method and device for slicing food products
Tax stamp perforator and notcher
Log home fabrication process and associate log cutting machine
Stapling device
Anti-reversing device in a staple magazine
Four-way log splitter and handler
Metal mold for molding a honeycomb structure
Percussion borer for forming bores in stone material
Installation for producing structural parts made of a thermoplastic material for motor vehicles
Device for the production of tubes with transverse walls
Vehicle exterior component
Resin encapsulation mold
Container closure
Electric injection mechanism
Loudspeaker diaphragm and method of manufacture thereof
Wide-mouth container made of synthetic resin and method of manufacturing pressure wide-mouth container
Composite container with integral support, related method and mold
Apparatus for continuous vacuum forming between a pair of rotating belts
Tire building drum
Apparatus for compacting and draining mixed waste in passenger transport vehicles
Erosion control rolls
System and method for recording an image using a laser diode array
Rotary printing machine with a plate cylinder, a transfer cylinder and an impression cylinder
Adjustable base for shirt screen-printers and method of mounting T-shirt
Device for guiding sheets in a sheet processing apparatus
Guiding device for an areal printing material
Bridge mandrel for use as a repeat builder in a printing machine
Ink bar for ink ducts in printing machines
Apparatus for cleaning alternatively two or more cylinders of a printing machine by means of a single cleaning device
Gravure printing method using aquatic gravure ink and gravure printing machine for the same
Pulsating vacuum mechanism for print media-advancement in a printing device
Method of forming image on card and apparatus therefor
Paper magazine for a recording paper roll and recording paper roll
Imaging print media
Laminator assembly having an improved dual durometor lamination roller
Methods and systems for a multi-position print media feed-tray
Ink jet printhead that incorporates through-chip ink flow control
Color thermal printer having tension roller
Motion control for multiple path raster scanned printer
Printing system for printing in scan and print media feed directions and method of performing a printing operation
Printing system of ink jet printer and ink selecting method
Printer and method for executing a print job and storing print usage information
Method and systems for controlling printer temperature
Multiple printhead apparatus with temperature control and method
Printhead support assembly
Printhead chip that incorporates rectilinear ink ejection components
Electronic devices having an inorganic film
Ink jet printer and cap device
Cap for ink-jet recording apparatus, and ink-jet recording apparatus
Liquid discharging apparatus and discharge recovering method therefor
Recovery unit and ink jet recording apparatus
Printing apparatus with adaptive servicing sled control and method
Detection of non-operating nozzle by light beam passing through aperture
Apparatus for measuring the amount of ink remaining in an ink tank
Ink refilling apparatus and method for cartridge of ink jet printer
Method and apparatus for modifying a printing process in response to environmental conditions received via a network
Intermediate transfer recording apparatus for retransferring primary transfer image on disk-like transfer medium
Ink pad having layer of compressed non-woven polypropylene filament and method of making
Stencil printing machine and method of controlling the same
Wearing apparel with scented ink
System for embedded digital data that allows embedding of data around known obstructions
Substrate for color inkjet printing
Simplified binding device using spiral coil
Sheet post-processing device
Systems and methods of increasing binding strength of a bound text body
Children's sound book
Adjustable bookmarker and reading accessory case
Structure of a file with adjustable inclination angle
Applicator tip for liquid applicator device
Full face vehicle wheel for use in a high offset dual vehicle wheel assembly
Bicycle rim structure provided for a tubeless assembly and a bicycle wheel incorporating same
Spindle mounting for aluminum wheel carrier
Wheel cover
Decorative tire sidewall shield
Tire having tread grooves having right-hand groove wall and left-hand groove wall
Heavy-duty pneumatic radial tire and wheel rim assembly with support ring
Vehicle pneumatic tire with specified carcass length and/or curvature
Non-pneumatic resilient tire
Tire crown reinforcement with specified rubber bonding layers
Air bladder suspension for three-wheeled vehicle
Suspension support
Suspension control system and a method of operation therefor
Wheel suspension arrangement
Device for connecting suspension system components for axle housing
Swing suppressing device for industrial vehicle
Fabricated steer axle assembly
Multiple zone automatic HVAC control system and method
Vehicular cockpit module assembly and assembling method
Dual loop heat and air conditioning system
Vehicle door sealing assembly
Windproof and theftproof vehicle cover
Sun visor assembly having a rounded edge
Clip lock visor
Molding attachment structure for automobile door
Reinforcement bar for a motor vehicle body component
Drainage arrangement for a folding roof of a hard-top vehicle
Convertible bed cover for a vehicle
Dual side tarp
Tonneau cover tailgate latch and stake pocket attachment system
Frame for a vehicle sliding sunroof
Auxiliary silencer system for all terrain vehicles
Apparatus for pumping fuel from a tank to an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Fuel delivery unit
Articulated hauler
Lamp device for a vehicle
Engine room arrangement
Power transmission mechanism
Seat apparatus for automobile
Chair with improved cradle motion, particularly for aircrafts
Longitudinal adjustment system for seats
Seat recliner for vehicle
Child car seat
Irreversible adjustment mechanism and a vehicle seat including such a mechanism
Irreversible adjustment mechanism and a vehicle seat including such a mechanism
Reduced cost head restraint support tube to improve system function
Beverage container support apparatus
Truck having an extendable and retractable truck bed to receive truck boxes of different lengths and method of operation thereof
Boat trailer skid
Floor pocket anchor assembly
Strap fastener
Illumination axis adjusting apparatus for automotive headlamps
Fog light device
Illuminating device
Vehicle lighting assembly with stepped dimming
Load support for a wing mirror
Smart vehicle registration plate
Plate unit mounting system utilizing spring clips for adjustably and detachably mounting items
Waste chute and container for a pickup truck with a rear sliding window
Extendable and retractable knee bolster system
Load detection structure for vehicle seat
Air belt apparatus
Front-hood arrangement for a passenger vehicle and method of making same
Seat belt force sensor
Seat belt guide
Seat belt retractor with automatic locking mechanism
Safety belt apparatus for vehicles
Webbing take-up device
Seat Belt Retractor
Seat belt webbing pretensioner using MEMS devices
Retractable vehicle step
Truck tailgate auxiliary ladder
Motor-vehicle through-seat holder for electrical equipment
Tool storage system for pick-up truck
Arrangement in a load carrier foot
Bow caddy for transportation and storage of a bow
Self-service coin-operated manual car wash station with integrated exit air drying apparatus
Slidable brake disc system
Brake cable connecting apparatus for drum brake
Hydraulic brake apparatus for a vehicle
Hydraulic brake apparatus for a vehicle
Method for improved anti-lock braking control for all-wheel drive vehicles having a viscous coupling or a viscous lock
Anti-locking brake system for a land vehicle
Piston pump for brake system with piston pump
Passenger rail car sliding door with high platform threshold
Adjustable vehicle-carrying frame
Train location system and method
Highway railroad crossing vehicle detection methods and systems
Detachable front wheel structure of golf cart
Children's wagon with improved removable walls
Holder, such as a stroller assembly, and method for attaching an infant seat
Joint assembly and joint socket sleeve
Tilt steering wheel
Responsive E/A system for steering columns
Centering light for motor vehicles
Hood mounting system for mobile vehicle
Cross member as part of a motor-vehicle floor assembly
Heat activated reinforcing sleeve
Method and apparatus for attaching cosmetic body panels to a composite truck cargo box
Load carrying arrangement for a vehicle
Method and apparatus for providing a work station at a tailgate of a truck
Modified shopping cart with large item carrier
Method for steering a vehicle using a power-assisted steering system
Method for securing slider to trailer
Apparatus and method for leveling a trailer bed
Pivoting track tensioning system for a tracked vehicle
Motorcycle parking stand
Adjustable fairing for vehicle
Structure for attaching motorcycle fuel tank
Structure for mounting fuel cock in motorcycle
Rear wheel supporting device for vehicle
Compound drive foldable bicycle
Shift assist apparatus for a bicycle
Variable length crank arm assembly
Clipless pedal
Low emission exhaust system for a motorized scooter
Bitt with rotatable line-handling surface
Retractable multi-hulled watercraft
Rear warning light system for trailered vehicles
Pontoon watercraft integrated load distribution system
Synchronously driven, multiple cable boat lift
Air-delivered monocoque submersible vehicle system
Bottom activated retractable control surface for an unmanned undersea vehicle
Self-centering steering module
System and method for controlling an aircraft
Flap arrangement for varying the aerodynamic lift generated by an aerodynamic element of an aircraft
Pilot controlled relative analgesia system for commercial airlines
Solid oxide fuel cell as auxiliary power source installation in transport aircraft
Anti-hijacking system operable in emergencies to deactivate on-board flight controls and remotely pilot aircraft utilizing autopilot
Aircraft ferrying system and method thereof
Toner filling apparatus and method including an anti-dribbling nozzle having air discharge ports
Apparatus for applying flexible straps around bundles of objects
Manually actuated strapping unit for wrapping a steel strap around a packaged item
Arrangement for binding objects by means of a band loop
Multioutlet depositor
Unit for feeding an ordered succession of products to an unloading station
Device for cutting blister packs in a blister packing machine
Multi-functional sticker device for a compact disk
Label attaching apparatus
Paper pallet for four-wheeled motorcycle
Bottle-type plastic container with longitudinally variable grip width to accommodate multiple hand sizes
Package with protrusion pouch and method for making the same
Dispenser and process
Universal container with pail and retractable pouring spout in lid
Stackable container with reinforced corner
Methods and apparatus for minimizing waste disposal space
Child resistant carton and method for using the same
Stackable self-aligning container
Carton for containing an object during transport and storage and unitary blank therefor
Foldable lens box blank and ophthalmic lens box formed therefrom
Child resistant closure and container having axially offset locking teeth
Stretch releasing adhesive tape article with bundling strap
Pouch having a branched chamber
Self-closing bag holder and assembly
Adjustable flow track system
Controlled gravity accumulation conveyor
Installation for conveying bulk materials
Guide structure with serpentine elements for the return section of endless conveyors
Device for automatic centering of belt conveyors
Chain store and process for controlling it
High pressure feeder rotor having conduits for pressure equalization
Method and apparatus for winding a web
Process and device for laterally positioning a material web
Winding device for flexible, flat material, especially printed products
Delivery for a sheet-processing machine
Bank-note processing device
Sheet feeding device, sheet conveying device, image scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Handling device, in particular for handling boards and foils
Apparatus of tape dispenser to hold the tail of tape
Dispensing apparatus for a thermoplastic adhesive tape
Device for storing and issuing sheet-like material, in particular, bank notes, and a guide unit and a transport unit for said device
Sheet conveying apparatus for image information processor
Lower thread winding device
Snubbing unit with improved slip assembly
Automatic knot-tying machine
Conveying device for persons, with directly driven step bodies and a step body for such a device
Racetrack style passenger conveyor
Drive for escalators or moving sidewalks
Elevator having vibration damping to attenuate vibration transfer to an elevator cage
Residential cargo lift
Anti-sway hydraulic system for grappler
Apparatus for ascertaining a cable motion for a hoist, in particular a pneumatically operated cable balancing hoist
Leverage device and methods
Bin lifting system
Pole extractor
Cap removing device for a container
Dispensing assembly for automatically adjusting the carbon dioxide level in beer in a draught beer keg
Caulking gun
Fuel conduction system
Fluid dispensing system
Automatic fueling system and components therefor
MEMS structure with mechanical overdeflection limiter
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Lightfast ink jet inks
Method of introducing refrigerants into refrigeration systems
High temperature seawater-based cross-linked fracturing fluids and methods
Method for regulating a roasting furnace
Delivery of liquid precursors to semiconductor processing reactors
Textiles; Paper
Embroidering method
Apparatus and methods for sculpting carpet
Storage box for doctor blades employed in servicing of the face of a roll in a paper/board machine
Fixed Constructions
Track work machine
Machine for removing ties of a track
Animal waste scooper
Beach cleaner
Liquid containment/diversion dike
Method of forming enlarged pile heads
Foundation support and process for structures
Composite masonry block
Elbow silencer
Free-standing, multi-functional, mobile construction aid
Weather protection device comprising at least one foldable protective elements
Parking garage elevator system
Combination of mounting plate and rose for door locks
Multi-point latch system
Door latch device
Motor vehicle electric door lock and a process for installing a motor vehicle door lock made as an electric lock
Door lock having U-bar and custom striker plate
Non-binding sectional door and method of assembly
Storm door with counterbalance
Security barrier endless drive loop lock
Releasably attachable shades
Equalizing connector for window covering pull cords
Universal, hand attachable,multi-use, l-shaped, ladder utility bracket, with ladder leveler attachment
Ladder stile extender
Drill bit with canted gage insert
Long gauge roller vane drilling motor
Method and apparatus for through tubing gravel packing, cleaning and lifting
Hand guard for drilling rig hand tongs
Cuttings injection system and method
Mud saver kelly valve
Gripper assembly for downhole tools
Mapping tool for tracking and/or guiding an underground boring tool
Apparatus and methods for jarring
Nested stack-down casing hanger system for subsea wellheads
Tubing string rotator
Wellbore packer
Forming a wellbore casing while simultaneously drilling a wellbore
Sand removal and device retrieval tool
Expandable tubing joint and through-tubing multilateral completion method
Mechanical oil recovery method and system with a sucker rod pump
Method and apparatus to monitor, control and log subsea oil and gas wells
Apparatus and method for formation testing while drilling with minimum system volume
Steerable rotary drilling device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Supplemental seal for the chordal hinge seals in a gas turbine
Two-step finger follower rocker arm
Internal combustion engine
Control device for an intake valve or exhaust valve of an internal combustion engine
Engine valve timing controller
Camshaft rearranging device
Electrohydraulic valve for controlling a cam shaft phasing mechanism of an internal combustion engine
Electromagnetic valve controller of an internal combustion engine
Engine lubrication structure
Low cost new internal combustion engine with increased mechanical efficiency, fuel saver and pollution controlled
Air/oil coalescer with an improved centrifugally assisted drainage
Lubrication system for direct injected engine
Oil pan structure and oil pan separator
Variable valve drive mechanism for an internal combustion engine
Holding assembly for the attachment of an exhaust gas heat exchanger
Temperature control system for humidity sensor
Side valve arrangement for an internal combustion engine
Direct-injection engine with small nappe angle and processes allowing such an engine to be used
Two-cycle internal combustion engine
Portable power tool having internal combustion engine
Bearing case for engine
Fuel supply for engine
Fail-safe air induction control apparatus
Method and apparatus for gaseous fuel introduction and controlling combustion in an internal combustion engine
EGR valve control apparatus
Air-fuel ratio control system for internal combustion engine
Method and device for controlling fuel injection in internal combustion engine
Ignition timing system for homogeneous charge compression engine
Controlled variable computing apparatus for internal combustion engine
Dislodging a throttle plate from ice formation
Method for operating a diesel engine
Cylinder liner of an internal combustion engine
Cylinder head gasket
Carburetor arrangement
Evaporative emission control apparatus for a combustion engine
Valve assembly and method for controlling flow of gases from an engine crankcase to an engine intake manifold
Spark ignition direct injection system
Electronically controlled fuel injection device
Micro-pulsation metering fuel injection system
High pressure fuel pump
Fuel-injection apparatus for internal combustion engines
Method and device for an internal combustion engine
Composite fuel rail with integral damping and a co-injected non-permeation layer
Apparatus for controlling starting of internal combustion engine
Water turbine arrangement
Apparatus for retaining lubrication oil at sliding surface of shaft seal device disposed within oil chamber of submersible pump
Swash plate type compressor and shoe for the same
Seat support and threaded seat for valve with quadruple seat
Closed loop electrohydraulic actuator control circuit
Fail-freeze servovalve
Double-rack-and-pinion swinging apparatus
Actuator assembly
Translation and locking mechanism in missile
Fastener with magnetically actuated positive lock plug insert
Device for fixing any type of object on ceiling and walls
Removable stud for joining casing flanges
Spherical locking device
Coupling with tribological coating system
One-way clutch apparatus
1-way bearing
Rolling element clutch
Actuation system for the clutch of a motor vehicle drive train provided with an automatic transmission, and method for controlling such an actuation system
Damping structure
Shock-isolation structure
Method for controlling drive of actuator of active vibration isolation support system
Vibration-damping device having independent mass member
Method and device for balancing rotating bodies
System comprising magnetically actuated motion control device
Shock absorber with sealing ice scraper
Continuously variable transmission
Hydrokinetic coupling apparatus, in particular for motor vehicle, comprising improved means linking the piston with the cover
Hydrodynamic clutch arrangement
Power assembly and method of making same
Fluid clutch fill detection system and method
Control system for hydrostatic pump
Pilot operated pressure valve
Micromount.TM. system
Valve for a fuel delivery unit
Binary balance seal assembly
Solenoid valve
Valve for a tap of a compressed or liquified gas cylinder, and tap provided with such a valve
Safety device for connecting cryogenic fluid piping and cryogenic fluid container comprising at least one piping provided with such a safety device
Systems and methods for servicing ball valves
Self-contained anti-blowout seal for fluids or gases
Method and apparatus for laying elongated articles
Universal hose
Screw connection
Mobile air conditioning system connection having a captured O-ring
Jointing system for pipes
Clip arrangement for releasably fastening an object to at least one line
Quick connect tube coupling and method of assembling the same
Apparatus for reducing the fluid pressure within a hydraulic circuit
Hot tapping tool
Wide clamping band for clamping a connector boot within a hole through a generally cylindrical wall
Ramp-lock fitting device
Multi-linked seal assembly having material that swells when exposed to fire
Camera mounting tripods
Shoulder platform for camera
Grease canister holder
Lubrication system for a bearing
Self tracking sensor suspension mechanism
Vehicle headlamp
Lamp tube support structure
Lighting fixture attachment means
LED puck light with detachable base
Dual-beam light assembly with adjustable posterior head
Controlled-luminance lighting device
Light shield with reflective inner surface
LED light assembly
Surface light source device
Spread illuminating apparatus
Steam generator of a water-tube type
Boiler and regenerative air preheater arrangement to enhance SO3 capture
Heat exchanger recessed basket lifting cover
Projection display thermostat
Side actuation piezoelectric lighter
Retractable device holding assembly
Lighter having a safety switch
Outdoor fireplace
Device for manual actuation of a gas distribution valve connected to a burner
Heat pack with expansion capability
Three-layer condenser
Heat sink
Two piece heat exchanger manifold
Heat exchanger tube, heat exchanger and method of making the same
Handgun holster
Tactical light
Shell cap
Mission responsive ordnance
Slug for industrial ballistic tool
Thin-film bridge electropyrotechnic initiator with a very low operating energy
Fuze explosive train device and method
Non-lethal airbag munition
System for structural strain sensing by optical fiber sensor
Apparatus and method for detecting tilt and vibration of a body
Fixture for supporting a sensing device on a movable article
Wet-tap sensor assembly and related method
Meter having illuminated pointer
Rotation angle sensor capable of accurately detecting rotation angle
Flow rate sensor
System for indicating the level of fuel contained in the tank of a motor vehicle
Thermal process apparatus for a semiconductor substrate
Radiation detector with passive air purge and reduced noise
Tap water temperature measuring device
Fixed-point cell, thermometer calibration method and fixed-point temperature realizing apparatus
Differential scanning calorimeter
Electronic control apparatus
Industrial diagnostic gauge indicator insert and industrial diagnostic gauges having same
Torque detector
Force measurement of bimetallic thermal disc
Device for measuring a medium under pressure
Capacitive pressure sensor with multiple capacitive portions
Capacitance-type pressure sensor
Differential pressure sensor
Leak and spill containment bag for transformer valves
Package burst pressure simulator
Variable split sampler for air monitoring
Light beam scanning pen, scan module for the device and method of utilization
Retroreflective sheeting containing a validation image and methods of making the same
Ferrule assembly and optical module
Fiber optic cable connector
Combination visible and infrared pipe
Method for installing a duct in the ground and device for performing this method
Eyeglasses with coupling members for interconnecting temples and lenses thereof
Eyeglasses with diamond-shining effect
Flat pack optical device kit
Lens for vision enhancement
Camera, and method of opening and closing a lens
Projection type display apparatus
Method and apparatus for online switching between supply vessels
Interferometric projection system
System and method for improved registration performance
Tool presetter and tool offset amount calculation method
Variations on combined thermostat and fuel level monitor
System and method of operation of a digital mass flow controller
Portable electronic device with self-diagnostic function
Adjustable keyboard with adjusting and locking mechanism, and method of its use
Draining structure for a keyboard
Indicated position detection by multiple resolution image analysis
Card made of fluorescent material and card reader for use with the card
Card reader with a light-emitting bezel
Method and an apparatus for the identification and localization of objects
Reader for decoding two-dimensional optically readable information
Integrated circuit card with multiple integral electronic modules
Method for identifying electronic labels by adaptive rounds
Method and apparatus for image reading that includes an effective grounding
Articulated scan elements with elastomeric hinges, and methods for manufacture of same
Vehicle tire illumination system
Method and system for interactively providing product related information on demand and providing personalized transactional benefits at a point of purchase
Foreground/background document processing with dataglyphs
Electronic voting system
Method of coin detection and bag stopping for a coin sorter
Coin inspection method and device
Optical device for detecting a falling object
Appliance timing system
Secure credit card
System and method for authentication of the contents of containers
Device for producing signal tones by means of chimes suspended from a shared oscillating carrier plate
Reel mount
Decorative disc holder
Cassette storing case
Multi-color pipe-type lamp
Clean box, clean transfer method and system
Docking station for substrate transport containers
Dual loading port semiconductor processing equipment
Computer heat sink
Removable mounting clip attaches a motorized fan to an active heat sink and then the entire assembly to a part to be cooled
Heat sink fastener
Reflective type light-emitting diode
Switchgear cabinet including framework and covering members
Support for devices, in particular for electrical devices, to be attached to the base section of trunking
Module of reflection mirrors of L-shape
Method of generating halftone threshold data
Rigging system for loudspeakers
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