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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Automatic adjustment of irrigation schedule according to condition of plants
Interface system for endocardial mapping catheter
Optical measurement device
Physiological condition monitors utilizing very low frequency acoustic signals
Method for detecting, sizing and locating old myocardial infarct
System and method with improved automatic testing functions for defining capture thresholds
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and system for interleaving OCR and ABL for automated mail sorting
Engine idle stop control system for vehicles
System for controlling exterior vehicle lights
Vehicle lamp control
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fixing apparatus of electrophotographic printer
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Knock control system for internal combustion engine
Fuel injection quantity control device for diesel engine
Apparatus and method for handheld sampling
Method and device for detecting a signal
Measurement of fiber strain during processing
Apparatus for detecting knocking of internal combustion
Monitoring and correcting for non-translational motion in a resonance measurement apparatus
Process and circuit arrangement to monitor physical parameters
System and method for high-speed decoding and ISI compensation in a multi-pair transceiver system
Increased sensitivity in local probe of magnetic properties
Method and system for location accuracy analysis
Method for identifying obstacles for a motor vehicle, using at least three distance sensors for identifying the lateral extension of an object
Polarized wave scrambler and optical signal transmission apparatus
Method and apparatus for tuning a Bragg grating in a semiconductor substrate
Compact optical switches
Optical link module, optical interconnection method, information processor including the optical link module, signal transfer method, prism and method of manufacturing the prism
MEMS optical latching switch
Optical fiber holding structure
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus including two image forming members and featuring a dot-shaped image
Image forming apparatus for reducing toner scatter
Developer supply container
Image forming apparatus and cartridge, method of sensing remaining amount of developer in an image forming apparatus, and memory device mounted on said cartridge
Image forming method and apparatus
Image forming apparatus and controlling method therefor determining state use of cartridge
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Method for automated system identification
Method and system for synchronizing control limit and equipment performance
Two-mode foundation fieldbus device configurator
Smart machine tool system
Method and system for monitoring a supply-chain
System and method for displaying planning information associated with a supply chain
Security method and system for storage subsystem
Computer housing with a disc storage device
Method and device for playing multimedia files in semi-power on state of a computer
System with redundant central management controllers
Hierarchical storage apparatus and control apparatus thereof
System and method for synchronizing a plurality of processors in a processor array
Integrated semiconductor memory chip with presence detect data capability
Control method of the cache hierarchy
Methods and apparatus for storage virtualization
Permanent memory block protection in a flash memory device
FIFO memory system and method
Storage control device
Expander device for isolating bus segments in I/O subsystem
Apparatus for providing a CPU cluster via a disk I/O bus using a CPU brick which fits into a disk cavity
Digital media asset management system and process
Method and apparatus for exposing network administration stored in a directory using HTTP/WebDAV protocol
Single integrated circuit embodying a dual heterogenous processors with separate instruction handling hardware
Method and apparatus for interleaved exchange in a network mesh
Providing a register file memory with local addressing in a SIMD parallel processor
System for modeling a business
Non-metric tool for predicting gene relationships from expression data
Linguistic disambiguation system and method using string-based pattern training to learn to resolve ambiguity sites
Database managing apparatus and database record retrieving apparatus
Information generation and retrieval method based on standardized format of sentence structure and semantic structure and system using the same
Data processing method and apparatus and storage medium
Swivel joint for a work machine
Method for detecting sequential processing effects using on-tool randomization
Dynamic metrology sampling techniques for identified lots, and system for performing same
Dispatch and/or disposition of material based upon an expected parameter result
Method for activating or deactivating data stored in a memory arrangement of a microcomputer system
Secure ticketing
Random number generator based on turbulent convection
Efficiently calculating a branch target address
Apparatus and method for managing application in incorporated equipment
Method for designing mixed signal integrated circuits and configurable synchronous digital noise emulator circuit
Method for use of stack
Image server store system and method using combined image views
Radio frequency data communications device
Card holding structure and portable terminal apparatus having the same
Defect inspection method and apparatus
Pointing device with biometric sensor
Character recognition method, program and recording medium
Information processing method, apparatus and storage medium for receiving and decoding a code sequence obtained by encoding an image
Securing electronic transactions over public networks
Method and apparatus for reading digital watermarks with a hand-held reader device
Image transmission system, method of the same, and recording medium
Electronic watermark detecting/inserting device
Dynamic gamut mapping selection
Method of correcting an image with perspective distortion and producing an artificial image with perspective distortion
Method for automatic segmentation of image data from multiple data sources
Dynamic chain-based thresholding using local characteristics
Soft picture/graphics classification system and method
System for processing object areas of an image
Encoding method of a color image and its encoding device and a decoding method of the color image and its decoding device
Entropy coding
Method and hardware to implement two-dimensional compression
Scalable MPEG-2 video decoder
Acoustic speech recognition method and system using stereo vision neural networks with competition and cooperation
Changer-type disk device
Optical recording medium having dual information surfaces
Optical disk drive having function of removing static electricity of optical disk
Method and apparatus of coupling conductors in magnetic memory
Magnetic random access memory and method of manufacturing the same
Memory device capable of stable data writing
Magnetic random access memory device having write test mode
DRAM device and refresh control method therefor
Two-dimensional structural transition controlled by an electric field, memory storage device thereof, and method of making a memory storage device
Multi-match detection circuit for use with content-addressable memories
Content addressable memory (CAM) device employing a recirculating shift register for data storage
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and method of operating the same
Memory chip, memory component and corresponding memory module and method
DDR memory modules with input buffers driving split traces with trace-impedance matching at trace junctions
Memory device and method of reading data from a memory cell
Embedded semiconductor memory with crossbar wirings and switches for high bandwidth
Register for the parallel-serial conversion of data
Semiconductor device with impedance control circuit
Method and system for using dynamic random access memory as cache memory
Apparatus and method for producing an output clock pulse and output clock generator using same
Rotating notched transmission x-ray for multiple focal spots
Clamping and de-clamping semiconductor wafers on an electrostatic chuck using wafer inertial confinement by applying a single-phase square wave AC clamping voltage
Thermal interface material
Backside of chip implementation of redundancy fuses and contact pads
Video data resending method
Optically pumped edge-emitting semiconductor laser
DFB laser driving device, DFB laser driving method and storage medium
Tunable diffractive device
Optically pumpable surface-emitting semiconductor laser device
Switching power source apparatus
Method and apparatus for dissipative clamping of an electrical circuit
Parallel DC-to-AC power inverter system with current sharing technique and method thereof
Low noise mixer circuit with improved gain
Method and apparatus for generating a radio frequency signal
Nano-electromechanical filter
Dynamic current calibrated driver circuit
Device for emitting the response of a synchronous system to an asynchronous event
Method for measuring the response of a voltage controlled oscillator
Third generation FDD modem interleaver
Piezo-powered amusement device identification system
Oversampled filter bank for subband processing
Device for radiation shielding wireless transmit/receive electronic equipment such as cellular telephones from close proximity direct line-of-sight electromagnetic fields
Method for using encoded spreading codes to achieve high bit densities in a direct-sequence spread spectrum communication system
Bit rate control apparatus and method of optical receiver
Radio communication system and apparatus, communication method and program recording medium therefor
Method for calibrating a testing apparatus
Power control based admission methods for maximum throughput in DS-CDMA networks with multi-media traffic
Deviation compensation apparatus
Antenna switching apparatus
Method and apparatus for reducing echo feedback in a communication system
Method for synchronizing frame by using pilot pattern in compressed mode
Satellite broadcast receiving and distribution system
Optical add/drop arrangement for ring networks employing wavelength division multiplexing
Path network and path network operation method using conversion of protection path into working path
Local information-based restoration arrangement
Satellite up-link fade control
Dynamic wireless link adaptation
Method for optimal estimation of a propagation channel based solely on pilot symbols, and corresponding estimator
System and method of billing based on the reported traffic load in a telecommunications network
Management system for a telecommunications switch
Network control apparatus and method
Distributed label switching router
PCI and MII compatible home phoneline networking alliance (HPNA) interface device
Image communication apparatus, image communication method and recording medium which stores the sound and image
Multi-threaded sequenced transmit software for packet forwarding device
Method and system for service rate allocation, traffic learning process, and QoS provisioning measurement of traffic flows
Ethernet cross point switch with reduced connections by using dual control to the cross points in the switch
Hierarchical mobility management for wireless networks
Achieving PPP mobility via the mobile IP infrastructure
Applications of user-to-user information transfer between telecommunication devices
OFDMA with adaptive subcarrier-cluster configuration and selective loading
Apparatus, and associated method, for communication system exhibiting time-varying communication conditions
System and related interfaces supporting the processing of media content
Network adapter with embedded deep packet processing
Multimedia messaging service routing system and method
System and method for accessing voice messaging system data
Data transmission device and data transmission method
Method and system for providing media services
Alarm management system and method thereof for network management system
Providing access to a high-capacity packet network
Method for geolocating logical network addresses
Radio base station device and radio communication method
Combined preamble detection and information transmission method for burst-type digital communication systems
Stream cipher having a shuffle network combiner function
Method and apparatus for monitoring encrypted communication in a network
Location dependent encryption and/or decryption
Platform and method for securely transmitting an authorization secret
Efficient encryption and authentication for data processing systems
Compact electronic communication device with self-mounting feature and method of removably coupling such a device to a surface
Systems and methods for monitoring audio
Communication terminal and channel connection
Postpay spending limit using a cellular network usage governor
Fraud detection based on call attempt velocity on originating number
Negotiating an exchange of image processing functionality
Method and apparatus for protecting copy control information provided to a video recording device
VSB communication system
Method and apparatus for hybrid-type high speed motion estimation
Signals and methods for increasing reliability in optical network equipment
System method for the automatic routing of data packets in an optical data packet stream
Method and system for verifying spectral compatibility of digital subscriber line connections
Method and network for providing access to an information network
Methods and apparatus for using AIN techniques to facilitate servicing of calls by a group of users
Method and apparatus that provides a reusable voice path in addition to release link functionality for use with a platform having a voice activated front end
Method and Apparatus for wireless spread spectrum communication with preamble processing period
Automatic WAP login
Call distribution method in a mobile switching system
Establishing connections between terminal equipment and a mobile terminal
Cellular system with cybercells
Method for the selection of transmission entities
EMI-attenuating air ventilation panel
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Intravascular sensing device
Process and system for simultaneously simulating arterial and non-arterial blood oxygen values for pulse oximetry
Chemical signal-impermeable mask
Three dimensional optical imaging colposcopy
Electrode assemblies
Method for calculating wave velocities in blood vessels
Sequential imaging apparatus
Ambulatory recorder having sliding period switches
Magnetless implantable stimulator and external transmitter and implant tools for aligning same
Switch control for external pacing system
Electrically heated air fresheners
Implantable cardiac stimulator with electrode-tissue interface characterization
Implantable medical device incorporating performance based adjustable power supply
Iontophoresis system and its control process of current
Augmentation of muscle contractility by biphasic stimulation
Prioritized rule based method and apparatus for diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias
System and method for respiration-modulated pacing
Method and apparatus to allow cyclic pacing at an average rate just above the intrinsic heart rate so as to maximize inotropic pacing effects at minimal heart rates
Cardiac simulation system having multiple stimulators for anti-arrhythmia therapy
Defibrillator with wireless communications
Performing Operations; Transporting
Image forming apparatus having correction device for lateral misalignment
Component reusing system, product capable of being easily disassembled, and disassembling method
DC motor driven power steering system for a motor vehicle
Multilayer micro-gas rheostat with electrical-heater control of gas flow
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ge-Ga-S-based glass composition having light amplifying characteristic and apparatus for optical communications using the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Portable flue heater to reduce or eliminate downdrafts
Carrier recovery apparatus of liquid electrophotographic printer
Technique for location of embedded fiber optic sensors
Detecting coil for magnetic resonance diagnostic apparatus
System and method for conserving battery energy in a wireless telephone with an integral global positioning system
Method and apparatus for locating a subscriber unit in a communication system
Finder device
Electrode for optical waveguide element and method of forming the same
Visual field of finder change-over apparatus
Finder optical system
Camera capable of displaying the level of visual effect
Magnetic recording and regenerating unit for photographic film and camera
Camera or apparatus adapted to use film cartridge or device applicable to such camera or apparatus
Control method for duty-cycling a camera
Shake corrector for use in an optical apparatus, a photographing apparatus provided with a shake corrector, and a shake correcting method
Image forming device and method therefor
Image-forming apparatus having at least one of additives in the non-magnetic single-component toner exhibiting electrical conductivity
Color printer belt meander control method and apparatus
Image forming apparatus having separating member with bias
Image forming apparatus using an endless belt
Electrographic printing device with opposite-lying printing units
Image forming apparatus comprising ultrasonic motors
Developing device for image forming apparatus and toner container therefor
Fluorinated carbon filled fluoroelastomer outer layer
Toner content control device for an electrophotographic apparatus
Toner concentration detecting method and system
Liquid development apparatus for developing electrostatic latent images using a plurality of electrodes
Release agent management for transfuse systems
Fixing device for use in an image forming apparatus that has first and second heater lamps and first and second controllers
Toner cartridge, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus and process cartridge
Process cartridge having air flow path
Method for jump-reproducing video data of moving picture coded with high efficiency
Learning system with roster files
Learning system with random assignments, conferencing and modeling
Methods and apparatus for recording digital data including sync block and track number information for use during trick play operation
Digital signal recording apparatus which utilizes predetermined areas on a magnetic tape for multiple purposes
Method of and apparatus for editing video signals using a temporary recording medium
Data recording device, date reproducing device and data recording medium for managing encoded data over a plurality of recording media
Modifying data stored in memory means in accordance with a reproduced signal
Recording medium for recording data, reproducing apparatus for reproducing data recorded on recording medium, and data reproducing system for reproducing data recorded on recording medium via network or the like
Portable electronic device and method of coupling power thereto
Magnetically tunable ferrite microwave devices
Isolation improvement circuit for a dual-polarization antenna
Method, device, phone and base station for providing envelope-following for variable envelope radio frequency signals
Reception circuit for cellular telephone
Transmit detection circuit
Transmission line switch-over control system
Mobile telephone systems
Method and apparatus for simulcast space diversity transmission of a message in a radio messaging system
Co-located omnidirectional and sectorized base station
Method and apparatus for controlling transmit diversity in a communication system
Apparatus and method for beamforming in a changing-interference environment
Diversity radio system with RDS
Communication satellite system with dynamic downlink resource allocation
Local wireless communication system with external communications link
Method and apparatus for a mobile repeater
Radio information bulletin board
Dual mode communication device
Battery saving in portable radio apparatus
Method and apparatus for location based intercept in a communications system
Method and system for remote call forwarding of telephone calls from cellular phone
Service system for image forming apparatuses
Electronic device
Method for saving, accessing and reprinting a digitized photographic image
Recording apparatus for compressing and recording moving and still images
Program guide system for recording television programs
Data recording/reproducing apparatus and method for high speed play
System and method for digital electronic cinema delivery
Filing of variable-bit-rate video information on zoned disks
Data multiplexing method and recording medium
Telecommunications system with multi-extension services
Communication systems for controlling registration of selective call devices
Short message service
System and method relating to cordless communications
Method and apparatus for performing selection and distribution in a communication system
Method of sharing a SIM card between two masters
Communication device providing dual mode operation
SIM card secured subscriber unit
LMDS system having cell-site diversity and adaptability
Estimation of mobility for network planning based on highway maps and traffic data
Radiotelecommunications system having a mobile terminal that operates both in cellular mode and in cordless mode
Dynamic mobile parameter optimization
System and method for over the air activation in a wireless telecommunications network
Handover control method and apparatus using fuzzy logic
Method for processing hard handoff in a digital communication system
Roamer port notification in a radio telecommunications network
Cellular communication system, and mobile and base stations used in the same
Method of and a system for managing communications
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew