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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Implement support stand
Hopper spreader/sprayer apparatus
Cage net
Animal water toy and fountain
Fishing net system
Collar support member with fastening means
Decorative neckless
Shoe sole orthotic structures and computer controlled compartments
Earring with forward protruding post
Display supports and electronic devices including such display supports
Brush system for a labeling machine
Adjustable machine stabilizer with foot control rotor
Refrigerator shelf assembly
Portable stand
Upholstered recliner chair with an adjustable backrest padding
Human cushion apparatus
Back support
Convenience apparatus for automotive rear seats
Stability support TV anti-tip device
Apparatus for preparing a beverage from water-cooled sterilized water and an instant product
Augmentation and repair of vocal cord tissue defects
Binocular indirect ophthalmoscope
Method and system for correcting aberrations of the eye for an ophthalmic instrument
Ophthalmological diagnostic system
Method for analyzing gait pattern
Stretcher accessory for turning a patient
Dry powder inhalers
Implantable medical device with temperature measuring and storing capability
Sound processing and stimulation systems and methods for use with cochlear implant devices
Method and system for characterizing supraventricular rhythm during cardiac pacing
Ventilation interface
Performing Operations; Transporting
Poly-container for solid phase-liquid phase separation
Vapor contact-type heating device
Processing apparatus and method
Catalyst-spreading device that uniformly spreads catalyst on a substrate in a device for producing carbon nanotubes
High velocity foam pump
Two-part spray application system and method
Paper sorting apparatus, and method and computer readable medium therefor
Device and method for wet treating disc-like substrates
Pulling roll material for manufacture of sheet glass
Adjustable diameter pivot shaft for a hand tool
Turbine airfoil ceramic core with strain relief slot
Roll line in a continuous caster
Rotary machine with separately controllable stations
Rotary tool system with centering member
Tubing manipulating appliances for use with nut driving tools
Method and apparatus for reducing stress during stent manufacture
Disk spacer drop-proofing tool for disk removal process
Tool used for the pressure crimping and driving-out of a cleat
Work piece carrier for exactly positioning a work piece on a chuck and clamping apparatus with a chuck and a work piece carrier
Reversible open end wrench having retaining property
Spring actuated pliers stapler
Paint brush with detachable head
Picture hanging, positioning and leveling device
Razor having separate blade groups for shaving and trimming/sculpting
Pallet dismantler
Intermittent cutting transferring device
Mortise and tenon joinery of log members
Vacuum coupled tool apparatus for dry transfer printing semiconductor elements
Dot omission inspection method used in printing apparatus and the printing apparatus
Inkjet recording apparatus and method
Droplet jetting head, method of manufacturing droplet jetting head, and droplet jetting apparatus equipped with droplet jetting head
Micro writing and reading
Methods and apparatus to provide user-customizable flush patterns in an ink-based printing system
Inkjet printer with variable size tanks
Recording apparatus and processing method executed by the recording apparatus
Optical recording/reproducing apparatus with label printing feature
Liquid jet apparatus and printing apparatus
Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method
Line holders for masonry work and the like
Rubber composition for coating textile cord and tire using the same
Pneumatic tire
Apparatus and method for detecting decrease in tire air pressure and program for detecting decrease in tire air pressure
Airbag for vehicle tires
Low movement trailer hitch
Vehicle pillar with opening having angled flange
Energy management system for a hybrid-electric vehicle
Hydraulic transmission assembly
Vehicle side door structures
Automotive knee bolster system
Powered running boards for locking doors of a vehicle
Wiper blade assembly having rotatable auxiliary beam
Dead stroke reduction valve
Propulsion vehicle which travels along a soft, porous track
Conveyance device
Vehicle front-end module for mounting to the front end of a rail-borne vehicle, in particular a railway vehicle
Bogie lateral movement-limiting system
Oxygen tank holder
Vehicle for carriage of children
Cargo cart with attachable skis and method of use thereof
Idler arm assembly adjustment
Bicycle stand
Variable height and lateral position suspension seat post assembly
Safe braking apparatus
Motor powered bicycle trailer with integral hitch force metering
Auto tab control system
Aircraft frame element connected to an air-conditioning system
Annular airborne vehicle
Apparatus for twisting a wing to increase lift on aircraft and other vehicles
Electrodynamic method
Liquid reclamation apparatus
Filling machine provided with a cleaning device
Mailpiece container for stacking mixed mail and method for stacking mail therein
In-line deformation binding apparatus
Interlocking storage units
Container for precursors used in deposition processes
Handle for container, handle-equipped container, and method for manufacturing handle and container
Box with retractable lid for cosmetic or toiletry products
Collapsible container
Package housing for an elongate object
Stackable plant pot
Adjustable-volume liquid dispensing pump
Apparatus for secure postal and parcel receipt and storage
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus with sheet feeding cassette and associated locking means
Pill dispenser canister having dual reservoirs
Image-forming apparatus and control method thereof
Image forming apparatus and sheet supply apparatus having plurality of sheet supply units
Sheet processing system, sheet processor and abnormal-transportation correction method
Medium conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Cord management system
Safety device for elevator and rope slip detection method
Lifting device
Powerless air charging apparatus, system, and method
Portable fuel container emissions control
Saddle for riding or carrying a load
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for making hollow microspheres
Hydrogen loading of near net shape optics
Methods of using hydrofluoroethers as heat transfer fluids
Plasma processing apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Decoration-making assist tool and method for making a decoration item
Dispenser of washing agents for a household washing machine, in particular a dishwasher
Drum type washing machine having towel washing function and operation method thereof
Fixed Constructions
Bidet for toilet bowl
Method and apparatus for making sloped concrete floors
Overmolded joint for beam assembly
Covered pool
Cylinder protective system
Element containing thermally stable polycrystalline diamond material and methods and assemblies for formation thereof
Wellbore pressure control with segregated fluid columns
Alignment of BOP stack to facilitate use of a rotating control device
Integrated in situ retorting and refining of oil shale
Apparatus and methods for the recovery of hydrocarbonaceous and additional products from oil/tar sands
Well treatment using electric submersible pumping system
Methods for improving the productivity of oil producing wells
Downhole multi-parallel hydrocyclone separator
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Advanced adiabatic compressed air energy storage system
Control valve mounting system
Exhaust purification apparatus of internal combustion engine
Hydrocarbon retaining system for flex-fuel combustion engine
Power unit for an automotive vehicle and vehicle including such a power unit
Fuel nozzle tip assembly
System for heating an airstream by recirculating waste heat of a turbomachine
Automatic choke system
Fuel return block
Fuel pump, in particular for a fuel system of a piston engine
High pressure pump and method of reducing fluid mixing within same
Mechanical energy storage system
Wet clutch
Freewheel clutch
Brake assembly with brake shoe and brake lining plate, and associated method
Customizable strut assemblies and articles that employ the same
Rolling body screw device
Electromechanical driving device for use in a tailgate of a motor vehicle
Oil seal and power transmission apparatus
Layered scavenging carburetor
Rock-drilling equipment as well as female and male parts therefor
Cable retention clip
Positioning structure for assembly of a water faucet plaquette
Self-adjusting insulation, including insulation particularly suited for pipe or duct
Solar pathway light
Detonator system with high precision delay
Cooking grill
Self cooling motor system
External refrigerator condensing unit
Exhaust-gas cooler
Rigid composite structure with a superhard interior surface
Firearm having a new gas operating system
Lead attached sabot slug
Three-dimensional nanoscale metrology using FIRAT probe
Geomagnetic sensor device and digital compass with the same
Horn guard device for motorcycle
Method and system for determining an imbalance of a wind turbine rotor
Abnormality determination device and method for internal combustion engine
Misfire detection apparatus for internal combustion engine
Method for testing rotors
Seal assembly with leak monitoring
Top of the line corrosion apparatus
Method to detect fuel vaporizer coking
Measuring temperature change in an electronic biomedical implant
Noisy channel emulator for high speed data
Circuit arrangement and method for driving electronic chips
Solar protection installation equipped with a wind sensor
Method of making high precision optics having a wavefront profile
Light control device, lighting device, and projector for controlling transmission amount of light emitted from an emission area by use of curved light shielding members
System and method for sensor replication for ensemble averaging in micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS)
Parallel computer architecture of a cellular type, modifiable and expandable
Computer apparatus, storage apparatus, system management apparatus, and hard disk unit power supply controlling method
Digital power supply controller with integrated microcontroller
Method and device for calculating an iterated state for a feedback shift register arrangement
Low power media player for an electronic device
On-device packet descriptor cache
Snapshot restore method and apparatus
Rapid locality selection for efficient memory allocation
Method and apparatus for constructing a search key
Method and system of executing duplicate copies of a program in lock step
Management function setting method for intelligent platform management interface
Integrated circuit with a scalable high-bandwidth architecture
Switch for bus optimization
Method for configuring transmitter power consumption
Extensible markup language markup cloning on table rows and cells in a software application document
Interactive drill down tool
Dynamic media content for collaborators with VOIP support for client communications
Mechanism for sharing web-based imaging information from a mainframe computing environment
Network of disparate processor-based devices to exchange and display media files
Powerline communication system and method using coupler design for additional users
Delayed uploading of user registration data
Plug-in communication module and method for communicating using a plug-in communication module
Systems and methods for sharing dynamic content among a plurality of online co-users
Distributed electronic data processing
Method, system, and storage medium for providing continuous communication between process equipment and an automated material handling system
Methods, systems, and products for verifying integrity of web-server served content
System and method for providing service availability data for a communication network
Technique for intercepting data in a peer-to-peer network
Extensible wireless framework
Property and object validation in a database system
Method and apparatus for identifying an object using an object description language
System and method for order-preserving encryption for numeric data
Parameterized keyword and methods for searching, indexing and storage
Method and system for determining a location of a wind-powered electrical energy facility
Layout design method for semiconductor integrated circuit, and semiconductor integrated circuit
Method, system and program product for providing a configuration specification language supporting incompletely specified configuration entities
Design verification of highly optimized synchronous pipelines via random simulation driven by critical resource scheduling
System for dispatching semiconductors lots
Methods and systems for transport system (TS) integration
Method and system for monitoring structural damage
Solicitation-response lifecycle tracking and management
Smart cables
Facilitating presentation functionality through a programming interface media namespace
Methods and systems for creating and using skins
Method and system for image windowing
Hierarchical navigation layers for wizards
Method and apparatus for coordinating display elements with the structure of a computer system
Methods and apparatus for communicating messages in a computer display
Workload placement based upon CRAC unit capacity utilizations
Crane or excavator for handling a cable-suspended load provided with optimised motion guidance
Using extensions to represent multityping
Object oriented query path expression to relational outer join translator method, system, article of manufacture, and computer program product
Method for sequential coordination of external database application events with asynchronous internal database events
Optimal boolean set operation generation among polygon-represented regions
Location privacy in a communication system
Clock distribution for interconnect structures
Threading and communication architecture for a graphical user interface
Recovery and representation of object interaction in an object oriented program
Overriding constructors to provide notification in order to detect foreign code
Method and system for rewriting unwind data in the presence of exceptions
Program code conversion for program code referring to variable size registers
Reducing latency, when accessing task priority levels
Random number generator and method for generating a random number
Method for physically marking objects using continuous functions
Customizable transaction card
Wallet consolidator to facilitate a transaction
Method and apparatus for analysis and decomposition of classifier data anomalies
System and method for an improved type inference
System, method, and computer program product for brokering data processing service licenses
Communications network
In-vehicle promotions system
Systems and methods for facilitating commercial transactions between parties residing at remote locations
Health cost calculator/flexible spending account calculator
Accident avoidance systems and methods
System and method for presenting the contents of a content collection based on content type
System and method for linear prediction
Speech enabled computing method
Speech signal decoding method and apparatus using decoded information smoothed to produce reconstructed speech signal to enhanced quality
Method for splicing a bend-optimized optical fiber
Cord aligning device
Layered multiple description coding
Data retrieval from a storage device using a combined error correction and detection approach
System and method for verifying data integrity
Re-transmission controlling method and wireless communication terminal apparatus
Compact secure data communication method
Controlling access to information on a network using an extended network universal resource locator
Mobile communications device with synchronising hinge
Secure and private ISCSI camera network
Interactive digital television messaging system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Footwear sole
Shoe sole
Footwear upper
Child's seat belt
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
External shoelace flap
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Staggered eyelets
Compact disc player case
Bone-shaped container
Drill bit case
Tool box with light
Combination toothbrush, floss dispenser, toothpaste container, and cap
Apertured nonwoven fabric
Paper product
Surface configuration of a seat
Office desk
Free-standing document tray array
Spanner rack
Display case
Display case
Display case
Potted plant caddy
Conical coil spring
Furniture component
Dust ruffle with storage pockets
Back support
Flocked rubber mat design "A"
Dispenser for a plurality of wipes
Soap holder and applicator
Wall mounted liquid dispenser
Rectangular basket
Human Necessities
Irrigation controller
Radiometric temperature measurement system
Hybrid optical delivery system for photoplethysmography
Method and apparatus for processing a physiological signal
Optical probe with light fluctuation protection
Dynamic cardiovascular monitor
Lead and leadset designs for providing medical telemetry antenna
Expandable diagnostic or therapeutic apparatus and system for introducing the same into the body
Method for predictively calculating a cardiac signal course and for controlling the delivery of a stimulation pulse by an implantable cardiac device
Method and apparatus for designing a workstation
Non-invasive cardiorespiratory monitor with synchronized bioimpedance sensing
Laser adjustment mechanism
Portable hearing-related analysis system
Method for examining a living subject by non-invasive imaging employing a contrast agent
Method and apparatus for tissue imaging
Ultrasonic image processing method and system for displaying a composite image sequence of an artery segment
Method and apparatus for cardiac defibrillation
Patient programmer for implantable medical device with audio locator signal
Implantable apparatus for treating neurological disorders
Permanent retinal implant device
Implantable cardiac stimulation device with detection and therapy for patients with vasovagal syncope
Implantable medical device with variable incoming communication signal discrimination, and method for operating same
Unitary subcutaneous only implantable cardioverter-defibrillator and optional pacer
Charge-based defibrillation method and apparatus
High-side energy delivery through a single-quadrant thyristor triggered with a current-limiting switch
Performing Operations; Transporting
Knowledge-based process for the development of materials
Distributed database for analytical instruments
Optical switch
Key manufacturing method
Manufacturing method and device of control rods for nuclear reactors
Numerically controlled system and numerical control method
Method of detecting the position of an inner surface of a workpiece on a machine tool, and machine tool implementing such a method
Three layer seamless transfer component
Image forming apparatus having an optical fiber array
Method and system for encoding image and audio content
Method for monitoring internet dissemination of image, video, and/or audio files
Printable interfaces and digital linking with embedded codes
Driving control device of vehicle
Control system for electric motor for driving electric vehicle
Collision severity determining system
Electrically controlled automated devices to control equipment and machinery with remote control and accountability worldwide
Arithmetic and control unit
Damping of voltage-controlled brushless motors for electric power steering systems
Electronic power assisted steering system and method
Motorcycle audio system
Flexible conductive plastic static control device
Original feeding apparatus having a plurality of sensors
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical fiber having improved hydrogen resistance
Coated optical glass fiber
Method and system for using a new bus identifier resulting from a bus topology change
Pharmacokinetic-based drug design tool and method
Methods for classifying samples and ascertaining previously unknown classes
Textiles; Paper
Adaptive control methods and apparatus using frequency analysis of time series data
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System and method for controlling dual camshafts in a variable cam timing engine
Compressor control system and method therefor
Method of regulating the position of a clutch actuator
Electronic inching control strategy
Lighting apparatus having low profile
Portable steam generating system
Air conditioner management system
Human interface panel for boiler control system
Air handler power distribution system
Structural monitoring sensor system
Data processing device
Dynamic attitude measurement method and apparatus
Navigation system, method and device for labeling thoroughfares
Navigation device
Fiber bragg grating sensor system
Probe cover of a tympanic thermometer and tympanic thermometer assembly
Apparatus and method for measuring residual stress and photoelastic effect of optical fiber
Nonintrusive inspection apparatus
Data processing method and data processing apparatus
X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
Method for correcting reciprocity error in two port network measurements
Modular/re-configurable test platform
Apparatus and method for signal skew characterization utilizing clock division
Electronics testing circuit and method
Semiconductor devices having multiple memories
Method and apparatus for automated generation of test semiconductor wafers
Built-in-self-test circuit for RAMBUS direct RDRAM
Autocorrection of MR projection images
Shared reference station
Space based augmentation systems and methods using ionospheric bounding data to determine geographical correction source
Mobile unit communication apparatus
Cellular transmitter for automatically providing position location and emergency data
Low loss optical switching system
Optical switching system that uses movable microstructures to switch optical signals in three dimensions
Total internal reflection optical switch utilizing a moving droplet
Gimbaled micro-mirror positionable by thermal actuators
Imaging technique for use with optical MEMS devices
Echelle grating dense wavelength division multiplexer/demultiplexer
Process and device for making gratings in optical fibres
Long period fiber grating package
Waveguide optical fiber for parametric amplification within S-band optical range
Optical fiber with large effective area, low dispersion and low dispersion slope
Compact add-drop multiplexer with low wavelength temperature sensitivity
Reflective light multiplexing device
Optical waveguide device and method of manufacturing the same
Multiplexer and demultiplexer for single mode optical fiber communication links
Tunable optical dispersion by using two fiber Bragg gratings with nonlinear group delays
MEMS optical switch actuator
Optical fiber transmission bypass device
Optical switch with a moveable optical component
Apparatus for housing fiber optic modules
Optical coupling system
Method for producing an optical device and the optical device produced thereby
Modular latch and guide rail arrangement for use in fiber optic cable management systems
Optical fiber cable
Optical fiber cable and a method of fabricating the cable
Submarine optical cable resistant to longitudinal water propagation
Method and apparatus for anchoring optical fiber
Distance-measuring sensor, distance-measuring device and camera as well as distance-measuring method
Tension-tuned acousto-optic bandpass filter
Optical interferometric modulator integrated with optical monitoring mechanism
Optical modulator using simultaneous push-pull drive of linear and quadratic electro-optic effects
Optical device having optical wave guide produced in the presence of acoustic standing wave
Electrochromic materials, devices and process of making
Solid state optical switch and router
Parallax correction for close focus
Reader to decode sound and play sound encoded in infra-red ink on photographs
Camera including stroboscopic unit
Method for manufacturing a pair of complementary masks
Exposure method
Characterizing kernel function in photolithography based on photoresist pattern
Method for measuring fine pattern, apparatus for measuring fine pattern, and record medium that can store therein program to measure fine pattern and can be read by using computer
X-ray exposure apparatus
Production of a dense mist of micrometric droplets in particular for extreme UV lithography
Image forming apparatus with flexible charging member for use with spherical toner
Image-forming apparatus for use with negatively-charged toner and featuring a negatively-chargeable image-bearing member, and process cartridge using same
Sheet wrinkling suppression image forming apparatus and method
Electrophotographic recording process control method and apparatus
Print media supply identification for a copier or printer
Sheet treating apparatus, method of mounting sheet treating apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with multiple developing device assemblies
Charging device for frictionally-charging an image bearing member and image forming apparatus including same
Electrically conductive member and image forming apparatus equipped with the same
Mechanism for agitating the toner in the replenisher of an electrophotographic machine
Toner container including foldable case and toner replenishing device using the same
Image forming apparatus having a plurality of image forming units with handles
System and method for conditioning a toner before development
Developer storage and delivery system for liquid electrophotography
Fixing belt and fixing apparatus equipped with same
Image forming apparatus
Thermal fixing device that avoids overheating and image forming device having the thermal fixing device
Image forming apparatus that discriminates an abnormality in a fixing unit
Image forming apparatus with heat control for varying sheet thicknesses
System and method for detecting presence of a shipping insert of a printing device
Method for printing individual sheets according to the duplex method
Intermediate transfer type image forming apparatus and method thereof
Image forming device
Image forming apparatus having a mode in which a process unit may be replaced
Image forming apparatus and control method therefor
Optical monitor for imaging device filter
Pulse modulation adaptive control method for activating an electrical device
Iterative learning update for batch mode processing
Process control system with integrated safety control system
Acceleration/deceleration method
Bidding partner cache for autonomous cooperative control system
Feeder/programming/buffer control system and control method
Use of remote soft phases in a process control system
Method and system for processing and transmitting electronic reverse auction information
Method and digital signal processing equipment for performing digital signal processing calculation
Data transmission by an alternating frequency analog signal
Universal synchronization clock signal derived using single forward and reverse direction clock signals even when phase delay between both signals is greater than one cycle
Method for improving a timing margin in an integrated circuit by setting a relative phase of receive/transmit and distributed clock signals
Phase-locked loop (PLL) circuit for selectively correcting clock skew in different modes
System and method for outputting a sample using a time stamp predicted at a receiving station coupled to an output station via a variable latency bus
Palm PC dockable phone
Software-based temperature controller circuit in electronic apparatus
Microcomputer with re-initialization of DRAM or SRAM using non-volatile memory
Power save control device and control method
System and method to generate a float voltage potential at output when first and second power supplies fail to supply power at the same time
Method and apparatus for providing power based on the amount of data stored in buffers
Method and apparatus system with first and second controller connected via uart chip for controlling peripheral device of computer system in second power mode
Apparatus and method for providing error ordering information and error logging information
Methods and apparatus for estimating a bit error rate for a communication system
Coverage-based test generation for microprocessor verification
Host I/O performance and availability of a storage array during rebuild by prioritizing I/O request
Method and system for debugging hybrid source code
Methods for overwriting data in a memory device
Subsystem replacement method
Fast suspend to disk
Method for restoring CMOS in a jumperless system
Method and apparatus for making available data that was locked by a dead transaction before rolling back the entire dead transaction
Fault tolerant data storage systems and methods of operating a fault tolerant data storage system
Remote data mirroring system using local and remote write pending indicators
Apparatus, method and system for counting logic events, determining logic event histograms and for identifying a logic event in a logic environment
Benchmark tool write analysis for a mass storage system
Reconfigurable datapath for processor debug functions
Transpose address mode in general purpose DSP processor
Computer file system providing looped file structure for post-occurrence data collection of asynchronous events
System and method for analyzing filesystems to detect intrusions
Processor capable of enabling/disabling memory access
Method, system, program, and data structures for naming full backup versions of files and related deltas of the full backup versions
Address translation circuit for processors utilizing a single code image
Realtime parallel processor system for transferring common information among parallel processors to a cache memory system
Method and apparatus for adaptively bypassing one or more levels of a cache hierarchy
Using read current transactions for improved performance in directory-based coherent I/O systems
Cache update method and cache update control system employing non-blocking type cache
System and method utilizing speculative cache access for improved performance
On-die cache memory with repeaters
System and method for providing forward progress and avoiding starvation and livelock in a multiprocessor computer system
System for powering down a disk storage device to an idle state upon trnsfer to an intermediate storage location accessible by system processor
Apparatus and a method for providing decoded information
Method and apparatus for high performance branching in pipelined microsystems
Method and system for optimizing translation buffer recovery after a miss operation within a multi-processor environment
Method for optimized representation of page table entries
Method for accessing data storage locations having addresses within a hidden logical address range
Data block update utilizing flash memory having unused memory size smaller than the data block size
System, method and circuit for performing round robin arbitration
Multiprocessor computer systems with command FIFO buffer at each target device
Method and apparatus for managing resource schedules in a peer to peer distributed networking environment
Method of maximizing servicing capability of large numbers of I/O descriptors
Basic input/output integration of motherboard extension features and plug and play information delivery
Architecture and related methods facilitating secure port bypass circuit settings
Selection apparatus and method
Multi-queue quality of service communication device
High bandwidth-low latency memory controller
Arrangement with a plurality of processors sharing a collective memory
Data transfer through a bridge
Direct memory access transfer reduction method and apparatus to overlay data on to scatter gather descriptors for bus-mastering I/O controllers
Multifunction device with register space for individually enabling or disabling a function of plurality of functions in response to function configuration
Universal Serial Bus datapump command interpreter
Allocating isochronous channel numbers to devices on an IEEE-1394 bus
Automatic recovery of non-responsive peripheral device by apparent disconnect and reconnect
Information processing apparatus for entertainment system utilizing DMA-controlled high-speed transfer and processing of routine data
Hardware/software system for profiling instructions and selecting a trace using branch history information for branch predictions
Method and apparatus for branch trace message scheme
System and methods for scheduling and tracking events across multiple time zones
Geographically separated totem rings
System and methods for standardizing data for design review comparisons
Dynamic directory service
Information filtering method and apparatus for preferentially taking out information having a high necessity
End-of-message handling and interrupt generation in a CAN module providing hardware assembly of multi-frame CAN messages
Incremental algorithms for optimal linebreaking in text layout
Data retrieval method and apparatus
Poet personalities
Method and system for organizing document information in a non-directed arrangement of documents
Method and system for automatically verbally responding to user inquiries about information
Customization of network documents
Method of updating an addressee database in a mail sorting apparatus
Method, system, and program for reverse index scanning
Method of defining and utilizing logical domains to partition and to reorganize physical domains
Technique for detecting a subsuming temporal relationship of valid time data in a relational database management system
Data managing method and apparatus, and recording medium
System and method for providing interactive dialogue and iterative search functions to find information
System, method and article of manufacture for fast mapping from a propertied document management system to a relational database
Method and apparatus for the request brokering of standardized reports
Method and apparatus for managing user profiles including identifying users based on matched query term
Hypertext markup language document translating machine
Scrolling of database information
Classification based content management system
Method and apparatus for dispatching document requests in a proxy
Method for reducing EMI and IR-drop in digital synchronous circuits
Emulation system scaling
Circuit synthesis time budgeting based upon wireload information
VLSI layout design jobs scheduling method
Product design system and method
Insulation cutting systems and methods
Latent defect classification system
Method and apparatus for preventing personal computer from being illegally used
Access control system, access control method, storage medium and program transmission apparatus
Information processing apparatus and method and recording medium
Built-in automatic customer identifier when connecting to a vendor website
Computer peripheral device with the functions of a radio, a microphone, and a mouse
Deletion system and method for removing temporary timer entries having a weight value of zero from a circular queue of sequential fixed timer entries
Disk storage with transparent overflow to network storage
Disk array controller, its disk array control unit, and increase method of the unit
Storage device with I/O counter for partial data reallocation
Method for automatically detecting and processing binary postscript print jobs
Semiconductor memory card
Data synchronization interface
High speed emulation of arithmetic operations
Traffic management system and method for materials handling using traffic balancing and traffic density
Double precision floating point multiplier having a 32-bit booth-encoded array multiplier
Adder circuit, integrating circuit which uses the adder circuit, and synchronism detection circuit which uses the integrating circuit
Process for generating a serial number from random numbers
Task distribution
Training line predictor for branch targets
Electronic component mounting method and mounting apparatus
Compare branch instruction pairing within a single integer pipeline
High-performance, superscalar-based computer system with out-of-order instruction execution
Apparatus and method for shift register rate control of microprocessor instruction prefetches
Kernel-based crash-consistency coordinator
Blackboard-centric layered software architecture
Method of providing persistent memory to a hand-held platform operating system on a computer system
Program conversion apparatus for eliminating unnecessary indications of dynamic memory allocation from a source program and generating an executable program
Method and apparatus for handling I/O messages
Distributed framework for intertask communication between workstation applications
Multiprocessor computer architecture with multiple operating system instances and software controlled resource allocation
Direct message transfer between distributed processes
Avoiding gather and scatter when calling Fortran 77 code from Fortran 90 code
Sum of product circuit and inclination detecting apparatus
Methods and apparatuses for identifying regions of similar texture in an image
Means for inputting characters or commands into a computer
Method of object recognition, apparatus of the same and recording medium therefor
User interface of query by color statistics
Image search apparatus and method
Multi-kernel neural network concurrent learning, monitoring, and forecasting system
Method and apparatus for interpreting information
Production and inventory control system and computer program product for controlling production and inventory
Method, apparatus and program for delivery and display of information from dynamic and static data sources
Enterlink for providing a federated business to business system that interconnects applications of multiple companies
Doing business employing linked trees having retrievable embedded information
Method for predicting a demand for repair parts
Product management method and system
Techniques for objectively measuring discrepancies in human value systems and applications therefor
Method for controlling queue time constraints in a fabrication facility
System and method for point-of-sale check authorization
Apparatus, and associated method, for automatically notifying a mobile station of occurrence of a triggering event
Methods and system for remote access to and payment for products delivered from automated apparatus
Method and apparatus for using prior activities to improve the probability of completing transactions for a customer in a retail environment
Music distribution systems
System and method for selecting the transmission bandwidth of a data stream sent to a client based on personal attributes of the client's user
System and method of assessing and rating vendor risk and pricing of technology delivery insurance
Risk reduction system
Method of manipulating image data and a recording medium for recording a processing program thereof
Authorizing the production of visual images from digital images
Parallel pipeline processing system
Method and apparatus for filtering projection data of a helical scan
Method for the automated joining of two-dimensional objects
Method, apparatus, and recording medium for image composition
Interference removal system for automated path planning
Inclination correction device and image reading apparatus therewith
Method and device for the processing of X-ray images
Image processing apparatus
Motion detection using normal optical flow
Method and system for contouring reduction
Methods and apparatus for securely transmitting and processing digital image data
Video size conversion and transcoding from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4
Video compression device and video compression method
System and method for remote inbound vehicle inspection
Method and system for secure computer system transfer
Fingerprint identification device-equip with a touch sensor for detecting a human finger
Automated check processing system and method
Badge identification system
Radio receiver, in particular a vehicle radio receiver
Non-violation event filtering for a traffic light violation detection system
Map display terminal and map display method
System and method for synthesizing music by scanning real or simulated vibrating object
Method and apparatus for detecting noise-like signal components
Rate control strategies for speech and music coding
Noise suppression circuit
Boundary line detecting method
Reproducing apparatus for record disc
Optical memory apparatus and method
Content addressable memory having prioritization of unoccupied entries
Semiconductor device
Memory testing method and apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
Method for generating expect data from a captured bit pattern, and memory device using same
Semiconductor memory device
Memory device having posted write per command
Method and apparatus for stiffening a riser brace in nuclear reactor
Method and apparatus for optimizing dosage to scan subject
Radiation imaging system and method of collimation
Open/close switch mechanism for use in an image forming apparatus
X-ray source provided with a liquid metal target
Phase-shifted data acquisition system and method
Temporal profile analysis of mass data in a mass sensor system
Method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Efficient fabrication process for dual well type structures
Temperature control of an integrated circuit
Coupler array to measure conductor layer misalignment
Antenna unit and radio base station therewith
Optical fiber
Iodine on-demand system for a chemical laser
Mode-selective facet layer for pump laser
Semiconductor laser device capable of suppressing leakage current in light emitting end surface and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor light-emitting device with an improved ridge waveguide structure and method of forming the same
Grating-outcoupled surface-emitting lasers using quantum wells with thickness and composition variation
Semiconductor laser device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor laser device capable of preventing degradation of characteristics
Flip-chip assembly for optically-pumped lasers
Method and system for ensuring reception of a communications signal
Method for digitally filtering a signal burdened with noise and a control system for a vehicle
Multiple mask arrangement for jumping in pseudo-noise sequences
Carrier phase initialization with sub-LSB accuracy
Chien's searching apparatus
Apparatus and method for viterbi decoding
Sensor pair for detecting changes within a human ear and producing a signal corresponding to thought, movement, biological function and/or speech
Method for producing transmission frequency
Method and system for channel masking in a communication network
Zero delay mask for galois LFSR
Correlation circuit for spread spectrum communication, demodulation circuit and reception apparatus
Multipath parameter estimation in spread-spectrum communications systems
Optical transmitter receiver and method of optical transmission and reception
Method and apparatus to compensate for polarization mode dispersion
Advanced spread spectrum clock generation technique for EMI reduction of multiple clock sources
Apparatus and method of synchronization using delay measurements
Performance customization system and process for optimizing XDSL performance
Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption in transceivers in wireless communications systems having a power control loop
Wireless vehicular repeater system
Subsidiary communication authorization (SCA) radio turner
Search engine to verify streaming audio sources
Coded/non-coded program audience measurement system
Code division multiple access cable modem
Mismatch detection in SDH frame trace identifiers
Delay adjustment unit and method, optical network unit, and communication system
Fiber channel CRC for internal error checking on a switching platform
Determination of the degree of common usage for elements of a data processing system
Method and apparatus for measuring performance in packet-switched networks
Administrative control and security of modems
Vehicle communication link automatic diagnostic tool detection
System and method for data exchange in a vehicle multimedia system
Method and network for propagating status information
Network system having function of changing route upon failure
Mobile communication system and method for transmission of connection less packets
System and method for allocating server output bandwidth
Architecture for transport of multiple services in connectionless packet-based communication networks
Maintaining a sliding view of server based data on a handheld personal computer
Method and device for multi-user frequency-domain channel estimation based on gradient optimization techniques
Adaptive channel estimation using continuous pilot signal based on doppler period
Adaptive threshold algorithm for real-time wavelet de-noising applications
Current sensing circuit and ADSL interface circuit
Transporting data transmission units of different sizes using segments of fixed sizes
Method and apparatus for filtering packets using a dedicated processor
Web server employing multi-homed, modular framework
Communication system for communication between in-vehicle terminals and center, and in-vehicle terminal employed in communication system
Method of communication with improved acknowledgment of reception
System and method for checking authorization of remote configuration operations
Method and apparatus for discarding data packets
Method for automatic information transmission in an IP network
System, apparatus, and method for enhancing storage management in a storage area network
System and device for communications
Secure cached subscription service
Apparatus and method for integrating an unlicensed wireless communications system and a licensed wireless communications system
High-availability computer system and method for switching servers having an imaginary address
Surface acoustic wave-based clock and data recovery circuit
Method and system for authentication and electronic signature
Radio telephone
Radio telephone with initial delay before performing a predetermined function
Noise canceling microphone unit for composing noise canceling handset by using normal housing
Telephone system for voice recognition
Electronic devices including indicator control circuits and related methods of controlling indicators
Portable radio communication apparatus
Radiotelephone operating method with connected NPA dialing analysis
Method and apparatus for an improved analog echo canceller
Telephone line interface circuit with virtual impedance
Data access arrangement utilizing a serialized digital data path across an isolation barrier
System and method for remotely controlling automated call placement call monitoring functions
System and method for providing targeted messages based on wireless mobile location
Continuity of voice carried over DSL during power failure
Automated electronic telecommunications order translation and processing
Wireless telephone system with mobile instruments for outgoing calls
Privacy screening service with a bypass code
Internet call manager
System for executing advanced interactive voice response services using service-independent building blocks
Network telephony
Multi-user answering system and method
Speech system, extension communication terminal, and method of up-loading data for communication system
Image processing apparatus, method and recording medium therefor
Data communication apparatus capable of executing demonstration operation
Coalescence of device independent bitmaps for artifact avoidance
Detection and verification of scanning attributes
Spectrum inverter apparatus and method
Method and device of compressing digital image data
Link adapter interface for upgrading existing satellite communication system for enhanced modulation and coding
High gain intermediate frequency input circuit with satisfactory trap characteristics
Video and audio signal recording and reproducing device and method
Digital recorder, monitoring system, remote monitoring system, monitor image retrieval method, remote image reproduction method, recording medium and computer data signal
Methods and systems for real-time storyboarding with a web page and graphical user interface for automatic video parsing and browsing
Video signal reproducing apparatus capable of reproducing bitstreams and video signal reproducing method
Hybrid electronic/optical switch system
IEEE 1394 cable connector with short circuit switch
Method and apparatus for interconnecting token ring lans operating in ATM
Management information base (MIB) with threshold crossing alert (TCA) profiles
Method and system for reconfiguration of an interface
Methods and systems for providing universal triggerless number portability
One-number global-services international numbering plan
Method and system for analyzing advertisements delivered to a mobile unit
Method and system facilitating web based provisioning of two-way mobile communications devices
Automatic call making system and a mobile radio terminal
Method of and system for dual-technology traffic provisioning in a wireless system
Channel card for extending coverage area of base station
Admission control of multiple adaptive and elastic applications
Method for limiting the number of simultaneous call forwarding attempts in a cellular communication system
Idle handoff method taking into account critical system jobs
Cellular radio communication handover systems
Transmission channel allocation method and radio apparatus using the same
Signal processing circuit and method for increasing speech intelligibility
Loudspeaker protection circuit responsive to temperature of loudspeaker driver mechanism
Loudspeaker with coaxial magnetic circuit for high-pitch sound and low-pitch sound
Loudspeaker drive unit
Spacialization of audio with visual cues
Method of controlling cooling system for a personal computer and personal computer
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