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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Nucleic acid isolation
Tablet with remedial composition and methods for treating medical disorders and ailments
Cheese flavor composition and process for making same
Pelletization method for raw royal jelly
Method of producing ice-candy in an ice-candy molding container
Method for increasing the shelf life of a physically discrete dry pet food composition
Consumable product containing probiotics
Natural sweetener and methods of manufacturing thereof
In-shell egg scrambler and method of using same
Beverage compositions having low levels of preservative with enhanced microbial stability
Pre-designed face painting system
Hygiene protection for endoscopes
Imaging device for use with a surgical device
Tissue retractor, tissue retractor kit and method of use thereof
Retraction apparatus and method of use
Intermuscular guide for retractor insertion and method of use
Device and method for performing endoluminal proximal anastomosis
Disposable lancing device
Lancet system with a sterile protector
Method for using an automatic feed medical screwdriver
Medical device including member that deploys in a spiral-like configuration and method
Single-lock plating system
Device and method for femoral neck fracture fixation
Biological fluid filtration system utilizing by-pass line and tube support device
Solid tissue impedance estimating method, cardiac output calculating method, pulmonary artery wedge pressure calculating method, cardiac output monitoring device, cardiac output monitoring system, pulmonary artery wedge pressure monitoring device, and pulmonary artery wedge pressure monitoring system
Techniques for selecting signal delivery sites and other parameters for treating depression and other neurological disorders, and associated systems and methods
Incentive spirometry devices by the employment of verbal simulated humanlike voices and using a tilt sensing component for ensuring patient actual use of the improved incentive spirometry devices
Method and system for detecting electrophysiological changes in pre-cancerous and cancerous tissue
Imaging probe
Surgical guide for use during sinus elevation surgery utilizing the caldwell-luc osteotomy
Apparatus for explanting a dental implant from a human or animal bone
Absorbent article having barrier sheet against the migration of the skin care composition
Method and apparatus for levator distension repair
Functionalized chemically inert polymers for coatings
Gold-coated stent, oligonucleotide bound gold-coated stent, and process for producing the same
Embolic filtering devices
Polymer nanofilm coatings
Artificial disc device
Implantable medical devices fabricated from polymer blends with star-block copolymers
Female urinary catheterization device
Injectable bulking compositions
Therapeutic device
Valved connector assembly and sterility barriers for heat exchange catheters and other closed loop catheters
Method and apparatus for relieving leg cramps and massaging muscles
Methods for treating cancers and pathogen infections using antigen-presenting cells loaded with RNA
Avian-based insect repellent
Method of obtaining a hydroxytyrosol-rich composition from vegetation water
Method of suppressing disease severity of multiple sclerosis using chemokine CXC11
Compounds and methods for treatment and diagnosis of chlamydial infection
Compositions and methods for vaccinating against HSV-2
Protein involved in ovarian cancer
Modified cells expressing a protein that modulates activity of bHLH proteins, and uses thereof
C70-containing liposome, method for producing the same, and use of the same
Solid pharmaceutical dispersions with enhanced bioavailability
Anthistamine-decongestant pharmaceutical compositions
Methods for producing silver-bonded antimicrobial moist wound dressings and moist wound dressings produced by the methods
Sterilizing method and sterilizing apparatus for retorted products
Methods for immobilizing anti-thrombogenic material onto a medical device or into a coating thereon
Apparatus and methods for disinfecting spaces
Breastpump with stimulation and method
Apparatus to prevent reperfusion injury
Localized delivery of drug agents
Stent holding member and stent feeding system
Endovascular device
Needleless delivery systems
Apparatus and method for treating tissue
External ultrasound lipoplasty
Azeotropic and azeotrope-like compositions of E-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butene
Air management for enhancing pneumatic rebound training
Inertial weight for physical conditioning
Weighted athletic training vest
Golf ball
Metal wood club with improved hitting face
Football tee with multiple ball supporting modes
Rehabilitation/exercise machine and system using muscle feedback
Non-commission pai gow poker games, devices, systems and methods thereof
Presenting and controlling wagering game marketing information
Systems and methods for facilitating participation in card games
Server based gaming system having system triggered loyalty award sequences
Configuration for a hybrid game
Playing method of card game and game machine
Animal shaped punch toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Wastewater treatment system
Nanotube position controlling method, nanotube position controlling flow path pattern and electronic element using nanotube
Air filter housing for a compact air filter element
Method for enhancing a gas liquid contactor
Combustible energy filtering and recycling system
Apparatus for the recovery of hydrocarbonaceous and additional products from oil shale and sands via multi-stage condensation
Flammable gas concentration device and flammable gas concentration method
Photosynthetic carbon dioxide sequestration and pollution abatement
Staged membrane oxidation reactor system
Dielectrophoretic tweezers apparatus and methods
Automated recirculation system for large particle size analysis
Device for transporting and/or storing radioactive materials and for the controlled release of oxygen in an enclosed housing
Aseptic packaging installation with aseptic buffer zones
Spherical carbon nanostructure and method for producing spherical carbon nanostructures
Method and apparatus for generating a carbon nanotube
Fungi preventing method, flying organism removing apparatus and plant protecting apparatus by adsorption of conidia using dielectric polarization
Stent mandrel fixture and method for reducing coating defects
Composite of support matrix and collagen, and method for production of support matrix and composite
Methods for modifying surfaces
Light emitting device and method for manufacturing light emitting device
Organic polymer coating for protection against creep corrosion
Methods and systems for modulating acoustic energy delivery
Dish washing machine
Dishwasher detergent formulations comprising a mixture of hydrophobically modified polycarboxylates and hydrophilically modified polycarboxylates
Method and tool for cleaning cavities
Contaminant-reactive gabion cage or grid structure and method of manufacture and use
Spacer nut manufacturing method
Cutting insert with protrusions formed at corner area thereof
Machining unit for a milling and drilling machine
Concrete polishing extension
Infrared cured abrasive articles
Twisted panel and apparatus for making or mounting same
Microtubes with axially variable geometries and method of manufacturing same
Solid state deformation processing of crosslinked high molecular weight polymeric materials
Method for making optical diffuser
Gasket molding system for membrane electrode assemblies
High-strength steel sheet, strength member for vehicles using the same, and method for producing strength member for vehicles
Laminate composition for producing reduced curl flat thin core laminate
Packaging corrugated board having peripheral edges oblique to flute direction thereof
Method of bonding carbon nanotubes
Organosilicone fine particles, having specific surface characteristics method of producing same, and cosmetics, resin compositions and development toners containing same
Coated article with low-E coating including zirconium oxide and/or zirconium silicon oxynitride and methods of making same
Photosensitive lithographic printing plate precursor for infrared laser
Methods of producing damascene main pole for perpendicular magnetic recording head
Lifting platform with fork
Method for handling welding gas bottles
Exterior mirror vision system for a vehicle
Lamp device-integrated rearview mirror
Illumination system
Transmission device and method for operating a transmission device
Air distribution system with contactless activation of air openings
Methods of providing man-made islands
Wind turbine rotor
Container-packed milk coffee beverage
System for unloading or loading of cargo
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Massive bodies containing free halogen source for producing highly converted solutions of chlorine dioxide
Controlled in-situ dissolution of an alkali metal
Spectral chemistry
Nucleic acid interaction analysis
Variants of group 1 allergens from Poaceae having reduced allergenicity and maintained T-cell reactivity
Coloring particles
Natural adhesive using garlic and fabricating method of the same
Silicate phosphor and white light emitting device including the same
Polymerizable liquid crystal compound, polymerizable liquid crystal composition, polymer and film
Adsorbing polynuclear aromatics from a reforming process using adsorbents containing iron
Process, reactor and facility for thermally cracking heavy petroleum oil
Development of a techno-economic process for organo refining of coal
Production of consumable alcohols and components thereof
Alpha-amylase mutants
Compound ceramidastin, method for producing the same, and use of the same
Method of determining the nucleotide sequence of oligonucleotides and DNA molecules
Method of determining the nucleotide sequence of oligonucleotides and DNA molecules
Intracellular nanosensors and methods for their introduction into cells
Hydrophilic IR transparent membrane, spectroscopic sample holder comprising same and method of using same
Methods of enriching for and identifying polymorphisms
Abscription based molecular detection
Method of nucleic acid sequence detection and nucleic acid sequence detection substrate
Method of analyzing a target nucleic acid sequence
Smelting or reduction furnace, in particular electric arc furnace with an open, semi-closed or closed configuration
Process for forming a chromium diffusion portion and articles made therefrom
Layer forming method and layer forming apparatus, and method of manufacturing radiation detector
Lithium niobate wafers with narrow distribution of surface acoustic wave properties
Weir design providing optimal purge gas flow, melt control, and temperature stabilization for improved single crystal growth in a continuous Czochralski process
.beta.-Ga.sub.2O.sub.3 single crystal growing method, thin-film single crystal growing method, Ga.sub.2O.sub.3 light-emitting device, and its manufacturing method
Textiles; Paper
Refiner for refining pulp
Method for recovering hydrolysis products
Processes and systems for the bleaching of lignocellulosic pulps following cooking with soda and anthraquinone
Paper pulp pre-processor
Fixed Constructions
Juvenile fish bypass system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine blade tip gap reduction system
Extended length holes for tip film and tip floor cooling
Adaptive compliant plate seal assemblies and methods
Vertical axis dual vortex downwind inward flow impulse wind turbine
Method for operation of a compressor unit, and associated compressor unit
Telescopic shaft for vehicle steering shaft and grease composition for lubricating telescopic shaft
Bicycle headset
Radial rolling bearing
Continuously variable transmission
Power-branched transmission
Power transmission device
Transmission device with at least one planetary gearset and a frictional shift element
Power transmitting apparatus
Method and apparatus for directing a flashlight
Lamp device
Interlocking system for hanging decorative lights and fixtures
High power LED lamp for traffic light
High reliability cooling system for LED lamps using dual mode heat transfer loops
Aroma diffusing night lamp system with an angle-adjustable electric plug
System and method for providing visual and audio alerts and cargo capacity on a personal transporter
Light guides and backlight systems incorporating light redirectors at varying densities
Method and system for managing thermal energy in a building with duct for lifting installations
Apparatus for improving flow properties of crude petroleum
Self locking mast assembly and method of making
Arrow point alignment system
Focal spot position determiner
Device for measuring gas or air temperature in a casing box
Digital output temperature sensor
Small volume in vitro sensor and methods of making
Apparatus and method for measuring concentrations of fuel mixtures using depth-resolved laser-induced fluorescence
Integrated bio-chip, method of fabricating the integrated bio-chip, and apparatus for detecting bio-material
Electrokinetic pumping of nonpolar solvents using ionic fluid
Method for finger-printing heparins
Method for increasing measurement precision of two-dimensional protein
Microfluidic detection of analytes
Simulation test system for thermal impact ageing of power transmission insulator
Detection methods and detection devices based on the quantum confinement effects
Molecular affinity clamp technology and uses thereof
Method for detecting autoprocessed, secreted PCSK9
Stabilization of photochromic systems
Fiber optic dust cap and connector for terminating multi-fiber optical cables
Composition and method for reducing pattern collapse
Polyimide silicone, photosensitive resin composition containing the novel polyimide silicone, and method for pattern formation
Photosensitive resin composition and photosensitive film made with the same
Pattern-forming method
Electronic device manufacture
Method, program and system for processing substrate
Method for producing colored resin particle dispersion liquid, colored resin particle dispersion liquid, and electrophotographic liquid developer
Low friction electrostatographic imaging member
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Toner, method for producing toner, and developer
Holographic sensor
Monitoring apparatus
Multiplayer online game with inheritance of attributes from characters
Touch screen displays with physical buttons for gaming devices
Coin dispensing and storing device
Systems and methods for improved health care compliance
Thermoplastic nanocomposite resin composite materials
Method for the creation of color effect images
Dissipation module for a light emitting device and light emitting diode device having the same
Cap assembly and secondary battery using the same
Apparatus for optimized cooling of a drive unit and a fuel cell in a fuel cell vehicle
Fuel cell system and control method thereof
Fuel cell system and control method thereof
Compact air preheater for solid oxide fuel cell systems
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell system and method for controlling the same
Fuel cell vehicle and water discharging method for fuel cell vehicle
Membrane-electrode assembly and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Polymer electrolyte membranes comprising alkyl graft chains and a process for producing the same
Electrical connector with a handling portion with a cover
Card ejector having a slider and a spring engaging a stopper on a metallic shell
Dual-personality extended USB plugs and receptacles using with PCBA and cable assembly
Chassis assembly, illumination device, display device, and television receiver apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Microsurgical microscope system
Device for the measurement of dental objects
Golfer's watch
Image generating apparatus and image generating program
Performing Operations; Transporting
Current control of a power supply for an ionizer
Calibrating a focused beam of energy in a solid freeform fabrication apparatus by measuring the propagation characteristics of the beam
Thermal printer
Method of forming a forgery-preventive image and apparatus therefor
Image carrier and writing electrodes, method for manufacturing the same, and image forming apparatus using the same
Multimode multi-track optical recording system
Image forming apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for printing multiple simultaneous images onto a photosensitive media
Thermal recording system for post-heating a thermosensitive recording medium and method therefor
Thermal transfer sheet, thermal transfer method and thermal transfer system
Combination instrument
Resonant inverter apparatus
Apparatus for adjusting a height of control boxes
Timing controller for mobile machine part
Integration and alignment of VCSEL's with MEMS using micromachining and flip-chip techniques
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for manufacturing display panel having reduced wall thickness and display panel having reduced wall thickness
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Optical transformer for small light sources
Display system utilizing ambient light and a dedicated light source
Axle tube structure for a motor
Stun glove
Method and arrangement for measuring the structures of an object
Method and apparatus for measuring thickness of a thin oxide layer
In-situ thickness and refractive index monitoring and control system for thin film deposition
Apparatus and method for measuring trench depth
Surface profile measurement apparatus
Method and apparatus for locking the transmission wavelength in optical communication laser packages
High precision laser range sensor
Position determination and adjustment system and light sensing device used for the same
Device for determining the influence of dispersion on a measurement
Point retrieval output system by a telephone number, and a memory medium
Flow meter remote reading systems
Optical monochromators having time dispersion correction
Four-stage type monochromator
Method and device for the spectral analysis of light
Method and system for optical heterodyne detection of an optical signal
Wireless telematic thermometer
Optical measuring device with imaging unit
Apparatus for inspecting collimator
Optical device and method for multi-angle laser light scatter
Method and apparatus for the quantitative analysis of a liquid sample with surface enhanced spectroscopy
Method for inspecting electrode surface quality
Method and apparatus for visualizing particles suspended in a fluid
Method for calibrating equipment for detecting impurities in transparent material
Surface inspection apparatus and surface inspection method
Method and an arrangement for inspection of and measuring at an object
Hooking-type fully automatic electric meter
Power supply arrangement
Redundant source synchronous busses
Method and device for in-use detecting low cranking strength of a combustion engine battery during engine starting
Magnetic transducer, thin film magnetic head, method of manufacturing magnetic transducer and method of manufacturing thin film magnetic head
Spin-valve magnetoresistive thin film element
Superconducting magnet apparatus in persistent mode
Multiple beam lidar system for wind measurement
Antenna scanner
Microlens formed of negative photoresist
Panoramic imaging lens
System and method for combining multiple energy bands to improve scene viewing
Projection objective having adjacently mounted aspheric lens surfaces
Zoom lens system and optical apparatus using the same
Zoom lens, and image pickup device using the same
Zoom lens having an image stabilizing function
Zoom lens
De-centered optical system and optical apparatus equipped therewith
Interactive dynamic imaging
Grating light valve with encapsulated dampening gas
Strain-isolated stage mirror
Optical element and compound display apparatus using the same
Image display apparatus, image display system, and image display element
Display backlighting apparatus
Glare reduction system and method
Lens array unit and process for making lens array
Coupling elements for surface plasmon resonance sensors
Polarizing element and a method for manufacturing the same
Polarized light source system with dual optical paths
Tuning of optical fiber components
Apparatus for variable wavelength dispersion and wavelength dispersion slope
Removable mechanical attachment system for electronic assemblies
Portable terminal and drive method for photographic optical system
Interferometer apparatus and associated method
Loss prevention structures for optical modulation applications
Solid-state surface plasmon light valve and tunable filter
Optical isolator with improved mounting characteristics
Light modulation device and filter device
Suppression of high frequency resonance in an electro-optical modulator
Holographic illumination system
Monochrome liquid crystal display device utilizing a color filter for changing the spectrum of light emitted from a liquid crystal panel
Liquid crystal display device having a semi-transmissive dielectric film
Method of making an element of liquid crystal polymer using alignment induced by unpolarized or circularly polarized radiation
Liquid crystal display unit with spacer less damaged in washing solution and process for fabrication thereof
In-plane switching type liquid crystal display devices with increased cell gap and methods of fabrication therefor
Fringe field switching mode liquid crystal display having structure for preventing shorts between two electrodes
Fringe field switching mode LCD
Liquid-crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display
Method of repairing LCD data lines
Apparatus for projection utilizing liquid crystal light modulator and method of manufacturing said liquid crystal light modulator
Manufacturing method for an active matrix display including a capacitor formed from a short ring electrode
Liquid crystal display device having wide viewing angle and improved contrast ratio
Light modulator
Electrooptic device, manufacturing method therefor with visual confirmation of compression bonding to terminals and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display control devices and display apparatus for controlling pixel discrimination
Apparatus and method of manufacturing liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display having a plurality of polarizing plates having the same polarization degree
Liquid crystal display with band-pass filter
Active-matrix in-plane switching mode LCD panel having multiple common electrode voltage sources
Liquid crystal display with twisted nematic dimmer
Method for making TFT-LCD having black matrix in source and drain region and in absence of insulator
Sheet-like display medium including switching layer, and display element and device utilizing the same
Optical wavelength converter
Visual and audio system for theaters
Scanning exposure apparatus and method with run-up distance control
Euv reticle carrier with removable pellicle
Exposure apparatus, imaging performance measurement method, device manufacturing method, semiconductor manufacturing factory, and exposure apparatus maintenance method
Backprinting image prints
Method of measuring aberration in an optical imaging system
Exposure apparatus and method
Projection exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using the same
Support assembly for an exposure apparatus
Lithographic projection apparatus positioning system, method of manufacturing, device manufactured thereby and computer program
Projection exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Multiple image reticle for forming layers
Single automatic document feeder sensor for media leading edge and top cover being opened detection
Digital micro-mirror holographic projection
Method for producing holographic optical element comprising primary and complementary holograms and associated methods for establishing authenticity of element used as security device
Electronic timepiece
Method and apparatus for presenting process control performance data
Protective case for a tablet personal computer
Protective case for touch screen device
Portable computer and structural frame thereof
Stylus apparatus and method for transmitting light
Pocket video conference computer
Portable electronic apparatus, disk drive unit, loading member, and computer housing
Modularized component mounting structure
Mounting apparatus for mounting a data storage device in a computer enclosure
Mounting apparatus for data storage device
Semi-private internet kiosk
Apparatus for flame containment in electronic devices
Retaining device for electronic circuit component cards
Fastening mechanism for cover
Mobile computer system with detachable thermoelectric module for enhanced cooling capability in a docking station
Acoustic encapsulating system for hard drives
Apparatus for power-on disable in a multiple power supply system and a method therefor
Storage device managing nonvolatile memory by converting logical address to physical address of nonvolatile memory
Memory system having programmable multiple and continuous memory regions and method of use thereof
Packet-based integrated circuit dynamic random access memory device incorporating an on-chip row register cache to reduce data access latencies
Communication control method, communication control apparatus, and storage medium
Method and system for discharging the bit lines of a memory cell array after erase operation
Data transfer control device, semiconductor memory device and electronic information apparatus
Computer bus rack having an increased density of card slots
Methods and structure for read data synchronization with minimal latency
Extracting a time-sequence of slides from video
System and method for browsing node-link structures based on an estimated degree of interest
Networked surveillance and control system
Garment design and fabric printing system utilizing digitally encoded design cards
Tactile force feedback device
User control of simulated locomotion
Reduced keyboard text input system for the Japanese language
Method for designing optimal single pointer predictive keyboards and apparatus therefore
Method and system for a full screen user interface and data entry using sensors to implement handwritten glyphs
Touch panel coordinate determination
Hand-held electrically controlled desktop structure
Input device
Data storage system utilizing a non-volatile IC based memory for reduction of data retrieval time
Life warning generation system and method of semiconductor storage device equipped with flash memory
Printing system to output a document combining image data with data that identifies a source of the image and a printer
System and method for synchronization of video display outputs from multiple PC graphics subsystems
Methods and arrangements for improved paper handling based on printer configuration status information
Spectral color matching to a device-independent color value
Printing apparatus and image output control apparatus for processing image data using a dither pattern
Printing apparatus and method which controls driving of a printing head according to received data
Enhanced electronic card structure
Modified method and apparatus for improved occlusion culling in graphics systems
System and method for creating real-time shadows of complex transparent objects
Method of creating image frames, storage medium and apparatus for executing program
Programmable graphics processor for use in a video game system or the like
Extrapolation of behavioral constraints in a computer-implemented graphics system
Image processing method and apparatus
System and method for automated parking
Point of sale (POS) terminal security system
Apparatus for positioning a symbol display device onto a door element of a casing of a coin operated entertainment automat
Deflection sensors
System and method for remote management of equipment operating parameters
Addressable security monitoring system
Enhanced visual and audible signaling for sensed alarm condition
Liquid crystal display control device, liquid crystal display device using the same, and information processor
AC plasma display device
Method for driving a plasma display panel
Modulation circuit, image display using the same, and modulation method
Method and apparatus for automatic viewing angle adjustment for liquid crystal display
Driving scheme for liquid crystal display
Tagging data files with application information
Method and system for evaluating derivatives in screen space using perspective corrected barycentric coordinates
Systems and methods for processing data
Method, system and program for specifying an electronic food menu with food preferences from a universally accessible database
Image display device, electronic apparatus having same, and image display method
Display controller
Display of images from tiled memory
Three-dimensional display apparatus
Tone and picture generator device
Information encoding method and apparatus, information decoding method and apparatus and recording medium
Voice coding conversion circuit between office exchange and ISDN keyphone system
Magneto-optical recording apparatus and method including method for presetting optimum recording power of recording apparatus
Disc support plate and disc recording and/or reproducing device
Disk device having disk transferring mechanism capable of shortening disk replacement time
Optical recording medium, method for recording/reproducing the optical recording medium and apparatus for recording/reproducing the optical recording medium including a wobbled groove
Thermomagnetic writing of pulse sequences of controlled magnitude and variably controlled duration
Method for recording information, method for reproducing information, and information recording apparatus
Circuit and method for protecting the run length in RLL code
Sampled amplitude read channel employing pipelined reads to reduce the gap between sectors
Information recording medium which records information that pertains to integrity
Cleaning disc for compact disc player
Automatic storage medium identifying method and device, automatic music CD identifying method and device, storage medium playback method and device, and storage medium as music CD
Integrated cover and gasket assembly
Resonance removing mechanism
Structure of redundant arrays of inexpensive disks (R.A.I.D.) with servers
Early leak detection system for a disc drive containing a low-density gas
Data storage using disk media
Slider materials
Perpendicular magnetic recording head with write pole which reduces flux antenna effect
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacture the same
Monolithic magnetic read-while-write head apparatus and method of manufacture
Head assembly capable of reading floppy discs of varying densities and floppy-disc drive incorporating the same
Head-positioning control method and device for a disk device
Disk drive using offset data sectors
Air bearing slider having optimized etch depth ratio
Slider for load/unload operation with high stiffness and low unload force
Method for recording magnetic recording medium
Optical pickup apparatus capable of reducing cross talk by adjacent tracks and a method therefor
Optical storage medium with improved substrate structure to provide uniform signal quality
Apparatus for detecting dropout, an error signal extracting unit, and unit for identifying type of dropout in an optical pickup
Optical recording medium driving apparatus
Optical pickup device and optical disc device
Method and apparatus for establishing manufacturing-specific test writing parameters for writing of writable optical storage media
Semiconductor laser array and its manufacturing method, optical integrated unit and optical pickup
Objective lens for optical recording media and optical pickup apparatus using the same
Method for making copy protected optical discs
Magnetic memory using reverse magnetic field to improve half-select margin
Thin film magnetic memory device having data read current tuning function
Ferroelectric memory input/output apparatus
Ferroelectric memory and method of reading the same
Ferroelectric storage device
Semiconductor memory device
Method and circuit for adjusting a self-refresh rate to maintain dynamic data at low supply voltages
Semiconductor memory device
Virtual static random access memory device and driving method therefor
Word line driver for dynamic random access memories
Synchronous dynamic random access memory
Static memory having self-timing circuit
Method for storing and reading data in a multilevel nonvolatile memory
Method of retaining memory state in a programmable conductor RAM
Memory cell, nonvolatile memory device and control method therefor improving reliability under low power supply voltage
Ternary content addressable memory with data and mask data settable therewithin by one write cycle
Content addressable memory with power reduction technique
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Non-volatile memory and operating method thereof
Methods of operating semiconductor memory devices having split gate-type non-volatile memory cells
Semiconductor level shifter circuit
Semiconductor device
High speed decoder for flash memory
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having electrically and collectively erasable characteristics
Non-volatile semiconductor memory
Non-volatile memory with block erase
Non-volatile memory with block erase
Nonvolatile memory and method of driving the same
Non-volatile memory device with erase address register
Semiconductor memory device having redundancy system
Method and apparatus to reduce the amount of redundant memory column and fuses associated with a memory device
Semiconductor memory device for reducing number of input cycles for inputting test pattern
Semiconductor memory device shiftable to test mode in module as well as semiconductor memory module using the same
Reference voltage filter for memory modules
Semiconductor device
Synchronous controlled, self-timed local SRAM block
Integrated memory chip with a dynamic memory
Low power type Rambus DRAM
Single-clock, strobeless signaling system
Fast accessible semiconductor memory device
Flash memory array architecture having staggered metal lines
Apparatus for operating an integrated circuit having a sleep mode
Integrated clock generator, particularly for driving a semiconductor memory with a test signal
High performance address decode technique for arrays
Non-volatile memory
One-shot signal generating circuit
Submicron dimensional calibration standards and methods of manufacture and use
High-voltage power breaker having an outlet flow channel
Circuit interrupting system with independent trip and reset lockout
Load driving apparatus and driving method of load circuit
Method and system for synchronizing lead scanners and laser marker modules
Patterning method, patterning apparatus, patterning template, and method for manufacturing the patterning template
Semiconductor wafer lifting device and methods for implementing the same
Methods of reading ferroelectric memory cells
Apparatus and method for margin testing single polysilicon EEPROM cells
Spray evaporative cooling system and method
Heat sink clip
Mounting assembly for heat sink
Capacitor and method for fabricating the same
Sandwich-structured intelligent power module
ESD-protection of integrated circuit
Broadband antenna assembly of matching circuitry and ground plane conductive radiating element
Low-profile slot antenna for vehicular communications and methods of making and designing same
Spiral wound, series fed, array antenna
Method and apparatus for wireless communication utilizing electrical and magnetic polarization
Antenna orientation maintaining system in a system for tracking individuals, and method of use
Angle sensing system for a rolling radar array
Capacitor body and a filter plug including a capacitor formed with the capacitor body
Dynamic circuit interface
Optical amplifier
High gain laser amplifier
Wide band erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA)
Fiber ring amplifiers and lasers
Laser diode array
Method to improve optical parametric oscillator beam quality
Optical parametric osicllators with improved beam quality
Optical amplifier gain control monitoring
Light amplifier and light transmission system using the same
Copropagating Raman pump unit to suppress four-wave mixing crosstalk between pump modes and WDM signals
Reconfigurable laser header
Thermally wavelength tunable laser having selectively activated gratings
Method and arrangement for controlling modulated lasers
Optoelectronic laser module
Variable-wavelength semiconductor laser device controlled by strength of electric field applied to wavelength selection element
Light source for integrating modulator and module for optical communication
Electrically pumped vertical optical cavity with improved electrical performance
Nitride semiconductor laser device and method for manufacturing the same
Ruggedized microchannel-cooled laser diode array with self-aligned microlens
Hybrid WDM-TDM optical communication and data link
Apparatus for removing static electricity using high-frequency high AC voltage
Gas insulated switchgear
Lightning suppression attenuator and system employing same
Current sense circuit
Surge suppressor
Inrush current suppression circuit
Internally triggered electrostatic device clamp with stand-off voltage
Battery protection system and method
Apparatus and method for staged power load transfer
Active ground current reduction device
Switching power supply apparatus
Bias supply circuit and a switching power supply employing the same
Method and system of slow output voltage ramp control for a power supply
Switching mode power supply
Controller of AC machine
Digital power inverter and method of controlling the same
Circuit arrangement for operating a solenoid actuator
Linearisation and modulation device
Digital tuner with optimized clock frequency and integrated parallel CIC filter and local oscillator
Semiconductor circuit and semiconductor device
Harmonic correction in phase-locked loops
Encoder having a slidably engaged floating aperture piece
Method of performing Huffman decoding
Transmitting circuit improving SN ratio in low output power and CN ratio in low to intermediate output power
Telephone watch including a SIM card in its housing
Personal digital assistant for connecting with a communtcations module
Interference canceller
System and method for wide band Raman amplification
Controller which controls a variable optical attenuator to control the power level of a wavelength-multiplexed optical signal when the number of channels are varied
Raman amplifier, optical repeater, and Raman amplification method
Single parameter gain slope adjuster for an optical system
Format insensitive and bit rate independent optical preprocessor
Polarization mode dispersion characterization apparatus and method
Intra-bit polarization diversity modulation
ADPCM encoding apparatus, ADPCM decoding apparatus and delay circuit
Process aimed at the extraction of electrical signals, without breaking a line pair
Method and device for reducing crosstalk interference
Transmission power control for packet switched communications systems
System and method for an all digital communication system with a life line
Methods of dynamically assigning channel codes of different lengths in wireless communication systems
High-speed data transmission in a mobile system
Transmission apparatus and communication network capable of detecting a period of time with a line affected due to a failure of a power supply
System and method for recovering and restoring lost data in a N-channel coherent data transmission system
Method of adapting the air interface and mobile radio system and corresponding base transceiver station, mobile station and transmission mode
Method and apparatus for providing a broadband, wireless, communications network
Communication apparatus and method of format adaptation therefor
System and method for code division multiple access communication, and base station and terminal apparatus for same system
Methods for implementing a talkgroup call in a multicast IP network
Graphical representation of the connections between network devices and their configuration
Method and system for transmission control protocol (TCP) packet loss recovery over a wireless link
Use of adaptive resonance theory to differentiate network device types (routers vs switches)
Method for transmission of data including signaling the necessity of a second communications path to a network control system
Distributed network node
System and method for controlling distortion in the POTS band in a dual POTS and discrete multi-tone communication system
Communication control method and equipment for implementing the same
Asymmetrical digital subscriber line (ADSL) upstream subscriber bus interface (SBI) protocol
System, device, and method for allocating excess bandwidth in a differentiated services communication network
Hop-by-hop routing with node-dependent topology information
Frame phase synchronous system and a method thereof
Interface apparatus and frequency-fluctuation test method
Scheduling of variable sized packet data under transfer rate control
Method and system for sharing reserved bandwidth between several dependent connections in high speed packet switching networks
Packet-switch system
Network topology with asymmetric fabrics
Persistent communication with changing environment
Switching fabric arrangement with time stamp function
Network switch using network processor and methods
Network switch which supports TDM, ATM, and variable length packet traffic and includes automatic fault/congestion correction
Channel estimation unit, and CDMA receiver and CDMA transceiver with channel estimation unit
Method of compensating for interference in a signal generated by discrete multitone modulation, and circuit configuration for carrying out the method.
Method and apparatus for equalization and tracking of coded digital communications signals
Method and apparatus for combating impulse noise in digital communications channels
Multi-link extensions and bundle skew management
Removal of clock related artifacts from an offset QAM generated VSB signal
OFDM demodulator
OFDM reception apparatus
Method of determining a frequency offset between a set frequency and a desired frequency for synchronization with a multicarrier signal
System and method for processing data
Variable state length initialization
Large-scale, fault-tolerant audio conferencing in a purely packet-switched network
Broadcast address server with physical address discrimination for broadcasting packets
Method and apparatus for multi-channel data delay equalization
Command system for performing centralized management of data in a command desk
Image processing apparatus allowing automatic printing as needed
Image scanning apparatus, method, and system, control method thereof, storage medium, and external apparatus
Light source mechanism for an imaging apparatus
Image scanning apparatus having a rotating shaft coupling
Still image reproducing apparatus saving time for still image reproduction
Selective document scanning method and apparatus
Light-emitting diode light source control method
Image forming apparatus for maintaining a constant beam scanning state
Gamut mapping preserving local luminance differences
Efficient under color removal
Method for controlling on-screen display operation of display apparatus with auxiliary input/output terminal
Method for reducing row noise from images
Automatic background scene defocusing for image compositing
Photographing system
Focusing method and apparatus for high resolution digital cameras
Iris control of a CCD camera using selective well dumping
Method and apparatus for detecting motion and absence of motion between odd and even video fields
Image conversion device and method
Managing alpha values for video mixing operations
Method and apparatus for capacity increase and enhanced communications performance in CATV networks
TV telephone system
Communication method and terminal
Image sensing control method and apparatus, image transmission control method, apparatus, and system, and storage means storing program that implements the method
Linear tri-color image sensors
Arrangement of .lambda./2 retardation plate in projector
Liquid crystal projector and adjusting method thereof
High quality video and graphics pipeline
Optoelectronic network interface device
Method for implementing ISDN user port status monitoring
Congestion control mechanism in a network access device
Method and system for switching using an arbitrator
Distributed technique for allocating calls
Navigation apparatus using radio communication device
Mobile communication system and method for establishing a data call
Mobile packet communication system
Methods and apparatus for performing slot hopping of logical control channels in wireless communications systems
Short circuited semiconductor switch detection
Low inductance multiple resistor EC capacitor pad
Power connection structure
Insertion latch and ejectable pull handle for rack mounted electronic devices
Cable management system and method of installation and operation thereof
Mounting of mezzanine circuit boards to a base board
Cooling system
Fail safe cooling system
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