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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Polypeptides having lipase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Inhibitors against the production and release of inflammatory cytokines
Preparation of taxanes from 9-dihydro-13-acetylbaccatin III
Diebenzofuran derivatives as inhibitors of PDE-4 and PDE-10
Compositions of keratin hydrolysate and microbes for pest control applications
Automatic darkening filter (ADF) eye protection device with improved drive circuitry
Methods for treatment of renal failure
Multifunctional metal-chelating ligands
Substituted aminobutyric derivatives as neprilysin inhibitors
Spiro-oxindole compounds and their use as therapeutic agents
Aryl-substituted heterocycles, and use thereof
Tartrate derivatives for use as coagulation factor IXa inhibitors
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Aryloxy and arylalkyleneoxy substituted imidazoquinolines
RNAi modulation of RSV and therapeutic uses thereof
Topical formulations for the treatment of depression with S adenosyl methionine
C5-substituted, proline-derived, macrocyclic hepatitis C serine protease inhibitors
Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies that neutralize botulinum neurotoxins
Use of bradykinin and related B2R agonists to treat ocular hypertension and glaucoma
Peptides for preventing or treating liver damage
Composition and method for inhibiting, preventing, or ameliorating complications associated with ingestion of a medicinal, chemical, or biological substance or agent
Methods of preparation of recombinant forms of human beta-amyloid protein and uses of these proteins
Soluble, stable insulin-containing formulations with a protamine salt
Method and mixture for in vivo photochemical cross-linking of collagen
Feline granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor proteins
Azide functionalized peptide targeting groups
Gene silencing
Dental compositions with natural tooth fluorescence
Compositions for repelling fluid and uses thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Mixed fluoroalkyl-alkyl surfactants
Environmentally benign sorbents for removing mercury from flue gas
Nanoparticle sorbent for efficient mercury remediation from contaminated water
Preparation of cobalt-ruthenium/zeolite Fischer-Tropsch catalysts
Eco friendly crosslinked flame retardant composition for wire and cable
Pressure tank and detection method of pressure tank internal abnormality
Control knob assembly, system and control method
Vehicle lamp
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Glass-ceramic containing nanoscale barium titanate and process for the production thereof
Method for deprotecting aryl or alkyl sulfonamides of primary or secondary amines
Methods for dispersal of catalyst promoters
Azabicyclo (3.1.0) hexane derivatives useful as modulators of dopamine D.sub.3 receptors
Biomass refining by selective chemical reactions
Method and reagent for protein analysis
Methods for producing cyclic phenol sulfides
Process for the preparation of chymase modulators
Method for manufacturing dispersion of quinoline derivative
Methods and means for treating DNA repeat instability associated genetic disorders
Leaf-specific chlorophyll a/b binding protein gene promoter from oil palm
Methods for detection of methyl-CpG dinucleotides
Chemically modified polyaminosaccharide by a hydrocarbyl sultone compound
Photosensitive resin composition for color filter and color filter made using the same
Polymer compound and polymer light-emitting device using the same
Resin composition for printing plate
Photo-alignment film and liquid crystal display element
Fluorine-containing surface treating agent and an article surface-treated therewith
Optical semiconductor-sealing composition
Cellulose carbamate spinning solution, method for producing a cellulose carbamate nonwoven, and use of the same
One-component self-crosslinking reactive siloxane-terminated polypropylene oxide emulsion and process for preparing the same
Solvent-based dye sublimation ink composition
Method for producing polyalkenyl succinimide products, novel polyalkenylsuccinimide products with improved properties, intermediate products
Preparation of functional monomers for grafting to low molecular weight polyalkenes and their use in the preparation of dispersants and lubricating oil compositions containing dispersant polyalkenes
Triazine derivative dye transfer inhibitors, washing products containing the same and uses therefor
Detergent composition with an organophosphorus hydrophilizing soil-release agent and methods for using same
Female specific insect expression system
Soybean transcription terminators and use in expression of transgenic genes in plants
Method for isolating and purifying oligodendrocytes and oligodendrocyte progenitor cells
Adenylyl cyclase antibodies, compositions and uses thereof
Human .beta.-adrenergic receptor kinase polypeptide and methods
Alpha-amylase mutants
Enzymes for starch processing
Process for continuously preparing urethane-containing (meth)acrylic esters
Microarray substrate, method of use, and products comprising the microarray substrate
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Drive system for use with flowing fluids having gears to support counter-rotative turbines
Wave energy converter
Moving vehicle system and method of detecting position of moving vehicle
Wing flap sensor unit
Apparatus and method for acquiring time waveform of terahertz waves
Method and apparatus for detecting metal ions, probe used for the same and preparation method thereof
Long wavelength engineered fluorescent proteins
Arrangement and method for influencing and/or detecting magnetic particles in a region of action using coil arrangement having a surrounding coil that almost completely surrounds a magnetic field generator
Self-illuminating dot systems and methods of use thereof
Proximity sensor and rotational operation detecting device
Device and method for measuring an electrical property of a fluid flowing through a pipe
Electric vehicle with ground fault detecting system
Characteristic measuring device for solar cell
Time transfer method and system
Neutron detector with neutron converter, method for manufacturing the neutron detector and neutron imaging apparatus
Detection of magnetic fields using nano-magnets
Electromagnetic geological metrology system
Method and device for carrying out marine electrical exploration during a ship travel
High speed photonic analog to digital quantizer
Remote control unit, electronic device and method for controlling electronic device
Power supply control device and power supply control method
Clock with regulated duty cycle and frequency
Input device and electronic apparatus
Touch screen having reduced visibility transparent conductor pattern
Electronic device with infrared touch input function
Handheld electronic apparatus and touch panel thereof
Method and apparatus for visualizing 3D image data from tomographic imaging modalities
Touch system for blue screen
Data center equipment location and monitoring system
RFID systems and methods for optical fiber network deployment and maintenance
Security alarm system
System and methods for locating mobile devices using location and presence information
Authentication apparatus, image sensing apparatus, authentication method and program therefor
Apparatus and method for demodulating subcarrier tag signal in RFID reader
Motion sensing remote microphone
Method of driving display element
Liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display device using the same
Display apparatus
Method for driving liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device, mobile electronic apparatus, in-vehicle electronic apparatus
Display for high brightness conditions
Stringed musical instrument neck assemblies
Finger-mounted striking devices for activating musical instrument strings
Bolus, bolus manufacturing method, particle beam therapy system, and treatment planning apparatus
Detection of the onset of switch actuation via magnetic field
Power button assembly and electronic device using the same
Subsea arrangement
Mechanical delay timer
Curing binder material for carbon nanotube electron emission cathodes
Light emitting device and electronic device utilizing fibrous barrier layers impregnated with organic resin
Ultraminiature broadband light source with spiral shaped filament
Modular magnetron
Mass-analyzing method
Platform for field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry with ion propulsion modes employing gas flow and electric field
Fluorescent display device and manufacturing method therefor
Plasma source for large size substrate
Silicon/germanium oxide particle inks and processes for forming solar cell components and for forming optical components
Method of fabricating an active device array and fabricating an organic light emitting diode array
Asymmetric FinFET devices
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Power semiconductor component with charge compensation structure and method for the fabrication thereof
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method for connecting a die assembly to a substrate in an integrated circuit
Manufacturing method of SOI substrate
Forming substrate structure by filling recesses with deposition material
Thin body semiconductor devices
Pixel structure and manufacturing method thereof and display panel
Formation method of metallic electrode of semiconductor device and metallic electrode formation apparatus
Substrate with feedthrough and method for producing the same
Thin film transistor substrate of horizontal electric field type liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Lateral double diffused metal oxide semiconductor
Semiconductor device package interconnections
Planarized passivation layer for semiconductor devices
Electronic device
Device for use as dual-sided sensor package
Layout for high density conductive interconnects
Semiconductor light emitting device having one or more recesses on a layer
Illumination apparatus and method of producing a planar light output
Capacitive element, method of manufacture of the same, and semiconductor device
Wiring substrate and semiconductor device
Three-dimensional nanodevices including nanostructures
Bi-layer pseudo-spin field-effect transistor
Structure for use in fabrication of PiN heterojunction TFET
Compound semiconductor light-emitting element and illumination device using the same, and method for manufacturing compound semiconductor light-emitting element
Lateral power transistor and method for producing same
TFT substrate and TFT substrate manufacturing method
Semiconductor structure with coincident lattice interlayer
Junction field effect transistor having a double gate structure
Spin transistor, programmable logic circuit, and magnetic memory
Semiconductor device including a magnetic tunnel junction and method of manufacturing the same
Insulating device of concentration photovoltaic heat sink
Thin film transistor with a high impurity region overlapping the gate electrode
Semiconductor light emitting device
Light emitting unit
System and method for emitter layer shaping
Optical device having solvate and manufacturing method thereof
Piezoelectric component comprising a security layer and an infiltration barrier and a method for the production thereof
Method and apparatus for determining state of charge of a battery using an open-circuit voltage
Primary coil raising type non-contact charging system with elevating-type primary coil
Slot-line type microwave device with a photonic band gap structure
Single band antenna and antenna module
Antenna structure and wireless communication device having the same
Aperture antenna
Locating technique and apparatus using an approximated dipole signal
Transmitter beamforming steering matrix processing and storage
Gas-insulated high-voltage switch
Load driving circuit
Photovoltaic power output-utilizing device
Network topology for monitoring and controlling a solar panel array
Motor and electronic apparatus using the same
Permanent-magnet-less synchronous reluctance system
Adjustment drive of a motor vehicle
Motor and driving device having integrally formed magnetic-pole portions
Brushless motor
AFPM coreless multi-generator and motor
Load commutated current source inverter
Control devices for fuel pump driving motors
Dual positive-feedbacks voltage controlled oscillator
Nth-order arbitrary-phase-shift sinusoidal oscillator structure and analytical synthesis method of making the same
Device and method for compensating for a resonator
Boundary acoustic wave device and communication equipment
Termination circuit, semiconductor device, and electronic device
Load driving apparatus
Method and apparatus for low latency proportional path in a digitally controlled system
Phase-locked loop circuit
Single side band mixer
Group keypads in compliance with standard keyboard installation
Device equipped with planar heater
Lamp assembly with LED and fluorescent lamp
Protection circuit for alternating current light emitting diode
Inverter apparatus
Discharge lamp lighting device, method of driving discharge lamp, and projector
Advanced electronic ballasts
Method of driving discharge lamp, driving device, and projector
Induction heating body and induction heating container
Microwave heating device and heating method
Surface mounting structure for a surface mounting electronic component
Device for flexible power transmission and deicing of a high-voltage power line by means of direct current
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Solid matrix control of seed conditioning using selected cell cycle stages
Hybrid soybeans and methods of production
Inbred maize seed and plant PSA104
Inbred maize line NP2073
Fishing rod holders with signaling device
Wearable silicon chip
Glove with a contactless data carrier
Electric egg cooker
General purpose distributed operating room control system
Microwave-assisted steam sterilization of dental and surgical instruments
Absorbent article with surface member of continuous filaments
Absorbent composite
Thin absorbent core made from folded absorbent laminate
Apparatus and method for reducing the risk of decubitus ulcers
Germicidal mailbox
Electronic odometer integrated into vehicle axle and wheel hub
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multimode ionization source
Nucleic acid reading and analysis system
Irradiating device
Multi-band spectral sorting system for light-weight articles
Device and method of guiding a processing electrode in a machine tool
Method for repairing resistance spot welds in aluminum sheet materials
Electron beam welding method
Method of joining galvanized steel parts using lasers
Cordless soldering iron
Tube clamping assembly
Method for controlling robot and robot controller using the method
System and method for using joint torque feedback to prevent oscillation in a flexible robotic manipulator
Method for measuring the thickness of multi-layer films
Thermal head determining apparatus and determining method
Current detection device, method of detecting electric current and power supply system using the same
System, method and apparatus for connecting electrical sources in series under full load
Voltage detection device for a battery package
Fuel cell system and method for operating the fuel cell system
Control device for plurality of rotating electrical machines
Sensing of seat occupant weight by cushion deformation
Electronic device with a housing for attachment to a pane of a motor vehicle
Power control circuit for a bicycle electromotive unit
Device and method for inspecting and cutting strips of security documents
Method for producing a micromechanical structure and a micromechanical structure
Microelectro-mechanical system actuator device and reconfigurable circuits utilizing same
MEMS actuator with lower power consumption and lower cost simplified fabrication
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Radiation source module and cleaning apparatus therefor
Light emitting element with mutually confronting electrodes
Trichothecene-resistant transgenic plants
DNA encoding for a disease resistance gene from common bean and methods of use
Mre11 orthologue and uses thereof
Silane containing polishing composition for CMP
Genetic transformation method for zoysiagrass
Composite material, and manufacturing method and uses of same
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Fixed Constructions
Radio frequency security system and method for a building facility
Controller for shutting apparatus
Device for measuring shifts in mountains
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Angular position detecting apparatus for linearly detecting angular position in a wider range
Throttle body
Fastening arrangements
Glow plug arranged for measuring the ionization current of an engine
Glow plug arranged for measuring the ionization current of an engine, and method for manufacturing the same
Ceramic heater and its manufacturing method, glow plug and ion current detecting device
Window fan with rain sensing control
Safety control circuit for electric water heater
Rotational canted-joint missile control system
Tension top guitar
Induced current position transducers using tape scales with apertures
Magnetic encoder
Optical spectrometer and method for combustion flame temperature determination
Method and arrangement for recognizing potential overheating of an object
Data head writer coil testing
Method and device for a accomodating samples on cryosubstrates
Determination of chloride corrosion threshold for metals embedded in cementitious material
Methods and devices for analyzing agricultural products
Fiber optic coupling device for detecting luminescent samples
Method and apparatus for reading fluorescence
Differential detector coupled with defocus for improved phase defect sensitivity
Method of sample preparation for transmission electron microscope analysis
Method of X-ray analysis in a particle-optical apparatus
Ion concentration meter
Plug-in photoionization sensor
Apparatus for forming coaxial silicon interconnects
Semiconductor substrate-based BGA interconnection
Test head manipulator
Test probe for semiconductor devices, method of manufacturing of the same, and member for removing foreign matter
Test needle for pattern adapter of circuit board tester
Current measuring shunt with circuitry mounted thereon
Sweep synchronization testing
Method and apparatus for fault detection in a resistive bridge sensor
Time domain reflectometer display method
Electronic apparatus and method for measuring length of a communication cable
Method for disabling and re-enabling access to IC test functions
Parallel scan distributors and collectors and process of testing integrated circuits
Conductive material for integrated circuit fabrication
Method and apparatus for testing semiconductor devices using improved testing sequence
Circuit configuration for detecting a functional disturbance
Method and apparatus for controlling residual battery capacity of secondary battery
Method and apparatus for fuel cell protection
State of charge algorithm for lead-acid battery in a hybrid electric vehicle
Circuit arrangement for delivering power to coils
NMR data acquisition with multiple interecho spacing
Method, system and devices for positioning a receiver
Scalable, reconfigurable GPS receiver
Pulse radar device
Doppler complex FFT police radar with direction sensing capability
Process for mapping multiple-bounce ghosting artifacts from radar imaging data
Doppler radar apparatus
Direction finding method
Technique for robust characterization of weak RF emitters and accurate time difference of arrival estimation for passive ranging of RF emitters
Automatic synchronous tuning of narrowband receivers of a wireless location system for voice/traffic channel tracking
Method of providing an estimate of a location
Method and system for minimizing storage and processing of ionospheric grid point correction information
Radar designed to minimize error in detecting target
Antenna boresighting method
Flat panel image sensor
Sun exposure and radiation dosimeter
Well logging system for determining resistivity using multiple transmitter-receiver groups operating at three frequencies
System and method for clay typing using NMR-based porosity modeling
Separate type photoelectric switch
Method and apparatus for activating warning devices
Advanced optical module which enables a surface mount configuration
Electro-optical device and electronic equipment
Measurement technique for determining the width of a structure on a mask
Lithographic projection apparatus
Device for transferring and supporting panels
Apparatus for exposing a face of a printed circuit panel
Image forming apparatus and fixing device therefor
Fixing device using induction heating
Self timed pre-charged address compare logic circuit
Force reflection system
Method and apparatus for the improved control of motors and of motor-actuated work apparatus
Encoder controlled stepper motor system
Integrated control and diagnostics system
Threshold voltage adjustment scheme for increased output swing
Current control circuit
Current steering circuit for amplifier
Glitchless clock output circuit and the method for the same
Multi-cell voltage regulator and method thereof
Clock power reduction technique using multi-level voltage input clock driver
Heated computer keyboard
Identification tag with enhanced security
Method for managing collisions in a contactless data exchanging system
Molecular electronic device using metal-metal bonded complexes
Road antenna apparatus with speed determining means
Method and apparatus for improving the sensitivity of a taut wire intrusion detection system
Electronic article surveillance marker assembly
Emergency call network and system with graphical user interface
Electronic siren
Light-producing warning device for skateboard
Midair collision avoidance system
Color-coded evacuation signaling system
Method of operating a positive tolerance CRT
AC-type plasma display panel having energy recovery unit in sustain driver
Body structure of stringed instrument
Acoustic stringed instrument with spring supported top
Combination drumstick/brush
HDD head holding apparatus with heat compensation
Semiconductor device and semiconductor module
Configuration for minimizing the Neel interaction between two ferromagnetic layers on both sides of a non-ferromagnetic separating layer
Semiconductor memory device
Four transistor static-random-access-memory cell
Conductive structures
Temperature-compensated semiconductor resistor and semiconductor integrated circuit having the semiconductor resistor
Integrated circuit inductors
Wireless communication device attachment and detachment device and method
Powder core and reactor using the same
Photolithographically-patterned out-of-plane coil structures and method of making
Coated coil assembly of a transformer
Process for the production of a coil made of a high temperature superconductor material, and a high-temperature superconducting coils having low AC loss
Method of synchronizing the switching of a circuit breaker with voltage waveform
Temperature limiter, and calibration method for operating a switching contact of a temperature limiter
Electromagnetic release
Electrical circuit for transmitting state information, in particular concerning rail rolling stock, and an electrical system incorporating such a circuit
Directly heated thermionic flat emitter
Electrode structure for plasma display panel
Socket for use with a micro-component in a light-emitting panel
Substrate for surface discharge AC type plasma display panel, surface discharge AC type plasma display panel and surface discharge AC type plasma device
Plasma display panel and manufacturing method thereof
Field emitter for microwave devices and the method of its production
Microwave powered UV lamp with improved RF gasket arrangement
Ion generation method and filament for ion generation apparatus
Shadow mask in color cathode ray tube
Display tube comprising a mask with vibration damping means
Cathode-ray tube apparatus
Cathode-ray tube apparatus
Color cathode ray tube having a high-resolution electron gun
Deflection yoke
Field emission display device
Microminiature microwave electron source
Charging control and dosimetry system for gas cluster ion beam
Method for eliminating first, second and third-order axial image deformations during correction of the third-order spherical aberration in electron optical systems
Scanning electron microscope
SEM provided with a secondary electron detector having a central electrode
Charged particle beam exposure system and method
Ion implantation beam monitor
Method for improving ash rate uniformity in photoresist ashing process equipment
Plasma-assisted processing system and plasma-assisted processing method
Plasma excitation coil
Gas inlet for an ion source
Liquid chromatograph/mass spectrometer and its ionization interface
Liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer
Atmospheric pressure photoionization source in mass spectrometry
Multi-anode detector with increased dynamic range for time-of-flight mass spectrometers with counting data acquisition
Concave electrode ion pipe
Low-pressure mercury-vapor discharge lamp
Metal vapor discharge lamp having cermet lead-in with improved luminous efficiency and flux rise time
High-pressure gas discharge lamp
Plasma display panel and a plasma display panel production method
Hot plate unit
Multi-zone resistive heater
Integrated circuit configuration having at least two capacitors and method for manufacturing an integrated circuit configuration
Capacitor with oxygenated metal electrodes and high dielectric constant materials
Adhesive composition and methods for use in packaging applications
Method and apparatus for a linearized output driver and terminator
Floating gate semiconductor device
Embedded metal nanocrystals
Universal semiconductor wafer for high-voltage semiconductor components
Structure for fabricating high electron mobility transistors utilizing the formation of complaint substrates
Semiconductor device with tapered gate and insulating film
Structure comprising beam leads bonded with electrically conductive adhesive
Thin and heat radiant semiconductor package and method for manufacturing
Wafer stage for wafer processing apparatus and wafer processing method
Relaxed silicon germanium platform for high speed CMOS electronics and high speed analog circuits
Method and system for providing source/drain-gate spatial overlap engineering for low-power devices
Method of forming contact to poly-filled trench isolation region
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Zero mask high density metal/insulator/metal capacitor
Method for forming Co-W-P-Au films
Semiconductor device having reduced electromigration in copper lines with calcium-doped copper surfaces formed by using a chemical solution
Integrated circuit metallization using a titanium/aluminum alloy
Semiconductor memory device with bit lines having reduced cross-talk
Semiconductor device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and a method of manufacturing the same
Gate electrode comprising body centered cubic tantalum and tantalum nitride
Semiconductor device
Flat panel display device
Vertical bipolar transistor formed using CMOS processes
Semiconductor device having isolating region for suppressing electrical noise
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and having deposited layer for gate insulation
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of production of same
Semiconductor power device and method of formation
Semiconductor device having a step-like section on the back side of the substrate, and method for manufacturing the same
Apparatus for providing mechanical support to a column grid array package
Heat sink apparatus utilizing the heat sink shroud to dissipate heat
Thermally coupling electrically decoupling cooling device for integrated circuits
Lead frame for semiconductor device, process for producing the same and semiconductor device using the same
Power chip scale package
Stacked semiconductor package and fabricating method thereof
Film carrier tape, semiconductor assembly, semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing the same, mounted board, and electronic instrument
Ball grid array semiconductor package
On-chip power supply with optimized electromagnetic compatibility
Integrated circuit interconnect system
Flexible tape carrier with external terminals formed on interposers
Semiconductor chip and multi-chip module
Extraction of drain junction overlap with the gate and the channel length for ultra-small CMOS devices with ultra-thin gate oxides
Electrostatic discharge trigger
Matched impedance bonding technique in high-speed integrated circuits
Connection for conducting high frequency signal between a circuit and a discrete electric component
Power transistor with internally combined low-pass and band-pass matching stages
Semiconductor module having interconnected semiconductor chips disposed one above the other
Focal plane averaging implementation for CMOS imaging arrays using a split photodiode architecture
Circuit configuration with a plurality of transistors of two different conductivity types
Grounded body SOI SRAM cell
Conductive film layer for hall effect device
Photosensitive imaging apparatus sensitive to orange light
Photosensitive apparatus in which an initial charge on a photodiode is sampled and the retransferred to the photodiode
Lower electrode isolation in a double-wide trench
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device, image display device, and method and apparatus for manufacture thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for manufacturing the same
MOSFET having a double gate
Method and system for information transfer and replication between spatially distinct points via engineered quantum states
Package structure of an image sensor and packaging
High power photodiode
Semiconductor light emitting device and method
Integrated circuit device
Organic electro-luminescence device
Method of interrupting and dynamically switching ranges to improve battery charge measurement range in a sigma delta converter
Rechargeable battery pack and battery pack charger with safety mechanisms
Voltage tunable coplanar waveguide phase shifters
Surface mountable microwave filter configuration and method of fabricating same
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication apparatus
High frequency attenuator using liquid metal micro switches
Nonreciprocal circuit device and communication device having only two ports
Isolator/circulator having propeller resonator loaded with a plurality of symmetric magnetic walls
Center electrode assembly, nonreciprocal circuit device, communication device, and method of producing the center electrode assembly
Balun and semiconductor device including the balun
Vehicle antenna light
Multiband telecommunication antenna
Double-action antenna
Antenna with an integral RF circuit, antenna module incorporating the same, and communication apparatus incorporating the same
Antenna system, transceiver, electrical equipment, and computer terminal
Chip antenna with a shielding layer
Tunable reduced weight artificial dielectric antennas
Multi-frequency band antenna and related methods
Open loop array antenna beam steering architecture
Phased array antenna with controllable amplifier bias adjustment and related methods
Non-directivity antenna for wireless LAN
Electrical rechargeable battery
Optical structure having an optical diode and a sensor in separate apertures inside double insulating layers
Safety device for power window
Solid state rectifying fuse
Charger and electrical apparatus
Battery pack
Formation procedure for alkaline nickel-zinc cells
Magnetic core
Single coil of coil unit for linear motor and winding former thereof
Rotating electric machine with coil supports
Voltage charge pump with circuit to prevent pass device latch-up
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having boosting circuit
Current mode DC/DC regulator having function for detecting input and output of current and voltage
Method and apparatus for near losslessly measuring inductor current
Apparatus for converting voltage with regulator
Dynamically-switched power converter
Method and system for controlling torque in a powertrain that includes an induction motor
Control method of compressor motor and inverter equipped with the same method
Electrical machines
Method for controlling operating of switched reluctance motor (SRM)
Apparatus for controlling rotation speed of motor
Electric motor control having DC-DC converter and method of using same
Method and apparatus for automatic allocation of a motor sensor to a power section within an electrical drive system
Apparatus for motor synchronization
Method and apparatus for increasing capture range and jitter tolerance in phase detection circuits
Phase frequency detector with increased phase error gain
Integrated circuit having an FM demodulator and method therefor
Method of adjusting gain and current consumption of a power amplifier circuit while maintaining linearity
Power amplifier configuration
Broadband amplifier system having improved linearity and minimum loss
Wide bandwidth, current sharing, MOSFET audio power amplifier with multiple feedback loops
Method for linearsing high-frequency amplifier
Digital-input class-D amplifier
Power booster amplifier
High speed output buffers using voltage followers
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Layout technique for matched resistors on an integrated circuit substrate
Power amplifier array with same type predistortion amplifier
Power amplifier with provisions for varying operating voltage based upon power amplifier output power
Distributed constant type noise filter
Filter apparatus
High frequency tunable filter
Delay circuit with delay relatively independent of process, voltage, and temperature variations
Voltage-controlled capacitor
Impedance emulator
Device for switching radio frequency signals
High voltage level shifter via capacitors
Bipolar breakdown enhancement circuit for tri-state output stage
Signal transfer circuit
Variable drive current driver circuit
Multiple supply voltage dynamic logic
Clocked pass transistor and complementary pass transistor logic circuits
Programmable logic device including bi-directional shift register
Interface scheme for connecting a fixed circuitry block to a programmable logic core
PCI-compatible programmable logic devices
Complementary pass transistor based flip-flop
Method and system for reducing hazards in a flip-flop
Oscillator circuit having an improved capacitor discharge circuit
Switching device with high-voltage translator
Data hold circuit, a semiconductor device and a method of designing the same
Pulse discriminator
Output buffer circuit for reducing variation of slew rate due to variation of PVT and load capacitance of output terminal, and semiconductor device including the same
Circuit design technique for increasing the bandwidth of sample-and-hold circuits in flash ADCs
Dual-slope analog-to-digital converter and comparison circuit
System and method for reducing startup time in a temperature controlled crystal oscillator
PLL circuit including a control logic circuit for adjusting the delay times of the clocks so that the phase error of the clocks is reduced
Self-bias and differential structure based PLL with fast lockup circuit and current range calibration for process variation
High speed digital to analog converter using multiple staggered successive approximation cells
Flash analog-to-digital converter
Digital/analog converter with programmable gain
Error compensation for sigma-delta modulated digital signals or the like
Digital-to-analog converter circuit incorporating hybrid sigma-delta modulator circuit
Context adaptive variable length decoding system and method
Intermodulation detector for a radio receiver
RF equalizer
Identifying one of a plurality of wires of a power transmission cable
Method and device for generating OVSF code words
Multiple-port gigabit ethernet distribution switch
Optical imaging device with speed variable illumination
Image sensor
Bandgap tuned vertical color imager cell
Method and system of noise removal for a sparsely sampled extended dynamic range image sensing device
Global paging system using packet-switched digital data network and remote country designation
Fail safe device for infant-support apparatus
LED lamp package for packaging an LED driver with an LED
Discharge lamp ignition device, equipment and image forming apparatus
Light source device of a dielectric barrier discharge lamp
Circuit arrangement for operating a discharge lamp
EOL detection with integrated filament interrogation
Stabilized oscillator circuit for plasma density measurement
Monolithic structure with asymmetric coupling
Wiring circuit substrate and manufacturing method therefor
Semiconductor package device
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