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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Trowel improvements and handle lock
Control apparatus for electric power steering system
Lepidium plant named `DLEPMBEAD`
Guzmania plant named `DANCE `
Guzmania plant named `FUTURA `
Guzmania hybrid `ROUCHE`
Parsley variety `Fidelio`
Aquaponic method and apparatus for use in arid environments
Fishing lure with action
Fly line construction
Sperm diluent solution and method for artificial insemination using same
Silicone elastomer product exhibiting a biocidal activity
Compositions of dibromomalonamide and their use as biocides
Compositions of dibromomalonamide and their use as biocides
Use of macrocyclic picolinamides as fungicides
Biofertilizers and bioherbicides
Use of L. casei ssp. paracasei as antifungal agent
Electronic cigarette device, electronic cigarette and atomizing device thereof
Comfort headgear with moisture-draining and absorption mechanism
Protective helmet
Jewellery with securely nested changeable decorative elements
Cut diamond providing predetermined optical performance
Wristband with medallion
Wrap-n-dry towel
Compact having protrusible and retractable vibrating puff
Hangable artist's easel and accessories
Belt strap of high chair for dining
Angled hook and locking connector for peg and slat board
Outside wrap post coupler with assembly assist
Bands with buckles and methods and apparatus for displaying band and buckle components
Method of using a portable beverage brewing machine
Locking ring
Potato chip lifter
Ready-to-assemble toilet
Operation handles for electrocautery
Work capacities testing apparatus and method
Exposure apparatus for posterior spinal minimally invasive screw placement surgery
Exposure apparatus for paraspinal muscle clearance approach with posteriorspinal small incision
Inflatable, steerable balloon for elevation of tissue within a body
Method for vessel access closure
Thrombus removal and intravascular distal embolic protection device
Osteosynthesis system for the multidirectional, angular-stable treatment of fractures of tubular bones comprising an intramedullary nail and bone screws
Method of arthroplasty on a knee joint and apparatus for use in same
Fixation-based surgery
System and method for monitoring bioimpedance and respiration
Reciprocating cooling member for an energized surgical instrument
Surgical forceps including thermal spread control
Bi-modal linear and loop ablation catheter, and method
Variable stiffness catheter
Accommodation compensation systems and methods
Instrument interface of a robotic surgical system
Tissue imaging and image guidance in luminal anatomic structures and body cavities
Technique for determining signal quality in a physiologic sensing system using high frequency sampling
Apparatus and method for influencing and/or detecting magnetic particles
Analyte monitoring device and methods of use
Automated method and system for the evaluation of disease and registration accuracy in the subtraction of temporally sequential medical images
Injector and method for facilitating imaging of a patient
Tomographic imaging with asymmetric detection
X-ray generation module, X-ray imaging apparatus, and X-ray imaging method
System for non-invasive classification of different types of micro-calcifications in human tissue
Method of producing a dental restoration, dental restoration and use thereof
Absorbent members having skewed density profile
Absorbent article and method for producing the same
Method for controlling flow of intestinal contents in a patient's intestines
Anal incontinence disease treatment with controlled wireless energy supply
Endoluminal filter
Blood vessel prosthesis and delivery apparatus
Device for inserting an intra-ocular lens
Stentless support structure
Apparatus, system, and method for controlling movement of an orthopedic joint prosthesis in a mammalian subject
Implantable medical device having enhanced endothelial migration features and methods of making the same
Method of making implantable prosthesis with depot retention feature
Systems and methods for treatment of sleep apnea
Foot pedal system and apparatus
Sliding device, baby carrier, knapsack, bag, and belt bag
Fluid delivery device
Balloon catheter
System and method for providing feedback control in a vestibular stimulation system
Electrode assembly having a flexible tip
Implantable pulse generator having current steering means
Stochastic stimulation in a hearing prosthesis
System and method for assessing atrial electrical stability
Wireless leads for gastrointestinal tract applications
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fully automated, twin-chamber, continuous hot oil filtration system
Exposure head and image forming apparatus
Recording head, LED head, and image forming apparatus
Exposure head, image forming apparatus, and image forming method
Method for automatically controlling the speed of a ship
Control method and unit of an electric traction motorcycle according to the position of an accelerator grip
Seat belt reminder cover
Method and apparatus for target vehicle following control for adaptive cruise control
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control for an electromagnetic brake for a multiple-ratio power transmission that has a brake actuation counter
Light support assembly
Inline downhole heater and methods of use
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method using overlay measurement
Quantitative phase-contrast and excitation-emission systems
Vehicle navigation apparatus and vehicle navigation program
Broadcast receiver and method of processing data
Visual display system for an aircraft
Device for detecting and displaying one or more of body weight, body fat percentage, blood pressure, pulse and environmental temperature
Biochip reader and electrophoresis system
Methods and apparatus for remote Raman and laser-induced breakdown spectrometry
Method for estimating the temperature in an internal combustion engine
System and method for controlling solenoid pressure
Micro gas cell array device and method
Method and apparatus for the detection of trace gas species using multiple line integrated absorption spectroscopy
Inspection apparatus
Method and device for characterisation of multiple samples of one or various dispersions
Method for rapid detection and identification of bioagents
Manufacturing products management method, system and apparatus
Modulated microwave microscopy and probes used therewith
Interconnection device
Inter-multipoint voice conversation apparatus
Internet protocol fast reroute for shared risk link group failure recovery
Test mode soft reset circuitry and methods
Method of detecting and compensating for precipitation in sodar systems
Interpolation of periodic data
High zoom-ratio zoom lens system
Zoom lens, information device, and imaging apparatus
Tripod-connecting adapter
Multi-purpose periscope with display and overlay capabilities
Grating structure for splitting light
Modular fiber optic enclosure with external cable spool
Printed circuit board for optical waveguide and method of manufacturing the same
Telecommunication cable equipped with microstructured optical fibres
Lens module
Liquid crystal display device with data switching thin film transistor for inspection and inspection method thereof
Polymer enhanced cholesteric electro-optical devices
Transflective display
Transflective display with white tuning
Display device and method of displaying three dimensional stereoscopic images
Laser backside irradiation device and liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display panel and driving method thereof and liquid crystal display device using the same
Stabilized light source
Imaging apparatus
Closed loop feedback control to maximize stereo separation in 3D imaging systems
Movable body drive method, pattern formation method, exposure method, and device manufacturing method for maintaining position coordinate before and after switching encoder head
Illumination system of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus
Focus-point selection system, autofocus system, and camera
Autofocus system
Stereo camera with preset modes
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Power source device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus that detects image shift in the main scanning direction without wasting toner
Image forming apparatus including an alternative printing unit
Image forming apparatus having transfer member bias control
Transfer device, image forming apparatus, and waste toner container
Fuser release fluid rate transient control via variable speed oil metering system
Selective cooling of a fuser heater roller
Apparatus and method for an asymmetrical printer fuser nip
Removing toner during printer process-control frame
Image forming apparatus featurting a toner container including a plurality of toner conveying members and a toner sensor
Watch with calendar mechanism having two date indicators
Determination of performance of apparatus and network setting
Speed control device for vehicle
System and method for a marine vessel autopilot
Knowledge based valve control method
Removable module for a console
Estimating power consumption of a virtual server
Implementation of multiple error detection schemes for a cache
Secure flash memory using error correcting code circuitry
Method and apparatus for the secure processing of sensitive information
System and method for modifying execution of scripts for a job scheduler using deontic logic
Cache memory control method and cache memory apparatus
Storage controller and data management method
High bandwidth memory interface
Structure for maintaining memory data integrity in a processor integrated circuit using cache coherency protocols
Multi-level striping and truncation channel-equalization for flash-memory system
Interface systems and methods for accessing stored data
Multithreaded processor with multiple caches
Storage system, unauthorized access detection method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium storing unauthorized access detection program
Method for writing data of an atomic transaction to a memory device
Key-operated memory-programmable control coupled to a personal computer
Automatic procedure for merging tracks and estimating harmonic combs
Apparatus and method for using analog circuits to embody non-lipschitz mathematics and properties using attractor and repulsion modes
Job history information auditing system, image forming apparatus, control method, and computer-readable medium
Providing printable content
Automatic identification of execution phases in load tests
Image reading apparatus, image forming apparatus and computer readable information recording medium
Storage medium, uniqueness assurance realizing method, session management method and uniqueness assurance information setting management device
Application interaction system, application interaction method, recording medium, and application interaction program
Streaming content from a production node and a consumer node
Method, system and program product for assigning a responder to a requester in a collaborative environment
Scanner sharing device
Dynamic allocation of a radio resource
Application-layer evaluation of communications received by a mobile device
Method and apparatus for managing bookmark information for content stored in a networked media server
Hardware processing of commands within virtual client computing environment
Using distinguishing properties to classify messages
Systems and methods for providing dynamic network authorization, authentication and accounting
Systems and methods for providing content and services on a network system
Apparatus and method for visualizing network state by using geographic information
System and method for a storage area network virtualization optimization
Managing computer resources in a distributed computing system
System and method for dynamic security provisioning of data resources
Virtualization for low-power networks
Managing user customizations of pre-provisioned contexts
Verification of configuration information in BGP VPNs
Virtual measuring device and method
Methods, apparatus and articles of manufacture for computer file integrity and baseline maintenance
Sorting mail in carrier walk sequence
Method of analyzing documents
Apparatus, system, and method for quantifying energy usage and savings
Categorization of summarized information
Method and apparatus for textual exploration discovery
Method and apparatus for applying translation memory in automatic translation system
Statistical machine translation employing efficient parameter training
File-sharing system and method for processing files, and program
Information extraction across multiple expertise-specific subject areas
Behavior history retrieval apparatus and behavior history retrieval method
System analysis program, system analysis method, and system analysis apparatus
Share nothing database cluster and real time synchronization by signaling
Efficient use of computational resources for interleaving
Audio/Video fingerprint search accuracy using multiple search combining
Information processing device for selectively locating and reading description information of multi-media content divided into a time series at a first level that is further divided and correlated to a second level using a keyword/ID information and reference information representative of the keyword/ID
Method and apparatus for using selective attribute acquisition and clause evaluation for policy based storage management
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and medium storing program thereof
Adapting between coupled and decoupled provider interfaces
Dynamic provisional decomposition of lithographic patterns having different interaction ranges
Method and system for direction dependent integrated circuit layout
Verification apparatus, verification method, and computer-readable recording medium for supporting engineering change order
Ordering of statistical correlated quantities
Identification of critical enables using MEA and WAA metrics
Pattern generating method, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and recording medium
Co-simulation synchronization interface for IC modeling
Emulating a peripheral mass storage device with a portable device
Network-based robot system and method for action execution of robot
Method for operating a vehicle brake system
Event prediction using hierarchical event features
Driving assist system and vehicle-mounted apparatus
Method for combining transfer functions and predetermined key creation
Information security device
Tamper resistant method, apparatus and system for secure portability of digital rights management-protected content
Information processing apparatus and authentication information migration method
Method for controlling information supplied from memory device
Motion vector refinement for MPEG-2 to H.264 video transcoding
Chip integrated protection means
Monitoring device for a computing device of a computer system, the computer system, and method for monitoring the computing device of the computer system
Secure communication system and method of IPv4/IPv6 integrated network system
Video device
Information processing system, information processing apparatus and method, recording medium and program
Multi-function apparatus
Systems and methods for automated sensor polling
Method and a system for the composition of services
Information processing device and display information editing method of information processing device
Method and apparatus for binding user interface elements and granular reflective processing
Implementation of touchpad on rear surface of single-axis hinged device
Enabling hypertext elements to work with software applications
Message window display control apparatus, method, and program product
Rendering and sorting book search results as three dimensional icons
Apparatus and method for displaying hierarchical menu in mobile communication terminal
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program to execute image processing method
Printing apparatus, printing system, and computer program product
Sheet conveyance system, control program thereof, and sheet conveyance method
Approach for implementing locked printing with remote unlock on printing devices
Ringtone, voice, and sound notification of printer status
Server apparatus, management system, and method
Method for visualizing geographic data
External load port magazine and storage system and method of using same
Interaction modalities for multimedia delivery and presentation
Map aggregation
Contextual data mapping, searching and retrieval
Contents management system, image processing device in contents management system, and link information generating method of image processing device
Collaborative content evaluation
Empirical database access adjustment
Management apparatus, information processing apparatus, and method therefor
Method and system for extracting structural information from a data file
System and interface for co-located collaborative web search
Information transmission apparatus, data transmission apparatus, information transmission destination designating method, data transmitting designating method, data transmitting method, program and storage medium
System and method for versioning data in a distributed data store
Computer system and method of booting the same
Dynamic reconfiguration supporting method, dynamic reconfiguration supporting apparatus, and dynamic reconfiguration system
Application development with unified programming models
Updating firmware to customize the performance of a wearable sensor device for a particular use
Virtual validation of software systems
Managing dynamic configuration data for a set of components
Ranking and optimizing automated test scripts
Efficient placement of software transactional memory operations around procedure calls
Stability-dependent spare cell insertion
Dynamic critical path update facility
Graphics hardware resource usage in a fully virtualized computing environment
Embedded operating system architecture for smart card
Image forming apparatus and image forming method for detecting light intensities
Variable data print verification mechanism
Lock printing based on distance from client to printer
Information processing apparatus, recording method, and computer-readable storage medium
System and method for displaying a product catalog
Image processing device, image processing method and recording medium
Feature-based composing for 3D MR angiography images
Identifying blood vessels in lung x-ray radiographs
Determination of a change in a cell population
Methods and systems for analyzing ratiometric data
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, image data compression apparatus, and computer program readable storage medium
Method and apparatus for detecting and processing specific pattern from image
Determining document fitness using sequenced illumination
Method and apparatus for high resolution decoding of encoded symbols
Interpolator and designing method thereof
2 dimensional signal encoding/decoding method and device
Image encoding apparatus, image decoding apparatus, image encoding method, image decoding method, image encoding program, and image decoding program
Method, apparatus and integrated circuit for improving image sharpness
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium for calculating a depth value of a subject in an image
Image retrieval apparatus and method thereof
Image processing system, image processing method, and storage medium
Image processing device, image processing method, and integrated circuit for processing images
Electronic album creating apparatus, electronic album editing apparatus, information processing system, electronic album creating method, and storage medium storing program
Methods and systems for collaborative demand planning and replenishment
Electronic employee selection systems and methods
Method and apparatus for generating profile of solutions trading off number of activities utilized and objective value for bilinear integer optimization models
Personalized plan development
Detecting deviation from compliant execution of a template
Template modification based on deviation from compliant execution of the template
Automatic generation of process models
Template modification based on deviation from compliant execution of the template
Method and apparatus for managing transactions
System and method for manufacturing a punch-out RFID transaction device
Method, medium, and system for keyword bidding in a market cooperative
System and method for using loyalty rewards as currency
Media play optimization
Data feed item classification
Analytic-based scaling of information technology resources
Automated trading exchange system having integrated quote risk monitoring and integrated quote modification services
System and method for processing data related to insurance coverage for a plurality of risks
Method, software program, and system for structuring risk in a financial transaction
System and method for managing data relating to investments from a variety of sources
Methods and systems for assessing clinical outcomes
Method and system for health care coding transition and implementation
Interface remoting
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Real-time high-speed three dimensional modeling system
Device and method for temperature monitoring and warning
Apparatus and method for adjusting a duty cycle to save power in a computing system
System and method for radial component scattering
System and method for displaying a rotated image in a display device
Automated detection of spoken numbers in voice messages
Communication system for building speech database for speech synthesis, relay device therefor, and relay method therefor
Heat generation control device for heat-assisted magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Microwave assisted magnetic head and magnetic disk device
Optical disk mechanism with shaped roller and double beam mount
Adjusting method for recording condition and optical disc device
Multitrack recording using multiple digital electronic devices
Discrete track media (DTM) design and fabrication for heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR)
Method and system for fluid mediated disk activation and deactivation
Optical disc discriminating method and optical disc discriminating apparatus
Recording/reproduction device, recording/reproduction method, and information recording medium
Optical disc recording device
Optical disc with protection code, method for obtaining the protection code and respective apparatus for reading of data
Information recording medium and reproducing apparatus therefor
Write-once information recording medium, information recording apparatus, information recording method, information reproducing apparatus and information reproducing method
Optical disc embossed features
Memory device with band gap control
Semiconductor storage device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory including pads coupled to each other
Electrochemical cell and method of manufacturing electrochemical cell
Bandwidth-limited and long pulse master oscillator power oscillator laser systems
Method and system for tunable pulsed laser source
Group-III nitride semiconductor laser device, and method of fabricating group-III nitride semiconductor laser device
Surface emitting laser
Surface emitting laser, method for manufacturing surface emitting laser, and image forming apparatus
Dual voltage hot swap module power control
Start-up in-rush current protection circuit for DCDC converter
Module apparatus for solar cell
Current limiting device
Receiver for wireless communication network with extended range
Control apparatus for and control method of equalizer, and wireless terminal having that control apparatus
Method of sampling phase calibration and device thereof
Systems and methods for retimed virtual data processing
Code phase error estimating method, code phase calculating method, program, code phase error estimating device, and code phase calculating device
Receiving device for spread spectrum communication
Blind compensation for arbitrary receiver nonlinearities via a digital signal processing approach
Apparatus and method for low-noise amplification in a wireless communication system
System and method for adaptively handling software processing during power save mode operation in mobile terminals
Method for the management of a peripheral unit by a sim card in wireless communication terminals, and peripheral unit for implementing the method
Digital telecommunication system
Character input method of mobile terminal
RFID reader and RF transmission method thereof
Motion refinement engine for use in video encoding in accordance with a plurality of sub-pixel resolutions and methods for use therewith
Parallel sequence spread spectrum type chaotic signal transmission device
Optical communication module
Method for improving the performance of digital coherent optical receiver using single ended photo-detection
Wavelength assignment in an optical WDM network
Communications system employing non-polluting pilot codes
Gain adjustment stepping control in a wireless repeater
External device for mobile communication terminal and NFC method using the same
Communication device and method using human body
Integrated mobile phone and medical implant monitoring system and method for using the same
Mobile terminal capable of being connected to audio output device using short-range communication and method of controlling the operation of the mobile terminal
Transceiver using millimeter-wave
Bidirectional wireless transmission and communication system
Device and method for improving the carrier-to-noise ratio for a receiver with diversity
Method and apparatus for cancellation of partially known interference using transmit diversity based interference cancellation
Method and apparatus for communication of mobile terminal using relay device
Wireless environment method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for reselecting cell in mobile communication system
Method for signal mapping and signal transmission with subcarrier shift schemes
Device and method to allow for uni-directional traffic on local area networks
Relay including a mass memory for temporarily storing differed-time information streams
System and methods for permitting open access to data objects and for securing data within the data objects
System and method for wireless communication of uncompressed high definition video data using beambook-constructed beamforming signals
Wireless communication system and communication apparatus
Communications link health monitoring
Fault tolerant wireless access system and method
Data transfer path evaluation using filtering and change detection
Method and system for timestep stochastic simulation for networks
Method and an apparatus for route selection in routing protocols
System and method for retransmissions in a discontinuous reception configured system
Transmission system
Rate adaptation for use in adaptive multi-rate vocoder
Receiving circuit
Multilevel QAM demodulator, multilevel QAM demodulation method, and wireless communication system
Virtual side channels for digital wireless communication systems
Decoding device and method for MIMO system
Radio communication device and radio communication method
Method and system for communicating data over a wireless communication system voice channel utilizing frame gaps
System and method for cryptographically authenticating data items
Method to verify the integrity of components on a trusted platform using integrity database services
Multiple-path remediation
Converter, encryption/decryption system, multi-stage converter, converting method, multi-stage converting method, program, and information recording medium
Centralized identification and authentication system and method
Network security processing method and system for selecting one of software and hardware cryptographic modules by means of multimedia session information
Method and system for determining symbol boundary timing in a multicarrier data transmission system
Utilizing cryptographic keys and online services to secure devices
Method and device for managing a transmission of keys
Receiving apparatus and method for controlling the same
Integrity verification of pseudonymized documents
Enhanced wireless handset, including direct handset-to-handset communication mode
Mobile terminal device
Link mechanism
Method of running application and mobile communication terminal using the same
Multi-tapping numpad
Cellular multiscreen system
Changing a state of a remote switch box which connects a phone to a network
Method for identifying a device transmitting an echo signal, echo source identifying method for identifying echo source, measuring apparatus for identifying a source of an echo, and echo source identifying apparatus
Method of sharing information in mobile terminal using local wireless communication
Call-processing rate quote system and method
System apparatus and method for updating communication services
Targeted advertisements to social contacts
Data processing method for portable communication terminal and portable communication terminal
System, method and computer program product for providing customer service on a mobile device
System and method for facilitating a custom ring in connection with a call
End-to-end session without signaling protocol
Method and apparatus for locating and reserving items via a web application
Displaying images of conference call participants
Document feeding device, image reading device and image forming device equipped with same
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus
Image reading apparatus and method
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image reading device and image reading method
Caption presentation method and apparatus using same
Video block memory read request translation and tagging
Video shape padding method
System and method for video downscaling
Unrestricted calling circle for telephone service
Method for front matching stereo vision
Red eye filter method and apparatus
Digital camera
Display control apparatus, method of controlling display apparatus, and storage medium
Image pickup apparatus that enables shooting with light emission device, and control method therefor
System for streaming multiple regions deriving from a wide-angle camera
Imaging apparatus and method
Image pickup apparatus detachably connecting to light emitting device and control method thereof
Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method
Lens barrel unit
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium
Camera device, and method and program for supporting focus adjustment
Image distortion correcting method and device
Imaging apparatus and reproducing apparatus which changes frame rate based on zoom operation
Radiation image capturing system for controlling a plurality of image capturing apparatuses
Solid state imaging device, signal processing method of solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus capable of removing vertical smears
Multi-source switching in a television system
Analog TV broadcast signal receiving apparatus and analog TV broadcast signal demodulating apparatus
Recording apparatus, method of controlling recording apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
Image processing apparatus and electronic camera that reduce the length of time required to complete reproduction of recorded image data
Recording medium having a data structure for managing a transport stream recorded thereon and methods and apparatuses for recording and reproducing
Information providing system, information terminal device, information server device and information providing method
Image processing apparatus, method and integrated circuit used in liquid crystal display by processing block velocity of noisy blocks
Method and apparatus encoding and/or decoding image by using diffusion properties of the image
Method of block partition for H.264 inter prediction
Fine-grained client-side control of scalable media delivery
Video encoding/decoding method and apparatus in temporal direct mode in hierarchical structure
Method and system for premium channel and pay per view video resell
Method and apparatus for storing an interactive television program
Data processing device, data processing method, data processing program, recording medium containing the data processing program and integrated circuit
Client-server based interactive television program guide system with remote server recording
Systems and methods for awarding affinity points based upon remote control usage
Multiplex transmission interface method of electronic service guide
Methods and systems for image processing in a multiview video system
Video-recording and transfer apparatus, and video-recording and transfer method
Method and apparatus for video decoding to improve picture quality based on picture quality estimation, in the presence of noise
Recording medium, playback apparatus, recording apparatus, playback method, recording method, and program
Expandable speaker assemblies for portable media devices
Hearing aid with enhanced vent
Electro-mechanical transducer and manufacturing method of the same
Microphone suitable for professional live performance
Method and system for location determination in a composite wireless/landline communication system
Automatic remote communication using network telephony
Traffic-synchronized location measurement
Method and system for device discovery in a wireless video area network
Radio communication system, movement management method, management apparatus, and base station apparatus
System and method for generic access network registration by a mobile station during network congestion
Method for multi-channel resource reservation in a wireless mesh network
System and method for dynamic allocation of capacity on wireless networks
Cognitive error control coding for channels with memory
Wireless communication method and apparatus for managing radio resources
Method for minimizing current consumption at handover in multimode terminal and terminal for use in the same
Digital receiver with system for controlling the operating mode of an adaptive equalizer
Method and system for multicast broadcasting towards a roaming terminal according to the location thereof
Antenna adaptation to manage the active set to manipulate soft hand-off regions
Method and apparatus for implementing generic access network functionality in a wireless communication device
System and method for device discovery in a wireless network of devices having directional antennas
Short message distribution center
Wireless spectrum valuation
Data mode paging in wireless communication networks
Electronic apparatus and control method of same
Mobile terminal and display controlling method thereof
System for adjusting angiographic X-ray imaging parameters based on image content
Radiation imaging system, power supplying apparatus, charging apparatus, and radiation imaging method
Electronic apparatus
Electronic device with adjustable operation modes
Foldable mobile terminal
Data processing device and motherboard module thereof
Electronic circuit module and method of making the same
Electronic device with a locking assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Solid pigment preparation for coloring seed/seed-dressing materials
Insect repellant compositions
Surfactant-ammonium sulfate adjuvant composition for enhancing efficacy of herbicides
Adjuvant composition
Organic compounds
Method of down-regulating gene expression
Synergistic herbicidal mixtures
Antimicrobial quinolones, their compositions and uses
Composition for hybrid seed production, process for the preparation of such composition and use thereof
2,4-diamino-1,3,5-triazines, their preparation and their use as herbicides and plant growth regulators
3-(4,5-Dihydroisoxazol-5-yl)benzoylcyclohexenones and the use thereof as herbicides
Arylisoxazoline derivatives, processes for their preparation and their use as pesticides
N-([1,2,4]triazoloazinyl)thiophenesulfonamide compounds and their use as herbicides
Toxicity of boron compounds to certain arthropods
Herbicidal compositions
Method to control plant pests, improve plant productivity and other purposes
Nutrient formulations for disease reduction
Enhancement of vascular function by modulation of endogenous nitric oxide production or activity
Method of treating dry eye disorders
Sodium channel modulators
Method of treating ocular inflammatory and angiogenesis-related disorders of the posterior segment of the eye using an amide derivative of flurbiprofen or ketorolac
Malonamid and malonamic ester derivatives with antithrombotic activity, their preparation, and their use
Potassium channel openers
Method for making HBED
Treatment of disease states which result from neoplastic cell proliferation using PPAR-.gamma. activators and compositions useful therefor
3,6-dihydroxy-24-amidyl steroid derivatives
Use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents in combination with prostaglandin FP receptor agonists to treat glaucoma and ocular hypertension
Use of (-) (3-trihalomethylphenoxy) (4-halophenyl) acetic acid derivatives for treatment of insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and hyperlipidemia
Therapeutically active and selective heterocyclic compounds that are inhibitors of the enzyme DPP-IV
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising 4-quinolones for treating cancers
Androgen receptor modulators and methods for use thereof
Heterocyclic analgesic compounds and methods of use thereof
.alpha.- and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Delivery of a therapeutic agent in a formulation for reduced toxicity
Methods of treating leukemia
Aryl and heteroaryl quinazoline compounds which inhibit CSF-1R receptor tyrosine kinase
Method for treating postoperative ileus
Lipoxin A4 and its analogs for the treatment of dry eye
Compositions comprising ethisterone or its derivatives
Benzimidazole vascular damaging agents
Oligosaccharide derivatives and process for producing the same
Adhesive N, O-carboxymethylchitosan coatings which inhibit attachment of substrate-dependent cells and proteins
Method of treating diseased, injured or abnormal cartilage with hyaluronic acid and growth factors
Protection against ischemia and reperfusion injury
Reducing postoperative astigmatism
Treatment of malaria with farnesyl protein transferase inhibitors
Indolylmaleimide derivatives
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Polyamine analogues as therapeutic and diagnostic agents
Somatic cell gene therapy
Adhesive compositions for hard tissues
Water-soluble polyurethane having comb-shaped hydrophobic group and application thereof
Method for manufacturing amphoteric urethane resin and amphoteric urethane resin and resin composition obtained therewith
Prolonged-action eye drop
Process for preparing a pharmaceutical formulation containing levothyroxine sodium
Substituted benzimidazole dosage forms and method of using same
Dry granulation formulation for an HIV protease inhibitor
Nutritional composition for the treatment of connective tissue
Peptide with radio protective effect
Method of treating hair loss using sulfonyl thyromimetic compounds
Golf ball forming compositions comprising polyamide
Golf ball
Golf ball printing ink, golf ball bearing a mark printed with the ink, and method of manufacturing the golf ball
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for the fractional condensation of a hot gas mixture containing acrylic acid or methacrylic acid and having a high proportion of non-condensable constituents
Method for purification of lens gases used in photolithography
Device and method for generating a liquid detergent concentrate from a solid detergent and a method for washing a vehicle
Sol-gel derived sorbents
Adsorbent having capability of decomposing organic halogen compounds and method for producing the same
Optimized method for the production of catalyst supports based on silica gel and chromium catalysts supported on silica gel
Annealed and promoted catalyst
High temperature mixing
Process for the direct oxidation of olefins to olefin oxides
Catalytic oxidation of alkanes to corresponding acids
Method of the removal of the templating agent from synthetic zeolites
Supported osmates, process for preparation thereof, and a process for the preparation of chiral vicinal diols using supported osmate catalyst
Optically active linear polymer used as ligand in the preparation of metallic complexes designed for asymmetric catalysis
Bidentate phosphite and nickel catalyst compositions for hydrocyanation of monoolefins
Ligand and complex for catalytically bleaching a substrate
Photooxidation catalyst and manufacturing method therefor
Process for the preparation of low-bleeding cation exchangers
Low volatility solvent-based method for forming thin film nanoporous aerogels on semiconductor substrates
Clean room wipes for neutralizing caustic chemicals
Delivery of dissolved ozone
Methods, apparatuses and substrate assembly structures for fabricating microelectronic components using mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization processes
Double-side polishing process with reduced scratch rate and device for carrying out the process
High modulus polyether sulfone compositions with improved impact
Photocuring resin compositions, photocuring sheets and molded article using the same, and processes of production thereof
Dielectric ceramic composition and laminated ceramic capacitor
Thermally sensitive recording medium
Process for azo coupling reaction using diazonium salt and coupler having releasing group, and recording material containing the coupler
Rubber composition containing a thermoplastic polymer and tire sidewall component or tire support ring comprised of such rubber composition
Acceleration detector with high response sensitivity
Device adapted to pull a cantilever away from a contact structure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for producing diantimony pentoxide sol
Glass suitable for optical functional elements and process for producing same
Adhesive composition comprising (meth) acrylic esters crosslinked by isocyanate adducts
Low emission formaldehyde resin and binder for mineral fiber insulation
Glass composition for crystallized glass
Glass composition for crystallized glass
Glass composition for crystallized glass
Glass composition for crystallized glass
Optical glass and optical part
Method of producing ceramic composition and method of producing electronic device
Dielectric ceramic composition for high frequency and dielectric resonator
Preparation of propene
Co-oligomerization of 1-dodecene and 1-decene
Sequence of processes for olefin oligomerisation
Method for producing high purity xylylenediamine
(Meth)acryloyl-group-containing carbamoyl halides and production process therefor
Process for the preparation of carboxylic acid salts from primary alcohols
Process for the crystallization of sterically hindered compounds
Process for the preparation of pesticides
Pyrazolecarboxylic acid derivatives, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them, and method of treating
Processes for producing (aminomethyl)trifluorocarbinol derivatives
Hydroxyl functional urethanes having a tertiary carbamate bond
Carbonylation process
Concentrated, stable alkali alkoxide solutions
Intermediates for the synthesis of ether compounds
N-(aryl)-2-arylethenesulfonamides and therapeutic uses thereof
Nitrate salts of antihypertensive medicines
Process for producing bishalophenyl disulfide
Method of manufacturing phenol by direct oxidation of benzene
Method for purifying 1,1-bis(4'-hydroxy-3'-methylphenyl)cyclohexane and methods of producing polycarbonates therefrom
Vitamin D analogues
Processes for preparing alkoxylated nonionic surfactants using hydrotalcite catalysts
Processes for the preparation of 1,4-diaryl-2-fluoro-1,3-butadiene and 1,4-diaryl-2-fluoro 2 butene compounds
Chemical compounds and perfume compositions
Non-corrosive catalytic hydrolysis of fatty acid esters to fatty acids
Method for carbonylation of lower alkyl alcohols using tungsten promoted group VIII catalyst
Continuous process for the enantioselective hydrogenation of alpha ketocarbonyl compounds
Method for producing esters of .alpha., .beta.-unsaturated carboxylic acids
Method of producing 2-hydroxycarboxylic acid esters
Method for separation of p-xylene
Substituted .beta.-alanine derivatives as cell adhesion inhibitors
Process for the preparation of amorphous atorvastatin calcium
Process for the preparation of the mesylate salt trihydrate of 1-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-(4-hydroxy-4-phenylpiperidin-1-yl)-1-propanol
Process for the synthesis of 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-oxopiperidine
Resolution of the enantiomers of amlodipine
Process to chiral integrin antagonist beta-amino acid intermediate
.alpha.v.beta.3 integrin inhibitors
Arylpiperazines having activity at the serotonin 1A receptor
Chemical derivatives and their application as antitelomerase agent
Substituted 1,3,5- triazines
3-heterocyclylpropanohydroxamic acid PCP inhibitors
Antifungal sordaricin derivatives
Benzocycloalkylenylamine derivatives as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Process for the epoxidation of olefins
Process for producing propylene oxide
Process for producing oxirane compound
Process for producing propylene oxide
Process for manufacturing an alpha-dihydroxy derivative and epoxy resins prepared therefrom
Pentacyclic Compound
Benzopyrancarboxylic acid derivatives for the treatment of diabetes and lipid disorders
Tocopherols, tocotrienols, other chroman and side chain derivatives and uses thereof
Benzopyran or thiobenzopyran derivatives
Chroman derivatives
Information recording medium and novel oxonol compound
Non-peptide GnRH agents
Process for production of sulfur compounds
Quinazolinone derivatives
Crystal forms of 6-[(4-chloro-phenyl)-hydroxy-(3-methyl-3H-imidazol-4-yl)-methyl]-4-(3-ethy nyl-phenyl)-1-methyl-1H-quinolin-2-one, 2,3-dihydroxybutanedioate salts and method of production
Cyclic amide compound
Heteroaromatic derivatives having an inhibitory activity against HIV integrase
Cyanoguanidines as cell proliferation inhibitors
8-azabicyclo(3,2,1)oct-2-ene and octane derivatives as cholinergic ligands at nicotinic ACh receptors
Substituted 4-oxo-napthyridine-3-carboxamides: GABA brain receptor ligands
Process for the synthesis of chloropurine intermediates
Spiro(2h-1-benzopyran-2,4-piperidine)derivatives as glycine transport inhibitors
Process for the preparation of dinaposoline
Process for preparing heterocyclo-alkylsulfonyl pyrazole derivatives
Thiazolyl urea compounds and methods of uses
Nor-seco himbacine derivatives useful as thrombin receptor antagonists
Metal complexes containing bridging heteroatom for olefin-polymerization-process
Internally blocked organoborate initiators and adhesives therefrom
Fluoroborane salts comprising a reactive cation and uses thereof
Dimethicone copolyol cranberriate as a delivery system for natural antioxidants
Aminophosphonium compounds
Reacting epoxy resin with p-containing dihydric phenol or naphthol
Indolizine SPLA2inhibitors
Dehydrated dextrose monohydrate, preparation and use thereof
6,11-3C-bicyclic 9a-azalide derivatives
Solid phase synthesis
Synthesis of oligonucleotides
Inhibition of cellular proliferation by oligonucleotide binding to a chromosomal binding site for p53 protein
Sucralose composition and process for its preparation
Meiosis regulating compounds
Variant tax gene of bovine leukemia virus
Methods using persephin and related growth factors
Nucleic acid molecule encoding human survival of motor neuron-interacting protein 1 (SIP1) deletion mutants
Identification of transcription factor within a cAMP-responsive transcriptional enhancer binding protein (CREB), and uses therefore
G-CSF polypeptides and conjugates
Receptor ligand VEGF-C
Process for isolating IgG and IgA
Cloning and expression of a novel acetylcholine-gated ion channel receptor subunit
Synthesis of glycoconjugates of the lewis Y epitope and uses thereof
Dextran derivatives, preparation and medicinal applications
Acetylated pyroxylin
Process for removing iron-and rhodium-containing catalyst residues from hydrogenated nitrile rubber
Process for the continuous gas-phase (co-) polymerisation of olefins in a fluidized bed reactor
Prepolymerization catalyst for use in gas phase polymerization of olefins and process for producing the same
Ethylene polymers and method for producing the same
High molecular weight perfluorocyclobutane polymers and method of making
Method of producing paraffin wax for aqueous dispersion polymerization of tetrafluoroethylene and method of producing a polytetrafluoroethylene using the same
Polyacrylamide medium for the electrophoretic separation of biomolecules
Aqueous dispersion of addition polymer particles
Process for the polymerization of ethylene and interpolymers thereof
Peroxide curable fluoroelastomers
Method of manufacturing ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer
Corrosion inhibiting compositions
Styrenated maleinized fatty acid glyceride copolymer for aqueous dispersed binders in solvent free ambient dry paints
Polymer composition
Crosslinked polymers containing tertiary amine and/or quaternary ammonium salt structures, processes for making and uses thereof
Thermoplastic molding compositions
Production materials having unstyrenated polyester or vinyl ester resins
Water-borne paint composition having improved hiding and scrub-resistance
Methods and compositions involving polar monomers and multivalent cations
Microgels and process for their preparation
Process for producing polymer
Block copolymer composition
Continuous production method of propylene-based block copolymer
Process for making polyolefin compositions containing exfoliated clay
Multimodal polymers by controlled radical polymerization in the presence of alkoxyamines
Petroleum resins and their production with BF3 catalyst
Methods of enhancing dyeability of polymers
Process for the manufacture of copolymers of formaldehyde and diphenyl oxide
Polymeric foam gaskets and seals
Isocyanate crosslinked waterborne coatings
Urethane-based stain-release coatings
Product of mono or polyamine and polyepoxide-amine precursor, epoxy resin-amine adduct, monoepoxide-amine adduct and epoxide thinner
Polyarylene compositions with enhanced modulus profiles
High-solids thermoset binders formed using hyperbranched polyols as reactive intermediates, coating compositions formed therewith, and methods of making and using same
Production and use of polyester carbonates
Manufacture of cyclic ester oligomers
Method for obtaining oxacarbonyl polymers, functionalization, resulting polymers and functionalizing agent
Production of improved polymers via the use of star cores
Use of copolycarbonates
Aliphatic polycarbonate homo-and co-polymers produced by DMC catalysis and the process for their production
Method for controlling the manufacture of polycarbonate and the polycarbonate formed thereby
Process for treating by-product of polyarylene sulfide
Copolymer sealant compositions and method for making
Aromatic aldehyde resins and their use as emulsion breakers
Hyperbranched polymers with latent functionality and methods of making same
Solid polymer dispersions and method for their preparation
Adhesion between rubber components
Coating compositions for plastic substrates
Isopropyl chloride with hydrofluorocarbon or hydrofluoroether as foam blowing agents
Anti-lumping compounds for use with expandable polystyrene beads
Fibrillated foam article
Rubber and carbon black
Metallic flake containing coating compositions having improved glamour
Pressure sensitive adhesives from plant oils
Color concentrate
Synergistic combinations of phenolic antioxidants
Polyetherimide resin/polyester resin blends having improved visual clarity
Pyrimidine derivatives as hardness stabilizers
Hydrosilyation cured silicone resin containing colloidal silica and a process for producing the same
Electrical wire having a resin composition covering
Thermoplastic elastomer compositions
Thermoplastic elastomeric resin composition and a process for the preparation thereof
Thermoplastic flameproof resin composition
Polyacetal resin composition and fragrance-emitting shaped article
Resin composition containing crystalline polyimide
Polycarbonate resin molding material for optical use and optical disk substrate
Intermediate transfer member and image forming apparatus having the same
Dimeric azo pyridone colorants
Process for preparing perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylic diimide in transparent pigment form
Pigments treated with organosulfonic compounds
Ink compositions
Lithographic printing method
Silane-functionized acrylic primer composition
Coating composition for vibration damping, and method for producing the same
Aqueous pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, production method therefor and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape using the composition
Triphenylamine derivative and organic electroluminescence device comprising the same
Flame-retarding composition and process for the preparation thereof
Water dispersion type water and oil repellent composition and object treated with the same
Production of olefins
Production of olefins
Additive composition for industrial fluid
Molybdenum-containing lubricant additive compositions, and processes for making and using same
Lubricating oil composition
Cleaning composition
Solid-shaped detergent
Hydrophobic liquid photobleaches
Liquid detergent compositions comprising quaternary nitrogen-containing and/or zwitterionic polymeric suds enhancers
Process for producing coated bleach activator granules
Polyribozyme capable of conferring on plants resistance to viruses and resistant plants producing this polyribozyme
Lactacystin analogs
Process of using prodigiosin as an immunosuppressive
Physiologically active substances
Process for the dissolution of copper metal
Method of operating a processing chamber having multiple stations
Chemically enhanced focused ion beam micro-machining of copper
Fluoride cleaning masking system
Textiles; Paper
Polypropylene fibres
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Prepackaged mounting assembly
Control cable including a cable-guiding duct of porous PTFE
Beam scale with user friendly features
Device and method for detecting the weight of the useful load of a commercial vehicle by means of a vertical sensor
Treating solution applying method
Easy install musical instrument string system
Kernel-mode audio processing modules
Method and apparatus for waveform reproduction
Clamping strip for fastening a neoprene wire
Double helix lead dressing of flat flexible cables
Electrical cable having indicating malfunction means therein
Operating mechanism with improved input drive arrangement for switches and circuit interrupters
Structure of an ignition knob of a gas stove
Switch operating mechanism
Tactile switch
Physical vapor deposition of an amorphous silicon liner to eliminate resist poisoning
Etching for manufacture of semiconductor devices
Method of processing metal and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the metal
Self-aligned silicide process for silicon sidewall source and drain contacts
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and process for producing the same, and tablet comprising epoxy resin composition
Method of holding substrate and substrate holding system
Method of catalyzing copper deposition in a damascene structure by plasma treating the barrier layer and then applying a catalyst such as iodine or iodine compounds to the barrier layer
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device using trench isolation method including hydrogen annealing step
Method of forming shallow trench isolation using antireflection layer
Adhesion promotion method for CVD copper metallization in IC applications
Process for fabricating semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Etching back process to improve topographic planarization of a polysilicon layer
Method of forming a silicon oxide layer of a semiconductor device and method of forming a wiring having the same
Structure and method to preserve STI during etching
Window structure with photovoltaic panel
Apparatus, systems, and methods for adjusting the position of a hanging aerial terminal
Cable rack
Swivel fixture hanger assembly for high bay fixtures
High performance EMI shield for electronic equipment
Devices to reduce electro-magnetic field radiation
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