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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Suspension system for planting unit
Sorbent and applications
Method of assembling a receiver collar
Bird toy
Insole support system
Buckle device
Fastener element and concealed slide fastener
Back construction for seating unit
Convertible article and method
Circulation enhancing sleeve pillow or cushion
Waffle-cut foam mattress or cushion pad
Safety device for folding chair
Head restraint for motor vehicle
Air freshener with frame and refill holder
Pill crusher
Rotating brush driving control apparatus for vacuum cleaner
Adaptive photoscreening system
Intraoral dental radiology positioning device for use with x-ray receptor
Bariatric bed apparatus and methods
Devices and methods for recording information on a subject's body
Method of playing a poker-type keno game
Method and system for playing a game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Dual-axis rotating sprinkler
Device for loading the guide surfaces of bearing chocks supported in the housing windows of rolling stands
Method of manufacturing an ink jet head
Retractor for circular saw lower safety-guard
Method of producing member having face-geared surface
Wire terminating tool
Machine tool
Depth adjusting device for a power tool
Keyless shoe lock for reciprocating saw
Roll assembly for a pipe extrusion plant
Apparatus for fabricating color filter of LCD
Privacy tablet
Belt conveying mechanism for ink-jet recording apparatus and ink-jet recording apparatus including it
Modular printhead with series of nested printhead modules
Pagewidth printhead cartridge having multiple ink storage capacity
Gap adjusting device, recording apparatus and liquid ejection apparatus
Fluid ejector including a drop size symbol, a method of disposing a drop size symbol in a fluid ejector, and an image forming device including a marking fluid ejector with a drop size symbol
Systems and methods for detecting intermittent, weak and missing jets with an inline linear array sensor
Wheel set with different rigidity between front and rear wheels
Wheel and spinner having a locking mechanism
Tool-free tire traction device
Ball and socket mount for shock absorber of torsion beam axle suspension
Active roll control system using a motor
Hybrid driving unit and vehicle carrying the same
Hybrid power unit
Gear-shifting device for manual transmission
Headlamp assembly with integrated housing and heat sink
Bumper reinforcement for vehicle
Brake fluid pressure control unit for vehicle
Base tool caddy for janitorial cleaning supplies
Prone operator position personal watercraft
Powered aircraft including inflatable and rotatable bodies exhibiting a circular cross-section perpendicular to its rotation axis and in order to generate a lift force
Method and clip apparatus for the closing of sausage-shaped packages
Compressor packing member
Bottle closure
Molding die assembly for rubber members and rubber member produced thereby
Escalator or moving walk with ropelike tiedown
Pusher mechanism for I.S. machine
Dispensing closure, package and method of assembly with film seal piercing
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Systems and methods for producing oil and/or gas
Aryl substituted propenoic amides and esters
Multi-layer-coated quantum dot beads
Textiles; Paper
Metal strand comprising interrupted filament
Metal cord
Tufting machine and process for variable stitch rate tufting
Fixed Constructions
Method and system for removing snow
Method of forming concrete building modules
Lock having slidable box
Hidden fastening structure
Door assembly
Reverse molded panel, method of manufacture, and door manufactured therefrom
Bits and cutting structures
Drill bit assembly with a probe
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Oil supply circuit for cylinder deactivation system
Enhanced permanent magnet electromagnetic actuator for an electronic valve actuation system of an engine
Multi-stroke internal combustion engine for facilitation of auto-ignition operation
Supercharger and air inlet assembly for a V type internal combustion engine
Apparatus with mixed fuel separator and method of separating a mixed fuel
Engine having multiple injector locations
Engine system having improved efficiency
Crankcase of an engine
Turbo charging system
Cold idle adaptive air-fuel ratio control utilizing lost fuel approximation
Engine exhaust gas purifier
Warm up strategy for ethanol direct injection plus gasoline port fuel injection
Mixer for engine, air conditioning apparatus driven by engine, and power generation apparatus driven by engine
One-way clutch of package type
Compressed air energy storage system utilizing two-phase flow to facilitate heat exchange
Cable protection guide having improved skate
Divided driver device for a slip ring seal
Exhaust gas control valve
Method of discharging high pressure storage vessels
Backlight assembly including inverter for liquid crystal display device
Solar photovoltaic power generation panel mount
Real-time individual electronic enclosure cooling system
Ring resonator gyro with folded cylinder suspension
Instrument cluster with three-dimensional display
Electromagnetic flowmeter with measuring tube
Flow detector element of thermosensible flow sensor
Vehicle software upgrade techniques
Method and apparatus for testing the adhesive strength of overlays of plain bearing bushings
Device and method for measuring adhesion strength between two optical elements
Method for ultrasonic elastic modulus calculation and imaging
Sensor, device and method for measuring the pressure of an interface between two bodies
Device for determining the actual reversal of the direction of rotation of a reversing rotational drive
Outer casing for gas sensor
Methods and apparatus for improving call performance and data throughput
Radio communication system, radio base station apparatus, user terminal and radio communication method
System and method for an optical coupler
Earpiece-less eyeglass frame having a removable retainer strap
Liquid crystal display (LCD) system and method
Liquid crystal displays having pixels with embedded fringe field amplifiers
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Atomic oscillator and interrogation method of coherent population trapping resonance
Establishing a power charging association on a powerline network
Method and system for uniquely identifying a user computer in real time for security violations using a plurality of processing parameters and servers
Method for tracking machines on a network using multivariable fingerprinting of passively available information
Network interface with logging
Adaptable applications in a client/server architecture
Calendar integration with text messaging to facilitate no-time-specified events
Data migration in a storage network
Switch-based data tiering
Distributing an executable job load file to compute nodes in a parallel computer
Apparatus and method of peer-to-peer communication
Method for controlling monitoring items, management computer, and computer system in cloud system where virtual environment and non-virtual environment are mixed
Computer-readable recording medium storing process for monitoring computer, its method and apparatus
Bulk uploading of multiple self-referencing objects
Relay device, information processing system, relay device control method, image forming apparatus management method, and storage medium
Power estimation in an integrated circuit design flow
E-paper based digital document display device that retrieves updates automatically
Statistical models and methods to support the personalization of applications and services via consideration of preference encodings of a community of users
Describing a paradigmatic member of a task directed community in a complex heterogeneous environment based on non-linear attributes
Low-voltage swing circuit modifications
Physical aware technology mapping in synthesis
Physical aware technology mapping in synthesis
Boundary based power guidance for physical synthesis
Methods for retargeting circuit design layouts and for fabricating semiconductor devices using retargeted layouts
Determining a quality parameter for a verification environment
Systems and methods for authenticating a service
Facilitating security enforcement for shared content
System and method for preventing unauthorized access to information
Method and apparatus for accessing secure data in a dispersed storage system
Protecting content displayed on a mobile device
Secure timestamping
Auto-logging of read/write commands in a storage network
Graphical user interface display which differentiates among participants in a group conversation
Distributed aggregated content guide for collaborative playback session
Liquid crystal display device and method for driving same
Gesture-based content sharing
Acclimatizing a user to a scheduling pattern change
Bringing attention to an activity
Managing navigation and history information
Bringing attention to an activity
Mobile terminal and method of controlling the mobile terminal for displaying visual effects in a user interface
Password processing device
System and method for screening for fraud in commercial transactions
Protection of user application setting from third party changes
Method and system for accessing a service
Communication apparatus and control method thereof
Automated file delivery systems and methods
Allocating instantiated resources to an IT-service
Liquid cooled data center design selection
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Card key
RFID tag and fuse
Visual monitoring of queues using auxiliary devices
Method for computer vision to recognize objects marked for identification with a bigram of glyphs, and devices utilizing the method for practical purposes
Device and method for extracting information from remotely detected characteristic signals
Digital image coin discrimination for use with consumer-operated kiosks and the like
Document compression with neighborhood biased pixel labeling
Image processing system, image processing method, and image processing program
Object detection approach using an ensemble strong classifier
Two level last significant coefficient (LSC) position coding
Missing value imputation for predictive models
Adaptation of context models
System, method, and computer program product for catalog adaptation
Travel destination one stop shopping system based on 3D panoramic image and control method thereof
Image processing circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Creating a wireframe mesh for representing a moving object in a three-dimensional coordinate system
System, apparatus, and method for image processing
Chattel management apparatus and methods
Fire alarm power line carrier com-system
Personal safety response system and method
Tethered security system with wireless communication
Electronic article surveillance using radio frequency identification
Systems to monitor proximity of body portions relative to an environment
Method and apparatus for visually and audibly indicating the setup and maintenance of a system
Wearable apparatus for indicating lawfully armed individuals to police officers arriving at the scene of an incident in progress
Methods and apparatus for scanning for mesh nodes
Monitoring breathing via signal strength in wireless networks
Multimedia arrangement
Method of displaying traffic congestion estimation
Reference tokens for managing driverless cars
Apparatus and method for searching for wanted vehicle
Automatic injection training device
Applications of electronic and paper signs
Display panel driver, method of driving display panel using the same, and display apparatus having the same
Display device
Generating bounding boxes for labels
Guitar stand
Time display for a tuning device
Emission of a commencement sound and a conclusion sound
Continuous voice authentication for a mobile device
Voice processing device and voice processing method for controlling silent period between sound periods
High density timing based servo format
Write head for a magnetic tape medium with magnetically encoded servo band bursts
Sense amplifier
Logic embedded nonvolatile memory device
Memory system and method of controlling memory system
Semiconductor integrated circuit with bist circuit
Data pattern generation for I/O testing
Techniques for on-demand production of medical isotopes such as Mo-99/Tc-99m and radioactive iodine isotopes including I-131
Electrically conductive composition, electrically conductive film using the composition and a method of producing the same
Method for manufacturing dispersion liquid of carbon nanotube aggregates
Rare earth magnet, rotor and manufacturing method for rare earth magnet
Temperature switch
Illuminated keyboard device
Electron beam plasma source with segmented suppression electrode for uniform plasma generation
Multiple frequency RF amplifier, mass spectrometer including the same, and mass spectrometry method of mass spectrometer
Method and apparatus for transporting samples in a mass spectrometer
Method for directly attaching dielectric to circuit board with embedded electronic devices
Precise critical dimension control using bilayer ALD
Accelerated relaxation of strain-relaxed epitaxial buffers by use of integrated or stand-alone thermal processing
Manufacturing method of semiconductor film, manufacturing method of semiconductor device, and manufacturing method of photoelectric conversion device
Process for the manufacture of semiconductor devices comprising the chemical mechanical polishing of elemental germanium and/or Si.sub.1-xGe.sub.x material in the presence of a CMP composition comprising a specific organic compound
Patterning process for fin implantation
Pb-free solder bumps with improved mechanical properties
Integrated circuits with an insultating layer and methods for producing such integrated circuits
Substrate for molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) HgCdTe growth
Method for producing a thin film transistor
Lithography process monitoring of local interconnect continuity
Method of eliminating poor reveal of through silicon vias
Water soluble mask formation by dry film vacuum lamination for laser and plasma dicing
Methods to thin down RMG sidewall layers for scalability of gate-last planar CMOS and FinFET technology
Semiconductor module including plate-shaped insulating members having different thickness
Methods for contact formation for 10 nanometers and beyond with minimal mask counts
Vertical fin eDRAM
Structure for metal oxide semiconductor capacitor
Graphene transistor optical detector based on metamaterial structure and application thereof
Dual trench rectifier and method for forming the same
Self-aligned source and drain regions for semiconductor devices
Sacrificial silicon germanium channel for inversion oxide thickness scaling with mitigated work function roll-off and improved negative bias temperature instability
SiGe FinFET with improved junction doping control
Integrated circuit product comprising lateral and vertical FinFet devices
Shielded electrical contact and doping through a passivating dielectric layer in a high-efficiency crystalline solar cell, including structure and methods of manufacture
Photoelectric conversion device
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Reduced oxides having large thermoelectric ZT values
TiOx based selector element
Sidewall type memory cell
High resolution organic light-emitting diode devices, displays, and related method
Synthesis of new small molecules/oligomers with high conductivity and absorption for optoelectronic application
Method of manufacturing light-emitting device, and evaporation donor substrate
Lithium/dissolved polysulfide rechargeable lithium--sulfur batteries and methods of making the same
Supercapacitor with metal cyanometallate anode and carbonaceous cathode
Enbloc clip-type lithium secondary battery pack capable of fitting into two-cell or four cell battery compartment of electronic device
Secondary battery
Fluoro material which may be used as an electrode active material
Transparent conformal polymer antennas for RFID and other wireless communications applications
Antenna pattern frame, method and mold for manufacturing the same, electronic device case having antenna pattern frame embedded therein, and method for manufacturing the same
DIMM connector region vias and routing
Miniaturized wire-to-board connector system for wearable devices
Fast wire connector
PCIE-OCuLink cable end connector
Electronic charging device for vehicles and method for making same
Semiconductor laser device
Protection and control system, and merging unit
Methods, systems, and apparatus for automated maintenance mode switching
Signal-activated circuit interrupter
Current-coordinating system suitable for the redundancy of electrical equipment
Apparatus and method of protecting power receiver of wireless power transmission system
Methods and apparatuses for obtaining voltage information based on charge packets input at different timings
USB charging with data communication
Flex and stay cell phone/electronic device charging stand
Electric rotating machine
Electrical conductors and related devices
Split rotor multiphase generator
Switching regulator compatible with electronic transformer and control method thereof
Switched mode power supply with a simplified start-up supply
Methods and devices for the generation of high frequency clock signals
Resonation element, resonator, oscillator, electronic device and moving object
Methods and systems for down-converting a signal using a complementary transistor structure
Distortion compensation apparatus and method therefor
Amplification device and amplification method
Wideband FM demodulation by injection-locked division of frequency deviation
Dynamically calibrating the offset of a receiver with a decision feedback equalizer (DFE) while performing data transport operations
Semiconductor device including inverter gate circuit with connection configuration switch circuit switching real values of gate width and gate length
Oscillator device
Fully differential level conversion circuit
Correctable parity protected memory
Method and apparatus for IQ imbalance estimation
Wireless audio communications device, system and method
Communicating arbitrary attributes using a predefined characteristic
Radio communication system and controlling method thereof
Unmanned vehicle communication through short message service
Transmission device and transmission method
Transmission device and optical transmission system
Receiving apparatus, data receiving method, and channel estimating apparatus and method therefor
LAN multiplexing apparatus
Intelligent, dynamic E-mail signature
Personal area network apparatus
Social search engine
Network traffic classification
Packet data processor in a communications processor architecture
Selective underflow protection in a network switch
Distributed caching systems with configurable extended caching optimization
Scalable flow and congestion control with OpenFlow
Dynamic configuration of processing modules in a network communications processor architecture
Enhanced caching of domain name system (DNS) and reverse DNS queries for traffic management for signaling optimization in a mobile network
Identifying a port associated with a network node to which a selected network link is connected
Signal modulation using guard band determination for improved frequency spectrum efficiency
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving signal based on interference
Pre-processing system for minimizing application-level denial-of-service in a multi-tenant system
Continuous user authentication
Method and system for the provision of services for terminal devices
Methods and apparatuses for trust computation
Robot mitigation
Malicious mobile code runtime monitoring system and methods
Protection of private data
Providing context-based visibility of cloud resources in a multi-tenant environment
Providing context-based visibility of cloud resources in a multi-tenant environment
Secure non-geospatially derived device presence information
Data link layer protocol having adaptive framing
Allocating network bandwidth to prefetch requests to prefetch data from a remote storage to cache in a local storage
Visually indicating a calendar event among different time zones
Quality of experience collaboration between mobile devices
Multipath overlay network and its multipath management protocol
Radio communication terminal, base station apparatus, radio communication system and radio communication method
Systems and methods for authenticating an electronic message
Waterproof structure for use with electronic device
Enhanced caller ID with recipient-selected caller information display
Method of receiving and replying messages with a hands-free device
Recording medium, mobile electronic device, and operation control method
Methods for voice management, and related devices
Wireless data network switching method and electronic device thereof
Alert puck system with VOIP callback for emergency response
Method and apparatus for scanning an image
Image forming and processing apparatus, and method for correcting image data based on an estimated intensity of ghost light
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Electronic system with frequency mechanism and method of operation thereof
Multiple zone scanning order for video coding
Image decoding method using intra prediction mode
Method and apparatus for producing full synchronization of a digital file with a live event
Turbulence-free camera system and related method of image enhancement
Selective image and object enhancement to aid viewer enjoyment of program
Solid-state imaging element having image signal overflow path
Flat-screen display device
Apparatus and method for detecting voice based on motion information
Systems and methods for sharing video viewing history
Legacy converter filter with extended frequency range
Video acquisition and compilation system and method of assembling and distributing a composite video
Method and device for sensing traffic flow and notifying motor vehicle drivers of the same
Multi-stage production pipeline system
Persistent scheduling method and apparatus based on semi-grouping and statistically multiplexing
Hearing aid device having battery drawer
Integrated headphone insert device
Earpiece apparatus for in-ear headphones
Dynamic resource matching system
Wireless communication system and communication method
Radio communication system
Distributed mobile access point acquisition
Staggered primary channel selection in wifi communication systems
Disaster response system
Radio-agnostic message translation service
Systems for switching modes in wireless sessions
Delivery of Internet based service to user equipment
Presence platform for passive radio access network-to-radio access network device transition
Optimizing keepalive and other background traffic in a wireless network
Antenna structures and methods thereof for configuring an antenna structure of a communication device in transit
Buck regulator for LED lighting color mixing and/or current compensation
Light-emitting element lighting device, light-emitting module, illuminating apparatus, and light-emitting element lighting method
Lighting system, lighting apparatus, and lighting control method
Lighting system with an interface having a power supply unit and at least one light source module
Multi-screen display apparatus and luminance control method
Method for manufacturing layered circuit board, layered circuit board, and electronic device
Film system for LED applications
Packaging for eight-socket one-hop SMP topology
Storage device accommodating structure
Weatherproof corner box
Electronic card connection device and electronic device
Electronic component case for vehicle
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Bin filler for fruit crops
Plant watering device with sprayer
Multi-barrel plant inoculation gun
Valve, milking claw and milking system
Milking device provided with cleansing means
Automatic pet blanket
Disposable insert containing pet dish apparatus
Gravity flow grain tank for hay bale processor
Aquatic animal incubation device
System and method for clam farming
Fishing reel with a bail arm unit
Fishing reel rotor with one-way brake assembly
Ice melter
Dynamic counterweight mechanism for one-sided sprayers
Hamburger patty making system
Method and apparatus for the production of shells of fat-containing, chocolate-like masses under pressure build-up
Variable geometry seasoning tumbler
Extensible and retractable face mask
Eyeglass temple holders for attaching to opposite sides of headwear
Self defense pendant
Wheeled suitcase
Multi-purpose bag
Soft-sided carrying case
Cushion system and device
Strap pack carrier
Water bag for bicycle riders
Detergent feeding mechanism for a cleaning device
Computer keyboard tray
Foldable table and bench assembly
Modular clothing rack system
Wall mounted shelving system
Adjustable rackmount assembly with locking key
Methods and apparatus for mechanically controlling adjustments of a chair
Chair chassis
Office chair
Chair with a seat slidable relative to a seat base for synchronously actuating a footrest and a backrest
Bench having a removable back section
Lockable, collapsible children's patio chair
Structure of a foldable chair with a locking mechanism
Shock absorbing seat
Detachable head support for a child safety seat
Synergistic body positioning and dynamic support system
Privacy seat divider for transport vehicles
Seating element for a seating arrangement
Baby stroller seat
Shelf dolly
Hanger display assembly
Eyeglass display clip
Continuous roll paper napkin rings
Mounting system for a beverage container
Shopping cart having cupholder
Shoulder support for garments
Adjustable garment hanger
Enhanced-security delivery receptacles
Enhanced-security delivery receptacles with brick-in feature
Bracket for sun shade and assembly using it
Covered grill apparatus
Portable barbeque grill
Beverage tasting vessel with multiple rim portions
Cutting board
Cartridge for dispensing controlled amounts of paper products
Block of interleaved laminar products, a package therefor and a process for realizing same
Soap dispensing washcloth system and method
Stain removal pen with optimal application device
Tilting direct dual filling device
Method for coronary artery bypass
Large needle oval wound plastic suture package
Needle sorting device
Surgical stapling apparatus
Close contact drape
Oculomotor balance tester
Ophthalmologic apparatus and control method thereof
Ophthalmic apparatus with a lighting and/or beam therapy ray whose surface intensity distribution can be regulated and device with such an apparatus for eye treatment
Human language translation of patient session information from implantable medical devices
Apparatus and methods for testing pain sensitivity
Roentgenogram image capturing system
Automatically reconfigurable x-ray positioner
Dental implant floss construction
Fluid-dispensing and refilling system for a power toothbrush
Endodontic obturator with removable carrier and method of use thereof
Process for making an expansion screw for orthodontics and screw thus made
Orthodontic appliance
Gum adjusting and shaping device
Snap-in healing cap and insertion tool
Infant emergency neck restraint
Treatment of hepatitis C using hyperthermia
Mobility device
Stair chair
Family of pill splitters and method of manufacture
Tablet packing apparatus
Biological material for treating periodontal diseases
Automatic air freshener with dynamically variable dispensing interval
Nebulizer apparatus and method
Nasal inhaler
Medicament respiratory delivery device and method
Valve for aerosol container
Apparatus and method for providing a breathing gas employing a bi-level flow generator with an AC synchronous motor
Monitoring fluid flow in a pressure support system
Determining suitable ventilator settings for patients with alveolar hypoventilation during sleep
Variable aperture venting for respiratory mask
Nasal mask
Breathing assistance apparatus
Fast-fit clamp for regulating flow along flexible tubes, in particular for medical use
Tactile feedback for indicating validity of communication link with an implantable medical device
Life saving fire exit method and apparatus
Fluid loading system
Automatic engine fire extinguishing system
Flame arrestor with reflection suppressor
Pole climbing and safety device
Golf bag stand
Paintball filling system
Stick similar to a ski stick or walking stick
Independent suspension system for in-line skates having rocker arms and adjustable springs
Shock-absorbing support pad for a snowboard binding equipped with such support pad
Safety binding for ski boot
Ski binding, especially for cross-country skis
Billiard type game system
Card game
Catapult game device, system and method
Octagon cube spacial logical toy
Inflatable figure assembly
Compressed air engine and flying object equipped therewith
Candy dispenser including a translucent tube with an internal spring
Fountain, kit, bracket and method of assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid discharge assembly
Filter-valve assembly
Mobile blending apparatus
Quasi-continuous treatment of particulate materials with cleansing nozzle system
Article comprising a multi-channel dispensing head
In-tank water conditioner valve
Jaw crusher
Blade sweep for pulverizers
Machine for chopping organic cut products
Comminuting apparatus and pneumatic recirculation systems for comminuting apparatus
Downstream pneumatic recirculation comminuting apparatus
Combined portable, cleaning fluid spray apparatus and paper towel support and dispensing apparatus
Foaming liquid dispenser
Apparatus and method of supplying powder coating material
Pistol grip hose nozzle with proportional flow control
Film packaging for a pasty-like substance
Method and air separator for classifying charging material reduced in size
Separating wheel
Device for transferring flat objects with an injector comprising elastically deformable wheels
Ultrasonic cleaner and wet treatment nozzle comprising the same
Laser discharge chamber passivation by plasma
Method for scarifying an interior surface of a pipeline
Treatment of oxidable gas generated from waste at a dumping area
Track for drawing assembly and method to remove the relative gripping elements
Braze alloy flow-barrier
Anchor with an improved upper structure and method for manufacturing the same
Casting method and apparatus
Casting sand shake-out method and its apparatus
Repairing device for repairing threaded mouths or ports
Process to fracture connecting rods and the like with resonance-fatigue
Centrifugally-cast tube and related method and apparatus for making same
Device for enlarging a machine table
Method for providing a curved cooling channel in a gas turbine component as well as coolable blade for a gas turbine component
Solder reflow with microwave energy
Truss core sandwich panels and methods for making same
Force sensing apparatus
Process for joining metals
Rolling guide apparatus
Pneumatic drilling end effector
Spindle device of machine tool
Quick connect/disconnect workpiece transfer unit
Interchangeable locating pin assembly for locating manufactured parts
Compressed air tool
Nail-driving tool with an illumination device
Reconfigurable workholding fixture
Clamp adapter
Electric clamp
Nail stapler
Structure and method for fitting magazine to nose member of nailing machine
Hammer drill
Air-input speed regulator for pneumatic tool
Safety clutch for electrical hand-held tool
Combination of tool bit with handle
Tool box
Self-adaptive vacuum gripping system
Flexible line guide for industrial robot
Wood planing machine with an adjusting unit for adjusting a horizontal position of a cutter carriage
Replacement blade bodies for a slotting milling cutter
Cutter unit for a wood planing machine
Drill bit and process of producing a drill bit with improved cutting edges
Laminar polyolefine plastic material recycling installation
Pressure transmitters for use in the production of composite components
Conveyorized vacuum injection system
Inner shell for a roof module in sandwich construction as well as method of producing same
Injection molding machine
Injection moulding machine
Rotating extruder nozzle structure
Molding apparatus with mold block section transfer system
Buffer store for polymer melts, especially cellulose solutions
Molded article having a rigid support and a rigid hollow member
Drive device for a handheld heater unit
Retroreflective prismatic retro-reflectors without visually disturbing seams
Conveying apparatus and rotary type transfer apparatus for spout-equipped bags
Damping corrugator roll
Composite card
Composite sound insulation system for room boundary surfaces
Printing device
Ink jet recording apparatus
Method and apparatus for printing with multiple recording mechanisms
Printing apparatus and printing method
Image-forming method and printing medium and sheet cartridge therefor
Method and apparatus for printer cartridge identification
Printing cartridge with radio frequency identification
Ink jet printhead that includes coiled actuators
Printing apparatus and printing method
Apparatus and method for raised and special effects printing using inkjet technology
Three- and two-dimensional images formed by suspended or transitory colorant in a volume
Ink droplet forming apparatus and method for use in ink jet printer system
Ejection of ink using pulsating pressure and a movable shutter
Liquid ejecting apparatus, and method for maintaining and recovering ejection performance of the same
Printing apparatus, control method of the apparatus, and computer-readable memory
Ink-jet head substrate, ink-jet head and ink-jet recording apparatus
Solid BI-layer structures for use with high viscosity inks in acoustic ink in acoustic ink printing and methods of fabrication
Fluid supply arrangment for a micro-electromechanical device
Energy balanced ink jet printhead
Printhead assembly having printhead modules in a channel
Nozzle assembly for an ink jet printer
Ink jet printhead having efficient heat dissipation and removal of air
Printing system with phase shift printing to reduce peak power consumption
Method of reducing kogation of heater of ink-jet recording head, ink-jet recording method, ink-jet recording apparatus, recording unit and method for prolonging service life of recording head
Recording method and recording apparatus
Method of manufacturing a thermally actuated liquid control device
Stalagmite dissolving spittoon system for inkjet printheads
Single actuation axis printhead cleaner architecture for staggered printheads
Snout wiper assembly
Rotating waste ink accumulation system
Collapsible ink reservoir with a collapse resisting insert
Pressure control device for an inkjet pen
Fluid interconnect in a replaceable ink reservoir for pigmented ink
Filter for an ink jet pen
Printed media parallel binder
Printing system and printing under firing data resolution method for printing system
Apparatus for and method of adjusting a position of a printing head in an inkjet printer
Carriage with clamping device for reliable mounting of printheads
Post-printing processor for printer
Inkjet multifunction device having a nozzle malfunction repair function and a method for maintaining the same
Ink jet printhead having out-of-ink detection using temperature monitoring system
Method, system, and article of manufacture for performing registration calibration for printing devices
Method of selecting ink jet inks and receiver in a color set and receiver combination
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method for merchandising mouse pads
Integrated shopping list and coupon folder
Shipping envelope
Wearable folded map
H & d easy coin and currency display
Writing article whose writing tip includes a drying retardant and process for the manufacture of such a tip
Wheel structure
Wheel hub
Vehicle wheel mounting unit
Wheel bearing device
Sports/utility vehicle trailer
Towing attachment and method
Trailer alignment apparatus
Air spring device for load-carrying vehicles
Vehicle air conditioner with foot air-outlet structure
Automatic air conditioner having learning function and control method of control system
Structure of roof-side portion of motor vehicle
Portable external cover apparatus and method
Vision visor apparatus and method for use
Raised hatch door system
Convertible vehicle with through-openings for linkage elements
Sunroof device
Sun roof apparatus
Hydrostatic transmission connection apparatus
Automatic axle traction control
System and method for providing parallel power in a hybrid-electric vehicle
Method and apparatus for providing a hydraulic transmission pump assembly having a differential actuation
Release mechanism for a seat
Vehicle seat lumbar support system
Aircraft seat mounted passenger interface
Seat integrated latch recliner assembly with inertial locking mechanism
Storage type seat for automobile and seat storage structure
Adjustable cargo system
Vehicle occupant side crash protection system
Folding seat having a belt member
Interior system for a motor vehicle
Vehicle seat
Automobile seat
Aircraft passenger seat frame construction
Accessory attachment system for vehicle interiors
Ramp auto latch system
Reconfigurable drop panels for a vehicle cargo bed
Slidable room assembly
Extendable truck rack
Infrared irradiation lamp for automobile
Exterior rear view mirror integral warning light
Arrangement for fastening wireless terminal accessory
Connection arrangement for the detachable connection of two components
Impact-absorbing apparatus for front ends of vehicles
Bumper energy absorber with foam and non-foam pieces
Floating bumper beam system
Bumper spoiler in a device for reducing air resistance of vehicle
Method for suppressing deployment of an inflatable restraint based on sensed occupant capacitance
Crash sensing system
Device for fixing a gas bag and a side gas bag protective device
Seamless passenger side airbag door
Airbag apparatus for head-protecting
Air bag cover for vehicles
Decklid and luggage compartment system for automotive vehicle
Box container and loading space for a motor vehicle
Storage device
Motor vehicle central console
Vehicle bed storage box
Disassemblable orthogonal multilevel storage assembly configurable into variable sized storage chambers for vehicle passenger compartments and pickup truck beds
Hitch rack
Towed vehicle brake actuation system
Method and device for controlling the slippage at at least one vehicle wheel in closed loop
Anti-lock brake system solenoid valve
Electromagnetic valve
Running condition control system for vehicle and method
Automotive braking system actuated by a pressure fluid
Hydraulic pressure control device and vehicle brake device using the same
Cargo tie-downs and rail systems including such tie-downs
Transportation device, especially a wheelchair, with a braking system
Rechargeable light emitting bands
Body pillar for a motor vehicle
Motor vehicle steering column support assembly
Adjustable trailer underbody fairing
Vehicle bed assembly
Vehicle rear body structure
Compactable extended cab modular bunk assembly
Shopping cart with dedicated multi-compartments
Control apparatus for controlling an electric power steering mechanism
Motor-driven power steering apparatus
Electric power steering assembly
Electric power steering apparatus and method of manufacturing gear used therefor
Integral bushing assembly for a rack and pinion steering gear
Mounting/bearing device for a fifth wheel having a stirrup-shaped bearing pedestal and a bridge
Overhead runway transportation hanger with load raising and lowering system
Scooter type vehicle
Replacement skates for a scooter
Ergonomic tandem bicycle
Safety device for a front wheel of a vehicle for children
Paddle support having a storage device
Passive apparatus and method for reducing fluid induced stresses by introduction of energetic flow into boundary layer around structures
Water skiing float, jacket attachment structure
Scuba diving bubble diverter for improving vision and decreasing bubble noise
Vane structure for a propeller
Boat propulsion device
Outboard engine system
Submarine countermeasure propeller protector
Fresh water marine engine flushing assembly and system
Method and system for providing manipulation restraining forces for a stick controller on an aircraft
Modification of fluid flow about bodies and surfaces through virtual aero-shaping of airfoils with synthetic jet actuators
Aerodynamic supplementary device for float aircraft
Floatation system
Active system and method for vibration and noise reduction
Rotor blade with flap and flap drive
Multi-mode tiltrotor nacelle control system with integrated envelope protection
Mechanism for at least regionally adjusting the curvature of airfoil wings
Spiralling missile--A
Food storage and distribution system for airplanes
Canopy quick release device for parachutes
Deployment system for inflatable structures
Flight refueling guide
Containment apparatus for collecting fragments of foam insulation
Suction nozzle of compression preservation bag
Apparatus for sorting pills
Tear-off device for opening drink cans
Hanger label
Combination gum and mint caddy
Substantially paperboard container with tear-strip opening and reclosure feature
Hand-held self defense device
Smoothwall hinged containers
Closable container, and methods for filling containers
Tamper-evident closure with break-off piece retention
Bag-in-box container and faucet
Carton for holding and displaying balls
Package with bottom panel stand-offs
Packaging unit
Dispensing capsule for a liquid container
Container for dispensing a dual phase fluid product
Connector assembly for fluid flow with rotary motion for connection and disconnection
Cushion package structure
Container assembly having a cover cap provided with a pump member to pump out air from a container
Self-heating/self-cooling package
Sheet package
Stem configuration to reduce seal abrasion in metered dose aerosol valves
Tamper-evident cap
Cigarette package with incorporated matches
Footwear package
Weighted garbage can with legs
Self-adapting refuse receptacle lift with low profile
Belt transfer assembly
Platform-top radius belt and modules
Conveyor roller nip point automatic protection device
Cleated conveyor belt and cleaning assembly
Conveyor system having means for shifting articles between parallel conveyors
Lumber stacking apparatus
Cart that retrieves, transports, lifts and empties waste container
Destacking device with thickness based feedback control
Sheet feeder apparatus and method with throughput control
Sheet stack holding apparatus for a printer or copier
Feeder for microfilm jacket printer
Automatic document feeding apparatus
Winding device
Dynamic pitch correction for an output inserter subsystem
Stack control mechanism
Equipment for distributing flexible sheet-shaped objects
Captured belt path selection apparatus and system
Paper folding machine with gate tip feeder
Apparatus and method for transferring labels from a label magazine for in-mold labeling prior to blow molding
Single publication vending device
Sheet feeder drop table with transverse take-away conveyor
Sheet order gate
Accumulator having power ramp
Paper feeder
Overhanging paper guide for a scanner
Cable reel with a positioning mechanism
Method for immediate allocation of landing calls
Escalator combteeth force detector
System for stabilizing and controlling a hoisted load
Method of and apparatus for controlling stacking of a load by a crane
Overwinding prevention device for winch
Wire rope tensioning device
Brake mechanism for winch assembly
Stabilized jack stand
Tool for removing deck boards
Vehicle leveling apparatus
Fork lift truck with elastic bearing
Equipment for filling containers with materials, preferably liquids
Promoting the purchase of, and visually verifying the authenticity of a mixed purchased beverage
Beverage dispenser
Faucet for a drinking-water dispenser
Dispensing valve with helical flow orifice
Corrosive resistant liquid extraction apparatus
Liquid discharge control apparatus
Tamper-proof chemical dispensing device for high security environments
Membrane and sensor for underground tank venting system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Composition having low thermal resistivity and method for laying underground cables for carrying electrical energy
Storable water-microsphere suspensions for use in well cements and methods
Inkjet images having improved visual properties and methods of making same
Thermal interface material having a zone-coated release linear
Remotely operated cutting mode shifting apparatus for a combination fluid jet decoking tool
Process for cleaning polymeric fouling from equipment
Illuminating novelty cleansing bar
Manufacturing method for bonded electroforming metallic mold
Smart coating system with chemical taggants for coating condition assessment
Textiles; Paper
Pneumatic feeder
Fixed Constructions
Roadway guardrail structure
Headwall for drain pipe
Rigid jacket of an offshore platform having a quadrapod structure
Device for connecting a towed pipe to a towing apparatus
Implement coupling for loading machine
Pressure regulating valve
Hand-held shower system with inline adjustable temperature/pressure balanced mixing valve
Horizontal-flow trap and housing assembly with odor preventing closure mechanism
Sealing gaskets for water closets
Modular integrated wastewater lift station construction kit
Tent adapted for attachment to a cot
Folding door bar lock
Rotational spring clip for connecting a male component to a female component
Corner bracket assembly
Single control tilt drive unit
Cordless blind
Adjustable upper beam with a cuttable blind assembly
Venetian blind that keeps lift cords concealed
Cordless blind brake
Overlapping blind apparatus
Tensioning device for a door system
Pantograph underreamer
Riser guide system
Pipeline monitoring systems
Method and device for the measuring physical parameters in a production shaft of a deposit of underground fluid storage reservoir
Method of landing items at a well location
Core barrel
Method of installing a sensor in a well
Wireline system for multiple direct push tool usage
Modular subsea control system
Slip type casing hanger with integral high pressure isolation plate
Tubing hanger with flapper valve
Method of progressively gravel packing a zone
Flow control apparatus for use in a wellbore
Quick reverse mechanism for pneumatic boring tool
Water, oil and gas well recovery system
Fracturing different levels within a completion interval of a well
Indirect hydraulic fracturing method for an unconsolidated subterranean zone and a method for restricting the production of finely divided particulates from the fractured unconsolidated zone
Backwash oil and gas production
Sonde housing
Method and apparatus for remote self-propelled conveying in mineral deposits
Fixture for a round shank chisel having a wearing protection disk
Tunnel excavating machine
Bracket for supporting and clasping an open wire channel for cables and the like
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Aftercooler bypass means for a locomotive compressed air system
Wave tooth gears using identical non-circular conjugating pitch curves
Scroll type compressor
Monobloc housing for vacuum pump
Brush seal support
Abradable seals
Cooling passages and methods of fabrication
Covers for turbine buckets and methods of assembly
Vane and method of construction thereof
Electro-hydraulic manifold assembly and method of making same for controlling de-activation of combustion chamber valves in a multicylinder engine
Engine braking system
Transmission for an internal combustion engine
Engine breather system
Vehicle exhaust with length-equalizing muffler
Methods and apparatus for preventing the inadvertent, uncontrolled discharge of pressurized radiator fluid
Temperature sensing device for an internal-combustion engine
Valve housing with embedded electrical leads
Intake system for outboard motor
Outboard motor
Ignition mounting arrangement in internal-combustion engine
Device for noise configuration in a motor vehicle
Apparatus for and method of controlling internal combustion engine
Apparatus for controlling engine
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Method for controlling an internal combustion engine
Diesel engine
Method and system for controlling fuel delivery during transient engine conditions
Control method and apparatus for adaptively determining a fuel pulse width
Apparatus for detecting a condition of burning in an internal combustion engine
Method for controlling the metering of fuel in an injection system and control arrangement therefor
Internal combustion engine control apparatus
Outboard motor electronic part unit
Diaphragm-type carburetor
Emission control valve having a robust solenoid actuator
Fuel supply apparatus
Fuel injector armature permitting fluid and vapor flow
High pressure reservoir for fuel
Fuel injection apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection system with fuel pressure intensification
Method for injection fuel, with multiple triggering of a control valve
Pressure controlled injector for injection systems with high pressure collecting area
High pressure fuel supply apparatus
Fuel injection system
Fuel injection system having pre-injection and main injection
Fuel injection nozzle for self-igniting internal combustion engines
Method for the injection of fuel
Fuel injector with spiral-wound spring adjustment tube
Method and arrangement for pumping a material using a dual chamber pump system
Swash plate type refrigerant compressor
Hybrid electric/mechanical compressor with gear reducer
Valve arrangement for limiting piston stroke collisions in a reciprocating compressor with a linear motor
Reciprocating compressor with a linear motor
Turbine motor with noise reduction system
Restarting device for a fluid operated double diaphragm piston pump
Apparatus and method for reducing ice formation in gas-driven motors
System for pumping low thermal conductivity gases
High pressure pump and engine system using the same
Uni-directional flow microfluidic components
Water powered pumping system with fluid link
Gas friction pump
Turbo molecular pump
Decorative cover for a ceiling fan suspension rod
Blade rack structure for a ceiling fan
Retractable suspension device of a ceiling fan
Portable blower heater/cooler apparatus
Variable pitch fan
Method and apparatus for increasing the efficiency of a multi-stage compressor
Axial flow fan motor
Hydraulic fluid accumulator
Modular surface mount manifold
Precision orificing for pilot operated control valves
Booster pilot valve
Method and apparatus for multiple-input-multiple-output control of a valve/actuator plant
Diffusing corner for fluid flow
Wood screw with square threads
Cage-nut assembly
Captive fastener with gradient hardened ferrule
Secondary sealing element for a boot seal
High articulation dust boot for ball joint
Adjustable inclined angle structure for computers
Supporting roller set for tiltable support of a rotary drum
Hydrostatic bearing device
Radial roller bearing, rotating apparatus using same and method of manufacturing the apparatus
Release mechanism for a double clutch assembly
Water pump with electronically controlled viscous coupling drive
Wheel hub with clutch
Retainer clip for brake-pad support pins
Waved friction plate and assembly
Hydraulically damping elastomer bearing
Hydraulic damping bush
Controllable anti-vibration mounting, notably for motor vehicles
Floating port blocker
Hydraulic shock-absorber
Lubricating structure for output shaft bearing portion in transmission
Hydrostatic auxiliary drive system
Flat metal gasket
Seal assembly and rotary machine containing such seal
Equalizing flapper for down hole safety valves
Damper assembly having improved strength characteristics
Unidirectional retroaction electromagnetic valve
Method and apparatus for automatic shutoff of a valve when a substance is present in a flow of fluid
Spring-loaded tandem control valve
Flow control valve
Purgable multiport valve
Variable pressure solenoid control valve
Position detector, particularly for electrical valve actuators
Corrugated pipe with improved profile stability
Method of supplying and discharging pressurized fluid
Rehabilitation of water supply pipes
Tilt swivel stand
Pan head
Cable tray stand
Positioning device for a microphone
Apparatus for use of single point watering system with monobloc lead-acid batteries
Method and system for reducing the viscosity of crude oil employing engine exhaust gas
Color beam sprinkler lights
Vehicular headlamp
Lamp change systems in optical luminaires
Rotatable light device and method
Apparatus for hanging rope lights from a gutter
Third hand for a flashlight
Portable light source apparatus
Party lamp
Vehicle headlight discharge lamp
High output lamp softener
Light emitting diode reflector
Controls for a surgical light apparatus
Lighted wheel rim system
Spread illumination apparatus having trapezoidally-shaped grooves
Light unit using point light source, and liquid crystal display using the same light unit
Atomizing burner for a heating device of a vehicle
Damper control device
Heating furnace having heat regenerating burners and operation method thereof
Device for supplying fuel and comburent to one or more arrays of burners
Solar lighter for a smoking instrument
Barbecue lighter with safety arrangement
Oven rack
Access controlled thermostat system
Advanced starting control for multiple zone system
Electronically controlled beverage dispenser
Batch-type kiln
Carriage for supporting objects to be heated by kiln
Cylindrical heat exchanger
Spiral heat exchanger
Fin tube heat exchanger
Micro-textured heat transfer surfaces
Water distribution conduit
Engaging mechanism for heat-dissipating member
Combination sink
Heat exchanger and a method of manufacturing a heat exchanger
Heat exchanger with improved sealing gasket, for a motor vehicle in particular
Air cannon
Pneumatic assembly for a paintball gun
Dynamic paintball gun control
Scope mount for archery
Paintball marker loader apparatus
Method and apparatus for metering a flow rate of a fluid
Low precision temperature sensor for aircraft applications
Total reflection prism and projector with the same
Temperature stabilized mirror for switching optical signals
Illuminated mirrored kaleidoscope and its method of use
Four prism color management system for projection systems
Optical fiber transmission line
Stacked optical coupler
Conductive splint for fiber optic cables
Plug construction for an optical plug-and-socket connection
Angled optical fiber connector
Optical mount
Electronic apparatus
Optical head
Fiber optical terminal with strain relief boot
Method for attaching cable and cable holder
Galvanometer mirror
Clamping mechanism of spectacle lens
End fastener for eyeglass retainers
Resilient non-smooth projection member on eyeglass temples and nose pads
Structure for fixing side shield for glasses
Sunglasses attached to eyeglasses using repelling magnetic force
Storage device including storage space indication
Illumination device and manufacturing method therefor, display device, and electronic instrument
Adapter and camera accessory
LED-illumination-type DMD projector and optical system thereof
Display apparatus and projection type display apparatus
Imaging apparatus capable of forming an image consistent with type of imaging consumable loaded therein and method of assembling the apparatus
Stage device, exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method and movement guidance method
Motion control for sheets in a duplex loop of a printing apparatus
Keyboard with liquid-draining function
Computer enclosure with drive bracket
Backplane structure capable of being mounted with two interface cards
Integrated printing/scanning system using invisible ink for document tracking
Electrical card connector having blocking means
Chip card comprising an antenna
Business card with coded marks as electronic mail token
Mobile data access apparatus
Portable terminal with real-time database access, printing and display
Rental system, machine and method for providing rental items
System and method for electronic check conversion at a point-of-sale terminal
Customer workstation intelligently connectable to a legacy retail system and providing supplemental functionality thereto
Processing method for vending machine with substitutable magazines
Electronic coin checker
Coin-discriminator voucher anti-counterfeiting method and apparatus
Medication dispensing system
Gaming machine with discrete gaming symbols
Reel mechanism
Portable IC card terminal
IC card
Keyboard guide
System for improving reading and speaking
Apparatus, method and computer program product to produce or direct movements in synergic timed correlation with physiological activity
Educational process that produces deliverable document
Display device having a cylindrical projection surface such that an image projected onto the inside is visible on the outside
Mounting support bracket for an advertising windup reel
Flange guide for improved tape winding
Take up assembly for wrapping spaced tape portions
Optical disk holding apparatus
Flat wire cable coil for coupling to a rotating element
Disc drive gas filling system
Nuclear power station primary pump
Single coil of coil unit for linear motor, method and device for winding and forming the same, and method for forming and fabricating coil unit
Solenoid coil assembly and method for winding coils
Light diffusion unit
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Apparatus for reduced flash encapsulation of microelectronic devices
Wafer container cushion system
Method and apparatus for the transport and tracking of an electronic component
Heat sink assembly with spring clamp
Anchor base for heat sink of IC chipset
Socket for electrical parts having horizontal guide portion
Connector structure, female connector, and male connector
Contact assembly, connector assembly utilizing same, and electronic assembly
Plug assembly with spring loaded contact terminals
Medical equipment power cord and plug
Connector having two connectors inserted into one lead block
Assembly for transmitting electrical signals and/or energy
Remotely attachable and separable coupling
Fan for an alternator
Cordless blind
X-ray tube head with improved x-ray shielding and electrical insulation
Ball attached zero insertion force socket
Apparatus and method for rackmounting a chassis
Modular low profile cooling system
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