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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Lettuce cultivar `Aerostar`
Broad spectrum antimicrobial purification materials and methods for purifying fluids
Tropolone complexes as wood preservatives
Sustained DNA delivery from structural matrices
Process for dyeing olives by use of erythrosine
Floating cup breast support garment
Diagnosis of fertility status by folliculogenesis monitoring in the vagina
Fixation technology
High-frequency cutting instrument for endoscope
Accurate method to characterize airway nitric oxide using different breath-hold times including axial diffusion of nitric oxide using heliox and breath hold
Sleep stage determination apparatus
Compact-folded article and pouch
Coating hydrophobic surfaces with amphiphilic thioethers to reduce protein adsorption and cell adhesion
Tissue annuloplasty band and apparatus and method for fashioning, sizing and implanting the same
Thermal pack having a comfort fit
Phloridzin-rich phenolic fraction and use thereof as a cosmetic, dietary or nutraceutical agent
Immunostimulatory compositions and methods of stimulating an immune response
Azole derivative useful as antifungal agents with reduced interaction with metabolic cytochromes
Treatment of conditions relating to hormone deficiencies by administration of progestins
Synthetic immunogenic but non amyloidogenic peptides homologous to amyloid .beta. for induction of an immune response to amyloid .beta. and amyloid deposits
Method of treating brain tissue damages
Neurothrophic components of the ADNF I complex
Methods for inhibiting lymphotoxin .beta. receptor signalling
Use of proepithelin to promote wound repair and reduce inflammation
Variants of vascular endothelial cell growth factor, their uses, and processes for their production
Factor VII or VIIa - like molecules
Methods of cancer diagnosis and therapy targeted against a cancer stem line
Diagnostic agents for positron emission imaging using radiolabeled halogenated xanthenes
Framed soap compositions
Methods of treating conditions using metal-containing materials
Stable shaped particles of crystalline organic compounds
Device for the uv treatment of flowing fluids
Method of closing an opening in a wall of a heart
Method for exclusion of ectopic events from heart rate variability metrics
Reaction injection moldable compositions, methods for making same, and resultant golf articles
Shaft for golf clubs and golf club
Method, apparatus and article for hierarchical wagering
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of reducing sulfur dioxide emissions of a circulating fluidized bed boiler
High sensitivity slitless ion source mass spectrometer for trace gas leak detection
Ion balance monitor
Spinel based high temperature shift catalysts
Liquid dispensing apparatus
Method of forming a thick film dielectric layer in an electroluminescent laminate
Damping products and processes
Grounding assembly for welding wire feeder
Hermetically sealed disk drive with low height
Method and apparatus for producing thermoplastic synthetic resin sheet or film
Method of producing anti-glare film
Optical component molding apparatus
Sheet folding device, sheet processing apparatus, and image forming system including the sheet folding device
Polymer emulsion coatings for cellulosic substrates with improved barrier properties
Method and apparatus for assembling parts
Oxygen-absorbing resin compositions
Polymerizable oligomeric urethane compositions comprising nanoparticles
Systems and methods for registering a substrate
Deceleration control apparatus and method for a vehicle
Method of and apparatus for aerating bodies of water
Plastic bag with unitary handle and closure member
Bulk bag for meat and meat products
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for improving prereforming and reforming of natural gas containing higher hydrocarbons along with methane
Synthesis gas and carbon dioxide generation method
Process and apparatus for anaerobic treatment of sulfur compound-containing wastewater
Ether sulfonate surfactants and process for making same
Polar liquid crystal
Process for preparation of 7-[.alpha.-amino (4-hydroxyphenyl) acetamido]-3-substituted-3-cephem-4-carboxylic acid
Process for the production of lactams
Amidomethyl-substituted 1-(carboxyalkyl)-cyclopentyl-carbonylamino-benzazepine-N-acetic acid compounds, process and intermediate products for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
3-substituted-4-pyrimidone derivatives
N-(4-(4-methylthiazol-5-yl) pyrimidin-2-yl)-N-phenylamines as antiproliferative compounds
PITX2 polynucleotide, polypeptide and methods of use therefor
Inhibition of angiogenesis and destruction of angiogenic vessels by apolipoprotein A-I and high density lipoprotein
Canine IL-5 proteins and fragments thereof
Constitutively active CXCR3 G protein-coupled chemokine receptor and modulators thereof for the treatment of inflammatory disorders
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia cell line
Antibodies and related molecules that bind to 161P2F10B proteins
Foamed fireproofing composition and method
Hydrophilic siloxane copolymers and process for the preparation thereof
Highlightable and highlighted mixtures, marking instruments, and methods of using the same
Ink composition
Efficient, green-emitting phosphors, and combinations with red-emitting phosphors
Barium thioaluminate phosphor materials with novel crystal structures
Aqueous fracturing fluid
Bifidobacterium longum
Rice promoters
Transcription factor stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Composition, methods and reagents for the synthesis of a soluble form of human PHEX
Method for classification of anti-psychotic drugs
Global regulator of secondary metabolite biosynthesis and methods of use
Methods and kits for identifying target nucleotides in mixed populations
Methods for the differentiation and identification of medically important endemic fungi
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for encoding substrates with information
Cleaning device of band-like apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus for finishing concrete
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbomachine blade with fluidically cooled shroud
Toothing of a toothed wheel
Self-aligning antifriction bearing and cage for said self-aligning antifriction bearing
Continuously variable transmission
Mower incorporating a mule drive
Module to control a rotating output shaft and a module to change a driving condition of vehicle
Method for correcting butting zone artifacts with an x-ray detector and an x-ray detector
Seat-weight sensor support for reducing physical effects
Drift compensation for an optical metrology tool
Visualizing apparatus using gamma ray source
Apparatus for ascertaining the light power level of a light beam, and scanning microscope
Bias control apparatus for avalanche photodiode and optical apparatus utilizing the bias control apparatus
Trace chemical optical probe
Apparatus and method for inspecting film defect
Method and device for the detection, characterization and/or elimination of suspended particles
Device for the IR-spectrometric analysis of a solid, liquid or gaseous medium
Operating method for an X-ray apparatus, operating method for a computer, and items corresponding to said operating methods
Telegraph signal microscopy device and method
Method for recording an X-ray image, and X-ray detector
Method for operating a measuring probe for measuring a gas concentration
Fecal occult blood testing device and method
Immunochromatographic test device
Light-controlled electrokinetic assembly of particles near surfaces
Monitoring activity of a user in locomotion on foot
Monitoring activity of a user in locomotion on foot
Current sensing apparatus
Active wafer probe
Test system for testing integrated circuits and a method for configuring a test system
Object sensing apparatus
Pickup image processing device of electronic part mounting device and pickup image processing method
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Structureless space telescope
Optical scanning system with correction
Optical scanning apparatus and method for adjusting the same
Optical device for the combination of light beams
Optical security system using fourier plane encoding
Optical element
All-optical logic gates using nonlinear elements--claim set IV
Bending an optical fiber into a backplane
Adaptive polarization adjustment apparatus for controlling polarization of light inputted to polarization-maintaining waveguide components
Optical circuit fabrication method and device
Homogenizing polygonal shape inverted "Y" optical beam splitter
Two-dimensional photonic crystal and optical function element using the same
System for detecting fault in optical-transmission path
Wavelength selective and level adjusting optical device
Optical and electrical hybrid connector
Objectives as a microlithography projection objective with at least one liquid lens
Protective film for polarizing plate
Liquid crystal display device
Panel for a liquid crystal display and method of forming the same
Electrochromic element
Optical pulse compressor, optical function generator, optical pulse compression method, and optical function generation method
Correlated auto-focus stabilization method and digital camera
Portable electronic device
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for providing uniform illumination of a mask in laser projection systems
System and method for critical dimension reduction and pitch reduction
Photoresists with reduced outgassing for extreme ultraviolet lithography
On-press development of high speed laser sensitive lithographic printing plates
Image forming device and method of controlling the image forming device
Image forming apparatus and method for detecting the color information and positions of developing units
Power transmitting device for developing device and image forming apparatus with the same
Image fixing apparatus with variable fixing modes
Electronic color photography apparatus
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image, image forming apparatus and image forming method
Method of optimizing servo controller power in two-dimensional flexure mems storage devices
Wireless foot control system with optical transmitter and transceiver
Printing apparatus and method for verifying a printer controller
Image forming device, image forming method, image forming program, computer readable recording medium on which the program is recorded
Simulation enabled accounting tutorial system
Method and apparatus for preserving matrix surround information in encoded audio/video
Simulation of electrical circuits
Method for computer modeling the core of a nuclear reactor
Semi-automatic construction method for knowledge base of encyclopedia question answering system
Household level segmentation method and system
Method and apparatus to simulate and verify signal glitching
Electronic control system built into vehicle
Method for under-sizing electrodes for polygonal orbit electric discharge machining
Method for constructing menu in washing machine integrally having drier
Apparatus for controlling an engine using a cam signal
Point erasing
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Virtual street addressing radius
Precomputation of context-sensitive policies for automated inquiry and action under uncertainty
System and method for generating process simulation parameters
CAD analysis result data processing apparatus, analytic simulation apparatus, CAD analysis result data processing method and CAD analysis result data processing program
Efficient data representation of teeth model
Printer and information processing apparatus
Bar code reading device having partial frame image capture operating mode
Method and system for automatic diagnosis of possible brain disease
Method and apparatus for automated image analysis of biological specimens
Cyclopean virtual imaging via generalized probabilistic smoothing
Page background estimation using color, texture and edge features
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processing apparatus and video processing method
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processing apparatus and video processing method
Applying an adjusted image enhancement algorithm to a digital image
System and method for detecting obstacle
Wavelet-based encoding method and wavelet-based encoding device
Apparatus and method of measuring noise in a video signal
Efficient detection of constant regions of an image
Input device for allowing interface to a web site in association with a unique input code
Automatically identifying similar purchasing opportunities
System and method for networked loyalty program
Method and system for harvesting feedback and comments regarding multiple items from users of a network-based transaction facility
Method for directing and executing certified trading interests
Prepaid short messaging
Displaying multi-ownership in a tree-map visualization
Telemetry emergency air management system
System and method for monitoring driver fatigue
Hazard detector
Method for inspecting and monitoring building, structure, or facilities accompanying them
In-home display communicates with a fixed network meter reading system
Remote visitor monitoring system
Electronic timepiece with inverted digital display
Liquid crystal display
Lamp driving device for liquid crystal display device
Game controller spatial detection
System for creating an artwork
Color gradient paths
Raster engine with multiple color depth digital display interface
Guitar pick recorder and playback device
Method for spectral subtraction in speech enhancement
Writing data to an optical disc
Multi-layer holographic data reading method
Optical disk stabilizing apparatus and method of controlling optical disk stabilizing apparatus
Method for recording address information on optical recording medium, optical recording medium including address information recorded thereon by the same method, and method for detecting address information recorded on the same optical recording medium
Method and memory circuit for operating a resistive memory cell
Sample/hold apparatus with small-sized capacitor and its driving method
Memory circuit containing a chain of stages
Apparatus and method to prevent loss of conductive ground electrode
Forming carbon nanotube capacitors
Image display device and manufacturing method of the same
Optical image pickup apparatus for imaging living body tissue
Piezoelectric actuator and scanning probe microscope using the same
Mass spectrometer
Reflection type photoelectric switch
Lamp assembly provided with L-shaped electrical connector and integrated unifying means
Method of manufacturing a light-emitting device, personal computer using the same, and portable telephone using the same
Semiconductor on insulator apparatus and method
Semiconductor device fabrication method and fabrication apparatus
Method of making light emitting device with silicon-containing encapsulant
Polishing slurries for copper and associated materials
High tolerance TCR balanced high current resistor for RF CMOS and RF SiGe BiCMOS applications and cadenced based hierarchical parameterized cell design kit with tunable TCR and ESD resistor ballasting feature
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for producing charge-trapping memory cell arrays
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of forming solder ball, and fabricating method and structure of semiconductor package using the same
Manufacturing strained silicon substrates using a backing material
Method of reducing the surface roughness of spin coated polymer films
Top layers of metal for high performance IC's
Light-emitting diode chip package body and packaging method thereof
Method of manufacturing a device having a contacting structure
Generating simulated diffraction signals for two-dimensional structures
Fabricating method of semiconductor device
Trench memory cells with buried isolation collars, and methods of fabricating same
Chip heat dissipation structure and manufacturing method
Semiconductor device including semiconductor element mounted on another semiconductor element
Power transistor including a leadframe and a semiconductor chip arranged on the leadframe
Sacrificial self-aligned interconnect structure
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating same
Roll-to-roll fabricated light sheet and encapsulated semiconductor circuit devices
Semiconductor light emitting device substrate and method of fabricating the same
Method of forming a CMOS structure having gate insulation films of different thicknesses
Layer transfer of low defect SiGe using an etch-back process
Carbon nanotube energy well (CNEW) field effect transistor
Semiconductor device containing dielectrically isolated PN junction for enhanced breakdown characteristics
Hybrid fuel cell system with battery capacitor energy storage system
Fuel cell system
Dual polarization antenna and RFID reader employing the same
Phased array antenna and inter-element mutual coupling control method
Single loading mechanism to apply force to both cooling apparatus and integrated circuit package
Dummy plug apparatus with unitary tag
Connector socket module connecting a cable-side connector plug to a main board
Compatible connector for first and second joints having different pin quantities
Plug-in connector for guiding a cable through an opening of a separating wall of an, in particular, military device
Method and system for a pulsed laser source emitting shaped optical waveforms
Energy pathway arrangements for energy conditioning
Protection device of a surge protector
Controller for an electric vehicle and driving apparatus for the electric vehicle
Series motor and method of controlling the same
High-stability piezoelectric oscillator
Receiver of frequency-modulated signals with digital demodulator
Doherty amplifier with improved linearity
Power amplifier with close-loop adaptive voltage supply
Clock loss detection and switchover circuit
Low-voltage differential signal driver for high-speed digital transmission
Integrated PLL loop filter and charge pump
High bandwidth phase locked pool (PLL)
Method for using a non-orthogonal pilot signal with data channel interference cancellation
Method and apparatus for providing biasing criteria for binary decisions for use in wireless communications to enhance protection
Communication apparatus with external activation of communications link
Automatic operation system and method for automating satellite control operation and satellite ground control system using the same
Ethernet PON using time division multiplexing to converge broadcasting/video with data
System and associated method for receiving data telegrams in communication systems having redundant network paths
Control and supervisory signal transmission system
Apparatus and method of packetizing data stream
Method for background noise reduction and performance improvement in voice conferencing over packetized networks
Best effort technique for virtual path restoration
Method and apparatus for determining network routing information based on shared risk link group information
Methods and devices for high network availability
Broadband network bridging various wiring channels
Method of bus configuration to enable device bridging over dissimilar buses
Fast convergence with topology switching
Mobile communication device, mobile router, and mobile communication system
Split medium access and control layer communications system
IP voice call surveillance through use of non-dedicated IP phone with signal alert provided to indicate content of incoming call prior to an answer as being a monitored call
Action list for a split media access and control layer communications system
Asynchronous transport stream receiver of digital broadcasting receiving system employing DVB-ASI mode and method for transmitting asynchronous transport stream thereof
Method for error compensation in an OFDM system with diversity
IMF cover for a portable electronic device
Open and close apparatus of slide type portable terminal
System and method for real-time, personalized, dynamic, interactive voice services for information related to existing travel schedule
Document reader and image forming apparatus
Image processing method, recording medium and apparatus for performing color adjustment to image data using a brightness component, a low-frequency brightness component, and first and second parameters
Image sensor and offset-able reference voltage generator thereof
Digital camera, mobile terminal, and method of displaying images for user controlled image connection
Standalone device connectible to CCTV network
Integrated Internet/intranet camera
Digital video system
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Image pickup apparatus and image processing method for picking up an image of a target in divisions
Dynamically adaptive multimedia application program interface and related methods
System and method for distributed meetings
Manual white balance using arbitrary surface
Architecture, method and system of WDM-based photonic burst switched networks
Method and system for storage and recovery of vital information on radio frequency transponders
System and method for presence perimeter rule downloading
Dynamic service binding providing transparent switching of information services having defined coverage regions
Method of managing information about mobile terminal in a mobile communication system supporting high-rate data transmission
Radio base station system, and method and program for controlling transmission of synchronous burst
Analog preamplifier measurement for a microphone array
Display device with anode contacting input-output wiring through opening in insulating film
Methods and apparatus for e-beam scanning
Method and x-ray apparatus for exposure of a patient at variable distances relative to an x-ray source
Shifted segment layout for differential signal traces to mitigate bundle weave effect
Conduit junction box replacement cover
Package structure, printed circuit board mounted with the same, electronic apparatus having the printed circuit board
Air guide device and computer housing applying the air guide device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Radiation shield garment
Unattended delivery receptacle
Chain mounted clevis snap hook
Floor engaging surface structure for a furniture cap or glide
Partially concealed wheel housing
Magnetic fastener
License plate bolt
Football visor clip
Barrel cover
Faceted cleaner blade for conveyor belts
Accessory receiver unit with swinging arm
Dock section
Watercraft mirror
Tire tread
Tire tread
Camouflage tire and wheel assembly
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Portable battery jumper
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Cord reel
Cable boot and connector
Electrical connector
Displayer panel for network systems
Electrical connector
Remote control
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Light emitting diode (LED)
Compact disc player
Loudspeaker design
Loudspeaker cabinet
Attaching device for memory card
Interface of a magnetic disc storage
Operator station of a card personalization system
Mobile computer system
Display for touchscreen of a computer monitor
Handheld computer
Liquid crystal display
LCD television/monitor
Back cover for a handset
Communication device
Front cover for a handset
Dipole shell
Front cover for a handset
Key buttons for a handset
Housing for an electronic device
Front cover for a handset
Television set with optical disc memory
Remote control device
Front cover for a handset
CD-ROM bracket
Hand portable air compressor
Pump for circulating coolant in electronic devices
Steam sprayer
Electric vacuum cleaner
Thread cassette for an embroidery machine
Housing for refrigerant recovery system
Ice tray
Milling head for thread whirling
Apparatus for melting thermoplastic material
Projector system
Video projector
Portion of a liquid crystal projector
Container to catch paper
Controller for digital camera
Safety goggles
Lens barrel for camera
Color ink stick for solid ink printer
Color ink stick for solid ink printer
Cap for ink bottle
Printer with copying, scanning and facsimile functions
Binding machine
Writing instrument
Triangular barrel marker pen
Marker pen
Pencil and miscellaneous item holder
Star shaped marker pen
Crescent shaped marker pen
Cat face marker pen
Multi-purpose paper holder and pen
Writing pen with a base
Display rack
Impact resistant label holder
High profile label holder
Non-adjustable low profile label holder
Lighted address structure for houses or the like
Electronic sign enclosure having a rail
Design craft kit construction component--transparent/translucent tear-drop form
Design craft kit construction component--transparent/translucent, stylized spool form
Shaped flame drop forward for paint ball guns
Disabled doll
Soaring bird kite
Nighthawk kite
Toy glider
Jigsaw puzzle
Wood type head for a golf club
Golf club sole
Pair of snow skis
Small size exercise bike
Basketball game
Wood type head for a golf club
Gaming device display
Tent with pneumatically inflatable support frame
Firearm safety device
Shell casing deflector
Tactical knife
Fishing rod line guide
Truck sprinkler
Main body of spray gun
Wall hydrant
Socket of pipe coupling for charging hydrogen
Gutter drain device
Hose nozzle
Plumbing fixture
Oscillating fan with decorative grill
Ceiling fan motor housing
Grill for a box fan
Combination ceiling fan and light fixture
Dental abutment
Monitor for fetal heart beat or the like
Multi-compartment reagent container for containing reagents
Needleless luer access port
Needle disposal container
Hygienic napkin
Modem housing for electrical stimulator
Re-usable incontinence pad
Dental hygiene center
Sanitary napkin
Concrete house pillar set
Siding element
Glass panel
Window and louver frame cap
Trolley stop/shelter
Double-wide automatic carwash
Step ladder with storage compartment
Concrete form holder
Container for a candle
Disposable light
Electric torch
Table lamp
Circular battery light fixture
Adaptor for a circular fluorescent lamp
Directional luminaire
Pole mounted light
Exterior lamp fixture
Desk lamp
Night light
Lighting fixture
Flower shape night light
Solar powered outdoor light
Pumpkin shape night light
Hangable lamp
Pivoting surface and siding clip
Luminaire bracket
Round face powder cosmetic product container
Lip palette
Oval eye shadow cosmetic product container
Make-up compact
Hair iron
Razor comb
Container with hinged lid
Cosmetic case
Rescue system for rescuing occupants from a high structure
Safety helmet
Dispensing controller
Safety helmet
Inhalation device
Welding mask
Inhalation device
Welding mask
Human Necessities
Implement combination
Disc opener assembly for a seed planter
Seed sowing apparatus
Apparatus for preparing soil for the placement of seed and additive
Electronically controlled tuning orifice for seed meter tuning
Replacement cutting attachment for string trimmer
Walk-behind self-propelled power equipment unit with speed control
Electric riding mower with motor generator set and noise abatement
Remote reverse control for pick-up rotor
Combination overload and overfill protection system for a round baler
Binding device for a big baler
Ground engaging boundary element
Collapsible water reservoir pot
Method and apparatus for collecting, shredding and dispersing leaves
Gardening shears
Combined shears and loppers
Verbena plant named `Kievervlek`
Alstroemeria plant named `Sophie`
Curcuma plant named `Laddawan`
Verbena plant named `Kieversil`
Verbena plant named `Sunmariro`
Pulmonaria plant named `Pink Haze`
Osteospermum plant named `Akterra`
Holly plant named `Heckenstar`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yomonica`
Miniature rose plant named `POULra015`
Torenia plant named `Sunrenirirepa`
Holly plant named `Hachfee`
Pool escape ramp device for animals
Protective device for hoofed animals
Device to assist in the throwing of a cast net
Fish attractor
Modular article holder apparatus
Pivoting rod holder
Waterfowl feeding decoy
Jerky oven
Method and apparatus of heat-shocking fresh produce and for cooling such produce to a desired temperature and moisture content
Noodle gelating device
Measured utility kitchen tool
Milk foaming structure adapted to a coffee maker
Disposable gloves for pumping gas
Magnetic work glove
Adaptable decorative headwear
Convertible hat with bill option
Device for activating a lace-up traction device for a shoe
Orthopedic slipper
Retention and release mechanism for a ski boot and ski boot incorporating the same
Cross-sectional shapes for hollow link chain
Divided insulated container
Foldable toothbrush
Baby toothbrush
Toothbrush having an efficacious bristle pattern
Latch mechanism for folding table
Mobile carriage
Quick fixing element
Adjustable table leg
No-flip mattress and methods for their construction
Pneumatic mattress
Inflatable mattress topper
Pyramidal seat cushion
Display device
Comforter with dual warmth characteristics designed for convenient re-orienting in any direction
Article of bedding
Corn cutting assembly
Beverage filter cartridge holder
Barbecue grill cooking surface assembly
Grill top cooking tool
Roll product dispenser with improved cutting mechanism
Easily removable and replaceable toilet seat and lid
Lavatory system
Automated induction toilet bowl seat lift system
Self-centering pivot door hinge system
Prefabricated shower pan with integrally molded curb reinforcements
High efficiency vacuum cleaning apparatus and method
Method of molding a plastic brace into a sponge mop head and apparatus for retaining a sponge mop head within a plastic brace
Dustpan with locking handle and associated broom
Dust funnel
Grill cleaning tool
Fray tester
Multimedia feature for diagnostic instrumentation
Process for converting a continuous structure into discrete, spaced apart elements
Loading ramp device which rolls up for convenient storage
Patient support apparatus having auto contour
Bath lifting system
Bath lifting system
Toilet-seat positioner
Patient transfer platform and patient transfer method
No-slip, no-spill, no-hands urinal
Fluid flow system with flow diverter
Process for manufacturing an EMI filter feedthrough terminal assembly
Method for bioremediating undetonated explosive device
Ball cleaning and polishing machine
Golf club fixture
Lacrosse goalie glove
Model vehicles
Gear structure for a figurine
Performing Operations; Transporting
Exhaust emission control device of internal combustion engine
Discontinuous cryogenic mixed gas refrigeration system and method
Cylindrical acoustic levitator/concentrator having non-circular cross-section
Accumulator dehydrator for cooling circuits with a simplified structure
Switching device for connecting a shower head to a water pipe or hose
Automatic calibration of pressure sensors for paint booth airflow control
Substrate cleaning apparatus
Composite doctor blades
Apparatus for cleaning semiconductor wafers in a vacuum environment
Device, system and method for on-line explosive deslagging
Wiper for liquid substances
Method of manufacturing a one-piece tubular doorbeam
Hairpin bender with leg length measurement and adjustment feature
Spin forming a tubular workpiece to form a radial flange on a tubular flange and a bead or thick rim on the radial flange
Method of manufacturing yoke through multistage-drawing process
Apparatus for flanging metal sheets
Method for actuating a tappet in a lifting or clamping device, especially for folding sheet metals in car manufacture
Press brake worksheet positioning system
Precision press brake
Safety tool for supporting and holding at least one interchangeable utensil, particularly on a press-bending machine
Lower die for a bending machine
Retro-fit roll forming mill with jack screw
System and method for adjusting helicopter blade trim tabs
Rod bender for bending surgical rods
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a battery terminal with undercut rings
Milling tool holder
Apparatus for the continuous, chipless separation of individual, identical disk-shaped blanks or rods from round bar-shaped workpieces
Trimmer for strip and scrap cutter
Table saw having adjustable worktable
Apparatus for adjusting the worktable of the band sawing machine
Shank removal tool for a carburetor
Method of manufacturing an exhaust emission control device
Method and apparatus for producing end flange member for cylindrical duct
Apparatus for the in-process dimensional checking of orbitally rotating crankpins
Self-sharpening pocket knife
Reversible ratchet-type wrench
Ratchet device for a screwdriver
Tool bit holding device with an improved retaining effect
Tool set
Screw element extractor
Extraction tool for tanged helically coiled inserts with improved removability
Multi-purpose leveling and marking tool for mounting cabinets, shelves and the like upon a vertical wall surface
Hand-held rotary cutter
Work table
Apparatus for transverse cutting
Vertical blind cutting and hole-punching apparatus
Fabric goods cutting table with laser alignment
Ejector configuration and method and apparatus for mounting the same
Paper punch with multiple punch heads
Rotatable saw unit for optimized log breakdown
Chain saw with vibration-isolating devices
Guide bar for chain saw including stump treatment
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device package having a core-hollowed portion without causing resin flash on lead frame
Printing plate bender apparatus
Friction member, and vibration wave device and apparatus using friction member
Process and apparatus for manufacturing packages
Transparent hologram seal
Heat-sensitive imaging material for making lithographic printing plates requiring no processing
Rotary printing machine, having safety oriented access modules
Offset printing machine
Printer and sheet conveying device therefor
Electrorheological inker
System and method for automatically optimizing a control quantity for a printer
Method and device for adjusting an air guide system in a sheet-fed printing machine
Cylinder impurity remover apparatus
Flexographic rotary platen printing press
Method of exchanging a printing cylinder sleeve and printing machine for carrying out the method
Printing materials elevator
Multi-color printing method and system including a plurality of removable ink drums
Multi-color printing method and system including a plurality of removable ink drums
Pneumatic tire pressure estimating apparatus
Process for improved determination of the ratio among the radii of the wheels of a vehicle
Trailer locking system
Hydropneumatic suspension for vehicles having greatly varying axle loads
Method and device for operating a refrigerant system
Vehicle air conditioning system
Frame-attached window panel
Installation device for installing a flexible sensor on a seat cushion
Retractable grab handle and coat hook
Slide out guide
Sensor device for detecting mechanical deformation
Electrically actuatable initiator with output charge
Wiper apparatus including pivot limiting means
Pump equipment with plural rotary pumps and method for assembling same
Installation for carrying persons from a higher station towards a lower station
All-weather guided vehicle system
Worm drive mechanism for gear operated door
Constant contact side bearing
Steering wheel comprising a decorative element
Secure attachment of steering wheel to steering shaft
Body side panel for a motor vehicle
Flux brush torque sensor
Implement having engine and transaxle module
Method and apparatus for mounting a vehicle door
Grip gear-shifter for actuating derailleur of bicycle
Torque sensor for a bicycle bottom bracket assembly
Locking marine bitt
Holding apparatus for a floating hose
Adjustable thigh brace
Pontoons and the manufacture of same
Boat landing apparatus
Air data measuring device and air data system for flight vehicles
Method of overwrapping packets
Packaging apparatus
Pallet assembly
Method and device for adapting the volume of collar bag and collar bag thus used
Pallet system and method
Metal pallet for large volume containers
Process and machine for fastening objects into a box having a square or rectangular cross-section
Method of packaging a strip of material for use in cutting into sheet elements arranged end to end
Shopping cart conveyor with front wheel alignment and turning system
Deviating device for transporting means
Dock leveler
Web cutting tuck folding machine and method
Copy-guiding device for flat copies in folders
Unit for the collection, cleaning and calibration of electrolysis pots used for aluminium production
Control valve system for the hydraulic work system of a work vehicle
Thermoelectric beverage cooler
Training headstall with loose rigid noseband, and usage and production
Electro-mechanical component and method for producing the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus for extracting potable water from the environment air
Method of heating and processing an end of an optical fiber preform and apparatus for heating and processing an end of an optical fiber preform
Process for the preparation of hydroxy substituted gamma butyrolactones
Method for the production of tetrakis (pentafluorophenyl) borates
Refrigerant and refrigerating device
Cell potential measurement apparatus having a plurality of microelectrodes
.alpha.+.beta. type titanium alloy, a titanium alloy strip, coil-rolling process of titanium alloy, and process for producing a cold-rolled titanium alloy strip
Textiles; Paper
Loom beams
Three-dimensional fabric for seat
Sewing machine for forming running-stitch seams
Embroidery stitching device and sewing machine having a free arm
Clothes dryer utilizing suction duct extending into drum interior
Collapsible support frame particularly for ironing boards
Method and apparatus for treating filler-containing material, such as recycled fibers
Spiral for interconnecting ends of endless belt segments
Fixed Constructions
Track guided vehicle system
Snow throwing shovel device
Body shower kit
Faucet stand
Method and apparatus for unclogging a toilet
Device for controlling the discharging amount of the flush water from a toilet tank
Automatically operated handle-type flush valve
Odor removal system
Bidet assembly
Form assembly for forming an eave, a roof slab, and a perimeter beam in a monolithic structure
Light weight, hollow structural support column
Supporting element for cover strips
Modular molding system
Universal anchor bolt template
Cladding device for the pond of a swimming pool or the like
Prefabricated swimming pool
Decorative cover for swimming pool pop-up cleaning heads
Diaphragm with perimeter edging on structural panels
Lock structure for bathroom use
Cylinder assembly for a door lock
Lock furnished with a replaceable lock core
Remote-controlled door lock
Kit for an external door handle, in particular for vehicles
Adjustable hinge
Full overlay hinge
Tensioning device for drum and cable window regulator assembly
Frame assembly with a flush corner appearance
Fire door and method of assembly
Door jamb safety device
Shaped charge tubing cutter performance test apparatus and method
Measurements of properties and transmission of measurements in subterranean wells
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Transcritical turbine and method of operation
Gas turbine and gas turbine high temperature section cooling method
Transition duct with enhanced profile optimization
Gas turbine power generation equipment and air humidifying apparatus
Advanced Cheng Combined Cycle
Gas turbine set
Cooling systems and methods of cooling
Method for adjusting an actuator
Valve operating system for engine
Guide plate for a poppet valve
Valve train for internal combustion engine
VCT mechanism having a lock pin adapted to release at a pressure higher than the pressure required to hold the lock pin in the released position
Two-stroke engine having a membrane valve integrated into the transfer channel
Method of controlling an electromagnetic valve actuator
Engine with dry sump lubrication
Oil pump mounting structure for engine
Continuous on-board diagnostic lubricant monitoring system and method
Engine oiling system and an oil system distribution manifold, and method of use
Exhaust gas purification device of internal combustion engine
Exhaust system for a marine engine
Cooling arrangement for a snowmobile engine
Two-stroke engine with storage duct
Process for control of boost pressure limitation of a turbocharger in an internal combustion engine as a function of the density of ambient air
Cooling system for an internal combustion engine
Variable compression connecting rod
Vertical shaft internal combustion engine with overhead power take-off
Process and device for collecting air, and engine associated therewith
Tip impingement turbine air starter for turbine engine
Fuel injector with an optimized metering device
Methods and apparatus for operating gas turbine engines
Rotatably mounted throttle assembly
Device and method for regenerating an exhaust gas aftertreatment device
Exhaust gas purifying apparatus of internal combustion engine
Device for and method of controlling air-fuel ratio of internal combustion engine
Combustion control apparatus for engine
Cooling mechanism for engine electronic control module
Intake air-flow rate detecting apparatus and detecting method of internal combustion engine
Turbojet with precompressor injected oxidizer
Method for conducting a leak test of a tank ventilation system of a vehicle
Intake system for an internal-combustion engine
Intake manifold
Control system for internal combustion engine
Apparatus for protecting a wave energy converter
Buoyant-orbicular-seesaw-system (BOSS)
Electric thruster and thrust augmenter
Double spline hydraulic pump
Sliding device
Oil free screw expander-compressor
Control arrangement for at least two hydraulic consumers and pressure differential valve for said control arrangement
Method for inserting balls and spacers into ball screw device
Variable speed gear transmission
Shock absorbing pod
System and method for active control of recoil mechanism
Ball screw
Shift selector lever device
Braiding yarn made of expanded graphite
Method of producing ball valve
Bellows driver slot valve
Steam trap instrument module
Flange locking device
Tubular lead-in fixture
Detecting liquid dry conditions for liquified compressed gases
Delivery system for liquefied gas with maintained delivery tank pressure
Material for the controlled vaporization of a liquid cryogen
Material for the controlled vaporization of a liquid cryogen
System in process for the vaporization of liquefied natural gas
System for continuous thermal combustion of matter, such as waste
Liner supporting structure for annular combuster
Sound muffling device for an air conditioning unit
Air conditioning system and method for controlling the same
Air conditioner
Dehumidifying apparatus
Space conditioning system having multi-stage cooling and dehumidification capability
Cooling device
Refrigeration system and method of operation therefor
Method and apparatus to relieve liquid pressure from receiver to condenser when the receiver has filled with liquid due to ambient temperature cycling
Vapor compression system and method
Separate-type air conditioner
Method and apparatus for rapid stopping and starting of a thermoacoustic engine
Multistage pulse tube refrigeration system for high temperature super conductivity
Refrigerator, marking system, and method for marking
Concentrated cooling apparatus of refrigerator
Refrigerator and method for operating the same
Heat-drying device of a knife holder
System and method for measuring freeze dried cake resistance
Pistol with a device for determining the number of shots
Zero stop adjustable rifle scope
Optical sight apparatus for firing from cover positions
Apparatus and method for measuring exit velocity of a gun round
Method and arrangement for limiting the damage to a mine clearance vehicle in the event of large mine detonations
Warhead configuration
Pyrotechnic igniter arrangement with integrated electronic assembly having mechanical shock protection
Igniter element for a pyrotechnic charge on a circuit carrier arrangement with an ignitior electronics assembly
Explosives disrupter
Base for ammunition intended to receive an electrical igniter squib
Integral pyrotechnic initiator with molded connector
Blasting arrangement
Explosive device and method of using such a device
Explosion containment vessel
Bearing clearance detector
Rule assembly with increased blade standout
Dual mode rule assembly
Touch signal probe and signal processing apparatus and signal processing method of the same
Method of making a proximity probe
Device for horizontal and vertical adjustment in geodetic devices
Vehicle compass system with continuous automatic calibration
Flow meter module for a controller
Flow profile conditioner for pipe flow systems
Electromagnetic flowmeter arrangement
Ultrasonic flow meter having a tubular elastic transducer holding unit
Flow meter
Flow rate measurement apparatus
Flow-rate detecting device for heat-sensitive type flow sensor
Method and device for indicating liquid volume in a tank
Method and apparatus for detecting a dry/wet state of a thermistor bead
Direct PWM reflectometer
Device for determining and/or monitoring the level of a medium in a container
Vacuum and pressure test assembly
Low mass pointer element for a pressure measuring mechanism
Pressure sensor device
Pressure sensor
Method and apparatus for inferring fuel mixture
Thermal detection of standing waves
Method and assembly for testing stress levels in a cross section of a pneumatic tire
Method for correcting lateral force measuring values
Sample probe
Deterioration indicator and a product having the same
Traction coefficient measurement device
Sample tray for automatic sampler
Heated electrode refrigerant detector utilizing one or more control loop
Noninvasive characterization of a flowing multiphase fluid using ultrasonic interferometry
Method for ultrasonic monitoring and evaluating of composites
On-line measurement system for product formed in a continuous manner and method therefor
Rheometer for rapidly measuring small quantity samples
Device testing contactor, method of producing the same, and device testing carrier
Cable, in particular seismic streamer, including a plurality of chambers forming a necklace float, and tools for filling, degassing or connecting the chambers of the cable
Projection exposure apparatus wherein focusing of the apparatus is changed by controlling the temperature of a lens element of the projection optical system
Electric flush-mounted installation unit with an antenna
Arrangement in connection with control device
Modular sprayjet cooling system
Multi-panel display system
Hanger for a lever-type door handle and method of use
Card with pop-out object and display system
Banner sign display stand
Trailing sign support system
Magnetic alphanumeric display system
Medium fixing method and medium support apparatus
Method for assembling a disk drive
Method of making read head spin valve sensor with triple antiparallel coupled free layer structure
Method of manufacturing a laminated ferrite chip inductor
System and method for controlling a vapor dryer process
Processes for manufacturing flexible wiring boards
Method to assemble a capacitor plate for substrate components
Dual-node capacitor coupled MOSFET for improving ESD performance
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device and method of manufacturing same
Method of manufacturing a distributed constant filter circuit module
Methods for shielding of cables and connectors
Method for joining a shield terminal to a shielded cable
Method of producing a commutator of an electrical machine
Device and method for molding motor coils
Frequency switching systems for portable power modules
Electronic component such as a saw device and method for producing the same
Method of producing cone diaphragm having color patterns
Circuit-component mounting method and circuit-component mounting system
Redundant system for assembly of electronic components to substrates
Method for starting a refrigeration unit
Method of controlling a refrigeration unit
Method for shutting down a refrigerating unit
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