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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Individual information determining method, individual information determining device, electronic apparatus, and individual information determining program
Medical screening and diagnostics based on air-coupled photoacoustics
Implantable medical device charging
Variable impedance shunt for a tissue stimulating prosthesis
Connecting device
Occipital neuromodulation method
Control of shape of an implantable electrode array
Performing Operations; Transporting
Crush zones for unmanned vehicles and methods of using the same
Slide rail, and sheet feeder and image forming apparatus including same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for controlling a gas turbine in a power plant and power plant for carrying out the method
Control apparatus for controlling on-vehicle starter for starting engine
Geographic position enabled weapons launch safety system and method
Method and device for identifying a faulty algorithm
Utility metering
Signature compression register instability isolation and stable signature mask generation for testing VLSI chips
Increased connector port density via extending faceplate
Dynamic terahertz switching device comprising sub-wavelength corrugated waveguides and cavity that utilizes resonance and absorption for attaining on and off states
Apparatus, method and computer program for applying energy to an object
Image forming apparatus with suction unit controller
Inkjet recording apparatus
Image forming apparatus with toner deposit control and paper interval control
Medium containing cassette, medium feeding unit, optional medium feeding unit and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus correcting uneven density caused by uneven rotation
Image forming apparatus with electrical discharge suppression
Doctor blade for image forming device
Development device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Cleaning module and printer
Waste toner collection unit for an image forming apparatus
Modifying periodic signals produced by microcontroller
Social network analysis for churn prediction
Mobilized polling station
Remapping disk drive I/O in response to media errors
System and method for archive verification according to policies
Dynamic hardware watchpoint
Method and apparatus for reducing false detection of control information
Maintaining consistency of storage in a mirrored virtual environment
Dynamic VVDS expansion
Data storage using bitmaps
Virtual interchangeable storage device
Stride based free space management on compressed volumes
Memory management among levels of cache in a memory hierarchy
Multi-target, point-in-time-copy architecture with data duplication
Dynamic inclusive policy in a hybrid cache hierarchy using bandwidth
Processor for enabling inter-sequencer communication following lock competition and accelerator registration
Switching between multiple operating systems (OSes) using sleep state management and sequestered re-baseable memory
Pipelined buffer interconnect
Posting interrupts to virtual processors
Concurrent repair of PCIE switch units in a tightly-coupled, multi-switch, multi-adapter, multi-host distributed system
Concurrent repair of the PCIe switch units in a tightly-coupled, multi-switch, multi-adapter, multi-host distributed system
Interactively communicating a media resource
Time shifted transcoded streaming (TSTS) system and method
Server apparatus and information processing method
System for providing information and information experts to a plurality of users
Method and system for communication with vehicles
Calendaring tool with optimized management capabilities
Common cluster model for configuring, managing, and operating different clustering technologies in a data center
Categorizing electronic messaging communications
Method and system for searching and processing contacts
Selectable repainting of updatable network distributable imagery
Managing electronic messages
System and method of capacity management for provisioning and managing network access and connectivity
Streaming method for transmitting telephone system notifications to internet terminal devices in real time
Managed peer-to-peer content backup service system and method using dynamic content dispersal to plural storage nodes
Apparatus and method for distributing cloud computing resources using mobile devices
System and method for monitoring visits to a target site
Method, system and apparatus for managing load in a server
Method for transmitting WS message to multiple receiving nodes and apparatus for processing WS message
Determining whether a measurement signature is specific to a biological process
Device and method for multiclass object detection
Systems and methods for controlling manual transmissions
Selective locking of input controls for a portable media player
Language translation employing a combination of machine and human translations
System and method of font compression using selectable entropy encoding
Database table compression
Method and arrangement for automatically searching information sources accessible through a data network
Process and method for data assurance management by applying data assurance metrics
High-efficiency selection of runtime rules for programmable search
Computer product, server, and snapshot collection method
Recovery of inconsistent data in databases
System, method, and apparatus for replicating a portion of a content repository
Configuration management system, proxy system, and configuration management method
Document management system and method that detects presence of user inaccessible files and folders, and computer-readable medium storing a computer program for implementing the method
Handling out-of-sequence data in a streaming environment
Fast predicate table scans using single instruction, multiple data architecture
Continuous user identification and situation analysis with identification of anonymous users through behaviormetrics
Biometric identification method
Peek/poke interface on radio system core engine modem to allow debug during system integration
Access method, computer and recording medium
Offloading input/output (I/O) completion operations
Optimizing an operating system I/O operation that pertains to a specific program and file
Optimizing an operating system I/O operation that pertains to a specific program and file
Method, system, and computer readable storage for podcasting and video training in an information search system
Data transfer between wireless universal serial bus (USB) host controller driver and wireless USB host controller in a wireless USB host
Techniques for information collaboration
Providing temporal information to users
Block level backup and restore
Method and system for providing relevant information to a user of a device in a local network
Virtual session on a removable memory
System and methods for automated document topic discovery, browsable search and document categorization
Interestingness of data
Faceted and selectable tabs within ephemeral search results
Methods and systems for solar shade analysis
Method and device for detecting a gesture from a user and for performing desired processing in accordance with the detected gesture
Server and method for aligning part of product with reference object
Baseband signal quantizer estimation
Joint pricing and replenishment of freshness inventory
Method for selecting a spatial allocation
Managing business process calendars
Authentication of an end user
Method and system for improved mobile device advertisement
Gaming industry risk management clearinghouse
Apparatus, electronic apparatus and method for adjusting jitter buffer
Method and apparatus for encoding residual signals and method and apparatus for decoding residual signals
Voice quality sample substitution
Dynamic graduated memory device protection in redundant array of independent memory (RAIM) systems
Sound volume control circuit
Methods and systems to synchronize network nodes
L-value generation in a decoder
Method for controlling transmission power in femto base station and apparatus thereof
Device and method for selecting a path from an estimated delay profile of a radio signal
Method and system for blocker attenuation using multiple receive antennas
Cancellation of RF second-order intermodulation distortion
Video coding system using implied reference frames
Signal processing method and apparatus based on multiple textures using video audio excitation signals
Wide-band multi-format audio/video production system with frame-rate conversion
Apparatus and method for generating interleaved return-to-zero (IRZ) polarization-division multiplexed (PDM) signals
Optical network unit and method of saving power thereof
Operational status flag generation in an optical transceiver
Optical fiber transmission system
System and method for un-interrupted operation of communications during interference
Methods of protection sharing for multi-protected optical demands in large-scale WDM mesh networks
User apparatus, base station apparatus and communication control method in mobile communication system
Supervisory headset mobile communication system
Enhanced multi user MIMO scheduling
Authentication of an RFID tag using an asymmetric cryptography method
Amplitude flatness and phase linearity calibration for RF sources
Process for estimating the channel in a OFDM communication system, and receiver for doing the same
Method and apparatus for managing system information modification in a wireless communication system
Apparatus and method for decoding a received signal
Digital mobile communication system and transmission/reception method thereof
Channel estimation for DVB-T2 demodulation using an adaptive prediction technique
Dynamically selecting methods to reduce distortion in multi-carrier modulated signals resulting from high peak-to-average power ratios
Mobile phone aided operations system and method
Serving data/applications from a wireless mobile phone
Enhanced approach for transmission control protocol authentication option (TCP-AO) with key management protocols (KMPS)
Method and system for securing wireless communications
Method and apparatus for close proximity device discovery
Information-theoretically secure secrecy generation
Multi-factor device authentication
Mobile electronic device accessory and method of providing the same
Wireless hotspot device capable of sharing video picture
Mobile communication device having overlapping first and second body members
Mobile terminal having cover body detachably coupled to main body
Private branch exchange and telephone system
Centralized rescue network
Encoding apparatus of video and audio data, encoding method thereof, and video editing system
Image processing device and image processing method
Multimedia reproduction device and disc player
Recording medium, reproduction device, program, reproduction method, and integrated circuit
Method and system for communication of uncompressed video information in wireless systems
Reproduction apparatus
Headset terminal with speech functionality
Multi-modal audio system with automatic usage mode detection and configuration capability
Condenser microphone
Keyed earphone caddy and carrying case
System for isolation testing of RF transmitters and receivers
Location based wireless tower caching
Computer, internet and telecommunications based network
Computer, internet and telecommunications based network
Transmission power control method, base station apparatus and mobile station apparatus
Wireless base station and mobile station
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Wearable data processing system and apparel
System and method for managing the alteration of garments
Blood vessel tracking apparatus
Portable tissue spectroscopy apparatus and method
Axis shift analysis of electrocardiogram signal parameters especially applicable for multivector analysis by implantable medical devices, and use of same
Connecting device for intra-atrial ECG-lead
Quantitative method and apparatus for measuring QT intervals from ambulatory electrocardiographic recordings
Apparatus and method for non-invasive measurement of stretch
Method for measurement of skin histology
Method and apparatus for scanning a fingerprint using a linear sensor
Method and x-ray device for picking up x-ray images of a substantially rhythmically moving vessel or organ
Plain x-ray bone densitometry apparatus and method
Helical scanner with variably oriented scan axis
Method and apparatus for reconstructing images from projection data acquired by a computed tomography system
Pick-up head for an electronic stethoscope
Chronically implantable retinal prosthesis
Medication timer
Tunneling lead terminal having a disposal sheath
Lead locking device and method
Electrode-lead coupling skull mounted port assembly
Electrical connector for cardiac devices
Cardiac lead with minimized inside diameter of sleeve
Reduction of skin irritation during electrotransport delivery
Electrical neuromuscular stimulator for measuring muscle responses to electrical stimulation pulses
Power consumption reduction in medical devices employing multiple supply voltages and clock frequency control
Recharge circuitry for multi-site stimulation of body tissue
Implantable cardiac stimulation device having T-wave discrimination of fusion events during autocapture/autothreshold assessment
Methods for sensing arrhythmias in a pacemaker/defibrillator and a pacemaker/defibrillator programmed to implement the same
Implantable medical device having an improved electronic assembly for increasing packaging density and enhancing component protection
Transcutaneous energy transfer device with magnetic field protected components in secondary coil
Magnetic shield for primary coil of transcutaneous energy transfer device
Radiotherapeutical device and use thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Photocatalyst excitation apparatus
Laser processing of a thin film
Robot with multi-joint arms movable in horizontal plane
Apparatus for fabricating surface structures
Methods and apparatus for rapidly prototyping three-dimensional objects from a plurality of layers
Optical fiber fixing member, method of manufacturing the optical fiber fixing member, optical fiber array, and method of manufacturing the optical fiber array
Image forming system having an after-processing apparatus
Control device for an electric engine driven vehicle
Current control apparatus with overcurrent protective function for a motor
Power source supplier usable in an automobile
Cradle for a handset
Passenger vehicles incorporating loudspeakers comprising panel-form acoustic radiating elements
Detection of the presence of a convertible top using compass electronics
Yaw rate detecting system for a vehicle
Roll over stability control for an automotive vehicle
Asset tracking system employing reduced order GPS with compressed GPS satellite identification data
Guiding method and device for in-flight-refuelling line
Method of sorting printed documents and feeding them to a finishing machine
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Tightly coupled porphyrin macrocycles for molecular memory storage
Method and apparatus for applying films using reduced deposition rates
Textiles; Paper
Embroidery data processor and recording medium storing embroidery data processing program
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sensor supply open load detector circuit
Combined electric fan and radiation heater
Electrophotographic photosensitive drum, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Digital two-step controller for an actuator element
Folded light tunnel apparatus and method
Actuator circuit for dual-solenoid gas valve
Lot-to-lot rapid thermal processing (RTP) chamber preheat optimization
Reflector for distance measurement
Auto locating emergency rescue transmitter (ALERT)
Method and apparatus for diagnosing sound source and sound vibration source
Common light source for testing optical circuits
Method for beam hardening correction in quantitative computed X-ray tomography
Tablet inspection apparatus
Electronic planar laminography system and method
Fluorescent x-ray analyzer including detection signal correction based on position variation
Sheet counting apparatus and method
Electronic load for the testing of electrochemical energy conversion devices
Method and system for computer network link with undefined termination condition
Pulse width detection
Magnetically stable spin-valve sensor
Receiver for performing position location with efficient rotator
Emergency locator and communicator
Apparatus for making tomographic images
f.theta. lens
Wide field of view projection lenses for compact projection lens systems employing pixelized panels
Telecentric lens
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens system and a focusing method thereof
Optical system and image pickup apparatus having the same
Electrically tunable fabry-perot structure utilizing a deformable multi-layer mirror and method of making the same
Fabrication of a total internal reflection optical switch with vertical fluid fill-holes
Lens housing having aperture device
Device with at least one beam source and an arrangement for geometric reshaping of the radiation field emitted by the beam source
Optical apparatus for producing a high-brightness multi-laser radiation source
Autostereoscopic imaging apparatus and method using a parallax scanning lens aperture
Optical assembly and a method for manufacturing lens systems
Optically anisotropic micro lens window for special image effects featuring periodic holes
Low dispersion slope negative dispersion optical fiber
On-chip multiple layer vertically transitioning optical waveguide and damascene method of fabricating the same
Structure and method for fabricating a wide-angle TE-TM mode splitter
Tapered fiber laser
Spliced optical fiber coupler
Adhesive-free lens-attached optical fibers to optical waveguide packaging system
Fused-fiber multi-window wavelength filter using unbalanced Michelson Interferometer
Thereof fiber interconnection apparatus and process for the preparation
Passive platform for holding optical components
Optical hybrid integrated device and method of making the same
Circuit carrier with integrated, active, optical functions
Communication cable having reduced jacket shrinkage
Focusing system
Position detector and lens barrel
Lens barrel
Optical apparatus
Optical switching arrangement
Reflection plate having directivity and a display apparatus using the same
Camera having a sheath which is incorporated into the camera body without being distorted
Data-projection device for disposable cameras
Photographic film with recorded information, method of acquiring the information recorded on photographic film, image processing method using the acquired information, and print system using the same
Data erasure control system for camera
Scattered-ray grid, particularly for a medical X-ray device, and a method of determining the position of the absorption elements of a scattered-ray grid
Light measuring device and camera
Heating apparatus
Exposure method
Laser light source, illuminating optical device, and exposure device
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, and process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus employing the same
Image forming apparatus, paper bundling apparatus, and paper bundling method using image forming apparatus
Sleeve rotation-feed apparatus, developing apparatus, image formation apparatus, and fixation apparatus
Image-forming apparatus unit and image-forming apparatus
Document verification and tracking system for printed material
Color recording apparatus with plural toner cartridges
Image forming apparatus with control based on thickness of conveying belt
Toner save method and system for image duplicating devices
Image forming apparatus and transfer voltage applying method
Image forming apparatus for adjusting image forming condition and image forming condition adjusting method
Image forming apparatus capable of properly controlling ac voltage applied to a charger
Image forming process and an image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus detachably mounting a developer replenishing container or in which a plurality of cartridges and developer replenishing containers are attachably and detachably positioned
Toner cartridge
Reusable unit displaying a specific pattern and an image forming apparatus using the reusable unit when the specific pattern is displayed and rendering the specific pattern illegible when the reusable unit is exhausted
Magnet roller, process for producing same and developing unit using same
Reversible pump and system for supplying developer in a liquid electrophotographic printer using the same
Image forming apparatus having a first squeeze roller rotated in an opposite direction to a photosensitive member
Pre-transfer system in an image forming apparatus
Belt device and unit device including belt device and image forming apparatus using the belt device and unit device
Image forming apparatus with multi-speed intermediate transfer member
Cooling unit and method of cooling an electrophotographic apparatus
Power supply device, power supply method, portable electronics apparatus, and electronic timepiece
Electronic timepiece
Robot control apparatus
Method of and arrangement for converting voltage to current
Method and apparatus for a 1 of 4 shifter
Mobile information processing apparatus and covers for the mobile information processing apparatus and the desktop information processing apparatus
Personal computing devices comprising a resonant panel loudspeaker
Modular packaging configuration and system and method of use for a computer system adapted for operating multiple operating systems in different partitions
Partially covered motherboard with EMI partition gateway
Device for cooling a personal computer housed in a casing
Digital transmission signal processing system and recording/reproducing system
Method and apparatus for managing connections based on a client IP address
Memory device having a variable data output length
Semiconductor memory device using a plurality of semiconductor memory chips mounted in one system and a semiconductor memory system using a plurality of semiconductor memory devices
Merged semiconductor device having DRAM and SRAM and data transferring method using the semiconductor device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Driver for controller area network
Method and apparatus for partitioning a content addressable memory device
Pull based, intelligent caching system and method
Background software loading in cellular telecommunication systems
Interrogators communication systems communication methods and methods of processing a communication signal
Interface device for chip cards
Method and apparatus for reduction of trapezoidal distortion and improvement of image sharpness in an optical image capturing system
Skin pattern feature extracting apparatus
Method and a system for substantially eliminating erroneously recognized non-solid lines
Object image search using sub-models
Method for optimizing cost of manufacturing memory arrays
Method and apparatus for CT reconstruction
Partial scan weighting for multislice CT imaging with arbitrary pitch
Method and apparatus for identifying and correcting image inaccuracies caused by simplified processing of masked cone beam projection data
Deriving a cross-sectional distribution from an object data set
Fast reconstruction with uniform noise properties in half-scan tomography
Defining color borders in a raster image
Image processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for segmenting a composite image into mixed raster content planes
Adaptive postfilter for low bitrate visual telephony noise removal
System and method for reducing unwanted noise in digital data
Distributed-processing motion tracking system for tracking individually modulated light points
Picture coding apparatus and method thereof
Motion picture coding and decoding apparatus
Variable length code decoder and moving picture decoder having variable length code decoder
Video coding selectable between intra-frame prediction/field-based orthogonal transformation and inter-frame prediction/frame-based orthogonal transformation
Method and apparatus for producing an information stream having still images
Mobile object information recording apparatus
Telephone and module having a pin for providing temperature information and generating a silent alarm
Actuators remotely controlled by transmitters possessing an identity number
Interactive learning center
Method and system for delivery of individualized training to call center agents
Optical disk and optical information recording/reproducing apparatus
Magneto-optical recording layer having double-layer structure and magneto-optical disk adopting the same
Disc drive suspension and head
Low glide magneto-optical recording medium
Digital disk recording and reproduction apparatus
Optical storage apparatus and recording and reproducing method of optical storage medium
Information recording medium capable of being tested for authenticity
Near field magneto-optical head having read and write pinhole apertures
Information recording and reproduction apparatus carrying out recording and reproduction of information using laser beam
Readable indelible mark on storage media
Disk driving apparatus
Automatic disc-changing apparatus, disc-chucking apparatus, disc apparatus and position-detecting apparatus
Head retract assembly for disk drive
Disc reproducing apparatus with motor base bearing system
Disk recording and reproducing apparatus
Digital data reproducing apparatus and reproduction signal binarization level correcting method
Memory system for multisignal
Method for recording an audio broadcast multiplexed with accompanying program information
Apparatus and method for correcting asymmetry of optical disk reproducing system
Apparatus for correcting asymmetry of reproduction signals and method therefor
Signal converting device and information recording apparatus employing the same
Timing recovery for data sampling of a detector
Method and system for controlling the positioning of a read/write head of a data recording device
Method and apparatus for correcting for random errors in timing pattern generation
Disk cartridge
Video data recorder with integrated channel guides
Audio speed search
Editing system and editing method
Editing system and its method
Recording and reproducing apparatus for recording and reproducing hybrid data including text data
Electronic equipment
Disk device having vibration absorbers for providing a small-height structure
Wrap around shock absorber for disc drives
Method and system for GMR sensor reset pulse application
Recording apparatus provided with a write driver circuit
Disk drive with reduced electrostatic charge on slider-head assembly
Combination inductive write head and magnetoresistive (MR) read head with improved topography
Spacer/stop assembly and disc drive with spacer/stop assembly
Digital pes demodulation for a disk drive servo control system using synchronous digital sampling
Magnetic recording and reading device
Magnetic recording medium having linear or curved tracking servo patterns formed obliquely relative to direction of tracks, and magnetic recording apparatus using the same
Apparatus for and method of setting accurate recording time point
Optical recording and reproducing apparatus and optical recording and reproducing method
Eccentric disk detection apparatus for an optical disk device
Method of adjusting laser spot size for reading and recording information from optical recording medium in accordance with track pitch read from the medium
Apparatus and method for compensating for temperature of laser diode
Optical system for optical disc drive
Optical pickup head using multiple laser sources
Part fixing method capable of costing down
Optical-pick-up device achieving accurate positioning of objective lens and solid-immersion lens and method of forming same
Optical information recording medium with flat reflecting film and reading system for reading information recorded thereon
Optical recording medium having concave and convex portions of different reflection
Write-once thin-film memory
Random access memory cell
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of controlling same
Data input circuit of semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory
Electrically alterable non-volatile memory with n-bits per cell
2-bit/cell type nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Radiation tolerant flash FPGA
Low voltage flash EEPROM memory cell with improved data retention
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, memory module, storage device and the method for repairing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Interface circuit and method for writing data into a non-volatile memory, and scan register
Reading circuit for nonvolatile memory cells without limitation of the supply voltage
Redundant row topology circuit, and memory device and test system using same
Semiconductor memory device capable of recovering defective bit and a system having the same semiconductor memory device
Application of external voltage during array VT testing
Parallel test for asynchronous memory
256 meg dynamic random access memory
Semiconductor storage device capable of increasing access time speed
Apparatus for reading state of multistate non-volatile memory cells
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device
RAM synchronized with a signal
Synchronous semiconductor memory device having improved operational frequency margin at data input/output
Reading device and method for integrated circuit memory
High-speed read-write circuitry for semi-conductor memory
Method of selecting a memory access line and an access line decoder for performing the same
Semiconductor memory device with burst mode access
Bit counter stage, particularly for memories
Surface mountable electronic device
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Electric double layer capacitor
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Residual current detector with fail safe lockout device
Protection circuit for traveling wave tubes having multiple input tones
Automated wafer defect inspection system and a process of performing such inspection
Electronic component device, and main board for circuit boards
Single poly non-volatile memory structure and its fabricating method
Storage method involving change of resistance state
Chip package with molded underfill
Apparatus and method for improving heat sink component capacity and efficiency
Heat transfer interface
Heat-dissipating apparatus for an integrated circuit device
Clamping arrangement for compression-mounted power electronic devices
Microelectronic component of sandwich construction
Ultra-small capacitor array
Superconductor Josephson junction
Dual-mode satellite/terrestrial mobile communication unit
Decentralized module for joining and distributing signal lines
Power efficient gas ion laser system, associated laser tube, and method
Optical device for modulating a high frequency optical signal
Oscillator with mode control
Continuously wavelength-tunable monomode laser source
Diagnosis of the trigger chain of a pulsed laser
Power controller for semiconductor laser device
Light emitting semiconductor element capable of suppressing change of driving current
Intersubband light source with separate electron injector and reflector/extractor
Semiconductor laser device
Protector interface
Circuit for protection against slow circuit breaker closure during synchronization of a generator and an associated electrical system
Battery pack including input and output waveform modification capability
Switch mode power supply
Four and five terminial PWM-controlled power supply packages
Mains frequency synchronous burst mode power supply
Switching power source apparatus
Method and apparatus for energy conversion utilizing circuit phase and time variables
Power converter apparatus and related method
Power source device
Method and circuit arrangement for processing a received signal
DC offset cancellation apparatus and method for digital demodulatation
Transmitting and receiving apparatus
Image reject mixer circuit arrangements
Radio transmitter distortion reducing techniques
Multimode fast attack automatic gain control (AGC) loop for narrow band receivers
Self-clocking automatic digital level control method and apparatus
LNA control-circuit for receive closed loop automatic gain control
Symmetrical feed-thru
Phase detector arrangement
Phase-locked loop circuit and radio communication apparatus using the same
Fully integrated all-CMOS AM receiver
Computed tomography apparatus
Viterbi decoder
Apparatus and method for receiving data with bit insertion
Multiple description trellis coded quantization
Electronic device having a shield member and a shield gasket
Transceiver systems and methods that preserve frequency order when downconverting communication signals and upconverting data signals
Sliding matched filter with flexible hardware complexity
Adaptive receiver for CDMA base stations
Method and apparatus for spreading and despreading data in a spread spectrum communication system
Apparatus and method of controlling transmitting power in a subscriber of a wireless telecommunications system
Handoff with closed-loop power control
Path-based restoration mesh networks
Method and system for cellular communication with centralized control and signal processing
Channel-switched tunable laser for DWDM communications
Wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission system
Method and apparatus for robust frequency tracking in strong channel interference using carrier signal relative strength and frequency error
Echo controller with compensation for variable delay networks
Power control in sensitive environments for private wireless systems
Dynamic reduction of telephone call congestion
Extraction of primary and co-channel signals
Method and apparatus for signal transmission within a wireless communication system
Method and system for communicating high rate data in a satellite-based communications network
Wireless telecommunications system having airborne base station
Communications apparatus and method for mobile platforms having a plurality of users
Multi-channel spread spectrum system
Method of rate allocation in a data communications network
Process for designing a transport data stream
Multicarrier CDMA base station system and multi-code wave forming method therof
Scalable method for generating long codes using gold sequences
Method and apparatus for code division multiple access communication with increased capacity through self-noise reduction
Redundant optical source switching method and wavelength division multiplexing transmission apparatus using the same
System and method for optimizing telecommunication signal quality
Channel check test system
Dynamic bandwidth allocation for a communication network
Asynchronous transfer mode local area network having a ring structure with wireless terminals
Fibre channel switched arbitrated loop
Multiple network configuration with local and remote network redundancy by dual media redirect
Switching internet traffic through digital switches having a time slot interchange network
Stabilized precoder for data transmission
Asynchronous sample rate tracker
Adaptive DC-compensation
Synchronization and clock recovery
Method for efficient data transfers between domains of differing data formats
Method for exchanging signaling messages in two phases
Optimum routing of calls over the public switched telephone network and the internet
Method of establishing a communications call
Digital receiver with polyphase structure
Apparatus using low spectrum selectively for providing both ADSL and POTS service
DES cipher processor for full duplex interleaving encryption/decryption service
Cipher core in a content protection system
Pad encryption method and software
Folding communication device
Door answering machine
Telephone handset with enhanced handset/handsfree receiving and alerting audio quality
Method and system for automated delivery of nontruncated messages
System and method for authentication of caller identification
System for coordination of electronic devices
Digital telephone system with automatic routing based upon caller ID
Portable terminal equipment
Splitter-less digital subscriber loop modems with improved throughput and voice and data separation
Voice and data multiplexing system and recording medium having a voice and data multiplexing program recorded thereon
Method and system for billing remote calls as if made from a primary line
Apparatus and methods for assigning spectral and non-spectral resource charges in wireless communications systems
Mobile telecommunication subscriber system in a multi-operator environment
Telecommunication calling party number determination and manipulation
Methods, systems and articles for ordering a telecommunication service
Information gathering system
Originator disposition options for communications session termination
Point-of-presence call center management system
Image forming apparatus
Service access for a scanner
Communication apparatus
Non-uniformity correction method and apparatus for imaging systems
Method and apparatus for integrating an image capture device with a light source
Reception of modulated carriers having asymmetrical sidebands
Method and apparatus for coding information
Two-tiered authorization and authentication for a cable data delivery system
Method and apparatus for controlling a target amount of code and for compressing video data
Method and system for conveying multiple calls on a single telephone line
Circuit-switched network
Providing multimedia conferencing services over a wide area network interconnecting nonguaranteed quality of service LANs
Large capacity, multiclass core ATM switch architecture
LAN emulation service delay of multicast tree generation during congestion
ATM network arranged to interface with STM in-band signaling
Asynchronous transfer mode (A.T.M.) protocol adapter for a high speed cell switching system
Call setup control apparatus in ATM switch
Telecommunications network architecture for transporting fax, voice and data via an ATM switch including a STM to ATM terminal adapter
System and method for total telecommunications service commissioning
Systems and methods for communicating messages among signaling system 7 (SS7) signaling points (SPs) and internet protocol (IP) nodes using signal transfer points (STPS)
Procedure for the processing of an unexpected disconnect request
Completing telecommunications calls in a competitive local and toll environment
Method and system for managing a user profile for use in a personal number service
System and method for routing Internet calls
Calling party number provisioning
Method and apparatus for switching and managing bandwidth in an ATM/TDM network cross-connection
Switched telecommunication network, method of establishing a switched connection in such a network, as well as exchange and routing facility therefor
Integration scheme for a mobile telephone
Call processing method, subscriber unit, and access control apparatus operated in wireless local loop system
Method and apparatus for interfacing a cellular fixed wireless terminal to the extension side of a PBX/PABX
Intelligent roaming mobile station for emulating a pre-intelligent roaming mobile station
Cellular telephone system that uses position of a mobile unit to make call management decisions
Method and arrangement for controlling subscriber registrations in a mobile communication system
Mobile station location determination using radio signal timing values
Soft handover method used in a CDMA mobile communication system and corresponding device
Microphone sanitizer and holster
Speaker apparatus
Head-worn hearing aid with suppression of oscillations affecting the amplifier and transmission stage
X-ray irradiation apparatus and x-ray exposure apparatus
Liquid sprays as the target for a laser-plasma extreme ultraviolet light source
Printed wiring board and assembly of the same
Electronic card with shield cover having tabs where each tab engages with recess of corresponding shield cover
Stacked printed circuit board memory module
Stiffener for a printed circuit board
Terminal block supported printed circuit cards for compact programmable logic controller
Heat sink
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew