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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Anti-viral lotion tissue, and methods for making and using the same
Methods for inhibiting angiogenesis and tumor growth
Dough compositions for the preparation of baked products
Dried citrus peel supplement for use in commercial poultry feed
Methods of preparing corn fiber oil and of recovering corn aleurone cells from corn fiber
Device for providing a vacuum for vacuum wound treatment comprising a holding or carrying device
Packaged quick assembly picnic table
Arrangement for a drawer pull-out guide
Lumbar support device for chair
Surgical access assembly and method of use therefor
Method for inserting an IV catheter
Rigidly-linked articulating wrist with decoupled motion transmission
Anchor for securing a suture
Tulip head apparatus
Method of and apparatus for deriving indices characterizing atrial arrhythmias
Physiological model based non-rigid image registration
Ureteral stent for improved patient comfort
Arm sling neck cushion kit
Splint system and method of use
Orthopedic surgical instrument set and a method including the same
Contact lens insertion and removal device
Inhibitors of endo-exonuclease activity for treating cancer
Peptidomimetic ligands for cellular receptors and ion channels
Cyanophenoxy carboxylic acid compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Certain 5-alkyl-2-arylaminophenylacetic acids and derivatives
Pyrrolidine oxadiazole- and thiadiazole oxime derivatives being oxytocin receptor antagonists
Chemical compounds
Inhibitors of p38
Metabotropic glutamate receptor antagonists
Substituted piperazinyl amides and methods of use
Selected fused pyrrolocarbazoles
HoxD3 and HoxA3 compositions and methods for improved wound healing
Compositions for treating epithelial and retinal tissue diseases
Compounds and method for the prevention and treatment of diabetic retinopathy
Compositions and methods for WT1 specific immunotherapy
Attenuated Salmonella strain used as a vehicle for oral immunization
Angiotensin peptide-carrier conjugates and uses thereof
Antibodies to IL-6 and their uses
Dental self-curing resin cement compositions
Balloon catheter for delivering therapeutic agents
Shear-sensitive injectable delivery system
Using activity-based rest disturbance as a metric of sleep apnea
Visible light modulation of mitochondrial function in hypoxia and disease
Mascara compositions containing at least two acrylate film formers
Oxidizing composition for hair
Golf ball
Basketball having indicia to enhance visibility
System and method of forming a golf course sand bunker having improved stability
Basketball return system
Ball bat
Golf training aid
Golf swing control apparatus
System and method for returning a house advantage in a game of chance
Bad beat compensation for wagering games
Geometric construction module and system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Non-seizing tapers for use in purged connections of capillary tubing used in gas chromatography
Time- of flight mass spectrometers for improving resolution and mass employing an impulse extraction ion source
Process and apparatus for efficient recovery of dichlorohydrins
Catalyst comprising n-substituted cyclic imides and processes for preparing organic compounds with the catalyst
Device and method for magnetic separation of a fluid
Modular ductwork decontamination assembly
Vehicle lifting system
Jig for welded bulkhead fitting
Bellows driven air floatation abrading workholder
Mold assembly for making light guide plates
Injection molding apparatus having a thermostat assembly
Split thread insert
Synthetic resin preform to be biaxially stretched and blow molded into a bottle
Personal care articles comprising batting
Titanium foil ply replacement in layup of composite skin
Handy thermal head printer
Image forming apparatus including recording head
Inkjet printer with dual function alignment sensor for determining ink drying time
Counteracting geometric distortions in watermarking
Vehicle-tire-state detection/communication apparatus and tire-data communication apparatus
Vehicle roof canopy for weather protection of occupants
Speed control with stop function
Adjustment mechanism for positioning a headrest in an infant car seat
Tonneau cover device
Multiple use all terrain vehicle
Lighting module for an emergency service vehicle
Device for inflating an at least two-ply airbag folded to form an inflatable belt and used for a safety system of a motor vehicle
Shopping cart crutch assembly
Electrical communication system for a bicycle
Foldable rise and stare vehicle
Traction kite with high projected leading edge
Container cap
Cap assembly having storage chamber for secondary material with movable working member
Rigid reclosure on flexible packaging
Packages for consumable products and methods of using same
Knit cozy system
Portable consumables organizer
Multiple shipping container Omni-directional cradle
Pretensioner for seat belt
Sheet processing apparatus that corrects lateral deviation of a sheet
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus and methods for control of waste treatment processes
Process for single system electrocoagulation, magnetic, cavitation and flocculation (EMC/F) treatment of water and wastewater
Methods and devices for electronic sensing
Rare earth containing P2O5-WO3-Na2O glass for laser applications
Iron-containing oxidic material suitable for use as hydrogenation catalyst precursor
Method for producing tert-butanol by means of reactive rectification
Process for carbonylating alcohols, employing a catalyst based on rhodium or iridium in a non-aqueous ionic liquid, with efficient catalyst recycling
Multicyclic compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Processes for the facile synthesis of diaryl amines and analogues thereof
Triazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Amino-substituted pyrimidinyl derivatives and methods of use
Mechanical shear based synthesis of alumoxane nanoparticles
Purine derivatives
Humanized antibody specific for surface antigen pre-S1 of HBV and preparation method thereof
Anti-idiotype antibodies to MN proteins and MN polypeptides
Grinding and/or for dispersing aid of mineral materials in aqueous suspension, resulting aqueous suspensions and uses thereof
Polymer compositions for intraluminal stent
Nanoparticles with polymer shells
Method for the surface treatment of inorganic pigment particles
Adhesive compositions for bonding passive substrates
Ultraviolet light emitting material
Non-toxic cleaning agent
Composition comprising macrocyclic tetra-amido metal complex as bleaching catalyst
Cleansing articles for skin or hair
High-density detergent composition
Method of manufacturing fermented malt beverages
Detection of transmembrane potentials by optical methods
Isolated nucleic acid molecules which encode peptides which bind to MHC class II molecules, such as HLA-DR53
Methods for regulated expression of triats in plants using multiple site-specific recombination systems
Vanilloid receptor-related nucleic acids and polypeptides
UDP-galactose: .beta.-D-galactose-R 4-.alpha.-D-galac-tosyltransferase, .alpha.4Gal-T1
Recombinant method for making RSV reverse transcriptases and mutants thereof
Recombinant type II restriction endonucleases, MmeI and related endonucleases and methods for producing the same
.beta.-secretase enzyme compositions and methods
Eubacterial tmRNA sequences and uses thereof
Textiles; Paper
Polyacrylonitrile fiber manufacturing method and carbon fiber manufacturing method
Fluorescent whitening agent compositions
Fixed Constructions
Expandable and collapsible platform system
Pulsed-neutron formation density
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Feather imping pin
Rotary device
Disc brake
Four wheel drive vehicle
Arrangement for the lubrication of saw chains
Low profile solar LED lamp
Directable clamping light stand
Method for a safe alternative to pyrotechnic projection of light from wardrobe
Optical system for generating a composite light beam with wide angular opening
Light guide plate having uniform light emission and backlight module
Reflective plate and method for manufacturing the same and backlight unit for liquid crystal display device using the same
Illumination apparatus
Operating method for a horizontal steam generator and a steam generator for carrying out said method
Magnetic accessory mounts
Method for estimating location of moving object in navigation system
Method of exchanging navigation information
Systems and methods of beverage dispensing with rotary agitation
Wavelength-parallel polarization measurement systems and methods
Apparatus and method for testing infrared functions
Device and method for carrying out immunological marking techniques for thin-sectioned tissue
Method for purification of as-produced single-wall carbon nanotubes
Wide band lambda probe having improved starting behaviour
Apparatus and method for simulating a battery tester with a fixed resistance load
Method for identifying an integrated circuit
Method and system for producing a magnetic field signal usable for locating an underground object
Near-field intra-cellular apertureless microscope
Optical component
Coupler add/drop node WDM network architecture with periodic cleanup
Back-reflection reduction device
Method and apparatus for monitoring fiber optic communications
Optical connector with reduced insertion loss
Corrective lens for diving mask
Display device for automatically switching between 2D and 3D images
Array substrate for liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Powder discharging device and image forming apparatus using the same
Azine-based dimeric charge transport materials
Photoreceptor for electrophotography having an overcoat layer with salt
Industrial controller based on distributable technology objects
Method, system and computer program product for non-linear mapping of multi-dimensional data
Method and apparatus for a computing system having an active sleep mode
Maintaining data access during failure of a controller
Dynamic, Non-invasive detection of hot-pluggable problem components and re-active re-allocation of system resources from problem components
Practical, redundant, failure-tolerant, self-reconfiguring embedded system architecture
Built-in self-test circuit
Method of and apparatus for controlling data storage system according to temperature, and medium
TCP sequence number recovery in a redundant forwarding system
Method and apparatus for writing data and validating data in a recording medium
Tracking modifications to a memory
Multilevel storage nonvolatile semiconductor memory device enabling high-speed data reading and high-speed data writing
Packet based communication for content addressable memory (CAM) devices and systems
Memory controlling apparatus performing the writing of data using address line
MicroTLB and micro tag for reducing power in a processor
Hot plug cache coherent interface method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for efficient storage of data streams that each comprise separately transmitted data blocks
Network based intra-system communications architecture
Multi-master extended I2C protocol
System and method for determining desktop functionality based on workstation and user roles
Remote particle counter for remote measurement of the number and size distribution of suspended fine particles in the atmosphere
Disk array apparatus setting method, program, information processing apparatus and disk array apparatus
Memory controller hub interface
Image forming apparatus
Power control for a printing unit with a maintenance function
Spreadsheet error checker
Image processing apparatus applicable to different copying types of color copying machines
HTML mapping substitution graphical user interface for display of elements mapped to HTML files
System and method for providing environmental impact information, recording medium recording the information, and computer data signal
System for controlling communications in a network based on a previous place name and relocated place name displayed on terminals of current conversation participants
Method and system of asymmetric satellite communications for local area networks
Server with mechanism for preventing double registration of information provided by client browser
Method and apparatus for launching a web site with non-standard control input device
Auto control of network monitoring and simulation
Method of researching and analyzing information contained in a database
Spreadsheet fields in text
Digital decimation filter having finite impulse response (FIR) decimation stages
Meta-document management system with transit triggered enrichment
Just-in-time (JIT) event information for retail industry
Primary-backup group with backup resources failover handler
Method and device for cataloging and searching for information
Textual and graphic data presentation system and method
Method for deploying a service and a method for configuring a network element in a communication network
Pre-formatted column-level caching to improve client performance
Identifying specific netlist gates for use in code coverage testing
Circuit operation verifying method and apparatus
Application of the retimed normal form to the formal equivalence verification of abstract RTL descriptions for pipelined designs
Photonic band gap structure simulator
Process and system for designing molds and dies
Yield patrolling system
System and method for library robotics positional accuracy using parallax viewing
Method and apparatus in a data processing system for list ordering with multiple selection
System and method for customizing workspace
Method and apparatus for providing a menu structure for an interactive information distribution system
Efficient presentation of database query results through audio user interfaces
System and method for expressing and calculating a relationship between measures
System and method of distributing a file by email
Methods and apparatus for using the internet domain name system to disseminate product information
Application program interface that enables communication for a network software platform
Processor execution, pipeline sharing instruction, and data source path
Method, system, and program for determining whether data has been modified
Image formation system, software acquisition method, and computer product
Recursive use of model based test generation for middleware validation
Platform and method of creating a secure boot that enforces proper user authentication and enforces hardware configurations
Debug port disable mechanism
System and method for bi-directional communication and execution of dynamic instruction sets
Server debugging framework using scripts
Process for configuring software and hardware in a build-to-order computer system
Symbolic conceptual design model development environment
Structural equivalence of expressions containing processes and queries
Thread optimization for lock and unlock operations in a multi-thread environment
Virtual computer systems and computer virtualization programs
System and method for testing magnetic stripe decoding chip
Signal processing apparatus image processing apparatus and their methods
Method and apparatus for linking images and reports at remote view station
Method for producing an image sequence from volume datasets
Image forming apparatus, image forming method and computer-readable storage medium having an image forming program
Detecting and correcting red-eye in a digital image
Apparatus, method, and product for downscaling an image
Image coding and decoding methods, image coding and decoding apparatuses, and recording media for image coding and decoding programs
Method of transmitting selected regions of interest of digital video data at selected resolutions
Text and imagery spatial correlator
Decision dynamics
Industrial equipment services marketing and sale system
Gift selection and fulfillment system
Capital analysis tool for medical diagnostic systems and institutions
Method for disaggregating customer data in online transactions to preserve privacy
Reproduction apparatus and reproduction method of digital video signal or audio signal
Method of hidden surface reconstruction for creating accurate three-dimensional images converted from two-dimensional images
Method for minimizing visual artifacts converting two-dimensional motion pictures into three-dimensional motion pictures
Method of producing a contactless chip card or a contact/contactless hybrid chip card with improved flatness
Package provided with a sound-reproducing device
Method and system for beacon/heading emergency vehicle intersection preemption
Learning concept organizer
Audible and visual effects as a result of adaptive tablet scanning
Electro-optical panel, driving circuit and driving method for driving electro-optical panel, and electronic apparatus
Layout method for improving image quality
Liquid crystal display device and driving method for liquid crystal display device
Drive circuit and image display apparatus
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Backlit displays
Photowriting display device and photowriting display unit incorporating the same
Method for distribution wear for a touch entry display
Data retrieval method and system
Color information processing apparatus and method
Converting apparatus of voice signal by modulation of frequencies and amplitudes of sinusoidal wave components
Method of noise reduction using correction vectors based on dynamic aspects of speech and noise normalization
DC-offset compensation loops for magnetic recording system
Apparatus and method of removing disturbances during optical recording and/or reproducing
Data recording and reproducing method for multi-layered optical disk system
Optical beam position active sensing and control using satellite beams
Reducing the length of servo-wedges in a disk drive
Stitched pole write element with a T-shaped pole tip portion
Magnetoresistance effect device having hard magnetic film structural body
Interconnect module for use in a suspension assembly
Servo track writer with actuator vibration isolation
Lens position determination apparatus of optical pickup
Optical disk device and tilt correction method
Position control method
BCA data reproduction method and apparatus for optical discs
Optical disc drive apparatus, method for measuring tilt of an optical disc, and method for correcting tilt of an optical disc
System and method for handling commands in an optical disc drive
Apparatus and method for detecting a position of a pickup
Micro-positioning movement of holographic data storage system components
Compatible optical pickup device using a single light source
Method for controlling an optical drive to record data
Test circuit for testing a synchronous memory circuit
Method for testing a semiconductor memory having a plurality of memory banks
Method and system of testing data retention of memory
Cable utilizing varying lay length mechanisms to minimize alien crosstalk
Button structure and design method for latching prevention
Modular overload relay system
Method and apparatus for reducing the switching noise of an electromagnetic switching device
Flow-fill structures
Luminescent apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Formation of high-mobility silicon--germanium structures by low-energy plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Crystalline thin film and process for production thereof, element employing crystalline thin film, circuit employing element, and device employing element or circuit
Micromechanical strained semiconductor by wafer bonding
Technique for elimination of pitting on silicon substrate during gate stack etch using material in a non-annealed state
Methods of making projected contact structures for engaging bumped semiconductor devices
Method and apparatus for processing thin metal layers
Method of making a contact structure
Method for forming polysilicon local interconnects
Structural reinforcement of highly porous low k dielectric films by Cu diffusion barrier structures
Methods of forming patterned photoresist layers over semiconductor substrates
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device and a method of generating a mask pattern
Processes providing high and low threshold p-type and n-type transistors
Method of making semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Flexible ball grid array chip scale packages
Integrated stacked microchannel heat exchanger and heat spreader
Method and apparatus for epoxy LOC die attachment
Method for creating barriers for copper diffusion
Structure comprising amorphous carbon film and method of forming thereof
Bypass capacitor embedded flip chip package lid and stiffener
Capacitor constructions, DRAM constructions, and semiconductive material assemblies
Semiconductor memory element, semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor raised source-drain structure
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device producing system
Devices having patterned regions of polycrystalline organic semiconductors, and methods of making the same
Lithium ion secondary battery
Honeycomb structure and method for production of said structure
Fuel cell
Laminated dielectric filter, and antenna duplexer and communication equipment using the same
Current convertor
Laser module carrier for printed circuit boards
Edge-emitting type semiconductor laser
Thermal protection scheme for high output vehicle alternator
Electronic power source voltage regulator with UPS function
Diagnostic system and method for an electric motor using torque estimates
Endplay adjustment system and method
Bridge rectifier for charging system alternator
Synchronous rectification switching power supply
Voltage-controlled oscillator and integrated circuit device provided with it
Predistortion linearizer and method thereof
Differential amplifier and calculation amplifier
Local oscillator using I/Q mismatch compensating circuit through LO path receiver using thereof
Method and apparatus for adjusting an active filter
Voltage comparator
PLL circuit leakage compensation circuit for generating a leakage compensation signal
Decoder architecture for reed solomon codes
Soft input-soft output forward error correction decoding for turbo codes
Construction of an optimized SEC-DED code and logic for soft errors in semiconductor memories
Direct-conversion transmitting circuit and integrated transmitting/receiving circuit
Velocity responsive filtering for pilot signal reception
Image-rejecting antenna apparatus
Simplified high frequency tuner and tuning method
Signal reception and processing method for cordless communications systems
Radio receiver
Wireless communication system with base station beam sweeping
CDMA base station system
Method for operating a portable data carrier configured for executing reloadable functional programs
System and method for selecting optimized beam configuration
Device for correcting still image errors in a video signal
Optical transmission system using in-line amplifiers
Method for determining signal quality in optical transmission systems
System and method for classifying signals occuring in a frequency band
High-speed signal power detection circuit
Mobile communications receiving apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for feedback error detection in a wireless communications systems
Subtractive multipath delay detection
Wireless network system and network address assigning method
Wireless optical system for high bandwidth communications
Optical transmission system for substantially equalizing the output signal level among frequency bands and substantially lowering the signal-to-noise ratio
SONET/SDH data link administration and management
Packet network interfacing
Memory organization in a switching device
Signal processing method and apparatus in CDMA radio communication system
Portable smart card secured memory system for porting user profiles and documents
Method and apparatus for transferring multiple symbol streams at low bit-error rates in a narrowband channel
Multicast and broadcast transmission method and apparatus of a CDMA mobile communication network
System and method for diagnosing a POTS port
Multi-field classification using enhanced masked matching
Methods and systems for a distributed provider edge
Method and apparatus for reducing flooding in bridged networks
Processor architecture and a method of processing
System and method for establishing long distance call connections using a desktop application
Clock recovery circuit and receiver circuit for improving the error rate of signal reproduction
Frequency offset estimation apparatus for intersymbol interference channels
Apparatus for signaling that a predetermined time value has elapsed
Data synchronization apparatus and method
Method and system for providing clock signals
Public key based authentication method for transaction delegation in service-based computing environments
Method of recording and reproducing sample data to/from a recording medium and sample data containing recording medium
Contested account registration
Device, system, and method for capturing email borne viruses
Apparatus with communication function, method of controlling apparatus, and storage medium storing program for controlling apparatus
Mitigating interference among multiple radio device types
Camera-equipped cellular phone
Mapping an internet document to be accessed over a telephone system
Apparatus and method for controlling telephone communications during intervals of high call traffic volume
Communication network management
Facsimile device
Image processing apparatus
Scanning apparatus
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, printer controller, and computer-readable record medium
CMOS aps pixel sensor dynamic range increase
Solid-state image pickup apparatus having a reset transistor controlled by an output line
Image processing system optical shifting mechanism
Camera monitoring system
Method and apparatus for maintaining a consistent effective focal length in a digital camera
Method of transmitting/receiving additional information
Camera and computer program
Digital camera and ejection mechanism for memory card in mobile instrument
Real-time compensation apparatus and method for digital television receiver
DVD auto-changer capable of setting all-repeat-mode
Imaging device
Packet filtering
Systems and methods for generating a motion attention model
Method and apparatus for reproducing images
Multi-tuner television receiving apparatus and method of restricting the viewing
Method to measure the perceived quality of streaming media
Controlling the rate of data transfer over a wireless link
Data transmission memory
Method and system for telematic device activation attribute formation
Quality based location method and system
Internet base station
Mobile internet protocol system and route optimization method therefor
Mobile communication system and method having base station dependent mode and a direct mode
Diaphragm transducer
Ear pad, and earphone with the pad
Microphone array system
Efficient head related transfer function filter generation
Superheated steam generator
Flexible multilayer wiring board and manufacture method thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method for preparing open-celled growing media and growing media
Dental bleaching compositions containing sucralose
Method for applying pesticides and repellents
Compositions containing thymol and carvacrol and methods of treating gastrointestinal infections with the compositions
Method of sterilizing
Method for the control of vegetation using herbicidal composition containing carboxylic or phoshonic acid salt
Method of using ammonium fatty acid salts as non-selective herbicides
Agents for preserving technical materials against insects
3-aryluracils and intermediates for their preparation
4-benzoyl isoxazoles derivatives and their use as herbicides
Possibly substituted 8-cyano-1-cyclopropyl-7-(2,8-diazabicyclo-[4.3. 0]-nonan-8-yl)-6-fluoro-1,4-dihydro-4-oxo-3-quinolin carboxylic acids and their derivatives
Composition and method for inhibiting the growth of microorganisms including stabilized sodium hypobromite and isothiazolones
Biocidal applications of concentrated aqueous bromine chloride solutions
Production of recombinant baculoviruses
Bacterium NRRL B-30043 for controlling algae
Manufacturing method and apparatus utilizing reusable deformable support
Ready-to-bake, shelf-stable cake dough and process for its manufacture
Thermoplastic mixture containing 1,4-.alpha.-D-polyglucane, method for making the same and use thereof
Pasteurized in-shell chicken eggs and method for production thereof
Method for producing pelletized fuzzy cottonseed
Soy milk compositions and methods of preparation
Savory fillings and food products including these fillings
Cheese-like dairy gels
Low fat spread
Water in oil stick product
Recirculation process for a fat continuous spread
Method for decaffeinating an aqueous solution using molecularly imprinted polymers
Over-coated chewing gum formulations including tableted center
Manufacture of and uses for low molecular weight agars and agaroids
Process for manufacturing a pharmaceutical chewing gum
Feed supplement
Biocidal compositions
Low density fructan composition and method for preparing same
Chitosan-containing liquid compositions and methods for their preparation and use
Psyllium enriched pasta products and method for making same
Dietetic food composition and dietetic method using such composition
Continuous production of an instant corn flour for arepa and tortilla, using an acid-cooking
Mint and/or fruit flavor compositions
Therapeutic compositions
Method of high pressure processing of materials
Bacteriophages, method for screening same and bactericidal compositions using same, and detection kits using same
Pasta product and manufacture thereof
Rapid fabric forming for penetration resistant fabric
Process and apparatus for creating artificial leaves and flowers
Process and apparatus for creating artificial leaves and flowers
Epilating device
Decorations composed of polypropylene
Basket lifting apparatus, basket lifting hinge, and basket lifting control method
Needle holder for guiding needle with suture
Apparatus and method for placing sutures in the lacerated end of a tendon and similar body tissues
Suturing needle for medical use
Device for fixing a suture thread to a surgical needle
Small tissue and membrane fixation apparatus and methods for use thereof
Wound site management and wound closure device
Stable coil designs
Avascular neucrosis instrument and method
Proximal alignment insertion guide and method therefor
Thrombus macerator catheter
Electric tongue cleaner
Endoscopic microsurgical instruments
Sliding shaft surgical instrument
Dermabrasion by a flow of reducing substances and having disposable sterilized components
Intraoral distractor for callus distraction in the lower jaw
Intramedullary osteosynthesis nail for healing fractures or bone elongation
Fixation system for bones
Electrode catheter having coil structure
Pivot screw for bipolar surgical instruments
Temperature sensing devices and methods to shrink tissues
Apparatus and method for predicting ablation depth
Medical device and methods thereof
Systems and methods for electrosurgical treatment of tissue in the brain and spinal cord
Catheter for radiofrequency ablation of tumors
Delivery catheter system for heart chamber
Bone motion tracking system
Disposable lancet
Lancet depth adjustment assembly
Translatable hood arrangement for a medical-technical or dental-technical worktable
Mass production of dental restorations by solid free-form fabrication methods
Absorbent articles having belt loops and an adjustable belt
Medical device coating methods and devices
Autologous vascular grafts created by vessel distension
Bifurcated multicapsule intraluminal grafting system and method
Coiled-sheet stent-graft with slidable exo-skeleton
Catheter tip designs and method of manufacture
Intraocular lenses with fixated haptics
Hip joint for an artificial leg
Internal nasal implant
Laser treatment apparatus
Method of laser photoablation of lenticular tissue for the correction of vision problems
Method and apparatus for monitoring laser surgery
Device for removing cataracts
Methodology for treatment of the dental arches and periodontal tissue
PMS defense: an aromatherapy compound for the relief of symptoms of premenstrual syndrome
Treatment of addiction to ethanol and addictive-related behavior
Use of .alpha.1A adrenoceptor agonists with .alpha.1B and .alpha.1D antagonism for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence
Preparation and use of a specific GABA-A.alpha.5 receptor ligand for treatment of alzheimer's disease
Chemokine receptor antagonists and methods of use therefor
Use of hyperforin and hyperforin-containing extracts in the treatment of dementia diseases
Treatment of disorders secondary to organic impairments
Benzopyranyl guanidine derivatives, process for preparation thereof, and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Estrogen mimetics lacking reproductive tract effects
Method for treating viral infections
Use of sulfamate derivatives for treating impulse control disorders
Methods for using (2-imidazolin-2-ylamino) quinoxaline derivatives
Composition and method for treating diabetes
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents
Method of treating or inhibiting colonic polyps
HSV primase inhibitors
Chromium polynicotinate compositions and uses thereof for absorption of essential metals
Small molecule chloride transport
Composition for and method of treatment using triterpenoids
Concentrate for medical solution and use thereof
Therapeutic dinucleotide and derivatives
Veterinary pharmaceutical composition
Combinations of 10-propargyl-10-deazaaminopterin and taxols and methods of using same in the treatment of tumors
Composition of matter and method for the relief of hemorrhoidal conditions
Methods and compositions for bone graft implants
Implantable biocompatible immunoisolatory vehicle for the delivery of selected therapeutic products
Haemopoietic growth factor antagonists and uses therefor
Compositions and methods utilizing nitroxides to avoid oxygen toxicity, particularly in stabilized, polymerized, conjugated, or encapsulated hemoglobin used as a red cell substitute
Compositions and methods for eliciting an immune response using heat shock/stress protein-peptide complexes in combination with adoptive immunotherapy
Immunological tolerance-inducing agent
Induction of an anti-tumor immunity by redirecting tumor cells against antigen-presenting cells
Recombinant tryptophan mutants of influenza
Coxsackie virus vectors for delivery of nucleic acids encoding antigenic or therapeutic products
Channel catfish virus vaccine
Treatment of heart disease with cox-2 inhibitors
Treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, heart attack, and stroke, primary and subsequent, with help of aspirin and certain vitamins
Compositions and methods for treating sexual dysfunctions
Prostaglandin compositions and methods of treatment for male erectile dysfunction
Agents for use in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Combination therapy for osteoporosis
Multipart drug delivery system
Synthesis of insulin derivatives
Diagnostic reagent for complications associated with diabetes or renal failure
Indazole vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Annexin derivative with endogenous chelation sites
Induction of pharmacological stress with adenosine receptor agonists
Benefit agent compositions comprising mixtures of .alpha.-hydroxy esters
Anhydrous high-SPF ultraviolet light screens
Complex and emulsified composition
Methods for treating immunomediated inflammatory disorders
Cosmetic and/or dermatological composition with a hydrophilic carrier and vitamin C which can be mixed immediately before use
Materials and methods for making improved micelle compositions
Hair conditioning compositions comprising a quaternary ammonium compound
2,6-.beta.-D-fructan hydrolase enzyme and processes for using the enzyme
Emulsion and composition comprising a fluorohydrocarbon compound and a method for preparing such an emulsion and composition
Starch granulation
Biodegradable polymeric micelle-type drug composition and method for the preparation thereof
Liposomes containing particulate materials
Solid medium and methods for processing a sample of genetic material
Compact member, method of manufacturing and use thereof
Bioavailable oral dosage form of cefuroxime axetil
Pharmaceutical forms for the oral administration of mesna
Fast-acting analgesic
Pharmaceutical composition
Oral pulsed dose drug delivery system
Formulations of paclitaxel, its derivatives or its analogs entrapped into nanoparticles of polymeric micelles, process for preparing same and the use thereof
Device for enhancing transdermal agent flux
Composition and method for inhibiting of protein on contact lens
Products for controlling evaporative moisture loss and methods of manufacturing the same
Degradation control of environmentally degradable disposable materials
Biodegradable terephthalate polyester-poly (phosphate) polymers, compositions, articles, and methods for making and using the same
Sterilizer testing systems
Method of making crosslinked polymer matrices in tissue treatment applications
Composition for tissue welding and method of use
Synthetic biomaterial compound of calcium phosphate phases particularly adapted for supporting bone cell activity
Method for treating cross-linked biological tissues
Medical devices with metal/polymer composites
Macro-porous composite support for medicinal substance(s) that can be used as a bone reconstitution material and a method of producing it
Biocompatible medical devices with polyurethane surface
Device for high-purity filtering and disinfecting breathing air
Automated method for processing biological fluid
Break-apart tubing connectors for use in dialysis blood tubing sets
Readily exchangeable perfusion dilation catheter
Method for transdermal administration of GP IIb/IIIa antagonist
Tooth-bleaching compositions
Cosmetic compositions containing pyrazolin-4,5-diones, novel pyrazolin-4,5-diones, preparation methods therefor and uses thereof
Fire retardant concentrates and methods for preparation thereof and use
PCB decomposition reactor
Method of generating hydrogen gas
Performing Operations; Transporting
Solvent and process for recovery of hydroxide from aqueous mixtures
Machine coolant management system
Gas separator for an oil well production line
Radial-flow fluidizable filter
Method and a device for the purification of fluids
Inlet filter for high pressure sprayer
Oil filter assembly
Magnetic composites exhibiting distinct flux properties due to gradient interfaces
High efficiency permanent air filter and method of manufacture
Filtration media and articles incorporating the same
Particulate collector channel with cooling inner elements in a CFB boiler
Adjustable duct assembly for fume and dust removal and filter cleaner
Reverse flow air filter arrangement
Purification device for separating gaseous or particulate constituents from gas streams
PSA process for removal of bulk carbon dioxide from a wet high-temperature gas
Process for the recovery of mercury from a gaseous mixture
Process and installation for the production of carbon monoxide
Ca(OH)2 particles
Effluent gas stream treatment system having utility for oxidation treatment of semiconductor manufacturing effluent gases
Method and apparatus for removing carbonyl sulfide from a gas stream via wet scrubbing
Method using on site generated ammonia to reduce particulates
Method for purifying aqueous suspension
Vibratory separation systems and membrane separation units
Chemical method of liquefaction and dispersion of paraffin waxes, asphaltenes and coke derived from various sources
Diagnostic method and control of preferential oxidation of carbon monoxide
Oligonucleotide arrays and their use for sorting, isolating, sequencing, and manipulating nucleic acids
Fabricating biopolymer arrays
Reactor for processing gaseous media
Method for converting natural gas to liquid hydrocarbons
Low power compact plasma fuel converter
Ion exchange porous resins for solid phase extraction and chromatography
Magnesium dichloride-alcohol adducts process for their preparation and catalyst components obtained therefrom
Titanium-containing silicon oxide catalyst
Ethylene polymerization catalyst and catalyst system
Reactor for carrying out an exothermic reaction
Slurry hydrocarbon synthesis with fresh catalyst activity increase during hydrocarbon production
Alignment of multicomponent microfabricated structures
System for biological specimen preparation
Integrated microfluidic element
Waste processing system and related methods
Radial plasma mass filter
Slurry managing system and slurry managing method
Cyclone separator smoke inlet trunking
Powder coating apparatus and method
Applicator device
Apparatus and method for coating an annular article
Impregnated applicator tip
Retractable coating dispenser and method
Thin film coater and coating method
Method of transferring a colored decoration to an article
Particulate material for surface coating an object and objects with surfaces to be coated
Electrostatic powder coated wire for hybrid scavengeless development applications and process for making same
Method and apparatus for cleaning a milk line system
Wafer container cleaning system
Engineered in situ anaerobic reactive zones
Rolled product of metal exhibiting a light-spreading surface structure
Method of forming a tubular blank into a structural component and die therefor
Method of forming monolithic ceramic gas diffuser
Low density high surface area copper powder and electrodeposition process for making same
Metal-ceramic gradient material, product made from a metal-ceramic gradient material and process for producing a metal-ceramic gradient material
Sliding contact material, sliding contact element and producing method
Hydrogen absorbing alloy powder, process for producing same, and alkaline secondary battery
Nonevaporable getter
Method of treating ceramics for use as tips in saws and other tools or other structures
Method of making a patterned surface articles
Laser marking method and apparatus, and marked member
Process for coating a workpiece with a nickel base alloy in powder wire form
Method of repairing damaged metal surfaces
Method and apparatus for controlling a motional sequence of a movable component of a plastic material injection molding machine
Method and apparatus for endpointing a chemical-mechanical planarization process
Photosensitive composition for sandblasting and photosensitive film laminate comprising the same
Method of artificially forming patina on copper
Method of producing stackable concrete blocks
Reinforced thermoplastic composite systems
Structural member and structure containing the same
Method for fabricating molded microstructures on substrates
Mold release reaction product and method of coating of a mold core
Method of manufacturing pharmaceutical articles
Method for molding thermoplastic resin
Use of polyamides as deformation stabilizers for polymers
Method of injection over-molding articles
Hollow plastic article formed by a gas-assisted injection molding system
Continuous extrusion process using organic waste materials
Fire retardant cavity filled insulation pack
Method for joining spiral wound pipes
Minimum visibility seam tape and method of joining substrates using the same
Mineral containing thermoplastic granules
Composite wire comprising a carbon-steel core and a stainless-steel outer layer
Plastic laminate
Sheet material sealing structure for inflatable apparatus
Extended life fluorescence polyvinyl chloride sheeting
Uniaxially shrinkable biaxially oriented polypropylene film with HDPE skin
Matte surface film with improved cuttability
Method for continuously producing expanded thermoformable materials
Appliques for garments and methods of making appliques
Plastic substrates for electronic display applications
Personal care articles
Pressed flowers enclosed article
Method for making a composite headliner
High performance UV and heat crosslinked or chain extended polymers
Thermoplastic/thermoset hybrid foams and methods for making same
Hydroxy-amino thermally cured undercoat for 193 NM lithography
Bookbinding structure and method
Self-laminating integrated card and method
Configuration for closing envelopes
Transfer having solvent-activated adhesive layers
Transparent decoration key top and its manufacturing method
Process for providing gradual deployment of an airbag and a pyrotechnic charge for its implementation
Sleeve-type envelope of heat-shrinkable plastic material for packaging at least one item
Method for finishing pre-printed paper from multiple webs
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Chemical method
Recovery of chlorine dioxide from gas streams
Preparation of oxides of nitrogen having a low degree of oxidation
Preparation of phosphorus pentafluoride
Process for preparing silicon dioxide
Process for making sodium carbonate decahydrate from sodium carbonate/bicarbonate liquors
Water treatment process
Process for purification of waste waters and contaminant spills based on the use of cultivated emergent macrophytes converted into floating cultures
Low molecular weight structured polymers
Low molecular weight structured polymers
Ozonizer using a thermally sprayed ceramic dielectric
Glazing assembly comprising a substrate provided with a stack of thin layers for solar protection and/or thermal insulation
Radiation-curable composition
Method for producing sized glass fibers and resulting products
Acrylic resin composition, acrylic premix, process for producing acrylic artificial marble and thickening agent
Method for producing a component from a composite Al2O3/titanium aluminide material
Piezoelectric ceramic compositions and methods for production thereof
Electrolytic capacitor anode of valve metal oxide
Carbon-carbon composite material made from densified carbon foam
Oxidation-resistant interfacial coating for fiber-reinforced ceramic
Co-sintering of similar materials
Organosilicon water repellent compositions
Zinc-ammonium phosphate fertilizers
Coated granular fertilizer and method for producing same
Pyrotechnic active mass with ignition and combustion accelerator
Methods to treat gastrointestinal lesions and to reduce drug-induced gastrointestinal or renal toxicity
4-phenyl-4-oxo-butanoic acid derivatives with kynurenine-3-hydroxylase inhibiting activity
Substituted N-[(aminoiminomethyl or aminomethyl)phenyl]propyl amides
High di(alkyl fatty ester) quaternary ammonium compounds in fabric softening and personal care compositions
Low dielectric constant materials with improved thermal and mechanical properties
Hepatitis C inhibitor tri-peptides
Fluorocompound, lubricant, surface modifier, lubricating film, magnetic recording medium, and magnetic recording device
Tyrosine-derived compounds as calcium channel antagonists
In vitro cell culture in media containing beta-alanyl-taurine or carbobenzoxy beta-alanyl-taurine
Antitumor agents
2-indanmethanol derivatives and their use in perfumery
Kit for conducting an assay to detect a substance using enzymatically-induced decomposition of dioxetanes
Diene compound and process for producing the same
Benzoylguanidine derivatives
Synthetic compounds for treatment of inflammation
3-substituted indole angiogenesis inhibitors
Benzene-condensed heterocyclic derivatives and their uses
Organic electroluminescent device comprising a squarylium compound
Substituted pyridine or piperidine compounds
1-aza-2-alkyl-6-aryl-cycloalkane compounds
Cyclic amine derivatives- CCR-3 receptor antagonists
Compounds for inhibition of ceramide-mediated signal transduction
Use of nitrogen heterocyclic aromatic derivatives in the topical treatment of the epithelial tissues diseases
Recovery of isoflavones from soy molasses
N-acyl and N-aroyl aralkylamides
Allosteric adenosine receptor modulators
Photosensitive composition and 1,3-dihydro-1-oxo-2H-indene derivative
Piperidine-4 sulphonamide compounds
Antiproliferative substituted 5-thiapyrimidinone and 5-selenopyrimidinone compounds
Neurotrophic tetrahydroisoquinolines and tetrahydrothienopyridines, and related compositions and methods
Basic derivatives of benz[E]isoindol-1-ones and pyrrolo[3,4-c]quinolin-1-ones with 5-HT3-antagonistic activity, their preparation and their therapeutic use
Muscarinic agonists and antagonists
Atropisomers of 2,3-disubstituted-(5.6)-heteroaryl fused-pyrimidin-4-ones
Condensed 2,3-benzodiazepine derivatives and their use as AMPA-receptor inhibitors
Organic electroluminescent device
Morphinan derivative and its pharmaceutical applications
Galanthamine derivatives as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors
Galanthamine derivatives as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors
Oxazolo, thiazolo and selenazolo [4,5-c] quinolin-4-amines and analogs thereof
Cyclopentaphenanthrenyl metal complexes and polymerization process
Catalyst component and catalyst containing the component for polymerization of olefins
Phosphate-bound polyazaindacene derivatives of nucleotides
Carbamate-derivatized nucleosides and oligonucleosides
Single nucleotide detection using degradation of a fluorescent sequence
Arteriovenous and venous graft treatments: methods and compositions
Anti-viral guanosine-rich oligonucleotides and method of treating HIV
Abundant, well distributed and hyperpolymorphic simple sequence repeats in prokaryote genomes and use of same for prokaryote classification and typing
Recombinant human CSF-1 dimer and compositions thereof
Protein recovery
HLA-restricted hepatitis B virus CTL epitopes
Papilloma viruses, agents for detecting them and for treating diseases caused by such viruses
Seroreactive epitopes on proteins of human papillomavirus (HPV) 18
Rhadino virus LANA acts in trans on a unit of rhadino virus DNA to mediate efficient episome persistance
Marek's disease virus vaccines for protection against Marek's disease
Design of novel highly efficient HIV based packaging systems for gene therapy
Chimera antigen peptide
Transferrin-binding protein 1 (TBP1) gene of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, its use to prepare products for the utilization in vaccines for pleuropneumonia and as diagnostic reagents
Vectors containing nucleic acids coding for Arabidopsis thaliana endo-1,4-.beta.-glucanase secretion signal peptide
Increasing the trehalose content of organisms by transforming them with combinations of the structural genes for trehalose synthase
Neutralization-sensitive epitopes of Cryptosporidium parvum
Isolated peptides which comply with HLA-CW16 molecules and uses
Methods of identifying agents that block the interaction of a BAP protein with a signaling partner
Mutations in the KCNE1 gene encoding human mink which cause arrhythmia susceptibility thereby establishing KCNE1 as an LQT gene
TNF receptor death domain ligand proteins and inhibitors of ligand binding
Tapasin-like protein
Method of producing bone-inducing agent
Methods for generating polynucleotides having desired characteristics by iterative selection and recombination
Protein modification method
Recombinant human beta-CIS interferon
Cyclic CRF antagonist peptides
Beta-lipotropin methods
Variant human .alpha.7 acetylcholine receptor subunit, and methods of production and uses thereof
Compositions and methods of disease diagnosis and therapy
DNA encoding kainate-binding, human CNS receptors of the EAA5 family
Common gamma chain monoclonal antibody blocking agents
Anti-bacterial antibodies and methods of use
Method of assaying collagen fragments in body fluids, a test KT and means for carrying out the same
Modulation of polypeptide display on modified filamentous phage
Method for colorectal cancer prognosis and treatment selection
Dolastatin peptides
Synthetic HIV-2 gag and env oligopeptides reactive with HIV-2 specific antibodies
Chicken GNRH analogs and uses thereof in regulation of fertility and pregnancy
Cyclic peptide antifungal agents
Method for producing oxidized starch
Process and apparatus for producing chlorinated rubber
Process for preparing solid titanium catalyst component, olefin polymerization catalyst, and olefin polymerization process
Supra-molecular alkylalumoxanes
Elastic polypropylenes and catalysts for their manufacture
Method of preparation of crosslinked blends of amorphous and crystalline polymers
Method for production of porous material
Polymer particles
Method of producing aqueous dispersions as a base for hot sealing adhesives
Bimodal rubbers and rubber modified high impact monovinylidene aromatic polymers produced therefrom
Low individual color thermoplastic molding material
Flame-retardant UV and UV/moisture curable silicone compositions
Electron donor and catalyst system for olefin polymerization
Propylene-based polymer, method for its production, composition thereof, catalyst component for polymerization, and method for its production
Preparation of water-soluble cross-linked cationic polymers
Compositions having ethylenic backbone and benzylic, allylic, or ether-containing side-chains, oxygen scavenging compositions containing same, and process for making these compositions by esterification or transesterification of a polymer melt
Polysulfide-based polyurethane sealant for insulating glass
Method for producing mixed polyol thermoplastic polyurethane compositions
Photoimageable compositions having improved flexibility and stripping ability
Method of forming evacuated insulation panels
Corrosion barrier coating composition
Semiconductor sealing liquid epoxy resin compositions
Cation-polymerizable coating composition
Polymerizable composition, process for producing cross-linked polymers and crosslinkable polymers
Process for preparing polyethylene naphthalate based polymers by using NDCA or its derivates
Polyhydroxyalkanoate biopolymer compositions
Polyethylene glycol modified polyester fibers, yarns, and fabrics and method for making the same
Methods and apparatus for the production of amorphous polymer suspensions
Melt polycarbonate catalyst systems
Carbonic acid diester, aromatic polycarbonate and facilities, and preparation thereof
Melt polycarbonate catalyst systems
Aromatic copolymer and composition containing the same
Fragrance releasing non-volatile polymeric siloxanes
Bridged silicone oligomers and curable compositions containing same
Process for the continuous production of highly viscous filler-containing silicone compositions
Process for hydrophobicizing particles and their use in dispersions
Superabsorbent polymers having improved processability
Metathesis polymerized olefin composites including sized reinforcement material
Aliphatic polyester film
Polyphenylene ether resin composition
Macroporous resins having large pores but with high crush strength
Use of bo polyols to improve compatibility of pentane and cyclopentane in rigid polyurethane foams
Blowing agent, polyolefin foam, and process for producing polyolefin foam
Talc particles as fillers for improved epoxy laminates
Polyester resins containing silica and having reduced stickiness
Extrusion process for enhancing the melt strength of polypropylene
Quaternary ammonium salt vulcanization accelerators for rubbers and plastics
Polybenzoxazine nanocomposites of clay and method for making same
Polyamide resin composition
Elastomeric compounds incorporating silicon-treated carbon blacks
Conducting polymer transition metal hybrid materials and sensors
Heteromorphic polymer compositions
Polypropylene composition
Peroxide curable fluoroelastomers
Anti-reflective coating compositions comprising polymerized aminoplasts
Flexible epoxy encapsulating material
Miscible blends of epoxy-extended polyetherester resins and commercial polymer resins
Compositions having low birefringence
Alkylene oxide polymer compositions
Flame retardant polycarbonate blends
Water fast ink jet print using aqueous ink jet ink
Ink-jet ink compositions containing reactive macromolecular chromophores for digital and textile printing
Phase change ink carrier compositions containing polyanhydride/amine adducts
Ink compositions
Conductive ink composition
UV-curable binders and their use for production of high gloss coatings
Powder coating for packaging containers
Process and product for rendering a substance flame resistant
Isoxindigos useful as colorants and preparation thereof
Cyanoacrylate adhesive composition
Low-voltage excited blue phosphor and method of preparing the same
Planarization compositions and methods for removing interlayer dielectric films
Well fluid additive, well fluid made therefrom, method of treating a well fluid, method of circulating a well fluid
Base oil for well fluids having low pour point temperature
Process and apparatus for thermal conversion of hydrocarbons to aliphatic hydrocarbons which are more unsaturated than the starting products, combining a steam cracking step and a pyrolysis step
Hydroconversion process for making lubricating oil basestocks
Thermoplastic polyurethane and additive product and process
Refrigerating oil composition
Dispersant (meth) acrylate copolymers having excellent low temperature properties
Grease composition
Lubricant oil composition for internal combustion engines (LAW960)
Concentrated, stable fabric softening composition
Floor cleaners which provide improved burnish response
Shampoo compositions
Detergent composition comprising two cellulase components, with and without a cellulose-binding domain
Method for activation of bleaches
Post plasma ashing wafer cleaning formulation
Antimicrobial multi purpose microemulsion containing a cationic surfactant
Resist stripping composition and process for stripping resist
Method and composition for enhancing the activity of an enzyme
Highly efficient cell-cultivating device
Method of freeze-drying organisms
Antisense modulation of glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta expression
Compositions and methods for activating genes of interest
Method for preparing permuted, chimeric nucleic acid libraries
Lumazine synthase and riboflavin synthase
Sucrose phosphate synthase
Lentiviral vectors derived from SIVagm, methods for their preparation and their use for gene transfer into mammalian cells
Adipogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells
Recombinant DNA compounds that encode ACV synthetase activity of Cephalosporium acremonium
Modulation of drug resistance via ubiquitin carboxy-terminal hydrolase
Platelet activating factor acetylhydrolase, and gene thereof
Sterol-regulated Site-1 protease and assays of modulators thereof
Production of vanillin
Mutant strain of penicillium citrinum and use thereof for preparation of compactin
Methods for producing sialyloligosaccharides in a dairy source
Methods for modifying the production of a polypeptide
Riboflavin production
Sensor for analyte detection
Screening novel human phosphodiesterase IV isozymes for compounds which modify their enzymatic activity
High-throughput screens for enzyme inhibitors
Method for the determination of lipase
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Assays and reagents for identifying modulators of Cdc25-mediated mitotic activation
Multiply-primed amplification of nucleic acid sequences
De novo or "universal" sequencing array
Mitochondrial DNA damage as a predictor of coronary atherosclerotic heart disease
Repeat polymorphism in the frataxin gene and uses therefore
Methods involving nucleic acid molecules obtained from calcified microbial cells or material embedded in dental calculus of an animal
Method for determining polynucleotide sequence variations
Rapid method for diagnosing the various forms of alpha-thalassemia
Viral specific requirements for self-priming RNA replication of hepatitis C virus replicase
Surrogate genetics target characterization method
Molecular recognition at surfaces derivatized with self-assembled monolayers
Method of processing leather material, leather material thus processed and leather product using leather material thus process
Direct smelting vessel and direct smelting process
Integrated device to inject oxygen, technological gases and solid material in powder form and method to use the integrated device for the metallurgical processing of baths of molten metal
Method of forming an insulating film on a magnetic steel sheet
Tantalum sputtering target and method of manufacture
Copper removal system for absorption cooling unit
Method for making a superplastically-formable AL-Mg product
Magnesium-based casting alloys having improved elevated temperature performance
High-carbon steel wire superior in resistance to longitudinal cracking, steel product for the same, and process for production of the same
Electromagnetic steel sheet and process for producing the same
Magnetic steel sheet having excellent magnetic properties and method of producing the same
Electromagnetic steel sheet having excellent high-frequency magnetic properties
High-strength spring steel
Process and steel for the manufacture of a pressure vessel working in the presence hydrogen sulfide
Methods of improving hot working productivity and corrosion resistance in AA7000 series aluminum alloys and products therefrom
Columnar crystalline Ni-base heat-resistant alloy having high resistance to intergranular corrosion at high temperature, method of producing the alloy, large-size article, and method of producing large-size article from the alloy
Resputtering to achieve better step coverage
Flexible high performance microbolometer detector material fabricated via controlled ion beam sputter deposition process
Tungsten formation process
CVD deposition method to improve adhesion of F-containing dielectric metal lines for VLSI application
APCVD method of forming silicon oxide using an organic silane, oxidizing agent, and catalyst-formed hydrogen radical
Method for forming an arsenic doped dielectric layer
Method for formation of protective coatings with quasi-plasticity properties
Process for maintaining a semiconductor substrate layer deposition equipment chamber in a preconditioned and low particulate state
Plasma processing methods and apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling the temperature of a gas distribution plate in a process reactor
Perforative corrosion resistant galvanized steel sheet
Inorganic conversion coatings for ferrous substrates
Method and composition for amine borane reduction of copper oxide to metallic copper
Protecting metal from carbon
Aesthetic enhancement of substrates
Flame-spraying powdery repair mixture
Power injection for plasma thermal spraying
Etching method
Etching methods for anisotropic platinum profile
Apparatus and method for plating coatings on to fine powder materials and use of the powder therefrom
Apparatus and method for electroplating or electroetching a substrate
Tin electrolyte
Anodizing method and apparatus for performing the same
Cathode current control system for a wafer electroplating apparatus
Apparatus for electrochemical treatment of a continuous web
Electroplating reactor including back-side electrical contact apparatus
Electrolytic process for forming a mineral
Nanoscale conductive connectors and method for making same
Method of manufacturing semiconductor wafer
Thermally-diffused boron diamond and its production
Textiles; Paper
Spontaneously degradable fibers and goods made thereof
Convertible fabric
Manufacturing process for leather-like sheet
Method of decolorizing a dyed material in a predetermined pattern
Method of processing recycled waste paper by separating fibers of different colors
Suction box in paper machine and method in the suction box in a paper machine
Method and arrangement in a web former for preventing rewetting of a web
Regulation system and method in a paper machine
Paper and paperboard of improved mechanical properties
Reactive compounds to fibrous webs
Fixed Constructions
Method for passivating steel in large structures formed of steel-reinforced concrete
Utility pole with pipe column and reinforcing rods comprised of scrap rubber and plastic
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Diesel exhaust filters
Combined polystyrene and polyurethane vacuum insulating panel and the use thereof for producing insulating elements
Electrical overlay/spacing monitor method using a ladder resistor
Method and apparatus for aspirating and dispensing liquids
Optrode for the detection of volatile chemicals
Universal ion-selective meter
Gas sensor
Method for the capillary electrophoresis of nucleic acids, proteins and low molecular charged compounds
Gas detector indicator strip providing enhanced dynamic range
Compositions and methods for assaying subcellular conditions and processes using energy transfer
Method for the determination of a specific binding ligand using a vanadium bromoperoxidase as a signal-generating enzyme
Microcapillary-based flow-through immunosensor and displacement immunoassay using the same
Whole blood/mitogen assay for the early detection of a subject with ovarian or breast cancer and kit
Methods and compositions for the diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders
Mass spectrometric detection of polypeptides
Reagents and methods for releasing and measuring lead ions from biological matrices
Interaction of reelin with very low density lipoprotein (VLDL) receptor for screening and therapies
Systems and methods for handling and manipulating multi-well plates
Spin-valve magnetic resistance sensor and thin-film magnetic head
Nanolithography for multi-passband grating filters
Method for creating a color filter layer on a field emission display screen structure
Color filter and method of making the same
Apparatus and method for remote endpoint detection
Method for forming semiconductor thin film
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display
Method and apparatus for optical data storage using non-linear heating by excited state absorption for the alteration of pre-formatted holographic gratings
Silver halide emulsion
Color reversal photographic element containing emulsion sensitized with organomercapto AU(1) complexes and rapid sulfiding agents
Silver halide color photographic lightsensitive material
Method and apparatus for repairing an alternating phase shift mask
Method and apparatus for milling copper interconnects in a charged particle beam system
Radiation sensitive resin composition
Photosensitive resin composition and photoresist ink for manufacturing printed wiring boards
Photoresist cross-linker and photoresist composition comprising the same
Method for obtaining uniform photoresist coatings
Light exposure method
Method for making integrated circuits including features with a relatively small critical dimension
Ink for liquid electrophotographic color printing system
Image forming method and image forming apparatus for use in the method
Process for producing an electrophotographic photoreceptor and the electrophotographic produced by that process
Electrophotographic photoreceptor and electrophotographic image forming process
Imaging members
Light-receiving member, image forming apparatus having the member, and image forming method utilizing the member
Xerographic photoreceptor primarily formed by the hydrogenated amorphous silicon material and the method for manufacturing the same
Electrostatic toner receptor layer of rubber modified thermoplastic
Polyblend polymeric composite and microcapsule toners, and a process for producing the same
Holographic process and media therefor
Volumetric track definition for data storage media used to record data by selective alteration of a format hologram
Method for evaluating decoupling capacitor placement for VLSI chips
Magneto-resistance recording media comprising a foundation layer and a C-overcoat
Use and manufacturing applications of polymer / dye-based thin layer coatings for enhancement of the quality of recording on and readout from the optical storage media
Dual floating gate programmable read only memory cell structure and method for its fabrication an operation
Semiconductor memory array with buried drain lines and processing methods therefor
Method for fabricating a memory card
Thin ribbon of rare earth-based permanent magnet alloy
Multiple thermal annealing method for forming antiferromagnetic exchange biased magnetoresistive (MR) sensor element
Method and apparatus for coating conductive metal onto an electrode for surface mounting chip components
Planar magnetron with moving magnet assembly
Method and apparatus for controlling the volume of a plasma
Plasma treatment system
Light-screening film paint for lamps, and light-screening film for lamps and producing method thereof
Buffer layer in flat panel display
Lift and rotate assembly for use in a workpiece processing station and a method of attaching the same
High k interconnect de-coupling capacitor with damascene process
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Capacitor formed with Pt electrodes having a 3D cup-like shape with roughened inner and outer surfaces
Method of forming metal oxide metal capacitors using multi-step rapid thermal process and a device formed thereby
System and method for dual head bonding
Crystallization processing of semiconductor film regions on a substrate, and devices made therewith
Growth of GaN on Si substrate using GaSe buffer layer
Method of forming capacitor having the lower metal electrode for preventing undesired defects at the surface of the metal plug
Method for fabrication of thin film resistor
Method for conditioning a plasma etch chamber
Method of producing samples of semiconductor substrate with quantified amount of contamination
Borderless dual damascene contact
Manufacturing method of a semiconductor device
Capacitor, methods of forming capacitors, methods for forming silicon nitride layers on silicon-comprising substrates, and methods of densifying silicon nitride layers
Process for etching silicon-containing material on substrates
Gas composition for dry etching and process of dry etching
Method for forming anti-reflective coating layer with enhanced film thickness uniformity
Wet inorganic ammonia etch of organically masked silicon-containing material
Diffusion barrier layers and methods of forming same
Semiconductor device capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Heat treatment method and its apparatus
Process for fabricating a semiconductor device component by oxidizing a silicon hard mask
Method for making silicon nitride-oxide ultra-thin gate insulating layers for submicrometer field effect transistors
Method of fabricating integrated circuits
Method for self-aligned formation of silicide contacts using metal silicon alloys for limited silicon consumption and for reduction of bridging
Method for forming Co-W-P-Au films
Semiconductor processing methods of forming photoresist over silicon nitride materials
Simplified dual damascene process utilizing PPMSO as an insulator layer
Method and structure for top-to-bottom I/O nets repair in a thin film transfer and join process
Wafer coating method for flip chips
Package of integrated circuits and vertical integration
Semiconductor fabrication line with contamination preventing function
Multiple head dispensing method
Semiconductor processing system for processing discrete pieces of substrate to form electronic devices
Apparatus for controlling a temperature of a microelectronics substrate
Fully dry post-via-etch cleaning method for a damascene process
Method for forming lower electrode structure of capacitor of semiconductor device
Method to fabricate deep CMOSFETs
Method of forming a wiring film
Method of forming reliable capped copper interconnects/with high etch selectivity to capping layer
Low-K dual damascene integration process
Grooved wiring structure in semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Method of forming semiconductor memory device with LDD
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method for fabricating a flexible interconnect film with resistor and capacitor layers
Integrated circuit having temporary conductive path structure and method for forming the same
Semiconductor processing methods of forming contact openings, methods of forming electrical connections and interconnections, and integrated circuitry
Process for making a DRAM cell with three-sided gate transfer
Conductive electrical contacts, capacitors, DRAMs, and integrated circuitry, and methods of forming conductive electrical contacts, capacitors, DRAMs, and integrated circuitry
Recovery of electronic properties in hydrogen-damaged ferroelectrics by low-temperature annealing in an inert gas
High coupling split-gate transistor and method for its formation
Method for monitoring second gate over-etch in a semiconductor device
Method of forming an integrated circuitry isolation trench, method of forming integrated circuitry, and integrated circuitry
Structure and fabrication process of silicon on insulator wafer
Fabrication ultra-thin bonded semiconductor layers
Method for forming a shallow trench isolation
Process for forming device isolation region
Shallow trench isolation structure without corner exposure
Dual nitrogen implantation techniques for oxynitride formation in semiconductor devices
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor processing methods, methods of forming silicon dioxide methods of forming trench isolation regions, and methods of forming interlevel dielectric layers
Laminated SOI substrate and producing method thereof
Method for fabricating an isolation structure including a shallow trench isolation structure and a local-oxidation isolation structure
Method for fabricating transistors
Intelligent gate-level fill methods for reducing global pattern density effects
Method of forming semiconductor integrated circuit device with dual gate CMOS structure
Method for forming a semiconductor device
Liquid crystal display device integrated with driving circuit and method for fabricating the same
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Stackable flex circuit IC package and method of making same
Methods for manufacturing ball grid array assembly semiconductor packages
Heat-dissipating structure for integrated circuit package
Semiconductor device, tab tape for semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the tab tape and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
Differential pair geometry for integrated circuit chip packages
Preweakened on chip metal fuse using dielectric trenches for barrier layer isolation
Light absorption layer for laser blown fuses
Passivated copper surfaces
Structure for a multi-layered dielectric layer and manufacturing method thereof
Integrated circuit probe pad metal level
High voltage ESD protection device with very low snapback voltage by adding as a p+ diffusion and n-well to the NMOS drain
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Flash memory structure using sidewall floating gate having one side thereof surrounded by control gate
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Solar cell, method for manufacturing same, and photolithographic mask for use in manufacturing a solar cell
Lateral P-I-N photodiode element with high quantum efficiency for a CMOS image sensor
Method for reducing junction capacitance using a halo implant photomask
Amorphous TFT process
Stacked/composite gate dielectric which incorporates nitrogen at an interface
Method of producing a thin-film capacitor
Method for forming doped regions on an SOI device
Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor using light irradiation to form impurity regions
Inverse source/drain process using disposable sidewall spacer
Semiconductor device with trenched substrate and method
Highly luminescent color-selective nano-crystalline materials
Forming LED having angled sides for increased side light extraction
Compound semiconductor light emitting device and method of fabricating the same
Organic electroluminescent device
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery
Separator for gel electrolyte battery
Method of fabricating a lithium ion secondary battery
Preparation of crosslinked solid polymer electrolyte
Lithium secondary battery with a high charge-discharge efficiency and a low self-discharging tendency
Air manager control using cell load characteristics as auto-reference
Fuel cell isolation system
Sealed battery and method for manufacturing same
Secondary battery and sealing plate assembly therefor
Metal hydride alkaline storage cell
Vanadate cathode active material and method of making same
Lithium manganese oxide-based active material
Modified lithium vanadium oxide electrode materials and products
Fuel cell and bipolar plate for use with same
Humidification system for a fuel cell power plant
Method and apparatus for distributing water in an array of fuel cell stacks
Water management system for fuel cells
Method of operating a molten carbonate fuel cell, a fuel cell, a fuel cell stack and an apparatus provided therewith
Method bonding an optical element within an enclosure
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing condenser microphone
Copper foil for printed circuit boards
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