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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Stationary system for gas treatment of top soil to kill plant pests and methods thereof
Variety corn line NPID6897
Variety corn line NPCJ7895
Variety corn line NPLC8356
Variety corn line NPLI7060
Capulin lettuce variety
Device for controlling pests
2-thio-1,3,4-oxadiazoles azetidine derivatives as sphingosine-1 phosphate receptors modulators
Device and method for melting cheese
Steam generation unit and steam cooking device using same
Cellulose acetate compositions
Moisture trapping headband
Pant leg length shortening device
Garment liner
Leg-worn storage device
Collapsible head covering device
Deformable safety helmet
Essence-replaceable, ventilative, and releasable shoe
Patient support table, medical apparatus with a patient support table, and method for operating a patient support table
Support device and methods
Bed and rail cover
Body positioning system
Beverage maker having a water reservoir and a member for determining a size of an outlet opening of the water reservoir
Coffee maker with drip stop supporting single serve and carafe operation
Automatic multiple-stage cooking machine
Medical tray and backboard
Swimming goggles
Powered wheel chair with automatic emergency stopping
Bedpan having a tapered interior
Pyrrole inhibitors of S-nitrosoglutathione reductase as therapeutic agents
Use of an indazolemethoxyalkanoic acid for reducing triglyceride, cholesterol and glucose levels
Oxadiazole derivatives as sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) receptor modulators
Compounds useful as inhibitors of ATR kinase
Crystal of a free tricyclic pyrazolopyrimidine derivative
Cyclohexane compounds and their use as antibiotics
Phosphonates with reduced toxicity for treatment of viral infections
Process for the synthesis of 37-mer peptide pramlintide
Peptide clearing agents
Sugar-coated preparation and production method for the same
Method and device for visual detection of hemolysis
Supplemental air diffusion devices, kits and methods
Respiration humidifier
Performing Operations; Transporting
Branched polyesters with sulfonate groups
Heat sink
Die cushion device
Modular case and method of forming the same
Removal of components from aircraft
Assembly tool for assembling optical lens
Adjustable wrench
Offset wrench with adjustable head
Screwdriver blade with inclined drive surfaces and method of manufacturing
Cutting devices
Self-cleaning wiresaw apparatus and method
Printing plate making apparatus and printing plate making method
Inker assembly for cylindrical can decorators
Methods for preparing lithograhic printing plates
Castor assembly for a modular dolly
Temperature control system
Comprehensive and retrofittable occupant sensor suite (CROSS)
Vehicle receiver system, vehicle receiver, and operating method for vehicle receiver
Electrical module and method for illuminating a high intensity discharge (HID) lamp on a vehicle
Vehicle stopping and movement warning sensor
Wheel chock and method
Speed control for a machine with a continuously variable transmission
Bearing assembly for a power steering mechanism
Forward carrier assembly with a reversible inter-axle differential for a tandem axle vehicle, a powertrain for a tandem axle vehicle, and a tandem axle vehicle
Motor bike foot pegs
Bicycle handlebar assembly
Hydro-aerodynamic surfing bib affixable to a wetsuit comprising retractable removable folding revolving motorizedly steerable pectoral flippers and keels, and with built-in rechargeable battery-propelled engine and solar energy capturer/collector
Ice bagging system
Display and storage tool box
Substrate treatment system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Making xenotime ceramics by reactive ceramming
Metal carbamates formed from diaminophenylmethane
Metal carbamates formed from tolylenediamines
Process for the preparation of hydroquinones
Purification tags of synthetic peptides and proteins
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Process for the preparation of lubiprostone
Compositions for reducing a.beta. 42 production and their use in treating alzheimer's disease (AD)
Compounds useful as inhibitors of ATR kinase
Compounds useful as inhibitors of ATR kinase
Substituted oxazolidinones and their use
Pyrrole derivative and process for production thereof
Pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine tropomysin-related kinase inhibitors
Porphyrin complex and use thereof
High-expression promoter derived from Kluyveromyces marxianus
Glucagon-like peptide-2 analogs
Monoclonal antibodies and diagnostic uses thereof
Compositions and methods of use of targeting peptides against placenta and adipose tissues
Optical pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet
Method for alcoholysis of polycarbonate compositions containing flame retardant or acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene
Amphiphilic macromolecules for nucleic acid delivery
Method for producing polymer molded article, and polymer molded article
Cleaning and disinfecting liquid hand dishwashing detergent compositions
Method of screening for protein secretion recombinant host cells
Method of regenerating an enzymatic catalyst
Infectious clones of torque teno virus
AAV4 vector and uses thereof
Carbohydrate-binding modules of a new family
MicroRNA affinity assay and uses thereof
Test mixtures for detecting the presence or absence of target microbes
Device for rapidly detecting microorganisms
Method for detecting the presence of a protease enzyme in a sample
Vapor deposition reactor using plasma and method for forming thin film using the same
Textiles; Paper
Fire retardant compositions and methods and apparatuses for making the same
Fixed Constructions
Pressure relief device
Adjustable desks and chairs for audiovisual classrooms
Finished wall repair assembly
Apparatus for establishing a paver surface over a subsurface
Synthetic shingle or tile with stress relief spacing feature
Solar module mounting system improvements
Molded solar panel racking assembly
Pole mounted cooler
Anti-theft lockset
Top hung sliding panel apparatus and method
Curtain bead chain fixing device
Single pull rope driving device for a window shade
Emergency escape ladder
Mechanical liner drilling cementing system
Method for mobility control in oil-bearing carbonate formations
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Compressor and/or expander device
Axial piston machine having bent axis construction
Method for operating a steam turbine power plant and device for producing steam from lignite
Valve timing controller
Land vehicle exhaust noise control apparatus
System to detect anomalous fluids in an SCR system
Catalytic reduction of NO.sub.x
Thermostat having elastic member
Powering an internal combustion engine
Vane-type rotary actuator or an internal combustion machine
Burner including non-uniformly cooled tetrahedron vortex generators and method for cooling
Flywheel engine
Control valve with radial seals
Method and control device for operating an internal combustion engine
Shaping a fuel charge in a combustion chamber with multiple drivers and/or ionization control
Injector-igniters with variable gap electrode
Tidal power plant and method for operating said tidal power plant
Wind power station
Smart material actuator with enclosed compensator
Siphon mechanism
Methods and apparatus for splitting multi-phase flow
Advancing mechanism for a fixture
Ratchet load binder with removable lever
Shifting of transmission power ratio and power generation for mixer or shredder without power interruption
Pipe monitoring system and method
Rupture sealing apparatus
Resin material and light emitting device package that includes the resin material
Freezing of biological products
Method for cooling granular solid materials, and continuous curing facility as such
Portable cooling unit
Liquefied natural gas and hydrocarbon gas processing
Process and installation for drying articles
Cooling module and system for lamp device
Upper receiver and hand guard with cable routing guide
Gas management system for a firearm
Processes and systems for monitoring environments of projectile weapons
Patridge sights and related methods
Management system of several snipers
Apparatus and method for broad spectrum radiation attenuation
Personal ballistic shield
Safety door for classrooms and the like
Systems and methods for suppressing coherent structured illumination artifacts
Interconnectable construction level system
Test carrier
Systems and methods for measuring, monitoring and controlling ozone concentration
Method for functionally testing a leak detector
Physical quantity detector
Diagnostic system for a valve
Chemical and molecular identification and quantification system utilizing enhanced photoemission spectroscopy
Inspection apparatus and inspection method of magnetic sensor
Test fixture for strip samples
Movement monitoring systems and associated methods
Capacitive differential quadrature rotary position sensor
WRR scheduler configuration for optimized latency, buffer utilization
Fencing off switch domains
Radiation detector
Optical filter, optical filter module, and photometric analyzer
Pressure and measurement by means of an optical fiber
Optical-electrical converting device
Electrical drive device for bending photographing optical system
Multi-layer chip overlay target and measurement
Method to set the print quality in an electrophotographic printer
Automatic document feeder and media record equipment using the same
Image forming apparatus reducing toner fogging on photosensitive drum
Image forming apparatus
Glossing device, fixing device, and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Manufacturing control based on a final design structure incorporating both layout and client-specific manufacturing information
Light emitting diode driving circuit
Methods and circuits for a low input voltage charge pump
Semiconductor device and power control method therefor
Power converting apparatus and power converting system
Display apparatus and electronic equipment
Electronic device with connector
Securing structure for mounting server to server cabinet
Server with expansion card
Method and apparatus for establishing safe processor operating points
Image forming apparatus and image forming system
Processing test cases for applications to be tested
Middleware for multiprocessor software testing
Test selection
Dynamic hardware watchpoint
Method and apparatus for coordinating transmission of data between a storage medium and a host
Management method and a management system for volume
Method for controlling memory system, information processing apparatus, and storage medium
Processor and data processing method with non-hierarchical computer security enhancements for context states
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Data processing systems for audio signals and methods of operating same
Automatically routing super-compute interconnects
Wireless scanning device and method for scanning and transmitting scan data
Quality of service prediction and call failover
Candidate set solver with user advice
Data transmission/reception system and data transmission/reception program
Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing intelligent monitoring services
Linking context-based information to text messages
Aperture position control for pill counting and dispensing apparatus
System for controlling a mixer via external controller
Method and system for natural language dictionary generation
Software application for ranking language translations and methods of use thereof
System and method of data intelligent storage
Information management method and information management apparatus
Systems and devices for personalized rendering of digital media content
Setting switch size and transition pattern in a resonant clock distribution system
Selective voltage binning within a three-dimensional integrated chip stack
Method and system for performing invariant-guided abstraction of a logic design
Adaptive machining for improving assembly fit of consumer electronics
Mobile device peripherals management system and multi-data stream technology (MdS)
Non-contact input apparatus for computer peripheral and method of the same
Interactive video based games using objects sensed by TV cameras
Touchable mobile remote control without display
System and method for item inquiry and information presentation via standard communication paths
System and method for superimposing a context-sensitive virtual agent on a web-based user interface
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
Vehicular shift control apparatus
Navigation-independent access to elements of an integrated development environment (IDE) using uniform resource locators (URLs)
Extended dynamic optimization of connection establishment and message progress processing in a multi-fabric message passing interface implementation
Method and framework for invisible code rewriting
Managing the processing of processing requests in a data processing system comprising a plurality of processing environments
Lock control in multiple processor systems
Scheduling flows in a multi-platform cluster environment
Image forming apparatus, method and storage medium for matching functionality of card capabilities
System and method for authenticating an optical pattern
Dental shade matching device
Susceptibility gradient mapping
Fetus modeling method and image processing apparatus therefor
System for matching artistic attributes of secondary image and template to a primary image
Methods and apparatuses for encoding and decoding image based on segments
Methods and systems for image processing of microfluidic devices
Image processing method and system
Method for updating prices while shopping
Energy efficiency improvements in cloud-based environments
Insurance coverage management system
Holographic enterprise network
Imaging device using gamma rays, image signal processor, and image processing method for gamma ray measurement data
Health care server and method of operating the same
Device and system designed to move, make noise and scare unwanted animals and birds out of gardens and fields
Display apparatus
Gesture recognition method and touch system incorporating the same
Mouse pen and photoelectric control switch thereof
Vibration plate for music box and preparation method thereof
Generating a synthesized melody
Method and apparatus for exploring chord progressions within a diatonic major key
Method and apparatus for speech recognition
Method, device and system for voice encoding/decoding
Voice interface to NFC applications
Disk drive device with hub with thinness and suppressed torque decrease
Optical disc drive and disc determination method thereof
Thermal solution for drive systems such as hard disk drives and digital versatile discs
Disk storage apparatus and method for servo demodulation
Magnetic head slider apparatus, magnetic disk drive apparatus, and suspension thereof
Optical disk drive and start-up operating method thereof
Optical recording medium and manufacturing method of optical recording medium
Nonvolatile memory device
Magnetoresistive elements and memory devices including the same
Switch and semiconductor device including the switch
Shared stack dual phase content addressable memory (CAM) cell
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Memory operation upon failure of one of two paired memory devices
Error rate threshold for storage of data
Capacitive coupled sense amplifier biased at maximum gain point
Charged particle beam apparatus, drawing apparatus, and method of manufacturing article
Electromagnetic induction device for generation of electrical power
Mechanism for causing propulsion of a magnet
Temperature-dependent switch with a current transfer member
Lockout device
Laminate support structure for an LED in a liquid-filled bulb
Self-cooling screw bulb-type electromagnetic induction lamp
Multipole ion guide ion trap mass spectrometry with MS/MS.sup.n analysis
Method for manufacturing LED package struture and method for manufacturing LEDs using the LED packange struture
Method and apparatus for forming pattern
Bonding system and bonding method
Passive elements, articles, packages, semiconductor composites, and methods of manufacturing same
Methods of atomic layer deposition of hafnium oxide / erbium oxide bi-layer as advanced gate dielectrics
Reverse recovery using oxygen-vacancy defects
Transistor and method of forming the transistor so as to have reduced base resistance
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Complementary bipolar inverter
Method for forming trench isolation
Deep well structures with single depth shallow trench isolation regions
Semiconductor structure incorporating a contact sidewall spacer with a self-aligned airgap and a method of forming the semiconductor structure
Removing conductive material to form conductive features in a substrate
Rectifier diode
Spin transistors and memory
Dual polysilicon gate of a semiconductor device with a multi-plane channel
Layout data creation device for creating layout data of pillar-type transistor
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for forming a self-aligned hard mask for contact to a tunnel junction
High efficiency micromorph tandem cells
Optical-electrical module with metal film for preventing EMI leakage
Apparatus and methods for controlling a laser output and improving laser safety using a proximity sensor
LED device
Piezoelectric resonator with built-in capacitor load and manufacturing method thereof
Programmable impedance memory elements, methods of manufacture, and memory devices containing the same
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery and battery pack
Dual frequency antenna module
High-power-capable circularly polarized patch antenna apparatus and method
Electric generator for railroad train in combination
Stator for a linear motor and linear motor
Piezoelectric generator
Device and method for controlling motor
Implementing voltage feedback gate protection for CMOS output drivers
Detection and avoidance apparatus and method for use in UWB receiver
Amplifier circuit
Attenuating noise and cross-talk in an audio system by offsetting outputs in phase
Differential amplifying circuit
Enhanced doherty amplifier with asymmetrical semiconductors
Apparatus, method and system for implementing a hardware interface pinout
MEMS vibrator and oscillator
Circuits and methods for providing clock signals
Low power receiver for implementing a high voltage interface implemented with low voltage devices
Level shift switch and electronic device with the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor device and information processing apparatus
Calibration systems and methods for digital-to-analog converter
Delta-sigma modulator with high input impedance
Radio base station and method of adjusting radio parameter
Electrical isolators
Mobile communication system with moving base station
System and method for monitoring video performance
Wavelength-shifted bidirectional wavelength division multiplexing optical network
Retransmission in data communication systems
Methods and systems for using transport-layer source ports to identify sources of packet payloads in mixed tethering and non-tethering environments
Method for performing measurements and positioning in a network based WLAN positioning system
Custom automatic remote monitoring for network devices
Techniques to accommodate different classes of devices in a wireless network
Computing device and method for controlling access to driver programs
Systems and methods for automated malware artifact retrieval and analysis
Method and system for deleting data
Pulse width modulation receiver circuitry
System, apparatus, and method for digital distribution
Method and apparatus for using data compression techniques to increase a speed at which documents are scanned through a scanning device
Optical radiation device, image reader, and image forming device
Apparatus and method for deciding scanning pattern of an imaging device
Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus
Active pixel sensor with a diagonal active area
Video playing device capable of external connection to application processor
Method and apparatus for providing video call service
Video conference apparatus, method, and storage medium
Video conference call conversation topic sharing system
Video conference call conversation topic sharing system
Videophone input apparatus utilizing video call control functions based on open and closed positions of cover part
Method and apparatus for browsing using alternative linkbases
Method and an apparatus for generating image content
Unidirective condenser microphone unit and condenser microphone
Flexible strap listening device aid
Invisible retention device for hearing aids
Terminal number estimation device and terminal number estimation method
Data transmitting method, base station apparatus and mobile station apparatus
Data transmitting method, base station apparatus and mobile station apparatus
Method and apparatus for bandwidth aggregation for IP flow
Providing improved post-dial delay at an originating terminal
Wireless local area network using TV white space spectrum and long term evolution system architecture
Apparatus and method for controlling power to mitigate interference in wireless communication system
Wireless device channel selection using dynamic channel allocation
Method for device-to-device communication based on cellular telecommunication system
Providing network access
Light-emitting circuit and luminaire
LED AC driving circuit capable of adjusting operating voltage
TRIAC dimming systems for solid-state loads
Method for producing an integrated device
Electrical device
Wiring board and method for making the same
Adjustable docking apparatus
Attachment mechanism for electronic component
Mounting apparatus for memory card
Mounting apparatus for bezel
Securing mechanism and electronic device with connector cover
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Manure grinding fertilizer spreader
Method and system for processing waste products generated in an animal dehairing operation
Arm leg or neck watertight container, for housing valuables and small articles, safely fastenable to human members or to the neck of dogs and other domestic animals
Knot tying methods and apparatus
Portable hunting and fishing stand
System for storing polyethylene glycol solutions
Conveyor for continuous proofing and baking apparatus
Apparatus for forming edible bakery paste
Automated meat grading method and apparatus
Poultry leg and thigh processor
Method for stripping the muscle meat from fish and device for carrying out this method
Apparatus for grading objects such as fish
Aerosol generating device
Method for forming vertical columns of tobacco in an intermediate reservoir
Basket with integrally-formed receptacle and method of using same
Mountable worksurface
Wheel assembly of luggage
Applicator for applying and distributing substances to target surfaces
Low profile socket for backpack
Clip-on packet
Hand-held device for cleaning a windshield wiper blade
Method of making a toothbrush
Keyboard support tray with releasable wedge lock
Drop-bin containers and holders for same
Modular shelving system
Cabinet installation lifting system
Seat cover retainer
Collapsible patio chair
Seat support for revolving chairs
Vehicle seat connection assembly
Utility chair
Container dispensing apparatus
Vibration resistant slidable shelf
Display apparatus for a collapsible tube dispenser
Foldable and stackable rack
Arrangement for exhibiting an object
System and structure comprising levelable frame and integrated security means
No-spill drinking cup apparatus
Storage device for storing suspenders
Rotatable rack
Aerosol dispensing system with on-board wiper dispenser
Sheet material dispensing apparatus and method
Soap dispenser for soap of different viscosity
Electronic endoscope system
Electronic endoscope
Imaging scope
Method for placing a feeding tube inside a gastro-intestinal tract
Apparatus for separable external serial collection, storage and processing of biopsy specimens
Pivotal and illuminated saphenous vein retractor
Minimally invasive surgical apparatus
Tonsillectomy retractor stabilizer
Apparatus for two-path distribution of a sterile operating fluid according to predetermined sequences by means of at least one handpiece for surgical or medical use
Two camera off-axis eye tracker for laser eye surgery
Allergy testing apparatus
Impact-damped biopsy instrument
Computerized interactive method and system for determining a risk of developing a disease and the consequences of developing the disease
Electronic sphygmomanometer capable of adjusting pressure release rate during measurement
Blood-pressure monitor apparatus
Method for determining cardiac characteristics of subject
Method and apparatus for measuring cardiac output
Respiratory peak-flow meter
Method and apparatus for the non-invasive detection of medical conditions by monitoring peripheral arterial tone
Method and system for on-line hearing examination and correction
Dual riser/single capillary viscometer
Method of analyzing data from a circulating blood viscometer for determining absolute and effective blood viscosity
Method of diagnosing, tracking, and treating depression
Operating table system
X-ray chair
X-ray impinging position alignment method and x-ray tomographic imaging method and apparatus
Ultrasound contrast imaging
Inclination angle detecting device for an ultrasound probe
Medical diagnostic ultrasound system and method for post processing
Method and apparatus for automatic setting of sample gate in pulsed doppler ultrasound imaging
Ultrasonic apparatus and method for evaluation of bone tissue
Blood-vessel catheter
Methods and apparatus for ultrasound image quantification
Method for use in dental articulation
Curing device for light-induced curing of dental materials
Superplastically-formed prosthetic components, and equipment for same
Disposable dental syringe tip
Medication retention assembly for oral delivery tray
Dental instrument
Dental pliers
Telescoping flexible bite jumping device
Method of producing an intermittent elastic web
Insertable applicator having a pivotal finger grip tab
Transvaginal method for securing a bone anchor
Valve sizer
Pneumatic Achilles wrap
Detachment type waist protecting belt
Shoulder brace
Device for the treatment of macular degeneration and other eye disorders
Wheelchair seat back with adjustable tilt
Expanded clitoral sensitizing compounds with methods and apparatus for the delivery of these compounds
Spa jet
Gastro-intestinal tube placement device
Sonophoresis method and apparatus
Minimally invasive gene therapy delivery and method
Process for bleaching chemically tanned skin and discolored nails
Fluid control conduit
Blood separation chamber with preformed blood flow passages and centralized connection to external tubing
IV guard
Variable stiffness balloon catheter
Vascular introducer sheath and hemostasis valve for use therewith
Prefillable syringes and injectors for use therewith
Method for administration of pharmaceuticals
Safe needle device for syringe
Safety intravenous catheter
Flexible magnetic insole
System and method for automatic calibration of a multileaf collimator
Radioactive stent structures
Apparatus for ultrasonic bone treatment
Adjustable strap and band exercise device mountable on door
Kick training belt
Abdominal exercise device
Carpal ligament stretch pad
Adjustable weight exercise methods and apparatus
Indoor bicycles for physical exercise
Portable abdominal exercising mat
Interactive golf driving range facility
Swimming flipper with interchangeable blade
Swim fin having articulated wing members
Ball pit ball with desiccant
Golf putter head including ball retrieval device
Golf club head
Golf club shaft
Method of tuning a bat and a tuned bat
Baseball pitching target
Elbow brace for teaching baseball throwing
Batting practice device
Inflatable recreational device
Golf swing guide
Convertible skate
Modified wheels for ice
Release binding for telemark and cross-country skis
Device for fixing a boot onto a sporting article
Method of deploying a character in a card game
Game with reservable wild indicia
Portable color display game machine and storage medium for the same
Mechanical interface device
Video game with displayed bar for indicating target position
Fictitious virtual centripetal calculation and simulation system
Entertainment system with transferable calculator program
Game machine to permit players to choose other players to play against
Investment board game and method of playing same
Football board game
Blackjack-type card game
System and a method for operating on-line state lottery games
Amusement apparatus utilizing multiple balls
Toy jewel trader: jangle
Game spinner
Interactive quiz game system and method
Multi-line poker video gaming apparatus and method
Combination spinning top and yo-yo
Air-driven hopping toy
Toy vehicular electromagnetic guidance apparatus
Toy airship alternately configurable as a hydrofoil craft
Plush toy having ear and foot movement
Toy structure of luminous doll type
Universal blocks
Photochromatic toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid clarification tank
High performance filters based on inorganic fibers and inorganic fiber whiskers
Reversing rotatory shaker movement
Vibrationally fluidly stirring apparatus
Material vacuum stirring and dispersing device
Multistation color coded liquid mixing and dispensing apparatus
Method of producing dispersions and carrying out of chemical reactions in the disperse phase
Mixer with two-part radial blades
Fusionmate two part adhesive dispensing system
Gas dissolving apparatus and method
Submarine type liquid mixer with aeration
Sprinkling apparatus for cooling tower
Cutting shaft with cutting tools for a shredding/crushing machine
Grinding apparatus for foodstuffs
Liquid impingement nozzle with paired openings
Sprayer actuating device
Portable all-encompassing hand and multi-purpose atomizing dispenser
Discharge device for flowable media using a thrust piston pump
Device for delivering liquid containing medicament
Sprayer device having adjustable handle
Adjustable sprinkler stand
Electrostatic coating system and dual lip bell cup therefor
Air assisted spray nozzle
Convergent spray nozzle shut-down system
Compact motor driven dispenser
Paint coating apparatus and magnetic recording medium
Sorting facility for flat mail items
Drill cuttings solidification for wetlands restoration
Low contact force spring
Press transfer bar
Composite immersion nozzle
Milling machine
Precision milling cutter equipped with cutting tips
Guidance apparatus
Tapping unit
Electrolytic integrated polishing method for metal workpieces using special abrasive materials
Efficient energy transfer capillary
Method of wire bonding for small clearance
Method for ultrasonic bonding of slider and lead in a hard disk drive head gimbal assembly
Manufacturing method of a structure body
Apparatus and method for filling a ball grid array
Orientation adjustable insulated workpiece for welding
End mill holder
Clamping device for workpieces
Method for mirror process of external surface of long sized metal
Internal abrasive machine
Sander assembly having adjustable working table
Apparatus for resurfacing compact discs
Polishing apparatus including attitude controller for dressing apparatus
Burnish head with ion milled aerodynamic pads configured in an elliptical pattern
Rotary polishing discs and arbors therefor
Apparatus for accurately measuring local thickness of insulating layer on semiconductor wafer during polishing and polishing system using the same
Conditioning fixed abrasive articles
Conditioner assembly and a conditioner back support for a chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
Working device and working method for magnet member
Multiple dispensing valve closure with threaded attachment to a container and with a twist-open spout
Non-contact end effector
Combustion chamber design for propellant charges and power adjustment means
Universal axle and differential carrier stand
Non-slip bucket holder for angled surfaces
Jaw tips and jaw tip assemblies for parts grippers
Robots for microelectronic workpiece handling
Continuous paper cutting unit
Device for holding pieces of wood
Rotational mold automated clamping system
Tire vulcanizer
Methods for manufacturing foam material including systems with pressure restriction element
Compact injection molding machine with casters
Injection molding apparatus for molding multi-layered articles
Mould for manufacturing disc-like objects
Mold for injection compression molding
Injection apparatus and method of controlling the same
Laminated tubular structure
Splice joint for plastic coated fabric conveyor belt and method of making the same
Device for continuous production of plate-shaped products
Method of and apparatus for folding flaps on blanks of packets for rod-shaped smokers' products
Ice cube bag and method of producing ice cube bags
Burn through resistant systems for transportation, especially aircraft
Device for drawing in a web of endless fabric
Device for automatically catching a torn material web running through a rotary printing machine
Treatment for improving properties of ink images
Vacuum workbed
Media cassette having an upper input tray and a lower output tray
Color proofing apparatus and method for writing inkjet images to a prelaminate substrate
Printing method and apparatus
Inkjet printing device
Printing apparatus and printing control method
Method and apparatus for improved swath-to-swath alignment in an inkjet print engine device
Multi-function optical sensing system for inkjet printing
Retaining and installing a printhead in a printhead docking station
Method of adjusting printing position, printing apparatus using the same, and recording medium having program for the same
Ink-jet printing apparatus capable of detecting ejection failure of ink-jet head
Recording apparatus operated in split driving mode and method of driving recording apparatus
Multiple printhead apparatus with temperature control and method
Method and apparatus for measuring the droplet frequency response of an ink jet printhead
Nozzle chamber paddle
Electrostatic inkjet head having spaced electrodes
Calibrating a micro electro-mechanical device
Ink jet recording head and ink jet recorder
Decoupled nozzle plate and electrical flexible circuit for an inkjet print cartridge
Printhead with a fluid channel therethrough
Heating apparatus for micro injecting device and method for fabricating the same
Multilayered platform for multiple printhead dies
Inkjet service station and method of using same
Replaceable pump module for receiving replaceable ink supplies to provide ink to an ink jet printing system
Method and apparatus of identifying ink stored in an ink-jet cartridge
Image processing method and apparatus, and printing method and apparatus
Method for smoothing appearance of an ink jet print
Direct electrostatic printing apparatus with electrode for improved image gradation control
Ink delivery system adapter
Cold cathode lamp lampholder with mains switching
Business form or mailer with carbonless imaging
Inflatable calendar
Combination computer mouse pad and writing pad
Clip device for bending a clip plate and clipping a bundle of sheets together with the bent clip plate and method of its use
Photograph album with photo securement
Tip assembly of ball point pen
Adjustable crayon holder
Efficient fluid dispensing utensil
Free ink system
Wheel assembly with a derail guard for rail
Hub transmission mechanism with a seal member
Motor vehicle wheel hub bearing and a method for mounting the bearing onto a motor vehicle suspension
Lockable automobile wheel assembly
Wheel end for drive axle
Transmission control system for a vehicle
Trailer hitch safety cover
Suspension for motor vehicles
Air suspension apparatus
Suspension system with an oscillating, rigid axle, particularly for tractors
Supplementary heater for open vehicles
Multi-directional vent hatch
Outside air intake structure
Vehicle headliner mounting structure
Convertible vehicle with a rear window which can be lowered
Base assembly for a windshield sunshade of an automobile
Visor support apparatus
Folding roof for a vehicle
Hinged joint in roof systems of vehicles with adjustable roof
Rolling mount for an electric motor used to roll and unroll truck tarpaulins
Cargo bed attachment for trucks
Tractor trailer cover assembly
Combination of a lockable, soft tonneau cover and lockable tailgate
Power buggy
Differential for use in a vehicle
Arrangement for fixing a tubular element on a structural element of a motor vehicle body
Dashboard rail and steering column support
Cockpit system of interchangeable modules
Method and apparatus to provide power assistance to an engine with a starter alternator during gear shifts
Seat track with zero chuck lock
Seat track assembly having a locking mechanism with infinite engagement
Linear recliner with plastic housing
Child seat with inclination indicator
Vehicular child safety seat
Vehicle rear storage drawer
Method for increasing golf course revenues and apparatus for same
Dunnage bag and method of making same
Snap buckle tool
Lighted wheel rim system
Auxiliary lighting system
Steering wheel
Mirror operating mechanism
Bumper strip and a bumper fitted with such a strip
Device for mounting a distance sensor on a motor vehicle
Falling object protective apparatus for an industrial vehicle
Folding top mechanism for a convertible, rollover protection system, and a convertible
Device for deflating and restraining inadvertently deployed vehicle airbag
Instrument panel integrally equipped with air bag door portion
Deployment structure for an inflatable vehicle occupant protection device
Airbag system with controlled inflation
Seat belt lap pillow and positioner for use by pregnant women
Strap cover and positioner
Seat and occupant restraint system
Seat belt retractor
Lockbar for a seatbelt retractor
Adjustable attachment device
Equipment securing apparatus
Self-locking bicycle carrier
Braking device
Latching electric-control vehicle air brake system
Braking force control apparatus
Apparatus and methods for automatic engagement and locking of vehicle air parking brake
Magnet-actuated seat valve hydraulic brake systems of motor vehicles
Method and apparatus for attenuating brake-induced vibrations
Actuating device for an electrohydraulic vehicle brake system
Process and device for controlling the braking force distribution in a vehicle
Method for controlling brake force distribution
Solenoid valve control apparatus and brake control apparatus
Hydraulic vehicle brake system with antilock device
Electronically adjustable brake actuation system
Device for transporting structures on a rail car
Coupling shock resistant (csr) coupler
Dual-protocol locomotive control system and method
Foldable carriage
Energy absorber for motor vehicle steering column
Bus frame having center space frame
Body structure of motor vehicle
Front frame reinforcement structure of vehicle
Reinforcement structure for cowl side portion of automobiles
Truck bed extension
Pin retractor operator
Double shear trailer bearing plate for fifth wheel
Drive sprocket which has rotating members which are engaged by drive lugs of a track
Link for a track chain assembly of a track type work machine
Endless belt for use with heavy duty track vehicles
Track tensioning assembly
Bicycle saddle with ventilation function
Bicycle retention bracket
Connection structure for a head tube and a handle securing rod of a bicycle
Self-suspending wheel
Structure for a steering spindle securing device
Continuously variable transmission
Marine bilge pump mount
Pressure release mechanism
Dual electric motor marine propulsion system
Reversing control for trolling motor propulsion system
Marine drive transmission
Lift multiplying device for aircraft
Bracket connecting outdrive to steering and/or tie bar
Helicopter in-flight rotor tracking system, method, and smart actuator therefor
Deployable wing with propulsion for range extension
Evolvable propulsion module
Cryogenic tank joint
Patty loader and method
Plastic bag and method
Beverage can seal
Multiple layer hinged enclosure
Resealable pushable container closure and cover therefor
Bistable hinge with reduced stress regions
Carton with an arched lid
Measure system
Container for stacked sheets
Quad-cell and six-cell carrier carton with 2-ply seal end bottom and method of making same
High storage density roll stock stacking support
Drinking container
Fragility package
Multi-chamber container
Dispensing apparatus
Device for transferring goods
Movable backup bar assembly
Power take off from an endless conveyor
Conveyor belt cleaner and tensioner
Method and device for cushioned stoppage and accompanying of containers along a conveying line for containers
Conveyor belt with locking member for holder elements
Pneumatic apparatus and method for transporting irregularly-shaped objects
Low profile vehicle restraint
Slope extension for vehicle restraints
Sheet loading apparatus for image forming device
Reel winding device and process having cutter holder movable in accordance with a wound roll diameter
Sheet discharge mechanism for an ink jet printer
Recyclable pocket system for printed products
Method for dividing the flow of signatures
Method and apparatus for delivery of flat printed products
Lottery ticket dispensing assembly
Hinged-arm pick mechanism
Web stacker and separator apparatus and method
Finisher for an image forming apparatus
Interpaper spacing control in a media handling system
Ejector device
Thread delivery device and thread brake
Lifting tool for safe 105 degree rotation
Tube bundle lifting device
Balancing system with a force multiplying device
Positioning device
Nozzle assembly for a beverage dispenser
Tap and valve assembly
Consumer safe fitment for connecting a reservoir to a dispensing appliance
Adjustable price fuel dispensing system
Micro-zero insertion force socket
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for filling voids with aggregate material
Backfilling underground voids
Method and apparatus for disposing of waste dust generated in the manufacture of cement clinker
Ink, ink jet recording method and apparatus using same ink
Image recording process for realizing image excellent in light fastness and coloring property
Colloidal polishing of fused silica
Auxiliary gasline-heating unit in chemical vapor deposition
Textiles; Paper
Joint bearing between two structural elements of warp knitting machines
Lubricating device for a plurality of lubricating stations
Corrosion-protected tension member of steel
Fixed Constructions
Aggregate grading machine
Vibrating screed and method of making same
Removable vehicle barrier
Step silt terrace erosion prevention
Enclosure mounting pad with support base
Reinforcement member retaining system
Apparatus and method of preventing refuse from wrapping around the axle of a work machine
Method and device for ejecting a ground improving grout into a ground
Oil sealed collet pin joint
Excavator frame and method of assembly
Shower system with adjustable streams
Storm or waste water chamber featuring strain relief notches for flexing and contouring the chamber
Steady lever
Formwork system
Rapid forming system for tilt-up pre-cast concrete wall panels (tilt panel screed system-tipss)
Form panel clamp
Waler clamp assembly for a concrete wall form
Flush-mounted davit apparatus
Clamp for interconnecting components of shoring apparatus
Latch apparatus
Latch unit with disengagement preventing device
Security package
Stern drive and outboard locks
Installation bracket
Container supporting device
Expandable tubing connector for expandable tubing
Tubular junction for tubing pump
Cable bolt head
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary piston system
Coolable casing of a gas turbine or the like
Nozzle chamber warming-up structure for a steam turbine
Turbine movable blade
High temperature airfoil
Water cooled electric fuel pump for marine propulsion
Ignition appliance for a heat generator
Hydraulic pump of the gear type and electro-pump equipped with such a pump
Electric fuel pump
Fuel injector
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Injection system for personal watercraft
Radial piston pump
Seal structure of compressor, and the compressor
Pulsation damping device for a pump
Compact peristaltic metering pump
Liquid dispensing systems and methods
Device for enhancing fluid flow
Scroll compressor having a divided orbiting scroll end plate
Scroll compressor
Blower package and method of use
Modular condensate pump assembly
Processor based pump control systems
Pump structure
Device for the external cooling of the electric drive motor of a centrifugal pump unit
Jet pump for transfer of material
Fluid pressure driven rotary actuator and method of operating the same
Mounting element used in furniture building
Anti-rotation clips
Fixing anchor
Continuously variable chain-belt transmission
Discrete fluid dynamic bearings
Self-locking rod end clip
Circumferential seal with ceramic rotor
Bearing assembly for a threaded drive
Shaft to actuator hub adapter
Constant velocity universal joint
Power transmission shaft unit
Shoe driving mechanism for drum brake
Anti-vibration apparatus, exposure apparatus using the same, device manufacturing method, and anti-vibration method
Damper with externally mounted semi-active system
Method of and apparatus for influencing the shifting of transmissions in the power trains of motor vehicles
Pivoting dual arm chain tensioner system for contacting multiple chain strands
Pressure relief valve and dual path vent disc for hydraulic tensioner
Dual arm chain tensioner for contacting multiple chain strands
Chain guide
Metal gasket with bore ring
Metallic seal for low load conditions
High pressure seal with contoured stamping I. D.
Face seal
Sealing arrangement
Elastomeric molded valve stem and spring hat
High stress blast aerator with dampended piston
Method of manufacture of element having ceramic insert and high-strength element-to-shaft connection for use in a valve
Pipe fitting
Tubular connection
Self-sealing coupling connector for air ducts
Joint restraint assembly
Outdoor lamp
Chemiluminescent lighting device
Emergency flashlight
Flashlight having improved vibration resistance
Temporary and/or emergency lighting system with inflatable bearing structure
Vehicle lamp with a back cover having a terminal
Lamp with electroluminescent connectors to power source
Quick connect light fixture
Light scattering guiding light source device and liquid crystal display
Optical film with defect-reducing surface and method for making same
Stacked dual gas burner
Burner for use in corrosive atmosphere and process for the combustion of hydrocarbon fuel therein
Method for operating a stove in a building, and a device for carrying out this method
Gas burner system
Air duct register system
Louver member and method
Duct supported booster fan
Thermostatic expansion valve
Pollution abatement reactor system having nonprismatic structured media
Network-linked laser target firearm training system
Paintball gun support system for loading paintball pellets and gas cylinders
Hunting arrowhead with broadhead and extendable blades
Hall effect trim sensor system for a marine vessel
Moving mirror support device for photo-interferometer
Microsensor housing
Grinding chip
Ultrasonic imaging method and apparatus
Pair of foldaway orthogonal mirrors and fabrication method thereof
Method and apparatus for programming system function parameters in programmable code symbol readers
Adjustable illumination apparatus having pre-focused led and magnification lens
System and method for providing a ruggedized optical mounting system for use on aircraft
Optical fiber holding capillary tube
Optical array chip packages with passive alignment features
Device for covering a jacketed fiber storage space
Mounting for optical components
Eyeglass retainer with fashion accessory having closure means to hold material of the accessory securely against eyeglass temple piece
Temple adjustment device
Progressive multifocal contact lens suitable for compensating presbyopia
Colored contact lenses that enhance cosmetic appearance of dark-eyed people
Non-progressive trifocal ophthalmic lens
Indoor/outdoor surveillance housing with environmental protection
Light reflector
Camera provided with slide cover
Projection display device
Optical device as well as projector unit and rear projector system using the same
Method and apparatus for photofinishing a photosensitive media and/or ordering of image products
Photographic developer with automated mixing and replenishing
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using the same
Water-resistant movement holder for a pocket watch
Double heart watch
Backlighting for computer keyboard
Extracted and positioning device of a fan
Medical information system
Camera system including digital audio message recording on photographs
Robust machine-readable symbology and method and apparatus for printing and reading same
Data carrier having an implanted module based on a metal lead frame
Contactless communication data carrier with fully enclosed holding means for holding a chip and a passive component
Method for the identification of electronic cards
Lampshade for scanner
Scanner with shock-absorbing canopy overmolded with linear of housing
Web-based television system and method for enabling a viewer to access and display HTML-encoded documents located on the World Wide Web (WWW) by reading bar code symbols printed in a WWW-site guide using a wireless bar-code driven remote control device
Internet-based system and method for tracking objects bearing URL-encoded bar code symbols
Optical device employing a piezoelectric reflector array for increasing the resolution of a photosensor
Bar code reading apparatus for reading plural code systems
Method for managing life cycles and system for the same
System and method for networking and controlling vending machines
Electronic money storing apparatus and IC card control method
Enhanced dispensing system for luggage tagging
Device for releasing stacked products in a vending machine
System for the sale of printed information from an automatic vending machine
Bonus game for a gaming machine
Method and apparatus for transaction card security utilizing embedded image data
Method and materials for teaching the phonetic code and repairing self esteem
Christian learning tool
Instructional management system
Training and testing human judgment of advertising materials
Magnetic tape apparatus and computer-readable magnetic tape medium
Method of tape attachment to a tape cartridge reel
Recording and/or reproducing device having a tape pull-out element and a coupling element and having locking means for holding together these two elements
Ventilation valve
Actuator for electromagnetic valve control
Common nozzle for resist development
Wire bonding machine
Bump joining method
Display panel transporting apparatus and a display panel transporting unit
Apparatus and method for inserting a wafer, substrate or other article into a process module
Mechanical gripper for wafer handling robots
Die collet for a semiconductor chip and apparatus for bonding semiconductor chip to a lead frame
Socket for IC device
Ground plate structure for a PC card connector assembly
Connector unit having signal transmitted therethrough
Electrical socket apparatus
High speed bus contact system
Connector for electrical isolation in a condensed area
Electrically enhanced modular connector for printed wiring board
Modular communication connector
Coaxial connector
Connector and male electrical contact for use therewith
Low insertion force mating electrical contact structure
Ball grid array zero insertion force socket
Electrical connector
Double locking connector
Electrical connector having contact orientation features
Plug connector
Electrical connector
Conductor protector for ground clamp
Latching connector assembly
Connection assurance bracket system
Connector boot with integral latch release
Electrical connector having a fixing mechanism and method for manufacturing said electrical connector
Network interface device with circuit board architecture
Miniaturized power jack with high normal force
Bay for receiving removable computer peripheral devices
Battery termination panel
Safety light socket
Insulation piercing wedge connector with snap in blades
Stud bolt holder for a power distribution box
Electrical module having coupling means
Insulating gasket
Projection type display
Rack mounted fiber optic workstation
Transmission media patch panel modular cabinetry system
Cable management rack for telecommunications equipment
Contact structure of electrical connector and inspecting device therefor
Frame structure for housing panel plates
Circuit card enclosure with integral circuit card guides and heat dissipation apertures
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