Patent Number: 10,028,871

Title: Method and device assisting with the electric propulsion of a rolling system, wheelchair kit comprising such a device and wheelchair equipped with such a device

Abstract: A method for electrically assisting with the propulsion of a rolling system comprising a driving wheel driven by an electric motor, the torque applied by the motor being a function of a propulsion torque transmitted by a user to the driving wheel, wherein the method comprises: a preliminary step of storing in memory an unknown input model representing the weighted system, which is a function of the geometry and of the mass of the weighted system, and having as output data the rotational speed of the driving wheel; a step of estimating unknown input being the total torque applied to the wheel, influencing the rotational speed, the total torque being estimated from the rotational speed by calculating the inverse model; the propulsion torque transmitted by the user being deduced from the total torque estimated on the basis of the other known torques that make up the total torque.

Inventors: Mohammad; Sami (Valenciennes, FR), Guerra; Thierry-Marie (Valenciennes, FR), Pudlo; Philippe (Valenciennes, FR)


International Classification: A61G 5/04 (20130101); B60L 11/18 (20060101); B60K 7/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2022-07-24 0:00:00