Patent Number: 10,029,889

Title: Method for handling and modernizing ropes in an elevator and arrangement for dismantling ropes of an elevator

Abstract: The invention relates to a method for handling and modernizing ropes in an elevator, which elevator comprises at least an elevator car arranged to run in an elevator shaft along the guide rails, a counterweight connected to the elevator car with hoisting ropes from above, a hoisting machinery with a traction sheave above the elevator car, and compensating ropes connected between the elevator car and the counterweight through a compensating mechanism at a lower part of the elevator shaft. The old hoisting ropes and compensating ropes are dismantled when the elevator car has been run to the upper part of the elevator shaft without a risk of losing the friction on the traction sheave.

Inventors: Alasentie; Pentti (Espoo, FI), Reijonen; Jarmo (Hyvinkaa, FI), Korvenranta; Sakari (Hyvinkaa, FI)

Assignee: Kone Corporation

International Classification: B66B 19/02 (20060101); B66B 7/06 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2022-07-24 0:00:00