Patent Number: 6,165,399

Title: Process for producing thermoplastics

Abstract: A process for preparing thermoplastics or polymer blends comprising (A) from 5 to 95% of a water-moist elastomer component containing up to 60% of residual water, (B) from 5 to 95% of a thermoplastic polymer, (C) from 0 to 95% of a further polymer, and (D) from 0 to 70% of additives, said process comprising mixing the components A to D in an extruder with mechanical dewatering of component A, wherein the extruder has at least two rotating screws and, in the conveying direction, is essentially composed of a metering section into which component A is fed, a squeeze section which serves for dewatering component A and contains a retarding element and an associated dewatering orifice which is present upstream of the retarding element by a distance corresponding to at least one screw diameter, a feed section in which the thermoplastic polymer B is introduced as a melt into the extruder, a plastication section with mixing or kneading elements, a devolatilization section with an orifice and in which the remaining water is removed as steam, and a discharge zone.

Inventors: Guntherberg; Norbert (Speyer, DE), Hofmann; Jurgen (Ludwigshafen, DE), Mailahn; Elmar (Worms, DE), Ohlig; Hilmar (Kaiserslautern, DE), Czauderna; Bernhard (Hirschberg, DE), Grabowski; Sven (Ludwigshafen, DE), Bus; Klaus (Kaiserslautern, DE)

Assignee: BASF Aktiengesellschaft

International Classification: B29B 13/06 (20060101); B29B 13/00 (20060101); B29C 47/38 (20060101); B29C 47/76 (20060101); B29C 47/64 (20060101); B29C 47/40 (20060101); B29C 47/60 (20060101); C08J 3/20 (20060101); C08J 3/205 (20060101); C08L 51/04 (20060101); C08L 51/00 (20060101); B29C 047/40 (); B29C 047/64 (); B29C 047/76 ()

Expiration Date: 12/26/2017