Patent Number: 6,165,463

Title: Dispersible antibody compositions and methods for their preparation and use

Abstract: This invention relates to dispersible antibody compositions and methods for preparing and using these compositions. In particular, the present invention relates to dry powder dispersible antibody compositions wherein antibody conformation is preserved. The compositions have good powder dispersibility and other desirable characteristics for pulmonary delivery of therapeutic antibodies.

Inventors: Platz; Robert M. (Half Moon Bay, CA), Patton; John S. (San Carlos, CA), Foster; Linda C. (Mountain View, CA), Eljamal; Mohammed (Tripoli, LB)

Assignee: Inhale Therapeutic Systems, Inc.

International Classification: A61K 39/395 (20060101); A61K 9/16 (20060101); A61K 039/395 ()

Expiration Date: 12/26/2017