Patent Number: 6,165,724

Title: Oligonucleotides for detecting enteric hemorrhagic E.coli and detection method using the same

Abstract: The object of the present invention is to provide a simple, rapid and highly sensitive method of examining EHEC or VTEC in the examination of food poisoning and diarrhea. In the present invention, the oligonucleotides of SEQ ID NOS: 1-9 hybridizing selectively with a Vero toxin gene from EHEC (or VTEC) or with an O antigen-synthesizing region gene from pathogenic E. coli O157 are prepared and used as primers for gene amplification. By this method, bacteria producing O157 as one of the pathogenic factors in these bacteria and E. coli capable of producing Vero toxin can be selectively detected.

Inventors: Fukushima; Shigeru (Otsu, JP), Takaoka; Naoko (Kameoka, JP)

Assignee: Shimadzu Corporation

International Classification: C12Q 1/68 (20060101); C12Q 1/10 (20060101); C12Q 001/68 (); C12P 019/34 (); C07H 021/02 (); C07H 021/04 ()

Expiration Date: 12/26/2017