Patent Number: 6,166,147

Title: Pressure sensitive adhesive comprising saturated backbone having side chains

Abstract: The present invention is a hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive comprising a block copolymer structure having an A--B--A backbone block copolymer having B or C blocks attached to the backbone, wherein the A--B--A block backbone is saturated and the B or C block is of the same composition or of a different composition than the midblock of the backbone.

Inventors: Kroll; Mark S. (Arden Hills, MN), Fischer; Carolyn A. (Stillwater, MN)

Assignee: H. B. Fuller Licensing & Financing Inc.

International Classification: C09J 151/00 (20060101); C09J 153/00 (20060101); C09J 153/02 (20060101); C08F 293/00 (); C08K 005/00 ()

Expiration Date: 12/26/2017