Patent Number: 6,166,269

Title: Process for the preparation of 2-phenyl ethanol

Abstract: The present invention provides an improved process for the preparation of 2-phenyl ethanol [CAS 60-12-8] by catalytic hydrogenation of styrene oxide [CAS 96-09-3] with supported platinum group metal catalysts in the presence of an organic as well as inorganic base as a promoter, using alcohol as a solvent. The reaction is carried out at a temperature ranging between C. and the hydrogen pressure of 50-800 psig, under stirring conditions. After the reaction is complete, the reaction mixture is cooled to room temperature, catalyst is separated from the product by conventional methods like filtration. This invention is particularly useful as an alternative to the conventional methods like Grignard synthesis and Friedel-Craft alkylation for manufacture of 2-phenyl ethanol. This invention eliminates the handling of dangerous diethyl ether solvent, ethylene oxide and the use of AlCl.sub.3 which poses serious effluent problems. The proposed invention produces 2-phenyl ethanol selectively with highest purity via the catalytic hydrogenation of styrene oxide.

Inventors: Chaudhari; Raghunath Vitthal (Maharashtra, IN), Telkar; Manisha Madhukar (Maharashtra, IN), Rode; Chandrashekhar Vasant (Maharashtra, IN)

Assignee: Council of Scientific and Industrial Resesearch

International Classification: C07C 29/132 (20060101); C07C 29/00 (20060101); C07C 027/00 ()

Expiration Date: 12/26/2017